Friday, May 30, 2008


Lopez Defeats Garcia; Goes To Court
After a day long corporate battle to control Meralco, the Lopezes remain in control of Meralco. In the 14 hours meeting held in the Meralco headquarters in Pasig, Metro Manila on Tuesday, May 27, Meralco retained its five seats and the government with four (4) and two (2) independent directors. Aside from Manolo Lopez, the four other directors elected were Jesus Francisco, Felipe Alfonso, Christian Monsod and Cesar Virata.
Winston Garcia leads the government side. Elected with him were Bernardino Abes, Daisy Arce and Jeremy Peralta. The two independent directors were Artemio Panganiban and Vicente Panlilio.
Garcia who is the chairman/president of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) got from and had the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) served a “cease-and-desist order” at Meralco’s annual stockholders meeting. The order to acting corporate secretary Anthony Rosete was aimed to prevent the inclusion of votes for directors of the Lopez family in the 11 member Meralco board.
It sought to restrain Rosete from recognizing, counting and tabulating proxies in favor of Manuel Lopez-Meralco chair and Felipe Alfonso – vice chair, president Jesus Francisco, director Christian Monsod, Elpidio Ibañez and Francisco Giles – Puno.
However, the Board said, the SEC order was null and void. It was signed by only one commissioner, no docket number, undated and did not bear an original SEC seal.

What Is The Interest of Garcia In The Meralco?

In all the past Meralco stockholders meeting, last Tuesday, May 27 was the most attended. Even the smallest owners of Meralco who had never attended the past meetings were present. It was at that time when the smallest to the biggest owners met.
The excellent attendance was triggered by the interest of Winston Garcia who represents the 33 percent GSIS and other government stocks in the Meralco. Garcia claimed he would like to take control of the Meralco so as to reduce the cost of electric power rate and improve Meralco management.
But Garcia, in entering the stockholders meeting was met by placard bearing people objecting to Garcia’s take over of Meralco. Some of the placards read: “Sa Meralco mga Lopez ay grasya; Sa GSIS, si Winston ang disgrasya. Patuloy na paglilingkod 105 taunay inabot dahil sa mahusay na pamamatnugot.”
“Winston Resign! Winston Kapalpakan Mo huwag mong dalhin sa Meralco.”
Reviewing the management of Winston Garcia in the GSIS, these are attributed to him:
1. The records at the GSIS is only 30 percent accurate the main cause why its members are experiencing extreme difficulty in transacting business with the GSIS like getting loans, retirement benefits and others. Government personnel who wish to borrow loans from the GSIS are prevented because of topsy turvy records;
2. The GSIS has favored in the placement of GSIS money to a private bank so disadvantageous to the government and its members. This is resulting to the unnecessary expenses on the part of the government employees and GSIS pensioners when transacting businesses with that private bank;
3. Winston Garcia has invested GSIS money abroad even if the Philippines is inviting foreign investors to invest in the Philippines;
4. GSIS has been using pension fund irrelevant to the spirit and intent in organizing GSIS.
5. Until today, the GSIS satellite office in Kalibo, Aklan is still located in the third floor of the Capitol building giving extreme difficulty for aged personnel and GSIS pensioners. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Art of Power Delegation

Mayor Ceciron Cawaling of Malay, Aklan delegated almost all is authority and responsibility to a subordinate officer. In Executive Order No. 186, Series of 2008, Mayor Cawaling delegated all his functions to Mr. Edgardo Sancho, Executive Assistant V, Malay, Aklan.
Sancho’s position is confidential in nature, co-terminus with the term of office of the appointing officer, his boss. In this case, Mayor Cawaling. The position is unclassified, which is a position highly confidential. The tenure of office is not fixed.
In the study of Public Administration, a chief of office, such as a municipal mayor, may delegate his authority to do certain task or tasks to a person of his trust and confidence. But only authority can be delegated and never responsibility. Once the chief of office who delegated such authority losses his trust and confidence upon that person, such authority is withdrawn. The Executive Order No. 186, Series of 2008 will be revoked.
A good example of that delegated authority is in the Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD). The Board of Directors (BOD) of MKWD issued authority to its General Manager authorizing him to approve purchases worth not more than P3 million. After the BOD of MKWD lost its trust and confidence in the general manager, that authority was withdrawn.
Moreover, the chief of office, in this case Mayor Cawaling of Malay, Aklan is never allowed to delegate responsibility. When Mr. Sancho succeeded in the performance of his delegated tasks, he is not alone to be credited for the success; it is Mayor Cawaling as well for his ability to delegate tasks to the most competent person. On the other hand, when a delegated task is not done, it is Mayor Cawaling who is blamed and not Mr. Sancho. Anything worst Mr. Sancho did, Mayor Cawaling gets the blame.
But there are questions asked in the issuance of Executive Order No. 186, Series of 2008. Those questions are asked because of jealousy; because of the rule of succession. Those functions delegated, if Mayor Cawaling becomes incapacitated to perform such functions, will be exercised by the Vice Mayor.
But Mayor Cawaling is functioning. He delegated those tasks so that he can have more time and effort to devote to the more pressing problems of the community. Once Mayor Cawaling can no longer function as Mayor of Malay, it is automatic for the vice mayor to discharge those functions as provided for in the Local Government Code.
It is said, a person cannot give what he does not have. He can only give what he owns. Likewise, Mayor Cawaling delegated the functions inherent to the office of the Mayor. He did not delegate the functions of other offices.
That delegation of authority is valid only as long as he is the Mayor of Malay, or until the year 2010, the end of his term. However, even before 2010 if Mayor Cawaling is incapacitated to discharge the functions of his office, the vice mayor as provided for in the Local Government Code, will become the Mayor of Malay. That Executive Order No. 186, Series of 2008 is automatically revoked.

Snack In The Air

The Philippines Airlines has restored its practice to serve snacks in flight. This is an attraction in addition to its promotional price. In our 3:00 P.M. PAL flight Manila-Kalibo on May 28, all the passengers were served snack. It consisted of fruit juice, biscuits, roasted peas and small cake. This is a welcome development.
In the MP “Editorial 24-05-08 Issue”,
Mr. Elmar M. Gomez commented, thus “I hope Madyaas Pen will list the names of the mayors who signed the manifesto.
Then we will know who stand by their word. The others will have to explain their new position.
The more people know about this situation, the less likely mayors will take back their word without explanation.” /MP

Kapehan Discusses Education In Aklan

Aklan tri media discussed Aklan Education Program during the Kapehan Sa Aklan on Saturday, May 24 with the resource persons shown above. (L to R) are Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo who represented Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, president-NVC; Dr. Edito Agustin who represented Dr. Benny Palma, president-ASU; Ms. Edna Ayon who represented Dr. Victorina Laroza-Aklan Schools Division Superintendent; and Ms. Suzette Pioquid, Asst. Prov’l Treas. who represented Mr. Evan Timtiman. Dr. Edna Gonzales was also present who represented ASU College of Education.

with Atty. Ronquillo Tolentino and Mario Balandra of NVC

Education is the instrument of development. In Aklan, it was discussed during the Kapehan Sa Aklan, a weekly program designed to discuss matters affecting the lives of the Aklanons.
There were invited resources persons but how bad for those invited just sent their respective representatives who were not sure some of their answers. The schools division superintendent, Dr. Victorina Laroza sent Ms. Edna Ayon who was not able to answer categorically simple questions like teacher ranking and appointment.
In financing, Mr. Timtiman sent his asst. provincial treasurer, Ms. Suzette Pioquid to explain how the Special Education Fund is budgeted and disbursed. Dr. Palma of ASU sent his most able team mates like Dr. Edna Gonzales and Dr. Edito Agustin. They explained the course offerings of ASU, program of studies, researches, rate of tuition and other fees, its mission and vision and others.
On the part of private colleges, Northwestern Visayan Colleges was represented by Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo. Mr. Edwin Garcia of Garcia College of Technology ignored our invitation. Mr. Bernardino Arguelles of Panay Technological College was also unable to attend.
The Kapehan ended with a conclusion that education has tremendously deteriorated. Everybody agreed something drastic must be done to improve the quality of graduates such as in teacher training and recruitment, supply of books and school facilities and improve school management.
Further, it was recommended that DepEd concentrates its education program on academic classes like Science, Mathematics, and English. Major sports activities be given to the National Sports Commission and the culture and arts to the National Commission for culture and the arts. DepEd may engage in sports, culture and arts as minor activities in the school premises. /MP

Libaquin: A Physician Who Shouts?

Mr. Morefe Q. Flores, a teacher of Aklan Inter-faith Academy, Kalibo went to the Kalibo Police Station, Kalibo, Aklan at 2:00 in the afternoon, May 27, 2007.
Flores reported to the police the case of oral defamation and harassment allegedly done on him by Dr. Rey Libaquin, Sr.
According to the police report, “at about 2:20 in the afternoon of May 27, Mr. Morefe Flores y Quinones, 31 years old, single, Red Cross employee, resident of Capitol Subd., Kalibo, Aklan (with) Larry Torres y Matorre, 43 years old, married, Red Cross driver of Old Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan; Mary Joe Bautista – Galeon, 33 years old, married, Red Cross employee, resident of Joyao-Joyao, Numancia, Aklan appeared and requested to put into record that on or about 1:45 in the afternoon of the same date while they were inside their office at Red Cross Kalibo located at F. Quimpo, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan when Dr. Rey Libaquin, Sr. went inside their office looking for Mrs. Pelayo and the complainant as he confront(s) the herein complainant, on top of his voice saying threatening, defamatory words and even attempted to boxe(d) the complainant for more or less five (5) times. Even (at) the Barangay Poblacion can hear the voice of Dr. Libaquin.”
In his report to Governor Carlito S. Marquez, Flores reported the incident. Dr. Rey Libaquin, Sr. is a surgeon at the DRSTMH, Kalibo.
According to Flores, when Dr. Libaquin saw him (Flores) in the Red Cross office, he came closer to me and in an unprecedented imprudence hysterically shouted pointing his fingers, “Ano gina text, text mo sa bata ko? Indi ka mag text sa bata ko, ako ang imo i-text kay bayaran ko pila to! Pila to! Gago ka, kaya ko bayaran pati kabuhi mo, linti ka! Di ka mag text sa bata ko, atubangon mo ako, gago ka! Sin-o ka gid?” (What do you text to my child? Do not text to my child, text me for I will pay you. How much is this? How much is this? Stupid you, I can afford to pay you including your life, you are thunder! Do not text my child you are thunder! Who are you?”
This incident was the off shoot of their trip to Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal on May 8–13, 2008. The child of Dr. Libaquin was one of the Red Cross Delegates to Red Cross Youth Camp. Flores lent things to Dr. Libaquin’s child while in Tanay which Flores wished it be returned. /MP

