Thursday, June 28, 2007

EDITORIAL - June 24 - 30 Issue

Ordinance No. 07– 012
Forms Factions In Aklan SP

In its penultimate session on June 20, 2007, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan has approved Provincial Ordinance No. 07 – 012. This is "An Ordinance Adopting Internal Rules of Procedure For The Sang-guniang Panlalawigan of Aklan As Amended". This ordinance was approved by Governor Carlito S. Marquez a few days after SP Aklan (2004 – 2007) approved it.
In this SP Ordinance No. 07-012, one of the whereases stated; "pursuant to Section 50 of Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as "An Act Providing for a Local Government Code of 1991", on the first regular session following the election of its members and within ninety (90) days thereafter, the Sanggunian concerned shall adopt or update its existing rules of procedure".
Is the 18th regular session for CY 2007 of SP (2004-2007) Aklan held on June 20, 2007 consistent with the above stated "whereas"? No, it is second to its last session which was held on June 27, 2007.
Why then used it as its premise for the approval of Provincial Ordinance No. 07-012 of Aklan? It is really hard for a reader to understand the purposes and intent of this kind of provincial legislation. The members of the Aklan SP (2004-2007) whose term of office expired at 12:00 o’clock on Saturday, June 30, 2007 has much to explain to the Aklanons why did they approved an "Internal Rules of Procedure" at the end of its term? Why hurry? It was only 10 days from June 20 for the SP (2007-2010) with the new presiding officer and members to assume their duties and responsibilities. It is puzzling to many why did Aklan SP (2004-2007), which 13 members consisted of three lawyer members and presided by a lawyer approved such ordinance. Anyway, the presiding officer at that time of approval of the said ordinance was Hon. Gerick M. Templonuevo.
It comes to mind that the SP (2004-2007) members are very caring and loving. They are so loving and caring to approve an Internal Rules of Procedure designed for the SP which will follow them. On the other hand, there are some provisions which maybe far from the good taste of the new SP members and the new vice governor.
Going over the approved ordinance, the term "presiding officer" has been mentioned several times which may make its meaning so blurred to the members themselves. This presiding officer term, may connotes several meanings depending upon who will interpret it. It might be interpreted to suit his/her purpose. There is therefore the urgency of defining presiding officer as used as far as this Ordinance No. 07-012 is concerned. This might provoke and even ignite fire in any SP sessions.
This Internal Rules of Procedure Ordinance has created new positions which had never existed since the separation of Aklan as a province in 1956. Will these positions produce monsters? Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino in his valediction stated that the SP during his watch "never resorted to self glorification", there was no grandstanding.
Section 7 of this Ordinance No. 07-012 provides for the creation of the "Majority Floor-leader" and a "Minority Floorleader". These creations will formalize and legalize the formation of factions in the SP. Aklanons wish to think and even believed that the members of the Aklan SP will act as one and do things as one. There are only 10 regular members, plus three ex-officio members. Why divide the Aklan SP? Where will the ex-officio members belong?
The majority floor-leader is chosen by the majority party members, preferably the highest ranking member in terms of percentage of votes garnered as certified by the Comelec. It seems this provision is self-serving for the author/sponsor of this ordinance.
As provided in Section 7 of the said ordinance, the duties enumerated therein means a diminution of duties functions and prerogatives of the vice governor who is expressedly designated presiding officer of the SP. Is Vice Governor consulted and did she agree to these provisions? These provisions may trigger not only highly animated debate but also promote heated discussion. This will promote a bad start for the SP (2007-2010). God, please forbids! The Aklanons wish the SP members to act with mutuality, reciprocity, friendship and understanding.
The provisions in Section 7 has clipped the wings of the presiding officer.
The Internal Rules of Procedure is now approved as Ordinance No. 07-012. Will the SP members (2007-2010) adopt and be governed by it? Will this ordinance be binding to them which term of office started at 12:00 noon of June 30, 2007? Will the re-elected SP members who participated in drafting it impose their number superiority over the new Vice Governor/Presiding officer and three new members of the SP Aklan? /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Being Scanty In Praises
Hon. Madeline A. Regalado filed a proposed resolution to commend the outgoing members of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Kalibo. The honorees are Hon. Ariel Fernandez, Hon. Melanie Tolentino, Hon. Glenn Sucro and Hon. Arnaldo Tejada. Hon Sucro is abroad while Hon. Tolentino, Hon. Fernandez and Hon. Tejada has fulfilled their three consecutive terms and therefore barred from running for another term by election laws.
However, Hon. Regalado withdrew her resolution on the matter due to the seemingly reluctance of some SB members of Kalibo to sign the proposed resolution. All the Kalibo SB members are amendable to approve the resolution but some will not sign it.
What a shame! Approving it without signing is tantamount to disapproving it. Who is not willing to commend a colleague for nine years in the SB Kalibo? Who does not like to see his/her signature in a resolution of commendation being hung on the walls of the home of the honorees? The signatories to the resolution of commendation exhibit their well wish to a colleague. He who recognizes good deeds is recognized more. Why are they be lavished on criticism if they are scanty of praises?
Who Is That Principal?
Who is that principal who "does not issue certification because I was not yet principal at that time?" Who is that principal who dictates to his teacher whom to receive medals? Who is that principal who deletes from payroll some names of his teachers? Who is that principal who reduces performance rating of his teacher because "it is personal between her and me?"
He is a principal of a secondary school at the eastern part of Aklan. He will be identified, after our own verification of facts.
Aklan SP Commends Media
Among the best accomplishments of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan is its approval of Resolution No. 07 – 175 approved on June 13, 2007. It is a "Resolution Commending The Aklan Media For Their Significant Contributions To The Successful Holding Of A Credible And Peaceful Local And National Elections In The Province Of Aklan On May 14, 2007".
Hon. Plaridel M. Morania sponsored the said resolution, attested by Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Vice Governor and Presiding Officer and approved by Carlito S. Marquez, Provincial Governor.
The Entrepreneurial Farmer wishes to thank the SP for the commendation as Madyaas Pen is among the media in Aklan.
Who Owns Union Bank?
EF received a text message informing him that "Union Bank is owned by the Arroyo’s". According to a letter Madyaas Pen received, the "stock ownership of Union Bank as of December 2005, is as follows: 1. Aboitiz Group of Companies - 49 percent, 2. SSS - 27 percent, 3. Insular Life Assurance Co. - 19 percent, and 4. Publicly owned - 5 percent."
The letter was signed by Herminio M. Pugeda, Executive Vice President of Union Bank. If that text message is true, then the 5 percent maybe that of the Arroyo family.
Despite Malacañang directive for heads of government owned and controlled corporation, to file their letters of resignations, until this writing, Mr. Winston Garcia has not complied with the directive as president/chief operating officer, GSIS. /MP

Time Is Neither Refundable Nor Renewable

Text & photos By Ambrosio R. Villorente

The dignitaries in the presidential table during the singing of the Philippine national anthem who are (l to r) Cong, Florencio T. Miraflores, Cong. Ignacio Arroyo (5th District, Negros Occidental), RTC Executive Judge Sheila Y. Martelino-Cortes, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Vice Gov. elect Gabrielle V. Calizo. There was no Philippine flag in the ceremonial hall which explains why Judge Cortes did not place her right hand over her left chest.

Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores being sworn to office with the members of his family.
Gov. Carlito S. Marquez being sworn to office with the presence of the members of his family.
SP members (Western, l to r) Hon. Garcia, Hon. Gelito, Hon. Ibarreta, Hon. Yap and Hon. Templonuevo taking their oath of office.
Members of the SP (Eastern) taking their oath of office. They are (l to r) Hon. Briones, Hon. Mayor, Hon. Morania, Hon. Neron and Hon. Rodriguez.

The above photo shows Mayor elect Elverita Templonuevo, Vice Mayor elect Evangeline M. Ibabao, SB members Arcel Tabuena, Prospero I. Templonuevo and Benjamin Magnabijon of Numancia

The "time is neither refundable nor renewable", said Governor Carlito S. Marquez during his second inaugural speech as provincial governor of Aklan.
In a full capacity crowd at ABL Sports Complex, Marquez disclosed his accomplishments for the last three years as governor of Aklan especially his fight against poverty.
He challenged his fellow Aklanons to join him and his provincial administration in his quest to eliminate poverty. According to Marquez, the provincial budget was only P300 million in 2004 when he was first elected governor. This year 2007, it is P600 million.
The oath taking ceremonies were held at ABL Sports Complex on Monday morning, June 25, 2007. Executive Judge Sheila Y. Martelino-Cortes of the Regional Trial Court administered the Oath of Office to Governor Marquez. But before him, Judge Cortes first sworn in the five members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) Eastern who are Daisy Sucro Briones, Nemesio P. Neron, Plaridel Morania, Rodson Mayor and Jean Rodriguez. The SP members, western side, followed who are Selwyn Ibarreta, Ramon Gelito, Gerick Templonuevo, Jose Yap and Pedro Garcia. Vice Governor elect Gabrielle Calizo took her oath just before Governor Marquez took his with judge Cortes.
Congressman Ignacio Arroyo, 5th District, Negros Occidental sworn in to office Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores who in his inaugural speech outlined his legislative agenda for the next three years, Miraflores vowed to: 1. improve tourism infrastructure, 2. human development via education, 3. health program and services, 4. tourism sites development, 5. development of agriculture with special emphasis on irrigation and cooperative, and 6. improved governance.
Hon. Selwyn Ibarreta introduced the guest speaker who is Cong. Ignacio Arroyo, a.k.a Jose Pidal. In his speech, Cong. Arroyo announced that president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has released P50 million for the construction of new terminal building for the Kalibo Airport. Cong. Arroyo also promised to support Cong. Miraflores in all his legislative proposals especially for tourism development.
Before the program ended, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez administered the oath of office to the Mayors, Vice Mayors and Sangguniang Bayan members of Batan, Altavas, Madalag, Ibajay, Nabas, Malay, Buruanga, Lezo, Malinao and Numancia. /MP

