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Highly Productive Public Hearings On SP Proposals


The two-day marathon public hearing of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) held at its Session Hall on September 19-20, 2013 tackled five pieces of proposed ordinances intended to upgrade business, health and environmental climate of Aklan. Three of which are: a) Ordinance to regulate the installation, posting, hanging and display of billboards, streamers, posters, banners and other similar forms of signages of commercial products, b) Ordinance to regulate the utilization and disposal of plastic products as packaging materials of goods, and c) Ordinance to regulate the operation of junkshops in the Province of Aklan and imposing penalties for its violation. These are all sponsored by Vice Gov. Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo.

The proposed prohibitory regulations are: a) Ordinance prohibiting any person from uttering, insulting and humiliating words against senior citizens and persons with disabilities, and b) Ordinance prohibiting the burning of any material on or near the poles/towers and facilities of public utilities. The former is sponsored jointly by Hon. Plaridel M. Morania and Hon. Lilian Q. Tirol, while the latter is by Hon. Plaridel M. Morania.

An impressive number of stakeholders, resource persons, public officials from all 17 municipalities, NGO’s and multi-media personnel attended unfazed by heavy rains. Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo mentioned that the drafts handed to the attendees are the results of at least three previous committee hearings with stakeholders. Hon. Plaridel M. Morania, Chairman Committee on Laws, Rules and Ordinances concedes that even if the drafts have been refined to such an extent, an expanded public hearing is required to consider more creative ideas to produce quality legislation. 

The rationale of the ordinance on installation, posting and display of billboards and streamers is in full accord with the eco-tourism thrust as one of engines of economic growth in Aklan. 

Mr. Joselito Motus, a Kalibo businessman bewailed the utter disregard of telecommunication and cable TV companies which service lines are endangering public safety. Tangled lines or spaghetti connections are strung on poles barely 25 feet above the ground and oftentimes snag 20 footer container vans while plying the Republic Nautical Highway. The majority of their poles is deteriorating or about to collapse and appear eye sores. 

This is corroborated by Vice Governor Calizo-Quimpo that time and time again, this subject crops up. Fuming between her teeth, “Probably our patience is running out for service providers to comply with international standard practice”. Increasing height of their fiber optics cable to 40 feet above the ground especially inside the Poblacion or population centers may ease traffic burden of motorists and commuters.

Plastics and Styrofoam trash is considered culprit for the clogging of drainage canals during moonson season and or flooding. They are classified as persistent organic pollutants. Its proliferation is due to the improper use and disposal of plastic residues. Not one municipality in Aklan has a sanitary landfill hence, more plastic wastes go to sewage canals and rivers. 

Based on the stated coverage and exemption clause, the ordinance on regulating the use of plastic will achieve an estimated volume decrease of 50 percent because the only one affected is the secondary packing or wrapping materials that can be replaced with eco-friendly wrappers like paper, banana leaves, cloth bags, and buri bags (bayong, tampipi).
On the other hand, Mr. Crispin Lao, Pres. of Philippine Plastic Industry Assn. strongly warns legislators and implementers in the abrupt phase out of plastic. He said that replacement of plastic by paper bags could pose a serious threat to the environment since it will involve cutting down of thousands of forest trees. It takes seven (7) times more energy consumption to manufacture paper bags and 5 times the energy to recycle them. Moreover, paper bags take four (4) times its weight to carry the same load as against a plastic bag. 

But, paper comes from fast growing paper trees (Abizza falcatta) widely grown as commercial plantation in Mindanao. Newspapers can serve as wrapping materials. 

The junkshop ordinance is crafted to regulate the industry and promote higher quality service to achieve competitive edge. Substantive measure is to instill orderliness and professionalism among stakeholders to deal with regulated and monitored junk materials that are bought, sorted and transported from households by ambulant buyers to junkshop owners. 

Unfortunately, only three (3) percent of junkshop operators in Aklan are capable to comply with the stringent requirements of the proposed ordinance. Mr. Roger Sabino may be the exception since he has installed in his facility a CCTV camera. Forthwith, the PNP is recommending that other operators must follow suit to discourage theft especially telephone wires and water meters by minors. 

The Committee has acceded to a 100 meter junkyard area favoring small operators. The problem could be exacerbated since the small entrepreneurs could operate right at their homes or at doorstep which is dangerous. Junkshops must be located inside industrial zones owing to its hazardous nature. The most probable solution is to form into a cooperative so they could accumulate enough capital to invest in semi-permanent buildings, stocks, transport vehicle, locate in a minimum 300 sq. m. lot, construct firewall and hire ambulant junk buyers/pickers.

Since junkshops have the potential to pollute underground water, it is advisable that Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) must be secured before junkshop operation is approved. Operators have difficulty in disposing their toxic waste or residuals. This is serious problem in Numancia and Ibajay as there is no dumpsite. 

The anti-scorching ordinance is noble in its objective in as much as service providers of power, telecommunication and cable TV are safeguarded from destructive acts of lawless elements. However, it has limited scope since the poles/towers are more often destroyed not by fire but by cutting down the transmission poles or towers by hand saw or hack saw. They are also vulnerable to mortar fire coming from RPG or M-16 grenade launcher. 

The anti sneering ordinance leveled on senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWD) is amply covered by libel law. It also carries a heavy penalty for offenders. The sponsor cites Article III, Section 2 which directs the Provincial Prosecutor to exercise due discretion. “Upon appreciation of evidence and seriousness of the case, the Provincial Prosecutor may apply the penal provisions of the Senior Citizen’s Act or RA 74321”. 

The proposal suffers inherent defect since senior citizens with a hearing infirmity can be immune against verbal abuse. It would be best if the framers include crimes against persons such as bodily harm, theft or robbery. Furthermore, benefits passed by Congress to senior citizens and PWD’s particularly the P500 allowance per month to indigents, 20 percent discount on transport, medicine and 5 percent discount on basic consumer goods and utilities like water and electricity be automatic and strictly enforced. But implementation is still to be improved. It appears that our enacted laws have no teeth against powerful businessmen and industry leaders. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Abolishing SK

Congress of the Philippines has approved a bill that proposes to postponed the election of officers this year of the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK). The proposed law is now on the table of President Benigno C. Aquino III ready for his signature.

After the President has signed it into law, it will be effective after publication in the Official Gazette or in the newspaper of general circulation in the Philippines.

The law will postponed the election of officers of Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) this coming October 2013 to October 2014. It provides that the COMELEC may select the date and schedule the SK election between October 2014 and February 2015.

