Thursday, May 26, 2011

Albar’s Continued Stay At MKWD Is Untenable

Mr. Renato T. Albar’s "acts tended to diminish the faith of the employees under him in his integrity and responsibility as their General Manager, and because his acts encouraged, rather than discouraged, people into believing that he was a dispenser or peddler of undue patronage in violation of Sec. 4 (b) of R.A. 6713, respondent (Albar) should be held liable for the administrative offense of "Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interests of the Service". This is the conclusion of the office of the Ombudsman (Visayas) after its thorough investigation of the Complaint – OMB-V-A-08-0209-F filed by Mr. Socrates C. Macoy against General Manager Renato T. Albar; Ms. Allyn T. Badilles, finance officer; Ms. Felisa A. Buyoc – vice chairman; Ms. Nikki C. Fujas – secretary; and Mr. Gerry Luces who are all of Metro Kalibo Water District Provident Fund – Association, Inc. (MKWDFFAI) or PROFUND.

After its thorough investigation held, the Ombudsman (Visayas) found "substantial evidence to hold respondent Renato T. Albar liable for Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interests of the Service. He is hereby meted the penalty of nine (9) months suspension without pay… with a stern warning that repetition or commission of the same or similar offense would be dealt with more severely".

"The administrative case for Dishonesty/Grave Misconduct Against respondents Felisa A. Buyoc, NIKKI C. FUJAS, Gerry Luces and Allyn L. Badilles is hereby dismissed for lack of substantial evidence".

The complaint was filed with the Ombudsman (Visayas) in 1997 after the MKWD established a Provident Fund Plan Program (PFPP) for the benefits of all its regular employees which was administered by the Board of Trustees. But these same employees were then members of the Kalibo Water District Employees Union (KWDEU). Its fund sources were the 4 percent of their basic salary and 6 percent of basic salary as MKWD contribution.

After his appointment as MKWD general manager, and the KWDEU became critical of Albar’s management style and policies, Albar initiated the formation of a Provident Fund or PROFUND. Albar became chairman of its Board of Directors with members Albar himself handpicked. The PROFUND was registered with the SEC. Its fund came from 5 – 7 percent of their basic salary as their monthly contribution. Albar as general manager of MKWD authorized the disbursement of MKWD fund from its operation income equivalent from 6 – 18 percent of the basic salary of employees who are members of the profound. Albar also initiated the transfer of KWDEU to the PROFUND.

According to the complaint, Albar campaigned for the transfer of members from MKWDEU to PROFUND; the COA consistently disallowed from 2003 to 2007 the disbursement of funds to the PROFUND from MKWD’s operation income.

According to the complainant Macoy, MKWD contribution to PROFUND was illegal and in violation of Administrative Order No. 279 of President Corazon C. Aquino, and Executive Order No. 641 issued by Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

In their Join Counter Affidavit, Albar et al denied all these above stated allegations. In support to their denials Albar et al submitted to the Ombudsman the following: Minutes of MKWD Board Meetings held on June 13, 1999; July 8, 2003, General Meeting; July 17, 2003 MKWD Employees meeting; July 17, 2003 MKWD Employees Meeting; and MKWD Employees Resolution No. 001; Board Consideration No. 008 – 2003; Minutes of the MKWD Employees Meeting on July 29, 2003; Resolutions Nos. 002-2003 and 003-2003 among other evidences the respondents thought it will help them get acquitted of the complaint.

There were several exchanges of allegations and defenses made between the complainant and the respondents.

However, after "going by the chronological order of events", the Ombudsman (Visayas) said, "as the General Manager…Albar is at the forefront of the actions of its employees being their head of office," he had some kind of personal interest in PROFUND registration.

"Albar’s apparent preference of his private interest over his public duty affects public trust". "Albar’s acts tended to diminish the faith of the employees under him in his integrity and responsibility as their General Manager…his acts encouraged, rather than discouraged, people into believing that he was a dispenser or peddler of undue patronage"…Albar "should be held liable for the administrative offense of Conduct Prejudicial to the Best Interests of the Service.

Hence, Renato T. Albar is suspended as general manager of MKWD for nine (9) months without pay. He is warned, repetition or commission of the same or similar offense will be dealt with more severely.

After Mr. Albar has fully served his penalty, it will be for his best interest to resign his position in the MKWD. The Board of Directors of MKWD will, as well as, find a graceful exit for Mr. Alba. His continued stay with MKWD as general manager is now untenable. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Pakpak Sa Kabantogan

Culasi, Antique celebrated its municipal religious fiesta with two grand activities: 1. Pakpak sa Kabantogan, and 2. Mutya Sang Madyaas.

Pakpak sa Kabantogan is an Amateur Singing Contest which enticed almost all people, especially the young, who are so in love of music and with the propensity to sing. The contest allowed across municipal participation and involved all barangays. The process of elimination took two months, culminated during the town fiesta in March when the champion and runners up selected and awarded.

The Mutya Sang Madyaas is an annual beauty contest that portrays the grandeur of Madyaas Mountain overlooking the Municipality of Culasi. As shown in Kalibo Cable Television, the municipal beauty contest showed the 4Bs of pageant participants: body, brilliance, beauty, and brain.


This Mutya Sang Madyaas is in contrast to that in Banga. In Banga, its Mayor invited Amay Visaya, a comedian who transformed the otherwise extollation of the desirable characteristics of Filipino woman into a humorous atmosphere. For about one hour the audience forgot its problems at home while Amay Visaya unfolded his series of comedies.

Indeed what does desirable virtues of the Filipino woman mean when the Filipino is living below the poverty threshold? What does beauty mean when 41 percent of the Aklanons are living in poverty? Comedians can made them laugh, forget their worries even just for an hour but not always.

And this took place in the evening of May 1, 2011 during the coronation pageant of Queen Regine Lorraine, Miss Mayflower 2011.

In Culasi, Antique, they uncover the 4Bs of the Filipino woman, in Banga, Aklan, they invite a comedian to entertain the audience during the coronation pageant.

Streamlining Gov’t Procurement

President Benigno Aquino III has expanded the government procurement process and increased the limit of advance payments on purchase contracts in a bid to give equal opportunities to local suppliers and make sure tax coffers stay protected in case of a bad deal.

Pinoy signed Memorandum Order (MO) No. 15 on May 9 that allows government agencies to make advance payments of up to 15 percent of the contract price of goods, supplies and materials purchased locally or from abroad, provided that these transactions are secured by an irrevocable letter of credit or bank guarantee.

Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr. said MO 15 amended a provision in the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) 9184 or the Government Procure-ment Reform Act, which allows a 10 percent advance payment for goods supplied from overseas.

RA 9184 provides a specific and limited exceptions to the rule against advance payment as prescribed in Section 88 of the Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1445, or the Government Auditing Code. The Code generally prohibits advance pay-ment for services not yet rendered or for supplies and materials not yet delivered under any government contract unless prior approval of the President is obtained.

"The purpose of the prohibition against advance payment is to protect the government from the possibility of not receiving goods, supplies and materials for which it has already paid. However, this problem is squarely addressed by the requirement of prior submission of an irrevocable letter of credit or bank guarantee from which the government may seek reimbursement when necessary and without complication," Ochoa pointed out.

"The presidential directive was based on the recommendation of the National Economic Development Authority  (NEDA) to raise the allowable amount of advance payment to 15 percent from 10 percent of the contract amount," Ochoa said. /MP

Akelco Installs 4 BOD Members

Akelco will hold its 28th Annual General Membership Assembly on Saturday afternoon, May 28 at Lezo, Aklan. The assembly is centered on the theme: Demanding Excellence: Akelco In A Liberalized Power Industry.

The Annual General Membership Assembly is a whole afternoon activity which will start with Part I at 12:30 to 1:30 in the afternoon with the arrival and registration of members. It will end with a raffle draw.

Part II of the program is the opening ceremony consisting of doxology, singing of the national anthem, Aklan Hymn, and EC Panunumpa, all by Akelco Choral Society.

Engr. Celso D. Tajanlangit will recognize the delegates and guests. Mr. Paterno I. Ibarreta will give the opening remarks. Hon. Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr., the guest speaker will be introduced by Atty. Ariel B. Gepty.

Ms. Gaynor A. Calizo will sing a song after the speech of Cong. Haresco. The intermission number over, Cong. Haresco will induct to office the four (4) newly elected members of the Board of Directors (BOD), Akelco. They are Norma A. Salido of Malay & Nabas, Rodrigo M. Quimpo of Numancia & Kalibo, Samuel R. Remegia, Jr. of New Washington & Batan, and Haydeen G. Bandiola of Boracay Island, Malay.
BOD president Wayne T. Malilay and general manager Chito R. Peralta will present a Plaque to the guest of honor and speaker, Hon. Teodoro T. Haresco, Jr.

The four newly installed members of the BOD will give their respective messages. Part II of the program will end with an intermission number by graduates of the Basic Lineman’s Course.

Part III is Business Meeting to be presided by BOD president Wayne T. Malilay. Matters to take up are the consideration of the minutes of the previous AGMA, BOD report by Wayne T. Malilay, General Manager’s report by Chito R. Peralta, other matters, and open forum.

