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DA 6 Introduces Rice Combine
Harvester Machine
by James Earl E. Ogatis
Iloilo City – The demonstration of rice combine harvester machine by the Department of Agriculture (DA) 6 at barangays Camambugan, Dingle and Pulut-an, Pototan, Iloilo surprised some 200 farmers recently.

Philrice improved the new rice harvester machine. This makes rice harvesting faster and easier as it performs four tasks simultaneously in one operation.

Engr. Rolly Garganilla of PhilRice said that the improved model of mini rice combine harvester performs cutting, threshing, cleaning and bagging in one operation. Traditionally, these four tasks are being done separately in succession.

He stressed that the new machine reduces the increasing labor requirement for harvesting, gathering, pilling, threshing, cleaning and bagging high-yielding rice varieties. This also enables farmers to harvest their crops on time, reduce post harvest losses, prevents grain deterioration, fissuring, and shattering.

Manuel O. Olanday, regional rice program coordinator believes the demonstration of the rice combine harvester is in line with the farm mechanization program of the department.

Olanday pointed out that only old farmers are left in the farms to do farm labors from land preparation to harvesting and drying. He observed that most of our young people do not express interest to work in the fields.

"It is now time for the Filipino farmers to embrace farm mecha-nization just like Vietnam and Thailand for us to solve the declining farmers population and be competitive," Olanday stressed.

He also encouraged the farmers to strengthen their associations and/or cooperatives especially on rice cluster areas in order to avail one unit of rice combine harvester and to maximize its utilization among their members.

PhilRice has given one unit each rice combine harvester to all DA-regional units for demonstration porpuses. The harvester costs P350,000.00. It is capable to harvest one hectare per day. It is being manufactured locally as it is easy to fabricate and repair.

The new machine only needs an operator and a bagger for its operation which greatly reduces the cost of harvesting. Moreover, it uses only six liters of gasoline to harvest one hectare for its 16-horsepower engine.

Mrs. Liezel Lozada, a rice harvester for 10 years from barangay Pulut-an, Pototan, Iloilo and a mother of five children was worried on the effects of the new machine on their kasanayang livelihood.

Her sentiment is shared by Mr. Leopoldo Francisco, a 70 year old rice harvester of the same barangay saying people might resort to stealing and destroy the machine if given the chance because of hunger.

Rice harvesting is their only means of livelihood and they rely their food supply on this kind of work. They have no land to till themselves.

The DA has already prepared an alternative livelihood plan for the affected rice harvesters if ever this new technology will be adopted in the area. The DA FIELDS program stipulated the department’s commitment on helping marginal farmers and other agricultural stakeholders attain rice sufficiency in 2013 thereby empowering them and molding them to cope with agricultural changes and modernization.

Manggahan Farmers’ Day

Cheers and yells filled the Guimaras Provincial Capitol grounds as some 250 farmers and fisherfolks from the five municipalities competed on various Farmers "Power" Fun Games on April 14, 2009.

Mr. Ronnie L. Morante, head of provincial office for agricultural services said that Farmers "Power" Fun games is organized to develop camaraderie, teamwork and foster good relationship among other farmer-participants from neighboring municipalities.

"This will also serve as break for our farmers from their daily farm routine; for them to enjoy playing power-fun games on Farmer’s Day in connection with the celebration of 16th Manggahan Festival," said Mr. Morante.

Mr. Nelson J. Esteban, agricultural programs coordinating officer for Guimaras said that staging these power-fun games also enhances agricultural technology transfer among farmers due to intense association with each other leading to agricultural information exchange when they will return to their respective municipalities.

The five teams from the five municipalities earned points from various power games such as Flag-pole relay, sack race, boiled egg eating, egg and eggplant relay, longest-body line and going to the market.

And the winners are: first place, municipality of Sibunag-114 points; second, Buenavista-108 points; third, Nueva Valencia-92 points; fourth, San Lorenzo-88 points; and fifth, Jordan-82 points. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Aklan Media Bowling Cup Tournament

This column sincerely congratulates the proponents of the 2nd Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo Aklan Media Bowling Cup Tournament who is Mr. Boy Ryan Zabal and his group for their great initiative. The tournament which started on April 20 can never be realized without their initiative, interest, and hard work put on it.

The players as well deserve congratulations for whom the tournament is organized and dedicated. The players in the respective teams are expected to participate actively. For what good is the tournament if there are no players? You are encouraged to play according to the rules of the game. When those are followed, I am pretty sure that at the end of the tournament, the objectives of holding this tournament will have been realized.

I am assured that you have developed among you through friendly competition, love, camaraderie, team work, and cooperation. There will be excellent bonding among media personalities in the province of Aklan.

The Aklan tri-media is highly grateful to Vice Governor Billie V. Calizo for allowing us to call the tournament: "2nd Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo Aklan Media Bowling Cup" tournament. Let the players play their games to honor, respect and dignify the name of Vice Governor Calizo, a name she has built unblemished for years. She is a great admirer of media per-sonality and the benefactor of the tournament.

To the organizers, players and benefactor, our great applause to them. To the players, enjoy the game. Please remember: "When the great scorer checks your name, he marks not that you won or lost, but how you played the game."

BOD Failure

Listening to Mr. Carl Quimpo, chairperson, Board of Directors (BOD) of Akelco is hearing sad revelation. Answering the questions of Kaibahang Butz, program host of the radio program "Ilitsahan" on Tuesday morning, April 21. Mr. Quimpo did not give straight and appropriate answers to questions raised.

For instance on the question of how much was spent for the recent travel of one member of the BOD to the United States, Mr. Quimpo did not know how much. He pointed to the management. Will the expenses made justify the trip? He missed to justify.

It must be remembered that the BOD specifically the chair must know the Akelco doings. But Mr. Carl Quimpo did not know even the aggregate amount spent on a trip of a BOD member to the United States. Is the expenses recovered with more gain?

On the question of what are the actions made by the present BOD which he chairs on the Amended Electric Power Purchase Agreement, Mr. Quimpo accepted the BOD is helpless and cannot do anything.

Asked why Akelco increased electricity by P1.14 per kilowatt hour effective in the April billing instead of only P0.83 per kilowatt hour, he was not able to give logical answer.

On the P92 million debt with Avon Rivers which was the subject of two agreements, Mr. Carl Quimpo gave a very somber answer.

The member – consumers of Akelco has voted the members of the Akelco BOD with the hope that their interest will be well protected. However, it was a revelation that until today, they are abandoned.


Just last week, a housewife committed suicide because of family financial problem. She was very sorry, so ashamed to face and tell her husband the truth about it. She was found bleeding inside the comfort room of her house. She died in the hospital. The members of the family and household helps concluded she ended life herself, her own life.

Akelco consumer- members, I am sure, do not wish the members of the BOD of Akelco to do as what that lady did. Actually, Akelco consumer-members hope and pray their interest be taken care of and protected by the men whom they have elected to the BOD.


According to Atty. Daniel Martelino, Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer II of the DAR-Aklan, the Transco/NGO facility in Solido, Nabas, Aklan is illegal.

This pronouncement is strongly supported by Engr. Rene Enriquez – chairman of the Provincial Agrarian Reform Coordinating Committee (PARCOM) because it violated Administrative Order No. 226-A of the President of the Philippines concerning the processing and approval of all land conversion applications of all ricelands.

According to Engr, Enriquez and Atty. Martelino, processing for conversion of riceland to industrial or commercial estate is suspended for a period of two years effective July 2008 when the order was signed.

According to the report of Terence Toriano of CBIS Ka-Tribu Radyo, Transco/NGCP started clearing the irrigated lands last week without acquiring the required land conversion from DAR as Atty. Martelino pointed out. /MP

Local Residents Go Head to Head Against TransCo


Nabas, Aklan – Local residents of Barangay Solido, Nabas, Aklan went head to head against electric power giant National Transmission Corporation on April 13, 2009, Monday. They demonstrated in front of an estimated 4-hectare wide agricultural land where the said company is set to build a facility.

The demonstration was led by Solido Brgy. Council members Ignacio Bandiola and Felix Dubrico, and residents living near the area of power facility.

Complaints of strong arm tactics, abuse of power, conflict of interest and deception are among the allegations made by residents against local officials from the barangay and the municipal levels.

A local resident who asked not to be identified complained of possible conflict of interest citing that SB member Maria Fe Lazaleta is one of the contractors for heavy equipment clearing the area.

The source added that TransCo officials used the attendance list of a meeting held sometime last year as so-called proof of the residents’ con-currence to the project.

A barangay employee who remains unnamed informed that a public hearing scheduled last April 3 has no or only few attended since the notice of the hearing only came on April 2. There was no apparent publication in the periodicals or radio announcements.