Moreover, the new law provides that the term of office of the incumbent SK officials will end in November 2013. Hence, no SK in year 2014.

There is suggestion coming from the various sectors of Philippines society to just abolish the SK for various justifications. 

Asked to comment on the proposal to abolish the SK, some 18 college students studying in Kalibo are unanimous in their responses to abolish the SK. 

According to them, members of the SK are getting earlier exposures to dirty political activities. Some SK members are led by corrupt leaders which tricks are emulated by the youth at their age of maturity.

They say, “the youth leaders are used as political instrument, trained to buy votes, learned the art and science of graft and corruption at early age brought about when they mature.

They believed SK officers and members are usually the sons and daughters of both traditional and modern politicians in the perpetuation of political dynasty in their respective community”. They believed some SK officials don’t perform but they are elected because of popularity and they just serve themselves”. 

Moreover, “SK has no independence because they are in the hands of greedy barangays, municipals and other officials who tutor them to commit fraud.
Celebrating Statistics Month

The month of October is the 24th National Statistic Month. It is being celebrated in the Philippines with the theme: “Statistics That Matter To Every Filipino”. 

In Aklan, the first activity in the whole month celebration is the conduct of the “Statistical Research and Utilization Forum on Tuesday afternoon, October 1 to be held at the SP Session Hall, Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan. This forum is sponsored by LGU Aklan “to promote the sharing of accomplishments of the program and project among the different government agencies, academe and stakeholders.

The one half day affair will discuss the “Aklan River System: Physico-chemical Characteristics, Geomorphology, Hydrology, Biodiversity and Socio-Economic and Cultural Profile”. 

The paper will be presented by Prof. Ma. Rema B. Lauron of Aklan State University. Another paper, “Stakeholders’ Participation In Water Resources Protection and Development Program” to be presented by Mr. Conrado B. Marquez of DENR, Region VI.

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Executive Director, Aklan River Development Council will welcome the Forum Participants and guests. Aklan Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo – Quimpo will also give her message. Engr. Roger M. Esto of LGU Aklan will acknowledge the guests and participants, and present the overview of the forum. He will also serve as moderator in the Open Forum. /MP  

NVC Conducts Mr. & Ms. Palaro 2013

Northwestern Visayan Colleges Supreme Students Council, NVC (SSC) led by Ms. Liezel S. Trinidad, SSC president conducted Mr. and Ms. Palaro 2013 as a part of the annual celebration of NVC Palaro with the theme, “Youth Dynamism and Empowerment through Sports and Culture” on September 7 at NVC CSQ-Gymnasium. 

The event started with the invocation followed by the Philippine National Anthem sang by the Special Students of the NVC followed by the Singing of Aklan Hymn and NVC Hymn by the NVC Chordal Voices. 

The Mr. & Ms. Palaro contest is a showcase of beauty and talents of true NVCian”. Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, SSC adviser said on his welcome remarks. 

The categories for the said search are as follows; Production Number portraying the Rio de Janiero attire, School Uniform, Sports Wear, Recycled Attire and Question and Answer portion.

Out of 7 stunning ladies, Rosemarie Vengado Iligan of educator’s team was crowned Ms. Palaro 2013 of NVC. The exotic feature of Vener John T. Tayco of Criminology Team is greatly appreciated. He was chosen Mr. Palaro 2013.

Wynna T. Tadia, of Criminology and Joecel Cuenca of Artes Liberales team won as the 1st runner up. Irene Fe Saren of High School Dept. and Melgie D. Tabiolo of Educators team won as 2nd runner up.

Mr. Marlon I. Cipriano, Mr. Benjie Tolentino and Ms. Sharon Reyes served as the event organizer.

The effort and supports of NVC administration to SSC Councils made the event successful.

Mr. Edmar Reynaldo and Ms. Carla Suñer served as Master and Lady Dean of Ceremonies. /MP

Legarda Launches Cultural Exhibits In National Museum

Senator Loren Legarda on Friday, Sept. 20 launched the Baybayin Gallery and the expanded permanent textile gallery at the Museum of the Filipino People in Manila.
Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Cultural Communities, said that the Hibla ng Lahing Filipino: The Artistry of Philippine Textiles, the country’s first permanent textile gallery has been expanded to include more traditional garments made from indigenous fiber and weaving looms from several weaving communities.

“The National Museum has a vast collection of indigenous textiles and we want these items to be on display for Filipinos, and even foreign tourists, to appreciate. This expanded exhibition reveals more about our rich weaving culture. Traditional garments and looms from my personal collection, as well as those from various local government units, are also included in the exhibit,” said Legarda.

Beside the Textile Gallery is the Baybayin Gallery, also a permanent exhibition at the National Museum that features pieces from the museum’s collection of artifacts bearing scripts, such as the Laguna Copperplate, the Calatagan Pot, the Intramuros Potsherd and the Monreal Stones.

“The Baybayin Gallery showcases the ancient and traditional scripts, such as the Laguna Copperplate, the Calatagan Pot, the Intramuros Potsherd and the Monreal Stones.

“The Baybayin Gallery showcases the ancient and traditional scripts of the Philippines. It also features and promotes awareness of the writing systems used by ancient Filipinos. It also highlights the continuing tradition of script writing among a few remaining indigenous communities in Mindoro and Palawan, particularly among the Hanunoo, Buhid and Tagbanua people,” Legarda explained. 

Coinciding with the launch of the two galleries is the formal turnover of Mother Tongue-Based materials to the National Museum. The event highlighted the relationship between the promotion of mother tongue languages and the preservation of indigenous practices. 

According to the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), there are 181 known languages in the Philippines, 177 of which are currently spoken while four are already extinct.

“These projects are among the ways through which we can bring our culture closer to Filipinos. Cultural and heritage galleries, such as the Textile Gallery and the Baybayin Gallery, tell stories of our ancestors and our nation indifferent periods of time. These galleries can ignite the interest of our citizens to know beyond what we have shown them”, Legarda concluded. /MP

Dondon Lanuza’s Holy Grail

After 13 years of imprisonment in Saudi Arabia, Rodelio “Dondon” Lanuza is now home, said Vice President and Presidential Adviser on Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW) Concerns Jejomar C. Binay.

Lanuza arrived from Dammam at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon of Thursday, Sept. 19.

Lanuza was sentenced to death in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to Vice President Jejomar Binay.

