Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Need To ‘Weather-Proof’ Agriculture
Secretary Arthur Yap of the Department of Agriculture (DA) has cited the urgent need to "weather-proof" Philippine agriculture and fisheries so the country can better adapt to climate change and thus sustain growth amid the ever-increasing demand for food and shrinking farm production here and abroad.

"Weather’-proofing" Philippine agriculture, Yap said, includes utilizing modern tools and techniques to develop the country’s risk assessment and disaster management capabilities and investing more in equipment, infrastructure, new technologies and extension services for farmers and fisherfolk to help them hurdle changing climatic conditions that have started hurting global farm yields.

Yap underscored the urgency of shielding agriculture and fisheries from the devastating effects of climate change on two major occasions. These are the "Farmers’ and Fishers" Night" sponsored by the Manila Overseas Press Club (MOPC) held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Makati City, and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Baños, Laguna last week before a visiting delegation of American government officials and business leaders led by US Agriculture Secretary Thomas Vilsack.

Vilsack and top-level representatives of 20 agribusiness companies were in Manila for a four-day US Agribusiness Trade and Investment Mission. During the visit, they met with President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo along with Yap and Cabinet officials; an inspection tour, briefings and a palay harvesting activity at IRRI; a milk and biscuit donation program; and a business forum at the Shangri-La Hotel, Makati City where the American businessmen discussed possible farm investment opportunities with about 200 local counterparts.

Yap stressed that the freak traits of Typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng" plus the unprecedented level of destruction these storms had wrought on Philippine agriculture are stark reminders that climate change is already upon us and is now the No. 1 threat to global farm production. Both cyclones have caused over P18 billion-worth of damage to agriculture alone. "We are living in a climate-changed world," Yap said "Clearly, it cannot be business as usual for Philippine agriculture. It cannot be business as usual for industry. It cannot be business as usual for society. The toll on lives and the damage to infrastructure, homes, food supplies, energy and transportation have racked up losses in the Philippines in the billions of pesos," he added.

"Also in the coming years, what is very critical," Yap said, "is we have to continue investing in public infrastructure. So we’re talking about water, small-irrigation, mariculture parks that are climate-change adapted."

The government needs to act swiftly, with the help of its foreign partners, to toughen Philippine agriculture against climate change so that the country could take advantage of the countless opportunities in this labor-intensive sector, especially in the areas of mariculture and biofuel feedstock production.

"With climate change already at our doorstep," Yap pointed out, the Philippines must build its in risk assessment and disaster management utilizing available technologies such as Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and climate check.

In his presentation before the Vilsack-led delegation at IRRI Yap stressed the government, through the DA, is investing more in equipment and infrastructure like irrigation works that harvest rain water (big reservoir types and small water impounding projects); all-weather roads; and post-harvest facilities such as farm mechanization, storages and warehouses.

New technologies such as drought-resistant, submergence-tolerant crop varieties should also be developed, while providing extension services, weather-based insurance and loans to farmers for production and land improvement.

Yap emphasized the need to strengthen and modernize the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics to improve its ability to track and conduct quick and effective surveys that are critical in designing and implementing programs on local and national levels.

With these programs in place, Yap hopes the Philippines can meet the ever-growing demand for biofuel feedstock locally and abroad and cash-in on this booming industry to help make agriculture a lucrative venture for its small stakeholders.

By 2014, the country would need 314,286 metric tons of coconut or another 660,000 metric tons of jatropha to produce biodiesel.

For 2011, about 17 to 20 distilleries are needed to process crops such as sugarcane (6.85 million MT), sweet sorghum (9.64 million MT) and cassava (2.98 million MT) into bioethanol to meet the local demand of 482 million liters. By 2014, the demand of 537 million liters of bioethanol is expected to be generated with the implementation of the 10 percent mandate.

With these aspirations, the Philippines must develop youthful, healthy, and intelligent capable farmers to handle agriculture and fishery industries systems responsive to the national requirement. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Power Plant To Use Biomass
"An electricity generating plant will be put up in Banga", announced Gov. Carlito S. Marquez last Wednesday afternoon, October 28 as he distributed the Community Based Composting Facility (CBCF) to the officers and members of the Farmers Association of Aklan. The CBCF came from the Department of Agriculture (DA).

According to Marquez, a 12 megawatt capacity electric power plant will be constructed, operated, and maintained in Banga using biomass. The electric power plant will use agricultural waste material like rice straw that are being burned by farmers to ease land preparation for the rice crop season to follow.

However, burning today is prohibited as it contributes to global warming. It is also hazardous as its fumes reduce visibility on the road and airports.
"Your rice straws will be purchased", said Marquez to the farmers. He also encouraged the farmers present to plant fast growing trees like Ipil-Ipil and Madre de Cacao to supply the power plant with its fuel needs.

In his short message, Marquez urged the farmers to apply the recommended best practices in food production to increase their harvest and net income. He recommended the use of hybrid seeds in rice production.

The CBCF is geared to produce vermicast or organic fertilizer the farmers themselves will produce in their respective farms. Agricultural farm waste such as rice straw, cow and chicken dung, banana stocks and grasses will be mixed and feed to the worms using the African Night Crawler breed. In a month or two, vermicast is produced. This is a safe, cheap fertilizer suitable for rice, corn, vegetables, and fruits growing and production. Vermicast will also enhance the growth of plankton in the fishfarm for fish feed like milk fish, prawn, and shrimp.

Rice, corn, vegetables, fruits, and fishes products are free of toxic materials and therefore palatable and healthful to eat.

Slapping In The KIA

Due to extreme heat in that Kalibo International Airport (KIA) pre departure area there were two slapping incidents which occurred last week. The first was the slapping that happened last week between the two "balikbayans. The other incident was between a Chinese woman and a "Pinay" wife of a Japanese national.

According to Mr. Jun Rabe, Branch Manager of Cebu Pacific Airways, the embarrassing incidents happened because of the over congestion in the departure area of the KIA. This is aggravated with the malfunctioning air conditioning units. Last week, only one aircon was functioning which could not reduce the temperature in the area.

Moreover, the comfort room is out of order at the back of the terminal building which is being used by airline personnel and other airport workers so that only one CR is used by both males and females.

According to Mr. Victor Reyes, branch manager, Philippine Airlines, there were leaking roofs and cleanliness and sanitation in the airport premises are not properly maintained. However, the leaking roofs were temporarily repaired by the airlines personnel.

Increasing KIA Terminal Fee

The terminal fee at KIA has increased from P20 to P40. Why increase the terminal fee when the airport management has not improved its facilities? It even deteriorates. Air conditioning units are not functioning normally. Comfort rooms are out of order. There is congestion in the pre departure area. The present condition in the airport is something to be ashamed of. Is this KIA facility world class? The Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Philippines (CAAP) must do something to improve the condition in the KIA.

To ease congestion, shops in the pre departure area should be removed. It can be return after enough space is available for them. CAAP must also revert to the collection of terminal fee at P20 only. Efforts must be exerted to improve cleanliness and sanitation in the KIA premises.

With the number of plane arrivals and departures in KIA, CAAP must have enough money to improve the facility in the KIA. /MP

Marquez Distributes Vermi Cast Production Equipment

Photo above shows Gov. Marquez with William Castillo, Provincial Agriculturist handing the bank check worth P175,000 to RIC president of Makato. Marquez at right giving the bank check worth P150,000 to Mr. Edwin Rome, MAO New Washington for the construction of Bagsakan Center.

Gov. Carlito S. Marquez distributed some 29 units of Community Based Composting Facility (CBCF) to the farmers associations (FA) in Aklan.

These CBCF will be used in the production of organic fertilizer popularly known as vermi cast. It will also be used in the utilization of farm waste materials which until today are wasted by farmers by burning such as rice straw.

One unit of CBCF consists of one unit shredder machine, Vermi-tea Brewer, Vermi-bed and 15 kilograms African Night Crawler worm.

Each farmers association will be provided with two sets of this CBFC which came from the Department of Agriculture (DA).

According to DA Sec. Arthur Yap, 54 units are allocated for Aklan. The first batch of 29 units were distributed by Gov. Carlito S. Marquez to FA recipients on Wednesday afternoon Oct. 28 at the provincial capitol ground. He was assisted by William Castillo, Provincial Agriculturist and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, chairman, Aklan Provincial Agriculture and Fishery Council.

Gov. Marquez also handed to Mr. Joel Tagala, Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO) of Makato a bank check worth P175,000. The money came from the National Agriculture and Fishery Council (NAFC), Quezon City to help finance the Goat Production Project of the Rural Improvement Club (RIC) of Makato.

Also, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez handed the bank check worth P150,000 to Mr. Edwin Rome, municipal agricultural officer of New Washington. The money represents the 15 percent of one million pesos as mobilization fund for the construction of the "Bagsakan Center" of LGU New Washington being assisted by NAFC.

