Monday, September 26, 2005

Abolition of Presidential Adviser

On Rural Electrification Post Sought

By: Recto I. Vidal
PDI Visayas Bureau

The National Association of Electricity for Consumers for Reforms (Nasecore) called for the abolition of the position of presidential adviser on rural electrification (PARE). Nasecor claims that the position is unnecessary in a restructured power industry.
In a press statement obtained by Madyaas Pen, just recently, the consumer group asserted that the creation of PARE with oversight responsibility over the National Electrification Administration (NEA) is "redundant" as the Department of Energy (DOE) already exercises supervisory power over NEA.
"The creation of PARE is actually an affront to the DOE as this can be construed that the Department of Energy is not able to meet the Rural Electrification targets," Pete Ilagan, president of Nasecore said.
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo created PARE prior to the May 2004 elections and appointed former NEA Administrator Francisco G. Silva to occupy the position with the rank of Secretary. Prior to his stint as NEA Administrator, Silva was the general manager of three electric cooperatives in Cebu.
Ilagan noted that the creation of PARE by President Arroyo has disturbed the clear delineation of functions of government functionaries. For instance, the DOE Secretary is the chairman of NEA and Secretary Silva who does not hold any department exercises oversight functions over NEA.
"This set-up creates confusion especially if the NEA Board policies are not acceptable to Silva or when the DOE's program on rural electrification runs counter to Secretary Silva's ideas," Ilagan pointed out.
Ilagan added that "even the NEA website is confusing as Secretary Silva's position is above of the NEA Administrator but the DOE Secretary does not even appear on the website."
The consumer group hopes that "in the spirit of public service," President Arroyo will abolish the PARE. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By: Ambrosio R. Villorente

Make Bagsakan Center Functional

National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales was held in contempt by the House of the Senate for refusing to answer some questions relative to the VENABLE agreement. Because of the rise of his blood pressure and decreased level of blood sugar, Mr. Gonzales was detained in the House of Representatives clinic.
Gonzales was later transferred to a hospital because of his deteriorating health situation. To recall, Secretary Gonzales earlier signed a contract in behalf of the Philippines government with VENABLE, a US lobby firm to conduct lobby among concerned officials of the Philippines to facilitate approval of the holding of constitutional change. The contract cost P50 million for the services VENABLE will do for the government of the Philippines.
After the said contract was leaked to the press, it was heavily criticized. According to Sec. Gonzales, the money to be spent will come from the private sector. During the Senate investigation on the VENABLE contract, Sec. Gonzales failed to identify or refused to identify the individual or firm who or which will pay the VENABLE in the amount of P50 million.
Does Gonzales’ terms of reference include signing contracts, thus binding his principal, in this case the Government of the Republic of the Philippines? Did President Gloria Arroyo’s appointment of National Security Adviser given to Norberto Gonzales include for the negotiation and signing of agreement with other parties?
An adviser means a person of trust and confidence employed to give advise and recommendation on matter that adviser is consulted. Usually, an adviser is employed by officials who do not know or are not sure of what they are doing. That is why PGMA hired Mr. Gonzales to advise her on national security.
But Gonzales has no power to sign contract in behalf of the Philippines government unless his appointment included the signing of contracts. With VENABLE contract, Gonzales has put the Philippines in jeopardy and should have allowed foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the Philippines. Malacañang Palace has announced the contract was cancelled but can cancellation be done without the consent of the other party?
This is another thing PGMA must disclose to the Filipino people as to who should have financed the contract and why engage the services of foreigners that will likewise allow them to intervene in the Philippine’s internal affairs.
One important matter our farmers informed the Madyaas Pen is the opening of the “Bagsakan” center in Libas, Banga, Aklan. Until this time, that Bagsakan Center is waiting to be operated. It is becoming “white carabao, an albino” of Banga.
Meanwhile, the farmers’ produce is left to rut in the farm because of a very, very low market price. A good example is Rambutan in Dingle, Banga. Farmers there just refrain from harvesting their rambutan because it is more expensive to harvest and sell rambutan at P5.00 per kilogram than to let it rut. They lament.
That Bagsakan Center in Libas if operational will serve as a meeting place of buyers and sellers to sell or buy farm production. If that Bagsakan Center is functional, it may serve as a stop point for RoRo vehicles so that passengers from Metro Manila or those going to Metro Manila may buy fresh farm products of high quality and reasonable price.
However, there is only one thing that hinders the completion of Bagsakan Center our informant told and that is politics. It was pointed out to Madyaas Pen that the money spent for the construction of the Bagsakan Center was through the initiative of former Congresswoman Billie V. Calizo. However, her name was left out as one of the persons responsible for the construction.
By all means, please include her name in the marker and make Bagsakan Center operational for the good of the Aklanon farmers and consumers. /Mp

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Aklan Board Finds NHI's

'Datu Penis' Tag Insulting

By: Recto I. Vidal

“Insulting and downright degrading.” This is how Aklan provincial board member Plaridel Morania described a letter sent by the National Historical Institute to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan here wherein the NHI chairman referred to Datu Kalantiaw as "Datu Penis."

"The NHI's letter was not only insulting to the intelligence of scholars, historical writers, researchers and stakeholders as well as Aklanons in particular. Adding insult to injury is the reference made by NHI chair Ambeth Ocampo to Datu Kalantiaw as Datu Penis," Morania lamented.

In a letter sent to Odon Bandiola, Aklan Sanggunian board secretary, Ocampo cited an NHI resolution "declaring that the Code of Kalantiaw has no valid historical basis."

Ocampo said that "a review of pre-colonial history notably by Mauro Garcia and William Henry Scott and further studies revealed serious inconsistencies, discrepancies and contradictions regarding the existence of Datu Kalantiaw and by extension his alleged code."

Ocampo added that the "only alleged sources supporting the evidence of Datu Kalantiaw namely the Antiguas Leyendas, the 1572 Povedano Map, Pavon manuscripts and other manuscripts were later proven to be 30th century fabrications by Jose E. Marco, and are now regarded as forgeries."

Previously, the Aklan provincial Sanggunian in Kalibo, Aklan passed a resolution wherein it expressed its belief in the credibility of the position paper of Aklanon historian Roman dela Cruz who anchored his dissertation on the historical writings of Digno Alba, member of the board of Textbooks which was reviewed by noted and authoritative historians such as Dr.Jorge C. Bocobo, Dr. Gregorio Zaide, Dr. Eufronio Alip, Dr. Jose Panganiban and Dr.Luis Enriquez rather than the researches and studies of the NHI which was mainly based on the works of lesser known historians like Mauro Garcia and William Henry Scott.

In a letter dated July 28, 2005, Ocampo informed Bandiola that the Institute's position on the Code of Kalantiaw was reached after a thorough deliberation by the NHI Research and Publications Division and the NHI Board following discussion over several years.

"The solution of historical controversy cannot be solved by the mere authoritativeness and preeminence of historians but by research and analysis of the primary sources. This is not a popularity contest. Furthermore, it should be noted that when Dr. William Henry Scott, designated in the resolution as a "lesser known historian" and worse, "a foreigner." First defended his work "A Critical Study on the Prehispanic Source Materials for the Study of Philippine History" at the University of Santo Tomas in 1968, two of his panelists were Dr. Gregorio Zaide and Dr.Eufronio Alip who were both believers in the Kalantiaw Code and are cited by the province of Aklan as authorities on the issue. Scott was not only able to make converts out of these two senior historians but was able to secure grade of "meritissimus" or "excellent" for his doctoral dissertation.

As to the Aklan Board's allegations that the NHI's resolution was unfair and insulting to the intelligence of scholars, historical writers, researchers and Aklanon stakeholders, Ocampo claimed that on the contrary, the NHI "corrects this historical error based on thorough research based on accepted methods of historical investigation."

"It would be worse if the NHI allowed a fraudulent code like Kalantiaw's to be accepted as truth. It is an insult to confer the Order of Kalantiaw given to retiring Filipino jurists. It would also be a greater disservice to millions of students who are made to believe on a deliberately made-fiction presented as fact," Ocampo averred.

As for the people of Aklan being the stakeholders, Ocampo claimed that Kalantiaw, if his life's story were to be believed, is neither from Aklan or Panay but from Himamaylan in Negros.

"It is also embarrassing to note that "lantiaw" in Chinese means "penis" and thus the legendary law giver Ka lantiaw is their 'Datu Penis.' Lantiaw does not exist in any of the Philippine languages," Ocampo disclosed.

The NHI chairman also clarified that it was not the Philippine Historical Institute which recommended to the late President Ramon Magsaysay through Executive Order No. 234 thereby establishing the Kalantiao Shrine in Batan, Aklan.

"According to Executive Order No. 234, issued on February 11, 1957, it was the municipality of Batan, not the PHI which recommended to President Magsaysay to declared the municipal properties as a national shrine. This was very clear in the third paragraph of the Executive Order," Ocampo stressed.

The NHI chair also corrected the Aklan Board's assertion that "under the law and principle of prescription of the right of the National Historical Institute to question the existence of the Code of Kalantiao has already prescribed and because the said Institute should have questioned the matter earlier."

Ocampo said that the law on prescription does not apply in historical research.

"In the study of history, everything is open to new discoveries and findings, or even the re-writing of history. These findings and discoveries may lead to the reinterpretation of history. Recent changes in history are the change of the date of Philippine Independence day from July 4 to June 12; and the anniversaries of government agencies such as the Office of the President, the Philippine Military Academy, the Philippine Navy. These are resisted by certain quarters but these are not meant to distort history but to enrich it and lead to its better understanding," he disclosed.

Ocampo also corrected the perception raised by the Aklan Board that the NHI research was allegedly confined only to the Western World particularly the United States and some few countries of Europe but not in Asia such as Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Greece, Persia as well as in the middle Eastern countries with which the Philippines has close association, historically, culturally, commercially and such as other intercourses, as in trade and economic and social contacts.