Another resident complained of a purported illegal "Special Permit for Clearing" issued by Vice Mayor James Solanoy to TransCo which according to a building official from another town may have violated the Building Code of the Philippines.

The clearing and alleged excavation on the site started on April 1, 2009 but stopped due to Holy Week. The land is not yet reclassified from agricultural to industrial land according to LGU-Nabas Compre-hensive Land Use Plan, but sources in the Nabas local government revealed that the reclassification was fast tracked. It has been reclassified on April 6, 2009 although publication in the newspaper is still to be made.
TransCo has began clearing the area and the alleged excavations according to some residents may have violated the already questionable Permit for Clearing given out by the Vice Mayor since Transco needed a Permit for Excavation to continue the diggings in the area.

One resident living in the vicinity related that it will be dangerous for them to live near the electric facility because it is only eight to 15 meters away from the residential houses. It is health hazard for resident living near a transmission or power plant. /MP

ASU-Aklan Province Sign Sports Agreement

April 23 2009 is a historic moment for sports development in Aklan Province.On Thursday, 12:00 noon, an agreement between the Aklan State University represented by Dr. Benny Palma and the Provincial Government of Aklan represented by Hon. Carlito S. Marquez, Governor signed a Memorandum of Agreement to jointly develop the 6.5 hectares land situated in Calangcang, Makato, Aklan into Aklan Sports Complex of Olympic standard. ASU owns the land while Aklan Provincial Government will spend for its development into a sports complex. Swimming pool, track and field and other facilities will be constructed.

Photo above shows Dr. Palma and Dr. Eleanor Mationg for ASU and Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo for Aklan signing the agreement with the presence of Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores, Sangguniang Panlalawigan members of Aklan, ASU and provincial officials. /MP

Three Outstanding Aklanons Insights


Three of the 11 Outstanding Aklanons 2009 are shown above who are Dr. Nilda B. Tambong, Engr. Jonathan Salvador, and Engr. Marcial Arac with microphone during the Kapehan held on April 18, 2009.

Out of 11 awardees for Outstanding Aklanons 2009, only three showed up at the Kapehan Forum on April 18. Sharing the spotlight were Civil Engineer Marcial H. Arac – Government Service, Marine Engineer Jonathan R. Salvador–Science and Technology, and Dr. Nilda. Tambong –Medicine. All three will be honored in a fitting ceremony on April 25th on the occasion of Aklan’s 53rd founding anniversary. Prestigious award is the highest honor bestowed on individuals for exemplary records, accomplishments, and professionalism in 12 categories listed by the Awards Committee.

Media exposure provided a rare glimpse into the lives of these notable achievers who viewed their work as part of their commitment to excellence and personal fulfillment. Problem solver, innovative, and resourceful are some traits that set them part from the rest of humanity that languishes on mediocrity. One remarkable thing that can be observed is their consecration to ideals and unfeigned humility given the strength of their accomplishments.

Engr. Jonathan Salvador, 40 the youngest of the present batch had his dream from childhood of modernizing transport facility of island barangay of Pinamuc-an, New Washington. Transforming this vision from nothing requires grit, persistence, and skill. Presto, with his light carrier transport (LCT) a.k.a RORO vessel which he designed and fabricated in less than a year became an overnight sensation and eloquent testimony to previous unknown historical fact that Aklan used to be the center of boat building industry in Western Visayas.

This was revealed by Atty. Allen S. Quimpo who visited Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC where he saw the documents a few years back. "Batels" are local version of mercantile ships used for inter island transport of people and goods dating pre Spanish era. They are meticulously hewn from choice wood by skilled craftsmen utilizing wind power to propel them. Evidently, skills in boat building technology have been eclipsed by turbines and gas power. Nevertheless, not a few of our seafarers being employed in inter-island boats and foreign vessels are Aklanons.

The young Salvador started his maritime career in 1989 aboard one of inter-island ships. After a brief stint, he became a crew member on a foreign cargo vessel based in Norway. The shipping company happened to have large business operations on design, fabrication, commissioning and after sales maintenance of cargo vessels. His exposure of seven years and bank savings emboldened him to return home to build his own RORO. However, he faced a big problem. His savings was miserably inadequate since millions are needed for financing. Fortunately, his father, Bayani also a marine engineer and balikbayan supported his pet project by raising enough money from relatives and friends.

Engr. Salvador said that based on transport need, Aklan must have four units to service tourism industry in Boracay. Demand projection within 30 – 50 years can be high with similar RORO vessels serving all major island destinations in the country.
Expansion plan is to consider earlier contract with LGU New Washington for a multi-purpose watercraft for sea patrol, ambulance, service and transport. Family-run enterprise is ready to engage in customized design and fabrication now that two brothers of Jonathan, also seamen are helping him in his business.

Engr. Marcial H. Arac, 80 has perhaps the longest career in public service – 45 years. A native of Bohol, he rose from the ranks finally serving as Highways District Engineer of Romblon. He met his lifetime partner in Sibuyan, a public school teacher who hails from Badio, Numancia, Aklan. His unblemished record performance led to deployment in Cebu, Negros Occ., Antique, Romblon and of course Aklan. He fondly recalled building 18 Bailey bridges in Antique and taking high risk assignments in rebel infested areas.

A lover of law and order, he instituted financial reforms into graft-ridden agency by rallying employees for honesty and transparency in their transactions. He raised eyebrows when he reshuffled key personnel to prevent collusion and stipulated sanctions once rules are violated. "Live a simple life", he enthused. As to political protégés streaming into his office daily, he politely sent them back to the sender telling them to use them instead while he foots the bill. In the end, politicians approached him and said how sorry they are and thence no more pain in the ass.

He was DPWH Chief in Aklan in 1970–75. Upon assumption to duty, he was appalled by dysfunctional rotten state of misuse of public funds. He was also confronted with impassable road linking Balete and Altavas during the rainy season. These caused diversion of travel routes to Kalibo via Batan – New Washington corridor which was costly and hazardous for the riding public. His solution was simple enough. Have a massive stockpile of sand/gravel in Banga during dry months for extensive repair work.

The only problem was no funds available for petrol. His PR with only one bus-gas operator, Mr. Peralta of Tigayon, Kalibo agreed to extend open credit. Indeed everyone cooperated and the project was finished in due time.

Monumental challenge to his career was road opening of Malinao to Madalag and Nabas to Caticlan traversing the Cordillera like mountain range. No one has ever tackled the projects before but thanks to his dedicated technical staff, they accomplished what could have been impossible. Roads are vital component to socio-economic development and once remote and inaccessible towns of Madalag and Malay are now active players for investment opportunities.

Dr. Nilda B. Tambong is more of a private medical practitioner rather than a seasoned politician. She was into lucrative pediatrics medicine practice in 1964 when a door of opportunity opened to a shot at politics. Drawn by her charisma, she was elected member of Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan in 1980. Since then, she is serving as Vice Mayor to date, her last term. She deftly divides her time as homemaker, physician, and politician. "I believed productivity is enhanced if one implemented time management," Dr. Tambong stressed.

Definitely, the saga of life does not end up in accolades and wearing of laurels or crowns but continuous quest towards the ideal. Yonder are mountains, valleys, and rivers to cross, ocean depths to explore. Engr. Arac advices fellow Aklanons to remember the 5 P’s to success: "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance." Dr. Tambong mentioned that "Life lived only to oneself is bound to be forgotten, but life offered in the service for others will endure". Engr. Salvador said persistence and industry are the keys to overcome any crisis.

Bottom line: "Whoever you are, wherever you may be, and whatever you do, there’s always room at the top for you." /MP

Balikatan Bares Decrepit State of AFP - Chiz

LEGAZPI CITY — Sen. Chiz Escudero said last week that the ongoing RP-US Balikatan military exercises in Bicol reveal the decrepit state of the country’s armed forces.

"The Balikatan has exposed the AFP’s limited capacity to transport troops to battle areas and conduct humanitarian missions in disaster zones due to the lack of helicopters and other vital equipment," he said.

"We cannot forever rely on handouts from the United States. The government should put more money in research and development so we can develop our own capability. This way we can create jobs for our people," Escudero said.

The opposition senator met with three top military officers led by Maj. Gen. Ruperto Pabustan in Camp Ola, Legazpi City to take up concerns regarding the conduct of the month-long joint military exercises in his home region.

Escudero pointed out under the current moder-nization program, the government bought troop carriers, squad automatic weapons, and bomb protection suits from foreign manufacturers.

"We could have made these equipment ourselves and saved money to be spent for other purposes," he said. "We should look ahead and aggressively pursue a self-reliant modernization program."

In the same meeting, Escudero took up concerns raised by several groups about the controversial Balikatan exercises.

