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EDITORIAL - April 22 - 28 Issue

Are two words evenly placed around Iloilo City. A bus passenger entering Iloilo City from Kalibo, Aklan asked, why do they call Iloilo City "Gonzalez Country?" Nobody answered his question. But he posed another question. Is the Mayor of Iloilo city Jerry Treñas? Still no one inside the bus attempted to respond.
The Black and White Movement (B & WM) has issued a blacklist of congressional candidates to discourage voters of their respective districts from voting them.
The B & W movement is encouraging instead to vote for their respective opponents in the May 14 election.
Among the 12 congressional candidates is Raul Gonzalez, Jr. of Iloilo City. The B & W Movement urges the voters to vote for Vicente "Benjie" Gengos.
Last Sunday, April 22, Secretary of Justice Raul Gonzalez offered P10,000 bonus each for barangay captains in Iloilo City who could provide a 12–0 victory for Team Unity.
If P10,000.00 each is a bonus, then Sec. Gonzalez maybe paying salaries to the barangay captains in Iloilo City, while they call "Gonzalez Country" as posters and other signages portray.
Is the offer to pay bonus money as the case of P10,000 per barangay captain a COMELEC law violation? According to Comelec Director Renato Magbutay as reported in the Philippine Daily Inquirer," that is considered vote buying."
The giving of money is prohibited during the campaign period especially by candidates to officials or supporters.
As stated in Section 261 of the Omnibus Election Code, a person is guilty of vote buying or selling if he/she "gives, offers or promises money or anything of value, gives or promises any office…or cause an expenditure to be made to any person, association, corporation, entity or community in order to induce anyone or the public in general to vote for or against any candidate or withhold his vote in the election…"
Comelec Regional Director Magbutay gave a very honest answer. On the other hand, Comelec chair Benjamin Abalos, Sr. is tight lip. "I don’t want to issue a comment because this might develop into a case and it would be unfair to the commission that any statement I make would be binding to other election commissioners," said Abalos. Commissioner Resurreccion Borra was also tight lip when asked his comment on the matter.
Are they playing politics? Are they, Comelec Commissioners, very careful with the Secretary of Justice at the other end?
These two Comelec commissioners answered without reservation on the matters of showing or not showing of the "Blaze of Glory" where Manny Pacquiao was directly involved as a congressional candidate.
According to Sec. Gonzales, it is a prize if they can work for it and succeed. He saw no wrong with his offer. "I’m not a candidate and I’m not buying votes. The offer is for barangay captains", said Raul Gonzales.
Iloilo City is composed of 180 barangays and Sec. Gonzalez is prepared to pay P1.8 million should Team Unity candidates won in all the 12 positions in each barangay in Iloilo City.
"I have the money" Gonzalez responded when asked where will he get the money. "My offer was only incentive to my leaders so they would work harder in the campaign," Gonzales stressed. Is this a statement of confirmation that Gonzalez is on the election campaign?
In the same meeting, Sec. Gonzalez told barangay captains to ensure the defeat of two candidates for sangguniang panglunsod members of Iloilo City Perla Zulueta and Nielex Tupas.
Gonzalez son, Raul Jr. is running for reelection for the congressional seat of Iloilo City whose strongest contender is Vicente "Benjie" Gengos.
This case of P10,000 for every barangay captain of Iloilo City offered by Secretary Gonzalez is a blatant violation of the Comelec law. This deserves Comelec’s attention and step in, use its power to investigate the issue and apply the law to whoever is involved.
While the P10,000 is still an offer, it is reflective of the mindset of the administration to ensure its victory at any cost. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente
Spare Minor From Politics

Politicians have gone young. In fact they now use children. Watching television, a paid political advertisement are run from time to time with children talking and endorsing candidates for elections to political positions.
In the local radio stations, listen to its program for anytime in the course of your listening, a tape recorded political paid advertisement will be suddenly replayed with the child professing its love and admiration for a number of local candidates. It ends its expression of love and admiration for a wish to become like the political candidates.
I have nothing against any political candidates. I wish them all victory. However, I also hope to spare the young children from politics. Let politicians preserve their innocence, let no politicians corrupt them, let no politicians exploit them. Is this exploitation of minors?
"Culture, Tradition and Industry" is the theme of the 8th Aklan Piña and Fiber Festival. It is one of the highlights of the 51st Anniversary Foundation of Aklan Province.
Located at ABL Sports complex, Estancia, Kalibo, it was officialy opened on Monday afternoon, April 23, with a short program. The exhibit will stay until April 27.
Mr. PJ Arañador, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Congressman Joeben T. Miraflores were awarded trophies during the opening program in recognition of their valuable contribution to the development and progress of fiber and other industries in Aklan.
A visit to the trade fair is most worthy of your effort and time. One will see, buy, and taste various Aklanon products which quality is equal if not higher than that products of the first world countries. For one, it is only in Aklan where delicate and superb piña fiber products are produced.
Go to the fair to view the best designed and crafted furniture. You will be amazed to see how Aklanons exquisitely designed the roots and stumps of trees otherwise consigned to the stove or bakery. Visit the fair to taste the delicacies prepared by expert bakers. If you refrain buying, then it is for your eyes only.
Go around the 15 booths of LGU’s to enjoy the sights of One Town One Product (OTOP) of the municipalities. See the best marine and aquatic products, agriculture products, the potters of Lezo, the weavers of Nabas, vermicast of Numancia, abaca of Libacao and many more.
Should you be benighted, enjoy at Tsibugan sa Kapitolyo. Your gastronomic requirement will be satisfied accompanied with both slow and fast music.
This year, the DTI said there are 100 exhibits participants which aim to sell various products at P2.3807 million or 5 percent higher than last year which was P2.2673 million of several types of products or an estimated increase of P113,400.00.
Electronic Govt. Accounting System
In a report by Ulysses Espartero, the Commission on Audit (COA) recently submitted the documents for the full implementation of the Electronic New Government Accounting System (e-NGAS) to the provincial government of Aklan. COA Regional Director Atty. Sheila Villa and Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and other department heads witnessed the turnover.
According to Provincial Accountant Ma. Victoria Salido, the e-NGAS computerizes the preparation of financial reports from the recording of transactions to the preparation of subsidiary ledgers, general ledgers, journals and finally the generation of financial statements including the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Expenses and Statement of Cash Flows.
COA likewise provided the Provincial Accounting System (PACCO) with the e-Budget System that will hasten the preparation of the Status of Appropriations, Allotments and Obligations.
The e-NGAS installed PACCO in October 2006.
In his recent State of the Province Address (SOPA), Marquez cited PACCO for providing internal control and auditing and played crucial role in sound fiscal management.
"Our prudent financial management during the past two years in the provincial government enabled us to fully redeem the P40 million bond floatations by the middle of last year," Marquez said.
"This has elicited recognition from the Department of finance which cited the Jetty Port and Terminal Project funded by the bond floated to be one of the success stories for economic enterprises of local government units in the country," he added./MP

e-Mail To Editor

"A Journey Into The Light For Aklan"
It is ironic that Ms. Calizo said this:

"...Here is Aklan tolerating wanton development in the Island of Boracay and allowing the unregulated sale of its land to foreign investors which could ironically result to an island which in the next few years might no longer be owned by the Aklanons and the Filipino people."
When part of her team in Malay is the present mayor of Malay. Whoever is squarely to blame about what Ms. Calizo is complaining is her teammate Mayor Cawaling.
Do we trust politicians who speak one way and do another way? They should be relegated to the dustbin of history like Ms. Calizo’s trash can projects when she was our representative in Congress.
(The above is your personal opinion which may not reflect that of this newspaper. This May 14 election is the big chance of the voters to relegate "All" politicians to the "dustbin" who speak one thing but do another. Editor)

Comments to EF’s Bagsakan Center column issued on April 8-14, 2007. Ed.

"Without the benefit of reading the justification for building the center, we can focus on one entity responsible for the operations - Mayor Jeremy Fuentes.
Is this the reason Governor Marquez just smiled when you asked him (?) It is not his responsibility. His is only to remind the mayor to operate it.
The people of Banga have to demand an explanation from the mayor. The mayor can not reason out that he was not the one who decided to have the center. He is part of the implementation, so he has a tacit approval of the center.
Whose team is with Mayor Jeremy Fuentes? Mayor Fuentes candidates for provincial positions have to rationalize their campaign platforms vis-a-vis Mayor Fuentes role in the non-operations of the center."

