Tuesday, May 30, 2006


The Arrogance of the Military

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita denied the administration had something to do with the disappearance of the five (5) supporters of former President Joseph Estrada. As a matter of fact, secretary Ermita was so emphatic, the administration had nothing to do with the five whom their relatives had reported missing.
But two hours after Secretary Ermita’s confirmation, the military confirmed it had the custody of the five. The admission came after the Commission on Human Rights slammed “pattern of impunity” which had marked violence against political militants and the Amnesty International deplored continuing abuses in the Philippines.
The military spokesman denied that the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) was not keeping the five missing men prior to their arrest.
According to the TV report monitored, the five are: 1. Virgilio Eustaquio who is the chair of the Union of the Masses for Democracy and Justice which is associated with former president Estrada; 2. Ruben Dionisio; 3. Jim Lucio Cabauatan; 4. Dennis Ebona; and 5. PO3 Jose Justo Curameng.
According to them, they were taken from the house of Eustaquio in Kamuning , Quezon City on Monday May 22 by men in civilian clothes and police intelligence agents who were not identified.
Before the military announced it has the custody of the five, Secretary Ermita denied the administration did not do it as it would cause destabilization. When told that the military has the custody of the five missing persons, Sec. Ermita was quick to say, “these are operational matters that you don’t expect the Palace to have knowledge of”.
Is the Malacañang occupants ignorant of what happened? Is the president of the Philippines not the Commander In Chief of the AFP? Secretary Ermita is mocking the people. Why did he in the first place, deny the military was not holding the missing men if he has no prior knowledge of it? He could have said, I have no knowledge of it and not deny outright.
For one thing, Col. Tristan Kison, AFP spokesman also denied the five missing men are in the hands of the military (ISAFP). But he later admitted the five had been in the hands of ISAFP since their arrest. He vehemently denied the five were not with the ISAFP even when the relatives of the missing persons were looking for them in ISAFP compound in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. What a tricky spokesperson of the AFP! Does Kison deserve to receive his salary and other benefits from taxes of the Filipino people?
Many believed, the arrest of the five people was a “gestapo-like” method which deserves the strongest condemnation possible.
The five missing persons were released yesterday afternoon. But before their release, they experienced torture with the military.
The case of missing persons revealed what kind of the military we have in the Philippines headed by its Commander–In–Chief whose legitimacy to the position is in question. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Guilt Is Guilt; Fine Is Fine

Kasamang Jerome Vega of RMN-DYKR, Kalibo, Aklan is found guilty of slight oral defamation filed by PO3 Ferdinand Relayson of the Makato Philippine National Police. The decision was promulgated by the Municipal Circuit Court, Makato, Aklan just recently. As such, Kasamang Jerome Vega is fined P100.00.
The case started with a slight altercation three years ago inside the Makato Police Office. Kasamang Jerome Vega was performing his function as a radio broadcaster. PO3 Ferdinand Relayson was also performing his function as a police officer. Due to misunderstanding, there were exchanges of unsavory words between the two, according to records of the case.
After court hearings and both parties presented their testimonies and evidences, the court found Kasamang Jerome Vega guilty of slight oral defamation and fined him P100.00. The guilt appears light and the fine seems insignificant. However, guilt is guilt and fine is fine no matter of its gravity and extent of penalty.
The slight oral defamation is considered a criminal offense which will always appear in one’s personal record. In a radio interview with RGMA – DYRU Kalibo in its program “Ilitsahan”, Kasamang Jerome Vega revealed he will appeal the decision. Please do it, you have our support until the present decision is reversed.
The case between Kasamang Jerome Vega and PO3 Ferdinand Relayson is one good lesson for all media persons. We, of the media must be prudent in the exercise of our profession, to the police officers too and to everybody as well.
For the last few days, vehicles circulating in Poblacion, Kalibo have eased out. It is noticed, there are more elbow rooms on the roads. The tricycles are observed orderly parking in their respective parking lots according to colors. This traffic improvement is surely the result of traffic re-routing in Kalibo.
EF urges the LGU-Kalibo to continue this program as it is gaining good result. EF urges the drivers and vehicle operators to obey and cooperate in this program for the best interest of Kalibo in particular and Aklan in general.
It may be suggested to the provincial government of Aklan to adopt a program to gradually phase out the tricycle circulation on the public highway. They may circulate in the barangay and municipal roads to transport goods and people from the barangay to the poblaciones and national road and back to the barangay. Vehicles of four (4) or more wheels will be allowed to travel along the national roads.
This way will minimize if not totally prevent vehicular accidents; save on fuel and lubricants; comply with the mandate of the “Clean Air Act”; improve the ambiance of the community; and many other indirect benefits to the community and people.
Because of negligence of duty, Prison Guard Zaulda was dismissed from the service. Zaulda was charged of negligence of duty after it was found out that he left his post in the DRSTMH even before he was properly relieved of his post.
On the basis of the report of the head of the Aklan Rehabilitation Center and on the result of the investigation made on the case, Governor Carlito S. Marquez dismissed Zaulda. Zaulda appealed his case with the Civil Service Commission.
On the basis of all the information, testimonies, and evidences submitted to the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the decision of the Office of the Provincial Governor of Aklan was “partly modified” by the CSC. It authorized Governor Marquez to re-instate Zaulda to his position as Prison Guard as Zaulda has proven he did not abandon his post.
With other problems occurring in the ARC, it is expected Governor Marquez will institute reforms particularly on personnel management. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Beauty Shop Opens In Kalibo

In the late afternoon, Saturday, May 13, 2006, the Reyes Haircutters (RHC) opened its 217th shops in Kalibo, Aklan. The beauty shop is located in Quimpo – Calizo Building, Rizal Street, Kalibo.
Rev. Father Paul Sayon presided the blessing ceremonies while the ribbon cutting was by the owner, Mr. and Mrs. Celestino “Les” Reyes with Kalibo Vice Mayor Nilda B. Tambong, former Congressman Billie V. Calizo, SP Member Daisy Sucro Briones and SB Member Madeline Regalado. Prior to the blessing ceremonies, the haircutters went on a motorcade around Poblacion, Kalibo, Banga, and Numancia. With the motorcade were movie/TV stars Tonton Gutierez, Glydel Mercado and comedian Chocolait. The haircutters and beauticians also joined the motorcade.

The Reyes Haircutters (RHC) was established in 1991 by Les Reyes who comes from a clan of hairdressers. Starting off with their matriarch, Mama Ada of Ada’s Beauty Shop, in the early 1960’s then with his brother the renowned hairdresser in the 1980’s with his own chain.
In 1991, the RHC was initially known as Reyes salons, which is independent from Ricky Reyes Salons. Realizing that too many people lack the time to go to a beauty salon and most cringe at the price that go with most of the salons around together with today’s fast paced lifestyle and increasing cost of living do not mean that we should neglect the need to feel beautiful inside and out. High standards, quality products and services are the essential components of the business. When Les. discovered this consumer behavior through valuable years of experience, he changed the name to Reyes Haircutters (RHC) on 1999. Along with it are changes that led to the current look and color combinations.
With its rebirth, RHC’s began a cultural shift geared towards a Salon that offers a variety of excellent and uniform services, a warm ambiance, competent and highly trained salon staff; all in the atmosphere of the most friendly pricing in the history of the Salon Industry. RHC has positioned itself as the “Filipino Family Salon” which means that it would cater to every member of the Family at a reasonable price.
Great value and care at a price that the typical family could afford such as Haircut for P49.99 with shampoo and blow-dry and a hot-oil treatment for a minimum of P99.99 are designed for all classes of people. These prices along with the other services are boldly displayed on the salon’s façade to welcome all types of consumers, thus, equalizing all social boundaries, stressed Les Reyes.
RHC then revolutionized the image of the Salon Industry from a thing of luxury to a service-oriented segment of the society. To better reach and serve the most number of consumers at the fastest time possible, RHC opened its doors to franchising in 2001 and rapidly expanded from four (4) company–owned branches located in the metropolis to more than a hundred nationwide.
No one anticipated its phenomenal growth in just barely two years of franchise operations and be this widely accepted and in demand with the consumers. There are many more areas requesting for new additional outlets to cater to the ever growing market. The demand is not only in the Philippines but abroad, starting off with countries with a high population of Filipino Communities.


▪ To provide the best quality service, reasonably priced to cater to individuals from all walks of life.
▪ To be the leader in the Beauty Industry by serving the most number of satisfied customers regardless of class, gender and age.
▪ To continuously generate awareness by following a well-planned expansion program through more outlets operated by dedicated individuals.

Our customers and employees are our reasons for being. In line with this, we are committed to:
▪ Serve the needs of our customers through the consistent delivery of innovative products and services of the best quality.
▪ Provide a supportive environment that inspires teamwork, mutual trust and professionalism where competence and excellence are recognized and rewarded. We will bring about the empowerment and attainment of the full potential of each employee.
▪ Keep to the highest standards of quality and service.
▪ Fulfill our role as a good citizen by reaching to our less privileged brothers and sisters.
▪ Grow so that we will contribute to be a major force in nation building.


The PHILIPPINES leading provider of globally competitive-oriented personnel united in a shared commitment to excellence in all our clients. Pursuing the greater welfare of the society by contributing our talents and resources to the achievement of national growth and development.
As a leader in our chosen market, we focus all our efforts on the customer, we pride ourselves in exceeding this expectations through quality service.
In Kalibo, the franchise holder is Ms. Patricia Cordero and the manager is Gerlie Calizo. /MP mailto: mailto: madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