 The Vice President reiterated his thanks to the government of Saudi Arabia, especially to King Abdullah, for shouldering SAR 2.3 million of Lanuza’s blood money.

“This is a rare instance where the king of Saudi Arabia contributed millions of pesos to save someone’s life,” Binay said.

The Kingdom’s highest court meted Lanuza the death sentence in 2001 for killing a Saudi national in year 2000. “It was in self-defense after I allegedly attempted to rape him”, said Lanuza.

He was pardoned after the victim’s family received, as they demanded, SAR 3 million or almost P35 million in blood money.

 The Philippine government and supporters of Lanuza raised the equivalent of SAR 700,000. King Abdullah paid the remaining amount.

 The Vice President commended Ambassador Ezzed in Tago and the staff of the Philippine Embassy-Riyadh for their role in helping secure Lanuza’s freedom.

Lanuza went straight to his home in Sampaloc, Manila where he was warmly welcomed by his parents, relatives, friends and neighbors after spending more time abroad. Lanuza found his Holy Grail upon his arrival home last Thursday, Sept. 19. /MP

Chiz: Senate Pork Probe Should Continue

Senator Chiz Escudero said Senate should continue with its investigation on the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) rip off despite the filing of plunder charges against some senators, congressmen and individuals in the P10-billion pork barrel scam.

“We did the same in the case of AFP General Carlos Garcia. His case was already before the Sandiganbayan and it was already in the plea bargaining stage. We went on with the Senate investigation.”

Escudero, chairman of the Senate committee on finance said, to sustain its own investigation and affords the public the venue to be informed with the facts of the case through testimonies under oath.

“The Senate remains to be the only venue where the citizens can very much acquaint themselves with the goings-on of this case from the witnesses and key players themselves. This has become equally important to the people because they now become more vigilant to demand to know where and how the government utilizes the taxes they pay.”

Escudero added that there are still many facts to be had surrounding the siphoning of lawmakers’ funds to bogus organizations.

“The uncovering of the Napoles-NGO operandi does not close the issue, but of course this is where we take off. Rather, it opened a whole wide door about other NGOs, 82 as reported in the Commission on Audit report. There are only 8 Napoles-related NGOs. We’d like to find out how the remaining 74 operate. It follows the same operation and pattern as the Napoles Group and the amount involved is more staggering than what is being looked at now.”

Escudero, the principal author who asked the Senate to probe the scandal had asked the committee to call for Janet Lim Napoles, tagged as the mastermind of the scam. Other whistleblowers and key personalities already mentioned in Luy’s narration should also be called before the Senate, he said.

“I have asked the committee to invite Napoles. I also spoke with Chairman TG Guingona about it. The court has the jurisdiction over her. Whether it grants our request or not is totally up to the court. But let it not be said that the senate did not pursue it.”

During last week’s hearing, Escudero requested for the appearance of the manager of Metrobank’s Magdalena branch where Napoles was said to have made a onetime withdrawal worth P75 million.

“A withdrawal this huge is a cause for red flag from the bank to the AMLAC. The withdrawal may have been reported to the AMLAC as an automatic procedure. But what we’d like to know is if this withdrawal was reported by the bank under the ‘know your client rule’ by the BSP. Under the rule, the bank manager must know Napoles personally and what she does for a living. The sources of the big amounts she withdraw must be known to the manager. The fund from the treasury goes to an NGO account and then moved to Napoles’. There is an illegal and dubious pattern already that should have raised the red lights.” /MP

Aklan Launches Credit Security Fund

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the Provincial Government of Aklan, participating cooperatives and donor institutions, through the initiative of Rep. Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr., formally launch on Friday, Sept. 27, the Aklan Credit Surety Fund (ACS) held at the Sampaguita Gardens Resort, New Washington, Aklan.

The Aklan CSF is a surety fund established to help cooperatives and their member – micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) secure collateral-free loans from banks. The surety fund, which comes from the pooled cash contributions of participating cooperatives, local government units and other partner institutions, serves as the security for the loan in lieu of hard collaterals. 

BSP’s Monerary Oeprations Sub-Sector Managing Director Augusto C. Lopez-Dee and Aklan Provincial Governor Florencio T. Miraflores led the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) ushering the creation of Aklan CSF as the 28th Credit Surety Fund in the country.

At the onset, sixteen (16) cooperatives in Aklan have joined the Aklan CSF with an aggregate contribution of P2.8 million while the Provincial Government of Aklan, through Governor Florencio T. Miraflores, has initially pledged to contribute P3 million. The Industrial Guarantee and Loan Fund, Development Bank of the Philippines and Land Bank of the Philippines have also expressed strong support to the CSF Program with their contribution pledges to augment the fund. 

Various sectors are expected to benefit from this credit enhancement scheme which also serves as an alternative lending window for MSMEs. The program also integrates a training component to enhance the skills of participating cooperatives in the areas of business, plan preparation, loan evaluation, risk management and accounting system. The BSP Monetary Board has agreed to allow banks to rediscount loans granted under the CSF program to ensure that small businessmen will benefit more from this credit facility. 

Now on its 5th year, the CSF program has been institutionalized in 20 provinces and seven (7) cities in the Philippines. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Singsing Nga Tantanan

Naga pamueot it basura ro trabaho ni Seryo. Ro anang kabak-eanan hay guina bakae nana it pagkaon para sa anang masakiton nga ina. Ro sobra hay guina bakae man it boeong ko anang ina. Kueang pa sa andang panggasto ro guina kita nana ogaling owa man imaw it mahimo, busa guina ti-is lang nana ro kabaho ag kainit sa pagkinae-kae it basura. 

Isaeang adlaw, may nakita imaw nga eagi nga singsing. Guin butang nana sa anang boesa ag sige mat-a ro anang pagkinae-kae. Ka’t masyadong init eon ro adlaw, dumeretso imaw sa suki nga junk shop agod ibaligya ro anang natipon nga basura. Kueang pa ibakae it pagkaon ro anang kabak-eanan o kita. Maangan angan, habatyagan nana nga naga init ro anang boesa. Guin hulikap nana ro anang boesa. Ro anang singsing gali ro naga init. 

Guin hap-eos nana ro singsing ag may nagtunga nga isaeang ka mabahoe nga alibang-bang. Naghambae ro alibang-bang, kon ano ro anang pangayo. 