The officers and members of the FA which received the CBCF will be trained in the operation and main-tenance of this (CBCF) equipment. They will also be trained in the production and manage-ment of vermicast. /MP

It Is Imperial In Banga

"Let the Bangan-hons decide their own destiny. Why will other people from other municipalities decide for us who will be the officials to lead the people of Banga?" asked Dr. Mercedes Imperial during a press conference she hosted. The presscon was held in ASU Cafeteria, Banga, Aklan on the early morning of Saturday, October 17.

Dr. Imperial referred to the Tibyog committee which favored the incumbent Vice Mayor of Banga Hon. Melanio Rentillo as the Tibyog Mayoralty candidate for Mayor of Banga. That committee is composed of Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Hon. Gerick Templonuevo, and Hon. Jose Yap.

"I have made up my mind to serve sincerely as Mayor of Banga if my people will allow me to serve them with all sincerity, loyalty, honesty, and well", Imperial declared during the press conference.

In the same occasion, a manifesto which indorsed her candidacy for Banga Mayor in the May 2010 elections was read. Among others, the manifesto was signed by Gina Dela Cruz–Daguitan; Priscila Rasco–Tabayon; Elisa Nival–Poblacion, Banga; Rowena Restar–Mambog; Juan Relator–Agbanawan; Basilio Regatallo–Polocate; Rey Ruzgal–Badiangan; Bernard Barrera–Lapnag; Lourdes Seraspi–Sigcay; Ramon Sante–Daja Sur; Vicente Navarra–Bacan; Ulysis Villanueva–Cerrudo; Amadeo Rogan–Poblacion; Nick Reteo–Cupang; Vicente Ibesate, Sr. –Ugsod; and Rosemarie A. Adorna who also read the manifesto.

According to Dr. Imperial, her municipal ticket is completed except for one Sangguniang Bayan member. Her running mate for Vice Mayor is Atty. Jufrey "Bongbong" Derequito. Her SB member candidates are Ramon Sante, Errol Fuentes, Yanyan Masigon, Arvin Recio, Eduard Retiro, Bobby Teodosio, and Jovanni Relator. The 8th candidate will be named soon.

During the press conference, some Banga professionals who supported to victory Mayor Antonio Maming in the May 2007 elections were present such as Atty. Sergio R. Rigodon, Atty. Liberato Ibadlit, Atty. Diomedes Resurreccion; and former Mayor Stevens Fuentes.

Asked why they are shifting support to Dr. Imperial, Atty. Resurreccion responded, "Mayor Maming has failed the Banganhons". /MP

Oplan Kaluluwa, Wasteful Spending of Govt. Resources


Oplan Kaluluwa was the main subject of discussion in the Kapehan Sa Aklan last Saturday, October 24 with PS1 Arnolito Laguerta as the main resource person (center). Assisting him at his right is SPO3 Julius Barrientos, Chief of Operations, while SPO3 Benny Jones Mendoza, Chief of Traffic Section is at his left.

The Kalibo Philippine National Police (PNP) on October 24, 2009 briefed tri-media on the on-going "Oplan Kaluluwa" at a weekly Kapehan forum. The panelists were PS1 Arnolito Laguerta, Kalibo PNP Chief, SPO3 Julius Barrientos, Chief of Operations and SPO3 Benny Jones Mendoza, Chief of Traffic Section.

Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino cited that death is the most universal and democratic of all human functions. It strikes people of all ages, at any time with little respect to age, class, creed or color. J. Kerby Anderson said that "definitely all will experience death".

A biblical passage in Job 14: 1-2 says that Man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. He comes forth like flower and fades away. He flees like a shadow and does not return.

The once somnolent ambience of cemeteries all throughout the archipelago will be abuzz with people drawn to their departed loved ones. Passion and color display from churches worship to cemeteries are indicative of Filipinos’ strong affiliation with those in the twilight zone. Candles, flowers, prayers, and sometimes food are offered on marked and unmarked graves by family bond that knows no boundaries. For Christians, there is hope of seeing each other again when Christ returns but unsaved ones, unfortunately will be forever lost.

PS1 Laguerta discussed "Oplan Kaluluwa" management plan for the two day celebration on November 1 and 2 (All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day). Laguerta said, the present police force will be augmented by Barangay Tanods of Poblacion, Estancia, and Andagao to man the three police assistance centers in cemeteries, traffic re-routing and mobile patrol will be done. Police assistance center will be beefed up by paramedics’ team to address health concerns. Center will also cater to local calls.

Strict enforcement of rules and regulations will be carried out against gambling, carrying of deadly weapons, drinking liquor, and unnecessary noises inside the four cemeteries of Kalibo, assured SPO3 Barrientos. Identified sites are Municipal, Catholic, Milagrosa, and Chinese cemeteries which are traditionally overflowing to capacity. Deployment of law enforces will be early to prevent private vehicles from parking inside cemetery grounds. This is to maintain orderliness, reduce disturbance as people move in and out.

Based on police intelligence, notorious shoplifters and pick pocketers from other places are already here in Kalibo to ply their trade. It is advisable that someone or a neighbor must be left at home as precaution against criminal elements, warned Barrientos. The same holds true for mobile phones, jewelries, hand-bag, and wallets since these are prime targets.

SPO3 Mendoza mentioned traffic re-routing on Osmeña Avenue fronting Milagrosa cemetery and Kalachuchi road (site of Municipal cemetery). The vehicles from Iloilo will take right turn to Jose Raz Meñez St., (capitol site), thence Fernandez St.. Those coming from Caticlan will take the same route. Kalachuchi road will be closed to traffic. Parking of PUJ (New Washington) fronting Municipal cemetery will be temporarily relocated to Fernandez St. (Comelec corridor).

Is there the need to mobilize the entire police department and its resource for two days around the clock for an affair that is supposed to be religious? This is also the case with the yearly Ati-Atihan which betrays our Christian values as to decency and respect for law and order. The bottom line is our religious values which are shallow and laden with hypocrisy. It is high time that we rethink and embrace the ideals of true faith, love, and freedom.

Visiting the dead could be done all throughout the year. Why wait for a particular day when travel and time could be unbearable and constricting? It is absurd to see families spending the whole day and far into the night when this could be done in an hour or two. After all prayers, lighting of candles, and saying the rosary can be done at home.

The recent death of one male college student in Cavite due to hazing in a fraternity initiation is very significant. At least two schools here in Kalibo admit the same problem. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, President of NVC confirmed that one of their students was traumatized and decided to quit schooling. It seems that hazing is still rearing its ugly head in schools despite laws and regulations against it.

Police Chief Laguerta reported that Kalibo’s crime incidence is limited to petty crimes like theft and robbery. However, law enforces are still vigilant especially criminal syndicates. He vowed to look into the status of fraternity organizations and illegal numbers game that may crop up as election fever heats up.

Local intelligence operatives know of the presence of criminal elements yet, wait for them to strike before making formal arrest. Wait and see attitude do not jibe with modern police crime management. On line electronic gadgets provide timely information on rouges’ profile and modus operation. Identi-fication of hiding places of wanted persons must be known, criminals arrested and placed behind bars.

Deterrence to crime is always increased police visibility but the best can be the presence of law abiding citizens. It is lamentable that even in religious celebrations, law enforcers need to be watchful and vigilant when other more pressing tasks need to be addressed. Oplan Kaluluwa definitely is wasteful spending of government resources, a futile exercise the dead could rise up and protest. /MP

Truck Kisses A Tricycle

The picture above portrays the scene at the center of corner Roxas Ave., and A. Mabini Street, Kalibo, Aklan. The drivers’ carelessness of both the tricycle and the truck, and the utmost disregard of traffic law, rules, regulations, and road courtesy resulted to this accident which happened at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Tuesday, October 27. This accident should not have happened if the drivers just observed simple traffic rules and road courtesy. Nobody was hurt in the accident, thank God.

Celebrate Rice This November

Rice is life. Celebrate life; celebrate rice this coming November, the National Rice Awareness Month. Join the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rice Research Institute (DA-PhilRice) as it leads the celebration with the theme, The future is bright, the future is rice.

Declared in January 2004 through Presidential Proclamation No. 524, the National Rice Awareness Month aims to honor rice, the staple food of the Filipinos providing fuel to the country’s agricultural economy.

According to DA-PhilRice Executive Director Ronilo Beronio, "The future is bright, the future is rice" is an optimistic theme, which aims to introduce to students of all levels the various opportunities not just in rice farming, but also in other social and agro-industrial ventures.

To highlight the role of rice as the principal source of energy and protein of Filipinos, a supplemental feeding program, which will benefit school children and out-of-school youth, will be conducted throughout the month of November.

On November 23-26, an exhibit at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and a series of seminars on rice and rice-related issues at DA in Quezon City, will give everybody a chance to experience rice.

To promote the value of rice especially among urban students and residents, a ceremonial rice harvesting will be conducted on November 27 at the Rice Garden in Rizal Park, Manila.

Publications which include a coffee table book and children’s story book on rice will also be launched.

Other activities include the following: rice quiz show and poster-making contest for high school students, and cooking contest for college students; an exhibit during the International Rice Genetics Conference on November 16-19 at the Manila Hotel; Annual Rice Forum on November 26 at the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture in Los Baños, Laguna.