GAB Awards Cash to Ex-WBF Champ

and Ex-convict Magahin

By Alex P. Vidal
Instead of condemning him and treating him as a social outcast, the Games and Amusement Board (GAB), in an unprecedented Board resolution last May 10, awarded P10,000 cash to former World Boxing Foundation (WBF) welterweight champion William Magahin of Iloilo City.
The decision to provide “welfare assistance” to the 35-year-old black mestizo retired fighter came after GAB Commissioner Alex A. Paglumotan learned that the former boxer is now jobless and penniless after his release from the Quezon City jail. Magahin spent more than two years for cases of robbery-holdup in the jail.
“The (GAB) Board unanimously approved the P10,000 cash as welfare assistance to William Magahin. Chairman Eric Buhain and my fellow Commissioner Angel Bautista okayed the financial assistance. He can claim the money by sending us a letter of request,” Paglumotan informed WBF Philippine Supervisor Alex P. Vidal in a text message hours before the GAB official left for Chicago, USA to attend a commissioners’ meeting of the Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) scheduled on May 10-17, 2006.
For his part, Vidal thanked the GAB for “sending a positive signal to all retired Filipino boxers like Magahin”. Vidal will inform WBF President Mick Croucher about GAB’s benevolence.
“The amount will not last a lifetime but the GAB showed that it is ready to come to the rescue of destitute boxers regardless of their background,” said Vidal, referring to Magahin whose incarceration in 2003 prompted Croucher to come to Manila and visit him in jail.
Croucher, who admitted he pitted the Amerasian ex-pugilist when he read his story in the internet, also offered cash to bail him out on August 2, 2003.
Croucher’s efforts were, however, dashed to pieces as Filipino promoter Gabriel “Bebot” Elorde returned to Croucher the cash for Magahin’s bail “because it is better for him (Magahin) to stay in jail as he is a menace to the society.”
Magahin landed in jail after he and a male companion robbed passengers of an FX taxi in Quezon City in June 2003.
The former boxer won the WBF belt by whipping Australian Jeff Malcolm on points in a title fight at the Iloilo Sports Complex, Iloilo City on March 25, 1995.
He lost it on points to Suwito Lagola in Sumatra, Indonesia but regained it when the WBF stripped Lagola of the title for failing to make a mandatory defense.
After repulsing on points deaf-mute Hawaiian-Filipino challenger Erwin Villaver in 1996, Magahin yielded the crown to Jaime Lerma of Texas, USA on a savage 11th round disposal witnessed at the ringside by then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Magic Ting-Ting

Ting-ting rong sunlog kay Tote bangod sa anang kaniwang. Kon sa Aklanon pa silhig. Putos abi it panit ag owa it tambok ro anang eawas. Guinasunlog imaw ko anang mga kaklase, ogaling owa guid naga kaugot imaw. Alinon mo kon imaw ro guina tao kana it Dios. Raya eamang ro anang pag aeam-aeam sa anang kaugalingon.
Maskin imaw ron si Tote nga maniwang, paborito guid imaw ko andang maestra. Guinasugo imaw nga mag-pilak it basura pagkatapos it klase. Malipayon guid si Tote kon sugu-on imaw ko anang titser.
Ko isaeang adlaw, samtang nagapilak imaw it basura, may hakita imaw nga silhig nga ting-ting sa puno it mangga nga maeapit sa dap-ong it basura. Matsa may isip o paino-ino rayang silhig. Guin pueot ni Tote rong silhig. Umalsa rong silhig ag dinaea si Tote sa ibabaw. Owa guid it nakakita kana tongod idto tanan sa sueod it klase ro mga onga. Sa kakibot ni Tote, guin hambaean nana rong silhig nga ibalik imaw sa idaeom. Nagtuman rong silhig. Guintago nana sa mga eamay rong silhig ag bumalik imaw sa kwarto. Nagduhong si Tote it madali dali parabil sumueod sa kwarto. Pag-eaum ko anang maestra hay may guina batyag imaw. Pagkatapos it klase, nagpilak eon man imaw it basura. Anang guin bo-oe rong silhig ag guin manduan nga indi magpahalata. Guindaea nana rong silhig sa andang baeay putos it manila paper.
Owa pa naka abot imaw sa baeay, abo nga mga tawo rong naga sininggit it sunog. Maeapit eon lang rong sunog sa andang baeay ag maymasakit pa ro anang igmanghod. Guin bo-oe nana rong silhig ag guinmanduan nga maeopad sanda. Sa madali eang nga oras, idto eon sanda sa ibabaw. Ro silhig hay nagsabwag it tubi sa kaeayo. Bangud sa tubi golpeng napaeong rong kaeayo. Nasalbar tanan rong mga baeay. Nagpaeayo si Tote agod indi makilaea.
Nangin palaisipan it mga tawo kon sin-o ratong nagsakay sa silhig. Halin kato ag bangud sa gahum it silhig, abo rong nabuligan ni Tote. Perme guid nanang guina gamit rayang gahum sa kamaeayran, nongka sa kaeainan. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

PNRC – Aklan Conducts District and School Red Cross

Youth Coordinators Conference

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Aklan Chapter will conduct a one day District and School Red Cross Youth Coordinators Conference. This will be held in APSTA Center, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan on Tuesday, May 30, 2006.
Among the topics scheduled for discussion are: 1. The 7 Fundamentals Principles of Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, PNRC Services and structure; 3. Red Cross Youth Programs; 4. 2006 Training Programs & Goals for Youth and Adult levels; 5. 2006 Youth Calendar of Activities and Observances; and 6. 2006 Red Cross Youth Membership goals.
There will be open forum. The participants will be requested to give their impressions and respond to final challenges with Dr. Victorina S. Laroza, Asst. Schools Division Superintendent and OIC, Division of Aklan.
All the PNRC Youth Coordinators in Aklan are expected to attend and participate actively in this conference. In the opening ceremonies, Mr. Ernesto F. Melgarejo will lead the invocation. This will be followed with the reading of the Red Cross Fundamental Principles by Ms. Mary Joe B. Galeon. Ms. Arcely P. Pelayo-PNRC Aklan chapter administrator will present the participants whom Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, Vice Chairman, PNRC Aklan chapter will welcome in his welcome message.
Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino and Dr. Victorina S. Laroza – chairman, PNRC Aklan Chapter and RCY membership expansion committee respectively will deliver their respective messages. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

BSP Western Visayas Elects Dir Tirol Regional Chairman

Some 214,317 boys of elementary and high school ages are the targets for memberships in the Boys Scouts of the Philippines in Western Visayas this year 2006. This was approved during the Key 3 Conference held in Iloilo National High School, La Paz, Iloilo City last week.
Some 25 members of the Key 3 from the provinces and cities of Western Visayas attended the meeting. Key 3 refers to the chairman, commissioner and scout executive of a boy scouts council.
This goal of 214,317 is only 28 percent of the total scout potential of 755,011 from the boy scouts council of Aklan, Antique, Bacolod City, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo, and Negros Occidental. The goal of the BSP Aklan Council this 2006 is 23,083 or 41 percent of the total 55,841scout potential in Aklan.
As of March 2006, BSP Aklan Council has 13,565 members. This is 58.77 percent of the goal. In the scout tenure analysis, Aklan ranks number 2 among the seven (7) BSP councils of Western Visayas as there are 13,565 scout members or 86.82 percent of the total who are more than one year in scouting in Aklan. Capiz ranks first as 90.01 percent of its members are more than one year in scouting. Aklan Council is also second in advancement record as it realized 76.35 percent of its goal.
Hon. Vincent H. Piccio III presided the meeting as Regional Chairman. He relinquished the chair however after the election. Upon his request, Dir. Victoriano B. Tirol, Jr. was elected the new regional chairman. He immediately assumed the position and continued presiding the meeting. Dir Tirol is the Regional Director of DepEd, Region VI.
Other officers elected with Dir. Tirol are Hon. Vincent H. Pacifico III – regional vice chairman; Dr. Elnora A. Barrios – regional scout commissioner; Edgar C. Jimena – regional program commissioner; Atty. Adolfo E. Jaen – Regional Treasurer; Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente – regional PR Officer; and Allan O. Encabo regional auditor.
The meeting also approved the 2006 National Regional Calendar of Events and Observances and the preparation of the BSP regional participation to the BIMP – EAGA Urban Scout Jamboree on May 26 – June 2, 2006 in Davao City.
The BSP Aklan Council was attended by Dr. Victorina S. Laroza – provincial scout commissioner, Mrs. Leila L. Pamatian – provincial scout executive and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente representing Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino – BSP provincial chairman, Aklan Council. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Ro Kahilway

Ni Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino

(Editor’s Note: We are publishing “Ro Kahilway” by Aklan Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino in commemoration of the Philippines Independence Day on June 12. This will be in two parts. The second part will be published in the June 3 issue.)

Sa granitong pader it “Harvard University” makit-an rondayang panueat ni Archibald Macleish: “How shall freedom be defended? By arms if it is attacked by arms; by truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, and in the final act, by determination and faith.”
Sa Hunyo 12, 2006, nataw-an it banwang Pilipinas it kahigayunan nga magcelebrar kita it adlaw it atong kahilwayan, dayon nakon nadumdoman ro ratong manunueat nga naghambae nga ro kawsa it kahilway hay kawsa man it Maka-ako.
Ro personal nga Libertad hay mata-as nga kinahangeanon sa dignidad it tawo ag sa kalipay man it tawo.
May hinambae si Ralph Waldo Emerson it mawraya sa English: “For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail? O sa inakeanon, anano ro pagkinahangean pa it arado o eayag, eogta o kabuhi kon pagpalya man lang ro kahilway?
Ro kahilway ina sa pa-ino-ino ag tagi-pusu-on it tawo o nacion nga nagahangup it kahilway.
Kon amat eani nabutang sa mga kanta ro parte sa Libertad ag kahilway. Bukon eamang sa aton nga banwang Pilipinas mana sa mga kanta nga “Bayang Magiliw”, “Bayan Ko”, o “Pilipinas Kong Mahal”. Mana sa mga iba nga naciones ina ro pagbutang it pagtaeopangud sa kahilway mana sa ay Julia Ward Howe nga “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, nga mawraya ro nagsa-ad sa sangka stanza:
“In the beauty of the lilies
“Christ was born across the sea,
“With a glory in His bosom
“That transfigures you and me
“As He die to make men holy
“Let us die to make men free
“While God is marching on”

O sa ratong kinanta it mga Black Americans sa paniempo ni Martin Luther King, nga mawraya:

“O, justice, O justice
“Oh, justice over me
“But before I’ll be a slave
“I’ll be buried
“In my grave I’ll be home to my land
“And be free

Sa kanta nga may .titulo nga “All my trials Lord” may palabras nga mawraya:

“There was a book that was given to me
“And every page spelled Liberty
“All my trials Lord, soon be over now”