SMART Deploys Hybrid Solar - And Wind-Powered Cell Sites

Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) is now harnessing solar energy to power cell sites located in remote areas in the country.
Led by Smart’s Network Services Division (NSD), the deployment of solar-powered cell sites is part of the company’s continuing efforts to adopt environment-friendly operational processes by tapping renewable energy sources in powering cell sites located in areas with limited electricity.
The solar-powered cell sites are deployed to complement and ensure uninterrupted operations of SMART’s existing wind-powered cell sites.
In December 2006, SMART installed the country’s first wind-powered cell site in Malapascua Island, Cebu. In the latter half of 2007, SMART continued with its alternative power project with the deployment of 33 more renewable energy-powered cell sites, 11 of which are hybrid wind- and solar-powered cell sites.
“For 2008, SMART is targeting to deploy another 34 eco-friendly cell sites, 19 of those are wind-powered, while 15 are hybrid solar- and wind-powered cell sites,” said NSD senior manager Jun Costes. “Since not all cell sites have potential wind source, solar energy was the obvious easily available source of energy.
The hybrid wind- and solar-powered cell site system now serve as a reliable, efficient and economic alternative to the fuel generator, which is commonly used in powering cell sites. While diesel-driven generators need monthly refueling, produce CO2 emissions and entail costly replacement of engine oil and filters, the hybrid wind- and solar-powered system require minimal maintenance.
“Solar cells made from semiconductor materials convert sunlight directly into electricity. During the day and the wind speed is low, solar power becomes the primary source of power of the cell sites,” explained NSD senior engineer Davidson Sevilleja. “In the evening, the wind turbines deliver electricity to the cell site.” According to Sevilleja, wind and solar energy go to a controller which store the energy in a battery bank. The battery bank is capable of storing energy that can provide electricity to a cell site for 24 hours.
The implementation of the hybrid wind- and solar-powered cell sites also translates to reduced operational expenses, as the electricity cost is now almost free and the high cost of hauling fuel to the cell site has been removed. Solar-powered cell sites are self-sufficient, making it almost virtually maintenance free. Like a wind power, solar power is a clean and non-polluting energy. Solar generators also operate silently, thus reducing noise pollution and disturbance to the daily activities of the surrounding community.
Presently, the 11 hybrid wind- and solar-powered cell sites operating across the country are found in Tanudan, Kalinga; Ba-ay-Licuan and Luba, Abra; Cagayancillo and Busuanga, Palawan; Punta Bulata, Negros Occidental; San Isidro, Hinabangan and UET Catarman, Samar; Boracay, Aklan; and Sarangani, Davao del Sur.
“The implementation of hybrid wind- and solar-powered cell sites brings several advantages, SMART’s responses to the global call to use renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse emissions that cause climate change, which harm the environment. Aside from helping save the environment, Smart subscribers also benefit from the deployment of hybrid cell sites. The hybrid cell sites contribute to increasing the voice and data coverage of SMART particularly in the countryside, resulting in continued service, even if subscribers are in far-flung areas,” said NSD group head Mar Tamayo. /MP

Red Cross Awards Volunteers/Benefactors

The Philippines National Red Cross (PNRC), Aklan chapter honored some 23 Red Cross volunteers and benefactors in recognition of their valuable contributions to the realization of the six Red Cross Services in 2006-2007. They were duly honored during the PNRC Aklan Chapter Assembly held on May 17, 2008 at Nenette’s Garden, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez leads the awardees. He is honored with Merit Diploma together with Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, honorary chairman and chairman respectively, PNRC, Aklan Chapter.
Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo was awarded Merit Certificate with Atty. Tomas S. Raz, Ernesto F. Melgarejo, Bernardino C. Arguelles, Ramon C. Venus, Col. Rex F. Martelino, Dr. Nilda F. Tambong, Dr. Daisy S. Briones, Dr. Elepoldo P. Magpusao, Dr. Emmett L. Custodio, Atty. Plaridel M. Morania, Dr. Victorina S. Laroza and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente.
Certificate of Recognition was awarded to Engr. Victory M. Fernandez, Hon. Madeline A. Regalado, Remia H. Donguines, Allen V. Alcedo, Enrique R. Dionio, Morefe Q. Flores, Jexter E. Maming and Rowena C. Arsenio. /MP



If he knew that Manny Pacquiao will be harmed and destroyed in the lightweight division, Freddie Roach will never gamble the future of the Filipino ring heartthrob by allowing him to fight World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight champion David Diaz on June 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is the opinion given by lawyer and boxing analyst Manuel Justiniani, 65, who predicted that “Manny Pacquiao will, in fact, dominate the lightweight division for a long time.”
“Pacquiao’s natural force is in lightweight division, not in the superfeatherweight,” averred Justiniani, a former legal adviser of Iloilo Governor Niel D. Tupas. “I see him dominating the lightweight division and nobody can beat him there.”
He considers Roach, a Hall of Famer, as a “brilliant handler of world champions” who will never allow his wards to be waylaid by superior fighters.
“Fred Roach knows that he will be discredited if Pacquiao will lose. He will be the first man to discourage Pacquiao from scaling the lightweight division if he knew that Pacquiao has no chance (of beating Diaz),” added Justiniani.
The veteran lawyer predicts that the 29-year-old Pacquiao (46-3, 35 KO) will demolish the 31-year-old Diaz (34-1, 17 KO) in the later rounds—between seven to 11 rounds.
He said “Pacquiao is very dangerous in these rounds unless he can connect a KO punch in the early rounds.”
Pacman’s edge over his foes is his style in the ring, explained the lawyer. “Pacquiao is different because when he attacks, he waves his head and he can’t be hit. Even Marco Antonio Barrera was surprised that he could not hit Pacquiao.”
Justiniani said when Pacquiao throws his punch in the left, he moves in the right side and he throws heavy punches that could finish of even the best fighters in his division. Pacquiao, he said, fights until the last round “and his force is still there.”
“In fact, he is a lot better than (Floyd) Mayweather,” Justiniani said. “No Filipino boxer can match Pacquiao’s ferocity and talent; not even (International Boxing Federation flyweight champion (Nonito) Donaire and Manny’s brother Bobby Pacquiao. Pacquiao is better than (World Boxing Organization bantamweight king) Gerry Peñalosa and other Filipino world champions in the past.”
“Every time Pacquiao fights, I stop doing what I am doing. That’s how I admire him,” he concluded. “He is the greatest Filipino world champion.”

Pacquiao would have rewritten history vs lightweight terror Roberto Duran
Flash Gallego’s duel versus then World Boxing Association (WBA) lightweight champion Roberto “Mano de Piedra” Duran (106-16, 70 KO) in Panama City on July 6, 1974 was non-title, but he was regarded as the toughest Filipino lightweight warrior in that era despite his mediocre record.
Gallego (16-18, 7 KO) never won a regional or national crown in his carrer but when he fought Duran, his record was a dismal 13 wins against 14 losses while Duran had 42 wins with one defeat.
Gallego, who retired after absorbing a brutal knockout loss to Noel Mathews in Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea on October 25, 1975, held the disctinction as the first and only Filipino opponent of the four-division world champion from Guarare, Panama who became the first man to defeat Sugar Ray Leonard.
The saga of Filipino boxers gunning for fistic glory in the lightweight division will be renewed on June 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada when World Boxing Council (WBC) superfeatherweight champion Manny Pacquiao attempts to grab the WBC lightweight jewels worn by Mexican-Amercian David Diaz (34-1, 17 KO) dubbed “Lethal Combination.”
Unlike Gallego who was certainly a patsy, however, Pacquiao (46-3, 35 KO) is no pushover. In fact, oddsmakers have installed the 29-year-old southpaw from Gen. Santos City a solid pick to pocket Diaz’s title.
Also, experts have predicted that the Diaz-Pacquiao duel will be among the bloodiest championship fights in the division, comparable to the explosive Esteban de Jesus-Robert Duran tussle; the weird Jose Luis Ramirez-Hector Camacho matchup; the deadly Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini-Duk Koo Kim (the Korean lapsed into coma after the fight and died in the hospital); and the lackluster Orzu-bek Nazarov-Dindo Canoy tango.
And, unlike Gallego who was obviously fed to the lions, Pacquiao is already a universal superstar in fight business and has already collected three world titles in different weight categories – flyweight, superbantamweight, and superfeatherweight.
If it was Pacquiao who was on the shoes of Gallego, the Philippines wouldn’t be humiliated in Panama City. It would be Mano de Piedra versus The Destroyer. Pacman would have swallowed whole the man who would terrorize the welterweight and middleweight divisions alongside Leonard, Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns, Wilfredo Benitez, Pipino Cueva and Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
The bible of boxing would have printed the name of Manny Pacquiao, not Roberto Duran, among the galaxy of stars in the lightweight division. But they never met. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Si Haring John, Ro Abbot, Ag Tatlo Ka Pangutana

