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Smoking Is A Serious Health Risk

Dr. Patrick Palomar, President, Pulmonologist Medway Polyclinic was emphatic during the Kapihan on August 24, 2013 at Payag Street Lounge that smoking is not compatible with healthy living. Nicotine and tar unduly expose the smoker and people around him including his family to a host of potential diseases as lung cancer, hypertension, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), etc. 

“The early stage of COPD is occasional cough. Later it becomes persistent until the patient reaches Stage 4 where no medical treatment is available. It is advisable that persons who smoke 1 or 2 packs a day must have a resolute decision to quit the vice before it is too late. Healthy lifestyle involves good nutrition, daily exercise and no questionable habits. Parents have a moral duty to lead children away from deceptive advertisements of cigarette companies that portray youthful vigor and charm, group acceptance and discriminating taste. In reality, the reverse is true. Smokers have foul odor, bad breath, yellow fingers, tainted teeth and generally weak. Sense of smell and taste is much subdued compared to non-smokers.

Based on Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 17.3 million Pinoys aged 15 and above are addicted to nicotine. Smoking prevalence is 56 percent among men and 12 percent in women. It is ironic that despite the increase in price of cigarettes in the market as a result of RA 9334, eighty (80) percent of the poorest Filipino households have at least one member who smokes. Consequently, our annual death toll from related smoking complication is 90,000 or 240 per day. Here, cost of medical treatment and hospitalization could be staggering and easily runs to millions of pesos.

Passive smoke is more lethal than direct smoking since inhalation of toxic substances like nicotine, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and all others do not pass through built-in cigarette filter. It is a terrible crime that loved ones such as our wife and children are unduly exposed without our knowing their deadly consequences later on. The victims have damaged lining of blood vessels, said the young Pulmonologist. 

Research data show that smoking one pack of cigarettes each day is equivalent to losing 17 minutes of your life expectancy. It is financial waste since you are burning your money and with cigarette butts thrown away. At P25.00 per pack, this is P9,125.00 per year, quite a fortune. 

Dr. Palomar advises smokers to break the habit by taking positive measures like definite timetable to stop, take replacement product like sugarless gum, sunflower seeds or hard candy. Other ways could be to engage in a brisk walk, play indoor games, and take a hobby or do aerobics. It also pays to have family and friends as social backup to help you through trying times ahead.

The Big Book of Health Tips by the Editors of FC & A observes that there’s a common misconception that once you are older, it doesn’t matter if you stop smoking or not, after all the damage is already done. Actually, this is not true. All of the health problems associated with smoking in younger and middle aged people also occur in older people.

Smoking causes hardening of the carotid artery. This is the artery that carries blood to your brain so you want it to stay open and flexible. When it hardens and narrows you have a greater risk of stroke and heart attack. The risk increases with every cigarette you smoke.

The good news is that if you stop smoking, the situation will improve. Your body may even work to reverse the damage and prevent heart and blood vessel disease. 

Smoking is a serious health risk. Signage along the highway reads: Life is short, don’t make it shorter. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Logic, Spirit & Intent of IHL

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Aklan Chapter held a Symposium On International Humanitarian Law (IHL) on the theme, “Pagrespeto Sa IHL: Susi sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran.
The one half day symposium was held at APSTA Center, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan on August 24 to commemorate IHL Day. It was attended by PRC leaders and volunteers from various high schools in Aklan. 
Aimed to promote peace through the proper understanding and implementation not only in the Philippines but the world over, Hon. Plaridel M. Morania, Aklan SP members and Legal Counsel, PRC Aklan chapter discussed the pertinent provisions of IHL with the participants.
Hon. Augusto C. Tolentino, Kalibo SB member explained what is “Emblem Campaign” to the participants. Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, chairman, BOD, PRC Aklan gave his message. 
Ms. Arcely P. Pelayo, PRC Aklan chapter administrator, after awarding the prizes to the winners of the Poster Making Contest, gave her closing remarks. 
I wish to share with you my welcome remarks given during the above stated symposium which I titled “Logic, Spirit, and Intent of IHL”. 
Welcome! To the symposium on International Humanitarian Law with the theme: “Pagrespeto sa IHL: Susi sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran”. Kon katon pa hay ro IHL hay yabi sa kalinong ag pag umwad.
Almost all of us here are not participants in the drafting of laws, more so of international laws, except our chairman, Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino who has presided the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan and participated in the formulation and enactment of provincial ordinances and resolutions. Hon. Plaridel M. Morania is also a very experienced and veteran legislator who is a current member of the Aklan SP for several years. Hon. Augusto C. Tolentino is also a member of the Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan. He has actively participated in the formulation of municipal ordinances and resolutions. 
But we are here to obey the laws and legal orders duly promulgated by the duly constituted authorities. Hence, the need to understand the laws and to comply with it like the IHL.
What is a law? It is a system of rules and guidelines which is enforced through social institutions to govern behavior of the people. A good example of a law is the Philippines’ Annual Budget which the senators and congressmen enact yearly and approve by the President of the Philippines. However, sad to say, some congressmen and senators themselves are violating what they have legislated such as the Pork Barrel fund. 
This afternoon, we will endeavor to understand what is International Humanitarian Law – which the PRC Aklan Chapter believes IHL is the key to peace and progress. We have two knowledgeable, competent and highly respected legal personalities to explain to us the logic, the spirit and the intent of IHL. 
Ms. Arcely P. Pelayo, PRC Administrator has sincerely invited Hon. Plaridel M. Morania to discuss with us the salient provisions of the IHL and Hon. Augusto C. Tolentino to present to us the “Emblem Campaign” on Red Cross/Red Crescent.
Please participate in the games and trivia for the winners of it will receive signature prizes from Mrs. Arcely P. Pelayo. 
With all my heart and mind, I sincerely welcome you to this IHL Symposium in the name of the PRC, Aklan Chapter. Good afternoon. /MP

DAR Aklan Insures Farmers’ Crops

Sitting (l to r) are PCIC Reg6 RM Charlito Brilleta, CARPO Ernesto Anino of DAR-Aklan, Ms Delfa Banga DAR6 RSSD and  Clarence Jereza of PCIC Reg6 with DAR Aklan farmer beneficiaries (standing) during the awarding ceremonies.