Libacao Rivers May Solve Iloilo City Water Shortage

By Boy Ryan Zabal
The Municipality of Libacao may yet respond to Iloilo City’s water shortage. The Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) is scouting for other possible sources of water and Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa confirmed meeting with MIWD Acting General Manager Edwin Reyes last week. Libacao has sufficient water sources and can provide potable water to 10 central towns in Iloilo Province, including Iloilo City, said Navarosa.
"To ensure a 24-hour availability of safe and potable water in Iloilo City and nearby towns, Libacao has downstream rivers and water sources outside the protected watershed area of the proposed hydropower project to address water scarcity," Navarosa added.
Iloilo has been identified as among the five cities in the country facing a water supply crisis, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) said.
Libacao, a fourth class municipality, southwest of Aklan’s capital town of Kalibo, operates a water district servicing Brgy. Poblacion and its surrounding barangays. The town is also popular for its wild river adventures like bamboo rafting and kayaking. It is endowed, too, with natural springs, waterfalls and creeks.
The technical personnel from MIWD, Navarosa said, may ascertain the viability of the water level in Libacao’s water sources and tributaries under the Dutch government’s P1.5-million grant for feasibility study and consultancy before the month ends.
If the proposal pushed through, the installation of distribution and transmission lines from water sources – Dumalaylay and Dalagsaan rivers – in the central mountains of Libacao could directly benefit the outlying towns of Iloilo Province (Lam-bunao, Janiuay, Calinog, Dingle, Pototan, Mina, New Lucena, Barotac Nuevo, Dumangas and Zarraga).
Navarosa said MIWD and Reyes also favor the participation of private groups similar to Maynilad and Manila Water Company in the distribution of water in the water district’s concession areas.
"The capability of Libacao to supply the bulk of water distribution is feasible, considering the growing water demand requirement and the expansion of the Iloilo City’s businesses – hotels and malls – in the city proper," Navarosa said.
MIWD sources water from the Maasin Watershed’s surface water to supply water to the different areas in the city, but is experiencing low water reserve.
According to Navarosa, the California Energy International Ltd. (Cal En) is supporting the proposal of MIWD to develop water sources in the mountainous areas of Libacao.
The American firm, Navarosa revealed, is undergoing field reconnaissance and engineering survey for the proposed $420-million Aklan Hydropower Project at Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan. /MP

PAPI Launches ‘Man of the Year Award’

By Boy Ryan Zabal
For the first time in 33 years, the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc (PAPI) launched the ‘Man of the Year Award’ as "a fitting tribute and recognition to a Filipino with unquestioned probity and integrity and outstanding traits of enlightened leadership."
PAPI President Juan P. Dayang said the project was launched on June 24 during the 2007 Executive Session of Publishers and Editors at the Ayala Hall of Makati Sports Club, Makati City, M.M. "PAPI will tackle the emerging challenges facing the media in the countryside as the landscape of the mass media is fast changing, hence, our sense of urgency to adapt to the working realities in our social, political and economic milieu," Dayang said in a statement.
Bannered by the theme, "Emerging Global Environment: Challenges and Opportunities of the Community Press," some 100 publishers, editors, and journalists, from print and broadcast discussed topics on press freedom, ethics, libel, borderless communication, global publishing, community press and experience.
PAPI, the oldest and largest organization of journalists and publishers in the country, also established partnerships with the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission, Instituto de Cervantes, and Federation of International Cable TV Association of the Philippines (FICAP), and PhilNews Service for its projects.
"The Man of the Year must be a man in times of peace or crisis, a leader worthy of emulation and respect. He stands out rallying the people to close ranks behind national goals and crafting new ideas that permeate through the diverse fabrics of society," said Dayang, a native of Aklan.Other projects of PAPI like the Philippine media directory, Dr. Graciano Lopez Jaena Journalism Academy and Awards, and its 12th National Press Congress on December 7 to 9, 2007 was also launched in the executive session, revealed Dayang.
"The Man of the Year must be unassuming with selfless devotion to a chosen career, either in government or the private sector. He must be a leader, who dares where others fear to tread, exploring the realm of possibilities of promoting national interest and welfare within the spheres of intellect, wisdom and belief in the Almighty God," Dayang said.
Through the years, PAPI has evolved as a national institution by itself, drawing on the collective strengths from its general membership nationwide.
"The Man of the Year Award" reflects the continuing effort of PAPI in its quest for a commonality of interests, needs and aspiration with the people with whom it has established linkages through its advocacy of free flow of information as a cornerstone of the sanctity of freedom of the press," Dayang stressed.
Aklan Jail Bans
Cell Phones
The Aklan Rehabilitation Center (ARC) has banned cellular phones from its premises for security reasons.
Retired Colonel Cristito Angob, provincial jail warden, ordered all jail guards to strictly enforce the ban, citing reports that some inmates have mobile phones.
According to Angob, inmates and visitors are prohibited to bring in and use cell phones while inside the detention center. If there is any attempt to break the implementation of "no cell phone policy" the jail personnel will suspend some special privileges of inmates.
"The visitors must also observe the proper visiting hours and subject themselves to inspection before entering detention centers," said Angob.
A thorough inspection of inmates and visitors would deter the entry of firearms, cell phones, illegal drugs and bladed weapons, stressed Angob.
There were reports that inmates managed to sneak in cell phones inside the detention facility using the back perimeter fence of the Aklan provincial jail.
Angob pointed out that detainees are strictly monitored by ARC and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) officers to ensure the security of detention facilities located at Brgy. Nalook, Kalibo, Aklan.
"ARC does not tolerate inmates with cell phones, even their visitors are strictly inspected to comply with the policies of the detention centers," Angob warned. /MP

Aklan Wood Pushers Bag 4 Medals in Chess

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Mira Mirano came home with one silver medal while Susan Grace Neri flew home with three bronze medals after 10 days of chess competition in Pattaya, Thailand.
The two Aklanon wood pushers participated in the Philippine National Team for the 8th Asean Age-Group Chess Championships at the Jomtien Thani Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand last June 13 to 22.
According to National Master Wilfredo Neri, provincial sports coordinator, the chess event was under the aegis of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Chess Confederation headed by FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong of Singapore.
Neri reported that the national age group champions Mira Mirano of Banga, Aklan and Susan Grace Neri of Kalibo, Aklan competed in the U-8, 10, 12, 14 and 18 age groups for girls in the standard (90 minutes with 30 seconds increment), blitz (5 minutes) and rapid (each player shall have 30 minutes to complete the game) events.
Mirano, the 2006 national juniors and age group champion, also competed in the 7th ASEAN Age Group Championships for girls’ under-10 in Jakarta, Indonesia from June 11 to 20, 2006.
"The chess team experienced stiff competition from Vietnam national players, the perennial age group winners since 2000," Neri said. The Vietnamese went home as over all champions while the Philippines is third.
Neri stressed the sports program of Aklan Gov. Carlito Marquez produced national and international champions – boxer Rob Montero, chess player Jan Francis Mirano and high and long jumper Merily Teodosio - aside from Mirano and Neri.
"The efforts of the administration of Gov. Marquez has revitalized the provincial sports and physical fitness programs and had given honors to Aklan," he added. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Ro Alahas It Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo, isaeang ka parte it siyudad sa Monaco, kilaea nga sentro it sugaean. Raya nga siyudad hay guina pangayaw it mga sugaroe sa bilog nga kalibutan. Guina patihan nga owa it gabi-i una sa Monte Carlo bangud sa sueod it mga kasino hay bugtaw tanan ro mga tawo nga nagasinugae . Mahayag ro iwag nga matsa adlaw
Owa it eabot sa sugae, may guina pangayaw pa ro mga tawo. Ro pinaka mabahoe nga dyamante nga ginsueod sa isaeang ka saeaming nga kaha nga indi matakaw o mabasag man maskin anong klaseng armas ro gamiton. Mabahoe ro guina kita sa turismo ko Monte Carlo tongod sa rayang alahas. Kada dag-on sa kapistahan it Monte Carlo, may paindis-indis nga kon sin-o ro makabukas o makabasag sa kahang saeaming hay may mabahoe nga premyo nga pagabatunon. Libo-libo ro naga pangayaw sa Monte Carlo agud magsugae ag mag pasimpalad nga mabuksan ro kaha nga saeaming.
May sangka tawo, daea ro gamit bilang mekaniko, sige nana nga bae-bae ko kaha ogaling inayawan eang imaw. Sa anang kaakig ag kaga-oy, linampusan ko anang alima ro kilid it saeaming ag dayon nanampu-ayan. Owa it suko-suko, nawasak ro kaha ag hakibot ro tanan. Naghinugyaw ro mga tawo. Guin dayaw nanda si Kristoff nga mapaearon nga nagdaug. Ogaling, owa masayuri ni Kristoff kon ham-an nga nawasak nana ro kaha.
May isaeang ka eaeaki ro nag paeapit kana. Suno kana, ro nasambit nga kaha hay guin imbento it isaeang ka siyentista. Ro paghorma ko kaha hay guin eaha sa pinaka mainit ag pinaka maeamig nga temperatura. Busa maskin nanong armas ro gamiton hay indi madutlan. Ogaling sa pagtimpla ko saeaming hay may buea nga habilin nga owa mapan-uhi. Kon matama-an it sentro ro ratong may buea, mawasak ro bilog nga kaha. Raya ro "weakest point" ko saeaming. Sa pagkawasak ko saeaming, guin obrahan eon man it bag-o nga kaha ro alahas nga mas mapag-on. Hasta indi mawasak ro kaha, padayon nga guina pangayaw ro Monte Carlo ag naga padugang eon man it kita sa kaban ko gobyerno.
Leksyon: Guinatuead kita sa kaha nga saeaming. Abu katon nga maisog, mapag-on, mabakod ag may ikasarang sa tanan nga butang, ogaling may aton man nga mga kaeuya. Raya ro atong "weakest point" tuead ko kaeuya ko atong pagtuo sa Diyos, maila-on sa sobrang pagkaon, kaibog sa kalibutanong mga butang, bisyo, sugae, droga ag iba pa nga naga paeoya katon. Raya ro ginagamit ko atong kaaway agod kita patumbahon.
Normal eamang sa isaeang ka tawo nga may atong "kaeuya" bangud tawo eamang kita ag bukon it perpekto. Ogaling indi dapat nga ro atong kaeuya ro magdaea katon sa kapierdehan o pagkasamad sa atong pagkatawo. Ro atong kaeuya hay isaeang pagpadumdum nga sa pihak ko atong kaeuya hay may kaatubang nga pinakamabaskog nga puntos nga regalo it Diyos nga paga gamiton sa kamaeayran. Kilaeahon naton ro atong kaeuya. Indi naton pagpabay-an nga gamiton katon ro atong kaeuya para kita mapierde. Idangup naton sa Diyos ro atong kaeuya. Imaw eamang ro maka pabag-o sa aton nga kaeuya ag mabayluhan it kabakud ag kaisog segun sa anang kagustuhan. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Remember SP For Its Humility, Avoidance of Vanity*