T-shirt design and jingle-making contests which are open to all high school and college students have been launched recently. Deadline for entries was set on October 23.

This year’s celebration will kick off with the commemoration of DA-PhilRice’s 24th Anniversary on November 3-6.

DA-PhilRice is a government-owned and –controlled corporation that aims to develop high-yielding and cost-reducing technologies so farmers can produce enough rice for all Filipinos. /MP

WBC Sells Pacquiao – Cotto Key Rings To Raise Funds For RP Typhoon Victims

LOS ANGELES, California – The World Boxing Council (WBC) has offered its "modest support to the great people of this extraordinary boxing country (Philippines)", which was slammed by deadly typhoon "Ketsana" (Ondoy) that killed hundreds of people and rendered thousands of families homeless, by selling commemorative key-rings of the first WBC Diamond Belt fight ever between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Angel Cotto on Nov. 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The project dubbed "WBC Asia Relief fund – Philippine Disaster", offers circle keyring model double face key-ring: one face with Pacquiao, the back face with Cotto 1.75 inches diameter, glove model big (3 inches tall by 2.25 wide) shiny finish and old metal matt finish for the following prices: 5 assorted key-rings = US $50 plus shipping; 10 assorted key-rings = US $95 plus shipping; 15 assorted key-rings = US $140 plus shipping; 20 assorted key-ring = US $185 plus shipping; and 50 assorted key-rings = US $450 plus shipping.
According to the WBC News released from the office of president Jose Sulaiman Chagnon in Mexico City on October 12, 2009, "all the money raised will be sent for charity to the Philippines through the Games and Amusement Board chaired by WBC vice president Eric Buhain.

"The WBC joins the world helping force just like we did in 2005 in the Asian Tsunami disaster. Extra donations will be really appreciated by our Philippine brothers," said the WBC News.

Associated Press has reported that authorities sent more than 200 coffins recently to the typhoon-battered northern Philippines for the grim task of burying the storm’s victims, including a family of eight whose house was buried under a torrent of mud.
The nationwide death toll from landslides and flooding reportedly stood at more than 600 since back-to-back storms started pounding the northern Philippines on Sept. 26.

Hundreds of thousands are still displaced, and the damage from the worst flooding in 40 years has run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

The death toll was so high that some areas ran out of coffins. More than 200 wooden caskets assembled in neighboring provinces were exported to Baguio City, where more funerals were planned, said regional disaster-relief director Olive Luces.

Baguio city, in the heart of the Cordillera mountain range where at least 277 people died, organized a burial for a family of eight, including six children, whose house along Marcos Highway was pinned down by other houses that tumbled down a mountainside.

Pregnant Boxer Loses World Title Bid

A 20-year-old Colombian boxer was disqualified from fighting for the World Boxing Council (WBC) female super flyweight championship after doctors discovered she was pregnant, the WBC announced in Mexico City recently.

Francia Elena Bravo (11-3, 8 KO’s) was the mandatory challenger of champion Ana Maria Torres for the WBC title on October 31 in Mexico but was found positive in a pregnancy test during the mandatory safety examinations conducted by the WBC.

Bravo, who hails from Crete, Colombia, earned the title shot after she pulverized Vanesa Medrano in two rounds in Cordoba, Colombia on August 8, 2009.

Prior to besting Medrano, she solidified her title bid by hacking out a spectacular second round stoppage win over Laura Zarate in Barranquilla, Colombia.


In her only other fight outside Colombia, she was knocked out in the fourth round by Yesica Yolanda Bopp in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the WBC international female light flyweight title on September 26, 2008.

It would have been her first fight in Mexico and second title fight outside Colombia.

"The World Boxing Council’s mandatory pregnancy test during the 14-day advance weigh-in surprised Francia Elena Bravo, who found out that she will be a mom," the WBC reported.

"The WBC wishes Francia Elena Bravo the best of luck on her beautiful motherhood journey," concluded the WBC which was expected to announce immediately the challenger for Torres (19-3, 11 KO’s) who will defend her title for the third time. Torres is nine years older than Bravo. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Bueak It Dap-dap

Guina patihan it iba nga kon magbueak ro Dap-dap hay matambok man ro mga alimango, kasag, ag sugpo. Matambok man ro mga isda tongod naga bihod. Rikara kita naga paayaw-ayaw it kaon it alimango tongod puno it alige. Ogaling durong cholesterol nga contra sa masakit pareho it eobat ag masakit sa tagipusuon.

Sa pagtaliwan it mga dinag-on, guin tukib ko ro kamatuoran kon ham-an it sa oras nga pagbueak ko Dap-dap hay naga aligianan man ro mga alimango. Ro Dap-dap hay sangka kahoy, may si-it, ag mahumok ro anang kahoy. Sadyaan ra bueak, may pueang kolor. Ra dahon hay korteng tagipusu-on. Tongod sangka "legume" hay naga pa "fertile" it eapok ag maeamig ra handong busa, guina gamit nga "shade tree" sa abaca ag iba pang tanum.

Kato anay nga tiyempo, ro tanan nga hayop sa dagat hay mayad-ayad ro pagsinaeayo. Kada isaea kanda hay sarang maka pamasyar sa maskin siin nga lugar. Ro isda hay sarang man maka saka sa takas ag ro mga pawikan, alimango ag kutob may bagoe nga hayop hay mahumok ro andang eawas. Raya hay oras sa pag-eono.

Isaeang adlaw, nag patawag it miting si Haring Neptuno, ro hari it kadagatan. Abo kuno nga reklamo ro mga tawo sa ibabaw it eogta nga kon magta-ob hay ro mga hayop sa dagat hay naga winarang ag abo man nga mga tanum ro naga kasamad sa andang pagkinaon. Isaea guid ro alimango nga naga kagutay-gutay ro mga tanum kon hi-agyan ko anang mga kamaeos.

Guin patawag si alimango agod mag sabat sa pabangod kana. "Ano abi ay kakon guin pasa ro mga bueawan nga guina takaw it mga isda nga sugo it mga syokoy ag serena", sabat it alimango. "Sa ano guina gamita ro bueawan?" may kahangawa nga pangutana it hari.

"Agod obrahon nga korona it prinsesa, kaibahan ko mga perlas nga una man makit-an sa idaeum it dagat", dueongan nga sabat it mga isda. Guin pangutana pa guid ro alimango kon ham-an it imaw ro naga daea. Suno kana, guina akigan imaw it prinsesa kon indi magtuman.

Umpisa kato, guin bawae eon ko hari ro tanan nga hayop sa kadagatan nga mag-adto sa takas ano mang oras ag adlaw. Guin butangan nana it tanda para indi malipatan ro anang kasuguan. Pag nagbueak ro tanum nga Dap-dap sa kilid it suba, owa it maka saka nga hayop sa ibabaw. Samtang sige mat-a nga dinaea it bueawan ko alimango idto sa Prinsesa. Kon magbueak ro dapdap sigurado nga may daea eon man nga bueawan ro alimango. Imaw ro alige nga guina daea nana. Agud indi imaw masayran, idto imaw naga panago sa anang buho, hasta nga matapos nana it bo-bo ro bueawn sa Prinsesa. Bilang pasaeamat kana it Prinsesa, guin taw-an imaw it kagat agod anang armas kon may naga away kana. /MP

Truck Kisses A Tricycle

The picture above portrays the scene at the center of corner Roxas Ave., and A. Mabini Street, Kalibo, Aklan. The drivers’ carelessness of both the tricycle and the truck, and the utmost disregard of traffic law, rules, regulations, and road courtesy resulted to this accident which happened at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Tuesday, October 27. This accident should not have happened if the drivers just observed simple traffic rules and road courtesy. Nobody was hurt in the accident, thank God.

Overweight and Obesity: Emerging Nutrition Problems

Results of the 2008 National Nutrition Survey by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST) revealed a significant increase in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among Filipino adults.

Although prevalence of chronic energy deficiency (CED), a measure of under-nutrition among adults, decreased significantly from 12.3 percent in 2003 to 11.6 percent in 2008. However, the prevalence of overweight and obesity significantly increased by 2.6 percent.

The increasing number of overweight and obese Filipinos, besides genetic inheritance, may be blamed on sedentary lifestyle, skipping breakfast, snacking, frequent eating, larger portion sizes of food, frequent visits to fast food chains and restaurants, and often, just pure laziness.

Overweight and obese individuals are particularly at risk of suffering from societal pressure. Moreover, these people may suffer related diseases like cancer, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

In some countries, multi-sectoral approaches to tackle the problem on obesity are being organized. This would involve governmental policies on health, agriculture, education, science and technology, transport and urban planning and a range of different stakeholders across national, regional, and local levels cooperating to find viable solutions.

Since overweight and obesity result from an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure, personal responsibility may be the most effective solution. However, organization of peer groups, information campaigns and conduct of healthy lifestyle programs will be of great help.

