Friday, October 31, 2008


By: Clouds S. Lunn

The Infant Jesus Academy celebrated United Nations 2008 with the theme: “ONE WORLD FOR MARY”, last October 25, 2008 at the Infant Jesus Academy school campus, Kalibo, Aklan.

The celebration’s made it possible thru the collective efforts of the IJAians students, Teachers and the IJA Kalibo Family Council, led by Honorable Soviet Dela Cruz as the president. The students transformed their classrooms into microcosm or miniatures of selected nations from different parts of the world like France, Egypt, Japan and Mexico, among others. Others presented dances of different countries like Cyprus, India, Bangladesh, Iran, China, Egypt, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Jamaica, Hawaii, U.S.A, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Hungary, Spain and Argentina.

According to Ms. Karina Garcia Mallonga, the school’s Administrator, “the students have done extensive research on the countries assigned to them. The highs school students studied the different aspects of the culture of their assigned countries, and in doing so this brings them to a closer understanding of other people.”

During her welcome remarks why she chose the theme ONE WORLD FOR MARY, Mrs. Mallonga shared, “I hope to convince all of us that the peoples of the world may be united in the Blessed Mother. She is our strongest advocate, and if we continue praying for intercession, I firmly believe that God will grant our prayers for understanding, peace, and unity among the nations of the world.”

Mrs. Mallonga was dressed as a Malaysian woman during the program. She chose the costume to emphasize that in observing UN Week, we are also celebrating world peace and unity, and that as Catholics, we pray for one, united world under the special protection of our Blessed Mother. Moreover, by wearing the costume, she simply explained that, “we regard Islam as a world that is diametrically opposite Christianity. Many of us may be surprised to learn that Muslims love Mary, the mother of Jesus. In their holy book, the Q’uran, a whole chapter is devoted to the Blessed Virgin whom they call MARIAM. The Virgin Mary plays a very significant role in the Islamic faith. She is an example and a sign for all people.”

Some outputs of the students like paintings, murals and art works were collaborative efforts of students and teachers that are exhibit all around the walls inside the school building.

The IJA Kalibo Family Council even presented a dance number and the program ended with everyone in costume including teachers singing, WE ARE THE WORLD!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Global Financial Crisis
The Alternative With Philippines As Model

by Allen Salas Quimpo, LL.B., MMPM
NVC Institute of Public Policy Studies

Two very important events have shown clearly a need to review the modern global economic order characterized by globalization, liberalization, privatization, free enterprise and multi-national enterprise, both as an economic philosophy and a socio-political policy.
The first is the global financial crisis. Technically, they explained that the cause is the defect in the “New Financial Architecture”. Or the globally integrated system of giant banks, conglomerates, financial investment houses, and their interlocking derivatives that have become so big, independent, multi nationals and hardly regulated by rules, even by government. In layman’s term, bigness and its defects. This has cast serious doubts to the fundamental economics system being practiced in the world today. No amount of growth, knowledge, talents, progress, glory could ever erase the fact that the system is flawed. It could not justify the inequity, social disorder, economic gap, political turmoil that this system has heaped upon humankind and the environment. Bigness is good is proven wrong. Lehman Brothers, the biggest investment bank. AIG, America’s biggest insurance company. CitiBank, Bank of Scotland, Lynnch & Merrill, Iceland. Look at the staggering amount of hundreds of billions in bailing out not only countries, but the big global and multinational giants. They have nothing to justify except their irrelevance. They have nothing to show except their heavy load to the people of the world.
Bigness is dehumanizing. The greatest exploitation of man against man occurred under this Order. In their desire for wealth, output and income, human existence both in values and quality of life became distorted. The Filipino Diaspora resulted to almost both in values and quality of life became distorted. The Filipino Diaspora resulted to almost 10 percent of our valuable manpower to leave our country, leave their love ones in exchange of the dollars. Many suffer in the hands of unjust employers and unjust employment relationship. Oftentimes, they are treated as chattels, not human. The families left behind bring untold social and family disorder.
Bigness is unsustainable. Like a balloon, it would have to burst. This Order feeds on human greed. Greed that is without limit. What is man that he should strive to be greater than God? Man’s physical being is naturally limited and his existence finite. For the Filipino, our average age limit is 70 years old. Yet Man craves for wealth, and means without limit. Without “enoughness”. One should realize that man is created small and small is beautiful. It is not alone in the exploitation of man against man that this Order inflicts. It covers the exploitation of man against our natural resources, against mother earth herself. Earth is finite. Our natural resources are finite. Yet, when one considers the supply of our fossil fuel, our forest, our seas, their exploitation are without limit. They are traded as daily income. Note the price of oil being traded daily. From the economist’s view, fossil fuel is not income but capital, because it is not renewable and the subject to eventual depletion. Further, this results to pollution and pollution to global warming. Mother earth has her natural way of resisting and reacting. Drought, floods and other natural disasters come in greater and more serious frequency and severity. Hundreds of thousands perished and millions rendered homeless.
This is the time to redefine “human well being”. Let us put an end to the standard that “human well being” is measured by the amount of annual consumption or per capita income he has. Never assume that the more he consumes, the better man he becomes. Believe that the “well being” of a person is his ability to preserve the environment as when he comes, to be aware of his needs and limit excesses in life, in consumption, in adopting the right attitude and viewpoint to life. We should review the measure of the national well being as the increase in the GNP. The Philippines is a case in point where the increase in the GNP did not bring national “well being” to the Filipinos. Rather, as statistics show, it brought about the increasing number of poor people and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.
Believing that great challenges provide greater opportunities, now is the time to lead a revolution in building a strong economic order as small people matters.
An order completely the reverse of this flawed “favored giant businesses”. An Order that adopts a community based, decentralized, autonomous economic structure and localized self–sustaining economic relationship. The Philippines is possessed with the right profile to emerge as a model of this economic philosophy. Consider the following data: 99.6 percent of all business is small and medium scale enterprises; 70 percent of all labor force is employed by the SME’s; 93 percent of all materials are locally produced, and mostly indigenous. Coupled by the artistic, creative, inherent talents and skills of our rural entrepreneurs, our SME’s are producing globally superior products. With the international awareness to use indigenous, organic components in products, the Philippines has the advantage of attracting well meaning customers. Consider Aklan’s three raw materials, abaca, coconut and our forest products. The first is the world’s strongest fiber, the other is the miracle tree. The third, our forest is the biggest in Region 6. They are the environmentalists and our province’s valuable resource.
However, the sad fact shows only 10 percent of our SME’s have access to credit and financial assistance. Our financial and credit lending institutions as well as our policy makers have always shown bias in favour of the big business. This favour is shown by a prohibitive, voluminous bank requirements which practically renders access by SME’s impossible. There was only one truly pro-poor credit program worthy of remembrance: the Masagana 99 Rice Productivity program under President Marcos in the early 70s. It has succeeded in increasing production, extended credit to millions and millions of farmers, enabled the country to export rice, raised the economic and personal dignity of farmers and provided intermediate technology in the rice industry. This was discontinued upon pressure by the rich agricultural producing counties which caused policy distortion by making imports easier and cheaper than supporting our productivity. As a result, we experience queuing and suffering from this flaw. Let this remind us of a chance that was lost.
The anti-poor, anti-small and medium scale policy is even made more profound by the investment policies of government owned financial and quasi-financial institutions like the GSIS, SSS, and BSP. In the case of GSIS, it decided to invest $2.5 billion of its investment funds in the global market, appointing and paying hefty millions of dollars to foreign fund managers. In its charter, it has 11 areas of investments. 10 are within Philippine jurisdiction. Only one is foreign. The GSIS neglected the 10 and chose the foreign. This is not only taking out much needed capital from our SME’s, not only as evidence of lack of trust in our people, but a grievous and unforgivable sin to the millions of GSIS members from whose contributions this money came. Members have been short changed both in service and benefits. It is but right and proper that GSIS management should be made to explain and forego with this madness. Madness when one has to consider the global financial crisis.
In advocating for a policy change, in demanding change in our government officials, it is never complete unless change start with us, our values, perspective, discipline and patriotism. We must be ready to forego personal gains in favour of the general welfare and sustainable development. It will require more than a change in attitude. It will need a change of heart. With love and God, nothing is impossible. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Will Make Life Miserable: Gonzalez

