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July 30-August 5, 2017

            The 4th Regional Mango Stakeholders Forum will take a place on August 23, 2017 at Guimaras State College Agri Ecotourism Convention Center in Buenavista, Guimaras. Agriculture Sec. Emmanuel F. PiƱol, during his Biyaheng Bukid here recently, said that the forum aims to craft the five years roadmap of the Philippine Mango Development.
            Around 150 mango growers, exporters, processors, and industry leaders from the six provinces of Western Visayas will gather and discuss salient plans for the advancement of the mango industry in the region.
            According to the Department of Agriculture (DA) 6 Regional Executive Director Engr. Remelyn T. Recoter, the forum seeks to address industry problems including the lack of mango supply and drastic drop in the volume of production, and to identify interventions to sustain its growth.
            Among the topics to be discussed are the Philippine Mango Industry Situation: Supply and Demand, Issues, Concerns and Initiatives, Postharvest Application for Mango to Extend Shelf Life, Best Mango Production Technology and Cultural Practices in Mindanao, Demand of Fresh Mangoes for Processing And Exporting, Control of Cecid Flies, Sanitary and Phytosanitary Issues on Mango Exportation, DA and Land Bank of the Philippines credit Programs for Mango Fruits production, Crop Insurance, Philippine Rural Development Project for Mango Development, among others.
                Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority reveal that Ilocos Region topped all the mango producing regions with 59.99 thousand metric tons contributing 55.6 percent to the national total mango production. Meanwhile, Central Luzon with 18.4 percent and Western Visayas with 5.8 percent contribution ranked second and third respectively.

            The same forum to be held in the home of the world’s sweetest mangoes in the leg of the National Mango Stakeholders Forum which was already conducted in Davao City, Pangasinan, and Cebu City./MP     

            A total of 167 male and female applicant candidates took the cadet Qualifying Test (CQT) of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) just recently at Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Kalibo, Aklan. According to Maj. Maristella Dela Paz, PMA Class 2005 and OIC of Proctor Team, there was a significant increase in the applicant candidates compared to last year where in only 68 examinees took the examination. In Panay Island, there are two test centers; the other one is in Iloilo City.
            The increase in number of candidates is due to the information campaign among high school graduates that K-12 students can now take the examination. The information drive and review were conducted by Dr. Chris Rebano Francisco, PMA Class of 1968 and a resident of Brgy. Tigayon, Kalibo, Aklan. The two hour information and review were made in some high schools in Kalibo and neighboring towns of Banga at the Aklan State University; St. Joseph High School, School for Philippine Craftsmen, Malinao; Makato Integrated School, Regional Science High School for Region VI, Kalibo; Linabuan Norte High School, Dela Cruz Institute of Business and Industry, and Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Kalibo.
            The announcement for the test was featured in Kalibo Cable TV. With the memorandum of the Department of Education (DepEd), School Division Superintendent, the information campaign was disseminated to all school principals, throughout the province of Aklan. This is the first time that the DepEd has participated in the information drive for the PMA which turned out to be successful. Dr. Ernesto F. Servillon, Ph.D, MNSA is the Aklan DepEd Schools Division Superintendent.
            According to Gen.Chris R. Francisco, there is a need to intensify the information campaign about the PMA in the rural areas. This will afford the Aklan youth especially high school students from poor families to take advantage of the free four years college education in Bachelor of Science, and a commission as 2nd Lt. or ensign in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) after graduation.
            The result of the entrance test shall be available in the month of September. Those who pass the mental test will undergo physical examination at the AFP Medical Center. The final successful candidacies will report to the PMA in Baguio City on April 1, 2018. They will compose the PMA class of 2022. It is expected that more male and female candidates from Aklan shall take the entrance test next year usually done every third Sunday of August in 40 testing centers all over the Philippines. Once a cadet is appointed, he/she becomes a member of the AFP with salary and allowances while in the academy. There shall be an information drive on the PMA early next year.
            The PMA is the premier military academy of the country which traces its founding from the Academia Militar in 1898 in Bulacan province by the revolutionary government of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo. It was further continued by the Americans at the turn of the 20th century as the Philippines Constabulary Academy (PCA). During the commonwealth, Pres. Quezon appointed Col. Pastor Concepcion Martelino of Kalibo, Aklan as the first superintendent of the PMA from 1936-1940. Col. Martelino was a graduate of the United States Military Academy (USMA) class of 1920. He was captured by the Japanese in 1940; tortured for 17 days and executed by the Japanese for refusing to divulge the secret of the US forces in the Philippines. He was a great hero and indeed  a pride of Kalibonhons. He was an exemplar of the PMA motto, “Couarge, Integrity, Loyalty”. Camp Pastor C. Martelino, the former Aklan Philippine Constabulary and now Philippine National Police headquarters in Brgy. Buswang Old, Kalibo, Aklan is named after him.
            There are now several Kalibonhons and Aklanons PMA graduates or Cavaliers. The first Aklanon (Aklan province) PMA graduates is Andrew Rebano Francisco, (class 1959) who is the first general of Aklan. With his two younger brothers, Clodualdo (class 1967), and Crisogono (class 1968). They hold a record as the three Francisco PMAyers of Aklan Province.
            Some other Aklanon PMA gradutes are Brigadier Gen. Federico Ruiz, Jr. (class 1960) Brigadier Gen. Eduardo Fernandez (class 1962), Chief Superintendent Renato Motus (class 1962), Commodore Daniel Delgado (class 1963) Brigadier Gen. Frederique Romero (Class 1963),Col. Francisco Fernandez, Jr. (class 1965) Deputy Dir. Gen. Roberto Lastimoso (class 1967), Brigadier Gen. Efren Fernandez (class 1971), Col. Edwin Abello (class 1971), Lt. Gen. Emanuel Teodosio (class 1973) Cmdr. Earlyn Reyes (class 1993), Cmdr. Andro Val Abayon (class 1994), and Cmdr. Gualterio dela Cruz, II, (class 1994) an association of Aklanon Cavaliers is being formed to complete the list of Aklanon PMAyers. PMA prestige is so high as it is an institution of academic excellence; a school of leadership and discipline with a mission to produce career military officers and excellent leaders of the country./MP         

