Saturday, November 19, 2005

EDITORIAL-November 19

Akelco Losses Heavily, Coop Records Show
By Recto I. Vidal
In a recent news conference of the executive committee of the Aklan Electric Cooperative, the latter lambasted the coop's critics for branding as "fake" the achievements of Akelco in the last three years It all started when provincial board member Franklin Quimpo, in a privilege speech, questioned the hype behind Akelco's awards and categorization as an A+ cooperative. With available data obtained from the cooperative of its financial condition from the year 2001 to 2004, Quimpo said that Akelco incurred substantial lossessduring the said period. "Its losses now stand at P253.5 million as of 2004 as revealed in its 2003-2004 financial statement. The most dramatic increase was made in the year 2003 when its losses jumped to P243 million from the 97 million or a 150 percent increase," Quimpo revealed. Indeed, records obtained by Madyaas Pen showed that Akelco's long-term debts rose from P173,545,518 in 2002 to P277,564,152 in 2004, or an increase of P104,018,634. With such an amount available for the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of power distribution lines, systems loss will dramatically bereduced and services better provided. In said press conference, Malilay explained that Akelco incurred this loss in 2004 because it was "forced to pay P26 million in interest for NEA loans of the past administration." "It was also made to pay P6.7 million in real property tax to the provincial government. That's P32.7 million precious money taken away from Akelco!," Malilay pointed out. Akelco's A+ category was awarded by NEA who took over the management and installed a change management team at a cost of P310,000 a month, Quimpo volunteered. Resords obtained by PN showed Akelco, under the Change Management Team, did not pay a single centavo in amortization to NEA. The present NEA loan is P99M, down from P129.6M in 2002 (which loan releases started from May 5, 1972 up to July 4, 2000), because P217,885,412.90 was condoned by NEA on February 3, 2005 pursuant to the EPIRA law,including p90,068,787.84 for the Dendro-Thermal Power Plant in Nabas. It was learned the NPC loan of P153.5 million was not fully paid as it was restructured late in 2002 and is being amortized. Of the loan from suppliers, Akelco under the change management team, did not pay a single centavo to the suppliers of the IOMVA transformer substation in Nabas which it transferred to Caticlan. Of the interest on NEA loans, the previous management has seen it coming, the NEA loan condonation, as it did the other coops. So the money for the loanAmortization was used to finance the construction of the IOMVA S/S in Caticlan, the upgrading of the Altavas S/S from 1.75 to 5 MVA, to effect a salary increase on May 1, 2000 even if NEA deferred action on the covering resolution. NEA also admitted in the 1999 Congressional Hearing in Boracay that it only provided P7M loan assistance for Boracay, so that the coop was forced about P20M backbone line in Boracay from its own. The new management had to apply for a loan of P32.784M under the NEA's Modified Relending Loan for it to be able to pay its November and December 2004 power bills with NPC, in the total amount of P45,218,638.18 It was not able to pay its amortizations for the NPC restuctured NPC loan religiously, as its notes payable for the restructured NPC loan was P32,466,213.00 by the end of 2004. It was forced to use the P35M from Mirant Avon River Holdings Corp. for the lease of land in Nabas, to fully pay NPC for the November and December2004 power bills and some arrearages in its restructured NPC loan. The new management, claimed it was able to reduce the systems loss from 23 percent to 14 percent and collection efficiency from 78 percent to 99 percent. As per NEA Audit Report of 2002, system loss in 1991 was 21 percent and collection efficiency was 90 percent, even with a call for non-payment of powerbills by certain government officials out to oust Mationg then. "If the new management claims a 99 percent collection efficiency, how come its account receivables for 2003 is P65.9M+ and for 2004 is P77.12M+?" asked former provincial board member Romeo Inocencio who scrutinized Akelco's financial records. The new management also claimed that Akelco employees are now receiving higher salaries and more benefits which are given on time, so that the morale ofemployees is high. But this was disputed by a group who called themselves "Concerned Akelco Employees Brave Enough to Expose the Truth but Scared of Losing their Jobs." In a position paper, the group claimed that "the employees continually work in fear, as there is no respect for security of tenure. Many have been forcedto early retirement for the flimsy reason that their positions have become redundant. Many have been forced to accept a cut in their salaries or accept adiminution of their duties and functions. The new management has always said that the NEA may declare the coop bancrupt and the employees will lose theirjobs. So much so that about 72 employees have thought of early retirement by year end." "Akelco, as a power distribution utility, is supposed to be a partner in development. It should always have the interest of the people at heart," declared Board President Nemesio Neron in media interviews. But critics claimed that Akelco, under the change management team, has other ideas. The Electric Power Purchase Agreement (EPPA) it signed with Mirant Global Corporation is a stab in the back of tis member-consumers. It conveniently sidestepped the issues being raised, and branded those who opposed as obstructionists to development," lamented Inocencio in an interview. But what are the issues? "That the power plants are old but are being passed off in the EPPA as brand new.That the rates are significantly higher than NPC's.That the EPPA as a whole is lopsided in favor of Mirant. These are valid issues that should have been clearly discussed with the consumer members," SPmember Ramon Gelito maintained. /

Aklan Welcomes Torch Relay & Parade

By: Megs S. Lunn
On November 16, 2005, the Aklan Provincial Government joined the 23rd SEA Games Torch relay and parade. The torch arrived in the boundary of Capiz and Aklan from Iloilo City at 12:15 noon.
The LTO squad Haggard, PNP-Region VI Haggard and PNP-Aklan Provincial Officer led by the APPO Provincial Director, P/Supt. William S. Macavinta, Jr.; SWAT Squad Haggard; Aklan Bikers Association Multi-Purpose Coop. (MULAWIN); Sports Mr. Fred Neri; Ms. Roselle Q. Ruiz, Supervising Tourism Operations Officer, Mr. Patricio Villavert, the former DILG Aklan Head and Ms. Racefin Ong Suco, the Chief Operations Officer; the Tri-Media Group and the province’s 9 Gold Medalist Athletes namely: (TAEKWONDO) Arman Octavio, Melyn T. Ili and John Rey Recampo; (CHESS) Susan Grace T. Neri, Kevin T. Mirano,, Achella Joy Ricablanca, Ailen D. Orencio; and (BOXING) Andy Seneris and Jose D. Ricaforte and other LGU’s officials represented the Aklan group that welcomed the caravan.
In a brief ceremony in Altavas, officials of Altavas led by Ana Jaihe dela Cruz received the torch. It was then turned-over to the Taekwondo Gold Medalist Arman Octavio of Tigayon who received it with pride. He carried the torch for the whole of the caravan. Mr. Robert B. Dioso, Jr. of the Philippines SEA Games Organizing Committee and Mr. Jose De Leon, Jr. of Asia Pacific American Times Media Bureau carried the torch to Aklan. The Torch came from Vietnam and arrived at Cebu City on November 11, 2005.
Along the road from Altavas to Kalibo, some schools participated. The school children and teachers waved with their SEA Flags and clapped their hands like the Altavas National High school, elementary schools in Balete, Banga, Linabuan, Tigayon, and Kalibo.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez did the symbolic lighting of the torch. He was assisted by Vice-Governor Hon. Ronquillo C. Tolentino during a short reception program held at Goding Ramos Park. The same warm reception was given to the torch while passing by the national highway in Numancia, Makato, Tangalan, Ibajay, Nabas and Caticlan. Sangguniang Bayan member, Hon. Julieta A. Aron received the torch from Taekwondo Champion Arman Octavio upon arrival in Caticlan, Malay.
The torch caravan board the RO-RO vessel at Caticlan Jetty Port on its way to Oriental Mindoro, Batangas and finally Rizal Park, Manila. /MP

Entrepreneurship Is Solution To Poverty

Entrepreneurship is not only the key to economic growth and stability, but is the ultimate solution to poverty, according to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when she spoke during the opening of the Entrepreneurship and Basic Education Conference.
According to the President without entrepreneurs, there can be no production, no innovation, an no risk-taking. If there is no risk–taking,the country cannot move forward.
The President said she knows very well how it is to take risk because in her case, she has taken the risk to lose her political capital just to do what is right for our future generations.
The President said she will direct the focus of government so that its bureaucracy will become more responsive to the call and needs of the times and the needs of the ordinary Filipinos and ordinary entrepreneurs. Thus, she would be issuing an enabling Executive Order that will allow frontline agencies to operate in an emergency or state of calamity mode. In this regard, a reorganization of what is called the Presidential Commission on effective Governance, which the present administration inherited will study frontline services that an entrepreneur must deal with, where his difficulties are, so that it could properly be addressed.
The government will not only embark on recharging frontline agencies but will also do a massive decongestion, face lifting and urban renewal effort.
In Manila, the President directed MMDA Chair Bayani Fernando, to especially intensify the face-lifting and urban renewal in what is called the investor and creditor corridor. The primary areas for urban renewal and face-lifting are the routes that investors pass all the time when they are thinking of whether to invest in the Philippines and the routes creditors pass all the time when they are thinking whether the Philippines has the ability to pay its debts back and these are the routes from the hotels to Malacañang, from the hotels to CALABARZON.
The government will decongest Metro Manila and will focus its development efforts northward and southward. Northward, it will develop Clark and Subic as the best service and logistics hub in the region.
What the government is trying to do, according to President Arroyo, is to set an environment to make the entrepreneurs feel that the risk of investing in the Philippines is lessened. (PIA6)

Death Is Liberator

(Text of the Eulogy in honor of the late Vellyzarius I. dela Cruz, President, Aklan Press Club, By Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Vice Governor, Aklan Province, Kalibo Cathedral, November 12, 2005, Kalibo, Aklan)

Alfred Lord Tennyson, in his poem “Crossing the Bar”, has this opening stanza, thus:
“Sunset and evening star,
“And one clear call for me!
“And may there be no moaning on the bar,
“When I put out to sea.