The officers assured the opposition senator, who has called for the abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), that US warships involved in the exercises have not affected the livelihood of fishermen.

They also said that the movement of US soldiers has been restricted to hotels, malls, and restaurants. They denied reports of "wholesale prostitution."

During the dialogue, Escudero reiterated his position that while the Balikatan exercises temporarily boosts local economies and the skills set of our soldiers, the "social costs far outweigh its benefits.

The Senate is scheduled to take up a resolution next week calling for the termination of the VFA because of onerous pro-visions that impinge on the country’s sovereignty. /MP

SEC Accepts Legacy Claims Beyond April 15

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has agreed to extend to April 30 the filing of claims for reimbursement from the collapsed pre-need companies of the Legacy Group owned by controversial businessman Celso de los Angeles, Liberal President Mar Roxas announced last week.

Roxas, chairman of the Senate trade and commerce committee, said the SEC agreed to his request to give Legacy pre-need plan holders more time to comply with documentary requirements so they could claim from the trust fund now being managed by the SEC.

"It is important that these planholders are given the extra time to file their claims to be able to get back their hard-earned monies," he also said.
Fe Barin, SEC chair had announced the SEC’s Mandaluyong office and extension offices in the provinces would continue to accept applications for Legacy claims even beyond the April 15 deadline.

The move was in response to Roxas’ request to extend the deadline to allow as many Legacy plan holders as possible to file their claims because of delays caused by the long Lenten holidays.

But Barin clarified the SEC is not setting a new deadline for the filing of reimbursement claims to discourage policy-owners from waiting up to the last minute to submit their applications.

"We opted to adopt this arrangement - instead of setting a new deadline - because, based on our experience, the plan holders may wait for the last minute before filing their claims and, in the process, create long queues in the designated filing centers," she explained in her letter to the Visayan senator.

"Acting on your request, we issued (on April 15) a notice (with corresponding advice to the media) informing the planholders that the Commission’s offices in Mandaluyong City and extension offices in the provinces shall continue to accept their claims even beyond the April 15 deadline earlier set," she also said.

Barin said the Commission has started to process claims earlier filed by policy holders. "Their claims shall be given priority in processing and will be paid from the trust fund as soon as they are validated," she added.
The Senate trade and commerce and banks committees will resume its joint investigation into the Legacy fiasco and the status of the pre-need industry on Monday.

Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Com-missioner Alejandrino Barin, husband of the SEC chairperson told the Senate panel he could not attend the Monday hearing because of conflicts with the regular meeting of the ERC.

He furnished the committee a copy of the ERC Notice of Meeting and assured Roxas "that given the proper notice, the undersigned shall attend subsequent meetings."

The lawyer was dragged into the Legacy fund mess after news reports came out indicating he had sold one of his cars to a lawyer of the beleaguered Legacy group. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Orpheus Ag Euridice
Si Orpheus hay isaea sa mga Diyos it Olympus nga guin regaluhan it magical power ni Zeus tongod sa anang kabuot ag pagka matinumanon. Ro magical power hay ro maka obra it mga tula (luwa) ag musika sa anang plauta. Ro makabati sa anang gina sambit nga hambae ag tono hay malipatan nanda ro andang kalisud ag kasubo.

Ro mga may problema nga tawo hay naga bisita ag naga haead sanda it bueak kay Orpheus sa anang rebulto. Bisan ro mga mapintas nga sapat hay naga hugop kon makabati ko anang musika.

Ko adlaw ngato, samtang naga tukar si Orpheus ko anang plauta, nag agi si Euridice, isaeang ka mortal. Nabighani imaw sa musika ni Orpheus, busa anang guin usoy kon siin nagahalin ratong musika. Pagkakita kana ni Euridice, nabo-oe ro anang kaila tongod bukon gali it gwapo ro binata sa anang pag tueok. Ogaling si Orpheus hay naila ta it duro kay Euridice. Nagdaeagan ro babaye agod maglikaw kay Orpheus. Sa anang pag-dinaeagan, naka tapak si Euridice it sawa ag inangkit imaw hasta namatay.

Guin sundan imaw ni Orpheus hasta sa Hades, kon siin idto ro mga espiritu it mga patay hay guina daea. Guin hinyo ni Orpheus kay Persephone, ro reyna it mga patay, nga pabalikon sa eogta si Euridice. Guin pasugtan imaw ni Persephone sa kondisyon nga mauna imaw ag indi pagpabalikon o tan-awon si Euridice. Kat naga pabalik eon sanda sa eogta, naga duda si Orpheus nga basi owa naga sunod si Euridice kana busa, anang guina inadwing. Kadungan sa anang paglingat, hakita nana it madali eamang si Euridice ag dayon naduea.

Duro guid ro anang pag no-oe. Halin kato, owa eon nabati-i ro plauta ni Orpheus. Sa sobrang pag-higugma nana sa daeaga, nangin hangin imaw ag kon amat mabatian naton ro anang panaghoy sa mga katamnan o kabukiran. /MP

D.A. Lifts Import Ban On Poultry From Belgium

Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap of the DA has scrapped the temporary ban on imports of birds, poultry and their products from Belgium following confirmation from global animal health authorities that such commodities originating from that country are now free of the Avian Influenza (AI) or bird flu virus.

Yap declared the entry of these products into the country, including poultry meat, day old chicks, eggs and semen, as safe after an evaluation made by the DA’s Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) showed that "the risk of the contamination from importing poultry and poultry products from Belgium is negligible."

BAI had based its evaluation on the confirmation by the Office International des Epizooties (OIE) of the report by Brussels’ Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) declaring "that the H5N2 low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) incident in Belgium has been successfully eradicated."

The report noted that "the cleaning and disinfection of the affected premises was completed on 23 December, 2008 and that on-going surveillance has not detected any additional cases."

As of April 17, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) recorded 257 human deaths out of the 418 confirmed cases of the bird flu since the highly pathogenic strain of the virus broke out in Southeast Asia in 2003.
Besides Singapore and Brunei , the Philippines is the only AI-free country in Southeast Asia .

Earlier, Yap also lifted the ban on imports of all birds, poultry and their products from the US State of Idaho after the OIE validated the report of the state’s National Surveillance Unit Epidemiologist, Dr. Stan Bruntz that bird flu had been eradicated in the area. (DA PRESS OFFICE) /MP

Roxas City News

by Benny Cortes

City Conducts Backyard Vegetable Growing
Roxas City – One of the major thrusts of Roxas City Mayor Vicente B. Bermejo is the provision of opportunities to farmers and fisherfolks to engage in livelihood and income generating activities both in urban and rural barangays of this city through backyard vegetable growing.

The local chief executive is aware that a variety of vegetables in the local markets are getting costly and the supply is getting scarce.

Thus, the city govern-ment through the Office of the City Agriculturist, conducted a seminar. The topic discussed was backyard vegetable growing. It was held at the Seminar Room, City Hall, Roxas City very recently.

Among the topics discussed are the concepts and principles of urban agriculture, environmental factors affecting vegetable production; varietal and seed selection; vegetable garden lay-outing; integrated nutrient management; pest and disease prevention and control of selected vegetables (biological, cultural, and chemical); and other cultural practices such as composting, mulching, harvesting, storing, and packaging.

Discussed earlier in another training activity was vermiculture and vermiculture composting.

City Administrator Rey Cordenillo represented Mayor Bermejo during the opening program. He expressed his full support to this activity to enhance the know-how and skills of the participants on vegetable growing.

City Agriculturist Salvador B. Borda encouraged the fisherfolks and farmers alike to go into vegetable farming not only as a source of income for their families but to provide adequate supply of fresh vegetables in the locality.

Other speakers were Ms. Lily Ong, chairman, Provincial Agriculture & Fishery Council of Capiz; Ms. Sarah Pequierda, CAFC chairman; Virgil Deza of East-West Seed Company, Inc.; Raoul Perez, Agriculturist II; Roy Ballon, Dupont Crop Protection Specialist; and Ms. Anabelle A. Albay, Agricultural Specialist.

City Council Accredits Non Government Organizations

In line with governance transparency and private participation, the Sang-guniang Panlungsod of Roxas City released the list of private organizations which had been accredited as non-government organizations (NGOs) which can participate in some activities in local special bodies of the city government.

Vice Mayor/Sanggunian Panlungsod presiding officer Ronnie T. Dadivas disclosed the list of accredited organizations as follows.

Capiz Women, Inc.; Roxas City Urban Poor; Habitat for Humanity; Roxas City Affiliates; Ladies of Charity–AIC Philippines; Roxas City Pistol & Rifle Association, Inc.; Ban-awan Association for Environment, Inc.; Buas Damlag Sang Panimalay, Inc.; 4K’s Organization, Inc.; Capiz Arts Council, Inc.; Capiz Volunteer Assistance Team (CVAT), Inc.; REACT Philippines, Inc., (Halaran Group); Association of Service Providers for Landless Residents of Capiz and Roxas City.