Si Abraham Lincoln, naghambae anay it mawraya: Ro mga tinuga nga nagapamalibad it kahilway sa iba bukon man it para kanda ro anda nga nakutoe nga kahilway ag sa idaeom it gahum it Maka-ako ro mga nagapamalibad ag nagakutoe it kahilway hay indi man magbuhay sa anndang pagkutoe it kahilway.
Bugtawon naton sa atong pa-ino-ino, padabdabon naton sa aton nga mga tagipu-su-on ro paghigugma sa banwang Pilipinas bukon eamang sa pagcelebrar it adlaw it kahilway kundi sa aton nga pag-gawi adlaw-adlaw. Guintaw-an kita it Maka-ako it sangka nacion nga aton nga higugmaon and puyusan.
Nag-umpiisa ro mga Filipino it pagsukoe sa mga Españoles sandig sa naga-iba-iba nga kabangdanan hay nagtilipon ag nagsabwag sa nacional nga moviemiento sangka “national struggle” samtang ro mga Filipino nakipag-away para mahilway sanda sa pagdominar it mapintas nga pag-administrar sa Pilipinas pag-agi sa “Philippine Revolution” it 1896 hasta 1897.
Ko October 1889, isaeang ka grupo it illustrados sa Paris nga nagpirma sa bansag nga “Ro Filipino” nagpanueat it articulo nga may titulo “Sa Amon Nga Nahigugma nga Inang Banwa España” o “To our Dear Mother Country, Spain”.
May parte ro articulo nga mawraya:
“Kon ro awo hay ginabusaean; kon ro ana nga dignidad, honor ag Libertad hay naeapak; kon owa it legal nga pa-agi kontra sa mapinas nga pag-eopig it manog-eopig, kon ro mga reklamos , mga petisyones ag mga panaghoy hay owa na-intiendiha; kon owa nasugti bisan ro pagpanangis; kon ro ultimo nga pag-ea-om hay guina eogos pa sa tagipusu-on…sa royon eamang nga kon owa eon it remedyo nga pagabuytan it nagakurog nga alima halin sa mga altar ro madugo nga daga it revolusyon.”
Si Lapulapu it Mactan (1521) ag si Dagami it Cebu (1567) ro mga primero nga Filipino nga nagpamalibad nga magsaludo it Español. Ro mga pagsukoe sa Español it rimero hay mahambae naton nga dumaeahan it mga political nga lideres (mana ko mga datu,maginoo ag maharlika) ag ko mga lideres it mga tumueo-o mana ko mga babaylan, katalonan. Pangaywa, ro pagsukoe sa buko’t makatarungan nga polisiya sa economiya ag ko mga institusyones it relihiyon ag ro pangatlo, ro problema sa eogta.
Kon isaysay naton it bato-bato ro mga temprano nga pagsukoe ag pakibaka contra sa mga Españoles, hay basi makasueat kita it daywang ka libro. Aton eamang nga panan-awon nga ro mga temprano ngara nga pagsukoe hay nagpalya bisan pa man rato nga mga 85 anyos nga Dagohoy “revolt” o mana ko pagrebelde ni Diego Silang sa Ilocos, ni Palaris sa Pangasinan ag ni Matangga sa Cagayan. Rondaya nga pagpalya it pagsukoe sa Español hay bangud ko eapta eapta nga mga isles o matawag man naton nga “insular makeup” it Pilipinas ag nagcondicion sa mga isipan it Filipino anay kato nga magpuyo nga maeayo sa isaea ag isaea. Owa ngani it nakita nga sentido it unidad nacional.
Sa mga temprano ngato nga pagsukoe, may mahambae kita nga may mabahoe nga agwat da komunikasyon it mga pumueoyo sa Luzon, Visayas ag Mindanao, eabi-eabi eon guid abi kato sa mga pumueoyo nga maeayo sa poblaciones. Ina man ro nagakasari-sari ag owa gahilobtan nga linguaje pero owa it matawag nga linguaje nacional nga ma-intindihan it tanan nga makapabuylog kanda, bisan pa man eani may mga layes colonial nga mga guinpasa sa pagturo it linguaje Español sa mga Filipinos. Dagaya ro andang guin bangdanan mana abi ko kakueangan it mga “language materials” ag ko kakueangan man it estratehiya sa pagturo it linguaje nga banyaga ag eabaw sa tanan, ro kueang nga kwalificado nga manugturo it linguaje Español. Pero sa likod it tanan kara o sa rayang mga rasones nga mmaabaw hay sa paglimbong sa kamatu-oran nga kahadlok it mga frayles Español nga ro Filipinos nga naka antigohan it linguaje it Kastila hay maguing educado nga mayad ag maguing futuro nga subersivo of filibustero. /MP madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Tricycle For Hire Operators/Drivers

Dapat May Permiso O Dokumento Nga Makabyahe Sa Kalibo

Ko halin pa it Mayo 22, 2006, ro Transport and Traffic Management Unit (TTMU) it banwang Kalibo hay naga monitor ko operasyon it tanan nga tricycle for hire nga nagaoperate sa sueod it territorial jurisdiction it Kalibo.
Ginapadumdum sa tanan nga operators o drivers it tricycle–for–hire nga dapat may anda gid nga ginabuytan nga nagakaigo nga permiso halin sa taeatapan ko gobyerno lokal it banwang Kalibo nga sanda hay ginapahinugutan nga makapamasada sa karsadahon it Kalibo.
Bangod kara ginapaabot gid it transport management unit ro tanan nga kooperasyon it nagakasari-sari nga organisasyon it transportation kapin pa sa mga tag ana it tricycle nga nagabiyahe o nagapamasada sa banwa it Kalibo nga magasunod sa bag-o nga traffic code ko gobyerno local it banwang Kalibo agod malikawan ro anumang insidente sa daeanon.
Sa rayang ka angtanan, ro mabuhay eon nga reklamo it mga tricycle driver nga nagabuyot it nagakaigo nga permit sa Municipalidad it Kalibo hay gin aksyonan it TTMU nga kutob sa colorum o naga – operate it tricycle nga owa it pahinugot mag operate sa banwa it Kalibo hay pagadakpon sa pagtuman ko kasuguan sandig sa Municipal Ordinance No. 044, ro Traffic Code of Kalibo.
Ro bag-ong tukod nga TTMU ni Mayor Rebaldo base sa ordinansa hay maga-obserbar ag maga-monitor sa hueag it tanan nga estilo it transportasyon agud mapamayad ayad ro sistema it trapiko ag malikawan ro disgrasya.
Ginpaabot ni Ms. Gay Quimpo nga kun may una nga dapat bag-ohon o idugang hay magpadaea eang sanda it sueat sa taeatapan it TTMU sa Municipal Hall it Kalibo. /MP madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

GAB Awards Cash to Ex-WBF Champ
and Ex-convict Magahin
By Alex P. Vidal

Instead of condemning him and treating him as a social outcast, the Games and Amusement Board (GAB), in an unprecedented Board resolution last May 10, awarded P10,000 cash to former World Boxing Foundation (WBF) welterweight champion William Magahin of Iloilo City.
The decision to provide “welfare assistance” to the 35-year-old black mestizo retired fighter came after GAB Commissioner Alex A. Paglumotan learned that the former boxer is now jobless and penniless after his release from the Quezon City jail. Magahin spent more than two years for cases of robbery-holdup in the jail.
“The (GAB) Board unanimously approved the P10,000 cash as welfare assistance to William Magahin. Chairman Eric Buhain and my fellow Commissioner Angel Bautista okayed the financial assistance. He can claim the money by sending us a letter of request,” Paglumotan informed WBF Philippine Supervisor Alex P. Vidal in a text message hours before the GAB official left for Chicago, USA to attend a commissioners’ meeting of the Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) scheduled on May 10-17, 2006.
For his part, Vidal thanked the GAB for “sending a positive signal to all retired Filipino boxers like Magahin”. Vidal will inform WBF President Mick Croucher about GAB’s benevolence.
“The amount will not last a lifetime but the GAB showed that it is ready to come to the rescue of destitute boxers regardless of their background,” said Vidal, referring to Magahin whose incarceration in 2003 prompted Croucher to come to Manila and visit him in jail.
Croucher, who admitted he pitted the Amerasian ex-pugilist when he read his story in the internet, also offered cash to bail him out on August 2, 2003.
Croucher’s efforts were, however, dashed to pieces as Filipino promoter Gabriel “Bebot” Elorde returned to Croucher the cash for Magahin’s bail “because it is better for him (Magahin) to stay in jail as he is a menace to the society.”
Magahin landed in jail after he and a male companion robbed passengers of an FX taxi in Quezon City in June 2003.
The former boxer won the WBF belt by whipping Australian Jeff Malcolm on points in a title fight at the Iloilo Sports Complex, Iloilo City here on March 25, 1995.
He lost it on points to Suwito Lagola in Sumatra, Indonesia but regained it when the WBF stripped Lagola of the title for failing to make a mandatory defense.
After repulsing on points deaf-mute Hawaiian-Filipino challenger Erwin Villaver in 1996, Magahin yielded the crown to Jaime Lerma of Texas, USA on a savage 11th round disposal witnessed at the ringside by then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila. /MP

Editorial- May 20, 2006

Malacañang Transgression of CES Law

One of the conditions obtaining in countries under the parliamentary form of government is a strong government bureaucracy. The government personnel from the lowest rank up to the highest non elective official in a ministry are not affected in any way in case there is a change of leadership at the top.
Government personnel are so professionalized to their jobs. Prime Minister and Minister of a ministry may come and go, but personnel in the bureaucracy are left to continue doing their respective jobs. They are like cats and dogs which when its master left, it remains in the house. When another master comes, it welcomes the new master.
But not in the Philippines, not yet. How then can the Philippines shift from the presidential to the parliamentary form of government when the Philippines bureaucracy is not prepared for it?

Politicization of Career Service

In Resolution No. 619 of the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) on March 20, 2006 the members were alarmed of Malacañang personnel actions affecting Career Executive Service Officers (CESO) that have transgressed laws, rules and regulations and undermined the principles of professionalism and meritocracy.
To support this indictment, the CESB cited the case of DepEd undersecretary Luz who refused to honor post dated checks issued by the President’s social Fund for the scholarship program of Zambales Rep. Antonio Diaz. These checks were said to have been issued in return for Rep. Diaz’ opposition to Arroyo’s impeachment. Luz was sent a “thank you letter” and an order transferring him to another office.
Another transgression of Malacañang was the easing out of an executive in a government corporation and replacing him with a non – eligible outsider with strong political backing. In 2002, Crisostomo, after he opposed the suggestion to put his agency under the Department of Housing, left the government after serving the Pag Ibig Fund for more than 17 years.
As of February 2006, some 843 CESOs and CES eligibles are occupying non-CESO positions inspite of the 6,388 positions in the career executive service.

Bloating the Bureaucracy

At the time President Joseph Estrada was driven out of Malacañang, there were 63 under secretaries and 64 assistant secretaries in 19 departments. Today, the Arroyo administration has 85, undersecretaries or 22 more than Estrada’s and 72 assistant secretaries or 12 more that Estrada’s. Arroyo has bloated the bureaucracy despite her repeated pronouncements to trimmed the fat in the government.
According to the records in the Department of Budget and Management, there were 1.2 million permanent positions in the national government in 2005. This is 47,555 more than what Estrada has in 2000. Moreover, Arroyo has 677 positions which are exempt from the salary standardization law which did not exist at the time of Estrada. Arroyo has also doubled to 1,617 part time positions.
The CESB viewed with grave concern the apparent politicization of the career service “as a non CES eligible occupying a CES position is deemed as a political appointee who serves at the pleasure of the President.” In an inventory done by the CESB, it was shown that of the 2,583 CES positions, 2,122 positions are occupied of which 1,227 or 58 percent have a third level eligibilities while the remaining 895 or 48 percent are filled up by non eligibles.