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has designated Secretary of Justice Raul Gonzalez, Sr. chair of the Panay Island Rehabilitation and Restoration Task Force. Arroyo designated Gonzalez chair through Administrative Order No. 230 dated July 25, 2008.
The order specifically mandated the task force to lead in the rehabilitation of Panay Island and other provinces of Western Visayas damaged by typhoon Frank on June 21, 2008. Under the command of Gonzalez are the members of the task force. They are RDC chair, Governor Salvacion Zaldivar–Perez of Antique, governors and city mayors of affected provinces and representatives from the following offices: HUDCC, DA, DSWD, DPWH, DOT, Budget, DND, DILG, DOLE, DTI and the private sector.
The task force proposed a P15 billion budget, but it was scaled down to about P10 billion.
But Iloilo Provincial governor Niel Tupas, Sr. wants Gonzalez to resign his justice portfolio before he assumes the chairmanship of the Panay rehabilitation task force. According to Tupas, it is illegal and unconstitutional for Gonzalez Sr. to handle two government positions at the same time. Moreover, Governor Tupas, Sr. “warned that the fund would be in danger if Gonzales is made to handle it.” The fund might be misused and further Gonzalez’ political plan.
Tupas suggested it will be for the best interest of Panay people if the task of overseeing the Panay Rehabilitation Fund is given to a non politician.
Upon hearing it, Sec. Gonzalez warned, he “will make life miserable” for Tupas who simply laughed off the warning.
Let Sec. Raul Gon-zalez, Sr. and Gov. Niel Tupas, Sr. quarrel but let not the rehabilitation of Panay place in jeopardy.
Stop Smoking
On October 17, 2008, the Board of Directors, Rotary Club of Kalibo held its meeting in the residence of Atty. Immanuel Sodusta in Estancia, Kalibo. One of the matters approved is a resolution to make the Rotary Livelihood and Training Center Clubhouse smoking free.
The said resolution was published in the Budyong issued on October 21. Budyong is the weekly official publication of the Rotary Club of Kalibo.
During the Rotary Club meeting held in the evening on Oct. 21 in the Rotary Clubhouse, nobody from the officers and members dared smoke. The atmosphere was so clear. Everybody got fresh breaths. May this trend continue not only in the RC Kalibo clubhouse but in all places we will visit especially in Aklan.
SP Trip To China
A trip to the Peoples Republic of China is arranged for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) members of Aklan for observation studies. The delegation head of course is Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo. She is also the presiding officer of the SP.
The delegation will stay in China for one week to conduct observation studies on agriculture and tourism. They are scheduled to leave for China on Monday, October 27, 2007.
A travel study is one of the best means of education. And there are many things to learn in China. One thing to emulate from the Chinese is their work habits. They are dedicated and honest workers. For an employee, he sees to it that he produces goods or services more than the value of his wage being received. This enables his employer to profit out of his job thereby enabling the employer to continue his business and maintain more employees in the payroll.
This trip to China is a rare chance for our SP delegation to learn how the Chinese persevere in their jobs. They will learn how the Chinese conduct jobs for themselves or for their employers.
It is just too bad the delegation is not complete because the following who begged off from joining the entourage. Hon. Nemesio P. Neron, Hon. Rodson Mayor, Hon. Plaridel M. Morania, and Hon. Pedro M. Garcia. Hon. Junrey Tordecillas of the Sangguniang Kabataan cannot join the trip for his inability to secure Chinese Visa. /MP

Numancia Wins 2 Nutrition Regional Awards

by Ronald T. Rogan, Jr.

Mayor Elverita Templonuevo, Vice Mayor Evangeline Ibabao and the delegation of the Municipality of Numancia handling the banner award with ASEC Maria-Bernadita T. Flores, Exec. Director of the National Nutrition Council.

The Municipality of Numancia was awarded the Most Outstanding Municipality in Region VI in the implementation of the Plan of Action for Nutrition. Along with this award is the proclamation of Numancia as the Green Banner awardee being the 1st place in the 2008 Regional Nutrition Evaluation. The two prestigious awards are received by Mayor Elverita T. Templo-nuevo and Vice Mayor Evangeline M. Ibabao together with the Numancia Municipal Nutrition Action Officer, Mrs. Amor T. Magdaluyo, SB member Arcel S. Tabuena, Liga President Favelonia S. Constantino and the members of the Numancia Municipal Nutrition Committee (NMNC), Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS), and Punong Barangays during the Nutrition Congress and Awarding Ceremony at Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iloilo City on October 15, 2008.
As the provincial winner and representative of Aklan, Ms. Nona B. Tad-y, Regional Nutrition Program Coordinator and party evaluated the Municipality on August 12, 2008. Mayor Templonuevo confirmed the participation to the said contest despite the extensive damage suffered by the town from the devastation of Typhoon Frank on June 21, 2008. The evaluators were amazed with the intact and complete records of the MNC and BNCs and the perfect result in Operation Timbang of preschoolers which received plausible feedbacks from them.
With the recognitions received, LGU Numancia is highly spirited to intensify its program on Nutrition and maintain its title in the said contest. /MP

Global Economic Crisis


Picture above shows Ms. Leonora S. Templonuevo - OIC, BSP with microphone while at left is Ms. Mae Gonzales Pador - Manager, Metrobank, Kalibo branch. At right is Miss Melanie Salazar - Manager, PNB Kalibo branch.

“Economic Recession” was the important topic discussed last Saturday, October 25 in the Kapehan sa Akean. The topic was thoroughly defined. The cause of global economic crisis as it affects the economy of the world especially the countries of the third world was discussed. The Kapehan ended at past 11 in the morning. Discussion was interesting.
Kapehan invited three lady resource persons. Ms. Leonora S. Templonuevo – Officer In-charge, Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) launched the “Tulong Barya Para Sa Eskwela”. This is a project of the BSP which has raised funds used in the procurement of instructional facilities and materials such as computers and books. The BSP wants to raise more funds for school children in the public schools.
Ms. Templonuevo explained the uses of both coins and paper money, its production cost in the printing of paper bills and minting of coins. She explained in detail how to discover fake money bills.
Ms. Mae Gonzales Pador, branch manager of Metrobank, Kalibo assured the members of the Aklan tri-media, the Philippines financial condition is highly stable. “There is no reason to fear the global crisis,” she assured. According to her, Metrobank has US$ 20.4 million investment at Lehman Brothers. It has not affected at all the Metrobank.
According Ms. Pador, the merger of smaller banks in the Philippines was triggered by Asian Economic Crisis in 1997. According to her, the cost of the use of money and services of each bank are governed by each bank policy and marketing strategy.
Miss Melanie Salazar, branch manager of the Philippines National Bank (PNB), Kalibo branch discussed PNB’s banking services, its banking days and time. She announced PNB is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. PNB is also open on Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.
PNP accepts savings deposit from OFW’s even without any minimum deposit, according to Miss Salazar. She also explained how to open all kinds of accounts available with the PNB.
Atty. Allen Salas Quimpo, president of Northwestern Visayan Colleges read his position paper. It analyzed the economic realities of the world. According to him, global crisis going on today is due to the integrated system of giant banks, conglomerates and investment financial houses.
This practice of giant banks has created inequalities and social disorders. Quimpo pointed out, “bigness is dehumanizing, the greatest exploitation of man against man as occurring under this economic order.”
“Bigness is unsustainable. Like a balloon, it would burst. Greed is without limit. What is man that he should strive to be better than God?” Quimpo asked.
Quimpo called to redefine human well being. He suggested to reverse this “flawed” for grant business as he advocated “small is beautiful”.
Quimpo recommends an order completely community based, decentralized, autonomous economic structure which the Philippines is possessed with the right profile to emerge as a model of his economic philosophy.
The anti-poor, anti-small and medium scale policy is even made more profound by the investment policies of government owned financial and quasi-financial institutions like the GSIS, SSS, and BSP. In the case of GSIS, it decided to invest $2.5 billion of its investment funds in the global market, appointing and paying hefty millions of dollars to foreign fund managers. In its charter, it has about 11 areas of investments. 10 are within Philippine jurisdiction. Only one is foreign. The GSIS neglected the 10 and chose the foreign. This is not only taking out much needed capital from our SME’s, not only as evidence of lack of trust in our people, but a grievous and unforgivable sin to the millions of GSIS members from whose contributions this money came. Members have been short changed both in service and benefits. It is but right and proper that GSIS management should be made to explain and forego with this madness. Madness when one has to consider the global financial crisis.
In advocating for a policy change, in demanding change in our government officials, it is never complete unless change start with us, our values, perspective, discipline and patriotism. We must be ready to forego personal gains in favour of the general welfare and sustainable development. It will require more than a change in attitude. It will need a change of heart. With love and God, nothing is impossible, Quimpo stressed. /MP