The valediction of Hon. Atty. Ronquillo Conanan Tolentino, Vice Governor, Province of Aklan on the occasion of the 18th Regular Session for CY 2007, 20 June 2007.

The Honorable Members of the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan of Aklan, ladies and gentlemen.
I rise today to deliver a valediction. A valediction is saying farewell, bidding farewell. It also means a speech or statement made at a time of leaving. It comes from the Latin word "validecere" meaning, to say farewell.
My valediction is not a statement from the last flickering gasp of a dying power. Power has its existence but it shall eventually vanish.
Power is temporary, evanescent. It fades so suddenly oftentimes as you immediately acquire or exercise it. The pains of power are real, the pleasures of power are more imaginary.
I am reminded of the English clergy, Caleb Colton who said: "Power will intoxicate the best hearts, as wine the strongest heads. Power, like the diamond dazzles the beholder, and also the wearer, it dignifies meanness; it magnifies littleness; to what is low, exaltation!"
The exercise of power – whether political or economic – should always be interlinked, nay, closely associated with moral power which would mean the power of a life and character, the power of good and great purposes, the power which comes of length to reside in a man distinguished in some course of estimable or great conduct. No other power of man compares with this, and there is no individual who may not be measurably invested with it. Power, in a real sense, should be exercised for the greater glory of God.
I do not want to indulge in self-praise about our legislative outputs. Nor am I inclined at self-indulgence about our achievements. That would be an exercise into self-glorification.
This August Chamber can be remembered by those who may come after us as a provincial board that has aimed high for the development and progress of the province of Aklan.
While it is true that we have indulged in debates that are oftentimes heated and acrimonious, we have not allowed the debates to sunder or decimate our agenda for a better Aklan and for a better governance.
We have not make this chamber as a political grandstand like others do for political aggrandizement.
We have never allowed political intrigues to divide us unlike sinister disciples of Machiaville who day to day would telegraph their political intrigue punches, nay, text it through their cell phones as if cell phones are the best media to sow intrigues.
We have not countenanced this chamber to be a provincial legislative body of political scene stealers out to hug the limelight to advance political ambitions and future political plans.
This chamber has not resorted to political gobbledygook nor inclined to double talk. It has been instead frank and candid as well as transparent and receptive of justified criticism from the media and the Aklan inhabitants.
Verily, this chamber may be best remembered for its humility, for its avoidance of vanity.
We seem to have the collective thought that to exercise pride would lead us to nowhere, that to be vainglorious would lead one to his political self-atrophy.
It gives me a feeling of immeasurable exhilaration that I am part of this chamber. I shall cherish my membership to this legislative body from 1996-2004 as an indelible part of my life. And as your vice-governor and presiding officer for 2004 to June 2007.
It has been said, and rightly so, that for whom much is given, much is required. And for whom much is required, much is demanded.
Paraphrasing President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in his speech before the Massachusetts State Legislature on January 9, 1961, when the high court of history shall set in judgment on each of us – recording whether in our brief span of service we fulfilled our services to the province of Aklan – our success or failure, in whatever office we hold, will be measured by the answers to four questions:
First, were truly men of courage – with the courage to stand up to one’s enemies – and the courage to stand up, when necessary to one’s associates-the courage to resist public pressure, as well as private greed?
Secondly, were we truly men of judgment – with perceptive judgment of the future as well as the past – of our own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others – with enough wisdom to know what we did not know, and enough candor to admit it?
Third, were we truly men of integrity – men who never ran out on either the principles in which we believed or the people who believed in us – men whom neither financial gain nor political ambition could ever divert from the fulfillment of our sacred trust?
Finally, were we truly men of dedication – with our honor mortgaged to no single individual or group, and compromised by no private obligation or aim, but devoted solely to serving the public good and the provincial interest?
Now. . . I am to leave political life. And for good. But I am not here to bid farewell to Aklan. For 63 years whether I was abroad or in the provinces and cities of our country – this has been my home. Aklan, the province that we all love so well, shall always remain my home.
I had always humbly asked God’s help in all my undertakings. I can say that what I did in public service for Aklan and her peace-loving and God fearing people were all done for the greater glory of God. /MP

Calizo: To Set Ambiance Of Collaboration In The Aklan Capitol*

* Message of Hon. Gabrielle Venus Calizo, Vice Governor, Province of Aklan on the occasion of her Oath Taking Ceremony administered by Sen. Manuel B. Villar, Senate President, Republic of the Philippines Park Homes Country Club, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan, June 15, 2007.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
First and foremost, my profound gratitude to the Aklanon constituency for your mandate of letting me serve you, this time as your Vice Governor. I am confident that I would be comfortable in my new job as Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan given the experience I gained as your Representative at the lower House of Congress in 2001-2004 as well as a member of this Sangguniang Panlalawigan in 1998 – 2001.
As the Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, I shall encourage the setting of an ambiance for collaboration between the legislative and the executive offices to pave for the passage of appropriate and meaningful legislations that would in effect uplift not only the economic but social and moral aspects of every Aklanon’s life. We shall endeavor to realize them simply because Aklan deserves no less than the best.
Foremost of these legislations that need our attention is the much-delayed passage of the Environment Code. Its enactment is vital for the setting up of parameters for the preservation of our environment, now threatened by unwarranted greed and lack of appropriate intervention. As Aklanon, I believe that, it is our individual and collective responsibility of being stewards to our beautiful land. We have to do something before it is too late.
Second, I would like to encourage the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to work on our Investment Incentive Code in such a way that it could entice local entrepreneurs as well as foreign investments without compromising the interests of the Aklanons particularly, its marginalized sector. I will ensure that the Investment Incentive Code will be a product of an exhaustive deliberation of key players in the business and industry sectors of our community together with government agencies concerned and the local government units.
Third, the Province needs a Tourism Code that would be crafted from its master plan vis-à-vis the tourism industry. Along with the Investment Incentive Code, the Tourism Code would set the tone for us to maximize our opportunity in view of the fact that the crown jewel of the Philippine Tourism lies along the sugar fine white beaches of Boracay.
Fourth, the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan under my watch will always conduct its legislative process strictly in accordance with what our internal rules provide. We will not cut corners for reason of expediency particularly, the need for committee and public hearings. Public information dissemination and absolute transparency on the workings of the Sanggunian will be a primary concern.
Fifth, we will be sensitive to the clamors of the people by revisiting current legislations that has elicited so much negative reactions from our constituency for one reason or another. We will exercise our legislative oversight to ensure that ordinances and resolutions are strictly implemented, and those that are no longer relevant or are in conflict with the common good of the people are reviewed to better serve their purpose.
Finally, many of us deems it necessary that all the general enactments made since 1956 by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan should be codified for easy reference as well as to avoid duplication or conflict. A systematic filing of those documents would prove beneficial not only for the sake of meaningful legislations but also for the preservation of key enactments which maybe of historical value for our Province.
These are vital pieces of legislations which should have been in place by now but are not and which will form part of our legislative agenda. With the collective efforts and enthusiasm of the newly elected and re-elected members of the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan and a motivated and efficient legislative staff, I am confident that we will accomplish these in this term.
Before I conclude, may I be clear about my view that we as a people could only progress meaningfully into the future if we join hands together, carry our stones in building a better Aklan for all of us to live in peace and prosperity. Towards this end then, I encourage the Governor to propose a balance budget based on the expected realizable income of the Province capable of delivering the services with utmost impact on our constituents.
Thus, we commence rolling our sleeves to build a better Aklan.
Good afternoon./MP