Reflecting on one’s temporal existence, the penultimate stanza of the poem states, and I quote:

“Twilight and evening bell,
“And after that the dark!
“And may there be no sadness of farewell,
“When I embark,”
And finally, the last stanza on the probable meeting with one’s Creator, thus:

“For tho, from out our bourne of Time and Place
“The flood may bear me far,
“I hope to see my Pilot face to face
“When I have crost the bar,”

Rabindranath Tagore once said that death is not extinguishing the light. It is putting away the lamp because the dawn has come.
I remember the Ash Wednesday reminder of death when the priest says, “Memento homo, quiae est et in pulverem reverteris.” “Remember man, that dust thou art and to dust you shall return.”
Vellyzarius “Billy” Ilarina dela Cruz, writer, painter and outstanding journalist is dead. He has gone to a territory where death has no sting or victory and where God holds dominion over all.
I remember Billy. I first came to know Billy when, upon high school graduation from the Roxas Memorial School of Arts and Trades, he took up summer classes with me in United States and Oriental History as a requisite of his entry to college as all high school graduates of vocational high schools then have to complete two subjects – U.S. and Oriental History and Literature IV – before their entry to college courses.
I also remember Billy when he was publisher – editor of the Boracay Dateline. He asked me to contribute some articles which I did.
While I did not see so much of his outstanding art shows, I had occasion to read some of his literary works such as, but not limited, to Earth Glare, With Hope Undying and Poems in Praise of God. So with his other poems and Aklanon translation of the New Testament.
I remember Billy’s May 27, 2005 message as president of the Aklan Press Club when he said, thus: “We stand at the crossroads of our time, on the threshold of a great culture enveloping us. We called that media. It is an information tool of human resourcefulness for good or ill, when utilized wisely or irresponsibly”. Billy emphasized: “Each one in the media profession should be accountable for such responsibility trusted and entrusted to us, that it may bear fruit, for the betterment and good of society. Thus, we are here, marshalling our ranks, to respond to a higher and more dignified calling above the interest of self – the pursuance of ideals and vision of such great office.”
Death, it is said, is the liberator of him, whom freedom cannot release, the physician of him whom medicine cannot cure; the comforter of him whom time cannot console.
Daniel Webster, the great American orator and statesman said: “one may live as a conqueror, a king or a magistrate but he must die a man. The bed of death brings every human being to his pure individuality to the intense contemplation of that deepest and most solemn of all relations – the relation between the creature and his Creator.”
Death is the crown of life. Where death denied the poor man would live in vain; to live would not be life; even fools would wish to die.
We seem to have an erroneous concept of death. We picture death as coming to destroy; let us rather picture Christ as coming to save. We think to death as ending; let us rather think of life as beginning, and that more abundantly. We think of losing; let us think of gaining. We think of parting, let us think of meeting. We think of going away; let us think of arriving. And as the voice of death whispers “You must go from earth,” let us hear the voice of Christ saying: “You are but coming to me.”
Billy dela Cruz is gone – from earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in sure and certain hope of the resurrection.
Indeed, there is truth to what the Roman philosopher and statesman Manilius said that the moment a man is born into this world, he begins to die. For the end is linked to the beginning. The cry of the babe at the crib leads to an inevitable path – the grave.
Billy dela Cruz has gone to the merry meadows of God. He has gone, leaving this world which is the land of the dying to the next world which is the land of the living.
The death of Billy dela cruz creates a vacuum which heretofore shall remain unfilled.
We grieve for his death. But we have the assurance that no man really dies. He continues to live in the memory of those whom he loves and those who loved him.
Death is the golden key that opens the palace of eternity. So it is for Billy dela Cruz who now rests in the loving bosom of his Creator.
To Billy dela Cruz’ dearest ones, his parents Mr. and Mrs. Roman A. dela Cruz (Tay Oming and Nay Juling), his brothers and sisters: Dr. Marlon I. dela Cruz, Hagbong I. dela Cruz, Sumra I dela Cruz-Rojo, Ma. Cortesa I. dela Cruz-Macahilig, Didecas I. dela Cruz-Tayco, Dr. Amihan dela Cruz-Laserna, his brothers and sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces, friends and relatives, I extend our deepest sympathy and condolence, and this prayer.

“Now the laborer’s task is o’er
Now the battle day is past;
Now upon the farther shore
Lands the voyager at last,
Father, in thy gracious keeping
Leave we now thy servant sleeping.” /MP

RCK Celebrates World Interact Week

By: Rtn. Megs S. Lunn

The Rotary Club of Kalibo (RCK) celebrates World Interact Week with the first ever Rotary Interact Awareness, Leadership and Team Building Seminar/workshop held November 12, 2005 at the Rotary Livelihood and Training Center, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan. The three (3) Interact Clubs include the Regional Science High School, Region VI, Aklan National High School for Arts and Trades (formerly Nalook High School) and Madyaas Institute Interact Clubs participated in the said affair.
Immediate Spouse President of the RCK Spouses Association, Methuselah “Bing” Santamaria amused the participants with her Team Building topic; PADG and Secretary Niovady “Vady” Marin shared his technique on Leadership the Rotary Way, and PP/Assistant Governor for Zone IV, District 3850 Leonardo “Raphy” Tayco, Jr. talked about Rotary Interact Awareness.
Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 14 – 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance. On the other hand, Interact clubs are self-governing and self-supporting. It can be a community and or school based club.
Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which promotes international understanding and goodwill. Through projects, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs. And, in the process, Interactors develop leadership skills and learn the value of hard work. /

Entrepreneurial Farmer

I yield this space to the privilege speech of Hon. Franklin L. Quimpo, member Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) Aklan. This privilege speech is delivered during the SP Regular session on November 16, 2005, Kalibo, Aklan.
The privilege speech served as Hon. Quimpo’s response to allegations imputed to him by AKELCO management. According to him, “they ridiculed your humble representation instead of giving a forthright answer” to his privilege speech delivered a few weeks ago. The alleged ridicule was made in the morning of Friday, November 11, 2005 during a presscon AKELCO held in Lezo, Aklan.
Should AKELCO management team wished to answer this speech, they are welcome. It will be published also in the same space of Madyaas Pen subject to space limitation.
Here is Hon. Quimpo’s speech:

Is AKELCO Maligned and Intrigued?

Hon. Vice Governor Ronquillo Tolentino
The honorable members of this august body
The members of the fourth estate present
Friends, ladies and gentlemen
Good morning:

When I delivered a privilege speech in this hall a few weeks ago bout AKELCO’s upgrading to A+ category per NEA standards, I never imagined it would stir a hornet’s nest. AKELCO, through its executive committee kuno distributed fliers to the public and later followed it up with a press conference to refute point-by-point issues raised in that speech.
That would have been fine with me except that they ridiculed your humble representation instead of giving a forthright answer. The statement even went farther by saying it was part of a grand plot “to malign and sow intrigue” against AKELCO and that it accused management of “grand corruption” These are very serious accusations and deserve condemnation because those are blatant lies.
The text of that speech will show that I did not insult nor allude any wrongdoing against anyone much less accused management of grand corruption. We must remember that AKELCO is a public utility and is owned by its consumer members. It is their obligation and responsibility to disclose to the public its true financial condition including all transactions that could directly affect them. As an elected official and a member of this august body and as a consumer member, it is also my obligation and responsibility to seek the truth about AKELCO. But this action did not sit well with them and so, by innuendo they accused me of allowing myself to be an unwitting tool of people who have other ideas in mind. What hogwash!
But what indeed is the truth about AKELCO/ in the three year period when they engaged the services of the change management team headed by its Team Leader and executive officer Erico Bucoy, AKELCO incurred a net loss of 98 million, broken down as follows: 42 million in 2002, 22 million in 2003 and 34 million in 2004. Are these figures fake? I have here in my possession AKELCO’s financial statement, which they submitted to this august body to prove that.
What is worse is that they have the impudence to say that one of the causes for the loss in 2004 was the payment of real estate taxes to the provincial government of Aklan which according to them AKELCO was “made to pay and therefore precious money was taken from them,” Are they saying that they were forced to

pay the taxes due to the provincial government? Let me remind AKELCO that it is their obligation to pay because nobody is exempted.
I am appalled, to say the least, to think that the change management team engaged by AKELCO to manage its day to day business affairs and who are paid a hefty P350,000.00 a month excluding perks and privileges has the temerity to make that statement!
And since I am now talking about the change management team I would like to inform this body that aside from the original team of Erico Bucoy, a local change management team of three individuals were hired by AKELCO to augment the original team. These individuals are also receiving generous emolument and other perquisites. No wonder AKELCO is losing heavily.
There are disturbing information that some members of the local change management team who arre also active members of non-government organizations/foundations are cornering lucrative contracts with AKELCO for their own foundations.
These contracts for organizing, meter reading, clearing, etc., which are formerly the regular functions of AKELCO personnel, are now being done by these foundations. Considering the degree of influence of the LCMT in the AKELCO management, an award of these contracts to their own foundations is immoral, if do not outright illegal. These contracts entered into by AKELCO with these foundations should be made available to the public and if proven that indeed these are “arms length transactions”, then these should be exposed.
In every occasion when the spokespersons of AKELCO are given the opportunity to speak, they take pride in the exemplary and extraordinary achievements of the change management team in making possible the turnaround of AKELCO from category E to A+ electric cooperative. This means that AKELCO is now fully rehabilitated and therefore the services of the change management team are no longer needed. Why then are the members of this team still with AKELCO? And in the same vein, why did AKELCO have to engage the services of this new team?
What is even more deplorable are the statements made by Mr. Erico Bucoy in a press conference a few months ago when he branded Mr. Pocholo Murillo, spokesperson of the Diocese of Kalibo and Vice President of Boracay Foundation Inc. (as) “mayabang, sinungaling, dishonest and hypocrite.” He also twitted the accomplishments of former SP member Atty. Romeo Inocencio saying he had done nothing during his tenure in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and advised SP member Ramon Gelito to be very careful because he is a public official of Aklan. These are cavalier statements meant to insult and tarnish the integrity of these people. What gall!
And as if to prove that he is a cut above everyone else, Mr. Bucoy consistently refused to personally appear before this august body. He only appeared one (1) time out of ten (10) invitations. This is the height of arrogance and a gross insult not only to the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan but also to the people of Aklan who elected us.
In view thereof Hon. Chair, I would like to submit this speech and its supporting attachments to the Committees on Energy and Cooperatives for proper investigation and appropriation action.
Thank you. /MP

Special Feature

Adopted Son Accuses Fil-Am Socialite For Abandonment

By Alex P. Vidal

It all started from a heated exchange of words in the morning of Oct. 4, 2005. That war of words led both parties to go to the police stations to file complaints against each other.
Joseph Edward “Boy” Diaste, 50, charged his 78-year-old foster mother Leonora Naldoza Gaspalinao-High, a rich and prominent socialite in Iloilo City, of neglecting and abandoning him since he was a child, turned the altercation that started as intra-family feud, from bad to worse. “I had to quit schooling when mommy (Leonora) abandoned me and left for the United States (in 1971) to live with her new husband (Dallas Eugene High, a US Navy officer),” Diaste, who claimed to be a destitute, narrated in an exclusive interview.
Diaste, a former Army soldier and driver in Saudi Arabia, accused his septuagenarian guardian of threatening to have him killed last Oct. 4 after he allegedly confronted the old woman in her residence in Imperial Subdivision, Mandurriao district about her “failed promise” to allow him to live in one of her unoccupied houses worth some P2 million also in Mandurriao.


