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Pinoy Workers Beat Other Canadian Immigrants
In Money Remittance
VANCOUVER , British Columbia — Despite the global recession, the Philippines is on top of the world in terms of receiving dollars sent by its Canadian migrant workers.
Filipino immigrant workers have the highest frequency of overseas remittance compared to other nationalities working in Canada , according to Belinda Lim-Herrera, an executive of a global bank remittance that operates here.

She attributed this to the "Filipino culture" where immigrant workers remit their earnings to their extended family members—brothers and sisters, husbands, wives, parents and relatives "up to third degree in consanguinity."

In 2009, Filipino workers transmitted some $185 million to the Philippines with average of $35,000 remittance per month or $500 individually, disclosed Herrera.

She operates a global remittance bank with offices in Alberta , Ontario and Vancouver and has branches in 27 countries, including Greece and Italy.

Citing Statistics Canada, Tracy Scott, senior manager of Payment and Card Services, RBC, said in the same interview that about 23 percent of immigrants sent remittances within six to 24 months of arrival in Canada.

Twenty nine percent did so within 25 to 48 months of arrival, it was reported.

The average amount sent within six to 24 months was $2,500. After 25-48 months in Canada , the average amount sent overseas was $2,900, Statistics Canada added.
Dilip Ratha, lead economist of World Bank Development Prospects Group, who was guest in the same interview, said "the money remitted overseas last year was three times than the money intended for development assistance."

Some $316 billion was remitted by overseas workers to India , China , Mexico , Philippines and other countries in 2009, said Ratha. The amount is expected to reach $335 billion this year with increase of 6.2 percent and $360 billion in 2011, he added.
The top ten remittance recipients are: 1. India , 2. China , 3. Mexico , 4. Philippines , 5. France , 6.Bangladesh, 7. Spain , 8. Germany , 9. Nigeria and 10. Belgium.

In recent years, overseas workers from Asia have been sending remittances of about $8 billion annually to their home countries. These remittances are an important source of precious foreign exchange for the major labor-exporting countries, according to a study by Charles Stahl of the University of New Castle and Fred Arnold of East-West Population Institute, East-west Center .

"The overall develop-ment impact of remittances, however, has not been well established. Remittances are spent primarily on day-to-day consumption expenditures, housing, land purchase, and debt repayment," they reported.

Although only a small proportion of remittances are directed into productive investments, this does not warrant the conclusion that the developmental value of remittances is negligible, they added.

Remittances spent on domestic goods and services in Asia reportedly provide an important stimulus to indigenous industries and to the economies of the labor supplying countries./MP

No Environmental Issue

When Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez announced that the provincial government of Aklan has already concluded talks with some well meaning investors on the construction of a world-class airport at Barangay Caticlan, Malay, Aklan, such pronouncement was viewed as a welcome development by Aklanons themselves.

During a video presentation sometime last year, some members of the Aklan media were visibly impressed by the project which was touted as environment-friendly due to its "green" concept.

However, said project was saddled by controversies as some quarters claimed that said undertaking will result to adverse effects to the environment. A leading broadsheet even reported that at least one columnist has "revived" long dormant theories that lopping off a hill at one end of the airport’s runway would cause the erosion of he white sand on Boracay a few kilometers across from a channel that is both deep and subject to strong currents.

Said assertion is purportedly backed by the "opinion" of a DENR official about the so-called environmental impact of this move, which has become the rallying point of one particular businessman who is reportedly leading he opposition to the project.

Reports have it that this is the opening salvo of renewed offensives against the project. It was believed that the party opposed to this undertaking seems to move heaven and earth to sabotage the project because it wants to build its own airport on nearby Carabao Island on a land it had already acquired.

Skeptics who know better believe the notion that this is no longer an environmental issue. Instead, they dismissed it as land speculation. Nothing more, nothing less.

It may be recalled that said project came under fire due to environmental issues which came out in the national dailies. But the provincial officials led by Aklan Rep. Florencio Miraflores doused misconceptions regarding the project by writing letters to the editor clarifying the economic viability of said undertaking.

Clearly, the series of attacks aimed at undermining a project are nothing but failed attempts at discrediting a feasible undertaking.

Thus, the provincial government, together with the consortium, must not lose sight and focus on the prompt completion of said project unmindful of the attempts made by some quarters whose agendas remain unquestionable and geared towards their selfish interests. /MP

Crossing the Line

"Smiling Back at the Experience of 2010 Automated Election"

When I hesitantly said YES to Smartmatic TIM, Inc. in September of 2009, little did I know that I will be dealing with "sky rocketed" tension, notwithstanding, the many deliverables and hundreds of people who will be under your monitoring and supervision.

In the contract as Provincial Coordinator – Aklan for SMTT-TIM, Inc – it stated: 1. to deal directly with the Provincial Election Supervisor; 2. to monitor the project based of the 1st Automated Election 2010 of SMTT-TIM, Inc.

To serve as a "long-arm" extension of the Regions Management Unit is to serve as the arms, feet, eyes and mouth of SMTT-TIM, Inc, therefore, it includes monitoring activities of manpower, security, warehouse, 3rd Party Logistics (3PL), machineries deployment, among others and other stakeholders involved in the deliverables, if directed and as directed, by the Regions Management Unit of SMTT-TIM, Inc.

Though the project is huge enough to think about, I did not deal with too much worries as to my services is concerned. I was thinking of more than what I can do for our country, to ensure an honest, orderly, peaceful election (HOPE 2010) thru Automation, first time in the history of the Philippines.

The designation brought to us during the 3 days training at Bayview Park Hotel in Manila in 2009 I thought was a simple matter to me, knowing that, we are not to handle the technical aspect of Automation. Speaking of technicality, I was ready to learn, however, it was not clarified at all, nor even we were trained about it…It was ALL BLIND to me.

After so many months of planning, meeting and preparation, it was only in November of 2009 that I felt the tension and excitements as to what extent would be our limitation being Provincial Coordinator. There was people behind the scene that objected to my being part of the team for Regions Management Unit and that wanted to dare me as not worthy to be Provincial Coordinator. The reasons given was obviously, because, I am part of the tri-media and that I was told, I am a threat to them, knowing my previous connections with one political party in the 2007 election. These are reasons that I could not accept as these people who wanted me out are behaving like childish ones, so to speak. These, in fact are the people whom I never heard of and first time I met in my lifetime. I was not aware they even have to investigate my profile at the same time.

To cut the story short, as my mentor told me, accept the challenge and show to them your worth. There were good friends who vouched for my character and integrity at work of which I was very grateful. It was quiet for many months. Never-theless, two months before the Election, these people succeeded to eventually make their way to transfer me to Capiz. I thought the decision was politically motivated, as even admitted to me by my Regions Management Unit.
I graciously took the challenge and went off to pay a courtesy call to PES-Capiz - Atty. Wil Arcenio. It was really a challenging event of my career, as being PC of Capiz, while my heart is for Aklan, even maintained my office in my residence hometown while rendering services for Capiz, back and forth at some points. I did spent time to like what I do as I need to do it. It was not that I had no choice, it was just me.

The challenge went on, more significantly at 4:00 AM when we are about to deploy the PCOS machines for Capiz on May 5, 2010, when at the same day, at 7:00 AM, my RMU called up to retrieve the same. It was all in the ANC News when Compaq Flash Cards hit the national television during an FTS in one area in Manila, of which accordingly, it did not read the local canvassing.

The experience of struggling how to get to Capiz at 4 AM dawn, off to ride with a trucking/10-wheelers truck via Iloilo, I have to brace myself and pray, I hope I would maintain my composure to be able to reach Capiz and do what we urgently need to do. To extract CF of 1,166 units of 10.6 kilos (weight) each of PCOS machines is of no joke. Given a timetable of such a rush by our two Provincial Election Supervisors (Capiz and Aklan), however, with our collective efforts in Roxas main hub, we patiently and cheerfully finished the extraction and finally reach our timetable before 2PM of May 6, 2010. The Final Testing and Sealing was supposedly scheduled May 7, however, was moved to May 8 and even May 9 for the far-flung areas.

It was more challenging actually, dealing with different personalities of stakeholders, not to mention, the Election officers of different towns of the two provinces – Capiz and Aklan. Dealing with both of this group in a back-to-back meeting with PNP, AFP and COMELEC, with my SMTT Security Consultant and Provincial Coordinator Manpower at many instances, I can only smile back at the experienced.

"Smartmatic TIM Corporation contracted the automation, COMELEC runs the Election". This guiding principle we are using in making decisions pertaining to the implementation of the Automated Election last May 10, 2010 that draws the line which separates COMELEC and Smartmatic TIM Corporation.

One SMTT member quoted to us just two weeks before the election when doubts and resistance started from both parties during the receipt of Comelec Resolution 8827, "we expected COMELEC to lead us, not to run away from their responsibility, to give us solutions and not to blame, to help us and not to give us problems, to guide us and not to make our way difficult and to encourage us and not to pull us down. It’s sad to know that they are in-charge in the process of choosing our leaders. I don’t know what will happen to our country if these people will still continue to lead the most crucial and critical turning point of this country, the election. It’s difficult to do things when some administrators you are expecting to lead are nowhere to be found or hard to find. We depend on them to give us directives and orders on what to do, how to do, when to do and where to do. They all knew that we are all new to this business and we don’t have the mandate to lead the election. CROSSING THE LINE is our last option to make things done, and WE DID."