Jose Francisco M. Ramos & Maria Luvigrena G. Juliano are the master and lady dean of ceremonies respectively. /MP

BES Supports Brigada Eskwela

by Joyce M. Toriaga

This 2011 National Schools Maintenance Week commenced on May 23 to 28, 2011 as DepEd-wide activity. The Department of Education (DepEd) does it to ensure all public school facilities be set in time for the forthcoming school opening.

Banga Elementary School started it with the caravan from the District office went around the town plaza to whole of Poblacion. The District Supervisor Mrs. Perla Y. Inocencio, and Mrs. Lydia I. Fernandez, the Principal IV of Banga Elementary School headed the caravan. All the teachers and DepEd employees joined the caravan which finally stopped in Banga Elementary School compound 1 and 2 to commence the kick-off ceremony where all the education stakeholders contributed their time, effort and resources.

Many parents and other supporters did volunteer work, donated t-shirts for the teachers uniform during the brigade. Others offered snacks and in kind for everybody’s use.

Division Personnel came on the first day of the Brigada, Mrs. Corazon G. Beluzo, ES 1 in Social Studies and Miss Jessie Y. Gerardo ES 1 in Science. They visited Banga Elementary School as part of their monitoring and campaign for the Brigada Eskwela. They were happy to see all the teachers in uniform and in action. Brigada Eskwela is a week long activity to prepare all schools and classrooms well organized and structured before the school year begins. /MP

Importance of Service Excellence In Business


Center for Industrial Competitiveness, an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) hosted a Multisectoral Training on Pro-Active Programs for Competitiveness held May 16 at Hernani’s Mix and Match, L. Barrios St., Kalibo, Aklan.

Noel Millares, Trade and Industry Development Analyst, DTI-CIC started the seminar with an Orientation on the Proactive Programs and Competitiveness.

DTI-Aklan Provincial Director Engr. Diosdado P. Cadena, Jr. said, "excellent service is profitable; therefore, we have to strive for the service industry to become competitive as the industry is growing." In his welcome remarks, Cadena emphasized to the delegates that "service excellence is not just about skills, it’s a matter of attitude." In today’s not-so-optimistic news on television and radio, he advised and encouraged the tri-media and the delegates present.

Edna Ella Lachica, Acting Chief of DTI-CIC presented the Service Excellence Module. She made sure the similar tag-line of "MAMAMAYAN MUNA, DI MAMAYA NA" is given emphasis during the training. The event is part of DTI’s Total Quality Management program to help business owners in their alignment of customer service approach in any service industry.

Lachica emphasized the CUSTOMER FOCUS attitude. Understanding ourselves and the customers are of utmost importance. For whatever a customer wants today may not be what his wants tomorrow.

Also, there is a need to level up our service standard for customer satisfaction. The importance of service excellence is how business displays its attitude towards the customers who influenced business behavior. Essentially, the level of satisfaction is always dependent on how grateful business is. Moreover, skills on handling customers must also be given importance.

Alice Fernandez, Senior Trade & Industry Development Specialist (STIDS), DTI-CIC presented EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION MODULE. The science and practice of transmitting information depend on not the way one says it but how he says it.

Conditions Which Hinder Effective Communication were presented. She emphasized positive attitude and behavior that are ideal in doing business. Some tips on Critical Steps for Effective Written Communication, specifically on polishing our writing style and choosing the right words in our communication that are essentials to our everyday business dealings and the 7 C’s of Communication as part of the modules were also discussed. /MP

Reason & Concern

by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

On The End of The World, Again!

The end of the world had again been predicted to occur on May 21,2011. The Mayan calendar has the world’s end scheduled on December 21, 2012. Others have different predictions and versions on Armageddon. (Thank God, it was false prediction – Editor).

Reaction from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) emphatically adverse and opposed to the May 21, 2011 end of the world prediction coming from and alleged soothsayer occupied headlines in some national broad-sheets inclusive of broadcasts and television commentaries.

We can expect the rise of allege or fake soothsayers out to earn added followers, nay, income or sow fear to a perceived gullible people utilizing propaganda methods that can attract or easily sway people to believe.

Catholics would stress that even the Blessed Virgin Mary is not aware when the end of the world shall come albeit she is considered Co-Redemptioner. 

Only the Father in Heaven, or for that matter, God the Father, knows when it shall come.

I have to go over some notes on the world’s end. The  issue on the world’s end is open-ended. Even as this is so, I had thought of quoting a view on the issue, thus:
"Many dire events are predicted in God’s Word, but there is no indication that all things will come to an end. The Bible says that mankind has the hope of going on forever.

"All who place trust in Jesus Christ will escape eternal death and destruction. Through the shedding of His blood, He has gained victory over sin - the ultimate cause of decay.

"So when this corruptible shall put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have part in immortality, then shall be brought to the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in Victory. O death where is thy sting? (1 Cor. 15:54-55).

"There is no immediate end for Planet Earth, but there is a type of end that threatens most of mankind. Any one who dies in sin will face an outcome far worse than the world coming to an end. In hell, there is no conclusive escape from suffering. The punishment for sin goes night and day forever and ever.

Come Now, and let us reason together, with the Lord though you miss your sins as scarlet, the end shall be as white as snow, though they be red as crimson, they shall be as wool. (Isa. 1:18)". /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Kakapid Nga Kataw

Nagabaton it eabahan si Luisa sa mga may kaya nga mga pamilya. Idto imaw naga eaba sa suba agod owa it bayad sa tubi. Naka asawa imaw it mahugod, si Kardo. Ag si Kardo ro naga hatod kana sa suba parabil mag adto sa anang eanas. Samtang naga eaba si Luisa hay naga kinanta man imaw. Owa imaw nakasayod nga may mga sirena nga naga pinamati gali sa anang kanta.

Isaeang adlaw, owa it kanta nga habatian ro mga kataw, busa masubo sanda sa mga kabatuhan. Nag unga gali si Luisa busa, owa ka labada. Pagguwa ko onga, puro himbis ro anang eawas. Guin pangaean kay Sarina. Nasayuran ko mga tawo ro pagkatawo ni Sarina busa abo nga mga unga nga nahadlok kana. Para magtahaw ro kutso-kutso it mga tawo, nag paeagiw ro magpamilya. Owa it iba nga guina hampangan si Sarina kundi sa suba. Ko olihi, nagpaeapit kana ro mga kataw ag nangin kahampang nanda.

Ko olihi, guin daea si Sarina sa kaharian it mga sirena. Malipayon imaw sa kaharian it mga sirena ag kon mag uli imaw, guina pabaeonan pa imaw it mga perlas.

Nag abot ro kapistahan sa andang baryo. Bu-ot ko mga sirena nga mag intra imaw agud maging reyna it kapistahan. Guin taw-an imaw it mga perlas agod ibaligya ag ihueog sa urna. Pagkatapos it paghuyap, nagdaog si Sarina nga mabahoe ro abante.
Pag abot it bisperas it kapistahan, guin tuya-tuya imaw tongod reyna kuno imaw it mga himbis. Napahuya it abu si Sarina. Nag uli imaw nga naga tangis. Pagkasayod ko mga kataw, guin daea imaw sa andang reyna. Idto guin taw-an imaw it banyos nga gulaman. Ibanyos nana pag abot sa gabi-i it koronasyon.

Ko gabi-i ngaron, hakibot ro tanan nga mga tawo pagkakita kay Sarina. Ka gwapa-gwapa imaw sa anang mala prinsesa nga biste ag pareho it porselana nga mga gamit. Abo nga kaeaeakihan ro nabighani kay Sarina. Isaeang ka mabuot ag uniko iho nga si Roberto ro anang naging asawa. Nalipay man ro mga sirena tongod nangin malipayon man ro andang amigang si Sarina. /MP

Boracay Island Task Force Inspects Soil Erosion

Boracay Island Task Force conducted ocular inspection in the Island of Boracay last week after being informed of the soil erosion damaging stakeholders’ resorts and hotels.

According to the task force Boracay, they scrutinized the situation of the sand being eroded for immediate action. The problems identified will be included in their next quarterly meeting.

The said task force includes the representatives from the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Department of Tourism in provincial and Municipal Governments of Aklan. /MP

PFDS Conducts 31st National Workshop For Teachers

by Joyce M. Toriaga

The 31st National folk Dance Workshop for Teachers was conducted on May 16-2, 2011 at the Manuel Y. Torres Memorial Complex, Bago City, Negros Occidental. It addressed the needs and concerns of teachers in folk dance education and production, develop understanding and appreciation for Filipino traditions in dance and music. It paid tribute to pioneering Filipino Folk Dance researchers by reviving, teaching and promoting their outstanding works and contribution.

The teachers in all levels¸ dancers, dance trainers, directors and choreographers were the participants. Among them were Joyce M. Toriaga, Regina N. Meliton, Zarha Restar, Pedrito Mabasa, Jr., Juan Salazar and 3 others in the Division of Aklan, and two (2) versatile dance trainers served as resource speakers namely: Antonio "Boy" Li and Edwin Masangkay whose dances introduced received commendable praises from the participants. The two trainers are National Officers of the Philippine Folk Dance Society worthy to be proud of as Aklanons.