Sa pagkamatay ni Haring Richard–the Lion Hearted, ro anang igmanghod nga si Haring John ro nangin Hari. Ro pag pangabuhi ni Haring John bilang hari ro pinaka ekstravagante, maluho, ag magasto. Abo ro anang mga kastilyo. Kada isaea naga pataasan it mga tore, marmol nga saeog, bronse nga puertahan ag maeahaeon nga kurtina.
Guina pabistihan nana ro anang mga sueogu-on it bueawan nga biste, ag guina regaluhan pa nana ro anang mga bisita it maeahaeon nga tela, singsing nga may tampok nga dyamante. Owa it ibang tawo sa kaharian nga nagaestar kapareho kana puera eamang rong Abbot, rong naga pangueo ko simbahan.
Ko una, guina-pasugtan nana nga mag ribal kana ro Abbot ogaling ko olihi indi eon nana makontrol ro anang kainggit, busa guin patawag nana ro Abbot. “Padre Abbot”, madahan nana nga umpisa. Habatian ko nga may mga sanggatos mga kabalyero nga nagahueat kimo adlaw-adlaw. Habatian ko man nga imo sandang guina pabistehan it belbet nga pangeamig ag bueawan nga kulentas. Sa mapig-od nga hambae mas eabaw pa ro imong pagginawi ko sa kakon. Raya, sayod ka hay isaeang ka pagtraidor.
“Kamahalan”, sabat kong Abbot, ako ro pinakaulihi nga tawo sa imong kaharian nga mag-isip it pagtraidor. Matuod nga ginabaton ko ro akong mga bisita sa kasarangan nga pag-abi-abi ogaling royon hay bukon it kakon ro kredito kundi para sa simbahan.
“Tama, Tama. Sayod ko ro imong paga hambaeon,” hambae ni Haring John nga amat-amat nga naduduea eon ro anang kontrol. Sayod ka man nga tanan nga propyedad hay gina-panag-iyahan ko korona. Ogaling guin patawag kita bukon it para eaygayan kundi agud isugid kimo nga ikaw hay nagkasaea it pagtraidor, ag angay nga bitayon. Ro imo tanan nga manggad hay maadto kakon.” Kamahalan , singgit it Abbot. Indi ako makapati….”
“Tagua ro imong pagtuo para sa imong sermon, akig man nga sabat it hari. Ogaling, sayod ro tanan nga ako hay maeo-eoy-on nga hari. Librehon ko ro imong kabuhi kon makombinse mo ako ko imong kaaeam paagi sa pagsabat it tatlong ka pangutana.”
“Tinguha-on ko kamahaean” hambae ko Abbot. Ano ro tatlong ka pangutana?
Una, hambae ni Haring John, samtang nagapungko ako, may guin tak-eong nga korona, isuguid mo kakon ro adlaw kon hasta hin-uno ako naga kabuhi. Pangaywa, isuguid mo kakon kon man-o it buhay nga malibot ko ro bilog nga kalibutan. Ag pangatlo, isuguid mo kon anu ro akong guina paino-ino.” Taw-an ko ikaw it pitong adlaw para sabton ro tatlong ka pangutana. Kon pag-abot it pitong adlaw ag indi mo masabat, ro imong eogta, ro imong kabuhi, ag ro tanan nimo nga guinapanag-iyahan hay paga iliton ag igata-o kakon.”
Nag-uli nga masubo ro Abbot. Nagpanaw imaw sa Oxford agud mag-usoy it eskolar ogaling owa gid nakasayod. Nag agto man imaw sa Cambridge ogaling ro mga mangin aeamon hay owa gid it maka sabat. Nag uyang imaw it ap-at nga adlaw ogaling owa guid it nakabulig kana. Tatlong adlaw lang ro habilin kana.
Pag-abot nana sa anang simbahan, nasubeang nana ro anang bakero. Guin sugid nana ro tanan sa anang bakero. Nag-pasalig ro bakero nga buligan ro Abbot. Ako ro maagto sa London. Pahueamon mo ako ko imong pilang ka sueogu-on, pila ko imo nga kabalyero, kabayo, ag imong gown. Abo nga naga hambae nga pareho kuno ro aton nga itsura. Segurado nga aton imaw maliyo.
Ogaling, hambae it Abbot. Ano ro imong hambaeon kon mag atubang ka kana? “Bahala eot-a ako karon,” pasalig man it bakero.
Masunod nga adlaw, kaibahan ko anang magarbong sumueonod, nag adto sanda sa London. Nagbiste imaw kapareho ko Abbot. May anang guinabuytan nga bueawan ag baston ag iba pang simbolo it simbahan.
“Malipayon nga pag abot, Padre Abbot” Medyo temprano ka it daywang adlaw, anu haum ka eon ko akong tatlong pangutana? Pangutana it Haring John sa Abbot. Ha-um eon ako, kamahaean. Sabat ko Abbot. Sa primerong pangutana, suguiri ako kon man-o it buhay ako magakabuhi.
Maeomo nga pangu-tana ron kamahaean, sabat it Abbot. Maga-kabuhi ka hasta mamatay, indi magsobra sa sang adlaw, ag indi magkueang sa sang oras.
Naghibayag ro hari. “Isaeang ka maabtik nga sabat. Guinsalbar ka ko imong kaaeam,” dugang it Hari.
“Bueno sa pangaywang pangutana, man’ot buhay ko malibut ro bilog nga kalibutan?” “Mas maeomo nga pangutana ron kama-haean. Kon pagsubat it adlaw ikaw hay magbugtaw ag sumakay ka sa adlaw ag padayun nga magsakay hasta magsubat eoman do masunod nga agahon, malibut mo ro kalibutan sa eksakto nga 24 oras.”
Napahibayag it mabaskug rong Hari, “makaron sa katapusan nga pangutana. Tugmaha kong anu ro akong gina paino-ino sa makaron.”
Makaron rong bakero rong naghaeakhak. “Raya rong pinakamaeomo kamahaean. Naga isip ikaw nga ako rong Abbot it Counterbury, ogaling ako hay isaeang ka pobre ag loko-lokong bakero nga naga biste it Abbot. Nag agto ako riya agod ipangayo it patawad imaw.” Na duhungan rong hari it madali, pagkatapus naghinaeakhak it mabaskog.
Dapat kunta nga ipabitay ko ikaw, ogaling obrahon ko ikaw nga Abbot it Counterbury sa lugar ko tunay nga Abbot. Saeamat, kamahaean, ogaling indi ako kaantiguhan magbasa ag magsueat.
Kon imaw ron, taw-an nakon ikaw it regalo nga ap-at ka peraso nga pilak kada domingo. Ag imong hambaeon do Abbot nga guin patawad ko eon imaw bangud sa imong ka-aeam. /MP


Another Fil-Am Daughter Shines In US

When it comes to music and academic talent, the sons and daughters of Filipino-American couple now living in the United States are always in the driver seat.
This was proven once again when an 11-year-old daughter of an Ilonggo couple from North Aurora Hills, Illinois, was recently admitted to the Midwest Academic Talent Search (MATS), a program at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development based in Chicago, Illinois.
Francheska “Cheska” May Quinon-Viejon, a straight A 5th grade at Schnieder Elementary School in a Chicago western suburb, will now have a good chance of getting into Ivy League schools following her admission to the MATS.
Francheska, joining Herget Middle School in fall of 2008, also in advance math classes in the last three years and excels in arts and music.
The MATS invites gifted children in math, science and reading from Kindergarten up to 8th grade to participate in a variety of enrichment programs such as advance classes, seminars, field trips, battery of assessment tests and community development work in preparation for college.
Cheska was also invited in many advance classes for gifted children in Aurora University, Aurora, Illinois. Her parents, Enrique “Rex” Viejon, an employee of United Airlines, and Ailene Quinon-Viejon, a registered nurse, both graduated from Saint Paul University in Iloilo City and are now residents of North Aurora, Illinois.
In 2007, Cheska topped her school’s Math Bowl competition and notched 3rd place in the school’s division level besting over 80 math aspirants. She was recognized by the School District Board for her performance in this yearly tilt.
Aside from regular school, Cheska is a math and reading student at Kumon where she is a consistent North American honor roll in both subject areas. Kumon offers repetitive problems in basic calculation up to difficult algebra and fraction problems. She is poised to be one of the youngest students to finish the program.
Her other interests are reading novels, writing short stories, singing and some computer games. /MP


The Boracay Association of Resorts, Restaurants and Independent Allies, (BARRIA) Incorporated cited recently Minda Mc-Gillivray for her pioneering efforts behind the establishment of Aklan Visitors Services and Assistance Home of Organized & Systematic Travel (AViSA HOST) to Boracay and Beyond.
BARRIA awarded Minda McGillivray, Vice President for International Promotion of AViSA HOST, in grateful appreciation for the invaluable and relentless support to all the programs and projects. She manifests total commitment to the vision, mission and purposes of the association to attain success for all its endeavors.
BARRIA Founding Chairman Nemesio M. Dalisay said the AViSA Host is also one of the major reasons why BARRIA was awarded with the Regional Director’s Award as Western Visayas Most Outstanding NGO as part of the DOT Regional Tourism Excellence Awards in 2007.
The first of its kind in the country, the AViSA-HOST Service Center is established in McGillivray Compound, a strategic location along the nautical highway Nabas, Aklan.
BARRIA Executive Director said the center now serves as a One-Stop-Shop for tourists and travelers whose needs shall be available 24 hours a day. It also serves as the center for the unified tourism information and travel service components within the domestic (Intra-provincial and regional) as well as international destinations.
Envisioned to be the central booking office for resorts, hotels, sea, air and land transports, tours, sightseeing and excursions, it shall be the main outlet for the AViSA HOST Service Voucher, known as the “All-in-One Pass”. These include as many services a passenger may require in his travel route/s. With this scheme, the tourist/traveler shall no longer experience the hustle in haggling for a price and paying as many times as he requires the same services. (by Ulysses V. Espartero)/ MP