Entrepreneurial Farmer
by: Ambrosio R. Villorente

            Due to a border dispute between China and Bhutan, India and Chinese soldiers hurled stones at each other during an altercation in the high Himalayas, an Indian controlled Kashmir. This has escalated tensions between China and India which are already engaged in a long border standoff.
Both Indian police and army officials said, the Chinese soldiers hurled stones to Indian soldiers.
            Today, some people can access the internet in many ways with the use of many devices. Cyber security problems will continue to increase as no country is immune to cyber risks. This includes the Philippines.
            How can cyber users protect themselves? Mr. Mathias Yeo, Chief Technology Officers of Asia Symantec suggested to apply good practices to protect people in the cyber world. These are: 1. Email Caution- exercise caution in accepting email from unfamiliar sources and opening attachments that are not solicited; 2. Study- Be aware of the threat posed by ransomware; and 3. Security policy- request professionals to help implement a security policy that protects sensitive data at rest and in transit.
            The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has issued a warning regarding the use of nine (9) unregistered food products and supplements now available in the market.
            These products are: 1. Filipino Delights Malunggay Powder; 2. Hokkaido Brand Mackerel;3. Jumbo Hawkflakes; 4. Argao’s Guiling Tablea 100 %  Cacao; 5. Gina Iodized Salt; 6. Krispers Bread Crumbs Chef’s Mati; 7. BClear Purified Drinking Water; 8. Korean Cup Noodles;  and 9 Korean Cup noodles 110g.
            The FDA post, marketing surveillance activities have notified that the above mentioned food products and food supplements have not gone through the registration process of FDA and have no proper authorization in the form of “Certificate of Product Registration”. Since the said products did go the process, their quality and safety are not guaranteed.   
            The consumption of such products may pose potential health problem to the consumers. The FDA warns all stores and other establishments against distributing the said food products and supplements. Moreover, FDA also requests all Local Government Units and law enforcement agencies to ensure the said products are not made available in their respective areas of jurisdiction and localities. 
Philippine Sports
            It is a good news. The Philippines won gold in Basketball in the Kuala Lumpur 2017 29th SEA Games. Gilas Filipinas represented the Philippines which defeated Indonesia (94-55) in the play for GOLD.
            The bad news is that among the teams from South East Asia, the Philippines placed number 6 as of August 27, Sunday with only a few games left to play. The Philippines with 19 gold, 26 silver, and 51 gold medals is ahead of Myanmar with 7 gold, 8 silver and 16 bronze medals, Laos with 1 gold, 3 silver, and 8 bronze medals; Cambodia with one gold and 9 silver medals; Brunei with 3 silver and 7 bronze medals and Timor Leste-no medal.
            Malaysia is leading with 88 gold, 61 silver,and 58 bronze medals or a total of 207. This is more than twice to the Philippines 96 medals, Vietnam is second with 50 gold, 36 silver, and 43 bronze or a total of 125 medals.
            Thailand is third with 48 gold, 67 silver, and 65 bronze, a total of 180 medals, two times more than the Philippines 96.
            Singapore won 47 gold, 40 silver and 54 bronze, a total of 141 medals. It is hard to comprehend when Singapore has about 5 million people to the Philippines’ 105 million people has more medals especially gold which is more than twice to that of the Philippines’ 19 gold medals.
            Indonesia is fifth with 31 gold, 44 silver, and 56 gold medals. What goes wrong with the Philippines’ Sports Development Program? Why are Filipinos weak and only sixth among the ASEAN Countries? The function on sports development was removed from the DepEd and transferred to the Philippine Sports Commission. But still the DepEd is continuously engaging in sports activities. What is the job of the Philippine Sports Commission?  The DepEd must wholly concentrate in education and the Philippine Sports Commission must comply with its sports development function.
            Why is Philippines Sports very weak? Filipinos must be economically sufficient, institute proper recruitment of athletes, conduct proper training and practice more to be in level with at least ASEAN member countries./MP     