To ensure the crops, the lives and the limbs of Aklanon farmers, the Department of Agrarian Reform in Aklan awards Certificates of Insurance Covers (CICs) to farmers from the Agrarian Reform Communities of Aklan recently at the Aklan State University Cafeteria, Banga, Aklan. Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC) Regional Manager Charlito Brilleta and DAR-Aklan OIC Ernesto Anino with DAR Region 6 representative Delfa Banga distributed the CICs.

A total of 873 farmers from Aklan are insured covering P14,528.702.00 while the same number of farmers is likewise covered for accident and dismemberment security scheme. The DAR- PCIC Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Agricultural Insurance Program is a positive step in addressing vulnerabilities of the farmers especially in times of calamities and disasters. The farmers are from 15 Agrarian Reform Communities in Aklan.

On the other hand, Congressman Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. of Aklan through his representation with PCIC President Jovy Bernabe who committed to sustain the crop insurance protection for 4,189 farmers in Akan. In a Congressional Consultation held recently, PCIC President Bernabe announced that DAR through his office has earmarked P10 million to pay the premium cost for the said farmers’ crops which most farmers in Aklan appreciated. /MP

Murder of Jimmy Punzalan


The place where ex-army constable and prominent Iloilo contractor Jimmy Punzalan was murdered about 9 o’clock in the evening on August 7, was dimly-lit and a perfect crime scene.  
It was there where I last saw him around 7:30 in the evening weeks before his assailants peppered him with bullets believed to be coming from baby armalite riffles. Punzalan was pronounced dead on arrival at the Don Benito Memorial Hospital in Jaro district with gunshot wounds in the head and hand.
The shooting reportedly occurred near the parking area, at the back of his kiosk-typed seafood restaurant, Papa Jim Sea Bounty, in the Boliland Garden in Brgy. Bolilao, Mandurriao district. A cashier in his restaurant, Shirly Cortez, 38, was also treated in the hospital for bullet wound in the side of her body. 
In that chance meeting, Punzalan, 57, a friend since the time of Mayor Mansueto Malabor in the 1990’s, informed me he owned the first of the multi-door eatery garden. He just arrived from a regular coffee session with friends at SM City.
Mandurriao police probers led by  deputy chief, Senior Insp. Nestor Santasierra are still piecing the puzzles and gathering testimonies of witnesses. Several angles surfaced hours after Punzalan was declared dead by attending physicians.  As incumbent president of the Philippine Constabulary (PC) Association of Western Visayas, Punzalan, who owned the Brumax Construction hardware in Brgy. Cubay, Jaro, had connections in the police and military as well as big politicians. He was a closed ally of former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez, Sr. and Malabor.
One time when I interviewed Antique Rep. Exequiel Javier, brother of assassinated former Gov. Evelio, he took a deep breath and murmured unprintables when he heard Punzalan’s name. Punzalan was one of the two men mentioned by Oscar Tiauson, accused-turned-witness in the Javier killing on Feb. 6, 1986, who brought M-16 and Browning automatic riffles to the house of then Assemblyman Arturo Pacificador. Punzalan denied the allegation and was cleared in the brutal political killing that helped trigger the EDSA Revolution that toppled Marcos.   
Among the angles being pursued by investigators in Punzalan’s murder are “vendetta” and “personal grudges”.  Even if he was associated with Gonzalez and Malabor, Punzalan also had ties with other politicians; thus, he never had serious enmity with political personalities. 
Sources said Punzalan earned the ire of a not-so-prominent gambling lord whose residence was recently raided by elements of the Police Regional Office 6’s Regional Intelligence Division. The gambling lord also had a falling out with Gonzalez, whose son, Raul Jr. ran and lost to Rep. Jerry Trenas in the recent elections. The gambling lord reportedly backed Trenas.  Punzalan was reportedly suspected as one of those who tipped off authorities about the illegal gambling activities. Other angles are business and personal motives.
Punzalan was also a cockfighting aficionado and a habitue of known cockpit areas in and outside the city.  He had friends from all walks of life, so to speak, because of his “Robin Hood” style. “He eats with friends and shares his blessings,” quipped one media character, who was a regular beneficiary of his benevolence./MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Boy Negro

Owa it permanente nga baeay si Boy Negro. Makita imaw maskin siin nga kalye sa andang banwa. Una imaw naagahan sa bangketa. Paeangta eang imaw naga uli sa anang Lola sa lugar it mga skwater. Ko isaeang agahon ngato, habugtaw si Boy Negro sa tonga it ka gab-ihon tongod sa singgit it mga tawo. 
May guin hold-up sa lugar nanda. Husto guid nga naga paadto kana ro nag hold-up. Busa anang guin abangan. Natumba ro hold-upper ag nabawi ro bag. Guin daea sa presento it pulis ro nag hold up. Guin uli sa babaye ro bag nga isaeang ka manog saot gali sa Olonggapo City. Guin daea nana si Boy Negro bilang body guard sa pagtamod it mayad ayad nga binohatan. Idto, abo ro nangin kilaea ni Boy. May mga Amerikano ag mga hapon ro pirme nanang kaibahan. 
Permi man imaw sa barrack it mga Kano hasta nakilaea imaw it isaeang ka manog retiro nga opisyal nga Amerikanong Negro. Guin bo-oe imaw nga driver. Samtang naga trabaho imaw, maugan guid ro bu-ot kana ko anang amo. Guin usisa nana si Boy kon taga siin ag kon sin-o ro anang mga ginikanan. Sabat ni Boy Negro, “patay eon ro akong ina. Nagbahoe ako sa akong lola”. Agod makilaea guid it mayad ro anang pamilya, nag adto sanda sa baeay ko anang lola. Sa pagsueod eagi nanda sa baeay, hakita ko anang amo ro retrato ni Loleng nga ina ni Boy Negro. Ro anang lola ro nag panaysayon nga si Loleng hay nagtrabaho bilang waitress sa Olonggapo ag nag uli lang kana ka’t manog unga eon. 
Natawo ro anang onga ag guin hingaeanan nana nga si Boy Negro tongod maitum ag kulot it buhok ogaling gwapo mat-a. Halin nga namatay ro anang ina, una eon sa eoyo ko anang lola nagbahoe si Boy. Owa man naka tapak sa eskwelahan si Boy kundi sa kalye naga tiner.  
Matsa habugtaw sa madueom nga katoeogon ro amo ni Boy Negro. Nag uli sanda sa Olonggapo City. Parabil naghalin, guin taw-an ro lola ni Boy it kwarta para ibakae it pagkaon. Pag abot sa Olonggapo, nagpa DNA test sanda nga daywa ag positibo ro resulta. Magkadugo sanda. Parabil magretiro rong opisyal nga negro, guin pangaean nana kay Boy ro anang ari-arian. 
Guin patindogan it baeay ro maglola. Pegretiro ko anang ama, nag uli imaw sa America sa anang pamilya. Malipayon si Boy Negro tongod nakilaea nana ro anang ama ag makaron owa eon imaw sa kalye naga estar. May anda eong mabahoe nga mansion sa Paranaque, pa arag ko anang ama. /MP