"Works by early chroniclers like Ignacio Alcina who wrote about the Bisayan people in the 17th century and other historians like Pedro Chirino and Gaspar de Medina and other documents at the Philippine National Archives and not even precolonial Chinese records such as Ming Shih do not mention Kalantiaw. While the study of history is open to to new discoveries including other countries mentioned in the Sanggunian Resolution, the position of the NHI remains that Kalantiaw and his Code are non-existent." Ocampo maintained.

He added that while the NHI "respect the sentiments of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan, we regret to inform you that we maintain our position regarding Resolution No.12, S.2004 of the NHI Board regarding the Code of Kalantiaw, as we reiterate our offer to meet you and discuss the restructuring of the Kalantiaw Shrine into a museum of Aklan history." /MP

Nurturing Creativity: The 1st Philippine Creative Industry Forum

By: Cecille R. de Lemos

Dean Erlinda Q. Fernandez, President of the Arts Council of Aklan Foundation, Inc. represented Aklan to the 1st Philippine Creative Industry Forum. The Provincial Government of Aklan through the leadership of Governor Carlito S. Marquez sent her.
The forum aims to mobilize the creative industry as an engine of growth in Philippine economy. The 1st Philippine Creative Industry Forum was held very recently at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Little Theater, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.
The forum was participated by the arts and culture sector, local government units, and NGO’s. It was sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry and CITEM in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, British Council Manila, Asian Institute of Management and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.
Mr. Nestor O. Jardin, CCP President, gave his welcome remarks during the opening ceremony. Ms. Susan Arcega, Deputy Director for Communications and Marketing, acted as motivators. The pool of speakers were Ambassador. Peter Beckingham of the United Kingdom, Prof. Eduardo Morato, Jr. of AIM, Mr. Richard Glover of England’s Creative Kernow, Prof. Desmond Hui, Director of Center for Cultural Policy and Research of the University of Hongkong, Mr. Baey Yam Keng, Director of Creative Industries of Singapore, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, Mrs. Emily Abrera, Chair of CCP Board of Trustees, Mr. Victorino Manalo, Director of Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Atty. Rose Beatrix Angeles, NCCA Commissioner on Cultural Heritage, DTI Undersecretary Zorayda Amelia Alonzo, and Mr. Arnedo Lucas, Roadrunner Managing Director.
The sub-group discussions on the different classifications of the creative industry presented the outcome focusing on the strengths, weaknesses, issues and concerns. The creative industry which is carried largely by small, medium and micro cultural enterprises has great potentials for contributing to the socio-cultural and economic development of the community. Drawing from its rich cultural heritage and vast creative industry and promotion.
With the needs and challenge of the creative industry in the Philippines, the forum is intended to set a roadmap in developing a creative – driven economy that maximizes our creative capital with the collective outputs which are all the products of human creativity with intellectual property rights. Creative industries incarnate the very key words of the 21st century – culture, creativity, copyright, and commerce. /MP

Palay Buying Via e –Trading

The National Food Authority is introducing the “e –Trading’ method of buying and selling palay to help rice farmers. According to Mr. Dempe Teofilo of NFA, “e –Trading” works this way.
While on Aklanon farmer is waiting for a buyer to purchase his palay at a better price, the farmer may deposit his harvest in the NFA – Aklan warehouse. Storage will be free for the first four (4) months. However, after four months, the farmer starts paying storage fee according to Ms. Judith Tindog of NFA.
As soon as his rice is sold to a buyer, the buyer can withdraw the palay at any NFA warehouse nearest the buyer. For example, an Aklanon farmer deposited his palay in NFA warehouse, Linabuan Sur, Banga. When a buyer from Iloilo City buys that palay of an Aklanon farmer, the buyer can withdraw that quantity and class of palay available in NFA warehouse in Iloilo City. He does not need to haul that palay in Banga to Iloilo City. /

Shuttle Van Group Opposes MMC Entry

By: Boy Ryan B. Zabal

The Shuttle Van Group allied with the Caticlan Boracay Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative (CBTMPC) wants to defer the business permit application of big firms like Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) and AMPO Shipping Lines.
In its position paper, the CBTMPC Shuttle Van Group pointed out that “it is proper for the local government of Malay to conduct a formal public hearing first” before approval of new application of any transport company to service the Kalibo – Caticlan – Kalibo route.
MMC and AMPO Shipping Lines plan to start operations in Boracay next year.
“We support the stand of the United Coops and Associations of Malay (UCAM) opposing the entry of multinational firms in the transport business in Aklan,” Jesus Jingco Jr., the group’s business manager said. The shuttle van group is composed of 33 members/operators of 36 public utility vans servicing the Kalibo-Caticlan – Kalibo route. The group is specifically catering to foreign and local tourists visiting the Boracay island.
“The wonders of Boracay reside and evolve not only in its natural beauty, but also its people. Neglecting those who directly contribute to the island’s development may bring sorrow and turmoil,” warned the shuttle van group.
Local drivers claimed that the entry of MMC and AMPO will have adverse effects on the socio-economic well-being of the people, particularly the existing public transport industry servicing Boracay, Caticlan and the town of Kalibo.
MMC and AMPO, the UCAM said, would deny the striving cooperatives and associations in Boracay of economic opportunities. “We are striving, even with limited resources, to improve our services. We are not sleeping on these concerns,” UCAM stressed. MMC is investing P150-million for all-weather sea crafts next year and some 51 units of 1,000 cc Suzuki vehicles for a reliable and efficient transport of goods and people on the island.
AMPO Shipping Lines also proposed to bring its 220-seater craft to support the United Mass Transport System (UMTS) of the government.
In a joint meeting of the Rotary Club of Kalibo and Metro Kalibo last week, Mr. Arturo Alejandrino and Mr. Christopher Ramos, Consultant and Vice President respectively of MMC revealed the transport business for the Kalibo – Caticlan – Kalibo route will be left to the present stakeholders. Ramos though suggested to improve the present vehicles and services.
Ramos also revealed that MMC is willing to allow sharing of the ferry service between Caticlan – Cagban – Caticlan with CBTMPC if the cooperative is willing to put up the requirement in terms of equipment and services. Ramos also disclosed MMC will also share the land transport service in Boracay with the present stakeholders. “Agreement can be arranged with both parties,” Ramos said.
As guest speaker of RC Kalibo, Alejandrino presented the present deplorable transport services followed in Boracay. In a power point presentation, Alejandrino pictured the inconvenience use of pump boats, flat boats, and “tibong”. He presented pictures of the improper storage of life vest, the dilapidated pump boats powered by aged engine that pollutes the environment and the motorcycles and tricycles with passengers packed like sardines. Pictures were projected of pollution brought about by motorcycles.
After analyzing the present antiquated transport system in Boracay, Alejandrino presented how MMC will transform the transport system into world class that will serve the needs of some one million tourists who will visit Boracay starting 2009. /MP

AMS Deplores False Medical Claims

By: Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Aklan Medical Society (AMS) headed by its president, Dr. Cynthia dela Cruz has requested the Advertising Board (ADBOARD) of the Philippines and the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) to act immediately on the specific misleading and deceptive advertisement content or false therapeutic claims of some product manufacturers. The AMS requested that these advertisement be corrected if not banned soonest from further media dissemination and to advice, correct and chastise the advertisement agency concerned for their blatant violation of the pertinent Bureau of Food and Drug Administration regulations.
In its resolution dated September 12, 2005, AMS expressed great alarm with the Aklan – wide “deceptive testimonials of food supplements/herbal products namely “Pau de Arco” capsules, and “Uno Dos Tres” capsules. These products “have no BFAD approved Therapeutic Claims and without the benefit of the usual standard scientific research and development studies to support their fantastic…false, and unfounded therapeutic claims”.
AMS officers and members expressed great concern of these unethical advertisement and the possible harmful effects of these “cure all” dietary supplement. According to Dr. Juliet Macahilas, “there is no single drug that can cure three or more ailments” at the same time in one person as some testimonials say over the airlanes. “These testimonials may provide a false sense of security among our people while being falsely treated by these alleged cure all food supplements,” Dr. Emmett L. Custodio pointed out.
As stated in the AMS resolution, “it is the duty of every physician to warn the public against the dangers and false pretensions of charlatans and quacks, since their deceitful practice may cause injury to health and even loss of life of the patient”. It may also add to their medical expenses unnecessarily.
AMS resolution also recommended to the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) and (ADBOARD) to deputize local component medical societies all over Philippines like the AMS to properly deputize to undertake the PMA and ADBOARD functions regarding advertisements of medical nature for screening recommendation and approval for airing or publishing of medical advertisement like food supplement and medicine.
It is informed that PMA and ADBOARD has signed a Memorandum of Agreement “to join hands in preventing advertising materials with misleading and unfounded medical claims from being advertised in the tri – media.” According to AMS the implementation of the above stated agreement in the provinces are the component medical societies like the AMS in Aklan in behalf of the PMA and ADBOARD. The PMA and ADBOARD do not have office in the provinces, hence, the urgent need to deputize the medical societies existing and functioning in cities and provinces nationwide. /MP

Coconut Delicacies Are “Dangal Ng Malinao”