(A Governor of a province has the duty to assist if not lead in the operationalization of any government facility in his province. He has both the moral and legal persuasion to make Bagsakan Center operational. Ed)

CAPWIP Schedules “Governance Gender Responsive” Training

Dr. Jung Sook Kim, president of Center For Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP) announced the holding of training on "Making Governance Gender Responsive" (MGGR). He is also inviting participants to attend this training which will be held in Manila, Philippines on June 24 - 30, 2007.
The CAPWIP Institute For Gender, Governance and Leadership is located at Hostelling (HL) Manila, Tomas Claudio Street, Baclaran, Paranaque City. This course, according to Dr. Jung Sook Kim, was conducted seven times already for the last two (2) years. The training course has been revised and redesigned considering the feedbacks from the previous participants. It is expanded from three days to seven days and heavy on case studies and field trips, excellent for 25 – 35 participants.
The course is designed for parliamentarians, middle and senior level government executives and officials, women and men in local governments, political parties, research and training institutes, including civil society organizations and non-government organizations who are leading or participating in governance reform initiatives in their respective countries.
The objectives of the training are the following:
•Enhance the understanding of Gender and Development (GAD) and governance concepts;
•Gain appreciation of gender-related and governance issues and concerns;
•Identify gender biases in governance;
•Acquire skills in identifying and analyzing gender biases and concerns through case examples of strategies and practices to address gender biases;
•Identify gender biases in the participant’s sphere of influence—A Change Management Approach; and
•Formulate Action Plans: Institutional and Individual
The course is composed of modules developed to enhance the participants’ understanding of the link between gender and governance, as well as increase their awareness of gender biases in governance.
The registration fee for the seven-day training course is US$1,600 for single room accommodations and US$1,350 for twin room sharing accommodations. The participants are requested to be in Manila on June 23 and leave Manila only on July 1. /MP

The Outstanding Aklanons 2007

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Aklan’s highest and most prestigious awards were given to eight (8) sons and daughters of Aklan in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in their respective professions. The award were given in a fitting ceremonies held at ABL Sports Complex, Estancia, Kalibo in the evening of Wednesday, April 25. The search for Outstanding Aklanons is an annual activity done as one of the highlights of the Aklan Day celebration.
This year’s awardees are: Justice Arsenio F. Solidum - Judiciary (Posthumous), Dr. Josette Talamera-Biyo - Science, Dr. Clarina R. de la Cruz - Technology Research, Ambassador Teresita P. Vega - Berner - Foreign Service, Mrs. Evelyn M. Quimpo - Education, Mr. Anthony Militar Mabasa - Business and Industry, S/Sgt. Blas L. Fernandez - Soldiery, and Mr. Odon S. Bandiola - Community Journalism.

Justice ARSENIO F. SOLIDUM – Judiciary (Posthumous).

The late Arsenio F. Solidum finished law at UP in 1928 and got second place in the bar exams in the same year. He practiced law until 1936. He was appointed Associate Professor of Law at UP. After liberation, Solidum re-organized the college. He also served as judge and professor of law at U.P., Ateneo, San Beda, FEU and MLQU.
Black Gold publication described his colorful career with these words: In the judiciary where he has accumulated 24 years of rich legal experience serving in various capacities, he has proven to be more than equal to the task of the positions he occupied. This won him the favors of several Presidents of the Philippines who were responsible in prompting him from one significant position to another. In 1946, President Osmeña appointed him Special Prosecutor in the People’s Court and in 1947, President Roxas elevated him to the Bench as Judge-at-Large. In less than a year, he was promoted to District Judge. In 1954, president Magsaysay transferred him from Leyte to Manila. Later, he was elevated to the Court of Appeals by President Marcos. After his retirement as Associate Justice, he was appointed Associate Commissioner of the Oil Industry Commission.
He was born in Ibajay on December 14, 1901. He married Milagros Roa with five children.


Dr. Josette Talamera – Biyo is the first Asian to win the 2002 Intel Excellence in Teaching Award given for her best known teaching methods in Science. She competed with 4,000 Science and Math teachers from all over the world and emerged as the grand winner. For this rare feat, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of USA gave her the distinct honor of having a minor planet named after her.
In 2004, she was conferred the Philippine American Foundation Friendship Award at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., USA. She also received the Fil-Up Award in Glendale, California from the Filipino – American community in the U.S. for exemplifying L.I.V.E. – a dedication to a love community that brings out the best in others, a global identity "that we can be proud of, a model; of values to pattern our lives with, and the epitome of the essence for living."
The orbiting celestial body christened Planet Biyo is located in the area between planets Mars and Jupiter. In 1997, she was honored by Metrobank Foundation teachers of the Philippines.
Dr. Biyo is currently Director of the Philippine National Science High School Western Visayas. She completed both her Master of Science in Biology in 1989 and her Doctor of Philosophy in Biology in 2001 at the De La Salle University, Manila.
In 2006, Biyo released her book "A Trip to Planet Biyo: I Dreamt of Stars, I Got A Planet" an inspirational reading dedicated to teachers across the globe.
Married to Nonito L. Biyo, they have two children – Jono Angelo and Julian Paolo. Born on March 19, 1958 to spouses Antonio Talamera of Janiuay, Iloilo and Ricarda Vallejo Solidum of Ibajay, Aklan.

Dr. CLARINA DELA CRUZ – Technology Research.

After taking her Master of Science in Physics from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, Clarina de la Cruz joined the University of Houston where she earned her Ph.D. in Physics. Two years later, she won first prize and a $1,000 fellowship for her outstanding presentation in multiferroics at the 50th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference in San Jose, California. The conference featured physics graduate students from prestigious universities worldwide.
Her studies on superconductivity led her to an exciting new subfield of solid state physics – multiferrocis, cutting-edge materials that could one day provide innovations in memory storage devices, such as those used in hard drives and hand–held devices like mp3 players. The same has contributed significantly to the new and emerging science of multiferroic materials which results have placed the Texas Center for Conductivity at UH at the forefront of research.
De la Cruz said the "impact on society of such studies will not be felt right away as it normally takes ten years or more for science to convert into affordable technology", but she’s confident to see them in somebody’s mp3 players in the near future.

Ambassador TERESITA P. VEGA-BERNER Foreign Service.

Ambassador Teresita Vega-Berner was born on December 10, 1942 in Aborlan, Palawan to spouses Gaudencio Legaspi Vega and Rosario Legaspi Pastrana of Kalibo.
She graduated at Cotabato Elementary School in 1954 and finished her high school at the University of the Philippine (Iloilo College) in 1958. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines (1962) and Bachelor of Laws from the University of the East in 1967.
She first worked as Assistant Lawyer at the Albert Law Office in Makati City, Metro Manila from 1968 to 1970. A year after, she joined the department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) as Clerical Aide. She was promoted to Legal Aide in 1972 and Consular Assistant in 1973.
She passed the Foreign Service Officer examination in 1973, appointed Foreign Service Officer Class IV in 1974. She was then designated Assistant Secretary of the Board of the Foreign Service and Secretary of the Board of Foreign Service Examiners and Chief of Citizen Evaluation Unit at the Office of Consular Affairs.
In 1977, she was assigned as Third Secretary and Vice Consul at the Philippine Embassy in Berne, Switzerland, promoted to Second Secretary and Consul in 1979, and First Secretary and Consul General in 1981 and served as Charge d’ Affairs until 1982.
She transferred to the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand in December 1982 as First Secretary and Consul General and Deputy Permanent Representative to ESCAP. She resigned on July 16, 1983.
On June 11, 1996, she was reappointed to the DFA as Foreign Service Officer I and assigned as Special Assistant at the Office of the Secretary and detailed to the Foreign Service Institute as Executive Director.
She passed the Career Minister examination held in August 1997. Two years after, she was assigned to the Philippine Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic as Minister and Consul General. She was cross-posted to the Philippine Embassy in Rome, Italy in 2002 as Minister and Consul General and Deputy Permanent Representative to FAO. She was promoted to Deputy Chief of Mission in 2003.
In August 2005, she served as Special Assistant at the office of the Undersecretary for Administration and in October 2005, she was named Director of the Foreign Service Institute.
In November 2006, she was named Ambassador Designate to India and Nepal.
Berner is a member of Philippine Society of International Law, Women’s Lawyer’s Association of the Philippines, U.P. Alumni Association, Sigma Delta Phi Sorority, International Women’s Club of Rome and Gruppo Archaelogico Romano. She is also an active member of the Philippine Ambassadors Foundation and the Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation.

EVELYN M. QUIMPO – Education.

Mrs. Evelyn M. Quimpo of Tigayon, Kalibo was chosen as Outstanding Teacher by the Metrobank Foundation for her outstanding contributions to the teaching profession, personal integrity and character, competence and teaching effectiveness, and professional and community involvement.
Aside from having served as Master teacher II at Banga, Elementary School, Quimpo served as officer and member of Banga Teacher’s Association, Division Association of English Coordinators and Reading Scholars, National organization of Professional Teachers, Inc. Banga Chapter, and Network of Outstanding Teachers and Educators, Inc.
She finished her BSED degree at the Northwestern Visayan Colleges in 1967 and completed the academic requirements for a postgraduate degree in Master of Arts in Education at the Aklan State University. Her major awards include the Most Outstanding Alumni of NVC and Plaque of Recognition from Regional Development Council.
She’s married to Isidro Kimpo with three children – Kevin, Mark, Fahttie May and Kyle Mitchell.

ANTHONY M. MABASA Business and Industry

Anthony Mabasa is recognized for his experience in general management with particular strengths in financial rehabilitation, corporate startups, restructuring and turnarounds. He was exposed to financial planning, treasury operations, project management, quality, safety and environment management systems. He acquired expertise and hands–on experience in construction and steel fabrication, oil pipeline operations, tollway operations and maintenance.
He is Vice President at the First Philippine Holdings Corporation, since August 1994. He holds concurrent positions as President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Tollways Management Corporations (TMC). The TMC was organized to handle operations and maintenance of the North Luzon Expressway for Manila North Tollways Corporation.
He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the First Electrodynamics Corporation which manufactures and sells dry-type transformers, current transformers and lamp ballasts.
He has served in the following positions: President and CEO, First Philippines Industrial Corporation; Executive Vice President and Director, First Philippine Balfour Beatty; President and Chief Operating Officer, Engineering and Construction Corporation of Asia; Director, Philippine Electric Corporation; Executive Vice President, Engineering and Construction Corporation of Asia; Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration, First Philippines Holdings Corporation; Vice President and Director, First Philippine Lending Corporation.
He was also Assistant Treasurer, First Holdings International; Assistant Manager for Financial Planning and Packaging Group, First Philippine Capital Corporation; Senior Analyst for Credit and Investment Research Division, Far East Bank and Trust Company.
He started his career as Credit Analyst of the Credit Department, Industrial Finance Corporation and rose to become the country’s highly respected leader in business.
He finished Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management of Financial Institutions in 1979 at De La Salle University. He took postgraduate studies in Masters in Business Administration at the University of the Philippines. Mabasa was born on June 13, 1959. He is married to Ma. Lourdes with one child, J. A. Enrique.