How Does CES Operate

The Career Executive Service operates on the rank concept similar to the Armed Forces and the Foreign Service. The rank defines status, compensation and security of tenure. To become eligible for the CES, one must pass management aptitude test battery. This is followed by a series of simulation exercises designed to measure managerial capability potential. A formal interview by a CESB or by a panel will be conducted and performance validation on the job.
After one passes all the requirements, he is conferred CES eligibility. His name is included in a list of eligibles where the CESB gets the name to be recommended to the President to be given a CESO rank. There are six CES ranks with corresponding salary grades ranging from 25 to 30 being the highest and the salary starting from P28,875 a month to P34,323, the highest.
With the approval of Resolution 619 of the CESB that expressed alarm over the transgression of the Career Executive Service law, rules and regulations, Malacañang is gradually replacing the current members of the CESB with men subservient to Malacañang.
In view of these, the Arroyo government will convert the Philippine bureaucracy into an inverted pyramid, pay more money to assistant secretaries and undersecretaries and other high positions, give rise to conflicts over turf competition for more attention, thereby creating discord and disunity in department offices. The present bureaucracy is not suited and prepared to perform its functions in a parliamentary form of government. /MP

Mrs. Lolita Magdaluyo – Calagsing

Commencement Speaker, Most Outstanding Alumna

By Frank T. Ituriaga
MRS. LOLITA MAGDALUYO–CALAGSING, an Assistant professor at the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City, came back recently to her high school Alma Mater – Madyaas Institute in Numancia, Aklan to be the Commencement Speaker during its 60th graduation exercises.
The Guest of Honor and Commencement Speaker, popular and a standout singer during her high school days at Madyaas Institute some four decades ago, was also cited and presented with a Plaque of Recognition as Most Outstanding Alumna for SY 2005 – 2006 on the same occasion.
Also present during the affair, among others, were Atty. Filemon C. Fernandez, President & Chairman of the Baord; Mr. Josue T. Maravilla, Vice President; Mr. Franklin T. Ituriaga, Principal and Secretary of the Board; Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo, President of the Alumni Association and member of the Board; Dr. Concepcion P. Constantino, member of the Board; and other officers of the Board of Trustees and members of the Faculty.
In her speech, Mrs. Calagsing reminisced of the good times during her high school days; talked about her experiences, and made some fleeting comparisons of those times then vis-à-vis the present day situations. She talked about how good her teachers were, and how she’d brag about them to her friends and peers later on.
She briefed the members of the graduating class of the prospects on hand and looming before them, gave them simple and practical tips on how to prepare for the future, and advised them to make the most of the opportunities they could hold on to, and to endeavor to be the best of whatever they could finally be in life.
Born in Pasig City on April 10, 1947, Prof. Calagsing spent her childhood days in Numancia, Aklan where she finished her elementary education from the Numancia Elementary School with honors in 1959, and high school from Madyaas Institute in 1963, also with honors. She graduated Bachelor of Science in Education (major in Elementary Education) at West Visayas State University in Iloilo City in 1967, as Most Outstanding Student in Dramatics.
In 1998, after retiring from the teaching job (with a rank of Master Teacher II), she earned her Master of Arts in Education from West Visayas State University. Beginning 1999, and to this day, she has been Assistant Professor at the University of San Agustin in Iloilo City.
Among the responsibilities related to school and community services she is involved in now are the following: As Directress/Principal of the Leon Holy Family Learning Center in Leon, Iloilo (which started in 2000), as is Provincial Coordinator for Iloilo of the CFC-Education Foundation Inc., as President of the Teachers College Faculty Club of the University of San Agustin, and as Supervisor of the Teachers College Practicum Students of the same institution. For Academic Year 2002-2003, she was recipient of a Professorial Chair at the University of San Agustin.
Calagsing has undertaken researches, like: 1. Mga Kontemporaryong Pagpapahalagang Filipino ng mga Mag-aaral sa Unibersidad ng San Agustin. (This is a Professorial Chair Lecture sponsored by the University of San Agustin and Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines – Academic Year 2002 – 2003). 2. Mga Kasanayang Pangwika ng mga Mag-aaral sa Elementarya (West Visayas State University, 1998).
Mrs. Calagsing is a member of the National Research Council of the Philippines, the Catholic Teachers’ Guild of the Philippines (CTGP), and the Philippine Association for Teacher Education. (PAPTE).
Baby, as friends and intimates call her, is married to Mr. Rodolfo C. Calagsing, a retired Division Manager, Philippine Ports authority. The couple have two children; Ken M. Calagsing is a Business Administration graduate (major in Marketing) from the University of the Philippines Visayas. He is now a Premium Finance Specialist in Los Angeles, USA. Kim Tatum M. Calagsing, on the other hand, went to college at West Visayas State University. Now a Registered Nurse, she works at McKenzie Place, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Alberta, Canada. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

An SB Member Sponsors A Motion While Absent In The Session
For and in behalf of the Aklan Fishpond Operators’ Cooperative (AFOC), Mr. Enrique R. Dionio submitted a proposal to Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo to manage, operate and maintain the Food and Transport Terminal at Oyo Torong Street, Kalibo, Aklan. Subject to terms and conditions to be mutually agreed between the municipality of Kalibo and the AFOC, a memorandum of agreement maybe signed on a medium to long term basis.
The AFOC aims to put up a fish center, its main product. However, agricultural products like beef, pork, poultry, and fruits and vegetables will be included for wholesale and or retail. Actually, the fish center will deal with all farm products.
As AFOC envisions it, the fish center aims to provide agricultural and fish products to consumers at high quality and at reasonable price. This will be realized by stabilizing supply and prices that are more or less at farm gate. With this process, the producers will also be assured of a market and reasonable margin of profits of their agricultural and fish products.
On the part of the municipality of Kalibo, its non-performing asset will start to yield of whatever fee is agreed the AFOC will pay in return for its use. Kalibo will not need to invest any money for AFOC will take care all even its janitorial and security requirements. If there is any, it maybe a police assistance and hauling of garbage. As I heard from Mr. Dionio, Kalibo will get more indirect benefits from the project such the creation of some jobs to the people in the vicinity of Oyo Torong, vehicle maybe decongested in Toting Reyes St. and Roxas Avenue Extension around the Kalibo Wet Market. Kalibo can use its money for other projects rather than in the Tambakan area.
According to Mr. Dionio, Mayor Rebaldo was sympathetic to the proposal as he presented it on Wednesday, May 17 to the Sangguniang Bayan Committee on Market and the Committee on Finance. Hon. Melanie V. Tolentino, chair of the Market Committee was also elated to hear the proposal.
On the other hand, Hon. Gregorio Malapad, chair of the Finance Committee would limit the AFOC as a tenant in the “Bagsakan”. Hon. Malapad informed the meeting of the plan to borrow a loan of P30 million to be used in the development of the said area.
For Mayor Rebaldo to borrow P30 million for investment in the Bagsakan, it will take quite sometime following the local legislative and administrative process. If things go smoothly, and if work will start now, it maybe effective in the 2007 – 2010 term if there is election. Moreover, the future of Kalibo will be used as collateral which will affect the next generation of Kalibonhons. It will be noted that the “bolanteros” left the “Bagsakan” after they experienced nil sales for selling their wares after they were ejected of Toting Reyes Street. They did not come back to sell again in that area.
Once the AFOC gets the green light to manage, operate and maintain the bagsakan, it will be developed into a wholesome market where sellers and buyers meet regularly. It will become a sanitary and peaceful place where vendors and buyers transact business with utmost honesty.


The Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo on its 11th Regular Session on April 20, 2006 approved a “Resolution Conveying utmost recognition and commendation to Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores and Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Provincial Officials for the expansion and improvement of the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital“.
This improvement of DRSTMH is a long felt need of the Aklanons. It is just fitting to commend our public officials like Cong. Joeben Miraflores, Governor Carlito S. Marquez, Vice Governor Kel C. Tolentino, members of the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan and others.
However, there is only one question. Can a Sangguniang Bayan member sponsor a resolution which is the subject of deliberation during his/her absence?
In Resolution No. 2006 – 033, approved on April 20, 2006 during the 11th Regular Session of SB Kalibo, Hon. Melanie V. Tolentino was listed absent “SB Member” (OIC Mayor). However, on the first page, second to the last paragraph of the resolution states: on motion of Hon. Melanie V. Tolentino, chairperson, Committee on Health and Sanitation, conveying utmost recognition and commendation to Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores and Governor Carlito S. Marquez. . .” Is this possible? Or maybe Hon. M. Tolentino participated in the SB session by remote control, using the “information technology”. /MP

Ro Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Misteryosong Bubon

May isaeang ka bubon nga maeapit sa plasa it Barangay Guingmu. Owa eon guinagamita rayang bubon ag guina pinilakan lang it basura. Ogaling sa kaabu-on ko basura nga guina pinilak adlaw-adlaw hay owa guid it pagkapuno. Kon gabii, abong nakakita nga nagakaeayo, pero owa man it sinial nga may nasusunog pagka–aga.
Isaeang gabii, nagahinampang ro mga onga sa plasa, may nakakita ag naka hugom it aso sa baba it bubon. Eaum nanda hay may nagsuga. Abo nga naka saksi pero pagka aga hay owa man it maskin nano nga nasunog. May isaeang ka magueang nga naga pakalimos nga nag paeapit sa bubon. Naghaboy imaw it pagkaon ag pumanaw nga owa it nakakita, dayon naduea.
Halin kato, nangin paeaisipan kanda sa mga taga barangay Guingmu rayang bubon. Gusto nanda nga tukibon rong misteryo nga naka putos sa bubon ngara. Sono sa mga katigueangan, rayang bubon hay tiempo pa it mga Kastila. Dating guina estaran royong lugar it isaeang ka Kastila nga naka asawa it Pilipina. Mapintas rayang Kastila. Sa owa magbuhay nag masakit rong ina ko babaye. Nagpangayo it bulig sa asawang Kastila. Owa pagtaw-i it bulig. Busa, namatay ro ina. Nagkasubo rong babaye. Nagbisita imaw sa andang baeay nga may daeang mga pagkaon. Pero owa imaw pagsugti ko anang asawa. Nagpanaw imaw nga owa nag-eaong. Pagkasayod ko Kastila, guinsueang ro asawa. Guinguyod nga parang hayop. Dayon, guinpasakay it pilit sa anang karwahe. Gustong magbaeos ro mga igmanghod it babaye ugaling guin punggan sanda ko andang magueang.
Pag-abot sa baeay, it Kastila, guin kulong rong asawa. Sa oras it pagkaon, guina daehan eang it pagkaon. Owa nana guina tabinga rong pagkaon. Nagpangamuyo imaw nga tueonon imaw it eogta. Pilang adlaw nga nagtaliwan, naglinog, nagbuka rong eogta. ag imaw nga asawa hay natabunan. Owa it naka sayod kon ano rong natabo. Nagbisita ro anang asawa, pero matsa may naghigop kana ag natabunan man imaw it eogta.
Halin ko rayang hitabo, kada gabii hay may nababatian rong mga tawo nga may naga panaghoy. Kon amat parang may nagasinggit. Guin kahadlukan rayang baeay. Pag-abot it mga hapon, guinsug-an rayang baeay tungod guin estaran it mga gerilya. Nabilin eon lang rayang bubon. Ag guin obrang tambakan it basura.
Makaron guina dayo rayang bubon sa plaza it Brgy Guingmu. Guin butangan ko Sangguniang Barangay it kurae agod indi mahueog ro mga onga. Guin obra man nga “wishing well” ag guina hueogan it mga sinsilyo. Sa kaabu abo nga naga hinaboy sa rayang bubon owa guid it pagkapuno. Sin-o baea ro nagasinaeap kara? /MP