Sigmahanon Foun-dation for Culture and Arts, Inc.; Boy Scouts of the Philippines – Capiz Council; Alliance of Roxas City Tricycle Operators & Drivers Assn., Inc.; Capiz Islamic Foundation, Inc.; Datu Bangkaya Traders Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Knights of Columbus, Council No. 3691; Union of the Handicapped of Roxas City & Capiz, Inc.; Capiz Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc.; Federation of Senior Citizens Assn. of the Philippines. Citizen’s Crime Watch Task Force; Roxas City Taekwando Assn., Inc.; Federation of Tricycle Operators and Drivers Assn. of Roxas City, Capiz; Save Olotayan, Inc.

Roxas City Bureau of Fire Protection Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Capiz Halaran Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.; Roxas City Filipino – Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Inc.; Capiz Basketball Referees and Officials Association, Inc.; Capiz Citizens Action Group, Inc.; Kabalikat Civicom Assn., Inc. – Kabalikat Civicom 371 Roxas; Rotary Club of Roxas; Holy Trinity Apostolate; and Barangay Health Workers Federation of Roxas City, Inc. /MP


Republic of the Philippines
Province of Aklan
Municipality of Kalibo




Hon. Nilda B. Tambong - Vice Mayor, Presiding Officer
Hon. Mark V. Quimpo - SB Member
Hon. Lilian Q. Tirol - SB Member
Hon. E. Soviet R. A. Dela Cruz - SB Member
Hon. Madeline A. Regalado - SB Member
Hon. Gregorio R. Malapad - SB Member
Hon. Peter Jene N. Lao - SB Member
Hon. Ronce M. Reyes - SB Member
Hon. Buencamino F. Villanueva - SB Member
Hon. Wendell P. Tayco - SB Member, ABC President
Hon. Mary Agnes Jesm I. Gallardo - SB Member, SK President



"ORDINANCE NO. 2009–001


WHEREAS, in harmony with the inherent power of the Local Chief Executive as stipulated in Chapter 3 of the Local Government Code of 1991 pertinent to requiring owners of building construction to obtain permit, make changes should there be violations to law or ordinances or demolition of removal of which, this ordinance seeks to establish and promote public safety and security while preventing possible loss of lives and/or damage to properties;

WHEREAS, Rule III of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Building Code of the Philippines provides that the Ancillary Permits duly signed and sealed by the corresponding professionals and the plans and specifications should be submitted together with the duly notarized Application for Building Permit;

WHEREAS, it has been observed that there is a prevalent disregard of the prescribed setbacks parking spaces and other parameters which should be strictly observed as reflected in the technical plans;

WHEREAS, the Ancillary Architectural documents, including the Site Development Plan, should be duly signed and sealed by the corresponding design professional, which is the Architect;

WHEREAS, the same should be required that the corresponding design professionals duly sign and seal the required Ancillary Permits;

WHEREAS, any Building Permits is null and void if not accompanied by Ancillary Permits;

WHEREAS, with the devastation of Typhoon Frank on June 21, 2008, some Kalibonhons opted to elevate their building, lifting it to two storey or higher, for fear of experiencing another mudflow, but then, such renovation must also bear the approval of a Structural Engineer to determine/establish its soundness so as to prevent danger and risk of toppling down;

NOW THEREFORE, be it ORDAINED to require the submission of Ancillary Permits duly signed and sealed by corresponding professionals together with the duly notarized application for Building Permits within the Municipality of Kalibo;

Be it ENACTED by the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo in session assembled that:

SECTION 1. – TITLE – An Ordinance requiring the Owner/Project Engineer or Contractor to submit the pertinent documents or known as the Ancillary Permits duly signed sealed by the corresponding professionals to the Office of the Building Official prior to the approval of Building Permit.

SECTION 2. – REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO THE APPROVAL OF BUILDING PERMIT – The following Ancillary Permits must be duly signed by duly licensed professionals to wit:

Architectural Permit - Architect
Civil/Structural Permit - Civil/Structural Engineer
Electrical Permit - Professional Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Permit - Professional Mechanical Engineer
Sanitary Permit - Sanitary Engineer
Plumbing Permit - Master Plumbs
Electronics Permit - Electronics Engineer
Environmental Development Permit - Environmental Planner, who is also an Architect/ Civil Engineer
Interior Design Permit - Interior Designer

SECTION 3. – NUMBERING – The Ancillary Permits shall have the same numbering as the Building Permit.

SECTON 4. – OTHER RULE-STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS AND DESIGN – In the absence of structural analysis, no permit shall be issued by the Office of the Building Official and the Office of the Local Chief Executive particularly for those that will be constructed for additional storey/improvement or for the construction of two or more storey building, duly signed by a certified/licensed Structural Engineer except for one storey and single detached building/structure with a floor area of 20,00 sq. meters or less.
SECTION 5. – VALIDITY OF PERMIT – The Building Permit is null and void if not accompanied by the Ancillary Permits and/or not in accordance to this ordinance or relevant laws.

SECTION 6. – PENALTY – The Owner/Project Engineer/Contractor who violates this ordinance or failed to secure the required permit, a fine shall be imposed in accordance to the Building Code of the Philippines.

SECTION 7. – PENAL PROVISION – Separability Clause – If for any reason, any section or provision of this Ordinance shall be held as unconstitutional or invalid by competent authority, such judgment or action shall not affect or impair the other sections or provisions thereof.

SECTION 8. – APPLICABILITY CLAUSE – All other matters relating to the impositions in this ordinance shall be governed by pertinent provisions of existing laws and other ordinances.

SECTION 9. – EFFECTIVITY – This Ordinance shall take effect fifteen (15) days upon publication in three (3) conspicuous places in the Municipality of Kalibo.

ENACTED, February 12, 2009.

I hereby certify to the correctness of the above stated ordinance as to form.

Sanggunian Secretary

Vice Mayor

Municipal Mayor

Madyaas Pen: April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009


Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late LEOPOLDO C. TOLENTINO who died intestate which consist of one parcel of land located in Brgy. Pook, Kalibo, Aklan is the subject of a "Deed of Adjudication With Absolute Sale" by his surviving heirs. The deed was executed before Notary Public Diego M. Luces, Kalibo, Aklan on December 8, 2008 as per Doc. No. 435; Page No. 88; Book No. 133; Series of 2008.
Madyaas Pen: April 11, 18, & 25, 2009

Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late MARGARITA PANGANIBAN who died intestate which consist of three (3) parcels of land located in Barrio Tigum, Buruanga, Aklan are the subjects of "Extra-Judicial Settlement of the Estate of Deceased Margarita Panganiban With Deed of Partition and Waiver of Rights" by her surviving heirs. The deed was executed before Notary Public Atty. Romerico P. Regio, Pasig City on April 23, 2008 as per Doc. No. 04; Page No. 02; Book No. V; Series of 2008.
Madyaas Pen: April 18, & 25, and May 2, 2009


Republic of the Philippines
Sixth Judicial Region
Kalibo, Aklan


- Versus -

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Erma Reyes-Mirano also known as Lerma Reyes-Mirano, in a verified petition prays that the entry appearing in her Certificate of Live Birth particularly the entry as to the spelling of her first name be corrected from Lerma to Erma and her date of birth be corrected from January 20, 1956 to January 19, 1956, in order to avoid confusion and to correct the erroneous entries appearing therein.

It appearing that the petition is sufficient in form and substance, the Court hereby sets its hearing on May 7, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning, at which date and time, all interested parties may appear and show cause why the petition should not be granted.

Let copy of this Order be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in Madyaas Pen, a newspaper of general circulation published in the Province of Aklan, and notice of this Order, together with the petition be furnished the Honorable Solicitor General, the Provincial Prosecutor of Aklan, the Local Civil Registrar of Banga, Aklan, the Civil Registrar General, the petitioner and her counsel, Atty. Ma. Genalyn T. Billones-Ibardolaza.

Kalibo, Aklan
March 16, 2009

Presiding Judge
Madyaas Pen: April 19, & 26 and May 3, 2009


Republic of the Philippines
Province of Aklan
Municipality of Kalibo


LIBRARIAN - Item No. SB-21; SG 10/1
Education : Bachelor’s degree in Library Science or
Information Science or Bachelor of Science
In Education/Arts major in Library Science
Experience : None required
Training : None required
Eligibility : RA 1080 (Licensure Examination for Librarians)
Interested/qualified applicants, please submit your comprehensive biodata to the undersigned or to the Sangguniang Bayan Secretary, Mrs. Diana T. Fedarido.