S/Sgt. BLAS L. FERNANDEZ Soldiery.

S/Sgt. Blas L. Fernandez is presently the Community Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer of the Headquarters Service Company, 63rd Infantry Batallion, 8th Infantry Division in Catubig, Northern Samar. He finished his vocational course in Technical Automotive at the Capiz Institute of Technology. He started his 22 years of dedicated military service when he joined the army on June 1, 1984.
He effectively implemented the Army Literacy Patrol System (ALPS) program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The ALPS classes he handled had been adjudged a consistent winner in the DepEd sponsored competition for the Outstanding Literacy program in the regional and national levels.
The Metrobank Foundation named him as 2006 awardee for the Enlisted Personnel Category in the prestigious Search for the Outstanding Philippine Soldier. The TOPS is an annual search which pays tribute to outstanding examples of gallantry, competence, professionalism and integrity among members of the AFP.
Married with four children, Fernandez is a native of Katipunan, Buruanga.

Mr. ODON S. BANDIOLA – Community Journalism.

Odon S. Bandiola devoted almost the productive years of his life writing straight news, features, editorial and columns for local, regional and national newspapers on significant current events, human interests stories, issues and concerns happening and occurring in Aklan for the consumption of newspaper readers and internet surfers not only for Aklanon readers but for people in other parts of the country and even the world.
He graduated at Solido Elementary School as valedictorian and finished high school at Western Aklan Academy also as class valedictorian. He earned his degree in Bachelor of Arts major in English (Cum Laude) at Aklan College in 1971. He was an Insular Life Educational Foundation Gold Eagle Medal awardee, college scholar, SEATO scholar, leadership medal awardee, prized orator, debater and extemporaneous speaker.
The Civil Service Commission conferred him the Datu Kalantiao Award for Public Service. He is also a recipient of various citations from private sector organizations and government agencies in recognition of his services in government and non-government capacities.
Bandiola was born on July 8, 1951 in Solido, Nabas, Aklan. Married to Remia Estoya, they have five children.
He is past president of the Aklan Press and Radio Club. /MP

Vicky–Billie: Solid As A Rock

They have crossed the river together, took the motorcycle joyride to get to Mamutag, rode the banca at night to get to a rally in Pinamoc-an, New Washington.
It’s just another day for Vicky Ramos, running for Governor in Aklan and her running mate, Billie Calizo. Indeed, as the campaign heats up, they have become closer than ever; the tandem, truly solid as a rock.
This is a good sign for all Aklanons who are sick and tired of the dirty traditional politics. The Vicky – Billie tandem sticks to their agenda of bringing forth good governance and morally upright leadership. And with their genuine display of unity in their campaign sorties, the era of crab mentality and the politics of divide and rule will soon come to an end (in Aklan).
With their pledge and commitment not only for each other but more importantly for the people and the province of Aklan, some candidates can only turn green in envy.
As Vicky puts it in her campaign speeches, ‘Walang Iwanan!’ and Billie wholeheartedly agreed.
Vicky–Billie Bring Light In Pinamoc-an
Vicky Ramos and Billie Calizo have played their role as Ilaw ng Aklan to the hilt. In a rally held at the plaza in Pinamoc-an one night last week, they truly brought light to the enthusiastic supporters. After a long brownout, the lights suddenly went on as soon as the Vicky– Billie group arrived in the place.
It is not easy to get to Pinamoc-an. Considering the tight schedule Vicky and Billie have, they had a long day before taking the banca to cross to Pinamoc-an. They didn’t want to fail the organizers and the supporters who waited for them. But as soon as they embarked, they noticed darkness that enveloped the whole area. And as they trek the dark valleys using their cellphones to light their way, they confirmed: there was brown-out.
Supporters who welcomed them were apologetic, as if they had something to do of it or probably, because they can’t do anything about the brownout. Some supporters even insinuated a possible sabotage to discourage Vicky and Billie.
But even the darkness cannot stop Vicky Ramos and Billie V. Calizo and their supporters. And as if it was on cue, the lights went on when Vicky and Billie entered the basketball court/plaza. The crowd wildly applauded and some even danced with joy. (by Dante Torcuator?/MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

"Basta madrasta – Kontrabida!!!
Raya rong pagpati ni Loida, solo nga onga ni Don Geronimo. Nag – asawa si Don Geronimo pagka matay ko anang asawa, ina ni Loida agud may maga alila ag maga tatap kana.
Indi mabaton ni Loida ro batang madrasta nga si Lumeng maskin mabuot pa imaw. Halin si Lumeng sa pamilyang kubos ag relihiyosa pa. Tanan hay guin obra ni Loida agod maghalin si Lumeng. Anang guina singgitan, guina sarhan it golpe ro puertahan ag kon anu-ano pa rona agud maakig kana ag dayon humalin sa andang baeay.
Ro malisod pa hay guin pabangdan pa nga may ibang eaeaki si Lumeng. Guin obrahan ni Loida it sueat nga mana hay halin kay kon sin-o nga eaeaki ag gina padaea sa anang ama, Don Geronimo nga idto sa ibang nasyon. Ogaling, tanan hay guina toeon eamang ni Lumeng tongod guina higugma it abu nana si Don Geronimo ag naeo-oy pa imaw kay Loida.
Nagdaeaga si Loida nga sunod tanan ro anang gusto. Permeng may kasadyahan sa andang baeay kaibahan ko anang mga barkada. Na-agahan sanda permi sa pag ininom, pagsinigarilyo ag pagkinanta it mabaskog. Sa owa magbuhay, umuli si Don Geronimo halin sa ibang nasyon. Hakibot imaw sa anang hakita. Guin basoe nana si Lumeng ham-an it guin pasugtan si Loida. Naila si Loida ko natabo. Ogaling imbis nga maghalin si Lumeng mas nga guin hugot nana ro anang pagtatap sa onga nga "spoiled".
Ko gabi-i ngaron, matapos ro andang gimiks nag oeoli eon ro anang barkada. Guina hawiran kunta sanda ni Lumeng nga ona eon lang mag-eobog ogaling nagpilit guid sanda nga mag – oli. Napilitan nga maghatod si Loida. Bangud madanlog ro daeanon tongod sa pag inoean, naaksidente sanda. Hadanlog si Loida ag guin daea sa hospital. Fifty-fifty ro kondisyon ni Loida. Kinahangean ro dugo para kana agud mabuhi. Sa kon anong swerte, nagka parehas ro dugo ni Lumeng ag Loida, ngani eagi-eagi guin himo ro blood transfusion, ro dugo halin kay Lumeng. Naka salbar ro daeaga. Sa anang pagmukeat hakita nana si Lumeng nga toeog pa ag naka-angot ro tubo nga may dugo nga naga tayon kana halin kay Lumeng. Nagbaskog eon si Loida, busa nag guwa sa hospital ag dungan nga nag-oli sanda. Halin kato, nagbag-o ro pagtan-aw ni Loida kay Lumeng. Matam-is man nga pamati-an ro pagtawag nga "Nanay" kay Lumeng.
Makaron indi eon magpalibog si Don Geronimo sa anang negosyo. Kon amat, guinadaea nana ro mag-ina sa ibang nasyon agod mag bisita sa andang negosyo. Malipayon si Don Geronimo nga sa anang pagpinanaw hay may naga atipan sa anang onga nga isaeang ka babaye, bilang pangaywang ina, si Lumeng. /MP

IRA Up By P20-M

By Ulysses Espartero

The Aklan Provincial Budget Office headed by Mary Grace Macahilas reported an increase of P58 million for 2007.
"We are pleased to inform you that the national government has increased our new IRA allotment share in the amount of P367,675,848 million, higher compared to 2005 of only about P309 million," Gov. Carlito S. Marquez said.
This is a welcome development, enthused Marquez, especially now that the provincial government is serious in the implementation of projects and programs funded through appropriation ordinances.
Lawyer Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino said approval of the Annual Executive Budget of the General Fund for 2007 and the Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD) for 2007 took the provincial board three days marathon sessions.
"Passage of these two most important documents had been very meticulous and were approved after lengthy debates among the members of the august body," Tolentino added.
The provincial government’s General Fund budget as provided in Appropriation Ordinance No. 06-006 carries a total appropriation of P420,259,032 while Appropriation Ordinance No. 06-007 which enacted the EEDD budget for 2006 carries a total appropriation of P243,985,667 or a total of P664,244,699. Financial analysts said the 2007 is the biggest budget so far in the history of Aklan.
The Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan also approved P73,161,225 budget for programs and projects to be funded under the 20 percent Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) Development Fund for 2007.
"A total of P35 million of the 20 percent IRA Development Fund will go to General Services sector which includes contractual, statutory and special projects and activities, P4.7 million for social development and P33.4 million to economic development," Marquez revealed.
"In our revenue projections for 2007 under the General Fund, our provincial government has an IRA share of 87 percent while local revenues composed of operating and miscellaneous revenues and local taxes account for 13 percent," he added./MP