9th Aklan Piña & Fiber Festival Generates 4.3919 M Cash Sales and Orders

The 9th Aklan Piña & Fiber Festival was one of the major events in the weeklong celebration of the 52nd anniversary of Aklan. It generated P4.392 M cash sales (P1.4632 M) and booked orders (P2.9288 M) or 170 percent increase over the previous year’s sales performance of P2.5847 M. Forty-three (43) percent of the exhibitors received domestic orders and got new buyers. One firm got an order that assured the company of two or more years of continuing production.
Four serious buyers: Shelmed Cottage Treasures, Sun Yorkos Enterprise Company, Ltd., Island Accents, Inc. and Rustan’s Commercial Corp. visited the exhibit area and production centers of Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). They were impressed with the visual merchandising and the array of products showcased at the fair.
Ninety-three exhibitors participated as follows: loomweaving (10), gifts & house wares (10), furniture & furnishings (5), food processing/bakery (9), garden/cutflower (18), other OTOP MSMEs (2), Tsibugan sa Kapitolyo concessionaires (15), Gos (7) and local government units (17).
Gov. Carlito S. Marquez delivered the Welcome Remarks during the Opening Program. He pledged his continued support to the yearly conduct of the Fiber Festival. On the other hand, Mrs. Nora Halili Lao, Philexport Trustee for Gifts and Holiday Décor, was the keynote speaker. Shelmed Cottage Treasures’ Vice President Mrs. Mediatrix Villanueva was also present. Other guests were RD Dominic P. Abad, Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo, Madalag Mayor Rex Gubatina, Tangalan Mayor Gene Fuentes, New Washington Mayor Edgar Peralta and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. – Western Visayas Chapter Regional Governor Guidon dela Cruz. DTI Provincial Director Ermelinda P. Pollentes, OIC Provincial Agriculturist William Castillo, and Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. – Aklan Chapter President Jose Larry Barbasa presented the exhibitors from the crafts, food, furniture & garden exhibits; agro-industrial exhibits of LGUs, Gos, & NGOs; and the food concessionaires of PCCII–AC, respectively. Rev. Fr. Joesel M. Quan led the invocation and blessing of the exhibits.
In the evening of the first day, Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo directed the 5th Aninag Fashion Show. The Governor and the Vice Governor led the group of models composed of four Sangguniang Panlalawigan members, Department Heads of the Provincial Government office and Aklanon personalities.
The success of the above-mentioned activity is credited to the joint efforts of the Provincial Government of Aklan, the Congressional District Office and the Department of Trade and Industry – Aklan Provincial Office in coordination with the Aklan Piña Manufacturers and Traders Association, Inc. and the Hugod Aklanon Producers Association, Inc. /MP

RP Settles For 2nd Tajikistan Clinches AFC Ticket

by Alex P. Vidal
Lady luck was not on the side of upset-conscious RP football team as it failed to advance to the AFC Challenge Cup set in Hyderabad, India on July 30-August 10 after wounding up second to Tajikistan in the recently held AFC Challenge Cup 2008 Group B qualifying tournament held in Iloilo City and Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo.
This came after Tajikistan solidified its hold on top by blanking Brunei, 4-0, in the final day match at the jampacked Iloilo Sports Complex, Iloilo City on Saturday, May 17 while the nationals could only produce three goals to bury Bhutan in another final day match held simultaneously at the Barotac Nuevo Footbal Ground.
Thus, RP XI, skippered by Barotac Nuevo native Emelio “Chippy” Caligdong, dashed its hopes to reach the finals to pieces, losing by a superior number of goals to Tajikistan which trounced Bhutan, 3-1, in the opening day match.
“We have nothing to be ashamed because our players did their best only that luck was not on our side,” declared RP national coach Norman Fegidero. “The draw against Tajikistan was one of our finest moments.”
RP booters were on track of clinching the Hyderabad slot on goals from Chad Gould and Phil Younghusband. The third goal came from Bhutan defender Rinchen Pema who accidentally kicked the ball in a match witnessed by a big crowd, including top Philippine Football Federation (PFF) officials.
“We almost made it,” said local organizing committee assistant chairman Domingo Oso, Jr. who turned pale when informed that Tajikistan walloped Brunei by 4 goals in another match.
Both the Philippines and Tajikistan finished tie with seven points on two wins and a draw (RP vs Tajikistan, 0-0) but Tajikistan edged the Filipinos with a plus-six goal margin.
Highly-touted striker Rabiev Yusuf and Dzhomikhon Muhidinov provided the sparks for the visiting football team from the former Soviet Republic.
“We were not surprised that we would advance to the finals although we really expteced a rough sailing following a scoreless draw with the Philippines, said Pulod Kodirov through an interpreter. /MP

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The Honesty of Mayor Ilio
Mayor Dominador Ilio, Jr. of Malinao is a different public official, a unique politician. He is true to his words, to his commitments. This principle of true commitment to a covenant is endearing love to Mayor Ilio and enhancing constituent commitment and loyalty to him. Ilio is honest in thoughts, in words, in deeds.
Mayor Dominador Ilio, Jr. of Malinao signed an agreement with other 16 mayors of Aklan which stipulated that they will suspend payment of electric bills to Akelco until and after Akelco management reduced its power rates. The agreement was finalized, and perfected during the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Aklan meeting.
True to his commitments and in the terms he signed, Mayor Ilio never paid the town’s power bills. It reached to some P270,000.00 the sum total of the last eight (8) months unpaid account.
Last week, in view of the increasing unpaid electric power consumed, Akelco cut off power connections to the different offices of Malinao LGU. Today, the Malinao Town Hall appears like a building of 40 years ago. It is dark in the evening.
Nevertheless, Mayor Ilio is fully supported by the town officials and employees. He further learned his people in Malinao love him, support him.
Malinao has enough money to pay its electric power bills. Malinao is not bankrupt. But Malinao is true to its commitment, it has a Mayor with “words of honor”.
How about the other Municipal Mayors of Akan who are parties to that agreement? Did they back off? Their credibility, if there is still left, is at stake. Why commit and back off? Is that a threat to show off to your constituents that you have strong bones? Should Mayors not able to comply with their signed commitment, then they are just like a deboned milkfishes delicious to eat.
This decision of the officials and members of LMP Aklan came out after Akelco announced the increased power rate per Kwh as a result of the implementation of the amended Electric Power Purchase Agreement (EPPA) between Akelco and Global Business Power Corporation (GBPC). The increase rate is P2.00 plus per Kwh.
This increase elicited strong protests from the consumer – members which got the sympathy of the municipal mayors of Aklan. Is the sympathy genuine?
The amended EPPA is believed onerous so favorable to the GBPC but very disadvantageous to the consumer members. The said EPPA was also approved so swiftly accompanied with deceit. There are objectionable provisions like the exclusivity clause, the formula to be used in the computation of power rates and there is no repealing clause provision among others.
The consumer members also protest against lavish spending like the P3 million for legal counsel and the P350,000 per month management fee.
Mayor Dominador Ilio, Jr. is complying with his commitment. Will other Mayors follow him? If not, are they deboned bangus?
Congratulations, Mayor Ilio! /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Does New Washington Resolution No. 2008-33
Need Approval of Aklan SP?

In Dumaguit, New Washington, Aklan, the people with the leadership of their Mayor Edgar Peralta inaugurated and blessed a newly constructed Petroleum Storage facility. The inauguration took place about two weeks ago.
Meanwhile, the Sangguniang Panla-lawigan (SP) of Aklan in Kalibo was still discussing the matter until its latest Regular Session held on May 17, 2008, Resolution No. 2008–33 of New Washington. It was still one of the agenda of the SP until it adjourned and the fate of the said resolution was unknown. Resolution 2008–33 of New Washington will grant “Approval to the Application of Petroterminals Philippines Corporation to Construct, Install, and Maintain Petroleum Storage Facility in Barangay Dumaguit, New Washington”.
Is the imprimatur of the Aklan SP and approval of the Provincial Governor in the construction of the petroleum storage facility in Dumaguit required? If yes, why did the project owner construct, bless and inaugurate it even if the Resolution granting approval of its construction, operation and maintenance is still under discussion in the Aklan SP?

Aklan Bans Oil Tanker From Plying Aklan Sea Lanes
In its Provincial Ordinance No. 06-028, oil tanker sea vessels loading cargoes hazardous to the marine environment are banned “from plying the sea lanes within the territorial waters of the province of Aklan, particularly within the territorial waters of every municipality of the province”. This ordinance was duly approved by Governor Carlito S. Marquez on November 22, 2006.
Section 4, of the provincial ordinance provides that “shipping company owning and operating apprehended sea vessels for violation of this provincial ordinance shall be fined or imprisoned or both, at the discretion of the Court.” Therefore to impose fine or imprisonment upon anyone found violating any provision of this SP ordinance, a case must be filed in court and be proven guilty in order to collect fine or penalty or imprisonment or both.
With the presence of petroleum storage in Dumaguit, it is understood sea vessels loaded with oil and other petroleum products consigned in Aklan will past through Aklan’s territorial water and unload its cargo for storage in that storage facility in Dumaguit.
Who will be the handsome person who possesses more guts to file a case in court for any violation of Provincial Ordinance No. 06-028? If none, then the SP Aklan has enacted an ordinance for mockery purpose only.
It is hard to imagine an inflammable project in Aklan which was inaugurated and blessed even before an ordinance is enacted to approve its construction, operation and maintenance was under review and deliberation.
This is the government of the strongest.
PNRC Chapter Assembly
I wish to share my welcome message delivered during the PNRC Aklan Chapter Assembly held on May 17, 2008 in Kalibo, Aklan.
Welcome to the Philippines National Red Cross (PNRC) Aklan Chapter.
In the past years, PNRC Aklan chapter held quite a few programs, gatherings and chapter assembly annually, but it is very rare that top officials of the PNRC are among us to grace those occasions. We are fortunate today, we have with us a member of the Board of Governors of PNRC. He is Hon. Ramon Cua Locsin. We call him PDG Toto in the field of Rotary. He will be properly introduced later when he will deliver his message. I assure you he will whole heartedly share with us his varied experiences and ideas in the effective management of red cross affairs.
Of course, our Honorary Chairman, PNRC Aklan, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and SP member, Hon. Plaridel M. Morania who is also a member of the Board, PNRC Aklan are with us. They are our top benefactors. Chapter administrator, Ms. Aracely Pelayo who led in the preparation of this chapter assembly is also here.
Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, our chairman, fellow members of the PNRC Board Aklan chapter, guests and participants, it is my distinct honor and pleasure, in behalf of the PNRC, Aklan Chapter, to sincerely welcome you all to this assembly.
I heartily wish you will enjoy your stay with us. May our one day program will be successful and fruitful.
To the nominees and prospective members of the Board of Directors, I assure you, the election that will take place later will be the most honest, fair and credible election under the chairmanship of Atty. Saykeme M. Martelino. May the top 14 successful nominees will enjoy their tenure of office, most fruitful to the Red Cross and loaded with genuine service in the spirit of volunteerism.
I reiterate, I sincerely welcome you all in the name of PNRC Aklan Chapter to our Assembly today.”
Numancia Earthworms
Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Numancia invited me to be a resource person during its regular session held on May 20, 2008. The invitation letter stated the session starts at 3:30 o’clock in the afternoon at the SB Session Hall, Nu-mancia. I was there at exactly 3:30 P.M. The presiding officer was there, Vice Mayor Evangeline M. Ibabao. Some SB members were still to arrive to muster a quorum.
The session finally started at 4:20 o’clock with seven (7) out of 10 members present. Other resource persons invited were former Mayor E.I. Templonuevo, Ms. Racel Gomez–president of Numancia Vermicast Multi-Purpose Cooperative and former barangay chairman Nellie Briones. We were invited “to give enlightenment on organic farming and your opinion regarding the proposed Resolution No. 86, S. 2008. This is a Resolution Exhorting the Provincial Government of Aklan thru the Hon. Carlito S. Marquez, Provincial Governor, to declare the Municipality of Numancia, Aklan as an Organic Far-ming Community.”
This matter in the agenda followed after the reading and approval of the minutes of the previous session. The presiding officer suspended the house rules to allow resource persons to participate in the deliberation. But the proponent of the above stated resolution, Hon. Arcel S. Tabuena was absent. Hon. Bayani Cordva, Jr., in behalf of the proponent presented the proposed resolution.
After his presentation, some questions were asked on the said resolution, the responses of which tend to justify approval. It was not directed to any resource person. Ms. Nellie Briones raised her hand to answer the question. Her position on the matter drew comments from the SB members which tended to refute her information given.
Engr. E.I. Templonuevo added to the position of Ms. Briones in support of the proposed resolution. Some SB members present gave their own views which refuted the information given by the invited resource persons as they were “invited to give enlightenment on organic farming”.
The way I look at the honorable members of the Numancia SB during the deliberation are very much knowledgeable of organic farming. I thought we were invited to enlighten them of the subject matter and for them to listen. They may ask questions to clarify matters, but no, they showed the invited resources they also know much of organic farming.
I thought they will hear us and after we are finished of our duty as resource persons, they will politely request for our leave. After which they can evaluate our given position on the subject and decide base on the facts available to them. What an embarrassing moment for resource persons whose opinions were sought and refuted at their presence. /MP