Vice Mayor
Madyaas Pen: April 25, 2009

World’s Dragon Boaters Race in Boracay April 30 – May 2

by Noel Cabobos
BORACAY ISLAND – Some 500 rowers all over the world will battle the scorching heat of the summer sun in this paradise island to compete for the most coveted title of the 3rd Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival on April 30 to May 2, this year.

Considered as the Philippines’ biggest annual water sports event, dragon boating is a fun-filled event incorporating the dragon spirit of sportsmanship and great international camaraderie.

The international Dragon Boat Festival is now on its 3rd year. It is sanctioned by the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation and Boracay Island Paddlers Association (BIPA). It was organized in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and the Municipality of Malay not only to promote this island as the best place to hold this particular sports event but also to promulgate team effort, sportsmanship and competitive spirit among the rowing athletes worldwide.

Last year, festival organizer Nenette Graf said some 900 rowers from Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States and the Philippines made their way to Boracay, the Boracay Regency Hotel and Convention Center in particular to participate in this exciting event.

Graf said, more than 3,000 spectators watched the races daily as rowers fiercely paddled for the gold in a spectacular show of teamwork, camara-derie, strength, and power in the 500-meter and 300-meter races.

Dragon boating was first introduced in Boracay in 2001, Graf added. Since then, annual competitions had been held in its pristine blue waters. In 2007, BIPA organized the 1st Boracay International Dragon Boat Festival, a 4-day festival celebrating Boracay’s appreciation of its pristine waters and the countless benefits it brings to its people and visitors. /MP

2nd Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo Aklan Media Bowling Cup Tournament

The 2nd Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo Aklan Media Bowling Cup Tournament opened Monday afternoon, April 20. Picture above shows Aklan Vice Gov. Billie V. Calizo (right) with Mr. Winston Carillo - President, Aklan United Media Association and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente - President, Aklan Press Club, Inc. throwing the ceremonial balls. The tournament is being held until April 25 at Q-Zone Bowling Center, Estancia, Kalibo.

2IB (CAFGU), 3ID, Philippine Army Personnel Donates Blood

by 1Lt. Claire R Aure
Banga, Aklan – Forty two enlisted personnel and Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Unit Active Axillaries (CAA’s) of 12th Infantry Battalion, (CAFGU) 3rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army based in Camp Jesus Jizmundo, Libas, Banga, Aklan donated 18,000 ml assorted blood types to Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), Aklan Chapter on April 14, 2009. Blood letting was held at its Battalion Headquarters.

The blood letting activity dubbed: "LET US SAVE LIVES... DONATE BLOOD" was a success, in coope-ration with PNRC–Aklan Chapter, 601st Community Defense Center, 6th Regional Community Defense Group, Army Reserve Command (601st CDC, RCDG, ARESCOM) and 3rd Civil Military Operation Unit, Civil Military Operation Group, Phil. Army (3CMOU, CMOG, PA).

LTC Nicolas V. Pasion, Jr. INF (GSC) PA, the Batallion Commander of 12th IB (CAFGU) spearheaded the blood project with the untiring support of reservist physicians MSg Beatriz Y. Diel MD and MSg Emily S. Zonio DS of 601st CDC, RCDG, ARESCOM. They willingly assisted the PNRC – Aklan Chapter headed by Ms. Melanie R. Rojo RMT with her six (6) companions.
According to Ms. Rojo of PNRC–Aklan Chapter, the stock of blood in their office in Aklan Province becomes limited/shortage in supply since it is summer and most mass blood donors come from students of Universities and Colleges. Ms. Rojo praised and thanked the donors and lauded the unit that spearheaded the activity. LTC Pasion, Jr. said that "the most priceless gift we could share to our fellowmen is our clean blood thus, every drop of our blood could save lives, that is why I encourage the soldiers and CAFGUs to donate their precious blood especially to the needy". /MP

Thursday, April 16, 2009


PCA Discovers Two New Nemesis of Brontispa Pest
The Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) has discovered new parasitoid insects which could prove to be of great importance in the Philippines’ continuing battle against Brontispa longissima. This is the coconut pest which has previously attacked more than 1.6 million coconut trees nationwide, PCA Administrator Oscar G. Garin reported.

"Our research center in Davao City has identified two indigenous small insects that parasitize Brontispa by laying their eggs in the larva or pupa of the pest" Garin highlighted in the recently concluded Brontispa In-House Evaluation and Action Planning held in Quezon City .

The administrator revealed that the PCA-Davao Reseach Center conducted a Field Release Evaluation where a total of 1,948 parasitoid adults were released in infested barangays in Region XI and parallel laboratory tests.

"The parasitoids collected in the field inflicted about 30-50 percent parasitism on the pest’s larva or pupa", the researcher noted adding that laboratory results showed that around 7 to 47 adult parasitoids emerged from one larva/pupa 18 to 26 days from injection for parasitization.

"With the earwigs, we now have three indigenous species for biological control of this foreign pest" administrator Garin enthused. He underscored the need to adopt a long-term integrated pest management system.

The administrator further stressed that use of chemical insecticides through trunk injection or spraying should only be in severe cases and at first treatment, with the long term and sustainable approach to be comprised of biological control, use of entomophatogen fungi, good farming practices and strict quarantine controls.

"Our research centers are now mass rearing these parasitoids for immediate use in areas that may suffer recurrence of Brontispa infestation" he revealed.

This findings of the PCA on the menace of Brontispa is highly significant to the Aklanons. This positive result may deter coconut tree owners from cutting their coconut trees.

8 Carabao Raisers Associations Induction

Mr. James Earl E. Ogatis reported that excitement and joy filled the faces of officers of eight carabao raisers association as they were inducted. Ms. Juvy S. Gaton, OIC-Chief, Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Information Division (RAFID) 6 administered their oath on March 20, 2009.

The mass induction was conducted by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Philippine Carabao Center at West Visayas State University (PCC at WVSU) at Passi City Agricultural Training Center. It was part of the Carosa Parada and Carabao Painting activities in celebration with the Pintados de Passi festival.

The eight Carabao Raisers Associations (CARA) are: Mambusao Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Leon Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Badiangan Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Bingawan Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Lambunao Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Calinog Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Passi City Carabao Raisers’ Assn.; Crossbred/Purebred Raisers’ Assn.; and Panay and Guimaras Artificial Inseminators Association.

According to director Arn D. Granada of PCC at WVSU these associations will mobilize the rural-based farmers particularly those raising carabao to access government and private resources for the development of the industry.

"Through their identity and solidarity, these carabao raisers will create a cornerstone and provide suggestion on policy direction and recommendation for the growth of the carabao industry.." Dir. Granada pointed out.

These associations are also tasked to advocate conservation of female carabaos that are on their productive stage. This is stipulated on the constitution and by-laws of all carabao raisers associations.
It muct be noted that we have a total national carabao population of 3.2 million heads. The province of Iloilo has only 100,000 heads as of 2008.

Efforts to increase and upgrade carabao population through artificial insemination and cara-bull dispersal are undertaken by the PCC, DA and NDA. At the average, PCC and LGU AI programs produces 60-heads per year each while bullbreeding reaches 200 heads per year calfdraft.

Ms. Juvy S. Gaton encourages the CARA officers to be self-reliant and show strength in order to push for development of the carabao industry. Mr. Leopoldo C. Aguilario, Passi City Agriculturist stressed that carabao raising is more profitable than swine raising because of low production inputs. The CARA officers and members are spearheaded by Mr. Manuel Porque, PGAIRAI president and Mr. Joel Gonzalez, PCICARA president. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
The Denial
I was shocked to hear Mr. Chito Peralta, General Manager of Aklan Electric Cooperative better known as Akelco to tell the radio audience via the program "Ilitsahan" through program host Kaibahang Butz that "if Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente has something to tell me" about Akelco, he can discuss it with me personally.

Mr. Chito Peralta, as I listened to his answer seemed irked because of my article, "The Absence of Empathy" published in Madyaas Pen on the March 28, 2009 issue. This was read and discussed in RGMA – DYRU in its program "Ilitsahan" in the early morning of Saturday, April 4.

What was discussed is a simple business practice, to inform in advance the clients of any change in office hours. To do this will save its clients from visiting its office to save time, money, and effort. It will avoid frustration.
However, in the whole afternoon, Tuesday, March 24, those who visited the Akelco office were frustrated because Akelco office was closed. According to the security guard, officials and personnel were gone attending sports fest. This prevented clients to transact business with Akelco like paying power bills.

The discussion on the Akelco closure in the afternoon of March 24 was so simple. It could have lasted not more than five (5) minutes if Gen. Mngr. Chito was humble to accept his lapses, and assure the clients it will not happen again.