In search for livelihood opportunities and jobs, Malinao, Aklan Mayor Dominador Ilio focuses now on conducting skills training programs dubbed as “Dangal Ng Malinao” Project for his constituents to help alleviate poverty in his town and maximize the use of coconuts which are abundant in Malinao and the rest of Aklan.
This 2005 venture of Malinao, in coordination with the Technical education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Aklan, the Department of Education, Rosario Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Rosario Barangay Council and the Verde Grande Culinary School focuses on Coconut Delicacies and Candy Making.
In this venture, Malinaonons will produce coco candies combined with other fruits and root crops as ingredients.
The training is integrated with Entrepreneurship and Packaging Programs. Participants earn while training, while 10 percent of the profit will go to Rosario MPC, sponsor of the activity.
Some 29 trainees started recently. They have undergone the training on coco candies making and coco pastilles. Another coco product they expect to train on soon is coco brittle.
As the sponsor of the recent activity, the Rosario MPC was responsible for recruiting and screening participants, assisted in the training using the Community-Based training for Enterprise Development as methodology and shared in the expenses while the barangay council assisted in the preparation of kitchen tools and equipment needed and provided the venue.
The local government of Malinao prepared the project proposal and provided the budget counterpart for the implementation of the Dangal Ng Malinao Program on Coconut Candy Processing.
TESDA-Aklan, under Provincial Director Lorena Yunque provided the trainer and the honoraria, training supplies, materials, tools and equipment.
The Department of Education assisted in the recruitment and selection of trainees while the Verde Grande Culinary School provided the technology transfer on Coconut Delicacies and Candy Making and credit units to Food Technology Program of Verde Grande Culinary School after passing the institutional assessment.
Mayor Ilio aspires to make Malinao the “food basket” of Aklan. It is seen that the recent training is just one step Malinaonons have taken to achieve this aspiration. Last year, the municipality conducted skills trainings on the production of high vegetables, lakatan bananas, and upgrading of native chickens. On top of these, Mayor Ilio vowed his constituents would not stop making abaca slippers, the product identified by One Town, One Product (OTOP) Priority program, seen to promote entrepreneurship and create more jobs in the municipality. (PIA)

Numancia Bags Aklan Clean and Green Search

The municipality of Banga surrenders this year to Numancia in the Provincial Search for the cleanest and greenest municipality (Gawad Pangulo Sa Kapligiran) in Aklan under Category B. With a rating of 96.18 percent, Banga shares the 4th place in the search with Tangalan from the western side of Aklan.
As this years’ cleanest and greenest town, Numancia scored an overall 98.99 percent rating. Malinao placed second with a rating of 97.98 percent.
This is the first time for Numancia to place number one in the search which started in 1994.
Most of the time however, Banga dominated the field, even emerging as a regional and national champion, which brought much honor and pride to the province. Kalibo, as the lone entry for Category A will compete in the regional search with other winning towns in the same category.
Other Aklan towns with their respective rankings and ratings as assessed by this year’s Assessment Team are: Altavas and Balete share the 3rd place with a rating of 97.83 percent; Batan and Buruanga, 5th, 96.14 percent; Nabas, 6th, 96.12 percent; Makato, 7th, 96.10 percent; Malay, 8th, 96 percent; Ibajay, 9th, 95.99 percent; New Washington, 10th, 95.95 percent; Lezo, 11th, 95.90 percent; Libacao, 12th, 95.80 percent; and Madalag, 13th, with 95.79 percent.
This year’s Provincial Search Committee is composed of Gov. Carlito S. Marquez as Honorary Chairperson; Patricio M. Villavert, DILG Provincial Director, Chairperson; Raul L. Lorilla, DENR-PENRO, Vice Chairperson, and Phoebe E. Quisoy, PIA Infocen Manager, Roselle Ruiz, Supervising Tourism Operation Officer, Dr. Landelino Meñez, Provincial Health Officer II and Dr. Victorina S. Laroza, OIC, DepEd-Aklan, members.
The Assessment Team was composed of heads and representatives from the Philippine Information Agency, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Education, Archibishop Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation (NGO) and Provincial Tourism Office. (PIA)

Monday, September 19, 2005


Numancia Overtakes Banga, The Beautiful

“More pain, more gain”. And this is true in Numancia, Aklan. After a most painstaking efforts of the Numanciahanons, in the last eight years, they finally got the number one spot in the province of Aklan.
Numancia dethroned the Municipality of Banga as number one in “Gawad Ng Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran” contest. Banga, the beautiful until last year was consistently number one in the Clean and Green. This year, Banga lost it to Numancia which is now number four. Banga even lost the throne, not only to Numancia, but to Malinao which is second and to Balete which is third.
What did Numancia, Malinao and Balete do to overtake Banga in “Gawad ng Pangulo Sa Kapaligran?” of course Banga did not sleep on its laurels. It must have continued its efforts to maintain its supremacy in the Clean and Green. However, the effort done may have been lesser than the efforts exerted individing by the top three towns which overtook Banga, the Beautiful.
Numancia, all the people under the leadership of Mayor Ernesto I. Templonuevo (EI). According to him the triumph, the success all belongs to Numanciahanons.
“We have saba banana, lakatan and latondan plantation. We have hy-bred rice to be harvested soon. We have vegetables, we have vermiculture in Numancia. We practice scientific waste management,” EI pointed out after winning first. According to him, the Numancia town plaza, the roads from Poblacion Numancia leading to Kalibo, to Lezo, to Makato, to Albasan and interior barangays are all clean with white painted stones along the boarders both sides.
The school grounds, barangay halls are all clean. The comfort rooms are clean and even smell sweet especially in the Municipal building. The Numanciahanons had inculcated in them the virtue of cleanliness and orderliness that they avoid scattering waste by the road sides and public places.
Maybe one deterrent to the supremacy of Banga, the Beautiful in “Gawad Ng Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran” is due to the present Mayor himself.
He may have lost cooperative of some of his cooperators in the implementation of the clean and green program. For instance, his closure of Sampaguita Street in front of the “Baeay it Banganhon”, Poblacion, Banga may have caused lost of cooperation. As of last month, the two Banga SB members, Hon. Arturo R. Teodosio, Sr. and Hon. Rodolfo R. Sta. Maria had questioned Mayor Jeremy n. Fuentes why he closed to traffic the said street. It is said that Hon. Sta. Maria and Hon. Teodosio are his close allies in Banga Sangguniang Bayan.
Last year former Banga Mayor Sergio R. Rigodon asked why he (Mayor Jeremy Fuentes) closed Sampaguita Street. Mayor Fuentes responded: “Kon kamo mat–a ogaling ro Mayor pagusto mat–a kamo.” (If you were the Mayor, you can do what you wanted.)
There must be other reasons why some Banganhons have weaning interest in Clean and Green. This is something for Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes to discover. It is so heartbreaking for the people of Banga the Beautiful to hand out the title which they have for quite a long time.
It is so heartwarming for all the Numanciahanon under the leadership of Mayor Templonuevo to receive the thrown for which they have painstakingly and diligently labored. This throne is something to hold and protect. Numancia must maintain the title by working more with energy Numanciahanon cooperating.
The verdict is there. Numancia is first, Malinao – second, Balete – third, and Banga – fourth.
Well, Numancia is “Clean and Green’ with more rice, vegetables and fruits; livestock too. Can you add for more or just one aspect in “Gawad Ng Pangulo Sa Kapaligiran?” can you add “safety”?
Our roads can be a little more “SAFE” by restoring the sidewalks’. Demolish the fence on the sidewalks and remove the shrubs or flower plants. Restore the sidewalks to the pedestrians so that they will be safer walking by the road side. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Is Boracay PNP Unit Capable of Instant Response?

“Just imagine, had we went there to report an accident, the victim would already be dead before a response could be made.” This is a remark of Judge Niovady M. Marin, presiding judge of Branch 5, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan of his experience with Boracay Island Police office.
It was about 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Saturday, September 10, 2005. Judge Marin with Ms. Josie Raz dela Cruz were on their way to Kalibo. They came from Carmela de Boracay Hotel where they attended as guest lecturers of the Annual Convention of the Professional Criminology Association. Judge Marin discussed the Role of Forensic Specialist in the Administration of Justice.
Ms. Josie Raz dela Cruz is a faculty member of the Philippine National Police Academy and Document Examiner of the PNP Crime Laboratory.
Judge Marin and Ms. dela Cruz sent someone to get a tricycle to transport them to boat station. But after a long wait, no tricycle came.
So they decided to request the Boracay Police Assistance Unit to conduct them to the boarding area at Tambisaan, Boracay as there were three police service vehicles parked. At that time, it was already raining hard according to Judge Marin.
But the Duty Officer told Ms. dela Cruz “to wait for no driver is available.” Someone was sent to look for the driver. “More than 10 minutes elapsed, no driver came”, said Judge Marin. They just rode on the first tricycle that passed by.
Is this the kind of Boracay Police Unit that Col. William Macavinta, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, and Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores visualized? Not really but a police unit that is responsive to prevent criminality and foster peace in the community.
The request for a lift to Tambisaan of Judge Marin and Ms. Josie Raz dela Cruz was merely a test how fast the Boracay Police Unit can respond to any emergency.
The latest shining glory of the Pilipinos and the Philippines was in the evening of September 11, 2005 (September 10 at about 10 o‘clock in the morning in the Philippines). The three Pilipino boxers put down their respective opponents in their respective fights all in abbreviated matches one after the other.
Rey Bautista of Candijay, Bohol demolished his Colombian opponent in the third round who landed in the hospital after the fight.
Veloria whose roots came from Tagudin, Ilocos Sur put out his Mexican opponent after two minutes of the first round. The fight was schedule for 12 rounds, but when the Hawaiian punches were landed on the Mexican body and face, the Mexican just went down.
The most awaited fight of the evening held in Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA was between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Velasquez.
But after a series of Pacquiao’s left and right punches landed to face, to the body and back to the face, Velasquez stumbled to the canvas in the sixth round. When he stood up, he whispered to the referee “NADA”. The fight ended at 2 minutes and 59 seconds of the sixth round.
Magsaysay Lines has proposed to the Local Government of Aklan to install “Modern Comprehensive Transport System” for Aklan tourism particularly Boracay Island. The proposal covers the transport services from the point at the airport to Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay landing station up to the respective hotels of the visitors. For those departing guests, the same services will be provided up to the check in counter of the plane at the airport.
According to the proponent, this is world class. Nobody is against world class facilities and services. Everybody is agreeable to modernization. However, world class facilities and services for whom? Modernization for whom?
According to Mr. Fred Sadiasa, president of the transport cooperative, some 3,000 heads of families will be affected once the Magsaysay Lines will operate in Aklan.
May the officials concerned both national, provincial and municipality of Malay will study deeply the proposal especially the socio-economic, peace and order aspect of the Magsaysay Lines proposal.
If the 3,000 heads of families has five dependants each, some 18,000 people will be directly deprived of a livelihood they have developed since the existence of Boracay. Can the government provide assistance to the local transport system so as to attain global competitiveness?
The government is mandated to assist the development of cooperative organization to be more competitive so that it can be an instrument toward economic empowerment. /MP