Aklan Press Club, NCCA Forge Agreement For Culture Promotion

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Aklan Press Club, Inc. (APCI) to promote culture and tourism in Western Visayas.
Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, APCI president, said the support of NCCA is crucial in the development and promotion of cultural tourism and projects in the region.
“The stronger linkages of NCCA and growing enthusiasm in the region enhance the activities for intercultural and artistic development. This opens opportunities for local organizations to expand cultural programs in the communities,” he added.
On October 29 to 31, some 100 journalists will attend the Boracay Media Summit. Media practitioners and professionals, public information officers, student publications’ staff, communication faculty, students from the cities, and local government officials in Panay and other parts of the country are expected to attend the conference.
Villorente said the media summit with the theme “The Expanding Frontiers of Media in the Promotion and Enhancement of Culture, Tourism and Environment,” will contribute to the development of Philippine culture and the arts.
Press Secretary Jesus Dureza, Presidential Assistant on Culture and Executive Director Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, Bohol Rep. Edgardo Chato and Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) Chairman Prospero Pechay are expected to grace the media summit. Mr. Juan P. Dayang, PAPI President announced the invited guests have already confirmed their attendance.
The NCCA is a government agency created by virtue of Republic Act No. 7352 in April 1992 to encourage the continuing and balanced development of a pluralistic culture of the people and to conserve and promote the nation’s cultural heritage.
It also ensures the widest dissemination of artistic and cultural products. It preserves and integrates traditional culture and its various creative expressions as a dynamic part of the national cultural mainstream. /MP

BCCI Statement On Boracay Land Titling

The Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry declares its full support to the enactment into law of House Bill No. 1109.
The Boracay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, PCCI-Boracay, welcomes the latest Supreme Court decision affirming the validity of Presidential Proclamation No. 1064 which classified more than half of Boracay Island as alienable and disposable.
Prior to Proclamation No. 1064, the island of Boracay was never classified, as ruled by the Supreme Court. But by virtue of the classification made in the Proclamation, specific areas have been declared as alienable and disposable, and, therefore, open to titling by their current land owners. The Supreme Court has recognized the right of these land owners to apply for the titling of their properties in accordance with the existing laws.
Admittedly, the existing laws are not well-defined and do not provide for clear and definite procedures for titling of properties. House Bill No. 1109 authored by Cong. Joeben Miraflores is intended to clear these legal ambiguities, and to simplify the titling process over the alienable and disposable areas. This House Bill was passed in the lower house and is now pending in the Senate. /MP

Bailout Success Helps Stabilize Boxing Business

Now that the US Lower House has okayed in the second round of voting the economic rescue bill it had earlier junked and which was approved by the Senate, fears of decline in lucrative boxing business mostly in Las Vegas, Nevada, will now be smothered.
Business in boxing, which amounts to millions of dollars in prizes, ticket sales and promotional endorsements, had been shaken following the rejection of the same chamber in Congress of the proposed $700-billion financial industry bailout in September.
“When the US economy is sick, the economy of the world is also on sick bed. Sports and entertainment will not be spared,” warned former Philippine education undersecretary and trial lawyers association president Salvador Britanico.
Although there is no direct parallelism in the Wall St. crash and the apparent thriving business in the fistic community, observers fear a volatile economy could slow down financial matters in the “red light” of sports.
The US Senate first drew the first blood by a wide margin of 74-25, thus the controversial measure that would save America from economic meltdown was thrown back in the House which concurred with its counterparts in the Upper Chamber.
The Senate and House approval came as the biggest boxing event in the United States this year kicked off its promotional tour in New York City on Oct. 2.
The House voted to concur with the Senate, which loaded the economic rescue bill with tax breaks and sweeteners designed to make the legislation more palatable to voters in the November 4 US presidential and congressional elections, several hours after Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao held a press conference on Liberty island in New York City.
Both fighters are expected to break the records in ticket sales when they square off for 12 rounds on December 6 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.
Golden Boy Promotion chief executive Richard Schaefer estimated the ticket revenue at nearly $17 million, second only to De La Hoya versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Some 33,000 tickets will be given to the fans to watch the fight on closed-circuit TV around Las Vegas, the boxing mecca of the world.
Observers had earlier expressed reservations that if the economic situation worsened, it could derail the plans of US-based promoters to bankroll more mega fights scheduled in 2009.
The rescue package, which was immediately signed by Pres. George W. Bush, allows the government to spend billions of dollars to buy bad mortgage-related securities and other devalued assets held by troubled financial institutions. It is expected to allow frozen credit to begin flowing again and prevent a deep recession.
Protect Pacquiao
As a national treasure, Manny Pacquiao should be protected by the Philippine government.
This was the assertion made recently by former Games and Amusement Board (GAB) commissioner Emmanuel “Nonong” Palabrica who expressed concern for Pacquiao in his December 6 fight “Dream Match” against Oscar De La Hoya in Las Vegas, Nevada.
“I want Manny to win but my unbiased judgement tells me that the ‘Dream Match’ might be a mismatched,” Palabrica, former legal counsel of the Pan Asian Boxing Association (PABA), said in a text message.
Palabrica added: “Please consider the following: 1. Between two good boxers, the bigger one wins and a much bigger one could demolish the smaller one. 2. Manny will be fighting in weight category not his regular fighting weight.”
Palabrica admitted that Pacquiao “had a spectacular performance versus (David) Diaz but Diaz is not in the league of De La Hoya.”
He cited the case of Roy Jones “who lost his reflexes when he went back to light heavyweight after putting a lot of weight.”
“My stand is, he (Pacquiao) is a national treasurer and should be protected. As former commissioner of professional boxing regulatory body, I believe safety of boxer must come first.” /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Si Psyche Ag Kupido
Sa bukid it Olympus nga guina estaran it mga Diyos ag Diyosa, guina dayaw ag guina samba sa anang templo si Venus tongod sa anang ka gwapa.
Ogaling iya sa eogta, may isaeang ka mortal nga guina komparar man kay Venus. Haeos tanan ro mga kabinata-an hay guina dayaw ro anang ka gwapa. Bangud kara, nagta-o it pagka hikaw ag kaakig kay Venus. Busa, guin sugo ni Venus ro anang onga nga si Kupido, agod ibaeos imaw. Paagi sa manipulasyon ni Venus, napaadto nana ro mga guinikanan ni Psyche sa templo agod mag-pangayo sa Orakulo kon ano ro swerte ni Psyche ag kon sin-o ro anang maging asawa. Suno sa Orakulo, imaw ra hay maka asawa it isaeang ka halimaw, ogaling mang-garanon ag indi nana makita ro anang asawa kundi sa boses eamang sanda maga iliba.
Nagpasugot si Psyche ag guin daea imaw sa isaeang ka kastilyo sa ibabaw it bukid. Isaeang ka maeahaeon nga ilistaran ag guin pasaylo imaw it isaeang ka limog nga tag-ana ko baeay. Sa sueod it pilang buean nga nag estar si Psyche hay guina hueat nana ro anang asawa kon gabi-i nga indi nana makita ro anang uyahon. Ogaling sa soe-soe ko anang mga magueang, nagpahaum imaw it lampara ag kutsilyo. Ko gabi-i ngaron, ka’t naga katueog ro anang asawa, guin sindihan nana ro lampara ag hakita nana ro oyahon ko isaeang ka binata nga kulot ro anang buhok ag may pakpak sa likod. Agud mahimutaran it mayad, anang guin eapit ro lampara, ogaling natueo-an it eana ro abaga it binata. Habugtaw imaw ag naakig sa asawa. Guin kabig nga owa imaw it pagsalig sa anang paghigugma. Dahilan kara, nagpanaw ro asawa ag eompad paguwa.
Nagkasubo ro daeaga. Guin inusoy nana sa kabukiran ag kagueangan ro anang asawa. Sa bulig ni Ceres, guin paadto imaw kay Venus agod mangayo it patawad. Guin akigan imaw ni Venus ag guin taw-an it mga oeobrahon parabil patawaron. Sa bulig ko anang asawa, guin buligan nana si Psyche nga owa makasayod, bangod naila eot-a kana si Kupido.
Samtang, sa katapusan nga sugo ni Venus, guin padaea kana ro kahon kay Persephone, reyna it mga kabueakan. Tongod sa anang pagiging kuryoso, guin buksan nana ro kahon nga indi guid mahimo nga mabuksan. Owa it sueod ro kahon kundi ro kahumot nga maka-patoeog. Natumba si Psyche sa katoeogon.
Sa pihak nga bahin, oeat eon ro nina ni Kupido ag hakita nana ro natabo kay Psyche. Guintipon nana tanan ro pampatoeog nga nag olipon kay Psyche ag guin sueod sa kahon ag ipilak sa dagat. Nag eopad dayon si Kupido idto sa anang Lolo nga si Zeus, hari it mga Kadiyosan.
Hapasugot man ni Zeus si Venus nga patawaron si Psyche. Pagmukeat ni Psyche, guin painom imaw it Ambrosia, aeak it mga Diyosa agod indi eon mangin masubo ag malipatan ro pagiging mortal. Guin kasae ni Zeus si Kupido ag si Psyche.
Nangin immortal eon si Psyche ag kaibahan nana ro tanan nga mga Diyos ag Diyosa sa bukid it Olympus. /MP