Si Gov. Joeben T. Miraflores hay nagapahisayod nga may pagahiwatun nga medical/surgical mission ro AY Foundation, Inc. sa Ibajay District Hospital, October 1-5, 2013.
Ro mga operasyon hay para sa: 

Breast mass,
Cholelithiasis/Gall bladder problem,
Baker’s cyst,
Myoma/Ovarian cyst mass,
Cleft Lip & Palate,
Parotid & Mandibular mass, ag
Minor cases.

Ro screening o pagpili ku mga pasyente nga mahimong ma operahan hay maga umpisa sa August 27 hasta Sept. 27.
Sabat ko foundation ro serbisyo it mga surgeon o doctor,  pati ro screening o check up ag bueong nga kinahang eanon.
Maghalin it August 27, hay mahimo eon magpalista sa Ibajay District Hospital daea ro mga resulta ko ultrasound ag iba pang laboratory check up kun may una. /MP

DA Chief On Pork Scam: ‘My Conscience Is Clear’

“Malinis po ang kosensya natin.” 

This is the statement of Agriculture Sec. Proceso Alcala on Wednesday, last week amid allegations that his office was involved in the alleged funneling of state funds to bogus organizations. 

“Yung mga lumabas sa pahayagan masyado pong twisted ‘yung kwento. I think meron pong mga ilang tao na nasa likod nito na hindi po maganda ang intensyon para sa kagawaran at siguro po para sa akin,” he said during an ambush interview at the sidelines of the Livestock Philippines 2013 Expo and Conference at the SMX Convention Center.

Asked to explain in detail, Alcala said he wants to wait first for the reaction of President Benigno Aquino III regarding a report he submitted to him about the issue. 

“Sana po nakikita nila na hindi po talaga interes ng ating kagawaran na padaanin ‘yung hindi tamang PDAF [Priority Development Assistance Fund],” he said. 

On Tuesday last week, Aquino even said although government processes during his term are not perfect, the PDAF controversy is nothing compared to the P728-million fertilizer fund scam during the time of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. 

Alcala added that of the P83 million in state funds requested by the group of Janet Lim Napoles through the Department of Agriculture, P44 million have yet to be released. (KG, GMA News) /MP

Aklan Mulls Freedom Celebration Through Technology...The Pinoy Way!


Preparations for the forthcoming Software Freedom Day 2013 is on its last stretch as local organizers start to actively promote the annual event and showcase Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). This will be held on Sept. 21, 2013 in Ati-Atihan Festival Hostel & Conference Center, 19th Martyrs Street, Kalibo, Aklan. 

Software Freedom Day is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Its primary goal is to spread awareness and educate the community and the worldwide public about the benefits of FOSS in education, in government, at home, and in business. The Philippines is actively participating and collaborating with its counterparts all over the world by staging the event in the country annually. In the past, the event has invited over a thousand students and professionals who witnessed highly respected Open Source professionals, practitioners and influencers preach and share what FOSS is all about.

This year is no different as SFDPH 2013 gears up to the much awaited event to be held in Kalibo, Aklan, near the beautiful shores of Boracay. The venue is chosen to bring open source closer to the students of Visayas Region. Also, as part of an advocacy, the event will be donating computers with open source softwares to beneficiary schools in Aklan.

Delegates from different parts of the country will expect a day of celebration and fun through knowledge sharing and collaboration with other open source speakers and practitioners. SFD kits will be distributed to participants and the media for them to experience some of the high quality open source softwares in the market today, such as:

1. KahelOS installers, a 100% Filipino-made operating system.  For more information about KahelOS, visit

2. Kasosyo Apps Suite account to help our “NEgosyantect” automate their business.

3. Cummulus (Appointment Setting Application) - for participating schools on the event

Team SFD.PH is inviting everyone to attend this kind of event that will bring people together and empower them to connect, create and share in a digital world...freely and responsibly.

SFD 2013 is organized and presented by Team SFD.PH, 8layer Tech, AltoCirrusPlus and PCCI Aklan chapter. Its media partner is the Aklan Press Club, Inc led by its president Gary Vargas. /MP