ERC Holds Public Hearing

by Ambrosio R. Villorente
To complete the process and arrive at a decision on ERC Case No. 200-013, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) held a public hearing on Thursday and Friday, May 15 and 16, 2008 respectively. The venue was in Akelco, Lezo, Aklan.
This ERC Case No. 200 – 013 is about Akelco’s Application for Approval of Over all Tariff Adjustment”. If this application is approved without any alteration, not including power generation, the power rate increases will be: 1. P0.72 per Kwh for residential consumers; 2. P0.13 per Kwh for small commercial consumers; 3. P0.85 per Kwh for public buildings; 4. P0.95 per Kwh for large commercial; and 5. P4.40 per Kwh for street lights. There is no rate reduction.
The two days public hearing was presided by ERC Commissioner Rauf A. Tan, a man from Jolo, Sulu. Akelco is represented by Atty. Paul P. Sagayo, Jr.. of the Dechavez, Bugayong, Concepcion, and Sagayo Law Offices. His office is in Ortega Center, Pasig City.
According to Akelco management, sufficient information was released regarding the said scheduled public hearing. They were published in both local (not in Madyaas Pen) and national newspapers. Notices were posted in all conspicuous places of the 17 towns of Aklan, and in Pandan and Libertad, Antique.
However, only a handful of Akelco consumers were present during the said hearing. Akelco employees outnumbered the member –consumers during the Thursday afternoon hearing. Majority of those who attended came from Kalibo like Benny Laserna, Hon. Greg Malapad, Hon. Lilian Q. Tirol, Hon. Ronce Reyes, Hon. Ramon Gelito, Hon. Rodson Mayor. Harvey Reloj, Ramil Dala, Franco Baldomero, George Calaor and Franklin Quimpo were also present.
Mayor was disqualified on the second day of the hearing as entervenor for coming late and his failure to sign their manifestation.
The first day hearing was devoted to the presentation of evidences for jurisdiction. Com. Tan identified any oppositor, but most of them identified themselves entervenors. Because of the number of entervenors, Com. Tan recognized two (2) who will act as spokesmen and to cross examine witnesses. Atty. Romeo Inocencio and Hon. Rodson Mayor were accepted spokesmen. However, the following day, Mayor was disqualified. Com. Tan threatened Mayor, he might file contempt of court charge. Mayor was asked to go out of the session hall by Com. Tan.
After the presentation of documents, Tan concluded Akelco as applicant has complied with all jurisdictional requirements. Tan directed Akelco to furnish two sets of the 54 documents to the entervenors to study overnight and be ready for the evidentiary hearing the following day at 9:00 o’clock in the morning. Tan also directed Atty. Inocencio to submit some documents required.
After the presentation, Tan allowed the audience to ask some clarificatory questions limited only on what were presented. Tan also asked the audience to give their observation on the Akelco services. That paved the way for the series of negative comments on the Akelco services from the audience. He never heard positive comments on Akelco services from the people present. /MP

Kapehan Tackles Health Program

The Provincial Health Care Program of the Provincial Government of Aklan during Kapehan sa Kalibo was discussed on May 17. Kapehan is a two hour weekly program being sponsored by the Aklan Media Forum, Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. and Aklan Press Club, Inc.
It is held from 7:00 to 9:00 o’clock in the morning every Saturday in Kusina Sa Kalibo located in D. Maagma Street, Kalibo, Aklan.
Last week’s guests were Dr. Paul Macahilas, Chief of Hospital II, DRSTMH, Kalibo; Dr. Felma R. Dela Cruz, a private practicing doctor of the Aklan Medical Society, Dr. Jose Angelo Vicente, a Fellow of Philippines College of Radiology and now Head of Radiology Department, Saint Gabriel Medical Center, Kalibo, Aklan; and Dr. Martha Elizabeth Santos, Radiologist of Saint Gabriel Medical Center, Kalibo.
Dr, Macahilas explained to the members of the tri-media the improvements in facilities and services now available in DRSTMH. He disclosed the advantages now being enjoyed by patients like the CT Scan which has improved diseases diagnosis and savings earned in going to Iloilo City.
Asked on the observation of protocol in the hospital like the wearing of slippers and appropriate dress code for proper identification, Dr. Macahilas assured, he will look into it. Dr. Macahilas likewise assured the Kapehan he will look into the sanitation aspect of the hospital to avoid the presence of cats, rodents and cockroaches inside the hospital wards. These rodents will not thrive if the place is clean.
Sometimes food is left on the table without someone but the patient in the room sleeping. This attracts cats and rats. The hospital attendant took out the tray with food thinking that the patient had finished eating.
Dr. Santos and Dr. Vicente explained the development now going on in St. Gabriel Medical Center, Kalibo. Like DRSTMH, Saint Gabriel Medical Center has also acquired its own CT Scan. It is also equipped with other facilities which can best compare with that of the Veterans Memorial Hospital where they used to practice medicine.
After more than a month stay in Aklan, Dr. Santos and Dr. Vicente confided they have given up their medical practice in Metro Manila. They will stay for good in Aklan.
Dr. Felma R. Dela Cruz informed the Kapehan of what the Aklan Medical Society is doing in health development program in Aklan. /MP

PNRC Aklan Elects New Officers

by Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Philippines National Red Cross (PNRC), Aklan Chapter held its Aklan Chapter Assembly on Saturday, May 17 at Nenette’s Garden, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan.
Among the highlights of the Chapter Assembly were the awarding of Merit Awards, Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation. Those awards were given to persons who had voluntarily contributed and supported in the fulfillment of the six major services of the Red Cross which are: 1. community health and nursing, 2. disaster management 3. safety services, 4. social services, 5. volunteer service, and 6. blood services.
One of the highlights in the Chapter Assembly is the election of 14 members Board of Directors. Those elected to the Board of Directors are Victory Fernandez, Daisy Sucro Briones, Madeline Regalado, Nilda B. Tambong, Augusto C. Tolentino, Remia H. Donguines, Tomas S. Raz, Ernesto Melgarejo, Ramon C. Venus, Cefalina D. Peralta, Plaridel M. Morania, Cynthia Dela Cruz, Ronquillo C. Tolentino and Ambrosio R. Villorente.
In accordance with the PNRC constitution and by-laws, the top 4, according to the number of votes garnered, will serve for three years, the second five for two years and the third five for one year. Next year, election will be held to fill up the positions of members whose term of office expired and every year thereafter.
The 14 new members of the BOD immediately were sworn to office by the guest speaker, Hon. Ramon Cua Locsin, member, Board of Governors, PNRC. Atty. Saykeme M. Martelino who was Chairman, Nomination and Election Committee presided the election.
In the election of officers the following officers are elected. They are: Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino – Chairman; Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente – Vice Chairman; Ernesto F. Melgarejo – Secretary; Ramon C. Venus – Treasurer; Cefalina D. Peralta – Asst. Sec.; Atty. Plaridel M. Morania – Legal Counsel and Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz -Auditor.
Atty. Tolentino declared the Assembly open while Dr. Villorente welcomed the guests, delegates, volunteers and friends of the Red Cross. The delegates were presented by Ernesto M. Melgarejo – secretary. As chairman of PNRC Aklan Chapter, Atty. Tolentino rendered his accomplishments report for the years 2006 and 2007. Governor Carlito S. Marquez was represented to the assembly by Engr. John Kenneth C. Almalbis, Aklan’s new environment officer.
In his speech, PNRC Governor Ramon Cua Locsin urged the Red Cross volunteers to get deeply and actively involved in the continuing transformation of the PNRC into a proactive organization; to redefine itself so as to cope with all trials and hurdle obstacles that block the way in the performance of six Red Cross services. (Locsin’s speech is published on page 4.) /MP

