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Chinese Schools Curricular Are Market Driven

Dr. Benny A. Palma, President of Aklan State University went to China together with two other Commission on Higher Education (CHED) officials to represent the Philippines and as resource persons in the Seminar on China-ASEAN Workshop on Institutions of Higher Education Administration. The seminar was held on August 20 to September 3, 2006 at the Yunnan University in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China.
The participants were higher education officials, university presidents, and deputy ministers of South East Asian Nations such as Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines. The workshop included studies on Higher Education Administration, discussion and exchange of experiences in managing Higher Education of China and the participants’ respective countries, and visits to universities and other areas of field study in China. He visited the ancient city of Lijiang, Xi’an City on the Yellow River Basin, the cradle of China civilization, and Beijing, the capital city of China where the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square are located.
Dr. Palma, together with Directors Evelyn V. Mojica and Luisa S. Valencia of CHED presented the paper on Philippine Higher Education System to other participants. Their presentation focused on the initiative of CHED and the ASU in the area of e-Commerce. They gave an overview of how the educational system works, the scope of CHED’s responsibilities, and the present condition of the system including its strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Palma also presented the Sustainable Partnership for Energizing Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED) program, a partnership among government and non-government agencies and seven educational institutions including the ASU. He also highlighted the role of ASU in the implementation of the SPEED-BAC activities in the province of Aklan.
In an interview with Dr. Palma, he said that the curricula of China and South East Asian Nations, although designed to fit the industry, are market driven. "All Higher Education in the Philippines and other ASEAN countries are being corporatized. There is no free lunch, even in China, you have to pay your tuition fee," he added.
"It enriched my experiences that corporatization of the university, is a worldwide phenomenon." The Chinese government is also reducing its subsidy in universities, Palma stressed. It pays the salary of faculty and staff but to operate the university, it needs to have an internally generated income to support its operation. "Whereas in the Philippines, we are applying normative financing and at the moment, in the maintenance and operation, only 50 percent has been removed so far, and yet we are finding difficulties. But this is a process that we have to face."
Dr. Palma emphasized that the Philippines is the only country in the world which lacks two years of basic education and have no Junior and Senior High school. Thus, the two- year general education which should be taught in these years are included in the four-year curriculum for college students. Instead of having four years of professional courses like in China and the ASEAN, the Philippines only have two. So, they are more advance in mathematics, science and technology. Although, Filipinos can compete with them in terms of English competency and fluency, this advantage is fast eroding, a problem the system presently faces. "These are the real issues and concern of the Philippines education system that we have to confront in the global economy were education is market driven. The Philippines will be at the tail end in the future if these problems are not addressed."
Although, the seminar have reminded Dr. Palma of our educational system’s shortcomings and weaknesses in the Philippines, he still prefers our public school administrative system of Higher Education compared with China and other ASEAN countries. In the Philippines, the Board of Regents/Trustees and Administrators are given autonomy in their respective schools as provided by law, while in other ASEAN countries, they have to follow directives directly from their Ministry of Education. They must toe the line.
Palma emphasized the need for reform in our education system. According to him, in China, there are also unemployed university graduates because they are now very competitive. They do not usually hire college graduates, they prefer masters degree holders. Besides, their college graduates themselves felt they are not ready yet so they finish their master’s degree first before they look for work. Whereas, in the Philippines, bachelor’s degree holders felt that it is enough for them to find job. "The thing is, which most of the students would ignore to get master’s degree because they thought with their bachelor’s degree they can find job. This is not quite right. This is due to the lack of two years more of professional education compared with their counterpart in the global labor market. If one really wants to find job in the Philippines which needs immediate employment, get technical courses, that’s my advice."
On September 4, 2006, before he left China, Dr. Palma signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Yunnan Agriculture University (YAU) represented by its President, Prof. Zhu Youyong and the ASU. The new MOA was based on the principle of mutual respect and development. As stated on their agreement, they envision; to establish inter-institution cooperation linkage; cooperation on institution, extension and scientific research; exchange of teaching materials and publications; organizing mutual visits every two years in order to promote further cooperation between YAU and the ASU; jointly organize short-term training courses or study visit group in both parties; and to do students’ exchange cooperation.
"All that I have observed and learned in China converge into one: that is we are now on utilization of knowledge product," Palma concluded. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Reveal The Right Information, We’ll Help

"Wherefore the foregoing premises considered, the Commission hereby approves the following Electric Power Purchase Agreements entered into by AKELCO, as buyer, with Mirant, as seller, and Avon River, as the Project Company involving: (a) 5 MW Power Plant in New Washington, Aklan dated October 1, 2003 as amended on August 3, 2004; and (6) initially 7.5 MW but later an increased to a 12.5 MW Power Plant in Nabas, Aklan dated October 1, 2003, as amended on August 3, 2004, and restated on January 10, 2005. These EPPAs shall be subject to a base rate of PhP 2.4375/KWh, the 0 & M component, which shall be adjusted, based on the determination of the consumer price Index (CPI)…"
The above is the decision of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on the petition AKELCO filed with the ERC for approval, which the ERC found it "sufficient in form and substance".
Akelco justified its petition with ERC by submitting documents to prove the shortage of power not only in Aklan but the whole island of Panay. It also alleged, NPC cannot supply the power requirement of Aklan inspite of NPC testimonies to the contrary.
In view of the restated amendment, ERC directed Akelco to re-distribute and re publish a new notice of public hearing – Akelco complied with the directive by publishing the "Notice of Public Hearing" in the Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin on May 7, 2005 and May 12, 2005.
Why publish in the Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin? Perhaps, Akelco wished readers of those newspapers from Tawi Tawi to Babuyan Islands to read and support or object to its petition. There are local newspapers in Aklan which readers are Aklanons who are stakeholders of Akelco, but Akelco did not publish the "Notice of Public Hearing" with it. Akelco can even send its press releases on the matter and the publishers in Aklan may have published it even without cost or for free.
Okay, Akelco published the "Notice of Public Hearing," but is public hearing conducted?
According to Ms. Sylvia Quinisio, Notice of Public Hearing was furnished all the town mayors of Aklan and other officials. But is Public Hearing conducted in Aklan? Never.
This non compliance to the law is sufficient to void the EPPA. It can be noted in the ERC decision that it was Akelco which filed the petition to approve the EPPA. It was also Akelco which pursued the cases and worked for the dismissal of the opposition filed by Atty. Romeo Inocencio and Hon. Ramon Gelito and the motion to dismiss the petition for approval of EPPA filed by Mr. Rudson Mayor. In the ERC Case No. 2005-013 RC, neither Mirant, nor Avon Rivers, nor Global Business Power Corporation is mentioned in the decision to pursue approval of the EPPA.
Why was Akelco too interested for the approval of the EPPA and to increase the cost of energy? Why was Akelco so interested to buy power from Mirant at much higher cost than what Akelco is now buying from the NPC? Records show Akelco single handedly faced the ERC, furnished it with supporting documents to support EPPA approval. Why then did Akelco management and board pointed to NEA and ERC as the cause of the power rate increase approval? These offices only acted on the Akelco petition to buy energy at ab agreed price from Mirant upon the petition, follow-ups and insistence of Akelco.
The church questioned the morality of EPPA approval, the SP Aklan questioned the process of EPPA approval, and the consumers are strongly objecting to the price increase which will greatly affect their economic condition. If the approval of the EPPA was immoral, then Akelco may apologize publicly; if there was deception, reveal the truth; and if the increase in price was not justified, then rescind the contract. Aklanons are good and understanding people; they are forgiving.
I asked Akelco, "what do you expect from the media?" Engr. Ricardo Ilito requested, "please help us disseminate the information". Engr. Elito invited the members of the Aklan media to a presscon on September 30. He did not invite reporters from Philippine Star and Manila Bulletin where he published the Akelco "Notice of Public Hearing". Now he requested the Aklan Media to spread the information to depend the questioned EPPA. The Aklan media could have helped Akelco promote harmonious business - clients relation had Akelco revealed to the Aklan media the facts since the beginning. Kindly reveal to us the right information, we are here to assist Akelco. /MP

Marin Dismisses Sand, Gravel Tax Case

By Boy Ryan Zabal

A regional trial court in Kalibo, Aklan dismissed the petition questioning the authority of the provincial government to determine the fair market value of sand and gravel extracted from public lands and other quarry resources in Aklan.
In his five-page resolution, Judge Niovady M. Marin of Regional Trial Court, Branch 6 dismissed the instant petition of Neil Ryan Fernandez against the province of Aklan represented by Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, for failure to exhaust available administrative remedies even before seeking judicial relief under Special Civil Action No. 7667.
"There is a need for Fernandez to avail himself of administrative remedy provided for in Section 187, Republic Act 7160 before the instant petition could be filed," Marin stressed. Section 187 of Republic Act 7160 provides: "any question on the constitutionality or legality of tax ordinances may be raised on appeal within 30 days from the effectivity thereof to the Secretary of Justice. That within 30 days after receipt of the decision or lapse of 60 day period without the Secretary of Justice acting upon the appeal, the aggrieved party may file appropriate proceedings with the court."


Fernandez, engages in sand and gravel business from Lezo, Aklan. He questioned the authority of Provincial Treasurer Evan Timtiman and Governor Marquez to determine the fair market value of sand and gravel and the classification of sand and gravel. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan earlier enacted Provincial Ordinance No. 05-021, which repealed Provincial Ordinance No. 05-17.
On December 9, 2005, Marquez issued Executive Order No. 041, pursuant to Section 26 of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-021, to set the current fair market value of clay, sand and gravel in Aklan for tax purposes as determined by Timtiman.
But Fernandez questioned the executive order, saying, it fixed a higher rate of sand and gravel extraction fee as provided for in Provincial Ordinance No 05-017. He also maintained that Timtiman and the Local Finance Committee increased the tax levy per cubic meter pursuant to Provincial Ordinance No. 05-021 and Executive Order No. 041.
According to Fernandez, "the amendment is illegal and unconstitutional since unbridled and absolute discretion is given to the executive officers to determine the tax levy which is contrary to the Provincial Ordinance No. 05-017."
Under Section 65 of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-021, as amended under Section 6 of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-027, tax levied and collected on sand and gravel and other quarry resources and small scale mining is 11 percent.
Timtiman, under Section 26 of Provincial Ordinance No.05-021, should determine the fair market value in the locality of materials covered by the ordinance, collect all taxes and fees prescribed and inspect or cause the inspection of the permit holder’s Book of Account.