The workshop was highlighted with a program of festivals and tribute to the 101st birthday celebration of Libertad Villanueva Fajardo, a pride of Bago City, a dance scholar and specialist who contributed to the development of Philippine Folk Dance through her teaching and research. She was among those who pioneered in the sustained and systematic documentation of Philippine Folk Dances.

The participants gave their best in performing 12 folk dances during the 5 day workshop.

The workshop finally ended with a Negros Occidental tour, dancing parade and workshop show case where everyone enjoyed and showed their best in dancing. /MP

Aklan Remains Poorest In Region VI


Believe it or not, despite the tourism boom in this province, 38 percent of the total Aklanon families are living within or below the poverty threshold.

This is one of the highlights of the report released by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) as contained in its 2009 Official Poverty Statistics in a Poverty Forum held at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall on May 19, 2011, just after the launching of the National Statistical Information Center (NSIC) at the 2nd Floor of the Provincial Capitol Building, Kalibo, Aklan.

The poverty incidence report for Aklan in 2009 used the refined methodology but both the NSCB old and refined methodology Official Poverty Statistics showed the same trend or pattern. Poverty incidence in Aklan had been increasing since 2003 in the old methodology. Poverty incidence in Aklan in 2003 is 33.5 percent of the total families, 42.6 percent in 2006 and 50.9 percent in 2009. In the refined methodology, 30.2 percent of the total numbers of families in Aklan are poor, 32.2 percent in 2006, and 38.1 percent in 2009.

The NSCB had been refining its methodology in official poverty estimation since 1992, which was first adopted in 1987. The refinements were made so as not to over estimate poverty. In 2003, it was further refined by using regional menus priced using provincial prices. The refinements in 2010 were undertaken to enhance comparability of estimate across space and over time.

The official poverty statistics of NSCB classifies poverty estimation into two: the food poor or core poor or subsistence incidence; and the poor or poverty incidence.

The food poor refers to families or individuals with per capita income less than the per capita food threshold while the poor refers to families or individuals with per capita income less than per capita poverty threshold. Poverty threshold refers to the minimum income required for the family or individual to meet the basic food and non-food requirements.

In 2009, a family of 5 in Aklan needed P162 per day to meet the basic food needs and P232 per day to stay out of poverty. This is much higher than the national average where a family of 5 needed P160 daily income to meet food needs and P231 per day to stay out of poverty. In Region VI, a family of 5 needed P154 per day to meet their basic food needs and P220 per day to stay out of poverty.

This means that the cost of living in the Province of Aklan is higher than in the region and thus the national level.

In 2006, 13 out of 100 families in Aklan were considered food poor while in 2009, 17 out of 100 families could not cope with their food requirements.

Aklan was poorer than Antique with 29.1 percent of its total number of families living below the poverty threshold, Negros Occidental with 24.4 percent Capiz with 22.6 percent, Iloilo 19.9 percent, and Guimaras, 13.3 percent (2009 figures).

The 2009 official poverty statistics was presented in the said poverty forum by Bernadette Balamban, Chief, Poverty, Labor, Human Development and Gender, Statistics Division, NSCB.

The source from the National Economic and Development Authority said that tourism receipts of about P14 billion annually brought by 700 thousand tourist arrivals in Boracay has no trickle down effect on Aklan’s population but only benefit the business sector and not the marginalized population of the province. This is evident in the fact that even the town of Malay is included in the national government 4P’s program. The same source further added that excellence in local governance has no direct bearing to poverty reduction, Malay being a 1st class municipality and Aklan, soon to be classified as a 1st class province. /MP

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Talents In NVC Special Summer Workshops

by Gloria T. Villas

The Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) Special Summer Workshops 2011 presented a Musicale entitled NATURE AND RHYTHM. It was held at Carmen Salas Quimpo Gymnasium, Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan on Saturday evening, May 14.

The musical: Nature and Rhythm is the product of the one month workshop that started on April 11, 2011 and ended with this culminating activity. Workshops were conducted at NVC Kalibo and NVC Boracay Island Campus with a total of 435 enrollees in different workshops offered such as Art/painting, Computer Kiddie Camp, Keyboard Lessons, Dance Lessons, Cooking and Food Preparations, Theatre Arts, Violin Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Voice Lessons, Speech Lessons, Martial Arts, Sports Clinic, and Tutorials for Academic Subjects.

"Through these workshops we hope to build each child the ideals of human character. Through their eyes and works, we see the beauty of God and God’s creation." Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, NVC President pointed out in his speech.

Exhibits of outputs of the kids were also displayed at the NVC Gymnasium ground that exemplified the main objective of the activity: to discover and develop the innate talents and skills of children in the province of Aklan and its neighboring provinces.

For almost a decade since the Special Summer Workshops started, it is truly anticipated and actively participated. Every year, it continues to pave its way to greater heights in developing the children’s skills in different perspectives of their identity. /MP

Reason & Concern

by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Man Down

There is general awareness that the month of March is a month long celebration in the Philippines and throughout the world in honor of women and their contribution to culture, business and politics. As such, and as a matter of retrospect Kapihan sa Aklan had women leaders and women organizations as guests in its Saturday program for well over three Saturdays of March 2011.

I remember that on March 5,2011 at the Smokehaus restaurant, I had occasion to  note and emphasized that a new book about women had been announced in certain book stores in the United States of America. I quoted the book to be authored by NBC News chief legal analyst, Dan Abrams. And the title:" Man Down Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else "

It was not until May l4, 2011 Kapihan Sa Aklan that Melrose "Megs" S. Lunn, the new and first woman president of the Aklan Press Club, Inc. presented to me a copy of the said book for me to read. I had it borrowed on condition that I shall have it read fast and within the next Kapihan, I shall have returned it as there are other journalists who would like to have it read or borrowed.

It surprised me to note that the book has several topics on women, namely:

Women Are Cooler, Women Handle Failed Relationships Better, Women Tolerate Pain Better (and Men Bitch About it More), Women Are Better Beer (and Wine) Tasters, Women Are Better Spies, Women Are Better Competitive Eaters, Women Are Better with Hammers, Women Are Better Video Gamers, Women Appreciate a Good Joke Better, Women Are Better Gamblers,

Women Get Ready Faster Than Men, Women Are Smarter, Women Have Better Memories, Women Are Better Investors, Women Are Better at Faking Attraction, Women Are Better at Avoiding Internet Fraud, Women Are Better Students, Women Are Better at Social Media, Women Are Better Citizens, Women Are Better Drivers,  Women in Politics Are Less Corrupt, Women Have Better Bathroom Manners. Women Are Better at Giving and Following Directions, Women Vote More,

Women Are Healthier, Women Have Better Muscular Endurance, Women Live Longer, Women Are Less Likely to Struck by Lightning, Women Are Better Sleepers, Women Have Strong Immune Systems, Women Are Getting Better Looking Faster Than Men, Women Have a Better Sense of Smell, Women Are Better Professionals, Women Are Better Cops.

Women Are Better World Leaders, Women Are Better Hedge Fund Managers, Women Are Better Doctors, Women Are Better Newscasters, Women Are Better Loan Officers, Women Are Better At Navigating A Tough Economy, Women Are Better at Gathering Mushrooms in a Remote Part of Mexico.

I would not add more to Dan Abrams topics. I remember the Harry Belafonte 1960 song which became too popular worldwide "Man Smart, Woman Smarter." /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Eahong Sa Puno It Akasya

May isaeang ka mabahoe nga puno it akasya nga naga tubo sa isaeang ka lugar. Magueang eon rondayang puno. Suno sa mga katigueangan sa ratong barangay, una eon sanda naga hampang sa puno nga may mabahoe nga eahong. Rondaya ro guina panilungan ko mga bakero kon magbantay sa andang mga hayop. Isaea eon si Amber nga guina bayaran ro anang serbisyo sa pagbantay ko mga hayop it ibang tawo.

Isaeang adlaw, nagkinilat, madamoe ro gae-um. Nag umang ro mga hayop, nag-dinaeagan. Guin inusoy ni Amber ro anang mga hayop pagkatapos it kidlat. Hakita nana ro iba, ogaling abo guid nga kueang. Tongod masyado ro oean, nanilong anay imaw sa eahong it akasya hasta hakatoeogan imaw. Sa anang pagmuk-eat pagkataliwan it daywang oras, idto imaw sa isaeang ka palasyo.

May kaharian gali sa idaeum it akasya. Mga mabuot ro mga tawo idto. Guin serbihan imaw ko pinaka reyna ogaling owa guid imaw magbaton. Hadumduman abi nana ro suguilanon ko anang lola nga indi gid magkaon sa lugar it mga engkanto. Sa uwa magbuhay, hadumduman nana ro anang mga hayop busa nag-eaong imaw nga mag uli. Sa anang pagmuk-eat it uman, idto eon imaw sa liwan it eahong ag kompleto eon man tanan ro anang mga hayop.

