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Quotation of the Week

Quotation of the Week

“Managers may rely on systems but leaders, rely on people.” Anonymous
Patubas Cuarteronhon Showcases Barangay Agri Products by James Earl E. Ogatis
Patubas Cuarteronhon: Dr. Joyce S. Wendam, DA-6 Regional Technical Director encouraging all Cuarteronhon to embrace organic agriculture program and produce safe, healthy and nutritious foods. Through organic agriculture, farmers can reduce production cost, increase production, increase farmers’ income, provide more employment and eventually reduce poverty. (JEEOgatis photo)
Papag/Talipapa competition: The entries of barangay San Antonio (top photo) and barangay Poblacion Ilawod (lower photo) show agricultural products produced by their respective farmers during the 77th founding anniversary of Cuartero, Capiz.
The conduct of Patubas Cuarteronhon showcased agricultural products from the 22 barangays of Cuartero, Capiz as displayed on their Papag/Talipapa competition in line with its 77th founding anniversary-August 23, 2015.

Mayor Tito L. Mayo of Cuartero, Capiz said that Patubas Cuarte-ronhon honoured the farmers, fishers and livestock raisers in their unending sacrifices and drive to produce food for the municipality.

He said that the concept of papag/talipapa competition stems from the usual practice that in every barangay there is papag/talipapa wherein agricultural products are sold by the residents.

Among the criteria in judging the papag competition are originality, orderliness, creativity and completeness of the products displayed. Through this, we can encourage people to produce bahay-kubo commodities which are in demand among rural folks.

Meanwhile Dr. Joyce S. Wendam, DA-6 Regional Technical Director, said that various BuB projects are on the pipeline for the municipality of Cuartero.

“For 2015, the DA-BuB has funded Php1 million project intended for livestock sector, Php1.5 million for distribution of farm inputs in rice program and Php8 million for farm to market road going to brgy. Mainit.” Dr. Wendam said.

She also encourages the Cuarteronhon to embrace organic agriculture program and produce safe, healthy and nutritious foods.

She stressed that organic agriculture program will enable farmers to become competitive in the world market and likewise mitigate climate change.

Among the activities participated by the farmers aside from the Papag\Talipapa competition are: PINAKA contest for largest Buko, heaviest banana bunch and squash, longest eggplant, ampalaya, patola and upo/kalubay; Coconut dehusking; Corn-grain hand shelling; Rice -grain hand dehulling; Brasos/Ukbo contest; Tornillo contest and Poster making contest. /MP



Sen. Bam Aquino, chair of the Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, and Sen. Sonny Angara on Tuesday morning discussing a measure proposing to strengthen consumer protection and promoting high standards in trade practices. "Our consumers have worked hard to earn a living and they deserve to get value for their money. Strengthening the Consumer Act will further empower our citizens in their purchase of goods and services," Aquino said. (Romeo Bugante photo)

DA 6 Distributes Fruit Trees Seedlings In Sigma, Capiz by James Earl E. Ogatis

DA 6 Distributes Fruit Trees Seedlings In Sigma, Capiz

A total of 500 assorted fruit trees seedlings and five kilograms of assorted vegetable seeds were distributed to farmers during the conduct of agricultural information caravan and technology forum in Sigma, Capiz last August 14, 2015.

The seedlings produced by the DA-Research Outreach Station at Brgy. Malapad Cogon, Sigma were 100 guyabano, 100 pomelo, 100 cashew, 100 jackfruit, 50 kamatsile and 50 rambutan.

Ms. Lilia Peñaranda, Agricultural Center Chief II of ROS-Capiz said that the station is intensifying its production of fruit trees seedlings for distribution to schools, municipalities, farmers associations and interested individuals as part of the commitment of the DA in the national greening program of the government.

She said that the station also produces PAKBET vegetable seeds, sweet potato cuttings, and other high value crops commodities for distribution to interested farmers and associations.

According to Peñaranda, the ROS-Capiz will conduct a field day on August 27, 2015 in one of its satellite areas located at Brgy. Astorga, Dumarao, Capiz to showcase various high value priority commodities produced by the station.

