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Are Members of BOD of Akelco
Working For Consumer Members’ Interest?
It is really hard for the people to figure out the desire and interest of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO). Is the BOD of Akelco serving and protecting the interest of the consumer–members? Are the BOD of Akelco capable to perform their duties as duly elected to the position by the members? And are they there out to profit from every transaction they approved?

One transaction that the BOD perfected is with Avon River Power Holdings Corporation which they call "Settlement Agreement".

Settlement Or What?

Going over the entire text of the Agreement, a reader can easily conclude the document is prepared by school children.

There are no dates for the agreement to take effect. There is no termination date. Except in No. 14. Effectivity, which states, "this settlement agreement shall become effective upon execution. This document therefore is just a scrap of paper if not executed. It takes effect only if executed.

The Settlement Agree-ment is signed by Jose Carl C. Quimpo, Acting Board President, BOD, Akelco and Francisco G. Go for AVON. There is no date stated when they signed the agreement with two witnesses which signatures are not readable.

Aba…! This appears like a blank check. The parties may just fill the blanks when needed. Agreement however, was acknowledged and notarized separately. It was notarized on January 18, 2008 in Makati City by Notary Public Antonio P. Serrano, Jr. for Mr. Francisco G. Go, and notarized on February 6, 2008 in Kalibo, Aklan by Notary Public Saykeme Molino–Martelino.

Million Pesos Debt

The most important provision stipulated in the agreement is the acknowledgment of Akelco to pay P92,345,142.46 and the mode of payment at P3,220,284.15 for 24 equal monthly installments for a total of P77,286,819.53 and the P15,058,322.93 for 12 months at P1,254,860.24 per month. Payment will take effect on December 25, 2007. Akelco therefore will pay a total of P4,475,144.39 a month for the whole year 2008. Take note, payment was scheduled to start on December 25, 2007. The agreement was notarized only on Feb 6, 2008.

BOD Approval

Is Jose Carl C. Quimpo authorized by the BOD of Akelco to sign the Settlement Agreement? It is urgent for Mr. Quimpo to show to consumer-members his Board approval.

For one thing, the Settlement Agreement was kept air tight for quite sometime. Even the LGU Kalibo was refused a copy of the Settlement Agreement. Its resolution requesting a copy of it was denied for "it is not of public interest". It was only upon the scientific technique in document gathering of K. Butz Maquinto of RGMA–DYRU when Gen. Manager Chito R. Peralta furnished him a copy of it.

Upon review, additional defects are noted in the agreement. Is this the advice of lawyers who were allegedly paid P3 million without any receipt? If there is, the public is glad to view it.

Paragraph "D" of the agreement shows the sum of P15,058,322.93 was wrongly paid by Akelco to NPC instead of to Avon. This is clear gross negligence of the management. That money belongs to the consumer members. Shame and incompetence to the Akelco management. Is proper sanction given to the culprit(s)?


In view of the errors noted in the Settlement Agreement, Mr. Jose Carl C. Quimpo and Francisco G. Go signed another agreement. This time, they call it "Amendment Agreement to the Settlement Agreement".

And what is the amendment? It just amended only the dates stated in paragraph C. from "…(92,345,142.46) representing electricity consumption for the period Feb. 25, 2005 to Sept. 25, 2007" to "…(P92,345,142.46) representing electricity consumption for the period of February 26, 2007 to Sept. 25, 2007".

While the period for the supply of power was reduced from 31 months to seven (7) months, the amount is never reduced. Is it the truth?

This time, the Amended Settlement is dated July 23, 2008, notarized in Kalibo on July 23, 2008 and in Makati City on July 31, 2008.

But what happen to the schedule of payment that should have started on Dec. 25, 2007 as stipulated in the Settlement Agreement? Take note, of all schedules, Dec. 25, Christmas.

Is Mr. Jose Carl C. Quimpo, authorized by the members of the BOD to sign that agreement? This two stated agreements bring hatred, instead of love for Akelco.

There is an extremely urgent need for both Akelco management and BOD to explain this matter of 92.4 million pesos settlement agreement and later, amendment to the settlement agreement.

The consumer-members must know the truth of the 92.4 million pesos debt to Avon. There is no statement of account. There is a need to inform the people where Akelco will get the money to pay this debt if indeed the quantity of electric power costing 92.4 million pesos was honestly supplied to Akelco. Both BOD and Akelco management must inform the people of all things happening from time to time and not only the schedule of black out. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Non Attendance To EDSA
Anniversary Irks Ramos
Former President Fidel V. Ramos was extremely irked during the EDSA I anniversary celebration at the EDSA Shrine on February 25, 2009. Ramos felt disgusted at Malacañang after Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo failed to attend the celebration. Vice Pres. Noli joined Ramos and other EDSA I heroes but left after the flag ceremony.

Ms. Arroyo was very near the venue of the celebration as she visited the Job Fair held in the Dept. of Labor and Employment in EDSA, Mandaluyong City on that day.

Ms. Arroyo prepared to join Job Fair for more economic activity and probably more money. To her, OFWs are heroes for they are the people who are earning foreign exchange to propel the Philippine economy.

Why will she care for the celebration of the Philippines’ liberation from martial law? After all, she is president from 2001 until 2010. And "who knows even beyond 2010?" if she is able to mangle with the Philippine constitution. Moreover, her admi-nistration is believed most corrupt, more people are becoming hungry, more human rights violations, and kidnappings.

Agricultural Pests

Complaints are coming from the Aklanon farmers regarding their two problems. These farmers mostly came from Kalibo and New Washington.
The first complaint is the stunted growth of palay crop, yellowing of leaves and large decrease of yield or zero yield. Some paddy fields do not yield at all. The farmer’s claim, whose rice fields exhibit these symptoms, the crop is attacked by tongro. If this is true and confirmed by plant pathologist to be tongro, then there is no way to save the crop.

Tongro is caused by virus which until this time, no medicine is recommen-ded to control tongro.

Tongro is a virus disease either seed borne or soil borne. To prevent the occurrence of seed borne tongro disease, the farmer must use certified seeds which are highly resistant to the attack of plant diseases.

Tongro is also found in the soil. To prevent tongro in the soil, the farmer may do the following: 1. sterilize the soil by plowing under and let it be sun dried; 2. practice crop rotation by alternating rice planting with legumes like mongo; and 3. rest the paddy field by not planting for one to three months. This is called "fallowing".

In case tongro is noted in the rice standing crop, the only way for the farmer to do is to plow it under. Allow the rice crop to decay and sterilize the field. Fallow the land or plant it to legumes like mongo but never rice to prevent the possibility of recurrence.

The other problem is pest, specifically rodents. Rats can be controlled by poisoning with the use of poison of course. This method however is dangerous because useful animals and poultry might have access to the baits with poison and it might feed on it. Livestock and poultry will be poisoned. Poisoning promotes environmental pollution. Another way is the use of trap (eagpit) made of bamboo or other material. This method maybe used without using poison with the bait. It is safe to exterminate rats by catching it with the cooperation of the residents of the barangay.

One can also use blower. An operator can blow fire into the rat hole to kill the rats especially along the dikes of the rice paddy. Yet, the best prevention against rodents is clean culture. There must be no grass, garbage and other receptacle in the farm where rats can shelter. Better still if there is a well controlled irrigation. The holes where rats stay can be submerged in water to drown the rats. If not, the rats will leave the holes and go elsewhere.

But where will it go and stay if ricefields are filled up with water? /MP

LGU Kalibo Signs MOA With Soroptimist International

LGU Kalibo signs two Memorandum of Agreement with Soroptimist International (SI) last week. One MOA concerns with the establishment of plant nursery, seedling bank, and training center in Nalook, Kalibo, Aklan on a 2,000 sq. m. lot owned by the Vega family represented by Mrs. Rose Vega Quimpo. Picture shows Mayor Raymar Rebaldo, Mrs. Quimpo, and Vice Gov. Billie V. Calizo signing the MOA. SI also adopted the beautification and care of D. Maagma Street, Poblacion, Kalibo. Witnessing the signing are Hon. Mary Jane A. Rebaldo, officers and members of SI.

Roxas To De Los Angeles: Blame Yourself

Senator Mar Roxas last week reminded Legacy owner Celso de los Angeles that he should look into the mirror before he pins the blame on others for the plight of hundreds of Legacy’s depositors and planholders.

"Is he feeling lucky? His rackets caused the people billions – P14 billion released by PDIC to duped depositors, more than P18 billion milked out of pre-need planholders, and billions more unaccounted for from his investors," he said.

"He’s living high on the fruits of his deception of the people. Nobody else is to blame but him," he stressed.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Trade and Commerce which is investigating the demise of pre-need plans and of the Legacy group, vowed to run after all the assets of de los Angeles to compensate Legacy’s victims.