Pres. Aquino Steps Up Protection of Child’s Rights In Armed Conflict

President Benigno S. Aquino III has revamped the Inter-Agency Committee on Children in Armed Conflict (IAC-CIAC) under an executive order aimed to further strengthen the government’s program for the protection of children against armed hostilities, abuse and exploitation. 
According to Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr., President Aquino signed on August 2 Executive Order No. 138 amending Executive Order No. 56 (S. 2001), and placed the IAC-CIAC under the direct supervision of the Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC), instead of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP).
Under EO No. 138, the CWC will be the lead agency in the implementation of the CIAC Program Framework, which addresses the alarming involvement of children in armed conflict, either as combatants, couriers, spies, medics, cooks or their recruitment for sexual purposes, among others. The council will coordinate and monitor the program framework at all levels.
The Department of Social Welfare and Development had earlier sought the establishment of the Monitoring, Reporting and Response System for Grave Child Rights’ Violations (MRRS-GCRV) in situations of armed conflict to be headed by the CWC in order to step up government response to the problem of children being recruited, killed, maimed and abused in areas of armed hostilities.
The MRRS-GCRV will now serve as the monitoring arm of the inter-agency committee.
The OPAPP remains a member of the inter-agency committee, along with the Commission on Human Rights (CHR); the Departments of Education (DepEd), Foreign Affairs (DFA), the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Health (DOH), National Defense-Armed Forces of the Philippines (DND-AFP), Justice (DOJ), and Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); the Philippine National Police (PNP); the Presidential Human Rights Committee (PHRC); and the Presidential Management Staff (PMS).
In line with the enhancement of the CIAC Program Framework and the new set-up, Ochoa said, the CWC and member-agencies are mandated to craft a memorandum of agreement to define and delineate their functions and duties within 60 days after the presidential directive took effect.
EO No. 138 also mandates the IAC-CIAC to observe all international instruments on upholding the rights and welfare of children and other related human rights treaties in all initiatives in the formulation of guidelines and programs for the handling of children involved in armed conflict, among others. It should also conduct training, advocacy and information campaigns and capacity-building of local government units (LGUs).
 The Philippines is a state party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict.
President Aquino also ordered national government agencies to formulate and integrate the program framework in their annual programs and projects in consultation with the CWC.
“LGUs of areas affected by armed conflict may also develop and implement complementary programs to carry out the enhanced CIAC Program Framework in coordination with the CWC,” Ochoa said.
Funding for the implementation of the CIAC Program Framework will come from the current appropriations of participating agencies and subsequent funding for the implementation of the CIAC Program Framework will be incorporated in their respective regular appropriations.
EO No. 138 takes effect 15 days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation. /MP      

GMA’s 24 Oras and I-Witness Are Nominees In This Year’s Emmys

Regarded as the Philippines’ most awarded broadcast news organization, GMA News and Public Affairs brings pride to the country anew with two nominations in this year’s International Emmy Awards.

GMA’s flagship primetime newscast 24 Oras and longest-running public affairs program I-Witness are among the eight international nominees for the News and Current Affairs categories.

24 Oras’ in-depth coverage of Typhoon Pablo, considered as the world’s deadliest natural disaster in 2012, received a nomination in the News category. Led by anchors Mel Tiangco and Mike Enriquez, GMA News and Public Affairs’ ace team of reporters covered the deadly typhoon that whipped Mindanao few weeks before Christmas. 24 Oras’ coverage of the heartbreaking loss of lives after the typhoon was cited for being “a catalyst for public debate regarding the effectiveness of the country’s emergency preparedness”.

Kara David’s I-Witness documentary on children’s rights titled “Alkansiya” earned a nomination in the Current Affairs category. “Alkansiya” tells the story of a 12-year-old boy from Eastern Samar who dives and scours the seabed every night in search of sea cucumbers.  Hoping to finish his studies, he eagerly deposits his measly income from selling his daily haul to his “alkansiya” or piggy bank. The documentary also received the prestigious UNICEF Child Rights Award in October of last year in Seoul, Korea.

Entries from GMA Network are the sole nominees from the Philippines and Asia in the News and Current Affairs categories. The eight nominees come from five countries including Brazil, Germany, Romania, Philippines, and United Kingdom. GMA Network and Brazil’s TV Globo are the only international entries to have earned a nod in both categories.

“The 2013 Nominees reported on subjects ranging from war to politics to human triumph and tragedy,” said Bruce L. Paisner, President & CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the organization conferring the Emmys, in a news release announcing the nominees last August 14.

Winners will be announced at the Lincoln Center in New York on October 1.

Kapuso Stars Help Typhoon Victims

After areas in Metro Manila and nearby provinces were placed under the state of calamity due to Typhoon Maring, Kapuso stars answered our countrymen’s call for help as they participated in relief efforts and manned GMA Network’s telethon.

 Kapuso Royal Couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera helped flood victims in Roxas District in Quezon City. The taping for Dingdong’s upcoming primetime series ‘Genesis’ was stopped due to heavy rains. The dinner intended for the cast, production staff and crew that night was  distributed by Dingdong to the affected residents of Roxas District, where the taping of Genesis was held. Marian joined Dingdong in this endeavour.

Also, Dingdong’s Yes Pinoy Foundation celebrated its 4th anniversary with a special mission in Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal Province. Together with their partners, Dingdong and YPF officially turned over boat, bags, school supplies, raincoats, life vests and solar powered lamps to each of the dedicated students of Casili Elementary School. Aside from their donations to the school and its students, members of the foundation and their supporters conducted a one day seminar among the students and teachers.

 Dingdong with the help of his real life girlfriend Marian led relief operations of Yes Pinoy Foundation in distributing help to affected informal settler families in Pasay City.

Another real-life Kapuso couple Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann, helped the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in providing shelter for animals the floods displaced.
Enzo Pineda and Louise delos Reyes also joined in the relief operations of GMA Kapuso Foundation, the socio-civic arm of GMA Network.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez and husband Ogie Alcasid assisted in Red Cross’ repacking operations in Kalayaan and Quezon City.

Genesis star Rhian Ramos helped in the relief operations in Santa Rosa Community Hospital and Barangay Ibaba’s Evacuation Center in Laguna.

Luis Alandy, Barbie Forteza, Lauren Young, Elmo Magalona, Betong Sumaya, Bettina Carlos, Thea Tolentino, Derrick Monasterio, Julian Trono, Mikoy Morales, Luanne Dy, James Macasero of Moymoy Palaboy, Kris Bernal, Bea Binene, Butch Francisco, and Marian Rivera were among the celebrities who volunteered for the Kapuso Helpline that raised funds for the typhoon victims last Tuesday, August 20 in GMA Network Center.

Miss World Philippines 2013 Megan Young, Miss World 2nd Princess Zarah Bianca Saldua, Miss World 4th Princess Omarie Osuna together with Valerie Concepcion, James Macasero of Moymoy Palaboy, Betong Sumaya, Regine Tolentino, Pekto Nacua, Drew Arellano and Steven Silva were on hand to answer calls in the Kapuso Helpline. /MP

SB Malay Fixes Height Limits For Boracay Structures

by Odon S. Bandiola

Above is an example of a structure which has violated building code and municipal ordinance in Boracay Island and is subjected to demolition. 

The 16th Sangguniang Panlalawigan of the Province of Aklan has approved an ordinance enacted by the Sangguniang Bayan of Malay which increases the height limitation of buildings and structures in the resort island of Boracay.