In fairness, it was my happiest moment when three days before May 10, as directed by our RMU that I have to stay for Aklan and that my counterpart PC will stay for Capiz. It was a memorable and enjoyable ride with PES-Aklan, Atty. Ian Lee Ananoria and the rest of the provincial board of canvassers team, APPO-PD Jun Bragais and his team and the AFP, too. More importantly, thank you to our most hardworking PCM- Ms. Jindra Cipriano and her PCOST team.
I can’t also forget a funny situation when some EO’s of both provinces still seek for my advice on some certain point. Funny because, they should know better on how and what to do since they are empowered with Resolutions, etc. from their office. It was even ironic that flying voters and security need was brought to my attention. Thank you to those who are concerned and vigilant citizen of our towns.

The election fever to me was more of personalities. It wasn’t the PCOS or the CF. . It was more of INITIATIVE (diskarte) on the part of PCOST and manpower alike, who most of the time in the field, served as "punching bags" especially during the Election Day of May 10, 2010. In totality, it was more of a challenge of COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY on the part of the Comelec and SMTT-TIM, Inc.

One major lesson learned was that, "Too much protocol was killing us and NSC was not much of help."

One media friend asked me if I would do it again? Without blinking an eyelash, "YES, FOR THE LOVE OF SERVICE!"

Indeed, I enjoyed the ride and my team and I was proud to say, "WE ALL DID OUR BEST." /MP

IBAJAY’s ASU-CHARRM & Centuries-Old Mangroves

A Response to Employment Opportunities
and Ecological Protection
by Dr. Marivel S. Villorente, Dean, ASU-CHARRM
April 2010 Commencement Exercises of Aklan State University at Ibajay, officially known as the ASU-College of Hospitality and Rural Resource Management (ASU-CHARRM) brought out fresh but time’s much needed manpower in the province, the first BS in Tourism graduates. The first Tourism graduates were strictly screened with the strict adherence to the program’s admission and retention policy. They may not be at far with the city school’s graduates of the same course, particularly in Communication skills as what most Boracay establishments claimed, but these ASU-CHARRM graduates have an edge when it comes to knowledge in Eco-tourism, perseverance, dedication and particularly possessing natural beauty. They were widely-exposed to the many and rich eco-tourism attractions of the province, honed in work ethics, and widely exposed in extra-curricular activities. So great to note that the students were pleasantly overwhelmed by the support given by the management of the following establishments:

1.The Philippine Airlines (PAL)-Kalibo, 2. Aklan Provincial Tourism Office, 3.Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)-Kalibo 4. Catiklan Jetty Port and Passenger Terminal, 5.Zest Air-Catiklan, 6. Go Discover travel, 6. La Carmela De Boracay Resort Hotel 7. Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Convention Center, 8.Boracay Holiday Resort Hotel, 9. Real Maris Resort and Hotel, Inc., 10.Kikkos Boracay Beach Besort, 11. Patio Pacific Resort Boracay, 12. Bamboo Beach Resort and Restaurant, 13. Discovery Shores Boracay, Villa Sunset Beach Resort.

The OJT included exposure both in the travel industry and in the hotel industry. The exposure and experience acquired by students as revealed in their OJT report had tremendously enriched their knowledge in the real hospitality and tourism activities of the province. Indeed, the presence of a Tourism curricular program at ASU-Ibajay is a very valuable contribution in the promotion of tourism industry. That is, students are made aware of all the tourism potentials in the province and what the local government and the people in general can do about it. The tourism course, likewise, is a big help to low-income families to be able for them to send their children for education especially when they have the potentials relevant to the discipline of Tourism.

The pioneer graduates of BS Tourism at ASU-Ibajay, are hoping to be absorbed by any travel agency and hotel industry in the province. It is a known fact that most of tourism or hospitality personnel in the province, particularly in Boracay, come from outside of the province. It is envisioned that with the Tourism graduates of ASU-Ibajay which is just at the gate of the island, considerations could be accorded to them for employment. Such that travel agencies, hotel and tourism industries will provide priority opportunities for employment to these local graduates. To this, a much needed support of the local government is important.

The tourism graduates of CHARRM come from all over Aklan and from the neighbor, northwest municipalities of Antique. They were well-exposed to natural eco-parks in Aklan particularly to the newly-developed but very significant and magical mangroves of Ibajay, known as Ibajay Mangrove Eco-Park or locally known as Katunggan It Ibajay, (KII). KII takes pride of its 44 hectares of mangroves and the only mangrove community in the country with a total of 28 species or 80 percent of the total of 35 Philippine species. These were acknowledged by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center-Aquaculture Department (SEAFDEC-AQD) and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). These two organizations have identified the site as ideal for various scientific researches on mangroves and aquaculture development.

Likewise, the ASU-CHARRM has identified the site as a significant area for practicum on the application of skills in BS in Tourism, BS in Agriculture and BS in Environmental Science. The ASU-CHARRM has greatly contributed to the promotion of the place through its big number of students who come from the different municipalities of Aklan and Antique, particularly the BS in Tourism and BS in Environmental Science. Together with the students and the faculty members who also come from the different municipalities of Aklan, Antique, Capiz and Iloilo, the eco-park, will not take long to become one of the busiest tourism destinations in Aklan. With the presence of this eco-park, the students are realistically made aware of the value of the right management of the eco-system. Moreover, they are able to see the difference between mass tourism and eco-tourism and from the ever popular tourism attraction of the Boracay island.

ASU-CHARRM has also done its part in conducting the Basic Tour guiding training to the identified potential local tour guides, which was zealously organized by the ZSL and supported by the LGU-Ibajay. Soon, the school will also build Tree Houses to add attraction to the place.

It is worth knowing, the good fortune of Ibajay to have ZSL in the forefront in the development of the KII and the valuable support of the ASU-CHARRM in the continuous development of the local folks’ knowledge on eco-tourism and other relevant pro-active trainings that ASU-CHARRM has planned for them. However, equally lucky are the inhabitants with the wholehearted support of the LGU-Ibajay. Blessing is also with ASU for having such a wonderful interplay of cooperation by these organizations and the welcoming attitudes of the people’s organizations, such as the Naisud Mangrove and Aquatic Organization (NAMAO) and the Bugtongbato Fisherfolks Association (BFA). These are the two organizations that act as steward of this natural wealth. Hence, for a minimal entrance fee of Twenty Pesos (P20.00), one can enjoy the healthy walk, with the assistance of the knowledgeable and well-trained local tour guides. The amount goes to the maintenance of the park and a small percentage goes to the effort and valuable time of the tour guide.

Also, guests are enjoined to try the boat ride at a very minimal fee. The boat ride is most exciting for it will bring you to the beautiful scenery of the mangroves and its beautiful stand from roots to tip, from the river down to the sea. It is a very beautiful experience to have a boat ride under the canopy of the mangrove trees, under a concrete bridge out to the delta, where the river and the sea meets. A valuable insight to see the spectacular interplay of the ecosystem during a boat ride, where one could experience the little wrestle with the river current to get out of it and to follow the route and discover the beautiful scenery towards the sea. This can be experienced during a boat ride when high tide is at its flow.

The Katunggan It Ibajay has a 800-m stretch of footbridge and the walk in it will bring you to its pride jewel, the centuries-old mangrove trees, Avicennia rumphiana, locally known as api-api or bungalon. This ecological treasure hidden in Ibajay which had existed in centuries and only made known significantly through mangrove scientist, Dr. Jurgen H. Primavera, a prolific writer on Mangrove and a staunch advocate of its protection. It is through the scientist’s study which highlighted the great value of the area with the identified presence of a big number of centuries-old mangrove trees. Today, the long slumber of this beautiful ecological treasure has ended through the invaluable efforts and dedication of the ZSL staff, the commitment of LGU-Ibajay and the extension services of ASU-CHARRM through educational and other skills training. The interplay of these organization is hope to bring not only economy in the area but also to arouse the consciousness of the community on the immeasurable worth of the mangroves in the ecological preservation. The fellowship of LGU-Ibajay, the ZSL and the people’s organizations, NAMAO and BFA is hoped to bring goodwill to the economy and nature’s preservation. /MP

Poverty and Unemployment, Challenge To SP Leadership

Weekly Kapehan form at Smokehauz Resto & Bar on May 22, 2010 is titled, "Legislative Agenda, SP Punctual guest was incoming SP member Hon. Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo. Other SP member Phoebe Clarisse "Ning" L. Cabagnot sent a letter of excuse because of earlier personal commitments.