Roxas called on pre-need plan holders who need legal assistance to contact his hotline at 0919-MAROXAS (6276927). Roxas has convened a pool of lawyers ready to service the hundreds of plan holders victimized.
"There will be accountability, there will be justice," Roxas stressed.
Roxas: Corruption of GMA Gov’t. Shaming Filipinos Fil Expats Back Senate Inquiry Into WB Findings

Filipinos living in the United States and other parts of the world have become unwilling victims of the Arroyo administration’s corrupt reputation, Senator Mar Roxas last week said.

Roxas made the statement after getting a letter from a Filipino expatriate now living in Winnipeg, Canada, who said Filipinos in his community there back the ongoing Senate inquiry into the findings of corrupt practices by the World Bank (WB) involving government infrastructure projects.

"Filipinos now living abroad are being insulted because of the brazen corruption in this government. Filipinos abroad, especially Fil-Ams, despise the dishonesty of GMA’s allies," he said.
"GMA has brought nothing but international shame to our country since she first occupied Malacanang. Numerous scandals have hit her government but none of her allies have been investigated or pro-secuted," Roxas said.

The country’s honor and prestige, he reiterated, could only be restored if President Arroyo musters the political will to order the investigation and prosecution of her allies and relatives—including her husband, First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo—who have been dragged into all sorts of corruption scandals since she assumed the presidency in January 2001.

The latest controversy to hit the country is the World Bank’s finding of collusive practices among contractors and govern-ment officials in the rigged bidding for road projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways, among other agencies.

The decision of the international lending body to bar the participation of three Filipino contractors and seven Chinese firms in any of its funded projects in the country has revived global attention on the corrupt and illegal activities of government officials and leaving the impression that such acts are condoned or even permitted by the President herself.

Canada-based Johnny de Leon has written Roxas lauding him for defending the honor and integrity of the nation.

De leon said Filipinos worldwide have lost their integrity because of the rampant corrup-tion in (Philippines) government. He narrated one instance when Filipinos in his community boycotted a supermarket after one of its Canadian workers confronted a young child for picking a candy in the sweets section and shouting at him "You all Filipinos are thieves!"

He said, Filipinos left the grocery store after hearing the invective. The next day, they surrounded the vicinity with placards condemning the discri-mination. The store owner, he added, apologized days later.

Roxas said it is not too late for President Arroyo to redeem herself, but she will have to muster political will to bring to justice all those who have shamed the country.

The disregard of the country’s honor continues. Can GMA still revive her reputation among Filipinos, especially those toiling hard in other countries?," Roxas stressed.

"Our country’s honor is important. As president of this country, it is her responsibility to preserve our reputation," he added.

Roxas On Affordable Meds: LGUs Must Lead

Senator Mar Roxas urged local government units to take the lead in hastening the implemen-tation of the new Quality and Affordable Medicines law for the benefit of their constituents.

This, as he remains unsatisfied with the national government’s pace in implementing the landmark law, especially at this time of crisis when the sick are among the most vulnerable.

"The government is dragging its feet in implementing this law. I call on you to take the lead in making sure that your constituents could immediately avail of quality and affordable medicines," he told local leaders of Tanauan City, Batangas and Dagupan City, Pangasinan during separate medical missions there.

"We should prioritize affordable healthcare. The law should immediately be implemented, especially for our elderly whose maintenance drugs are very expensive," he stressed.

The primary author of the Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicines Act of 2008 said local governments should come to the rescue of the country’s poor and elderly, take the lead by directly acquiring affordable medicines from abroad, put up more Botika ng Bayan outlets in their jurisdictions.

"It would be better if LGUs directly acquire cheaper drugs from manufacturing firms. That way, the waiting period for our citizens would be shorter," Roxas stressed.

"This was passed last year. It’s February. They’re not only dragging their feet; as if they are deliberately looking for reasons not to implement the law properly," he said.

Roxas was in Tanauan City, Batangas last week for a medical mission and forum on cheaper medicines. Another medical mission and forum was also held in Dagupan City, Pangasinan on Friday. /MP

“This Be Our World”

A Book To Cherish


In his lifetime, Dr. Beato A. Dela Cruz was recognized as an icon of the arts and letters. For 70 years of living a life to the fullest, he bequeathed a legacy of poems, essays, short stories and other writings to his beloved wife Josefina M. Icamina, now 92 years old.
Sharing the thoughts, aspirations and ideals of the man who died on December 31, 1982 with the people whom he loved can be the noblest example of selfishness and whole-some indulgence. The expanded Dela Cruz family through the Dr. Beato A. Dela Cruz Educational Foundation has put out a book "This Be Our World". The book was launched on February 21, 2009 at the Museo it Akean.
Some 60 guests/visitors attended. Invited speakers in the book launching delved on his consummate zeal as a journalist, essayist, author, educator and a family man. Former Assemblyman Jose Tumbokon, former Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Aklan SP member Plaridel Morania, former Kalibo Mayor Diego M. Luces who represented Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and SB member Mark Quimpo for Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo all spoke eloquently of the goodness in the life of Dr. Beato A. Dela Cruz.
The book has 234 pages, i ncludes 126 poems, 34 essays and feature articles, 20 short stories, a play, 16 other writings and two Aklanon literary pieces. Seminal work spanning the most productive years of the authors’ life is for the young and the old to cherish, inspire and emulate.
"I cannot be a whit
less nor a grain more," he writes. A song of yesteryears says it all in Filipino. "Ikaw Ay Tuldok Lamang." Many people especially young generation may no longer remember Dr. Dela Cruz but his memory has been engraved in the hearts of the men and women who care and have been influenced by his wartime exploits as a guerilla fighter, thinker, writer and educator. For exemplary work, unassailable cha-racter and multi-faceted life, grateful Aklanons presented to him "Outstanding Aklanon" award in the field of literature in 1979. /MP

Obama’s Canada Visit ‘Good News’ To Filipino - Canadians

Filipino-Canadians in Toronto, Canada hailed the Feb. 19 first foreign visit of US President Barack Obama in Ottawa saying "it created a sense of buoyancy, an uplifting of mood, and that’s always good in terms of economy."

Celestino Miranda, whose father in Aklan, Philippines is among the beneficiary of the Filipino veterans equity law in the stimulus bill Mr. Obama signed recently said the President’s visit in Canada is expected to spur em-ployment opportunities because of the reopening of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which will benefit both the United States and Canada.

Miranda, a financial analyst said, since both countries are each other’s "best customers", both countries "build things together and some imports can cross the border many times during the production process."

"Almost one quarter of the merchandise trade is in autos, trucks and parts and many Filipinos who lost their jobs last year due to recession are expected to rebound this year," Miranda said.

Cristobal Palacios, an engineer, said Canada is the largest export market for 36 of the 50 states. More than $1 million a minute in business crosses the border, he said.
Palacios said many Filipino skilled workers will be benefited as jobs will return once the NAFTA will reopen.

Filipinos also credited Obama now that the "infamous" Rescission Act of 1946 has been rescinded with the passing of the stimulus bill that will benefit the Filipino veterans equity provision.

There were about 430,000 Filipino WW II veterans who were slated to receive US military benefits (health care, G.I. Bill of Rights, pension, vocational rehabilitation, etc) when this bill removing those benefits was approved by the US Congress on February 18, 1946, political analyst Rodel Rodis reported earlier.

Before signing the bill into law, the late President Harry S. Truman declared that "the passage and approval of this legislation does not release the US from its moral obligation to provide for the heroic Philippine veterans who sacrificed so much for the common cause during the war."
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, Mr. Obama acknowledged he has said NAFTA does too little to protect U.S. workers and the environment. Canada, the United State’s largest trading partner, is leery of changes to the deal.

Robust trade helps both nations, Obama said. Noting that NAFTA has side agreements on labor and the environment, he added: "If those side agreements mean anything, then they might as well be incorporated into the main body of the agreement so that they can be effectively enforced."
He said he hopes there will be a way to do so eventually "that is not disruptive to the extra-ordinarily important trade relationships" between the two nations.

Both leaders said that as economies around the world face challenges, it’s important for the U.S. and others to resist calls for protectionism.
Surviving Canada’s ‘Winter Misery’ On my way to Toronto, Canada from Cleveland, Ohio via Buffalo, New York on February 12, fog blanketed much of Canadian territories starting from Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville, with 100 meters visibility.

Freezing rain coated roads and sidewalks with a sheen of ice that refused to melt in many areas for 48 hours, as Canadians tottered down city sidewalks in a modified penguin shuffle.