"The argument of the petitioner is specious because it is clear from the petition that the same seeks not only to declare as null, void and unconstitutional Executive Order No. 041 but also Section 6 of the Provincial Ordinance No. 05-027 that amended Section 65 of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-021," Marin said.
The court added, "there is no doubt as to the legality of Sections 26 and 65 of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-021 as amended by Section 6 of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-027; it has been put to rest by Provincial Ordinance No. 06-010, enacted on June 14, 2006. Under Provincial Ordinance No. 06-010, the province levies and collects tax of ten percent of the fair market value in the locality per cubic meter/ton of ordinary stones, sand and gravel.
"While the executive order is not a tax ordinance, the legal basis in the issuance is the cited provincial ordinances – which are both tax ordinances. The Executive Order No. 05-041 merely fixes the fair market value of the sand and gravel," Marin pointed out.

Prov’l Capitol Warns Ro-Ro Vessels

On the other hand, the provincial government of Aklan has given three roll on, roll off (ro-ro) shipping companies until the end of September to settle their arrears that go way back to the year 2005. The arrears in berthing fees have reached millions of pesos.
Non-payment would result to the vessels’ being refused berthing or docking at the Caticlan jetty port and terminal in Caticlan, Malay, Aklan. Provincial Treasurer Evan Timtiman identified the shipping companies as Starlite Ferry, Inc., Montenegro Shipping Lines and Philharbor Ferries and Port Services Inc.
These shipping firms’ ro-ro vessels should have been refused berthing since September 1 yet. But Gov. Carlito Marquez and Cong. Florencio Miraflores agreed to give them another chance. "Their continued failure to settle their dues will result to the enforcement of the order refusing the vessels of these shipping companies berthing rights at the Caticlan jetty port", Marquez pointed out.
Caticlan jetty port is being managed by the provincial government under the Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD). It plays a key role in the tourism industry, and serves as a direct link to the Batangas-Caticlan route of major vessels in the western seaboard.
Marquez earlier denied the province is "imposing exorbitant berthing/docking fees on shipping companies utilizing the Caticlan jetty port for the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH) of the national government.
Jetty port administrator Nieven Maquirang also lambasted allegations of shipping operators that the province is demanding P1,000 per hour at the port and an additional P1,000 charge in excess of the allotted one, despite the law that mandates payment of P200 per calendar day.
Maquirang explained that the provincial ordinance enacted by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan provides a fixed rate of P1,000/two hours for the unloading/loading of cargoes, vehicles and passengers by roll-on roll-off vessels. An additional fee of P100 is charged in excess of two hours."The shipping companies should pay their arrears since 2005 to the provincial government to allow us to settle our obligations with the jetty port contractor," the governor said.
Caticlan jetty port, a major jump-off point to the famous island resort of Boracay, was constructed and funded through a flotation of Aklan-Boracay bonds underwritten by a government bank during the term of former President Joseph Estrada. /MP

AFP Honors Agricultural Center Director

By Megs S. Lunn

LTC REMELYN R. RECOTER is a native of Banga, Aklan. She is the Battalion Commander, 1st (Aklan) Ready Reserve Battalion (RRBn), 601st (Aklan) Community Defense Center, 6RCDG, Camp Jizmundo, Libas, Banga, Aklan.
Col. Recoter was commissioned Lt Col. in the reserved force in August 1999, after graduating from the National Defense College of the Philippines with the degree of Master in National Security Administration. She was designated as Executive Officer in 1999 and served until March 2002 when she turned over the command on April 2, 2002. Since then, she is Acting Battalion Commander.
Something wonderful happened just recently. A thing we truly can be proud of as Aklanons. She was awarded the Armed Forces of the Philippines RESERVIST OFFICER OF THE YEAR for 2006 on September 23, 2006. She received the award at AFP Commissioned Officers Club, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. DND Sec. Avelino Cruz assisted by AFP Chief of Staff, GEN HERMOGENES ESPERON handed her the award.
Likewise, she was adjudged as Best Ready Reserve Battalion Commander for 2005 by the 3rd Infantry Division on May 7, 2006 at Camp Peralta, Jamindan , Capiz. 3ID covers Region 6 and 7. MGEN ALPHONSUS P CRUCERO, Commanding General, 3ID handed her the award.
Recoter’s major and notable accomplishments as Bn Cmdr are:
Submitted a P1M project proposal which was approved by Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores of Aklan, on the Capability Enhancement of the RRBn on Disaster Search, Rescue and Relief Operation. The releases of funds will be 50 percent within the 4th Qtr of 2006 and in 2007 the other 50 percent. The fund will be used to buy search and rescue equipment and for training;
Hon Miraflores, then Governor of Aklan also released P100,000.00 in March 2004 for the repair and conversion of a military barracks into a headquarter of the RRBn;
She also forged a MOA with DENR-Aklan on March 6, 2005 to develop a two-hectare mangrove area in Kalibo, Aklan; and conducted several activities such as tree planting, cleanliness drive, blood letting and other activities to support the CMO program of the AFP. The latest of which was the medical and dental mission, which benefited 300 residents of Bgys. Fulgencio and Feliciano, Balete, Aklan on September 10, 2006. This activity was in collaboration with PCSO, Aklan Allied Health Groups, LGU-Balete and Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo.
Presently, Remy is the Center Director, Regional Training Center VI, of Agricultural Training Institute, Department of Agriculture Banga, Aklan.
A fellow Rotarian and Toastmaster, Remy as we fondly call her is a civic minded person and very much happy and contented in her single blessedness. REMY, our congratulations and best wishes to you and in all your undertakings. We, truly salute you!!! /MP

US Lottery Jackpot Winner Fired A Gun

Police Report Confirms

By Alex P. Vidal

A memorandum addressed to the Iloilo Provincial Police Office (IPPO) dated August 21, 2006 signed by Senior Police Officer 4 Danilo Eraste Elumba, officer-in-charge of the Igbaras Municipal Police Station, confirmed that frustrated murder suspect Michael "Mike" Escanlar fired a gun during an argument with complainant Eliseo "Pudoy" Javelosa inside the cockpit in Igbaras, Iloilo last August 20, 2006. Elumba’s report said Escanlar took his "undetermined type of firearm inside his bag and proceeded to (the) gaffer area and fired several times pointing upward." Elumba narrated that Escanlar, a US lottery jackpot winner, "hurriedly left the place" on board a private vehicle.


Elumba also confirmed that they found 13 holes at the galvanized iron roof of the gaffer area believed to have been hit by the bullets from Escanlar’s firearm stressing that "proper procedure of investigation is being observed at the scene of the incident." Javelosa, 61, retired master chief in the US Navy, and resident of Brgy. Tacas, Jaro, Iloilo City, had filed cases of attempted murder and illegal discharged of firearm against Escanlar of Brgy. 3, Poblacion, Igbaras, Iloilo over the incident. Javelosa alleged that Escanlar got mad, aimed his gun at him and tried to shoot him while they were inside the cockpit when Escanlar’s cocks lost to Javelosa’s cocks. "I urinated in my pants because of fear," said Javelosa who is a former back-to-back judo and wrestling West Coast champion in 1970-71.


However, in his counter-affidavit dated September 20, 2006, Escanlar "vehemently" denied the pointing of any kind of firearm at Javelosa and firing the same at him. "I could not have fired the gun which caused the bullet holes in the eastern portion of the gaffer area’s galvanized iron roof as when I and Eliseo Javelosa had a verbal spat. I was facing towards the west," Escanlar said in his counter-affidavit. "To impute to me the cause of the bullet holes in the gaffer’s area roof will defy the laws of physics." Escanlar called Javelosa "ridiculous" for charging him with attempted murder. "Firing to the air, assuming it to be true for the sake of argument simply negates any intent to kill; such fact clearly negates any intent to kill," he said. He insisted that the gun fire at the gaffer’s area "may have been caused by another person."


"While it was pitiful for Eliseo Javelosa to have urinated in fright after hearing the gun fire, it is obviously unfair and unjust for him to impute to me a criminal act simply because I was the last person with whom he had an argument with," said Escanlar. Hans Sayno, Escanlar’s lawyer, submitted Escanlar’s counter-affidavit and the affidavits of Escanlar’s witnesses Niel Bucoy and Francisco Delgado Jr. to Assistant Provincial Prosecutor Antonio P. Chin during the preliminary investigation on September 22. Escanlar did not show up while Javelosa and his witness, Noel Palencia, accompanied by their lawyer Pablo Tolentino, were present. Tolentino said both Bucoy and Delgado are bodyguards of Escanlar. /MP

Love The Philippines*

By Jaeyoun Kim

* This is an impression on the Philippines as seen by a foreigner. Jaeyoun Kim is a South Korean studying to write and speak English. According to Kim, he is studying in the Philippines because "Filipinos speak clearly, slowly and easy for us to understand than any other English speaking country in the world." Mr. Vic Evaristo met Kim while he was in Iloilo recently.

"Filipinos always complain about the corruption in the Philippines. Do you really think that corruption is the problem of the Philippines? I do not think so. I strongly believe that the problem is the lack of love (of Filipinos) for the Philippines.
Let me first talk about my country, Korea. It might help you understand my point. After the Korean War, South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. Koreans had to start from scratch because the entire country was destroyed during war, and we had no natural resources. Koreans used to talk about the Philippines, for Filipinos were very rich in Asia. We envied Filipinos. Koreans really wanted to be well off like Filipinos.
Many Koreans died of famine. My father and brother also died because of famine. Korean government was very corrupt and is still very corrupt beyond your imagination. But Korea was able to develop dramatically because Koreans really did their best for the common good with their heart burning with patriotism. Koreans did not work just for themselves but also for their neighborhood and country.


Education inspired young men with the spirit of patriotism. Some 40 years ago, President Park took over the government to reform Korea. He tried to borrow money from other countries, but it was not possible to get a loan and attract foreign investment because the economic situation of South Korea was so bad. Korea had only three factories. So, President Park sent many mine workers and nurses to Germany so that they could earn and send money to Korea to build factories. They went through horrible experience. In 1964, President Park visited Germany to borrow money. Hundred of Koreans in Germany came to the airport to welcome him and cried there as they saw President Park. They asked him, "President, when can we be well off?"
That was the only question everyone asked to him. President Park cried with them and promised them that Korea would be well off if everyone works hard for Korea as a reaction. The President of Germany got the strong impression on them and lent money to Korea. So, President Park was able to build many factories in Korea. He always asked Koreans to love their country from their hearts. Many Korean scientists and engineers in the USA came back to Korea to help the developing country because they wanted their country to be well off.