But no, Mr. Chito kept on rationalizing the closure that it elicited more reactions from listeners. He never acknowledged the management lapse.
At the time Kaibahang Butz featured the article, I was in Balete. He asked me to give clarification about the said article. To maintain excellent radio reception, we stopped the car in Brgy. Aranas and gave my answers. After about 15 minutes, we continued the travel. We monitored the discussion while inside the moving car until we reached Mambusao, Capiz. We lost contact in Sigma.

I like to share with Gen. Mngr. Chito that I wrote my experience with Akelco with the hope to improve its services to its clients.

Akelco is people’s owned utility organization which solely distributes and sells electricity, the most valuable and important commodity. It is my function to tell the owners who are the people so that the trustees: the Board of Directors and the Akelco management group will improve the services.

Fade MKWD Bill

For my water consumption for the period March 1 to April 2, 2009, I was served a Water Bill which size is 2"X6" (two inches wide by six inches long). Much as I wished to pay immediately, I did not because I cannot read what is printed. All entries were not only blurred, but faded. If I was not advised it is a water bill from Metro Kalibo Water District, it could have been disregarded.

I immediately called up MKWD. A sweet voice responded. I identified myself and requested her name too. She replied, "This is complaint". Ah! "Good morning, Miss Complaint," I greeted her. We both laughed. I told her about the condition of the water bill I received. She referred me to the "Billing" which sent me a one page short coupon bond size bill prepared by Ms. Maerecel D. Cajuday, Clerk Processor – B, and noted by Ms. Gildane Y. Briones, Cust. Service Officer – B.

I hope MKWD can improve the quality of the materials being used in its Billing Notice.

The bill covers the one month period Madyaas Pen consumed which is two (2) cubic meters of water only. For it, I paid P340 for that water and added P10 more for "meter rental".

53rd Aklan Day

On April 25, 2009, the people of Aklan under the leadership of Governor Carlito S. Marquez will celebrate its 53rd Separation Day from the Province of Capiz. The separation of Aklan was mandated by virtue of Republic Act 1414 approved on April 25, 1956.

Aklan can boost of its cemented nautical highway beautified through re-greening program where passing along it is a pleasure. It has a God given island resort of Boracay which magnetizes hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world to visit and to enjoy the sugary white cool beach and the blue, clean waters.

The Aklanon farmers are continuously produ-cing food for the people with plenty to spare with other people in other provinces. Local in-dustries are progressive be in handicraft, furniture, and others.

Though comparatively small both in area and population, Aklan is blessed with two airports where a limited flights from other countries land. Caticlan Airport is the third busiest airport in the Philippines. Almost all coastal towns have constructed piers to serve inter provincial vessels. The Caticlan Jetty Port is serving as gateway to Panay and Negros.

In this Aklan Day, let us count our blessings and thank our God for His generosity. Where we are weak, let it be strengthened to untie our people from poverty. /MP

10th Aklan Piña & Fiber Festival Showcases Aklan’s Best Products

One of the highlights of the 53rd Anniversary of the province of Aklan will be the weeklong 10th Aklan Piña & Fiber Festival (Fiber Fest) on 20 – 26 April 2009. The main venue will be the Trade Hall, Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan. The opening program and the theme unveiling will be on 20 April at 3:00 in the afternoon.

The Fiber Fest will showcase Aklan’s best products: piña, abaca, raffia fibers, loomvowen fabrics, fashion accessories, gifts, furnishings, and decorative crafts, processed meat and fish products, bakery and confectionary products, ornamental plants and cutflowers.

Other exhibits will include:

1. Contemporary Lifestyle Setting of Living Spaces by PJ Arañador, a world renowned Lifestyle Designer; and

2. One-Town-One Product (OTOP) booths of all 17 municipalities of Aklan and community-based organizations and agencies.

Guests and visitors will enjoy the festive mood of Fiber Fest at Tsibugan sa Kapitolyo with nightly dinner and entertainment events at the Provincial Capitol Grounds. Gastronomic, native, and gourmets foods will be made available by local restaurateurs and concessionaires amidst live bands’ music.

Fashion creations, apparels, and designs of Aklan’s local designers and couturiers will be unveiled in the Aninag Indigenous Fibers Fashion Show at 7:00 p.m. on April 23 at the ABL Sports Complex, Capitol Site. Ramp models for the Aninag will be led by the Honorable Governor Carlito S. Marquez, the Honorable Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo with other local government executives and officials.

The Fiber Fest is a showcase of public partnership of the Provincial Government of Aklan, the Congressional District Office, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Fiber Industry Development Authority, the Aklan Piña Manufacturers and Traders Association, Inc., the Hugod Aklanon Producers Association, Inc., and the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. – Aklan Chapter. /MP

My Roadside Garden

This picture at left is a portion of the 117 meters long frontage of a lot in Badio, Numancia. Before the re-greening program in Aklan, only Mahogany trees grew.

To cooperate and to entice more participation in the re-greening program, this area was registered as participant. Measuring two meters from the road edge, various flowers and ornamental plants were planted. Today, Marigold, and Bougainvillea are flowering. Bromeliads, Crotons, Sansevieria and Draecena are blooming. The pruned mahogany trees are green. The vacant space is now a lawn. What a beauty to behold! More so taking care of the garden is an excellent theraphy. /MP

Issues and Concerns on Poverty Alleviation as Aklan Celebrates 53rd Foundation


Picture above shows guests of the Kapehan sa Aklan on April 11 who are (l to r) PAPI Pres. Johnny P. Dayang, Kalibo SB member Mark V. Quimpo, ACC Dean Manolita Acevedo, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mijares discussing the theme, "The Significance of Death and Resurrection of Christ", and Atty. Florencio Gonzales.

Engr. Roger Esto, Prov’l. Planning and Development Coordinator was the lone guest of Kapehan Sa Aklan on April 4, 2009. He discussed the 53rd anniversary celebration preparation. Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino in his opening statement, cited pertinent objectives as way to assess significant strides achieved over time in socio-economic, cultural, scientific and technological fields. RA 1414 authored by then Cong. Godofredo P. Ramos formally separated Aklan from its mother province of Capiz on April 25, 1956.

The theme of the 11 day event is "Creating Oppor-tunities in Adversity." This is a resounding call for taking positive action to reverse disastrous economic down-turn and the impact of typhoon Frank. The recovery can be in implementing cost effective productivity enhancement technologies available from academe and research institutions. Filipinos are known to be resilient and able to survive both in tough and best of times.

There is passionate appeal for Gov. Marquez’ grassroots poverty alleviation referring to his catchwords: "Owa’t ginaga-id sa kapobrehan" and "Suk-ean ro kapobrehan." Public perception is diametrically opposed to high stakes infra development like Nursing and Hospital building and Calangcang Sports complex rather than investing on employment generation activities like processing of traditional raw materials from abaca, coconut, fish, and others into high end products for exports market.
In his SOPA on January 29, 2009 incremental employment for directly and indirectly impacted projects fell short by 30 percent because of typhoon Frank. In addition, lack of medical drugs in hospital pharmacy stockroom deemed vital to health and recovery of patients while getting expensive products from outside sources are fueling serious concerns over inability of LGU’s to respond to the needs of poverty stricken families.

Others feel innovation is key to expedite economic recovery. Whatever slogan it is of Cable News Network can be appropriate enough: Navigate, Survive and Thrive. It should be noted that Aklan was on its knees after typhoon Frank did heavy collateral damages on June 21, 2008.

Highlighting the celebration is the prestigious Outstanding Aklanon award that covers 12 categories. The Search Committee started a month ago and will announce the awardees two weeks before actual award ceremonies on April 25. This mechanism hopes to avert lapses as concerned citizens give vital background info about a choice nominee. Indeed the task of selecting from among dozens of candidates are daunting challenges since awardee would be looked up to as paragons of excellence whose lifetime works are worthy of emulation and inspiration for others.

Major events include intergovernmental sportsfest to start April 13, skills training on April 17, chess tournament on April 18, mountain bike race on April 19, opening of agro-industrial fair on April 20, launching and deployment of artificial corral reefs on April 21, Concert at the Park on April 22, Ornamental Garden Show on April 23, Dog Show/Prov’l. employees dance competition on April 24, Thanksgiving Mass, Civic Military Parade, Award Ceremonies for Outstanding Aklanons, Regreening and Beautification Contest on April 25 and Fiesta bonanza, closing/awarding ceremonies of floats, one town-one product and booths on April 26.

On the Other hand, allocation of P1.7 billion for Aklan under the "Bangon Panay Fund" is under Congress deliberation. The money is intended for construction of flood control project on Aklan river deemed critical to towns of Kalibo and Numancia. Unusual delay however in approval and release of funds draw ire of Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Executive Director, Aklan Rivers Development Council and Action Officer of Task Force Bangon Aklan. Quimpo believes less talk and more action is essential in this economic recovery efforts. "There should be a time frame if one is serious enough," he stressed.