Army Men Share In Greening Aklan

By Venus Villanueva

Officers and men of the 47th Infantry Battalion, based in Camp Jizmundo, Libas, Banga, Aklan shared in the greening of the province of Aklan on June 29 by planting trees.
The army men planted trees along the highway in Panayakan, Tangalan, Aklan, in support of the Green Philippines program of the government, and in observance of Environment Month this June.
Oriel Tesorero, Forester III of DENR-CENRO, Kalibo, Aklan revealed, officials of the 47th IB had coordinated with his office for the availment of tree seedlings used in the tree planting activity.
According to Tesorero, at present, the DENR-Aklan has some 55,000 tree seedlings at its Jawili nursery in Tangalan, and 8,000 seedlings at its Makato nursery which seedlings are more than enough to support and sustain the Green Philippines program in Aklan.
Tesorero also said the Army Reservists Command (ARESCOM) based in Libas, Banga, had also a tree planting activity with the planting site adjacent to that of the 47 IB’s.
Another group which had recently coordinated with DENR-Aklan for tree planting materials is the Bugtong Bato Sand and Gravel Association in Ibajay, Aklan. The group will be planting trees in a 3 hectare lot also in support of the Green Philippines program, Tesorero revealed.
Last year, the DENR Kalibo, Aklan, in coordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways and the different local government units along the national highway from Caticlan, Malay to Cabangila, Altavas joined in the nationwide greening of the roadsides under the Green Philippines Highways Project (GPHP) in support of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) program of the government.
The project generated a unified support from Aklan officials, local government units, barangay residents, students and government agencies in the effort to beautify the roadsides along the national highway, the route of RORO buses of the SRNH, and help reduce air pollution. Several groups from local government units have started coordinating with the DENR for procurement of tree seedlings to replant those along the roadsides which did not survived, said Tesorero.
DENR-Aklan, according to Tesorero, is open to any government agency or groups requesting for tree seedlings for tree-planting activities. However, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) must be signed between the requesting party and the DENR.
Tesorero said, the MOA is essential so obligations of both parties will be set in place - for the DENR, to provide seedlings and technical assistance, and the organization or group, to maintain and protect the planting site. /MP

Aklan CARPS’s 19th Year Austere Celebration

DAR Regional Director Alexis Arsenal congratulated the Department of Agrarian Reform in Aklan for its austere but meaningful commemoration of the 19th CARP anniversary in Aklan. It was held on June 12 at the Aklan State University. Director Arsenal reported that despite the obstacles hurdled by DAR Reg. 6 in implementing CARP at Negros Occidental, the program implementation in Panay island including Aklan remains successful. He also noted that CARP is a very difficult program but one among the noblest that addresses poverty reduction and aid in jobs generation in the countryside.
Atty. Daniel Y. Martelino, the Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer – Aklan announced that the 19 years of CARP in Aklan, brought laudable physical infrastructure and other support services to Aklan amounting to over 200 million pesos. Atty. Martelino stressed the importance of the program to sustain rural development and spur economic growth in Aklan rural communities.
The celebration on June 12 also gathered major CARP stakeholders in Aklan. Certificates of Recognition were awarded to the three honor graduates (Cum Laude) of DAR – Aklan through the Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Agrarian Scholars Program. Certificate of Recognition was also given to the Agbalogo Multi-purpose Cooperative as Most Outstanding ARB organization in Aklan.
On the same occasion, DAR-Aklan held its Salamat-Paalam for the retirees and other honorees in the province. Gifts and tokens of appreciation were given to nine former members of the DAR-Aklan family. Atty. Carol Morales will become a Municipal Trial Court Judge in Zamboanga del Sur, Hon. Soviet Dela Cruz as Sangguniang Bayan member of Kalibo, Salvador Romano, Luzviminda Teodosio, Angeles Sodusta, Prudencio Inamac, Jerome Refol, Ma. Theresa Legaspi, and Ruth Sayawan retired from government service.
A part of the CARP month long celebration is the turn over of P10.5M projects in Malinao, Aklan; the Bulabod – Rosario Communal Irrigation System (P4.2M) to serve 150 hectares of riceland and the 2.42 km. farm-to-market road in Bulabod to Sugnod worth P6.3M.
Finally Aklan’s observance of the 19th CARP celebration will culminate with a mangrove reforestation planting at Dumatad, Tangalan of the Bugna ARC in said municipality on June 29 to be participated in by DAR-Aklan employees. /MP

Message of Thanks

We, the children and relatives of the late

Maria Romano Vda. de Melgarejo
(May 11, 1915 – June 15, 2007)

sincerely convey our deepest gratitude and appreciation to those who took care and visited in the hospital when she was sick, those who offered materials, prayers and masses, messages, sympathy flowers, those who kept vigil and attended the funeral rites
and those who condoled with us in our
moment of deep sorrow.

Pinay Migrants Doubly-harmed With Lack of Health Access


THE LACK of access to health facilities in host countries aggravates the maltreatment being suffered by some Filipina migrant workers, making them more vulnerable and unattended to.
This is the observation in a case study by the Kanlungan Centre Foundation on the health conditions of women migrant workers who were its clients. The nonprofit advocacy group, established in 1989, offers services to overseas Filipino women workers in difficult circumstances.
Lead author of the study and medical doctor Aurora Barong said, some women migrant workers (mostly domestic workers) have been maltreated and raped, their conditions were even "associated (with their) erratic or non-access to health services in the host country".
Of the 236 clients of Kanlungan whose individual case reports were studied, 63 of them reported maltreatment. These women, aged 18 to 40 years old, were employed as domestic workers overseas when they were abused.
In addition, the study cited that 11 women reported they suffered both physical abuses and rape.
Maltreatment, rape with maltreatment, and fractures were the top three health problems of Kanlungan’s clients. Those who said they were physically harmed included 57 domestic workers, two caregivers, two dressmakers, and two factory workers.
The study noted that the suffering led a woman migrant worker to develop psychosis, underlining the gravity of the abuse she experienced.
The study also noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia posted the highest number of reported cases of maltreatment, with 18 women having worked there. Lebanon posted the second-highest incidence of abuse. Other countries where these 63 maltreated women came from are: Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (six workers each) and Taiwan (four workers).
The cases of maltreatment ranged from being forced to work more than eight hours up to 21 hours on an 8-hour salary. Likewise, the women also said they were fed or dissuaded from taking proper meals, restricted from using the bathroom at certain hours, and barred from leaving their employer’s home even on government-mandated rest days or holidays.
Aside from these, 36 of the 63 maltreated Filipina migrant workers claimed their employers also did not pay their salaries, as three were unilaterally terminated earlier than the contract period. Three jumped off buildings to escape from their abusive employers.
According to Barong, what aggravated the conditions of these maltreated women migrant workers is the late medical treatment as clinics in the host country are inaccessible.
Some of the women who were raped went through unwanted pregnancies; the rapists scooting off free from the religio-cultural dilemma suffered by their victims as well as the economic duty over the offspring.
Barong said Kanlungan’s case reports confirmed other studies that rape victims feel "unclean; thus, resulting to abnormally bathing themselves frequently".
Kanlungan’s study focused group on discussions with former migrant workers in Metro Manila communities where the group actively provides services. Respondents said their health needs remain last in their priority of budgeting or spending. Likewise, these needs were not considered when they were still sending remittances to families back home. This reflects a Filipino trait that consulting a doctor is the last option one takes, especially if he or she thinks there’s nothing serious to manage.
What the study also reveals is that since domestic work is not considered formal labor in the host country, employers of these domestic workers (both Filipinos and non-Filipinos) do not provide workers with health insurance benefits.
Since overseas employment is a private matter between the employer and the employee, foreign employers will not include providing health benefits to domestic workers, explains Deputy Administrator Noriel Devenadera of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.
While the government has been exporting Filipinos overseas for the past three decades and reaping the benefits from these workers’ remittances, Devenadera said, the government only "tries to inject health benefits into these existing contracts for household service workers."
Prior to departure, contract workers pay P900 (roughly US$20 at US$1=P46) to reap promised benefits under the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) which is inadequate. Even health-related services by Philippine diplomatic missions abroad are not enough. When the migrant workers return to the Philippines, unless they are dutifully paying members of government-run social security and health insurance programs, returning migrant workers cannot avail of such health and pension benefits, the study bared.
In the cases of migrant workers being handled by government agencies and some non-government organizations, Barong also saw similar cases of maltreatment and occupational health-related issues for low-skilled migrant workers. /MP

Saturday, June 23, 2007

EDITORIAL - June 17 - 23 Issue

Bonding, Regardless of Political Parties,
Solves Issues

(Editor’s Note: This editorial spouse is yielded to the valedictory address of Hon. Franklin L. Quimpo, Philippine Councilors League (PCL) president and ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan delivered on the occasion of the 18th Regular Session for (2004 – 2007) on June 20, 2007, Kalibo, Aklan.)


