Thursday, July 26, 2007

Editorial - July 28 Issue

Is Wilfredo A. Ortiz “Persona Non Grata”?
Mr. Wilfredo A. Ortiz, OIC–General Manager AKELCO was invited for three times by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan to attend its sessions. He also declined the invitation three times. He was invited to attend the SB session on July 19, 2007 and on July 26, 2007.
Mr. Ortiz, the OIC – Akelco Manager was invited as a resource person of SP members during their sessions relative on the contracts entered into by the rural electric cooperative with the power providers/generators and transmission companies and the role of the National Power Corporation in the event of power shortage in Aklan, Boracay Island included, as a direct effect of the suspended enforceability of the amended EPPA (Electric Power Purchase Agreement) between Akelco and GBPC (Global Business Power Corporation).
The SP chaired by Vice Governor Billie Calizo invited Ortiz to attend its session after Akelco announced thus, “the power rates to be charged beginning July will be lowered by P1.35/kwh compared with the bill in the month of June for almost all types of consumers. The lowered rate is due to the non-implementation of the blended rate of National Power Corporation – GBPC.”
However, the announcement was followed by a threat from Ortiz warning Akelco consumers to be prepared to more longer and recurrent brownouts as NPC will not be able to supply enough electric power to Aklan. Hence, the invitation to Ortiz of the Aklan SP to attend its session for interaction.
Mr. Wilfredo A. Ortiz declined the invitation “per advise of our legal counsel to desist from any discussions.” Ortiz’ letter to Mr. Odon Bandiola, SP Secretary declining the invitation follows:
“We acknowledge... your letter giving due respect to our position in declining the honorable body’s invitation to attend its 3rd regular session last July 19, 2007.
However, with much regret we wish to inform you that Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO, Inc.) reiterates its stand per advise of our legal counsel to desist from any discussions/interactions that has implications to the pending case lodged before the Court of Appeals involving the amended EPPA entered into by AKELCO and the Mirant Global Corporation which is the main subject of SP’s proposed inquiry.
In view of the foregoing reason, Akelco could not send any representative to appear on the 4th regular session of the Sangguniang Panlala-wigan of Aklan slated on July 26, 2007. As stated in our previous letter, Akelco wants to assure the Honorable Body of its support on matters of future legislation which would involve the Cooperative”, end of letter.
Is Akelco a private business firm? No, it is owned by consumer – members of Aklan; Pandan and Libertad, Antique. What is the policy making body of Akelco and how are they selected? It is governed by the Board of Directors, which members are elected by the Akelco consumer – members. Who are the people that implement the policies, plans, projects and activities of Akelco?
The management and technical personnel appointed by the BOD confirmed by the National Electric Administration.
Who is the boss then? the legal counsel? the member consumers? The member–consumers of course. But why did Ortiz declined the invitation of the people thru their SP to tell them the true state of electricity in Aklan? Ortiz listens more to his legal counsel whose legal fees are paid for out of Akelco fund the member–consumers owned whom Ortiz declined their invitation to tell them the state of affairs in their electric cooperative. Ortiz must be reminded that he is an employee of Akelco consumer–members and not of his legal counsel.
The P3 million A-kelco fund for legal fee is still a mystery. It is not surprising if Hon. Rodson Mayor of SP proposed a resolution declaring Wilfredo A. Ortiz “Persona Non Grata”. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Is The President Perfect?

“No person is above the law”. This is a common and so abused saying especially by persons in authority. However, is the President of the Republic of the Philippines above the law? He/she is immune from law suit even if he/she may sue anyone in the Republic of the Philippines. If he/she is above the law, then the Philippines Constitution is unfair and unjust. She is just like any mortal who is prone to commit mistake.
Is the president a special animal who “cannot do wrong?” Is he/she perfect man/woman? There is something wrong with the Philippines Constitution or with the framers who crafted it.

Are Energy Officials Quitting?

Energy Undersecretary Melinda Ocampo has also asked Malacañang Palace to be relieved of her post. “She wants out sympathetic to what happened to Sec. Raphael Lotilla’s resignation. But Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo does not want a backlash that they are trying to persuade her from resigning.
Asked to comment on the matter, Ocampo said, “I will inform you of my decision at the appropriate time,” she informed Abigail L. Ho of PDI.
Ocampo was appointed undersecretary of the Department of Energy in 2005 following the appointment of Raphael Lotilla as Secretary of Energy. After the resignation of Lotilla as Energy Secretary, Arroyo appointed DENR Secretary Angelo Reyes as replacement to Sec. Lotilla. Reyes’ appointment to the Department of Energy gathered negative reactions from energy industry stakeholders, the militants and consumers group.
According to Raul Concepcion who chairs the Consumers and Oil Price Watch, the changes at the Energy Department were “ill-timed”. Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago believed Reyes’ new appointment is not only ill-timed but totally wrong. Sen. Santiago who chairs the Senate Energy Committee in the 13th congress threatened to use her veto power in the commission on appointment.

A Joke?

Speaking at the Subic Bay Freeport last week, July 18, Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo cracked a joke. She said, “Who knows? I may run for congress in my district in my hometown” in 2010. Is that a joke? Shall we believe her? And will she do it after her term expires in 2010?
On December 30, 2002 during Rizal Day celebration, Ms. Arroyo announced that “she was not running for election. Yet Arroyo reversed herself in October 2003 when she announced “she was seeking a full six-year term as president. Arroyo ran and was proclaimed president in 2004. However, the legitimacy of her presidency stays questionable. Remember the “Hello Garci” issue?
Ms. Arroyo must know when and where to stop. Her approval rating has never been good. Her Senate Team Unity suffered an unprecedented election debacle. The 7–3–2 loss of senatorial team in the May 2007 election is credited to her. The senate election of 2007 was the test of acceptance of the Arroyo Government. And she was rejected. When can she learn?

Antonio Trillanes IV

The court must allow Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to go out of his prison cell to attend senate sessions and other functions. His victory in the senatorial election is the overwhelming support to the things done by Trillanes who won the election without going out to campaign.
The court must neither deprive nor rebuff the people who voted for Trillanes senator.
Is the voice of the people the voice of God? If yes, then the court must allow Trillanes to attend and participate in the Senate of the Philippines functions. Trillanes has the mandate of the people.

Garcia Defeat

The ambition of Congressman Pablo Garcia of Cebu was frustrated. Garcia was badly defeated in his quest to become speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines.
Garcia is not happy as congressman of his district. He wanted to be speaker even if his daughter – Gwendolyn is the Governor of Cebu, his son Pablo John is Congressman of the 5th District of Cebu and his another son – Winston is President/Chief Executive officer of the GSIS, which “no e-Card, No Pension” policy is the subject of protests nationwide. The use of e-Card of a non existing bank in most of the provinces is being branded “inhuman” that inflicts grave hardships rather than ease and happiness to the GSIS pensioners in the Philippines.

Iloilo Water Needs

Libacao town mayor Charito Navarosa is so confident, the implementation of Aklan Hydropower project and the proposed agreement with the Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) for possible water sourcing and distribution will push through.
“These two projects on water and electricity will transform Libacao into the eco-tourism and economic map in Panay Island,” said Navarosa.
He is confident the ongoing talks with MIWD will end successful and for mutual benefits of MIWD and LGU Libacao.
“There is no other water source in Panay Island except in Libacao to solve the water scarcity in Iloilo City and province,” Navarosa stressed.
The town of Libacao, Navarosa said, will assist MIWD in resolving water scarcity in the northern towns of Iloilo. The California Energy International, Ltd. has finished the reconnaissance survey for its $420 million hydroelectric project in Brgy. Dalagsaan, Libacao, Aklan.
The hydroelectric power plant aims to operate in 2010 with the barangays of Libacao and the nearby towns of Iloilo province as initial beneficiaries of the multi million pesos project. Libacao’s natural spot will also be developed for tourism. /MP

RC Kalibo Inducts Officers

Celebrates 40th Charter Anniversary

Text and Photos By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Officers of RC Kalibo pose with DG Prince Gerochi (in black suit) with President More Morier at his left.

Led by President Becky Morier (in white gown in front) of the Association of Rotary Spouses of RC Kalibo, the officers are shown taking their Oath of Office before Atty. Diego M. Luces in behalf of Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez.

RTC Judge Dean Telan (left) administers the Oath of Membership to Rtn. Bing Santamaria and Niflem Salazar Meren. Behind them are the respective sponsor

photo shows the signing of sisterhood agreement with the Rotary Club of Obando represented by its Pre-sident Dela Cruz.

The Rotary Club of Kalibo held its induction of officers for Rotary Year 2007 – 2008 and celebrated its 40th year charter anniversary. The occasion was held on July 21, 2007 at Gov. Corazon Legaspi Cabagnot Livelihood and Tourism Training Center, Buswang Old, Kalibo.
Those inducted were officers led by President Morris Morier of RC Kalibo and Pres. Becky Morier of the Association of Rotary Spouses of RC Kalibo. Other program highlights were the speech of DG Renier Gerochi of RI District 3850, and the inaugural speech of President Morier. Mrs. Nikki Tayco’s gown was awarded US $100 as the Most Outstanding Filipiniana attire.
The signing of sisterhood agreement with the Rotary Club of Obando, Bulacan and with the Rotary Club of General Mariano Alvarez was part of the program.
The affair was graced by the District Governors who are DG Prince Gerochi and IPDG Toto Locsin of RI District 3850 and PDG Paco Atayde of RI District 3810. Visiting Rotarians came from Rotary Clubs of Iloilo, Metro Roxas, Metro Kalibo, Obando, and General Mariano Alvarez.
Two new Rotarians were inducted as members. They are Rtn. Bing Santamaria and Rtn. Niflem Salazar Meren. /MP

Fake Physician In Aklan?