Through Municipal Ordinance No. 328, Series of 2013, LGU Malay sets the maximum height limit not to exceed sixteen meters-5-storey buildings to be constructed one hundred (100) meters away and beyond the buffer zone provided that the lot area shall be 5,000 square meters but less than two hectares. 

A 20 meter high building or six storeys shall be allowed to be constructed within the same distance from the buffer zone provided that the lot area is two hectares and above.

The height limits are exclusive of the height of added fixtures which height must not exceed two meters like the elevator machine room, stairwell canopy, water tank at the rooftop and antennae, except for the roof deck railing which height must not exceed 1.2 meters.

The ordinance sets the buffer zone – setback distance of at least 12.5 meters from the center of the road.

The same Ordinance also fixes the required open spaces of 50 percent of the total lot area of 5,000 square meters but less than two hectares, and 60 percent of the total lot area of two hectares and above. 

The use of the open spaces shall be limited to pools, landscaping, pathways, yard or patio and parking space. The open spaces required shall neither be subject of lease, nor it can be sold. 

Under the same ordinance, any (building) applicant or proponent is required to post construction/development bond amounting to five percent of the total project cost but not to exceed one million pesos (P1,000,000).

To be posted at the Office of the Malay Municipal Treasurer, the bond shall be used by the LGU to charge fines for any environmental or construction infraction or violation. /MP

Aklan PCL Elects Cleope Prexy

by Odon S. Bandiola

Sangguniang Bayan Member Apolinar C. Cleope of Balete, Aklan was elected President of the Philippine Councilor’s League – Aklan Chapter (PCL) in an elections held on August 19, 2013 at the Governor Corazon L. Cabagnot Memorial Tourism and Training Center, Buswang Old, Kalibo, Aklan.

Thus, Cleope assumed as new member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan. He sat for the first time as such during the 7th Regular Session of the 16th Aklan SP on August 22, 2013. He took over the seat Tangalan SB member Jay Tejada vacated who was elected executive vice president during the same election.

An Atenean when he took up his law studies, Cleope is a veteran local legislator. He served as SB member of Balete from 1998 to 2007. He was elected again as SB member of the same Municipality in 2010 up to the present.

Cleope is the former Provincial Secretary of the Province of Capiz from 1989 to 1998. He has also served as Municipal Administrator of Balete, Aklan from 2007 to 2010.

Cleope’s ascendancy to the presidency of the PCL was unopposed as the great majority of his fellow SB members in the 17 towns of Aklan belong to the political party of Congressman Teodorico T. Haresco Jr., Governor Florencio T. Miraflores and Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo – Quimpo.

Having succeeded Tejada, Cleope also took over the SP Committees as Chairman of the Committee on NGO’s/PO’s and as member of the Committees on: Barangay Affairs; Human Rights; Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, and Indigenous people; and, Youth and Sports Development.

Elected with Cleope to the PCL hierarchy are: Tangalan SB member Jay E. Tejada РExecutive Vice President; New Washington SB member Celia C. Dela Cruz РVice President РEast; Malinao SB member Richard I. Iqui̱a РVice President РWest; Banga SB member Teddy C. Tupas Рsecretary - general; Numancia SB member Bayani M. Cordova Рtreasurer; Kalibo SB member Mark V. Quimpo Рauditor; Lezo SB member George R. Villarubia РP.R.O; Nabas SB member Ricardito G. De Asis Рbusiness manager; and, Provincial Federation Directors: Joena B. Parco (Batan), Ronnie I. Panadero (Altavas), Macario O. Panganiban (Buruanga), Sofia R. Nalangan (Madalag), Jupiter Aelred G. Gallenero (Malay), Medardo S. Placer (Batan), Julio M. Estolloso (Ibajay) and Salvador P. Tenazas (Makato). /MP

Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Humanitarian Services of PRC

“Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Humanitarian Services” was discussed in the Kapihan on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Ms. Arcely P. Pelayo, Chapter Administrator, Ms. Melanie R. Rojo, Service Representative for Blood Services, Ms. Mary Joe B. Galeon, Service Representative for Youth, Mr. Larrence T. Cadunggan, Project Coordinator Community-based Disaster Reduction Program and Mr. Errol R. Ordines, Pres. Aklan Red Cross Youth Council Director represented the PRC Aklan Chapter. 
According to Ms. Pelayo, there are six humanitarian services that are implemented by PRC which are: a) Blood Services, b) Red Cross Youth, c) Membership Program, d) Disaster Management Services, e) Community Health and Nursing Services, and f) Social Services. Each of these program has a coordinator and complemented by field personnel mostly medical technologists. The key to its success lies in volunteerism or internalization of shared values irrespective of one’s status in life. Many of these volunteers are medical practitioners – doctors, nurses, midwives, and ordinary people with a heart to serve. 
Ms. Rojo views it as a challenge regarding decreased blood donations in the province of Aklan. Our minimum target is one percent of total population hence for 2011 we ought to have 5,470 blood units. We haven’t reached that. Then as of last year, data show that only 4,445 blood units were collected by PRC. Our situation is critical since we may not be able to meet contingencies especially natural calamities. 
The priority of availing blood units from our blood bank are donor card holders (transferable). In the absence of donor card, patients or a family member can be issued blood units (450 cc) if he presents valid ID, fill out blood request form and pays processing fee of P1,500. This amount is for recovery cost of blood tests against Hepatitis B, C, STD, HIV/AIDS and Malaria, Ms. Rojo pointed out.
Mr. Cadunggan revealed that disaster risk reduction program is supported by the Finnish Red Cross. Now on its second year, this is implemented in barangays Aliputos and Bulwang, Numancia and barangays Bakhao Norte, Bakhao Sur, Tinigao, and Mobo all flood prone areas in Kalibo. 
The membership program like Junior, Senior, College and Community Red Cross Youth is actively organized in all public and private schools according to Ms. Galeon. The colunteers are trained covering a wide variety of subjects like first aid, nursing, infant and child care, accident prevention and camping. 
Under the membership program donors may give P50.00 to P1,000 every year. A donor enjoys socialized insurance covering accident, death and burial benefits. Accident insurance is P5,000 plus P150.00 per day for hospitalization (maximum of 60 days). Accidental death is P12,000 and burial expense of P5,000. Higher reimbursement payment is awarded to platinum and gold donors with minimum payment of P1,000 annual premium.
Ms. Pelayo cited provincial awardees under different categories like certificate of appreciation, diploma of service (scroll of honor, blood galloners, gold medalist and real sandugo awardees). Blood donors are model partners in humanitarian effort to serve and protect lives.
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent have been around since 1886 after it was founded by Jean Henri Dunant. The battle of Solferino (June 1859) was the rallying point for European diplomats to organize coordinated health care and assistance to injured war combatants and displaced civilian population. Under the Geneva Convention, the Red Cross is non-political, non-religious, non-racist and committed to aid victims and their families in times of war and peace. 
Based on RA 10121 or Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010, the Philippine Red Cross is a member of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC). As such it must coordinate with NDRRMC as far as disaster mitigation and prevention are concerned. 
Mr. Terence June T. Toriano, Civil Defense Officer II, LGU Kalibo said that they have 2 shifts per day (composed of 14 well trained personnel plus sizeable number of volunteers) to respond to emergencies like flood, typhoon, earthquake, vehicular accidents and industrial emergencies. There are one service truck and one ambulance on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week alert to attend to any distress call within Aklan. The Special Operations Unit of Aklan is 1 of 2 Emergency Responders in Panay, the other one is based in Iloilo City. Mr. Toriano said that their fund comes from the 5 percent calamity from IRA. Hotline number is 159 (Pantelco), CP No. 09186312150, e-mail      
The Aklan Blood Bank, due to the lack of facilities, processes blood units in Roxas City collected into 4 components which are: a) pack red cells, b) fresh frozen plasma, c) blood platelets and d) cryo precipitate. 
It also needs additional freezers, as what is available can only accommodate 50 blood units. The excess is stored in freezers of DRSTMH and Saint Gabriel Hospital. According to Ms. Pelayo, PRC Aklan has appealed to Cong. Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. for P4.5 million to procure blood processing machine and P0.5 million for new building to house the medical facility. 
PRC Aklan, after more than 57 years, has become a venerable institution dispensing humanitarian aid to Filipinos in all walks of life. Strengthening its youth base can effectively attract more volunteers to its fold. Congressman Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. has a special concern to promote health. He has filed HB 114 in the 16th Congress geared to modernize or upgrade facilities of DRSTMH and Ibajay District Hospital. May it become a reality soon. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Outdoor Advertising Regulation 
To Promote Safe Environment