The lead agency in nutrition-related researches in the country, FNRI-DOST, has its own share in overweight and obesity management.The Nutrition Science and Technology Division of the FNRI-DOST provides consultation services to improve the health and well-being of clients through the provision of high quality diet counseling. The team is composed of highly experienced and competent nutritionists and dietitians. Counseling is done by appointment. /MP

Communist Infiltrates Youth/Student Sector

by Sgt Glenn I Zolina (Inf) PA-3CMOU,CMOG,PA

Student activism started in the early 1930’s as a form of struggle against American colonizers. The Filipino youth and students were among the prime targets of the communist movement in its early existence. Student activism took a more concrete form when Jose Maria Sison organized the Kabataang Makabayan (KM) as the youth Arm of Lapiang Manggagawa or workers Party of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). Since then, the party gained substantial headway in its expansion. It carried out various mass actions, foremost of which was the First Quarter Storm (FQS) of 1970 that hastened the so called revolutionary situation then prevailing in the country.

To date, there are around 15 – 20 militant student organizations believed to have been exploited/manipulated by the CPP/NPA/NDF. The most militant Youth/Student group in the different colleges and universities nationwide is the League of Filipino Student (LFS). This is a national alliance of student organizations, student’s councils, school alliances from colleges and universities in the Philippines.

The LFS led boycotts, demonstrations and delegations demanding tuition fee rollback and other issues related in school just to influence the belief, emotion, behavior, attitude and opinion of the students. The CPP founding Chairman Joma Sison expressed his gratitude to the LFS being one among the biggest components which provides mass support to the CPP/NPA/NDF legal struggle.

The Philippine Army in the province of Aklan particularly the 12IB, 3ID and 3CMOU is on their track to provide education to the students about the hidden agenda of this organization. One of the primary characteristics of the LFS aside from being a radical organization struggling for the attainment of national democracy is a source of a political cadre of the CPP/NPA/NDF.

Today, the AFP recorded numerous violations of children’s human right committed by the communist. "The rights of every child to be protected against abuse, exploitation, violence and danger" are abused. Just last 13 October 2009, the 82IB encountered and recovered NPA camp in Brgy Onop, Miag-ao, Iloilo. One of their propaganda messages painted in a laminated sack is "Pamatan-on mag intra sa NPA". This is a clear manifestation that the CPP/NPA/NDF is encouraging the youth to become their members.

As part of the Army Social Responsibility, the 12IB and 3CMOU, Philippine Army through its Internal Security Awareness Symposium (ISAS) conducted in different schools in the province of Aklan, states that "if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle," Sun Tzu. /MP

Mar, Korina Tie The Knot Tuesday

Sen. Mar Roxas and broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez walked down the aisle of the Santo Domingo Church at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, Tuesday, October 27.

The much-talked about wedding was packed with political and show business personalities, as well as representatives from various POs, NGOs and communities who have been invited to attend.

There was no grand reception after their afternoon, Filipiniana-themed wedding.

The senator from Capiz and the veteran broadcast anchor decided to donate the budget for the lavish wedding reception that should have been held at the Araneta Coliseum to six (6) charity organizations providing assistance to victims of typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng."

A total of P2.2 million was donated by the couple to Caritas Philippines– P500,000; ABS-CBN Foundation Sagip Kapa-milya–P500,000; GMA Kapuso Foundation– P500,000; Philippine National Red Cross – National Blood Service, P250,000; Philippine National Red Cross, for the account of typhoon Ondoy–P250,000; Igan Foundation–P100,000; and ABS-CBN Foundation Kapamilya Shower Na Project–P100,000.

"We had sacrifice our dream wedding. What’s important is that we’re finally married," Sanchez added.

The principal sponsors for the Roxas-Sanchez nuptials were Chief Justice Reynato Puno, former Senate President Jovito Salonga, Eugenio Lopez III, Sen. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino, Jorge Araneta, Ms. Rosa Rosal, Helen Costales, Ruby Roxas, Cecilia Lazaro, and Maria Fores.

Roxas’ 16-year old son Paolo Zaldarriaga was the senator’s bestman while Dang Cecilio-Palanca served as the matron of honor.

The ring bearer was actress Kris Aquino’s son, James A. Yap Jr., while Miguel L. Sanchez and Matthew C. Garcia were the coin and Bible bearers, respectively. /MP

Friday, October 23, 2009


Reform Agricultural Extension
To Boost Food Production

Sen. Loren Legarda, chair of the Senate Committee on Food and agriculture, last week, Oct. 13, advocated for reforms in the agricultural extension system. She also recommended higher salaries for its workers to boost food production in the light of grave natural disasters caused by climate change.

In a speech to the third National Agricultural, Fisheries, Forestry and Natural Resources Symposium at the Heritage Hotel in Manila, Sen. Loren Legarda declared that agricultural extension work has been largely ineffective because of the failure to devolve resources along with responsibility to the local government units.

"Being unprepared and not knowing how to direct agricultural growth … the local government officials … could not be faulted if they were not given the proper guidance and advice in their decentralized responsibilities, and corresponding financial resources for the devolved functions," said Loren.

"The country has about 20,000 extension workers who are devolved and now employed by the LGUs (local government units). They are tasked to educate and teach the millions of farmers and fisherfolk. Yet these workers, as many studies have shown, suffer from low morale and skills, especially those in the 4th to 6th class LGUs.

"These personnel are paid much less than their counterparts in the national and better-off LGUs. Because of the poor financial situation and the lack of attention by many local governments, many of these personnel have not been able to keep up with new knowledge, technology, and skills.
"Worst, they have not been able to undertake their duties of teaching and providing advice to farmers and fisherfolk on agriculture and fishery activities. The reasons are partly the weakness in local government administration and partly the refusal of the national government to devolve the resources to finance extension activities," Legarda averred.

She also disclosed that farmers have complained that extension workers are not seen in the field as much as they should be to advice them in all aspects of agriculture, fishery production, home management, and rural youth development especially in times of calamities. Extension workers must guide farmers and rural youth on technical and practical aspects of farming, such as choice of crops, and marketing strategy, as well as in the application for and proper use of farm loans.

Legarda called upon Congress to pass the Agricultural Extension bill that would institute reform in the agricultural extension system, including the provision of more financial resources from the national government to the LGUs to support agricultural extension work.

Under the proposed law, the national government will shoulder the salaries of the local extension workers under a counterpart or matching scheme. The money that will be saved by the LGUs will be used for agricultural activities, such as the traveling expenses for extension workers, teaching aids, demonstration materials, and other services.

Legarda vowed she would include a provision that would allocate strictly for the use of agriculture and fisheries five (5) percent or P13.2 billion to 10 percent or PhP26.5 billion of the Internal Revenue Allotment for agricultural extension services.

"The bill will also give the local extension personnel the opportunity to have a promising career path. It will allow us to professionalize the extension services," she added.

"Agricultural extension services have to come up with strategies to help subsistence farmers organize themselves for commercializing their operations’ profitably. Agricultural extension services have to translate the concept of farmers’ participation into action, promoting a bottom-up approach in decision making, planning and program implementation," Legarda stressed.

The farm families should be taught to address environmental concerns in the light of the terrible devastation and casualties wrought by typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng which have been attributed to global warming.

"There is no way for a profession like farming, and fishing which depend on nature, to ignore environmental concerns. Environment-friendly measures must be adopted in agricultural activities and these are taught to the farmers and their families through extension," Legarda pointed out./MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Good Public Relations
Is Excellent Performance
According to a most trusted source, Akelco has included P300,000 in its 2009 budget to finance a massive public relations campaign. It is a media campaign in order to develop favorable image of Akelco among its member-consumers and the Aklanons. This is a lot of money that Akelco can save and still create a beautiful image. It can minimize expenses and reduce operations loss.

Public relation is a plan designed to promote favorable image of an individual, a group of individuals, a commodity or an organization. This is done through the mass media, outdoor advertisement like streamers, billboards; posters, movies, internet, handbills, and other forms of information dis-semination. It is also done by holding meeting, seminar, field trip, exhibits.

But the excellent and most effective public relations is PERFORMANCE. Members of the tri-media outfits like radio, television, and newspapers will project the best performance of an individual, organization, and commodity without cost, very minimal if any.

What are the best in an individual such as a candidate for an elective position will be highlighted in the mass media for the information of the voters without cost. Likewise, what are objectionable in that candidate will be given the voters.

When an individual pays for publicity, the people will think and feel what are highlighted in that individual’s life is only the good side.

As to an organization, like the Akelco, the member consumers will salute, congratulate, praise to high heaven for all the best performance. But how will Aklanons salute, praise Akelco when it reported 99.14 percent collection, and 12.06 percent systems loss but in its 2009 operations, Akelco lost P140 million?

An organization which spends more money to improve its public image maybe short of performance. How can Akelco improve its image when it brings some damage to its clients? That transformer explosion in Poblacion, Banga on Sept. 6, 2009 could have been prevented if it has followed some preventive measures. This reflected the quality of performance; the frequent power stoppage too.
Propensity to Spend

But Akelco management has the propensity to spend. In the previous years, Akelco employed Mr. Edgar Isada as its auditor. He is an Aklanon and therefore he does not need to incur more expenses in the performance of his functions as Akelco auditor.