By Ambrosio R. Villorente
To find the truth if Mr. Antonio Viray III has passed the medical board examination and a duly licensed physician, an investigating committee was formed. Viray was appointed Chief of Hospital I in Ibajay District Hospital, Ibajay, Aklan.
The members of the SP Aklan constituted themselves as the investigating committee.
According to Ms. Ellen Tolentino, Human Resource Management Officer of Aklan, Dr. Antonio Viray III was first appointed on August 29, 2004 as Medical Officer III in Malay Emergency Hospital, Malay, again on September 23, 2005 as Medical Officer IV in Buruanga Emergency Hospital, Buruanga and on March 5, 2007, as Chief of Hospital I in Ibajay District Hospital, Ibajay.
Sometime in May 2007, Mr. Jonathan Cabrera, anchorman of RMN-DYKR received information that Antonio Viray III did not really pass any medical board examination and therefore is not duly licensed to practice medical profession in the Philippines.
The investigation was held on July 24 in the SP Session Hall, Kalibo. In his testimonies, Cabrera informed the committee, he tried to find the truth by interviewing officials concerned. He received responses to his queries that Mr. Antonio Viray III got a failing grade of 70.50 percent in the August 1991 Medical Board examination given by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC).
Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, president of Aklan Medical Society (AMS) informed the committee that the AMS has sent query to their umbrella organization, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) requesting for the verification of the professional status of Antonio Viray III as Physician. The PMA forwarded the request to the PRC. And the PRC answered as follows: “Records of this Commission show, that the latest license number issued to a Physician as of this date is 110237 hence, certificate of registration/professional license No. 987653 under the name of Antonio Viray, was not issued by this Commission. The same records further show, that after a diligent search, the name Antonio Viray does not appear in the registry books of the Board for Physicians which contain the names of those duly authorized to practice medicine in the Philippines.” The letter was signed by Linda D. Macorol, OIC, Registration Division, PRC.
Ms. Evelyn Ijar, Director II of the Civil Service Commission field office, Kalibo, said, the appointment of Mr. Viray is still with her office awaiting license verification from PRC. Once verification is received, she will forward the appointment papers to CSC Regional Office for whatever legal actions CSC will institute.
The next hearing is set on August 1, 2007. Mr. Viray will be invited to attend to tell his side. /MP

Note Rise In Aklan Dengue Cases

By Venus G. Villanueva

“Aklan had more dengue cases in the first quarter of 2007 compared with the same period last year,” said Dr. Maria Magpusao, Chief of the Technical Services Division of the Provincial Health Office (PHO), Kalibo, Aklan.
According to Dr. Magpusao, last year’s dengue cases were four during the first quarter, but this year 2007 for the same period, the cases reached 25. So far, Dr. Magpusao reported there is no dengue casualty for that period.
Dr. Magpusao said 7 cases were listed by the Provincial Health Office in May while five (5) had been recorded for the month of June. No cases were recorded for the month of April.
Dengue is a self-limiting disease that could be avoided by increasing one’s body resistance through consumption of fruits and other resistance-building foods; having enough rest and maintaining healthy habits, Dr. Magpusao pointed out.
The 4 o’clock habit, that of cleaning one’s surroundings, clearing and destroying possible breeding places of mosquitoes, must also be practiced by everyone, Magpusao stressed.
The Department of Health is reiterating its advice to local officials that the cleaning of surroundings should be done every six months to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes that spread diseases like malaria and dengue.
A health issue that also needs immediate attention is the 6.8 percent increase in dengue cases in the country. The current dengue fever situation has become “hyper-endemic”, which means that efforts to reduce the number of cases to its previous level are no longer feasible.
This is because all four strains of the dengue-causing virus are active and are being spread by the mosquito aedes aegypti at the same time, unlike last year when only one strain of the virus was being spread. Since a person only gains immunity from one strain of the virus, as potential agents of the infection, a person can become ill with dengue four times.
Global warming is contributing to the surge of dengue cases because warmer temperatures make mosquitoes hungrier for blood and therefore bite people more often.
Blood makes the mosquito lay eggs more othen thus resulting to an increase in the mosquito population. More eggs laid results in more mosquitoes being born which grow into more carriers of the deadly dengue virus strains.
The public is advised to strictly observe the following anti-dengue measures: seek and destroy mosquito breeding places, self-protection, and seek medical treatment immediately.The DOH has ordered hospitals to reactivate their Dengue Express Lanes.
Meanwhile, the Philippine National Red Cross in Kalibo, in cooperation with the Aklan Medical Society is intensifying collection of blood stock in case Dengue cases become worse in Aklan. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro
Haeaw Sa Kabuhi Ni George Washington
Tanan rong mga presidente it Estados Unidos hay may guina huptan nga mga estorya nga naga pakita ko andang pagkatawo.
Isaea si George Washington sa mga presidente. Ka’t maisot pa imaw hay parehas it ibang ordinaryo nga onga, maila-on maghampang. Sa andang palibot hay abong mga tanum. Pag-asawa it oman ko anang ama, ro anang bag-ong ina hay maila-on man magtanum it mga kabueakan ag mga ka-tamnan. Abo nga naga dayaw ko andang hardin. Raya man ro paboritong haeampangan ni George.
Isaeang adlaw, ka-ibahan ko anang mga amigo, nag-obra sanda it baeay-baeay sa sueod it hardin. Owa sanda it mga poste. May isaeang ka tanum nga cherry, ogaling owa pa naga bunga. Kasarangan ro anang kata-as, ngani anda nga guin pukan agod obrahon nga poste.
Tumaliwan ro mga inadlaw, nasum-oe eon sanda it hinampang, guin wasak ratong baeay-baeay ag guin pilak ratong poste.
Nadiskubrehan raya ko anang madrasta. Na-akig ro anang ina. Pwede nga magpamalibad si George tongod owa man it nakakita kana sa pag pukan ag pag pilak ko ratong poste.
Guin ako nana nga imaw ro nagpukan ko kahoy. Imbis nga maakig ro anang madrasta, guin hakos pa imaw ag guin dayaw. Imaw ra ro mga Amerikano. Maskin pilang ka kahoy hay puede naton nga pukanon ag puedeng mabaylohan. Ogaling ro indi naton mabaylohan hay ro kaugot nga aton nga matanum sa baeatyagon it kada isaea. Pagdaehon naton hasta kon hin-uno.
“Someday, you will become great, because of Honesty and Truthfulness”. Ag si George Washington ngani ro nangin una nga presidente it Estados Unidos. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Ro Halimtang Sa PagsakaSa Pangabuhi
May una anay nga experto sa guerra naval nga nagta-o it simple nga formula para hi-abot mo ro imo nga handum. Raya nga formula nga guin usar hay pa-agi eamang sa tatlong ka pangutana:
1. Nano ro akong katungdanan sa akong pagpangabuhi?
2. Nano ro mga abang, sagabal o difficultad nga akon nga pangatubangon ag pagatapna-on para nga ma-abot ko ro akon nga guina hangup?
3. Anano ro akon nga dapat daehon nga mga materiales para hisugpo ko ro mga difficultad o mga tunok sa akong daean nga maghawan ro akon nga pa agi ag ma-abot ko ro akon nga guin handum o guina hangup?
Ro imo nga hueay sa pagmayad it kalibutan hay depende sa imo nga pagbutang o paghathat it claro ko imong bueo-haton. Kinihangean nga bugtaw ro imo nga paino-ino ag alerto ro imo nga pagkatawo sa mga bagay-bagay nga naga abang sa imong daean it pag-pangabuhi. Ag mag-obra ka it gaka angay-angay nga halimtang sa pagsaka it pagpangabuhi. Owa man it tawo nga nagahueat eamang o nagtindug sa pag-pangabuhi nga guin-taw-an it bugna sa pagpangabuhi. Ro tawo nga nagahueat eamang hay puede ser nga indi man maka-obra it halimtang sa pagsaka it pangabuhi.
Ro pagpangabuhi sa kalibutan hay bukon it mana nga banig nga rosas. Ro pagpangabuhi hay may ana nga kunos-kunos, may ana nga katawhay, ag may ana man nga aya-ay. Ro pagpangabuhi hay may ana man nga idaeom ag ibabaw, may ana man nga humot ag may ana man nga tunok.
Apang kon mag-butang kita it halimtang it pangabuhi o itu-on man naton nga mayad nga hangup sa pagpangabuhi, maka cierto kita nga ro halimtang it atong pag-pangabuhi hay mataw-an it daean nga mangin maeomo ag magsaka.

Isaeang Kamayad-ayad Nga Hambae Hay Makapagbag-o

Kaabo-an katon hay owa katanda ko ngaean nga Madame Erenestine Schumman-Heink isaea anay nga pinakabantogon nga “opera singer” sa bug-os nga kalibutan. Isaeang adlaw, nagpaino-ino imaw it bue-on nana ro anang kabuhi. Bago imaw nagging bantog o popular hay nasamad ro anang pag-asawa. Masakit imaw, nagutoman ag nataeawan nga mag-kabuhi sa kalibutan ag owa man imaw it kaisog it bu-ot nga ana nga pabahoeon ro anang ap-at nga unga. Sa anang pa ino-ino hay owa kana it naeo-oy ag nagtupok eon ro bubongan it kalibutan. Ag isaeang adlaw, nagbuhat imaw it decision nga magpakamatay imaw paagi nga magpaligis imaw sa sangka tren.
Isaeang maeamig nga gabi-i sa Vienna, omadto imaw sa relis it tren, kuekoe nana ro anang mga unga nga nabuytan nana it mayad ag naghueat imaw it tren nga mag-agi. Ro anang unga nga bayi nagtawag kana it mawraya: “Inay, gina-higugma ko ikaw. Musyon mauli eon kita.”
Ro voces it unga nga naghalin sa kadueoman sa maeamig ngato nga kagab-ihon hay nag-patagumpa-aw kay Madame Ernestine Schumman-Heink. Guin abandonar nana ro desperado nga plano nga bue-on ro anang kabuhi eakip ro anang unga ag nagdecidir imaw it pagpangabuhi it oman. Guin taw-an imaw it bugna it Diyos ag sa sueod it mapig-od nga dinag-on, guin purong – purongan imaw it dayaw bilang isaea sa pinakabantogan nga manugkanta sa kalibutan.
Kon may hikita kita nga tawo nga sa kadueomon it pagdes-perar, isaeang kamayad-ayad nga hambae hay makatabang sa tawo-makatabang kana nga indi imaw magpadayon sa mapait nga pagdesperar. Sa tawo ro taguiposo-on nga naga bulig it pagpa-abot sa isig katawo it higugma it Ginuo ag kainit ko anang pag-intiendi sa tawo agud maka-abot ro gugma it Diyos ag anang kainit sa maeamig ag malisud nga kabuhi ko mga tawo nga naga-desperar. /MP