Saturday, April 21, 2007

EDITORIAL - April 15 - 21 Issue

Prov’l. Hospital Upgrading

The Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital’s upgrading into a second level referral (non-teaching) hospital will always be remembered as the greatest achievement and legacy of effective and efficient health service delivery to the people of the present united leadership.
Under the united leadership of Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Vice Gov. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Aklan took courage to implement the project utilizing the loan proceeds from the World Bank with local funds from the province as equity.
The provincial government of Aklan and the Municipal Development Fund Office – Local Government Finance and Development Project (MDFO-LOGO FIND) entered into a memorandum of agreement for the latter to provide a loan to Aklan in the amount of P139 million.
According to Dr. Myrtle M. Pelayo, DOH representative and a member of the Provincial Health Board, the provincial hospital is considered Aklan’s showcase of health service delivery system.
"The provincial government takes pride in having completed the expansion and rehabilitation of the provincial hospital not solely relying on the meager resources of the provincial government. It was in fact a product of sheer determination and resolve. The upkeep and cleanliness of the expanded hospital has been acclaimed as comparable to our best and private hospitals in the country," she added.
The expansion of provincial hospital, now under the supervision of Provincial Health Officer Dr. Emma Cortes, is anchored on two major objectives: (1) to serve as one of the economic enterprises of the province of Aklan to generate additional revenues; and (2) to provide better and efficient health services to Aklanons.
The project components included the three-storey building, canteen, hospital façade and mortuary; rehabilitation of the old buildings (north, main and south buildings, doctors’ and nurses’ quarters); construction of a new power house; upgrading of existing powerhouse; site improvement; and other major items. Also included are the procurement of transformers, air-conditioning units, generator sets, x-ray machines, ultrasound machine, hospital beds, furniture, curtains and other hospital furnishings.
Four rooms of the hospital ground floor are utilized as private doctors’ clinics for rent. This is one way to encourage Aklanon doctors based in Manila to practice their profession here in Aklan and at the same time, be of service to their province mates. Located at the 2nd and 3rd Floors of the building are 35 rooms, which are serving as private rooms for hospital patients.
Provincial Government and Services Officer Medelia Solanoy earlier stressed the procurement of modern and updated hospital equipment will save Aklanons from expense and tedious travel to Iloilo and Manila just to avail of adequate diagnosis and treatment.
The provincial hospital was built in the 1930s when Aklan was a part of Capiz. After World War II, the hospital was a 30 bed capacity. This was increased to 59 beds in 1956, 75 in 1961 and finally to 100 beds in 1975. It was renamed Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital. Despite its almost 150 percent bed occupancy until it’s upgrading, it remained a 100 beds hospital where beds were placed at its hallways to cope with patients.
Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD) Chief Rex Victor Consemino said the provincial hospital is one service area considered as viable for enterprise development merged under the EEDD to spur generation of much needed revenues for Aklan. It provides better services and effect client satisfaction. The hospital expansion shall pursue sustainable growth and development through innovative generation of financial resources for effective quality and accessible service delivery.
While the provincial government is challenged to open new economic frontiers, maintain fiscal stability and promote responsible stewardship for good governance and public service, the indigency program for Aklanons which badly need hospital services shall be pursued as public service remains a top priority of the present administration.
Aklanons are also assured of affordable hospital services especially for rates on minor and major operations and admission to private rooms.
"The hospital expansion is a major development health services program for the benefit of poor constituents. It will also be a flagship of Aklan’s EEDD program," Marquez stressed. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Congratulations for Mayor Denny Refol of Altavas for being the first mayor from among the 17 towns of Aklan to provide the Aklan Provincial Agriculture and Fishery Council (PAFC) of a copy of its Ordinance Prohibiting the Burning of Rice Straw.
As chair of the PAFC Aklan, I have requested all the honorable mayors of Aklan to spare me a copy of their respective municipal ordinance which prohibits the burning of rice straw if they have enacted one. I sent the request sometime in February via letter request. My success is 1/17 or 5 percent only.
Burning rice straw is destroying plant food nutrient equivalent to one bag of complete fertilizer for every one hectare rice straw burned. Moreover, organic matter is also destroyed.
If I think of the civil service law on Ethical Standard for Public Officials and Employees, the 16 municipal mayors of Aklan must have violated the provision which mandates public officials and employees to act on matters brought to their office for action within 15 working days. The action maybe positive or negative or even just acknowledgement of the receipt of the matter.
But mayors are honorable persons, they are elected by the people. They are the people who applied to be mayors during elections. They promise to provide the best services to the people 24 hours a day. However, after the election, the promises are "Gone With The Wind". God forbids, let it not happen from this election. I hope our candidates for mayor in the 16 towns can respond to my request after the election.
PAFC is created to assist the government specifically the Department of Agriculture in the monitoring of programs, projects and activities, analyze results of those programs, projects and activities and submit recommendations. Aklan PAFC is aware of some towns with municipal ordinance which prohibits the burning of garbage, specifically rice straw. However, with those ordinances, rice straw burning is still highly popular among Aklanon farmers.
PAFC Aklan has considered to study waste burning, how to minimize if not stop it. Burning is resource destruction, increases global warming and enhances imbalance ecology.
Many persons told me they are surprised of the bridge under construction located in front of Aklan State University, Ibajay, Aklan. It is parallel to the old bridge that connects Colong-Colong to Poblacion, Ibajay.
According to a prominent person in Numancia, that bridge under construction in Ibajay was never been discussed in public as a priority. He was so disappointed that the construction was made ahead of the Numancia – Kalibo bridge which might collapse anytime from now. If this happened, Aklanons from the western part will be secluded, tourists will go to Boracay via the Caticlan Airport and the Republic Nautical Highway.
Hakog, Sueok, Maakop and Hangoe are Aklanon terms which mean one thing "greedy". A reader, an acquaintance, as a reaction to my previous column which discussed "hakog, sueok, maakop and hangoe" suggested that we vote only those candidates who are charitable; forget about the greedy on May 14.
Of course, the 3 C’s must be highly considered. These are conscience, competence and commitment among others. You can add more desirable qualities of the men/women you will vote for their respective positions.
"More sunshine more grains." This is absolutely true in rice crop. And this principle is proven in Spain which has the highest rice production in the world per unit area.
Spain is the hottest part of the world which produces rice in effectively irrigated rice paddy. Aklan can be the highest rice producing province of the Philippines. Rice is a hydrophonic plant which demands more water during its growth during the summer season with more sunshine.
However, Aklan has more sunshine that renders rice paddies cracking and rice crops drying today. Meanwhile, millions gallons of water continuously flow to the Sibuyan sea from the Aklan river. If this water can only be diverted to the Aklan rice fields, Aklan will have more surplus palay. /MP

e-Mail To EF

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Entrepreneurial Farmer":

"If it was Rep. Billie Calizo’s CDF, then it was started during the time of Mayor Stevens Fuentes and the governor then was Governor Joeben Miraflores.

Who is responsible to making it completed?

1. Mayor Stevens Fuentes?
2. Rep. Billie Calizo?
3. Former Governor and now Rep. Joeben Miraflors?
4. Mayor Jeremy Fuentes?
5. Governor Carlito Marquez?
6. DPWH?
7. People of Banga?
8. ASU?"

The money was released after the terms of former Congresswoman Billie V. Calizo and of former Mayor Stevens Fuentes, now SP member. It was completed in 2005. Whoever is responsible for its completion is not the point. What is very important is to make the project operational to recover investment, serve the people and make profit out of it. /EF

BSP, Aklan Council Holds 13th Annual Meeting

Vice Gov. Tolentino (upper picture) presiding the council meeting with Dr. Laroza, Dr. Magdaluyo & Ms. Pamati-an. Above photo shows the newly elected members of the executive board who are (l to r) Atty. Ronquillo Tolentino, Disederio Mortalla, Romeo Tumaob, and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente.
(ARV Photos)

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Aklan Council held its 13th annual meeting on Thursday, April 19 at CAP Bldg., Kalibo, Aklan.
Among the important matters taken up were opening ceremonies presided by Dr. Victorina S. Laroza, Aklan Schools Division Superintendent; Business meeting presided by Vice Gov. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Chairman, BSP Aklan Council; Election of four regular members of the Executive Board presided by Mr. Ernesto F. Melgarejo; Fellowship Luncheon and closing ceremonies. /MP


Aklan PNP Kicks Off Summer Olympics
Photos by Jun F. Villorente

Aklan Provincial OIC Police Chief Supt. Benigno "Bong" Durana (5th from left standing) with Aklan PNP municipal chiefs and members of
Aklan Police Defense Press Corps.