She stressed that through this field day, farmers from neighbouring municipalities and barangays can witness the production technologies and ask questions from project leaders and commodity experts present.

Also, the Philippine Coconut Authority distributed 50 dwarf coconut seedlings to the farmer-parti-cipants of the activity.

The agricultural information caravan and technology forum is one of the venues wherein interventions from the five banner programs of DA and of the attached agencies were discussed to the farmers, livestock raisers and fisherfolks.

The activity was attended by 150 farmer-participants composed of farmer leaders, barangay officials, cooperative officers, entrepreneurs and students from the municipality of Sigma.

It is a regular activity of the DA –Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Information Section to bring closer to all agricultural stakeholders the services of the entire agency.
For this year, the DA-RAFIS has already conducted four agricultural information caravans, two in the province of Iloilo (in Miag-ao and Bingawan); one in Libertad, Antique and one in Sigma, Capiz.   Not one information caravan in Aklan is held . /MP



Two years after Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest typhoon recorded in history hit the country, thousands of families still live in unsafe zones, in bunkhouses and tents, or have been relocated to permanent but substandard shelters that lack basic utilities and far from sources of income.

This prompted the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PCLPD) to examine the areas in policy making and implementation that need improvement, issues that need to be addressed and the gaps that need to be filled in the area of housing and resettlement.

PCLPD conducted a forum on August 11, 2015 to present the results of the Post-Yolanda Resettlement study: “The Right to Adequate Housing In Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Rebuilding Communities For A Sustainable And Resilient Future”.

The lawmakers, local government officials from Yolanda-hit provinces and representatives from the national government agencies attended the forum.

“The forum proved fruitful as the participants determined how unsettling policies and lack of coordination contri-buted to the problem of unsettled communities in Yolanda-affected areas had impacted the reconstruction efforts,” PCLPD Vice-Chair for Visayas, Rep. Sharon Garin said.

The participants were able to pin-point solutions. One is to improve land use classification by integrating hydro-meteorological hazard risk analysis into the equation.

 These hydro-meteorological maps should indicate the level of susceptibility of areas to natural hazards, flood, landslides, storm surge, and others. These maps are crucial tools for the LGUs in updating their respective Comprehensive Land Use Plans.

 The participants identified major bottlenecks in the identification, procurement, acquisition, and titling of lands where disaster survivors would be relocated.

Legislators found the need for an enabling law that will relax rules on procurement, land acquisition and land titling requirements on emergency situations and natural catastrophes which is time bounded and requiring submission of fewer requirements.

The law makers also pledged support to pass the proposed National Land Use Act which is seen as a crucial action from the government to be able to determine and ensure safe lands for settlement sites and resettlement areas; safeguard rights and security of the poor and the vulnerable sectors against displacements.

“As we draw closer to commemorating the second anniversary of that fateful November day, let us work together to finally move on from the sad memories of the past, and complete our recovery towards a more sustainable and resilient future,” Rep. Garin said. /MP



Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile, accompanied by his daughter Katrina, attends his first plenary session Monday, after more than a year of absence from the Senate. (Joe Arazas photo)



Senator Chiz Escudero called on politicians and other sectors regardless of their affiliations to support the country’s legal team in its bid to defend the Philippines before an international arbitration court that will hear the West Philippines Sea case starting today. 

“I hope that even if the administration and the opposition are locking horns because of the nearing election, this case can remind us that there are matters more important and more weighty than politics—the welfare of our people,” Escudero said.

“If we can throw our support behind our national athletes, surely we can do the same for the legal giants who will be fighting for flag and country,” added Escudero, who is a lawyer himself.

The Philippines is set to present its case to the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague, Netherlands. The initial hearings will focus on whether the court has jurisdiction over the issues raised by the Philippines.

 The Philippine representatives and its retained counsel will argue that the dispute is maritime in nature and therefore subject to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), of which the Philippines and China are both signatories.