Soldiers, Aklanons Plant Trees

By Venus G. Villanueva
Soldiers of the 47th Infantry Battalion planted some 19,000 trees on July 18. Personnel of the Aklan Community Defense Center, government workers from the national and local government units and students joined the planting as part of their contribution to the government’s Green Philippines program.
According to Capt. Antonio Tumnog of the 47th IB based in Camp Jizmundo, Libas, Banga, they planted trees at Brgy. Panayakan in Tangalan, Aklan. The tree planting activity started at 8:00 o’clock in the morning.
Of the 19,000 tree seedlings for the tree planting activity, seven thousand were provided by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Kalibo, Aklan, while the 12,000 seedlings, consisting of fruit and non-fruitbearing trees, were propagated by the personnel of the Aklan Community Defense Center.
The Aklan Community Defense Center group was joined in the activity by schools here in Kalibo with ROTC units like the Aklan State University and the Northwestern Visayan Colleges. The Aklan 1st Ready Reserve Battalion was also with the CDC group.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), along with other national government agencies, civic and volunteer groups, also joined the tree planting.The tree planting activity in Aklan initiated by the soldiers was originally scheduled June 29 but was reset on July 18.
Capt. Tumnog said the tree planting on July 18 was just a kick-off activity as the Philippine Army aims to continue this program not only in Aklan or in Western Visayas but in the whole country. /MP

RP Visitor Arrivals Reach One Million

VISITOR arrivals for the first four months of 2007 (January to April) totaled to 1,034,329. This is 7.1 percent over compared to the same period last year which was 965,853.
Auguring well to the tourism industry is the consistent positive growth rates in visitor arrivals from January to April with the month of January providing the biggest volume of 272,525 while the month of March recorded the highest growth of 15.1 percent.
The East Asian region maintained its position as the largest contributor of arrivals by region, accounting for 45.9 percent of the overall traffic base. This region posted an increase of 5.5 percent, from its output of 449,598 the previous year to 474,507 arrivals for the year.
The combined total of 239,285 arrivals supplied by the North American countries made this region the second biggest supplier of arrivals for the country. It grew by 3.3 percent against its production of 231,670 arrivals the previous year.
The ASEAN region shared 7.1 percent (73,572 arrivals) to the total visitor volume to rank third in visitor contribution while Australasia/Pacific have 50,952 arrivals to constitute the fourth biggest arrivals by region.
Visitors from Western Europe increased by 9 percent as arrivals reached 46,604 compared to 42,771 arrivals last year.
Meanwhile, the influx of domestic travelers during the summer vacation has caused strong competition among foreign and domestic visitors for accommodations in various destinations of the Philippines.
This constrained the growth of foreign arrivals during this month. But total visitor arrivals for the month of April 2007 still increased with 243,441 compared to the arrivals of 238,941 last year. The US market contributed the biggest share, topping the list with 51,197, or 21 percent of the total arrivals.
Travelers from Korea comprised the second biggest group numbering 41,378, sharing 17 percent to total visitor volume. This market grew by 5.8 percent compared to its contribution of 39,115 arrivals last year.
The Japanese market contributed the third biggest arrivals of 33,858 comprising 13.9 percent of the total inbound traffic, declining by six percent versus its corresponding arrivals of 36,037 for the same month in 2006.
China continued to position itself in the top five markets of the Philippines by producing 12,565 visitors for a share of 5.2 percent to total visitor volume.
This market recorded an increase of 11.1 percent from its volume of 11,307 arrivals last year. Arrivals from Hong Kong aggregated to 10,388 which is 4.3 percent of the total arrivals and registering a double-digit increase of 19.2 percent when compared to its 8,714 arrivals last year. /MP

‘Bebeng’ Pounds Okinawa; Plane Passengers Hurt

It was known as Typhoon “Bebeng” when I left Manila on board the Airbus Industries A320-100/200 Philippine Airlines (PAL) Flight PR 408 for Osaka. Bebang was reported to have “escaped” from the Visayas area and was heading for Okinawa Prefecture.
An hour before the plane landed at the Kansai International Airport, the passengers were greeted by turbulence, a sign that “Bebeng” had been following us all the way from the Philippines, Osaka being nearer to Okinawa Prefecture (faraway Nagoya and Tokyo were unscathed). We probably beat “Bebeng” by a few hours.
The next day, news broke out that a “powerful Typhoon signal No. 4 moved northward around the main island of Okinawa Prefecture, injuring seven people there. It quoted the Meteorological Agency which reported “it was expected to take an easterly course and hit southern Kyushu.”
“The Yamani region in Kagoshima Prefecture also entered the storm zone. In Okinawa Prefecture, damage caused by the typhoon continued,” reported The Yomiuri Shimbun. “Houses were flooded above floor level and transportation was almost completely stopped.”
The Meteorological Agency said the typhoon was about 120 kilometers west-northwest of Oki-noerabujima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, heading north at 25kph. It has the atmospheric pressure of 940 hectopascals and a wind speed of up to 162 kph near its center. Wind speeded up to 90 kph. The typhoon approached Shikoku after reaching the Pacific coastal region of Kyushu. (By Alex P. Vidal) /MP

Aklanon Cager Is PBA Awardee

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Air21 Express guard Wynne Arboleda was chosen to the All Defensive Team and the Mythical Second Team in the 2007 Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) season at the Araneta Coliseum Friday, last week.
The 30-year old native of Brgy Nalook, Kalibo, Aklan joined his teammates Gary David and Arwin Santos along with Harvey Carey of Talk N Text and Nelbert Omolong of Sta. Lucia Realtors in the All Defensive Team.
Arboleda was also named to the Mythical Second Team along with Santos , Danny Ildefonso of San Miguel Beer, Yancy de Ocampo and Mark Cordona of Talk N Text.
Arboleda entered the PBA in 2000 with the Pop Cola Tigers after his stint in the defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) with the Laguna Lakers under coach Bonnie Garcia. Formerly FedEx Express, Air21 is owned by Airfreight 2100, a subsidiary of the Lina Group of Companies, owners of Laguna Lakers. The franchise bought the former Tanduay Team after the 2001 season.
The sturdy 5’11’” guard was discovered playing in the West Visayas Regional Athletic Association meet. He graduated at the Manuel L. Quezon University in Quiapo, Manila.
Known as ‘The Snatcher in the professional league and son-in law of the franchise owner, Arboleda has a career year last season with averages of 10.4 points, 4.5 rebounds, a league second-best 5.4 assists and league-best 2.1 steals per game. /MP

Indon Judge in Pinoy Champ’s Bout to Face Probe

The former president of the Australian National Boxing Federation (ANBF) who is now active referee and judge in various international world boxing bodies has announced that he will ask the International Boxing Federation (IBF) head as president by Marian Muha-mmad to investigate Muhammad Rios, the Indonesian judge who scored a lopsided 117-113 (errors have been reportedly discovered in the scorecards of the judges) for dethroned IBF mini flyweight kingpin Mohammad Rachman recently in Jakarta, Indonesia.
“It’s just unacceptable,” rued Brad Vocale who is here as referee in the OPBF fight between champion Taesie Marumoto and challenger Rev Santillan on July 14. “How can Rios submit a lopsided scorecard when there were two knockdowns scored by (Florante) Condes?”
Vocale, 53, said the first thing he did when he went back to Australia on July 15 was talked to IBF vice president Ray Wheatly to convince him to investigate Rios’ “mind-boggling” scorecard.
“It’s so sickening if we have judges who are either cheats or plain incompetents. I am not saying that Rios is guilty of any malpractice but I think an investigation should be held in order to protect the integrity of boxing as a sport,” said Vocale.
As this developed, it was reported that errors have been discovered in the scorecards of two of the three judges in the IBF minimum weight title fight between newly crowned champion Florante Condes and Muhammad Rachman of Indonesia .
It was reported that the errors were discovered and promptly corrected by IBF fight supervisor Lindsey Tucker who is also chairman of the IBF Ratings Committee. Tucker found an error in the addition on the score card of Indonesian judge Muhammad Rios who had been criticized for his 117-113 score in favor of his countryman Rachman and according to Condes’ manager Aljoe Jaro was even booed by the Indonesian fans.
Report added that the revision resulted in Rios’ scorecard reading 114-112 for Rachman. Rios was quoted by boxing writer Jeffrey Pamungkas as saying he scored four rounds for Condes including the two 10-8 scores when Rachman was dropped in rounds three and ten. Tucker confirmed that Rios gave Condes rounds one, three, ten and twelve. “Even the scorecard of Filipino judge Salven Lagumbay who described the fight as a “classic” was revised. Instead of the original two point spread which he said he gave Condes it turned out to be four points 115-111. The only judge whose scorecard was correct was Thailand’s Montol Suriyach and which was 114-112,” added the report. /MP

Aklan Children To Benefit Early Childhood Care Program

Thousands of Aklanon children in the province’ six municipalities will benefit much from the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program of the government, now ready for implementation in Aklan this year.
These municipalities are Altavas, Banga, Buruanga, Libacao, Malay and Malinao. Their inclusion in the program was based on their children’s mortality rates.
For the ECCD program, Evangeline Gallega, the PSWDO ECCD Assistant Provincial Officer, said a total of P23.57 million will cover the program in three years, which will be equally divided among the 6 municipalities.
Of this fund amount, P16.5 million is provided by the Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) through the Council for the Welfare of Children, while the local government units will provide a counterpart of P7.07 million.
According to Gallega who attended the Visayas Cluster of the Seminar Workshop on ECCD held in Tagbilaran City, Aklan’s counterpart fund, will be P7.07 million, 50 percent of which will be shouldered by the provincial government while the six municipalities will share equally the remaining fifty percent counterpart.
“The 3-year implementation of the ECCD program in Aklan will focus on the improvement of day care centers and barangay health stations, conduct of supplemental feeding, micronutrient supplementation to pregnant and lactating mothers, Vitamin A supplementation for children, new born screening, and tetanus toxoid immunization for pregnant mothers”, Gallega said.
One unique aspect of the ECCD program which will be practiced in the barangays is the supervised neighborhood play, where a mother who cannot leave her household to bring her child or children to the day care center, will take charge herself of a learning activity among children in the neighborhood.
Under this arrangement, a mother will be given play and learning materials. Act as a day care worker for the neighborhood children in the vicinity of her home. The mother, however, makes sure that the area is safe for the children, and conducive for their learning and playing activities.
The ECCD program will be implemented all over the country, according to Gallega. In Aklan, with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan’s passage of a resolution updating the Local Development Plan for Children and adopting the 2007-2009 ECCD Investment Plan and Work for Financial Plan as requested by Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez, the first tranch of the fund amounting to P5.5 million was released July 15 this year and equally divided among the 6 municipalities.
The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) was created through PD 603 under the Office of the President, but is now under the Department of Social Welfare and Development through E.O. 630. The ECCD, is mandated under RA 8980.
Aklan’s Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Elma Malbas is ECCD’s action officer (PIA-Aklan). /MP