Though they received very small salary, they did their best for Korea. They always hoped that their children would live in a well off country. My parents always brought me to the places where poor and physically handicapped people live. They wanted me to understand their life and help them.
I also worked for Catholic Church when I was in the army. The only thing I learned from Catholic Church was that we have to love our neighborhood. And, I have loved my neighborhood. Have you cried for the Philippines? I have cried for my country several times. I also cried for the Philippines because of so many poor people. I have been to the New Bilibid prison. What made me sad in the prison were the prisoners who do not have any love for their country. They go to mass and work for the Church. They pray everyday. However, they do not love the Philippines.
I talked to two prisoners at the maximum-security compound, and both of them said that they would leave the Philippines right after they are released from the prison. They said, "they would start a new life in other countries and never come back to the Philippines. Many Koreans have a great love for Korea so that we were able to share our wealth with our neighborhood. The owners of factory and company distributed their profit to their employees fairly so that employees could buy what they needed and saved money for the future and their children.
When I was in Korea, I had a very strong faith and wanted to be a priest. However, when I came to the Philippines, I completely lost my faith. I was very confused when I saw many unbelievable situations in the Philippines. Street kids always make me sad, and I see them everyday. The Philippines is the only Catholic country in Asia, but there are too many poor people here. People go to church every Sunday to pray, but nothing has been changed. My parents came to the Philippines last week and saw this situation. They told me that Korea was much poorer than the present Philippines when they were young. They are so sorry that there are so many beggars and street kids.
When we went to Pasangjan, Laguna, I forced my parents to take a boat because it would be fun. However, they were not happy after riding on a boat. They said, "they would not take the boat again because they sympathized with the boatmen, for the boatmen were very poor and had a small frame. Most of the people just took a boat and enjoyed it. But my parent did not enjoy it because of love for them.


My mother who has been working for Catholic Church since I was very young told me that if we just go to mass without changing ourselves, we are not Catholics indeed. Faith should come with action. She added that I have to love Filipinos and do good things for them because all of us are the same and have received a great love from God.
I want Filipinos to love their neighborhood and country as much as they love God so that the Philippines will be well off. I am sure that love is the keyword, which Filipinos should remember. We cannot change the sinful structure at once. It should start from person. Love must start in everybody, in a small scale and have to grow. A lot of things happen if we open up to love. Let’s put away our prejudices and look at our worries with our new eyes. I discover that every person is worthy to be loved. Trust in love, because it makes changes possible.
Love changes you and me. It changes people, contexts and relationships. It changes the world. Please love your neighborhood and country. Jesus Christ said that whatever we do to others we do it to Him. In the Philippines, there is God for the people who are abused and abandoned. There is God who is crying for love. If you have a child, teach them how to love the Philippines. Teach them why they have to love their neighborhood and country. You already know that God also will be very happy if you love others. That’s all I really want to ask you Filipinos. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Secret Love

Kalibonhon si Menyong. Makita imaw nga naga linibot iya sa Kalibo, pero idto imaw perme sa Kapitolyo. Permeng limpyo, nakapiluka ra buhok, ag plantsadong puti nga mahaba it butkon ro camisa dentro.
Ham-an permeng sa Kapitol si Menyong? Empleyado baea imaw? Bukon. Nagapati baea kamo nga iya sanda nagakita ko anang nobya sa Kapitolyo? Empleyado man baea ro anang nobya sa Kapitolyo? Bukon. Hay sin-o ro anang nobya?
Tipikal nga eaeaki si Menyong. Naga tuon imaw sa isaea sa mga eskwelahan iya sa Kalibo. Ma-aeam si Menyong ag may handum nga mangin isaeang ka abugado sa paaeabuton. Abo ro anang idolong mga batikan nga abogado iya sa Aklan. Handum nana nga mag depensa sa mga gina eopig sa korte, maka – atubang ro mga abugado ag ihathat ro kinamatarong sa huez agod idepensa ro anang kliyente.
Kon sa nanong bangod ro pagbaylo it tiempo, isaeang hapon, nag-uli si Menyong nga mahipos, aborido. Guin pangutana imaw ko anang ina ogaling owa magsabat, kud-om ro bibig. Nag-eaong imaw kay nanay na, mamasyar kuno imaw. Guinhapit imaw sa andang baeay ko anang amiga. Guin sugtan imaw. Nagpamasyar sanda. Nangin sige-sige ro anang pag pinanaw kada adlaw. Ko olihi, indi eon mag-adto sa eskwelahan si Menyong tongod naga hueat imaw perme sa anang amiga.
Guin patan-aw si Menyong sa Doktor. Guin daea imaw idto sa Pototan, Iloilo sa pagtuman ko sugo ko doktor. Ka’t idto sa Pototan, nagwaeas si Menyong bangud buot nga mag-oli. Ko olihi, nag oli imaw nga owa masayri it Doktor. Guin patan-aw imaw sa medico sa barangay. Babaye kuno ro kabangdanan suno sa kwak doktor. Owa man masayri kon sin-o ag taga siin rong babaye.
Guin pa ban-aw it mediko si Menyong. Suno sa ban-aw, naga estar kuno sa isaeang ka mabahoe nga puno it kahoy, maeapit sa eskwelahan ro babaye. Idto nana nakita rayang babaye nga nangin kaklase. Nagkaila-an sanda. Perme sandang nagakita sa mahayag nga lugar maeapit sa kapitolyo. Kon indi sanda magkita sa gabii, guina bantayan nana rayang babaye sa agahon hasta sa hapon. Imaw nga imaw ro anang guina obra hasta imaw hay magueang eon.
Kon hin-uno matapos rong pag hueat ni Menyong ag mataw-an it kahigayunan rayang paghigugma, owa it nakasayod. Ogaling ro kamatuoran, si Menyong padayon sa anang pag hinueat sa rayang babaye. Umuean man o sumilak rong paniempo, iya perme imaw sa kapitolyo. Isaea ako sa naka pan-o kana adlaw-adlaw. /MP

Rebaldo Asks High Court To Resolve Electoral Protest

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Mayor Raymar Rebaldo of Kalibo, Aklan urged the Supreme Court to urgently resolve the petition for certiorari whether a regional trial court, Kalibo, Aklan still has jurisdiction or legal authority to further act on Election Case No. 131. Lawyer Reynaldo Quimpo stressed Judge Eustaquio Terencio of Regional Trial Court, Branch 8, Kalibo, Aklan, is set to promulgate judgment on September 29, 2006 in Election Case No. 131 on the electoral protest versus the incumbent Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo by his opponent mayoral candidate William Lachica.
‘With the impending decision in the said election case coupled with the denial of earlier motion for a temporary restraining order or status quo order, it became imperative for the proper guidance of the trial court and the Supreme Court to timely resolve the instant petition on the merits or, in the alternative, to issue in the meantime a restraining order," Quimpo said in his urgent motion to resolve the case on September 11, 2006 before the Supreme Court.
The protest stemmed from the alleged massive vote buying and tampering of election returns, commission of errors and irregularities by the Board of Election Inspectors and Board of Canvassers, bad appreciation of ballots, improper adjudication of votes, errors and irregularities in the election such as marked ballots and fraud committed in the preparation of the ballots and in the counting of votes in the municipality of Kalibo.
But, Rebaldo’s lawyer Immanuel Sodusta argued "the allegations of electoral irregularities is speculative except for alleged errors correctible by recount/revision and re-appreciation of the contested ballots, no evidence whatsoever was introduced or attempted to be introduced or documentary in support of other alleged irregularities."
"The results of the revision of ballots would show that the election in the contested precincts was clean and honest," he added.
The regional trial court earlier resumed the revision of ballots after the Commission on Election (Comelec) En Banc affirmed the First Division resolution reversing the Order dated August 23, 2004 of Terencio. It also ordered Terencio to reinstate and resolve the electoral protest with dispatch.
Rebaldo, who ran under ruling local party Tibyog it Akean, won the mayoralty post with a slim margin of 81 votes against Lachica on May 10, 2004 local elections. Lachica, two weeks after,
filed an election protest in 34 out of 172 clustered precincts while on May 31, 2004, Rebaldo also filed his counter-protest in 18 clustered precincts and motion to dismiss Lachica’s protest.
Records show that the total number of protested and counter-protested precincts is 70 individual precincts clustered into 50 functioning precincts. The revision of ballots was conducted from June 17, 2004 to July 9, 2004 and March 10, 2006 to April 3, 2006. On June 6, 2004, Terencio denied Lachica’s Motion for Leave of Court to Amend Answer to Counter Protest. On the course of the revision of ballots, Lachica filed a motion to withdraw his protest citing his lack of finances to continue the recounting.
Terencio granted his motion in its Order dated July 9, 2004. Three days after, the presiding judge also granted Lachica’s motion to withdraw his deposit. On July 23, 2004, Lachica filed a motion to lift the order of dismissal of protest. For his part, Rebaldo, citing, the dismissal of protest was with prejudice and that the motion was filed out of time, opposed Lachica’s motion.
On August 23, 2004, Terencio denied the motion of Lachica, saying, the court lost jurisdiction to entertain the motion and his electoral protest against Rebaldo. Terencio cited Secs. 19 & 21 of Rule 35 that finally disposed the case after five days from receipt of the Order, which was received by Lachica on July 15, 2004. Lachica’s present motion to lift the Order was filed on July 23, 2004. But, Lachica asked the Comelec to reverse the assailed Order of the trial court, which the First Division in its resolution dated February 11, 2005 ordered Terencio to resume proceedings and resolve the election protest on the merits with dispatch.Comelec said the contested July 9, 2004 Order was issued without hearing, adding, the trial court should realized that the case involves public interest which go beyond the personal interests of the contending parties.
Rebaldo wins
For failure of the protestant, William Lachica to substantiate his protest against the incumbent Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, Hon. Eustaquio G. Terencio, presiding judge, Branch 8, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan dismissed the protest during the promulgation of judgement today, September 29, 2006. According to Judge Terencio after careful review and re canvass of the contested votes the result did not affect the outcome of the election for mayor of Kalibo. The protest was dismissed; no damage was awarded either party. The decision was read by two clerks./MP