Mayor Rebaldo is lone survivor of the opposition (Nacionalista) Eastern side and very optimistic about his role in the provincial legislature. He expressed thanks to those who have supported him both in good and bad times. I think those who hate me for what I am must be man enough to accost me and not prey or vandalize my campaign posters and tarpaulins. Voter’s confidence in my leadership by example was effective even in far flung towns as Libacao and Madalag though I haven’t gone thee personally, the Engineer stressed.

His priority agenda is resolution of the pathetic state of patients at charity ward of Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital. Frequent cases are insolvency of hospital patients to settle medical bills. A case in point is young unwed mother who chose to abandon her baby in the nursery ward. All because she could not produce the amount of P15,000. Another one is an injured man in a homicide case who without his knowledge and consent was confined to a private ward. After a few days hospital billing showed P45,000. Unable to pay he simply banished without a trace.

Economic Enterprise Department guidelines provide leeway for indigent families to leave hospital for home provided a promissory note is signed. Good but in the absence of a willing guarantor everything falls into pieces. Out of pity some employees manage to fill in the void ut does a person need to lose one’s self respect? Fortunately, there is a pending bill sponsored by Sen. Pia Cayetano to condone unpaid hospital accounts of patients confined in charity wards.

Mayor Rebaldo promised to look into unsavory mess and solve the recurring crisis of high cost of hospitalization and medical drugs. Once uncovered, he may be confronted of the proverbial Pandora box of all forms of evil.

Regarding the P90 million standby loan of Land Bank of the Philippines to Kalibo LGU, a total of 39 million has been obligated for following projects which are Talipapa, Oyo Torong - P11 million, Kalibo Public Market Rehabilitation (Native Products section) – P11 million and Heavy Construction Equipments – P17 million. The balance of P51 million is available should the incoming Administration of Mayor-elect William Lachica chooses to take advantage. Probable use could be funding relocation of municipal dumpsite to Balete and Kalibo’s Master Drainage Plan. Considering cash strap finances of barangays we approved resolution of allocating P100,000 each to our 16 barangays as counterpart fund for farm to market roads concreting. Now with new construction equipment like the motorized road grader, backhoe and dump trucks, road length could be well beyond 33 meters. Despite administrative problems and corruption charges spawned by the election campaign the Mayor said that we have sizeable funds left in the coffers for the next administration.

Decision of Central Bank branch in Kalibo to transfer to Roxas City based on relative business volume and cash transactions is indeed lamentable. However bank officials could not be faulted since the reality is that Capiz province is quite strong with leading commodities like sugar, rice, corn, meat and fish. Aklan surprisingly has degenerated into a basket case with regular transshipments of food supplies. In a recent Kapehan forum, Hon. Ning Cabagnot says, she no longer buys crustaceans from her hometown of Makato but instead but it right there in Metro Manila where it is cheaper.

How about copra? Well, Aklan no longer produce them but turns out hundreds of tons of coco lumber per year. It is also possible that people in the near future will turn to commercial bottled vinegar. Even tuba guzzlers are struggling to find the cheap drink from their favorite watering holes. This is bad omen for the entire country since coconut is considered the tree of life.

Engineered bamboo as shown by product acceptability test will soon replace wood as construction material, furniture and decorative pieces. DTI Kalibo is now in the midst of preparation for full scale technical info dissemination citing business and industrial potentials under the Micro, Small and Medium Industries.

Processing of engineered bamboo is quite simple and inexpensive. Selected pre-cut bamboo is passed through a pre-sizing and cleaning machine. Epoxy resin is generously applied as in plywood and the three slats compressed by a mechanical gadget to bind them permanently. Quality check by competent personnel complete standard of craftsmanship.

The DepEd has issued memo circular to all heads of schools requiring them to have 20 percent of their desks, chairs, and tables replaced with engineered bamboo products. Conducted at village level, minimal labor, funding and matured technology this could be the dawn of industrial age in Aklan.

Homeowners in advanced countries like the US, UK and Japan have the privilege to have pre-selected home design structure that include construction materials from nails to pre-cut lumber. Simple instructions are provided to construct one’s house since everything is prefabricated. Now with engineered bamboo, comparative price advantage and market promotion, stage is set for Philippine products to hit the international market.

Based on BAS data, bamboo plantation are extensively grown in Altavas, Libacao, Madalag, Malinao and Ibajay. Impact of this novel project could be easement of poverty and employment generation. Of course emerging but "dormant" business projects could be pottery and brick making in Lezo, and Colong-Colong, Ibajay that directly needs financial and technical assistance from Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores.

Incoming new SP members who belong to the opposition like Hon. Raymar A. Rebaldo, Ning L. Cabagnot and Victor M. Garcia face daunting challenge to be appointed to choice committee chairmanship. Mr. Odon S. Bandiola, SP Secretary revealed that all have been reserved for the United Leadership party.

Mr. Bandiola dropped a bombshell that the six year administration of Gov. Marquez has gone wild on deficit spending of closed to P1 billion. It should be noted that the annual budget of the province is also P1 billion. In essence culprit is big government and invariably there is also big spending. With the exception of Jetty Port, everything like Provincial Hospital and School of Nursing are operating in the red. This is compounded by the fact that the provincial leadership has not enacted proper legislation to increase taxes said the SP Secretary.

It appears that Independent Power Producers find Aklan’s investment climate hostile and unfavorable. First to give up was California Energy and now we have Asea One Power Corp.

Election fever has subsided and it’s time to roll up our sleeves. Indeed, we have serious problems at hand but let us not be deterred by unnecessary distractions to our cherished goal. Confucious once said that a thousand mile journey begins with a single step. /MP

DPWH To Present To Public Proposed Flood Control Project In Aklan

KALIBO, Aklan, - The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will present to the public the proposed Aklan River Flood Control and Drainage Project here.

DPWH District Engineer Roberto Cabigas said that the project will be presented on May 25 before provincial government officials, fisherfolks, farmers and indigenous people from the affected towns of Banga, Kalibo, Lezo, Libacao, Madalag and Malinao.

"From what I know the feasibility study might take around five years to be completed. The funding will be sourced out from a Japanese firm," Cabigas said. Cabigas said that when implemented, the flood control project will be a permanent solution of flood control concerns in the province.

Residents got much worried of possible flooding after Typhoon Frank devastated this town and neighboring municipallities in 2008.

While the flood control project is still in the offing, the DPWH is currently focused on maintaining the national highways to reduce flood risks during rainy season.

"We are trying to do our best so that the incidents of flood in the province would be reduced if not eliminated during heavy rains," Cabigas said. /MP


We Are Back On Track, Mayor Tells Ethnic Media
VANCOUVER , British Columbia – This coastal city in British Columbia ’s lower mainland is establishing itself as a hub for cutting-edge firms in creative industries, disclosed Mayor Gregor Robertson, who met recently with top echelons of ethnic media.

The positive signs that Vancouver is "back on track and fulfilling its potential" began after Robertson said he took a proactive role on economic development.

"During the Olympics, my top priority was to use the exposure and draw of the Winter Games to promote local businesses and attract new investment," said Robertson, who assumed office on December 8, 2008. "Our economic program, Metro Vancouver Commerce, strategically targeted international businesses that were considering investing or moving here."

The 45-year-old Robertson said city hall has exceeded the target for November 2011 — $60 million in direct new investment in the region because of Metro Vancouver Commerce.
"The work is paying off after just eight weeks," he enthused. "That’s new jobs, new international connections and new partnerships for our local economy."

Over the weekend, the mayor revealed Pixar has chosen Gastown as its new Canadian office and they have signed a memorandum of understanding with Plug and Play, a Silicon Valley company that specializes in supporting startup businesses with connections to venture capital.

They will reportedly set up their first Canadian tech center here.  

"These are major wins for our city’s—and region’s – local economy," he stressed. "It’s no wonder that the Conference Board of Canada predicts that Vancouver will have the strongest growing economy of any city in Canada this year."

Robertson added: "We’ve made headway on some of our toughest social problems. When we took office, there was a full-blown homelessness crisis in Vancouver. Since then, the city has partnered with the province to get real, visible results on homelessness.

"We opened several new emergency centers, providing people with an immediate way to get off the street."

The mayor said "the downtown core has seen significant drops in pan handling and open drug use since they opened."

"Over 400 people who were sleeping in doorways, on the street, or in parks are now sleeping inside in a safe place," added Robertson.
Robertson said his goal "is to end street homelessness by 2015 – to make sure that everyone who is homeless has a warm, safe place to sleep at night. We’ve still got a lot of work to do but we’re making progress."

Robertson also pointed out the following positive developments in Vancouver :

1. Bringing in significant new policies to improve the city’s environ-mental performance as the city council implemented a curb-side compost pickup program, at no extra cost to taxpayers.

2. Approving new rezoning requirements, meaning that Vancouver now has the greenest building code in North America .

The Council also recently made the biggest two-year investment in bike infrastructure in Vancouver ’s history, reported the mayor. "We’ve introduced protected bike lanes and made our cycling network safer for everyone," said Robertson, who rides in bicycle when he reports in city hall.
Robertson said the city has gone through "an incredible transformation."