Paglumotan Exhorts Iloilo Pro Sports Execs To Organize

By Alex P. Vidal

Games and Amusement Board (GAB) Commissioner Alex A. Paglumotan has exhorted leaders of professional sports in Iloilo City to organize as a federation so they can have a set of officials that will be accredited by GAB.
In a dialogue with local professional sports leaders held at the Robinson’s mall recently, Paglumotan, former vice mayor of Bacolod City, said the federation should be composed of representatives of all professional sports in the city and province of Iloilo for proper recognition and accreditation by the Makati – based supervising and regulatory agency headed as chairman by Eric Buhain.


”Once you have been organized, it will be easy for you to scout for potential and quality athletes waiting to turn professionals which are our gateway to the world,” said the Ilonggo GAB commissioner for administration and finance. He admitted, “many sports enthusiasts in Iloilo don’t know how to tap connections in the national level. They lack the mechanism on how to seek help from the government.
Paglumotan stressed that the demarcation line between professional and amateur sports is cash prize saying “it is only in the aspect of sports where we can generate harmony and unity regardless of political affiliations.”
Professional athletes like billiard players, boxers, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) players, among other contact sports can receive cash prizes while amateur athletes who don the national flag are paid only through stipend from the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) where Buhain was former chairman.
Paglumotan said he and Buhain have agreed “to bring the government to the hearts and minds of the people” the reason why he has been actively disseminating the goals and objectives of the Buhain administration personally in various areas outside Metro Manila.
“Chairman Buhain is very supportive of our programs (of going to the people instead of the people going to the government) and he is always positive that we can make a difference in our desire to improve and enhance professional sports in the country,” Paglumotan said.


“Among the problems being faced by sports enthusiasts outside Metro Manila are: economic, lack of interest, lack of moral support from executives of political territories’, he pointed out.
“Sports is a good ambassador of goodwill and unity,” Paglumotan enthused. “Under the leadership of Chairman Buhain, we will see to it that there will be no more first class and second class; we threat each other as equals and partners in undertaking to assist and support all your future programs."
Paglumotan concluded: “Let us organize, reorganize, redo and review our past performances and GAB will be there to support and induct all sports federations in the country.” /MP

Kalibo News

Consul General Gavino Visits Kalibo

Philippine Consul General Erlinda Gavino of the Philippine Consulate in Guangzhou, Guandong Province, People’s Republic of China, with her associates made a courtesy call to Honorable Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo. They were accompanied by Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores just recently.
The Consul General discussed the possible advantages of economic and tourism development that the Ati Atihan town of Kalibo may derive from the Peoples Republic of China once the regional flights commence after Kalibo Airport is upgraded into an international airport.
According to Consul General Gavino, the billion people of China are potential tourists or importers of raw materials that will generate millions of pesos in the tourism industry. Kalibo and the neighboring towns will benefit with the influx of tourists since most tourists package deals may include the tourism enterprise of the different towns like the Manggad it Kalibo.
Mayor Rebaldo in affirmation with the possibility of making the Ati Atihan town of Kalibo a sister city of Guangzhou said that a Memorandum of Agreement may be drafted by the Municipality of Kalibo with the help of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Consular Office in Guanzhou in partnership with the City of Guangzhou.
Kalibo Will Receive A Two Classroom Building

Once again the Municipality of Kalibo will receive a two classroom building from the “Visayas – Mindanao Barrio Schools Project” envisaged by Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, the Dept of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), and the Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Incorporated (FCCCII). The project aims to help ease down the problem of overcrowding in public schools as an expected 12,382,125 public grade school students will enroll in the forthcoming opening of classes in June.
Through an official letter sent by Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s Chief of Staff, Mr. Renan Dalisay, Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo was informed that Kalibo was chosen as one of the recipients of two (2) classroom building to be constructed by the FFCCCII.
The two (2) classroom building is expected to bring down the perennial problem of overcrowding in the public schools as more grade school students are expected to transfer from private schools.

LGU – San Francisco, Agusan Lakbay Aral To Kalibo

Some 30 people from the Local Government of San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur passed by Kalibo last week, for a scheduled Lakbay Aral. They visited the Manggad it Kalibo.
Led by San Francisco Mayor Carl Elias C. Lademora, they made a courtesy call with Kalibo’s Chief Executive, Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo.
A modest presentation and welcome program were prepared and presented. Mayor Rebaldo entertained a few questions before the tour of the Manggad it Kalibo.
The Municipality of San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur in the Caraga Region is a budding second-class municipality. It has a modern town hall. It consist of 27 Barangays.
The Lakbay Aral is look/see information gathering tour for LGU – San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur. They collected data regarding the rapid development economic growth of the Ati Atihan town of Kalibo and will find out possible ways to apply it in their municipality. /MP

Exclusive Report

Aklan Info Tech Center Opens
Hon. Florencio T. Miraflores, Congressman of the Lone District of Aklan was the guest of honor in the recently concluded launching of the Information Technology Center (ITC) located at TESDA Aklan Provincial Office, Kalibo, Aklan. The said event was held on April 24, 2006, a day before the Aklan Golden Day Celebration.
The Information Technology Center is a collaborative project of the Congressional District Office, TESDA Aklan Provincial Office, and the Local Government Unit of Kalibo. The Center aims to provide Aklanons with wider access to computer education and other computer-based livelihood projects at a minimum cost.
The establishment of the Information Technology Center was pursued by TESDA Aklan led by then PD Lorena T. Yunque (now transferred to TESDA Iloilo) in 2005. TESDA-Aklan submitted project proposal to the Congressional District Office which merited the approval of Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores. The good Congressman strongly believes in the importance of computer education and information technology as support service to almost all industries in the province especially tourism activities.
Twenty staff members from LGU-Kalibo, TESDA Aklan and the Congressional Office were the initial participants of the Center’s program during the launching. They were oriented on computer education and livelihood training projects.
Further, on May 2, 2006 the month-long training on Computer Education and Livelihood Project was started. There were 72 trainees enrolled consisting of teachers from DepEd and employees from LGUs, Provincial Health Office, and Provincial Capitol who need to develop their competencies in computer education.
The trainers were from the Dynamic Educational Systems (DES) Corporation based in Makati City. Learning sessions consisted of ten modules that covered basic computer operation such as: MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Desktop Publishing, Data Base Management, Multimedia, Internet, Maintenance and Servicing. (LRO) /MP
The Info Tech Center (ITC) is a show-window of a collaborative effort aimed to bring computer education closer to many Aklanons. It offers learning sessions and livelihood project at a minimal cost.

Mr. John Panes from the Dynamics Educational System Corp. briefing the distinguished guests on the content of the training package for the ITC clients. They are Cong. Joeben Miraflores, PD Lorena T. Yunque, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo and Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo.

Learning by Doing. Trainees listen to lecture and get hands-on exercises to fully understand the computer concepts.

BIR-Aklan Is Ready to Comply With Non-wage Benefit Order

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Aklan Revenue District Officer Lilivic Gatdula said “their office is ready to comply with the order of providing non-wage benefits to workers once the implementing guidelines and regulations are in place.”
This is in connection with Malacañang’s labor day announcement of giving non-wage benefits to workers which include the condonation of penalties on GSIS and SSS loans of workers, income tax exemption to minimum wage earners, additional allocation for housing loans with low interest rates, trainings and scholarships, and presence of commissaries at government offices that offer cheap merchandise to workers.
“Once there is already an order from higher BIR officials to exempt minimum wage earners from paying income taxes, their office would disseminate the necessary information and follow the order,” said Gatdula.
“Currently, withholding tax is not applied to employees receiving a monthly salary of P5,000.00,” she added.
This year, BIR-Aklan has a collection target of P445,435,000. Last year, of their P335,000,000 collection target, it was able to collect some P367,000,000, earning for themselves generous praises from provincial officials of Aklan as well as awards and recognition from BIR Regional Office for their excellent collection performance.
Gatdula is optimistic, BIR-Aklan will meet its collection target this year. She emphasized however, that this would be realized with the cooperation of all Aklanons by demanding official receipts when purchasing goods or availing of professional services.
“It is through the issuance of receipts that businessmen can declare their correct income and pay the right amount of taxes,” Gatdula concluded.
Meanwhile, Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) members who have availed of realty and restructured loans had long been enjoying the debt condonation privileges of the GSIS, according to Nona F. Moreño, Division Chief of the GSIS-Aklan Field Office.
According to aid Moreño, “these are the privileges being enjoyed by GSIS members. Regular payment of salary loans plus interest could not be condoned however, as this would affect those who are religiously paying their loans with the hope of having the privilege to borrow again.” (PIA/vgvillanueva) /MP
15 Aklan Scouts To Attend BIMP-EAGA
Urban Scout Jamboree
The Boy Scouts of the Philippines Aklan Council announced that 15 boy scouts from the Aklan Council shall attend the Brunei – Indonesia – Malaysia – Philippines East Asian Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) Urban Scout Jamboree scheduled at the PTA Grounds, Davao City on May 26 to June 2, 2006.
Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Aklan BSP Council Chairman shall head the Aklan delegation. Tolentino shall also attend the Boy scouts of the Philippines national executive board’s 50th annual national council meeting at Davao City.
Scout Associations in countries comprising BIMP-EAGA (acronym of Brunei – Indonesia – Malaysia – Philippines – East Asian Growth Area) will compose the core of participants. Other scout associations of the Asia – Pacific had been invited to send delegates.