Aklan Adopts OTOP To Hasten Progress

By Venus G. Villanueva

The One Town One Product (OTOP) is a strategy Aklan government has adopted to hasten entrepreneurship development and create jobs. It took off in Aklan with the complete identification of priority product by each municipality in the province of Aklan.
Through OTOP, local chief executives of municipalities will take the lead in identifying, developing and promoting a specific product or service, which is of competitive advantage. As validated by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) with all Mayors of Aklan, current priority products and services for each municipalities identified for OTOP are the following: Altavas – Swine/Livestock; Balete – Kabuhian Livelihood Skills Training and Exhibition Center; Banga – Organic Vegetables, Citrus-Calamanci and Rambutan; Batan - Seaweed Culture; Buruanga – Eco-Tourism; Ibajay – Coco-based products; Kalibo, Piña Cloth/Loomweaving Industry; Lezo – Potteries; Libacao and Madalag – Abaca Fiber; Makato and Tangalan – Organic Rice Farming; Malay – Tourism; Malinao – Abaca Slippers; Nabas – Bariwcraft; New Washington – Deboned Bangus and Numancia – Organic Vegetable/Vermicasting.
As seen by the DTI, all these products and services the municipal mayors have prioritized have competitive advantage over other products and services of other provinces and cities. Malay’s Boracay Island, for example is a major tourists destination of the country and brings in the bulk of local and foreign tourists to Panay Island while Kalibo’s Piña cloth has already captured the foreign market and won for many piña producers various awards. Piña producers are also the top sellers at trade exhibits during the celebration of the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival and Aklan Day, and at regional and national product showcases in Iloilo and Manila.
Supporting OTOP-Philippines, aside from the DTI are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Land Reform, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Tourism and the Techinical Education and Skills Development Authority.
These agencies, together with other government offices and the private sector will work together to sustain this program.
The concept of OTOP-Philippines is similar to Japan’s successful One Village One Product (OVOP) project, which was started in 1979 by Governor Morihiro Hiramatsu of Oita Prefecture as a form of people’s participation in the regional development. Its success prompted other countries to adopt the concept in their own areas as an effective tool for poverty alleviation in the rural areas. OTOP has been established in Thailand, Vietnam, Malawi, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. /MP

NFA Buys Palay at P10.00 Per Kilogram

The National Food Authority (NFA) is now buying clean and dry palay. It will pay P10.00 per kilogram from farmers. In addition, NFA will also pay P0.10 delivery incentive per kilogram and P0.15 drying incentive or a total of P10.25 per kilogram.
Any farmer who wishes to sell his palay may deliver it in Aklan Grains Center Warehouse at Linabuan Sur, Banga, Aklan during office hours from Monday to Friday. For those who are far from Linabuan Sur, Mobile Procurement Teams will be fielded to facilitate procurement activity in Altavas, Lezo, Malinao, Makato, Tangalan and Ibajay.
For farmers who are members of Farmers Organization or Cooperative, P0.25 per kilogram is added to make it P10.50 which amount is for the Cooperative Development Incentive.
NFA requires Farmers/Master Passbook so he can market his palay to NFA. Application and or revalidation of passbook is now going on at NFA office.
Further, NFA announced the availability of mechanical and solar dryer service at minimal fee. /

Comments From Readers

Through the website ( of Madyaas Pen, the followings are received:

Madyaas Pen,

Oh well, we know from the very beginning that the impeachment for GMA will not succeed, it will only create chaos in the congress and senate and before we knew it, they will already be talking of the 2006 national budget. They are only spending the people’s money while they are debating, arguing and exchanging unpleasant words which are actually nonsense. Pity the Filipino people who are hungry while they at the congress and senate eat with their heart’s content and forget about why in the first place they are up there. Instead to alleviate poverty pedestal while they up there are enjoying like cats and dogs showing to the people that they are really uneducated and egoistic individuals.

Posted by “Anonymous”

2. Sir,

Thanks for sending me your electronics publication. It’s very interesting and informative news what going on in Aklan.

It’s excellence job. Congrats

Posted by “Dr. Roberto L. Saladar”


Thank you for the editorial this week, I think It would be my advocate to continue fight the “no smoking, it kills” policy. Oh well, friends are a blessings from God, you’re the best. I have e-mailed all my friends of this section, thought they have to know the existing website of MP. Cheers!

Posted by “Megs”

Madyaas Pen,

Your blog is creative. Keep up the good work. Here’s a subject that interests many; how to buy and sell everything, like music on interest free credit; pay whenever you want.

Posted by “Anonymous”

Madyaas Pen,

Cheney heckle video makes the rounds
Bloggers, many of whom remember how Dick Cheney uttered an obscenity last summer on the Senate floor, seemed to take great pleasure in spreading around a video clip of a flood victim who interrupts a press…
So you have a visitor coming your way. I read these things. :)

I’m watching blogs all day longand I found yours which is really nice. :)

You are making good job!
I enjoy reading the stories on your site.
Keep up the super articles!

Your site is very good!

Posted by “Anonymous”

AMS Celebrates Medicine Week

The Aklan Medical Society (AMS) will celebrate Medicine Week full of relevant and necessary activities to safeguard the health of the people of Aklan. According to Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, President of Aklan Medical Society, the weeklong activities which will start tomorrow, September 18 of prayers during the Holy Mass, Wreath Laying to the departed woes, Lay Fora on various medical concerns, symposia, free medical services, fellowships, friendly games and other activities.
A prelude to the Medicine Week Celebration, a press conference was held on September 15, 2005 where “Food Supplement: Are They Truthfully Curative As Advertised?” was thoroughly discussed with Aklan press members by the panel which was composed of Dr. Emmett L. Custodio – member, board of Governors, Philippine Medical Association; Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz – President AMS; Dr. Maria Magpusao; dr. Juliet Macahilas; Dr. Jerry Reyes and Ms. Maybel Conception of the Bureau of Food and Dr. Administration.
The schedule of activities of the Medicine Week Celebration is as follows:

September 18-24, 2005

Schedule of activities

medicine week

September 18, 2005 (Sunday) “Towards a More Cohesive AMS and PMA”
8:00 a.m. Holy Mass St. John the Baptist Cathedral
9:00 a.m. Wreath Laying Rizal Monument, Pastrana Park
9:30 a.m. Motorcade Around Kalibo
10:00 a.m. Short Program/opening Ceremonies Pastrana Park, Kalibo, Aklan
5:00 p.m. Lay Forum/Press Conference Kalibo Cable TV
Topic: “Food Supplement; Are They Truthfully Curative as Advertised?”

September 19, 2005 (Monday) “Healthy Mother, Healthy Child” (OB-Gyne)
5:00 p.m. Lay Forum: Pregnancy Class Kalibo Cable TV
6:00 p.m. Opening – Inter–Color Bowling Tournament
Venue: Q-Zone bowling Center

September 20, 2005 (Tuesday) “Our Children, Our Future” (Pedia)
8:00 a.m. Deworming Venue: Brgy. Polo, Banga, Aklan
Coordinator: Dr. F. dela Cruz
5:00 p.m. Lay Forum: Dengue Fever & Typhoid Fever Kalibo Cable TV
6:00 p.m. Inter-Color Bowling Tournament Q-Zone Bowling Center

September 21, 2005 (Wednesday) “Healthy and Safe Environment for All” (AAMS)
7:00 a.m. Bicycle Club Coordinator: Mr. Ramon Respicio
12:00 noon Luncheon Symposium Sponsor: UAP (Astmavent)
Speaker: Venue:
5:00 p.m. Lay Forum: “Road Safety” Kalibo Cable TV

Speakers: Dr. Emmett Custodio, surgeous, LTO, traffic enforcers
6:00 p.m. Bowling Tournament: Exhibition Friendly Games CAMERA
Venue: Q-Zone Bowling Center Auxiliary, etc.

September 22, 2005 (Thursday) “Love your Heart, Share your Blood” (IM)
6:30 a.m. Free Clinic for Indigent, Senior Citizens
Venue: Senior Citizens’ Bldg.
D. Maagma St., Kalibo, Aklan
Participants: IM doctors, Natrapharm, San Lorenzo Caregivers,
Aklan Drugstore Owners and Retailers Association
12:00 noon Lunch Symposium: Allergy
Speaker: Dr. Stella Paspe/Dr. Ybiernas
Venue: Cafè Latte, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan
Sponsor: Nestle Philippines
5:00 p.m. Lay Forum: Elderly Check Up/Blood Letting Kalibo Cable TV
6:00 p.m. Inter-Color Bowling Tournament
Venue: Q-Zone Bowling Center

September 23, 2005 (Friday) “Tumor, Fracture, and All” (Surgery, EENT)
12:00 noon Lunch Symposium
Topic: “Lyrica in Treating Neurophatic Pain”
Speaker: Dr. Henry Lu – Vice President, Pain Society of the Philippines
Venue: ACP Centerpoint, Archbishop Reyes St., Kalibo, Aklan
Sponsor: Pfizer
5:00 p.m. Lay Forum:Pet Care and responsible Dog Ownership (Kalibo Cable TV)

September 24, 2005 (Saturday) “Healthy Lifestyle, Longer Life”
6:00a.m. Aerobics at the Park Venue: Pastrana Park
Coordinator: Dr. Zelda Tolentino
6:30 a.m. Free Medical Services:
a. Blood Pressure Determination
b. Cholesterol Screening & Fat Analysis
c. ECG
Coordinators: Dr. Allan Tolentino & Dr. Rosito Yu, Jr.
In cooperation with Astra Zeneca, & San Lorenzo Caregivers