Newsmen Organize SP Press Corps

Another Press Club is organized in Aklan. Those Aklan members of the tri-media covering the doings of the Sangguniang Panlala-wigan (SP) of Aklan organized themselves into Aklan SP Press Corps.
Arnel C. Arrieta, Jr. was elected president. Other officers are Jun Ariolo N. Aguirre, vice president– print; Ron N. Bautista, vice president–radio; Sherry Anne T. Reunir–secretary general; Roben Laserna–treasurer; and Arnel R. Vicente–Asst. Sec. Treas.
The Board of Directors is composed of Winston H. Carillo–chairman, Che Q. Indelible, Jojit N. Reyes, Jerome T. Vega, Jodel Rentillo, Recto I. Vidal, Jose Constante I. Nartatez, Jessie Reyes, Jonathan F. Gustilo and Jonathan C. Cabrera – members. The ASPPC aims to: 1. provide a forum for the widest, relevant, accurate and timely dissemination of news, information and development; 2. establish close rapport among local media practitioners covering SP; and 3. devise media strategies to uplift the welfare and interest of its members.
The officers were sworn to office in a grandiose and elaborate induction program held on Friday evening October 17 at Nenette’s Garden, Roxas Ave. Extension, Poblacion, Kalibo.
Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo administrated their oath of office. She also gave a very heart to heart and encouraging message.
Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino represented Gov. Carlito S. Marquez in the program. /MP

What’s NEW in RICE Research?

Best Time To Harvest Rice

Feeling complacent about getting more yield because of the good standing crop on your farm? You should not be. Improper harvest management can also give you reasons to grieve over crop losses.
There are a number of easy ways to avoid these losses. Cutting and threshing the crop at the right time will ensure good grain quality, high market value, and consumer acceptance.
Farmers should harvest the crop when one-fifth or 20 percent of the grains at the base of the panicle are in hard dough stage. At this stage, most of the grains in the panicle are golden yellow. Farmers can assess the maturity by pressing a grain from the base of panicle between the thumb and forefinger.
“Reaping too early results in a higher percentage of immature grains and lower milling recovery,” explained Dr. Caesar Joventino Tado, PhilRice expert. “Reaping too late, on the other hand, increases grain shattering and excessive losses in terms of breakage during milling.”
“Threshing the palay immediately after harvest is another good practice. It should not be later than one day after reaping for wet season rice and not later than two days for dry season,” Tado stressed. “Harvested rice piled in the field for more than a day results in heat buildup in the grain. This leads to grain discoloration, which lowers the quality of milled rice.”
Also, the thresher must be clean and have correct machine settings. “The blower should be set at the correct speed (approximately 800 rpm) to provide good initial cleaning of the harvest. A high-speed setting of the threshing drum results in higher grain damage while a low speed setting increases the amount of non-threshed grain, resulting to grain loss,” Tado explained.
Proper timing of last irrigation is also recommended. “It should be one week before harvest for light-textured soils and two weeks before harvest for heavy-textured soils,” said Jovino De Dios of the Agronomy, Soils, and Plant Physiology Division, PhilRice.
“This ensures sufficient moisture to complete grain filling,” De Dios explained. “Harvest operations are also made easier and more efficient.” /MP

RDC Trains, Organizes Speakers Bureau On Food, Energy Security

by Venus G. Villanueva

A capability – building training of Speakers’ Bureau on Food and Energy Security was held recently at the Renewal House in Lapaz, Iloilo City by the Regional Development Council (RDC) and the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).
According to Hon. Salvacion Z. Perez, governor of Antique and chairperson of RDC 6, the training is necessary to equip the members of the speakers’ bureau with in-depth knowledge on the content of the information that will be disseminated.
The training is one of the specific tasks of the Sub-Committee on Information and Advocacy of RDC 6 Development Administration Committee in undertaking communication activities on food and security.
Participants came from the provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Iloilo, Negros Occidental and Guimaras, Report VI. They were from the offices of the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO); Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA); Department of Trade and Industry (DTI); National Food Authority (NFA); Philippine Information Agency (PIA) and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).
“Times are bad and things are expected to be harder with the coming of the American Financial crisis that could affect the Philippines. There are hosts of other problems – high food prices, the changing prices of oil and oil products. There is a need to inform the people why these are happening and to tell them what the government is doing to surpass the crisis”, said Atty. Ma. Janet C. Mesa, PIA 6 Regional Director. She welcomed the participants and gave the lecturette on Communication Advocacy Plan and also spearheaded the workshop on local communication advocacy plan.
The activity, according to Director Mesa, is expected to have a cascading effect to the provinces, municipalities and barangays upon the participants’ return to their respective provinces.
Topics discussed at the training included Current Issues on Food and Energy Security by NEDA VI Regional Director Ro-Ann A. Bacal; Basic Economic Theories and Concepts by Atty. Raul S. Anlocotan, NEDA VI; Food Situation, by Regional Technical Director Remelyn Recoter of the Department of Agriculture (DA) VI, Robert G. Espinosa of BFAR 6 and Assistant Regional Manager Vilma H. Zarraga of NFA VI.
Engr. Generoso P. Ardelez of NPC 6 also spoke on Energy Situation while Ms. Nona Grace D. Bermejo of DTI VI spoke on Price Act.
According to NEDA 6, workshop outputs from the provinces will serve as the basis of the participants’ activities upon their return to their respective areas.

Kalibo’s Stores Yield Negative
of Milk & Milk Products From China

Big stores in Kalibo yielded no milk and milk products from China suspected to be contaminated with melamine according to the municipality’s Inter-agency Council for Public Safety, Peace and Order. The conclusion is based on their recent ocular inspections in these establishments.
According to the office of Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, the inspections were made in compliance with memorandum dated Sept. 25 from the Department of Health (DOH).
Based on the observation of the council members, there are no melamine infected milk and milk products sold at big stores in Kalibo.
Gaisano Capital, on the other hand, displays of fresh milk products from Hong Kong under the importation of Fly Ace Corporation. RC Marketing, on the other hand, is selling cottage milk, sweet cream butter powder and SMP milk powder spring with Farmland label. The said products had no details of ingredients and the manufacturer.
Because of this, the members of the inter-agency recommended that the products should undergo testing through the Bureau of Food and Drugs to determine if these are contaminated or not with melamine. /MP

Piolo Pascual On How To Be Smart In Life

More than 10 years in showbiz has not slowed down Piolo Pascual one bit. A self-professed workaholic, Piolo fills his days with taping for shows, commercials and movies. He also trains for whatever role he has on his plate and travels a lot for shoots ¯most recently to Canberra, Australia for his movie with Angel Locsin, set for release in November.
But even workaholics need their breaks, and the 31-year old actor loves to rest and sleep a lot when he gets the time. “I try to get as much rest as I can. I go to the gym. If I have more time, I try to watch movies. I love watching movies, that’s my passion. I love watching in theaters because you get a different feeling and you get to appreciate it even more,” he shares. His love for his craft certainly encompasses the other aspects of his life and shows in his eyes and the way he talks about acting and the art of the filmmaking industry.
Piolo is also into horseback riding and was excited by the fact that he was already able to canter and gallop after just an hour of training when he started the sport. “Other than this, I like scuba diving. If I had the luxury of time, I’d just go to Anilao and dive with my friends. Try to discover more about the coral reefs. If I have more time, I’d love to go to Tubbatha Reef. Every year, I plan to go but I end up not going because of my schedule.”
The success that Piolo has accomplished can partly be attributed to how he has stayed grounded and compassionate. Piolo serves as an Ambassador of Haribon, an organization dedicated to the conservation of Philippine biodiversity. He extends a helping hand by volunteering for Gawad Kalinga. This rare and exceptional passion for helping stems from Piolo’s strong faith. The actor is active in church and leads a small group in his parish.
He also believes that education is vital which is why he sets up a school and even his own foundation. Piolo does all this anonymously and the people he helps are not even aware that they are being helped by the Piolo Pascual. Being a father, he knows how important it is to inject the right values and give children good formation.“I really encourage the youth to go to school. If they don’t have the money, we try to support them and we also try to get support from other people who have better means,” Piolo shares.
The actor sees the youth of today as more aggressive and more practical. Since technology is all over the place, people have to learn how to keep up. There are better opportunities and it is up to people to grab and make the best out of these opportunities. Everything has become accessible which means people have to be more knowledgeable about working around people and machines.
One of the more important “machines” in Piolo’s life is his mobile phone. It allows him to reach out and be reached by other people. It used to be just an accessory and a luxury item because only few could afford to buy a mobile phone but now, it’s important to have one for practical reasons. “It’s so you won’t get lost. So you can find your way around the metropolis, check where your friends are, check movie schedules. It’s really something that you need to get by.”
“What’s important is you have a good heart and a positive way of living. What keeps me grounded is knowing that none of these are mine, everything comes from the Lord and he can just take back anything he gives you.” At his age, Piolo has already achieved and proven many things but he has no plans of stopping. The plan is to move ahead and keep progressing so he can leave something that the next generation can learn from. /MP

Makato MSWD Celebrates Senior Citizen Week

by ATBaylon

Picture above shows (l to r) Fernando Magno, Felixberto C. Tabañar, Makato Mayor Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr., FSCAP-MC Pres. Rafael T. Baylon, VP Mauricio M. Antoja, Ms. Rose T. Tumbokon, Ms. Nilda F. Remegio & Ms. Tarciana C. Mationg.