Arms stiff and legs straight, they’ve waddled in baby steps, trying, and often failing, to avoid a painful meeting of keester and concrete. From downtown Toronto, I went straight to the Philippine Consulate General on 161 Eglinton

Avenue East via CTC train. At the University Avenue, I picked a copy of The Globe and Mail. Winnipeg writer Patrick White provided advice for visitors, the newcomers who often underestimate the full brunt of a Prairie winter and suffering the bruising, frost-bitten consequences:

1. Long underwear has sex appeal. It also shows intelligence. Be informed enough to have long chats about the merits of various weights and materials.

2. Memorize this: 35.74 + 0.6215T - 35.75V(**0.16) + 0.4275TV(**0. 16). It’s the formula for wind-chill calculations. Or, for those who don’t have advanced math degrees, just book-mark the Environment Canada website.

3. Plug in your car at night. No, you don’t have to have an electric car. Block-heaters keep parts of the engine warm overnight so that you don’t have to beg a neighbor for booster cables in the morning.

4.If you want to lose your toes, wear shoes. Otherwise, invest in some real cold-weather boots. Most retailers sell massive moon-boots that are good to no degrees. Those should do.

5. Fleece doesn’t cut a 40-below wind. Buy a down parka with an insulated hood. Nobody minds if you look like the Michelin Man.

6. Always carry a book. Inclement weather can sneak up at anytime. To ward off cabin fever, wait the storm out with a good, long read. War and Peace should do. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro
Bernardo Carpio
May isaeang ka higante nga mabuhay eon nga guina handum sa sangka lugar. Handum gid nandang patyon ko mga tawo tongod imaw eon lang ro nakaubos ko andang kahayupan. May kapintas pa rayang higante ay kon owa sanda it ipakaon kana hay guina wasak nana ro baeay ag mga pagkabutang ko mga tawo. Agod mamatay, gin samitan nanda nga pakan-on it hilo o hueogan it bomba. Owa guid nanda mapatay tongod ro ana kara nga pag ginhawa hay una sa isaeang ka bukid nga bato nga naga kipo-kipo kon imaw mag ginhawa. Kon hin-uno ag kon sin-o kana ro makapatay hay guina pa sa Diyos eon lang nanda.

Ko isaeang agahon, may isaeang ka magueang nga nagpangayo it pagkaon sa isaeang ka bakero. Si Bernardo Carpio hay manog bantay it mga hayop. Guina suhuean ra imaw para magbantay it mga hayupan. Hasubeang nana ro magueang nga nangayo kana it pagkaon. Guin tao nana ro anang baeon pati ro tubi. Nagkaon dayon ro magueang. Pagkatapos it kaon, guin taw-an nana si Bernardo it bato nga itom. Suno sa magueang, raya kuno ro ga tao kana it pwersa agod punggan ro pagkipo-kipo it daywang ka bato, ag makita ra sa itom nga bukid. Si Bernardo Carpio ro taga salar sa mga tawo kontra sa higante.

Guinbaton ni Bernardo ro bato ag guin aywan sa magueang ro anang mga hayopan nga guina alilaan. Pag-abot nana sa itom nga bato, hakita ni Bernardo sa idaeum ro naga buka-buka nga bato. Nanaog imaw paagi sa baeagon ag dayon guin om-om ro bato. Sumueod imaw sa naga buka-buka nga bato ag guin punggan ro pagkipo ko bato miyentras may anang kusug samtang ro higante hay parang naga kaupos nga kandila nga indi kaginhawa. Ka’t mabatyagan ni Bernardo nga owa eon it pwersa ro higante, nag-adto imaw sa baeay it higante ag idto hakita nana nga naga tingha eon lang ro higante.

Guin pangayo nana ro kakapid nga bato. Indi kunta igta-o it higante ogaling hay owa eon imaw it mahimo. "Agod mabuhi ka, sundon mo rang sugo", hambae ni Bernardo sa higante. Tapuson mo eon ro pag halit sa mga tawo. Nag promisa imaw nga indi eon imaw maghalit sa mga tawo kundi mabulig pa. Halin kato, si Bernardo Carpio eon ro amo ko higante ag guina tuman nana ro tanan nga sugo ni Bernardo Carpio. /MP

“We Will Succeed”*

(Fourth of a series)
* State of the Province Address of Aklan of Governor Carlito S. Marquez delivered during the 4th Regular Session held in Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan on January 29, 2009.

Other Agricultural Concerns

As our food security problems have been aggravated by the damage wrought by the typhoon, we have intensified meat or livestock production.
At our stock farm at Tina, Makato, the office of the provincial veterinarian continued to implement an artificial insemination program, a cattle-fattening project including pasture and forage production, a goat raising project, a swine-breeding, and a carabao dispersal program. It is expected that we start this year our meat production line to fill up the shortage of meat in the province for the benefit of our poor consumers.

Parallel to this department continued to implement an animal health program with disease recognition, surveillance, prevention, and treatment and control components.

This is why we have reinforced our animal quarantine and regulatory services program.

Rabies prevention and control, as in previous years, was also high-priority program in 2008.

Thank you Dr. Gervase Radislao, Proincial Veterinarian and staff!

Our Provincial Agrarian Reform office has effectively complemented our priority objective of alleviating poverty particularly in the agrarian sector.
Under its Rural Infrastructure Program, the PARO concreted/reha-bilitated 11 kilometers of farm-to-market roads costing P25 million.

The PARO was one national agency that had actively participated in the relief operations after typhoon Frank. Distributing relief goods and conducting medical and dental missions in coordination with civic organizations.

Thank you PARO, Atty. Daniel Martelino of DAR and staff!

Irrigation being a life-or-death component of agriculture particularly rice producers, we are happy that the national irrigation administration, thru its provincial irrigation, has completed various national irrigation system repair and rehabilitation projects totaling P12,349,524 and also similar projects for communal irrigation systems with a total funding of P2.4 million.

Our farmers can look forward to better irrigation facilities in 2009 with the implementation by the NIA of the Luzon Urban Raftway and Central Philippines rehabilitation and restoration of small irrigation projects under which Aklan has been allocated P40 million.

Thank you Engrs. Felix Francisco and Rizalo Concepcion of NIA and staff!

Our status as a prime cocal province in Region VI was recently endangered by coconut leaf beetle infestation (Brontispa) in Malay and Buruanga.

But the Philippine Coconut Authority im-plemented a containment program with the help of the provincial government.

Subjected to treatment and prevention were 28,948 trees.

Thank you, Mrs. Plevy Reyes Raco of PCA and staff!


Congratulations to our provincial engineer, Engr. Victory Fernandez for having been elected president of the Association of Provincial Engineers of the Philippines. We must have a very good provincial engineer!

From simple repairs, maintenance, and rehabi-litation, to major cons-tructions, our Provincial Engineer’s Office im-plemented infrastructure projects totaling P92.3 million in 2008 as against 2007’s only P78.1 million.
Located in our 17 municipalities these are road construction and concreting projects, water supply systems, installation of signages and guard rails, repair and rehabilitation work on provincial government building and hospitals, slope protection projects, drainage canals, road-widening, barangay electrification projects, senior citizen centers, construction of solar dryers, and other such projects.

Thank you Engr. Victory Fernandez, Provincial Engineer and all the staff! Job well done!

Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores has also effectively responded to the other infrastructures needs of the province thru the Aklan Engineering District of the Depart-ment of Public Works and Highways.

The national agency’s carry-over projects – roads, highways and bridges; flood control; school building; multi-purpose buildings; public markets; multi-purpose pavements; and water supply systems totaled more than P100 million for 2008 and for the same period similar projects worth P194 million have been either completed, on-going or yet to be implemented.

Thank you Congressman Joeben T. Miraflores, thank you Engr. Roberto Cabigas of DPWH and staff!

The Department of Transportation and Commu-nications through its civil aviation authority of the Philippines, the former Air Transportation Office, has continued implementing the Kalibo International Airport Development Project.

The 48 million terminal building is now 38.27 percent completed.

On the other hand, the project for the installation of the instrument landing system including runway edge and taxi edge lights with a funding of P54.175 million has the following completion percentage: site acquisition, 82 percent; site development, 86.8 percent; installation of ILS equipment, 96.67 percent; construction of equipment shelter, 100 percent; and installation of runway edge and taxi edge lights, 100 percent.

Kabay pang padayon si President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo sa pag-alocar it pundo sa padayon man nga improvement ag expansion ku Kalibo International Airport ag padayon man nga inabu ku regional flights sa padayon nga pagdugang it tourist arrivals.

Thank you Engr. Percy Malonesio, Airport Manager, Kalibo International Airport and staff!


Congratulations to the Aklan Provincial Health Board which was adjudged the most outstanding in Region VI in 2007 and is a nominee for the national award. This is testimony to this administration’s high prioritization of our health concerns.