The 1st Aklan Provincial Police Office (APPO) Summer Olympics kick off over the weekend gave local policemen a much needed break.
Senior Police Supt. Benigno "Bong" Durana Jr., acting Aklan police director said, "the tournament aims to strengthen the camaraderie and unity of policemen of Aklan." The competition would surely add more pomp and color to the summer.
Events lined-up are basketball, volleyball and badminton. The participants are the 18 police stations of Aklan, including the Boracay Special Tourist Protection Office (BSTPO) and the 601st Provincial Mobile Group (PMG).
The Aklan Police and Defense Press Corps (APDPC) and the religious sector were invited to join the tournament.
Provincial Administrator Diego M. Luces and Rev. Father Cezar Indelible graced the opening ceremonies.
The events began on April 12 and will end on May 26.
Majority of the events will be played at APPO grounds. (By boy ryan b. zabal) /MP

The ceremonial toss led by P/Supt. Durana (center).

The Warriors team represented by towns of Malay, Nabas, and Buruanga (above left) and the team from Makato, Tangalan, Ibajay (above right) pictures.
The ABB team represented by towns of Altavas, Balete and Banga PNP Stations and the Newlenum team represented by towns of New Washington,
Lezo and Numancia PNP Stations.

P/Supt. Bong Durana delivering his message to the participating teams (above picture)
while below pictre shows Atty. Diego M. Luces, guest speaker giving his message.
Picture above shows the teams of Provincial PNP Office and Kalibo PNP.

Vicky & Billie Captivates Bakhaw Norte Voters


Wearing their best smiles, UNO Aklan official candidate for Governor Vicky Ramos and for Vice Governor Billie V. Calizo surprised their supporters when they excitedly agreed to cross Aklan River to visit Bakhaw Norte recently. The sweltering heat neither stopped their enthusiasm nor the swaying raft dampened their spirit. They fulfilled their commitment to the people of Bakhaw Norte who have eagerly anticipated their visit.
Of course yes, they were happy to see the Vicy-Billie tandem, together with their local candidates for Kalibo. The people of Bakhaw Norte appreciated the efforts of the group who came to Bakhaw Norte. They said, "It is a rare occasion". In return, they all gathered at the basketball court and wildly participated in the rally for the UNO candidates. It was like a get-together party with dance music blaring and making people, most especially the children, dance with joy.
The people of Bakhaw Norte have all the reasons to celebrate. For many years, they waited for change, they dreamed of progress in this little barangay. For them, hope is here, the light of change illuminates with Vicky Ramos and Billie V. Calizo.
In their speeches, both Vicky and Billie expressed their disappointment on how the provincial government has neglected Bakhaw Norte. Vicky Ramos vowed to bridge the gap in Bakhaw Norte and make the people be accessible to everything. One of her plans of action once she becomes Governor of Aklan is to visit every barangay so more people can avail of basic services. "Bakhaw Norte will be on my priority," Ramos said./MP

Magdaluyo Heads Search For Outstanding Aklanons

A prominent educator now heads the 2006 Search for Outstanding Aklanons.
Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo, Dean of the College of Education of Northwestern Visayan Colleges, was chosen to lead a group of well-represented multi-sectoral committee.
Dr. Magdaluyo retired as Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Education, Region VI, Iloilo City. She started as a classroom teacher, earned several promotions, until she was last promoted to Asst. Regional Director.
The prestigious search was revived in 2005 during the first year in office of Gov. Carlito S. Marquez.
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan chaired by lawyer Vice Gov. Ronquillo C. Tolentino approved Resolution No. 04-229 creating a Multi-Sectoral Committee to spearhead the recognition of the outstanding citizens of Aklan.
SP Member Plaridel Morania, sponsor of the resolution, stressed that the rebirth of Aklan as a province under RA 1414 is a significant milestone in the annals of its noble tradition.
A potential awardee must recognize and acknowledge himself as an Aklanon and as such, he should have consistently demonstrated exemplary conduct and ethical behavior. The impact of the nominee’s achievements must have benefited the greatest number of people and for a longer period of time.
Awards will be conferred to outstanding Aklanons in the following fields of human endeavor and achievements: education, government career, public service, fine arts, science, technology, journalism/media, literature, music, invention, religion, soldiery, medicine and law, stage and movies, business and industry and sports.
When it was revived in 2005, the awardees were Dr. Constancio I. Constantino (Education, Posthumous), Atty. Corazon T. Legaspi-Cabagnot (Foreign Service, Posthumous), Bishop Jose Corazon T. Tala-oc (Religion), Atty. Allen S. Quimpo (Government Service), Lt. Gen. Emmanuel R. Teodosio (Soldiery), Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino (Journalism), Mayor Herodutos A. Ramos (Entrepreneurship), Suzima C. Marte dela Cruz (Arts and Craft), Brenda M. Lorenzo-Dimayuga (Business and Industry), Emma M. Ilicito-Ceballos (Education), Manolita M. Quimpo-Acevedo (Community Service) and P/Supt. Nemesio P. Neron (Soldiery/Law Enforcement).
In 2006, the awardees were Vellyzarius I. Dela Cruz (Literary and Visual Arts, Posthumous), Lesley S. Mobo (Fashion Design), Dr. Kenneth Eulalio Y. Ilio (Information Technology), Francisco F. Rovero (Fine Arts/Painting), Dr. Emmette L. Custodio (Medicine), Augusto C. Tolentino (Broadcast Journalism), Atty. Alonzo R. Tinagan (Foreign Service), Atty. Plaridel M. Morania (Government Career), Juan P. Dayang (National Journalism), Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente (Community Journalism), Col. Efren R. Zaide (Business and Industry), Assemblyman Jose T. Tumbokon (Public Service) and Carmen Salas Quimpo (Education).
A prominent educator now heads the 2006 Search for Outstanding Aklanons.
Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo, Dean of the College of Education of Northwestern Visayan Colleges, was chosen to lead a group of well-represented multi-sectoral committee.
Dr. Magdaluyo retired as Assistant Regional Director of the Department of Education, Region VI, Iloilo City. She started as a classroom teacher, earned several promotions, until she was last promoted to Asst. Regional Director.
The prestigious search was revived in 2005 during the first year in office of Gov. Carlito S. Marquez.
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan chaired by lawyer Vice Gov. Ronquillo C. Tolentino approved Resolution No. 04-229 creating a Multi-Sectoral Committee to spearhead the recognition of the outstanding citizens of Aklan.
SP Member Plaridel Morania, sponsor of the resolution, stressed that the rebirth of Aklan as a province under RA 1414 is a significant milestone in the annals of its noble tradition.
A potential awardee must recognize and acknowledge himself as an Aklanon and as such, he should have consistently demonstrated exemplary conduct and ethical behavior. The impact of the nominee’s achievements must have benefited the greatest number of people and for a longer period of time.
Awards will be conferred to outstanding Aklanons in the following fields of human endeavor and achievements: education, government career, public service, fine arts, science, technology, journalism/media, literature, music, invention, religion, soldiery, medicine and law, stage and movies, business and industry and sports.
When it was revived in 2005, the awardees were Dr. Constancio I. Constantino (Education, Posthumous), Atty. Corazon T. Legaspi-Cabagnot (Foreign Service, Posthumous), Bishop Jose Corazon T. Tala-oc (Religion), Atty. Allen S. Quimpo (Government Service), Lt. Gen. Emmanuel R. Teodosio (Soldiery), Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino (Journalism), Mayor Herodutos A. Ramos (Entrepreneurship), Suzima C. Marte dela Cruz (Arts and Craft), Brenda M. Lorenzo-Dimayuga (Business and Industry), Emma M. Ilicito-Ceballos (Education), Manolita M. Quimpo-Acevedo (Community Service) and P/Supt. Nemesio P. Neron (Soldiery/Law Enforcement).
In 2006, the awardees were Vellyzarius I. Dela Cruz (Literary and Visual Arts, Posthumous), Lesley S. Mobo (Fashion Design), Dr. Kenneth Eulalio Y. Ilio (Information Technology), Francisco F. Rovero (Fine Arts/Painting), Dr. Emmette L. Custodio (Medicine), Augusto C. Tolentino (Broadcast Journalism), Atty. Alonzo R. Tinagan (Foreign Service), Atty. Plaridel M. Morania (Government Career), Juan P. Dayang (National Journalism), Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente (Community Journalism), Col. Efren R. Zaide (Business and Industry), Assemblyman Jose T. Tumbokon (Public Service) and Carmen Salas Quimpo (Education).
The committee on the search is scheduled to select and award the Outstanding Aklanon awards on April 25, the 51st anniversary of Aklan province. The Outstanding Aklanon Annual Awards is one of the highlights of the annual celebration of the Separation of Aklan.
Month-long Celebration
Aklan’s 51st anniversary is a month-long celebration which according to Provincial Tourism Officer Roselle Quimpo-Ruiz, "the 2007 celebration promises to be colorful."
It was on April 25, 1956 when Pres. Ramon Magsaysay signed Republic Act 1414 into law separating 17 towns from Capiz to compose Aklan as a province.
"While some of the activities were started few weeks back, major events are scheduled this week," Ruiz added.
The Public Employment Service Office (PESO) officially announced the Summer Program for the Employment of Students (SPES), a province wide summer job project benefiting poor but deserving students.
The activities lined up during the Inter-Municipal Sportsfest Week on April 18-25 are chess, taekwondo, athletics and lawn tennis. The provincial government will also hold an inter-department sportsfest.
According to Provincial Sports Officer Wilfredo R. Neri, the annual sportsfest held as a prelude in the commemoration of the Aklan Day, is designed to develop and foster camaraderie and closer relationship among the young people in the province.
Major foundation events include the Aklan Pina and Fiber Festival Agro-Industrial Trade Fair, April 23-27; Tsibugan sa Kapitolyo, April 23-28; and Market Trends Seminar, April 24.
The activities on April 25 are Thanksgiving Mass at the St. John the Baptist cathedral of Kalibo, Civic and Military parade from Pastrana Park to Capitol Grounds, Flag Raising and Wreath-laying Ceremonies, Commemorative Program, Seminar on Pla-Pla Culture, Hog and Game Fowl Raising and Awarding Ceremonies for the Outstanding Aklanons. /MP

