Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mobile Spindle Abaca Stripping Machine

A Mobile Spindle Stripping Machine is an agricultural machine that is being used in the extraction of fiber from abaca leafsheath through the pressing and pulling action of the two blades and a taper roller spindle, respectively. With an improved blade and roller, the usual manual stripping operation will become unnecessary because the ends of the abaca leafsheath shall be wrapped around the machine-assisted roller spindle, pulling out easily the fiber strip thus, creating less effort on the part of the operator. This gadget will just as well respond to the problems of abaca strippers in Aklan especially in Libacao.
Justification Proitability Indicators
The mobile spindle commercial production will address the cost of manufacturing by simplifying the equipment’s design through the reduction of the material usage and fabrication costs. Parts/components that were originally designed and fabricated will be replaced with commercially and readily available parts like brake disc, pulleys, and others.
The use of the mobile spindle machine will reduce the amount of time required to finish the abaca stripping operation resulting to lesser expenses, improved production process and high fiber recovery compared with the traditional and outmoded abaca extraction process.
This gadget is the product of Metals Industry Research and Development Center (MIRDC), a research and development institute, according to Dir. Denis F. Villorente, Advance Science Technology Institute, DOST.
MIRDC is mandated under Republic Act No. 4724 dated June 18, 1966, to develop and expand the metals industry of the Philippines. The Center was primarily tasked to work for close rapport between the government and the industry in order to foster the advancement of metals engineering, and allied industries in the country. /MP

Pass Boracay Land Titling Bill, Miraflores Urges Congress

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Aklan’s Lone District Rep. Florencio Miraflores urged the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources chaired by Negros Occidental Rep. Ignacio "Iggy" Arroyo to fastrack the enactment into law the titling of lands in Boracay Island.
Miraflores stressed, the bill when approved into law will resolve the ownership of lands among the stakeholders and residents in the island.
"The controversy arose when the Presidential Proclamation declaring certain parcels of land alienable and disposable was issued. It was questioned by stakeholders of Boracay because of the mode of titling of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) officials through the administrative titling or public auction," he said.
Cong. Iggy Arroyo assumed one of the committee posts in the House of Representatives with Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel "Mikey" Arroyo in the Committee of Energy recently.
Presidential Proclamation No. 1064 issued on May 22, 2006, classifies some portions of Boracay Island as alienable and disposable lands.
Under the Public Land Act, portions of the land in Boracay that were declared as alienable and disposable can be titled and the present occupants can confirm their imperfect titles, 30 years of continuous possession from May 22, 2006 when the Presidential Proclamation 1064 took effect. "Last year, Cong. Miraflores defended the move of stakeholders using judicial titling which is the point of contention that should be done in the titling of lands. The House Bill is a special law which considers the vested rights of landowners," Miraflores said.
"The point of reckoning should be the continuous ownership prior to the Presidential Proclamation as alienable and disposable and the titling could be done through free patent or through the court for judicial titling," the solon said.
"The bill also recognizes the 25-meter easement from the foreshore area," he added. /MP

Friday, August 24, 2007

EDITORIAL - August 25, 2007 Issue

Playing Doctor: Tonet Viray,
Aklan Healthcare System & Political Nepotism

By Ben Hur P. Mobo, Jr. MD, MPHAssistant Professor of MedicineYale University School of Medicine And Director, Occupational Health ServiceVA Connecticut Healthcare System

The recent news about Tonet Viray hit me with both strong sadness and utter disgust: sadness for Tonet, the person and for the Aklan healthcare system; and disgust for political nepotism at its worst.
Tonet is not a stranger to me. When I learned that he had completed his medical degree and had stayed in Aklan to practice medicine, I felt glad for him. In a way, this was my reaction to the exodus of medical practitioners to the United States and other countries to pursue higher education and hopefully better prospects in life.
I, too, left in 1995 to pursue residency in Internal Medicine, fellowship in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Master in Public Health. After finishing in (year) 2000, I was asked to stay on as a faculty member. But even as I moved up the academic ladder at Yale and the administrative track at the VA Connecticut Health-care System, I always kept an eye on Aklan’s healthcare system.
Thus, the news about Tonet is of interest to me—both as a practitioner of medicine and from a pubic health perspective. In general, I have the full admiration for doctors who wittingly or by force of circumstance practice medicine in the Philippines, Aklan in particular. What I cannot fathom, though, is the fact that Tonet had passed himself of as a fully licensed physician. There is no shame in admitting flunking the medical board exam. I know how difficult my board exam was. And so there should be no shame in taking it again and again if need be.
But to practice without medical license is "criminal", at least here in the United States. This is especially true in the age of advocacy for patient safety, patient privacy, and patient autonomy. To practice without valid medical license is to break the very tenet of medicine to "first do not harm". In the United States, someone who passes himself off as a duly licensed doctor is committing fraud (byimpersonating a doctor). Any person examined by someone impersonating as a doctor, in effect, did not give consent to be touched.
The whole patient-doctor relationship does not hold. Thus, with each examination, the impostor commits battery. Any and all pelvic and breast examinations, deliveries, and circumcisions can be argued as sexual assaults. All surgeries can be made out as mutilations or attempted manslaughter. And any death can be made out as homicide or manslaughter. The point is: the hospital or in this case the Aklan government might have exposed itself to multitudes of criminal and civil suits by employing an unqualified individual. On top of that, if the hospital submitted medical claims and received reimbursements for alleged services rendered by an impostor, those too can be fraudulent.
For a graduate of medical school to not re-take the medical board is a sign of either laziness or of tempting fate. I know of friends who struggled many times over just to pass the board exams. To do so is to have the self-satisfaction of calling themselves doctors and to be able to further their medical education. For someone to pass of himself as duly licensed and have the gall of applying for public office is to tempt fate.
Or he is completely relying on the utter incompetence of the creden-tialing process that wittingly or unwittingly ignores his lack of proper credentials. The Tonet I knew was a humble and self-deprecating young man. This could be a lapse of judgment.
Is Tonet the only one party to this case? Tonet was government-appointed personnel three times over. Is Aklan really in such dire shortage of real doctors as to appoint someone without license thrice? Beneath it all, could Tonet truly have passed himself off as duly licensed physician and got himself two promotions solely on his own merits and actions? Tonet’s appointments and rapid rise in the Aklan public healthcare chain must have ruffled some well-earned feathers and stepped on some well-polished toes.
Given Tonet’s very close proximity to the appointing powers, one can only speculate the significance of the issue of when politicians play favoritism or nepotism. To me, Tonet is a case of political nepotism gone awfully wrong.
In closing, just last week the Veterans Affairs secretary tendered his resignation in large partbecause of perception of inadequate health care provided to veterans and the highly publicized molds issue at the Walter Reed Medical Center. Such is the serious ramification of chain of responsibility. I submit Tonet’s case is far worse in many levels.
I call for the Aklan Medical Society to police their ranks, and for the Philippine Regulatory Commission to uphold the professional standards. I think it is also ripe time for a comprehensive investigation to look into any anomalies involved in appointments to public health offices and to rectify the mistakes made, including civil and criminal charges where appropriate. To paraphrase, a public health office is a public health trust. Let the best prevail. If not, at least let us appoint a qualified individual, not an impostor, to play doctor to the people of Aklan. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Two Extremes In SP Aklan
There were two extreme things which took place in the regular session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan on Thursday, August 16, 2007. One thing is the proposed resolution to declare August 31 as Jaime Cardinal L. Sin Day, be a non working public holiday and every year thereafter.
Actually, there were two resolutions that will recognize the late Aklanon cardinal of his greatness and his outstanding role in the fields of religion and in Philippines politics. Hon. Plaridel Morania’s resolution if approved will request the President of the Republic of the Philippines to declare August 31, 2007 as Jaime Cardinal Sin Day and further declare August 31, 2007 as a non working public holiday in Aklan and every year thereafter.
Hon. Rodson Mayor has also a similar resolution to approve an ordinance declaring August 31, 2007 and every year thereafter as Jaime Cardinal Sin Day and a non working public holiday in Aklan. This is an extreme recognition of the goodness of the man, the late Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, a native of New Washington, Aklan.
Another opposite extreme is a resolution that declares the unacceptability of a certain man. Hon. Rodson Mayor has prepared a resolution declaring Mr. Wilfredo Ortiz "persona non grata", acting general manager of Aklan Electric Cooperative alias AKELCO". The proposed resolution is triggered by the inability of Mr. Ortiz to grace the SP Aklan sessions inspite of several invitations sent for him to attend the SP Regular Sessions in Kalibo.
Persona non grata, according to the dictionary means "a person who is not acceptable or welcome". In diplomacy, he is a foreign diplomat unacceptable to the government to which he is sent." Once the receiving government declared a diplomat like ambassador and consul is declared persona non grata, the sending government has no other recourse but to recall that ambassador or consul to maintain a mutual cordial diplomatic relation between the two governments.
Will the National Electrification Administration (NEA) recall Mr. Wilfredo Ortiz as OIC general manager from AKELCO if and when or after the SP Aklan approved the proposed resolution sponsored by Hon. Mayor declaring Mr. Wilfredo Ortiz Persona non grata?
Public Hearing In Boracay
Akelco has announced the holding of public hearing on electricity matter to be held in Boracay Island resort on Friday, August 17, 2007. Public Hearing for what? Akelco has filed a petition with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) which approval demands public hearing.
Of course Boracay is in Aklan, but public hearing is to inform the public of matters affecting them. In this case, the public hearing must be specifically for Aklanons and must be held in Kalibo, the capital town. But Akelco and ERC may have mutually agreed to hold the public hearing in Boracay maybe because of the presence of tourists such as the Koreans, the Europeans, and the Chinese. Why not hold the public hearing in Kalibo? Aklan’s capital town? This will hasten the spread of information that really affects the lives of the Aklanons, otherwise that public hearing is for mere compliance to the requirements, least of a cover-up.
In the first place, Akelco has applied something which its consumer members do not know. This matter which is the subject of public hearing should have, in the first place, undergone consultation with the consumer members before bringing it to the ERC. With these things occurring in Akelco, it is safe to conclude that the present members of the Akelco Board of Directors are more loyal to the NEA than to the consumer – members. NEA is treating Akelco as if it owns it and not Aklanon owned. This is understandable because the present composition of the Akelco Board is either NEA appointed members or those whose terms of office has lapsed.
GSIS e-Card Plus
The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) has gone to a full blast advertisement in the national tri-media. GSIS is doing it in view of the strong nationwide protest in the use of e-Card in the style of paying GSIS pensioners their monthly pensions.
The Union Bank e-Card Plus is not a saleable product because of 1. limited branches of Unon Bank to service the clients, 2. for every transaction, there is automatic charge; 3. studies show 80 percent of GSIS members including pensioners are not accessible to ATM; 4. most GSIS pensioners are handicapped to travel even to the nearest ATM; 5. It entails additional expenses for the pensioners to go to ATM to withdraw their money; and 6. accounting of the pensioner’s meager amount of pension is quite impossible.
Mr. Winston Garcia, the GSIS manager is wasting huge amount of public money in advertisement to convince GSIS members to use Union Bank e-Card Plus. He should stop those advertisement. GSIS pensioners will just continue the protest against the use of e-Card Plus of Union Bank. He should restart paying pensioners by checks.
EF To Singapore
EF has given himself a break. On August 20 – 24, 2007, he will be in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for a pleasure combined with business trip. I will be happy to share with you my experience in those two countries through this column. My loving wife, Dr. Florencia F. Villorente will again join me in this five days travel. /MP