Our program for the expansion and modernization of our provincial hospital, the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital, and the general improvement of our seven other hospitals have suffered delays and setbacks due to the problem of resources, migration of doctors, nurses, and other health personnel, and, again the damage wreaked by Typhoon Frank.

But as medical costs continue to rise making it more difficult for our poor to properly provide medical care for their sick it has become more urgent for us to determinedly pursue the dream of a modern hospital.

For 2008, our provincial health office, in coordination with our eight hospitals continued to implement programs to reduce infant mortality rate which has steadily gone down from 18.33 percent in 2005 to 8.38 percent in 2008.

Reversely, our present 92 percent cure rate for TB is higher than the national target which is 85 percent.

Continually declining is our malnutrition rate, from 15.75 percent in 2005 to only 9.66 percent in 2008.

Under our rabies control program, a Memorandum of Agreement with the privately-run animal bite center at the DRSTMH had provided Aklanons bite victims with two free injections of the required four, an immense help particularly to indigent patients.

The prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS, Dengue, Malaria, and other diseases and the promotion of family planning, dental health, maternal health care, and breastfeeding were also among the priority programs of our provincial health office.

We would like to thank here our barangay health workers and barangay nutrition scholars who have been involved in our health programs.

Guided by the vision of the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital, our provincial hospital, to be Aklan’s premier client-centered health care provider and the mission of providing sustainable quality and accessible health care service, its 398 strong officials and employees of the hospital with the hardworking 187 job order employees, continued to show improvement in the quality of health services.

As a second–level referral hospital, with an authorized 100–bed capacity while operating as a 186–bed capacity hospital, DRSTMH had admitted a total of 19,521 patients for CY 2008 posting a 27 percent increase from CY 2007 admissions of 15,335.

For the outpatient department, a total of 47,749 patients have been served.

Our laboratory depart-ment processed a total of 117,795 diagnostic proce-dures. It generated an income of P14,282,211.20. Truly the workhorse of the hospital, the department has started to utilize the e-HMIS inventory system for efficient inventory management.

Our radiology depart-ment for CY 2008 has undertaken 15,773 radiologic procedures and has earned an income of P5,273,845.

For the operating room/delivery room, we had delivered a total of 2,110 for CY 2008. More than 1,800 surgical operations were undertaken. For CY 2008, the OR/DR had posted in the e-HMIS an income of P11,612,956.54.
For continuing professional education of all hospital personnel, attendance in residency trainings, conventions, seminars and conferences was a management priority.

For CY 2008, accoun-ting records will show that we have posted a 34 percent in income from P73,981,004 in 2007 to P99,421,815 in 2008.

The boost in our income was substantially due to the improvement in the efficiency of the processing and filing of Philhealth claims arising from the outright deduction from the hospital bills of our patients. For this, we were assisted by the internal audit team in maximizing the features of the e-HMIS for the proper recording, filing, and monitoring of Phic claims and remittances. Thus, for CY 2008, we shared a total of P6,880,643.10 an increase of P2,256,129.16 or 49 percent increase from CY 2007’s collection for professional fees derived from Phic transactions.

As part of the hospital’s continuing efforts to improve the health care facilities of the hospital, several hospital equipment were purchased mainly to complement the require-ments of the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Thank you Drs. Emma Cortes and Victor Santamaria! Thanks also to the hospital chiefs of our eight hospitals, namely Dr. Paul Macahilas, Dr. Julius Gonzales, Dr. Mary Jean Gelito, Dr. Michelle Depakakibo, Dr. Roy Pareñas, Dr. Mary Grace Tumaca, Dr. Johnbard Maypa, and Dr. Edwin Ilarina!


Still in line with our health care services, we have continued the implemen-tation of the universal coverage program with Philhealth where Cong-ressman Florencio T. Miraflores and I have each allocated P5 million for a total of P10 million. Under this category, we have more than 26,000 beneficiaries while in the LGU-sponsored program with provincial counterpart, we have more than 29,000 beneficiaries.

Including individually paying members, government and private employees, non-paying members and OFW’s total Philhealth coverage in Aklan now is 102,392.

Thank you Mr. J’roel Del Rosario of Philhealth and staff!


We continue to look to tourism as one springboard to our economic development, bringing revenues to government and livelihood sources to our people.

The good news in our tourism industry is, that, despite the long-felt downturn in the world economy, worsened by the financial crisis, tourist arrivals in Boracay managed to squeak a 6 percent increase, from 596,748 in 2007 to 634,263 in 2008.

One indication of this uptrend is the unprecedented increase in flights in our two airports.

Caticlan, for the year 2008 had 24,658 flights against 2007’s only 10,473.
Kalibo Airport listed 4,642 flights in 2008 compared to 2,541 in 2007. This include regional flights (Incheon, Korea).

For 2008 our foreign tourism receipts registered P6.9 billion, while revenues from local tourists reached P5.8 billion or a total of P12.7 billion.
Aside from Boracay, we intend to promote our other tourist attractions aboun-ding in our 17 towns. This is why we initiated the catchword, "Explore Aklan…Tara Na!" We will re-create our jetty port facilities at Caticlan as a tourist center.

We have also initiated the regreening and beautification project. It is two-pronged. It is for the environment, in line with our program to plant, plant and plant and make Aklan forever green. It is also for tourism.

For this promotional undertaking, we have launched a contest to be participated in by the barangays and residents along the route. We have released funds for subsidies and for garden tools. Small investment for tourism and the environment.

Thank you, Ms. Roselle Quimpo Ruiz, Mrs. Concepcion "Inday" Labindao and staff of the provincial tourism office! (to be continued next issue) /MP

Chiz: Stop Cha-Cha, Focus On Economics Stop Dancing, Start Working

Sen. Chiz Escudero calls on his colleagues in Congress to give up attempts to amend the Constitution and attend to the more pressing problems of the country, in the face of the current global economic crisis.

"We should focus on the economic problems of the country. More and more Filipinos are losing their jobs. There will be no food on the table if we don’t address this now," Escudero said.

"More than the self-serving movement to change the Constitution, the problems facing every Filipino today is job security. The government has warned of more mass layoffs in the future, once the effects of the crisis are magnified this year," Escudero said.

"I believe this is the pressing issue of the day and members of Congress should unite and coordinate efforts to meet this challenge head on," he added.

Due to the global economic crisis, a number of factories like Intel Philippines, have closed shop, resulting in loss of jobs for thousands of workers. The Department of Labor and Employment has projected more job losses this year.

"Creating more jobs in the country and securing existing ones should be our main focus right now. Congress should work on passing legislation that will address the economic crisis," Escudero said.

He said amendments to the Constitution could wait, as any move to push for such will only be met with skepticism that it will be used to extend the terms of incumbent elective officials, particularly President Arroyo.

"The country does not need that right now. While thousands of Filipinos lose their jobs, Congress does nothing but engage in pointless activities such as Charter change. We should address the economic problems if we are to call ourselves representatives of the people," Escudero said. /MP

Villar’s OFW Helpline Repatriates Distressed OFWs

Waiter Awaits Sick Wife’s Homecoming
A waiter does not have to wait long for her sick wife to come home with the repatriation last week of his wife along with about 30 distressed overseas Filipino workers from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Roger Gemina, a waiter at the Manila Polo Club, had asked the help of Sen. Manny Villar to bring his ailing wife home, a domestic helper in Riyadh. He approached Villar during the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Ubix last week, where the former Senate president was the Guest of Honor.

"Kapag nagpupunta po rito si Senator, ako po ang laging naa-assign sa kanya. Alam ko po na tumutulong siya sa OFW kaya naglakas ako ng loob na hingan siya ng tulong para sa asawa ko na may sakit," Gemina said.
Gloria delos Santos, 41, is Gemina’s common-law wife. They live in a makeshift house in Marilao, Bulacan with their five children. Neneng, by which she is also called, arrived in Riyadh on January 14. She has worked as household service worker in Singapore and Japan.

Delos Santos recently incurred hernia after she was forced to lift pieces of heavy luggage to the third floor of her employer’s house.

Gemina said his wife also complained about sleeping in the laundry area and not being able to eat on time. Delos Santos later fled and sought refuge in the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh.

Through Villar’s intercession, a post-Valentine’s Day reunion is now possible between Gemina and delos Santos. Villar called up the OFW Helpline and directed her staff to help them.

"I asked my staff to make Neneng’s immediate repatriation a priority because of her worsening health condition. Fortunately, she is included in the tentative list of distressed OFWs set for repatriation last week," Villar said.

"Tuwang-tuwa po ako na makakauwi na ang asawa ko. Alalang-alala kami sa kalagayan niya doon," Gemina said.

About 30 undocu-mented OFWs who suffered maltreatment while working in Riyadh arrived in Manila last week via Qatar Airways Flight 646 through Villar’s OFW Helpline.