Tongod karon, bo-ot gid nga magbinalik–balik si Amber sa lugar it mga engkanto. Nangin kahampang nana ro dalagita nga prinsesa. Kada uli nana, guina pabaeonan imaw it mga eoy-a nga pag-abot sa liwan hay nangin bueawan. Guin regaluhan pa imaw it isaeang ka baston. Rondaya ro guina haboy nana sa mga lobo nga naga kaon sa anang mga hayop. Rondayang baston hay naga kaeayo man, busa owa it mapintas nga hayop ro makasu-od sa anang mga hayop.

Nangin hamtong eon nga binata si Amber. Bu-ot nana nga ibalik eon sa tag ana ro andang mga hayop. Nag ea-ong imaw nga magpanaw sa maeayo nga lugar. Ogaling, sa kamatuoran, idto man-lang imaw nag adto sa lugar it mga engkanto. Owa it naka sayod kon siin mag adto si Amber.

Ko olihi, imaw ro nangin asawa ko prinsesa ag malipayon imaw sa rondayang kaharian. Kon mahayag ro buean, naga guwa imaw it mahipus agod masayran ro pag pangabuhi it mga tawo. Hakikibot eamang ro mga tawo kon makakita it mga pagkaon nga prutas ag pilang sipi nga eoy-a sa andang ogsaran.

Hasta makaron, buhi pa si Amber sa ibang katawohan. Una imaw sa mga mabinuligon sa pobre, sa mga malimpyo it panghuna-huna ag tagipusuon nga naga batyag sa kapigaduhan it iba. Abo nga Amber una sa aton nga palibot. Ikaw isaea ka man baea? /MP

“Parang Sardinas, Walang Ulo” *

SP Member, Aklan

*A privilege speech delivered during the 17th Aklan SP Regular Session held on Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at the SP Session Hall, Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan.

Mister Chairman, I rise today on a question of privilege.

The Irish-born British author Laurence Sterne said: "To have a respect for ourselves guides our morals; and to have deference for others governs our manners."

Yesterday morning, Ms. Vicky Ramos, Provincial Co-chairman of the Aklan Tourism Council and Regional Chairman of the Western Visayas Tourism Council, was heard over the airwaves in a local radio station saying: "Up to this point, sabi-sabi lang ito - - -" Persons may be misinterpreted - - -" "They have their integrity and good name to protect - - -" Baka intriga lang ito - - -"

A voice of sobriety and prudence, that was how she sounded, but only after a lot of brickbats and wrongful imputations have been thrown at one person whose only fault was that he was a good soldier – Mr. Perfecto R. Belarmino.

What is it all about Mister Chair?

When the Municipal Mayor of Kalibo wrote the airline managers on May 2, 2011, he was merely requesting photocopy on Mr. Belarmino’s incentives as basis for legislative action regarding fees or charges that may be imposed by the LGU – Kalibo on Airline Companies. But when he discussed it in public on the morning of May 12, 2011 over the airwaves in a local radio station, he was imputing something was wrong in the assignment of Mr. Perfecto Belarmino, Agricultural Technologist of the LGU-Kalibo as Veterinary Quarantine Officer at the Kalibo Airport who according to his reliable source was receiving (US) 2,500.00 dollars per International flight from airline companies. And it is sounded like Mr. Belarmino and the CIQ Team members were demanding "SOP", extorting even, from the airlines, to the detriment of our flourishing tourism industry.

He even brought this concern to the attention of the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo which included it in the Order of Business for the regular session in the afternoon of that same day.

Kudos, however, to the honorable members of that August body, who agreed to defer action until the airline managers have answered the Kalibo Municipal Mayor’s letter of May 12, 2011.

James, the slave of the Lord, had exhorted and warned in the New Testament:" Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak".

What really are the facts, Mister Chair, behind Mr. Belarmino’s assignment at the Kalibo Airport?

On September 13, 2007 then Secretary Arthur Yap of the Department of Agriculture issued Special Order No. 491, Series of 2007, DEPUTIZING Mr. Perfecto Belarmino, an Agricultural Technologist of LGU – Kalibo as Veterinary Quarantine Officer assigned at the Kalibo Airport.

As DEPUTIZED Veterinary Quarantine Inspector, Mr. Belarmino shall enforce rules and regulations pertaining to veterinary Quarantine under the supervision of the Quarantine Services, Bureau of Animal Industry and DA Regional Field Unit VI.

That order took effect immediately and will remain in force until revoked.

As the Hon. Florencio T. Miraflores, Cong.. Lone District of Aklan explained yesterday (Tuesday) morning, (May 17) at a local radio station, the CIQ or Custom, Immigration and Quarantine are national functions. The Kalibo Airport in 2007 sorely lacked the facilities and the personnel complement for an International Airport. But the rapidly growing tourism market demanded it so. This reality to have an international airport is through the effort of the Former Municipal Mayor and Congressman of Aklan, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores, Governor Carlito S. Marquez, and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan headed by Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo.

There were Customs and Immigration personnel assigned at the Iloilo International Airport and the Iloilo International Seaport who were designated at the Kalibo Airport. The DA, as was its practice all over the country deputized local agriculture personnel because many of its employees were already devolved to local government units. Mr. Belarmino, the good soldier that he was, merely followed the Special Order of the DA Secretary. Mr. Belarmino is THE ONLY AKLANON AND KALIBONHON who had been given a privilege to work as Quarantine Officer in the Kalibo International Airport, Province of Aklan.

If there is a flaw in that arrangement, the issue should have been addressed to the DA central office. Do not bark at the wrong tree. It is not correct to hit Mr. Belarmino for an assignment he merely obeyed, just because the arrangement agreed upon by the authorities gave the CIQ team members at the Kalibo International Airport P1,500.00 per member per flight of an international flight, as Congressman Miraflores explained, which was also the incentive given to CIQ Team members at the NAIA, at Cebu Inter-national Airport, at Davao International Airport.

Mr. Belarmino is but a regular employee of the LGU Kalibo. As such he performed his duties well. He has no derogatory record in his long government service. Was it wrong for him to receive an incentive enjoyed by other quarantine officers, by operation of law or enforcement of agreements? Then correct the system if it is flawed! But do not destroy the innocent and ordinary employees.

Already, the Kalibo Municipal Mayor has recalled him and assigned somebody to take his place at the Kalibo International Airport. This he announced on Monday over a local radio station without any proper order to Mr. Belarmino, who the good soldier that he always is, reported to work at the Agricultural Services Division of the LGU – Kalibo, before eight o’clock in the morning of Monday, May 16, 2011. I am pretty sure that the Municipal Mayor of Kalibo has no business replacing a Veterinary Quarantine Officer deputized by the DA Secretary. While the deputization order by the Secretary of Agriculture remains operative, Mr. Belarmino is duty bound to report every time an international flight arrives.

If the situation is changed where the Municipal Mayor of Kalibo recommends the replacement of Mr. Belarmino with other personnel from the Agricultural Services Division of Local Government Unit of Kalibo and also deputized by the DA Secretary, would the new deputized Quarantine Officer refuse the incentives for services rendered of Php1,500.00 per flight? So that he may not be deemed also as an "Extortionist".

In our lives Mister Chairman, four things do not come back: the bullet once it is fired from a gun, the opportunity neglected, the time past, and the word already spoken.
As Vicky Ramos had said, "Up to this point, sabi-sai lang ito…"

But Mr. Perfecto Belarmino’s integrity and reputation has already been tarnished his character and dignity tattered, by the words so recklessly spoken.

Again, if the Municipal Mayor of Kalibo is serious in reforming this practice of giving incentives, I suggest he talk(s) to Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine National offices and restore the maligned dignity of Mr. Perfecto Belarmino.

I am reminded of the words used by a Barangay Chief Executive in describing a local chief executive "parang sardinas, walang ulo".
More so, "walang puso"! /MP

Nabas Celebrates Bariw Festival

The Municipality of Nabas, Aklan celebrated its 9th year Bariw Festival on May 15-16 in honor to St. Isidore Labrador. This occasion served as a thanksgiving tradition for giving Nabas a source of income from "Bariw" as the main material. The people makes mats, hats, bags and other articles that Nabas is proudly exporting to other places.

The Bariw Festival started with the Holy Mass on Sunday morning, May 15 followed by street dancing competitions (Mardi grass). Participants came from 10 Barangays which joined the said competition. The TRIBU Kabangrusan (Union), tribu Adbadyang (Habana), tribu Kalikasan (Laserna), tribu Panaytayon (Toledo), tribu Tapi-tapi (Poblacion), Nagustan, Buenafortuna, Alimbo Bay-bay, and Magallanes. All the tribes wore costumes that are made of bariw and bori to emphasize the nature of Nabas.

On the next day, May 16, there was "hakwat sinasa" relay, "riras bariw", and mat weaving contests. The Torch and Sagala parade were held in the evening which the Nabas PNP led followed by local government officials of Nabas and the people present in that occasion.

The Sagala contests consisted of seven (7) lovely ladies of the different barangays of Nabas. They wore fantastic and elegant gowns made of bariw and buri.