Abaca Draws Dr. Emil Javier To Libacao

Dr. Emil Javier, President - Philippine Academy of Science visited Libacao, Aklan to see the status of abaca production in that municipality. He is shown (left) with Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa during the exit interview held in the Provincial Guest House on Monday morning, August 13.

Dr. Emil Javier, President - Philippine Academy of Science visited Libacao, Aklan to see the status of abaca production in Libacao, Aklan. He is shown (left) with Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa during the exit interview held in the Provincial Guest House on Monday morning, August 13. Dr. Javier is very much enthusiastic about the very good prospect of abaca production in the Philippines, parti-cularly in Aklan.
According to him, there is the Maganhup tree which serves as shade and fertilizer for abaca. Maganhup tree is a legumenous tree with soft woody stem that maybe indigenous to Aklan as there is no scientific study about it. Moreover, he also found the bamboos growing luxuriantly not only in Libacao, but all over Aklan. This bamboo plants are good materials for furniture, for export and mate-rial for houses.
He found Aklan abaca that are yet free of any virus disease such as Bunchy Top and mossaic. He recommends strict quarentine practices to prevent the entry of any musa diseases in Aklan. According to Javier, the demand for abaca is icreasing at the rate of 3 to 4 percent annually and its price has doubled for the last three years.
Dr. Javier is commissioned to prepare the 2020 agricultural development plan of the Philippines and one of the high value crops included in that plan is abaca. While Aklan is suited for abaca with soil and climates favorable, Javier sugges-ted however, to develop man labor, fertilizer and equipment studies like stripping machines to increase fiber yeild.
Dr. Javier was the former UP System President and Chancelor of UP Los Baños. /MP

PNRC Aklan Celebrates IHL Month

Text and Photos By Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Philippines National Red Cross (PNRC) Aklan Chapter celebrated the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Month. It was held in the PNRC Aklan Chapter Compound, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan in the afternoon of Saturday, August 11. The theme for this year’s celebration is "Together For Humanity, Together For Peace".
Among the highlights of the celebration are the inspirational message of former Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Chairman – PNRC Aklan Chapter; the message of Governor Carlito S. Marquez who was represented by Atty. Diego M. Luces; reading of the seven (7) Red Cross Fundamental Principles; and posting of Green Emblem to all ambulances/vehicles of Aklan.
The seven (7) Red Cross Principles was read by Ms. Jo Galeon which are Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. Mr. Ernesto Melgarejo, secretary, PNRC Aklan Chapter discussed the proper use of the Red Cross Emblem as mandated by RA 95; P.D. 1643, and E.O. 134.

IHL was signed on August 12, 1949 about 58 years ago during the four Geneva Conventions in Geneva, Switzerland. But in many conflict areas around the world, adherence to those conventions is far from its provisions. Non-combatant are still used as pawns in armed conflict, children are conscripted into guerilla armies. Cruelties are unlimited in the treatment of prisoners and even of the casualties of war. Remember the 14 Philippines Marines, 10 of whom lost their private parts as they lay dead?
Article 3 Common to the Geneva Conventions prohibits the following acts:
1. Violence of life and person such as murder, mutilation treatment and torture;

2. Taking of hostage;
3. Outrages upon personal dignity by humiliating and degrading treatment; and
4. Passing of sentences and carrying out executions without a regular constituted court.
Ms. Arcely Pelayo, Chapter administrator explained the use of Red Cross Logo and the Red Crescent as used in the Muslim countries.
The celebration was participated by Red Cross volunteers, representatives from the military and Philippines National Police, and the Board of Directors led by Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino with Mr. Ernesto Melgarejo, Hon. Plaridel Morania, Dr. Emmett Custodio and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente – members. /MP

Miraflores Pushes Madalag Hydropower Project

By Boy Ryan Zabal
Aklan Rep. Florencio Miraflores is optimistic that the House Bill establishing Timbaban hydropower development project within the Aklan River Watershed Forest Reserve in the town of Madalag will be enacted into law.
"The Timbaban hydropower plant will benefit local communities of Madalag through livelihood and electrification projects," Miraflores stressed.
In the 13th Congress, House Bill No. 5130 was approved by the Committee on Natural Resources, however, the Senate failed to enact the proposal due to lack of time.
Miraflores said, the new House Bill No. 884 was referred to the Committee on Energy of the 14th Congress, chaired by Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo.
If enacted into law, the Timbaban area in Brgy. Maria Cristina, Madalag, Aklan is exempted from the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS).
With Western Japan Energy Consultants, Inc. (Wesjec) tapped to develop its hydroelectric services, the Timbaban hydroelectric has a potential of 29MW.
The state-owned National Power Corporation (Napocor) in Iloilo and the independent power producer Mirant Global that has two diesel-fired power plants in Aklan provide electricity to Aklan Electric Cooperative (Akelco), the sole power distributor in Aklan and the northern towns of Antique.Aside from Madalag, the town of Libacao is also developing a $420 million hydropower project with the California Energy International (Cal En).
"The investments in power generation are crucial in Aklan and the entire Panay Island because of the increase in demand for electricity, including the island of Boracay," Miraflores added.
The government has urged the power generation investors for energy infrastructure projects to solve power crisis and to enhance its benefits in the local communities. /MP

Aklan Provincial Government AKPPO’s RPM & NFP Program To The Grassroots Level

LGU–Aklan, in its continuing service for the upliftment of the quality of life of Aklanon families and communities, under the leadership of Governor Carlito S. Marquez, signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Regional Population Office 6 for the implementation of the Responsible Parenting Movement (RPM) and Natural Family Planning (NFP). This project is spearheaded by the Aklan Provincial Population Office (AKPPO) headed by Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr., Provincial Population Officer.
The RPM & NFP program are in compliance with Malacañang’s directive to carry out an aggressive strategy to promote responsible parenting and natural family planning and to bring the said program to the barangay level.
For Aklan, barangay level classes will be conducted for 290 target couples in the seven (7) pilot municipalities of Altavas, New Washigton, Kalibo, Numancia, Malinao, Tangalan and Buruanga. To date, RPM & NFP classes are conducted in the municipalities of New Washington, Kalibo, Malinao, Tangalan and Buruanga, in partnership with the Local Government Units of the said municipalities. Other partner agencies are the Municipal Health Office, the Municipal Planning & Development Offices, the Municipal Interior & Local Government Office, the Municipal Civil Registrar’s Office, the Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office, as well as the Barangay Health Units in the target barangays. Non-Government Organizations like Arch. Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation, Inc. the academe such as Christ the King School and the DepEd, District of Tangalan, and also the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua in Buruanga, actively helped and participated in the actual conduct of RPM & NFP classes.
An RPM & NFP class is an 8-hour session for Married Couples of Reproductive Ages (MCRAs) on the following topics: Responsible Parenting; Fertility Awareness; and Natural Family Planning. The program aims to empower Filipino families through responsible parenting in order to make couples aware of their basic responsibilities as parents, awakening in them a sense of responsibility and commitment towards their family, neighbors, community, society and nation as a whole.
The beauty of the RPM & NFP program is the dynamic participation of various sectors in putting the family unit first and focusing on the family’s well being. It is nice to see couples from the barangays who took time out to leave their homes and chores, others even gave up a day’s work and earnings, just to spend a day to listen to the meaningful topics of the times, specifically on RM & NFP.
Standing on the premise that the family is the basic unit of society as well as the building blocks of the nation, the Aklan Provincial Government hopes that through the RPM & NFP program, Aklanon families will become empowered and be very much aware of their roles and responsibilities towards the attainment of sustainable development in their respective municipalities and the province as a whole. /MP