House Exempts Timbaban Hydro Project From NIPAS

By Boy Ryan Zabal

The House of Representatives approved on third and final reading a proposed measure establishing the Timbaban Hydropower Development Project within the Aklan watershed forest reserve in Brgy. Maria Cristina, Madalag town.
Authored by Cong. Florencio Miraflores, House Bill No. 5705 will pave the construction of a multi-billion dollar hydroelectric plant to address Aklan’s power needs after its approval and implementation.
"The measure exempts the Timbaban area from the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS). It would take two to three years before this hydroelectric plant could provide reliable and sufficient source of electricity for Aklanons," Miraflores stressed.
Under Republic Act 7586, an act providing for the establishment and management of NIPAS, Section 14 states: "any exploitation and utilization of energy resources found within NIPAS areas shall be allowed only through a law passed by Congress."
The Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) and the Energy Development Corporation are presently securing a $75-million funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) with the West Japan Engineering Consultants as technical partner.
The Timbaban Hydropower Plant, a run-of-river type of power generation project, is expected to generate 23.5 megawatts (MW) enough for Aklan and the island resort of Boracay, the solon said.
A feasibility study for the Timbaban hydropower project, funded by Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), has been completed and is now under review by the PNOC Investments and Appraisals Committee (PNOC-IAC).
Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez earlier said the cheaper and sustainable power from the Timbaban project would sustain the twin programs of the province - agriculture and tourism - and enhance the capability of Aklan to source renewable and indigenous energy.
According to a study commissioned by World Wildlife Foundation - Philippines with the University of the Philippines – National Engineering Center, the Philippines has a potential installed capacity of 7,404 megawatts from wind power; 2,308 megawatts from small hydro; 4,000 megawatts from geothermal; and 235 megawatts from biomass sources. /MP

Be A Physician For Free

Sounds improbable but true. You can be a doctor for free under the Medical Scholarship Program (Pinoy MD: Doktor para sa Kapwa Pilipino).
This is in line with the Priority Program of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to entice more Filipinos to take up medicine to serve their fellow Filipinos since those accepted as scholars will be required to render two years of service to the government for every year of study/scholarship. This will also answer the need for more Filipino doctors, since the trend now is for students to take up nursing and go abroad to work.
According to the DOH, the scholarship package includes tuition fees, miscellaneous/laboratory fees, living subsidy, lodging allowance, transportation allowance, book and uniform allowance.
For one to be accepted to the scholarship program, he/she must be a bachelor’s degree holder with at least 35 units in science subjects. The applicant must also have a general weighted average of 2.50 or its equivalent or better. Likewise, the applicant must be less than 35 years of age upon admission to the program.
The combined family income of the applicant must not be more than P30,000 monthly or not more than P360,000 a year. He or she must belong to any of the following sectors – indigenous people, barangay health worker or their children or government employee or their children. An NMAT percentile score of at least 40 and above is required. The applicant must be of good moral character, physically and mentally fit.
Applicants who have not yet taken the NMAT are advised to coordinate with the Center for Educational Measurement and to take the NMAT on December 10, 2006.
Interested applicants may contact the DOH Center for Health Development through telephone number 033-321-3284 or 321-06007 for requirements. Deadline for submission of requirements is November 29, 2006. (PIA6) /MP

Be A Physician For Free

Sounds improbable but true. You can be a doctor for free under the Medical Scholarship Program (Pinoy MD: Doktor para sa Kapwa Pilipino).
This is in line with the Priority Program of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to entice more Filipinos to take up medicine to serve their fellow Filipinos since those accepted as scholars will be required to render two years of service to the government for every year of study/scholarship. This will also answer the need for more Filipino doctors, since the trend now is for students to take up nursing and go abroad to work.
According to the DOH, the scholarship package includes tuition fees, miscellaneous/laboratory fees, living subsidy, lodging allowance, transportation allowance, book and uniform allowance.
For one to be accepted to the scholarship program, he/she must be a bachelor’s degree holder with at least 35 units in science subjects. The applicant must also have a general weighted average of 2.50 or its equivalent or better. Likewise, the applicant must be less than 35 years of age upon admission to the program.
The combined family income of the applicant must not be more than P30,000 monthly or not more than P360,000 a year. He or she must belong to any of the following sectors – indigenous people, barangay health worker or their children or government employee or their children. An NMAT percentile score of at least 40 and above is required. The applicant must be of good moral character, physically and mentally fit.
Applicants who have not yet taken the NMAT are advised to coordinate with the Center for Educational Measurement and to take the NMAT on December 10, 2006.
Interested applicants may contact the DOH Center for Health Development through telephone number 033-321-3284 or 321-06007 for requirements. Deadline for submission of requirements is November 29, 2006. (PIA6) /MP

Rehabilitation Privilege For Government Employees Up

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced that all government personnel with permanent, temporary, casual or contractual appointments, including those with fixed terms of office may avail of the rehabilitation privilege during their employment with their agency in accordance with the guidelines formulated for its availment.
A Rehabilitation Privilege is a privilege, according to the CSC, granted to an employee for a maximum period of six months for wounds and injuries sustained while in the performance of official duties. The duration, frequency and terms of availing of the privilege shall be based on the recommendation of medical authority.
In the guidelines set by the CSC, performance of duty means situations wherein the official or employee was already at work. Illness or sickness resulting from or aggravated by working conditions or the environment cannot be the basis for availing of the privilege. Injuries sustained while the employee was going to work and going home from work are also not considered sustained while in the performance of official duties.
Absence from work during the period of the rehabilitation privilege shall not be deducted from the accumulated sick and vacation leave credits of the employee. However, they will not earn any leave credits for the period. They shall likewise receive their salaries and regular benefits.
Claimants of the rehabilitation privilege are entitled to reimbursement by their agency for first-aid expenses, preferably in government facilities. Reimbursement is however subject to availability of funds and shall not exceed P5, 000 unless the expense is certified as necessary by medical authorities and approved by the head of agency.

Aklan Legislators Off To Luzon For Lakbay Aral

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Nine members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan went on a five-day Lakbay Aral (study-tour) in selected provinces in Luzon. The study tour, began on Monday, September 18 and ended on September 22, provided opportunities for the local legislators to have a better understanding of local government administration, and appreciate the diverse culture of the provinces in Luzon.
The study tour was composed of SP members Daisy Briones, Santiago Regalado, Gerick Templonuevo, Ramon Gelito, Philippine Councilors League (PCL) Aklan president Franklin Quimpo, Pedro Garcia, Selwyn Ibarreta, Liga ng mga Barangay president Ananias Solina and senior board member Stevens Fuentes.
The tour is an ongoing program of the national government to enable the local government officials and employees to learn insights from progressive towns or cities of the country. SP Presiding Officer and Vice Gov. Ronquillo Tolentino earlier said the legislators would study and observe the culture, history, local government administration, agriculture, business and tourism of Luzon provinces such as the northern tourist destinations of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and famous rocky island of Corregidor. /MP


Our sincere condolences to the family of the late

November 7, 1946 - September 20, 2006

who passed away on September 20, 2006.
From the publisher/editor Madyaas Pen and the officers
and members of the Aklan Press Club, Inc.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Aklan Capitol Mulls Legal Action
VS. Mirant Power Rates

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Vice Gov. Ronquillo C. Tolentino said, "the provincial government is seriously considering legal action to stop the implementation of the Electric Power Purchase Agreement (EPPA) between the Aklan Electric Cooperative (Akelco) and Mirant Global Corp., an independent power producer."
"It has been a nightmare for Aklanons. The electric rates are grossly detrimental to consumers. The provincial government will file the necessary court action if needed," he said. Fr. Isauro David of the Diocesan Social Action Center also challenged the Akelco board of directors on the reasonableness of the rates. Father David raised the issues of transparency and morality against Akelco management for its non-disclosure of some information prior to the inclusion of the "church" as intervenor.
"In the interest of fair play and righteousness, and for the greater interest of consumer-members, Akelco officials should thoroughly explain the EPPA rates," he said in a forum during Akelco’s Annual General Membership Assembly (AGMA). Over 1,000 members attended the forum held in Lezo, Aklan on Saturday. September 16.
The National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms, Inc. (NASECORE) Aklan led by Genaro Mabasa also criticized Akelco and Mirant.
The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan earlier endorsed the issuance of Environment Clearance Certificate (ECC) in favor of Mirant, but they later found out that the certificate was used by Avon River Holdings, a subsidiary of Mirant.
Ariel Arman Lapuz, Vice President for Commercial of Avon River, explained that Mirant assigned its rights to the EPPAs to Avon River Holdings Corporation during the initial hearing on May 27, 2005 conducted by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).
Akelco, the sole distributor of power in Aklan province, including the northern towns of Pandan and Libertad, Antique and Boracay Island, contracted Mirant Global Philippines to supply electricity. At present, there is a shortage of power in the entire Panay Island; the projected supply-demand scenario in the Cebu-Negros-Panay Grid is tight this year.
Akelco, at the long end of the power grid, is vulnerable to power fluctuations and load shedding once the power supply is insufficient, thus it contracted Mirant. National Power Corporation (NPC) President Cyril Del Callar also issued a certification on May 18, 2005, that NPC or its successor generating companies do not have the capacity in the Visayas to supply 12,500 kw and 4,000,000 kwh per month electric power Akelco intends to source from Mirant.Akelco has a current demand of about 25 MW, with 8 MW supplied to the island of Boracay.
Under a 20-year build-own-operate agreement with Akelco, the 12.5-megawatt Nabas plant is one of the two power-generating plants constructed in Aklan, with total investment cost of P800 million, including the 5-MW diesel-fired power plant in New Washington, Aklan. Akelco and Mirant executed two identical EPPAs on October 1, 2003, but it was amended on August 4, 2004, which was also approved by the Akelco board of directors on the following day, August 5. The agreement was further restated in the Amended Agreement to EPPA for the 12.5 MW power plant in Nabas on January 10, 2005.
It was learned that Mirant/Avon River has already constructed the 12.5-Nabas power plant and currently supplying electric power to Akelco beginning April 14, 2005 where the price of the electric power has been pegged at the assured NPC grid rate of roughly P3 per kilowatt hour, below the true generating cost of Mirant.
Lawyer Romeo Inocencio and Aklan SP member Ramon Gelito stressed that "the EPPA entered into by Akelco and Mirant will not help ensure the reliability and competitive pricing of the electric power in Aklan." In its August 2, 2006 decision on the petition for approval of the inclusion of Akelco’s retail rate of costs from EPPA with Mirant, the ERC subjected the base rate of P2.375/Kwh. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