The winner of the Street Dancing Competition is Brgy. Toledo, the Biggest Participating Group is Brgy. Buenafortuna. In Mardi Grass Dance Competition, 1st prize is Brgy. Solido, 2nd prize – Brgy. Toledo, and 3rd prize – Brgy. Poblacion.

Ms. Doralyn Capillo of Brgy. Toledo awarded as Miss Sagala 2011 followed by Brgys. Solido and Union. Best in Arc and Best in Gown was awarded to Ms. Doralyn Capillo of Brgy. Toledo.

Ms. Vicky Ramos – Antonino was the guest of honor and speaker. She was highly appreciated by all Nabasnon. (Report of Ma-an Lachica) /MP

Alcala Advises Farmers: Decompose Rice Straws

Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala encourages Western Visayas farmers to decompose and not to burn their rice straws after harvest.

Secretary Alcala emphasizes that by decomposing rice straws from a one hectare field, a farmer can save as much as two bags inorganic fertilizer inputs for the succeeding cropping season.

"We can hasten the rice straw decomposing through the modified rapid composting (MRC) technology specifically the use of trichoderma innoculant and Vermi Composting method." said Alcala.

Trichoderma Innoculant is available at the Bureau of Soils and Water Management at P20/pack.

By decomposing rice straws, farmers can reduce farm inputs, practice organic farming system and help protect our environment through the preservation of the ozone layer.

Secretary Alcala stressed that farmers who are burning their rice straws are eventually burning their own money. They are wasting their resources.

He also calls for the strict implementation of existing municipal ordinances that prohibits the burning of rice straws in the area.

Secretary Alcala is a strong advocate of organic farming system which is one of the priorities in the Agri Pinoy framework of the present administration. /MP



Gina pahisayod sa publiko nga may pagahiwaton nga ap-at nga adlaw nga "Balik-Eskwela Diskwento" Project ro Department of Trade and Industry in coordination sa Provincial Government of Aklan, DepEd, PIA ag mga local dealers it school supplies sa petsa 25 hasta 28 it Mayo.

Ro ga partisipar kara hay mga local retailers it school supplies iya sa Kalibo. Magabaligya sanda it anda nga produkto sa manaba o discounted nga presyo sa sueod it ap-at nga adlaw sa Trade Hall, Aklan Capitol grounds, Kalibo, Aklan.

Ro katuyo-an it raya nga proyekto hay mataw-an it kahigayunan ro atong pumueoyo eabi gid ro mga ginikanan, maestro/maestra ag mga estudyante nga makabakae it mga school supplies kapareho it notebooks, pad papers, crayons, lapis, ballpens, bags, school bags, uniforms, ag iba pang school ag office supplies sa manaba nga presyo.

Ngani gina imbitahan gid namon kamo nga magbisita sa Trade Hall ag mag avail it mga dekalidad ag affordable nga school supplies. Magkita-kita kita idto!

Sa dugang nga kasayuran, tumawag eamang sa opisina it Department of Trade & Industry sa telepono numero 268-5280 o 500-7605. /MP

Korean National Drowns In Boracay

A Korean national dies in a drowning incident that transpired along the seashore of Station 2, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan in front of Le Soleil Resort, Sunday morning, May15.

The victim identified as Gwang Su Choi, male, 32, a South Korean with postal address at Hanam Jogong Apartment No. 204-612 Woosan-Dong Kwang San-Gu, Kwang Ju City, South Korea. He was temporarily billeted at Boracay Garden Resort, Brgy, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan.

Boracay Special Tourist Police Office (BSTPO) investigation disclosed that at about 9:00 AM of May 15, 2011, the above named victim, with his wife, went on swimming along the beach of the aforesaid place. After about 45 minutes, the latter noticed that her husband was already floating unconsciously with snorkeling gear still fixed on his mouth.

The wife, upon seeing the members of the Coastguard volunteers, immediately called their attention and asked for help. Likewise, a concerned citizen who was present at the said place during the incident and who happened to be a physician, applied a cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to revive the victim but there was no response from the latter.

Further, investigator said, the victim was immediately brought at Boracay Municipal Hospital but was declared dead on arrival at around 10:45 AM by the attending physician.

While the victim’s family is yet to arrive, his cadaver was transported to Kalibo. /MP

Friday, May 06, 2011


Aklanon Men & Women

by Ernesto T. Solidum

The Kapihan forum on April 30, 2011 was graced by Samahan ng Kababaihan sa Barangay ng Kalibo (SKBK). Incidentally, that was a red letter day where its elected set of Federation Officers were sworn to office and the coronation of Ginang SKBK and her court by Gov. Carlito S. Marquez. Ms. Virginita Clavel, GAD Coordinator of Bureau of Local Development, DILG was the guest speaker.

Guests were Ms. Ma. Merlita Dionesio, 2nd runner up, Ms. Jenalyn C. Puyot, 1st Princess, Ms. Ma. Flores M. Bernabe, 3rd Princess, Ms. Remenerva P. Dela Cruz, Pres. Kawatihan, Pook, Ms. Susan P. Flaviano, Sec. Sakabaes, Ms. Lina M. Olid, Vice Pres. Fed. SKBK and Ms. Chita C. Heap, Adviser.

Ms. Editha S. Rubio, Fed. Pres. in her message said that women are incontrovertibility the strength of our species. I am committed to lead our Kababaihan to a harmonious society, accepted and morally uplifted in rendering community services.

Aware of the problems of the plight of women in her barangay of New Buswang, Ms. Rubio initially organized a small group of women volunteers to be productive, self reliant and victorious despite over-whelming odds. Success came in trickles but amazingly consistent. Today, 13 out of 16 barangays have pledged their unstinting support to the vision and mission of SKBK, a feat nobody can deny.

The Search of Ginang SKBK held March 30, 2011 at Magsaysay Park yielded a gross income of about P100,000 said Ms. Heap. However, this is not enough to defray for income generating projects and planned education seminars. There is a lot of ground to cover and stones to turn said the lady entrepreneur.

As observed, there is a lot of enthusiasm and zeal among SKBK officers and members to realize their objective despite demanding task of family and homemaking chores. Equally significant is the unwavering support of their husbands and children as they engage in community services rather than their own. Usually, Saturdays are utilized for community services hence we have to budget our time says Ms. Puyot.

Credit could be attributed to the untiring support of Hon. Daisy S. Briones, Hon. Madeline A. Regalado, Hon. Nilda B. Tambong, and Ms. Chita Dela Cruz Heap.

According to an article in the Washington Post, countries tend to be prosperous, peaceful, and stable where the gender gap is narrow.

Evidently, the struggle of women to be empowered could be an uphill climb. An excerpt from a March 2011 article of Newsweek magazine claims that in many Asian countries, girls are less looked after than boys because they are economically undervalued. The kind of domestic work they typically do is seen as less important than paid work done by men. And of course, early marriage and minimal birth control expose them to the risk of multiple pregnancies.

Economist Amanteza Sen said that modern life has exacerbated the problem of gender gap because, there is a cultural preference for sons over daughters and this leads to selective abortion of female fetuses, a practice made possible by ultrasound scanning, despite legal prohibitions. American Feminist May Anne Warren calls it "gendercide" and notoriously common in Northwestern India, and China.

Research shows that companies with more female employees made more money because they tend to take into consideration the rights of others. And recent history makes clear that nations that oppress women are extremely dangerous. Aggression on global scale are led by Japan, Germany, Algeria, El Salvador, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Unless women are treated as equal partners in the human race we are less secure and certainly less interesting.

Here is a sobering thought to women groups striving for equality with men. According to Kathleen Parker, "we are trying not just to be as good as men but to be men. I have the neckties to prove it. It turns out that women make lousy men, a fact we should be grateful rather than apologetic. As a group we are at home at some things but better at others the very "others" it also turns out that happens to be driving today’s economy and that of the future". Pertinent data show that only three percent of the Fortune 500 CEO’s are women. In Britain, there is paucity of women in corporate board positions.

Gender Advocacy for Development Commission (GADC) headed by the Provincial Governor has provided for growth and develop-ment of community-based organizations like SKBK. Indeed, challenge toward stability and attainment of its objectives have barely began. Definitely it requires total commitment to organizational goals, not empty promises. Recognition must be made that women given their full potential to serve are invaluable partners toward nation building rather than a threat to man’s stature and dignity. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Shoplifter Enhances Ugliness

The Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) Board of Directors approved Resolution No. 081 Series of 2010 (08) on December 6, 2010. This resolution authorized the increase of water rate for different classifications and would have been effective in the January 2011 billing.

However, when its concessionaries knew of the probable rate increases, there was a big and loud protest against the rate increases.

In response, MKWD Board through its chairperson, announced the halt of the collection rate increases during a radio interview in Kalibo.

However, without anymore announcing, MKWD effected the implementation of the rate increases in its April – May billing. For those classified as Commercial/Industrial the increase is from P340 to P410 minimum of 10 cubic meters even if the 10 cubic meters of water is not fully consumed for the month. This is a P70.00 or 21 percent increase over the 2010 water rate.