 Should the arbitration panel found it in favor of the Philippines, then it will proceed to hear the merits of the country's case. The country argues that China is not complying with the UNCLOS, an agreement it is party to, and is attempting to claim more territory than what is provided for by the agreement in asserting that it is entitled to nearly the entire West Philippines Sea, as indicated by its disputed nine-dash line map.

Malacanang has assembled a high-level de-legation, led by Executive Secretary Paquito Occhoa Jr., to ensure support for the case of the Philippines. Aside from key members of the Cabinet Security Cluster, they were also accompanied by leaders of the House of Representatives and Supreme Court justices.

 “This is an unprecedented show of solidarity of our three branches of government, one that reminds us that we should all set aside our differences when it comes to national interest,” said Escudero./MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Rong Duwende

Sa tunga it isaeang ka hardin nga gina panag-iyahan kong pamilya Real, hay may isaeang ka bungsod sa kilid it hardin. Kada tapos it klase, una naga adto si Kim. Anang gina silhig ro mga nagakataktak nga dahon. May isaeang ka puno it gratilis ma-eapit sa bungsod ag raya ro naga kalhit it dahon sa bungsod. Kada magpanilhig si Kim hay nakikita imaw it duwende. Naila-an nana rong unga bangod naga limpyo sa anang baeay nga bungsod. Agod makabaeos ro duwende hay gina butangan nana it mga prutas ro ibabaw it bungsod. Kon amat may mga hampangan nga nahuman sa mga dahon ag sanga.

Isaeang adlaw, may nakita si Kim nga trompo sa ibabaw it bungsod ag siki it tirador. Nalipay si Kim. Ro anang pag ea-um hay may mga unga nga naga hampang sa bungsod. Ko ulihi hay may mga bueak nga ilahas rong hakita ni Kim.

Pagkasayod ko anang ina, hinadlukan imaw. Busa hay gin pabakasyon anay si Kim sa anang lola sa ibang banwa. Nasubo gid si Kim. Nahidlaw imaw sa anang hardin. Indi imaw hikatoeog ag owa it gana magkaon. Ba-ngod kara, nagmasakit imaw ag gindaea sa ospital agod magtener it sang domingo.

Bangod nag mayad-ayad ro anang pamatyag, ginpauli imaw. Pag-abot sa baeay, hakita nana nga puno it dahon ro bungsod. Ogaling maeoya pa imaw. Ko gabi-i ngaron,  nagdamgo si Kim nga may bisita imaw. Pagbugtaw nana, matuod ro anang damgo. May daeang regalo ag prutas nga may haeogay nga eoy-a. Nag pakilaea nga duwende imaw, naga estar sa bungsod sa may hardin. Nagpasaeamat ro duwende sa pag-limpyo sa anang baeay. Pag-abot ko anang ina, hakita nana rong basket nga may bueak ag eoy-a. Sa anang pag buyot sa eoy-a, hakibot imaw nga rong eoy-a sa basket hay bueawan gali. Halin kato, nagmayad si Kim ag nangin amigo nana rong duwende sa andang hardin./MP 



Senator Francis Escudero said the government should improve the facilities and services in public hospitals and health clinics across the country, if it expects the universal health coverage plan under the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) to work.

 The senator, who used to chair the Senate Committee on Finance, said P13.5 billion and P13.2 billion were allocated in 2014 and 2015, respectively, for the government’s Health Facilities Enhancement Program (HFEP) under the Department of Health (DOH).
Through the HFEP, rural health units, barangay health stations and local government-run hospitals should be able to acquire the necessary equipment and hire highly trained health professionals that would make them more responsive to the population’s health needs.

 The HFEP would also help them meet the accreditation requirements of PhilHealth, which would allow more indigents to seek treatment in public health care facilities.

“If the government is really serious about the health of its people, it needs to properly equip public health facilities, especially in areas where local governments do not have sufficient budget for health spending,” Escudero said.

Unfortunately, many health institutions still lack equipment such as X-ray and ultrasound machines, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners, electrocardiogram (ECG) machines and ventilators.