“Pagkaon, pagkaon, ro kinahang-ean ko tongod owa pa naka kaon ro akong ina”, pangayo ni Seryo. Maangan angan, nag gueowa ro mga kaldero nga puno it mga putahe. Sa kalipay ni Seryo, hay guin tawag nana ro kutob naga kae-kae man it basura ag guin pakaon. Umpisa kato, permi eon nga guina pakaon ni Seryo ro anang mga kaibahang basurero. 

Ko isaeang gabi-e ngaron, guin sugid nana ro tanan sa anang ina. Guin plano nanda nga mangayo it baeay sa singsing tongod naga toeo eon ro andang baeay kon mag oean. Pagkaaga isaeang ka mabahoe nga baeay ro naga tindog sa lugar ni Seryo. Nagpatindog sanda it junk shop. Halin kato, nag manggaranon sanday Seryo. Kada paskwa, naga pahaum sanday Seryo it pagkaon para sa andang bisita. 

Ro owa it baeay nga naga estar sa skwater hay andang guina patindogan. Natuman eon tanan ni Seryo ro andang handum, busa nag ea-ong eon imaw sa singsing nga mabuligan man ro ibang tawo. Pagtaliwan it pasaeamat, naduea dayon ro singsing. Kon sin-o eon man ro makabaton kara, owa it nakasayod kundi ro singsing eamang. /MP

‘Bogart Also Wants Me Killed’

by Alex P. Vidal

“I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I was a big favorite with the Mafia.” BRENDA LEE

A 54-year-old former mayoral candidate could have been killed like Jimmy Punsalan if he did not stop his illegal gambling activity and fled to the United States.

“Bogart sent emissaries to convince me to stop my small-time (illegal gambling) operation,” confessed the defeated mayoral bet, who fled to Arizona, USA in 2011 after receiving threats from “Bogart” and his henchmen. “I told Bogart I was broke after the election and I only wanted to regain my money thus I operated ‘first two’ or ‘bookies’ (a numbers game).”

The defeated mayoral bet, an active gun club enthusiast, said he lost in the election by about 500 votes “because I ran out of funds in the homestretch.”

When he defied “Bogart’s” emissaries, the defeated mayoral bet, who operated in the towns of Leganes, Zarraga, San Miguel, and Alimodian all in Iloilo, said it was “Bogart” himself who called him and personally asked him to stop.

When he ignored “Bogart”, he received threats. “When I sensed that the threats were real, I gave my sons guns and asked them to prepare for the worst,” he said in an exclusive interview.

It was when his family members, especially his wife, who convinced him to “stay away from the heat” when the defeated mayoral bet decided to flee to the United States.

“My wife had been crying. She had sensed that suspicious-looking men have been roaming around near our house in the dead of the night,” he narrated. “We had no peace of mind. We were always anticipating a violent attack. I was ready to face my attackers but I was worried a lot for my family.”

The defeated mayoralty bet who served as municipal councilor for three terms before running for mayor in the 2010 local elections, had sought the advice of a former police provincial director, who was his buddy in the gun club, but the police director reportedly convinced him to “get out of the kitchen” for his own good and the good of his family.

“I angered Bogart because I defied him several times. Eventually, I backtracked,” he admitted. “I realized I made the right decision when I stopped (my gambling operations) and silently left the country.”

The defeated mayoralty bet surmised “Bogart” had also warned Punsalan to stop. Punsalan had denied he dabbled in illegal gambling aside from his legitimate businesses that included a hardware and restaurant.

The former mayoral candidate said he suspected that Punsalan, president of a group of retired members of the defunct Philippine Constabulary,  wasn’t intimidated and also defied “Bogart”.

“Pare Jimmy could shoot,” the self-exiled former politician said. “He was a good shooter and alert when it comes to actual combat. He must have lowered his defense and his attackers pounced on this weakness.” 

A lone gunman, backed by a look out and a Frontier get away vehicle, sneaked inside the Boliland Complex, a chain of restaurants in Brgy. Bolilao, Mandurriao district at around 9 p.m. on August 7 and shot Punsalan, 64, with a baby Armalite riffle hitting him in the eye, neck and hand. He died before reaching the Don Benito Memorial Hospital (now West Visayas State University Hospital). Cops recovered 16 empty shells from the crime scene.

Task Force Punsalan, an investigation body created by the PNP to track down the killers, continued to face a blank wall. Investigators could not confirm if Punsalan was killed because of his alleged involvement in illegal gambling activity. /MP

GMA International Celebrates 8th Year On Winning Note

GMA International celebrates its 8th anniversary with eight NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA) - the number of awards won by GMA so far in this global marketing competition, which recognizes excellence in marketing efforts designed to attract and retain culturally diverse audiences and customers among African American, Asian, Hispanic and other market segments in North America. 

GMA won some of the world’s biggest pay-television distributors such as Comcast, Rogers and Time Warner Cable and also Network/Industry suppliers like HBO, The Oprah Winfrey Network and Univision.

The meet and greet with the cast of award-winning situational comedy Pepito Manaloto starring three-time Asian TV Awards best comedy actor, Michael V. won first place in the Grassroots category. Drawing a crowd of over 1,700 Filipino-Americans in Seafood City Cerritos and Carson, California, the event was conceptualized Filipino-Americans, who yearn for the classic Filipino brand of comedy.

The Bayani Tour, which gave a group of second-generation Filipino-Americans including YouTube celebrities AJ Rafael, Joseph Vincent, and Jeremy Passion a historical and cultural immersion tour of the Philippines, received a first place award in the Social Media category. Educating second-generation Fil-Ams about their Filipino heritage, the tour extended its objective not only to the participants but also to AJ, Joseph and Jeremy’s nearly 1.4 million combined numbers of subscribers. The Bayani Tour also bagged a second place award for Diversity Awareness.

To promote GMA News TV International, GMA International distributed information kits to highlight the 11 million Filipinos overseas’ need to be connected to home through the Philippines’ number one news channel. This marketing effort won second place in the All Other Media category for it was proven most effective among major carriers in Canada adding GMA News TV to their channel offerings.

GMA’s 2013 rendition of the Philippine National Anthem was second place in the Television category for creatively presenting the Filipino spirit of heroism to Filipinos across the globe.  The music video echoes in more ways than one GMA International’s promise of “Bringing Filipinos Closer To Home.”

In the Premium Category, GMA International 6th anniversary milestone shirt, which depicted GMA International as a fast-growing source of superior entertainment and the most credible news from home won 3rd place. The shirts were distributed during the Philippine Independence Day celebrations and among GMA International affiliates all over the world. 