Meanwhile, Engr. Esto revealed the Prov’l. government of Aklan plans to buy light marine transport of Engr. Jonathan Salvador of New Washington, Akan to be fitted with dredging equipment and accessories for desilting shallow riverbeds. This will prevent or minimize disastrous floodwaters and reclaim shallow portion of the delta in Bakhaw Norte.

Suggestive questions asked to our provincial administrators are: Does local economic stimulus spending include human resource development? Is concrete fortification and dredging operation guarantee that flashfloods of June 21 typhoon Frank magnitude be a thing of the past? 3. Since nearby hills and mountains are bald and riverbeds system heavily silted, will infra development be centered in the vicinity of Poblacion, Kalibo and Bulwang, Numancia? 4. Are the locals be given preferential treatment in construction projects rather than outsiders brought in by winning bidders based from other provinces? 5. Will a greater portion of the P1.7 billion be spent on reforestation and conservation measures to employ thousands of Aklanons and mitigate global warming?

RHU Implements Inter-local Health Zone

Delivery of primary health care services was a hot topic at the recent weekly Kapehan forum. Invited guests were Drs. Jocelyn T. Garcia and Melanie V. Tolentino of Rural Health Unit (RHU), Kalibo. They discussed the implemen-tation of Interlocal Health Zone in support to the Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008. The strategy use is to divide the province into three geographic areas under a lead catchments area which are Eastern Aklan local health zone (Kalibo), Northwest (Buruanga), and Southwest (Ibajay).

Based on the operational plan, P150,000 shall be contributed by each participating local govern-ment unit, the common fund to be used to purchase quality but affordable medicines. The drug prescription is either done by government physician or private practitioner. It can be sourced at the nearest Babalikan Pharmacy located at RHU lead interlocal health zone.

Accessibility would drastically cut expenses and travel time critical for survival and well being of patients. It is known that some remote barangays are not connected to well pave roads and bridges, hence the cogent reason for everyone’s support.

At the barangay level, former Botika sa Barangay will be revived with financial and training input from Dept. of Health (DOH). Requirements are simple to comply: Barangay Council resolution and letter of intent addressed to Regional Director, DOH, Iloilo City. On stream is P20,000 worth of assorted medicines for sale at reasonable cost to families payable on cash and carry basis. Local Barangay Health Workers shall be tapped to dispense drugs after completion of a short term training by DOH.

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo recalled that he had serious reservation about DOH being devolved to LGU’s without corresponding budgetary appropriation in place. This is the reason why medical supplies at Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital do not come up to optimum standard being a second level referral hospital.

On the other hand, Atty. Jose Soñing Tumbokon was impressed by the P142 million hospital building, a loan of Aklan from Land Bank of the Philippines. Definitely, road to good health and long life depend on generous consumption of home grown fruits and vegetables like papaya, bananas, camote tops, alugbate, tomatoes, egg-plant, and others. /MP

Roxas Seeks Inquiry Into DepEd’s ALS for Out-of-School Youths, Adult Learners

Senator Mar Roxas filed a resolution which seeks an inquiry by the Senate into the success and impact of the Department of Education’s Alternative Learning System (ALS) programs intended to address the special learning needs of marginalized learners.

Roxas, in filing Senate Resolution no. 967, stressed there is a need to determine efficiency and effectiveness of the ALS programs parallel to its objective of making quality education available for out-of-school youth and adult learners.

"Educationi is impor-tant. It is the government’s duty to put in place alternative means for the education of those who are not able to enter the formal education system because of poverty," said Roxas.

As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, he revealed, "I support the Alternative Learning System, that is why I want to know if this is being implemented properly."

He said senators should look into how government has carried out its constitutional mandate to "protect and promote the rights of all citizens to quality education at all levels" and to "take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.’

The ALS system was among the workable methods in the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 (Republic Act 9155) which government could tap to address the special learning needs of out-of-school youths and undereducated adults.

ALS is an independent complete learning system crafted to address the various learning styles and needs of learners. Learners are given full discretion of the kind and method of learning they wish to have, including the use of information technology.

The Visayan senator said aside from assessing the program’s efficacy, the Senate committee should also check the budgetary support given by the government to the Bureau of Alternative Learning System, which is tasked to oversee the implementation of the ALS programs.
He noted reports that the BLAS gets less than one percent of the annual budget allocation given to the Department of Education. /MP

The Significance of Death and Resurrection of Christ

In observance of the Lenten season, Kapehan sa Aklan on April 11 had the theme, "The Significance of Death and Resurrection of Christ". PAPI Pres. Juan P. Dayang greeted the guests led by Fr. Am Mijares, ACC, Dean Manolita Acevedo, Atty. Olin Gonzales, Atty. Plaridel Morania, and Kalibo SB member Mark Quimpo among others. Atmosphere was subdued and contemplative as speakers delved on traditional Christian beliefs, tradition and virtues. The majority present including former Cong. Allen S. Quimpo spoke from laymen’s point of view though they touched on fundamental faith and doctrine. Detached from the prevailing view herewith is my opinion on the theme.

The supreme sacrifice of Jesus, the God-Man paved the way for fallen men to regain glory and honor in the kingdom of God. Our first parents Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and so sin dominated our existence (Rom. 5:12). Penalty for sin is death and eternal banishment from his presence. But God loves sinners and only hates sin. Out if His agape love, He sent His only begotten Son to the world that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16).

Jesus, the man of sorrows fulfilled all righteousness so that this gift of eternal life could be given to us by grace. John the Baptist testified of Him, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. (John 1:29)
Wordly man including Jesus’ disciples could not comprehend why the messiah would suffer and die. Peter and John have strong objections vowing to die with Him if needed. But the Pharisees, Sadducees and members of the Jewish Sanhedrin wanted Jesus to be put to death. Later, they found a man ready to betray his master and his name – Judas Iscariot.

The suffering and death of Christ were only a manifestation of man’s depravity and hopelessness. Nevertheless, shedding of blood is necessary for the remission of sins. Indeed, He was wounded for our transgression and with His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5) Paul corroborated the prophet by saying, "For our sake He made Him to be sin so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Cor 5:21)

Thus, it is written that Christ should suffer and on the third day risen from the dead. (Luke 24:46). Happy Easter!

Fr. Mijares challenged the media to have a change of heart and mind as we carry our cross daily in triumph over our weaknesses. We are God’s messengers regardless of who we are and what we are. Definitely, God can transform us from our heart of stone into bread that satisfies. This is dependent upon one condition: "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things shall be yours as well." (Mt. 6:33)

Dean Acevedo said that she found solace and contentment after clinging to the Lord in times of crisis. Death of her husband in the 1990’s and the ensuing court litigations might have wearied her to the bone but thanks be to God she emerged victorious over the ordeal.

Meanwhile, Brgy. Capt. Mary Jane A. Rebaldo echoed the same predicament over her trials in life. Although sufferings and misfortunes afflicted her family (she was widowed much earlier than Dean Acevedo, followed by election protest against her son Mayor Rebaldo) she believes blessings far outnumber sufferings. She maintains that faith in God is the secret of her enduring strength to raise and nurture six children and gave them college education.

The message of Atty. Gonzales is centered on forgiveness of sins as mentioned in the Lord’s prayer. Necessarily, it must also include reparation for past misdeeds whether in the illicit acquisition of wealth or dispensation of justice. This calls to mind Zaccheus, a publican and tax collector who surrendered himself to the Lord and all his earthly possessions. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Daldalerang Kabayo
Nakakita eon baea kamo it kabayong naga hambae? Kon owa pa, basaha raya.

Sa isaeang ka hacienda, guina panag-iyahan ni Don Pepot, may isaeang ka solterito nga manog tatap, kon katon pa, bakero it kabayo nga pangkarera ni Don Pepot. Ro anang ngaean hay si Moreng. Ro trabaho ni Moreng hay magpakaon it lasaw ag bitamina sa mga kabayo nga guina padaeagan sa karera.

Ro paboritong kabayo ko Don hay si Golden Bell. Separado ra imaw sa ibang kabayo tongod raya ro naga tao it abong kwarta kay Don Pepot.
Sa katapusan nga karera, napaki ro paboritong kabayo ag inapok ro naga sakay nga ginete. Guin paboeong si Golden Bell ogaling, mabuhayan pa parabil makabalik sa karera.

Masubo guid si Don Pepot sa nagtuhaw nga disgrasiya. Samtang naga pakaon si Moreng sa ibang kabayo, nakabati imaw it may naga hambae.
"Dali-dali-a man rekara ay gutom nga gutom eot-a kami", sinana ko limog. Sin-o ro naga hinambae ngaron ay owa man it tawo? Kon imahinasyon eamang ra hay basi nagsaea eang imaw it pamati.