The roadsides of Aklan will become a pleasant place to travel once the proposed provincial ordinance Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo is approved into an ordinance. Better still if religiously implemented by officials concerned and observed by all Aklanons and other people doing business in Aklan. 

The proposed ordinance is “An Ordinance Regulating the Installation, Posting, Hanging and Displaying of Streamers, Posters, Banner, And Other Similar Forms of Signages of Commercial Products/Goods Including Billboards In the Province of Aklan And Providing Penalties Therefore”.  

The proposed ordinance aims to “guide, control and regulate its physical growth and development and protect the character and stability of residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and open spaces within the Province of Aklan to promote the orderly and beneficial development of these areas. 

If approved, became effective and sincerely implemented, the following acts will be unlawful:

1.    fastening, bolting, wrapping around a tree with the use of any metal, galvanized iron tie and barbwires of any sign in both public and public place;

2.    Installing in electric posts any advertisements, information campaign, placards, billboards and posters;

3.    Placing, storing, or dumping used posters, streamers, tarpaulin, and other objects in any part of the road, street or avenue, and sidewalk which may obstruct the flow of traffic and pedestrian;

4.    It will oblige owners, operators, drivers and conductors of public utility vehicles plying within Aklan to clean their vehicles at all times; securing commercial advertisement attached or hanged in their vehicles to neither impede nor inconvenienced the passengers;

5.    Posting, installing billboard, sign, poster, streamer, and other visual clutters in any part of the road, sidewalk, center island, carriage way, close and open public spaces;

6.    Erecting any form of outdoor advertising including billboards and signs on any premises except on the premises of business being advertised;

7.    Displaying any portable or temporary sign which is not safely secured;

8.    Combining advertisement signs with markers of historical sites and tourists destinations;
9.    Sari-sari stores, public markets and other commercial areas shall

a.    reflect the business name of a sari-sari store displayed outside of the structure on the front wall or framed signage

b.    advertising markers of commercial products shall not be allowed to be printed in any part of the signage reflecting the business name of a sari-sari store; signage like this: Ana’s Dry Goods Store, Drink Saint Miguel…” will be the thing of the past;

c.    Posters, banners, tarpaulin either made of plastic, tin cans, cloth or other materials shall be posted or hanged at the inside walls of the structure, never in the outside wall of the store;

d.    Installing signages on roof tops of any public market structure is strictly prohibited and;

e.    Billboard reflecting business names of businesses operating within the premises of a public market is limited to two (2) square feet. 

The respective chief executive of each local government units in Aklan is mandated under this proposed ordinance to issue location and structural clearances/permits for regulated signs within in their jurisdiction. The mayor of a municipality is given imprimatur to issue the needed permit to direct necessary changes in the construction if there are corrections to be done, and order the demolition or removal of the same if there are violations. 

The proposed ordinance also provides “Guideline For The Evaluation of Applications For Locational Clearance” such as the setback requirement, landscape obstruction, combustible material, display surface and fire safety among others.

After this proposal is approved into provincial ordinance and became effective, it will be implemented by a Task Force Kalikasan to be organized in accordance with the provisions of the Provincial Ordinance No. 2009 – 05 or the Environmental Code of the Province of Aklan.

Any advertiser found violating any provision of this proposed ordinance shall suffer the penalty of one (1) month imprisonment or a fine of not more than two thousand five hundred pesos (P2,500) or both imprisonment and fine. 

Moreover, any employee or staff members of the advertiser found violating any provision of this ordinance will be apprehended. He/she will be released only after paying P500 in the first offense, P1,500 in the second offense, and P2,500 on the third offense.