The objectives of the Jamboree are to:
a. provide activities for the Scouts and Scouters to share their culture and observe the cultures of others in the spirit of brotherhood and mutual respect; and
b. create an avenue through challenging, adventurous and cooperative activities that will foster peace and unity among nations in spite of the varying cultures and ideologies.
About 5,000 scouts and scouters from Local Councils throughout the Philippines are expected to attend the Jamboree, with the participation of some national scout associations in the Asia-Pacific Region. /MP

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Editorial - May 13, 2006

Will Gonzales Persist On His Advice That Batasan 5
Go To The Mountain?

“I hope they go back to the mountains.” This is the reaction of Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales to taunts from the Batasan 5 as they were going out of the gate of the Batasan complex, Quezon. Such a remark is so unbecoming of a justice secretary like Raul Gonzales. To hear such remark from him is so frustrating for a citizen who wishes that law and order will be restored in the Philippines. That remark from a secretary of justice will certainly promote more discontent and exodus to rebellion rather than reconciliation and peace.
Where can the Philippines have a more sober, reconciliatory and friendly secretary of justice?
The so called “Batasan 5” is composed of five congressman who belong to the party list. They are Satur Ocampo, Teodoro A. Casiño, Joel Virador, Rafael Mariano and Liza Maza. They sought refuge in the House of Representative on February 27, 2006 to evade arrest after state prosecutors filed rebellion charges against them for their alleged involvement in a plot to overthrow Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. After Makati Regional Trial Court Judge, Jenny Lind Aldecoa – Dolorino refused to accept the rebellion charge against the five and the National Security Council ordered the police to allow the Batasan 5 to leave the Batasan Complex freely, the second stand off ended.
However, one other member, Congressman Crispin Beltran belonging to Anakpawis remains in custody on a separate rebellion charge. He is consigned in the Philippine Heart Center for heart ailment.
“The fight isn’t over . . . Lalaban Tayo! Lalaban Tayo! Lalaban Tayo!” Cried Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo walked through the main gate of the Batasan complex together with Casiño, Maza, Virador and Mariano.
According to Rep. Ocampo, “three is no rebellion case against us and no justification to block us, or arrest us”. “The cabinet cluster committee on internal Security had accepted defeat’, he pointed out.
The Department of Justice sought to include the names of Ocampo, Casiño, Mariano, Maza and Virador in a rebellion case. But on Thursday, May 4 the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 133 presided by judge Jennny Lind Aldecoa – Delorino dismissed the criminal indictment. According to Delorino, in her rejection of information as amended by the DOJ “the modifications constituted an altogether new information that could not supplement the original case. The DOJ panel submitted the documentary evidence minutes before. . .hearing the that should have been submitted with the proposed amended information where it was filed on April 21.
The prosecution was quite surprised of the “undue” haste in resolving the motion. . .it only submitted supporting documents minutes before the hearing”.
For rejecting the inclusion of the names of the Batasan 5, in a rebellion case, the DOJ panel believed judge Delorio had betrayed her impartiality. The DOJ panel believed the resolution of the said case was not done with impartiality. They sought that Judge Delorio inhibit herself from hearing the case.
Will Secretary Raul Gonzales continue advising the Batasan 5 to go to the mountain? If he persisted on his advice, then Gonzales is anti – peace. He does not deserved to remain on his position as Secretary of Justice. MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Will “Mona Lisa” Stay as Theme Song of DRSTMH?

The farmers from nine (9) barangays of Numancia, Aklan has organized themselves into what they call Agrarian Reform Community (ARC) with the assistance of the DAR, Provincial Agrarian Reform Office, Kalibo, Aklan. They call themselves Ylang–Ylang ARC. Ylang–Ylang is one beautiful flower which has fascinating scent. Its juice can be extracted and manufactured into high value perfumes. Besides its flowers, Ylang–Ylang can grow into a medium size tree that can withstand both rainy and dry seasons. Its fronds are of good shape that auger well as shade.
Barangays Aliputos, Badio, Bubog, Dongon East, Dongon West, Laguinbanua East, Laguinbanua West, Poblacion and Tabangka constitute the Ylang Ylang ARC, the 14th of its kind DAR – Aklan has organized.
“What has barangay Poblacion, Numancia has to do in the ARC?” A friend asked. “Is there land in the Poblacion that is available whether for land transfer or for leasehold?” A friend further asked. Maybe, there are; those vacant residential lots. These maybe rented or sold although beyond the scope of agrarian reform. The owners of the lots may plant flowers, vegetables or fruit trees while they are vacant.
In the other eight barangays mentioned, agrarian reform problem seems to be non existent although farm production is below the average. The land is more or less evenly distributed with non farmers leasing their farms to the actual tillers. What the DAR, specifically Numancia, can do is effect rapid farm production and increase net income.
According to DAR Aklan press release, it wishes to imbibe the character of Ylang–Ylang to the agrarian reform beneficiaries so as to translate their aspirations and dreams to make life of the farmers easier.
Ylang–Ylang ARC has a total land area of 1,980 hectares, of which 1,035 hectares are devoted to the planting of rice, corn, vegetables, fruits and coconuts. There are 406 farmer leaseholders. DAR can improve their lifestyle by providing them with access to technologies, additional investment for production, product processing and marketing of products. DAR can also institute value re-orientation and development especially in work habits and the effective use of resources.

In Aklan politics, former Congressman and also former mayor of Kalibo, Aklan Allen S. Quimpo has vehemently denied planning to launch his candidacy for the Mayor of Kalibo, Aklan for the 2007 election. Instead he said, “I am actively supporting the good governance of Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo.”
The “Batasan 5” who were locked up in the House of Representatives for 70 days went out of the Batasan complex in Capitol Hills, Quezon City yesterday. Their liberty is a sterling triumph of truth over evil. The five (5) are Congressman Teodoro Casiño, Cong. Liza Maza, Cong. Satur Ocampo, Cong. Joel Virador and Cong. Rafael Mariano. These five are all partylist representatives.
Meanwhile, Congressman Crispin Beltran is still locked up in his hospital ward in the Philippine Heart Center, Quezon City. He is fully guarded since his warrantless arrest on February 24, 2006 after the issuance of Presidential proclamation No. 1017.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez has inaugurated the P139 million new building of the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital on April 25, 2006 during the Golden Aklan Jubilee Celebration. Many Aklanons have suggested through this column that DRSTMH changes its theme song “Mona Lisa” to another song with lively melody and active lyric. They wish to change “Mona Lisa” because of a line which states: “They just lay there and they die there”. The change will be in response to the aspirations of the Aklanons that DRSTMH will be really responsive to their health needs.
Because of scheduling of patients in the use of operating room at DRSTMH, a victim of motorcycle accident whose foot was badly injured was operated only after three days. The flesh was already rotting with obnoxious odor. While his wound healed, his foot was deformed inspite of all the remedies done by the surgeon.
An ice pick stabbing incident victim was brought to DRSTMH at midnight of April 30, 2006. He just lain there until 4:00 o’clock the following day when he was brought to a private hospital in Kalibo where he was operated.
The 21 year old victim was already feverish and chilling. In the course of the surgery, a good amount of dead blood clot was removed from inside his wound. It could have been a tragedy if he was allowed to lay there at DRSTMH for another few hours.
A six year old boy who fall from his bicycle suffered wound on his mouth. He was treated at DRSTMH after 36 hours stay. In the course of the treatment, a general anesthesia was administered. He collapsed after several hours, the after effect of the anesthesia. The boy was transferred to a private hospital where he recovered fast.
Can the DRSTMH change its theme song? I hope so, otherwise the aim of Governor Marquez of transforming it into an economic enterprise will just be another “impossible dream”. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

ASU Inaugurates Tourism Education Program

Commissioner Hadja Luningning Mesuarez-Umar of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Chair of the ASU Board of Regents graced the inauguration and blessing of the Tourism Education Laboratory on Food Processing in Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan held recently.
Commissioner Umar stressed in her message that “the activity manifests the university’s commitment to higher education and to go international.” She said that the laboratory on food processing is in response to the Education-Tourism Program of making the Philippines as Tourists’ Haven and Knowledge Center in Education in Asia and the Pacific. The said program takes advantage of the strengths of the Philippines Education System and at the same time tap the dollar – earning capacity of tourism through innovative programs that cater to foreign tourists.
The Tourism – Education Program is up for implementation in selected State Universities and Colleges in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao which are situated in tourist destinations. With the Province of Aklan having the world-famous Boracay Island as a tourist destination, the ASU has been chosen by CHED to implement the education tourism packages in Western Visayas. ASU will soon be playing host to tourists who will be taking up short term courses through the food processing laboratory which would mean additional income for the University.
Commissioner Umar had appropriated P100,000.00 for the project, which aims to help boost the country’s dollar earnings and put the University in the education map of the world as well. It will also open doors for linkages with other foreign institutions through the tourists who will be taking up short term courses in ASU.
She thanked Director Zinnia P. Teruel of DOST Region VI for the technical and financial assistance extended to the laboratory on food processing. Likewise, to Dr. Benny A. Palma, ASU President, for the fast implementation of the Tourism – Education Program in ASU and for holding record of being the first SUC in the country to implement the said program.
The program is in partnership with CHED, Technical Education Skills Development Authority, Department of Tourism, Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Science and Technology. (ACRelingo and SRVillasis, ASU-ECS). /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Traffic Code In Kalibo In Full Implementation

The Transport and Traffic Management Unit headed by Ms. Mary Gay V. Quimpo in the Municipality of Kalibo is under full implementation. Ordinance No. 2005-043 or the Traffic Code is enacted by the Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan. Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, have began the strict implementation of the Traffic Code to ease down the congestion in the major thoroughfares and bring about the color coding of tricycles in an organized and aesthetic fashion.
However, the Transport and Traffic Management Unit has not fully implemented the re routing yet to give more time to the tricycle transport sector to familiarize with their designated routes and to avoid the creation of illegal terminals.
This implementation of the Traffic Code envisions a well – disciplined transport sector in the Municipality of Kalibo in concordance with the development of this first class municipality into a world-class metropolis. In concert with the continued growth of Tourism in the Ati Atihan town of Kalibo, the campaign for a disciplined transport sector, with courteous and helpful drivers will promote this first class town not only to the whole country but globally too. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Fil-Am Group, Vocals Start Long Journey