31 Distressed OFWs Back In Manila
Villar Laments Exclusion of Undocumented OFWs

Sen. Manny Villar personally welcomed the arrival in Manila of 31 distressed overseas Filipino workers from Riyadh as he stressed the urgent need to support undocumented workers in the face of the financial crisis.

"While we welcome government efforts to help overseas contract workers who lost their jobs because of the crisis, we should not forget that undocumented workers, the ones who are the usual victims of more serious maltreatment and abuse overseas will not be excused from the consequences of the economic crisis," Villar said.

Villar noted that P250-million Filipino Expatriate Livelihood Support Fund (FELSF) created as one of the safety nets for OFWs displaced by the current global economic crisis will only benefit the documented workers.

The former Senate president urged government to set up a fund similar to the FELSF where repatriated undocumented workers can avail of loans either to start up a business or to acquire new skills.

He added that the 31 maltreated OFWs whose plane fare and penalty fees were paid for by Villar’s OFW Helpline 09174226800 will be needing livelihood assistance when they go back to the provinces.

"We realize that bringing them home is not the only thing that they ask the government to do. They also seek support so they can start anew and provide for the family. Their situation was aggravated by the crisis and government should also be ready to help them," he said.

Villar Bill Seeks Insurance Coverage For OFWs
Sen. Manny Villar filed a bill seeking compulsory insurance program for all overseas contract workers. According to him, "The rising number of Filipino workers who were mal-treated and abused and the escalating number of OFWs who lost their jobs due to the economic problem are compelling reasons why there should be a system to protect them better."
Senate Bill 3040 otherwise known as the "Overseas Contract Workers Insurance Act," proposes that all overseas contract workers should be covered by a welfare insurance program in addition to benefits being provided by the Overseas Workers Welfare Admi-nistration (OWWA). They shall be entitled to the following benefits: If approved into law, it will provide OFWs the following:

a. Accidental Death Benefit of up to US$15,000;
b. Survivor’s Benefit, in case of natural death, of up to US$10,000;
c. Permanent Total Disablement of up to US$7,500;
d. Repatriation of Bodily Remains, including burial, of up to US$4,000;
e. Repatriation due to Emergency Evacuation and legitimate causes of up to US$1,000;
f. Subsistence Allo-wance of up to US$100 per month for six months totaling US$600; and
g. Legitimate Monetary Claims for Unpaid/Rightful and Just Wages of up to US$4,500
Villar noted that the number of OFWs has increased almost 25-folds over the past 20 years, with nearly 1.2 million registered deployments to over 190 countries in 2006 alone.

"Realizing that Filipino workers abroad are one of the hardest hit by the financial problem, this insurance program will facilitate the processing of legal claims of our OFWs", Villar said.

Under the proposal, all recruitment agencies will be required to pay a premium of US$3.00 per month to OWWA or any reputable and legally authorized private insurance company in the country for the insurance coverage of overseas contract workers.

Failure to pay the premium on time could be a ground for the suspension or revocation of the recruitment agency’s license. /MP

Chiz: Clips President’s Power Over ODA

Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero last week called for changes in the government procurement system, particularly the power of the president to exempt gov’t-to-gov’t contracts, including those under Official Development Assistance (ODA), from "any Philippine law".

"We need to remove the blanket authority given the President over foreign loans and credits with a lending institution," Escudero said during a hearing of the Senate committee on constitu-tional amendments, revision of codes and laws.

Any sitting president can exempt the procure-ment of certain infras-tructure projects, goods and services from the government procurement law "in deference to the contracting of loan or credit" from a foreign lending institution, Escudero pointed out.

During the hearing, the Department of National Defense (DND) admitted that they are not governed by any law in their procurement dealings acquired under a bilateral agreement.

"There are really no guidelines on what we should say yes to or no to. We just rely on market studies and make sure that our project undertakings are at par with the prevailing market conditions," DND Undersecretary Alberto Valenzuela said.

"It is time to plug this loophole so we can be assured that no president will ever use it for selfish ends," said Escudero. The current law allows this because it "mandates the observation of treaties or international or executive agreements affecting procurement," he explained.

Sen. Escudero has filed a bill last year to address three points in the current government procurement system.

"There must only be one procurement law for all projects, except for those that are acquired under a grant," Escudero pointed out. "A grant is given for free; we can relax a bit and allow foreign entities to lay down their own terms. But if it is a tied loan for which we are eventually going to pay with accrued interest, why must we not apply our own terms and conditions? We have the right to imprint our rules on these contracts," he added.

Under Senate Bill No. 1963, Escudero wants foreign-funded projects covered by the government procurement law.

He also wants to strengthen and to advance transparency in the procurement process by requiring the posting of decisions of the BAC (Bids and Awards Committee) on the criteria, ratings and calculations of bids for procurement.

Escudero said these changes will lessen the discretion of procuring agencies and prevent collusion or bid-rigging among competing contractors.

He also called for the participation of observers in the procurement process as an additional safeguard. "We can’t have more of the same ZTE-NBN and World Bank scandals. It should not be the norm in our way of doing things," Escudero said. /MP

Dr. Beato De la Cruz – Outstanding Educator, Imminent Writer and Man of Letters*

*Speech former Assemblyman Jose "Soñing" Tumbokon delivered at the book launching of a book written by Dr. Beato de la Cruz, Kalibo, Aklan, February 21, 2009
It is most gratifying that you have invited me as guest speaker on this auspicious day of your launching of a book authored by Dr. Beato de la Cruz. Dr. Beato de la Cruz has an indelible imprint of great impact to my life.

Where I succeeded most, I had early mentorship from him. In July 1983, I was at the United Nations Head-quarters in New York City, USA, where, as Philippine Minister of State for Public Information, I was Head Philippine Delegate to the UN Committee on Public Information. For my representations, I received letters of congratulations for excellent and exemplary performance from no less than General Carlos P. Romulo, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, and from UN Undersecretary – General for Public Information Nobushi Akashi for "your language of beauty and wisdom which will be a source of inspiration to the Youth of the World for many years to come."

Dr. Beato de la Cruz was my instructor in English and Literature from my second year high school until I graduated from my secondary course. Those were three solid years of focus in my studies which to me was a fruitful lifetime – a complete departure from my cavalier attitude in school. Dr. Beato had a kind of contaminating focus that engrossed me in literature such that at that early stage of my schooling, I used to peruse in the library volumes of the Harvard Classic edition on the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson. In short, Dr. Beato dela Cruz was my principal guiding light, a brilliant one, in my search for knowledge and facility in the use of the English language, oral or written.

And I am sure he was the most luminous light for Manang Susing, Guidon, and the rest of the expanded de la Cruz clan. Dr. Beato de la Cruz had his durable imprint not only on my person but upon the lives of a generation of Aklanons who underwent penitential tutelage from him in his English and Literature classes and also from his administration of the DepEd (MECS at the time) Aklan Division of Schools as its Division Schools Superintendent. Even with his high professional standing and intellectual superiority, he had an insatiable thirst for more knowledge. He continued schooling not only for a Master’s Degree in English and Literature but until he was conferred a Doctorate Degree in Education.

Today, as we launch his book, we are offering for readership, an endearing memento of his handiwork as a dis-tinguished man of letters, principally to a generation of Aklanons who learned good English from his teachings, and to one and all, who have consummate passion for the English Literature. His memo-rabilia deserves to be preserved for this and the next generation to appreciate and reflect on as it carry the essence of his struggles and successes, his character and integrity, and mirrors his intellectual supremacy.

Before the summit of his public career came, through his brother in law, Dr. Ciriaco Icamina, a close friend of mine (may he rest in peace), I had encouraged Dr. Beato de la Cruz to aspire for a higher position in the DepEd, (MECS at the time) where I can be of help, as he was highly qualified for say, the Presidency of a State University or an equivalent position of higher rank. Dr. Beato de la Criz opted to be closer to his family and to serve directly the people of Aklan, where his umbilical cord has been treasured in the bosom of the earth of his place of birth. He settled for the position of Division Superintendent of Schools for Aklan. For him, to serve the people of Aklan was his first and non-negotiable priority.

And so, today, as we celebrate the launching of his book, let is reflect on his sacrificial struggles and the many triumphs he achieved over the endless humps of hardships and adversities and on his successes in evolving a way of life, upgraded and decent, untainted and pristine, immersed in hardwork, honesty and integrity, and anchored upon a stable and well-provided foundation in education for the success of his family. Manang Susing, and the rest of the expanded de la Cruz clan can rest with pride and satisfaction from the many laurels, achievements and distinctions that Dr. Beato de la Cruz deservedly earned in his lifetime.