The Print category of the GMA International 7th anniversary print ad bagged 3rd place. GMA Pinoy TV started airing in the United States in August 2005 via COMCAST north California. To commemorate this milestone, GMA International implemented a print campaign to thank its viewers for their continued patronage. A total of 67,000 copies of the 7th year anniversary ad were printed and circulated in north California. 

Rounding off GMA International’s success in this year’s NAMIC (EMMA) Awards is the Proud to be Pinoy 2012 TV Special that scored third place in the Television Category. The TV special was recognized for re-affirming GMA International’s strong presence in the various Philippine Independence Day celebrations that had a record-breaking 140,000 participants worldwide. GMA’s international business unit celebrated the 114th Philippine Independence day by making it a reminder of their pivotal role in shaping the Filipino people’s future. 

GMA International is recognized by NAMIC every year since the launch of GMA Pinoy TV in 2005. Last year, GMA International was one of the most awarded companies in the competition with six awards including two first place finishes for its “Support Manny Pacquiao” online marketing campaign (Digital category) and for its international magazine “Kapuso Abroad”.

“We are honored that GMA International is recognized again, and in a big way, at this year’s Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards,” says GMA International Vice President and Head of Operations, Joseph T. Francia. “Our awards this year cover a wide range of our tactics using both emerging and traditional media. This will inspire us to continue to innovate in creating effective marketing tactics to reach our various audiences abroad,” he adds.

The awarding of winners will be held on October 9, 2013 during the US Cable Diversity Week in New York City. /MP

NSO-Aklan Bags CSC Seal of Excellence Award

The National Statistics Office-Aklan (NSO) is awarded with the Citizen’s Satisfaction Center Seal of Excellence Award by the Civil Service Commission on September 13, 2013 at Days Hotel, Iloilo City.
NSO-Aklan was one of the 19 awardees throughout the country that are conferred with the CSC Seal of Excellence for 2013. Five of which, are from Western Visayas.
The conferment is done after NSO-Aklan obtained an excellent rating of 92.43 percent during the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) Report Card Survey held last April 8-11, 2013 and have demonstrated excellent performance insofar as frontline services are concerned. 
NSO-Aklan received a wall-mountable glass seal and a cash reward of P100,000.00 that will be used to purchase equipment and other materials and services to improve further the delivery of its frontline services.
Provincial Statistics Officer Blas M. Solidum, together with selected employees, received the award from CSC Chairman Francisco T. Duque III and Regional Director Rodolfo B. Encajonado. 
On his acceptance speech, PSO Solidum acknowledged the unselfish support and utmost cooperation of employees and staff members of NSO, particularly those performing frontline services at the CRS outlet. 
“This award is not an effort of one man alone, it is a team effort,” PSO Solidum acknowledged. 
He also reaffirmed NSO-Aklan’s commitment of serving the people with efficiency and effectiveness being inspired and motivated by the honor received. /MP

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Is The Philippines Wounded?

by Alex P. Vidal

The wave of scandals and man-made catastrophes we face everyday are too much for the human mind and heart to bear. And we are wounded.

Shocking corruption stories involving higher officials, family tragedies, wanton destruction of environment, poverty, terrorism, sexual assaults and emotional blackmails, slavery, bigotry and religious persecution, character assassination, macabre murders, to name only a few. 

We regularly read stories about large scale plunder and “pork barrel” brouhaha, police brutality, heinous crimes and decline of our ecology due to irresponsible, immoral and illegal habits and activities of human race; yet, nobody gets prosecuted. No criminal and corrupt official has rotted in jail. Rogue elements and rapacious leaders continue to commit pillage at alarming scale. We continue to suffer. We continue to lick our wounds.

There was former president Erap Estrada who was found guilty of plunder and pardoned. He is now City Mayor of Manila. Chief Justice Renato Corona was impeached from his position.


Wound healing or Woundology has been recommended by prominent social scientists, psychologists and even pranic healers. 

I first heard of the word Woundology from Dr. Josef De Ubaldo who defined it as the “healing of wounds inhabiting a particular area in the human body.”

It is as old as history premised on the Genesis of the first man and woman during their Fall that started the Woundology of homo sapiens on this planet, according to Ubaldo. “Because of this inevitable woundedness, comes a wounded fetus, wounded child, the wounded family, wounded race as in the case of the Blacks (now people of colors), wounded nations as in the case of war-ravaged countries without identity like the Philippines and to a larger extent the destruction of Planet Earth.”


It was actually author Caroline Myss who coined the term “woundology” to describe how some people define themselves by their physical, emotional, or social wounds.

In her book, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Myss writes that many people hoping to heal “are striving to confront their wounds, valiantly working to bring meaning to terrible past experiences and traumas, and exercising compassionate understanding of others who share their wounds. But they are not healing. They have redefined their lives around their wounds and the process of accepting them. They are not working to get beyond their wounds. They are stuck in their wounds in fact.

The Planet Earth, according to Ubaldo, is wounded by its wounded inhabitants which is being exemplified in forest destruction, oil spills on the ocean, and use of chemicals, air pollution, iatrogenic diseases, genetically engineered foods all wrought havoc to the lives of many people and to the natural habitat. 

“If we seriously attempt to account for the total inhabitants of this planet which runs to seven billion, imagine the magnitude, depth, breadth and ubiquitousness of wounding,” said Ubaldo. “It chooses not to respect anyone, it maybe a king, national leaders down to the common ‘tao’. We shall continue to be wounded until we desire to get healed.”


He warned that Woundology does not remain static. “Its dynamism sometimes precludes our ability or desire to get healed. It is dynamic for it ends up in a definite healing process through one’s quest and search for solutions that transcend beyond the physical plane in order to restore one’s joy, pride and equilibrium-mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The holistic guide to healing plays significantly for the individual’s corporeal mind, emotion, body, and spirit. Symptomatic cures such as synthetic medicines do not last long for they served only as palliatives.” 

Ubaldo added: “Being wounded presupposes pain, of ego-destruction to the point of losing one’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is the most valued part of one’s life and more often than not, it is greatly smashed by unsavory events he identified as verbal abuses in childhood and adolescence, physical infliction of pain (wounding) coupled by emotional wrath, emotional blackmails, undiscovered truths and realities sowed by others to perpetuate pain, history of colonization, clouding of minds and other forms of shackling one’s personality to hinder growth, are just some of the more popular examples of woundedness.” 