To Make Romblon an Eco–Tourism Hub

By Jeremiah M. Opiniano

In the serenity of sessions at the Romblon State College, Odiongan, Romblon, the country’s marble capital, is passionate sharing about how this “archipelago within an archipelago” can use available natural and human resources for eco-tourism.
While Boracay Island’s tourism program is “miles away,” officials of the US-based Romblon Discussion List – Cultural, Livelihood and Educational Assistance for Romblon (RDL-Clear), local officials and development groups have started to embark on a medium-to-long-term vision to make Romblon carve a niche through eco-tourism.
RDL-Clear executive director Ismael Fabicon, a native of Banton Island, said at this year’s Sanrokan Global Convention that Romblon has coastal and mountainous marvels which can be developed to attract more tourists (sanrokan means “sharing” in the vernacular tongue).
The provincial tourism office, through its newly-printed brochure, enumerated those – the Mt. Guiting-Guiting Natural Park (one of the 29 declared eco-tourism sites nationwide), marine sanctuaries in Looc and Romblon towns, beaches such as Lapus-lapus in Calatrava and Aglicay in Alcantara, mountain springs and waterfalls, and caves such as the Guyangan Cave in Banton, where its Banton burial cloth is Southeast Asia’s oldest.
But Sangguniang Panlalawigan member Alice Fetalvero said “Herculean efforts are required.” While the province has formed its provincial and municipal tourism councils under limited budgets, Fetalvero told convention participants that if the communities are not prepared, the tourism efforts will prove to be “very difficult”.
Hotels and inns here, she said, have yet to comply to standards of an “economy class” room, while residents here are not also aware which places in Romblon are “attractions” for tourists.
There are neither travel agencies nor accredited tour guides and any more challenges for Romblomanon tourism are present, said Fetalvero, adding that Romblomanon tourism remains in its infant stage.
“Tourism will not only develop by presenting our natural attractions. Thus, we have to push tourism by helping and preparing our people, whose smiles and hospitality will make them the tourist attractions themselves,” said the province’s head of tourism.
But even if the Philippines and International websites and tourism groups have yet to include Romblon’s wonders in their list of places to see, local groups and residents said these people do not know what they are missing.
US Peace Corps volunteers, for example, have been helping residents of the capital Romblon to develop marine sanctuaries there, said Rey Mores of the non-profit Sentro Para Sa Ika-uunlad ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIKAT). The Americans’ underwater video cameras have frequently captured images of attractive coral and fish species.
Sikat, for 15 years, has been developing Romblon, Romblon as an eco-tourism dive spot, while equipping fishermen and residents to preserve marine sanctuaries. Yet Mores said Romblon remains an unknown diving spot compared to Anilao, Batangas; Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, and Boracay Island.
Looc town is another marine wonder, where its local government has ably supported its own community–based coastal resource management efforts. The LGU even won a Galing Pook Award in 2000 for its marine conservation program that also helped fishers with livelihood support.
Cultural heritage is also rich here. In Odiongan’s own “baywalk” near the port, children from Banton Island sang folk songs in their local Asi language while residents flocked the town plaza for a “Ms. Odiongan Kuno” gay beauty pageant.
Sanrokan chair Luvie Fopalan-Lumang said efforts here for eco-tourism will also value the preservation of the province’s local cultural heritage.
“Eco-tourism, when properly planned and executed here, offers an alternative that can add value to the local community, while making use of practices that help finance its indigenous culture and protecting the environment, Lumang added.
Romblon, which is 187 nautical miles from Manila, has three major islands – Tablas, sibuyan and Romblon – 17 islets.
The Sanrokan Global Convention is a biennial gathering of RDL – Clear that is now on its third edition. Romblomanons abroad – from the US and Saudi Arabia, for example – supported the staging of the event. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

QUIMPO: Not Interested For Electoral Post

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Former Aklan Congressman Allen Quimpo shrugged off reports that he will run against Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo next year.
That “is far from truth and reality,” he said.
Quimpo said he is no longer interested to seek an electoral post, adding that his main focus is the Aklan Rivers Development council where he is an executive director.
“I’d rather support Rebaldo in his re election,” said Quimpo, a three-termer solon and former mayor of Kalibo.
Quimpo’s decision came as a no surprise to political observers. He earlier publicly announced his retirement in local politics to concentrate more on “private sector-related functions.”
Quimpo is also the president of Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) an a prime mover of the Kalibo Save The Mangrove Association (KASAMA) – a cooperative – to develop and promote the Bakhawan Eco-Park, a natural mangrove eco-center in Brgy. New Buswang.
Quimpo said he is most likely to support Rebaldo who is seeking re election in 2007 under the ruling local party Tibyog Akean, including the political and united leadership of Aklan Rep. Florencio T. Miraflores, Aklan governor Carlito S. Marquez and Aklan Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Exclusive Report

Dangal Ng Barangay Product Encounter
Revitalizes Local Industries in Aklan

TESDA Aklan in collaboration with the KALAHI Farmer’s Center Technical Working Group (KFC-TWG), Philippines-Australia Technical Support for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (PATSARRD), Association of CTECs in Aklan (ACTECA), and LGU-Numancia successfully conducted the Dangal Product Encounter on March 21, 2006 at the Numancia Formation Center, Poblacion, Numancia, Aklan.
A total of 29 dangal products were showcased to the general public. These consisted of distinct local products such as nito, abaca, piña and bariw products. Lots of food products such as processed meat, native candies, taro chips, bibingka cake, high value vegetables and virgin coconut oil were also exhibited. Further, LGU – Libacao promoted its eco-tourism activities thru postcards, leaflets, t-shirts, and souvenir items showcasing the beautiful sceneries as well as the bamboo rafting and kayaking experience distinct to Libacao.
The Dangal Product Encounter is a marketing strategy which aims to assist the Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTECs) and local producers in Aklan in product promotion. To ensure product attractiveness and appeal to the clients, TESDA tapped the members of the Marketing and Business Advisory Team (MBAT) of the KFC-TWG in the product evaluation. The experts noted the poor packaging/labeling of some local products and gave suggestions and recommendations for product enhancement.
A workshop was also conducted among Municipal Agrarian Reform Officers (MAROs), Municipal Agricultural Officers (MAOs) and Community Training and Employment Coordinators (CTECs).
The said workshop aimed to synchronize the programs and projects of these three frontliners in community development. This workshop was the first time when these catalysts of community development sat down and discussed common issues and concerns affecting their respective area of coverage. After the three-hour workshop, they were able to identify priority programs and projects for their respective municipalities. (LRO) mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Liga Building To House GAB Extension Office

By Alex P. Vidal

Hon. Angel Briones of the Iloilo Sangguniang Panlalawigan has offered to the Makati-based Games and Amusement Board (GAB) the use of the ground floor of the 2-million provincial Liga Ng Mga Barangay building at the back of the Iloilo Sports Complex in La Paz district as the GAB’s Iloilo extension office.
Briones made the offer to GAB Commissioner Alex Paglumotan during a dialogue attended by various organizers and leaders of professional sports in Iloilo City and province of Iloilo at Robinson’s Mall, Iloilo City on May 6.
Briones said, the building was a project of Senator Miriam Defensor – Santigao and is nearing its completion. “We are using top floor as gym for contact sports and we are offering the ground floor to be the extension office of GAB,” Briones said.


Briones said he made the offer to Paglumotan, a former Vice Mayor of Bacolod City, because he intends to license his athletes in Iloilo intending to turn professional.
GAB’s other extension office is located in Bacolod City and Briones said many of his poor athletes find it hard to cross the sea just to apply for professional license.
The board member was referring to his amateur boxers in the municipalities of Ajuy and Anilao who regularly participate in his boxing program in the fifth district of Iloilo. For his part, Paglumotan said, he was elated by Briones’ gesture saying he would report the “good news” to GAB Chairman Eric Buhain who was in Tokyo to supervise the World Boxing Council (WBC) minimum weight title fight between champion Eagle Kyowa and Cebuano challenger Rodel Mayol. Kyowa, a Thai won the fight by split decision on Saturday night, May 6 held at Kurukuean Stadium, Tokyo, Japan.


Paglumotan also thanked Gov. Niel D. Tupas, Sr. in a phone conversation facilitated by Briones after the dialogue where the governor expressed his support to the proposal to make the Liga building as Iloilo extension office of the GAB.
Paglumotan was delighted to hear Briones’ offer as the commissioner was still contemplating on asking Iloilo City lone district Rep. Raul Gonzales, Jr. to provide the extension office.
“The gestures of both Governor Tupas and Board Member Briones augur well with our desire to bring the government to the people like what we are doing in the Games and Amusement Board,” said the ecstatic Paglumotan, who is Tupas’ friend when the governor was still Congressman of the fifth district of Iloilo. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Magalit Holds Grand Reunion

The 3rd Magalit Grand Reunion was held on May 5–7, 2006 at Poblacion, New Washington, Aklan. It was sponsored by the Damaso Magalit Foundation, Inc. (DMFI).
According to Ms. Myrna Magalit Escalona, those who attended the reunion were the direct descendants of Damaso Tolentino Magalit and Antonina Helario who begot Crisogono, Basilio, Venancio, Zacarias, Victor, Dativa, Leon and Ma. Consuelo.
The highlight of the celebration was the program held at the New Washington Sports Complex to the Sampaguita Gardens Convention Hall, Poblacion, New Washington. There was invocation by Ralph D. Magalit, Pambansang Awit ng Pilipinas led by Linda M. Azur. Myrna M. Escalona welcome the participants and presided over the grand assembly meeting. Ms. Escalona is the president of the Damaso Magalit Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Landelino B. Meñez presented the major family groups. Pedro B. Magalit gave a message. There were socials and photo sessions. The raffle was presided by Irma O. Quiambao where several quality prizes were awarded to the lucky participants. Ethel Magalit Manikan took charge of parlor games for children.
In the evening of May 6, a big dinner was held where Master and Little Miss DMFI were proclaimed. Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino presided the coronation ceremonies as coronation speaker. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The Role of ICT In Local Governance *