Mr. Isada is readily available in case he is needed. He does not need more time and expenses to report to Akelco. But what is wrong with Mr. Isada? His service was terminated. As member consumer, I do not know the reasons why his services with Akelco was stopped. Only the Akelco management and Board of Directors know the reasons.

In the place of Mr. Isada, a CPA from Bacolod City was hired auditor. Here, Akelco will pay his transportation expenses from Bacolod City to Kalibo and his return trip to Bacolod City. This transport expenses is saved if Isada is allowed to continue his job. Isada does not need to travel from Bacolod to Kalibo as he is an Aklanon.

Since the auditor is a stranger in Aklan, then he will stay and sleep in the hotel. Who pays his hotel bills? Consumer members, neither Akelco BOD nor management. How about his food? Akelco cannot starve him, he must be fed.

This explains or illustrates why Akelco is losing in its operations inspite of its 99.14 collection efficiency and 12 percent system losses. /MP

DOSE-rbisyo Celebration

DYRU JEWELS who are sitting (l to r) Let-Let B. Rapio, Annie Lee M. Bautista, Jocelyn B. Bugarin, Niña M. Diangson, and Lyneth R. Mendoza. Standing are (l to r) Fred Pintor, Roderick Quimpo, Tong Balairos, Ronel Barrida, Ron Bautista, Harvey Gelito, Michael Selorio, Conrad Indelible and Butz Maquinto. (Not in the picture are Cathy Ismael and Mark Sy).

"DOSE-rbisyo, Numero Uno sa RU" is the call name in the 12th Anniversary celebration of the RGMA-DYRU Kalibo. The celebration was held at lunchtime on Saturday, October 17 in the fully air conditioned room and immaculate clean ground floor of the building located at Roxas Avenue Extension, Andagao, Kalibo.

Mr. Butz Maquinto, the hardworking, analytical, articulate, and pursuing anchorman led in the celebration. He is not only a radio broadcaster with numerous tones of voices; he is a productive manager as well.

Butz starts talking before 5:00 in the morning and ends talking even after nine. His management job starts immediately after his broadcast ends even after 5:00 in the afternoon. He does these six (6) days a week.

Gazing with the members of his staff, nothing struck me well but they are of high morale. This is one indication of work satisfaction which is the greatest motivator in the fulfillment of job.

Who will be happy but them and their listeners who are contributors to the realization that RGMA – DYRU is the most listened to radio station in Aklan. This is confirmed in a study conducted by the Mass Com students of the NVC done in August 2009.

The 12th Foundation Day Celebration was highlighted with the recognition and award of its Model Employee 2008, Roderick L. Quimpo. The anniversary program was graced by Hon. Jerome Vega – Station Manager, RMN-DYKR; Jomer Soriano – Asst. Station Manager, DYIN–Bombo Radyo; Mr. Winston Carillo – President, AUMA; Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino – former Vice Governor, and other great media personalities of Aklan.

SM Butz, in his message, reviewed the process they underwent before RGMA – DYRU captured the "Golden Dove" award and be the number one radio station in Aklan in terms of listeners, income, and credibility.

Certainly, DYRU covered the anniversary program live which started with the invocation and message of Fr. Tudd Belandres. Kaibahang Lyneth R. Mendoza welcomed the visitors. Atty. Tolentino and Mr. Winston Carillo gave their respective messages. After he received the award, Roderick L. Quimpo gave his response, a recommitment of service to the Aklanons.

Senior Field Reporter Michael T. Selorio thanked the guests and visitors present in the occasion. Program Director Let-Let B. Rapio and News Director Annie Lee M. Bautista were the Lady Deans of Ceremony.

Who said there is food shortage? Not at RGMA–DYRU. There are more delicious food, drinks, good and pretty young ladies, and men who are making DYRU "Numero Uno". (by. Ambrosio R. Villorente) /MP

When Businessmen Follow The Laws Consumer Protection Is Needless


Ms. Deana C. Ruiz, Trade and Development Specialist, and Engr. Diosdado P. Cadena, Jr., provincial director, both of DTI. They were the guest resource persons in the Consumer Month celebration in the Kapehan sa Aklan on October 17.

October is declared National Consumer month. Hence, the presence of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) guests to the weekly Kapehan forum on October 17, 2009 was warmly welcomed. Engr. Diosdado P. Cadena, Jr., Prov’l. Director, DTI and Ms. Deana C. Ruiz, Trade and Development Specialist, DTI discussed the topic on "Consumer Protection". Cons-picuously absent was DOH representative which is the lead agency in the 2009 celebration. The consumers’ organization was not represented too.

Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino said, "RA 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines declares the basic policy of the State to protect the interests of the consumers, promote their general welfare and establish standards of conduct for business and industry.

Towards this end, the State shall implement measures to achieve the following objectives: a) protection against hazards to health and safety, b) protection against deceptive, unfair and unconscionable sales acts and practices, c) provision of information and education to facilitate choices and the proper exercise of rights by the consumers, d) provision of adequate rights and measures of redress, and e) involvement of consumer representatives in the formulation of social and economic policies.

Consumer protection law is considered an area of public law that regulates private law relationships between individual consumer and the business that sells those goods and services. The law covers a wide range of topics such as product liability, privacy rights, unfair business practices, fraud, mis-representation and other consumer/business interactions. Enforcement of consumer protection laws are prominent in the European Union, Republic of China (Taiwan), United Kingdom, USA and Commonwealth countries (Australia and New Zealand).

Engr. Cadena cited the scope of consumer protection under RA 7394 implemented by six (6) government agencies namely: DOH (medical drugs), DA (agricultural products), DTI (prime consumer products), DepEd, Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas and LGU’s. Private sector involvement is Consumer Welfare Organization formerly headed by Mr. Rufino Barrios and now Engr. Pablo Beltran, Jr.

In case the Philippines is declared in a National State of Calamity, the price control law under RA 7394 will be in effect. Covered items are rice, canned goods, processed milk, coffee, detergent bars, candles, bread (pan de sal/loaf bread) and salt. The reference point is the prevailing price immediately before proclamation.

DTI has deputized LGU Market Admi-nistrators to implement price ceilings on consumer products and empowered to penalize or impose sanctions against violators. Engr. Cadena however pointed out price control has inherent negative impact on product availability and affordability over the long term. Regulatory measures as price control that are imposed even during normal times tend to favor hoarding/black marketing and dampen profits.

Apart from price control, DTI has two strategies in realizing its mandate through product design and marketing. In the forefront is the manufacture of native bayong or utility bag from buri palm and engineered bamboo to replace lumber. Marketing promotion and sales among small and medium scale industries are done through provincial and national trade fairs. One town, one product (OTOP) showcase Aklan’s pride – embroidered piña cloth and other natural fibers, pottery and bricks, vermicast and bariw mats/hats.

Issues and concern are the glove in the hand approach or helplessness of DTI in price control of prime commodities immediately after typhoon Frank hit Aklan on June 21, 2008. Despite widespread violation of price ceilings, nobody was ever charged or fined. Engr. Cadena clarified the issue by stating that prevailing situation during those times was extremely critical that all supply routes of consumer goods to Aklan were cut off for three weeks. Imposing legal sanctions against certain business establishments would force them to withhold supply and consequently open floodgate of black market trading.

Proliferation of sub-standard and hazardous products involving local and imported ones remain unchecked. DTI maintains that all manufactured products must bear Seal of Quality or warranty in order that buyers may claim either repair of goods, or replacement of product/parts and refund of payment. In other words, avoid fraudulent and substandard products.

High cost of fertilizers and lack of liberal credit have contributed largely to lower production of rice, corn, and vegetables. Although fertilizer is included in consumer watch list, DTI has never lifted a finger in regulating skyhigh prices. Last year, urea went up to P1,500 per bag. Among the production inputs, fertilizer contributes 20 per cent to total crop production, a great factor in farm production.

Readiness of NFA to import rice up to two million tons next year in the face of destructive typhoons without due consideration on the consequences to our farmers and families is skewed compared to the package of production incentives granted by governments of Vietnam, Thailand and India to their farmers.

Our policymakers are so bias for consumers forgetting the 65 percent Filipino farmers. Rice importation is butchering sweetly the Filipino farmers. When the world is reeling with the effects of climate change and ethnic violence, how can our ever increasing demand be met? Shall the Filipinos continuously import and widen the foreign trade imbalance? Rice inadequacy has taken different economic and political overtones. Both have disastrous consequences.

Definitely, consumers protection in the country started 17 years ago. The law was passed in 1992, yet its impact is insignificant in terms of savings and value. Continuing education on consumer awareness must be undertaken by public and private sectors in order to uphold quality standards and price ceiling, and hasten progress. Consumer protection is not needed if businessman follows the laws, rules, regulations religiously, if we just follow the "golden rule". /MP

Mar–Korina Wedding Is A Go Cancels Reception

"The wedding will proceed as announced, but the reception is cancelled." Revealed broadcast journalist and bride-to-be, Korina Sanchez last week in a press statement issued to the media. Sanchez is to be married to Liberal Party Vice Presidential bet Sen. Mar Roxas on October 27 at the Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City.