The Makato Municipal Social and Welfare Development Office (MSWDO) under Ms. Nilda F. Remegio, Mun. Social & Welfare Development Officer (MSWDO) in close coordination with the office of the Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) under Ms. Tarciana C. Mationg, OSCA Head, with full support of LGU-Makato under Hon. Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr., Municipal Mayor, celebrated Senior Citizen Week (October 19-25, 2008). With the theme “Nakakatanda Huwaran at Yaman ng Bayan”, it was participated in by hundreds of Senior Citizens (SC) municipal-wide headed by Federation of Senior Citizen Association of the Philippines (FSCAP) Makato Chapter president Mr. Rafael T. Baylon.
Among prominent SC who graced the affair were former Vice Mayor Felixberto G. Tabañar, former Brgy. Captain Maria Tabanera Trinidad, Dr. Luciano T. Testa, Perla Relayson, and Mamerta T. Tumbokon.
The celebration covered series of activities such as Holy Mass Ceremony celebrated by Fr. Kenn Martin Estocado and Fr. Isauro P. David held at Sto. Niño Parish Church last Sunday morning, October 19, 2008.
Part II was a program held at AB Legaspi Memorial Hall on October 24, 2008. It was started with a prayer led by Ms. Belen Tejada; welcome address by OSCA head, Ms. Mationg; inspirational message and mass induction of SC officers of barangays Calim-bajan, Libang, Dumga and Poblacion, by Mun. Mayor Legaspi; message by FSCAP president Mr. Baylon and closing remarks by FSCAP vice president Mauricio M. Antoja, among many other activities. Lady dean of ceremony was Ms. Rose Tenaja Tumbokon.
Almost everybody expected but missed Atty. Mabini T. Tapuz to render a Kundiman song in the program. His absence was due to sudden death of his sister Ms. Ester T. Torre. But grief felt for her death was minimized as echoed by the sound of “My Song of Love” sang by SC Rosabel Tesorero.
Part III activities covered Ballroom Dancing and Singing contests as one of the highlights. Awarding of prizes to the winners, according to Social Welfare Aide Ms. Merly T. Tabernilla, were as follows: Ballroom Dancing: 1st – Mr. Billionito Ramos and Ms. Consolacion Sabino, 2nd – Mr. Doroteo Solidum and Ms. Purita Tambong – 3rd Mr. Diolito Puod and partner; Singing Contest: 1st – Ms. Maxima Tabios, 2nd Ms. Anastacia Tana and 3rd Ms. Immaculada Hugar Bello.
FSCAP – Makato Chapter president Mr. Baylon included in that weeklong SC celebration activities the long planned “Guided Educational Tour for SKs” to the farm of Banga MAFC Chairman Margarito R. Andrade, a National Awardee for “Farmer Scientist”. Andrade has plenty of environment-friendly technologies, such as low cost biogas digester that could last for ten years. It can convert livestock/poultry waste/manure to bio fuel for home or commercial uses. Mr. Baylon will reserve this activity for Mr. Keith T. Manares, MAFC Chairman to include uninformed farmers and farm youths.
In his inspirational message, Mayor Legaspi appreciated the activities of senior citizens. He mentioned SC who are treasured assets of the Makato Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council. They guide MAFC to prioritize youth development in their plans and programs for the youth to engage and enjoy food production projects other than sports activities. Among them, treasured assets of MAFC are its officers and members whose knowledge and skills are reused by younger generation.Mayor Legaspi wished long life for these “Huwaran at Yaman ng Bayan” senior citizens. Long live SC!!! /MP

Batangnons To Celebrate Father’s Day Dec. 31

by Benny Cortes

The Municipality of Batan, Aklan since 1930 has been honoring its fathers by celebrating Father’s Day every December 31. It was interrupted only during World War II for four years in 1941 to 1944.
This year’s celebration is its 176th founding anniversary with Reynaldo C. Lopez as Father of the Year for 2008. Most of the founding fathers have passed away in the great beyond. They left the younger set of fathers to continue on with the Batangnon tradition.
The pioneering fathers of the 1930’s of this town of Datu Bendahara Kalantiaw has main purpose in celebrating Father’s Day. It aims to unite the heads of families in recognition of the vital role they play in life and in society. They are responsible for the well being of their children. Father is a hero in every child’s life.
Batan maybe the only town in Aklan, if not in the entire Philippines circa 1930, which celebrates Father’s Day every New Year’s Eve. It’s a “red letter” day for all Batangnons and a much awaited date of the year. Batangnons in other places make it a point to have their visits to their hometown to coincide with the annual tradition.
The ceremonial opening of the Fathers’ Day celebration usually starts at 6:30 p.m. with cocktails, socials, meet and greet each other most especially from far away places. Then singing of the national anthem, invocation, fellowship dinner, special presentations, introduction of the Father of the Year 2008 and his family, welcome address, Rigodon de Honor participated in by illustrious fathers with their spouses and family, recognition of Batan’s distinguished fathers, parade of past fathers and spouses and family members, then dance…dance…dance with an orchestra and combo playing snappily full of life.
Election and proclamation of the next Father of the Year is held where the elected Father of the Year is “showered” with beer by fans and friends carrying him around the hall cheered and applauded by all attendees. He will then be presented with a cane, hat and a lechon head.
His acceptance speech as incoming Father of the Year follows. Fireworks display and a midnight mass usher in welcoming the New Year.
The success of the affair is measured by the number of dancers participated in by parents, the amount and quality of food, and drinks consumed and fun radiated. /MP

Roxas: 2009 Budget House Version Requires Overhaul, Decisive Senate Action

Senator Mar Roxas said last week he will press the Senate leadership, particularly Senate finance committee chair Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, to refocus the proposed 2009 national budget to make it more effective in dealing with the impact of the global financial crisis.
Roxas, chair of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce, said financial and economic assumptions in the 2009 General Appropriations Act (GAA) approved on second reading by the House of Representatives last week were based on global conditions before the financial crisis hit the US and other Western markets.
“Malinaw na malinaw na ibang-iba na ang hinaharap nating prob-lema sa susunod na taon. Dahil inaprubahan na ng Kamara ang budget, nasa Senado na ang pagbabago nito (It’s very clear that we are now facing very different situation. Since the House has already approved the budget, it’s up to the Senate to do the changes),” he said.
Roxas earlier urged President Gloria Maca-pagal Arroyo to convene a multi-party budget summit to take up the global financial crisis and its impact on the Philippines, using the proposed 2009 national budget as a tool to shield Filipinos from its direct effects.
“Kakausapin ko ang bawat Senador para ilahad sa kanila ang kahalagahan ng pagbabago ng ating mga prayoridad. Hindi pwedeng tanggapin ang pagkakulang na budget para sa agrikultura, sa edukasyon at iba pang mga programa (I will speak to each senator to convey to them the importance of this shift in our priorities. We can’t accept the inadequate funds for agriculture, education and other programs),” he added.
The Ilonggo senator said the government has to prepare for the possibility of mass layoffs among OFWs, reduced dollar remittances, lower demand for Philippine goods abroad and lower incomes for Filipino families.
“Napakalaki ang epekto nito sa atin, sa darating na buwan. Pero may magagawa ang gobyerno para iwasan ang pinakamalalang epekto nito. Kailangang kumilos agad (This will have a huge effect here, in the coming months. But the government can still avoid the worst effects of this. We have to act now),” he said.
In particular, Roxas said the 2009 budget must provide basic goods and services for the poor, such as food, education and support programs for businesses in order to weather the financial storm. /MP