TESDA Celebrates 13th Year Anniversary

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will celebrate this year its 13th Year Anniversary with the theme "TESDA Sa Ikalabintatlo, Kasa-nayan Mo, Higit Pang Isusulong Ko!" TESDA provincial director Edwin S. Villanueva announced.
TESDA in coordination with the Association of TVET Schools in Aklan (ATSA) will conduct the following activities in line with TESDA’s anniversary celebration.
On August 24, 2007, TESDA – Aklan personnel together with ATSA member schools conducted a mangrove propagules planting at Isla Capispisan, Pinamuk-an, New Washington, Aklan. It was followed by a simple program and get together to foster good working relationship among TESDA staff and ATSA members. Isla Capispisan is mangrove area of Aklan State University School of Fisheries and Marine Sciences.
On August 25, 2007, NSTP students of ATSA member schools held a fun run from Magsaysay Park going to Bakhawan Eco-Park. The fun run over, a mangrove propagules planting took place. Each student planted at least 3 propagules. A clean up drive by these students was also conducted within the Bakhawan Eco-Park Area. The planting of mangrove propagules and a clean up drive are TESDAs and ATSAs way of helping our environment.
As part of a month long celebration, TESDA also conducted competency assessments to would be candidates in various areas. On that day, a competency assessment for Food and Beverage Servicing NC II was also conducted at B&H Hotel, Panay Technological College, Kalibo, Aklan. Other assessment schedules include personal Computer Operation NC II tentatively scheduled on August 26, 2007 at TESDA Provincial office. TESDA is also accepting applicants for other areas for scheduling once the required number of applicants is met.
TESDA has been existing for 13 years after it was created on August 25, 1994 by virtue of RA 7796. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Sa pagtuga ko atong kalibutan, iya sa eugta hay may nahauna eot-a nga mga espiritu nga naga estar. Raya sanda ro guin maldesyon. Sakup sanda sa sang parte ko tatlong parte nga naga estar anay kaibahan ko atong Ama sa eangit. Sanda ra ro na engganyo ni Lucifer nga magsunod kana sa anang pagrebelde idto sa eangit.
Bilang pina, owa sanda pag tao-i it kahigayunan nga maka angkon it mortal nga eawas ag maka estar iya sa atong kalibutan. Nagpabilin sanda nga espiritu ag kina hangean nanda nga maghueam it eawas ko tawo o sapat agud maka batyag kon ano ro pagkabuhi it tawo iya sa atong kalibutan.
May una kanda nga mabuot, ratong mga naengganyo nga mag-sunod eamang kay Lucifer. May una man nga mapintas ag naga pamatay. Ro andang pada-ug hay naga sakay sa atong kahadluk agud maeopig kita. Abo nga taktika ro andang guina gamit. May una nga naga balhin ro andang dagway pareho it gwapa nga babaye. May una man nga naga paeo-oy eo-oy kapareho it tiyanak ogaling mapintas gali ag naga pamatay. Dugo ro pagkaon ko tiyanak, ngani paagi sa anang mataliwis nga ngipon, ro li-og ro anang guina himunta tongod mabaskog ro agay it dugo sa ugat ko atong li-og.
May tatlong ka mag-amigo ro naghalin sa baylihan. Pag-abot nanday Julian, Juho ag Estong sa maeapad nga taeahiban, may habati-an sanda nga tangis it eapsag.
Bangud sa kahilungun, owa sanda maka batyag it kahadluk, ngani guin adtonan ro guin halinan it tangis. Hakita nanda ro isaeang ka eapsag nga guina putos it panit ag eamay it saging. Sa andang kaeo-oy, guin oba nanda ro jacket ni Julian ag guin putos ro eapsag. Samtang naga panaw, habatyagan ni Julian nga naga puy-poy ro anang abaga ag medyo mabasa.
Pag-ea-um nana hay anang hueas, gali dugo ro naga dahilig sa anang abaga. Napan-uhan nana nga toeog man ro eapsag. Hasta naka abot sanda sa may kapilya ag gusto nana nga kaadyon ro putos it eapsag. Guin butang anay nana ro eapsag sa bangko agud bugkoson ro anang nina. Pagkabatyag ko eapsag nga idto sanda sa kapilya, nagbag-o ro dagway it eapsag. Nangin tiyanak imaw nga nagalisik ro mata, mata-eawis ro ngipon ag naga panindog ro mga buhok.
Guin eumpatan ko tiyanak ro tatlo agod angkiton ogaling maabtik man nga naka daeagan ro daywang si Estong ag Julio. Naha-aywan si Julian nga maeuya tongod sa mga dugo nga naduea kana.
Nadumduman nana ro sugilanon ko anang Lolo. Ro panit nga nagaputos sa eapsag, imaw ro kinaadman it tiyanak. Kinahangean nga sunugon ra agod indi eon makabalik ro tiyanak. Sinindihan ko anang lighter ro panit. Dungan sa pag-kasunog, owa eon nakabalik ro tiyanak ag ko olihi namatay bangud nasilakan it adlaw imaw ag natunaw.
Pag-uli ni Julian, guin sugid nana ro tanan kay Justo ag Estong. Halin kato, owa eon naga pagabi-i ro tatlo. Imbes nga magpamasyar, ona lang sanda sa baeay naga pamati it radyo. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Ro Amo Kon Amat Esclavo Man
Anano kono ro nagapaga-oy sa ga-oy eon nga negosyante? Ro pangutana ngara hay ginsabat anay sa bukon it mabuhay eon nga tiempo sa sangka clinica sa Pennsylvania Hospital.
Ro sabat hay nagasugid nga ro mga negosyantes nga experto sa anda nga linya it negosyo hay esclavos ko anda nga negosyo. Ag sa minatuod, ka-abo-an ko mga negosyantes ngara nga esclavos it anda nga negosyo hay may komon nga masakit mana it sakit sa tagipusu-on, "high blood pressure," ulcer sa tiyan o may "emotional breakdown"
Sa pag-analisar, raya ro mga rasones kon ham-an ka-abo-an sa mga negosyantes hay esclavos it anda nga mga negosyo o kon ham-an sanda masakiton.
Una, nadaea nanda ro problema sa negosyo bisan sa pagkatueog o nadaea nanda ro problema sa andang baeay;
Pangaywa, sa pag ilabas, abo pa ro anda nga devosyon sa paghambae it negosyo ko sa pagkaon;
Pangatlo, owa sanda naga bakasyon it mayad sa pag-eaom nanda nga matumba ro ana nga negosyo kon owa sanda; ag
Pangap-at, sa anda nga pag seryoso sa negosyo hay owa eon sanda it oras nga maghampang o mag-ehersisyo.
Busa ngani, sa kalibutan ngara ag it sa medyo makangawa-ngawa, ro amo kon amat esclavo man.
Ro Pag-eobot Ko Imo Nga Negosyo
It sa medyo owa eon ginahambaea nga ro una nga dapat nimo nga himu-on kon ikaw maga-adto sa sueod it eanas it negosyo hay ro pagpanaw it kinahangeanon sa pag-eobot it proyekto o imo nga negosyo. Apang una man guihapon ro pag-pangatuna it mga prospektibo nga capitalista o negosyante kon anano ro mahita-o nga impormasyon o pagturo it mga opurtunidad sa negosyo.
Mayad-ayad panan-awon nga iya eamang sa Aklan hay owa kita ginakueanga it mga tawo nga may maisog nga panan-aw sa pagbutang it mga negosyo. Apang may una man sa mga naila magnegosyo o sa negosyo eon guid ngani nga indi nanda maklaro ro anda nga idea o ro anda nga panan-aw sa negosyo. May una man nga it sa gusto eamang magpanan-aw it mayd nga prospecto it ginansya ag pagpanan-aw man nga ro operasyon o hueag sa negosyo hay maeomo nga hi-intindihan.
Ro pagnegosyo hay mayad nga bagay ogaling bukon it maeomo. Ro negosyo bukon eamang sa panan-aw it ginansya kundi man kon ma-ono mo mahueag ro imong negosyo sa anang pagbahoe.
Sa amon nga panan-aw iya sa probinsya it Akean, ro negosyante nga naga bahoe hay imaw ro may panan-aw it sacrifisyo ag risgo. Imaw ro negosyante nga may sangkoe nga paghibaeo it negosyo o sangkad sa experyensiya.
Imaw man ro panan-aw nga ro nag umwad sa negosyo hay ro tawong mahugod magtu-on it tanan-tanan nga bagay hanungdan sa anda nga negosyo nga hasudlan apang may ana man nga paino-ino it ana mismo nga kakueangan. Imaw man ron ro negosyo nga ka-antigohan magtimbang ko ana nga optimismo nga imaw magadurar o mangin madinaeag-on sa negosyo apang may anang practical nga pagpaino-ino it realidad.
Sa mga naga-paninguha, owa eon gui-ato it mayad nga baylo sa pagtu-on ag pag experien-sya sa negosyo. Sa may mga ambisyon sa negosyo, it sa siguro sadya-an ro pag panumdum nga sa negosyo bukon eagi it imo nga paino-inohon hay ikaw eagi sa ibabaw. Ag manguin mapinuslanon gui-ato ro pagpaninguha ag pagta-o it pilang dag-on bilang tumoeo-on it negosyo parabil umadto sa pagbahoe.
It sa medyo ro leksyon sa negosyo hay ro pagtu-on anay it pa agi halin sa maisot dayon pabahu-eon. /MP