They Honor Us! They Challenge Us

The Timbaban Hydropower project is now approved in the House of Representatives, announced Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores, author of the bill. "The bill with other supporting documents are now being readied for the submission to the Senate by Monday, or Tuesday," added Miraflores.
Miraflores is very optimistic that his bill will be approved into law before the 13th Congress adjourns next year. According to Miraflores, the PNOC which is the implementor of the project is now ready to start the project. There is no problem as to the source of fund for there are some finances from other countries," Miraflores said. He cited the Japanese, Koreans, and even Spaniards who are interested to finance the Timbaban project.
If this project is implemented, it is estimated that it will be operational in three years. It will then revolutionize the energy industry in Aklan.
Timbaban is estimated to produce enough power for Aklan and supply the needs of adjacent provinces. It will bring down the price of electricity, industrialize the province and no more brown out.
Should Timbaban hydropower operate, the Mirant/Global EPPA will become obsolete and must be rescinded.
I got hold of a copy of "Farming and Management of Gracilaria" produced by BFAR, Region 6, Iloilo City. Among others, the brochure gave a brief description of what Gracilaria is. It also gave give ecological requirements for Gracilaria farming such as water, salinity, temperature, ph value, water movement, substrate and nutrients.
It also gave the potentials for Gracilaria farming, the methods of production and harvesting. It also discussed post-harvest management and storage.
The brochure provided how much is needed to invest for a 2,500 square meters of Gracilaria pond such as for fishnet and working capital for a total of P7,050. For seedlings, it cost P5,400.00 for seven (7) crops.
According to the "costs and returns of Gracilaria farming," the first crop net return will be P2,450.00 on the assumption of 7,500 kilograms yield at 10:1 wet : dry ratio sold at P10 per kilo of 750 kilograms dry. For the succeeding 2nd – 8th croppings, the gross returns will be P52,500. The brochure also showed the total expenses for the eight Gracilaria crops which are P60,000. If the cost of production is subtracted, the grower will net P49,550 at a rate of return of investment of 474.2 percent.
I asked during the presentation, how much is the cost of labor? It is not stated in the costs return analysis. Nobody answered, except "we will compute for it."
Is the exclusion of labor cost in the costing of production a disclaimer of fisherfolks’ effort? His labor must be recognized, it must be given value and be counted.
Did we forget a course in economics, specifically about the factors of production? Is labor or man a factor of production? If yes, why is labor cost not included in the cost of production of Gracilaria? Let us count the farmers and fisherfolks’ participation in agriculture and fishery production.
Should anyone interested to invest in Gracilaria production, we cannot answer his question as far as labor cost is concerned. Our specialists failed to include its costs as factor of production.
This column wishes to thank wholeheartedly Prof. Methuselah Santamaria and her literature students at NVC and Santo Niño Seminary, the NVC management headed by its president, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo for the tribute given me and four other writers of Aklan.
The "Pen Moves. . ." is anchored on the quotation, "Reading makes a man broad, Writing makes a man EXACT" - Quebral.
The project is the first ever held in Aklan to honor its writers. It is a very important project worth doing yearly.
We were honored, we were challenged. Thank you. . ! Thank you. . .! /MP

DA Announces Farm Training In Japan

Director Jindra Linda L. Demeterio of the Department of Agriculture (DA) announces the holding of the competitive examination for those who wish to avail of the Young Filipino Farmers Training program in Japan. The test will be held in Kalibo, Aklan on October 5, 2006. Those interested to participate may immediately contact Ms. Emelia F. Briones, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA), Capitol, Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan.
The training is open to all young farmers presently engaged in farming, male, single, between 20 and 26 years old. He has reached college level with two years farming experience. He is neither an employee of the government nor of the private sector. He can articulate in English and is willing to learn Nihongo, of good community standing, physically, emotionally and mentally fit. He has no tattoo on any parts of his body, no pierced ears, nose, tongue, navel or any part of the body. He must pass the provincial and regional qualifying examinations.
For those who will qualify, the training will be in Japan for one year. They will study Nihongo language, live and work with Japanese host farmers and their families, attend institutional development training, community activities, farm and cultural visits and sports festival. They will also submit quarterly accomplishment reports.
The participants are provided with free board and lodging, transportation and monthly allowance of 40,000 yen or about P20,000.00.
After the training in Japan, the graduate may apply for a re-entry assistance by way of project proposal that will enable him to apply the things learned during the training. This will enable him also to become agribusiness entrepreneur and share his knowledge and skills to fellow farmers.
For Aklan, the examination will be held on October 5. Out of those, the OPA may send 10 maximum to participate in the regional qualifying test, which will be held on October 10, 2006 in the DA Regional office, Iloilo City.
Of the regional examinees, five (5) shall be recommended to the National Agriculture and Fishery Council (NAFC) in Quezon City. Out of the five, NAFC will select three (3) most qualified nominees after field validation and evaluation. The two will become alternates who will be ready to take over in case any of the three cannot continue participating.
Those regional nominees will undergo a 75 day training. They will participate in the home stay with host Filipino farmers for 60 days. This will socially prepare them to be exposed and simulated with the Japanese style of farming, work and culture, be independent and flexible while learning in partnership with his host Filipino farmers.
Before their departure to Japan, the top three regional nominees are required to provide each with P15,000 counterpart fund. This will be used to cover payments for medical examinations, clothing allowance, travel tax, visa and terminal fee. This counterpart fund maybe sponsored by LGUs, DA or any civic organization.
The training in Japan will provide farming experience to deserving young Filipino farmers, to acquire technical skills in agriculture, farm machinery and cooperative management, provide opportunities for an exchange of agricultural information of mutual interest among participants, and to help foster understanding and goodwill among Asian nations.
This training is also a commitment of the government of Japan to young farmers in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines who possess the potential to become key farmer leaders. /MP

SP Aklan To Hear Fuentes’ Misconduct Case

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

On September 27, 2006, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan will conduct its hearing on the administrative case for abuse of authority and misconduct or misfeasance against Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes of Banga, Aklan.
The case was filed by Hon. Vicente R. Seraspi, Jr. of Banga.
According to Hon. Seraspi, in his information furnished the Aklan SP, Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes issued Executive Order No. 8-2005 "Regulating The Issuance of Franchise for passenger for Tricycle For Hire" without any legal basis and contrary to the provisions of the Local Government Code.
"The respondent deliberately encroached and arrogated into himself the powers and duties of the Sangguniang Bayan (SB)…remised and even refused to perform his duty to furnish the provincial governor of his executive order for review," Seraspi pointed out.
"These illegal acts of Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes is an indication of ignorance, inattention, malice of that which he has no legal right to do at all," Seraspi stressed.
Hon. Seraspi prayed that "administrative and disciplinary sanctions be imposed against the mayor (Mayor J.N. Fuentes) to deter him from further committing similar acts…"
In his answer furnished the SP Aklan, Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes accused Hon. Seraspi of Forum shopping. According to Fuentes, Seraspi filed a criminal case against Mayor Fuentes with the Provincial Prosecutor’s office on June 15, 2006 just after filing the same complaint with SP Aklan for violation of Act 239 of the Revised Penal Code. This act of Seraspi in filing these separate cases against Fuentes may cause conflicting decisions between the SP Aklan and the Office of the Provincial Prosecutors, Fuentes pointed out.
Mayor Fuentes denied, he did not usurp the legislative functions of the Banga SB. He cited the provisions of the Revised Penal Code that usurpation of legislative powers must have three elements which are: 1.offender is a public officer; 2. he encroaches upon the powers of the legislative of the government; and 3. usurpation consists in making general rules or regulations beyond the scope of his authority by attempting to repeal a law or suspending the execution of it.
The number 3 element is the bone of contention. Does Mayor Fuentes’ Executive Order No. 8-2005 regulating the issuance of franchise for passenger for hire tricycle in the municipality of Banga constitute "usurpation consisting in making general rules as regulations beyond the scope of his authority? Does it repeal any ordinance? Does it suspend execution of an ordinance? These are the burden of proof on the part of Hon. Seraspi.
Mayor Fuentes is accused of Abuse of Authority and Misconduct but this accusation, Fuentes pointed out, "bespeaks…the parochial and myopic understanding of the complainant (Seraspi) of the terms license, permit and franchise. The issuance of executive order is expressly conferred by the Local Government Code to the Municipal Mayor under Sec. 444.
Mayor Fuentes cited several justifications, which led to the issuance of his Executive Order No. 8 – 2005. He refused to recall such executive order even after the Banga SB requested him to recall it via "Resolution No. 2005 – 035 Requesting the Local Chief Executive To Recall His Order To The Municipal Treasurer in Connection With The Moratorium in the Issuance of Franchise For Motorcycles For Hire In The Municipality of Banga."
Mayor Fuentes vetoed the above stated resolution. This led the members of the Banga SB to override the veto. But Mayor Fuentes ignored the Banga SB Resolution, which overrode his veto as it has no "legal leg to stand on."
In the legal opinion given by Prosecutor Apolinar C. Barrios, third Assistant Provincial Prosecutor, he said "the acts alluded to are but a legitimate exercise of his executive function. It cannot by any stretch of imagination considered usurpation of legislative function." But this is only an opinion. It is not a decision.
Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes prayed to the SP members to dismiss the above stated case for having no legal basis and lack of merit.
It is up to Hon. Vicente Seraspi, Jr. to prove his allegation of usurpation of Legislative functions and for the Aklan SP to decide. /MP

“Ro Akeanon” Induction of Officers In Iloilo

"Ro Akeanon sa Iloilo" (The Aklanons in Iloilo) held their induction of officers for the year 2006 – 2008. It was held at Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City in the evening of September 9, 2006.
Inducted president was Ms. Jindra Linda Demeterio, Regional Director of the Department of Agriculture, Region 6. Jindra is from Batan, Aklan. She finished Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at UP, Los Baños, Laguna.
Inducted with Director Demeterio were Engr. Edgar Deysalong – vice president, Dr. Sonia V. Seville – secretary, Ms. Mae Icamina – treasurer, Ms. Rosalie Salas – auditor, Ms. Ofelia Tungala – business manager, and former Mayor Zafiro Palabrica – press relations officer.
The members of the Board of Directors are Romeo Manikan, Edwin Trompeta, Rexdito Reyes, Noel Icamina, Oseni Millamena, Silverio Teodosio, Eda Judonila, Ruth Jarantilla and Wilfredo Agustin.
Their induction theme states: "Bisan Sin-o Ag Bisan Siin, Ro Akeanon, Masalian Ag May Ikasarang."
The officers took their oath of office before Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas who was the guest speaker. He was introduced by former Mayor Zafiro Silorio Palabrica. Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores of the District of Aklan also gave inspirational messages.
"Ro Akeanon" since 1966 was led by 12 presidents who are Filiberto Imperial – 1966-1968, Alfonso Rabuco – 1968-1970, Leon Tirol – 1970-1972, Leonito Pador – 1972-1974, Romeo Manikan – 1975-1977 and 1993-1995, Ernesto Oquendo – 1977-1978, Fernando Imperial - 1979-1982, Avelino Morales – 1982-1984, Joseph Bohler, Jr. 1984-1985, Wilfredo Agustino – 1995-1997 and 2003 – 2006, Ruth Tirol Jarntilla – 2000-2003 and Jindra Linda L. Demeterio – 2006–2008. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Ro Onga It Bulkan