When I was asked to make a valediction to be delivered before this August body today, I really was in a quandary with a feeling of mixed emotions. As I understand, only the number one member of a graduating class delivers the valedictory address. Actually, I belong to the lowest rung of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan being on ex-officio member, however, having stayed with the group for the past 5 years, I believe I have to say something regarding my stay.
To me, my being a member of the body for the past five (5) years is more than the required number of years for a baccalaureate, a Masteral and a doctorate degree. The experience and the observations I gained, have broadened my insights and visions especially about governance, public service and public relations.
For all of these, I thank each and everyone of you as my mentors in this school of life. First, to the honorable group of men and women whom I represent in this August chamber, the Philippine councilor’s league – Aklan federation chapter officers, and members led by Hons. Winston Carillo, James Solanoy, Jonna Morales-Torres, Wilbert Ariel Igoy, Lilian Tirol, Vecine Ycay, Larry Briones, Plaridel Solidum of the Executive Council and the Federation Directors namely Apolinar Cleope, Jose Roxie Tirol, Stephen Bolivar, Loubell De Jose, Nerli Dela Cena, Serafin Motus, Vilma Patricio, Alfred Pioquid, Basil Tabernilla, Teddy Nicolas, Josel Rata and Noel Redison. I am always grateful to my organization, Bayan Muna for it’s guidance and forthrightness in keeping my feet on ground; after all, I am here in service to the people!
To my neighbors in this chamber, uncle Berting Venus and pare Antoy Solina, I will miss your hutik-hutik and sikoe-sikoe kung nagapaeamagong ro presiding officer. To pare Stevens, thank you for your encouragement in moments of doubt. To Sonny, I like your style. I will try to imitate it. Kinahangean gid may konting yabang sa atong pagpangabuhi, agud indi kita pagdaug-daugon o ismulon it iba. To Selwyn, the senior board member, you deserve my respect and congratulations, to pare Andoy, the Aklanons at the Western front have chosen well, you are a gem at the SP. To Nong Dodoy, your independence and performance at the SP is worth emulating. To Tay Joe and Pete, more power, to Gerick, mabuhay ang bagong kasal, go and multiply! Nang Daisy, good luck and more power to our gender and development advocacy, to Kaizan, keep up the good work, and last but not the least, to the outstanding vice governor of Aklan, Nong Kel, my greatest mentor, our principal in this school of life. The lessons I learned during my stint will forever be engraved in my heart. I am truly grateful!
My special thanks also goes to the select group which during the good and critical times at the SP have bonded together regardless of political parties and ideologies to discuss, analyze and come up with concrete solutions to prevailing legislative issues and concerns. I am truly indebted to the SP’s Wednesday group. Frankly, rikara nagdugang ro akong aeam. Sa Wednesday group ko nakita nga pwede matabo nga masulong ro progreso it Aklan paagi sa pag strategize, pag plano, etc. ke kontra ka man o ka partido, the Wednesday group gave us a venue to ventilate our concerns, mag tao it free-flowing nga suhestyon sa mga isyus despite our political standpoints. It also gave us the opportunity nga mag bonding and only to realize that at the end of the day, pareho man lang tanan ro atong tinutuyo, ro kamaeayran it Aklan ag pumueoyong Aklanon. More power to the Wednesday group!!!
To those whom I have not mentioned, I know very well, you have helped and supported me in one way or another and these I will cherish in my heart. To all the members of the staff of the SP, led by Nong Odon, my heart felt thanks for without your unstinted efforts my work in the office would have been difficult. Saeamat eang ay graduate eon ako sa solicitation.
To those I have offended or hurt without my knowing it, my sincerest apologies. For all those who did not believe in me, my genuine appreciation for giving me the challenge to work hard and study more. Adios and farewell!!! I will be around every now and then. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Boy Scout Character, Leadership Development

Dr. Victorina S. Laroza, Schools Division Superintendent of Aklan has encouraged more support to the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Aklan Council.
In her Division Memorandum No. 54, Series of 2007, she urged all district supervisors, school heads of elementary and secondary public and private schools to support actively the 2007 Boy Scouts Membership and Fund Campaign Drive to ensure the continued youth development program through scouting and to enjoy the privileges and benefits for every scout member.
In pursuance to DepEd Memorandum No. 106, Series of 2006, contribution to the Boy Scouts is one of the authorized voluntary contributions which the schools can collect. The contribution of P10 for Auxiliary Sustaining Membership is for the scouting operations of the school and the council, while the P40 per year is for membership in the BSP.
This 40 membership paid will entitle the boy member to an insurance which covers scouting related cause accidental death, murder and assault, natural death, medical reimbursement for all types of accidents.
According to Dr. Laroza, scouting is one of the DepEd thrusts which provides all opportunities to all registered boy scouts to participate in activities and training courses geared towards character building, citizenship training, values development and skills for self reliance.
Dr. Laroza in her Division Memorandum No. 54 dated June 5, 2007 strongly urged every school, district and secondary institutions to organize active and functional scouting units with the strong supports of parents in the respective schools.
As part of the visibility program of scouting, she urged all registered scouts to wear their scout uniform during Fridays, do good turns by participating in projects of the school and local government.
Moreover, Dr. Laroza challenged the school heads and teachers to include for discussions scouting matters during PTCA meetings. She suggested to discuss with parents matters like the "importance of scouting in the life of a boy".
Indeed Dr. Victorina Laroza has touched a very important extra curricular activities that if given importance and rightly implemented in schools will create a great difference in the behavior of each boy. It will also enhance their class ranks as extra-curricular activities are given 30 percent weight in ranking.
A man who engaged in boy scouting and has internalized the teachings, principles of a scout in his adult age must be a great leader in any endeavor. He can be a great leader in politics, business and the profession. For indeed, a boy scout is always prepared. He does good turns in any place and time. He is honest, loyal, thrifty, friendly and reverend. Search for a boy scout and one will find in him almost all desirable virtues. If he has none of these virtues and does not practice it, then he is a fake boy scout.
If only our government officials and employees possessed the virtues of a true boy scout and apply it in their daily activities, graft and corruption will be a thing of the past.
My dear school heads and teachers, please listen and comply with the Division Memorandum No. 54 of Dr. Laroza, your Schools Division Superintendent in Aklan. Cajole your students to join the boy scouts movement and their parents to support their sons for excellent leadership, good character and citizenship building.
A school, a few weeks after enrollment may organize a boy scout. Those who join it may pay the required membership in order to be entitled to insurance benefits and participate in training courses designed for excellent leadership and character building.
More on Boy Scouting. Atty. Victoriano B. Tirol, Jr., DepEd Regional Director and Regional Scout Committee chair of BSP has invited all local council chair, council scout commissioners, council scout executives and city/provincial schools division superintendents of the Western Visayas Region to attend the WVR Regional Scouting committee meeting. This meeting will be held in San Jose, Antique on Wednesday, June 27, 2007. Regional scouting operations covering membership, advancement, training activities and administrative matters will be taken up in this one day meeting. Every local BSP Council will submit comprehensive report on its operations with special emphasis on membership recruitment.
Let us fully support the Boy Scout. Enroll your son with the Boys Scout. /MP

Calizo Takes Oath As Vice Gov. Villar Swears Other Local Officials

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

"Ang susunod na pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas" (the next president of the Republic of the Philippines) was the main theme of the introduction of Senate President Manuel B. Villar.
Hon. Nilda B. Tambong, vice mayor of Kalibo also introduced Villar as the president of the Nationallista Party.
Senate President Villar and his wife Congw. Cynthia A. Villar were in Kalibo, Aklan last week (June 15) to preside in the oath taking ceremonies of Vice Governor – elect Gabrielle V. Calizo and other elected local officials during the last May 14, 2007 elections.
In his message, Villar congratulated vice governor elect Calizo and other elected officials who won with her in the last election. He reminded them of his "Sa Sipag at Tiyaga, Tayo’y Aasenso".
Villar talked also about the Nationalista Party which he heads as the president. He discussed also the history, objectives and strength of the Nationalista Party.
His speech over, Villar sworn to office elected officials of various 17 towns in Aklan in a mass induction ceremony. He then sworn to office Hon. Daisy Sucro Briones and Hon. Rodson F. Mayor as Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) members of Aklan. Hon. Nemesio P. Neron and Hon. Ramon S. Gelito who won with Calizo were absent. Vice Governor elect Calizo was finally inducted into office. The mass induction of National Party members followed the installation of elected officials. Kalibo SB member Madeline A. Regalado led the Invocation followed by the singing of the Philippines National Anthem led by Ms. Gaynor Calizo. Hon. Daisy S. Briones welcomed the visitors.
Vice Governor elect Billie V. Calizo, in her message, thanked Senate Pres. Manuel B. Villar and Congw. Cynthia A. Villar. Calizo thanked all the Aklanons for the honors, trust and confidence given her. She outlined in brief her legislative agenda such as the approval of provincial environment code, approval into provincial ordinance the Investment Incentive Code, Tourism Code and the codification of provincial ordinances. She also promised the setting of an ambiance for cooperation and work closely with the provincial executive offices for the passage of appropriate and meaningful legislations. The program over, Hon. Rodson F. Mayor gave the closing remarks.
The oath taking ceremonies were held in Park Homes clubhouse, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan which was fully filled up by about 200 participants coming from all over Aklan. /MP