Ticket Fraud at PAL: Beware

Philippine Airlines warns the public against the use of airline tickets purchased using counterfeit or unauthorized credit cards through PAL’s online booking facility.
To avoid fraud, PAL advises passengers to transact only with its ticket offices or duly accredited and reputable travel agencies. It enjoins them to be wary of anyone offering unusually big discounts for airline tickets, much more if it is a “buy now, pay later” scheme, and to report such offers.
PAL issued the advisory after the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) uncovered the use of a counterfeit credit card to purchase PAL tickets online.
Nineteen persons, including 14 “co-conspirator” ticket buyers, face charges for violating Republic Act 8484 (Access Devices Regulations Act). The case is pending before the Chief State Prosecutor’s office.
The law punishes the use or possession of counterfeit credit cards. Even mere possession of an airline ticket bought through such cards risks arrest, fines and imprisonment for up to 20 years for the ticket buyer.
The NBI probe showed that one of the suspects purchased online 14 round-trip PAL tickets between a provincial point and Manila using a forged credit card.
The suspect then sold the tickets to the 14 passengers at a big discount, enabling them to travel to Manila on a PAL flight. However, their return tickets were cancelled after PAL got wind of the scam.
PAL sought the help of the NBI, which led to the arrest of three prime suspects. They allegedly instigated the fraudulent deal and conspired with two “go-betweens” and the 14 passengers to defraud PAL of income from the ticket sale. /MP

RP XI Thrashes Brunei, 1-0; Draws Tajikistan, Beats Bhutan, 2 – 0

RP team captain Emelio “Chippy” Caligdong made an impressive debut in the opening game of the Asian Football Challenge (AFC) Cup 2008 Group B qualifying competition when he drew the first blood for host country en route to a 1-0 shellacking of Brunei at the Iloilo Sports Complex, Iloilo City Tuesday afternoon, May 13.
The victory sent a strong signal to defending champion Tajikistan which downed newcomer Bhutan, 3-1, in a simultaneous match played at the Barotac Nuevo Football Plaza in Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo.
“With the support of the home crowd, I believe we can make it,” said the ecstatic Caligdong, a native of Barotac Nuevo, who asked local fans to cheer for the team in a pre-tournament press conference Monday.
“Let’s hope that the rain will not damage the playing field so that our players can sustain the victory,” said Philippine Football Federation (PFF) general-secretary Pablito Araneta who earlier predicted that the “much-improved and much-inspired” host team will roll past Tajikistan.
Topnotcher in the four-nation, five-day qualifying competition organized by PFF and Asian Football Confederation (AFF) will advance to the ACC finals set in Hyderabad, India on July 30-August 10.
But defending champion Tajikistan blamed this pitch field at the Iloilo Sports Complex, Iloilo City for its failure to beat the Philippines which held the visitor to a scoreless draw while Bhutan and Brunie scored one goal apiece in another match held simultaneously at the Barotac Nuevo Football Plaza in the second day of the Asian Football challenge (AFC) Challenge 2008 Group B qualifying competition.
“The field is not good. Our players had difficulty in running,” lamented Tajikistan coach Pulod Kodirov during a post game press conference.
He said the field in Barotac Nuevo, 29 kilometers away from Iloilo City, where they beat Bhutan, 3-1 in the opening match last May 12 “is much better.”
Kodirov vowed to whip the Philippines, which played with 10 players, if they will be matched against the host team again.
“We will try to show our best players (the next time we meet the Philippines),” said Kodirov.
RP coach Norman Fegidero, Jr. praised the “team efforts” of his players saying they played very well despite being outnumbered in the field. “But in our next game, we will definitely win against Bhutan.”
Fegidero said they need to score more goals in their next match against Bhutan in order to offset Tajikistan which is expected to whip Brunei.
Defender Alexander Borromeo said they proved Tajikistan wrong by holding them to a draw saying they want to play the visitors again.
The red card slapped on defender Jason Cordova midway at 21st minute of the second half for retaliating against midfielder Ibragim Rabimov “made us stronger,” said Borromeo, a Filipino-American.
“The pushing and shoving were parts of the game as both of us were good teams,” Borromeo added.
Referee Ali Al Badwawi earlier warned players from both teams to avoid playing roughly especially after the first half when tension erupted between Cordova and some Tajikistan players as they walked to the dressing rooms.
Meanwhile, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) commissioner Eric Loretizo walked out some 15 minutes after the start of the second half after he was prevented by P01 Junie Rubio, a police security from the La Paz police precinct, from going up the complex.
Rubio said he did not recognize Loretizo, a former sportswriter from Bacolod City, as he did not introduce himself as VIP.
“I was ordered to secure the area and I did not know that he was a VIP,” said Rubio who was backed by his superior, Senior Inspector Uldarico Garbanzos.Loretizo, who arrived in the venue together with Bacolod City Rep. Monico Puentevella, threw away his identification card and disappeared from the scene after chiding Rubio. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Guinhalinan It Unang Bu-aya

Kato anay nga tiempo, may naga estar nga mag asawang Andoy ag Rosa sa sangka barangay maeapit sa suba. Malipayon sanda nga naga kabuhi sa sueod it kinse años ogaling owa sanda it unga. Ogaling, owa mat-a sanda naduea-i it pag-eaum. Tongod karun, agud malibang sanda, nag-alila sanda it mga hayop nga imaw ro andang guina boe-an it pagkaon.
Sige ro pagsimba ko mag-asawa sa mga naga kaeain-eain nga simbahan agud mag pabulig sa tanan nga patron nga sanda hay mataw-an it onga. Owa magbuhay, guin pamatian ro andang pangamuyo. Owa nakasayod si Andoy nga parabil mag nabdus si Rosa, nag promisa imaw nga kon taw-an sanda it onga indi makatapak it eogta ro anang siki ag batonon nana kon ano man ro matabo kon indi masunod ro anang promesa.
Nag-onga sanda it gwapahon nga eapsag ag guin pangaeanan kay Rosario. Guin buhos ko mag-asawa ro andang pagpalangga kay Rosario. Guin tur-an nanda it mayad nga pamatasan bilang Kristyano ag mga padumdum nga indi magpana-og sa eogta. Matinumanon man nga onga si Rosario, ngani guinsunod nana ro anang ina.
Tumaliwan ro mga dinag-on. Hamtong eon nga daeaga si Rosario. Abo nga mga binata ro bu-ot magbisita kana ogaling indi magsugot ro anang ina, busa sa bintana guid lang makit-an ro daeaga.
Isaeang adlaw, may isaeang ka binata nga nagpilit nga makipag kilaea kay Rosario.
“Ikaw siguro si Rosario?” pangutana ni Antonio. “Huo, ako ngani,” sabat man ni Rosario. “Mahimo baea ako makasaka agud magpakilaea?” pag-hinyo ni Antonio.
“Indi mahimo, owa riya ro akong mga guinikanan. Akigan ako kon makit-an nanda nga may ibang tawo sa baeay,” pamalibad man ni Rosario.
“Kon imaw ron, manaog ka lang ag iya kita sa hardin maga suguilanon,” insister ni Antonio.
Nag daywang isip si Rosario kon manaog o indi. Mas grabe pa guid kon maabtan sanda sa ibabaw nga owa it kaibahan. Pangaywa, owa man imaw ka sayod kon ano ro matabo kon indi imaw magsunod. Nagpasugot imaw sa hinyo ni Antonio. Samtang, pagtapak nana sa eogta, golpe nga naglinog ag sinundan ko mabaskog nga pag-sulong it tubi nga nag anod ko andang baeay ag ko hardin. Sa kahadluk ko daywa, nag boeoytan sanda it hugot ag magpatabang, ogaling owa guid it naka bati.
Hapon eon kat mag-uli si Andoy ag si Rosa halin sa eanas. Owa eon ro andang baeay. Ro tumambad kanda hay ro tubi ag daywang ka hayop nga putos it mga himbis nga imaw pa eang nanda hakita. Sige nga linibot-libot ko daywang ka hayop sa guina tindugan ko mag asawa.
Sige nga osoy nanda kay Rosario. May kaeapit nga nagsugid nga hakita nanda si Rosario sa hardin nga may ka suguilanon nga binata. Nangin klaro eon kay Rosa ro tanan. Guin baton nana nga ro anang promesa hay owa nana masunod. Sa paglingot nana sa daywang ka hayop, hakita nana ro eoha sa andang mga mata ag dayon eomangoy nga bilang pag ea-ong. Masubo nga sinundan nanda ro andang onga nga indi eon nanda hikita. Guinapatihan nga ratong daywang ka hayop ro primerong mga bu-aya nga bukon it maisog indi kapareho ko mga ulihing mga bu-aya nga mapintas ag masiba.
Abu man ngani san-dang buaya makaron sa congreso it Pilipinas. May una man ngani kunong buaya sa ibang opisina pareho it NEA, LUWA, ag iba pa. /MP