The months (January – April) period, MKWD just let it passed to cool off the temper of the water concessionaires in Kalibo and suddenly, MKWD implemented the rate increase without any warning. It just included the price increases in its May 2011 bill.
But is the rate increase really necessary? Does MKWD badly need rate increase to effect normal operation? Are its personnel poorly paid?

How much 2010 Christmas benefits did MKWD officials and personnel each received?

MKWD 2007 report reveals the following:
1. Total Asset – P330,649,701.34;
2. Gross Income – 94,615,314.82;
3. Operational Expenses – P78,323,541.13;
4. Net Income before tax – P17,145,965.90

MKWD Management has not released its 2008, 2009, and 2010 operations reports. According to the letter from General Manager Renato Albar, its reports for the above stated years are not yet audited.

However, it is highly possible that MKWD has made millions of pesos net gains yearly considering its high collection efficiency and the excellent cooperation of its consumers.

But until what extent does the MKWD squeeze juice from each water consumers? MKWD must minimize its propensity to collect additional cash for the natural resource that it gathers and distributes to the people of Kalibo, Banga, New Washington, and Balete.

Water districts are organized to provide potable water supply services to the people at a highly affordable rate. Water districts are not organized to effect big annual net profits, but to a break even point.

It is difficult to imagine why MKWD charges P41 per cubic meter of water minimum plus P10 for meter rental monthly. This rate is one of the highest if not the highest in the Philippines.

Our office has one cubic meter consumption a month. Since the minimum consumption and charges are 10 cubic meters per month plus P10 meter rental we pay P420 total per month. My water is probably the most expensive in the world.

To have a clear view of the quantity of one cubic meter of water, one may secure a container measuring 2 feet wide, 2 feet long, and 4 feet high. This container can be filled with ½ cubic meter of water or two containers of the size will contain one cubic meter.

Will the MKWD continue charging its consumers of water at the increased rate? This is added cross to carry.


On Tuesday, May 3, Kalibo PNP apprehended a pregnant woman shoplifting. According to reports, she shoplifted beauty products like body lotion.

Why do people resort to stealing to acquire something? Aklan is a very rich province of natural resources if the people are just industrious to work and scratch the earth surface to produce food for consumption and for sale or exchange with other materials the people needs.

These thieves are just so lazy to work and earn their living.

That pregnant woman wants to become pretty but so lazy to work to earn money to buy materials to improve her physical appearance.

Her apprehension as a thief rendered her much uglier. /MP

Miss Numancia 2011


"Beauty is nature’s brag and must be flaunted proudly in courts, at feasts, and in high solemnities" – John Milton.

Truly, Numancia is endowed with beauties, talents, and brains as it is once again proven on the occasion of the pageant night of Miss Numancia 2011 on Friday evening, April 29 at the Cultural Stage, Numancia Town Plaza, Poblacion, Numancia, Aklan.

Miss Numancia 2011 pageant is a special feature which highlighted the celebration of Numancia town fiesta in honor of Patron Saint, St. Joseph The Worker. This is a yearly celebration started in 1981 organized by then Sangguniang Bayan member Hon. Rufino V. Fajardo. Miss Numancia produces beauties joining in Provincial competitions such as Mutya it Aklan, Ms. Kalibo Ati-atihan, Ms. Tourism, and Ms. APRISAA.

There are 11 lovely candidates who represented some barangays of Numancia who competed in the beauty contest for Miss. Numancia 2011 crown. Her Majesty Frendisol Catherine Yco, 16 of Marianos was conferred the title Miss Numancia 2011, with Keitherine Gonzales, 17 of Bubog – 1st Runner-up, and Grichelle Pelayo, 17 of Dongon West – 2nd Runner-up.

Miss Numancia 2011 is composed of well-applauded group headed by Mr. Rufino Fajardo – chairman, Mr. Judan Cervatos Vargas – official choreographer, with Mr. Jonilo Sejera, Ms. Madelyn Vega Rasgo and Remo Cawaling – members.

Ms. Melrose Suco Lunn of Toastmasters International and a Numanciahanon hosted the pageant. /MP

Pacquiao ‘Excited’ To Knock Out Mosley


LOS ANGELES, California – Manny Pacquiao admitted he and his coaching staff composed of trainer Freddie Roach and conditioning adviser Alex Ariza "are not really focused on the knockout" but admitted that "I would be excited about the knockout if it comes."

"We have prepared ourselves to fight 12 rounds," said Pacquiao, who packed up for a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada May 2 for his 12-round WBO 147-lb joust with Sugar Shane Mosley on May 7. "We work hard and if it (KO) comes, it comes."

Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs) acknowledged that "Mosley moves fast, has great foot speed and power too. He throws a lot of punches. That’s good for us to give the fans a good fight."

The Filipino celebrity said his championship tussle with Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs) will be "a kind of fight that’s better than (Antonio) Margarito", who was a bit slower despite his reach and height advantage.


Margarito lost to both Mosley (TKO8) and Pacquiao (12 UD) and is the common denominator in analysis of odds-makers who predicted a bloody brawl between two hard hitting welter-weights on May 7 at the MGM Grand.

Pacquiao took a time out from his training camp in Wild Card Gym over the weekend to promote his cologne, "MP8 Scent of The Champion", in a big mall here.

He had also guested at Jimmy Kimmel Show in Hollywood where he promoted his newly released CD album "Sometimes When We Touch" and confirmed he personally invited Pres. Barack Obama during his visit to White House last December to watch his fight against Mosley at ringside.

Pacquiao disclosed his Washington visit had been facilitated by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D). /MP

Comelec Aklan Accepts Registration

Effective May 3, 2011 to October 31, 2012, all Commission on Elections (COMELEC) field offices will be opened to accept all kinds of registrations such as new, transfer, correction of entries and re-activation.

Ms. Lorena B. Tumbagahan, Election Officer II/Information Officer designate announced the Comelec office is open from 8 AM to 12 noon and 1:00 – 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday including holidays.

During the same period, days, and time, all registered voters whose biometrics have yet to be taken are enjoined to submit themselves for validation such that their biometrics (picture, fingerprints, signature) will be taken.

This action is in pursuance to COMELEC Resolution No. 9149 as amended by COMELEC Resolution No. 9168. /MP

June 20 Is Special Non-working Holiday

MalacaƱang has declared June 20 a special non-working holiday to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of the national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal. Exec. Sec. Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. announced on Friday last week.

Ochoa said Proclamation No. 154, signed by Pres. Benigno Aquino III on April 26, moved the birthday commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal to June 20 instead of June 19, which falls on a Sunday, on recommendation of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) to allow more people to participate in various activities related to the event.

"The President deems it as an opportune time for our citizens to commemorate our national hero’s achievements and sacrifices for our beloved country, rekindle their admiration and respect for him, as well as participate in the various ceremonies that are prepared to celebrate this occasion," Ochoa said.

In a letter to the Chief Executive, NHCP Executive Director III Ludovico Badoy said various activities to celebrate Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary is prepared by the government and the private sector, including the commemorative rites at the Rizal Shrine in Calamba City, Laguna, the Philippine national hero’s birth place. /MP


by Nino Miko L. Delfin

Alto Broadcasting System – Chronicle Broadcasting Network (ABS-CBN) famous talent search in the television "Pilipinas Got Talent" held audition for their season 3 program to all the talented individuals in Aklan. The audition was held at the Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) Carmen Salas Quimpo (CSQ) Gymnasium on May 1, 2011 which started at 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

The ABS-CBN (Kapamilya Iloilo) facilitated the said audition. Nearby Provinces of Capiz and Antique joined the Aklanon talents. People from far places came as early as 5:00 o’clock in the morning for the said activity. Most of the talents showed was singing. There were also dancing, acting, painting, bicycle tricks and stand up comedies. There were almost 290 participants who included our senior citizens who enjoyed singing their love songs and children basing their steps on the new groove. The gym was filled up with almost 2,000 people who watched their friends’ performances. The said audition ended at 11:00 o’clock in the evening.

The ABS-CBN staff members said, "we know that Aklanons are very talented, that is why we are here. Kaya huwag kayong mahihiya kapag nandito na kayo sa gitna ng stage. Give your best. And we are hoping that may makukuha dito sa Aklan. Thank you for coming."

After the audition, they assured the participants to send in Manila the video footages and registration form including the CD of the performers for judging. Those who qualified, the ABS-CBN management will contact them and advise what to do. /MP

Care Giver’s Graduation

San Lorenzo College of Iloilo City held its 25th Commencement Exercises with Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente as its guest speaker. Hon. Celia C. Dela Cruz, College Administrator welcomed the parents and visitors. She also explained the curriculum of the Care Giver course.

The graduation ceremony was held on Saturday, April 30 in DIBI Bldg., D. Maagma St., Kalibo, Aklan. The graduates finished the six months Care Giver Course approved by TESDA.

Introduced Mr. Moses C. Macahilig, Dr. Villorente told the 11 graduates of the culture of people abroad as he experienced them during his travels. He also gave some tips on happiness while living abroad and far from their families.