Steady Prices For Most Commodities In Aklan

By Venus G. Villanueva
Despite the long, dry spell that affected most parts of the country including Aklan, supplies of most commodities in local markets in Kalibo, Aklan, especially vegetables and fish were not affected. Most prices remained the same as of last month’s.
Based on the Monthly Price Monitoring Report on Agricultural-Based Commodities/Products for the month of July released by the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA), Kalibo, Aklan 49 items of the 93 items listed in the price monitoring report did not increase in prices. Thirty-two (32) items increased by 10 percent while 7 items decreased in prices.
The data on prices were gathered from the different public markets in Aklan, compiled and computed in a weekly average price formula to arrive at the monthly average prices ranges.Market items which prices remained the same include vegetables, root crops, sea foods, livestock and poultry, processed foods, animal/poultry feeds, and sugar.
Clean, dry palay, according to the report, increased in farmgate price from P12.50 per kilogram in June to P14.00 per kilogram as of this writing.
NFA milled rice is fixed at P18.00 a kilogram while special milled rice, cost P28.00 to P30.00 per kilogram in June, is now priced at P25.00-P29.00. Ordinary milled rice which could be bought last June at P24.00 to P26.00 per kilogram could be bought now at P23.00 to P24.00 per kilogram. Fancy/aromatic rice cost P35.00 to P45.00 last June, but now, the price is placed at P35.00 to P48.00 per kilogram.
Mr. Delano Tefora, Provincial Agriculturist, assured that all commodities listed in the price monitoring report are readily available in public markets in Kalibo and neighboring towns.
Tefora said, "Aklan is not affected too much by the long dry spell that pervaded in some parts of the country because of rains that dropped at night in Aklan, so vegetable products in Aklan are abundant with no noted prices increase, except those which are sourced outside the province, like cabbage, carrots and sayote.
Rice farms, although late, are already 99 percent planted, according to Tefora. By September when harvest time comes, prices of rice are expected to go down.
In other parts of the country like Luzon, the dry spell problem appears to be soon eliminated, as the rains brought by tropical storm Chedeng and Dodong have increased the water levels in dams by a few centimeters. However, the rains brought by the storm were not substantial to break the dry spell earlier PAG-ASA forecast that the rain to normalize by September. But, it did not materialized as typhoon Dodong brought more floods and now, Central Luzon and other parts of the country are over flooded and devastated with typhoon Egay now rampaging the Luzon provinces. /MP

Bora Police ORSITE Ready

By Boy Ryan Zabal

The members of the BSTPO undergoing the ORSITE in Boracay Island Resort.

The tourist-trained Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel in the island resort of Boracay underwent the annual Operational Readiness Site Inspection Test and Evaluation (Orsite) recently.
The 55-strong Boracay Special Tourist Protection Office (BSTPO) is headed by Senior Insp. Christopher Prangan and deputy chief Senior Insp. Auxilo Dador.
Senior Supt. Jessor Arguelles, regional director of Internal Affairs Services (IAS), said the Orsite evaluators assessed the physical appearance, accomplishments in operations, intelligence, logistics, controllership, and Police Community Relations (PCR) efforts and cleanliness of the Boracay police station.
"They should be able to arrest or neutralize a suspect properly like handcuffing and improve their capabilities to fight crimes against property or persons," Arguelles added.
In September 2005, ten PNP officials from the United Nations peacekeeping force handled the operations, logistics, intelligence, controllership and Police Community Relations (PCR) of BSTPO.
PNP also constructed a P10-million world class police station and trained all personnel on special operations, community policing and anti-terrorism and tourist protection to render world class tourist service to tourists and stakeholders in Boracay.
The ORSITE team is composed of representatives from the PNP directorial staff and the PNP Internal Affairs Service (IAS). They were given entrance briefing with Senior Supt. Benigno Durana, Jr.., acting provincial police director before the ORSITE.
"This region-wide evaluation of PNP personnel is done yearly to determine their effectiveness and readiness during actual police operations," Durana stressed.
They also conducted inspections in the 15 police stations including Kalibo PNP under the newly-promoted chief of police, Supt. Arnold Ardiente. /MP

Legal Notices

Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late Donato Oducado who died intestate which consist of a portion of a parcel of land located in Caticlan, Malay, Aklan is the subject of a "Deed of Adjudication With Confirmation of Sale" by his surviving heirs. The deed was executed before Notary Public Porferio T. Taplac, Kalibo, Aklan on July 18, 2007 as per Doc. No. 4158; Page No. 13; Book No. XI; Series of 2007.
Madyaas Pen: August 5, 12 & 19, 2007

Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late Lazaro Navarra who died intestate which consist of a parcel of land located in Brgy. Polocate, Banga, Aklan is the subject of a "Deed of Adjudication With Sale" by his surviving heirs. The deed was executed before Notary Public Julius L. Leonida, Kalibo, Aklan on August 17, 2007 as per Doc. No. 192; Page No. 40; Book No. 40; Series of 2007.
Madyaas Pen: August 25 and September 1 & 8, 2007


Republic of the Philippines
6th Judicial Region
Branch 5
Kalibo, Aklan


-versus- SPL. PROC. NO. 8098


x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x


This is a verified petition for change of petitioner’s name from AMELITA AYSON SOLANOY to MELITA AYSON SOLANOY and to cancel the name LALY FLORES ADRIANO; to delete OCTOBER 13, 1963 and to retain MARCH 10, 1966 in petitioner’s date of birth, to delete EXIQUEL IGLESIA ADRIANO, to retain PRIMO SALMURIN SOLANOY and to correct the spelling of SALMURIN to SALMORIN in the name of petitioner’s father; correction of the middle name of petitioner’s mother from BALAHIYONG to BALAHIDIONG; to delete UNIDOS, NABAS, AKLAN and to retain SOLIDO, NABAS, AKLAN in the residence of petitioner’s mother; and correction of date of marriage of petitioner’s parents from SEPTEMBER 14, 1964 to SEPTEMBER 19, 1964 as appearing in the Certificate of Live Birth of AMELITA AYSON SOLANOY.

Petitioner alleges that: she is of legal age, married and resident of Solido, Nabas, Aklan since birth or for more than five (5) years now prior to the filing of this petition. That in the Certificate of Live Birth of the petitioner, her first name was erroneously entered as AMELITA instead of MELITA and another name LALY FLORES ADRIANO also appears which should be deleted. Her date of birth also contains two entries: OCTOBER 13, 1963 and her correct date of birth of MARCH 10, 1966; The item on her father’s name also contains two entries: one with the name EXIQUEL IGLESIA ADRIANO and the other is PRIMO SALMURIN SOLANOY, which petitioner’s father middle name should be corrected from SALMURIN to SALMORIN. Her mother’s middle name was entered therein as BALAHIYONG which should be BALAHIDIONG; the item of residence of petitioner’s mother also contains two entries: one is UNIDO, NABAS, AKLAN and the correct entry of SOLIDO, NABAS, AKLAN; and the date of marriage of petitioner’s parents was entered as SEPTEMBER 14, 1964 when it should have been SEPTEMBER 19, 1964.

Finding the petition sufficient in form and substance, the same is hereby set for hearing on October 23, 2007 at 8:30 in the morning at the Session Hall of this Court. The Civil Registrar or any person claiming interest under the entries where corrections are sought to be changed may file his opposition within fifteen (15) days from notice of the instant petition or from the date of publication thereof.

Let copies of this Order be published once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in MADYAAS PEN a newspaper of general circulation in the province of Aklan at the expense of the petitioner.
Further, let the Office of the Solicitor General and the petitioner be furnished copies of this Order.

Kalibo, Aklan
July 27, 2007.

Presiding Judge

Madyaas Pen: August 25 and September 1 & 8, 2007

Scholarship Grants in Taiwan For Five NVCians

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Some five Aklanon students of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) will leave for Kainan University in Taiwan on scholarship grants this August, 2007.
Under its International Honors Program, the four-year college scholarship grants of Kainan University is one of three all-English programs that covers free tuition, air transportation and lodging for the 17 deserving Filipino students from all over the Philippines.
The NVC, a private non-sectarian institution founded on April 7, 1948, has the most number of scholars or ambassadors of goodwill admitted to Kainan University this year.
Ma. Isabel Golamco, Manila Economic and Cultural Office director and chief finance officer, said the NVCians – Rodelyn Lachica of Cawayan, New Washington; Merra Joy Zolina of Guadalupe, Libacao; Ma. Lourdes Victoriano of Pinamuk-an, New Washington; April Joy de Juan of Pook, Kalibo; and John Lester Flores, of Sta. Fe, Romblon are selected for their academic excellence in school.
Other scholars are from Capiz State University and Filamer College with six; Palawan State University and Western Philippine University with three each; and Colegio de Dagupan, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and St. Paul University, Quezon City with one each.
"You will be treasured as the one-of-a-kind you are. I believe that although you are from abroad, in no time you will feel at home here. You can take in the friendly atmosphere on the campus without boundaries, which is suffused with the spirits of multiculturalism, internationalism and globalization," stated Dr. An-pang Kao, Kainan University president in a letter.
Kainan University is located in Luzhu Township, Toayuan County, Taiwan. It is near the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, founded in 1917 as a commercial and technical school. On March 16, 2000, Kainan achieved the university status. It offers four major courses such as commerce, transportation and tourism, informatics, and social sciences.
The university is also regarded as the finest institution with its top-level faculty associated with acclaimed universities such as Stanford, UCLA, Osaka University, the University of Liverpool, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.
"You can look forward to enjoying colorful campus life, being taught by top-tier scholars, and becoming comfortable in a multi-lingual environment, so that in addition to your academic knowledge, you will be able to be equipped with both Mandarin Chinese and English, two major languages in the world for trade, diplomacy, science and high technology," Dr. Kao stressed.
They will leave for Taipei on time to attend the fall semester which begins on September 10, 2007. /MP