Diaste reported the alleged threat to the Iloilo City Police Office women and children concern section (WCCS) last Nov. 7, 2005. “Papatay ta na lang ka para wala na may magamo sa akon (I will have you killed so that you will not anymore disturb me), stated the blotter report signed by P01 Janette P. Vargas, WCCS investigator.
Diaste’s foster mother had allegedly promised to allow him to live in the house but changed her mind in the eleventh hour. He was told that somebody was interested to buy the house. Diaste claimed he and his family are living in a P2,000 per-month ramshackle boarding house in La Paz while his foster mother lives in affluence in a two-storey, P6-million subdivision house. He also accused her foster mother of “cavorting with a male companion”. He suspects that the male companion, whom he failed to identify, was “the one who is poisoning the mind of my mother to treat me shabbily and to deny what is due me as the only living son of my mother,” Diaste said in Hiligaynon.
He decried his foster mother’s “night life” because of her age. “She loves ballroom dancing and spends a lot of money for the DI’s (dance instructors) but is hesitant to give me financial assistance,” Diaste stressed. He claimed that Leonora never introduced him to her circle of friends. “Gina kahuya ya ako (she is not proud of me),” he said. “I want the people to know that I am her son and that she should not be ashamed of me and my circumstances in life.” Leonora and Diaste’s father, Eleneo, who died on June 25, 1990 at the age of 63, had no living biological child.


After the death of their first and only baby (he lasted in the incubator for only 18 days), Leonora and her husband Eleneo adopted Diaste from his unwed biological parents—a cop from San Miguel, Iloilo and a married woman whose husband worked in Guam. He didn’t know that his wife had sired a child with the cop.
Leonora and Eleneo baptized Diaste and his certificado de nacimiento (certificate of birth) shows he was born on December 14, 1954. Leonora left for San Diego, California in September 1971 and worked at the American General Insurance. After only a month in the United States, Leonora sent a divorce paper by mail to Eleneo, a former public works employee who became manager of a popular downtown nightclub on J.M. Basa St., Iloilo City. She then married her suitor, British-American Dallas Eugene High in Las Vegas in December 1971. After 24 years of “blissful” marriage, Mr. High succumbed to heart attack on July 29, 1995.


When Leonora, now Mrs. High, returned to the Philippines in 1978, she looked for Diaste’s whereabouts and when she found him “living in a slum area”, she bought a house and lot for him and his family in Cabanatuan city worth P600,000.
“If I abandoned him, how come I bought a house and lot for him?” Mrs. High, now an American citizen, quipped. “And besides, he is already 50 or even more than that. He is old enough to be abandoned.”
Mrs. High belied Diaste’s claim that she never gave him money. “That’s a big lie,” she boomed. “Only last month, I gave him a total P102,000 for his business (ukay-ukay). Everytime he went to me, he always asked for money. He always wanted my money, all money and no love whatsoever.” Mrs. High resented Diaste’s insistence that he be given his share of her estate “because I’m still alive.”
“I can give him money anytime if I want to but he cannot force me to give him money all the time. I am still alive and I want to enjoy my life because I am alone,” she lamented. “In my age, I need somebody to love me, to care for me, to understand me. He should be the one who will take care of me, but look what he is doing to me?”
The misty-eyed Mrs. High said she considers Diaste as “my cross. He is a pain in my life and I am sad about this.”


She admitted having uttered those threatening words attributed her by Diaste in the police blotter “but I only said those words out of my emotional pain; I do not mean it and I don’t intend to have him killed because, in the first place, how can I do that when I am a Catholic?”
The incident in the morning of October 4 gave her a realization, she said, that Diaste does not love her but only her money. “He started to kick all the stuffs in my house and was very angry (when I told him that he could not live in that house because somebody was interested to buy it),” she narrated.
She also recorded the incident at the Mandurriao Police Station through P01 Rubin C. Berondo, duty investigator, where Diaste was listed as “56 years old”. It was not true that she did attend to Diaste’s welfare, she said, because when she was still in the US, she regularly sent him money everytime he would call her by long distance. She also spent for Diaste’s apartment and education in the University of San Agustin but Diaste did not take his studies seriously as he was enamored with his barkadas.
Mrs. High also claimed that she spent a lot of money when she sent Diaste to Saudi Arabia three times “but each time he would come home, he always had no money.”


Diaste filed a complaint against Mrs. High in the Provincial Attorney’s Office (PAO) and according to lawyer Ricardo Octavio both parties have been invited for a “meeting” in the Hall of Justice on November 18 for a possible “amicable settlement.”
Mrs. High said she will not come and will instead request her lawyer Florecita Gelvezon to represent her, if necessary. “What for? I don’t want to see him anymore because I don’t want trouble,” she said.
Mrs. High, adjudged as Mrs. Women’s League titlist in 1964 during the celebration of Freedom Day in honor of then Senator Rodolfo T. Ganzon, said she does not want to get sick as a result of her feud with Diaste whom she had treated as a real son since a child.
She denied carrying an illicit affair with a “male companion” but admitted she has many suitors because of her beauty. “I don’t entertain them anymore because I fear that they are only after my money,” she said.
The male companion Diaste was referring to is a married man, she said, and he is the builder of her new two-story mansion. “I don’t want to name names as I don’t want to drag innocent people,” she chortled.
Mrs. High admitted she had a boyfriend, Arturo Ocampo, a retired US Navy officer, but they never get married. Ocampo, a Filipino-American whom she met in the US, is now in Manila and never returned “after Boy (Diaste) said something that must have hurt him (Deocampo). He would have been my third husband.”
She defended her night life, saying she “needs the ballroom dancing as a regular exercise because of my age. What’s wrong with that?” Mrs. High said Diaste can get his inheritance only when she is already gone.
Will she reconcile and forgive her adopted son? “Bahala na ang Dyios sa iya. I will leave him to God.”

Use Charm To Win
Your Mom’s Heart’

Instead of dousing gasoline to the conflagration and egging him to file a civil case against his moneyed foster mother, lawyer Ricardo Octavio advised Joseph Edward “Boy” Diaste to “use your charm and woo back your mother” in an effort to patch up the antagonism and hostility that is bedeviling them as mother and son.
“Do you use soft words when dealing with your mommy? Do you talk to her nicely? If not, use your charm and understand her situation because she is already old,” Octavio told Diaste, during a meeting in the lawyer’s office.
Diaste sought Octavio’s legal advice after he filed a complaint at the Iloilo City Police Office women and children concern section (WCCS) last Nov. 7 alleging that her foster parent Leonora Naldoza Gaspalinao-High, a septuagenarian, had threatened to have him murdered for being a pesky son last Oct. 4.
Diaste also narrated to Octavio the circumstances why he wanted a piece of her mother’s estate even if the 78-year-old Filipino-American socialite is still alive and in excellent physical shape.
“I might wake up one day with nothing to get from her,” Diaste feared. “It seems she trusts her male companion more than me as her only son.”


Octavio said he specializes in labor cases and seldom handles civil and criminal cases. He did not charge any centavo for Diaste for the “legal advice” but encouraged him to seek “a more peaceful solution” to his problem with Mrs. High.
The lawyer, an associate of the late former Iloilo City mayor Rodolfo T. Ganzon, cautioned Diaste from further antagonizing her “mommy” because “at 78, she is experienced and full of wisdom and she already knows a lot.”
When Diaste showed Octavio the black and white photo of his mother taken in the early 60’s, Octavio easily recognized her as “a socialite with lots of connections from the who’s who in Iloilo and Negros.”
Octavio wants Diaste, a father of four, to wager a “win-win” solution “because your mother is only human.”
“Court her; use soft words. Who knows, she might change her mind (and give you what you are asking from her),” said Octavio, who once ran and lost for city councilor under Ganzon in 1992. /MP

Parenting at IJA

By: Megs S. Lunn

The Infant Jesus Academy – Kalibo (IJA) will hold a Parenting Enhancement Seminar on November 19, 2005 at IJA Kalibo Campus, Kalibo, Aklan.
The speaker is MRS. ROSE ALVARES ALIGADA. She is an educator and a parenting specialist of the Center for Family Ministries (CeFAM). A mother of two, she is also the president and co-founder of The Learning Inn at UP Diliman, a therapy and diagnostic center for special children. She has a regular column in GOOD HOUSEKEEPING and PARENTING MAGAZINE. She will speak about POSITIVE DISCIPLINE: Key to Developing Effective Study Habits.
The program requests for a modest P150 registration fee. Tickets are available at the entrance that include snacks and raffle ticket. The program starts with Moments with God by Monchie Rebesencio to be followed by the Philippine National Anthem IJAKFC Secretary, Nikki Tayco will welcome the participants and guests. Ms. Rose Aligada will then talk about her topic. Open Forum and snacks will follow.
IJAKFC President, Dawn Malilay will give her message. The IJAKFC President to be assisted by the IJA Kalibo Principal, Mrs. Nenita Dador will award the certificates. The Education Committee Chairman, Melrose S. Lunn is the lady dean of ceremonies and will give the closing statements.
Pep Talk is the first ever Parenting Education Program Seminar to be sponsored by the IJA Kalibo Family Council. The proceeds of the project will help in the development of the students and the school as a whole. /MP