This kind of enactment is long overdue. All methods of promoting favorable public image of goods, services, materials, individual person, family/clan and organizations are being employed resulting to the making our environment ugly, dirty, unwieldy and dangerous.
This proposed ordinance must be enacted without delay to promote safe environment.  /MP

LGU Tangalan To Host The 10th National Rover Moot

Mr. Errol Garcia (left) discussing the preparation to be made in the holding of the National Rover Moot while Tangalan Mayor Gene Fuentes is accepting the offer to host the holding of the 10th National Rover Moot

The 10th National Rover Moot will be held in Tangalan, Aklan on October 19-25, 2013 on the theme, “Scouting: Education For Life”. This is agreed among LGU Tangalan, Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Aklan council and the National BSP held in the Tangalan Town Hall on Monday, August 19.
Tangalan Town Mayor Gene Fuentes and Mr. Alex Pamati-an, Officer-In-Charge, BSP Aklan Council presided the meeting. It was attended by some Barangay Chairmen of Tangalan and members of the BSP Aklan Council Board of Directors Enrique Dionio, Engr. Victory Fernandez, Mr. Romeo Tumaob and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente.

After the meeting, a visit to the project sites was done. 

Rover Moot is the gathering of Rover Scouts from all over the Philippines. It aims to further develop the character of the Filipino youth and their sense of responsibility and awareness of their values by rendering service to the community through immersion projects and development. 

Rover Scouting is the final stage of youth development in the BSP. This program is offered to young men whose ages range from 16 to 24 years old. 

It is a joyful journey from adolescence to a healthy, successful and happy adulthood. In Rover Moot, a young person is guided towards a series of fun filled values-based activities and meaningful projects, some means for experiential learning in atmosphere of brotherhood in the open air and service.

Since Rovering is service oriented, the activities are focused on providing manpower to serve community through immersion projects.

Some 3,000 young men of the BSP are expected to attend the Rover Moot in Tangalan. According to Mr. Errol Garcia, project officer of the 10th National Rover Moot, the one week activities of the participants are the following: first day will be arrival/registration, general camp staff meeting, grand opening, and contingent meeting among others.

The second, third, and fourth days will be the community immersion projects. Here, the participants will participate in the implementation of projects in their chosen barangay. The barangay projects maybe on literacy, health, sanitation, construction, clean and green, tree planting, rehabilitation of school building, coastal cleanup among others.    

The barangays supply the tool and materials, the participants provide labor to the project.

The fifth and sixth days will be devoted for in-camp/off site activities, concert/disco night, talent discovery, parade for peace and grand closing ceremonies.

The seventh day will be rest and break camp,clean up, camp clearance and finally home sweet home.

Among the topics discussed during organizational meeting in Tangalan are the responsibilities of the National BSP, BSP Aklan Council as host council and LGU Tangalan as host municipality. 

Peace and order, transportation, provision of food, water and souvenirs were discussed. 

Management of Rover Moot Camp, and the officials involved were also discussed. Identification of camp sites and its development were thoroughly discussed. Host barangays were identified.  /MP

World Education Congress Awards ASU President Danilo Abayon

Aklan State University President Danilo E. Abayon received the prestigious Education Leadership Award from the 4th Asia’s Best B-School Awards. This leadership award is given to all those who make leaders by the World Education Congress, CMO Asia with CMO Council as its Strategic Partner and Stars of the Industry Group as a research partner.
Abayon received the award on July 31, 2013 at Pan Pacific, Singapore along with 74 other awardees from 29 countries in Asia.

The awards of the highest stature are presented to individuals and institutions who have surpassed several levels of excellence and serves as role model for exemplary leadership.    

Abayon received a trophy and citation for his achievements in the field of education leadership that inspired the communities he serves. 

“I am grateful to the ASU community, students, faculty and personnel; our stakeholders with whom we are committed to build a better life through education; our researches and community services providers that made the difference in the delivery of services; and thank you for the culture of good governance in education transparent to our people,” said Abayon. (by Sally R. Villasis) /MP

Aklan SP Honor’s Yabut

SP Aklan, through SP Resolution No. 028, Series of 2013, congratulated, commended and honored Mr. Jonathan Allen Yabut of Tambuan, Malinao, Aklan.

The resolution was approved on August 7, 2013 and presented to Yabut on August 9 during the Welcome and Recognition Program held in his honor in Malinao, Aklan. Yabut won in the prestigious international TV show “The Apprentice Asia”.

Picture shows Yabut (center) receiving the SP Resolution No. 028, Series of 2013 from Hon. Ramon S. Gelito, and Hon. Emmanuel Soviet Russia Dela Cruz, SP members. /MP

What’s Happening In Our Country?


“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” JOHN F. KENNEDY

This is the state of our nation:
1. Most of those who are in power -- President, vice president, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors (and even some barangay captains) are billionaires and millionaires who don’t live a frugal life. They are not role models for the hoi polloi;
2. Graft and corruption has depleted our resources and we have become the object of derision and unsavory spiels by observers from other countries. No corrupt public official has been jailed or shot in public;
3. Poverty, unemployment, overpopulation, ignorance have spawned more social maladies such as squatter, child and adult prostitution, criminality, drug addiction, suicide, insanity, cult fanaticism, religious dogmatism, poor sanitation and garbage disposal, among other serious health and environmental problems;
4. “Pork barrel” will not be eliminated. Politicians will swim and sink with this budgetary cellulite, the biggest source of their seed money to sustain their extra-curricular activities outside the marital bed and after office hours;
5. Women and children are still being exploited in labor, whorehouses, film, and in other salacious and prurient activities in the name of livelihood and economic buildup;
6. Criminal elements -- those involved in drug trafficking, shop lifting, kidnapping-for-ransom, human trafficking for prostitution and labor, holdup and hulidup, gambling, akyat bahay, gangsterism, street mugging and mulcting, begging syndicates -- are making a pile and are not neutralized. Many of them enjoy protection from corrupt policemen.
7. There is a culture of impunity. Killing of activists, labor leaders, and crusading journalists has continued unabated owing to the failure of authorities to solve one murder after another. No efforts from the higher authority to run after and prosecute the perpetrators who are mostly hired killers.
8. RH law has been muzzled and frozen by no less than the Supreme Court.
9. We are still being bullied by China and other neighboring countries that are numerically and militarily superior; and our unguarded islets and territorial waters are being invaded one after the other.
10. Our overseas Filipino workers (OFW) continued to be enslaved by exploitative and heartless employers in cahoots with unscrupulous agencies that hired them. Many of them live under sub-human conditions, receive paltry sum for their salary, and are treated shabbily if not raped and maltreated by sadistic bosses and malicious embassy consuls. /MP