Boxing Referee Suffers KO Shocks McTavish
By Alex P. Vidal
In the more than 140 fights, many of which world championship, that he has officiated in the Philippines and abroad, Angeles City-based international referee Bruce McTavish of New Zealand admitted it was the first time that he witnessed "live" at ringside a fellow referee being knocked out by one of the competing boxers.
"I was shocked because it was my first time to witness it live," the veteran McTavish, adjudged by the Ring Magazine as one of the top and most competent referees in the world, told this writer after arriving from Tokyo where he officiated the OPBF middleweight title duel on August 4.
He recalled having seen some scenes where the third man in the ring was walloped by a boxer and fell on the canvas in a boxing match but they were on films, he said.
"If it happened in the Philippines, the normal reaction of the crowd would be to laugh. But in the case of that Thai referee (Ukrid Sarasas), a Japanese judge went to the ring to rescue a fallen colleague," McTavish, who is married to a Filipina, narrated.
The "knockout" came in the second round after Sarasas went to the "blind side" when protagonists Yosuhiro Kondo and Yoshihiro Kamegai were trading punches, narrated McTavish.
He saw Kondo’s left hook hitting referee Sarasas in the left face.
McTavish swore it was unintentional and Kondo was so apologetic. Kondo, himself was pummeled into submission and lost by TKO in the fourth round, McTavish said.
Matchmaker Joe Koizumi, reporting for Fightnews, wrote that Vinny Martin, a Japan-based Ghanan, took over Sarasas’ unfinished job and counted out the referee’s tormentor at 2:59 in the fourth round.
The Kondo-Ka-megai tussle was underneath the OPBF middleweight shootout between champion Koji Sato and Indonesian David Koswara refereed by McTavish. Sato retained the title by KO in the second round. /MP

Aklan Is Among The Top Best 30


Aklan is one of the 30 best provinces in the Philippines today as shown by available provincial statistics.
National Statistic Coordinating Board Sec. General Romulo A. Virola said, "Aklan ranks 30th in the evaluation for best provinces in good governance. It is one of the two provinces in Western Visayas included in the list, Guimaras is in the 20th place.
Virola, in his letter informed Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, that Aklan, though, ranks number seven in the evaluation for 30 Best Performing Provinces in Good Governance. It is the only province in Visayas region to be included in the top 10 best performing provinces. The other top nine (9) provinces in this category are Siquijor, Northern Samar, Occidental Mindoro, Agusan del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay, Bukidnon, Surigao del Norte, Eastern Samar and Basilan.
"Professional statisticians and statistical agencies produce statistics for decision making. But many official statisticians have shied away from generating and disseminating indicators on democracy, human rights and governance for various reasons," Virola stressed.
"Statistical agencies can and should get involved in the measurement of democracy, human rights and governance. This is a challenge that official statisticians must address if we want to be relevant to society and respond to the aspirations of our people," he further stressed.
"Good governance is the responsibility of the governed as mush as it is of the governors," Virola added.
In 2003, the 10 best provinces in administrative governance are Agusan del Norte, Batanes, Misamis Occidental, Abra, Siquijor, Aklan, Oriental Mindoro, Cavite, Zamboanga Si-bugay and Compostela Valley. Four of the provinces are in Luzon, four in Mindanao and two in Visayas.
In terms of improvement between 2000 and 2003, the 10 most improved provinces in economic governance are Aklan, Agusan del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay, Biliran, Eastern Samar, Davao del Norte, Siquijor, Davao Oriental, Oriental Mindoro and Agusan del Sur. Five of these provinces are in Mindanao, four in Visayas and only one in Luzon.
Combining economic governance and administrative governance, NSSCB came up with a provincial Good Governance Index. Between 2000 and 2003, the following are 10 most improved provinces: Siqui-jor, Northern, Samar, Oriental Mindoro, Agusan del Sur, Zamboanga Sibugay, Bukidnon, Aklan, Surigao del Norte, Eastern Samar and Basilan. Five provinces are in Mindanao, four in Visayas and one in Luzon. /MP

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Editorial - April 18, 2007 Issue

‘Win-Win Situation’ For Boracay Island
By Boy Ryan Zabal

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) secretary Lito Atienza wants a ‘win-win situation’ to sustain the tourism growth of the famous island of Boracay.
According to Atien-za, he is aware of the issues and insecurities of the stakeholders and investors on how to maintain the development and the beauty of the island for the benefit of all.
"I foresee the gains of tourism in the economy and nation building. Let us manage, develop and conserve properly our natural resources in coordination with local government officials," he appealed.
Atienza was in Boracay during the 18th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Senior Officials on the Environment (ASOEN) meeting at the Boracay Regency Resort on August 6 to 8, 2007.
DENR, according to him, has acknowledged the island of Boracay as one of the prime jewels of the tourism industry.
"When we talked about resorts and beaches, Boracay Island is one of the major attractions in the world today. We want to do everything we can. DENR will always be behind in efforts to maintain the natural beauty of Boracay for the benefit of the country’s economy and the gains of the local residents," Atienza pointed out.
Atienza, a three-termer Manila mayor, will try to minimize the impact to the environment of those decades of negligence and to anticipate the problems to prevent the suffering of urban dwellers.
"I am a strong advocate of decentralization. All DENR programs under our leadership will always focus on local autonomy and the participation of local officials in whatever we plan and we do in those eco-tourism spots in Aklan," Atienza added.
Miraflores Supports Atienza’s Moratorium
As to Aklan Rep. Florencio Miraflores, he supports the six-month moratorium plan on the uncontrolled construction in Boracay Island of Secretary Lito Atienza of the DENR.
In consultation with the stakeholders, resort owners and business groups, Miraflores said the government should pursue a development plan to deal the overcrowding and unregulated construction of resorts.
"The fast-paced construction of buildings has brought unplanned development in the island. This is a long-time proposition, but it was Atienza who forcefully recommended the moratorium and asked the cooperation of resort owners," Miraflores said in an interview.
He clarified, however, that tourism players are still welcomed to invest and to develop the island as the national government is sincere in the formation of an environmental master development plan.
"We support this moratorium of DENR in coordination with the Aklan officials and the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA). In Boracay, we could see construction of structures even in forest areas and residential houses in ‘no build zones’ that hinder the environmental protection," Miraflores stressed.
Atienza recently urged the resort owners in a consultation dialogue in the island to be collectively involved in solving the garbage problems, the shortage of water supply and the effects of migration.
"The negative impacts of unplanned development will eventually compromise the safety and welfare of the public. We must continue to work harmoniously and together. We must find ways to improve the conditions affecting the businesses in the island like having sufficient water supply and an improved garbage disposal," Atienza told the resort owners.
Atienza decided on this tack after seeing some mansions that were being built in forested areas on Boracay. "(I noticed that) mansions are being built on forested areas of Boracay Island. Who are these builders? Do they have proper land titles?" he asked.
He said the titling of islands "benefits only Don Juan instead of the ordinary Juan dela Cruz.""If we go around the country, a lot of our islands are already private properties. Why do we succeed in fencing off our stretches of white sand? There are so many thousands of lots that are already fenced off," he pointed out.
When asked to comment on the impending drought and global climate, Atienza bared the DENR is preparing programs that would really address the situation by getting everybody as part of the solution.
"We see this dilemma in a short-term, immediate and long-term basis which is why we have global climate change and drought," he added.
Atienza said the Boracay meeting is a preparatory to the 3rd Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP-3) of the ASEAN Agreement on the Transboundary Haze Pollution, 10th Informal Ministerial Meeting on the Environment (IAMME) and 5th ASEAN Plus Three Environment Ministers Meeting (EMM) on September 3 to 7, 2007 at Phuket, Thailand to discuss the negative effects of environmental degradation.
Atienza also visited the multi-awarded Kalibo Bakhawan Eco-Park with Mayor Raymar Rebaldo and former Aklan solon and KASAMA chairman Allen Salas-Quimpo last August 6. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

MKWD Excavation

Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) has turned itself into a destroyer. For the last two months, it has been digging the streets of Poblacion, Kalibo. Until today, MKWD has not restored any portion of the diggings to its original state.
MKWD waited until some repairs and asphalt overlays were completed and then started its own operation. Excellent if after excavating the streets and its purpose of digging are accomplished, it also restored back the road to its original state. A street badly destroyed is XIX Martyrs Street, Poblacion.
For The Sake of Abaca
Dr. Emil Javier who is now the President, Philippine Academy of Sciences visited Libacao, Aklan for the sake of abaca’s and the producers’ welfare. Dr. Javier is a distinguished scientist in the field of Agriculture. He was the chancellor of UP Los Baños, president of the UP System and Director General of the Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) of the United Nations based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Dr. Javier is working for the preparation of the "2020 Agricultural Development Program" as commissioned by the Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Arthur Yap. Abaca is one of the high value crops included in the 2020 DA program. Libacao, Aklan is known nationwide for its high quality abaca that brought Dr. Javier to Libacao. He was the guest of Libacaonons and Mayor Charito Navarosa in Libacao.
Dr. Javier was in Libacao since Friday, August 10 and went back to Manila in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 14.
But before his flight to Manila, Dr. Javier held an exit evaluation and interview with Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and the members of the Aklan media.
He discussed the existence in Libacao of "Maganhup", a soft woody stem tree existing only in Aklan specifically in Libacao. Maganhup grows with abaca as shade tree. But Dr. Javier pointed out, "Maganhup is a leguminous tree which leaves when decayed produce humus and nitrogen. It has root nodules that serve as fertilizer when decomposed."
Maganhup’s leaves look like that of Ipil-Ipil and bears pods. Maganhup remains obscure, as there is no study done about it and therefore no literature available. Javier recommends the planting of Maganhup as shade tree and as feed to ruminant animals. According to him, Maganhup contains "Mimosin" which is bad for poultry and swine but good for large cattle.
"Libacao has great potential," Javier concluded. It has vast virgin agricultural land with favorable weather condition. What it needs are willing hands to till the soil. Labor is a constraint," stressed Javier.
To increase fiber yield per hectare, Dr. Javier recommends fertilizer studies on abaca. At present, farmers produce 300 – 400 kilograms per hectare per year. Fertilizer will increase the yield up to 1000 kilograms per hectare per year, Javier projected. Aklan abaca is virus free such as bunchy top and mosaic.
In addition to farm to market road, Dr. Javier recommends the use of horses to haul abaca from the farm to the roadsides. He also recommends the use of machine in stripping abaca to increase fiber conversion.
The DA projects to raise abaca on 175,000 hectares. However, there are only 76,000 hectares now planted to abaca in the Philippines. There is a lack of 99,000 hectares. This program is in response to the increasing demand of abaca in the world market which increases at the rate of 3 to 4 percent annually.
Moreover, Dr. Javier is really excited of the extent and growth of bamboos in Aklan. He encourages Governor Marquez to improve the processing of bamboos into furniture.
Congratulations Mayor Rebaldo!
Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo, Aklan is now the president of the Cluster Island of Visayas in the League of the Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP). He was elected in an election held at 10 a.m. on 13 August 2007 at the Manila Hotel.
The LMP President himself, Dr. Ramon Guico of Binalonan, Pangasinan who was re-elected LMP National President, nominated Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo. This prestigious position has been continuously occupied by the Cebuanos.
Rebaldo triumphed over Bohol LMP President, Exuperio Lloren, and another mayor from the island province of Siquijor.
Rebaldo, as the new President of the Cluster Island of the Visayas, is now in charge of Regions 6, 7 and 8 member municipalities of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines.
The new officers and members of the League of the Municipalities of the Philippines took their Oath of Office before Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at the Manila Hotel at 2:00 PM, August 13. /MP