Fuentes: Focus and Honesty Are All

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Hon. Franklin Quimpo

Hon. Stevens Fuentes

Hon. Plaridel Morania

Hon. Santiago Regalado,

Hon. Eriberto Venus

In the penultimate session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan for the term (2004 – 2007), four (4) outgoing members delivered their valedictory messages. Hon. Santigao Regalado and Hon. Franklin L. Quimpo failed in their election bid. Hon. Eriberto Venus and Hon. Stevens N. Fuentes also failed in their campaign to become mayors of New Washington and Banga respectively.
Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino was the last to give his valedictory message as his term as vice governor and SP presiding officer will also end on June 30. He was unlucky in his bid for re-election on May 14 election.
In his short message, Hon. Fuentes, as SP member declared: "to be an effective legislator is to put together your heart and mind to the job – focus and honesty are all".
Hon. Franklin L. Quimpo is an ex-officio SP member for five (5) years. He represents the Philippine Councilors League. He likened himself to a student who have learned much during his stint with the SP and therefore he deserves diploma for completion of a doctoral degree, if not a master’s diploma. Quimpo thanked all his colleagues and SP staff members for making his job in the SP more enjoyable and fruitful.
Vice Gov. Tolentino discussed what power is. "Power should be exercised for the greater glory of God," he stressed. He wished that the SP during his watch is "best remembered for its humility, for its avoidance of vanity".
Tolentino was a member of SP Aklan for three terms (1996-2004) and presiding officer for three (2004-2007) years being vice governor. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Kadena De Amor
Himpit Nga Paghigugma
Owa guinabaliha ni Bering ro kainit it adlaw sa pagbinaligya it sweepstake. Tunod eon ro adlaw parabil nana aywan ro poeongkuan sa kilid it karsada sa pagbaligya it mani, tseklet ag sigarilyo maeapit sa terminal it bus. Kinahangean nana kumita it mabahoe para sa pang matrikula ko anang onga nga si Eddie. Maga gradwar eon si Eddie sa high school sa rayang dag-on. Abo guid ro anang handum para sa anang onga ngani maskin malisod sa pagpangita, guina tiis nana.
Sa maeapit nga kanto, may isaeang ka magueang nga babaye rong hakita ni Bering nga natumba ag tumama ro oeo sa bato. Dali-dali nana nga guin sapupo ro magueang. Agod masalbar, guindaea nana sa hospital. Tongod owa it pa-ngalibutan, guin bantayan anay nana hasta nga naka bugtaw. Sa kaeo-oy it Diyos, nasayran ko magueang kon ano ro natabu kana. Guin patawagan kay Bering ro anang onga sa address nga guin tao kana it magueang.
Owa magbuhay, pu-mundo ro isaeang ka maeahaeon nga saeakyan ag nanaog ro isaeang ka naga hangus nga eaeaki, si Arnaldo. Isaea imaw ka presidente it bangko ag bag-o eamang nabaeo nga owa it onga. Guin uli si Donya Mameng pag-taliwan it tatlong adlaw.
Samtang nagapadayon si Bering sa anang pagtinda una sa bangketa, may pumundo nga saeakyan. Nanaog si Donya Mameng, kaibahan ko anang sueogo-on. Guin kangay si Bering idto sa baeay nanday Donya Mameng. Guin sueang–sueang imaw ni Arnaldo. Guin pangayo ni Arnaldo ro alima ni Bering nga mangin asawa. Naaeang-aeangan si Bering tongod pobre eamang sanda ag may ana pang onga nga alila-on. Maangan-angan, gumuwa si Eddie, onga ni Bering nga postura ro anang pamistihon. Guin sueang gali imaw ni Arnaldo sa andang baeay ag guin bakean it mga gamit para sorpresahon si Bering. Nagtoeo rong eoha ni Bering sa kalipay. Raya baea rong sabat sa anang pangamuyo perme? Tama, rong sabat hay guina paagi sa pagsinamit kimo kon baea angay ka sa anang regalo para kimo. Guin paagi kay Donya Mameng ro pagsamit ag nakapasar si Bering.
Ro guin buhat nana nga pagbulig kay Donya Maming hay isaeang ka himpit nga paghigugma sa isig ka tawo nga owa it pag aeang-aeang. Raya ro kadena it paghigugma, mabakod, makusog nga kadena tongod napundar sa tama nga pagtuo sa Diyos, pagsunod sa anang ka-suguan nga "mahaeon ro imong isig ka tawo," buligan ro mga naga kinahangean it bulig nga owa it kabayaran. Ko olihi, ro Diyos eon mismo nga nagtao kana it kabayaran katumbas ko anang kinahangean. /mp

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Ro Kalisud Sa Atong Kabuhi

Mapaead eon gui-ato ro tawo nga owa naka-agi it kalisud sa anang pag-pangabuhi. O kon indi, imaw hay sangka pina eabi.
Ay ro aton nga kalibutan nga ginahueagan hay may madangat guid nga kalisud. Busa ginatawag kon amat nga duta nga luha-an.
Ro kalisud sa pagpangabuhi hay na manifestar ginapakita kon amat paagi sa guera, pa-agi sa gutom, sa crisis economico, sa pagtaliwan sa pihak nga kalibutan it aton nga hinigugma ag iba pa nga klase it pagpangalisud.
Ro kalisud hay indi malikawan, panan-awon naton nga royon hay parte it pagpangabuhi.
Ro kalisud naton sa pagpangabuhi hay indi naton pagdaehon sa atong paino-ino. Indi naton pag ibutang nga ro kalisud hay naga buyo pa katon sa pagpaino ino it bukon it mayad.
Ro kalisud hay aton nga panan-awon nga it sa medyo pagsamit kon man-o naton hibatas o hipangatubang ro kalisud. Ro kalisud, busa ngani, hay sukat sa tawo. Ginasukat imaw kon hasta si-in guid ro anang kapag-on, kon man-o imaw makapangatubang ag makadaea it kalisud.
Ro kalisud kon amat hay may mayad man nga nadangat . Ay ro tawo nga naga kalisud hay kon amat nagapaninguha nga hieampawan nana ro kalisud.
Ro Tawo Maga-Expectar It Kapaltahan
Sa aton nga pagpangabuhi, maga-expectar kita nga ro tawo hay may kapaltahan – sa aton nga pag-obra, pag-decision, pagdumaea, pagpanueat o paghambae – kon amat may aton nga kapaltahan.
Dagaya nga tawo ro owa nagabuhat it decisyon o naga-entra sa mga bagay-bagay nga konta dapat sanda nga mag participar tongod sa kahadlok nanda nga hi criticar sanda it anda nga kapaltahan. Ro mga tawo nga makara hay medyo sa hanunga o sa English pa hay sa "neither-nor" class. Mawra ro mga tawo nga sa clase it maeaba-ab nga nagsunod kay Kristo pero bukon it sa devosyon sa kawsa kundi sa kahikaw ag kahadlok kon anano ro pagpaino-ino kanda it tawo.
Ro kalibutan hay puno it nagasura. Mana man ron sa eanas it hampang atletico. Abo ro nagasura pero owa man sanda ngani makabuyot it bola. Owa man sanda makahampang. Pero owa sanda naka comitar it kapaltahan ay owa man sanda naga samit kon mauno ro maghampang. Sa mga manughampang ngara matan-awan ro mga naga buhat. May anda nga kapaltahan o naga comitar sanda it kapaltahan ay abo ro anda nga na-obra.
Si Ford anay sa pag-obra nana it premiro nana nga auto hay halipat it pagbutang it kaeambyahon sa pag-atras. Si Thomas Edison nga bantogan nga inventor hay nagastos anay it daywang milyones dolares sa invensyon nga owa man ngani it hayga.
Ro tawo nga owa it kapaltahan hay imaw man ro tawo nga owa it na obra nga bagay-bagay. Imaw ron ro nagapundo sa gulong it pagpa-uswag. Pero ro tawo nga owa it kapaltahan hay indi naton mahambae nga owa it kapaltahan, ay ro ana nga mabahoe nga kapaltahan hay sa ana nga owa it pagpaninguha ag sa ana nga pagsura it binuhatan ko iba. /MP


Republic of the Philippines
Province of Aklan
Municipality of Kalibo




Hon. Nilda B. Tambong - Vice Mayor, Presiding Officer
Hon. Mark V. Quimpo - SB Member
Hon. Lillian Q. Tirol - SB Member
Hon. Melanie V. Tolentino - SB Member
Hon. Ariel O. Fernandez - SB Member
Hon. Gregorio R. Malapad, Jr. - SB Member
Hon. Arnaldo M. Tejada - SB Member
Hon. Madeline A. Regalado - SB Member
Hon. Jerry R. Malbas - SB Member, ABC Vice President
Hon. Glenn G. Sucro - SB Member (Sick Leave)
Hon. Edjo Benjie Y. Aranas - SB Member, SK President (Official Travel)