Myss suggests that it takes courage to explore our suffering, to peel away layer after layer of beliefs, behaviors, and assumptions and rigorously hold ourselves accountable to life.
And who is accountable to the pain, destruction of property, loss of human lives taking place since last week in Zamboanga City?  As HENRY DAVID THOREAU said, “Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.” /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

For Official Use Only

I like to share with you a text message from Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino which states: 

“American: In USA, stealing is against the law, you will be jailed. British: In U.K. (United Kingdom), foreigners caught stealing are deported. Arab: In Saudi Arabia, if caught stealing, your hand will be cut off. Japanese: In Japan, stealing is dishonor to the family, we make “hara-kiri” (suicide). Chinese: In China, if caught stealing, you face firing squad. Filipino: In the Philippines, stealing is for official use only!” 

Thank you Atty. Tolentino for the text message. What do you feel of the above stated joke of Atty. Tolentino? Can we prevent using “stealing for official use only?”

Effects of Poverty

Poverty is an issue that more and more of Filipino children are coming face to face with. Each year, children entering schools with needs from circumstances like poverty are increasing. This annual increases are highly enormous for schools to respond. 

Children who are “at risk” are likely to fail in their schooling and possibly in life. It does not appear that a single factor will place a child at risk and when more than one factor is present, there are compounding effects and the possibility for failure increases significantly. 

In school, academic and behavioral problems can be indicators of impending failure. These behaviors are delay in language development, reading development, aggression, violence, social withdrawal, substance, and depression. 

They do not comply with their assignment, do not study for tests or do not come to school prepared to learn, unable to concentrate or focus and unwilling to interact with peers or adults in school.

The Challenge

The above stated problems of children at-risk are challenges to educators. Good education is the only means to break the cycle of poverty among children of poor families. These children need education that is founded on high standards and expectations. 

Children from poverty start out life at a disadvantage. Their mothers may have no or had inadequate pre-natal care and with insufficient early health care. Children of poor parents do not have good and the same kind of experience children of the normal social level do have. 

The social environment present in poverty situations limits the ways they learn to live in social groups that adversely affect the development of these children. 

Emotional trauma is another social issue facing children of poor families. The emotional climate is very stressful and emotionally depriving which can lead to feelings of alienation, inadequacy, depression, and anxiety. Impulsive behavior and social withdrawal may result. There is lack of emotional security and self esteem. Children at risk crave for attention and need to belong. 

This fight to liberate us from poverty has a very simple solution. In the family level, with the natural resources available to us, there is no reason for any family to live in poverty. The Philippines is favored with abundant water, fertile soil, favorable climate and technologies ready for application.
Making the soil productive, proper use of technologies and effective and efficient marketing, there will be liberation from poverty. Any industrious, efficient, frugal family will certainly triumph over poverty. /MP

LGU Aklan Celebrates Tourism Week

LGU Aklan is celebrating tourism week with a pictorial exhibits at 2nd level, Gaisano Kalibo mall.

Will LGU Banga Reconstruct Bandstand?

Picture above shows what remains of the bandstand erected on the Banga town plaza through the efforts of the Banga Women’s Club in the 1930’s. This is one of the three edifices  that withstood arson in World War II. The other two are the Roman Catholic church and Banga public market. This bandstand is repleted with culture and history worthy of restoration. What will the LGU Banga and the people of “Banga The Beautiful” do with this bandstand? (ARV photo)

Chiz Suggests To DA: Unbandle P79.1 B 2014 Budget

 The Department of Agriculture (DA) must unbundle its P79.1-B budget proposal for 2014 and disaggregate its programs in terms of projects and areas once the agency faces the Senate for the plenary hearing starting November.

 Senator Chiz Escudero, chairman of the Senate committee on finance recommended the DA budget for plenary subject to submission of programs detailing how much and where the agency plans to spend and obligate its funding.

 Under its 2014 proposal, the DA budget will increase by 6.3 percent or P4.9 billion more than its 2013 permitted budget.
 Escudero specifically asked for the line item allocation of the DA’s P17.3 billion irrigation project (both local and foreign-assisted), its P12 billion farm-market road projects, the P1.7 billion PAMANA projects and the P8.4 billion bottom-up-budgeting projects.

 “We ask for these since DBM Sec. Butch Abad said the budget is already a released document. Being so, when all your programs are already disaggregated, you don’t need a Special Allotment Release Order to implement the projects immediately. I don’t care if you submit several volumes of budget documents, we will welcome it in the committee and will approve it so long as it shows clarity on how you will obligate your funding,” Escudero told DA Secretary Proceso Alcala. The senator, said through line-item allocation, agencies can already bid out projects beginning the fiscal year, short of awards. This, he said, gets agencies to meet its targets on time, if not ahead. 

At the same time, he also asked DA to submit a detailed plan of its agriculture modernization thrusts in the following breakdown: P6.9 billion rice program; P1.7 billion corn program; P1.6 billion high-valued commercial crop; P1.3 billion livestock program; and P3.7 billion fisheries program.

“Who will implement these programs? In the DA programs, how many percent still uses NGOs to implement such? Do you still allow NGOs to implement some of your programs? Is it not prohibited as of yet?” Asked Escudero.

“This time, I think we have to check with the DBM and with the COA,” Alcala replied. The senator asked for a list of programs that will be implemented by DA itself and NGOs if there are any.

Escudero requested Alcala to instruct all the attached agencies and corporations under the DA to address all findings and recommendations from the Commission on Audit (COA) in its annual audit report of the agency.

“In our next meeting, we won’t allow you or any agency for that matter to just sweep the COA audit under the rug. Instruct all your units to address the COA findings, you can take the issues to court if you don’t agree with their findings but these definitely cannot be left hanging and unanswered. We will make sure to ask each and every recommendation and observation to be settled by the agency as well as your attached corporations Mr. Secretary,” Escudero told the DA head.

Recently, COA has released its report on funds culled from the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) of legislators which have been channeled through several agencies under the DA like the National Agribusiness Corporation (NABCOR) and the Zamboanga Rubber Estate Corporation (ZREC). The senator scored both agencies during the second hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on the PDAF scam probe for ignoring procurements laws in relation to releasing funds to questionable NGOs. /MP

Quimpo Will Grace Aklan Product Expo In Iloilo City


Aklan Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo – Quimpo will be the guest of honor during the Opening Program of the Aklan Product Expo on September 30, 2013 at the Event Center, SM City, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. The exposition will run until Oct. 6, 2013.