Friday, July 20, 2007

EDITORIAL - July 15 - 21 Issue


By Ambrosio R. Villorente
Si dating Batan Mayor Herodutos "Olong" A. Ramos hay tumaliwan ko alas siyete y media it gabii, Biyernes, Hulyo 13, 2007, Manila tongod sa masakit sa apdo.
may nagpangutana, sin-o baea mana ro tawong mangin aeamon? Maaeam baea mana ro tawong nagsunog ko anang kilay sa pag eskuela sa kolegio hasta guid imao makatapos ag guin konpirmahan ro anang pagtapos ag nakabaton it diploma?
Rayang mga pangu-tana hay guin sabat man it isaeang ka mangin aeamon. Sono kana, "ro sangka tawo hay maaeam kon ro ana nga mga hueag hay tama, angay, bagay ag naga kaigo sa lugar, okasyon ag oras." Pares abe mana kon idto sa baybayon it Boracay o Tambac ro tawo, kinahangean ro ana mang biste hay para man sa baybay, naka short, T-shirt o bathing suit. Kon idto sa simbahan, dapat ro soksok nga naog hay limpyo, may kuelyo ag butkon tongod makipag ambit sa mahae nga Diyos imao.
Maskin imoe mana imao, mabudlay ro pag-hueag sa pagpangabuhi, hay mangin aeamon man kon maeampasan nana ro mapi-ot nga pagpangabuhi hasta mageomo ag mangin bugana sa pagkaon, husto sa pagnaog ag may kuartang haom nga ibayad sa tanan nga kina-hangeanon. Bisan sari-sari pang diploma ro naka bitay ko tag-ana sa pagto-od it baeay kon saea ro hueag sa ano mang lugar, oras ag okasyon, rayang tawo hay owa man guihapon it tinon-an, singki o ignorante.
Ogaling, maskin owa hitapak sa eskuelahan, pero sigo ro hueag sa ano mang oras, lugar ag okasyon, imao ra hay edukado.
Herodutos A. Ramos, raya ro isaeang naga sigang ehemplo sa rayang owa it diploma halin sa kolegio ogaling edukado. Halin imao sa pagpamogon, nagpasueogo-on nga nangin amo. Halin sa owa’t sueod ra boesa, owa eang mag milyonario, nag bilyonario pa guid. Halin sa pagtuya-tuya ag pagtamay tongod imoe nga taga barangay, si Ramos hay isaea eon sa mga taga Batan nga dongganon, maaeam, edukado ag guina tahod.
Sa pagparayao, si Herodutos Ramos hay gin hayo-an ko anang ama nga si Alfredo Ramos, taga Mambusao, Capiz ag ina nga si Maria Abayon, taga Palay, Batan, Aklan – nga si Olong. Tongod sa kapobrehan, si Olong hay owa makapadayon sa pag-eskuela. Ap-at sandang magmanghod, tatlong eaki ag sambatong baye.
Sa edad nga 12 dag-on, si Olong hay may trabaho eon. Nag-pasueogo-on sa "Bar" sa Iloilo City. Umuli imao pagtaliwan it sang dag-on ag guin padayon ro pagto-on. Pero hasta eang imao sa Grade V. Umadto eon man imao sa Manila ko 1960. Nangin sueogo-on sa North Harbor, "shoe shine boy," ag "no permanent address". Owa it guina uli-ang baeay, idto eang ga katoeog sa jeepney.
"Agod malibre ro akong pagkaon ag may akong toeogan, naghugas ako it mga pinggan sa sanka restaurant sa Echague, Quiapo." Sandag-on ro anang paghugas it pinggan ag sumaylo imao sa Amor Barber Shop sa Raon Street, Quiapo. Sueogo-on man guihapon, "ga silhig it buhok, ga eaba it tuwalya, ag iba pang obra.
Sa durong suki it barber shop sa pagpabueog, ha imbeta si Olong nga mag obra sa "Century Electronics." Sueogo-on man guihapon, "pero mayad ay may toeogan ag pagkaon , tanto pa, makato-on ako it electronics." Pagkaeampas it sang dag-on, si Olong hay idto eon man sumaylo sa "Plastic Factory" sa Makati City, tig P30.00 ro sueldo sang buean libre ro estaran ag pagkaon. Kaantigo eon imao kato magka-ayad it maeomo nga samad sa electronics.
Ano’t ang hanabo nga nasamad ro makina it plastic sa planta, indi mag andar. Owa ro mekaniko ag sa pilang adlaw pa maabot. "Nag presentar ako nga ako ro maka-ayad ag nagsugot man ro insik nga among amo." Inumpisahan ko it agahon, pagkatapos it ilabas, omandar eon. Naila rang amo ag dinogangan na eagui rang sueldo nga nangin P80.00 sang buean, dayon nag P300.00 ag nag P350.00 may pagkaon ag baeay," hambae ni Olong.
Sa planta, si Olong ro pinakamataas it sueldo, pero tongod sa welga ko mga empleyado, owa eon imao mag buhay ag bumalik sa Century Electronics sa tig P4.00 eon man ro sueldo kada adlaw. Pagkatapos it sangdag-on, humalin man imao ag idto eon lang imao sa "machinery servicing."
Ro insik nga tag-ana ko Taiwan Machinery hay naga pasueod it mga makina sa Pilipinas halin sa Taiwan. Pag-abot sa Pilipinas, si Olong ro naga assembol, instol ag naga paandar sa planta ko naka bakae. Owa ta nana guina sueldohe si Olong. Naga paabot man imao it tonghoean, pero owa guid. "Mayad man ay ro naga bakae hay imao kakon ro naga ta-o it tip. Rekara ako naka tipon ay abu ro tip," sinay Olong. Kon masamad ro makina hay imao man ro guina tawag agod ka adyon. Mahae man ro bayad sa pagka ayad ag ro spare parts pa hay mahae man.
Bisan owa si Olong pagbayari ko anang kabudlay sa Taiwan Machinery, ko ulihi hay guin tao-an man imao it grasia. Ag rikato nag-umpisa ro andang pagmanggad. Guin tao-an imao it igdaeapat para sa machine shop pareho it 1. lathe machine, 2. drill, 3. steel saw ag iba pa. Ro mga kasangkapan hay anang guin himong machine shop. Nagpabrikate imao it makina para mag manufacture it plastic bags nga anang guina baligya. Nagpatindog man imao it dogalingon nandang Plastic Factory nga naga himo it shopping bags.
Nagbahoe ro andang machine shop, si Olong ag ro anang pamilya ro tag anan it "Ramos Plastic Manufacturing Company, idto nahamtang sa Valenzuela, Bocaue, ag Marilao, Bulacan. May ana man nga Plastic Recycling Plant nga naga "peletized" it mga osadong plastic. Ro peletized plastic ro guina himong "trash bags ag seedlings bags" paagi sa "Thermo Forming Machine." Magowa ra nga naka rolyo, ag daehon dayon sa "cutting and sealing machine," dayon sa bodega ag ha-um eon ibaligya.
May ana mang "Softe Twine Machine Plant" para maghimo it sari-saring higot nga mga masiga nga guina osar sa mga "malls, shopping centers, bakery ag mga tindahan. Naga obra man si Olong it "Embossed PE". Guina osar da sa pag-obra it goma sa saeakyan ag sa pagrecap. Raya hay ginagamit agod indi magdukot sa "ply," busa guina tawag ngani nga separator. Ag imao eang ro manufacturer kara sa Pilipinas ngani monopolya nana.
Producer man si Olong it mga plastic tubes nga gamit sa irrigation ag mga water systems. May anang factory it plastic cups ag baso. Ro ana ngani karang production kada adlaw hay 1.4 milyones nga piraso. May 30 metric tons producksyon kada adlaw si Olong, puro plastic.
Ano ro mahambae sa anang "lovelife?" Bisan mana pigado ako sa kuarta ag sa oras, malipayon man guihapon. Bisan bugana eon sa kuarta, sambato guid lang ro anang asawa, si Delfina Romo, taga Baybay, Leyte, dati anay nga manog liga it onga sa Greenhills, San Juan. Pero makaron, tag ana eon ag naga maniho it milyon milyong pesos plastic manufacturing plants. Makaron, imaw man ro Mayor it Batan.
May tatlo sandang onga. Si Ana, tapos it Computer Science, si Susan, tapos man sa BS Commerce, ag si Rodel, tapos man it BS Commerce. Sono kay Olong, sanda ra edukado eon ag sanda eon man ngani ro naga padaeagan it negosyo.
"Si Olong hay nag serbi sa mga taga Batan bilang Mayor it siyam nga dag-on. "Tongod han-dum ko man magbulig sa akong tinubuang lugar, maugan kong guina baton ro imbetasyon sa tunga ko pagtamay ag pagtuya-tuya bangud sa imoe ro among guin halinan." /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Protests Vs. GSIS e-Card Are Becoming Worst
Aklan is not alone that harbors ill feelings with the GSIS e-Card policy. GSIS pensioners in Antique likewise harbors ill feeling against the GSIS. In Bohol, the GSIS pensioners felt and thought the use of e-Card is an inhuman treatment of the GSIS pensioners in Bohol. According to Mr. Francisco Reyes of Tagbilaran City, the use of e-Card is an inhuman treatment to the senior citizens. Reyes said, their GSIS pensions were delayed for 3 months so that they were compelled to hold a rally in front of the GSIS office in Tagbilaran City just recently.
Hazard To Pensioners
In Virac, Catan-duanes, they call the GSIS e-Card "hazard to defenseless" pensioners. According to Beda V. Montarde, professor of Republic Central Colleges, Angeles City, Pampanga her mother who is now 85 years old has not received her monthly pension since December 2006. Her last check was issued in November last year.
His mother cannot walk and couldn’t comply with the GSIS requirements to secure e-Card, wrote Montarde. The GSIS sent a mobile team to see her mother which advised her to wait for one month to have her documents process in the second week of May 2007. Until this date her mother has not received her e-Card.
According to Montarde, her "mother has been soley relying on her monthtly cash to pay for her regular medicine and health care. Not only that, these pension benefits were earned by my mother through hardwork during her fruitful days of service as a teacher on the assurance that these would give her a secure life upon her retirement. Instead, the GSIS is causing her so many frustrations and worries, and making her feel so insecure.
The delays in the pensions are a clear manifestation of the GSIS’ inefficiency...yet GSIS officials have been known for doubtful lifestyle."
He beseech Mr. Winston Garcia, president and Chief Executive Officer "to immediately act on the delayed pensions. The money the GSIS witholds from the pensioners is money that they have worked for, all their lives. That money could mean their lives.
The GSIS’ failure to give that money is tantamount to taking the lives of the defenseless Filipinos, lamented Montarde.
RC Kalibo
On Saturday evening, July 21, 2007 the Rotary Club of Kalibo will hold its 40th Anniversary and 41st Installation Program. It will be held at the C. Cabagnot Tourism Training Center, Buswang Old, Kalibo, Aklan. President Morris "More" MORIER will lead the officers who will take their oath of office. Among the dignitaries who will grace the occassion are District Governor RENIER "Prince" GEROCHI, of R.I. District 3850 who is expected to give his District Governor’s Address. He will be introduced by ADG IMMANUEL "Nolly" SODUSTA.
Aklan governor Carlito S. Marquez will administer the oath of office to the officers of the Association of Rotary Spouses of RC Kalibo. Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores will administer the oath of office to the officers and members of the Board of Directors.
There will also be the charging of new members which will be done by PP NIOVADY "Vady" MARIN. After which, RTC Judge Dean R. Telan will induct the new members. PP VICTOR "Vic" SANTAMARIA will introduce the guests and visiting Rotarians from other clubs. PP LEONARDO "Raphy" TAYCO, Jr. will welcome the guests in his message.
The Interct Club of Aklan National High School for Arts and Trades will provide the intermission numbers.
The second part of the program is the signing of sisterhood agreement with RC of Obando, Bulacan and RC of GMA Cavite after which, DG FRANCISCO "Paco" ATAYDE will also give his message. /MP