459 Candidates Vie For Aklan’s Local Posts

A total of 459 candidates are running for various positions in the May 14, ’07 polls. They have filed their Certificates of Candidacies (COCs) at the Provincial and Municipal COMELEC office, Kalibo, Aklan.
According to the COMELEC, two candidates are running for Representative of the Lone District of Aklan; four for Provincial Governor; two for Vice Governor and 22 for Sangguniang Panlalawigan Eastern and Western Districts.
Forty-five (45) candidates are running for mayor of Aklan’s 17 municipalities while 37 are running for vice mayor positions. For Sangguniang Bayan members, there are 347 candidates. There are five (5) vice mayoralty candidates running unopposed.
Four mayoralty candidates are spouses of incumbent three termer mayors. Altavas candidate Kathryne Refol is the wife of Mayor Denny Refol; Batan candidate Delfina Ramos is the wife of Mayor Herodutos Ramos; Numancia candidate Elvirita Templonuevo is the wife of Mayor Ernesto Templonuevo; and Buruanga candidate Quezon Labindao is the husband of Mayor Concepcion Labindao. These four mayoralty candidates are all running under the KAMPI party. Of the 45 mayoralty candidates, 13 are running under KAMPI.
Among Aklan candidates, 112 are running under the Nacionalista Party, KAMPI – 96; LAKAS-CMD – 85, Liberal Party – 55; PDP-Laban – 30; and 52 are independents.
Other candidates belong to the Partido Masang Pilipino, United Opposition (UNO), UNO-PDP Laban, UNO-NP and Lakas ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP).
Representative Florencio T. Miraflores is running under the KAMPI party while incumbent Governor Carlito S. Marquez is running under the LAKAS banner. His running mate, Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino is also running under LAKAS.
Anthony Acevedo, the other candidate for Congressman/Representative, is running under the PMP-PDP Laban party while the three other gubernatorial bets – like Kareen Ambito Galvan, is running under PMP; Maria Bettina Mobo Garcia, PDP-Laban, and Victoria Meñez Ramos, UNO.
Vice-gubernatorial candidate Gabrielle V. Calizo, who was Aklan’s Lone District Representative from 2001-2004, is running under the Nacionalista Party.
The province of Aklan has a total of 273,677 registered voters. The capital town, Kalibo has the most number of voters with 36,162 followed by Ibajay with 22,116 and New Washington, 21,891. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro
Dama de Noche
(Lady of the Night)
Pinasahe sa tanan rayang bueak nga Dama de Noche bangud sa gabi-i ra imaw naga sabwag ko anang kahumot. Kon adlaw, kipô tanan ro anang bueak nga matsa naga katueog. Kon ham-an it guin hingaeanan ra it Dama de Noche hay tongod sa isaeang ka historya it paghigugma nga nakalikum sa tanan.
Senia ro pangaean ko rayang babaye nga taga Uma. Mahipos, mahugod ag relihiyosa nga daeaga. Kada agahon, idto imaw nagatener sa anang hardin nga puno it mga kabueakan. Masaka eamang imaw sa baeay kon oras eon it ilabas. Pagka kaon, dayon manaog man imaw hasta matunod ro adlaw. Idto imaw naga pangadi sa anang hardin parabil magsaka sa baeay.
Isaeang adlaw, may nag-taeang nga sangka soldado sa andang lugar. Gwapo, may tipo ag maatag rayang soldado. Nangayo imaw it tubi sa daeaga. Guintaw-an man imaw eagi it tubi ko daeaga. Halin kato, permi eon nga naga pamasyar kana rong soldado. Pagkasayod ko anang ama ag ina, guin bawaean imaw sa pag mangin maeapit sa soldado bangud owa nanda makilaea it mayad rayang eaeaki. Ogaling nahueog ro bu-ot it daeaga sa eaeaki. Kada oli it soldado, naga pangayo imaw it bueak sa daeaga agod ita-o kuno sa anang ina. Ogaling, sa kamatuuran, rayang bueak hay guinadaea man nana sa ibang babaye idto sa pihak nga baryo. Ko olihi, hasayran ko anang ama ro kamatuoran nga bukon eamang it anang onga nga daeaga ro guina pangasawa ko rayang soldado. Agud mapundo ro pagkita perme ko daywa, guin preso ro daeaga sa anang kwarto. Tongod kara, napundo eon ro pagkita ko rayang soldado sa daeaga. Bangud kara, owa magkaon-kaon ro daeaga halin kato. Ko sangka gabi-i ngaron, nag-abot ro soldado ag sumaka sa isaeang ka tanum nga naga kamoy sa baeay. Sa rayang paagi, naka sueod imaw sa kwarto it daeaga. Bu-ot nana nga takawon ro daeaga, ogaling hay naabtan sanda ko anang ama. Sa kaakig ko anang ama, guin eabô nana ro soldado. Golpi mang pumatunga ro babaye busa imaw ro hatama-an ko ratong sandukô. Namatay ro daeaga ag nakadaeagan ro soldado.
Abu gid ro kasubo ko anang ama. Guin eobong nanda ro daeaga sa tunga ko anang hardin. Makataliwan ro mga inadlaw, may tanum nga tumubo runa sa anang eo-eobngan. Nagta-as rayang tanum, nagkamoy maeapit sa bintana ko kwarto it daeaga, hasta nga nagbueak. Kahumot ro bueak nga naga sabwag sa kagab-ihon, ogaling kon adlaw naga takup ro bueak. Nadumduman ko anang ama ro anang onga nga si Senia. Ro anang pagkamoy hay pareho it pagsaka ko soldado sa bintana ko daeaga ag ro kahumot imaw ro daeaga nga magakita sanda ko gabi-i ngaron.
Tongod owa man makilaea it mayad ko mga taga Uma si Senia, rondayang tanum hay guin tawag nanda nga Dama de Noche o Lady of the Night tongod sa gabii eamang ra naga sabwag ko anang kahumot. /MP

Poverty Protests Realty Tax Increase

On March 16, 2007, Atty. Romeo P. Inocencio filed a letter protest with the office of the Provincial Treasurer, Kalibo, Aklan regarding the "exorbitant increase of real estate tax he was assessed and paid." Atty. Inocencio also requested for refund of the overpayment.
Atty. Inocencio anchored his protest on the following:
1. Provincial Ordinance No. 05 – 009 was approved without complying with the procedure in the conduct of public hearing provided under Article 276 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Local Government Code;
2. The increase of 300 to 700 percent in real property taxes effective 2006 as a result of Provincial Ordinance No. 05–009 is in violation of the fundamental principles of taxation enshrined in Section 130 of the Local Government Code, which mandates that "Taxes shall not be unjust, excessive, oppressive or confiscatory;" and
3. There us no provincial ordinance duly enacted fixing and prescribing the assessment levels to be applied to the new fair market value in order to determine the new assessed value of the real property subject to realty tax as required under Section 218 of the Local Government Code.
According to Atty. Inocencio, the Provincial Assessor are virtually bereft of any authority to revise the assessed value of all real properties in Aklan in relation to Provincial Ordinance No. 05–009. "The absence of an ordinance that would empower the treasurer to levy one (1) percent basic real property tax and one (1) percent special education fund…on the assessed value of the realty is fatal," stressed Inocencio. /mp


Republic of the Philippines
Branch 9
Kalibo, Aklan

SPL. PROC. NO. 8020
- versus -
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x


A verified petition dated February 26, 2007, has been filed in this Court by the petitioner through counsel praying that after due notice and hearing an Order be issued directing the Municipal Civil Registrar of Kalibo, Aklan, to correct the entries relative to the date of birth in the Certificate of Live Birth of the petitioner from February 25, 1961 to January 25, 1961, and to correct the spelling of the first name from WENIE to WENNIE, the father’s middle initial from "C" to "R", and the mother‘s first name from FLOREDA to FLORIDA, and to annotate the proper corrections in the birth records of the petitioner.
It appearing that the petition is sufficient in form and substance, notice is hereby given that the aforesaid petition will be heard by this Court on July 17, 2007 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning at which time all interested persons may appear and show cause why the petition should not be granted.
Let this Order be published at the expense of the petitioner, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in Madyaas Pen, a newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality of Kalibo, and Province of Aklan and copies of the same together with the petition be served upon the Solicitor General, 134 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, the Provincial Prosecutor of Aklan, the Municipal Civil Registrar of Kalibo, Aklan, counsel for the petitioner and the petitioner at Brgy. Mabilo, Aklan.

Kalibo, Aklan, March 13, 2007.