Some remote areas do not even have doctors.

 “Implementing a universal health coverage plan without making sure that there are enough facilities and quality health workers means spending a lot of money with little chance of better health results, especially for the most marginalized sectors of society,” Escudero said.

“That would render the national health insurance program useless,” he said.

Providing government hospitals with better facilities, equipment and proficient staff are the keys to improving the quality of health care in the country, which is the main goal of the national health insurance program, the senator pointed out.

However, with public health facilities still unaccredited by PhilHealth, many PhilHealth members seek treatment in private hospitals, where they are forced to shell out more money to pay their bills.

 Last year, PhilHealth made a total of P78 billion in benefit payments, 23 percent of which went to private hospitals and clinics.

Some 90 million Filipinos are enrolled in PhilHealth. Of this, 43 million are indigent members and their dependents./MP

Student delegates from among the 50 schools of the four legislative districts of Quezon province who participated in the recently concluded Young Leaders Convention held at the gymnasium of the Quezon National High School in Lucena City excitedly pose for a "selfie" with Guest of Honor and Speaker Senator Bongbong Marcos. In his speech, the Senator said the Young Leaders Convention offered a venue for youth leaders to be formally educated in leadership not only as a crucial skill for their future careers but as an important virtue," The sheer potential to influence, to shape minds, to mobilize,  is reason enough not to leave leadership to chance. Leadership training plays an important role in honing the character of future leaders who must always keep in mind that he is answerable to his followers. In the end, what matters most is that the welfare of the followers or the people being led is protected, preserved and perpetuated./MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Organic Farming Exhibits

Advocates, supporters, and implementers of organic farming gathered on Sunday, August 23, 2015 at the Urban Agriculture Eastwood City Central Plaza. The organic Farming Trade Fair showcases the benefits of consuming organic products, urban farming method and the importance of supports for the Filipino farmers.

Several booths are set up for organic farm owners and food products who are introducing their goods. They explain the benefits of eating organic products.

Some views of those who attended the organic Trade Fair. Agriculture Magazine editor-in-chief Sac Sarian said, “organically grown food products do not only make a person healthier, it also helps the local farmers”,

“In my view, the only way to protect the future generation is by providing healthy and safe food, and protecting the environment”, said Limpin.

Sarian pushes for a massive organic farming information drive among farmers many of who does not even have a slight grasp of the concept. He is featuring farming innovations and developments in Agriculture Magazine to increase the knowledge of the farmers and the future farmers.

Several organically produced plants such as vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, and seedlings among others are being exhibited. The exhibits and sales will be opened again on August 23, and 30.
Agriworkers Slam Kiko On
“Oil Palm Project Proposal”

Presidential Adviser for Food Security Francisco "Kiko" Pangilinan drew criticism from agricultural workers under the national federation Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (UMA), for zealously promoting the government’s disastrous plan to allocate one million hectares for oil palm plantations in the Philippines within the next ten years.
UMA Deputy Secretary General Ranmil Echanis slammed Pangilinan’s speech during the 9th National Oil Palm Congress in General Santos City last week, where Pangilinan said that “Palm oil production is key to poverty alleviation.”
“As a government official ensuring food security, Pangilinan must know that oil palm plantations have brought only hunger and extreme poverty in pea-sant areas, especially in Mindanao,” said Echanis.

“Agricultural workers employed in the country’s oldest palm oil plantations in the Caraga region suffer hazardous working conditions and very low wages. Even after 30 years of hard toil, many remains as casual workers,” said Echanis, referring to reports from UMA’s local affiliate in Agusan del Sur, the Pinagbuklod na Lakas ng Manggagawa sa Plantasyon ng Agusan Plantations, Inc. or PIGLAS-MAPAPI. 

According to a 2012 study by the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR), poverty, poor working conditions and the high level of unemployment particularly among women have pushed children to work in various capacities as plantation workers. About 24 percent of plantation workers in Agusan del Sur are children between 5 to 17 years old.