PNRC Holds Management Workshop

By Ambrosio R. Villorente
To make the Philippines National Red Cross the foremost humanitarian organization in the Philippines as service provider and number of people served, a chapter management development workshop was conducted. It was held in St. Benilde’s Hotel and restaurant, Malate, Manila on July 16-19, 2007.
Some 40 participants who are PNRC administrators and board of directors from the sixteen chapters of the Visayas attended the workshop. They discussed the vision, mission, values and management of the PNRC in order to attain its humanitarian objectives.
The 3-day manage-ment workshop dis-cussed the vision, mission, values of the PNRC. It also discussed the international humanitarian law. The short and medium terms development plan were presented and discussed. Modern management practices were presented to the participants for implementation in all chapters of the PNRC. Ms. Arcely Pelayo, Ms. Jo Galeon and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente represented PNRC, Aklan Chapter /MP

Aklanons Pays Lower Bills Starting July

Aklanons will be paying less for their electric consumption starting July. The Aklan Electric Cooperative Incorporated (AKELCO) announced "the power rates to be charged beginning July will be lowered by P1.35 compared with the bill in the month of June for almost all types of consumers.
For residential, commercial, public buildings and street lights consumers, the rates will be as low as P1.30 while for industrial consumers, the rate will be P1.35.
According to AKELCO, the lowered rate is due to the non-implementation of the blended rate of National Power Corporation-Global Business Power Corporation (GBPC).
The NPC rate is charged alone to all consumers for this month of July, in compliance by AKELCO of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) of the Regional Trial Court against the implementation of Electricity Power Purchase Agreement (EPPA) Contract between AKELCO and the GBPC.
Moreover, the generation charges of NPC-GENCO also decreased, so the total charges is reduced in all types of consumers.
Coincidentally, the Department of Energy (DOE) headed by Sec. Raphael Lotilla also announced that electric consumers will have reduced rates in their billings starting this month. The power rate cut, which will be reflected in the June 26-July 25 billing, is due to the seasonality of the rates and the full recovery of some components of the Energy Regulatory Commission approved deferred accounting adjustments (DAAs).
According to NAPOCOR, customers in the main grids will enjoy a per kilowatt-hour reduction of P0.4733 in Luzon, P0.1836 in the Visayas, and P0.2758 in Mindanao. The effective rates after the reduction will now be P4.4911/kwh in Luzon, P2.9056/kwh in the Visayas, and P2.4820/kwh in Mindanao.
Further rate reductions are expected due to the positive performance of NAPOCOR since 2005. (PIA-Aklan) /MP

MLP Elects Rebaldo President Igoy Assumes Aklan PCL

Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo was uncontested in his bid for President of the Aklan Mayors’ League. Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo is the first mayor from the capital town of Kalibo to occupy the position in an election held on July 12, 2007 at the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Provincial Office, Kalibo, Aklan, according to Terence Toriano.
Mayor Rebaldo’s nomination was uncontested. He was elected with the new Mayor of Ibajay town, Ma. Lourdes "Lulu" Miraflores, as the executive vice president. Mayor Miraflores is the wife of Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores.
The Mayors League of Aklan during the meeting decided to have a vice president each for the western and eastern sides of Aklan. Mayor Elvirita Templonuevo of Numancia was elected vice president for the western side and Mayor Edgar Peralta of New Washington for the eastern side. The other officials elected are Mayor Dominador Ilio, Jr. of Malinao - secretary general, Mayor Kathyrine Refol of Altavas – treasurer, Mayor Victor Fernandez of Lezo – auditor, and Mayor Elvirita Templonuevo of Numancia – PRO. The Board of Directors include all the mayors.
Prof. Rommel Banlaoi, the Center Director of the Mayor’s Development Center and consultant to the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), was the guest of honor during the election. He presented in a power point presentation the good governance and the history of the LMP.
As a prelude to his election as Philippine Councilors League (PCL) Aklan president, lawyer and Malinao town councilor Wilbert Ariel Igoy assumed his ex-officio membership in the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP), wrote Boy Ryan Zabal.
PCL national president and now Mandaue City councilor Carlo Pontico-Fortuna confirmed Igoy of the Liberal Party as interim PCL Aklan president two weeks ago in their annual convention in Boracay.
"The assumption as PCL president is temporary until such time the councilors of Aklan had elected a new set of officers," Igoy said.
Igoy was elected to his third and last term, assumed the post during the 2nd Aklan SP regular session last Wednesday.
He chaired the Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability vice outgoing PCL president Franklin Quimpo. Igoy enjoys the support of the ruling local party coalition Tibyog Akean and the 136-strong Councilors’ League in the province in his bid to be elected PCL Aklan president.
Igoy took his oath of office as interim ex-officio member of the SP before Aklan Gov. Carlito Marquez. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Tawong Estatwa

May mag-asawang owa guin grasyahe it onga. Sa kabuhayon eon nanda nga pag-iba, nag hambae ro babaye nga maskin nano eon lang conta basta imaw hay maka onga.
Isaeang adlaw, may hakita imaw nga isaeang ka babayeng estatwa. Naila-an guid ko babaye ratong estatwa ag maskin sa pagkaon, pagkatueog o pagpanaw hay daea-daea guid nana ro estatwa. Naakig ro eaeaki ay basi kuno mag estatwa ro andang onga.
Makataliwan ro siyam nga buean nga pag nabdos, nag – onga ro babaye. Isaeang ka gwapahon nga babaye ag owa man it deperensya, mayad ra eawas. Palangga guid it duro ko ina ro anang onga. Guina tao kana tanan ro anang gusto. Owa imaw guina patrabahuha ay basi maninahan ro anang mapinong pamanit. Guinapaligsan, guina hungit pa sa pagkaon ag permeng guina koe-koe. Nag bahoe ro onga nga mas nag gwapa pa guid ag guina kahikawan it tanan nga mga nanay.
Sa kabuhayan nga owa it gina inobra ko onga, nagmasakit. Guindaea nanda sa doctor. Suno sa doctor, kueang kuno sa ehersisyo.
Indi nana mabakyaw ro anang mga alima. Nagbakod ro mga tudlo, ag pati ro mga siki hay matsa robot kon magtikang. Nangin buhi imaw nga estatwa nga naga ginhawa ag naga kaon ogaling owa naga hueag.
Raya ro bunga it sobrang pag palangga. Guin tolerar ko ina ro katamaran ko anang onga. Ro sobrang pagpalangga ro nagapatay ko atong mga handum. Imbis nga ipa haum ro anang onga nga mangin sandigan ko anang paggueang, imaw pa ro sandigan ko anang onga maskin magueang eon. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Ro Primero Nga Makaeueo-oy Nga Christianos
Tag nag-abot ro tatlong ka manginaeamon nga tawo nga ginatawag naton nga tatlong hari nga naghalin sa silangan para nga padunggan ro bag-o nga tawo nga mananabang it kalibutan, napan-uhan nanda nga si Herodes hay may interest ag suspetsa sa Maka-ako nga matawo. Dayon nana nga hinambae, adto mana kamo ag magpangutana parte ko unga ngaron nga natawo, ag kon hikit-an ninyo imaw, paapasi ako it hambae o palabra para man nga ako maka adto kana ag paduggan ko imaw.
Ag ro tatlo nga manginaeamon nga tawo nagpanaw. Sa pagsueod nanda sa isaeang ka baeay, hakit-an nanda ro unga nga kaibahan ko anang ina nga si Maria ag nag-eohod sanda sa pag-adorar kana. Sa anda nga pag-uli, owa sanda mag agi kay herodes ag nag-directa sanda it uli sa anda. Sa daean ko andang pag uli, may isaeang ka angel it Ginuo nga pumukaw sa katueogon ni Jose ag dayon naghambae: "Magbugtaw ka man ag magpanaw. Daehon mo ro unga ag ro ana nga ina, ag mag-adto kamo eagi-eagi sa Ehipto. Ay ma-abot ro pani-on nga pagausoyon ni Herodes rong unga ag ana nga pagapatyon.
Sa sueod it pilang siglos, mawraya ro nabuhat ko owa naila it Kristyanismo. Pero it sa guihapon owa sanda magda-og. Ro primero nga makaeueoy ngato nga cristyanos hay owa man mamatay nga nagkalisud kondi sa gamhanan it Ginuo.
Si-in Kamong Kristyano Maghalin?
Sa isaeang ka daean sa norte nga parte it Tsina, isaeang ka Marynoll nga pari missionaryo ro nakakita it sangka magueang nga babaye nga nagapungko sa kilid it daean, ginaeamigan ag ginagutom.
Tag ginabuligan eon imaw it pari, ro magueang nga babaye naghambae, ham-an mana it ginabuligan mo ako? Owa eon man kakon it naga kiber o nagatan-aw.
Ro pari naghambae it mawraya: Guin obra ka mana it Diyos ag guin obra man ako it Diyos. Dugang pa ko pari, naghambae man ro Diyos nga magguwa kamo sa kalibutan ag buligan ro nagakinihangean.
Ro magueang nga babaye hay hangawa ag anang guin batyag it mayad ro hinambae it pari. Dayon imaw nga naghambae: "Kasadya-an ag noble ro inyo nga relihiyon? Sin-o ro nag-umpisa it inyo ngaron nga relihiyon?"
Ro pari nagsabat it madahan nga ro Diyos hay nagahigugma guid it kalibutan nga anang guin padaea si Jesus Christo nga anang unga sa kalibutan para nga magta-o it salvasyon sa tawo. Hinambae pa guid ko pari nga guinsugo man it Diyos ro tawo nga maghigugma-an mana man ko paghigugma it Maka-ako kanda.
Nagpangutana dayon ro babaye nga magueang it mawraya: "Ro inyo ngaron nga Kristo hay bukon eon it mabuhay namatay?" Tag nagsabat ro pari nga 2,000 años eon nga namatay si Christo dayon nag-hambae ro babaye nga magueang it mawraya. "Ro imo nga gustong hambaean hay 2,000 años namatay si kristo ag sa dos million nga dag-on nga nagtaliwan nga nagsugo imaw it paghigugma it isig katawo? Ham-a nga siin kamo maghalin nga mga Kristiyanos? Ham-an owa ninyo ginabuhata ro guinsugo kinyo ni Kristo?" /MP