Naga eopok eon man rong Mayon Volcano. Owa pa ngani nag-oeat rong natabo ko naunang pag-eopok, hayra eon man rong sunod nga pag-eo-ad it lava.
Sa nakataliwan nga pag-eopok kong rayang bulkan, may isaeang natabo nga nalipod sa mga tawo puera eamang sa isaeang ka pamilya nga may ka-angtanan kara.
Samtang nagabisita si Mang Aldo ag Aling Oning sa andang katam-nan paglinong it bulkan, may eapsag sanda nga nakita sa idaeom it kahoy. Owa it eambong rayang eapsag. Andang guin sapopo ag guin daea sa andang baeay agod tatapon. Eaeaki rong eapsag. Bangud owa pa it pangaean, guinpangaeanan nanda kay Mayono sa pag kilaea nanda sa bulkan mayon.
Nagbahoe si Mayono sa kaeanasan. Abo kon magkaon it tinoea ngani mabakod ro anang eawas. Mahilig man imaw makipag hampang sa mga hayop. Mahugop kana ro mga hayop.
Isaeang adlaw, rong tanan nga hayopan hay ona sa kaeati-an. May umabot nga lobo ag guinkaon rong maisot nga kanding. Sa kaakig ni Mayono, golping nag-guwa rong kaeayo sa anang mata ag nasunog rong lobo. Hakibot man si Mayono ham-an gumuwa ro kaeayo sa anang mata.
Nadiskobrehan ko ina ag ama si Mayono. Guinpangutana imaw kon ham-an nag kaeayo ra mata. Owa imaw it ikasabat.
Kada maakig si Mayono hay nagaguwa dayon rong kaeayo sa anang mata. Hasta nagbinata si Mayono.
Abong mga mananakaw it hayopan ona sa andang lugar. Naka-abot sa andang baeay ro mga manakaw. Ko sang gabi-i ngaron, madueom, owa it buean. Naka-bati Si Mayono it sangag. Pagling-ling nana sa bintana, nakita nana rong mga naga-igpat-igpat nga "flashlight". Bumangon imaw. Guin paeapitan nana ro mga naga flashlight. Naga guyod rong tatlo it mga hayop. Sa anang kaakig, gumuwa rong kaeayo sa anang mata. Nasunog rong tatlo. Pagkakita ko iba, nagdaeaeagan tanan sanda. Nagkalhit sa bilog nga baryo rong kina adman ni Mayono. Umpisa kato hay guinakahadlukan eon imaw. May sa demonyo kuno imaw nga kina adman ngani dapat nga pahalinon rong pamilya ni Mayono ona sa andang baryo. Naghalin ro pamilya ni Mayono ag idto mag istar sa pihak nga baryo para matapos ro sangag.
Pagkataliwan it pilang adlaw, may isaeang ka ermitanyo nga nagpanaog sa datag. Naghambae imaw sa mga tawo ko andang pagkalipat sa Dios. Kon rong nagkasaea hay dapat nga dapatan it penalidad, ratong mga mananakaw hay dapat man maka-agum it pag pina. Suno sa ermitanyo, si Mayono hay isaeang ka sugo it Dios. Owa imaw it guinhalitan. Naga depensa imaw sa mga guina eopig ag nagabulig sa mga olipon. Tongod kara, nahuya ro mga tawo sa andang guin obra kay Mayono. Andang guin adtonan, nagdiskulpar ag convinsidong magbalik sa andang baryo.
Guin obra nanda nga kapitan it baranagay si Mayono. Nakaasawa imaw it mahugod ag mabuot. Bago namatay ro anang ina, guin sugid nana nga bukon it tunay nga onga nanda si Mayono, kundi nakita eamang sa idaeom it kahoy matapos rong pag eopok it bulkan Mayon. Si Mayono hay onga it bulkan, ag nangin bukang bibig ro anang pangaean, Mayono halin sa Bulkan nga Mayon./MP

Aklan Media Summit On October 26 to 29

By Boy Ryan Zabal

A four-day media summit will be held by the Publishers Association of the Philippines Inc. (PAPI) and the provincial government of Aklan. It is scheduled on October 26-29, 2006 at Gov. Corazon L. Cabagnot Tourism and Training Center, Kalibo and in Boracay Island, Malay. The media summit banners the theme, "The Role of the Press in Spotlighting the Investment Potentials in Aklan."
About 200 publishers, editors, columnists, commentators and broadcasters from all over the Philippines are expected to attend. According to PAPI President Juan "Johnny" Dayang, a native of Kalibo, Aklan, "this is the biggest media gathering in Aklan. This would also give opportunity to editors and public information officers to empower themselves," Dayang stressed.
National Press Club (NPC) President and editor of Manila Bulletin Roy Mabasa, Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, Jr., and Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano have been invited to grace the media summit. Others expected to attend are veteran journalist Fred Gabot and Cotabato Provincial Governor Emmanuel Piñol.
Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores and Vice Gov. Ronquillo C. Tolentino are partners of PAPI in the staging of the Aklan media summit, Dayang said. A forum in investment opportunities in Aklan, seminar on strategic communications management and journalism ethics will highlight the media event, Dayang added.
The summit is also designed to equip journalists with skills on ethical and responsible reporting. Delegates will have the chance to tour the world-famous island resort of Boracay and the eco-tourism destinations of Kalibo. The four-day event culminates with the conferment of awards to Governor Carlito S. Marquez for Good Governance and Tolentino for Outstanding Media Leadership.
The journalism seminar on ethics, libel, and responsible reporting is also open to young writers. It is designed to equip journalists with skills on news writing, column writing, editorial writing, and broadcasting. It will also tackle ethical and responsible reporting. Like the Cotabato Media Summit held last month in Kidapawan City, there is an urgent need to enhance the skills of journalists with strict adherence to the journalistic code of ethics," Dayang pointed out./MP

NVC Honors Akeanon Writers

"Pen Moves"…! This is a presentation in honor of five (5) Aklanon writers made by the literature students of Professor Methuselah Santamaria of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Kalibo and the Santo Niño Seminary, Numancia, Aklan. The program was held in RSQ Alumni Hall, NVC, Estancia, Kalibo.
Via "Tribute To Aklanon Writers", the students honored Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Mr. Roman Dela Cruz, Engr. Dominador Ilio, Dr. Josette Biyo and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente. Under the guidance of Prof. Santamaria, the students gave life and meanings to the selected writings of the five authors. Their interpretations consisted of songs, drama, dances, oration and declamation.
"Ang Kalayaan’ by Ronquillo C. Tolentino was dramatized to the delights of the audience. Dominador Ilio’s – "Arise Brothers, Ye We Will Hail" and "Harvest" were dramatized with songs and dances, the true meanings of which were highly penetrating.
Roman Dela Cruz "Hail, Anti Heroes", "Song of Ati-Ati" and "Pagsisisi" were presented in combination of drama, dialogue, songs and dances which inculcated to the audience the genuine love of country. Dr. Josette Biyo’s "Shine! Pinoy, Shine!" projected the global competitiveness on whatever field of endeavor a Filipino will engage in anytime and anywhere in the world.
Dr. Ambrosio Villorente’s "Holy Grail" an essay, the meaning of which was presented by PV Dionela of Santo Niño Seminary when he declaimed "My Happiness". All the five honorees were present except for Dr. Josette Biyo who is half Aklanon. She is the director of Philippine Science High School, Iloilo City..
Before the "Tribute To Aklanon Writers" ended, Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo, Dean, College of Education, NVC, congratulated the NVC students for the very successful project, the first ever held in Aklan. She challenged the students to do it annually.
Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, NVC President with Dr. Magdaluyo awarded the Certificates of Recognition to Atty. Tolentino, Mr. Dela Cruz, Malinao Mayor Dominador Ilio, Jr. in behalf of his father, Dr. Biyo and Dr. Villorente. Ms. Rubiarosa closed the program.
Mr. Dela Cruz donated copies of the books he wrote, Mayor Ilio donated also copies of his father’s books and Dr. Villorente donated one year compilation of Madyaas Pen issues. He also donated 10 volumes of Masteral thesis to NVC Library. Read "My Happinees" on page 7.

Ro Akeanon: Then and Now *

*Adopted from the souvenir program of the "Ro Akeanon" Induction Ceremony and Ball held on September 9, 2006, at Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City.