Reason & Concern

Ronquillo C. Tolentino

This Warming World

Global warming is happening very quickly. Really, global temperature over the last 100 years have warmed , according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by about 1.33 degrees Fahrenheit (0.74 degrees Celsius) on average. Indeed, global warming is already changing the world Shifting temperatures have also altered, among others, breeding seasons of penguins, decreased winter snowfalls, change of flowering dates of plants in some countries, the disappearance of other plants including 15 species of orchids, fruit fly genetic patterns, straying of native organisms from their native  habitats at an unprecedented rate. The Cetti’s warbler, for example, is cited as to have moved north over the last two decades by more than 90 miles (144 kilometers).
Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking, speaking at the Royal Society of London last week at a conference organized by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists declared that the world stands on  the precipice of second nuclear age and a period of climate change, both of which could destroy the planet.
Lord Rees of Ludlow, president of the Royal Society forewarned that humankind’s collective impacts on the biosphere, climate and oceans were unprecedented. These environmentally-driven threats ‘ threats without enemies should loom as large in the political perspective as did the East-West political divide during the cold war era, Ludlow added.
The board of directors of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists declared that the threat of nuclear apocalypse is now almost matched by the environmental threats posed by climate change.
“We stand at the brink of a second nuclear age. Not since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki has the world faced such perilous choices”, the bulletin said.
The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists observed with a warning, thus “ North Korea’s recent test of a nuclear weapon, Iran’s  nuclear ambitions, a renewed  US emphasis on the military utility of nuclear weapons, the failure to adequately secure nuclear materials and the continued presence of some 26,000 nuclear weapons in United States and Russia are symptomatic of a larger failure to solve the problems posed by the most destructive technology on Earth.”
The Bulletin concluded: “As in past deliberations, we have made other human-made threats to civilization. We have concluded the dangers posed by climate change are nearly as dire as those posed by nuclear weapons. The effect may be less dramatic in the short term than the destruction that could be wrought by nuclear explosions, but over the next three to four decades climate change could cause drastic harm.”
Notes:  Aklan’s political monolith,Tibyog  Aklan, has dominated Aklan’s political landscape for two decades. It is bent on reviewing and analyzing its political strength.  Governor Florencio T. Miraflores, Tibyog Aklan provincial chairman and Tibyog founder, former congressman Allen S. Quimpo arrived at a consensus to emphasize on the party’s principle on loyalty and cooperation.
By the way, Senate President Franklin Drilon’s being talked about as the probable Liberal Party presidential candidate in 2016 has already been the subject of discussions among old Liberal Party members in Aklan. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro


Kilaeang kilaea ro pangaeang Sedes o Mama Des sa lugar nanda. Mga pulitiko, mga negosyante ag mga may mataas nga posisyon sa gobyerno ro anang mga kakilaea. Guina kahadlukan man imaw tongod sa anang gahum nga guina huptan. Guina bayaran imaw ko mga kleyente kon may guina pasakitan o guina pa kulam. Guina taw-an imaw it paunang bayad ag kon mag epekto eon hay dayon impasan imaw. 
Halin kato, sige ro anang hakot it kwarta. Ag naga pamasyar pa sa ibang nasyon. Pam-an imaw naka bo-oe it gahum ngara? 
Si Sedes o Mama Des hay halin man sa pobre nga pamilya. Owa man imaw nakatapos sa elementary nga eskuylahan. Nahikaw imaw sa ibang mga onga tongod may mga ginikanan nga naga sakripisyo para makatapos it pag eskwela. Halin nga guin aywan si Sedes ko anang ama, guin sumpa nana ro anang ama. Haaywan pa kana ro pagpabahoe sa anang daywang ka igmanghod. 
Owa mabuhayi ag namatay man ro anang ina sa masakit nga tuberkulosis. Puro eang kalisod ag dumot ro sueod ko dughan ni Mama Des. Guin sumpa nana nga maga manggaranon man imaw maskin sa anong paagi. 
Ko isaeang gabii ngaron, puno it kapait ag dumot ro sueod ko anang dughan. Sa anang katueogon, nagdamgo imaw. Isaeang ka eaeaki nga naga eambong it itum ag naka kapa it puea ro nagpakita kana. Guin pangutana imaw kon ano ro problema nana. Nagsabat si Mama Des nga buot imaw nga maka baeos sa mga tawong nag pigos kana. Buot man nana nga mag manggaranon. Guin taw-an imaw it isaeang ka titiris ag dagom nga agoha. Sayod imaw kon ano ro anang obrahon. Halin kato, abo ro mga tawo nga naga pabulig kana. Ro anang kabuhi-an hay nag mayad ayad. 
Naga ilig lang ro manggad kana, busa naangkon nana ro mga bagay nga dati hay owa nana hisamiti. Bukon eang it matunog ro anang pangaean, guina kahadlukan pa si Mama Des. Ogaling, owa man mabuhayi ro tanan. Nag abot ro adlaw nga tapos eon ro taning. Pagkataliwan it 20 dag-on, paga bawi-on kana ro gahum. Kaeakip kara hay ro pag hunos ko anang kaeag nga anang guin prenda kabaylo ko gahum.  
Ko gabi-e ngaron, nagpakita eon man kana ro eaeaking naka itom. Guina daea eon imaw. Bu-ot nana nga mag pangayo pa it plasos tongod owa pa imaw maka pahaum kon siin nana aywan ro anang mga manggad. Dugang pa, owa pa imaw maka pangayo it kapatawaran sa anang mga nangin kaaway. Ogaling indi eon magsugot ro eaeaki. 
Ko gabi-e eagi ngaron, guin daea imaw ko eaeaki nga owa it nakasayod. Pagkaaga, nakita rong patay nga eawas ni Mama Des, sa tunga ko anang mga alahas ag kwarta. Nangin paealigban sa bilog nga kapulisyahan ro anang kamatayon tongod owa man it buhin ro anang manggad. 
Siin makaron ro kaeag ni Mama Des? Basaha eon lang ninyo sa inyong Bibliya kon siin nag adto ro kaeag kapares ko ay Sedes o Mama Des. /MP