Presiding Judge
Madyaas Pen: April 21, 28 & May 5, 2007

Republic of the Philippines
Banga, Aklan


The AKLAN STATE UNIVERSITY invites from accredited suppliers to bid for 1 unit vehicle with the following specification:

1 unit VEHICLE

"Any four-wheel wagon type vehicle with locally – manufactured chassis and body, with not less than four doors and an engine with a displacement not exceeding 1800 cc for gasoline or 2500 cc for diesel. Allowable options are AM/FM stereo cassette/CD player, car air-conditioning unit and magwheels".
Application for eligibility shall be evaluated using "PASS/FAIL" criteria and only Eligible Bidders shall be allowed to bid. Bid documents will be available for issuance on May 14, 2007 at the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat, ASU, Banga, Aklan.
The Aklan State University will hold a Pre-Bid Conference open to all interested parties on may 30, 2007 at exactly 9:00 A.M. at ASU Cafeteria, Banga, Aklan. Late bids shall not be accepted.
Bid opening shall be on June 11, 2007 at exactly 9:00 A.M. at ASU Cafeteria, Banga, Aklan. Bids will be open in the presence of the Bidders’ representative who choose to attend at the address below.
The Aklan State University reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid, and to annul the bidding process and reject all Bids at any time prior to contract award without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Bidders.
Contacting Authority: Fe M. Enriquez
Address: Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan
Telephone No.: (036) 267-6606
Telefax No.: (036) 267-6606

Madyaas Pen: April 14, 21 & 28, 2007
Republic of the Philippines
6th Judicial Region
Branch 9
Kalibo, Aklan


-versus- SPL. PROC. NO. 8015

x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x


A verified petition dated July 12, 2006, has been filed in this Court by the petitioner through counsel praying that after due notice and hearing an Order be issued directing the Municipal Civil Registrar of Makato, Aklan, to correct the entries relative to the date of birth in the Certificate of Live Birth of the petitioner from December 7, 1963 to November 15, 1963; to correct the spelling of the first name of his father from WENEFREDO TO WENIFREDO, and to annotate the proper corrections in the birth records of the petitioner.
It appearing that the petition is sufficient in form and substance, notice is hereby given that the aforesaid petition will be heard by this Court on May 22, 2007 at 10:30 o’clock in the morning at which time all interested persons may appear and show cause why the petition should not be granted.
Let this Order be published at the expense of the petitioner, once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks in Madyaas Pen, a newspaper of general circulation in the Municipality of Kalibo, and Province of Aklan and copies of the same together with the petition be served upon the Solicitor general, 134 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, the Provincial Prosecutor of Aklan, the Municipal Civil Registrar of Makato, Aklan, counsel for the petitioner and the petitioner at Cabugao, Altavas, Aklan.
Kalibo, Aklan, March 13, 2007.

Presiding Judge

Madyaas Pen: April 21, 28 & May 5, 2006

Republic of the Philippines
Sixth Judicial Region
Kalibo, Aklan

Mortgagee, FORECLOSURE CASE NO. 8 (2007)
Atty-in-Fact of JOAN T. CAUNAN,
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x


Upon Extra Judicial Petition for Sale under Act 3135, as amended, filed by the RURAL BANK OF BALETE (AKLAN), INC., KALIBO BRANCH, KALIBO, AKLAN as the Mortgagee, against ARIZONA M. TORREFIEL, of legal age, Filipino citizen, widow, and resident of Brgy. Poblacion, Tangalan, Aklan, and as Atty-in-fact of Joan T. Caunan, et al., as the Mortgagor, to satisfy the outstanding mortgage indebtedness in the amount of FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SIX PESOS and 75/100 (P487,126.75), Philippine Currency, as of March 28, 2007, inclusive of interest and penalty, attorney’s fees, sheriff’s fees and other legal expenses incurred in connection with this foreclosure case, the Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff of Aklan, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan, thru the undersigned will SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION on MAY 29, 2007 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning or soon thereafter, at the office of the Provincial Sheriff of Aklan, to the HIGHEST bidder for CASH and in the Philippine Currency, the mortgaged real property, together with all the existing improvements thereon, more particularly described as follows:

ARP/TD NO. 0632 and 0713

"A PARCEL OF LAND (LOT NO. 4-pt.-Cad 740-D), situated in the Brgy. Poblacion, Tangalan, Aklan. Bounded on the NE., by Lot No. 5; on the SW., by San Juan Street; on the SE, by Lot No. 4-pt,; and on the NW., by Lot No. 4-pt. Containing an area of FIVE HUNDRED (500) SQUARE METERS, more or less and declared in the name of ERASMO T. TORREFIEL, together with the building and other improvements thereon."
Prospective buyers and bidders may investigate for themselves the title to the property described above and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be.
All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope.

Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines.
April 10, 2007


Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff
Madyaas Pen: April 14, 21 & 28, 2007


Republic of the Philippines
Regional Trial Court
6th Judicial Region
Kalibo, Aklan

-versus- NO. 7 (2007)
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x


UPON Extra-Judicial Petition for Sale under Act 3135 as amended by Act 4118, file by the Mortgagee, ULTIMATE FINANCING CO., INC., represented by Herald Ian O. Recidoro, its Operation Officer of Kalibo Branch, with office address at Mabini St., Kalibo, Aklan against the Mortgagors ELIZABETH T. PAGTAMA, Filipino, of Legal Age, Married, for herself and as Attorney-in-fact of JOSEPH TAYCO, OSCAR R. TAYCO and ELENA R. TAYCO, residing at 94-A Magdalena Village, New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines, to satisfy the mortgage indebtedness to the Mortgagee, which as of February 27, 2007 amount to ONE MILLION EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (Php1,800.000.00) Philippine Currency, excluding Attorney’s fees, Sheriff’s fees, Filing fees and other expenses in connection with this sale, all secured by a Real Estate Mortgage, the Clerk of Court VI and Ex-Officio Provincial Sheriff of Aklan Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan thru the undersigned Sheriff IV, will sell at public auction on MAY 28, 2007, at 9:00 o’clock in the morning or soon thereafter at the Office of the Provincial Sheriff, Godofredo P. Ramos Hall of Justice, Regional trial Court, Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines, to the highest bidder, for CASH and in Philippine Currency, the herein-below described real property together with all the existing improvements thereon, to wit:

TCT No. T – 14503

"A PARCEL OF LAND (Lot 6, Pcs-06-000671), being a cons-subs. Of Lots 2964-H, I, J, & K-3 (IRC) Psd-20404099 & 260389, situated in the Barrio of Buswang New, Kalibo, Aklan. Bounded on the SW., along the line 1-2 by Lot 8 (Brgy. Road) of this cons-subd, survey; along line 2-3 by Brgy. Road; on the NW., along line 3-4 by Lot 1; on the NE, along line 4-5 by Lot 5 both of this cons-subd. Survey; on the SE., along line 5-6 by Lot 2964-E (IRC) Psd-204099 along lines 6-7-1 by Lot 7 of this cons-subd. Survey xxxxxxxx containing an area of FIVE HUNDRED FORTY NINE (549) SQUARE METERS, more or less, covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. T-14503."
Prospective buyers and bidders are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the title to the property described above, and the encumbrances thereon, if any there be.
ALL SEALED BIDS must be submitted to the undersigned on the stated time and date.

Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines, April 12, 2007.

Clerk of Court VI & Ex- Officio Provincial Sheriff

Sheriff IV

Warning: It is absolutely prohibited to remove, deface or destroy this Notice of Sale on or before the date of Sale under penalty of law.
Madyaas Pen: April 14, 21 and 28, 2007

Aklanon Heads LGP Visayas

By Ulysses Espartero
Mabel Ureta Concepcion,an Aklanon now leads the League of Government Pharmacists (LGP) in Visayas region. She was elected Vice President for the Visayas of LGP. Her election to the post is in recognition of her sterling leadership in the upholding and enhancing the nobility of her profession as a government pharmacist.
As Food and Drug Regulations Officer of the Department of Health (DOH) Center for Health Development (CHD), Concepcion plays crucial role in promoting the rational use of drugs. She ensures the provision of safe, effective and quality drugs for improved patient care and quality of life.
Concepcion has served at the Integrated Provincial Health Office and as a pharmacist at the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital (DRSTMH).
She finished Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy in 1983 at the University of Sto. Tomas. In the same year, she passed the Board of Pharmacy test. She took postgraduate studies leading to Masters in Administration at the Aklan State University.
A multi-awarded professional, she was cited by the Aklan Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) and the Rotary Club of Kalibo. In 2004, the Department of Health Center for Health Development 6 awarded her with a Plaque of Recognition as the "Most Energetic and Primed Employee."
Concepcion is chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee of APhA, a provincial organization of pharmacists which aims to embody the spirit of compassion and selflessness that extends to Aklanon clients and the public.
She reports now and then at the CHD for proper monitoring and implementation of DOH programs.
"I have to see to it that our programs are properly considered and taken cared of. I believe that dedication to every aspect of endeavor is a must coupled with integrity and efficiency to service," she stressed.
Blood Program Gets Support
The Provincial Health Board is supporting the immediate implementation of the Blood Program of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)-Aklan Chapter.
PNRC Aklan Chapter Administrator Arcely P. Pelayo is alarmed for the closure of commercial blood banks in the province can lead to a shortage of blood supply.
"The blood inventory for CY 2006 revealed that out of the 5,475 units of blood used, only 670 units or 12.23 percent of the total units of blood requested came from the PNRC and 88 percent came from commercial blood banks," Pelayo added.
New strategies have already been started this year by PNRC in coordination with the Technical Services Division of the Provincial Health Office. Advocacy meetings are held with the Liga ng mga Barangay, non-government organizations and the Municipal Red Cross Chapter prior to the conduct of mass blood donations. Fund augmentation is necessary to help PNRC increase its blood collection and supply of blood in Aklan.
The Blood Program of PNRC-Aklan is geared to ensure the safety and quality of blood supply and maintain its adequacy through a total voluntary system with the specific objectives of first, increasing the blood supply in the province; and second, establishing Support Fund Agreement with Local Government Units;
The PNRC proposes that the activities to be undertaken are as follows: (1) collaboration and networking with the local government units to establish a support fund agreement, (2) regular conduct of advocacy meetings, (3) scheduling of monthly mass blood donation in every municipality, (4) social mobilization, (5) procurement of Blood Bank Refrigerator, related equipment and supplies, and (6) increase of manpower complement.
Dr. Myrtle M. Pelayo, Provincial DOH Representative and a member of the Provincial Health Board stressed the provincial government shares in the belief of the Board of Directors of PNRC-Aklan Chapter that effective and immediate implementation of the program will reduce deaths secondary to lack of blood like hemorrhage, severe anemia and other blood disorders.
The PHB also requested Governor Carlito S. Marquez to create a Task Force on Blood Program to be headed by the Technical Services Division of the Provincial Health Office.
It also requested the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to allocate P500,000.00 for the Procurement of Blood Bank Refrigerator and the Blood Program of PNRC-Aklan Chapter. /MP