Makaton-on Train In CICL In Davao City

PO1 Belen C. Ratay PNP member of Makato Police Station together with Ms. Nilda Remegio, MSWDO-Makato, Capt. Timmy Dela Cena – Brgy. Poblacion, Captain Regie Timbas – Brgy. Alibagon and Captain Bernie Tabañera – Brgy. Calangcang, all of Makato, Aklan. They attended Training/Skills Enhancement in Management of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) held at Mergrande Ocean Resort, Bago Aplaya-Dumoy, Davao City.
Atty. Dulfie Tobias – Shalim, Resource speaker tackled the following modules from Module I (Laws & Issuances On Children, Module II (The Juvenile Justice Welfare Act), Module III (Case Management Of CICL), Module IV (Discernment), Module V (Kinds of Records Submitted To Court) and Module VI (Local Intervention Program). The training ended in the afternoon of Friday, August 10, 2007. Other participants came from Local Social Welfare Development Officers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao together with their respective WCPD’s and Investigation PNCO more or less 250 with fruitful result./MP

PESO Aklan Warns Future OFWs Against Illegal Recruiters

Avoid recruiters or agents who go house-to-house to recruit applicants for jobs abroad. Provincial Employment Service Office (PESO) warns Aklanons seeking employment abroad. The right way to apply is to go straight to the PESO or in the municipal hall of your town, or just go directly to the recruitment agency.
This advice came first in the list of warnings Vivian Ruiz-Solano, Provincial PESO Manager issued to Aklanons who are interested to work outside the country in the wake of complaints and reports that reached her office for three consecutive weeks now from Aklanon OFWs in Dubai who were victimized by illegal recruiters.
"Their reports are sad tales of their experiences in the hands of recruiters who are from Manila and other places. Some were even done by their fellow Aklanons," Solano said.
When applying for a job abroad, Solano advised, a person should ensure that the recruitment agency is licensed, with Special Recruitment Authority (SRA), accreditation and job order from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) that has not expired.
"Never pay or give money just to anybody. Payment should be transacted with a cashier of the recruitment agency; be sure you are holding a working visa and not a visit visa if you go to Dubai or to other nations where you are to work as an OFW. Never transact with an agent of a travel agency who promises to help you," Solano stressed.
Solano also told prospective OFWs from Aklan to just deal with only one recruitment agency from the start until deployment, to get files of all original employment documents like biodata or resume, birth, baptismal and marriage certificates, transcript of records and diploma, certificate of employment, passport, NBI clearance, contract, visa and others.
"Have these photocopied, leave a set for your family and keep one in your luggage. If you are already in Dubai or in other countries – never, never surrender your passport and other important papers to your employer because those papers are yours – part of your personal belongings," Solano emphasized.
Solano aired these warnings at local radio station Kalibo, Aklan. "Never be convinced to apply for a job abroad with the recruiter’s assurance that you will never spend money at all, because this is not true. When you apply for work abroad, you have to spend money," Solano said. /MP


Campus Writers Pick
Pacman-Barrera Rematch
Over 2008 Beijing Olympics
By Alex P. Vidal
Some 200 campus journalists from different colleges and universities in Western Visayas have chosen the October 6, 2007 rematch between WBC international superfeather-weight champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao over the 2008 Beijing Olympics as the "most exciting sports event" this year and next year.
The young writers, all campus editors from the provinces of Capiz, Antique, Aklan, Iloilo, Guimaras and Negros Occidental gathered at the Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iloilo City for the Basic Journalism Seminar-Workshops sponsored by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), have also predicted a knockout win for Pacquiao.
They were asked to pick between the international boxing match slated at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas and the World Olympic Games which will be hosted by China for the first time since its revival in 1896.
Meruya Venezar of La Consolacion College, Bacolod City, saw the rematch as "another epic battle for Philippines versus Mexico."
Darren Naelgas of Aklan Catholic College, has predicted the fight to last in the third round. "Five rounds," he said, is "too long for Pacman to demolish Barrera."
"This is another must-see fight of the year; everyone will again be on their respective poses in front of their TV sets," wrote Mark Wilfred Popioco of West Visayas State University (WVSU) quoting a certain Pacquiao fan Don Anthony Falsis.
Mary Rose Lyn Violanda of The Riverside Collegian, Bacolod City, said "Pacman will eat up the Mexican." She added that "Pacquiao will be the Baby Face Assassin to his grave."
Sajid Pelayo of The Forum, Aklan said "the October clash between the two memorable brawlers of boxing will be one of the highlights in this year’s roster of events."
But Erika Demaguila of WVSU Forum-Dimension, predicted that this time "Barrera will try to snatch the title from Pacquiao."
Joey Ajera of Capiz State University said Pacquiao will once again frustrate Barrera saying "the Filipino icon carries explosive left hook and a potent right jab."
Shareen Maria Villanueva of WVSU said between the two fighters, "Pacquiao has the edge because of his flexibility and attitude."
Some of them claimed that they liked the Barrera-Pacquiao fisticuff because "boxing is an explosive and action-packed sports" while they find the Olympics boring because the country has not yet won a single gold medal. /MP

Aklan All Set for Popcen 2007

By Venus G. Villanueva

The province of Aklan is all set for the conduct of the 2007 National Census of Population (POPCEN) this month of August.
Provincial Statistics Officer Blas M. Solidum reported that materials for the census are now in Aklan.
Trainings for various groups who will supervise the census had been completed, after which the training for the 212 enumerators who will go around barangays in Aklan followed for the national activity.
According to Solidum POPCEN aims to take an inventory of the total population of the Philippines and collect information about their characteristics which are vital in the formulation of policies and programs for development.
Covered in this year’s census are all households in Aklan including institutional population of hospitals, military camps and rehabilitation centers, Solidum announced. "We call on the full cooperation of Aklanons in this Census of Population. Your answers to the questionnaires are very important for the government planners and legislators to formulate plans and laws for your benefit. The result of the census will determine how many schools still have to be built in our province and how many teachers still need to be hired, among a few", Solidum explained.
The total number of population of the province will determine the amount of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) it should be given by the national government, he added.
The result of this year’s census will also determine if Aklan can be divided into two congressional districts; and if a city could already be created in Aklan.
"People should not be afraid to answer the questions in the census. The National Statistics Office assures confidentiality in the census, nobody else will see their answers. We just appeal to you to give the correct answers and information", Solidum said.
"Be counted in the 2007 Census of Population", Solidum implored Aklanons. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Si Mariang Sugpo