Vice Mayor Reyes Launches Medical Clinic

The Datu Bendahara Kalantiaw Medical Council was launched last week at Poblacion, Batan, Aklan. This medical council is established by Dr. Dante T. Reyes, Vice Mayor of Batan, Aklan.
In the same occasion, the mar of the Medical and Lying–In clinic was unveiled and dedicated to the people of Batan who for years have been deprived of quality medical services, according to Dr. Dante T. Reyes.
Dr. Reyes have been providing free medical services and medicines to his townmates for the last two years.” The establishment of the Datu Bendahara Kalantiaw Medical and Lying-in Clinic will meet the challenge in the provision of high quality medical services to Batangnons,” Dr. Reyes stressed.
Rev. Fr. Ike R. Temporasa, Parish Priest of the Parish of San Lorenzo Ruiz, CAMACA, Batan, Aklan officiated in the dedication. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores gave their respective messages during the program.
The officers of the Datu Bendahara Kalantiaw Medical Council are: Dr. Dante T. Reyes – chairman, Dennis T. Reyes – Secretary, Josefina R. Reyes – Treasurer. The members of the Board of Directors are Dr. Rene V. Torres, Dr. Zenaida R. Torres, Salome Leonor – Calabio, Amalia Bautista de Vera, Dorina Bonifacio Morton, Josefa Diesca Poquis, Donna Pador Valino and William B. Castillo. /MP

Smart Donates Satellite Phone To Red Cross

The Philippines National Red Cross, Aklan Chapter is the recipient of one set Smart Link Satellite Phone donated by SMART. The donation is made in line with the Disaster preparedness of Smart communications, Inc. program.
Smart aims to assist provinces especially these situated in the disaster prone areas in setting up emergency communications system to facilitate relief, rescue, evacuation and other support services and activities during emergencies and or calamities.
The Smart Link Satellite Phone can be mounted in a vehicle and can transmit communication messages anywhere in South East Asia.

All Set For Copre ‘05

The College Press Conference (COPRE) and Awards 2005 is all set to be held on November 17,2005 at the Grand Hotel, Iloilo City.
Thirty - five college publications will vie for the various major awards which are Best Magazine, Best Newspaper, Best Departmental Publication, and the Graciano Lopez Jaena Award.
Copre ’05 is expected to gather about 200 college editors and writers from all over Western Visayas who will participate in the journalistic writing competitions on the same day and vie for awards in different categories, like, news writing, feature writing, editorial and column writing and many more.
The participants will also be oriented on journalistic writing trends by Mr. Daniel Santos, Staff director, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Central Office, after the contests in the afternoon of November 17.
After which, a forum on the proposed amendments to the 1987 Philippine Constitution will be facilitated, for the student journalists to air their views on Charter change.
PIA Asst. Director General for Visayas Janet C. Mesa said that this year’s COPRE is the 30th, quite a feat for the PIA’s continuing advocacy for development journalism. /MP

Monday, November 14, 2005


The Founding of Calivo

The Ati Atihan town of Kalibo was 434 years old. Its first ever foundation day was celebrated by the Kalibonhons led by their youthful Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo on November 3, 2005.
The 1st Foundation Day Celebration was the culmination of a very intensive research Mayor Rebaldo himself initiated and with the strong support of the Kalibo Council For Culture and the Arts. Professor John E. Barrios who hails from Lezo, Aklan and now teaching in the UP Visayas, Iloilo City wholeheartedly conducted the review of documentary evidences and related studies. With all the facts available, Prof. Barrios strongly concluded that Kalibo was founded on November 3, 1571. No one differed from his findings.
The 1st Foundation Day Celebration started with the Eucharistic Celebration at St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Opening Program and Symposium on The Foundation Day of Kalibo followed which was held at the Museo it Akean and the Mural Painting Competition at Magsaysay Park sponsored by the Aklan Visual Artists Association.
In the evening, there were dances and music at Pastrana Park. It featured live acoustic music at Glorieta with Sunday Shivers, cultural shows, social dances, grand binayle and fireworks.
Celebrating a foundation day of a town like Kalibo is tracing its identity, looking back from where it came from and chartering the future. It is honoring the past. It is like celebrating a loved one’s birthday because that person is highly adored. We love Kalibo, we celebrated its Foundation Day. Everybody is happy because he is born. We are happy because Kalibo was founded.
For their love of Kalibo, its Municipal Government enacted Ordinance No. 2005 – 049 on October 6, 2005, “An Ordinance Declaring November 3, 1571 as Foundation Day of the Municipality of Kalibo and Instituting The Celebration of Kalibo Day Every November 3”.
In his message, Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores of Aklan stressed, “the 1st Foundation day of Kalibo is truly a very significant occasion, for it serves as a constant reminder of our heritage and humble beginning.”
Governor Carlito S. Marquez of Aklan pointed out to the strategic tourism and economic importance of Kalibo to Aklan as a “lead player with its internationally famous Ati Atihan festival, Kahayag, Kabuhi it Kalibonhon, the Feast of Saint John the Baptist with its Food Festival Sa Kalye, Manggad it Kalibo, Piña Village”. Kalibo stands at the forefront of the development of Aklan province”, Marquez stressed.
In the symposium, Professor John E. Barrios discussed the methods used in his research, his findings, analysis, conclusion and recommendation. His conclusion that November 3, 1571 is the actual foundation of Aklan contradicted the earlier conclusion that Kalibo was founded on April 22, 1581. However, November 3, 1571 prevailed. This is the date which “appeared in the notarized Spanish document dated June 2, 1576…the first written date relating to the Spanish colonial administration in Acean/Calivo under the encomienda system instituted by the first governor and captain general of the islands of the Philippines Miguel Lopez de Legaspi”.
With this new date of the Kalibo foundation day, several documents on the matter will be adjusted. One example is the official seal of the Municipality of Kalibo which stated “founded in 1581”.
One of the questions asked during the symposium on November 3 was about the spelling. Since its foundation day until after the World War II in 1946, Kalibo was spelled “CALIVO” and Aklan – Acean.
It must be recalled that the teaching of the “Pilipino” was instituted in 1946 after Independence was returned by the Americans. The Pilipino alphabet then did not include letters “C” and “V”, hence “C” became “K” and “V” became B. Therefore from “Calivo” to “Kalibo” and “Acean” to Aklan. To ease pronunciation as “ea” is hard to pronounce for non – Aklanons, the “E” was unconsciously changed to “L” therefore “AKLAN”.
For the communities which foundation days are not yet certain, search for it. For knowing its origin is loving it, caring for it, developing it. /MP


Child Pornography and Trafficking of Girls
The Caraga region composed of Agusan and Surigao provinces is fast becoming one of the favorite routes of “highly organized” syndicates involved in the trafficking of girls.
Ma. Gala M. Enerio, advocacy officer of the End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) reported that the demand for children in prostitution created by pedophiles in the guise of being tourists has increased the vulnerability of women and children. The sense of obligation and responsibility to help the family meet its most basic needs have also pushed these women and children to take the risk, she added.
Girls as young as 11-17 years old are brought to urban centers like Cebu and Manila and end up in entertainment centers before being shipped to other parts of the world such as Japan, Middle East and Northern Marianas Islands, Enerio added.
Other areas in Mindanao identified by ECPAT as local trafficking routes are Davao del Sur and Davao del Norte, Agusan del Norte, Pagadian City, General Santos City, Zamboanga, Dumaguete City and Sultan Kudarat.
In a roundtable discussion with the local media, Enerio revealed that buses and boats are being used by the syndicates in trafficking children. “The syndicates are highly organized and oftentimes protected by the police. They give protection money.”
Cebu City is often the destination point of trafficking from Samar, Bohol, Leyte, Negros and Bacolod City as these areas are equipped with tourism facilities, making it easier for syndicates to operate, Enerio noted.
“Tourist facilities do not promote sex tourism, but they do not have any control over those who go to tourists establishments”. “If they became more sensitive and actively take part in our campaign, they could be vigilant to report pedophiles posing as tourists,” said Enerio
Sex trafficking involves the geographical transfer of a person from within and across borders for the purpose of engaging such persons in sexual exploitation. From 1993 to March 2001, there were 935 recorded cases of human trafficking, 25 percent of these women victims were forced into prostitution. Fifty – one percent of the victims were trafficked with their consent and 49 percent were deceived, records show.
According to Enerio, the advent of information technology also made the illegal transaction easier. She cited the increase in the mail order marriages and the zero conviction rate against mail order agencies.
The fad first started as sex chats until it developed into full-blown cyber sex complete with advertisements, pictures and telephone numbers for customers to call on the Internet.
What is startling, Mendoza pointed out, is that some of the children are being peddled by their own parents.
“Some parents even escort their children to the dens…For them, their children are not violated because they are not actually touched while doing lewd acts. The child dances in front of the camera, performs sexual acts with sex toys.”
X-rated DVDs and VCDs showing young Filipino children have flooded the market and are sold between P350 and P400 a piece.
The children are paid the local equivalent of $1.99 per minute for their services, turning them into “willing victims.”
Alex Ramos cited the case of a 67-year-old Japanese man who was arrested in a resort in Laguna Province for taking pictures and videos of some 70 children aged 5 to 16. The children were reportedly offered huge sums of money starting at P10,000.
Last year, an 85-year-old American was arrested in Los Angeles after U.S. customs officials searched his luggage and found pornographic materials, sex aids, 45 kilograms of chocolate and candy, and thousands of dollars as he tried to board a plane to Manila.
He had already made appointments to meet with pre-teen Filipino girls. He told investigators he had “sexually educated” young girls in the Philippines with their parents’ consent since 1983 and did not consider it rape.
“It’s difficult to put a figure as several cases are not reported. Parents do not complain and many of the children are abandoned. So who will take the cudgels for them?” Ramos asked.
In the 1995, the U.N. Children’s Fund estimated that 220,000 children in 65 major cities in the Philippines were in the streets. In 1998, there were 222,417 street children in 65 major cities.
More and more children are forced to work due to poverty. In 2001, an estimated 4 million Filipino children aged 5 to 17, or 16.2 percent of the total for his age group, were working.
Those children trapped in commercial sexual exploitation are concentrated in tourist spots. Children there are highly vulnerable to drugs, physical violence and sexually transmitted diseases.
Prostitutions for both young and adult girls will go on unabated unless the people are liberated from the shackles of poverty. The only solution against this evil is functional education and decent and profitable jobs for the people. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Making AKELCO The Best