UMA strongly disapproves Pangilinan’s proposal for the “massive conversion” of so-called “idle lands” for oil palm, and pointed out that the history and the aggressive expansion of these plantations especially during the past few years led instead to massive landgrabbing and dislocation of peasant and indigenous peoples’ communities.
Extrajudicial killings and other rights violations were reported by the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) in areas such as Opol, Misamis Oriental where lumads believe that the palm oil firm A. Brown is behind the killing of the local leader of the Higaonon tribe, Gilbert Paborada, in 2012. 

 UMA also claimed that crop conversion and the use of toxic chemicals in oil palm plantations resulted not only in the destruction of traditional food sources in communities, but in the massive loss of agricultural areas devoted to food production.
“The Php 50 million government budget for oil palm expansion will benefit only foreign companies, investors, corrupt landlords and bureaucrats, and will push peasants deeper into poverty,” Echanis concluded.

 UMA, KMP and CTUHR are parts of a task force for the formation of a broad network opposing the aggressive expansion of oil palm plantations (NO PALM) in the country.

Malaysia has converted millions of hectares of riceland to both oil and rubber trees. Malaysia now produces more rubber and palm oil. She sells her oil and rubber at higher prices and buy her food needs like rice from Vietnam and Thailand at low price. Malaysia is economically well off now than the Philippines. Malaysia likewise does not suffer too much from climate change.

Among the most depressed sector in the Philippine society is rice farmers. There is really need to look for more productive crops to improve the economic level of farmers. /MP  

Editorialby Ernesto T. Solidum

Road Constructions Damage Irrigation Projects

Infra development is a welcome sight if it considers existing economic projects equally important to human welfare. Vital consideration must be given to agriculture since it is the basic foundation of our economy. The on-going expansion of the Philippine Nautical Highway from Kalibo to Caticlan, Malay from a 2-lane highway to 4 invariably gobbles up concrete fences, houses, aging trees, waiting sheds and parking lots. Here, there is nothing we could do since the objective of the DPWH is to provide wholesome and desirable standard for securing the well being of motorists, the riding public and the pedestrians.

However, irrigation projects must not be sacrificed in the name of aesthetic and modern road infrastructure. Road contractors and engineers must conserve those main and lateral canals or structure of irrigation system that traverse or located alongside existing highways. It has been observed that where there are continuous irrigation flow from the source (gravity or pump) to the rice fields, the irrigation canal is methodically destroyed and never restored.
This is happening in gravity irrigation dam of Calimbajan, Makato where 15 hectares of rice land are covered. In Tangalan, two communal irrigation projects that used pumps to irrigate 61 hectares can no longer have irrigation services.

For the past 45 years, barangays Calimbajan, and Poblacion Makato, and Poblacion and Tagas, Tangalan have two rice cropping seasons with average yield of 3.9 metric tons per hectare per harvest. To facilitate irrigation water flew, farmers simply utilize the highway drainage canal and is very satisfactory. However, this abruptly ended when the highway was expanded early this year. As a result, not a single drop came from the farm ditches. Land preparation and transplanting of rice seedlings were delayed for two months. The paddy fields waited for gentle rain from heaven to drop.

In Bagto, Lezo where the lateral canal of NIA traverses the Kalibo Circumferential road, some 20 hectares of prime irrigated land were reverted to rain fed areas. Fortunately, NIA repaired the damaged main canal in Bigaa, Malinao where 667 hectares of rice lands in Lezo, Numancia, and Makato were previously affected.

A similar incident occurred at the extended runway of KIA where a main canal of NIA has been blocked by 300 meters of concrete. Engr. Rizalo Conception, former manager - Capiz-Aklan NIA said that a culvert structure could not be installed since there is no way of regular cleaning/maintenance considering its length and the danger of passing aircrafts.

Where there is wanton or deliberate disruption of irrigation services by DPWH, CAAP or its contractors, concerned Irrigators’ Associations must air their legitimate protests to Municipal Mayors for immediate appropriate action. Otherwise our small farmers could be marginalized and griped by poverty, which will also affect the consumers.