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ERC Hears Akelco
Application In Pasig City
On Thursday, November 6, 2008 at the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Hearing Room, 15th Floor, Pacific Center Building, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City, an initial hearing and preliminary conference will be held. This is scheduled at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon.
The subject of the hearing is the application for the approval of Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO) emergency capital projects known as "rehabilitation and repair of damaged distribution lines, and repair of damaged Andagao office building and replacement of damaged computer equipment due to typhoon "Frank", with prayer for provisional authority".
ERC docketed the said Akelco application as ERC Case No. 2008–082 MC.
The said application was filed on Sept. 3, 2008 and was docketed on Sept. 22, 2008. The order of hearing was signed y ERC chairperson Zenaida G. Cruz-Ducut on Sept. 15, 2008. All the mayors of the 17 towns of Aklan was furnished copies of the Order of Hearing, the law office of Dechavez, Bugayong, Concepcion & Sagayo, Office of the Solicitor General, COA, Committees on Energy in the Senate and House of Representatives.
The "Notice of Public Hearing" to all interested parties about the said application was issued and signed on Sept. 15, 2008 by Atty. Noel J. Salvanera, Director III, Legal Services, ERC.
ERC Chairperson Zenaida G. Cruz-Ducut in her Order directed Akelco "to furnish all those making requests for copies of the application and its attachments, subject to reimbursement of reasonable photocopying costs". However, when Madyaas Pen requested for a copy of its application with attachments, only the application was furnished and no attachments. Repeat requests were made, but until this writing, attachments are still to be received. That attachments will reveal what are hidden.
If Akelco management furnished the municipal mayors of Aklan and other offices mentioned in the order with its application, are the annexes provided them? If not, then there must be something rotten in those annexes.
While the ERC Order on public hearing is in big letters, the Akelco application was typewritten (in computer) in very small font.
However, by patiently reading the Akelco application, one can easily notice the generalization in its 10 allegations. The application is so general that the application does not specifically state what to rehabilitate and repair. There is no specific amount stated either. It stated however, what were damaged such as the Andagao substation office, transformers, electric poles and KWH meters.
But are these power lines not repaired? What did those volunteer electric cooperatives do while they were in Aklan immediately after "Frank"? It is known to everybody that those volunteer workers with their equipments replaced broken poles, replaced and installed electric wires. They replaced damaged transformers.
Akelco however, submitted to ERC Annex A consisting of 14 matrixes and Annex B consisting of 18 matrixes. Why did Akelco management failed to mention those what to repair at how much? Or its corresponding cost?
Why did ERC chose to hold public hearing in Pasig City whose people may not have interest at all on the matter? Why not hold in Aklan where the people are directly affected by Akelco?
Who will pay the cost of the alleged rehabilitation and repair of Akelco? Akelco Board of Directors and management must inform the consumer-members specific projects to do and how much will it cost. The consumer-members must also be informed how the projects are financed for they have the right to be informed. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Demolishing Models of Graft
Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Cebu City has sounded the call to remove all the decorative lamp posts now serving as the shining models of government official corruptions.
In its recent sessions, the Cebu City Sanggunian has approved a resolution calling for the immediate removal from the streets of Cebu City all the alleged lamp posts bought at excessive sky high price. The said lamp posts were purchased just before the holding of the 12th ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit.
The Cebu City Sanggunian has also created a task force headed by Cebu City Administrator Francisco Fernan-dez. The task force is asked to find out how the Cebu City government can go about the dismantling and removal of the lamp posts as early as possible.
According to Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama, "the street lamps are better left in the evidence room of the courts and not displayed in the city streets.
"Slim and small as they are, we can all agree that they represent corruption in a gigantic and scandalous proportion", he pointed out. "Eye – catching they may appear, but ugly heads are yet to roll for their anomalous acquisition," added Roma in a privilege speech before the Sanggunian.
"While thousands of Cebuanos contributed in their own way to make ASEAN summit successful, some of our public officials are callous enough to betray public trust by misappropriating the money of the taxpayers," Rama lamented.
Rama urged for the immediate removal of those lamp posts for "we don’t deserve them and it has no place inside our territorial jurisdiction. We have to uproot these "Kenkoy" lamp posts that are reflections of how dim our future could get if and when corrupt people are elected and hired in government services".
But according to Augustinito Hermoso, DPWH Legal Officer of Region VII, the Cebu City government has no legal authority to remove the decorative lamp posts because it was installed by the national government. Hermoso did not deny the allegation that the lamp posts were purchased at a very much higher price.
If the lamp posts are the real product or making of the national government officials, then it follows that corruption was done by the national government officials. If those officials will not remove it, then disclose the correct acquisition costs and return to the people the price differences.
The officials of Cebu City who had area jurisdiction where the questionable lamp posts were installed had valid reasons to remove those lamp posts. They want to remove from Cebu City a sterling model of graft and corruption and disallow their people from viewing statues of thieves. If they allowed staying along Cebu City streets, then Cebu City officials condone corruption in public office thereby becoming a part of it.
Kalibo Toilet
In Estancia, Kalibo, there is also a monument of graft and corruption. A toilet which, according to experienced building contractor, will not cost P100,000 to construct was constructed by DPWH, Kalibo, Aklan at P500,000.00 several years ago. To those who wish to see that model of inflated construction cost, they can visit the Milagrosa Cemetery’s entrance, along Osmeña Avenue. They can see a model of graft as done in Aklan.
Neither barangay chairman of Estancia nor Kalibo Mayor receive it. Perhaps, they refused to get associated with that questionable deal.
There are recommendations for DPWH Aklan to demolish it, otherwise, reveal the real cost of construction and refund the over price to the people. If they do this, image is really improved. /MP

RSHS R-VI Wins Voice of the Youth

Liane Stella R. Candelario with RC Kalibo Pres. Megs Lunn and VP Pete Ruiz.

Voice of the Youth student participants with the officers and members
of the Rotary Club of Kalibo.

Liane Stella R. Candelario of the Regional Science High School for Region VI (RSHS RVI), Kalibo, Aklan captured the first place in the Voice of the Youth Impromptu Speaking Contest. The second place went to Kate Besana, New Washington Comprehensive High School and the 3rd place to Gia C. Navarra of the Aklan National High School for Arts and Trades, Kalibo, Aklan.
The other contestants were Iza Mae V. Alcos – Anselmo B. Legaspi Memorial High School, Makato; Alexander Justin T. Salvador – Makato Integrated School, Makato; and Al R. Restar – RSHS R-VI, Kalibo.
All the contestants spoke on the topic "How Can I Promote Equality and Fairness".
The contest was held on Friday afternoon, October 17 in Lifeline International Health Institute, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan. The Voice of the Youth was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kalibo in cooperation with DepEd Aklan, Lifeline, RGMA – DYRU, Kalibo Cable TV and Madyaas Publishing Company.
According to RC Kalibo president Megs S. Lunn, the project chair of the contest was Winnie Barsanas, Jr. with Michael Christian Parel and Fritz Donald Parcon, members.
All the contestants were given certificate of participation and the top three winners were given plaques. The first place will represent the province of Aklan to the district level competition to be held in Bacolod City on November 22, 2008. The trip is all expenses paid of the contestant and her coach like travel, food and hotel accommodations.
Rotary International District 3850 is composed of provinces in Panay, Guimaras, Negros Occidental, Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi Tawi and Misamis Occidental. /MP

RGMA-DYRU Celebrates 11th Foundation Day Honors Outstanding Employee

Michael T. Selorio, Sr. Field Reporter, RGMA-DYRU is Model Employee of the Year, extreme left. Others in the picture from left are Niña M. Diangson- Admin. Assistant, Lyneth R. Mendoza-Program Director, Annie Lee M. Bautista-News Director and Butz J. Maquinto-Station Manager.

RGMA-DYRU, FM radio celebrated its 11th Foundation Day held in its station, Roxas Ave. Extension, Andagao, Kalibo on Friday, October 17, 2008. The program was broadcast live which highlighted with the recognition of Michael T. Selorio as Model Employee of the Year. While all of them in the radio station are model employees, Selorio is selected because of his positive attitude.
The celebration was attended by the members of the tri-media of Aklan, the relatives of the staff members. Rev. Fr. Tudd Belandres led the invocation followed by the welcome remarks of Letlet B. Rapio-Program Director. The station manager, Butz J. Maquinto gave his message and awarded cash and plaque to model employee, Michael Selorio. Maquinto also recognized the heroic deeds of several employees done during and after typhoon Frank. He distributed cash and Certificate of Recognition to them.
Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente and Engr. Winston Carillo also gave their respective messages. Villorente offered gift to Michael and Harvey Gelito who celerated his birthday. Chief Technician Duddie S. Balairos thanked the guests and visitors who joined the celebration including those who listened to the live broadcast. /MP

Increasing Coconut Yield


Left picture is an eight (8) years old coconut tree which was fertilized by salt, laden with nuts.