            Isaeang ka binatilyo ro naga pamasyar ko gabi-I ngaron. Owa it iwag ag madueom ro anang ginatikangan. Naka abot imaw sa may kilid it mata-as nga bukid-bukid, ag gulping nahueog imaw. Mayad eang ay naka kapyot imaw sa naga usli nga gamot it kahoy. Nagsinggit imaw agud mangayo it bulig, ogaling naea-os eamang imaw. Owa gid it nakabati. Nadunduman nana ro bilin ko anang ina. “Sa tunga it kapeligrohan, indi pagkalipatan nga magpangadi ag magpangayo it bulig sa Diyos.”
            Nagpanagdi ag nangamuyo imaw it tabang sa mahae nga Diyos halin sa anang taguipuso-on. Sa kalinong it kagabi-ihon, may nabatian imaw nga limog nga naga pangutana, “Naga salig ka baea kakon?” “Hu-o Ginoo naga salig ako kimu”, sabat man it binatilyo.
            “Magbuhi ka sa imong gina kapyutan,” sugo kung limog. Napa-ino-inuhan nana nga madaeum ro anang tugpa-an ag mata-eawis ro mga bato, busa hinadlukan imaw. Ginti-is nana nga mag-kinapyot sa bilog nga sang gabi-e.
            Pagka-aga, ma-eoya eon ro binatilyo.  Haeos indi eon imaw makahueag sa kaga-oy. Paghayag duro guid ro anang kangawa. Ro anang gina-kapoyutan hay daywang ka pye eamang rong kaeapit sa eogta. Owa eon kunta imaw magti-is it sang gabi-e kon gin sunod nana ratong limog.
Halin kato, naga salig eon imaw sa Diyos ano man ro matabo./MP

            The question is: “Will he live?” Pres. Rodrigo R. Duterte asked. He referred to Iloilo City Mayor Patrick Mabilog. Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has linked Mabilog to the narcotic trade.  He announced that Chief Insp. Jovie Espenido will be assigned as Police Chief of Iloilo City. Espinido was former Police Chief of Albuera, Leyte, and is the current Chief of Police of Ozamiz City, where Mayor Reynaldo Parohinog was alledgedly killed by police in illegal shootout.
            How about Mayor Jed Mabilog? The Iloilo City Mayor said, he is puzzed, but he welcomes Espenido’s assignment to his city.
            While delivering his speech during the National Heroes Day celebration, Pres. Duterte called Espenido to the front and told him to stay there. “I will ask you again. You asked for the assignment in Leyte, the Mayor there died.”  Breaking off midway through a prepared speech at Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City where Espenido and 129 soldiers killed in the battle for Marawi City were honored, Pres, Duterte said. “You asked for another assignment in Ozamiz City, Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog there also died. Now you want Iloilo City because Mabilog has been identified as a drug trade protector. Will he live?” Pres. Duterte asked.
             Espenido did not answer. Later he told reporters that his assignment to Iloilo City is “God’s will.” “You know that my superior’s order, specially the President’s, are God’s will. We will do our best,” he said.  Espenido urged Mabilog to cooperate in the Duterte administration’s campaign against illegal drugs.
             Asked about his orders to Espenido, Pres. Duterte said: “Your duty requires you to overcome the resistance of the person you are arresting, if he resist, and it is a violent one, I hate to see dead policemen and soldiers performing their duty. Do you hear me? Your next assignment is Iloilo City.”
            The “murder, homicide and unlawful killings” are not allowed. Police must uphold the rule of law while carrying out their duties. Pres. Duterte unleashed the war on drugs after taking office in June last year following an election campaign in which he vowed to use deadly force to wipe out crime and drugs.
            Thousands of people have been killed and the violence was criticized by the international community. Mabilog is one of the officials named by Pres. Duterte as among some public officials involved in the narcotic trade. No charges, however, are filed by the police against the mayor.
            Mabilog is being aggressive in implementing programs and activities against illegal drugs in Iloilo City.
            However, Espenido’s assignment to Iloilo City has given Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon a “cause of concern”. Drilon, who is from Iloilo acknowledged that it is Pres. Duterte’s prerogative to post Espenido in Iloilo City. “The peace-loving, cultured and law-abiding Ilonggos welcome (Espenido) in Iloilo City,” said Drilon. “The assignment to Iloilo City of Espenido is a cause of concern,” Drilon said,
            However, Drilon hopes that Espenido would heed Pres. Duterte’s order to “follow the rules of engagement” in confronting the drugs problem in Iloilo City.
            “While there’s a lot of double speak in the President’s marching order, ultimately it is on Espenido’s account and responsibility to uphold the rule of law and to follow the rules of engagement in his new place of assignment as Espenido knows what to do” according to Sen. Panfilo Lacson.
            Espenido used to work with Lacson in the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force 17 years ago. “I know him as a focused, diligent and upright noncommissioned officer.  I am banking on that and more to say what I just said about the man,” Lacson said/MP.   