Those who finished the six months Care Giver course are: Jesusa P. Ausente, Marvic P. Barrientos, Luchie E. Cruz, Ezil R. Fernando, Anna June M. Gonales, Aiza F. Maduramente, Frea Mac F. Nagamos, Teresita F. Pesayco, Tan Niva G. Reyes, Eula Vil N. Roberto, and Primi Rose F. Valguna. /MP

Judges ‘Friendly’ To Both Mosley, Pacquiao


LOS ANGELES, California — Two of the three veteran boxing judges assigned to decide the fate of Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley on May 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada have decided favorably for both protagonists in their past fights.

Duane Ford and Dave Moretti both saw Pacquiao and Mosley winners in a combined 15 fights while third judge Glenn Trowbridge scored for Pacquiao three times in as many fights where he was judge.

Pacquiao has not lost in the scorecards of Ford, the oldest at 71, who scored for Pacquiao 120-108 against Joshua Clottey on March 13, 2010 for WBO welterweight title; 108-99 against Miguel Angel Cotto en route to 12th round TKO on Nov. 14, 2009 for WBO welterweight crown; 115-112 against Juan Manuel Marquez (12 split decision) on March 15, 2008 for WBC super featherweight title.


Ford saw Mosley winner in three of four fights he officiated involving his fellow American. He scored for Mosley 118-109 against Luis Collazo (12 UD) for WBC interim welterweight title on Feb. 10, 2007; 98-92 against Jose Luis Cruz (10 UD) on Sept. 17, 2005;  and 115-113 against Oscar De La Hoya for WBC super light middleweight and IBA light middleweight titles on Sept. 13, 2009.  

Ford gave Mosley a failing grade, 113-115 when he lost to Wrinky Wright for WBC super light middleweight title on Nov. 20, 2004.

Moretti, a referee-judge, scored 80-71 for Pacquiao against De La Hoya (TKO 8) on December 6, 2008; 86-85 against Erik Morales in a rematch (TKO 10) on January 21, 2006. He gave Pacquiao a failing mark, 113-115, against Morales in their first meeting (12 UD) on March 19, 2005.

Moretti voted against Mosley, 109-119, when he lost to Floyd May weather (12 UD) on March 1, 2010; 111-117 when he lost to Wright in their first fight (12 UD) on March 13, 2004.


Mosley passed the test in Moretti’s card in his fight against Fernando Vargas, 50-45 (TKO 6); 99-91 against David Estrada (W 10) on April 23, 2005 and against Wilfredo Rivera, 86-85, (KO 10) on September 25, 1999.

Trowbridge, also a referee-judge, saw Pacquiao ahead, 10-7, against Ricky Hatton (KO2)on May 2, 2009; 118-109 against Marco Antonio Barrera (UD 12) in their rematch on Oct. 6, 2007; and 18-11 against Erik Morales (TKO 6) in their third meeting on Nov. 18, 2006.

Ford, Moretti, and Trowbridge are all from the state of Nevada. /MP

Iloilo Oldest Festival Gives Tribute To Carabao

Tuesday, May 3 celebration of Iloilo’s oldest festival paid tribute to the Philippines’ national animal, which is the carabao.

The Carabao-Carroza Festival of the municipality of Pavia, now on its 39th year, which according to Iloilo provincial tourism officer-in-charge Bombette Marin, "truly reflects the culture of Ilonggos."

"Despite the pro-liferation of hand tractors, carabaos are still the farmer’s work animal. Because of that, it is for many years, our country’s national symbol. Even with these innovations, many farming communities in Iloilo still depend on domesticated animals, used as a draft animal since the ancient times," Marin explained.

The festival is a crowd drawer with visitors trying to get a glimpse of the traditional race of locally-bred carabaos.

"Each carabao is attached with a bamboo carriage and race across the fields reaching finish line. Prior to the event, they are trained daily," Marin said.

Further, he said that "carabaos are also exhibited as an artwork."

He shared that farmers clean their carabaos’ skin until it is smooth and polished. The horns are smeared with oil and given gloss. Then, they are sometimes groomed and dressed or artistically painted, decorated with ribbons, sometimes, painted and attached to carts and parade them through the town.

The festival kicked off at 7:30 o’clock, Tuesday morning with the parade of decorated carrozas carrying festival muses. It was followed by the 400-meter race of carabaos with carrozas and capped by the coronation of the Carabao-Carroza Festival Queen in the evening.

The activity, according to Marin did not only "promoted the carabao’s significance as a national animal, but also helps in its preservation."

According to research, "carabaos are dwindling in number and are already vanishing."

Marin quoted the Laguna-based Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) report which claimed that carabao population in the country has steadily dropped since 1988. Statistics collected showed that in 1988 there were 2.95 million carabaos in the country. However in 1992, it dwindled to 2.48 million. The trend is continuing until today. (PNA) /MP

Sunday, May 01, 2011


PDP 2011-2016 Pursues
Distinct Development Strategy

The Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016, which contains the economic blueprint of the Aquino administration, has certain characteristics that distinguish it from previous medium-term national development plans.

Distinctly enough, the PDP 2011-2016 embodies public participation, inclusive growth, and President Benigno Simeon Aquino III’s social contract with the people.

The National Economic and Develop-ment Authority (NEDA) said the people themselves participated in the formulation of the PDP 2011-2016 through their local government units, civil society organizations, and the private sector.

In Western Visayas, the NEDA 6 Knowledge and Management Center, Iloilo City said a regional consultation was held early this year to solicit inputs, feedback and comments for the Plan from sectoral groups in the region. Indeed, a one day consultation meeting on the PDP 2011 – 2016 was held in the Gov. Corazon L. Cabagnot Livelihood and Training Center, Old Buswang, Kalibo.

NEDA said in an online press release that this is consistent with Memorandum Circular No. 3, which directed agency to coordinate the preparation of the medium-term plan in a consultative manner.

Drawn up to embody what President Aquino and his government want to do for the Filipino people in the next six years, the Plan has another distinct characteristic. It primarily seeks to achieve inclusive growth which creates massive employment opportunities and significantly reduces poverty by meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

The pursuit of this aim is anchored on the Plan’s overarching theme of good governance and anti-corruption.

The key targets for inclusive growth in the PDP 2011-2016 are the following: reduction of poverty incidence to 16.6 percent in 2015 from 33.1 percent in 1991; employment creation at an annual average of one (1) million jobs; maintaining un-employment rate at 6.8 – 7.2 percent; investment-to-Gross Domestic Product ratio of 22 percent by 2016; 100 percent participation of school-age children in primary education; 1:1 ratio of girls to boys in primary education and 50 percent share of women in non-agricultural wage employment; 26.7 under-five mortality per 1,000 live births; 52 maternal mortality per 1,000 live births; and, zero prevalence of malaria and tuberculosis.

NEDA said that the PDP 2011-2016 also translates the President’s 16-point "Social Contract with the Filipino People" into effective, efficient and inclusive interventions that will guide government agencies including the program on public-private partnership.

The main chapters of PDP 2011-2016 are: Macroeconomic Policy; Competitive Industry and Services Sectors; Competitive and Sustainable Agriculture and Fisheries Sector; Accelerating Infrastructure Development; Towards a Dynamic and Resilient Financial System; Good Gover-nance and the Rule of Law; Social Development; Peace and Security; and, Conservation, Protection and Rehabilitation of the Environment and Natural Resources Towards Sustainable Development.

NEDA 6 said that a medium-term regional development plan is being drawn up in line with the PDP 2011-2016.

The objectives and targets in the PDP 2011 - 2016 will only be realized with the cooperation of the people and implementation is done with honesty and integrity. (PNA) / MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

2011 Outstanding ASU

(MAIN) Alumni

1. Dr. Danilo E. Abayon - State University Mgt.

Dr. Danilo E. Abayon completed his BS Agriculture course in Agricultural Education at AAC on March 29, 1978.

He started his career as Secondary School Teacher on June 16, 1978 in INAIS, Ibajay, Aklan. From this position, Dr. Abayon was given combination of jobs and several promotions.

He never stop studying for he has a collection of diplomas. He completed Ms and PhD in Agricultural Science in Central Mindanao University, Bukidnon. In the Netherlands, the Van Hall Larenstein University conferred on him Diploma in Animal Production.

Before his appointment as President, ASU on March 15, 2011, Dr. Abayon was Executive Director, ASU, New Washington.

2. Mr. nicolas r. rebesencio - Business

Mr. Nicolas R. Rebesencio finished high school in 1954 in BRHS. His completion of his secondary studies was slightly delayed because of his health, and economic difficulty of his parents.

But the Nicolas R. Rebesencio story tells about how a poor man’s son saved more wealth through hard work, frugal spending, and more saving.

Nick as his friends call him, after graduation from high school, proceeded to Manila, landed a job at Divisoria Market, Tondo. He was assigned all kinds of hard works in the garments store.

He delivered daily hundreds of yards of cloths to various outlets in Metro Manila. These were hauled either by the push cart or 4-wheel vehicle. Later, Nick was tasked to accompany cloths exported to various provinces. He also followed up for the release of imported cloths.