“Aklan local government cannot stop the operation of Mirant and it will not do it,” declared Governor Carlito S. Marquez in a hurriedly organized press conference in the late afternoon of November 9, 2005. Marquez requested for a press conference held in the Governor Roberto Garcia Memorial bldg., Kalibo. Marquez expressed to the media his views regarding some statements made by the AKELCO Executive Committee in its press conference in the morning of Wednesday, November 9.
The statement, “AKELCO’s Sacrifice and Hardwork: Fake or Real?” was read by former Makato Mayor Wayne Malilay, now specialist on AKELCO matters and Member of the executive committee spoke of “a scheme to malign and saw intrigue against AKELCO… aimed to take over AKELCO management.”
The statement said, Hon. Franklin Quimpo’s in his Sangguniang Panlalawigan privilege speech recently is “bad enough for making grand conclusions out of very limited information,…its assertions are straight false”.
The Statement claimed its grand accomplishments like improving AKELCO from Class E to Class A+, the payment of loans valued at P199.5 million and the numerous awards AKELCO got are branded “Fake Achievements” by the schemers.
The Statement the former Mayor delivered claimed AKELCO incurred losses in 2004 because it was forced to pay P26 million in interest payment for NEA loans and P6.7 million in real property tax to the Aklan provincial government.
The Statement ended with “the call to the board members – consumers to expose all efforts by ill – motivated groups to saw intrigue and confusion against AKELCO…turn it to a milking cow.”
In the words of Governor Carlito S. Marquez, the local government of Aklan is investors friendly. All investors are sincerely welcomed in Aklan, but they must comply with legal orders and “no short cuts”.
“I did not ask Mirant to stop its operation of its energy generating plant, I appealed to them to comply with the requirements before its operation,” Marquez decried the allegations the local government was the number one oppositor to Mirant. “You have problems, there are recommended solutions to the problems, please comply. Do not add problems, let us solve these problems first,” Marquez explained.
Marquez was referring to the legal case DAR Aklan filed with the provincial prosecutors’ office in Kalibo, Aklan. This is about the violation Mirant allegedly committed when it constructed its power generating plant in Mabilo, New Washington, Aklan without prior approval to convert prime agricultural land for industrial use. According to Marquez, through his intervention, the land conversion certificate maybe issued

provided a P50,000.00 is paid and a certificate is submitted acknowledging its violation of the DAR law. Until today, these are not done. Why blame some one else? Also, the Certificate of Undertaking which the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is asking so that what Mirant needs from the office will be given is not complied with. “Why blame others?” Marquez asked.
As to the P6.7 million real estate tax paid to the local government of Aklan, Marquez said this was done because AKELCO has until today not registered with the Cooperative Development Authority. What cause the non registration? Marquez asked. Any assistance extended to any cooperative is unconditional. According to Marquez, Mr. Jones Arieta CDA Aklan Chief has assured AKELCO and him that Registration Certificate of Membership can be issued in AKELCO one week after application form duly filled up is submitted to his office.
There is no need for the members of AKELCO to attend trainings on Cooperative because those members have been previously attending trainings basically required to organize cooperative.
Marquez does not question the existence of the power generating plants in Nabas and New Washington, Aklan. “What I appeal to them is compliance with all local requirements. But Mirant has not even applied for a Mayor’s permit in both towns. If they have imprimatur or approval from “above”, show us”, said Marquez. “We need electric power for our development projects to move fast” said Marquez. “I sympathize with Mirant. I wish it complied with the requirement for it losses millions of pesos everyday for non–operation. Moreover, Aklan is badly in need of electricity,” Marquez confided.
That’s it, there is no scheme to take over AKELCO. It must register with CDA to have juridical personality. All the tasks made previously were done in a grand design to make AKELCO the best and instrument to develop Aklan. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

High LPG Cost Motivates People To Use Firewood

According to the DTI Aklan Monthly Monitoring report conducted in October, 2005, prices of four (4) basic commodities went up from five (5) percent to 14.09 percent. The increases were brought about by the increase in prices of either raw materials, processing cost or packaging materials.
Iodized salt price increased by 14.09 percent, candles – 9.02 percent, detergent bars – 6.45 percent, and coffee – 5.95 percent. It is good to know however that there are sufficient supplies of the basic commodities in Aklan.
Don’t look now for prices of various products have increased tremendously. One liter of special gasoline costs P41.00. One barrel of LPG costs more than P510.00. This expensive cost of LPG is a good motivation to go back to the use of firewood in cooking. The use of firewood may save P510.00 to P1000.00 monthly per household depending upon the number of members in the family and the kind of food prepared daily.
Moreover, backyards maybe cleaned of pile of old wood. Coconuts and other fruit orchards maybe cleaned of dead stems and coconut fronds. Looking for firewood will provide jobs to the idle people. Foreign exchange money will also be saved that should have been spent for imported LPG.
The Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan in its decision dated October 14, 2004 in Special Civil Action No. 6781 upheld the validity of Municipal Ordinance No. 2002 – 016 of Kalibo. This Municipal Ordinance in effect increased the former lease rental of P400.00 per month to P1,800 for the 20 square meters stall in the Kalibo Shopping Center. However, the said decision is not yet final and executory. The plaintiffs who are the stallholders of the said shopping center had filed a “Motion For Reconsideration” through their legal counsel.
Meanwhile, the said plaintiffs have not been paying their monthly rentals for the use of the stalls. According to their president, Mr. Nick R. Rebesencio, they had been depositing their respective rentals based on the old rate to the RTC, Kalibo, Aklan as LGU Kalibo refused to accept rental payments unless it is based upon the provision of the Municipal Ordinance No. 2002 – 016.
Meanwhile that the Civil Case is pending reconsideration, the people of Kalibo is deprived of the use of the money out of the use of the Kalibo Shopping Center. Maybe it will be good for the people of Kalibo if LGU Kalibo receives the P400.00 per month per stall without prejudice to collecting additional rental after the Courts has decided upholding the validity of Municipal Ordinance No. 2002 – 016. The view I see: is the final decision maybe long in coming especially if the plaintiffs may bring the case to the higher courts in case their “motion for reconsideration” is denied. Regardless of the present amount, it will go a long way for LGU Kalibo to use the money like in the repair of streets or in other important projects.
A certain astrologist, Mr. Palacios has predicted something big and shocking will happen in the next two weeks in the Philippines. He did not identify specifically what it will be. Palacios also predicted, the Philippines will highly improve her economic condition in three (3) years. PGMA will not last her six (6) years term as a new chief of state will emerge in three (3) years. Probably, a male and a presidential candidate in a previous election, Palacios predicted.
Do you believe in Palacios’ predictions? Abangan ro masunod nga daywang (2) dominggo. /MP

2nd National Sunrise Festival Sa Islang Boracay Pagahiwatun

By Jun Aguirre

Para mapreserbar rong kultura ag matukiban rong pagiging artists it mga Pinoy, nakataeana rong 2nd National Sunrise Festival nga pagapartisiparan it mga artista ag writiers sa islang Boracay sa paeaabutong November 25 hasta sa November 27 sa makaron nga dag – un.
Suno kay Deo P. Palma, national coordinator it Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika (KaSaMa) Incorporated, rondayang hilikuton hay aprubado it Department of Tourism paagi kay DOT Regional Director Edwin Trompeta, Region VI.
Pila eamang sa mga kilaeang artists ag writers nga ginaekspektar nga magtambong sa nasambit nga hilikuton nga sanday Kidlat Tahimik it Baguio City; Professor Dulce Cuna it University of the Philippines – Tacloban; Cara Go, Arts and Crafts as Therapy in Psychological Behavior Rehabilitation Center – Leyte; Florence Cinco, Grand Prize Awardee it Metrobank Foundation 2004; Jim Tanuevo, performing artist it Katribu – Davao; Jen Rapunzel Arnaldo, Visual Artists – KASUGBO Cebu; Rex Hidalgo it Journal Visayas; Hazel Villa it Philippine Daily Inquirer – Visayas; Momo Dalisay, secretary general it MAHARLIKA Artists and Writers Federation; Shiela Castillo, organizer it Ambahan Literary Circle Mangyan Poetry; Guijo Duenas, painter-photo journalists ag kaibahan man rong ana nga ongang limang dag on nga kilaeang painter si Aum Duenas, mga foreigner artists ag iba pa.
Rong tema it festival hay “Etnik Konek: Tracing our roots to build our future” ag rong highlight it aktibidades hay rong pag welcome sa sunrise it mga partisipante samtang nagakanta, nagasaot ag nagameditate.
Suno kay Palma mahimo man nga mag–entra rong mga artist enthusiasts ag interesadong college students sa hilikuton nga rong registration fee eamang hay P200 ag una eon karon rong accommodation ag pagkaon. Rong venue it hilikuton hay igto pagahimuon sa compound it DepEd–Boracay National High School.
Ginapakamayad mga ipatigayon rong 2nd Sunrise Festival sa islang Boracay para ipakita sa mga turistang foreigners rong kamayad it Pinoy Artists sa pag–abot sa arts ag pagsueat. /MP