"Instead of spending for the reception at Araneta Coliseum as planned, Mar and I agreed to donate the amount set aside for it, to various charity organizations taking care of evacuees and victims of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng," Sanchez added. These charity organizations are Caritas Manila, the Philippine National Red Cross, Sagip Kapamilya of ABS-CBN and Kapuso Foundation of GMA-7, among others.
"Wedding invitations have already been sent out," according to Sanchez. "We are hoping that our guests will understand why we are doing this. It really does not feel right to be celebrating - no matter how important this date is for Mar and I - at a time of calamity and difficulty for a large number of our kababayans" (country-men), she said.

In the same statement, Senator Roxas said: "Matagal nga naming pinlano ni Korina at pinaghandaan ang espesyal na araw na ito. Gusto sana namin na marami ang kasalo sa saya. Pero parang hindi tama na malaki ang gagastusin sa selebrasyon sa panahon ng kalamidad. Napakarami nating kababayan ang naghihirap ngayon – lubog sa tubig-baha. Pakikiramay at pagtulong na rin namin ito sa kanila." (We have planned a long time with Korina and prepared for it specially this day. We like that more people can enjoy with us. But it is not fitting to spend more in the celebration in times of calamity. More of our countrymen is now suffering – submerged in flood water. This is our assistance to them.)

The much talked about wedding is the stuff of celebrity talk shows and entertainment columnists. Originally, a show and reception had been planned at the Araneta Coliseum after the Sto. Domingo rites.

Political and show business personalities as well as representatives from various POs, NGOs and communities that are close to the couple were invited to attend. /MP

AKELCO Transformer Explodes Brings Great Damage

At about 10:45 o’clock in the morning, Sunday, September 6, 2009, the transformer of Aklan Electric Cooperative (Akelco) exploded. The transformer was located at corner Margarita and Santan Streets, Poblacion, Banga, Aklan.

As a consequence of the explosion, fourteen (I4) families became victims. Their major appliances were damaged.

The victims are families whose electrical connections were connected with the transformer that exploded.

The victims have written the General Manager (Mr. Chito Peralta) on September 8 requesting for any assistance from Akelco for the repair of their appliances damaged. The letter was signed by Hon. Gelacio R. Guarino, Sangguniang Bayan member of Banga. Until this writing, October 23. Akelco has not responded. They have not received any response.

Those victims and their damaged appliances are: Rosita R. Rabatan – one Panasonic colored TV-43 inches; Carmencita Equez – one Polyton colored TV-21 inches, and two cellphone chargers; Pedro Abayon (Danilo Abayon) – one Panasonic Sophia colored TV-29 inches; Catalino Macahilig – one Sanyo colored TV 21 inches, one Sharp colored TV 21 inches, and one Panasonic stereo; Roberto Rogan – one Panasonic colored TV-21 inches; Renato Faminiano – one Karaoke Panasonic; Allen Duran – one JVC component, one Sharp (Primo) colored TV-21 inches and one DVD (HUG) player; Orlando Guillen – one WEGA colored TV-25 inches, one unit A.C.E. DVD, one UPS for computer, and one unit Electric Fan; Roberto Teodosio – one Sony colored TV-21 inches; Francisco Remaneses – one Sanyo colored TV-21 inches; and Ayna Indelible – one AIWA colored TV-21 inches, and one Samsung colored TV 21 inches. /MP

US-Based Fans Are Waiting For Manny Pacquiao’s Arrival


LOS ANGELES, California – US-based fans eager to watch Manny Pacquiao trade mitts inside the Wild Card gym in Hollywood in preparation for his 12-round title fight against Miguel Angel Cotto dubbed "Firepower" at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov. 14, won’t be disappointed after it was reported that Team Pacquiao will soon be headed here for the second phase of Pacquiao’s training – and to escape the wrath of the third typhoon which reportedly threatens to lash at the Philippines.

Pacquiao and his training management led by Fred Roach and Alex Ariza are expected to plane in on Oct. 24, said sources from La Brea on 3rd St., Los Angeles.

"Baguio is a nice place in terms of weather but the team is wary of the possible third typhoon that is expected to hit the Philippines this October," said a source, a semi-retired boxer who closely works with Team Pacquio here. "Ready lang kami (for Pacquiao’s arrival) sa October 24."

Two powerful typhoons – "Ketsana" and "Parma" — wrecked havoc in the Philippines in the last four weeks prior to the start of Pacquiao’s trek to the summer capital of the Philippines where he was joined by two tough sparring partners — Shawn Porter and Urbano Antillon.

Former WBC lightweight king Jose Luis Castillo later joined the group.

"We miss the crowd on Vine St. every afternoon," said Juanito Vergara, a Fil-Am member of L.A. Police, who is a big Pacquiao fan. "These past weeks, we noticed there was no crowd in that area; we later learned that Pacquiao spent most of his days (training) in Baguio. We wired some of our friends in La Union who rushed to Baguio to have a glimpse of the national idol."

Vergara, a look-alike of the late Filipino actor Romy Diaz, once parked the police patrol on Vine St. together with fellow police officers to check if Pacquiao was already inside the gym.

"Nandiyan na ba si Manny, pare?" Vergara’s other fellow Fil-Am cop asked this writer. "Kung wala pa babalik nalang kami."

Couple Premchard "Prem" and Rowena "Weng" Encarnacion, Pacquiao’s most loyal Fil-Am fans who always brought tarpaulins inside the gym, are also excited to meet their idol and are monitoring Pacquiao’s schedule from their residence in Eagle Rock, California.

The Encarnacions have never missed Pacquiao’s fights in Las Vegas and have become part of the team’s "extended family."

Pacquiao will reportedly train at the Wild Card gym for about two weeks before heading to Las Vegas where he will conclude his training at the IBA Gym on Tropicana Avenue.

Pacquiao will relinquish the International Boxing Organization (IBO) light welterweight belt he wrested on a second round knockout from Ricky Hatton last May 2 to shoot for Cotto’s World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight crown in a 145-lb "catch weight." /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Tierra Del Fuego

Katong tiyempo it mga Kastila, iya sa Pilipinas hay may isaeang ka isla nga kon tawgon hay Tierra del Fuego. Rikara guina daea ro mga criminal nga mabug-at it kasae-anan.

Suno sa gobiyerno, kanugon kuno ro guina paka-on kanda sa presuhan busa, guina daea sanda sa rondayang isla ag idto guina patay. Kun indi man hay guina eobong it buhi.

Isaea si Biting nga paga daehon sa rondayang isla. Guina huyap imaw nga kriminal tongod sa pag depensa nana sa anang kaugalingon sa pagpatay it isaeang ka guardiya civil. Si Biting hay duro guid it hasayran nga abilidad. Isaea eon sa abilidad nana hay kon paalin ro indi mag ginhawa it mabuhay. Abo man ro anang naimbento nga mga bagay busa, bukon it problema kay Biting ro mag istar idto sa isla.

Ko agahon ngaron, naghibilin imaw sa anang kaibahang preso nga ipangayo imaw it patawad sa anang pamilya kon ano man ro anang nahimong mga kasae anan. Sigurado abi sanda nga owa eon it tsansa nga maka balik it buhi kon idto eon daehon sandang preso sa isla. Kat guina daea eon sanda sakay sa barko, guin pahiran nana it bawang ro anang boli. Kat idto eon sanda sa barko, nagpakuno-kuno imaw nga naga kurog ag naga buea ro baba. Guin paeapitan imaw it mga preso. Andang ha pulsohan nga sobra ro anang kainit ag owa eon naga ginhawa. Nagmando ro mga guardiya nga puston it haboe ag itapok sa tubi. Nagpadayon sa pag eayag ro barko hasta nakaabot sa isla. Nagpahuway anay sanda ag nag eaha it pagkaon.

Samtang naka paibabaw eon mat-a sa tubi si Biting ag nag eangoy paadto sa pangpang. Nagkamang imaw paagto sa mga preso. Pagkakita nana sa mga guardiya, guin pang eampusan nana hasta hapatay nana sanda. Guin tipon dayon nana ro mga preso ag nagkasugot kon ano ro andang himuon.
Pagkaaga, guin libot nanda ro isla. Abo nga mga prutas ag mga itlog it pispis ro andang hakita. May hakita pa sanda nga ba-oe nga puno it mga igdaeapat pang eaha. Nag obra sanda it payag ag guin hawanan ro isla. Abo man nga mga isda ro dagat, ngani owa it gutom una kanda.

Tumaliwan ro mga binuean, sadyaan eon ro isla matsa paraiso. Abo ro naimbento ni Biting. Nag obra man sanda it asin. Nag obra it baesa agod maka tabok sa pihak nga isla agod ibaligya ro andang asin. Naka bakae man sanda it maisot nga radyo nga imaw ro andang guina kalingaw-lingawan.