6:00 p.m Fellowship Night and Awarding Ceremonies
Venue: Lyca Café and Restaurant
Brgy. Tambak, New Washington, Aklan
a. Dinner-Symposium: “Update on Macrolides in the Management
of Community-Acquired Respiratory Tract Infections”
Speaker: Dr. Monica Asuncion Nafarrete
Sonsor: Abbott Laboratories
b. Awarding of Prizes – Bowling Tournament
c. Dance, Raffles, and Door Prizes mailto: mailto:

Kalibo Municipal and Livelihood Training Center Offers Training

On Virgin Coconut Oil Processing

The Kalibo Municipal and Livelihood Training Center, a co–managed training center of TESDA and LGU –Kalibo, conducts a five–day skills training on Virgin Coconut Oil Processing from September 12 – 16, 2005. The training program is a collaboration of the Municipality of Kalibo, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, and the Philippine Coconut Authority.
The 29 trainees of this skills training came from the 17 barangays of the municipality of Kalibo. The training aims to equip the participants with knowledge and skills on the processing of virgin coconut oil through lecture and hands–on training. Mechanical devices such as grater and expeller as well as other training supplies and materials are provided by LGU – Kalibo. TESDA acts as the overall facilitator of the training program while PCA provides the technology – transfer to trainees.
The Memorandum of Agreement for the conduct of this skills training on Virgin Coconut Oil Processing is signed on September 6, 2005 by Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo, TESDA Provincial Director Lorena Yunque, and PCA Provincial Manager Plevy R. Raco.
To insure sustainability of the product source, the participants are encouraged to plant coconut seedlings in their backyards and in designated places identified by LGU – Kalibo. The seedlings will be provided by PCA – Aklan, one of TESDA’s partners in the promotion of community–based training program especially in the utilization of the coconut products.

Provincial Government Of Aklan

Serves Youth/Student Sector

By Beverly Tropa

A “Seminar on Gender Code of Aklan: Rights of Women and Children” was held on September 03, 2005 at the Aklan Catholic College (ACC) gymnasium, Kalibo, Aklan.
The said Seminar was sponsored by the ACC Political Science Club where they invited resource speakers from the Provincial Government thru the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO), headed by Engr. Roger M. Esto, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator.
The ACC political Science Club is headed by its President, Mr. Raffy F. Paller. It is an association formed by the students of Political Science with Atty. Carol Morales as Adviser.
Some 70 participants consisting of all officers and members of the ACC Political Science Club and BSC students attended the seminar. They expressed their appreciation and gratitude to the Aklan Provincial Government for accommodating their invitation and providing them with resource speakers. They verbalized that this was the first time that they were made aware and well – informed about the government’s efforts to support the different sectors, specifically, women, children, youth, and the differently–abled.
The topics discussed were: Background/Rationale of the Aklan Gender and Development (GAD) Code, presented by Ms. Jesebel M. Vidal, Provincial GAD Focal Person; Women’s Rights, with Ms. Teresita Grace M. Quimpo, Member of the Provincial GAD Commission, from the Department of Agrarian Reform; and Rights of Children, by Mr. Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr., Provincial Population and Gender Officer. Engr. Julius Caesar Rentillo, Engineer I, PPDO assisted in the power point presentation.
In addition, Mr. Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr. also gave inputs on the legal bases/aspects in support of the Aklan GAD Code such as RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act, and the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child. He also briefed the participants on the Integrated Population and Gender Development Program of Aklan, and on the Provincial Ordinance No. 05-020, known as the Integrated Population and Gender Development Ordinance.
Mr. Teodosio also talked on the Provincial Government’s Programs and activities on Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program, the Coastal Resource Management (CRM), Health, Solid Waste Management and the Proposed Environment Code of Aklan. /

Friday, September 09, 2005


A Journey With A Purpose
By: Megs S. Lunn

Rick Warren, the author of The Purpose Driven Life, the Gold Medallion Book Award in his book said, “Today the average life span is 25,550 days. That’s how long you will live if you are typical.” The question in his book asks, “What on earth am I here for?”
Yes, what on earth are we here for, anyway? Are you here to focus on yourself? Would this be the way it will reveal your real purpose on earth? A BIG NO. Reading the book, I realized lately the reason why we are here on this earth. It is not because for ourselves. It is far greater than our own personal dreams, even our personal happiness. It is because we are born by God’s purpose and for God’s purpose.
You will understand why I am saying these. If you remember my article last time about SMOKING and CANCER? Oh well, this is the follow up and hopefully the last time I will warn the youth and the not so old to stop smoking. My husband is now very ill and dying of Lung cancer. After many visits in two hospitals in Panay and one in Manila, he is now confined in bed and waiting for his time. Is it morbid? Why do I say like these? As my husband would put it this way, “we all have time, that life on earth is a temporary assignment.” Yes, and you can find what he said in the same book I have mentioned above without him first reading it. Is it coincidence that a good friend gave this book to him or to me to read it for him? When I learned the average life span is 25,550 days, (70 years), I surprisingly told him, “Oh, so you have more than two (2) years bonus, and hoping for more.” He just laughed.
Taking good care of a cancer patient is indeed a rewarding one. I am not happy, why should I? It is my husband, my beloved who will leave me alone soon on this earth. However, he is a kind of cancer patient who inspite of his condition, he still manages to joke and laugh. He blames nobody of his illness but himself. Pity, because he said, “I did not listen to you when you said, “stop smoking, and watch out your health.” But while I am more than 100 percent personally looking after him, I learned many things and realized many valuable lessons that really, life on earth is a temporary assignment. “The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can’t see now will last forever.” It is now my turn to pamper him. It is my duty to give him all the comfort, my responsibility to share my most precious time while I grow and learn what on earth I am here for. In our happy days together when he isn’t sick yet, he taught me something I have never done. He usually gives me an unbelievable amount of joy, just making me laugh, no matter what, is and will be the most memorable time of our togetherness. “Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action.” {I John 3:18 TEV} We experience life together, and that what matters most.
Life never make sense until we understand why on earth you are here for. We only seek God when we are lonely and in pain. I have always comforted myself of what God has promised us, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am your refuge.” Now that my husband whom I consider not only my husband but my best friend will be soon taken away from me, I can only consider God as the only living yet unseen best friend I have and I will have. For without God, I am never as strong as I am now, never as at peace as before, never been so grateful as yesterday and never knew the reason of why on earth I am here for. “God‘s ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort, but character development.”
Why do you have to wait to be stricken with CANCER before you will realize the fault you did to yourself? Why do you have to wait for someone or somebody out there to tell you, STOP SMOKING? The phrase “CIGARETTE IS BAD TO YOUR HEALTH” is not a joke, never been and never will be a joke. It’s real. It kills you, not just yet, not now, not tomorrow, but it will, sooner or later.
C.S. Lewis said, “There are two kinds of people: those who say to God ‘Thy will be done’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right then, have it your way.’” I always pray for my husband, “Lord, please deliver him and let YOUR WILL BE DONE. /MP

Aklan SMEs To Showcase Products At SM City – Iloilo

The 3rd Aklan Product Showcase will be held at the lower ground level, Activity Center of SM City – Iloilo on September 26 to October 2, 2005.
This year’s showcase will highlight our new and wide range fiber – based products and furniture in a lifestyle setting. Products of the members of the Hugod Aklanon Producers Assn., Inc.; Aklan Piña Manufacturers and Traders Association, Inc.; Aklan Chamber of Furniture Industries; Aklan Food Processors Development Cooperative; Aklan Active Bakers Association; and Aklan Horticulture Society will be featured. Selected beneficiaries of the KALAHI – Agrarian Reform Zone will also join.
According to DTI – Aklan PD Ermilinda P. Pollentes, target sales is P1.4973 M, which is 15 percent higher than the previous year’s sales performance of P1.302 M. On the other hand, there will be 25 SME exhibitors, an increase of one SME from last year’s 24.
This activity is organized by the Department of Trade and Industry – Aklan, in coordination with the Provincial Government of Aklan and Hugod Aklanon Producers Association, Inc. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By: Ambrosio R. Villorente

Are You In Favor of Dismissing the Impeachment Complaint?