The latest recommendation to increase coconut yield is the application of salt.
According to Aurora Teofilo, coconut specialist of the Philippine Coconut Autho-rity, Kalibo, Aklan, the application of Salt will increase coconut yield by 25 percent in the first year and 50 to 100 percent on the second year application.
The application of salt to coconut trees will: 1. increase the thickness of coconut flesh; 2. increase the number of pieces of nuts produced per tree per season; 3. the trees become resistant to drought; and 4. the trees become resistant to the attack of pests and diseases.
There are two ways to apply salt as fertilizer to coconut trees. First, remove the weeds within one meter radius on the base of the coconut tree planted on plain land. Dig a three (3) inches deep canal within one meter from the base of the coconut trunk. On the canal, spread evenly two (2) kilograms of salt. Cover the canal with soil immediately after spreading the salt.
Second, is done on coconut trees growing on the hillside: This is done by removing the weeds growing around the base of the coconut tree trunk. Then dig 10 holes, 6-8 inches deep. Divide the two (2) kilograms salt into 10 parts. Put one part of the salts on each hole, then cover the holes.
This process is done once a year to maintain the productivity of the coconut trees.
Salt is also known as sodium chloride – NaCL. It is also used as a cathartic to soften bath water. It is also used as preservative like salted fishes, salted vegetables, and salted meat. Salt is also used to make food taste good. /MP

DA’s ‘Pinaka-Best’ of Agri Products Competition

DISCOUNTED FISH NEGOTIATION. Z100 Radio broadcaster Ompoy Pastrana is trying to get this fish for P90 per kilo as a fish vendor in Estancia Fish Market, Iloilo holds on to it for a much better price. The town of Estancia, Iloilo is hailed as the Alaska of the Philippines where most of the fish supply of the country is being harvested. (PINOY GONZALES photo)

The Department of Agriculture presented the awards on October 11 to the winners of this year’s search for the best Philippine farm and fishery products in terms of size, weight, and physical appearance. This search is an annual competition now on its second year that aims to recognize domestic producers of extraordinary crops and fishes.
The 2008 search for the "Pinaka-best" Agricultural Harvest Contest involves 12 commodities, including the biggest (according to weight and length) banana (cardaba variety), papaya and pineapple; eggplant, cabbage, sweet potato and corn; bangus, lapu-lapu and carp; sugpo (black tiger shrimp), and freshwater shrimp.
The entries must beat the corresponding records set by the last year’s grand winners.
According to the DA’s Bureau of Agricultural Research, entries for fruit and vegetables were harvests produced within the normal or recommended culture period, while fishery commodities were cultured or grown by fish farmers within legally constituted or developed aquaculture facilities.
Individual farmers and fisherfolk or cooperatives are qualified to submit entries in the contest.
The DA’s regional field units and the regional offices of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) facilitated the screening of the entries.
Measurements of the entries were done in the field, with the chosen winners to be harvested on the day before these are transported to Manila to ensure their freshness.
The grand prize winners in each category were brought to Manila for display during the Agrilink exhibit on Oct. 9-11 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City .
For this year, the winners are the following: Reggie Mallari of Mexico, Pampanga - banana (Cardaba), which weighs 0.37 kilogram and with a length of 19 centimeters; Mr. and Mrs. Abias Rosalita of Valen-cia, Bukidnon - papaya, 7.25 kg and 52 cm; Dominador Gonzales of Malilipot, Albay - pineapple, 4.5 kg and 25.1 cm; Vicman Duque of Rizal, Cagayan - eggplant, 0.5 kg and 35 cm; Lucio Amondoron of Dalagu-ete, Cebu - sweet potato, 2.5 kg and 20 cm; Oliver Britiller of Liliw, Laguna - cabbage, 1.9 kg with a circumference of 63 cm; and Alfredo N. Taipan of Maddela, Quirino for corn, 0.4 kg and 23 cm.
Marcelino D.S. Fernandez of Dagupan City - bangus, 6.7 kg and 98 cm; Alexander Amorin of Mauban Quezon - lapu-lapu, 6.3 kg and 62.23 cm; Francisco Ceremonia of Binangonan, Rizal - carp, 8.02 kg and 62.12 cm; Chrisanto Cantong of Binmaley, Pangasinan - black tiger shrimp (sugpo), 0.17 kg and 24 cm; and Lenoardo Matienzo of Tanay, Rizal - freshwater shrimp (ulang), 0.5 kg and 29 cm.
Besides the Pinaka-best contest, the DA also sponsored the O! May Gulay cooking com-petition to encourage households in urban areas to cook affordable and nutritious vegetable recipes.
The contest was open to all public high schools from Metro Manila represented by two students from each participating school. The final round of the competition was held on Oct. 11 at the World Trade Center. The first prize winner received P20,000 cash, a trophy, and exposure trip to Baguio City for the winning section (maximum of 50 students) and a special prize for the school.
The second prize winner received P15,000, a trophy, and exposure trip to Tagaytay City for the section (maximum of 50 students) and a special prize for the school. The third prize got P10,000, a trophy and a special prize for the school.
The school finalists which cooked their entries during the finals on October 11, 2008 are: Manggahan High School (Fresh Lumpia in pumpkin wrapper and sauce); Dr. Arcadio Santos National High School (Imbutidong Papaya at Malunggay); Malabon National High School (Veggie on the go!!!); Jose Abad Santos High School (Vegetable wraps); Don Alejandro Roces, Sr. Science-Technology High School (Kala-Malu-Tahong Rolyo Con Blanco Sarsa) ; and Ramon Magsaysay High School in Cubao (Vegetable and malunggay balls with sauce). (DA-PRESS OFFICE) /MP

PCCI–Boracay Supports Transport System Upgrading

In the last month, several media releases issued by Boracay sea transport association, CBTMPC, have accused Montenegro Lines, which operates two fast crafts between the jetty ports of Caticlan and Cagban, of unfair practices and draining the members of the transport associations of their income.
The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Boracay, PCCI-Boracay, takes a contrary view. We at PCCI-Boracay support all efforts to upgrade land and sea transport toward world-class standards. We believe that CBTMPC should also take these new developments as a positive challenge to upgrade the facilities and services of its members.
Indeed, there is an urgent need for a modern, fast, safe, efficient, affordable, and weather-proof transport system for Boracay Island. In this regard, PCCI-Boracay is encouraging all existing transport system providers to upgrade all their services and facilities. This upgrading is essential to cater to the increasing volume of commuters and visitors in and around Boracay Island. We echo the concern repeatedly voiced by our public officials – our Mayor (Ciceron Cawaling), Governor (Carlito S. Marquez), Congressman (Florencio T. Miraflores), and DOJ Secretary – for efficient transport system that meets the expectations and standards of visitors that come from within our country and from all over the world.
Upgrading the transport system to word-class standard will boost tourism volume, along with the concomitant growth in business, improvement of income, and general progress in the region.
Better transport systems spell progress for Boracay Island.
However, Monte-negro Lines must comply with all the laws, ordinances, rules and regulations before doing any operation. /MP

Roxas On Petron Sale: Ensure Adequate RP Oil Supply

Senator Mar Roxas last week said the government must maintain a mechanism to ensure adequate oil supply in the country even when it sells its remaining 40 percent stake in Petron Corp.
"The sale of the Petron shares must be transparent and open to public scrutiny to avoid another case of discredited privatization scheme of the government", Roxas pointed out.
The Asset Privati-zation Council has cleared the way for the Department of Finance to sell the 40 percent stake estimated to be worth P25 billion before year end to lower the budget deficit.
"Bago natin isipin kung magkano ang kikitain ng gobyerno sa bentahang ito, kailangang may mailagay na sistema ang ating pamahalaan para masiguro na laging may sapat na supply ng langis sa ating bansa," Roxas said.
With the world economy in jitters following the US financial crisis, Roxas said the government must assure Filipinos it can deal with any oil supply problem, including securing adequate supply agreements with friendly oil -producing countries like fellow ASEAN members Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.
Roxas noted that selling Petron would deprive the government of control over the company, traditionally seen as buffer to supply and price manipulation by other players in the oil industry, "The government has to show the public it can deal with any crisis, whether it be on oil supply or dealing with the impact of the US financial crisis. Ang papel ng gobyerno ngayon ay bigyang seguro ang publiko na hindi lalong lalala ang kanilang paghihirap," the Ilonggo senator stressed.
Earlier this year, London-based Ashmore Ltd. purchased a majority stake in Petron from Saudi Aramco, which had a 40 percent stake, and through tender offers to the public. /MP

Rolly Matsushita’s Rival Is Panama’s National Hero

Like Roberto Duran, reigning World Boxing Association (WBA) bantamweight champion Anselmo Moreno is being hailed in Panama as national hero.
"Pero hindi po ako natatakot sa kanya. Ito na po kasi ang aking pagkakataon na maging world champion (But I am not afraid of him because this will be my chance to become a world champion)," Filipino Rolly Lunas Matsushita told Phil-boxing in a text message from Kanazawa, Japan where he is based.
Matsushita, 24, who is managed by Japanese Naoyuki Kashimi, confirmed that he will be fighting Moreno (23-1, 8 KOs) for the WBA title on October 30 at the Figali Convention Center in Panama City.
"Puspusan na po ang training ko dito sa Japan at ito na ang pinakamahalagang laban sa buhay ko kaya manalangin na lang po tayo (I have been training hard for the most important fight in my life so let us just pray)," Matsushita added.
Matsushita’s crack at Moreno’s title came after he successfully posted his fourth defense of the Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) 118-lb crown against Kaona Klongpajol of Thailand in Lahug, Cebu City last August 2.
Kashimi immediately negotiated for his ward’s championship battle against Moreno after the World Boxing Council (WBC) failed to declare the No. 3 ranked Filipino import as mandatory challenger of WBC bantamweight champion. /MP