To quote our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal: "In order to know the destiny of a people, it is necessary to open the book of its past". Agreeably, the Akeanons in Iloilo have to look back on how the organization metamorphosed into what it is today. The social hub of the Akeanon who came to Iloilo about 40 years back was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Juanito T. Motus. It was in this place where the idea of fulfilling a felt-need – of pulling together as a group, was hatched in 1966. The group initially called itself the "Aklan Association". Not contented with it, and after a thorough deliberation, the name was finally changed to "Ro Akeanon" to sound and look distinct and truly native.
Amidst uncertainties and inherent obstacles in new generations, the persistence and determination of a few natives paid off. Salvacion and Potenciana Motus, Rosario Concepcion Enriquez, Avelina Magno, Illuminada Villa, Corazon Cuevas and Maria Motus, left no stones unturned to realize their dream of establishing an organization for Akeanons in Iloilo. Meetings and caucuses were held everywhere. Response was both warm and lukewarm until the firming up of the fledgling organization. As a result, the group established its first headquarter at the residence of Belen Magno. Judge Filiberto Imperial of the Court of First Instance of Iloilo, dubbed as the grand old man of Ro Akeanon, was elected as its 1st president who served the 1966-1968 term.
The birth of "Ro Akeanon" also brought the emergence of mutual understanding and closer relationships among Akeanons in Iloilo. More importantly, this strengthened the bond among them and crystallized their desire for community development having in mind the province of Aklan in general and the Akeanon in particular. The first anniversary of its founding was marked with a grand celebration which featured the selection of Ms. Amelia Meñez as its first Miss Aklan. During the second anniversary celebration Ms. Marietta Oquendo, likewise, reigned as Miss Aklan.
The changing of the guards in 1968 – 1970 saw Alfonso Rabuco, former manager of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank as the 2nd president. His term was marked with determination, selfless devotion to duty, and total support to the organization’s growth and development. Ponso, as he was popularly known, hosted the meetings and reunions of the members for free.
Leon Tirol, a director and proprietor of the Iloilo American Memorial School assumed as the 3rd president of "Ro Akeanon" in 1970 – 1972. During his incumbency, he bestowed honors to Akeanon members of the clergy. The Most Rev. Jaime L. Sin, then Archbishop of Jaro and later on, Cardinal and Archbishop of Manila and Msgr. Ciceron S. Tumbokon, former Rector of the Seminario Filipino in Rome, were honorees during one of the organization’s reunions. Leon and wife Fe were always the gracious hosts. The organization was always welcome in their home as well as in the use of the facilities of Iloilo American Memorial School as headquarter of "Ro Akeanon". After the late Leon joined his Maker, Fe was there to answer the financial and social needs of "Ro Akeanon" until her own demise.
The 4th president was Capt. Leonito Pador, then chief pilot of Iloilo Harbor in 1972 – 1974. His term saw a disruption of sorts – the proclamation of Martial Law, which necessitated the organization to suspend most of its activities. However, this hibernation did not deter the Akeanons to meet. Capt. Pador continued to hold meetings and entertain the members in his home and in his rest house in Villa.
Iloilo City Treasurer Romeo Manikan became the 5th president in 1975 – 1977. He was unable to serve his term in full due to his promotion and transfer to Cebu. Nevertheless, no vacuum in leadership occurred since his vice president, Col. Ernesto Oquendo, an equally competent Akeanon, assumed the responsibility. Hence, the fifth term was shared between the elected president and his vice president.
Iloilo City engineer, Engr. Fernando Imperial became the 6th president who served the 1979 – 1982 term. An achiever, Engr. Imperial was consistently voted one of the Ten Most Outstanding City Engineers of the Philippines for the years 1975 to 1978, and the Best City Engineer of the Country in 1983. Engr. Imperial was described as the "president with the mostest" having conceived the idea of giving awards to 15 outstanding Akeanons in Iloilo. The recipients of the initial awards were outstanding leaders led by Col. Renato T. Motus, then Chief of Staff of Leyte Philippine Constabulary and five others who were Akeanons by affinity, including the late Dr. Rex D. Drilon, first Filipino president of CPU.
Nanding, as he was intimately known was an epitome of "the man of the hour " who answered every call and need of the organization, thus, his reelection to a second term, which was highlighted by the giving of awards to eleven Best Achievers of Aklan. This magnificent eleven included among others Budget Minister Manuel S. Alba and Home Economics Supervisor Salvacion T. Motus, an author of books in Home Economics.
Dr. Avelino Morales became the 7th president having been elected in 1982 – 1984. He was then followed by Joseph Bohler, Jr., who became the 8th president in 1984 –1985. Both presidencies were marked with activities centered on member-needs and achievements. Dr. Morales was a Papal Awardee while Mr. Bohler distinguished himself in business. It was also during their terms as president of Ro Akeanon when student organizations evolved in several schools in Iloilo. "Ro Akeanon Circles" and "Ro Akeanon Student Organizations" at Central Philippine University (CPU), University of San Agustin (USA) and Western Institute of Technology (WIT) were organized which further enhanced the "Ro Akeanon" social calendar.
"Ro Akeanon" was never short of numerous achievements that are not only noteworthy but also laudable. One was a scholarship program for deserving Akeanons at the West Visayas College of Science and Technology and another was lending assistance to victims of typhoon Undang in the mid-1980’s, to name only a few.
The ascendancy of City Treasurer Romeo Manikan as the 9th president in 1993 – 1995 was truly remarkable. An achiever, Roming’s second term was marked with the true resurgence of "Ro Akeanon" spirit. He initiated new programs, undertook new projects, and was instrumental in giving aid to victims of natural calamities in our home province. He endeavored to pursue his vision and organizational goals, which benefited not just a few Akeanons.
The 10th president was Engr. Wilfredo Agustino, who served the 1995 – 1997 term. The leadership of Engr. Agustino, was marked by the rekindling of old ties and revival of numerous civic activities. As a person who rose from the ranks, Willy introduced innovations in organizational policies and put things in their proper perspective.
In the new millennium, Mrs. Ruth Tirol Jarantilla assumed the leadership of "Ro Akeanon" for the years 2000 – 2003. A very gracious lady with impeccable upbringing, she was also a successful entrepreneur – the president of the Socorro Drug Store and proprietress of the Boracay Sea Wind Resort, a preferred resort of dignitaries and venue of many international events. During Nang Ruth’s incumbency, the "Ro Akeanon experienced one of its best and memorable year and continued to grow and flourish as she focused on fostering cohesiveness and cooperation among members through her hosting of meetings and socials.
Director Wilfredo B. Agustino, then regional director of the Department of Public Works and Highway Region VI, was re-elected president for the year 2003 – 2006. He further enhanced the closeness and camaraderie among members by serving as willing host to the organization’s affairs and meetings. Dir. Agustino revitalized the organizational policies and introduced constructive projects that brought about benefits to the members of "Ro Akeanon" and to the Ilonggos as well.
"Ro Akeanon" story is never complete without mention of Dr. and Mrs. Salvador Sarabia, Sr. of the prestigious Sarabia Manor Hotel. The magnanimity of this couple in sharing their resources and in acting as gracious hosts of the most Akeanon activities, is worthy of emulation.
All told, we need great leaders for our home province Aklan, leaders like our past presidents and our incumbent president, Regional Director Jindra Linda L. Demetrio, with the wisdom and dynamism to improve the lot of Akeanons and keep the "Ro Akeanon" spirit alive. Additionally, it is noteworthy that Akeanons are in practically all fields of endeavors in the city and province of Iloilo. Many have distinguished themselves and assumed leadership positions in government service, education, science and technology, business and entrepreneurship, in the military, and even in religion. It is not possible to name all of them here but suffice it to say that a good number have served as regional directors and other positions of responsibility in both public and private sectors.
For "Ro Akeanon" to achieve greater heights in terms of serving to our home province, Aklan, and our second home, Iloilo, we shall continue to need men of vision with relentless drive for excellence, men who will inspire and lead us Akeanons in our march to greatness…/MP
By: the late Manuela M. Angayen and Gabriel M. Delfin
Revised by: Dr. Oseni Maribojo and Mrs. Emma Masigon Ingalla

4th Aklan Product Showcase Opens At SM City – Iloilo

The 4th Aklan product showcase opened at SM City Activity Center, Manduriao, Iloilo City for the period 11-17 September 2006 with Department of Trade and Industry Regional Director Dominic P. Abad as the Special Guest. Abad led other Regional Directors who visited the fair such as Jindra Linda Demeterio of the Department of Agriculture, Evelyn Trompeta of Department of Interior and Local Government, and Edwin Trompeta of Department of Tourism. Other guests included Aklan Provincial Planning and Development Officer Roger Esto, who came in behalf of Governor Carlito S. Marquez, DTI-Iloilo Provincial Director Diosdado P. Cadena, Jr. SM City Mall Manager Maria Majella Liboon and Leasing Manager Marleah Gonzaga among others.
The province of Aklan, famous for its intricately hand-woven piña, abaca and raffia fiber products, gears to be known as the loomweaving capital of the country. The industry, composed of more than 50 big and small entrepreneurs produces thousands of employment creating a multiplier effect on the economic development of Aklan. To support the industry, the Local Government of Aklan has chosen loomweaving as its One Town, One Product project. To date more than 90 hectares of land distributed in the four municipalities of Aklan are planted with abaca, which are in Libacao, Madalag, Malinao and Balete.
"We take pride in bringing to Iloilo products of the 25 SMEs from Aklan. These SMEs tried their best to produce quality products at par with the world’s best. We are making things easy for our buyers. You don’t have to go to Aklan to buy piña barong. It’s all here, showcased in the 4th Aklan Product Showcase," said DTI-Aklan Provincial Director Ermelinda P. Pollentes.
Other products featured in the fair were hand-woven fabrics, fashion accessories and home décor made of piña, abaca, raffia fibers, nito crafts, clay-based products, paper arts, furniture & furnishings, processed foods, meat products, delicacies and ornamental plants. /MP

Akelco Manager’s Post Up for Grab

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Who will be the next general manager of the Aklan Electric Cooperative (Akelco)? Melecio Sauza Jr., consultant for operations, said the management is looking for a qualified general manager for the next three months to oversee Akelco’s operations." Applicants have to undergo the process of selection, interviews and examination with the National Electrification Administration (NEA)," he said. Sauza denied he is interested in the post after NEA dissolved the position of executive officer (EO) and chief operating officer (CEO). He said former Makato mayor and ex-CEO Wayne Malilay has signified his interest for the managerial post.
This was also confirmed by Akelco Board President Augusto Tolentino over DYRU Super Radyo Kalibo yesterday. He said another member of the management team - Sylvia Quinesio from Numancia, Aklan — is also interested to head Akelco. According to Sauza, Erico Bucoy, Akelco’s former executive officer, resigned on September 5 and opted to assist ailing electric cooperatives in Mindanao, including Basilan and Bukidnon. Akelco, an A+ category electric cooperative, held its Annual General Membership Assembly last Saturday, September 16, in Lezo, Aklan.Bucoy, under the new management team, took over Akelco in April 2002 after NEA suspended then Akelco general manager Leovigildo Mationg over management issues." At least five candidates should be listed by the board of directors to NEA. From that, NEA will endorse the short-list, at least three, for the Akelco board to select the general manager," Sauza pointed out.
Akelco, established on April 25, 1972, is the sole power distributor in Aklan province, including the famous Boracay Island, and the towns of Libertad and Pandan in Antique. Akelco has reduced its system loss to 13 percent, Sauza said. /MP