This is another opportunity for all of us in Aklan to be proud of. We are very much happy to note that our province has been again chosen as venue for this kind of convention which you call a summit. I think this is one of the biggest gatherings hosted by Aklan province with delegations coming from some 250 State Colleges and Universities all throughout the country.
It is therefore my greatest pleasure to welcome you all for this first ever e-Quality ICT Summit held here in my province with the hope that the 3-day interaction can become fruitful and productive for the greater benefit of our people in our respective places.
I would like to be particularly thankful to the Aklan State University headed by its President, the good Doctor Benny A. Palma for becoming the moving force in bringing in to Aklan delegations from the various State Colleges nationwide for this first ever summit about Information and Communication Technology.
We need not emphasize the urgency of being updated and become an advocate and practitioner of ICT. Otherwise, being left behind in this particular field of technology will mean becoming laggards in many aspects of human and technological competition in the international sphere, the nation and her people must be into the latest in information and communication technology.
Information and Communication Technology will spell intellectual and therefore economic advancement of the nation and her people. ICT is a technological phenomenon becoming a stark reality and to be left behind will mean intellectual and economic retrogression.
I am glad that our State Colleges and Universities had taken the cudgels for the benefit of our people. Propagation and promotion of ICT among adherents must start with our school system where many of our young people are taking refuge to acquire relevant and effective education.
We need not emphasize also that ICT spells investments and employment. It is in this field that many of our workers who are employed earn decently and adequately.
ICT can best promote our potentials in every locality, like our tourism industry anchored on Boracay Island and our Ati Atihan Festival plus the other natural attractions of our province. Through ICT, projections of our places can gain the widest and farthest reach throughout the universe. Tourism of our province is best promoted through the latest in information and communication technology. Now, our tourism has already become a four billion peso arrivals hitting the half a million mark of last year. We project the number of visitors to hit the one million mark by year 2010 and ICT can do it for us. ICT is no longer a fiction or a make-believe phenomenon. It is a reality that has become urgent for all of us.
Effective local governance can be had through ICT when corruption can be lessened.
This is the reason why we are slowly automating transactions in Local Governance. We had just implemented the e-bidding in our provincial government through the provincial general services office where bidding of supplies, goods and services had become wide wide open with suppliers duly informed from all nooks and corners of the country with ICT facilities and infrastructure.
Slowly, we will be automating our real property tax assessment and collection with the provincial government at the lead and initially including the bigger towns of Kalibo, the capital, New Washington and Malay near Boracay Island. We availed of thirty-nine million peso loan with the Philippine National Bank to undertake this project because it is very necessary. As soon as this is installed, we expect revenues from real property taxes to reach more than double the traditional collection figures.
We are also attempting to automate our ticketing system and other services in our jetty ports for the convenience of tourists. ICT indeed is a must and we must be into it if our goal is to progress by leaps and bounds.
ICT can become our savior from decades of economic deprivation and from mediocrity in extending services to our people.
I wish you all the best during your stay here. We hope to be technologically nourished after this summit.
Thank you very much. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

SB Kalibo Members Are Busy

The Supreme Court of the Philippines declared Presidential Proclamation No. 1017 is valid but the acts made in consequence to it are unconstitutional. Example of these acts are the “no permit no rally” policy, the arrest of UP Professor Randy David, the raid of Tribune Editorial offices and others.
According to Secretary Bunye, it is too early to apologize as petition for reconsideration maybe filed soon. Sec. Bunye would perhaps file a petition for reconsideration to invalidate the decision to make PP 1017 invalid.


Mr. Enrique Dionio, President of the Aklan Fishpond operators Cooperative (AFOC) has proposed to Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo that AFOC be allowed to develop, operate, and maintain the “Bagsakan” located between Oyo Torong Street and the Aklan river. Mayor Rebaldo was interested in the proposal and so he requested Mr. Dionio to put it in writing.
In view of the favorable reaction of Mayor Rebaldo, Mr. Dionio on February 11, 2006 wrote the simple proposal and submitted it to the office of Mayor Rebaldo on February 13, 2006. On March 8, 2006 Mayor Rebaldo favorably indorsed to Hon. Melanie Tolentino, Chair of the Committee on Market and to Hon. Gregorio Malapad, Chair of Ways and Means Committee for their appropriate action. Until this writing, May 5, 2006 or after two months, Mr. Dionio is “still dreaming what happened to his proposal.”
As he related to me his story, I urged him to be patient as the Sangguniang Bayan Members of Kalibo are so busy the past months.” What do they do?” he asked. Well, I said, they are busy with projects like Information Technology, the library and others the past months. Last week they were in Baguio City to attend a sort of a seminar. “I understand” replied Mr. Dionio.
The proposal, according to Dionio, is to develop that site into a “Fish Center”. But business will also include fresh meat, poultry and eggs and fruits and vegetables. The project aims to provide stability of supply and price of high quality products to the people of Aklan. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Miss Numancia 2006 Beauty

By Christy Ann Navarra

“Inner beauty matters most.” That’s what she firmly believes. Ms. Jackyln Denise Reyes Sales of Barangay Navitas was crowned Ms. Numancia 2006 during the Grand Pageant and Coronation Night on April 29, 2006 at the Cultural Stage, Numancia Town Plaza, Poblacion, Numancia, Aklan. Coronation of Miss Numancia was one of the special features of the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker in Numancia, Aklan.
A true Filipina beauty at her best, Jackyln Denise, an eighteen year old stunning 5’5” beauty, body and brain was not only proclaimed Miss Numancia 2006, she was awarded as: Best in Production Number, Best in Talent, Best in Swimsuit, Ms. Hair Dimension Choice Award, Ms. Lucky Face Choice Award and Ms. Avon Choice Award.
Jackyln Denise Sales is the eldest child of Mr. Jose and Mrs. Remedios Sales of Brgy. Navitas, Numancia. She will be third year college student in Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Technology (BSHRT) in Aklan State University – Kalibo this coming school year. In an interview, she revealed she chose BSHRT course for two reasons – because she wanted to be a Hotelier and plans to put up a hotel of her own someday.
Her sexy body measures 34–25–36 enabling her to win the award for Best in Swimsuit. Her excellent introductory production number and her very touching, seemingly perfect charcoal painting and ethnic dancing talents gave her the Best in Production Number and Best in Talent Awards.
Jackyln Denise is one of the five finalists who came from the different Barangays of Numancia. They were all students whose ages ranged from 14 to 18 years old who competed in the beauty contest.
The other winners are Ms. Friendship and Best in Long Gown – Ms. Catherine Marie Gallardo of Brgy. Albasan, Ms. Photogenic – Niesel Jane I. Gonzales of Brgy. Bulwang and Best in Interview – Ms. Rosemel P. Tolentino also of Brgy. Bulwang.
Before the winners’ names were announced, Ms. Aileah Kathleen Gonzales Tropa, Ms. Numancia 2005 made her farewell walk and farewell speech in the evening of April 29, 2006, the Coronation Night.
The throne of Miss Numancia 2006, Her Majesty Jackyln Denise was composed of First Runner Up – Niesel Jane I. Gonzales, 2nd Runner Up – Catherine Marie P. Gallardo 3rd Runner Up – Rosemel P. Tolentino, and 4th Runner Up - Jonelyn S. Laurente.
The Search for Ms. Numancia 2006 was graced by Governor and Mrs. Carlito S. Marquez. It was organized by Hon. Perla Flores Badilla – Executive Chairman and Hon. Albert Ilarina – Pageant Coordinator. Mr. Ralph Baniqued and Mr. Leopoldo C. Sanchez, Jr. – were the Master of Ceremonies. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

WBF Official Graces GAB Boxing Convention

By Alex P. Vidal
World Boxing Foundation (WBF) President Mick Croucher was the only world boxing body international chief present during the 1st Games and Amusement Board (GAB) Philippine Boxing Convention held last April 18–22 at the Hotel Hyatt and Casino here in Manila.
The convention, attended by some of the country’s boxing managers, coaches, ring officials – referees and judges, promoters as well as guests from other world governing boxing groups, saw the awarding and recognition of Filipino world and national champions.
GAB Commissioner Alex A. Paglumotan announced that Posthumous awards were given to the former Filipino world boxing champions.
“Hundreds of local delegates from the ranks of big time promoters and managers, top referees and judges as well as the boxers themselves convened for this occasion,” said Paglumotan.
The GAB also recognized some of the deserving promoters, referees and judges who in one way or another have paved the way for the development of professional boxing in the Philippines. /MP

THREESOME. WBF President Mick Croucher, WBF Philippine Supervisor Alex Vidal, and Games and Amusement Board (GAB) Commissioner Alex A. Paglumotan during the “Rumble at the Park” boxing promotion at the Rajah Sulaiman Park, Manila, Philippines April 21, 2006. The card was the highlight of the 1st GAB Boxing Convention at the Hotel Hyatt and Casino, Manila. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com

Ro Mangmang Nga Salampati

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

May sangka saeampati, kon taw gon hay si Pindo. Isaeang ka maisot ag ordinaryong saeampati. Imaw ra rong guina sugo para maghatod it mga balita ko tag ana. Naisip ko tag–ana nga ibaligya imaw tungod maeoya eon ag mangmang pa.
Guinbaligya imaw kaibahan it ibang pispis. Guinsueod sanda sa isaeang ka hawla ko naka bakae agod isakay sa tren sa mahabang panakayon paadto sa San Francisco, California Estados Unidos. Pag–abot sa San Francisco, guin halin sanda sa mabahoe nga bapor nga madali eon lang magtueak paadto sa Australia.
Maskin nakasakay eon sa barko si Pindo, guina tinguha nana guihapon nga makaguwa sa hawla ag makabalik sa syudad it Nueba York, pero mabakod rong hawla. Makataliwan rong limang Domingo, nakaabot eon sanda sa pier it Sydney, Australia. Nakakulong pa guihapon si Pindo, pero gusto pa guihapo nanang magbalik sa Nueba York. Guin diskarga ro mga kahon ag bariles parabil magsirena ro barko para magtueak sa ibang destinasyon. Bangud sa pagmadali ko mga tripulante, nasamad rong hawla ni Pindo ag imaw hay nakaguwa. Eompad imaw it kataas taas, pagkatapos nag umpisang mageopad sa maeapad nga kadagatan it Pasifico. Pauli eon imaw sa anang dating guin istaran sa Nueba York.
Owa it nakasayod kon paano nana guin atubang rong mga naga alimpuyong bagyo, pati ro mabaskog nga hangin ag uean. Abo imaw nga nasub-eang nga mga kaaway sa daean, mga banog sa dagat nga haum kumaon it mga pispis nga kapareho nana.
Indi eon haeos imaw maka eopad, mahina eon ro anang eawas ag bali ro anang pakpak. Ano mang oras, mahueog imaw sa tubi ag maeonod. Isaeang ka bapor ro anang nakita. Kinampay nana ro anang katapusang kusog ag tumugpa imaw sa barko nga parang patay. Nakaeopad imaw it sobrang 4,000 milya ro distansya nga owa it pagkaon ag pahuway.
Guin tatap imaw it kapitan it barko ag guinhigtan it manipis nga papel ro anang siki nga may nakasueat kon paalin imaw nakaabot sa bapor. Pagdungka it bapor sa San Francisco, guinbuhian imaw it kapitan. Bumalik sa Nueba York si Pindo. Makataliwan rong waeong adlaw, hakibot ro dating tag-ana kat makita nana si Pindo sa baeay it Saeampati. “Dapat rayang pispis hay idto sa Sidney, Australia”, hambae pa nana.
Rayang pispis nga guina bilang nana nga mangmang hay halin pa sa kaeayuon nga 11,000 milya halin sa Sidney, Australia hasta sa syudad it Nueba York.
Halin kato, nag baylo ro pag tan aw kay Pindo. Bukon eon imaw it mang-mang. Imaw eang rong nakahimo it tumaeagsahong pag-eopad sa tanan nga pispis sa ibabaw it eogta. Owa eon igbaligya si Pindo maskin baylohan pa it bueawan nga 20 pilo rong timbang. /MP mailto:madyaas_pen@yahoo.com