"We’re more confident, more assured, more ambitious. It seems like an eternity ago when the previous city council was bogged down in labor disputes, Project Civil City and secret $100-million loans," he said.

"We’re now at place where city hall has a steady, business-like approach to governing our thriving city. Real results have been delivered in the first 18 months, with more to come. Vancouver is stronger, more compassionate and is fulfilling its potential to be a model city for the world," he concluded. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Bueawan Nga Mga Trapo

Trapo ro pagtratar kanday Azon tongod owa it eabot nga ilo pa sa ina ag inaywan ko andang ama, guina alila pa ag guina pintasan ko anang tiya. Idto sanda nag estar sa kwadra kaibahan ko mga kanding ag baka pagkatapos it limpyo sa sueod it baeay hay nagapilak pa sanda it basura nga maeayo sa andang baeay. Nangin barkada nanda ro mga onga nga parang mga ati tongod sa kahigko ko andang eawas sa pag inukay it basura. Naeo-oy si Azon sa mga onga ag anang guina obrahan it mga payag-payag himo sa plastic. Idto naga katoeog ro mga onga ag anang guina daehan it pagkaon.

Isaeang adlaw, may mga pulis nga nag-abot agod gub-on ro mga payag-payag. Guin dipensahan sanda ni Azon. Nakipag away imaw sa mga pulis ogaling guindaea man guihapon sanda sa presento.

Mayad maghambae si Azon, tongod sa mga libro nga anang guina binasa sa baeay ko anang tiyo nga abogado. Napabilib ni Azon maskin ro hepe it pulisya. Nag abot ro tiyo nga abogado ni Azon. Hakita nana kon paano guin dipensahan ni Azon ro andang deretso bilang tawo. May naka-tambong nga isaeang ka negosyante ag humanga imaw kay Azon. Guin kangay nana ro grupo ni Azon ag guin paestar sa anang baeay nga paupahan.

Guin patun-an nana it abogasya si Azon. Naktapos ro daeaga ag makaron, naga serbisyo bilang abogado ko mga babaye ag onga nga guina abuso ag owa nakaagum it hustisya. /MP

Groundbreaking of P18.8M DAR-Aklan Project Set

The Department of Agrarian Reform in Aklan will spearhead the ground-breaking of the three projects which are part of the P51.9M infrastructure projects identified for Malaya Agrarian Reform Community in Malay, Aklan under the Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Program III on May 21, 2010.

The three projects are the construction of Nabaoy – Sitio Embaroto farm-to-market road spanning 0.80 Kilometers worth P4.2M the construction of the Napaan-Sitio Kipot farm-to market-road with 1.6 km length costing P7.9M and the Dumlog Communal Irrigation Project servicing 27 hectares of farmlands worth P6.7M.

The Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Program III was launched in Aklan last year to assist three agrarian reform communities the Malaya ARC in Malay, BENTCH ARC in Buruanga, and Pacto de Sangre in New Washington, Aklan. The scope of the ARISP III projects in Malay alone covers the improvement of Argao-Napaan Road with bridge worth, P24.8M; Construction of Dumlog Sitio Aganaga Road worth P6.7M; Post harvest facility costing P1.5M and the Dumlog CIP which will be launched on May 21 at Barangay Cabulihan, Malay, Aklan.

DAR Regional Director Alexis M. Arsenal and other DAR officials lead by Atty. Daniel Y. Martelino will spearhead the event together with the local government officials’ of Malay, Hon. Ceciron Cawaling, outgoing mayor and Hon. John Yap, the Mayor-elect. /MP

Friday, May 21, 2010


Developing Localities
One decade seems too short for the changes made in Metro Manila. Ten years is 120 months, or 3,650 days.

Compared to the year 2010, Metro Manila today has further developed into a cement jungle. There are more high rise buildings that are giving spaces for people coming from the provinces and those born in Metro Manila. Their presence makes Metro Manila crowded.

The demand for transportation is increasing. There is traffic congestion and more road accidents occurring daily. Millions of vehicles in daily circulation pollute the air, hasten global warming and increase human diseases attacks.

Since the best educational institutions are located in Metro Manila, students are attracted to study there. Medical institutions are in Metro Manila, patients go there for treatment. People from the provinces visit Metro Manila for shopping and for other business. Others go there for government transactions, others to seek employment.

This situation doubles the 15 million residents of Metro Manila to 30 million during the day by the people from the provinces to shop, study, hospital treatment, transact business with government offices. These make life worse, so congested.

Hospitals, like St. Lukes Medical Center, Quezon City is crowded, Quezon City hall is crowded, malls are crowded, and schools are crowded.

Commonwealth Avenue from Quezon Memorial Circle to Novaliches and other roads are heavy traffic.

This over population of Metro Manila has made sanitation worse. Criminality is increasing. The area is becoming smaller to move about. The demands for food, water, electricity, and shelter are increasing everyday.

The widening of roads has driven squatters to converge in another area to create other squatter colonies.

This condition in Metro Manila is happening because the government is centralizing governance in Metro Manila that impedes progress and development in the rural areas. Instead of empowering LGU’s, Malacanang decentralized the functions on health, agriculture, and natural resources, but it is retaining the purse. It directs the LGU to manage health, food production, and natural resources but does not provide the funds to finance the implementation. Worst for it intervenes in the implementation of programs to favor a few.

Second is the failure of government to develop provinces and municipalities by providing the necessary infrastructures. Who will continue living in a place without hospitals, schools? Who will continue living in a place with bad roads, no potable water, and poor electric services?

The only way to disperse the people of Metro Manila is by promoting progress and development in the provinces and municipalities of the Philippines. Concentrate more programs, projects, and activities in the provinces and chartered cities. Amenities available in Metro Manila must be installed in the rural areas. This will lead rural people to stay in the provinces. It will also attract people in Metro Manila to go back to the provinces and towns. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

No Fraud, No Discrepancies
In 2010 Elections

There were dis-crepancies but no fraud noted. The is the conclusion made by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) at the end of its counts of votes on May 19 for the 2010 automated elections.

The PPCRV ruled that even if "there were discrepancies in the election returns (ER) that it tallied, no systematic fraud occurred." It further said that the "just concluded automated elections were good since only 0.07 percent of the 43,035 ERs from clustered precincts showed signs of discrepancy.

Former ambassador and now PPCRV chair Henrietta de Villa characterized the automated 2010 polls generally clean.

However, there is a certain "Robin" with covered face with straw hat who came out to claim "there was large scale poll fraud". But he refused to identify himself for extreme danger to his life and those of his family.

There were also claims from other provincial candidates that PCOS machines were not accurate in the counting of votes. One of them is Vice Gov. Manny Piñol of North Cotabato.

Finding some very unsatisfactory responses to the questions and allegations, Cong. Teodoro Locsin, Jr. was not able to hold his anger. He shouted at the top of his voice at Smartmatic representatives.

Oath Before Service Justice

Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III will probably take his oath as the next president of the Philippines before a senior justice of the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals. This is revealed by former Senator Victor Ziga and one of the cabinet members of the late President Corazon C. Aquino. "Noynoy would follow what his mother did" added Ziga.

In 1986, Cory Aquino took her oath as President of the Philippines before Claudio Teehankee, the most senior justice of the Supreme Court at that time. The oath taking took place in Club Filipino, San Juan.

On the other hand, the late Ferdinand E. Marcos and Arturo Tolentino took their oath as President and Vice President respectively before Chief Justice Ramon Aquino in Malacañang Palace.

Sen. Noynoy Aquino earlier announced he will take his oath of office before a Barangay Captain in his home province, Tarlac. He said, he does not recognize Renato Corona who was appointed by Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to succeed Reynato Puno who retired on May 17.

Aquino describes Corona’s appointment as inappropriate because "there is no vacancy to be filled up since Puno was yet to retire." Aquino warned Corona’s appointment would be subject to an inquiry in the future.

Moreover, Corona’s appointment came under fire from critics. Arroyo was strongly urged to defer appointing the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to allow the incoming president to make the appointment.

Hottest Day

May 19 was the hottest day. It was 37.5 degree celsius in Metro Manila while it was 39 degree celsius in Cagayan Valley, PAGASA reported. This kind of weather will last until the first part of June.

In Metro Manila, most people spend most of their time inside the malls and other air-conditioned places to escape extreme heat in their houses.

Speaking of last month, April 2010 was the hottest month ever recorded with average temperature of 14.5 degrees celsius which is 0.76 degrees celsius higher compared to the 20th century average of 13.7 degrees celsius, reported the United Nations Weather Agency.

The temperature is warmer than normal conditions most felt in Canada, Alaska, Australia, Eastern USA, South Asia, Northern Russia, and Northern Africa.

This rise in temperature further confirms global warming is here and badly felt. Man must do something to halt the heat. /MP

Aquino Thanks People For Support Starts Preparations for Gov’t

Presidential front runner BENIGNO "Noynoy" AQUINO gamely responds to Aklan Media’s questions during a news conference held at Latte Cafe, Kalibo.
(photo by RECTO I. VIDAL)

TARLAC CITY, Tarlac: Liberal Party standard bearer Sen. Noynoy Aquino on Tuesday thanked Filipinos for the support that gave him a significant lead in the May 10 presidential race.