CDA–ACW–PGA Hold Forum

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and the Aklan Consumers Watch (ACW) in cooperation with the provincial government of Aklan (PGA) will jointly sponsor a “Consumers Forum on November 12, 2005. This will be held in the Corazon Legaspi Cabagnot Training Center, Buswang Old, Kalibo, Aklan.
This Forum is one of the activities in Aklan to commemorate the 2005 Cooperative Month. According to Provincial Governor Carlito S. Marquez, this year’s celebration theme is “Cooperatives: Creating Opportunities For All.” Together with Jones R. Arrieta of CDA and Franklin L. Quimpo, Convener – ACW, Marquez hopes to establish common grounds with government and civil society in promoting the “Cooperative Option” in transforming government – controlled power utility like the AKELCO into a genuine consumer–owned and managed entity as instrument of equity, and social justice with the provincial government of Aklan.
The Forum specifically aims to further inform and educate electricity consumers on issues affecting them, to create consumer awareness and gather a critical mass that will actively advance consumers rights and welfare.
Mr. Pete Ilagan, president of the National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms, Inc. will be the guest speaker and resource person. The expected participants are representatives from the consumers sector, coop leaders, local government units, civil organizations, church, academe, and media in Aklan.
Meanwhile in a media dialogue called by Governor Carlito S. Marquez, in the late afternoon of November 9, he revealed Mr. Jones R. Arrieta assured him (Marquez) that CDA will be able to issue a Registration Certificate to AKELCO in one week after AKELCO submitted application papers for its registration. This information came about when the matter of AKELCO juridical personality was brought out. /MP


By Lean Severino

Greg Vallejera Jr. and I were invited by the officers and members of Institute of Internal Auditors to attend their annual convention at Boracay on October 21, 2005. Of course, we went there not to talk about money, budget or treasury risk since we don’t know anything about finance. But we were there to talk about the things that will make them forget their worries. We talked about humor at work.
As expected, there were so many sexy guests there. In fact, I could hardly whistle; my tongue was always sticking out. Not only that, the swimming pool of Boracay Regency was very nice and clean; people would immediately notice if ever you urinate there. More, so if you do it on the diving board. Also, the waiters were tall dark and pedicured. The service was good. They change the linen everyday. Room 101 with 102, 102 with 103 etcetera. I really enjoyed Boracay. In fact, the last time my wife and I were there, she could hardly close her mouth bragging about the place. After three hours her tongue got sunburned.
What I could not forget that night was the sexy and pretty lady I spent my evening with. Well, I am the writer here and if ever I’m going to spend my time with somebody it must be with a sexy and pretty girl. . Anyway, I think she came from a well-to-do family. You know, the blue blooded type. I’m sure of that because I saw it in her tattoo-it’s blue. She has a unique accent, sounds like English but I could hardly understand it, until she started making sign language. So I thought maybe she’s from Europe or Middle East.
Anyway, she fell on the sand while walking and I was nearby so I picked her up - literally. We introduced each other and she embraced me so she would not fall again. I’m not really a gentleman but somebody has to do the dirty job, so I embraced her back. When she recovered her balance, we started walking along the seashore holding hands. She held hers, I held mine. There was a time when I looked at her and she would smile and close her eyes. I immediately knew what she was up to. Either she wanted me to kiss her or she was trying to recall my name- whichever comes first.
Then we ate together, talked for hours and I really enjoyed everything we did, except the paying of the check. I was so happy that I even gave a tip to the waiter. It was only cut short when she realized that I am not a Korean national. After that, she took back her calling card, her picture and she started talking in hard Bisaya which I fully understood. And I spent the rest of the evening drinking with Greg. Greg is not entirely sexy and pretty but certainly he will take me regardless of my nationality. Besides, Greg has a better sense of humor… a lot better.. I think. And Greg is such a nice friend that he accompanied me on my darkest hours. Besides, he likes our pulutan.

In the middle of the night, I was awaken by the voice of Greg talking over the phone but I pretended to be asleep so as not to annoy him. And I heard Greg saying to, I presumed, a lady at the other end of the line. He said “Okay! if you want a real man, come to my room – I’ll get one for you.”. Of course I was hoping that the guy he was referring to was me. But I know Greg better. He is the guy who will not put his friend on the spot. So I covered my ears with pillows and continued pretending to sleep.

After the convention I decided to spend a night in Kalibo to attend the KALANTIAO TOASTMASTERS CLUB meeting before going back to Iloilo. I went there alone because Greg had some very important things to attend to that day. But I was not worried because they all told me Megs is such a great host you’ll never feel awkward being there alone. And indeed, Megs is such a warm person I enjoyed every minute of my stay there.

Megs Lunn

Megs is the mentor/founder of the club. She’s a very likeable person. She’s a very good speaker herself. I saw her joining the contest and had almost defeated the famous Greg Vallejera Jr. When I visited Kalibo that night, Megs was very accommodating to me. I slept in her house, cooked food and cleaned the room. Of course she insisted that I should not do it since I am a guest but for me, that was better than washing the clothes and throwing the garbage out. We talked about a lot of things before going to bed. Needless to say, we used different beds. That was when I realized she was a computer buff. She talked about computer buzzwords which I could not even spell. Of course I didn’t want to be outsmarted so I just nodded. Well, for one, nodding is a good head exercise. Megs has a very pretty, talented kid (she drew me a picture), just like the mother. Her name is Clouds. She is also very inquisitive. She reminds me of my mother-in-law.

Dr. Botoy Villorente

We call him Doc because he is a doctor of philosophy in the field of agriculture. He was somewhat silent during the meeting but when I got to know him later, I realized that I was speaking to a man of great knowledge. He started at the bottom until he became one of the most successful persons in his field. Actually, I also started at the bottom but obviously-I stayed there. His wife was also a doctor, I think in Math or Statistics. But it is a subject which we despised when we were in college because it is difficult. Doc Botoy is the charter president of the club.

Cynthia de la Cruz

Cynthia is the Vice-President for education. She has Chinese Mestiza looks - except for the eyes. Megs told me Cynthia is very enthusiastic about the meeting, she’s a happy person and she likes to shake hands- even when she’s alone. Cynthia would start calling everybody 2-3 days before the meeting, confirming the attendance and roles. If you see her, she has a distinct smiling face. She told me she likes to read or tell jokes. Somebody told me she was practicing her jokes to her patients. She’s a Pediatrician. Cynthia has agility to pick and deliver funny lines.

Mona Magayanes

Our Jokemaster during the meeting was Mona. She did not bring her daughter at the meeting because, according to her, her jokes have shades of green. Anyway, she finally delivered her jokes and the other half dozen kids loved them. In fact they understood them better than the adults. Mona showed very good delivery. She has her own style of telling jokes - she laughed with the audience to ensure compliance. Her jokes had very good punchlines.

Remy Recoter

I was assigned to evaluate the prepared speech of Remy. Remy is a distinguished military officer –which explains why I only have positive evaluation for her (just kidding). The speech was well written, the topic was well chosen. In fact it was so informative that nobody noticed the time. Given enough time to deliver more speeches and probably with more emotions in the speech, Remy could become one of the great speakers of the club.

The Rest of the Club Officers and Members

My one-day stay with the officers and members was both educational and a great personal experience. I had seen that most of the members are of high distinction in the place, which probably is the reason why the performance of the club showed a very high degree of professionalism, leadership and commitment. I believe that within a year or two, and through the guidance of the club mentor and President, this club could be the club to reckon with in the Division or even in the District standing. Good work guys..Go for it!

(Lean Severino comes from Silay City, Negros Occidental. He is a member of the First Farmers’ Toastmasters Club, Bacolod City. He possesses Masters in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering degrees from University of St. LA Salle – Bacolod and Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila respectively.
Lean is a contributor of jokes to several newsletters published in Negros Occidental. He is a two – time national Humorous Speech Champion of Toastmasters International in 1990 and 2005. Editor) /MP


Traditionally, parents, relatives and friends influence career choices with scant regard for what the child actually wants. Left with no choice, children tend to follow, without consideration of the aptitude required and the demands of the career chosen.

Hoping to avoid this, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in cooperation with the Department of Education (DEPed) will administer nationwide the Assessment phase of the Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC) in selected 299 Secondary Schools and 8 Science High Schools under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

The activity aims to provide a unified and strengthened career guidance intervention to graduating high school students of SY 2005-2006, especially those about to enter post secondary studies.

The first phase of the YP4SC entails having the student assessed using some test instruments that will measure his aptitudes, interests and potential and other hidden talents and abilities.

With the results, a matching of the type of job that will best fit the student and where they would excel would be made. Thus students will now be able to invest wisely in the selection of career and avoid changing courses, resulting in savings of money, time and effort. Career selection will be an informed one, a decisive difference between failure and success in life.

A proactive matching process is important because the students will be able to seek the employment opportunities where they are, and when they are available. On the part of the employers, they would be able to find the right people for the right job or employment opportunity, the right people with the right education or training and for government to train or educate according to the requirements of the job market.