Bayan Aklan Lauds SC’s, Junks Rebellion Charges

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) Aklan lauded the Supreme Court on its decision with finality on the government’s rebellion case against six party-list lawmakers.
The Supreme Court second division issued a two-page resolution that denied the motion for reconsideration of the Solicitor General and reaffirmed the June 1, 2007 ruling on the rebellion cases against Bayan Muna Representatives Satur Ocampo, Teodoro Casiño, and Joel Virador; Anakpawis Representatives Rafael Mariano and Crispin Beltran; and Gabriela Representative Liza Maza.
"The legal battle is a setback to the Arroyo administration and a relief to those lawmakers who allegedly conspired to oust Arroyo in 2006. The dismissal of the case is a clear manifestation that the basis of the Arroyo government in filing such cases are all immaterial and fabricated," Calaor added.
Casiño in an interview said, "now the Supreme Court junked the rebellion charges against us, the Malacañang should respect the people’s mandate and allow us to fulfill our duties as lawmakers of the party-list groups."
The lawmakers were charged with rebellion before the Makati City regional trial court. On June 1, 2007, the Supreme Court ordered the court to dismiss Criminal Case Nos. 06-452 and 06-944.
The Court resolved "to deny the motion with finality, the basic issues raised therein having been duly considered and passed upon by the Court in the aforesaid decision and no substantial argument have been adduced to warrant the reconsideration sought."
"It also gave us a detailed picture of a fascist and desperate this government to quell and jeopardize the democratic rights of the people guaranteed by the 1987 Constitution," Calaor added.
The high court added the special prosecutors failed to prove that the lawmakers conspired with the Oakwood rebel-soldiers to topple the government. /MP

iN2Power is RP’s 6th Wholesale Aggregator

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) granted a Certificate of Registration (COR) to iN2Power, Inc. (iN2Power) to become the sixth (6th) wholesale aggregator (WA) in the Philippine electric power industry.
"This is a welcome development for it proves that the electricity industry in the Philippines is surely evolving to a competitive regime," ERC Chairman and CEO Rodolfo B. Albano, Jr. said. "This also shows the high level of confidence that investors have in the Philippines which is vital in the transformation of the electricity industry," Chairman Albano added.
iN2Power is a private corporation incorporated on 21 May 2007 with the primary function to engage in the power business, including but not limited to power generation, power trading and power supply to retail customers and end-users as well as to distribution utilities and customers directly connected to the voltage transmission network. It also bids for or acquires power generation and other power related assets, facilities, concessions and contracts. It enters into transactions or agreements relating to power by itself or through joint ventures or partnerships, directly or through its subsidiaries or affiliates.
iN2Power is taking a position in the supply sector both as a wholesale aggregator and as a Retail Electricity Supplier (RES). It intends to serve electric cooperatives, private utilities, local government-run utilities and large-load end-users in geographical areas that it could possibly cover all over the country. /MP

Ombudsman Files Graft Charges Vs Cebu Customs Officials

Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas N. Gutierrez yesterday ordered the filing of graft charges against three ranking Customs Officials assigned at the Port of Cebu and two others before the appropriate court.
In a 12-page Resolution, the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas found probable cause to indict Angel Go, Acting Chief Wharfinger; Habib Diator, Acting Wharfinger; and Conrado Rivera, Customs Guard, all of the Bureau of Customs (BOC), Port of Cebu; and Joven Cesar Abuda, and Emmanuel Carollo, Customs Brokers, both of E.R. Carollo Customs Brokerage Services, Mandaue City, for violation of RA 3019 (Anti-graft and Corrupt Practices Act).
The case stemmed from an anonymous complaint filed before the Office of the Ombudsman – Visayas on the alleged connivance of certain BOC officials with private individuals, for the release of 15 container vans of undeclared rice from the Cebu port without the payment of customs duties and taxes.
The complainant narrated that "the method of release was through the use of fake or falsified Import Entry documents that purportedly showed the payment of customs duties and taxes but was revealed later to be untrue."
Records showed that the said respondents used five falsified Import Entry documents to make it appear that a total of P1,172,384 customs duties have been paid for the release of the said container vans of imported rice.
It was established that the said documents were spurious based on the affidavit of Percito Lozada, then the Acting Chief of the Assessment Division of the Port of Cebu that "the same did not bear the machine imprints of the bank indicating the payment of duties and taxes due thereon."
The OMB-Visayas also stated that documentary evidence show that Carollo’s name and signature appeared in the fake import entry documents while Abuda’s appear in all the withdrawal documents used for the unauthorized release of the cargo.
It also identified Go as the person who submitted the fake documents to the Oriental Port and Allied Services Corporation (OPASCOR), the cargo handler in the Cebu Port Authority (CPA), for the processing of the cargo’s release.
Diator’s signature or initials on the other hand appeared on the withdrawal receipts of OPASCOR signifying clearance from the Customs Wharfinger.
In their counter-affidavits, respondent Customs officials denied the accusation against them. They claimed their duties are ministerial in nature and thus, do not involve determination of the authenticity of the documents in question.
The OMB investigating panel however did not give weight to their arguments. It said, "the fact that as long-time customs officials, the nature of their functions create expectation of their awareness of the most basic means of detecting the authenticity or spuriousness of import entry documents."
It further stated that "It has been established by the evidence that the government has been defrauded in the amount of P1,172,384 for the illegal release of 15 container vans of imported rice without the payment of customs duties and taxes."
It thus ordered the filing of the graft charges against them before the Cebu City Regional Trial Court. /MP

Saturday, July 14, 2007

EDITORIAL - July 8 - 14 Issue

The Painful GSIS e-Card

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

On September 13, 2004, Mr. Winston F. Garcia informed GSIS pensioners that, "your GSIS has engaged the services of …Union Bank to deliver benefits to rightful beneficiaries. It claimed a list of Union Bank branches is attached with the letter."
I looked for the list, but saw nothing. Is that a deception? Nevertheless, searching a Union Bank branch, I found one in Iznart St., Iloilo City. Just imagine a small Union Bank branch to deliver benefits to rightful beneficiaries living in the islands of Panay and Guimaras. It will also serve government employees transacting business like loans with the GSIS.
I wrote back Mr. Winston Garcia informing him his letter did not contain any list of Union Bank branches and Union Bank does not exist in Aklan in my letter of October 7, 2004.
On November 2, 2004, Artemio M. Molina, Jr., GSIS, wrote back informing me that the previous letter was just "relative to our change of depository bank from LBP to Union Bank". The letter assured me I will be "paid my monthly pension at the usual mode."
On February 28, 2005, Mr. Winston Garcia sent a letter informing me "we shall be paying your pension thru PNB checks starting…April 2005." It also advised me to open an account "with any bank of your choice; or with PNB or Union Bank." It also invited me to acquire a GSIS e-Card which will credit my pension and can be withdrawn from any Union Bank ATM or from any Megalinks, Bancnet and Expressnet ATMs.
The paying of monthly pension by checks continued. The checks were delivered to Kalibo by GSIS personnel from Roxas City which were released personally to the rightful owners. Until one day, it was verbally announced by the GSIS personnel the "No e-Card No Pension Policy. "It alarmed the pensioners.
On February 25, 2006, the Government Retirees Organization of Libacao (GROL) approved a "Resolution Appealing to the GSIS Not to Implement the No e-Card No Pension Policy and Continue Paying the Pensioners By Checks Sent Through the Philpost."
Copies of the resolution were furnished the GSIS in all levels: top, local and national officials. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan approved its own resolution strongly recommending approval of the GROL’s appeal. There were several government units which approved their separate resolutions supporting favorable consideration to the appeal of the GROL.
VP Efigenio D. Aquino, Jr. of the GSIS wrote Mr. Odon Bandiola his reaction to Aklan SP Resolution No. 06 – 155. Aquino wrote "it saddens as to learn that you have not yet fully appreciated the con-venience and the value of the use of GSIS e-Card." Mr. Aquino, thought GSIS e-Card is convenient to him but painful to the pensioners. He cannot emphatize.
Aquino further said, "fraud and theft…has been a nagging problem" Mr. Aquino, did not realize GSIS pensioners are neither capable to commit fraud nor steal GSIS fund. By the way, funds in the GSIS came from the members. Why will they steal? The death of Mr. Edie Swede in Iloilo City came shortly after he exposed a series of anomalies which took place in the GSIS.
According to Aquino, the GSIS will save P200 million a year as it eliminates the use of checks. Mr. Aquino forgot that the monthly pension is a legal obligation of the GSIS to the pensioners. Why transfer the expenses of the GSIS to the pensioners in the payment of their money GSIS have collected out of pensioners’ monthly salaries? Why use a bank which does not exist in most of the provinces? Union Bank is not capable to deliver benefits to the rightful beneficiaries. GSIS clients are now paying at very high cost both physically, financially and mentally banking with Union Bank.
The continued use of GSIS e-Card inflicts pain to the pensioners, incurs unnecessary, excessive expenses and humiliating to the senior citizens.
At 9:30 AM to 12 noon on Monday, July 9, 2007, the GSIS pensioners spearheaded by the officers and members of the GROL, held a rally in front of the provincial capitol building, Kalibo, Aklan. They demanded for the following:
1. GSIS pensioners be paid in checks sent through the Philippines postal service;
2. Transfer GSIS fund from Union bank to DBP or LBP;
3. Relocate GSIS satellite office from the 3rd floor of the Provincial Capitol Bldg. to the ground floor; and
4. Approval of the resignation of Winston F. Garcia as GSIS Chairman/General Manager.
Atty. Jesusa Ruby A. Teruel, Area Manager, GSIS and Mr. Ronie Abella came to listen to the pensioners’ demands. Before the rally ended, Atty. Teruel assured that the GSIS satellite office will be transferred to a ground floor as soon as a suitable place is available. She also assured that our three other demands with its respective rationale will be sent to higher management for consideration.
Most of the GSIS pensioners are living on, bonus time. May the GSIS management gives them their little request. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