"ORDINANCE NO. 2006-056


WHEREAS, pursuant to Republic Act 7160, known as Local Government Code of 1991, the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo is mandated to enact ordinance pertaining to the Temporary Closure of National or Local Roads, Streets, Alley, Park or Square as stipulated in Rule VIII of Article 45 of the Rules and Regulations Implementing the Local Government Code;
WHEREAS, on the other hand, every Local Government Unit has the sworn obligation to enact measures that will ensure public health, safety and convenience while maintaining peace and order and promoting the general prosperity and welfare of the inhabitants;
WHEREAS, it is deemed imperative to enact this ordinance in order to regulate the proper utilization of any street, road, thoroughfare or any other public places during Market Day, Ati-Atihan Season, Food Festival Sa Kalye, Christmas Season or other significant official events.
NOW THEREFORE, in view of the foregoing premises, upon motion made and duly seconded, be it ordained by the Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan in session duly assembled, that:
Section 1: Title – An Ordinance Regulating the Use of Roads, Streets, Alley, Park or Square During the Celebration of Ati-Atihan Festival and/or Any Significant Events Recognized by the Local Government Unit.
Section 2 – Definition of Terms
a) Public Place – it covers any national or local roads, street, alley, sidewalks, road shoulder, passage, Kalibo Public Area. Trading Center Area, Food & Transport Terminal, Kalibo Shopping Center, BLISS Park, Pastrana Park and Magsaysay Park, Business Establishments, Commercial Buildings and/or any public places in the Ati-Atihan Town of Kalibo.
b) Vendors – includes peddlers, ambulant vendors, stallholders, Proprietor or Owner of Business Establishments or Commercial Buildings.
c) Tent/s (Tolda) – a portable shelter usually of canvass stretched over a supporting framework of poles and pegs.
d) Makeshift (Papag) – something that is temporary assembled which made of light materials and used for display of goods offered for sale.
e) Corporation – Private or Public Corporation including Non-Government Organization, Peoples Organization and Civil Society organization.
Section 3 – Prohibition
a) No vendors, individuals, group or corporation shall be allowed to occupy any National or Local Streets, Roads, Alley, Sidewalk and/or any Public Places in this municipality except otherwise covered and regulated in this ordinance.
b) No vendors, individuals, group or corporation shall be allowed to put up, place or install any obstacle including the display of goods or items, sign boards, signpost or any structure that can cause blockage to the passage of the pedestrian, commuters, public or private vehicles in any public places except otherwise covered and regulated in this ordinance.
c) No individuals, group or private corporation shall be allowed to install signposts, signboards or any structure in the easement or intended for the road right of way (National or Local Roads) except for the posting of warning sign or traffic safety device or any other form of signs giving precautionary measures and the like as authorized and approved by the Office of the Local Chief Executive.
d) No Permit, No Occupation policy shall govern in so far this ordinance is concerned.
Section 4 – Exemption
a) Notwithstanding the provision of Section 3, this prohibition shall not be enforced during Market Days, Wednesday and Sunday or during Ati-Atihan season or other significant official events particularly in the designated area mentioned in this ordinance and provided further that they shall secure clearance or Mayor’s Permit prior to their occupation on the said public places.
Section 5 – Designated Area covered by the exemption for vending of goods, items ad other commodities as stated in this ordinance.
a) Kalibo Public Market Area – covers sidewalks, alley and passage may be utilized by legitimate stallholders or any interested vendors provided that a temporary permit from the Office of the Municipal Mayor is secured, specifically during market days (Wednesday and Sunday) only provided further that the same shall not be made along the streets (national/provincials roads) of public market area.
b) Kalibo Trading Center (Satellite Market) / Food and Transport Terminal – covers the open space or vacant area and passage near the Aklan River and within the vicinity of the Trading Center which shall be utilized for vending or selling of goods, merchandise and other commodities for public consumption sold by Ambulant Vendors especially during Wednesdays and Sundays of every month.
c) Kalibo Shopping Center – covers sidewalks, passage and/or alley which may be utilized during the duration of the Ati-Atihan Season only.
d) Pastrana Park – Portion of Pastrana Park (Basketball Court) and sidewalk shall be utilized as venue for Trade Fair Center or Food Festival during Ati-Atihan Season, Christmas Season and Special Events Only.
e) Magsaysay Park – covers the whole portion and the perimeter of the said park shall be utilized during Ati-Atihan and Special Events.
f) Martelino Street – Corner XIX Martyrs Street to corner Archbishop Gabriel Reyes Street may be utilized during Food Festival sa Kalye held every month of June.
g) Streets/Roads – Regalado Street – from corner C. Laserna Street to Martelino Street; Ave. Veterans Avenue – from corner Regalado St. to F. Quimpo Street; Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes Street – from corner Mabini Street to Veterans Avenue shall be utilized as Flea Market Area during Ati-Atihan Season Only.
h) One Side of the Side Walk – C. Laserna Street (right side) – from cor. Arch. Bishop Gabriel Reyes to Regalado Street.
i) One Lane of the Street – Regalado Street, left lane from cor. Mabini Street to Veterans Avenue Ati-Atihan season only.
j) Other Public Place – side walk, passage or open space of Business Establishment, Institution or Commercial Building may be utilized as vending area during Ati-Atihan Season provided that proper coordination with the Office of the Municipal mayor – Transport and Traffic Management Unit shall be done purposely to verify the feasibility/suitability of the area for vending and provided further that the same will not create obstruction to merrymakers and pedestrians as regulated by the Municipal Government.
Section 6 – Temporary Mayor’s Permit – no permit shall be issued by the Local Chief Executive to any person, entity, owners, stallholders, proprietor, corporation or any individual should the utilization of the said public place is not in conformity to this ordinance.
Section 7 – Revocation of Mayors Permit – The Local Chief Executive has the right to revoke permit issued to any individual, entity, corporation, group or society when public convenience, public safety, health and security so demands and when Permittee has violated the regulations or provisions of ordinances of the Municipality of Kalibo.
Section 8 – Person in Authority – The Local Chief Executive or his duly authorized representative shall issue a corresponding permit to Requesting Party provided that the latter states his/her intention including the duration of the activity in a written order or request for permit.
The Philippine National Police/Ordinance Officers or Deputized Law Enforcers by the Local Chief Executive and the PNP including the Task Force for Public Safety and the Peace and Order council, in the exercise of its Police Power, shall take possession of goods or other commodities and shall be accounted for in the presence of the owner of such before safekeeping which shall serve as evidence in court, upon payment of the required fees, the same shall be delivered to the owner.
Should the owner/s failed to redeem the goods which is under the custody or safe keeping of the PNP, within a reasonable period as stated in this ordinance, non-perishable goods shall be sold by the Municipal Government through public auction and the proceeds of which shall be deposited in the Local Treasury to serve as funds for the indigency program of the Local Government Unit; In case of perishable goods wherein the owner/s failed to redeem the same within five (5) hours, it shall be turned over to Charitable Institution or to Penal Institution.
Section 9 – Penalty – any person, entity, owners, stallholders, proprietor, corporation, or any individual who failed to secure a Temporary Mayor’s Permit shall be liable and be punished/penalized as follows:
For below P5,000.00 worth of goods/commodities confiscated. A fine of Five Hundred Pesos or imprisonment of one month or both at the discretion of the Court.
For P5,000.00 – P10,000.00 worth of goods/commodities confiscated – A fine of Two Thousand Pesos or imprisonment of two months or both at the discretion of the Court.
For 10,000.00 and above worth of goods/commodities confiscated – A fine of Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos or imprisonment of Four Months or both at the discretion of the Court.
Forfeiture of Rights – In case the offender is in the state of insolvency and fails to redeem within a period of ten (10) days from the order of the court or 60 days from the date of confiscation such (Non-Perishable) goods/commodities, shall be subjected for auction sale upon posting in three (3) conspicuous public places and publication in the generally circulated newspaper in the Province of Aklan for two (2) weeks.
In case the violator opted not to be prosecuted in court, he/she may pay with the Office of the Municipal Treasurer or its duly authorized representative a Compromise Penalty or Administrative Fine of Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00) if the goods confiscated is below Five Thousand Pesos (5,000.00) and One Thousand Pesos (1,000.00) if the goods confiscated is more than Five Thousand Pesos (5,000.00) but not exceed Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) and Two Thousand Pesos (P2,000.00) for Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) or more worth of goods all in Philippine Currency and shall be deposited to the Local Treasury as fund for the development programs of this municipality.
Section 10 – Local Government Code, Municipal Revenue Code and Other Laws – in the absence of any applicable provision in this ordinance, the Local Government Code, the Municipal Revenue Code and other pertinent laws shall be applicable by analogy or shall be used as Legal Basis for the implementation of this ordinance.
Section 11. Separability Clause – should there be any section or provision in this ordinance that shall be duly declared void and ineffective by final judgment as promulgated by competent judicial authority, other sections or provisions thereof shall continuously remain valid and enforceable.
Section 12 – Repealing Clause – Ordinance No. 95-0007, known as an Ordinance Prohibiting Vendors From Occupying/Installing Tents (Toldas), Makeshift (Papag) On Any Street in the Municipality of Kalibo Except On Market Days, Ati-Atihan Season Or Other Events Designated And Authorized By The Municipality Of Kalibo; Ordinance No. 30 Series of 1994 known as an Ordinance Prohibiting The Use of Pastrana Park Or Any Portion Thereof As Sites Of Trade Fairs, Baratillo Sales, Rolling Stores, Sari-Sari Stores And Other Business Promotion Or Operation Effective Immediately, Ordinance No. 2002-057 known as an Ordinance Prohibiting Any Display of Goods, Merchandize, Signs, Signposts Along Public Areas Such As Sidewalks, Pedestrian Lanes And Road Shoulders And Prescribing Penalties For Violation Thereof and Resolution No. 2005-01 known as Resolution For The Temporary Closure of Portion Of The Kalibo Pastrana Park, Magsaysay Park; Regalado St., From Corner C. Laserna St. To Martelino St., From Corner Mabini St., To Veterans Avenue, Veterans Avenue-From Corner Regalado St., To XIX Martyrs St., Archbishop Gabriel Reyes St. From Corner Mabini St. To Veterans Avenue Including The Vicinity Within The Perimeter Of Magsaysay Park As Flea Market Area. Respectively and or any ordinance or resolution, Or Executive Order of this Municipality that are inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance is deemed repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

ENACTED, December 21, 2006

I hereby certify to the correctness of the above stated ordinance as to form.

Sangguniang Secretary

Vice Mayor

Municipal Mayor

Madyaas Pen: June 23, 2007


Our Dearly Beloved
(May 11, 1915 – June 15, 2007)
Peacefully joined our Lord on June 15, 2007 at the age of 92.

Her children and in-laws: Babylon & Olga, Edenia (+) & Normando Jayme (+), Emelita & Julito Lalisan, Belosie & Hilario Almazan; Grandchildren: Grace – Junjie, Didith – Victor, Jojo – Esse, Eric, Bryan, Hazel, Odgie – Michelle, Denden – Lito (+), Jay-Jay – Kris, Jumel – Mirecel, Jayson, Meljean, Lourenze, Lester, Rio French and Great grandchildren: Bea, Kenneth,
Ella, Inah, Mitzel, Carlo, Arm; relatives and friends request the pious readers
to pray for the eternal repose of her soul.
Her body lies in state at her residence
at Sitio Sta. Cruz, Mambog, Banga, Aklan.
A Requiem Mass will be held at the St. Joseph Parish Church,
Banga, Aklan on Wednesday at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon, June 27, 2007,
after which, interment will follow in the
Banga Municipal Cemetery.