The assessment will be administered in the sample schools identified by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) from September 26 to October 7, 2005. The DepEd through its Division Offices will release results not later than December 31, 2005. (PIA6)

Hurrah for the Batan Elementary School

Irma P. Marcelino

The Batan Elementary Schiool Family, headed by Mrs. Salome E. Sualog, Principal II, grabbed the “Championship” in the District Cultural Contest held at the Batan Elementary School Quadrangle, Batan, Aklan just recently.
The competition was composed of four categories: English Declamation, Filipino Declamation, Vocal Solo Classical and Philippine Folk Dance.
Different complete elementary schools in the district including the Batan Learning Center, a private school for the gifted, rich and famous participated in the contest.
Edelweiss B. Parco, a grade VI – I pupil won first place in Vocal Solo Classical in her piece “Sa Umaga”. Mrs. Ma. Luisa A. Parco, Master Teacher I and the District Music Coordinator trained her. The group of dancers from the selected Grades IV, V and VI pupils namely: Gienet D. Salazar, Reina Mae B. Juanico, Kristel B. Candelario, Jindra O. Caldeo, Dwight Justin F. Reyes, Axl Brett P. Bautista, Mel Gibson F. Cortes and John Robert C. Trinidad won in the Folk Dance Contest in their dance piece “Ba–o”. They were trained by Mrs. Irma P. Marcelina, Master Teacher I and District/School P.E. and Cultural Coordinator.
Reina Mae B. Juanico, a Grade IV – I pupil, won second place in Filipino Declamation in her piece “Ang Batang Kuba” trained by Mrs. Marites B. Juanico, Teacher II, and soon to be appointed as District English Coordinator. Lawrence Ann J. Pañer, a Grade VI – I pupil, won third place in English Declamation in her piece “The Girl Who Said “I Won’t!” trained by Mrs. Lourdes B. Regalado, Master teacher II and very soon to retire this October 2005 as District English Coordinator. /MP

Picture shows the group of dancers from Grades IV, V and VI selected pupils performing their Folk Dance, “Ba–o”. This won first place in the District Cultural Contest. Their trainer Mrs. Irma P. Marcelino MT I and District/School P.E. & Cultural Coordinator and Mrs. Salome E. Sualog, Principal II of Batan Elementary School are shown in the background. /MP

Insurgency: A Bridge To Communism

By: Dragnet-Aklan CAD

Presently the CPP/NPA is concentrating and intensifying mass organizing and infiltrating different sectors in our society as well as recruitment of minors. They likewise continue its united front building by actively cooperating with their legal progressive allies.
The ACAD as a branch of the 3rd Civil Affairs Unit, 3rd Infantry (S) Division, Philippine Army which primary mission is to make the people aware of what really is happening in the communist organization. Once again the ACAD under the supervision of 3rd Civil Affairs unit, Commanding Officer, MAJ LYNDON J. SOLLESTA together with the CMO, 47IB had successfully conducted a series of information/dissemination to different secondary schools particularly Ondoy National High School, Naisud National High School, and Naile National High School recently all of Ibajay, Aklan.
This program is designed to establish a close relationship between the Army and the civilian to topple down the insurgency problem in the area. This is a joint effort of the Barangay council; school Administration and the Army in order to a stop all these senseless destruction of the communist to the people.
Mr. Hepocratis S. Motus – TIC of Naisud National High School in an interview by Sgt. Glenn I. Zolina, expressed his condemnation to communist recruitment/infiltration to studentry. He stressed out and appealed to the communist not to incite students/youth to fight the government, now. If we used this children for insurgency, what will happen to our country…? If this people are truly for the goodness of the children, then they should bring this youth to become effective citizen because we are campaigning against violence. The “Insurgency is a bridge to communism”, Motus pointed out.
Film, “Huwad Na Pangarap” and Art of Deception” from the National Alliance for Democracy were shown. This Art of Deception is about the strategy of communist infiltration by using the working class, as their primary target. /MP

Meñez Vows: Bring Back Kalibo Ati-atihan’s ‘Old Glory’

By: Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Festival organizer Albert Menez vowed to bring back the old glory of Kalibo Ati-Atihan Sto. Niño Festival, the “mother of all fiestas in 2006.
“Let us not forget the religious aspect of the festival -- to honor the Sto. Niño or the Holy Infant Jesus. We have to revive this culture of devotion to the revelers and tourists participating,” said Menez, executive director of the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Management Board (KAMB).
To restore the lively night activities at the Magsaysay Park, KAMB will provide more food chains where revelers may, dine, hear and watch night bands from the cities of Iloilo and Bacolod, Meñez promised.
Magsaysay Park is where night revelers enjoy the traditional snake dancing to the beat of drums and local music. This is locally known as “sawa – sawa.”
"KAMB will also designate a common flea market along Veterans Avenue to minimize the selling of wares and “ukay-ukay” in the streets, particularly in the major streets of Regalado and Laserna where our tribes and modern groups, including tourists, are merrymaking,” Meñez pointed out.
The move to relocate the vendors around the Kalibo Pastrana Park and St. John the Baptist Cathedral is supported by participating modern and ati groups to ensure a peaceful and colorful celebration of the 2006 Ati-Atihan Festival.
"The participating tribes are proposing to KAMB to relocate the vendors outside the 200-meter zone of the Kalibo Pastrana Park. For this purpose, Veterans Avenue, is suggested to give way to revelers and ati tribes," by Rene Enriquez of Tribu Amots, a Hall of Fame tribe awardee. /MP

RP's Queen of Beach Volleyball Rues Lacks Support

By: Recto I. Vidal Barely a month before the 25th SEA GAMES opens, the country's top beach volleyball player lamented for the allowance promised them by the Philippines’ sports officials never reach them. "The national team needs support to be competitive. We lack financial and equipment supports like Oakley sunglasses. Suportado kami sa pagkain, vitamins ag uniforms ogaling kueang sa financial," said the battle-tested lady spiker, Cecille Tabuena of Joyao-Joyao, Numancia, Aklan. Cecille specifically mentioned her need to have money to buy a pair of Oakley or Rudy Project "shades". This is badly needed to protect the tough Navy stalwart's eyes from the punishing glare of the scorching heat of the sun. A pair of branded shades cost at least P8,000,00. We're not allowed to use local shades by the SEA Games officials owing to its poor quality,” said the power-spiking Tabuena, a veteran of many Asia championships games. Already, the Aklan Tennis Club, Kalibo, Aklan here readily responded to the local media's call for help as it sent four jumbo sized Coppertone sunblock lotion to the 5'9" foot stunner who said that the supply was good enough to last until their SEA Games campaign. Tabuena, an enlisted personnel at the Philippine Navy, also expressed concern on the lack of training she and her team mate have to contend with. "While our rivals in the region have already been exposed to various trainings in Europe and China for the past several months, here we are stuck in the rut as we have yet to begin our formal training. We should have started our training at least two months earlier," but the construction of their training ground at the La Salle - Bacolod is yet to be completed on November 10 this year. Tabuena, who considers Thailand and Indonesia as their closest rivals, decried that some sports officials failed to honor their promises for them to train abroad. This remains unfulfilled due to "budget constraints." During my interview, she admitted "too much politics in sports" are embedded. This results to the failure of the release of their allowances, conduct of proper training, purchase of necessary equipment and others. Tabuena's family is set to attend on Wednesday's session of the Sangguniang Bayan of Numancia, Aklan. The Numancia Sangguniang Bayan of said town will pass a resolution commending the usually intimidating Tabuena for her outstanding contribution to Philippine Sports. Councilor Winston H. Carillo disclosed that the Sangguniang Bayan will formalize a resolution providing financial support to Tabuena to bankroll her campaign in the SEA Games in December. Tabuena and her team mate will pit beauty and brawn against their female counterparts in the SEA region. What does one needs to be the country's top lady spiker? “She must have discipline, endurance, power and skill. Then she must be a smart and quick thinking player, knows various techniques to excel in this kind of sport,” the agile and powerful Tabuena responded. The 26-year-old athlete, whose power-spiking skills earned her an automatic berth to the National Finals in December 2004, told about the preparations she and her team mate have been making for the upcoming SEA Games. Tell us about the training regimen? "We run and jog, do some calisthenics and then rest a little. Hinahanap ng katawan ko ang routine at training. Usually, we begin our training at five in the morning," she revealed. To stay in tip top shape, "I've committed myself to long hours of practice which involves a lot of coordination. It requires me to perform not just an individual but as a team," said the statuesque Navy stalwart She confessed that her team mate and she will heavily rely on their wide experience. Sports scribes describe them as the country's best volleyball pair. "Officially, I started in this sport since my elementary days. My father Brunei encouraged me to get into this sport since I was in Grade 5. Since then, I never looked back. In high school, I was a member of the volleyball team sent to the Palarong Pambansa. When I became a member of the national team, I was given a scholarship." she disclosed while describing the sport as her first love. Her outstanding skill in volleyball earned her a college scholarship at the University of St. La Salle (Bacolod) and later, enlistment in the Philippine Navy team and eventually the national beach volleyball team. Her formidable team-up with fellow Philippine Navy's enlisted lady, Michelle Laborte of Bacolod City, gained them the coveted championship trophy in the 2005 Petron Beach Volleyball Championship in September 2005 This feat prompted Councilor Winston H. Carillo to sponsor a resolution commending Tabuena for her outstanding accomplishment in sports and as the Philippines’ representative in the beach volleyball competition, to Sea Games 2005. As her adrenalin shot up in her system, she admitted being a very "competitive" person who's really inspired and overwhelmed by the love and support extended to her not just by her family but by her fellow Aklanons. Although she gets jittery at times thinking of the forthcoming SEA Games, Tabuena is not a bit intimidated as she expressed confidence in her team's abilities. "We're both looking forward to it. We’ve been training hard all year as we are now excited about the forthcoming SEA Games. Right now, we have not yet peaked in our trainings. Definitely, we'll not allow ourselves to be cocky and get over-confident," she enthused. The only thing that Cecille has little trouble with is the diet required for discipline. "I really have to watch my weight, pag lumalampas timbang I go on a diet, not to eat rice, just fruits and vegetables. It doesn't help that I have a sweet tooth,” she blissfully extolled the virtues of ice cream and doughnuts during the interview.She acknowledged that height can be a plus factor, but "dapat idaan sa skills at tyaga. I should know how to use height to my advantage and I should know the technique." Asked about her team's chances in the face of a tough opposition, she said: "it doesn’t matter whether we'll get the bronze or the gold medal as long as we can be able to bring glory to the country. It’s all about doing the best, the desire and motivation to win when we’re finally in the court. She sees herself staying in the competition until she's 32. This beach volleyball babe wants to stay in court until age 32 after which take new challenge: to impart her knowledge and skills via teaching and coaching kids in Aklan “I want to inspire them, to bring out the best in them so that Aklan will lead in any regional sports competitions," said Cecille a degree holder in Education at the University of La Salle Bacolod. The best deal in being part of the National team are meeting people and sharing experiences with them. Her stunning looks are earning her notice from Speedo, the Games' official outfitter. She has also received countless offers for her to endorse shampoo products. “I do not get tired of my team mate. Masayang kasama, fun to be with, we hang out sometimes," she confided. When asked about matters of the heart, she confessed that she is loveless at the moment, an advantage that "makes me more focused and my considerable amount of energy is channeled on the forthcoming international competitions,” the volleyball queen confessed. Indeed, Tabuena, who was teased by her college mates as "Pulot Girl" has came a long way from her humble beginnings. /MP

SEA-Games Torch Comes Early

The Torch Relay of the 23rd South East Asian (SEA) Games is advanced from November 24 to November 16, 2005 as scheduled previously in Aklan. As Governor Carlito S. Marquez announced in a press conference held this week. The new schedule is as follows: The torch leaves Iloilo City at 9:00 o’clock in the morning on Nov. 16 after the Torch Run around Iloilo City. The caravan will arrive in the Capiz-Aklan boundary, Altavas at about 11:00 o’clock of the same day where and when an Aklan contingent will welcome meet the Caravan.