According to DTI–Aklan Provincial Director Diosdado P. Cadena Jr., the invitation to Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo will certainly inspire Aklan’s local small and medium enterprises producers and their partners. The Vice Governor is DTI’s major partner to the said Product Exposition. 

Cadena revealed some 28 MSME producers in Aklan belonging to the Hugod-Aklanon producers will participate in the 7-day product exposition.

DTI hopes that this years’ edition of the Aklan Product Expo will exceed last years’ total sales of P4.258 million.

The Aklan Product Exposition is a venue that offers opportunities for Aklan MSMEs to showcase their locally made products in its regional markets in Iloilo and nearby provinces. Distinctive, fashionable and eco-friendly handwoven wearables, gifts and housewares, include Aklan’s famous meat and bakery products will be focused in the said product exposition. Health and wellness, tourism-related and support products will also be displayed.

Since 2009, this particular product exposition for Aklan netted a total sales of P18.41 million with P7.536 million as cash sales and P11.885 million as booked orders.

This product exposition is jointly sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry, Provincial Government of Aklan and the Hugod Aklanon Producers Association.

With the DTI as the lead agency, Aklan generated last year a total export sales of US $2.4 million, almost doubling the year 2011 figure of US $1.2 million. New investments generated in 2012 is about P452 million and domestic sales of P195 million generating some 5,700 new jobs for Aklan’s unemployed and underemployed. /MP

World’s Oldest Man Dies

Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez, the world’s oldest man past away at the age of 112 years. CNN reported Blazquez died on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 in the United States. 

Salustiano Sanchez-Blazquez was born on June 8, 1901 in El Tejada De Bajar, Spain. At age 17, he went to Cuba and worked at the sugarcane field. After three years at age 20 years, he went to the United States and worked in the coal mines. 

He got married in 1934 and sired a son and a daughter. At the time of his death, Salustiano has seven grand children, 15 great grand children, and five great, great grand children.
Asked while still alive his secret to live long, he simply answered: “I eat one piece of banana and take six (6) Annacin tablets per day”. /MP

Did ‘Bogart’ Approve Punzalan’s Execution?

by Alex P. Vidal

“You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.” AL CAPONE

If our unimpeachable sources are to be believed, the cold-blooded mob-style rub-out of Jimmy Punzalan could be compared to the gangland killings that rocked Chicago in the roaring 30’s where mobster boss Al  “Scarface” Capone executed both his partners in crime and rivals in illegal activities with ferocious intensity and in a macabre fashion.

Sources said Punzalan was an odd man in illegal gambling rivalries that allegedly involved the henchmen of “Bogart” or the capo di tutti capi himself. “Pare Jim”, as Punzalan was known, was allegedly whacked by the group in a mob-style war over control of illegal gambling activities in the metropolis.

Sources added that Punzalan, 64, known as “Robin Hood” to his friends for always sharing his blessings, was allegedly taken out “to prevent him from spreading his tentacles” in illegal numbers game “first two” or “bookies” that could decimate his rivals operating under “Bogart’s” tutelage.


It won’t hurt if investigators review the circumstances surrounding the raid in the house of a suspected gambling lord in Jaro district a few weeks back where several gambling paraphernalia and betting money worth about half million pesos were seized.  Punzalan’s name surfaced as among those who allegedly tipped off authorities. 

Meanwhile, the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO6) Regional Intelligence Division and the Jaro Police Precinct, which conducted the raid, should explain to the public why they zeroed in on the house of a village chief who had a spat with former Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez Sr. but ignored other known lairs of illegal gambling activities in the city and province that are more sophisticated and more “big time”.
How often do they conduct raids? How about the other gambling joints in Molo, La Paz, Arevalo and the City Proper? Do they conduct raids according only to the behest of their superiors who have links with shady characters in the underworld?


“Bogart”, known for his expensive tastes and explosive temper, himself has strong connections in the police and media. Rogue cops and unscrupulous mediamen look up to “Bogart” as all-season Santa Claus. He was never indicted of any crime even if his nefarious activities are already common knowledge. During election time, “Bogart” is a friend both of politicians, who run for public office, and thugs who act as the politicians’ bogeymen.

By using baby Armalite riffles and treachery, the killers, believed to be hired hit men, made sure Punzalan would not survive.  Punzalan, who always carried a short firearm, would have engaged his attackers in a fierce gun-battle had he anticipated the sneak attack.  An assassin with a short firearm wouldn’t dare cross Punzalan’s path as he was known to be a good shooter being a former member of the defunct Philippine Constabulary. The hit men must have also learned that Punzalan was always accompanied by his fellow Rotarian and best friend, Frank Atas, himself a sharp-shooter, every time he had dinner in a small shanty adjacent the Papa Jim Sea Bounty, Punzalan’s restaurant inside the complex; thus they assaulted Punzalan when Atas was not around.

Punzalan would not leave his house in Brgy. Cubay, Jaro without a gun. A few years ago, he lost an expensive .45 caliber colt and cash from” bukas kotse” gang when he failed to lock his car at the parking lot of SM City.

The group that terminated Punzalan must have planned the hit for several weeks and was able to finally find a perfect opportunity when there were few customers present in his eatery in the Boliland Garden in Brgy. Bolilao, Mandurriao district at about 9 pm last August 7.  

Underworld characters in one particular jurisdiction know each other very well.  In the St. Valentine’s Day massacre in 1929, seven well-dressed henchmen of George “Bugs” Moran, Capone’s rival, were lined up against a wall, with their backs to their executioners and shot to death in a “take-no-prisoner” fashion because they probably knew their killers. 

Gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel was murdered in his Hollywood mansion 66 years ago by East Coast mob cronies who suspected him of skimming from the $6-million Flamingo Hotel casino in Las Vegas. 

Did the people who wanted Punzalan eliminated consult boss “Bogart”? If they did, either “Bogart” rejected the project but the conspirators defied him, or he “did not want to be part of it”. Or did “Bogart” himself, to protect the interest of his own empire, order the rub out? /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Titiris Ni Tess

Palangga guid si Tess ko anang Lola. Sa anang ika 18 dag-ong kaadlawan, guin taw-an imaw it regalo nga titiris nga nahuman sa panapton. Guin bilinan si Tess nga indi guid pagduea-on ro anang titiris, busa guina hulid nana ro titiris kon imaw magkatoeog. Ro ibang igkampod nana nga apo man ko anang lola hay bukon it maeapit sa andang lola tongod idto nagbahoe sa syudad. Kon bakasyon man lang sanda nagakita ko andang lola.