Isaeang adlaw, may barko nga nag dungka sa isla. Raya hay negosyante nga nangayo it permiso sa gobyerno agod mag patindog it pabrika. Pagkakita nanda sa isla, duro ro andang kangawa tongod indi eon angay nga tawgon nga lugar it mga criminal.

Guin dayaw nanda ro guin obra ni Biting ag nag promesa nga buligan pa sanda agod ma umwad pa guid ro isla nga mangin tourist attraction. Guin daehan it TV crew idto sa isla ag guin interview si Biting. Guin ako nana ro anang guin obra. Ag tongod sa anang pagpasadya, guin pasensya imaw it gobyerno. Pagkasayod ko anang pamilya, nag-adto sanda idto sa isla ag idto nag-estar. Halin kato, bukon eon it Tierra del Fuego ro tawag sa isla kundi Isla Verde. /MP

Sugarcane Farmers And SRA Officials Train In Banga

In their search for knowledge and skills, some 50 sugarcane farmers and District Mill Officers of the Sugar Regulatory Admi-nistration (SRA) came to Banga, Aklan to attend the Planning Workshop on Community Based Par-ticipatory Extension Manage-ment. The group is led by Dr. Rodrigo E. Tapay, Manager of the SRA, Visayas.

The group from Negros Occidental arrived in Banga, Aklan on October 21. They have gone around the ASU Banga Campus and the Bakhawan Eco Park in Kalibo. According to Dr. Eden DLR. Bautista, Training Specialist of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), the Negros Occidental group will be in Banga until Sunday, October 25.

While in Aklan, they will develop a more effective teamwork between the sugarcane farmers on one hand and the SRA officials on the other; gain new insights on participatory principles, planning, implementation, project monitoring, and evaluation; acquire knowledge, competence and skills in farm productivity; and set up goals and objectives in a workable plan.

The training is managed by ATI training specialists led by Dr. Eden DLR Bautista. Other discussion leaders are Dr. Evangeline C. Sulabo of the Institute of Com-munication College of Public Affairs, UP at Los Baños, Dr. Virginia R. Cardenas, Vice Chancellor, UP at Los Baños, and Dr. Teresita T. Jereza of SRA, Bacolod City.

Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, chairman, Aklan Provincial Agriculture and Fishery Council, welcomed them during the opening program held on Thursday morning, October 22 in ATI Regional Training Center in Banga. He also discussed with them the need to develop the young and progressive farmers who will produce and supply the food needs of the Filipinos. /MP

Redesigning, Rehabilitating Kalibo GomBurZa Shrine

Kalibo residents passing and living the J. Magno Street and Veterans Avenue vicinity may again enjoy the shrine built in the early 80s in honor of the martyred Filipino priests, Fathers Mariano Gomez, Jose Burgos, and Jacinto Zamorra. The shrine is fully redesigned and rehabilitated.

The project cost 100,000 pesos taken from the 20 percent Development Fund for Calendar Year 2008 for Tourism Development. The GomBurZa Shrine is damaged by flood waters and debris brought by Typhoon Frank.

Formerly painted in dull white, its 46.58 square meters raised concrete flooring was heavily damaged. The brownish mud stain made it unfit for the national heroes, the three priests.

Kalibo Mayor Raymar Rebaldo directed the Special Projects Operations Team (SPOT) under its OIC Project Manager, Engr. Daniel Marte, to expedite the new design and paint scheme resulting to an almost brand-new looking shrine fit for the three priests and national heroes.

The GomBurZa Shrine now proudly sports a new design and paint scheme of black, gold pink, and the lighter shade of pink.

Rebaldo, requested the nearby residents to take care of the shrine. He also requested the nearby construction supply store to park its heavy machineries away from the shrine in reverence to Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamorra. /MP

82IB Recovers M16, NPA Landmine in Miagao

By 1LT Mark Andrew T. Posadas
Government troops from the 82IB’s Scout Platoon under 2LT Javellena, encountered twelve Communist Terrorists led by Rodel Muro alias Randy of the Napoleon Tumagtang Command of the NPA’s Southern Front Committee in a temporary encampment at Sitio Anilawan, Brgy Onop, Miag-ao, Iloilo at 10 am, Tuesday, Oct. 13. The 82nd Infantry (Bantay-laya) Battalion responded to reports of armed men sighted foraging for food and supplies in the vicinity of Barangay Onop. Based on this information, the troops led by 2LT Javellana were able to accurately pinpoint the enemy’s position. They launched a deliberate attack against the Communist Terrorist.

The firefight lasted 10 minutes and the Communist Terrorists took flight in order to avoid capture. In their panic, the Communist Terrorists left behind an M16 rifle, an Improvised Explosive Device (Claymore-type Landmine), a Hand-held Radio set, 14 make-shift shelter tents made of laminated sack and sticks, and their personal belongings. 2LT Javellana immediately deployed some of his men to secure the enemy’s position while the rest of them proceeded to pursue the fleeing enemy. There were no casualties from the government troops. The NPA took some heavy blows during the encounter as blood splatter was found around the area of the enemy’s position.

With the recent recovery of ammunition and explosives in Igbaras, the enemies are crippled not only their capability to launch decisive tactical offensive against the government and our citizens. The enemies are running out of ammunition to defend themselves against government troops. "The citizens of Southern Panay are sending a clear message to the Napoleon Tumagtang Command of the NPA: they are not welcome anymore. The military operations would not be successful if not for the information given to us by our fellow citizens", according to LtC George Joel Lalaquil, Commander of the 82nd Infantry (Bantay-Laya) Battalion.

In a previous statement, MGEN VICENTE M PORTO, Commander of the 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division in Western Visayas lauded the success of the Army’s operations in the Western Visayas region "I am happy that we are moving forward and on track with the timetable given to us by the National Government."

COL GERRY LAYUG, Commander of the 301st Infantry Brigade based in Dingle, Ilolio informed "our troops in Panay will continue to apply pressure on the KR-P. We will not rest while the KR-P continues to sow terror in areas of Panay Island. We are limiting their resources, their firearms, and most especially their areas of movement. We continue to call on our NPA brothers to avail of the SIP or risk getting captured and prosecuted like their comrades, or worse, end up being killed in battle with government forces." /MP

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Disasters Set Back Efforts
To Conquer Poverty
With six years to go before the deadline for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Philippines continues to lag behind on its targets to reduce poverty by year 2015, and the series of natural disasters further threatens development efforts.

The MDG’s eight time-bound goals aim to significantly reduce, if not completely eradicate, extreme poverty by 2015. Of these goals, the Philippines lags behind its targets on eliminating poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, reducing maternal deaths, and combating HIV and AIDS.

"More than one-third (1/3 or about 30 million) of the population are still living on less than one dollar a day. Over five (5) million children are not in school, 93 newborn babies and 11 mothers are dying everyday. HIV and AIDS cases are growing, with the youth increasingly becoming more vulnerable. Environmental resources are depleting," said United Nations Population Fund Representative and UN Advocacy Group Chair Suneeta Mukherjee in a press conference for the 2009 Stand Up Against Poverty Campaign, which adopted the local theme "Stand United, Fight Poverty."

UN Millennium Campaign Deputy Director Minar Pimple also spoke of the necessity of "disaster-proofing" the MDGs, which means integrating disaster risk reduction into sustainable develop-ment policies and planning to contribute to MDG achievement.

"Efforts to avoid or at least mitigate further losses are a must by all concerned if achievement of the Goals by 2015 is to be a realistic proposition. Disaster proofing the MDGs is a need of the hour," he said.
According to former national treasurer Leonor Briones of Social Watch Philippines, "widespread measures need to be taken to minimize the impact of recurrent floods, droughts, and other hazards that exacerbate the poverty situation".

"Life has been a calamity for 3.7 million Filipino families with no food, no education, and no health care. The numbers are steadily increasing with the impact of extreme weather conditions regularly happening nowadays," Briones lamented. (The latest are typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng that devastated Luzon. It killed hundreds of people and destroyed properties worth billion pesos..)

Social Watch and UNMC launched the "I Vote for MDG" campaign, which encourages voters to know their candidates in next year’s elections and support those who will have the MDGs as their platform of government.

The Stand Up campaign is a global mobilization of people to happen on October 16, 17 and 18 to demand world leaders to deliver on their promise to end poverty by 2015. A series of activities organized by multi-sectoral groups will be held nationwide during the three-day campaign, like fund-raising marathons, environmental clean-up, community dialogues, and tree planting, among others.

More Food

With the continous increase of population, the government must encourage the people to produce more food. Must motivate the farmers to be industrious in food production

The youth must be encouraged to engage in farm works and replace the aging farmers. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Akelco-Asea Power I Contract
Mocks Consumers

Efforts was spent to get a copy of the power contract between Akelco and Asea Power I. Time and transportation money went to waste as Akelco management continues to refuse full disclosure of the said contract. It even refused to spare a copy to any interested person. Lito Motus of Kalibo went to Akelco head office, Lezo, Aklan to request a copy of the signed contract, but miserably failed for reason of "confidentiality clause" provided in the contract.