 Aquino said he is ready to accept the responsibility of leadership, and has started a talent search to form his new Cabinet.

"I am grateful to the Filipino people for their support and to our loyal supporters in our people’s campaign who made this achievement possible. It has been an honor to share this humbling experience with all of you as we begin to accept the responsibility of leading our nation of over 90 million Filipinos," he said.

"However, our commitment to the integrity of this election was and remains that the vote of each Filipino be counted fairly and honestly. When the vote is complete there will be plenty of time for declarations. Our priority today is to make sure every vote for Mar Roxas is counted fairly and honestly," he added.

Aquino gave the press briefing shortly after his erstwhile closest rival, NP bet Sen. Manny Villar, announced he was conceding the presidential race to Aquino. Villar dropped to third, trailing second placer former President Joseph Estrada, in the ongoing official, partial count of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Villar’s admission of defeat was followed by four other presidential bets, including Gilbert Teodoro, Richard Gordon, Eddie Villanueva, and JC delos Reyes. Estrada, who is four million votes behind Aquino, has refused to concede even as his lawyer alleged irregularities in the vote.

Aquino, however, declined to claim victory for now, saying only Congress can proclaim him as president.

Instead, he asked the Filipino people for prayers and support so he can overcome the divisions now afflicting the country.

"One of the things impressed upon me by my parents among others and my school is a sense of humility. One does not claim victory until it is a
certainty," Aquino said.

Meanwhile, Aquino said a talent search is now ongoing for Cabinet posts, with former Social Welfare Sec. Corazon Soliman as the only one sure of getting her old job under President Arroyo.  He also said he is looking for a lawyer to be his next executive secretary.

Aquino complimented the Comelec for the successful implementation of the elections, but declined to make a judgment until the entire election process is over. /MP

The First 100 Days


Mayor-elect Adolfo Iligan of Numancia (left) vows to bring good governance to Numanciahanons during the recent edition of Kapehan Sa Aklan held at Smokehauz Restobar. On the other hand, Councilor-elect Pepito Iligan (right) assures his constituents that he will protect their interests through his priority legislations. (photo by RECTO I. VIDAL)

After the roar of big guns and din of smoke clearing comes peace on the Western front. Taste of victory is sweet but to the vanquished, humble acceptance of people’s verdict. Ox populi, vox dei is Comelec’s slogan that has historic significance. Commissioner Jose Melo’s remarks in connection with initial proclamation of nine winning senatorial candidates on May 15, 2010 said that you are champions and intones that "we hope you will not fail the people.

Weekly Kapehan on May 15, 2010 could be titled, "The First 100 Days" at Smokehauz Resto & Bar. Invited guests were winners of recent automated elections in Numancia namely Mayor Adolfo M. Iligan, SB members Pepito M. Iligan, Josel Maribojo, Jr., Jojo Cordova, and Romy Ricafuente. Their stunning victory over well entrenched and funded political machinery of the ruling party coalition is considered unprecedented in annals of Aklan politics.

Mayor Adolfo M. Iligan, a practicing lawyer is former Vice Mayor of Numancia and failed once in his bid for Mayorship in 2007. Yet despite overwhelming odds skepticism and penury, he along with his four party mates emerged strong, his brother Pepito garnering the most number of votes. Numancia is a small community of 27,570 (NSO 2007), peaceful and pastoral but poisoned to become an urban center within 10 years.

Now that the election is over, let us forget the past and move toward a new beginning of Numancia. It is very obvious that we will stir clear of the path of fiscal irresponsibility and focus on simple but effective governance, the Mayor declared.

For the first 100 days action plan will focused on potable water supply, construction of additional CR(s) at back of public market, requiring Municipal Health Officer to conduct regular barangay health services, revive natural family planning to ease poverty and declogging/cleaning Numancia’s waterways to minimize flooding.

The need to provide safe, reliable potable water to Numancia residents demands highest priority. Presence of Numancia Waterworks funded by Local Utilities Admi-nistration is considered a failure and a challenge to the new political leadership. Main reason is its poor water acceptability. It has high concentration of iron sulfate that stains light colored clothing, faint swampy odor and saline taste. It should have relocated its aquifer source to Bulwang where underground water is excellent. This is the reason behind booming business of three water processing plants namely: Ati-Atihan, Radian Spring, and Aqua Bee.

Remedial measures of the past Administration has been to invest in lift pumps distributed to households. But to no avail. Nonetheless there is the Waterworks Cooperative of Camanci Norte, survivor of the late Gov. Nono Garcia of early 1980’s that has proven effective in delivering potable water to its consumer members. This feat could be duplicated in 17 barangays of Numancia where aquifer source is not a problem. Another option is tapping the services of Metro Kalibo Waterworks Districts that presently serves Kalibo, New Washington, and Banga.

It is welcome news that Dr. Levens Maravilla, Rural Health Physician shall be required to perform regular visits to Barangay Health Centers. Our country is in the grip of poverty and malnutrition hence destitute families could no longer afford to consult medical specialists in Kalibo. Perhaps other services could be effectively pursued like circumcision, immunization, breastfeeding, family planning and solid waste management.
Apparently present Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO) have not lived up to expectation of Numanciahanons. Hence the SB resolution to dissolve this impotent agency. On the contrary, the DA has vital role to enhance food security in crops, livestock and fisheries. Our economic base is agriculture and 51 percent of total labor force is engaged in it. The decision is both unfair and unfortunate and could have been revised to charge the current MAO and his fieldmen for gross inefficiency and negligence.

The DA’s challenge is to empower organizations to engage in viable and sustainable projects that will supply food requirements of an expanding Metro Kalibo and tourism industry in Boracay. This could be in high value crops: fruits, vegetables, and cutflowers and livestock/fisheries. In addition a marine sanctuary must be established in Navitas augmented by mangrove reforestation. Dearth of catch of marginal fishermen in the area drives them further out in deeper waters.

A notable achievement could be the Numancia Investment and Incentives Code. A number of oil companies particularly Petron, Shell and later on Total and other prominent establishments like AM Builders Depot and Nadal Castle have found roots in Laguinbanwa East. Later on subdivisions and manufacturing hubs are expected to line up the national highway as an alternative to Kalibo’s congested business district.

Apt analysis of E.I. Templonuevos’ mayoralty defeat could be attributed to strong headwinds of voters’ discontent. May this serve as a moral lesson that those serving the people with long term objectives must consistently focus on their needs and interests and not on personal gain. A million thanks to Comelec, law enforcement agencies and Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) their admirable courage in bringing about honest, orderly and peaceful elections. The P16.5 billion cost automation is really worth the cost and trouble. /MP

Most of INC-Endorsed Candidates Win In Aklan

KALIBO, Aklan, – Majority of local candidates endorsed by Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) won in the province of Aklan, making them a force to reckon with during political exercises.

Among those who received endorsement from the INC and won were Aklan Rep. Florencio Miraflores, Governor Carlito Marquez and Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo.

In the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Western Side, the INC candidates who won include Joen Miraflores, Phoebe Cabagnot, Atty. Selwyn Ibaretta and Gerick Templouevo.

The INC factor is also considered a major factor for Malay vice mayor John Yap in his bid as the new mayor of the municipality of Boracay.

In Kalibo, INC-endorsed former Vice Mayor William Lachica and Councilor Madelyn Regalado won as mayor and vice mayor, respectively.

Lachica and Regalado admitted that the INC endorsement is a great help in their bid for their posts.

The INC here announced its favored candidates a few days before the first automated election were held. (PNA)

Aquino Landslide Victory Looms In Antique’s 12 Towns

LP presidential candidate Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III is winning via a landslide in the 12 towns of Antique province.

Aquino garnered a total of 51,803 votes in the 12 towns of the province that have already submitted their canvass reports to the Provincial Board of Canvassers (PBOC) chaired by Antique Election Officer lawyer Gil B. Barcenal.

The towns that have already submitted their reports out of the total 18 in Antique are Belison, Libertad, San Jose, Aniniy, Culasi, Patnongon, Tibiao, Laua-an, Caluya, Barbaza, Valderrama and San Remigio.

Presidential bet NP Manuel Villar, Jr. followed with a total of 29,278 votes; PMP Joseph M. Estrada Ejercito with 21,600 votes; and Gilberto Teodoro, Jr. of Lakas-Kampi with 10,546 votes.

For vice president, the winning candidate is LP Manuel A. Roxas with 52,537; NPC Loren B. Legarda with 33,945; and PDP-Laban Jejomar C. Binay with 24,824 votes.

The PBOC is still waiting for the reports from the towns of Pandan, Hamtic, Tobias Fornier, Sibalom, Bugasong, and Sebaste. /MP

Random Thoughts

Election 2010 Post Mortem

I have nothing but good words for the Comelec and Smartmatic’s Megs Lunn who did a splendid job of ensuring the smooth flow of the transmission of the automated results. Over lunch at Saylo, Lunn intimated that even reports of vote buying in certain areas were brought to her attention, a testament that a vote of confidence given to her by some concerned sectors in Aklan.