‘Trafficking’ Of Pinoy Workers To Iraq Has American Face, Film Shows

A finger length shard of metal on a white tissue paper nearly made Ailyn Mateo’s mother faint.
Taken from Mateo’s right shoulder, the shrapnel from a bomb that killed 22 armed combatants and 11 civilians is a terrible testament to Filipinos’ desperation for work, even in a hell hole called Iraq.
Mateo, a mother of two, is one of the migrant workers whose survival from an episode in the four-year war was snapped on celluloid in a film documentary by Chinese American Lee Wang.
Shown recently in Quezon City among members of nonprofit groups and government officials, the 24-minute video documentary revealed the uncanny ability of Mateo and over-6,000 Filipinos like her to earn a living deep within violence-riddled Iraq.
Likewise, it also showed an elaborate trail of hiring "third-country nationals" (TCNs) –as these migrant laborers from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are called– through recruiters in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.
The film titled "Someone Else’s War" showed these workers remain available despite a government ban for Filipinos to go to Iraq now on its third year.
Hence, Wang, his producers, and migrants’ rights advocates consider the continued recruitment of Filipino hired help for American military bases in Baghdad a form of trafficking—and the accountability trail for whatever happens to these workers leads to US companies.
"In the background of this war is an unseen army–neither American nor Iraqi. They are all in the middle of someone else’s war,’" said Wang in a voice-over on her documentary.
THAT war Mateo came to know as a food service worker in a US military facility in Baghdad.
In a reconstruction of the night some time in May 2006, the film showed Mateo, a white bandana hiding her forehead, putting food on trays of uniform-clad men queued in front of a stainless steel counter.
Then a missile exploded, sending food, debris, and human body parts flying across the swath of a light brown desert.
According to Mateo’s mother Fe, an American soldier grabbed her arm and led her to safety amid the chaos.
When he heard the words "I am okay," Mateo said the soldier left purportedly to see if more could be saved.
When Mateo came home a month later, all she could remember of that night comes from the shrapnel that hit her shoulder.
She thought TCNs like her are invisible to the soldiers whose facilities they clean and whose trucks carrying weaponry they drive across the Iraqi border.
Apparently, how Mateo got there almost remained invisible had the trail of recruitment wasn’t uncovered by the documentary, according to Lucille Quiambao, Wang’s field producer.
What are also unnoticed are the routes where TCNs like Filipinos are hired, Quiambao said.
Another Filipino, Ramil Autencio, went on-camera to attest to this elaborate recruitment scheme.
According to Autencio, he was recruited by the MGM Worldwide Manpower & General Services, one of the Manila-based businesses that were tapped by Kuwaiti labor sub-contracting agencies that, in turn, were paid by an American company to hire TCNs.
In the film, Autencio claimed that the contract he signed with MGM stipulated that he would work as a technician in Kuwait.
"Six weeks after arriving in Kuwait, executives of MGM’s foreign principal First Kuwaiti General & Contracting Co. ordered them to board buses going to Iraq," Autencio revealed.
"A certain McKinley guy told us if we do not agree to them, we will be sent to jail and penalized with some amounts," Autencio recalled. "I was forced to go to Iraq, though my POEA contract stipulates I will be working in Kuwait."
Autencio found a way to escape from Iraq and returned to Manila.
"I hired taxicab that drove all the way from our camp to the Kuwaiti border at around midnight," Autencio said in the documentary.
"The driver was even scared because we were passing by snipers while we were driving."
He sued recruiter MGM Worldwide for contract substitution, which the Labor department’s National Labor Relations Commission upheld.
The NLRC ordered MGM Worldwide to pay damages to Autencio.
However, MGM Worldwide officials are in hiding, Quiambao said.
RESEARCH Director Maruja Asis of the nonprofit Scalabrini Migration Center, which hosted a premier showing of the documentary, said Filipinos there are considered "undocumented migrants", since there is a government ban to deploy workers in Iraq.
The case of Autencio is considered trafficking "since there was coercion involved" on the worker, Asis said.
Quiambao said Filipino workers found in Iraq are also taken from Dubai, United Arab Emirates and then flown from there to Baghdad.
Wang estimated that Filipinos among the TCNs in American military facilities in Baghdad earn US$300 each monthly, the peso equivalent of which is twice less than what a call center agent receives. American soldiers are protected by vehicles with very thick armors, said Quiambao.
"Trucks driven or used by TCNs are not even protected by metal, and it makes them easy prey to missile attacks, or even IEDs (inter-explosive devices)," Quiambao added.
Apart from Autencio and Mateo, the documentary also featured the case of truck driver Rodrigo Reyes, the first Filipino killed in Iraq.
It was only upon Reyes’s death that the Philippine government imposed a ban on deployment to Iraq. Since 2003, five Filipinos have died in Iraq, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration.
POEA’s Felixberta Romero, director of the Employment Regulation branch, assured that the agency’s Anti-Illegal Recruitment branch will look at the recruitment agencies that have First Kuwaiti General as its foreign principal. The POEA has yet to get hard facts about recruiting Filipinos going to Iraq via Kuwait through First Kuwaiti, added Romero.
Meanwhile, Quiambao identified a woman who lives in Abucay, Bataan and who recruits residents there to go to Iraq, even as she does not run a licensed recruitment agency. For this, Romero promised that the POEA will conduct a search operation for that lady recruiter.
A June 18 POEA policy forum discussed the issue of recruiting Filipinos to Iraq via Kuwait, Romero bared.
THE documentary revealed that recruiting TCNs has a list of subcontractors from different countries.
The mother contractor, the documentary revealed, is American company Halliburton Inc.
Information by the US-based nonprofit groups Essential Information and the Center for Corporate Policy, which run the project called "," reveal that an estimated 50,000 American and TCN contractors are in Iraq under Halliburton’s watch, with 40,000 of them TCNs. reported that Halliburton’s contracts in Iraq are expected to have generated "more than US$13 billion in sales".
The watchdog’s website wrote former US Vice President Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton , and profits rose because of the company’s contracts with the US Federal government.
Halliburton’s revenue increased 30 percent in 2003 (to US$16 billion) "largely because of its military contacts in the Middle East, and is also the top US Army contractor that same year with a US$3.731 billion contract, posted. /MP

NFA Aklan Assures Enough Rice Supply


STOCK OF RICE AT NFA Grains Center Warehouse, Linabuan Sur, Banga, Aklan.

The National Food Authority – Aklan assures the consuming public there’s enough supply of rice available in the market. Aklan has a good source from the government warehouse, the commercial sector which includes the millers, wholesalers, retailers and the households.
The N-F-A rice in various accredited sales outlets province-wide is sold at P18.00 per kilogram only. Accredited sales outlets include Accredited Rice Retailers Inside the Market (45 outlets), and Outside the Market (15 outlets), Accredited Cooperative Retailers (14 outlets), TGL-BIGASAN NI GLORIA (1 outlet) and TINDAHAN NATIN (80 Operators). Moreover, the end consumer can also buy through the DIRECT SELLING scheme implemented by the NFA office. They may go directly to the NFA office in Linabuan Sur, Banga, Aklan to buy in cash the one (1) bag of rice of 50 kilogram at P900.00/bag. The Direct Selling scheme can be availed of once a month for household consumption only.
In the recent meeting with the provincial governor, Hon. Carlito S. Marquez, the N-F-A represented by OIC/SGOO Virgilio Escalona together with the Office of Provincial Agriculturist represented by Mr. Delano Tefora, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics represented by Mr. Manuelito Delegencia, Department of Social Welfare and Development represented by Mrs. Elma Malbas discussed the rice situation in Aklan. The body discussed the demand and supply of rice in the local market. The report about the rice inventory of Aklan presented by the N-F-A, OPA, and BAS during the meeting assured that Aklan with an estimated daily consumption of 208,000 kilograms is rice secured.
Meanwhile, the distribution of Iron Fortified Rice (IFR) in line with the implementation of The Philippine Food Fortification Act of 2000 or R.A. 8976 is ongoing for the consuming public and is made available through various NFA accredited sales outlets in Aklan at P18.00 per kilogram.
In view of the reported increase in the prices of commercial rice, the NFA headed by Mgr. Pablito Gemarino checks on the active participation of the accredited rice retailers in Aklan to make government rice available and accessible to the public particularly to the low income consumers.
To ensure an orderly grainsbusiness transaction province-wide, the local office intensifies the ‘Palengke Watch’ and the implementation of grains rice trade regulations under the Philippine Grains Standardization Program. The local office conducts enforcement activity to check the facility requirement of the grainsbusiness such as prescribed signboards, prescribed price tag, calibrated weighing scales, rice box painted white; observance of standard packaging and labeling, proper pricing and selling of government rice. The enforcement team conducts market rounds for the benefit of the grainsbusinessmen and the protection of the buying public. /MP

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rotary Club of Kalibo donates wheelchair

Pres. Gus Solmirano , Rtn. Boy Bermejo (PAL Manager) and guest
Dr. Patrick Sheehan (Taghoy Medical Doctor from Denver, Colorado, USA),
together with Rtn. Megs Lunn delivered the wheelchair last March 14, 2007
(wheelchair donation is thru the initiative of RC Kalibo and Rtn. Nenia Panganiban
from our sister club RC Cavite- GMA thru the Wheelchair Foundation.... Dongon West, Numancia, Aklan.....
airfreight was sponsored by PAL FOUNDATION (Nichols) thru
Ms. Menchu A. Sarmiento.....thank you Madam!

The beneficiary is Mr. Ramon Teofilo, 65 years old
of Dongon West, Numancia, Aklan.

He suffered from stroke for one year now and undergoing
a therapy once in a while when funds permit...

Mr. Teofilo's family with Rotarians....(Rtn. Boy Bermejo
and Rtn. Megs Lunn).....Mr. Teofilo is the 11th beneficiary
of our Free-wheelchair this Rotary Year 2006-07.
with Taghoy Medical Doctor, Dr. Patrick Sheehan who happened to be visiting
the Philippines and with Pres. Gus Solmirano.