RC Kalibo Hosts Sectional District Seminar

Rotary International District 3850, District Governor Ramon "Toto" Cua Locsin, held a Sectional District Seminar on Membership, Literacy, Public Image, and Rotary Community Corps (RCC) for Panay Rotary Clubs (Zones 1-4) at the Sampaguita Gardens Resort, New Washington, Aklan, on September 16-17, 2006.
The seminar was hosted by the Rotary Club of Kalibo and involved the participation of the twenty two (22) Rotary Clubs in Panay, as well as the new provisional Rotary Club of Metro Roxas-Central. Some 150 Rotarians from all over Panay attended the seminar with their spouses and children. The seminar showcased the different products, services, and interesting spots of Aklan, particularly the venue Municipality of New Washington and the capital Ati-Atihan Town of Kalibo. They savored and experienced the amenities of the seminar venue, the world-class Sampaguita Gardens Resort.
The officers and members of the host club left no stone unturned and ensured a successful and memorable seminar. District Trainer, PDG Ma. Victoria "Nanette" Garcia, introduced an innovation with a Rotary Academy-type learning system. New Member Education — new Rotarians 0 - 2 years in Rotary (and even older!) — were encouraged to attend to learn more about Rotary. Interesting and relevant topics were prepared and discussed by excellent speakers which are: Membership, Literacy, Public Image, and Rotary Community Corps (RCC). A very enjoyable fellowship dinner (Hawaiian motif) in the evening of September 16 was one thing to remember.
To ensure the convenience, pleasure and frugality of participants, RC Kalibo made a deal with affordable package of accommodation but pleasurable stay with Sampaguita Gardens Resort. /MP

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Revamp Is A Must In PNP Region 6

By Alex P. Vidal

PNP Director Barias Has Much To Explain In Lim Kidnap Case

Whatever justification they will give, it cannot be denied that the kidnapping of Ilonggo Tsinoy lending executive William Lim last August 29 in Iloilo has tarnished the leadership of Police Regional Office 6 (PRO6) Director Geary Barias. Barias was barely 28 days in office as PNP regional director when the kidnapping-for-ransom, a major and earthshaking crime, occurred. To compound the matter, not a single suspect has been identified or arrested five days since Lim was released last September 2. To add insult, the PNP still have the temerity to downplay the abductors as "amateurs."


How did they manage to establish that the criminals were amateurs? If they were amateurs, why can’t the PNP easily arrest them? If they can’t get these "amateurs" in a "small" Iloilo area, there is no assurance that they can touch the professionals or the hardened and organized kidnapping-for-ransom (KFR) gang members with a ten foot pole once they strike like a thief in the night anytime. It’s inconceivable that the PNP can’t bag even a single culprit in the kidnapping incident. Unless they enjoy the protection of powerful characters with links to the PNP, can they arrest them?
If our local officials want to regain the trust and confidence of the Chinese-Filipino business community and the national and foreign investors, they should petition for a revamp of the entire PNP leadership in Western Visayas . There should be no sacred cows here. There are allegations that Director Barias is a crony of Negros Rep. Iggy Arroyo. Even if he is the most decorated top cop in the world today, Director Barias cannot claim any glory unless he will bag the hooligans that terrorized the Lim family. In fact, Barias’ association with Rep. Arroyo has became the source of countless speculations and whispers now circulating in the coffeshops, offices, shopping malls, and public markets. If the PNP cannot arrest the kidnappers, we can’t blame the Ilonggos to suspect that Barias is not a reliable PNP official.


When a wealthy Chinese-Filipino trader was kidnapped in Iloilo City in the late 90’s, then Mayor Roding Ganzon, banking on a strong intelligence report, courageously blamed then PNP regional commander Brig. General Roming Zulueta. After "exposing" Zulueta in the media, Ganzon dared the Tagalog-speaking general to sue him for libel. His mouth shaking, Zulueta could only quip: "Naniniwala pa ba kayo kay Ganzon?" when asked by reporters to answer Ganzon’s charges. He did not sue Ganzon for libel.


Again, unless the PNP will bag the kidnappers of Lim and bring them to the calaboose, we can’t blame some Ilonggos if, in chorus, they will declare: "Naniniwala pa ba tayo kay Barias?" /

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

His Detention Deprives Bolante To Enjoy His Wealth

The moment Akelco implements the new approved EPPA, the present rate of Akelco energy will increase by P2.10 per kilowatt hour.
Hon. Glenn Sucro proposed a resolution opposing it with the Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan. The said resolution was unanimously approved during its regular session on September 14.
Expect for approval of similar resolutions from other towns to follow.
In the Olongapo Rape Case, Nicole was dismayed of public prosecutors assisting her in the case. She formally requested the Department of Justice to change them because "they are incompetent".
Those public prosecutors, mostly, women, felt bitter. They ground their teeth with tears.
Nicole does not need to dismiss those public prosecutors. She can always hire the best and the brightest lawyers of her choice.
There was a shouting session between a group of senators on one hand and Atty. Camilo Sabio of the PCGG on the other during a senate hearing in the Committee on Government Corporations and Public Services.
Sabio was arrested and detained by the Senate for snubbing the Senate inquiry into the alleged losses of government – sequestered corporations.
Sabio, 70, was arrested on Tuesday, September 12. He appeared in the Senate hearing on Thursday, September 14 but refused to answer questions. His refusal resulted to a shouting session. After it calmed, Senator Richard Gordon offered Sabio a bottle of drinking water and tapped his shoulder.
On the other hand, the Supreme Court of the Philippines gave due course to Sabio’s petition for Habeas Corpus. The Supreme Court ordered the Senate to produce Camilo Sabio on Thursday, September 21 at the Supreme Court for hearing and oral argument.
Last Tuesday night, September 11, two Australian pilots refused to take off their shoes at the final security check at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Metro Manila. The pilots were bound for Sydney, Australia.
They refuse to take off their shoes for two reasons: 1. the floor was dirty, and 2. there was no chair to sit on to put on their shoes.
What a slap on the Filipinos! Are we dirty with no chairs? That was an insult to the Filipinos and refusal to obey international order and security.
The local government of Guimaras is fast preparing criminal charges against Petron Corporation and owners of Solar I vessel, which sank, spilled oil and polluted Guimaras. According to Atty. Plaridel Nava II, provincial legal officer, they will charge the two firms against violations of RA 9274 or Clean Air Act of 2004; RA 8749 – Clean Air Act of 1999; and RA 9003 – Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.
Inspite of his wealth, Mr. Jocelyn Bolante cannot enjoy with it. Mr. Bolante owns a fleet of luxury cars, palacial house and multi-million peso cash. Since July 7, 2006, Bolante was deprived to enjoy those, as he has been languishing inside the Kenosha County Detention Center, Wisconsin, USA.
Bolante was arrested at Los Angeles Airport, California as he arrived on July 7, 2006. The US Embassy in Manila has cancelled his visa to enter the United States after the Philippine Senate issued a warrant for his arrest because Bolante defied the invitation to attend the Senate Committee on Agriculture hearing regarding the P728 million alleged fertilizer fund scam.
Bolante used to be a number 4 officer of the US based worldwide Rotary International (RI) with headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. Will RI bail Bolante out?
If Bolante was an American in the Philippines, he could have been out of detention as fast as he was sent in. But Bolante is a Filipino in the USA.
Lezo, Aklan has new municipal mayor. By operation of law, Vice Mayor Victor Fernandez assumed the position of the mayor of Lezo after the incumbent Mayor Alfredo Arcenio was not able to report to his office since Friday, September 8.
Mayor Aercenio is facing a murder charge in connection with the untimely death in November 13, 2004 of Herson Hinolan who at the time of his death was station manager of DYIN, Bombo Radyo.
Mayor Arcenio is the prime suspect of Hinolan’s death and a warrant of his arrest was issued on September 7, 2006. His arrest is dependent upon the capabilities of the Aklan PNP under the leadership of Provincial Director William Macavinta.
"There is no unproductive land, only unproductive farmer", Mr. Ramon Peñalosa of Bacolod City declared. Peñalosa owns a 2,500 square meters land where he is now producing a net gain of P1 million a year out of multi cropping and livestocking. Peñalosa produces his crops and livestock via highly recommended scientific methods.
Peñalosa firmly believes that "His people suffer because they lack knowledge". As I listen to him and saw his farm, Peñalosa appears rich with knowledge, especially on scientific farming and the economics of it.
Peñalosa is market oriented. He produces crops or livestocks including fish, which are highly marketable. He plants glutinous rice highly demanded at high but reasonable price. He grows and produces temperate vegetables like broccoli and sells it with good margin of profit.
All farm waste is process into organic fertilizers for his crops. He grows azolla for feed. Peñalosa has his pigs, which produces not only pork but also fertilizer and liquefied petroleum gas. His energy requirement is supplied by his hogs.
Believe not what I write about Ramon Peñalosa in this column. You need not believe me. But believe only after you have visited his projects and after talking to him. Better still, you should emulate his farm and marketing practices. /MP

Abaca Fibers To Help Oil Slick - Aklan PPDC

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Provincial disaster and coordinating council officer Paquito Saratiosa of Aklan said the abaca fibers from Aklan would hasten the massive clean up of oil spill in the Guimaras Island.
The provincial government of Aklan through Gov. Carlito Marquez and Vice Gov. Ronquillo Tolentino turned over to Guimaras province the six tons of abaca fibers loaded in dump trucks. Aklan also turned over P200,000 cash relief assistance from the five percent calamity fund to residents of Guimaras affected by the worst oil spill.
"The abaca fiber, abundant in Aklan, would be used in oil spill to absorb the oil slick in the clean up of the shores and waters of Guimaras Island and part of Iloilo province," said Saratiosa, who led a contingent to the island for the turn over of abaca fibers."The abaca fibers were donated by the Qui family in Aklan, a known abaca trader," Saratiosa added.For his part, Guimaras Gov. J.C. Rahman Nava thanked the provincial government of Aklan for the relief assistance to more than 40,000 people in the island province.
The oil spilled from a Petron-chartered vessel tanker carrying 2.1 million liters of bunker oil on August 11 sank in Guimaras Strait due to bad weather. It threatens the mangroves, livelihood of thousands of villagers and beaches of Guimaras Island.Saratiosa said. "Five trucks of coconut husks from the town of Ibajay and Numancia, Aklan will be sent to Guimaras Island to further contain the spilled bunker oil.
"The coconut husks are indigenous and biodegradable materials abundant in Aklan. It could be used in making spill booms to protect beaches of neighboring islands of Guimaras," he stressed.
Sangguniang Panlalawigan member Plaridel Morania earlier said, he was initially worried as the oil spill could affect the pristine beaches of Boracay Island. He has "recommended to approve a provincial ordinance banning those commercial vessels carrying bunker oil from entering the waters of Aklan."
As President Arroyo said to Aklanons, "let us protect the goose that lays the golden eggs – the Boracay Island. /MP