I can only express profound thanks and gratitude to a great mentor, an educator par excellence, who helped pave the way for the modest successes that I achieved in my prime of life. Dr. Beato de la Cruz, outstanding educator, imminent and prolific writer and highly respected man of letters, truly deserve all the honors, awards and distinctions that will come by until eternity!

Good day! /MP

Kalibo News


Personal Nga Ginbaton Ro Plaque of Appreciation
Personal nga ginbaton ni Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo ro isaeang ka "Plaque of Appreciation" ku Pebrero 16 sa Hyatt Hotel Manila halin sa National Broadcasting Network (NBN) kung siin sa programang "Lakbayin Ang Magandang Pilipinas" hay gin-feature ro banwang Kalibo.

Suno kay Rebaldo, kapin sa 1,500 nga mga LGU’s sa bilog nga Pilipinas ro maid-id nga gin istudyuhan ro mga programa ag proyekto it andang banwa, ro pagsinaeayu it mga pumoeoyo, ro kalinong ag katawhay, ag pag asenso it komyunidad nga nangin basehan nga napili-an ro banwa it Kalibo nga i-feature.

Seminar–Workshop It Civil Service Commission Ginpatigayon Ginpatigayon makaron nga Domingo ro tatlong adlaw nga seminar-workshop nga ginpartisipahan it mga human resource practitioners, administrative officers, human resource manage-ment practitioners ag mga empleyado nga in-charge sa personnel action it mga local nga gobyerno sa probinsya it Akean.

Gintalakay man sa nasambit nga hinun-anon ro mga problema ag solusyon sa mga appointments, mga preparasyon ag iba pa nga mga personnel action sa ika mayad it sangka opisina o taeatapan sa patag it pag empleyo sa gobyerno.

Ro mga partisipantes hay naghalin sa mga nagakasri-sari nga mga ahensya ag munisipyo sa bilog nga provbinsiya it Akean ag kaingod pa gid nga probinsiya.

Gulayan Sa Paaralan It Division of Aklan Nagda-og

Nagpatigayon it programa nga gulayan sa paaralan ro DepEd Aklan sa lima ka distrito: Tangalan, Lezo, Libacao, Madalag ag banwa it Buruanga.
Sanda ra hay gintaw-an it mga busoe halin sa Department of Agriculture Regional office nga ginta-o pinaagi sa Department of Education ku nagtaliwan nga Nobyembre anyo 2008.

Sa ginhiwat nga pa indis–indis, ro distrito it Lezo ro nag da-og kun siin imaw ra ro maga representar sa Division of Aklan sa regional level para sa gulayan sa paaralan.

Padumdum Sa Stakeholders Ag Operators It Tricycle

Gin umpishan eon ko Pebrero 23, 2009 ro pagdakop sa mga tricycle nga owa it body number. Rondaya ro ginpaabot it traffic section it Kalibo Police Station.

Ro mga madakpan nga mga tricycle hay maga multa sa idaeum it traffic code it Banwang Kalibo.

Ginpabutyag it hepe ku traffic section nga si SPO3 Benny Jones Mendoza nga mahaba-haba eon ro mga inadlaw nga gintao sa mga tricycle drivers ag operators nga naga operate sa banwang Kalibo para magbuoe it andang body number. Makaron gina-remind ro tanan nga owa pa it nasambitan nga body number nga mag-adto eon sa one-stop-shop sa business permits and licensing division it banwang Kalibo para maiwasan ro mga surcharges ag iba pang penalidad.

Dugang pa nga impormasyon, gin-paabot ku Business Permits Licensing Division nga may daywang ka kolor ro taripa eabi eon gid sa pag-eukat it matrix. Dati hay pink ro kolor it matrix ogaling, tongod naubusan it kapareho nga papel, green ro bag-o nga kolor it gina isyu nga matrix.

Supply It Bugas, Posibleng Maga Kueang

Posibleng magatuhaw ro problema sa supply it bugas sa probinsya it Akean kun indi eagi matatapan ro maka alarma nga masakit sa mga paeay. Kaabu-an kara hay makit-an nga may bunga ro paeay ogaling kun buk-on ro binato hay owa it sueod nga bugas. Raya ro rason ko pagtipon ku Pebrero 20 ko mga agricultural officers sa idaeum it agrikultura sa pag-usoy it solusyon sa problema.

Suno kay Sharon Luces, agricultural technologist sa idaeum it Municipal Agricultural Services Division it Kalibo, isaea sa mga nakit-an nga rason hay ro mga sahi it paeay nga susceptible sa nagpabaylo-baylong panyempo ag mga sakit sa paeay.

Suno man kay Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, maid-id ro pagtutok it banwang Kalibo sa patag it agrikultura tongod sa isyu it seguridad sa pagkaon bukon eang sa mga Kalibonhon kundi sa mga Akeanon bangod ro Kalibo hay sentro it komersyo.

Sa pakikipag angot man kay Emmanuel Soviet Russia Dela Cruz, SB member ag chairman sa committee on agriculture, may ginpatigayon nga meeting ro municipal agriculture and fisheries council ku nagtaliwan nga Pebrero 17 kun siin ro mga mangunguma hay ginpaabot sa mga agricultural technicians ro andang problema.

Ro mga agricultural technicians hay naga-patigayon it pag ebalwar ag pag analisar it mga datus kun siin ro nauna eon nga mga datus hay ginpasar sa opisina it Municipal Agricultural Services Division, dugang pa ni Dela Cruz. /MP


Republic of the Philippines
Regional Trial Court
Sixth Judicial Region
Branch 4
Kalibo, Aklan

In re: Petition for correction of name, date and place of birth and sex from female to male in the certificate of live birth of Nowelie R. Villanueva,

Nowelie R. Vilanueva a.k.a
Noelie Villanueva,

SPL. PROC. NO. 8312
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x


Noelie R. Villanueva, through counsel, filed a verified petition dated April 3, 2008 praying that, after due notice, publication and hearing, an order be issued correcting his name from "Nowelie" to Noelie", his date of birth from "June 17, 1975", to April 7, 1975 his sex from "female" to "male" and include "Barangay Arcangel Sur" in addition to Balete, Aklan in the place of birth of his Certificate of Live Birth, and directing the Municipal Civil Registrar of Balete, Aklan to annotate the proper corrections on birth record of said petitioner.

It appearing that the petition is sufficient in form and substance, the Court hereby sets its initial hearing for APRIL 14, 2009 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning and directs that a copy of this Order be published immediately at the expense of the petitioner in Madyaas Pen, a newspaper published, edited and generally circulated in the Province of Aklan once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks.

All persons having or claiming any interest under the entries corrections of which are sought may file their opposition thereto within fifteen (15) days from receipt of this Order or from the last date of publication.

Let copies of this Order together with copies of the petition be served upon the Solicitor General, the Provincial Prosecutor of Aklan, the respondent Municipal Civil Registrar of Belete, Aklan, the petitioner and his counsel.


Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines,
November 25, 2008.

Acting Presiding Judge


Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late PELAGIA DALIDA who died intestate which consist of one parcel of land located in Poblacion, Banga, Aklan is the subject of a "Deed of Adjudication" by her surviving spouse and sole heir. The deed was executed before Notary Public Diomedes T. Resurreccion, Kalibo, Aklan on October 18, 2008 as per Doc. No. 619; Page No. 41; Book No. 88; Series of 2008.
Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late Simon gumban who died intestate which consist of one parcel of land located in Brgy. Polocate, Banga, Aklan is the subject of a "Deed of Adjudication With Sale" by his surviving heir. The deed was executed before Notary Public Diomedes T. Resurreccion, Kalibo, Aklan on February 13, 2009 as per Doc. No. 101; Page No. 3; Book No. 89; Series of 2009.

Notice is hereby given that a parcel of land described herein is the subject of a "Deed of Absolute Sale", "...Cad. Lot No. 8702-pt of the Cadastral survey of Banga, Aklan, containing an area of THREE HUNDRED THREE NINETY THREE (3,393) SQUARE METERS...Bounded on the North 8661; on the South Barangay Road; on the East Lot. No. 8661; and on the West Lot No. the name of Estelita Rocio under Tax Declaration No. 05-021-0140, Series of 2006, with an assessed value of P11,830.00..." The deed was executed before Notary Public Diomedes T. Resurreccion, Kalibo, Aklan on February 13, 2009 as per Doc. No. 106; Page No. 4; Book No. 89; Series of 2009.