PRA Launches Brand

Gen. Aglipay, Chairman - PRA talking about the retirement haven in the Philippines before the Aklan Tri-Media.
"Smile at Life in the Philippines," is an invitation designed to attract former Filipino citizens and foreign nationals to choose the Philippines as their second home.
General Edgar B. Aglipay, Chairman of the Philippines Retirement Authority (PRA), heads the team tasked to promote the country as the retirement haven in Southeast Asia. By 2015, Aglipay aims to generate a total investment value of US $44 billion; create four to six million jobs; and provide support to three million entrepreneurs through the entry of almost a million retirees.
To achieve these objectives, PRA launched its campaign, "Smile at Life," which captures the spirit of what the Philippines can offer the retirees. The colors of the logo are sunny and arm, calling to mind both our culture and our disposition. Famous for our vibrant culture, hospitality, friendly English-speaking population, natural attractions and tropical climate, retirees can look forward to a good quality of life at an affordable cost. In addition, York-based senior housing specialist Meredith Oppenheim, who recently spoke before an audience of Filipino real estate developers, echoed the sentiments of retirees based all over the world. Health care, a top priority of the senior market, is an expertise of the Filipino who is world-renowned for its excellent healthcare practitioners.
In line with the needs of target retiree markets, Aglipay has chosen to focus PRA’s efforts to three sectors, namely housing, lifestyle services and healthcare. Accreditation standards, based on the California, USA model are used to evaluate, rate and continuously monitor facilities that serve seniors. Endorsements for accreditation approval from the combined retirement industry stakeholders such as the Philippine Retirement, Inc. and the foreign chambers of commerce and PRA further ensure the highest quality of retirement products and services. /MP


By Dr. Felma dela Cruz, M.D.

* Speech delivered by Dr. Felma Reloj–dela Cruz during the Kalantiao Toastmasters Club meeting on April 12, 2007.
"Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted" according to Apostle Matthew. This is my inspiration through out my grieving process.
So, I am blessed, because I have already mourned and suffered grief several times. I turned the victor after each grief and mourning, which made me a strong woman every time I conquered each one.
All of us experienced tragedy or loss in our lifetime. It could be losing a balloon to the air when we were a small kid or losing a husband at the peak stage of marriage, undergoing a very delicate brain operation and barely I recovered from it. I lost my daughter to someone, whom I did not like for genetic reasons.
Expectedly, we go through some sort of grieving process which could last for a few minutes to even years, depending on the gravity of tragedy or loss. We have to undergo this process step by step, for us to emerge the victor and not the loser.
There are 7 basic steps or stages of this grieving process:
Stage I. Shock
and Denial:
SHOCK – God uses shock as a protection against complete devastation. It is a built-in protection, giving us time to become gradually adjusted to the change that has taken place.
- It can last for a few minutes to several weeks, if it goes beyond, something is wrong.
- It is a temporary escape from reality, but if it is not temporary, it can lead to very serious problems.
- Healthy shock is like a temporary anesthetic, however we cannot stay permanently under anesthesia.
DENIAL – It is refusal to face reality, which can often cause emotional and mental illness in varying degree.
- God has equipped us with His Holy Spirit to empower us to face reality, to take God’s hand, to walk to the dark valleys and to overcome the obstacles that life brings and comes out victorious in every way.
…to God, the Devil, the Self and at the person who caused the pain or loss even that person died.
Anger at God – We ask God, like God, why did You not prevent such things from happening to us and hurting us badly? "If God is good and powerful, why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?"
Anger at the devil – the bible says we should hate evil, since the devil is the source of all evils, then being angry with him can be healthy. We should defeat evil with good.
Anger at self – One asked himself "Could I have done anything to prevent this from happening? I should stop tormenting myself with regret.
Anger at Others – It is normal to experience anger at anyone who has caused him/her pain or hurt, even if that person died. "Why did you leave me? I asked my husband after his death and every time I encounter problems with my children. It is fulfilling for me to go to the cemetery anytime of the day or night just to express my anger to him.
Remember, don’t be angry with God and at yourself. Be angry at the devil and express that anger in a proper way by overcoming evil with good.
The answer is not to keep your emotions, but to recognize them for what they are and to express them in the proper manner.
- At this stage, I became like a wounded animal, behaving like one, but I was able to overcome it with my fear of God. I know what I did was unbecoming and shameful but it made me feel better and it made me feel numb and callous to the shame.
- I would tell my friend that she is my daughter and not my neighbor, that’s why I’m reacting this way. If you will become a widow like me, you will feel how I feel and understand why I’m acting this way.
This includes sobbing and hysteria, which may come and go when least expected. Some people refuse to weep or show any kind of untoward emotion which is not healthy.
Pent up emotions are powerful and need to be released otherwise this emotion will possibly destroy your mental, emotional and even your physical health.
Since God has given us tear glands and an ability to cry, that means that there will be times in our life when we need to weep.
There is healthy weeping and unhealthy weeping. Proper release of wounded emotions is healthy, but beware of self pity.
At first, I did not cry, because of extreme anger, until after a week, when I did cry every now and then, even in the wee hours of the night. As a result of which, I have cough for more than a month due to the constant pouring of tears in my throat.
I even went berserk, by going to the culprit’s house and shouting invectives, but my guardian angel friends and relatives were there to console and protect me.
This is the state of being under, or an area sunk below normal levels characterized by being withdrawn, with sleep disturbances, hopelessness, lethargy, apathy and even with suicidal tendencies.
Everyone has experienced depression at sometime or another in his life. Normal emotion and proper release of them are healthy, but when emotion are allowed to control us, they become very destructive.
As a physician, I am aware of this stage, which if improperly guided will lead to a destructive result like suicide. I was able to conquer it by a lot of prayers and talking it over to my dear friend psychiatrist, Dra. Mona (Magayanes) and several priests who lent their compassionate and professional ears in my ventilation of my grief. Unlike others, who were trying to stop me from talking and correcting me, which even made me angry. When emotions are really beyond self-control we need to take prescription drugs for the situation. But, I haven’t taken any, because I was able to overcome my grief, 95 percent, as of now.
It is perfectly natural to be anxious for all your painful feeling to subside and finally disappear forever. However, that is not usually the way it works.
Something may happen that triggers a memory and suddenly all the old emotion comes back with a vengeance.
Facing a major change in our lives is one of the most emotionally difficult times that we are called upon to endure. If that change comes as a result of tragedy, loss, or cries, then these confusion, disorientation and fear are normal.
When we neither know what to do nor what the future holds, it is comforting to know that God does know.
I conquered this stage by prayers and talking to a professional like Dr. Mona (Magayanes) and several priests who better understand the mechanics of the grieving process.
My cardiologist at UST whom I consulted for my mild heart attack, became a psychiatrist.
People who are grieving over death or traumatic loss will experience physical, mental, emotional symptoms. There is also lack of sleep, loss of appetite which when added to an overstressed body will lead to physical pain, sickness and disease. That is why it is important to get as much physical exercise, nourishment and rest to help the mind and body remain healthy during this stressful times.
In dealing with all these stages of grieving process, the keyword is BALANCE. Pray and pray while going through this 7 stages of grieving, so the devil doesn’t have a chance to enter your system.
I went through all these 7 stages of grieving, with help of my children, relatives, friends, my doctors and several priests. They and I prayed very hard for me, so that I can pass through this latest tragic event of my life physically and mentally sound. I did my share by hearing mass and visiting the Adoration Chapel everyday, so that the devil will not overpower me.
I exercised 15 minutes a day to relax my mind and body and also for my heart which suffered the brunt of that emotional turmoil.
I buried myself in reading books about God, depression, forgiveness, medical books and journals so that those negative thoughts will not have a chance to enter my mind.
I emerged the victor, by trusting God, my psychiatrist friend Mona, my relatives, friends, exercise, drugs for my heart and my inherited guts. Thanks to them.
Right now, I am on the overcoming of grief and loneliness part of this tragic event, because I know God is with me all the time. I became a stronger woman than before. /MP