GSIS Needs Office Room

The GSIS satellite office in Kalibo, Aklan is in search for an office space building to relocate its present office now located in the third floor of the provincial capitol. The room must be located in the ground floor to provide easy access to its members particularly the GSIS pensioners.
Akelco Follows TRO
Akelco will reduce its power rate effective this July 2007 billing. This is in compliance to the Temporary Restraining Order of the Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan issued to Akelco to stop implementing the blended rate of Mirant Global Power Corporation and the NPC.
While it will follow the RTC Order, Akelco announced the forthcoming series of black outs in Aklan due to electric power shortage. According to Akelco, NPC will not be able to supply the power demand of Aklan especially during peak hours.
Was there no power interruption during the days when Akelco imposed the collection of blended rate to the consumers? What is the difference between the power interruption Akelco predicted to happen and those black outs which happened before? Akelco must tell its consumer – members the magnitude, duration and frequency of power interruption.
Instead of doing something to minimize blackouts, Akelco has threatened its consumer members. As if there was no black out when it bought power from Mirant Global Power Corporation and charged higher.
Akelco must also disclose how did it spend the P3 million it allegedly got without any receipt.
Libacao To Solve Iloilo Water Supply
Boy Ryan Zabal said, "Libacao is confident of solving Iloilo’s water supply problem." Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa is confident the hydropower project in his town will solve water scarcity in Iloilo.
This action demonstrates the Aklanon character of being helpful to others.
When this happens, it will be a good source of income for that town. It will demonstrate to all that Libacao has much natural resources to spare with others.
If Libacao was given even a little attention in its development, Aklan and its people could be living in a better quality of life today. Its water could have been used for irrigation and potable waters. Floods and soil erosion could have been minimized along Aklan river. Highland tourism could have been developed, created employment and improved peace and order.
Antong Maming
of Banga
Antonio T. Maming, Mayor of Banga is the man to watch. All the mayors of Banga since 1948 and before him were professionals, they have completed college degrees and passed professional examinations. They were either Doctors of Medicine or Bachelors of Laws. At the time of the election, the Mayor of Banga was a lawyer whom Maming defeated on the May 14, 2007 election. He defeated two doctors of medicine opponents in that election.
During his installation on June 30, 2007, Mayor Maming was laughed at by his crowd that overflowed Teodosio Park, Banga.
While Judge Gubaton was administering his oath of office and Mayor Maming was following, he stated "Ako si Antonio Tuma-ob Maming, nahalal bilang punong ba-rangay…" The crowd loudly laughed. Mayor Maming experienced a great difficulty in pronouncing the Pilipino terms that illicited laughter from the crowd for few times.
On the other hand, Mayor Maming was very eloquent in his inaugural speech in Aklanon. He enumerated his municipal agenda for the next three years. He announced he will spend his salary as Municipal Mayor of Banga for the purchase of medicine for his needy constituents. Let us watch and cooperate with Mayor Maming as he proves to his detractors that Mayor Maming is the best Mayor Banga will ever had. /MP

GROL Succeeds, Gets GSIS Understanding

Members of the Government Retirees Organization of Libacao listening to the speaker during the rally against some GSIS policies in front of the Provincial Capitol Bldg., Kalibo, Aklan on July 9, 2007.

Pictures show Mrs. Elinita Carpio Pelayo and Mr. Florentino Ruiz discussing their bad experiences in transacting business with GSIS.

"We understand your problems but the decision is beyond us. We can only send your demands to the management for consideration. We will relocate our GSIS Kalibo office as soon as possible." These are the responses of Atty. Jesusa Ruby A. Teruel and Ronie Abella of GSIS Roxas on the demands aired during a peaceful rally staged by the Governemnt Retirees Organization of Libacao (GROL), Inc. The GROL members were joined by a good size crowd who came from nearby towns of Numancia, Kalibo, New Washington, Makato, Banga, and even Ibajay. It was held in front of the Aklan Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan in the morning of Monday, July 9, 2007.
Led by Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, president of GROl, the rally demanded from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) the following: 1. The GSIS pensioners be paid their monthly pension by bank checks sent to their respective addresses by mail; 2. The GSIS funds deposited in Union Bank be withdrawn and be deposited with the Development Bank of the Philippines and/or the Land Bank of the Philippines; 3. The GSIS office situated in the 3rd floor of the Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan be transferred to the ground; and 4. For Mr. Winston Garcia, President/Chief Executive Officer of GSIS to resign his position.
For two hours, some dissatisfied GSIS pensioners talked on the shortcomings of the GSIS and their demands.
The rally has won the attention of GSIS as it sent its Roxas City branch Manager, Atty. Jesusa Ruby A. Teruel and Mr. Ronie Abella, Information Officer to attend the rally. In their respond, Atty. Teruel assured the pensioners the GSIS office will be relocated to the ground floor immediately as soon as a suitable space is available. The money for room rental is already available, assured Atty. Teruel.
As to the other three demands, Atty. Teruel and Mr. Abella assured the rallyiests that all their three demands including their reasons for demanding them will be transmitted to the GSIS policy decision makers and management. All three demands involved policy and are beyond their functions.
While Atty. Teruel and Mr. Abella are sympathetic to the GSIS pensioners’ demands the decision is vested upon the officials above them. /MP

DepEd Teaches Unique Skills For Makato OTOP

By Angelda T. Baylon

Photo shows thick biomass of Centrocema that eliminates weeds at rice farm of Bartolome T. Baylon in Tina, Makato, Aklan. Mun. NFS Coordinator Arglou B. Tagala with AT Reynaldo Lamahan and ACC Arceli V. Villaruel of LGU – Makato examine/monitor how Natural Farming System (NFS) technology brings the soil back to its original form where nature works for the production of its needs.

DepEd Makato District headed by environment – friendly public schools district supervisor Lucy D. Gomez, informed the teachers about the unique skills to produce Makato One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) which is organic rice. This is in relation to War on Waste (WOW), School Inside a Garden (SIGA) and Nutrition Month celebration this July. She revealed it during their monthly district meeting held at Makato Integrated School last month.
Producing organic rice involves not only rice farmers but a competent body to coordinate and harmonize with nature’s laws and adopt proven technologies for every specific agro-ecologic zone. Teachers are considered a competent body to develop skills in primary education of youth as well as adults of the community.
Some of the unique skills that Ms. Gomez mentioned are: keeping mungo crop year round for continuous multiplication of bio-nitrogen as indigenous microorganism (IMO) for effective microorganisms innoculant (EMI) and to have sufficient seeds for crop rotation of mungo as 3rd crop after two crops of rice at lowland farms; maintaining improved grasses intercropped with legumes and fruit trees at upland farms. These crops are among the best sources of good quality organic matter as it keep a living soil rich of IMO/EMI. The soil manufactures organic fertilizers night and day for farmers to produce sustainable organic rice; and by maintaining mushroom vermin-compost production.
The SIGA and WOW of Tugas–Dumga Elem. School had availed of some planting materials like improved grasses and legumes for their vacant lot as requested by Head Teacher III, Mrs. Consolacion T. Tang. Mrs Sol T. Aragon eagerly planted the Guinea grass which she appreciated so much. She was excited to produce fresh milk and high – quality meat from their forage garden. Ms. Aragon requested some reading materials from LGU-Makato under earth-friendly mayor Hon. Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr. who firmly believed that his town is rich of organic materials from its vast agricultural land abusively pastured by "pasaway" livestock raisers.
The Municipal Agricultural Services Office (MASO) of LGU-Makato hopes that uninformed farmers be enrolled by DepEd to learn unique skills to restore/revive and conserve and or keep the soil fertile for a sustainable organic rice, the OTOP of Makato. /MP

Rotary Grants P350,000 To 7 Day Care Centers

Some P350,000 worth of equipments and supplies are approved for distribution to seven (7) day care centers in the province of Aklan. Each day care center will receive this month the following equipment and supplies: 1 colored TV 21 inch, DVD player, steel cabinet, karaoke, black board with stand, water dispenser, teachers’ table and chair, eight (8) colored laminated children’s chair, educational CDs, two (2) sets of Grolier’s children’s table, 40 children’s books (Help Me Be Good – 29 volumes and I Wonder Why – 24 volumes).
This information came from PDG Toto Locsin of RI District 3850 where Rotary Clubs of Kalibo, Boracay and Metro Kalibo belong.
According to IPP Gus Solmirano of the RC Kalibo, Day Care Centers in Pinamuc-an and Fatima in New Washington and Brgy. Bulwang, Numancia will receive this equipment and supplies at the end of July 2007. Rotary Club of Boracay will select in its area three Day Care Centers recipients for this grant. Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo will also select one Day Care Center. /MP

No Reshuffling of Chiefs of Police, Says Aklan PNP

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Eight out of 17 towns of Aklan might have new chiefs of police after elected mayors of their respective towns assumed office on July 1.
Senior Superintendent Benigno Durana, Jr. Aklan PNP provincial director, stressed the need to put permanency in the status of chiefs of police in Aklan. He wished to strengthen the management of Aklan Provincial Police Office (APPO).
"The chief executives are partners of APPO in the provision of peace and order. When the new mayors assumed office on July 1, the APPO submits recommendees to fill up the officer-in-charge status in those towns," he said in a radio interview.
Durana identified those towns as Buruanga, Tangalan, Malay, Banga, Libacao, Altavas and New Washington that most likely to ask for a new chief of police from the APPO. However, he belied the reshuffling of officers to effect changes in the eight municipalities.
"We have to consult the mayors in the designation of a new chief of police with the rank of Inspector. By operations of law, APPO could recommend five police officers where the mayor may select," he added.
There are reports that some policemen has requested for immediate transfer for fear of reprisal from the newly elected mayor.
But, Durana said, APPO personnel are apolitical and professional in dealing with police matters in the recently concluded May 14, 2007 elections.
"They are more qualified to handle managerial and administrative functions as a chief of police in case they are designated by the local executives," he pointed out. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