Notice is hereby given that a parcel of land described herein is the subject of a "Deed of Absolute Sale", "...Cad. Lot No. 8702-pt of the Cadastral survey of Banga, Aklan, containing an area of THREE HUNDRED THREE NINETY THREE (3,393) SQUARE METERS...Bounded on the North 8660; on the South Barangay Road; on the East Lots. Nos. 8661 & 8702; and on the West Lot No. the name of Felix Gumban under Tax Declaration No. 05-021-0139, Series of 2006, with an assessed value of P11,830.00..." The deed was executed before Notary Public Diomedes T. Resurreccion, Kalibo, Aklan on February 13, 2009 as per Doc. No. 107; Page No. 4; Book No. 89; Series of 2009.

Courtesy Call on CDO Mayor

PLDT-SMART Foundation Vice-President Roger Quevedo and SMART Public Affairs Group Head Mon Isberto recently paid a courtesy call on Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Constantino Jaraula. They discussed the PLDT Group’s assistance to flood victims in CDO. In coordination with the office of Mayor Constantino Jaraula, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), Smart Communications Inc. (SMART) and the PLDT-SMART Foundation conducted relief operations in the province. Close to 1,500 relief packs containing food and non-food items were distributed to affected families in Macabalan, Bonbon and Pagatpat. A Libreng Tawag facility was also set up at a covered basketball court in Barangay Macasandig in Cagayan de Oro City. /MP

Gulayan Sa Paaralan Alleviates Malnutrition State

by James Earl E. Ogatis

Photo above shows Ms. Pacita Hosenilla, District Supervisor of Belison, Antique explaining the benefits and implementation scheme of Gulayan sa Paaralan project to media.

"I am happy to tell that the implementation of Gulayan sa Paaralan at Belison Elementary School (BES) greatly helps in the alleviation of children’s nutritional status and malnutrition problem in our school" said Ms. Pacita Hosenilla, the Belison District Supervisor, Belison, Antique.

Ms. Hosenilla observed that there is increase in weight of the identified undernourish group of children who have availed of their feeding program from June to December 2008.

The vegetables harvested were incor-porated by the Human Ecology (HE) teacher-in-charged for feeding identified undernourished children of the school three times a week. Some surplus vegetables produced are being sold to teachers and parents at a minimum cost.

The BES devoted an area of 2,000 square meters for Gulayan sa Paaralan project which is planted of pinakbet vegetables like squash, pole sitao, ampalaya, okra, and eggplant. The seeds came from Department of Agriculture.

"We are lucky at BES because the local government unit of Belison, Antique provided us with additional fund for fencing the garden area and two gardeners who do watering, weeding and care of plants everyday," added Ms. Hosenilla.

The Gulayan sa Paaralan program is implemented by the Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the identified partici-pating schools by the Department of Education. It aims to mitigate hunger incidence in the province of Antique identified as priority in Western Visayas.

Other DA’s intervention in the implementation of GPP are the provision of vegetable seeds, organic fertilizers and technical trainings on the target beneficiaries. /MP

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Maintaining Vital Assets

The worst roads are found in the southern part of the Philippines where the poorest provinces are located.

Due to the ineffective or deferred maintenance, most of the roads in the southern Philippines are unpaved, muddy and unfit for transport. ‘Everyone who has traveled there, knows the situation,’ said Titon Mitra, head of Australia AID (AusAID) in Manila. ‘Poorly maintained roads quickly become non-roads in heavy rainfall,’ he added. Roads like those are also found in Aklan, even in the capital town of Kalibo.

People have little choice but to get about on foot, often taking hours to reach their destination. When rainy season comes, the roads are virtually impassable. Children can’t go to school and farmers lose income because they can’t transport their produce to market, if not difficult.

Most road maintenance tasks are a local government responsibility but provincial governments are under funded by as much as 2.9 billion pesos annually.

A shortage of funds explains why provincial engineering offices just carry out spot repairs. In Misamis Occidental province, for instance, only 40 kilometers out of a possible 316 kilometers are ‘maintained’ in any one year. This means that on the average, a road is given a quick fix up once every eight years, AusAID estimated.

Usually, deterioration, particularly of the core network, occurs because of poor planning and the low priority accorded to roads by government – a surprising but very common problem in developing countries, and certainly the case in the Philippines.

In Mindanao, Australia is supporting a new program that attempts to break the cycle of neglect and create a model that will led to a change of attitude to asset preservation. Can this be done in Panay particularly in Aklan?

At the second Philippines – Australia Ministerial Meeting held in October 2008, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith, announced that Australia will provide $100 million over five years to help rehabilitate and maintain more than 1,000 kilometers of roads in southern Philippines.
Poorly Maintained Roads Quickly Become Non-Roads
In Heavy Rainfall

By 2014, the new program will give around four million people not only a better road network, but the chance to engage in economic activity and to access essential services. The program will also factor in maintenance so the network can be sustained.

May proper fund handling be carefully done in order that funds intended for the project will be spent for the purpose.

Commentators worry how this will be achieved but an incentives program which encourages provincial governments to pursue reforms may be the answer. For example, the program will offer a matching grant – peso for peso up to a predetermined cap–to provinces that increase their own-sourced tax revenue generation.

This match-up method is already done in Aklan. But who will match Aklan’s money for road repair or construction?

Bad Roads Hamper Development

‘Encouraging own-revenue generation is needed to ensure the program’s long-term sustainability,’ said Mitra. ‘Provincial governments have to learn how to raise sufficient funds to cover not only their road maintenance obligations but also to deliver essential social services. We will help them through the aid program.’

Through the newly designed Philippines Pro-vincial Road Management Facility, Australia will assist the Government of the Philippines to manage and maintain a core network of provincial roads in Mindanao and the Visayas. AusAID will work with provincial governments to implement reforms to manage road maintenance services sustainability. Is bid rigging a part?

Under the Performance Incentives program which is a matching grant scheme, additional funds will go to each province’s development fund. Aside from physical road rehabilitation and maintenance works, these funds may be used for other needs, such as in health and education. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Knowing Cultural Heritage
Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo in a Municipal Executive Order No. 10, Series of 2009 Expanded and Constituted the Kalibo Council for Culture and the Arts Board (KCCAB), Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Cultural Oversight committee.

The EO No. 10 also mandated the KCCAB to perform several functions concerning the formulation, implementation and review of projects that will protect, preserve, and conserve local cultural and historical heritage. It is mandated to conduct, in coordination with the cross section of the population, cultural events in the form of competition, symposia, exhibits, fora and research.

The EO No. 10 also authorizes the committee to evaluate qualifications, achievements, works, sacrifices, and honor of some Aklanons especially Kalibonhons.

In the initial meetings held by the committees, several opinions, reactions were elicited from the members. After a sincere discussion, it was the consensus that:

1. While XIX Martyrs Day is celebrated every March 23 of each year, the lives and deeds of the Martyrs are unknown to the present generation of Aklanons; 2. Other local heroes like Victorino Mapa, Gil Mijares, Pastor Martelino, and Jesus Jismundo are as well unknown to the Aklanons; 3. While information materials about the local heroes are available, it is well kept, damaged by flood and being molded in the aparadors. 4. The present XIX Martyrs shrine is not carefully maintained, the horse and General Castillo sculpture is off-size; 5. The re-enactment of the XIX Martyrs’ death is not in accordance to what history tells.

In view of these observations, the commi-ttee members are now busy working in order to positively respond to those felt observations.

For one thing, the DepEd is believed the most appropriate office con-cerned in the preservation, protection and conservation of culture and the arts. Those matters are parts of its curriculum in all levels of instruction. DepEd officials, teachers, and instructors must lead in those culture and arts. But where are they?

I was informed the committee has sent letters of invitation to DepEd officials to a meeting but to responds.


It is distressing to learn that some social studies teachers had limited knowledge about our local heroes. It is quite disturbing to know a principal of a school ignorant of the first Filipino Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines who was an Aklanon. There are many school officials not informed why and for whom Pastrana Park is named.

With the limited knowledge and appre-ciation of our cultural heritage, how can schools inculcate among the youth the love of our community?

Regulation Review of LPG Sale

Sen. Manny Villar cited the need to put in place mechanisms and policies to ensure effective regulation in the sale and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to protect the Filipino consumers and end-users.

"This is not the first time that we encounter shortage in supply and fluctuations in prices of LPG. In many instances, the shortage and price hikes are not even market-driven but artificial. Thus, it is time we review the LPG market operations and implement policies to protect the consumers," said Villar.

Stricter rules, according to Villar, would put a stop to the abusive trade practices in the LPG market involving hoarders and illegal refillers. "A better regulated LPG market levels the playing field and allows small industry players to compete with big multinationals".

Over 90 percent of the LPG domestic market is controlled by handful of companies like Petron, Liquigaz, Shell, and Total. The small players are left with a small percentage of the market.

"If competition is healthy, market-dictated, and no monopoly, cartel, then there is no room for abusive and prohibitive pricing.Villar recommended the adoption of mechanisms to ensure the accuracy of the content of LPG tanks. He filed a bill to require LPG retailers to install weighing scale in their stores and prescribe a uniform standard design for the outlet and regulator of LPG tanks.