Ro guinikanan ni Tess, ag anang ama-kamanghuran sa mga onga ko anang lola ro naga atipan ko andang maeapad nga eanas. Ka’t nagmasakit ro anang lola, hay si Tess ag ro anang ina ro nag atipan kana. Owa man magbuhay ag binawi-an it hueam nga kabuhi.

Pagkamatay ko anang lola, nag oeoli eon ro anang mga tiyo ag tiya. Tag kinahatod eon ro anang lola sa anang ulihing paeahuwayan, andang guin hueo-eay ro mga propiyedad. Guin baligya ro baeay. Haadto ro eanas sa anang ama. Guin panghakot nanda ro mga mwebles ag tanan nga igdaeapat. Naghalin man sanday Tess sa maisot nga payag-payag nga dating guina bakasyunan nanda kon magpaani sa eanas. Rikara buhos ko anang ama ro anang tiyempo sa pag alila it mga hayop ag iba pang uma.

Tongod sa kahugod, nagmasakit man ro ama ni Tess. Kinahangean nga operahan imaw tongod may nagtubo nga bukoe sa anang likod. Nangayo it bulig sanda sa anang mga tiyo ag tiya ogaling amat-amat eon gali nga naubos ratong mga hueay nanda sa baeay. 

Ko isaeang gabi-e ngaron, nagpangadi si Tess ag ro anang ina. Pagkatapos it pangamuyo, nag adto sa anang katre si Tess agod magkatoeog. Anang guin tangdayan ro titiris. Sa anang paghakos sa titiris, hahulikapan nana ro mga matig-a nga bagay sa sueod it titiris. Guin boe-an nana it gunting ag tastason ro mga tahi. Tumambad kana ro mga papelon nga kwarta ag may nakaputos pa sa panyo nga mga antigong alahas ko anang lola. 

Guin daea nana ro titiris sa anang ina. Na operahan ag nagmayad ro anang ama. Owa nanda igbaligya ro mga antigong alahas tongod may sentimental nga hayga kay Tess. Kon ano ro natabo sa anang mga tiyo ag tiya hay owa eon it binate si Tess. Saeamat sa titiris nga regalo ko anang lola. 

Naga selebrar baea kamo it adlaw it mga lola? Mayad ayad man nga pagselebrar sa adlaw it mga lola! /MP

BTAC Busts ‘Bookies’ In Boracay

APPO provincial director PSSUPT Pedrito Escarilla reported their “successful campaign against illegal drugs, another accomplishment in the continuous fight of Aklan PPO to make Aklan province drug free”.  

 Elements of Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC) led by P/Insp. Keenan Ruiz, under the direct supervision of S/Insp Jeoffer C. Cabural, BTAC, in coordination with PDEA6, conducted a buy bust operation at D’ Talipapa, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Monday evening, September 9.

 The said operation resulted to the arrest of suspects, Carmilino Solano, 34 years old, native of Rodila Camotes, Cebu City who is presently staying at Sitio Hagdan, Brgy. Yapak, Malay, Aklan, and Jeffrey Wongli, 33 years old, native of Sampaloc, Metro Manila who is presently staying at Sitio Talipapa Bukid, Brgy. Manocmanoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan in violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002, otherwise known as Republic Act 9165.

Recovered from Solano are seven pieces elongated heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing undetermined amount suspected to be shabu; marked money in cash amounting to P660.00 in different denominations; one piece of iphone 4s color white; one unit Honda wave 125 MC with plate number FL7781; and one Daewoo 9mm firearm with serial number BA 006312 with one magazine inserted with eleven live ammunition.

Recovered from Wongli are the following: one piece undetermined amount of suspected shabu, and one piece of Cherry mobile phone.

Record also shows that when Solano requested from the operatives to get his personal belongings at MGB apartment where he was staying and while inside of the apartment with the assistance of front office staff Rollen Rose seen in plain view is suspected shabu and marijuana, and 25 live ammunition of caliber 9mm.

 The suspects were brought to BTAC office for proper disposition of the case, according to PO3 Nida L. Gregas. 

An inquest case was filed on Wednesday, September 11 against Solano and Wongli at the Aklan Provincial Prosecutors Office for Violation of Sections 5, 11 and 12 of Article II of Republic Act 9165. Aside from Violation of Republic 9165, Solano is also charged for violation of Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition or Republic Act 10591. The Officer on case is PO1 Jeg Kenneth Tabang of BTAC. /MP

This picture above is not the part of the exhibit but it was submitted by Ms. Megs Lunn, past president, Aklan Press Club, Inc. captioned “eyesore in Numancia town plaza, in front of the St. Joseph Church and at the back of the Sto. Nino Seminary with illegal structures”.

News Pictorial

“Pag-aeaw-aeaw” is an Aklanon term which means to welcome. This term was used by some 300 Banganhon men who gathered at crossing Banga to welcome the Japanese soldiers on October 21, 1943 but instead, they were machine gunned and massacred. The Japanese soldiers declared “Juez de Kutsilyo” in Banga as shown in picture at left. Picture at right shows the “Saguibin Festival” which means mutual cooperation to complete a project of neighbors. 

Pictures above (left) shows “Parada it Litson”, a very important and gainful industry in Numancia, while the picture at right portrays the century old trees growing in Brgy. Albasan, Numancia.

Upper photo shows “Nasuraan Falls” while upper right is a wild river fit for kayaking. Lower photo is Madalag showing its good potential source of electricity as shown in this picture where water is ever flowing to the sea unutilized. Mountains with ever green trees serve as depository of unlimited water.

  This photos portray the remains of the 15th century wine distillery (Lambique) in Batan.

“Pag-aeaw-aeaw” is an Aklanon term which means to welcome. This term was used by some 300 Banganhon men who gathered at crossing Banga to welcome the Japanese soldiers on October 21, 1943 but instead, they were machine gunned and massacred. The Japanese soldiers declared “Juez de Kutsilyo” in Banga as shown in picture at left. Picture at right shows the “Saguibin Festival” which means mutual cooperation to complete a project of neighbors. 

Pictures above (left) shows “Parada it Litson”, a very important and gainful industry in Numancia, while the picture at right portrays the century old trees growing in Brgy. Albasan, Numancia.

Upper left photo shows “Nasuraan Falls” while upper right is a wild river fit for kayaking. The lower photos portray the remains of the 15th century wine distillery (Lambique) in Batan.