Opinion of the People Is Basis of Government *

* Inspirational message of the Honorable Carlito S. Marquez, Provincial Governor of Aklan on the Occasion of the Induction Ceremonies of the AUMA, Hernani’s Mix N’ Match, Kalibo, Aklan, April 24, 2008.
My warmest congratulations to the new set of officers and directors of the Aklan United Media Association, Inc. and to all the members of this active and prestigious media organization.
Time management is an essential part of my provincial administration. The importance of time management, or if you will, time budgeting, needs no further elucidation.
Frankly, I did study all my appointments thinking all along that I shall have the necessary time to be with you, aware as I am of the solemnity and vital import of your induction of officers.
Since the province of Aklan shall celebrate its 52nd anniversary as a separate and distinct entity, I had requested Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, a lawyer-journalist and former vice governor of Aklan, to act in my stead and represent me in your affair.
Aklan, as a separate province and distinct political entity, is 52 years old on April 25, 2008.
The Aklan separation movement which started in 1901 reached its climax when Republic Act 1414 introduced by the late Honorable Godofredo P. Ramos was signed into law on April 25, 1956.
Fifty-two years of Aklan’s existence should be re-assessed in terms of the gains achieved. And the re-assessment must be made vis-à-vis the Aklanons’ needs, dreams, hopes and aspirations.
As your provincial governor, I continue to make an inventory and stock of developments since the inception of Aklan as a province. In so doing, Aklan may yet encounter certain areas that may demand priority and proffer immediate solutions to it.
True it is that Aklan has made monumental strides in the process of development. But the achievements dramatically changing the province should not be considered as a barometer of contentment. I do not necessarily take our various developments as the conclusion of a dream put to reality. Development and the thought of it should be on a sustaining basis. To rest on laurels achieved may yet provide an atmosphere of self-complacency and climate of slumber.
With your indulgence, permit me to present some views on freedom of the press.
The term Fourth Estate refers to the press, both in its explicit capacity of advocacy and its implicit ability to frame political issues. The term goes back to Thomas Carlyle in the first half of the 19th century.
Novelist Jeffrey Archer, in his work, the Fourth Estate made the observation. “In May 1789, Louis XVI summoned to Versailles a full meeting of the Estate General. The First Estate consisted of three hundred clergy. The Second Estate, three hundred nobles. The Third Estate, six hundred commoners. Some years later, after the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, looking up the Press Gallery of the House of Commons, said: “Yonder sets the Fourth Estate, and they are more important of them all.”
Although a cherished right of the people, freedom of the press is different from other liberties of the people in that it is both individual and institutional. It applies not just to a single person’s right to publish ideas, but also to the right of print and broadcast media to express political views and to cover and publish news. A free press is, therefore, one of the foundations of a democratic society, and as Walter Lippmann, the 20th-century American columnist, wrote, “A free press is not a privilege, but an organic necessity in a great society.” Indeed, as society has grown increasingly complex, people rely more and more on newspapers, radio, and television to keep abreast with world news, opinion, and political ideas. One sign of the importance of a free press is that when antidemocratic forces take over a country, their first act is often to muzzle the press.
The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. Thomas Jefferson, on the necessity of a free press (1787)
The origins of freedom of speech and press are nearly alike, because critical utterances about the government, either written or spoken, were subject to punishment under English law. It did not matter whether what had been printed was true; government saw the very fact of the criticism as an evil, since it cast doubt on the integrity and reliability of public officers. Progress toward a truly free press, that is, one in which people could publish their views without fear of government reprisal, was halting, and in mid-18th century the great English legal commentator, Sir William Blackstone, declared that although liberty of the press was essential to the nature of a free state, it could and should be bounded.
“The freedom of the press consist in the right to print and publish statement whatever without subjection to the previous censorship of the government. It does not mean immunity from willful abuses of the freedom, which if permitted to go unrebuked, would soon make the license of an unrestrained press even more odious to the people than would be the interference of government with the expression of opinion. Certainly a moment’s reflection will convince anyone approaching the subject with an open mind that no public service is rendered by the publication in a newspaper of defamatory statements which are false and were published, not from a sense of duty, but to gratify the personal spite and animosity of the writer against the persons defamed” (U.S. vs. Sotto, 38 Phil. 666, 674-675)
“The freedom of the press, just like any other, can not but have its limitations. It may be enjoyed and used only to the extent that its enjoyment or use will not cause injury to another. Private reputation is as precious as any constitutional right, and it is protected by the Constitution and specific laws. Whoever assails somebody else’s virtue, morality or private reputation in general must naturally be held responsible therefore unless the attack was made under circumstances that exempt him from both civil and criminal liability” (People vs. Salumbides and Rianzares, 55 O.G. 2638, 2640).
“The interest of society and the maintenance of good government demand a full discussion of public affairs. Complete liberty to comment on the conduct of public men is a scalpel in the case of free speech. The sharp incision of its probe relives the abscesses of officialdom. Men in pubic life may suffer under a hostile and an unjust accusation; the wound can be assuaged with the balm of a clear conscience.
A public officer must not be too thin-skinned with reference to comment upon his official acts. Only thus can the intelligence and dignity of the individual be exalted. Of course, criticism does not authorize defamation. Nevertheless, as the individual is less than State, so must expected criticism be born for the common good. Rising superior to any official or set of officials, to the Chief Executive, to the Legislature, to the Judiciary – to any or all the agencies of Government-public opinion should be the constant source of liberty and democracy. (U.S. vs. Bustos, 37 Phil. 731, 740 – 741).
Again, my congratulations to the new AUMA officers and directors and a pleasant evening ahead of us. /MP

Red Cross: Always First, Always Ready, Always There*

* Speech of RAMON “Toto” CUA LOCSIN during the PNRC Aklan Chapter, Chapter Assembly held on May 17, 2008, Nenette’s Garden, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan


First and foremost, allow me to thank you for the support you and your chapter have extended to me as candidate for a seat in the Board of Governors of the Philippine National Red Cross. I would like to assure you of an active and consistent advocacy for the chapters particularly the chapters in the Visayas area. I would also like to congratulate the Board of Directors, chapter personnel and volunteers for organizing this Chapter Assembly.
The Red Cross finds itself today in an interesting era. This is an era characterized by great challenges posed by both man-made and natural disasters, destruction of the environment, mutated diseases and even by irresponsible development. We find ourselves at the mercy of the elements and more often than not our actions are characterized by mere responses – that is, we make ourselves present after a disaster or after misfortune has struck.
Our Red Cross must redefine itself to cope with all the trials and hurdle all the obstacles that must come our way. We must be pro-active rather than just reactive. We must learn to think ahead of the situation before it happens so that, if it does, we are prepared to cope and address the situation. That is exactly why we would like to rally around the cry – Red Cross: Always First, Always Ready, Always There! We need to instill into the consciousness of our citizens that the red Cross is more than just a relief and first aid institution.
More than just a source of life saving blood, the Red Cross must be seen as a way of life and an integral part of our existence. That the citizens must see the Red Cross as a symbol of hope and a rallying beacon for all to come together and help one another. It is in this light that we need to strengthen our corps of volunteers and enhance the skills of those who are already available. We must increase our preparedness and response mechanisms so that we have the necessary logistics at hand when the times call for them. And above all, the Red Cross name must be a household name – trusted by everyone and respected by everyone.
I encourage you all to be active in your pursuit for the continuing transformation of our Red Cross. We cannot be second for we are the best humanitarian institution in the Philippines. Realizing this vision in the Philippines…and in the province of Aklan in particular – lies in the hearts, minds and hands of people like you who do not mind sacrificing time, talent and other resources to alleviate the suffering of those in disasters, in armed conflict, in vulnerable situations and in many other faces of human sufferings.
In this, your Chapter Assembly, I would like to request you to firm up your dedication to the Aklan Red Cross, as more and more people in crisis situations need us and our voluntary services. We are challenged to bring the Philippines National Red Cross closer to the communities of people that cry for our aid, to bridge gaps in society so that those in sufferings will not lose their human dignity but keep it intact.
We are determined to help more people through a more holistic approach through our six major services: Blood Services, Disaster Management, Safety Services, Community Health & Nursing, Social Services and Volunteer Service.
We are being called to be always first in rendering services to those in need because time is of the essence in our calling. We are expected to be always ready to serve because crises can’t wait and demands precision that could only come from professional training such as those you undergo in the Red Cross. We are summoned to be always there, making ourselves steadfastly available to lend a helping hand, aware that in many cases our presence itself is service enough.
Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for your commendable volunteerism. I hope that through you, the PNRC-Aklan Chapter will play its full and destined part in the service of humanity along with other PNRC Chapters to afford all possible relief and help to the suffering and distressed people wherever and whenever possible.
I wish you all the best, even as I assure you of my constant support. Thank you and God Bless! /MP

Restore People’s Creek

by Dobie P. Parohinog

A drying Bulwang creek (picture above) in Numancia, Aklan with badly polluted water as residents nearby disposed their garbage in that creek.

This article features an eye opener for local officials and community leaders on the menace brought about by a non-functional creek being used as seawage mainstream for Olive Plains Subdivision. Both sides of the creek is densely populated, located in the mainland of Barangay Bulwang, Numancia, Aklan.
In the past decade, there was a creek lying across the mainland of Barangay Bulwang, Numancia from the estuary of the wonderful Aklan River through the highway going to the northern portion of Aklan. According to the local elders, this creek used to be the mainstream drainage during water floods. It was likewise a fishing port of the community, considering that the place is inundated by seawater during high tide.
However, with the development of Olive Plains Subdivision in Purok 5, almost one-half portion of the creek was dumped by voluminous earth fill and residues that made the creek lost its identity. It became a settlement of residents who mushroomed. What remained of the creek is a shallow canal dumped with non-biodegradable garbage from local settlers, and effluence from the residents of the existing subdivision.
Now, the creek is paralyzed and contained a black sea of polluted water as habitat for micro-organisms which are harmful for the people especially to young children, to wade over or even play within. Health problems among children in the community are prevalent that are causing frequent absenteeism. Moreover, a higher level of water floods greatly affect households’ properties which are also true for all adjoining Barangays. Nowadays, flood-over is reaching Barangay Laguinbanua, also of the Municipality of Numancia, which was never experienced in the past. People believed that this remorseful incidence is imputable to the degrading creek in the locality.
Whatever reality the people are experiencing in Barangay Bulwang, this serves as meaningful lesson for others. This is not a weird incidence but a global environmental concern. Natural environment is God’s creation requiring ecological balance as life itself. It deserves proper conservation, preservation and protection to sustain its healthful existence.
Nevertheless, Bulwang’s degrading creeks must be properly rehabilitated to restore the natural mainstream of water from upland and from the sea. But what corresponding collateral shall the local residents provide to maintain a pollution free river?
Similarly, what possible action shall the Bulwang and Numancia local officials make for the restoration of a functional creek?
This writer wishes to appreciate the effort of Punong Barangay Plaridel C. Tembrevilla of Barangay Bulwang, Numancia, Aklan for passing a resolution dated April 17, 2008 addressed to the Municipal Mayor of Numancia, and to the Provincial Governor of Aklan regarding their support and assistance in rehabilitating the Bulwang’s Creek. /MP

GK Bayani Challenge ’08:

Bayanihan Spirit is Alive! Picture shows a student-volunteer of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan sweating it out under the sun during the GK Bayani Challenge.