May mag-asawang Andoy ag Cela nga naga estar maeapit sa suba. Mangingisda ro pangitan-an ni Andoy ag manog-eaba man si Cela. May andang onga nga si Maria. Palangga gid nanda rayang onga tongod sa mahugod eon, ag but-anan pa. Kada adlaw, idto sa suba naga hampang rayang si Maria kaibahan ko anang inang naga labada. Kon sa tubi ngani si Maria, abo kanang naga hukop nga mga ueang ag pasayan. Nangin kahampang nana rayang mga pasayan adlaw-adlaw.
Isaeang adlaw, haa-butan nanang abo nga tawo sa andang baeay. Hakibot imaw sa pagka-kita ko anang amang nagatinangis. Guin aywan eot-a sanda ko anang ina. May masakit nga TB ro anang ina ag tongod sa kakueangan it kwarta hay owa madaea sa ospital para ipa bueong. Sa bata nga paino-ino ni Maria, indi nana maintindihan ham-an it inaywan sanda ko anang ina. Bangud kara, nag-adto imaw sa suba ag nagtinangis. Umabot ro pinaka mabahoe nga pasayan, rong sugpo.
"Maria, ham-an it naga tinangis ka?", pangutana kana it sugpo. "Owa eon abi si Nanay, ag owa it naga tatap kakon," sabat man ni Maria.
"Kon nahidlaw ka sa imong ina, umadto ka riya kamon agod may maga-lingaw – lingaw kimo", bilin kana it sugpo.
Halin kato, kada mingawon imaw sa anang ina, idto dayon imaw naga adto sa suba. Nag daeaga eon si Maria ag nag-asawa man it uman ro anang ama. Guina pintasan nana si Maria. Sa kada sakit kana ko anang madrasta, idto dayon imaw naga adto sa suba.
"Maria, ham-an it masubo ka eon man?", pangutana it sugpo.
"Guin sakit abi ako ko akong ina-inahan", sabat nga masubo ni Maria.
"Bueno, oras eon nga ikaw hay mangin malipayon. Daehon mo ako sa inyo ag eaha-on. Kan-on mo ro akong unod ag i-eobong ro akong mga panit sa likod it baeay nga owa it makakita. Pagkatapos it limang adlaw, balikan mo sa gabi-i. Kon ano ro imong makita sa pagkut-kot, maghipos ka," bilin it sugpo.
Guin sunod ni Maria ro bilin it sugpo. Nakabatyag imaw it kabakod sa anang eawas sa pagkakaon kong unod it sugpo. Dayon guin tipon nana ro mga tukiba ag i-eubong sa likod it baeay.
Pagtaliwan it limang adlaw, guin balikan nana ko gabi-i ngaron ag hakibot imaw sa anang pagkut-kot. Puro perlas ag bueawan, imbis nga mga tukiba. Guin hipsan nana ro tanan. Sige pa guihapon ro pagsinakit ko anang ina-inahan kana ogaling owa guid imaw nakabatyag it sakit. Ko olihi, inaywan sanda ko dayang babaye ag nagmunot sa ibang eaeaki. Habilin si Maria ag ro anang ama. Guin paboeong nana ro anang ama. Kada agahon, naga simba imaw agod magpasaeamat. Kon mag-uli imaw halin sa simbahan, naga hueat kana ro mga manog pakalimos ag mga pobre.
Owa it eabot nga pagpakaon kanda, guina pabaeonan pa sanda it kwarta ag pagkaon. Ogaling indi malipatan ni Maria ro nagta-o kana it grasya, nagpatindog imaw it monumento it sugpo. Kon ham-an imaw eamang ro naka sayod, ag kon hin-uno maubos ro anang manggad, imaw eamang ro nakasayod.
Ogaling sa akong pagkasayod, mientras padayon ro anang pagbinulig sa mga pobre, padayon man ro tiniyo it mga perlas ag bueawan. Halin kato, guintawag nanda imaw nga si Mariang Sugpo. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Ro Babaye Ag Ro Eaeaki

Sa mga guinbuhat it Diyos sa kalibutan, una ro pagka supreme ko tawo sa sapat. Ay ro tawo may paino-ino ag rason ag may ka-aeam sa pagtan-aw it mga bagay-bagay nga anang ikamayad o ikasamad. Ogaling kon amat, ro tawo halipat nga imaw hay tawo. Ag ro anang gina padominar sa anang paino-ino hay ro mga bagay nga ikasamad nana. Kon amat, sa anang paghangup it poder hay abo eon ro anang hatatapakan. Sa anang panan-aw sa pag manggad hay dagaya eon ro anang hapa-agyan.
Sa kalibutan, nagtuga ro Diyos nga may una nga eaeaki, ag may una man nga babaye. Ag mayad raya nga pagtuga. Ay kon eaeaki eamang ro tawo sa kalibutan, ano ayhan ro maguing itsura it kalibutan? O kon ro kalibutan hay napuyu-an it babaye eamang, nano man ayhan ro anang kahimtangan?
Sa pagbuhat it babaye ag eaeaki, makahambae kita nga naguing mayad-ayad man ro kalibutan. Ro eaeaki ag babaye sa kalibutan hay may andang kabangdanan kon ham-an sanda iya. Ag raya hay guinpa-athag sa mayad ngato nga linyas sa poema sa English kon anano ro andang katuyu-an sa mawraya:

A Man And A Woman
Man is the most elevated of all creatures,
Woman, the most sublime of ideals.
Man is the brain; woman is the heart;
The brain enlightens, the heart loves;
Light illumines, love revives;
Man has supremacy, woman the preference;
Supremacy signifies strength; preference
Represents rights;
Man is strong in his reasons
Woman is invincible in her tears
Tears softens the hardest of mortals
Man is the eagle that fly’s;
Woman, the lark that sings.

May una anay nga grupo it insurance underwriters sa sangka mabahoe nga American Insurance Company nga gintaw-an it andang companiya it pangadi-on nga andang guinbalik balik it pagpangadi-a sa agahon it mga cinco minutos parabil sanda mag-umpisa it obra. Ro resulta hay ro mga nag-usar ko pangadie-on ngara it sincero nga panimu-ot hay nag triple ro andang guinkita. Dagaya sa grupo ngara ro nagsuguid nga 85 por ciento kuno ko andang gin prospect nga cliente hay nagbaton it insurance o nag bo-oe it insurance sa andang companiya. Ag ro pangadie-on ngara hay it sa simple eamang nga mawraya ro sueod.

I believe I am always divinely guided;
I believe I will always take the right turn of the road;
I believe God will always make a way where there is no way;
I believe with God all things are possible. /MP

Most Popular Sports In Japan

By Alex Vidal

"No one traveling on a business trip would be missed if he failed to arrive." THORSTEIN VEBLEN

The much-awaited world championship fight to be held in Korakuen Hall in Tokyo will involve Filipino Eriberto Gejon who will tackle world Boxing Association (WBA) minimum weight champion Yutaka Niida on Sept. 1, 2007
I will not be in the ringside when Gejon tries to avenge his split decision setback to the same Japanese warrior two years ago in Yokohama but I am confident that Gejon will pocket the country’s third world boxing title now that Florentino Condes and Nonito Donaire have given the Philippines its first two world crowns this year.
Boxing is extremely popular in Japan today with almost all Japanese boxers dominating the most of the weight categories in the Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) of the latest tally.
Aside from boxing and baseball, the most popular sports in Japan is still the traditional Japanes sport Sumo.
Traditionally, Sumo is considered Japan’s national sport and is one of its most popular sports spectated within Japan. Martial arts such as judo, karate and kendo are also widely practiced and enjoyed by spectators in the country. After the Meiji Restoration, many western sports were introduced in Japan and began to spread through the education system.
The professional baseball league in Japan was established in 1936. Today, baseball is the most popular spectator sport in the country. One of the most famous Japanese baseball players is Ichiro Suzuki, who, having won Japan’s Most Valuable Player award in 1994, 1995 and 1996, now plays in North American major league baseball.
Since the establishment of the Japan Professional Football League in 1992, association football (soccer) has also gained a wide following. Japan was the venue of the Intercontinental Cup from 1981 to 2004 and co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup with South Korea .
Golf is popular in Japan, as is auto racing, the Super GT sports car series and Formula Nippon formula racing.
US$ 130B For Research
Japan is a leading nation in the fields of scientific research, technology, machinery and medical research. Nearly 700,000 researchers share a US$130 billion research and development budget, the third largest in the world.
Some of Japan’s more important technological contributions are found in the fields of electronics, machinery, industrial robotics, optics, chemicals, semiconductors and me-tals. Japan leads the world in robotics, possessing more than half (402,200 of 742,500) of the world’s industrial robots used for manufacturing. It also produces QRIO, ASIMO and Aibo. Japan is also home to six of the world’s 15 largest automobile manufacturers and seven of the world’s 20 largest semiconductor sales leaders.
Japan has significant plans in space exploration, including building a moonbase by 2030. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) conducts space and planetary research, aviation research, and development of rockets and satellites. It also build the Japanese Experiment Module, which is slated to be launched and added to the International Space Station during Space Shuttle assembly flights in 2007 and 2008. /MP

MLGOO Promotes Top–Quality Fooder Crops


Municipal Local Government Operation Officer (MLGOO) Ava Miriam C. Seraspi of Makato, Aklan strongly pleaded to all barangay officials to include in their barangay budget for the establishment of Brgy. Plant Nursery for multiplication of forage/fodder crops which are among the best sources of organic fertilizer for a sustainable organic rice production, Makato One-Town-One-Product (OTOP).
This top–quality fooder for livestock produces manure free from weed seeds (good quality organic fertilizer) as well as high-quality fresh milk and meat, according to Mrs. Seraspi, in relation to her message for Nutrition Month celebration last month.
In response to MLGOO Seraspi’s plea, ABC Pres. Danilo R. Torre; Poblacion, Brgy. Capt. Eufemio G. Dela Cena, and Cayangwan Brgy. Capt. Hector C. Inguin plan the Brgy. Plant Nursery establishment in every barangay for the welfare of farm families and community as well. They agreed to bring this agenda on their monthly meeting this month, to be held at Poblacion Brgy. Hall, Makato.
The Municipal Agricultural Services Office (MASO) recommends the planting of grasses such as Napier, Guinea, and rare bushy Rensonei and Flemingea. These can be intercropped with viny legumes, a very common Centrocemma, tropical kudzu to keep it nutritious, tender and juicy for livestock to produce high-quality fresh milk and meat.
Seven hundred fifty (750) linear meters planted to Napier grass is enough for the entire fodder needs of one carabao weighing about 200 kilograms consuming about 20 kilograms fresh fodder daily. Carabao is a natural shredder, unlike gasoline feed shredder for household/market wastes, said Hon. Torre as he convinced farmers. /MP

Banga Exec Mulls Police Station Building

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Chief Supt. Wilfredo Dulay, Sr., Philippine National Police (PNP) regional director, Region 6, welcomed Banga Mayor Antonio Maming’s proposal for a new site of the town’s police station.
The present PNP station is occupying the ground floor of Banga municipal town hall, with the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan and the Mayor’s Office in the second floor.
First-termer Mayor Maming said, in his inaugural speech on June 30 this year, the establishment of the town’s fire and police station building within three years will be prioritized. The proposed PNP building boasts of decent quarters for the policemen, police community relations office, customer service desks, women and children’s office, adequate inmate cells and restrooms. Maming stressed that his town, often regarded as "Banga the Beautiful," should have a new PNP building to enhance the delivery of police services to his constituents.
Banga is home to the Aklan State University (ASU) main campus.
Along with Mayor Maming on July 30, Dulay conducted an ocular inspection of the proposed site adjacent to the municipal town hall. He also briefed the 22-strong local policemen headed by Insp. Dino Ogasi.
Earlier, Dulay inaugurated the newly-completed P2.5-million Madalag PNP station with Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Madalag Mayor Rex Gubatina, which coincided with the 59th year of separation of Madalag from the town of Libacao.
The blessing and inauguration were witnessed by the Aklan Police and Defense Press Corps (APDPC), mayors of the neighboring towns– Maming (Banga), Dominador Ilio Jr (Malinao), Charito Navarosa (Libacao) and Madalag lady police chief Insp. Avelda Rabino. /MP