May isaeang ka manggaranon nga sobrang sueok. Haeos sakop nana eon ro bilog nga barangay ag tanan ro tawo hay may utang kana. Hilig gid nana ro magsuksok it nagagilak nga eambong. Bu-ot abe nana hay mapansin gid imaw bisan siin nga lugar. Owa man ra imaw naila it mahigko. Indi imaw maglamano bisan pa sin-o ay basi mahigku-an ro anang alima. Indi nana pagpapungku-an sa iba ro andang set ay basi maduea ro ka gilak. Hilig pa ko manggaranon nga ro magbyahe sa ibang lugar sakay ko andang yate. Nagbyahe sanda sa isaeang ka isla, owa pa sanda maka abot sa gin adtonan, inabot sanda it mabaskog nga bagyo. Kaibahan ko anang mga tripulante,namatay ro manggaranon pagka eonod ko yate. Tongod sa kadaeomon ko tubi, owa eagi masalbar ro mga sakay. Inabot it pilang buean parabil maeonip ro mga naeonod. Tag buksan ro kwarto nga guina toeogan ko mang-garanon, hakita ro puro eonot eon nga eawas ag toe-an eon lang ro habilin. Eonot man ro magilak nga eambong nga anang guinasuksok. Pareho man tanan nga toe-an ro mga tripulanteng pasahero, ngani indi makilaea ro kada isaea.
Leksyon: Owa it pinaeabi ro kamatayon. Manggaranon ka man o pobre, mapatay ro tawo tanan. Ro sadyaan nga eambong it sangkatawo, ro anang mapinong pamanit o katangos ko anang ilong hay maeonot man ag magabalik sa eapok nga atong guinhalinan. Ag ro masubo, ro anang mang-gad nga guintipon hay indi man nana madaea sa pihak nga kinabuhi. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Ro Consekwensya It Temprano
Nga Pagpakasae
May tatlo kono ka singsing nga nakonectar sa paghigugma ag pag-pakasae. Ag raya, sa hinangae nga sugid ag sa ininglish imaw ro "engagement ring", ro "wedding ring" ag ro "suffering".
Kon raya man hay aton nga panan-awon nga hinangae, may una nga kamatu-oran. Sa raya nga kamatu-oran hay sa kon ro eaeaki ag babayi hay nagsueod sa pagpakasae nga sa kabata-on pa nanda.
Sa isaeang ka estudyo hanongod sa nagapakasae it bata pa o ginatawag nga "teenage marriage", ro mga unga ko mga binatan-on nga nagpaeakasae hay kon amat bukon it receptivo sa mga ginaturo sa eskuylahan ag sa panimaeay. Raya ro report nga guin publicar ni Josefina J. Card sa isaeang ka journal nga ro anang ngaean hay "Demography".
Ro mga experto sa panan-aw ag estudyo it kasae hay nakagtao it obserbasyon nga ro mga babaye nga naga asawa it temprano ag sa anda nga bata pa ag nag-ilinunga eagi hay nakagbuhin it anda nga tsansa nga magtinguha it pagtu-on, o makagbuoe it mataas nga kurso o makagpangita it mayad nga trabaho. Eowas pa kara, una man ro bukon it mayad nga relasyon o kon bukon ngani hay magulo nga pagpangabuhi.
Raya ag iba pa nga rasones ro nakagtao it owa it sayod nga epecto sa mga inunga ko nakag-asawa samtang sanda hay bata pa nga mayad.
Ag ro consekwensya nga mabahoe sa pag-asawa it bata pa hay matsa mabug-at guid sa ina si-in ngani, eowas ko ana nga pag-alila it unga, ro ina nagabaton it mabahoe nga responsibilidad sa pagpabahoe it unga.
Ina ro paghuwad it mga unga ko nag-asawa it bata pa nga tuea-ron ro inagyan ko anda nga guinikanan nga mag-asawa man sanda it bata.
It sa mayad ngani nga may panan-aw nga pag-abo it ginatawag nga "career women" ag ro pag-inabu man it ginatawag nga "day care". Ro consekwensya nga ma-sakit ko pagpakasae it bata pa hay it sa medyo piyan-piyan ro kabug-at it kalisud.
Busa kara, mayad guid sa gihapon nga ibutang sa husto nga edad ro pag-asawa.
Ro Tiempo It
Pag-umpisa Sa Pangabuhi
Ka-abu-an katon hay hatemptar kon amat nga magbangdanan nga ro aton nga pagpalya it pag-obra it mga bagay-bagay nga aton konta nga ha-abot kon naghinguha eamang kita.
Sa minatu-od hay bukon it sa patemprano o pa-ulihi it aton nga kabuhi nga kita man hay maka-umpisa it aton nga bueohaton ag hikit-an naton nga ro aton ngaron nga bueohaton hay mahimo.
Sa mga bata nga nagbuhat it mga mayad eakot eon karon ro aton nga mga baganihan nga si Dr. Jose Rizal, sa iba nga naciones mana it America, una eon kara si Jefferson nga samtang imaw hay 33 años eamang hay sinueat eon nana ro declaration of independence. Si Benjamin Franklin, nga sa edad it 26 años hay ana eon guinhuman ro ana nga sinueat nga Poor Richard’s Almanac o sa Inglatera, una si Charles Dickens nga sa edad it 24 hay ana man nga sinueat ro Pickwick Papers ag sa edad it 25, hay tinapos nana ro Oliver Twist. Una si McCormick nga sa edad it 23, guin invento nana ro "reaper". Si Newton sa edad it 24 hay nagpaguwa it ana nga theoria nga ginatawag nga "law of gravitation."
Sa mga magueang nga nagbuhat samtang mga 80 años eon sanda, una si Verdi nga sa edad it 80 hay tinapos nana ro opera nga Falstaff ag sa edad it 85 años nana hinuman ro pag-obra it opera ag kanta nga "Ave Maria". Una man si Goethe nga sa edad it 80 hay ana nga tinapos ro opera nga nahingaeanan nga "Faust". Si Alfred Lord Tennyson hay 80 años tag-ana nga tinapos ro "Crossing the Bar". Ro bantugan nga eskultor ag pintor nga si Michelangelo hay tina-pos man nana ro ana nga mga obra maestras tag imaw 87 años. Ag ro pintor nga si Titian hay nagtapos it ana nga memorable nga pagpinta it guerre it Lepanto.
Busa, ro tawo hay bukon it bata nga mayad o magueang nga mayad sa pagbutang nanda it mga obra nga hipupuslan it dagaya ag iba. /MP

ERC Retains NPC and PSALM As Default Wholesale Suppliers

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) issued a resolution on 25 June 2007 extending the effectivity of the Default Wholesale Supply (DWS) Arrangements for the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) in the Luzon Grid for another year from June 26, 2007 or until such time that the resolution is superseded by another rule of the Commission, whichever comes earlier. The Resolution, therefore, extended the designation of the National Power Corporation (NPC) and the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) as the Default Wholesale Suppliers.
"There is a need to extend the effectivity of the DWS arrangements in the light of the expiration of the said arrangements for the WESM in Luzon to ensure continuous supply of electricity to distribution utilities (DUs) and end-users," ERC Chairman and CEO Rodolfo B. Albano, Jr. said.
The Rules for the Default Wholesale Supply (DWS) Arrangements promulgated by ERC on 23 August 2006, particularly Article V thereof, explicitly limits the effectivity of the DWS arrangements for a period not longer than one (1) year from the start of the WESM operations in Luzon which took place on 26 June 2006.
The NPC and PSALM, as Default Wholesale Suppliers, will supply electricity to cover the following: (a) all energy consumed of those with no Transition Supply Contracts and are not participating in the WESM; and (b) energy consumed beyond the contract cover of Indirect WESM Members. Indirect WESM members are those who trade in the WESM indirectly through a Direct WESM Member. Direct WESM members are those who trade directly in the WESM. /MP


Pursuant to COMELEC Resolutions Nos. 8218 and 8220 entitled "Guidelines on the Conduct of Registration of Voters for the October 29, 2007 Barangay elections’’ and "Rules and Regulations to the Registration of the Katipunan ng Kabataan in connection with the October 29, 2007" elections of members of the Sangguniang Kabataan," respectively, the COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS thru the Office of the Election Officer in every municipality will receive applications for registration of qualified registrants starting July 15, 2007 up to July 22, 2007 from 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. There is no extension of registration.

Banga Exec Calls For GenuinePublic Service

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Neophyte Banga mayor Antonio T. Maming took his oath of office as he is determined to make his town a model of genuine public service.
"We need reforms on public administration to deliver sincere and effective social services to our barangays," stressed Maming in his inaugural speech after his oath-taking before thousands of political supporters and friends from 30 barangays held at Teodosio Park, Banga last week.
He bared his plan to create a Legislative – Executive Advisory and Development Council to tackle development efforts with the support of his vice mayor Melanio Rentillo.
Maming (Nacionalista Party) also thanked his supporters for the landslide victory in the recent election against his prominent rivals including incumbent mayor-lawyer Jeremy N. Fuentes, former Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) member, Dr. Stevens N. Fuentes and administration bet, Dr. Mercedes Imperial.
Malay town mayor Ceciron Cawaling, Balete mayor Noemi Cordero and Maming are affiliated with opposition Kusog it Akean-Aklan Independent Movement. They are the big-3 out of the 17 town mayors of Aklan.
Maming’s oath was administered by RTC Executive Judge Salvador Gubaton of Roxas City and witnessed by Libacao mayor Charito Navarosa, Aklan vice governor Gabrielle V. Calizo, SP members Daisy Briones and Rodson Mayor, former Banga mayor Sergio Rigodon, businesswoman Anita Victoria Ramos and outgoing mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes.
Sangguniang Bayan members Jonna Torres, Gelacio Guarino, Josel Rata, Noel Redison, Vicente Seraspi, Rudy Santamaria, Stanley Leigh Macahilig and Rosemarie Piolo also took their oath of office before Gubaton.
In his inaugural speech, Maming assured he would donate his monthly salary to the health centers in the barangays of Banga as additional allocation for medicines for the deserving constituents.
Among his priorities are youth programs for the barangays, establishment of Banga Fire and Police station buildings, flood control projects affected by Aklan River flashfloods, beautification of Banga Public Plaza, development of a Quick Response Team in the barangays and construction of farm-to-market roads.
Calizo also hailed the role of the town of Banga , aptly described as ‘Banga the Beautiful’ and the social capital of the province of Aklan.
Fuentes, for his part as outgoing mayor, urged his town-mates to rally behind the administration of Maming and to give him all the chance to serve best the people of Banga.
His presence at the oath-taking, Fuentes said, showed "the positive character and unity of politics rather than the bickering of elected local officials." /MP