What is confidential in the said contract? Akelco and Asea Power I held a public hearing in Banga, Aklan two months ago. The speakers disclosed the attractive provisions of the contract. However, during that said public hearing, it was discovered the contract was already signed by Akelco and Asea Power I. That public hearing was a glaring insult to the intelligence of the member – consumers. Why hold a public hearing when they have already perfected the said contract?

Who signed the contract in behalf of Akelco? In behalf of Asea Power I? Are the signatories duly authorized by their respective agencies? What are the provisions in the contract? Why did both Akelco and Asea Power I include the provision making the contract confidential?

History In Secrecy

Akelco has that history in secrecy. The Energy Power Purchase Agree-ment (EPPA) is a sterling example of misleading its member – consumers. First, Akelco signed a contract with Mirant believed to be of mutual benefits and satisfaction of both parties. In the wink of an eye, the contract was amended believed "onerous" for Mirant. The formula in the computation of the cost of power consumed was objectionable to the member–consumers.

In this Akelco-Asea Power I contract, what are the confidential provisions in the agreement that must remain secret? What are highly prohibited to member consumers’ reading and under-standing? If none, why is exclusivity clause added? Why do Akelco and Asea Power I highly prohibit consumer members from reading it? Understanding it?

It is given and admitted that Akelco is people organization, people owned. Why did Asea Power I include confidentiality clause in the contract which is deemed a contract with the member-consumers through its Board of Directors? If the Akelco Board of Directors understood that their powers emanate from the member – consumers, why did it sign a contract that will prohibit the consumer – members from reading and understanding the provisions of the contract?

None – Disclosure Is Abrogation

Unless this Akelco – Asea Power I contract is provided the member – consumers with copies, there is sufficient reason to believe the two contracting parties are there to betray the trust and confidence of the member consumers. Mock them. After all, the 1987 Philippine Constitution under Article II, Bill of Rights, Section 7 states, "The right of the people to information on matters of public concern shall be recognized. Access to official records, and to documents, and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions, or decisions as well as to government research data used as basis for policy development, shall be afforded the citizens…"

Continued keeping the said contract in confidence is a violation of the bill of rights and therefore not enforceable, must be rescinded and or abrogated. /MP

Aklan SP Suspends Hon. Antonio T. Maming

For "Abuse of Authority, Misconduct In Office, and Neglect of Duty", Banga Mayor, Hon. Antonio T. Maming is suspended as Mayor of Banga for three (3) months.

Acting on the Administrative Case No. 09–01, filed on December 18, 2008 by Hon. Vicente R. Seraspi, Jr., SB member of Banga, the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan of Aklan investigated the complaint. Hon. Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy, Aklan SP member headed the Investigating Committee as chairman.
Mayor Maming was furnished a copy of the complaint. He was also directed to file his answer/counter affidavit, responsive pleading and supporting evidences. The letter was dated February 18, 2009 signed by Hon. Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy.

The SP Investigating committee was composed of Hon. Jose S. Yap, Hon. Teody M. Masangya, Sr. Hon. Ramon S. Gelito, and Hon. Pedro M. Garcia.
Chaired by Hon. Igoy, the committee went to work. It conducted Pre-trial Conference, and eight (8) hearings, the last of which was on Sept. 2, 2009.
The committee on Sept. 17, 2009 submitted its report signed by Hon. Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy, Hon. Jose Yap, and Hon. Teody M. Masangya, Sr., Hon. Pedro M. Garcia and Hon. Ramon S. Gelito declined to sign the majority recommendation. Gelito submitted his dissenting recommendation on October 6.

In its 37th Regular Session on October 8, 2009, the Investigating Committee reported its findings during the plenary session. It found the Mayor of Banga, Hon. Antonio I. Maming "liable for abuse of authority, misconduct in office, and neglect of duty" and it recommended the penalty of suspension for a period of six (6) months.

While the Aklan SP concurred that indeed Mayor Maming is guilty as accused, the members however did not agree to penalize Mayor Maming with six (6) months suspension.

In the plenary session, SP Aklan approved a Resolution No. 2009 – 255 adopting the majority recommendation but reduced the imposable penalty from six months to three (3) months.

While Hon. Gelito concurred that Mayor Maming is guilty as accused, Gelito believed the penalty is very harsh and must be merely a heavy reprimand and one day suspension only. He did not sign the Resolution No. 2009 – 255. Hon. Pedro M. Garcia did not sign it too.

The notice of suspension was served Mayor Maming in his office early in the morning of Monday, October 12, 2009. Vice Mayor Melanio M. Rentillo, Jr. is now the Mayor of Banga, at least for the next three months. /MP

Retracing The Past


The Balangay with its crew members headed by Janet Belarmino-Sardena as it leaves Boracay Jetty Port for Batan Municipal Port, Batan, Aklan on Tuesday, October 6.

Janet & Megs

Thousands of years ago, the ancestors of the Filipino people, the Austronesian speaking people traveled from the Asian mainland by land bridges across the continental shelf to the South East Asian archipelago. They then sailed onward to as far East as Polynesia, and as far West as Madagascar, aboard the ancient vessel: the "Balangay".

To retrace the routes, the "Kaya ng Pinoy, Inc.," launches an exciting, new undertaking to retrace the migration of our ancestors across the oceans using only the native Balangay, strongly built, faithfully, and carefully crafted. The materials used were hard and aged wood during the ancient times. Navigation will follow the method that was used by the earliest mariners - steered and guided by the sun, the stars, the wind, cloud formations, wave patterns and birds migrations.

Last October 4, the Balangay Team surprisingly visited Aklan State University - Ibajay Campus. The visit enabled the ASU Community to meet face to face the Filipino Modern Heroes: Mt. Everest Team 2007 who traversed the trail to Mt. Everest Summit, 29,035 feet above sea level, the highest mountain in the world.

The team was composed of Lito Esparar, Leo Oracion, Janet Belarmino-Sardena, Carina Dayondon and Fred Jamili. They climbed the mountain. This team, this time with the Balangay will navigate and is now navigating the oceans to retrace the voyage of the ancient Filipinos with the Balangay. The Mt. Everest Team is reinforced by men from the Philippine Navy headed by SN2 Michael Loyola of the Philippine Coast Guard. PO1 Reynaldo Godoy is Chief Captain of the Balangay boat. The makers of the Balangay boat are our Badjao brothers from Mindanao.

Their Balangay is made out of hard wood cut from Siboto, Tawi-tawi. Their success in Mt. Everest and sea voyage are proving that anything is possible if people are united and have teamwork. The consistency of their values defeated hardships and challenges they have undergone as demonstrated in the Mt. Everest success. They also would like to educate the children and the people to take good care of our environment and respect our mother nature. The boat itself symbolizes UNITY and TEAMWORK, as they paddled up with the "layag" for their source of strength to be able to go port to port around the Philippines.

"Diwata ng Lahi" as they call their Badjao made Balangay boat comes with the greatest respect to the vast water area of the beloved Philippines’ 7,107 islands and islets. They hope to bring to the people in each of their destinations the preservation of our history and culture. "Balangay" means Barangay.

It started as a dream of one team and its 5 summiteers, fueled with determination, driven with national pride. The dream of climbing Mt. Everest has become a reality. On the 27th June 2009, Kaya ng Pinoy, embarked to a new adventure, from the mountains, to the seas, an epic voyage must begin, the Voyage of the Balangay. "Kaya ng Pinoy" with the team members’ thumbs up gesture everytime they are on shoot/pictorial rings a bell to us all. Yes, we can do it.

The Voyage of The Balangay is a dream come true. The Balangay Team Leader Janet Belarmino – Sardena, in her power point presentation was very emphatic. She quoted Dr. Jose P. Rizal: "Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paparuonan", their voyage is anchored on the wisdom of Rizal.

In her power point presentation in the Kalibo Municipal Hall, Kalibo, Aklan, Janet impressed upon those present the essence of loyalty and love of country in order to effect and propel progress. That anything is possible for a person or group of persons united in purpose, determined, and do things as a team.

Her audience, Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, former Cong. Allen S. Quimpo, members of Kalibo SB Lilian Quimpo Tirol, Ronce Reyes, Gregorio Malapad, Emmanuel Soviet Russia Dela Cruz, LGU employees and students were mesmerized.

They climbed the Summit of Mt. Everest and now retracing the past to demonstrate to the Filipino people the true love and loyalty to country, the Philippines. Their voyage will inculcate upon the people the value of unity, teamwork, honesty, and hard work.
With their hard, dark skin, they are now the true sea farer.
The Balangay crew is composed of Mt. Everest Team, Philippines Navy, Coast Guards, and Badjao from Siboto, Tawi-tawi.

They are Janet Belarmino-Sardena – Team Leader, Corina Dayondon, Fred Jawili, Leo Oracion, and Lito Esparar – mountaineers; Ronel Santelices, Janet Bonosa, Nelson Ojano, and Mike Loyola – Philippine Navy and Coast Guard. The Badjaos are Ibrahim Abdulah, Sukri Jauhal, Junior Mura, and Abdul Abdulah. /MP