For the record, it took me two hours of intense waiting, braving all the sweltering heat, sweating and a restless throng before I managed to cast my vote and be a part of the country’s first ever automated polls. But being a part of history was all worth it. It was a must and definitely worth all the trouble. If this is how it is to make democracy working then so be it.

As the political drama continues to unfold, I was dumbfounded by the reality that a number of political candidates registered convincing victories despite facing the odds by challenging formidable and well entrenched politicos. Sign of the times perhaps. But one thing is certain: This year’s elections has managed to deface Aklan’s political landscape and altered the flow of traditional politics. Indeed, things will never be the same again.

Irony of all ironies, I felt disheartened for those corrupt and incompetent political creatures who managed to worm their way back to power. It makes me wonder why these sycophants were allowed to be so inept and ineffectual.

As the cosmic law provides: Things happen because they do. Whether good or bad, they can make better persons out of us.

I suppose this is the universe’s way of getting payback for all those times when some voters allow themselves to be bought and prostituted.

The nagging question remains: When will we stop shooting ourselves on the foot and fight for the candidates who most deserve our trust? If only some of our chosen leaders have any iota of propriety (delicadeza) left in them. May this remind them that there’s still such a thing as ethics.

Now the electoral smoke has cleared and settled down, it’s high time to get back to reality and move on. Well meaning constituents must now hold accountable all winning candidates for all their campaign promises and judge them from an even higher ground.

Our newly-elected officials who survived the onslaught should now take advantage of the mandate they have received from the electorate. Here’s hoping that they won’t take the people’s sake for granted and set a sterling example as good leaders. The bottom line is that Aklanons want to be governed well and possibly make their lives presidential. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro
Si Garibaldy Ag Ro Higante

Saealigan nga bakero si Garibaldy. Tanan nga karnero hay guina salig kana. Kon pilang bilog ro anang boe-on sa kwadra hay imaw man ro anang guina balik kon hapon.
Isaeang adlaw, samtang guina bantayan nana ro mga karnero sa eati, may magueang nga nag agi kana. Nagpangayo kana it pagkaon ro magueang. Owa pa imaw nakakaon ko mga oras ngaron pero guin tao nana ro anang pagkaon sa magueang. Pagkatapos it kaon, nag pasaeamat kana ro magueang ag guin taw-an imaw it linabag nga abaka, tamboe ag wasay. Guina pagamit kana sa oras it nga kinahangean. Pagtaliwan it magueang, nag aeabot ro kaibahan nanang mga bakero. Nagsalakay eon man ro higante ag abo nga karnero ro anang habo-oe. Guin daea ko higante idto sa sueod ko anang yungib nga guina estaran. Nagdaeagan si Garibaldy sa yungib daea ro tatlong bagay nga tao it magueang.

"Kon matuod nga maisog ka, guwa ag iuli mo ro among mga karnero. Kon indi hay ako ro masueod ag bawi-on ro mga hayop", singgit ni Garibaldy. "Sin-o ka nga pangahas nga magsugo kakon? Kon eabaw pa ikaw kakon, iuli ko ro imong hayop. Magpakita ka anay it pruweba kakon", baeos man it higante.

"Hayra ro pamatuod. Kon mahaba ro imong buhok ag bungot, hayra ro akon". Ag guin itsa nana sa sueod ro linabag nga abaka. Hakibot ro higante. "Tan-awon ko kon man-o it eagko ro imong ngipon", hambae it higante.

"Hayra ro sambilog eamang ko akong ngipon". Pinilak nana ro saesaeon nga wasay. Hakibot man ro higante. Mas maeagko ag mataeum ro anang ngipon.

"Bueno, sa limog naton paagyon", hambae it higante. Guin tamboe nana ro anang tamboe ag nag daguob ro bilog nga kweba. Rikara hinadlukan ro higante. May mas pa gali nga mabahoe kana. Dungan nga nag gueowa ro mga karnero. Umpisa kato, owa eon it nabuhin sa mga karnero. Uwa man nag-pakita eon ro higante. /MP


2010 Election Snapshots
by Megs S. Lunn





Tanco Retains Gubernatorial Seat in Capiz

CAPIZ CITY, – Incumbent Governor Victor Tanco will retain his seat in the Province of Capiz.

Jocelyn "Joc-Joc" Bolante is trailing behind Tanco based on election returns from Roxas City and 14 of the province’s 16 municipalities.

Commission on Elections (Comelec) unofficial partial result shows that Liberal Party’s Tanco garnered 136,274 votes compared to Bolante’s 86,139 votes of the local Lakas-Kampi-CMD coalition.

Meanwhile, Esteban Contreras is also poised to become the next vice governor of Capiz. Contreras won with a wide margin of 154,462 votes, while rival Mark Ortiz gathered 107,627 votes.

Comelec has yet to officially proclaim their victory in Capiz.

Capiz has 431,368 registered voters from 473 barangays, 16 towns and one component city. It had 675 clustered precincts from 2,592 established voting centers.
Tigbauan Municipal Election Officer Brings Back-up Results
To Provincial BOC After Failed Transmission
The municipal election officer of Tigbuan, about 23 kilometers from Iloilo City has decided to bring the copy of their election results to the provincial Board of Canvassers (BOC) after failed transmission, Wednesday.

Tigbauan election officer Herminia Badiola said that they had been transmitting the results for more than five hours on May 11, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. After several failed attempts, they called Smartmatic-TIM’s National Support Council (NSC) for technical assistance, she said.

They were advised to bring the copy of the BOC to the Iloilo Provincial Capitol where the current canvassing is being conducted.

Badiola was accompanied by poll watchers and her BOC members in bringing the results to the province.

Garry Trespeces, consolidated canvassing system (CCS) technician assigned in Tigbauan, said they were experiencing poor signals while transmitting.

He said the transmission had no glitches when it was tested by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) a week ago.

The back-up result was opened by provincial election supervisor Atty. Eleizabeth Doronila and duly canvassed. The Tigbauan transmission problem is the first in three days of canvassing.
Defensor Jr. Wins Congressional Seat in Iloilo’s 3rd District

Board Member Arthur Defensor Jr. of the Third District of Iloilo won in his bid for the congressional seat.

The Third District of Iloilo consists of nine towns: Badiangan, Binga-wan, Cabatuan, Calinog, Janiuay, Lambunao, Maasin, Mina, and Pototan.
Arthur Defensor, Jr. has a commanding lead of 89,960 votes over rival Rene villa who garnered 54,117 votes. The whole district had a 78.1 percent voters turnout.

On the other hand, Defensor’s father, Arthur Defensor is slated for proclamation as Iloilo’s next governor as rivals conceded earlier today.

Meanwhile, waiting for the proclamation of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as winning Board Members are Licurgo Tirador and Manny Gallar.

They will be proclaimed by provincial election supervisor Elizabeth Doronila anytime this afternoon.
Capiz To Announce Two Congressional
Seats Winners

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) Board of Canvassers (BOC) in the Province of Capiz is set to formally announce the winners for the two congressional districts.

Base on complete but unofficial results, Tony Del Rosario won the congressional seat for the First District of Capiz.

Del Rosario won by 69,091 while closest rival, Felipe Barredo has only 43,106 votes.
For the Second District of Capiz, Jane Castro has a commanding vote of 82,363 in eight out of 10 towns. Her only rival, Roberto Lastimoso garnered 38,698, only.

Meanwhile, the 14 municipal candidates for the mayoralty post, and the component city of Roxas waits for Comelec official announcements as winners.

Base on unofficial Comelec results, Angel Alan Celino won as mayor of Roxas City.
As well as the mayoralty post by Roger Flores of Cuartero, Joselito Escuting for Dao, Leslie Warren Benjamin for Dumarao, Felipe Neri Yap for Ivisan, Ethel Jinon of Jamindan, and Wilfredo Borres of Maayon.

Other winners as mayors are Jose Alba for Mambusao, Dante Bermejo for Panay, Katherine Belo for Panitan, Rita Lynn Patricio for Pilar, Esteban Jose Contreras for Pontevedra, Raymund Locsin for Pres. Roxas, Arturo Orosco for Sapian and Mary Andaya for Sigma.

Only the municipalities of Dumalag and Tapaz were not able to transmit their election results to the provincial BOC. /MP

Guimaras Winners Proclaimed

JORDAN, Guimaras, - The Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the province of Guimaras has announced the winners on May 10, 2010 automated synchronized elections.

Brothers Felipe Hilan Nava and JC Rahman Nava led the winning candidates in the tiny island province after election glitches in the municipality of Nueva Valencia,touted as the country’s next tourist destination were ironed out.

As anticipated, incumbents Governor Felipe Hilan Nava and Rep. JC Rahman Nava got the better of their opponents by posting wide margins. Moreover, through their efforts, losing administration presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro managed to come out on top in the province, a feat unheard of in the rest of the country. Winners from various capacities like mayoral bets and provincial board members are mostly Lakas-Kampi CMD party mates of the Navas.