With the 158 – 51 – 6 votes, the impeachment complaint filed against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was put to oblivion, was buried in the halls of the Batasan in Quezon City.
Did anyone bet for that numbers in either legal or illegal gambling? You better not for those votes disappointed a half of the Filipinos while it gave happiness to the other half.
The Philippines House of Representatives is composed of 237 congressmen and congresswomen who were each elected by the votes of the district which they represent.
A good example is our own Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores. He was duly elected in the May 2004 election after he got a very high majority of the votes. He is now representing the Lone District of Aklan to the House of Representatives. Since the legislative body of the Philippines is a bi – cameral, there is another House called the House of the Senate composed of 24 senators. They are elected at large with a fixed term of six (6) years with one re – election. The term of a congressman is three years with two re – elections.
One of the means to remove from office the President and Vice President and officials of the constitutional bodies like the COMELEC and Commission on Audit is by impeachment as provided in the Philippines constitution. The impeachment complaint must be filed with the House of Representatives. It will be accepted filed after the complaint is duly indorsed by any member of the House of Representatives. If the impeachment complaint is duly signed by one third of the members of the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House is mandated to immediately transmit it to the Senate for proper investigation. The members of the Senate with the chief justice of the Supreme Court will act as judges and some congressmen will be appointed as prosecutors in the impeachment proceedings.
Sometime in July this year, Atty. Oliver Lozano filed an impeachment complaint against President Arroyo for culpable violation of the constitution with the House of Representatives. The complaint was immediately indorsed by congressman Rodante Marcoleta. After a few weeks, an amended impeachment complaint was also submitted after Mrs. Arroyo held her ground, did not resign her presidency despite the call of 10 of her former cabinet members, Senate President Drilon, Mrs. Corazon C. Aquino and others.
Since the impeachment complaint lacked the one-third signatures of all the members of the House of Representatives which is 79 signatures, the complaint was referred to the Committee on Justice being chaired by Congressman Simeon Datumanong.
The Justice Committee held a series of hearings. During the hearings, the committee decided to answer two prejudicial questions which were 1. which of the two impeachment complaints to accept and 2. is the complaint sufficient in form and substance? Finally, the Committee on Justice selected Oliver Lozano impeachment complaint but dismissed it for it was not a verified complaint and therefore was lacking in form.
The Justice Committee submitted its report on Monday, September 5, 2005 to the members of the House of Representatives in a Regular session. Those who agree with the committee report may vote “yes”, those who do not may vote “no”.
If the “no” vote will reach one third or 79 of the number of the members of the House of Representatives, the impeachment complaint will be transmitted to the House of the Senate for proper disposition or hearing.
And the result of the voting is “158 – 51 – 6” or 158 voted “Yes’, 51 voted “No” and six abstained in the nominal voting where each member was allowed to explain his vote in three minutes.
The “yes” votes could have been 159, but the “yes’ vote of our very own Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores may not be counted for at the time of the voting he was in California, USA dialoging with the Aklanon Community particularly with the Ibajaynons.
Those who believed Ms. Arroyo committed culpable violation of the constitution by cheating in the May 2004 election, bribed her way to the presidency has failed with the legal processes they have followed. They are now taking their cause to the streets. They may bring it to the Supreme Court of the Philippines.
Do you agree with the committee report dismissing the Impeachment Complaints? Please answer. /MP

Aklan Provincial Government Puts Family First

By: Beverly L. Tropa

The Provincial Government of Aklan, headed by Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, with Vice – Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan members, conducted a Pre – Marriage Counselors (PMC) Trainers’ Training recently. It was held at the Governor Corazon L. Cabagnot Memorial Tourism and Training Center, Old Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan. The Population Section of the Provincial Planning and Development office (PPDO) spearheaded the affair. The PPDO is headed by Engr. Roger M. Esto, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator, while the Population Section is headed by Mr. Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr., Provincial Population and Gender Officer – Designate, who acted as Head Trainer of the said Training.
The PMC Trainers’ Training was held to train counselors to conduct PMC Counseling Sessions to would – be couples at the Municipal Level on a Team Approach. Some 39 participants from the 17 municipalities of Aklan, the Rural Health Unit, Municipal Social Welfare and Development office and Office of the Municipal Agriculturist attended the training.
Recognizing that the family is the basic unit of our society, the Provincial Government deemed it necessary to conduct the said Training so that the PMC Teams, who will be at the frontline to cater to the counseling needs and other concerns of would – be couples in their localities will be well – equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes as trained counselors. These PMC Teams will provide services on Reproductive Health, Gender, Family Planning, Responsible Parenthood, Home Management, Maternal and Child Health Care and other related services. Such services hope to bring about responsible parents and close – to – the ideal families who could contribute instead of being a menace to the community.
The legal bases for this PMC Trainers’ Training are our very own Provincial Ordinance No. 05 – 020, also known as the Integrated Population and Gender Development Ordinance, PD 965, Article 16 of the New Family Code and Article 15 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.
The resource persons/facilitators were Pilar G. Lamanosa, Regional PMC Coordinator, POPCOM 6; Dr. Landilino B. Meñez, Provincial Health Officer; Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr., Provincial Population and Gender Officer; Jesebel M. Vidal, Provincial Gender and Development Focal person; Felix A. Jizmundo, Administrative officer II, PPDO; Sheila Regatalio, Statistician Aide, PPDO; and Jorge Icotanim, PPDO.
The highlights of the PMC Trainers’ Training were: the Practicum wherein the participants role played the actual municipal counseling sessions, complete with facilitators and would – be couples as clients; the formulation of a Municipal Action Plan by the 17 LGU representatives; and the coming up of a position paper requesting the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan to approve the 2006 Budget of the Integrated Population and Gender Development Program.This activity is only one among the many conscious efforts of our Provincial Government to improve the quality of life of Aklanons – continuous information dissemination, education and communication among its people and putting the family first at the center of all human development undertakings. /

Boracay Aetas Still Hopeful For GMA’s Help

by: Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Aetas in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan continue hoping that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will fulfill her promise to provide them with a conducive resettlement area.
Sr. Victoria Ostan of the Holy Rosary Parish Ati Mission said the President has promised to relocate the Atis to a one-hectare property owned by “Taytay sa Kauswagan “and Boracay Property Holdings, Inc. However, the proposed relocation site is facing legal problems in terms of the deed of donation of the property for the 40 Ati families, according to Ostan.
“She (Arroyo) donated 60 huts during her April 15, 2005 visit in Boracay, but we want a permanent resettlement site in the island where our indigenous people could start living in peace and security,” Ostan pointed out.
The Atis, according to Sr. Ostan, will be relocated in the P50-million relocation site, which forms part of the declared tourism zone of the government within the 80-hectare Eco-Tourism village in Brgy. Yapak, Boracay Island.
“Although the local government of Malay purchased a 74-hectare relocation site in Brgy. Cogon, we foresee that if the Atis settled in the mainland Malay, we deprive them their right to live in the island where they have been living since time immemorial,” Ostan pointed out.
Ostan stressed the government should recognize that the Atis are protected and guaranteed to stay under the Indigenous Peoples Act (Republic Act 8371) amid fears of eviction by adjacent property owners where their settlement site is located.
“But if the time comes that government still fail to assist the Atis of Boracay, we are proposing to buy a portion of a land in the island through the help of some sectors rather than wait for false promises of the officials,” Ostan said.
According to her, they have filed an application for the issuance of a Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title over the 1,032-hectare resort island on December 15, 2001 and asked the support of the Episcopal Commission on Indigenous People (ECIP) of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) to help them process the title. /MP

Aklan SP Commends Boracay Trike Driver For Heroism

By: Recto I. Vidal

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan passed a resolution commending a tricycle driver in Boracay Island. Richard Mariano was commended for his courageous efforts which led to the immediate arrest of four suspects in a snatching incident in Boracay which victimized a high ranking embassy official of Poland and his family who were on vacation in the Boracay Island.
The said resolution is authored by provincial board members Jose S. Yap and Gerick M. Templonuevo. It lauded tricycle driver Richard Mariano for his "selflessness, courage, bravery and love of his native place and proud of his being Boracaynon. He risked his own personal safety and life if only to contribute to a peaceful and orderly Boracay,"
In an interview, Yap disclosed that it was Mariano who chased and caused the immediate arrest of the four Maranao minors who were earlier tagged as suspects in the snatching of Polish Ambassador Bogdan Goralczyk's luggage within the vicinity of Seawind Beach Resort on a Sunday night.
"The snatching incident happened at Seawind Resort at Barangay Balabag at about 8:45 in the afternoon where the four suspects divested Polish Ambassador to Thailand of his luggage containing undetermined amount of cash, valuables and various kinds of documents. The victim was with his wife and daughter when the incident occurred," Yap said.
He added that while the Ambassador's daughter was giving chase to the suspects who had just snatched her father's luggage, Mariano, who was parking his tricycle at a distance, noticed the commotion and saw the suspects running and passing the snatched luggage from one another.
"Upon learning that the commotion was a result of a snatching incident, Mariano then alerted the village tanods in the vicinity and without any hesitation geared his tricycle into motion with the intent of chasing and catching up with the snatchers," Yap added.
Maintaining his poise, composure and presence of mind, Mariano caught up with the suspects, and using his own intuition in preventing crime to be consummated, he was able to convince the suspects to board his tricycle in the guise of ferrying them to safety.
With two of the suspects on board his tricycle, Mariano hauled them to the village tanods which caused the subsequent arrests of two more suspects and resulted to the recovery of the loot which was promptly returned by the Boracay police to the Polish Ambassador. /

426 Pass REB Exam

Some 426 examinees successfully passed the Real Estate Broker Examination (REB). This news is relayed in a memorandum received from Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) Director Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba, dated 25 August 2005. The figure represents 49.59 percent of the total 859 examinees who took the examination simultaneously conducted on 29 May 2005 in the different key cities and provinces of the Philippines.
Department of Trade & Industry Regional Director Dominic P. Abad said that in Iloilo City, of the 59 examinees, 36 or 61.02 percent successfully passed the examination. The passing score is 75 percent.
The successful Iloilo examinees are: Judy C. Abellar, Jose F. Abonado, Keith C. Aquilo, Willy M. Banias, Maricel F. Bermejo, Augusto D. Borra, Junarose G. Brillantes, Bon Dan D. Chan, Rufil E. Cuevas, Annalyn D. Dacles, Rita D. Daguplo, Seph D. Daradar, Theodore D. Deramos, Morjoelina D. Didulo, Manuel B. Dulos, Josefa T. Fermin, Gloria C. Gacer, Diosdado J. Galanto, Carlos G. Grecia, Bianca Joy T. How, Efren T. Hudtohan, Vicente Javellana Jr., Rosalina J. Ledesma, Laura M. Milan, Rolito S. Milan, Charmagne Joie T. Oberio, Mark Anthony G. Ortiz, Rose Mary Thursday G. Ortiz, Johanna S. Ostil, Armando A. Pagayon, John Rey M. Prudente, Editha U. Reyes, Rosalie A. Rutsch, Jose L. Silva, Patricia A. Tamayo, and Julia T. Yap.
Successful examinees may contact the DTI Iloilo Provincial office for more information at telephone numbers 335-0149/337-0392. (Ruby M. Melliza)