Banga Exec Mulls Police Station Building

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Chief Supt. Wilfredo Dulay, Sr., Philippine National Police (PNP) regional director, Region 6, welcomed Banga Mayor Antonio Maming’s proposal for a new site of the town’s police station.
The present PNP station is occupying the ground floor of Banga municipal town hall, with the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan and the Mayor’s Office in the second floor.
First-termer Mayor Maming said, in his inaugural speech on June 30 this year, the establishment of the town’s fire and police station building within three years will be prioritized. The proposed PNP building boasts of decent quarters for the policemen, police community relations office, customer service desks, women and children’s office, adequate inmate cells and restrooms. Maming stressed that his town, often regarded as "Banga the Beautiful," should have a new PNP building to enhance the delivery of police services to his constituents.
Banga is home to the Aklan State University (ASU) main campus.
Along with Mayor Maming on July 30, Dulay conducted an ocular inspection of the proposed site adjacent to the municipal town hall. He also briefed the 22-strong local policemen headed by Insp. Dino Ogasi.
Earlier, Dulay inaugurated the newly-completed P2.5-million Madalag PNP station with Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Madalag Mayor Rex Gubatina, which coincided with the 59th year of separation of Madalag from the town of Libacao.
The blessing and inauguration were witnessed by the Aklan Police and Defense Press Corps (APDPC), mayors of the neighboring towns– Maming (Banga), Dominador Ilio Jr (Malinao), Charito Navarosa (Libacao) and Madalag lady police chief Insp. Avelda Rabino. /MP

Kristine Kim Tocol Vergara Is AFS Youth Exchange & Study Scholar

Ms. Kristine Kim Tocol Vergara, a senior high school student of Calimbajan – Tina National High School, Makato, Aklan, passed the scholarship grant given by the American Field Service (AFS) Youth Exchange and Study program. As an exchange scholar, she will stay for one year and three months with her foster family in Hillsboro, United States of America, Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr. reported.
Kim, as her family and friends fondly call her, is an officer of the RH (Reproductive Health) Youth Organization of Poblacion, Makato. She is also a youth peer counselor trained by the Aklan Provincial government under the leadership of Governor Carlito S. Marquez thru the Provincial Population Office, headed by Mr. Arturo P. Teodosio, Jr., Provincial Population Officer.
Moreover, Kim is a member of the Adolescent Health and Youth Development Program Young Helpers’ Hub (AHYDP-YHH). This is a youth club organized as an offshoot of the AHYDP Peer Counselors Trainer’s training conducted by the Provincial Population Office in coordination with POPCOM 6 and the Aklan State University School of Rural Resource Development, Ibajay, Aklan. According to her, the said training really helped her a lot especially during the interview portion.
Kim admitted, behind her achievement is her being hardworking, patient in everything she does, being natural and true to herself and above all else, having faith in God. "Being poor is not a hindrance to success," she added.
Her feat serves as an inspiration for everyone especially the youth who have high hopes and dreams in life. Kim is Aklan’s pride and that of the whole Western Visayas. /MP

Boracay Hosts PACSA Visayas Convention

The world famous island of Boracay played host to the Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers and Student Leaders (PACSA) 3rd Mid-year convention on August 1 to 3.
Bannered by the theme, "Campus Advising and Student Leadership: Aligning to Culture, Values and Globalization," some 300 student leaders and campus advisers in the Visayas area attended the seminar convention held at La Carmela de Boracay Resort in Sitio Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag, Malay, Aklan. Prof. Carlos Siguion-Reyna, board member of the Directors Guild of the Philippines, Inc. was the keynote speaker of the opening ceremony.
The speakers were Prof. Gilda Montaño, Dean of the Student Affairs of the West Visayas State University (WVSU), Department of Justice (DOJ) State Prosecutor Geronimo Sy, Prof. Eric Divinagracia, Director for Co-Curricular Activities of the University of San Agustin and Rev. Fr. Boy Celiz, parish priest of Mandurriao.
Other activities included sand sculpture competition, beach volleyball, amazing race, island tour and the Mr. & Miss PACSA 2007.
Joe Eric Indico, president of PACSA Visayas Chapter and concurrent Director for Student Affairs of the College of St. John-Roxas De La Salle was the over-all in-charge of the convention. (By Boy Ryan Zabal) /MP

Aklan Joins Synchronized Breastfeeding On August 8

By Venus G. Villanueva

Some six (6) Aklan towns participated in the Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide on August 8, 2007 at exactly 10:00 a.m. Mothers in Aklan municipalities gathered together in a given locality and breastfed their babies at exactly 10:00 a.m. up to 10:01, according to Evangelina Gallega of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, Kalibo, Aklan.
August 1-7 was declared by the President of the Philippines as World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) through Proclamation No. 1113 signed on August 1, 2006, in consonance with the celebration every year of WBW by 120 countries of the world.
Proclamation No. 1113 emphasizes that latest scientific evidence have shown that breastfeeding provides protection against major illnesses in infants and children such as respiratory infections, diarrhea and malnutrition and reduces risk of degenerative diseases well into adulthood; and ensures maternal health by protecting against hemorrhages, uterine prolapse, anemia, certain cancers; osteoporosis, diabetes and other illnesses as well as by facilitating the recovery of mothers from the rigors of pregnancy and birthing, and by helping prevent closely-spaced pregnancy.
"Breastfeeding is the most far-reaching and least costly Poverty Alleviation Strategy of developing countries, especially in the Philippines where the breastfeeding culture is diminishing beyond all reasons. It addresses the issue of national health aside from the issues of food security, economy, ecology, empowerment of wo-men, bonding between mother and child, love and faith," the proclamation stressed.
For Aklan, support for Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide of Governor Carlito S. Marquez has been solicited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office 6 headed by OIC Regional Director Teresita Rosales.
"This year’s event aims to provide measures on how the breastfeeding movement around the world is progressing every year. This movement further aims to achieve the number worldwide that makes all nations cooperate in reviving the breastfeeding culture, and to establish simultaneous breastfeeding as a form of universal prayer for peace and thanksgiving for the gift of motherhood and breastfeeding,"Rosales said in her letter to Gov. Marquez. /MP

Durana: ‘Aklan PNP Is Drug Free’

By Boy Ryan Zabal
Some 18 police chiefs in the Aklan Police Provincial Police (APPO), including support units, submitted themselves to drug tests conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Laboratory.
The 800-strong local policemen drug examination revealed negative results, said Senior Supt. Benigno B. Durana, Jr., Aklan provincial police director.
"The law does not and will not condone any wrongdoing committed by our policemen. If they tend to tarnish the image of the PNP they are mandated to serve, especially, if they are involved in the use of illegal drugs, they could be dismissed from the service," Durana said in a statement during the regular weekly press conference with the Aklan Police and Defense Press Corps (APDPC) last week.
"The APPO is a drug free zone. The drug-testing for members of the police force is our share in the government’s anti-drug abuse campaign," he stressed.
Any policeman whose drug test is positive for use of prohibited drugs will be administratively charged which is tantamount to dismissal from the police service and charged criminally under the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002," Durana pointed out. /MP

Aklan’s Slain Marine Kin To Receive Erap Assistance

By Boy Ryan Zabal

The family of the slain Philippine Marines Private First Class Jhonard Allanza is one of the recipients of the financial assistance and scholarship grants from "Erap Para Sa Mahihirap" and "Saludo sa Kawal Pilipino Foundation" set up by former President Joseph Estrada.
The P500,000 assistance is part of the P7 million for the 14 Marines killed, 10 of whom were beheaded and mutilated by Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Abu Sayyaf fighters on July 10 in Basilan province.
Aside from Allanza of Brgy. Mandong, Batan, Aklan, the families of Privates First Class Elizar Semeniano, Reuben Doronio Jr., Freddie Palma Jr., Arjorin Alezar, and Emmanuel Beup; Private Emilio Lachica Jr.; Staff Sergeant Bernard Abes of Tawi-Tawi, Technical Sergeant Noel Bautista of Tagum City, Private First Class Wilfredo Lamban of Sultan Kudarat, Sergeant Cayetano Simbajon of Agusan Del Sur, Corporal Russel Panaga of Albay, and Sergeants Gerardo Licup and Rey Callueng will also receive the compensation and benefits.
Estrada is facing a P4 billion plunder case filed against him by the national government in 2001 before the Special Division of the anti-graft court: Sandiganbayan.
The slain 14 Marines were sent to Tipo Tipo town, Basilan to verify reports of the presence of Italian Catholic missionary Giancarlo Bossi kidnapped in Zamboanga Sibugay on June 10, 2007 by Islamic militants. But some 300 MILF fighters engaged them in a ten-hour gun battle while on their way back to their camp.
The 57-year old Bossi was released in the evening of July 19, 2007 by a renegade group of MILF members in the southern province of Lanao del Norte in Mindanao. The family of the fallen soldiers would receive P100,000 financial assistance from Malacañang P15,000 burial assistance from the Philippine Navy, and P50,000 from the Philippine Marines Mutual Special Financial Assistance. /MP