When Gawad Kalinga called for bayanis to build homes for fellow Filipinos, wireless services provider Smart Communications Inc. (SMART) did not hesitate to heed the call.
The 3rd GK Bayani Challenge, dubbed H.O.P.E. 2008: Building the Highway of Peace, was held in several municipalities of Bukidnon. Mindanao-based SMART employee-volunteers from the Network Services Division and from the Customer Care Group took on the challenge of building one GK house in five days.
Complementing the SMART team were student-volunteers of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, which has an existing partnership with SMART through the Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), an industry-academe partnership program that helps raise the level of technology and engineering education in the country.
This is the third time SMART participated in the GK Bayani Challenge. SMART volunteer teams were deployed in the 2006 and 2007 Bayani Challenge held in Southern Leyte and Bicol, respectively.
Team SMART was assigned to the GK Paglaum San Miguel Village of Barangay San Miguel in Maramag, around 53 Kilometers south of Malaybalay City. For five days, the volunteers sweated it out under the sun doing work different from the usual –digging earth for the house’s foundation, carrying hollow blocks, mixing cement, among others.
“The spirit of bayanihan was very much alive. When other teams saw that one team needed assistance, they went over to that team’s house to help out,” said Roy Perfuma from SMART’s Customer Care Group. “One thing we learned is that we’re not just building a house. We’re building it for a beneficiary. We strengthen human spirit, to spark hope and joy.” /MP

Friday, May 16, 2008


Parents Can Make Wonders
For Young Musicians
The Frame-ups: ‘We are proud of our parents’
by Alex P. Vidal
A fledgling band composed of young high school students from Niles, Illinois, proved that strong parental support spiked with mutual trust and confidence can be their big sources of inspiration and vehicle to greater heights.
"We credit our parents (for our success)," gushed Anthony Sanders, 16, lead vocalist of The Frame-ups, champion of the Battle of the Bands held at Lemont, Illinois on January 6, 2008. "My mom (Catherine) is the greatest supporter in the whole planet."
Anthony, the voice behind the nail-biting and electrifying "I want you to want me" and "Unchained Melody", said Catherine is his main backer since he was a kid. His father, Jay, also saw to it that his enthusiasm to compose songs is not hampered.
"I play basketball with my dad regularly as my number one recreation," explained the matinee idol-looking Anthony. He turned 16 last March 7.
Anthony composes songs by just thinking about the subject "and the melody will just come along."
Anthony hooked up with Filipino-American Lui "Aybil" Macatual, 17, son of famous folk singer and songwriter Luisito "Chito Ilonggo" and Chicago-based Ilonggo nurse Jocelyn.
They are considered the Frame-ups’ one-two punch. Their collaboration has worked wonders for the previously unknown and unheard of band founded based on mutual trust, confidence and camaraderie.
"None of (our parents) is holding us back; they are our number one supporters and fans," said Lui, the band drummer and back-up vocalist.
Lui described Anthony as "a good musician" who has composed some 80 songs, mostly acoustic.
Another Filipino-American band member, Jake Jones, a guitarist, said his father Steven "is very proud of me but has not seen me perform; (but) he is a man who loves music."
"Music has been part of my life since I was a child," said Jake, who knew Lui and another band member, Alex Mui, since he was in the seventh grade. Jake’s mother is Francisca Familiara, a Filipina, who also approves of his being guitarist.
"If not for Alex, I wouldn’t be with the band. I was overwhelmed and shocked when we won; it was an unexplainable feeling, my adrenalin shot up," admitted Jake referring to their Battle of the Bands conquest where they bested 11 other tough competitors that were mostly veterans.
Despite their growing popularity that could someday bring them to other states for tougher competitions, Jake still values education stressing "I will continue to work hard, enjoy what I like to do and finish my high school."
Alex, a bass guitarist, admitted "he is not so good in composing music" but takes pride of being responsible for introducing Jake "to the rest of the guys." Alex’s father, Tony, passed away in July 2006, and his sister is in college.
His mother, Selina, is a regular visitor of the Macatuals and is comfortable seeing her son in the company of Lui and others. "Alex is like our adopted son," hissed Jocelyn Macatual, a nurse in the United States for 14 years.
Another band member, Spiros Loukopoulos, 16, considers his Greek father, George, as his inspiration. "He came from poor background and has given me the tools to succeed. He came from a small village in Greece," said Spiros, a junior high school at Maine East in Niles.
Spiros, bassist of their other band Business Casual, met Luis when he was in the seventh grade, "I learned to meet so many friends; I’ve grown up as a person and I feel comfortable for the first time."
Members of The Frame-ups are remnants of "Captain Crunch" which Lui, Jake and Alex first organized in February 2007. When another band "Squid Rocket", composed of Lui, Anthony and Spiros broke up, they formed the Frame-ups (composed primarily of Lui, Alex, Jake and Anthony) and Business Casual (composed of Lui, Spiro and Anthony).
The Frame-ups debuted in a serious competition in the battle of the bands held at the Golf Mall in October 2007 and wound up second.
On May 31, The Frame-ups will defend the crown they won on January 6, 2008.
Anthony said: "We will try to make everything as unique as we can to differentiate ourselves (during the May 31 competition)."
He is confident that among their legions of fans from all walks of life, "no one has been bored yet."
"People now know the Frame-ups. We get support after we won the battle of the bands (last January 6). We just want to be our own and with our own identity," added Anthony who will join Lui to travel and study in England, Italy, and France in the summer of 2008 in an educational exploration program for excellent students of People to People.
Among their hit songs are "Alien", "Painted Smile", and "The Fall of Icarus." /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Compost Fertilizer Is Safe And Cheap
Organic farming is fast becoming popular in Aklan. The town of Numancia, Aklan itself has adopted organic farming as its "One Town One Product" (OTOP) project now being assisted by the Department of Trade and Industry.
Some interested persons/families had organized themselves into a Vermicast Multi-purpose cooperative to produce organic compost fertilizer for their own farm use and the surplus for sale. The members are now collecting farm manures, rice straw, garbage and other waste for decomposition and conversion into organic fertilizer.
To enhance decomposition, the members of the cooperative had provided themselves with portable shredder machine manufactured and distributed by E. I. Templonuevo & Associates.
At the moment, burning of rice straw and other farm waste has stopped.
There is now a competition in the collection of horse, carabao and cow manure for sale to cooperative members. It has generated limited employment among Numanciahanons.
In view of organic compost fertilizer production and utilization, fruits and vegetables production in Numancia are becoming organic with products less toxic in high demand. Farmers who are using organic compost fertilizer for rice product, in effect, are reducing their cost of production as they are reducing the use of inorganic or commercial fertilizer.
One bag of 16-20-0 fertilizer now costs P1,750.00 in Kalibo. Moreover, the continued use of inorganic fertilizer will render the farm land barren. On the other hand, the cost of organic compost fertilizer is very cheap. One bag of it costs P350.00. There is no overdose. Since it is rich of organic matter, organic compost fertilizer will maintain the fertility and productivity of the land.

Kakawate Ipil ipil Acacia

Not only from animal and farm waste, organic fertilizer can also be sourced from kakawate, ipil-ipil and acacia trees.
In the study of Dr. Clyde G. Abayon and others at Aklan State University and Capiz State University, they found out that kakawate, ipil ipil and acacia leaves are also excellent sources of liquid organic fertilizer (LOF).
Abayon found that nutrient (nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium) and pH are comparable among LOF prepared with various indigenous materials. At 30 days of decomposition, organic mater and pH contents of the LOF increased. pH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. Soil is acidic if the pH value of the soil is above 7 and it is alkaline if the soil pH value is below 6.


I find it strange why the Sangguniang Pan-lalawigan of Aklan is still discussing Resolution No. 2008-33 regarding the application of Petroterminal Corporation to construct, install, operate and maintain petroleum storage facility in Dumaguit, New Washington, Aklan. It was discussed during its 17th regular session on May 15, 2008 for approval.
The said terminal was blessed and inaugurated about two (2) weeks ago. /MP


Ms. Earth Numancia 2008
by Christy Ann Navarra

Her Majesty, Queen Rea Gizelle

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever". This beautiful lady from Barangay Badio, Numancia, Aklan, Ms. Rea Gizelle M. Sim flaunts herself, unveils her beauty, as crowned: Ms. Earth Numancia 2008 in the Grand Pa-geant and Coronation Night. It was held on April 29, 2008 at the Cultural Stage, Numancia Town Plaza, Poblacion, Numancia, Aklan.
The Search for Ms. Earth Numancia 2008 was in connection with the Earth Day celebration month. The pa-geant, a special feature, highlighted the celeb-ration of Numancia town fiesta in honor of Patron Saint, St. Joseph The Worker.
Rea Gizelle is one of the 10 lovely Numanciahanons who competed in the beauty contest. They prepared to be hailed "most beautiful". They are all competitive but cliché as it is, only one survivor out bested, outlasted and outwitted the rest.
Hailed as Ms. Earth Numancia, she is a model to everyone. A desirable person of beauty, body, brain, talent and good qualities. Rea believes in the essence of culture, tradition and love to the environment and of the people.
Rea Gizelle M. Sim, 16 years old, stands 5 ft. 3 inches. Her body measures 32-24-34, is a true Filipina beauty. Born on December 5, 1991, she is the daughter of Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Antonia Sim of Brgy. Badio, Numancia. She studied primary education in Badio Primary School; completed elementary and secondary education in Numancia Integrated School, Numancia. An achiever and a consistent honor student, Rea will pursue Bachelor of Science in Accountancy this coming school year. She chose BS Accountancy course as it is her dream to be a successful businesswoman/accountant. It is her passion to deal with numbers, and she wants to know more about this field.
In her excellent production number during the coronation pageant she said, "A diamond cannot be polished without friction as man cannot be perfected without trials." She walked graciously, wearing her fabulous and elegant Filipiniana attire made of indigenous materials that enabled her to be awarded Best in Production Number and Best in Philippine Dress.
Ms. Earth Numancia 2008, Her Majesty Rea Gizelle M. Sim, in her court were First Runner Up – Mariel P. Nicodemus, Camanci Norte; 2nd Runner Up – Sheila Tajaran, Laguin-banua West; 3rd Runner Up – Junaiza Mae T. Rapiz, Badio and 4th Runner Up – Melka Marie Dacara, Bulwang.
Hon. Bayani M. Cordova, executive chairman organized the search for Ms. Earth Numancia 2008 with Mr. Albert Ilarina, pa-geant coordinator. Mr. Laorence Paul M. Maquinto and Ms. Aileah Kathleen G. Tropa were masters of ceremonies. /MP