5 Reasons Why Pacquiao Can Beat De La Hoya


1. Pacquiao has the speed, power, and heart.
2. Pacquiao has been the most active and busier in the ring in the last two years.
3. Pacquiao is younger.
4. Pacquiao is being trained by the man who has allegedly "discovered" De La Hoya’s weakness or weaknesses when that trainer handled De La Hoya’s training in the Golden Boy’s ill-fated bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
5. Pacquiao, being the smaller fighter, can drill holes in De La Hoya’s (weak?) breadbasket if he can’t catch the Golden Boy’s jaw. And he has 12 rounds to do the task.
5 Reasons Why De La Hoya
Can Beat Pacquiao

1. De La Hoya still has the power and height advantage (this has always been crucial in any fight).
2. De La Hoya has the reach advantage (again, a crucial matter in any fight).
3. De La Hoya is fighting in the US territory (not in the Philippines) where he is a celebrity and being idolized by millions of fellow Americans both in the world of sports, showbiz and entertainment. Uncle Sam "would not want" a national superstar get humbled and humiliated before a worldwide TV by a rival from the third world, if you know what we mean here (expand your imagination) . His outfit, the Golden Boy Promotions, is also co-promoter of the "Dream Match."
4. De La Hoya is still heavier even if he will meet Pacquiao in the welterweight category.
5. He would not win the United States’ lone gold medal in boxing in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics if his I.Q is poor. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro
Bunga It Tamang Pagsalig
May isaeang ka bag nga nahueog sa saeakyan. Naga agi guid si Berting nga naga usoy it trabaho. Aeang-aeang ro oras busa, owa it nakapan-o. Guin poeot ni Berting ro bag ag guin butang sa anang abaga. Nag-usoy imaw it pamahawan. Guin huyap nana ro anang kwarta, tamang-tama guid lang pama-sahe pa uli. Pag-abot sa baeay, guin buksan ro bag ag tumambad kana ro papelon nga kwarta ag mga alahas.
Alinon nana rayang kwarta? Kon isugid nana sa pulis, basi indi man maka-abot sa tag-ana. Nag-usoy imaw it address ko tag ana. May una, ogaling indi imaw kaantiguhan mag-adto. Guin tago anay nana ro bag ag nag panaw imaw para mag-isip it paagi. Sige ro anang pagpi-nanaw hasta nakaabot imaw sa isaeang ka kapilya. Nagsueod imaw ag nag-eohod.
Sa anang prenteng poeongku-an, may hakita imaw nga babayeng nagatangis ag guina koe-koe ro naga katoeog nga onga. Guin su-uran nana ro ina ag guin pangutana kon ano ro anang problema. Ham-an naga tangis ka? Hasayran nana nga asawa imaw ko habaril nga hold-upper nga naghold-up it bangko. Habaril sanda sa andang pag paeagiw, daea ro bag nga may kwarta ag alahas.
Guin sampit nana ro babaye nga mag-adto sa anda agod boe-on ro bag. Dayon nag adto sanda sa bangko nga guin hold-up. Pag abot nanda, guin usoy ro manager ag guin ta-o ro bag. Nalipay it duro ro manager bangod naibalik ro andang kwarta ag alahas nga owa it buhin. Pagkatapos, guin pakilaea nana ro babaye, nga makaron hay baeo eon ag owa it maistaran. Sa kaeo-oy it manager, guin paestar imaw sa anang paupahang baeay ag si Berting hay guin baton bilang empleyado. Guin buligan pa ro anang daywang ka igmanghod nga mapato-on.
Tumaliwan ro mga dinag-on. May isaeang ka babaye kaibahan ro dalagitang onga nga nagdeposito sa bangko. Idto guid imaw nag-deposito kay Berting. Nagpakilaea imaw nga imaw ro asawa ko hold-upper ag naka pangasawa it isaeang ka mang-garanon nga taga ibang nasyon. Guin bilang nga onga ro anang onga nga babaye ag makaron maga bakasyon eon man sanda sa lugar ko anang asawa. Owa ngani mabuhayi, umabot ro foreigner ag guin pakilaea sandang daywa. Nag promisa ro babaye nga ona imaw maga deposito ko anang kwarta.
Sa pagtalikod ko rayang babaye, hadum-duman nana ro adlaw nga guin butang imaw sa mabahoe nga pagsubok. Tagu-on baea ro kwarta ag gamiton sa anang kaugalingon? Guin ta-o nana sa Diyos ro desisyon. Guin sunod nana ro tamang paagi ag imaw hay guin buligan nga may pag-pabugae sa anang kauga-lingon. Limpyo ro anang konsensya ag nakabulig pa imaw sa iba. /MP

Bermejo Organizes Public Employment Service Office

by Bienvenido P. Cortes
Roxas City Mayor Vicente B. Bermejo created a new office at City Hall just to handle job applicants for domestic or foreign jobs. This office is known as Public Employment Service Office (PESO) under the office of the city mayor. Bermejo’s action is addressed to curb unemployment in Roxas City.
Milagros T. Barquin, PESO head, said this office has facilitated the deployment to various countries of 16 applicants for international employment.
The names, occupation, country of destination and departure dates of those deployed are as follows:
Michelle Obrique, tutor, Singapore, June 1; Joel Alcazar, mechanical engineer, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, June 27; Sheryl Plasa, domestic helper (DH), Hong Kong, June 5; Myla Bebela, DH, Hong Kong, June 16; Mercy Tupaz, DH, Hong Kong, July 2; Ada Alayon, DH, Hong Kong, July 4; Losarita Uriza, DH, Kuwait, July 4; Nemelyn Rose Benigla, DH, Kuwait, July 4, in 2008.
Sheila Atando, DH, Kuwait, July 4; Susana Ludo, DH, Kuwait, July 4; Raldwin Bismanos, electrician, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, July 28. Monica Alipante, DH, Kuwait, August 15, 2008; Dalia Dolfo, DH, Kuwait, Aug. 15; Allan Iglesias, service crew, Kuwait, Aug. 9; Ginalyn Abool, service crew, Kuwait, Aug. 16; and Levia Sabanal, DH, Kuwait, Aug. 25, this year.
The deployed applicants were the results of the Jobs Fair initiated by Mayor Bermeo known as "Halad ni Mayor Vicente B. Bermejo: Trabaho para sa mga Capiceño." This is the tagline of the PESO to provide employment opportunities for residents of Roxs City and Capiz.
This city chief executive has conducted, through the PESO office, two major Jobs Fair, 16 Special Recruitments activities and three batches of Call Center Training activities in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry and the Social Welfare and Development and skills demonstration on flower arrangement, food preservation and fashion accessories.
All of these aims for the transparency program of development of Mayor Vic Bermejo geared on his battle cry: "Sulong Roxas City".

Columbus Day In Roxas City
The Archbishop Antonio Frondosa Assembly of the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus (K of C) in Roxas City celebrated last week Columbus Day with a motorcade around the principal city streets and a gift-giving sortie to the Home for the Aged at Barangay Banica, Roxas City.
This assembly is headed by Faithful Navigtor Bienvenido P. Cortes. It is composed of six K of C Councils under the jurisdiction of District V-116 under District Deputy Vicente B. Doloso.
These councils are the Roxas City Council No. 3691, St. Therese de Avila Council No. 9013 in Loctugan, Roxas City, Mt. Carmel Council No. 9279, Roxs City, Ivisan Council No. 9379, Ivisan, Capiz, Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion Council No. 13916, and Sancta Maria Regina Seminarium Council No. 13997, Cagay, Roxas City.
The motorcade was successfully conducted with the support of the Roxas City government. City Mayor Vicente B. Bermejo is himself a Fourth Degree Knight.
According to Cortes, the motorcade held to commemorate Columbus Day was one way to make the Knights of Columbus visible and active in parish and community activities.
At the Home for the Aged, the Knights distributed foodstuffs consisting of rice, noodles, bread, bananas and other fruits, sewing materials and fruit juices. The elderly "boarders" and their caregivers were graciously happy for the goods and cheers given them. The Home for the Aged is managed by the Ladies of Charity.
Meanwhile, the Assembly through the St. Therese de Avila Council 9013 of Loctugan celebrated Columbus Day on Oct. 11 with a mass wedding of seven couples. District Deputy Doloso with Grand Knight Lorenzo Aponesto facilitated that activity with Rev. Fr. Ramon Hontiveros, parish priest and Council Chaplain, officiating the wedding rites. /MP