Aware of the problem faced by farmers, Calimbajan Brgy. Capt. Renilo T. Tubal submitted a Resolution urging NIA to construct a dam at Calimbajan-Pudiot boundary designed to irrigate 50-60 hectares of rice land and increase productivity. Fortunately, P600, 000 is initially released out of the total P2 million budget.

The loss of our irrigated rice lands due to tourism infra development (Kalibo Cercumferential Road, Nautical Highway and KIA) and the relentless illegal land conversions can have significant impact on rice self sufficiency. With an estimated 535,000 population of Aklan and the estimated 1.7 million visitors this year, our capacity to provide food can be jeopardized. SP member Soviet Russia A.  de la Cruz during a public hearing on August 7, 2015 averred that our surplus palay production is only 114,000 metric tons in 2014 while the average yearly decline over a 5 year period is 6,461 metric tons.

The protracted eight months El Nino phenomenon that will hit Aklan starting October this year will further exacerbate food and water supply. Sen. Chiz Escudero urged TESDA and DSWD to provide alternative jobs to farmers and mitigate impact of possible longest drought in Philippine history. We must act now before it’s too late. /MP

Marimar Dances Her Way Into Viewers’ Hearts This August

Marimar Dances Her Way Into Viewers’ Hearts This August
One of the highly-anticipated programs this 2015, GMA Network reimagines television history’s most successful telenovela,Marimar, with the sizzling team up of Kapuso prime artists Tom Rodriguez and Megan Young. The primetime series beginsAugust 24 right after 24 Oras.

Giving a fresh take on the role of Sergio Santibañez is Kapuso Prime leading man, Tom. With his devilishly good looks and compelling charisma, there is no doubt that the Kapuso prime leading man will have viewers swooning.

Coming from the wealthy Santibañez family, Sergio is a spoiled trust fund kid who loves extreme sports and adventure. One day, he meets Marimar and decides to use her to get his inheritance from his father. Little did he know that he will soon fall for the girl who he once used for his selfish plan.

Bringing life anew to the iconic character that exemplifies the best traits of the Filipina barrio lass is Kapuso multi-talented actress,Megan. She is definitely a fitting choice for the character as she represents a woman who is brave with her sense of purpose and has conquered the world with her countenance.

Despite being separated from her real parents at a young age, Marimar was raised filled with love by a couple who found her. Modest and carefree as she’s known to be, Marimar makes money out of being a pearl diver. To sell her pearls in the island, she dances her signature moves to get people’s attention. It is through this instance that Marimar will be noticed by Sergio.

 Witness another dimension of acting prowess as Marimar brings together a roster of A-list actors and actresses including Ms. Jaclyn Jose as Señora Angelika Santibañez, the outrageously extravagant and antly dressed second wife of Renato who likes attention and loves being the center of it all; Zoren Legaspi as Gustavo Aldama, the biological father of Marimar who chooses to fight his love for Mia despite his family’s objection; Lauren Young as Antonia, the pretentious socialite daughter of Angelika who will join her mother in depriving Marimar of everything that was rightfully hers; and the returning Kapuso, Ms. Alice Dixson, as Mia Aldama, the biological mother of Marimar who  becomes determined in life after having a whirlwind romance with Gustavo.

Marimar also takes pride in bringing to life once again colorful characters to be portrayed by Nova Villa as Lola Cruz, the woman who gives shelter to Marimar and treats her as her own child; Tommy Abuel as Lolo Pancho, the husband of Lola Cruz who will teach Marimar how to dive for pearls; Carmi Martin as Esperanza Aldama, the fabulous business-minded cousin of Gustavo; Ina Raymundo as Brenda, a social and sophisticated woman who will try her best to win Gustavo back;  Dion Ignacio as Nicandro, the crooked and dishonest staff officer on the Santibañez Island who is envious of Sergio; Ricardo Cepeda as Renato Santibañez, the kind-hearted and responsible father of Sergio; Jaya as Corazon, the trustworthy chambermaid of the Santibañez family; Cris Villanueva as Padresito Porres, the witty and kind-hearted priest on the island who always encourages Marimar to pursue her dreams; Candy Pangilinan as Perfecta, the personal assistant of Angelika and the greatest rival of Corazon in the mansion; Frank Magalona as Franco, the outspoken companion of Sergio; Ashley Cabrera as Cruzita Santibañez, the charming sister of Sergio who will get close to Marimar; plus Boobay who will give voice to the adorable dog, Fulgoso.