Army Will Not Lower It’s Guard In Boracay

By: Recto I. Vidal

Amid reports that the AFP Central Command (Centcom) plans to pull out its army troops stationed in Boracay Island, the 3rd Infantry Infantry Division maintains its stand that it will not lower its guard down in the country's premier resort.
This developed after Major Lyndon Sollesta, commanding officer of the 3rd Infantry Division, disclosed that a platoon of soldiers belonging to the Army's 47th Infantry Battalion and forming part of Boracay Security Task Force is earmarked for deployment to insurgency areas as deemed necessary by CENTCOM.
"The tactical intention of this action was impressive, however its economic repercussions might be disturbing. Boracay caters to about 330,000 tourists that visit the country per year and earns tourist receipts of about P7.8 billion," Sollesta told newspersons here during media interviews.
He said that with the recent developments, wherein terrorist groups are again on the warpath and coming up with bold and violent actions, the 3ID under the leadership of Major General Alphonsus Crucero will not jeopardize the security of the premier tourist island.
This is also in adherence to the Presidential directive issued to ensure the safety and security of the local and foreign tourists that frequent the area, Sollesta emphasized.
"Terrorism recognizes no boundaries like the proverbial Sword of Damocles one would not know when it will strike. The recent bombings in Basilan of M/V Ramona that led to the wounding of innocent civilians can attest to the fact that it was a product of a well planned, sinister and meticulous plot to create a dent to the reputation of the government and the military-as protectors of the people," Sollesta said.
Further, he bared the pull out will not give a considerable gain on the physical number of soldiers necessary for the operational requirements of Task Force Panay.
"The TFP with its operationally controlled tactical units, the 12th Infantry Battalion, 47th Infantry Battalion and three reconnaissance companies has enough troops to address the insurgency situation in the island," Sollesta assured.
The provincial government of Aklan leads its constituents in denouncing the haphazard move to pull out troops by higher command without due consideration to the sentiments of the local residents and its deleterious effect to the security of the island, Sollesta added in his press statement issued to media persons here in Kalibo, Aklan. /MP

Alay Lakad…Aklan Walks For The Youth

“Kabataan, Isulong Ang Kinabukasan” was the theme of Alay Lakad Aklan which was held in the early morning of Monday, September 5.
Some estimated the participants to reach 50,000 which walked in three groups that lasted for about 90 minutes. Group I started at Camp Pastor Martelino, New Buswang, Kalibo, Group II at Pook Airport, Kalibo and Group III at Tigayon, Kalibo. They all arrived and converged at Goding Ramos Park, Estancia, Kalibo where a program was held.
Government officials and employees of the Aklan Province, the Municipality of Kalibo and its barangays, private firms, civic clubs, non – government organizations, the PNP, the Army and various schools in Kalibo participated in the affair.
The program started with the Doxology of Ms. Gaynor A. Calizo, the Philippine flag was raised by Lt. Col. Mariano Antonio S. Perez, Jr. and Lt. Col. Eulalio M. Orbase both of the Philippine Army. The KPES Teacher’s Choir sang the Pambansang Awit. After the Panatang Makabayan, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino raised the provincial colors while the Kalibo municipal colors was raised by Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo and Vice Mayor Nilda B. Tambong.
Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo welcomed the participants, guests and visitors while Governor Marquez delivered his inspirational message. Ms. Jessie B. Nicolas, president of Kiwanis Club of Kalibo, Inc. gave the Closing Remarks.
This year’s Alay Lakad is chaired by Ms. Jessie B. Nicolas, Kiwanis Club of Kalibo, Inc. and Co – chaired by Engr. Joemarie Rondario – Kiwanis Club of Kalibo Ati Atihan and Mr. Epifanio R. Rebuelta – president, Rotary Club of Kalibo.
One of the highlights of the program was the raffle where lucky winners were awarded valuable prizes.
The result of the Alay Lakad Contest are as follows:
Biggest participating groups are:
1. Kalibo Municipal officials and employees – 301 up participants,
2. Aklan Provincial Government officials and employees – 100 – 300, and
3. Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Aklan Council – 99 and below.

Private offices/civic/business establishment:
1. Metro Kalibo Water District – 101 plus, 2. Aklan Electric Cooperative – 51- 100, and 3. PANTELCO – 50 and below.
Barangay Level Group are: 1. Barangay Council of Andagao – 101 plus, 2. Barangay Council of New Buswang – 51 – 100 and 3. Barangay Council of Poblacion Kalibo – 50 and below.
The biggest students/pupils participating group are: 1. Northwestern Visayan Colleges – College 2. Aklan National High School For Arts and Trades – secondary, and 3. Kalibo Pilot Elementary School – elementary.
The group with highest donations are 1. Kalibo Municipal officials and employees – P16,525.00; 2. Aklan Provincial Government officials and employees – P12,820.00 and 3. Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan – P5,425.00.
According to Ms. Roselyn G. Salazar, the Alay Lakad 2005 has collected P90,953.00 as of September 7, 2005 of which P16,549.17 were disbursed or a net of P74,403.83. According to Ms. Salazar of Social Welfare office, there are still some receivables.
This money will be spent for school expenses of those poor but deserving children approved by the project committee. /MP

“Plant for Life” Highlights TVET Month Celebration In Aklan

TESDA Aklan in partnership with the Assn. of TVET Schools in Aklan (ATSA) marked 11th Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Month Anniversary with a “Plant for Life” Project at Isla Kapispisan, a mangrove reforestation project of the Aklan State University-School of Fisheries and Marine Resources in New Washington, Aklan on August 25, 2005. Led by Dir. Lorena Yunque of TESDA, Mr. Bobby Arguelles of Panay Technological College and Ms. Cecil de la Cruz of San Lorenzo College, TVET school administrators and officials, as well as TESDA staff planted bakhawan propagules in an act of social volunteerism – people helping themselves for sustainable resource management and improved quality of life.
The “Plant for Life” project at Isla Kapispisan is a prelude to a province wide project of Congressman Joeben Miraflores to be implemented by TESDA, ATSA and DENR, dubbed “Be A Bamboo Banker – Save the Aklan Riverbank”. Cong. Miraflores will finance the seedlings worth P200,000.00 while ATSA schools will each adopt a portion of the Aklan riverbank to be planted with the appropriate bamboo species. Bamboo has been recommended to support the rising bamboocraft industry in Aklan.
TESDA – Aklan has been promoting “Plant for Life” program to increase TVET stakeholders’ involvement in the care of the environment and in ensuring sustainability of local resources even as these are utilized for various livelihood and development projects. “Plant for Life” has been integrated in various TVET projects. In Tigpalas, Malinao, Aklan, local residents led by the barangay officials and women’s council planted Amellipale, a vine crop used for bags and other novelty products as part of their Dangal ng Brgy. – Skills Training in the Amellipale plantation to ensure continuing source of the vine materials for their local livelihood.
Due to high demand for Virgin Coconut Oil, LGU – Kalibo funded training on Virgin Coconut Oil Processing at the Kalibo Municipal and Livelihood Training Center. A requirement for the participants will be the planting of coconut seedlings either in their backyard or LGU – Kalibo designated site. The Philippine Coconut Authority, TESDA’s partner in the project will provide the seedlings for the trainees.
In February, 2005, thirty Asian delegates of the International Training Program on Mainstreaming Gender and Development in TVET also planted bakhawan propagules at the Bakhawan Eco-Park. Similarly, another group of TESDA visitors for the National GAD Conference in May 2005 included “Plant for Life” as part of their itinerary in Kalibo, Aklan. /MP

Officials of TVET Schools in Aklan and TESDA Staff “Plant for Life” at Isla Kapispisan Mangrove Reforestation Project of Aklan State University, New Washington Campus.

Plant for Life” for sustainable Amellipale VineCraft – Dangal ng Brgy. Product of Brgy. Tigpalas, Malinao, Aklan.

TESDA Officials lead International Training Program delegates in planting propagules at the Bakhawan EcoPark, Aklan’s best practice in mangrove


Approves 69 KV
Line Construction In Negros

The delivery of power services in the Northeastern part of Negros Occidental got another boost with the approval by the Regional Development Council of the proposed construction of the San Carlos Guihulngan 69 KV transmission line of the National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO).
With the RDC approval, the northeastern part of the Negros Island will have dual power sources from both Cadiz City in Negros Occidental and Alam in Negros Oriental. This is expected to improve the voltage quality and further enhance efficiency and reliability even during peak demand. It is also to intensify and promote the National Government Total Electrification Program and provide critical infrastructure to accommodate future merchant plant players in the area.
The said project will include the provision of a 69 KV – Single Circuit – Steel Pole Transmission Line and one 336 MCM conductor veering some 52 kilometers.
With the approval of the Regional Development Council, the project will be one of the two Negros 5 Transmission Project to be funded under the Miyazawa Fund.
The implementation of more power projects is in line with President Arroyo’s ten – point agenda on energy and power supply which is seriously pursued. Of the 45,000 barangays all over the country, only some 4000 more barangays need to be electrified. (PIA)

Mizpah Is This Year’s Miss Palaro 2005

This year’s choice for Miss Palaro 2005 of Aklan Valley High School (AVHS) is Mizpah Sarah DLR. Bautista. The Search is part of the school’s Intramurals held at its Quadrangle on August 30 – September 2, 2005.
Young lass at her best, Mizpah, a fifteen year – old stunning 5’6” beauty, brain and body from Team ACES garnered three of the five awards, namely: Best in Sportswear, Best in Production Number, and Best in Interview.
“Miz” to her school and classmates; “Princess” to some intimate friends, is the second child of George DC. Bautista and Eden B. de los Reyes of Nalook, Kalibo, Aklan. She does not only exude with brain, beauty, and body but add to that her excellent style in playing basketball and driving bikes. Her very sportiff attire fits her biking prowess making her covet the Award for Best in Sportswear. Her good introductory production number choreographed with the assistance of her coaches Misses Rori Aila Aguilar and Risa Apolonio gave her the Best in Production Number.
Another most rewarding is her brief and concise answer to the question and answer portion: “What is the essence or significance of this year’s Search for Miss Palaro ’05 to you? She emphatically said, “The Search is an avenue to showcase one’s talents, beauty, intelligence and confidence. It represents the School’s mission of producing well – rounded students both in academics and extra – curricular activities”.
The either winners are Miss Richel Repiedad, Best in Cocktail Dress and 1st Runner Up; Miss Leslie Trisha Tansingco, 2nd Runner – Up; and Miss Jorelie Sarabia, Best in Talent and 3rd Runner Up.
The Board of Judges was composed of Ms. Richelle M. Ang, University Nurse of Aklan State University; Mr. Michael Q. Fernandez, General Manager of Ati-Atihan Security Agency and Mr. Giovanni Paul I. Gomez of Regional Trial Court Branch I, Kalibo, Aklan. Miss Norelyn Madrazo acted as the Lady of Ceremonies of the activity. /