The Torch Caravan will arrive at noon where at Aklan Provincial Capitol, reception will be held. They will be welcomed in a lunch by Aklanon group lead by Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo. Lunch over, the Torch Caravan will leave for Caticlan where the group of Malaynons lead by Mayor Ciceron Cawaling will receive and welcome them. After the simple ceremony the Torch Caravan will board the Ro-Ro vessel bound for Roxas, Oriental Mindoro at 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

In the same presscon, Governor Marquez also announced the start on Dec. 06, 2005 the Governor Carlito S. Marquez Cup. He also authorized Provincial Engr. Victory M. Fernandez to effect the necessary repair of the ABL Sports Complex. The repair must be enough to pass with the Philippine Basketball Association standard so that PBA games maybe held in Kalibo soon. /MP


Sugar Planters have more reasons to smile these days after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) increased its sugar export quota allocation for the Philippines from the previous crop year’s 137,353 MT to 151,667 MT beginning Oct. 1, 2005. This represents a 10 percent increase from last year’s quota that the Philippines was able to fill up according to the Department of Agriculture.
The Philippines is the third largest export quota holder of sugar in the United States and gets a 13.5 percent of its total quota allocation. The DA said the Philippines has been exporting sugar to the United States under a program in which it buys the sweetener from developing countries at a price much higher than those in the world market.
The DA said, “the increase in the US quota prompted the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) to increase the sugar allocation for “A” US export sugar from last crop year’s 4 percent to 7 percent for CY 2005-2006. This is expected to benefit all sugar producers, particularly the small planters as the “A” sugar commands a premium price over the other sugar classifications.”
The SRA expects that this year’s crop will be around 2,018,000 MT and sees a balance of supply with domestic demand, and with no surplus to dispose, farm gate prices should be at level which would be profitable to farmers. By 2007, the SRA expects the next production upswing and any production excess should be available for ethanol, a co-product of sugarcane. This, SRA said should ensure the stability and sustainability of the industry.
It will be recalled that a consultative committee on the ethanol program was formed by the sugar industry to look into the production and utilization of ethanol from sugarcane as an alternative fuel headed by SRA administrator James Ledesma. A technical working group is studying the possibility of sourcing ethanol from sugarcane to be used as fuel blend to protect the environment against pollution in compliance with the Clean Air Act mandating reduction of green house gas emissions in the country. This will also help attain energy security and displace imported petroleum to save on foreign exchange. (PIA6)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

2nd National Sunrise Festival Sa Islang Boracay Pagahiwatun

By Jun Aguirre

Para mapreserbar rong kultura ag matukiban rong pagiging artists it mga Pinoy, nakataeana rong 2nd National Sunrise Festival nga pagapartisiparan it mga artista ag writiers sa islang Boracay sa paeaabutong November 25 hasta sa November 27 sa makaron nga dag – un.
Suno kay Deo P. Palma, national coordinator it Ang Katipunan ng mga Samahang Maharlika (KaSaMa) Incorporated, rondayang hilikuton hay aprubado it Department of Tourism paagi kay DOT Regional Director Edwin Trompeta, Region VI.
Pila eamang sa mga kilaeang artists ag writers nga ginaekspektar nga magtambong sa nasambit nga hilikuton nga sanday Kidlat Tahimik it Baguio City; Professor Dulce Cuna it University of the Philippines – Tacloban; Cara Go, Arts and Crafts as Therapy in Psychological Behavior Rehabilitation Center – Leyte; Florence Cinco, Grand Prize Awardee it Metrobank Foundation 2004; Jim Tanuevo, performing artist it Katribu – Davao; Jen Rapunzel Arnaldo, Visual Artists – KASUGBO Cebu; Rex Hidalgo it Journal Visayas; Hazel Villa it Philippine Daily Inquirer – Visayas; Momo Dalisay, secretary general it MAHARLIKA Artists and Writers Federation; Shiela Castillo, organizer it Ambahan Literary Circle Mangyan Poetry; Guijo Duenas, painter-photo journalists ag kaibahan man rong ana nga ongang limang dag on nga kilaeang painter si Aum Duenas, mga foreigner artists ag iba pa.
Rong tema it festival hay “Etnik Konek: Tracing our roots to build our future” ag rong highlight it aktibidades hay rong pag welcome sa sunrise it mga partisipante samtang nagakanta, nagasaot ag nagameditate.
Suno kay Palma mahimo man nga mag–entra rong mga artist enthusiasts ag interesadong college students sa hilikuton nga rong registration fee eamang hay P200 ag una eon karon rong accommodation ag pagkaon. Rong venue it hilikuton hay igto pagahimuon sa compound it DepEd–Boracay National High School.
Ginapakamayad mga ipatigayon rong 2nd Sunrise Festival sa islang Boracay para ipakita sa mga turistang foreigners rong kamayad it Pinoy Artists sa pag–abot sa arts ag pagsueat. /MP

Sunday, November 06, 2005

PAPI Prepares For 10th National Press Congress

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

“Promoting Countryside Development Through Responsible Media” will be the theme of the 10th National Press Congress the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) will hold.
The Press Congress is scheduled on December 8-10, 2005 to be held at the historic Manila Hotel, Manila.
According to PAPI President, Mr. Juan P. Dayang, the press congress will tackle very serious and urgent issues confronting the nation as media continue to play the most crucial role in the current political and economic crisis.
Some 500 delegates from all over the Philippines are expected to attend who belong to the tri – media. They are newspaper publishers, editors, writers, reporters, columnists, photojournalists, broadcasters, radio station managers, anchormen, commentators and others.
In order to attend and participate, the practicing mediamen must register. Only P2,500 is requested as registration fee. This will entitle one to enjoy two (2) nights hotel accommodation, five (5) snacks, two (2) breakfast, two (2) lunches, and two (2) dinners. Those who will not avail of hotel accommodation will pay P1,500.00 only.
The deadline for registration is November 25, 2005, after this date, registration fee will be P3,000 per person.
The tentative program of activities for the Congress are as follows:

December 08, 2005
1:00-6:00 pm Registration

2:00 pm Opening of Photo & Trade Exhibits

Opening Remarks:
President, publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc.

President, National Press Club

Topic: Are You For A Charter Change?

Chairman, Consultative Commission
Dean Emiritus, Ateneo Law School
Chairman, PCCI
Philippine Star – DWIZ
Davao Media Foundation


Welcome Remarks:
Publisher, Manila Bulletin

Special Guest:
Press Secretary

Guest of Honor & Speaker:
Supreme Court
Chairman, Manila Bulletin

December 09, 2005

9:00-10:30 am PROGRAMME
Opening Remarks;
President, PAPI

Welcome Remarks;
President, Manila Hotel

Keynote Address:
President, Republic of the Philippines

10:30-10:45 am Merienda Break

10:45-12:00 am Speaker:
Publisher, Philippine Star
Open Forum

12:00-1:00 pm Guest of Honor & Speaker:
Speaker, House of Representatives

1:00-2:00 pm Speaker:
Open Forum
President, League of Provinces
Open Forum

3:00 pm Plenary Session

Presentation of Resolutions

Guest of Honor & Speaker
Vice President of the Philippines

5:00 pm Recessional

promoting cultural awareness nationwide
through countryside media


December 9, 2005

5;00-7:00 pm Registration of delegates

Opening Remarks
Project Coordinator, GMA 7 “Kapuso”

Welcome Address:
Head, NCCA Committee on Communication
Commissioner, NCCA

PRECIOUS LARA QUIGAMAN, Miss International 2005
Topic: “Culture: A Tool for Winning in Global Beauty Contests”

HON. ACE H. DURANO, Secretary, Department of Tourism
Topic: “Culture as a Major Tourist Attraction”

Guest of Honor & Speaker:
Mayor, City of Manila
Topic: “Cultural Renaissance of Manila: A Shining Example”

Presentation of Testimonials:
December 10, 2005

7:00-8:30 am Registration of delegates (continuation)

9:00-10;30 am PROGRAMME
National anthem

Opening Remarks:
President, Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc.
Project Director

Welcome Address:
Executive Vice President, PAPI

Introduction of Guest of Honor & Keynote Speaker:

Guest Speaker & Speaker: HON. AMBETH R. OCAMPO
Chairman, NCCA

10:30-10:45 am Merienda Break
10:45-11:45 am Speaker
Secretary-General, UNESCO
Open Forum Moderator: D.Y. CAPARAS
Publisher, Diplomatic Pos
12:00-1:15 pm Speaker:
Executive Director, NCCA;
Presidential Adviser on Culture
Open Forum Moderator: ELY DEJARESCO
1:30 pm Speaker:
President Emeritus, De la Salle University
President, Manila Bulletin
Topic: “Culture as a unifying force moving the nation forward”
2:30 pm Open Forum Moderator:
2:45-3:45 pm Round Table Discussion with DONG PUNO & CES DRILON
3:45-4:00 pm Merienda Break
4:00 pm Summation/Response
Presentation & Adoption of Resolutions
Distribution of Certificates of Participation to the delegates
4:45 pm Closing Ceremonies
5:30 pm Recessional