From making the hit TV series, The Rich Man’s Daughter, My Husband’s Lover, Darna, Mulawin, My Beloved, and Temptation of Wife, just to name a few, Dominic Zapata is more than ready to offer viewers a refreshing take on this riveting primetime series.

From the original format of Ines Rodena and license granted by Televisa, S.A. de C.V., Marimar is produced by GMA Network, Inc. supervised by the GMA Drama group led by Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Senior Vice President for Entertainment TV; Redgie A. Magno, Vice President for Drama; Cheryl Ching-Sy, Assistant Vice President for Drama; Redgynn S. Alba, Program Manager; and Carol B. Galve, Executive Producer. Adding delight to the viewers are the theme song of Marimar sung by Bet ng Bayan Grand winnerHannah Precillas and the love theme titled Iniibig Kita sung by one of GMA Network’s powerbelters Maricris Garcia.

Aiming to inspire every Filipina to become the best version of herself while fulfilling her dreams, witness the journey of Marimar beginning August 24 after 24 Oras on GMA Telebabad. /MP

Mar Roxas Visits Kalibo

­­ Mar Roxas Visits Kalibo

It was unexpected. The annointed candidate for President of the Liberal Party,  Mar Roxas came to Kalibo at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon  of Thursday, August 20, 2015. He immediately proceeded to RMN-DYKR for radio interview. After which, he went to Cafe Lattee at Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan where he met Political Leaders of Aklan composed of municipal mayors, vice mayors, and sangguniang bayan members led by Gov. Florencio T. Miraflores and former Aklan Congressman, Atty. Allen Salas Quimpo. Roxas  talked briefly why he is running for President in the May 2016 Presidential Election specifically on the need to continue the progress achieved during the last five years and the “daang matuwid”.

The upper picture shows Roxas with Gov. Miraflores talking with the Aklan’s politically leaders about his program of government if elected President of the Philippines. Lower photo shows Numancia Mayor Jozyl Isidore T. Templonuevo and other elected officials of Aklan listening to Roxas.

Due to insufficient time, Roxas was unable to hold press conference with the members of the Aklan media. From Kalibo, Roxas returned to Manila via his private plane at about 5:30 in the afternoon. (ARV photo) /MP

Senate Mourns Death Of Ex-Senator Butz Aquino

Senate Mourns Death Of Ex-Senator Butz Aquino

The Senate today, Tuesday, August 18, 2015, adopted a resolution honoring and remembering Senator Agapito “Butz” Aquino for his “invaluable contribution and unwavering diligence as a legislator.”

Resolution 1507, introduced by Senator Manuel “Lito” Lapid, was adopted in consideration of Resolution 1509 authored by Senator Maria Lourdes “Nancy” Binay and Resolution 1519 authored by Senate President Franklin Drilon.

The Senate has been flying its flag at half-mast since Aquino passed away on Monday, August 17, as a symbol of mourning.

Aquino, who died at the age of 76, served as a senator from 1987 to 1995. He was also the representative of the 2nd district of Makati from 1998 to 2007.

As a legislator, Aquino is responsible for several landmark laws such as the Magna Carta for Small Farmers, Cooperative Code of the Philippines and the Seed Industry Development Act of 1992, among others.

He also helped organize street marches and rallies to fight for people’s rights and democracy.

Aquino’s death is “truly a great loss not only to his own bereaved family, but also to the nation he had fully served with his own personal style, vision, and concrete action program towards a better life for the impoverished masses, always guided by the four principles of ‘Live Simply, Seek Justice, Be Humble, Love Always’,” Drilon said.