Atty. Tomas Valera, Asst. Regional Director for COMELEC Western Visayas who stood as acting provincial election supervisor in Guimaras at the recent historic polls said that over 80 percent of the province’s 94,000 voters cast their votes.

Elections in Guimaras were generally peaceful, Valera said.

Marañon, Alvarez Win Gubernatorial,
Vice Seats In Negros Occidental

BACOLOD CITY, The Commission on Elections (Comelec) here has proclaimed the winners in the gubernatorial and vice-gobernatorial race for the province of Negros Occidental.

The Provincial Board of Canvassers (Boc) chaired by provincial Comelec supervisor lawyer Jessie Suarez proclaimed Alfredo "Freddie" Maranon and Genaro "Lim-ao" Alvarez as governor and vice-governor, respectively.

Maranon has a commanding lead over closest rival former Governor Rafael Coscolluela. While Alvarez won over Dr. Enrico Elumba.

Both Marañon and Alvarez enjoyed a big margin of more than 100,000 votes over their respective opponents. (PNA) /MP

4,187 Mangunguma Makabaton It ‘Rice Assistance’

Kalibo, Aklan – May 4,187 ka mangunguma nga magabaton it "rice assistance". Raya hay sa mga mangunguma ag andang pamilya nga apektado it "El Niño" Phenomenon. Raya ro pahayag ni Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, nga chairman it Philippine Red Cross sa Aklan.

Kainang agahon, nag miting sanday Gov. Carlito S. Marquez nga imaw ro chairman sa Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council (PDCC) ro Department of Social Welfare and Development, ro municipal mayors it banwang Balete, Buruanga, Libacao ag Madalag.

Ro 4,187 nga mga mangunguma ag andang pamilya nga apektado it "El Niño Phenomenon hay maga baton it sangka sako tigsa tigsa nga bugas nga ga valor it P1,250.00 kada sako, raya ro hambae ni Ms. Arceli Pelayo, Philippine Red Cross Administrator sa Aklan.

Hinambae ni Atty. Tolentino nga sandig sa listahan it DSWD ro naga baton it ayuda hay 643 sa Balete, 311 sa Buruanga, 2,078 sa Libacao ag 1,155 sa Madalag.

Si Ms. Arceli Pelayo imaw maga coordinar sa mga "municipal mayors" it mga banwa nga nasambit kaibahan ko DSWD sa pagpanupod it "rice assistance". /MP

Roxas: LP Will Never Engage In Election Fraud

Liberal Party vice presidential candidate Senator Mar Roxas last week slammed the non-stop manufacture of lies and black propaganda of the camp of rival Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay despite the end of the three-month campaign period.

Roxas stressed neither he nor any of the Liberals would stoop down to the shameless conduct of vote rigging to obtain victory in Monday’s national and local elections.
"That’s foolishness That is part of the black propaganda that they have been throwing ever since the campaign. (These are) baseless lies. Senator Noynoy, (and me) Senator Mar, we have ran a record of clean, honest governance. Not once has any anomaly been attached to our names," he said.

He insisted: "We will not, in any circumstance, even for an electoral disgrace, pull any of that. We have started this journey nine months ago, and even before that, to ensure that our country is on the right, straight path. That is what we have been working on, and that is what we will have." 
Roxas also said the Binay camp’s allegations were part of a desperate mind-conditioning tactic to cast doubt on a Roxas vice presidential victory once all votes cast are canvassed by the congressional National Board of Canvassers, which is scheduled to convene on May 31.

He noted that most votes from his bailiwicks – which include Regions 6, 7 and 8, among others – have not yet been canvassed due to delays in the transmission of the election results, caused mainly by PCOS malfunction or signal difficulties.
The Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting has so far tallied 85% of all election returns, with 15 percent yet to be canvassed. This means roughly five million voters in more than 11,000 precincts nationwide have yet to be taken into consideration. Of this, roughly half are expected to come from Roxas’ bailiwick regions.

LP General Campaign Manager Florencio "Butch" Abad had earlier said data from the party’s internal canvass monitoring team show that Roxas would lead by as much as 2.18 million votes once votes come in from Region 6 composed of Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros Occidental and Region 7 that groups Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor.

Citing reports coming from the ground, votes garnered by Roxas in the 10 provinces alone were at least 3.5 million, while Binay cornered only 1.3 million votes, which translates to a 2.18 million votes, according to Abad.

Abad was convinced that if the tally would include the said provinces alone, the LP vice presidential candidate would surpass Binay’s current lead of 800,000 based on partial and unofficial tally of the Comelec.

"The race as between me and my closest competitor is indeed very tight. However, it is not for me, or anybody for that matter, to say if we’ve already lost, or if we will win in the end. It is up to the sovereign will of the people. Tuloy ang pagbabantay. We remain vigilant. Together, we will continue the fight," he stressed. /MP

Sunday, May 16, 2010


No Change In The Capitol
The May 10, 2010 brought no change in the Aklan Provincial Capitol. There are changes however, in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan.

Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores is reelected Congressman, Carlito S. Marquez is reelected Governor, and Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo is reelected Vice Governor.

The members of the SP Eastern side will miss the absence of Atty. Plaridel M. Morania otherwise there could be no change. Atty. Morania was disqualified for reelection after serving three consecutive terms as SP member. However, the lively weekly session in the SP will be maintained with the reelection of Hon. Nemesio P. Neron, Hon. Daisy Sucro Briones, Hon. Jean O. Rodriguez, and Hon. Rodson Mayor. Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo won the slot vacated by Atty. Morania.

The set of SP members from Western Aklan consist of young generation, but highly seasoned politician as the three among the five SP members are scions of former governors of Aklan. Moreover, the other two are comparatively young but equally learned and articulate.

It is projected their presence will bring sobriety and dignity during sessions and committee deliberations.

Hon. Selwyn Ibarreta will remain the lone lawyer in the SP who is expected to discuss any legal question which maybe asked during sessions and committee hearings.

Hon. Gerick Templonuevo used to represent the youth in the SP. His actions in and outside the session hall deserve public attention as gauge in the 2013 election when he should have fully served a three continuous three year terms as SP member.

The three young SP members, Jose Enrique Miraflores, Victor M. Garcia, and Phoebe Clarisse L. Cabagnot are heirs apparent of their respective parent’s office.

As Congressman of the Lone District of Aklan, will Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores anoint his son Jo-en to be the Tibyog Party candidate for the lone congressional district of Aklan in 2013?

Perhaps in the last election, Jo-en could be the highest spender in political advertisement. He may also be the lowest, because three of them in the family were candidates. The father for Congressman, the mother for Ibajay Mayor, and the son for SP member. They all won the election without so much difficulty. Moreover, a close relative is the number one nominee of a party list "Kasangga".

Hon. Victor Garcia is currently a member of the SB Ibajay. By July 1, 2010, he will transfer to the Aklan SP as member. His father, Governor Roberto "Nono" Garcia served Aklan as governor for quite long. Will Victor Garcia, the son aims at the capitol as provincial governor in 2013?

Ning L. Cabagnot appears young than her 31 years age as observed by some people. She or Jo-en will probably be the youngest member of the SP beginning July 1, 2010. Ning is a promising young woman, highly intelligent, industrious and a graduate of prestigious colleges of degrees highly relevant for the development of a province like Aklan.

Being the daughter of a provincial governor for seven years, Atty. Corazon L. Cabagnot, will Ning Cabagnot focus her target at the provincial capitol or congress? Her actions inside and outside the session hall merits watching.

Office Switch

Will Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores and Gov. Carlito S. Marquez switch position in the 2013 election? Cong. Miraflores and Gov. Marquez are not allowed for reelection as they should have completed three successive terms. If the two switched position, there is no chance for the young politicians to go up unless they stay with the opposition. Gov. Marquez has not developed any understudy from his relatives to succeed him.

Vice Gov. Billie Calizo-Quimpo may stay as is for she has another term as Vice Governor after 2013.

Indeed, Aklanons can expect major changes in leadership among the political leaders in the year 2013. The three neophyte members of the SP who are the children of former provincial governors of Aklan must show results. Aklanons should find out if they deserve the respective chairs of their parents. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Gearing For Another Election
The reelection of Mayor Antonio Maming as Municipal Mayor of Banga in the May 10 election is a clear indication of the acceptance of the quality of services Mayor Maming has been rendering to the people of Banga. His election is also a clear approval of the projects Mayor Maming accomplished and those under implementation. He did not only win, he won the election with overwhelming majority votes.

His reelection will enable Mayor Maming to complete his unfinished projects and even start some new priority projects to be accomplished in June 2013. Mayor Maming will further show not only to the people of Banga, but to all the Aklanons and even those outside of Aklan how effective, how efficient and how productive his manage-ment style is as a municipal mayor.

The Banganhon people are discriminating, they know what are best for them. They know the kind of treatment they want from their officials. And they re-elected Mayor Maming with a big and comfortable lead.

About 36 hours after the May 10 election, I went to Banga to visit Arceli Guarino, my former colleague in the Agricultural Training Institute. She passed away on May 7.