"With a uniform design for the outlet or regulator of the LPG tanks, the consumers will have easy access to any brand of LPG tanks. /MP

Selection For Outstanding Aklanon Awards Starts

Gov. Carlito S. Marquez of Aklan has announced that nomination for 2009 Outstanding Aklanon Awards Committee is now accepting nominations. According to Engr. Roger M. Esto, Chairman, Awards Committee, awards will be given to the 12 categories as follows:

1. Education,
2. Government/Public Service,
3. Culture and Arts,
4. Science/Invention/Technology,
5. Sports,
6. Agriculture/Fishery,
7. Journalism (Tri-media),
8. ICT (Information and Communications Technology,
10. Military/Police,
11. Business/Industry/Profession, and
12. Foreign Service.
Those qualified for nomination are:
1. Born with either Aklanon parents or has lived and served Aklan for at least 25 years;
2. Impact of the achieve-ments had benefited the greatest number of people or for a long period of time;
3. Consistent demonstra-tion of exemplary conduct, morality, and ethical behavior;
4. Potential awardee’s must recognize and acknowledge himself/herself as Aklanon;
5. Nominees must submit Bio-data, pictures and other supporting documents; and
6. Must personally attend the Awarding Ceremonies to receive the award.
Deadline for sub-mission of completed Nomination Form is on or before March 20, 2009.
The nomination form is available in the Provincial Planning and Develop-ment Office, Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan.
For additional infor-mation, please contact Engr. Roger M. Esto, or Engr. Lorna T. Cawaling, of the PPDO, Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan, at tel. no. (036) 268-5442 and 262-1555.

The evaluation of nominees will be held on March 24, 2009; the names of successful nominees will be announced two weeks hence or not later than April 10. The awards will be given during the Aklan Day celebration on April 25. /MP

Valentine In The Capitol

"Aklan: I Can’t Stop Loving You", is the theme of "Valentine’s Concert at the Park" held at ABL Sports Center, Estancia, Kalibo on Valentine’s Day, in the evening of February 14. It was scheduled to be held in Goding Ramos Park, but due to intermittent shower, it was transferred to ABL Sports Center, Kalibo.

Aklan: I Can’t Stop Loving You! Was a free valentine show of songs and dances the Provincial Government of Aklan presented. It was a presentation of dances from Wadeford School, Garcia College of Technology, Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Soroptimist International, Aklan College Batch 73, Aklan Provincial Accounting and Engineering Offices, Catholic Women’s League, Aklan College/Aklan Catholic College Alumni for all Seasons and members of the Aklan media who sang the finale: "Ikaw; Minamahal; and I Can’t Stop Loving You."

Due to the pressure of work of the members of the Aklan media, some were not able to make it. Led by their legal consultants Atty. Kel Tolentino and Atty. Diego Luces, Ramil Irodestan – CBIS; Venus Villanueva – PIA; Lynette R. Mendoza–RGMA-DYRU; Chita Dela Cruz Heap–Aklan Reporter; and Ambrosio R. Villorente - Madyaas Pen joined the Finale Chorale Singing. Roben Laserna – CBIS who joined the practices got sick and was unable to participate.

The presentation was highly the show of love and respect to our "beloved Aklan" province. Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo gave her welcome message of love to the visitors who nearly filled up the ABL Sports center.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez in his message was so poetic. He exhibited in his message his genuine concern to effect rapid development of Aklan and liberate the Aklanons from the bondage of poverty.

Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores, likewise spoke of his program to hasten Aklan’s economic development.

Ms. Lyneth R. Mendoza of RGMA-DYRU served as lady dean of ceremonies, Ms. Josephine T. Villegas led in the singing of the Philippines National Anthem, and the New Jerusalem Chorale and Squirettes of Mary Immaculate gave the Doxology. /MP

Operation Taghoy 2009

by Megs S. Lunn

The Uplift Interna-tionale from Denver, Colorado, USA and Rotary Club of Kalibo in partnership with the Provincial Government Office through Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores, the Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo, Aklan Medical Society, Aklan Dental Association and other Allied Medical Services, in cooperation with our Tri-media partners: Madyaas Pen, RGMA-DYRU and Kalibo Cable Television, will conduct an International Medical Mission for children with facial deformities in the Philippines.

The Operation Taghoy Medical Mission 2009 will perform facial surgery for the children with cleft lip and palate from 1 year-old and above. The medical mission will be held on Feb. 14-20, 2009 at the West Visayas Medical Center, Mandurriao, Iloilo City; and Feb. 21-27, 2009 at the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital, Kalibo, Aklan.

Dr. Jaime Yrastorza, president of Uplift Internationale said, "We would like to offer the medical organization in the Philippines a noble partnership to promote the participation of local healthcare professional peers in patient care activities and encourage opportunities for the exchange of knowledge through this medical mission." Yrastorza is past president of Rotary Club of Whiteridge, Denver, Colorado, USA.

The word "taghoy" is a Cebuano term which means "to whistle". "We would like to give every child an opportunity to whistle after the operation and we mend one child at a time," Dr. Yrastorza added. Taghoy is also an Aklanon word for whistle.
Last September 2008, Gov. Marquez welcomed the team’s emissary visit to Kalibo composed of Dr. Dick Bryan – VP Operation Officer, Mr. Jonathan Savelle – Quarters Masters. The officers of the Rotary Club of Kalibo headed by Pres. Megs S. Lunn also welcomed them. The team also had a courtesy call to Dr. Paul Macahilas – the chief of DRSTMH, Kalibo, Aklan, to the Aklan Medical Society – Pres. Felma Dela Cruz and her members and finally to the La Esperanza Hotel – Mrs. Jemena Trinidad where the medical team 2009 will be billeted. Cong. Florencio T.Miraflores likewise gave his support to the team, together with Gov. Marquez, who are both honorary members of the Rotary Club of Kalibo. Likewise, Sen. Ed Angara and RC Forbes Park Makati helped in the facilitation of the mission’s documents in Manila.

The Operation Taghoy Medical Mission 2009 will give a free surgical operation only for the cleft lip and palate for children age 1 year and order, free laboratory test/screening and medicines. The team is composed of pro-fessional doctors from Denver, Colorado, nurses from the neighboring states in the US, England, outreach volunteers from Colorado, Pennsylvania and the Philippines. Dr. Oscar Hilario (ENT) and Ms. Megs Lunn are both official and only Filipino team members of Uplift Internationale for the mission 2009. /MP

Muhammad Ali Wins President’s Award For ‘Advancement of Colored People’

NEW YORK — He is simply the greatest. Twenty eight years after his farewell bout in the square jungle, Muhammad Ali continues to inspire his fans both in and outside the world of prizefighting.

The National Asso-ciation for the Advance-ment of Colored People (NAACP) has adjudged him this year’s winner of the President’s Award. He received the honor in Los Angeles, California during the NAACP Image Award on Feb. 12.

In giving him the award, the civil-rights group recognized Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, for his "special achievement and distinguished public service."

The group said Ali’s accomplishments in the boxing ring are matched by his record of social activism and humanitarian efforts as announced on February 5.

Halle Berry and screenwriter- actor Tyler Perry hosted the 40th annual awards show, which was aired on Fox TV. The ceremony falls on the 100th anniversary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and kicks off the group’s yearlong centennial celebration.

Ali had 56 wins with 37 knockouts against five losses in a professional career that was interrupted by the stripping of his boxing license by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) and his world heavyweight title after he refused to serve the United States Army during the Vietnam War.

In defending his decision not to be inducted into the U.S. Army, Ali publicly considered himself as "conscientious objector" and stated that "War is against the teachings of the Holy Qu’ran. I’m not trying to dodge the draft. We are not supposed to take part in Christian wars or wars of any unbelievers."

The heavyweight celebrity also famously said in 1966: "I ain’t got no quarrel with them Viet Cong ... They never called me nigger."

Appearing for his scheduled induction into the U.S. Armed Forces on April 28, 1967 in Houston, he refused three times to step forward at the call of his name. An officer warned him he was committing a felony punishable by five years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

Once more, Ali refused to budge when his name was called. As a result, on that same day, the NYSAC suspended his boxing license and stripped him of his title. Other boxing commissions followed suit.

At the trial two months later, the jury, after only 21 minutes of deliberation, found Ali guilty. After a court of appeals upheld the conviction, the case went to the U.S. Supreme Court. During this time, people turned against the war, and support for Ali grew. Ali financially supported himself by visiting many college universities to give speeches across the country. On June 28, 1971, the Supreme Court reversed his conviction for refusing induction by unanimous decision. /MP