“Butz Aquino left a legacy of being a statesman that fought for justice, freedom, equality, nationalism and democracy. He is an inspiration for many public servants and will be remembered in the hearts of many Filipino people,” Binay added.

Senate Secretary Oscar Yabes said the Senate will sponsor a holy mass on Wednesday, August 19 at 2 p.m. for the eternal repose of the soul of Aquino to be attended by the Senate community and Aquino’s friends and relatives.

He said, senators led by Senate President Franklin Drilon, would wait for Aquino’s remains at the main entrance of the Senate building at 1:45 p.m on Wednesday, August 19, 2015.

Aquino’s urn would be placed in the session hall at the second floor of the building where the mass would be held, according to Yabes. Drilon will deliver a eulogy for the former senator after the mass. 

 “Former Senator Aquino played a very prominent role in the restoration of our democracy after his older brother, former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., was assassinated,” Lapid said in his resolution. (Apple Buenaventura) /MP



The substitute bill on the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region retains the provision on holding a parliamentary form of government in keeping with the spirit of the peace pact between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippine government.

This was emphasized by Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr., Chairman of the Committee on Local Government, which is tasked to deliberate on the controversial Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). He added that in addressing the flaws of the draft BBL he tried to keep most of the concessions extended to the MILF under the peace agreement.

In a radio interview, Marcos noted that while there were clearly unconstitutional provisions in the draft BBL, legal experts were divided on the issue of the parliamentary form of government, under which the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region will be created under the proposed law.

“In their peace talk with the Philippine government, the MILF proposed that the form of government of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region should be parliamentary and ministerial. That is why I kept the provision but we still have to discuss it thoroughly in the Senate deliberations,” Marcos said.

Likewise, Marcos said the provision is retained in his substitute bill in accordance with the principle of autonomy.

“If we say they have autonomy, we have to consider the wishes of the people of that autonomous region,” Marcos said.

However, Marcos said there is no guarantee that the Senate will retain the provision on the parliamentary form of government of the Bangsamoro government.

 “We have addressed the provisions of the draft BBL that were clearly unconstitutional. But there are other provisions—like this parliamentary form of government—where opinions are divided and that the Senate has to decide on,” Marcos said.

 Marcos said that while he retained the parliamentary provision in the substitute bill, he addressed the fears and suspicions of many people that the creation of the Bangsamoro autonomous region is a prelude to secession.

“That is why I made it very, very clear that the law cannot be used to separate the Bangsamoro territory away from the Philippines,” Marcos stressed.Marcos said the parliamentary provision sparked suspicion of secession as it practically copied the government structure of Malaysia, which is the facilitator of the Philippine government-MILF peace talks.

Until now, Marcos said it remains a puzzle why the government agreed to let Malaysia take part in the peace talks when it is not a disinterested party as it has a conflicting claim on Sabah.

“We can’t do anything about it anymore. So, what I did instead is to strengthen the provision to prevent the secession of the Bangsamoro territory from the Philippines,” he explained.

 Despite giving most of the concessions to the MILF under the peace pact, Marcos said it is unlikely for the Senate and the House of Representatives to approve the draft BBL without any changes, as called for by the MILF and the government.

“We all know very well that, first the draft BBL will not pass in the House (of Representatives); second, it will not pass in the Senate. On the remote chance that it does pass Congress, I’m sure the Supreme Court will strike it down as unconstitutional,” Marcos said.

Since Monday, Marcos has been waiting for fellow senators to interpellate him on his substitute bill, the Basic Law on Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, but most of the 14 senators who reserved the right to ask questions sought more time to study the proposed law. /MP



Senator Koko Pimentel (right), chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Subcommittee, and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV (left) continuing their investigation on the alleged anomalies against Vice President Jejomar Binay. This week marks the first year anniversary of the Senate inquiry on Binay’s alleged anomalies. The subcommittee is now looking into the reported ‘ghost’ senior citizens in Makati. (Cesar Tomambo photo)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quotation of the Week

Quotation of the Week

“One good product or service can support you in style for the rest of your life.” Anonymous