Meanwhile, he studied in the evening and finished a 2 year vocational course at FEATI. But he was not contented to be always commanded. He put up his own wholesale and retail store in Kalibo and become the boss.

Today, Mr. Nicolas R. Rebesencio is the number one cloth supplier in Aklan.


Col. Dominador R. Rescate finished his secondary course in Banga Rural High School. Banga, Aklan in March 1959. He pursued his college degree in Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila where he successfully completed the degree BS Chemical Engineering in 1965.

On Sept. 28, 1968, Rescate was commissioned ENS with the Philippine Navy and first assigned as commanding officer aboard a Philippine Navy vessel. Rescate was given various responsible assignments in the Philippine Navy where he gave his best and earned several awards, medals, and citations.

To improve further his military skills and render high quality services, Rescate attended various courses, both local studies and abroad. He travelled to Australia, USA, Netherland, and Japan to learn several military science and tactics.

He is a Grand Knight, Nights of Columbus. He retired as Chief of the Chemical and Ordinance Services, AFP, GHQ as captain (colonel) in the Philippine Navy.

4. Director remelyn recoter - Agricultural Extension Management

Dir. Recoter finished her secondary education in AAC. She studied at the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City where she finished BS in Chemistry. Immediately after her graduation, she was employed as prawn fry analyst in a prawn hatchery in New Washington, Aklan.

But she opted to work with the government, so she applied with the Agricultural Training Institute. She was accepted and appointed Agriculturist I in 1991. She proved herself highly capable to the job. Being young and promising, Recoter was promoted Agricultural Training Supt. II in 1994.

Recoter was nominated to study at the National Defense College, Fort Bonifacio. She was accepted and graduated with the degree, MNSA in 1996. and was conferred the rank of Lt. Col. (reserved) in the AFP.

Being a woman of trust and confidence, she is promoted to Regional Technical Director, DA, Region 6, Iloilo City four years ago.

5. Dir. edwin g. trompeta - Tourism

Director Edwin G. Trompeta completed his agricultural secondary course in BRHS and his BS Agriculture in Aklan Agricultural College.

After graduation, he applied for a job with the Bureau of Agricultural Extension, now Agricultural Training Institute. He was readily accepted and was appointed Corn Production Technologist assigned in Oroquita, Misamis Occidental.

Trompeta was not happy in his job being separated for the first time from his family and friends in Banga. He transferred to the Presidential Assistant for Community Development. Later, he transferred to the Department of Tourism where he is now the Regional Director for Western Visayas.

Dir. Trompeta assisted the Aklan Media Circle organized and implemented the Regional Media Summit for Environment where some 50 active practising journalists of Region VI actively participated in 1993. They visited beautiful places in Aklan particularly Banga, Kalibo and Boracay, Malay which resulted to more improved and favorable publicity of Aklan.

6. Mr. abe pastrana- Infrastructure Construction

Mr. Abe Pastrana after completing his secondary course and BS Agriculture at Aklan Agricultural College joined the Bureau of Agricultural Extension, now Agricultural Training Institute. He was appointed to the position of Rural Youth Development Officer and assigned in Banga.

As such, his specific duty was to develop out of school youth in his area of coverage into progressive farmers in the case of boys and future successful homemakers in the case of girls. Mr. Pastrana did his duties to the best of his abilities. He excelled in his job which earned him a six months studies in Taiwan, Republic of China.

That travel grant was given in recognition of his laudable performance in youth development.

That trip to Taiwan further developed more horizon in his life. From Taiwan, Mr. Pastrana served the Department of Agriculture and then resigned to establish his own business.

Working with the government begets a measured income regardless of performance. For the best and the brightest engaging in private business, all income regardless of quantity belongs to the entrepreneur. And Mr. Abe Pastrana is one of the best and the brightest who is very successful alumnus of AAC now engaging in roads and buildings construction. /MP

2011 Outstanding Aklanons

One of the highlights of the 55th Aklan Day celebration is the awarding of Outstanding Aklanons 2011. The award ceremonies was held at the Augusto B. Legaspi Sports Complex on Monday evening, April 25. Picture shows the Outstanding Aklanons with (l to r) Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo, Dr. Jacinta S. Legaspi (Education), Ms. Jindra Linda Laurente Demeterio (Agriculture),Mateo Gelito MontaƱo (Public Service), Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo, Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, Mr. Melchor F. Cichon (Literature), Engr. Nathaniel R. Orillos (Business), and Engr. Denis F. Villorente (ICT).

No Imported Rice For Western Visayas

The National Food Authority (NFA) will not accept imported rice this year. It is already planning to dispose its more or less 10,000 metric tons or 200,000 bags of buffer stocks that arrived in the region in 2010.

NFA regional director Tomas Escarez has informed Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Proseso J. Alcala during his recent visit in Iloilo City that the region has enough local rice to be distributed to consumers.

Escarez explained the NFA is mandated to have food security stock good for not less than 30 days at the end of June 30 and the existing buffer stock is actually good for 25 days only.

According to Escarez, the buffer stock mostly imported from Vietnam more than a year old is still "very fit for human consumption". He credited the efficient storage management of the NFA.

He admitted the disposal is intended to start in May up to June maybe slowed because it is not a lean month period.

DA regional executive director Larry Nacionales revealed Alcala instructed them to start the unloading of the stocks the soonest time possible in preparation for the next procurement season.

"The region has a higher production this dry season than last year", added Nacionales.

This year the NFA will expand its local procurement to include rice with moisture content of up to 18 to 20 percent and not just 40, he added. "Western Visayas is a rice-sufficient region," Nacionales emphasized, "the disposal of rice could also fill in the rice deficit in other regions".

NFA Western Visayas has one of the biggest and best warehouses in the country situated in Iloilo and Bacolod cities.

These warehouses play host to rice stocks not only for Western Visayas but also for Mindanao and Eastern Visayas, Nacionales said. /MP

Why I Am Against Censorship

by ALEX P. Vidal

Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books except the books that nobody reads — GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

As a community journalist, my orientation is anti-censorship.

Because I was blessed with editors during the Tita Cory post EDSA revolution era whose dyed-in-the-wool adherence to freedom of press and expression was at fever-pitch. I could not countenance censorship when it was my turn to rock the chair as editor-in-chief of two daily newspapers – Sun Star and Daily Informer – during the Erap and Gloria administrations.

Even if some of their motives and principles were suspect, I could never in heaven’s name mangle or touch with a ten-foot pole the write-ups of our columnists — the opinion makers and so-called "catalysts" of change.

An eager beaver but wet-behind-ears radioman wanted to dabble in print media, a vegetarian but malnourished penpusher belonged to the Dinosaur Age, a male celibate university professor hiding in a female moniker, a dentist loved to lecture about sex education.


A frustrated politician wanted to write a column so he could expose the inanities of a former law firm partner, an ex-convict wrote poetry inside the jail, an ex-Maoist Lothario permanently turned his back from the movement after a "rest and recreation", a debonair but Quijotic brain doctor wanted to preserve our native dialects. You name ‘em, we had ‘em.

I am a firm believer of John Stuart Mill who said that "Even when the opinion is wrong, discussion should not be suppressed. Without such challenge and discussion, the true opinion would become nothing more than dogma – something believed on mere faith."

Because of this personal principle, I even nixed suggestions to delete horny and irrational Facebook friends because I believe they too have the right to exist and express their opinions however weird and downright corny and illogical their ideas may be.

One of the best stories I read about the subject matter is the opinion made by Alejandro Roces. Actually, it was Hilarion Henares who started the series by stating that censorship originally started not to exorcise sex and violence, but to control religious and political views.


The initial and most powerful censorship board in all history was the Catholic Church’s Index of Prohibited Books that started in 1557 about a century after Gutenberg’s movable type made books available to the public. The books condemned then are now popular classics – the novels of such authors Victor Hugo, Balzac, Dumas and Flaubert.

They were not considered pornographic. They just did not meet the political norms of the period.

Authors were often forced to change the identity of the characters in their books. Boccacio’s The Decameron was banned because the characters involved in illicit sex were priests and nuns. When he changed it to plain ladies and gentlemen, his books were removed from the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

The very first film movie board censor was the British Board of Film Censors established in 1913 but still in operation to the day. In the United States, censorship is a state matter, but the Catholic Legion of Decency operated nationally.


Actually, the courts were deciding obscenity issues long before censorship came. As far back as 1868, Chief Justice Cockburn in a judgment in Regina vs. Hickins, said:

"The test of obscenity is this: whether the tendency of the matter charged as obscenity is to deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences, and into whose hands a publication of this sort may fall."

Pope Leo XIII in General Decrees Con-cerning the Prohibition and Censorship of Books, decreed: "Books which professedly treat of, narrate, or teach lewd or obscene subjects are prohibited. Care must be taken not only of faith but also of morals, which are easily corrupted by the reading of such books."

And on March 31, 1930, the Code to Govern the Making of Motion and Talking Pictures by the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America, Inc. declared, "Obscenity in word, gesture, reference, song, joke, or by suggestion is forbidden."

This is the question that has become a major issue in our times. Where does artistic liberty end and where does obscenity begin? /MP