Youth Sub Committee

Approves In Regional Planning

The Regional Development Council in its recent meeting approved the resolution recognizing the Regional Advisory Youth Committee as a sub – committee under the Social Development Committee. This recognition will enable the youth to articulate their problems and aspirations in the regional development planning.
Earlier, the Regional Youth Advisory Committee was organized with the Director of the Department of Education as chair to give focus to the concerns of the youth.
It was tasked among others to advocate policies for the youth, coordinate and monitor programs and projects and localization of youth concerns, programs and projects with the national government agencies and local government unit’s plans and programs.
The Regional Youth Advisory Committee will coordinate efforts with the Social Development Committee and ensure that it will be adequately represented in the Regional Development Council. Henceforth, the representative of the Regional Youth Advisory Committee will sit during the meetings of the Social Development Council.
Nationwide, the youth comprise about thirty percent of the population and with such number, they are expected to be harnessed as active partners in development. (PIA)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By: Ambrosio R. Villorente

Where Is The Cheap NFA Rice?

The “Bolanteros” of Kalibo must not insist on using Toting Reyes Street, by the side of the Kalibo Public Market. They must not use it for their own economic advantage. The roads, including Toting Reyes Street, are constructed to be used as passage ways for vehicles and pedestrians. “Bolanteros” must remember that market is a place where the people meet to sell goods and or to buy goods and therefore, there are designated places where the people may visit either to sell or purchase goods.
Allowing Toting Reyes Street to be used as market place will deprive both the vehicles and pedestrians for whom Toting Reyes was constructed. There are places where people may visit either to sell or purchase goods. Mayor Rebaldo is just implementing the law and must not waiver in its implementation. He needs all support on this matter.
Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo has found and designated a place for the “Bolanteros” to sell their goods in the vicinity of Oyo Torong Street. “Bolanteros” claim of poor sales there and so they insist to return to Toting Reyes St. If their sales are adversely affected in that new location, they need to promote that new location so that buyers will go to them to buy their needs. They must learn to make adjustment.
They may advertise their new location, offer the most reasonable prices to customers, put up location signs or provide direction how to visit their new location and reach them.
Once people are convinced “Bolantero” goods are of good quality and of highly competitive prices, people will develop the habit of visiting the new market site regularly to buy goods for their daily needs.
To go on strike on the part of the vendors because “Bolanteros” are not allowed to use Toting Reyes Street where to display and sell their goods is a clear and simple transgression of the laws, a great defiance of lawful orders and the deprivation of the rights of the majority of the people.
Should the vendors go on strike that means forfeiture of their function to supply goods to the people at a mutually agreed price. In case vendors go on strike, buyers may visit either the Numancia Public Market in Numancia or the Banga Public Market in Banga. Vendors there will be happy to serve the buyers from Kalibo. Should the Kalibo vendors go on strike, they will be the losers. Vendors have no masters to strike against. Can they strike against their client? Clients are golden ducks that lay golden eggs. “Clients are always right.” There are several markets near Kalibo where customers may visit and buy their needs.
I went around and inside the Kalibo Public Market in search for NFA rice but I did not see any rice retailer selling NFA rice. I was in the Kalibo Public Market on Wednesday, August 31 between 9:30 – 10:00 in the morning. What I saw were “NFA Authorized Retailer” signs. Where is the NFA “cheap priced rice and enough supply?”
In Aklan, it is noted that there is a marked increases of prices not only of prime commodities like oil but also cases of suicide, swindling and criminalities. Cases of shooting, stabbing and raping are on the rise. Two spouses made a “Tennessee Waltz”. A husband visited his wife in a rented room apartment in Kalibo. He requested a police to accompany him. And voila! His wife is confirmed to be living with a paramour in that boarding house. The house owner accused the jealous husband of “trespassing”.
Until today, nothing is heard about them. Hope they returned to their rightful bosom. /

FAJARDO: Insurgency Problem

Can’t Be Licked In 2 Months

by: Recto I. Vidal

“The insurgency problem in the country, particularly in Panay Island, cannot be wiped out in just a span of two months,” pointed out Col. Gregorio Fajardo.
Col. Gregorio Fajardo, is the newly installed commander of Task Force Panay (TFP). In an interview with local newsmen after he met with Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez during the former's courtesy call with the governor, he declared, "Suntok sa buwan yan (Its a long shot). The reporter who wrote that story undoubtedly misquoted me and he has apologized to me for committing that erroneous story," Fajardo said, referring to a news story in a newspaper (not Madyaas Pen) who claimed ease to wipe out insurgency problem in two months.
He said that “the insurgency problem in the country has been around for the last 20 years and cannot be eradicated in just two months.”
When asked on the planned withdrawal of the National Democratic Front from the peace talks with the government, Fajardo disclosed that the NDF's leaders appear to be lacking in coordination as can be gleaned by the conflicting statements coming from its hierarchy.
"With this development, our counter insurgency operations will still continue. If the NDF will withdraw from the ongoing peace negotiations, that will be to their disadvantage," Fajardo opined.
As the new commander of the taskforce Panay, Fajardo vowed that the TFP's operations will continue without letup as the campaign plan has been geared for the whole year round, in close coordination with the different government agencies.
When asked on the topics he discussed with the governor during his courtesy call, Fajardo said that they have not discussed any topic except doing a courtesy call with the Aklan governor.
"I'm aware that Aklan is a peaceful province but we will still continue our plans and programs for the whole of Panay as not to waste the gains earlier chalked up by the taskforce," he said,
Fajardo then appealed to the Aklanons for their continued support so that they can fulfill their mandate of protecting the state and the people as a whole.
"Please do help us as we badly need the support of the populace in our campaign as we can't do this alone," he appealed. /MP

4 Aklan New Medical Doctors

Some four (4) Aklanon youth are among the 1,471 new physicians who pass the Physician Licensure Examination the Board of Medicine of the Professional Regulation Commission gave in Manila and Cebu last month.
The four are Dr. Nemesio S. Morier, Dr. Daryl S. Marin, Dr. Uri Sy Macavinta and Dr. Carmen Reloj Dela-Cruz Manarang.
Dr. Morier is the son of Mr. Morris Morier, a Singapore national and Mrs. Rebecca Sison Morier of Libacao, Aklan. They now reside in Kalibo. Dr. Marin is the daughter of RTC Judge Niovady M. Marin and Dr. Benilda S. Marin of Kalibo. Dr. Macavinta is the son of Dr. Oni Macavinta and Dr. Eden Macavinta of Numancia while Dr. Dela Cruz is the daughter of Dr. Felma R. Dela Cruz of Banga.
According to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) the oathtaking ceremony of the successful examinees will be held on Saturday afternoon, September 24 at the Plenary Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center, Roxas Blvd., Manila.
Moreover, according to the PRC, some 2,864 examinees took the test. Only 1, 471 or 52 percent passed it. /MP

Friday, September 02, 2005

Museo It Akean

Dugang Nga “Tourist Attraction” Sa Kalibo
Ni: Paquito “Kit” S. Saratiosa

Eowas ko pinaka “popular” o “Mother of all festivals” nga Ati-Atihan festival it Kalibo, ina ro “tourists attractions” nga Bachawan Eco-Park, ro Tigayon Hill, Piña Village, ag ro Museo it Aklan.
Katanda kita nga ro Museo it Akean hay guin kabuligan sa pagka-ayad nanday former congressman Allen S. Quimpo, former congresswoman Gabrielle V. Calizo ag ni anay gobernador nga makaron congressman Florencio “Joeben T. Miraflores.
Sa kamatu-oran, ro Museo it Akean hay makatupong eon sa mga maeagko nga mga museo it atong nacion. Guinpanan – aw ko Arch. Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation nga nagpamuno bilang proyekto nga ro Museo it Akean maka presentar ko cultura ag kasaysayan ko probinsya it Aklan eowas ko napa-guwa nga mga “art exhibits” ag iba pa nga nahiwat sa Museo it Akean.
Ro museo it Akean hay may vice chairperson sa pagkatawo ni Mrs. Manolita Q. Acevedo. Ro curator hay si Mrs. Sumra dela Cruz Rojo. Nakasayud kita nga ro mga ‘working committees’ hay may hayga sa paghueag it Museo it Akean sandig sa andang voluntad nga pagta–o it andang tiempo ag hugod. Hayra ro nakalista nga ‘Working Committees’:
Artifacts: Chairperson: Mr. Edwin R. Garcia
` Member: Dr. Patrick M. Icamina

Religious: Chairperson: Mrs. Prescy P. Magallanes
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Librada M. Palmani
Members: Hon. Jean T. Velarde
Rev. Fr. Joesel M. Quan
Mrs. Cortesa C. Macahilig
Dr. Edna I. Gonzales
Mr. Mario Lao
Mrs. Mila R. Balleza

Historical Chairperson: Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Roman A. dela Cruz
Members: Mrs. Corazon G. Beluso
Mr. John Barrios

Piña Chairperson: Mrs. Della O. Mariano
Vice Chairperson: Mrs. Anna India C. Legaspi
Members: Mrs. Nynn Arwena G. Tamayo
Mrs. Agnes G. Rogando
Mrs. Rhodora C. Sulangi