Naduhungan imaw, si Moreng. "Hay, ham-an it naga tinindog ka pa rikaron?" Padayon nga naghambae ro limog. Paglingot nana hay owa man it tawo kundi kabayo ro anang hakita.

"Ikaw baea ro naga hambae?" pangutana ni Moreng sa Kabayo. "Hay sin-o pa abi? Ako si Perfidia, ro daldalerang kabayo. Singhana ro imong amo nga ako ro maboeos kay Golden Bell", hambae it kabayo. Hakibot si Moreng. "Paano makadaug rayang kabayo ay owa man it praktis ag maniwang pa," sa paino-ino ni Moreng.

Guin sugid nana ro tanan kay Don Pepot. Para indi imaw mawad-an it entry sa karera, guin palista nana si Perfidia. Pagkakita ko mga kontra it Don hay guin hibaygan eamang imaw ag ro iba, owa magpusta kana. Guin pilit it Don nga magpusta sa anang kabayo maskin mabug-at ro anang dughan.

Matapos ro karera, na-nguna ag nagdaug si Perfidia. Habalik ro manggad ni Don Pepot. Umpisa kato, nangin bida si Perfidia sa karerahan, ro kabayong daldalera. /MP

Roxas City News

Capiz Celebrates 108th Founding Anniversary
The province of Capiz, one of the six provinces in the Western Visayas celebrated its 108th founding anniversary as a civil government unit on April 13 to 15.

The civil government in the Philippines started when U.S. President McKinley appointed the Second Philippine Commission on March 16, 1900. This was also known as the "Taft Commission". This Commi-ssion was composed of Judge William Howard Taft, as chairman, Dr. Dean C. Worcester, Mr. Luke E. Wright, Mr. Henry C. Ide, and Prof. Bernard Moses.

The Taft Commission arrived in Manila on June 3, 1900. On July 4, 1901, the civil government was inaugurated in Manila with William H. Taft as Civil Governor.

The civil government of Capiz was established by virtue of Act No. 115 on April 15, 1901 by the Philippine Commission headed by Taft. Varied activities lined up for this celebration includes on April 13 – Bike Tour; Tagbuanay (Civic Parade); Misa Pasalamat (Thanks-giving Mass) at the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral; Bungad (Flag Raising/Opening Program) in front of the Provincial Capitol; Fiesta Capiznon at the Capiz Gym (Villareal Stadium).

Patubas (Blessing/Inauguration/Launching of Projects with all Departments’ Highlights of Services; Tyangge/Kusina sa Parke (Craft & Food Fair) at the Provincial Park; Tunog Capiznon/Show Band/Live Band and Dungog Capiznon at the Capiz Gym.

On April 14, Pag-ulikid (Farmers and Fisherfolks’ Day, Surgical/Dental Services; Street Children Feeding Program); Tyangge/Kusina sa Parke (Crafts & Food Fair); Tunog Capiznon (Live Band Entertainment); observance of the 61st death anniversary of the late President Manuel Acuña Roxas who died of a heart attack after delivering an impassioned speech in defense of democracy at Clark Air Field, Pampanga on April 15, 1948. Roxas died at the age of 56.

The city government headed by Mayor Vicente B. Bermejo have likewise prepared programs of activities such as Misa Pasalamat (at the IM Cathedral, Paghanduraw (Pres. Manuel A. Roxas Day Celebration) – wreath laying at the President Manuel A. Roxas Monument at the city plaza; Pag-Ulikid (Pass-porting Services at the Provincial Capitol); Hugyaw Capiz (Entertainment/performances with Live Band at Villareal Stadium and in front of the Provincial Capitol; and Fireworks Competition at the Villreal Stadium.

Capiz Organizes New Media Group

A new media group was formed after attending the two day journalism seminar-workshop congress spon-sored by The Visayas Inquirer held at the 3rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army, Camp Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz, March 27-28.

Among the invited speakers were Press Sec. Cerge M. Remonde, whose message was presented by his friend, Paul Kubahib and Cesar A. Cobrador who spoke responsible journalism.

According to the organizer, Remie L. Roberto of the Visayas Inquirer, the Congress focused on "Empowering Government Information Officers Communication Skills".

The officers of the media organization known as the Government Info Officers Association of Capiz, said Roberto are: Dr. Guillermo Legada, Jr. of Capiz State University (CAPSU), president; Gerard Lee Atienza, CAPSU, vice president; Jennylyn Lana, (CAPSU), secretary; Normon Laurista (CAPSU), business manager; Veronica E. Albaladejo (CAPSU), treasurer.

Media representatives: Rector John Latoza (CAPSU-Burias); Sharon Halamane (CAPSU-Dumarao);Arlene Gonzales (CAPSU-Tapaz); Luis Pula (CAPCU-Poblacion); Ma. Emelyn Sweetie (LGU-Jamindan); Cheryl de los Santos (LGU-Ivisan); Mary grace Molina (DENR) ; Leverlyn Cerujano (Prov’l Police Office; Alger O. Inocencio (Roxas City Tourism Office) and Benny Cortes ( Roxas City LGU). The adviser is Remie L. Roberto, bureau chief, TVI. /MP

On Unsolved Murder Cases Involving Media People

Villar: "Government Must Resolve
Them Soonest".
Sen. Manny Villar urges the government to take appropriate measures needed for the early resolution of and to improve conviction rate of unsolved murder cases involving media people.

"It is very troubling that despite the constitutional guarantee on freedom of expression, a spate of killings on members of media has numbered at a record high of 100 since 1999, shown to the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines," Villar said as he filed Senate Resolution 954.

The resolution noted that according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), the Philippines ranks 6th out of 14 countries in the 2009 Global Impunity Index and has an impunity index rating of 0.289 unsolved journalists murders per one million inhabitants. The CPJ is a US-based non-profit organization founded in 1981 in response to harassment to journalists by authoritarian government. In 1992 their compilation of journalists killed in the line of duty including the Philippines began.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) reported that since 2001, some 26 cases of media killings have been filed in court but only two ended up in convictions. While the country has a vibrant press that takes its watchdog role seriously, it is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a reporter.

"The assaults on journalists are becoming more brazen which do not only suppress press freedom but freedom of expression and the people’s right to know as well. The crisis of news safety has reached an intolerable level and must be addressed urgently," Villar added.

Senator Villar noted that the Supreme Court has favorably acted on request for change of venue in murder cases involving journalists to make sure that decisions are not tainted and manipulated by those involved and that justice may be served swiftly. He likewise recommended that the increasing number of murder cases involving journalists may be solved thru 1. assigning sufficient prosecutors and investigators to similar cases; 2. moving trials to safe and impartial venues; 3. protecting witnesses; and 4. provide high-level political backing for all these efforts.

"I am deeply concerned about the killings of journalists in the Philippines . And I want the government to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the killings. I am expecting too of concrete results with the actual conviction of those guilty of crimes within a reasonable time period," Senator Villar said. /MP

ATI’s Farmer Field School

Bountiful harvest displayed in the One-Town-One Product booth during the 2008 Aklan Day Celebration. (MP file photo)

Secretary of Agriculture Arthur C. Yap will be the guest of honor and speaker during the graduation program of the graduates of the Farmers’ Field School (FFS). The graduation ceremonies will be held on April 24, 2009 in the Amphitheatre, Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan.

Some 725 rice farmers will be awarded their Certificate of Completion of the Season – Long Rice Production Course according to Dr. Allan V. Alimodian, center director, Agricultural Training Institute, Banga, Aklan.

The FFS graduation program is one of the highlights of the 53rd Aklan Day Celebration.

The 725 rice farmers come from the eight municipalities of Aklan. They studied rice production in all stages from land preparation to harvesting on site during the dry cropping season in December 2008 to April 2009, reported Dr. Eden Bautista of ATI.

Dr. Benny A. Palma will welcome the graduates, guests, and visitors. Dr. Alimodian will present the farmer graduates whom ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot will confirm their graduation.

Sec. Yap, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, and Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores will distribute the certificates to the graduates. After this, Gov. Marquez and Cong. Miraflores will deliver their messages. DA Regional Director Larry P. Nacionales will introduce the keynote speaker and guest of honor Sec. Arthur R. Yap who is expected to discuss food security program.

Testimonies of the importance of the FFS and what they learned in training will be given by Laverina I. Nacabuan of Lilo-an, Malinao and Joniel G. Quisoy of Buenavista, Nabas, Aklan.

William B. Castillo, Aklan Provincial Agricul-turist will deliver the closing statements. /MP