But before going to Arceli’s house in Mambog, I proceeded to the Poblacion, specifically in the "Baeay It Banganhon". It is undergoing renovation which I thought to see what is being done of the building.

The wooden stair was demolished. I asked how to go to the second level. I was ushered to the stair at the backside of the building. It is a new stair of tiles not fully completed. The second level still needs more improvement. While observing, a fellow Banganhon told me "Mayor Maming is in his office". I might wish to come in.

I came and saw Mayor Antonio Maming on his chair. I found him eager to have another election. I immediately extended to him "my sincere congratulations for his re-election on last Monday’s election". He thanked and invited me to join politics. Our conversation runs: Mayor Maming: Mag intra ka man sa pulitika". I answered: "bag-o eang natapos ro eleksiyon mayor". Di sa masunod agud kontra kitang daywa?" Maming retorted. I answered "kamo eang, indi ako".

"Kon bukon it ikaw, di mag manok ka kontra kakon?" he suggested. "Kamo eang Mayor, bukon it mawron dang katuyo-an. Mapanaw eon ako", I replied and proceeded to the door. "Sigiha eang ring pag sipsip kay Governor", he further told me. With that, I replied "ho-o Mayor tongod ro mga pumueoyo hay kinahangean makasayod ko ginahimo it opisyales it gobiyerno". I left his office.

Going home, I felt happy with my conversation with Mayor Maming. Perhaps there is something in myself that will dignify the Mayor if I will be his political opponent for Mayor of Banga. I felt elated that he chose me to be his opposition for Mayor of Banga in 2013.

I regret however, that I rejected Mayor Maming’s proposal. Politics is not my field. I leave that to others. I love my country and people and I am serving them now in a manner and way I am familiar with.

One manner of serving my people and country is my continued advocacy of good governance in the public service. The public officials must serve the people with utmost honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency. I will report to the people the accomplishments of our public officials not only the positive but also the negative. I am a student of public administration and I deem it proper and necessary for all public officials to exercise public administration on all matters they act for the best interest of the community and people they have sworn to serve. /MP

Aklan Votes United Leadership

The Dog Wins Altavas’ Votes
The United Leader-ship of Aklan was voted again on the May 10, 2010 local elections. In a festive proclamation of election winners, the following are elected/re-elected and proclaimed winners. Florencio T. Miraflores–Congressman, Carlito S. Marquez – Governor, and Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo – Vice Governor.

Also proclaimed are the 10 members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. Eastern Part: Nemesio P. Neron (reelected), Daisy Sucro Briones (reelected), Raymar A. Rebaldo, Jean O. Rodriguez (reelected), and Rodson Mayor (reelected).

Western Part: Selwyn Ibarreta (reelected), Jose Enrique "Jo-en" Miraflores, Phoebe Clarisse "Ning" L. Cabagnot, Gerick Templonuevo (reelected), and Victor M. Garcia.
The proclamation led by the Comelec Provincial Director of Aklan Atty. Ian Anonoria was held at 9:00 o’clock on Thursday morning, May 13 inside the Aklan SP Session Hall, Capitol, Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan.

Meanwhile, Altavas has a new municipal mayor. The Altavasnons voted for Deny "Buldog" Refol. He is the mayor of Altavas for nine years in 1998 – 2007. Mayor elect Refol helped his loving Kathryne in her quest to be mayor of Altavas in the May 2007 election and won.

In the last May 10, 2010 election, there were three candidates for Mayor who were former mayor Deny "Buldog" Refol, his loving wife, and Ms. Mayor. And the Buldog won.

The results of the elections for Mayors, Vice Mayors and SB members are presented below:
Mayor - William Lachica
V-Mayor - Madeline Regalado
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Nilda Tambong
2. Emmanuel Soviet Russia Dela Cruz
3. Ariel O. Fernandez
4. Arnaldo Tejada
5. Mark Mitchelle C. Sy
6. George L. Quimpo
7. Peter Gene N. Lao
8. Rodillo L. Policarpio

Mayor - Adolfo Iligan
V-Mayor -Evangeline M. Ibabao
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Pepito Iligan
2. Domingo Ibabao, Jr.
3. Bayani Cordova
4. Jossel Maribojo
5. Perry Templonuevo
6. Romeo Ricafuente
7. Felipe Mansayon, Sr.
8. Arcel Tabuena

Mayor - Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr.
V-Mayor -Nerli F. Dela Cena
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Bobby Clyde M. Legaspi
2. Apollo V. Roldan
3. Basilides T. Tabernilla
4. Nelson T. Tapuz
5. Jose Danilo M. Torrenueva
6. Renato T. Tordecillas
7. Rexes M. Custodio
8. Salvador P. Tenaxas

Mayor – Gene T. Fuentes
V-Mayor –Jed Tirol
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Bayani S. Tala-oc
2. Efren M. Tampos
3. Randy T. Goboy
4. Jay E. Tejada
5. Stanley T. Aguirre
6. Jose Roxie Z. Tirol
7. Arjay D. Fernandez
8. Rhean F. Yap

Mayor – Ma. Lourdes M. Miraflores
V-Mayor – Nelson D. Santamaria
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Plaridel M. Solidum
2. Edgar S. Magbiray
3. Elmer F. Colangoy
4. Salvador S. Maagma
5. Roger S. Calizo
6. Julio M. Estolloso
7. Ariel M. Alag
8. Emilio S. Ilinon

Mayor – Romeo M. Dalisay
V-Mayor – James V. Solanoy
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Cognito Palomata, Sr.
2. Maria Fe T. Lasaleta
3. Mark P. Zaldivar
4. Carmen T. Palanog
5. Zenaida S. Columbres
6. Ricardito G. De Asis
7. Flochebel Ann S. Pascua
8. Mabini G. Dalayday

Mayor – John P. Yap
V-Mayor – Ciceron S. Cawaling
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Wilbec M. Gelito
2. Jonathan C. Cabrera
3. Esel L. Flores
4. Rowen T. Aguirre
5. Jupiter Aeldred Gallenero
6. Natalie C. Paderes
7. Dante O. Pagsuguiron
8. Paterno S. Sacapaño

Mayor – Ariel Igoy
V-Mayor –Josephine I. Iquiña
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Eleanor G. Agustino
2. John Ruen I. Yerro
3. Junito I. Iscala
4. Richard I. Iquiña
5. Zacarias M. Yabut
6. John I. Rondario
7. Raul R. Quinisio
8. Edwin Y. Garcia

Mayor – Victor L. Fernandez
V-Mayor – Philip John B. Buenaflor
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. George R. Villarubia
2. Albane D. Nepomuceno
3. Fernando I. Baldomero
4. Rodulfo M. Taran
5. Arnold L. Revister
6. Conrado M. Arcenio
7. Rowen M. Autencio
8. Webster Apollonio R. Ibabao

Mayor – Edgar R. Peralta
V-Mayor – Jean T. Velarde
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Jessica R. Mercedes
2. Estrella E. Velarde
3. Alberto M. Andrade
4. Rodulfo D. Perucho
5. Celia C. Dela Cruz
6. Ruperto I. Cayetano
7. Junie D. Repiano
8. Jesus B. Quimpo

Mayor – Antonio Maming, S r.
V-Mayor – Joseph Pierre R. Teodosio
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Manuel R. Masangya
2. Rosemarie S. Piolo
3. Noel L. Redison
4. Joselito B. Fernandez
5. Jonna I. Morales
6. Rodolfo R. Santamaria
7. Stanley leigh G. Macahilig
8. Margarito R. Andrade

Mayor – Teodoro Calizo, Jr.
V-Mayor – Roman R. Villaruel
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Sylvia V. Yasa
2. Inocentes Bantigue Jr.
3. Crispino P. Beltran, Jr.
4. Apolinar C. Cleope
5. Patrick F. Lachica
6. Ciriaco T. Feliciano
7. Peter C. Recidoro
8. Joselito C. Delos Reyes

Mayor – Delfina R. Ramos
V-Mayor – Jayner T. Demeterio
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. William D. Bautista
2. Cezar C. Cortes
3. Medardo S. Placer
4. Jairus C. Salazar
5. Sheba V. Bolivar
6. Gloria P. Sugapong
7. Eugenio S. Fulgencio, Sr.
8. Adonis B. Sarceno

Mayor – Charito
V-Mayor – Ramon Zapata
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Vincent Navarosa
2. Leah Lenith Delos Reyes
3. Rodolfo Zolina
4. Aizel Villorente
5. Winston Navarosa
6. Jose Jerome Legaspi
7. Edwin Ruiz, Sr.
8. Gualcon Aguilla

Mayor – Quezon F. Labindao
V-Mayor – Allan P. Dagohoy
Sangguniang Bayan members
1. Macario O. Panganiban
2. Femy S. Dumaguin
3. Joeven Q. Malayas
4. Victor Brian D. Sualog
5. Joseph A. Dela Peña
6. Manuelito S. Sualog
7. Zenaida S. Barrientos
8. Gorgonio F. Tandog