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

July 23-29,2017

            About 312 households are selected as sample for the 2017 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) currently conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority in Aklan.
            These households will be interviewed by hired statistical researches using tablet installed with a system known as Computer Aided Personnel Interview (CAPI).
            The NDHS is a nationwide survey which aims to provide information on population, family planning, maternal and child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health in the Philippines.
            According to Mrs. Rodelyn Panadero, Provincial Focal Person, the survey involves interviewing all women in the household who are between 15 and 49 years old.
            These women, Mrs. Panadero said, will be asked about their background, the children they have given birth to, and their background, their knowledge and use of family planning methods, the health of their children, their awareness on HIV/AIDS, and other information that will be helpful to policy makers and administrators in health and family planning fields.
“Studying the fertility, health and family planning behavior and attitudes of these women will provide insights into the behavior and attitudes of persons in the Philippines,” Mrs. Panadero said./MP     

            Why do we hate the Americans who are our most reliable ally? China has invaded our territories and shorelines but we do not hate the Chinese invaders. We even welcome them. Is this the kind of Filipino patriotism?
             According to Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio, “The Chinese aggression is the gravest external threat to the Philippines since World War II”. Chinaism is real and most dangerous which is a repetition and replica of Nazism of Adolf Hitler in 1925 in Europe. Deception is the name of the game where China is always announcing its non-belligerent policy contrary to their deceptive action to gradually conquer our islands. Our enemies acting as our friends are using all the means to attain their objective of conquering our territories gradually using all dirty tactics and diplomacy like extending trade assistance; a sophisticated form of bribery.
            China has fully read our stand and attitude that we are not ready or willing to go to war because we are a weak nation. Yes, we sing to our heart, “Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo.” Masaya ba tayo pag ina-api? Ano ba tayong klaseng Kristiano? This is what we got from adhering to a defective provision of our constitution like, renouncing war as an instrument of national policy and adopt the international law as part of the land”. So this is how we conduct ourselves as if we want to assert an independent foreign policy? A professor in the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California noticed this defective provision as an imposition of our former colonial master to perpetually make the Filipinos as subservient, dependent people. It is a way of making as weak and hence must not be prepared for war.
            Then why are we maintaining an armed forces? If yes, do we have the will to be stronger and be prepared for war or hostilities? To adhere to peace but remain weak is self treason! Insurgency is not only an internal war but a preparatory stage for an invasion by a foreign power. It is only in the Philippines that we have this provision of renouncing war as an instrument of national policy. This is a triumphant victory of the leftists and oligarchs under malicious mindset (or ignorance) of the framers of the 1935, 1973 and 1987 constitutions. Many former members of the 1987 constitutional committee had expressed dissatisfaction about the hazy half finished constitution. To some, it was more of an emotionally influenced vindictive document designed to hit back and avenge against the old regime of Marcos.
            We must remove this provision of renouncing war as instrument of national policy in our Constitution. It is much better and be flexible in our actions by being silent. We must also remove the Human Rights Commission. It is a duplication. It serves as hindrance or liability to national security and survival. It is a waste of the nation’s limited budget which can be used for other livelihood and anti-poverty programs.    
            The 1987 Constitutions known as freedom constitution has so many defects, lapses or repetitions from the 1935 and 1973 constitutions. Our grandstanding politicians and critics do not believed in this observation. George Washington, the hero and the first President of the United States (US) had instilled the aphorism that,” to be prepared for war is to preserve peace”. This is the most fundamental doctrine that has guided the US to become the greatest and most powerful nation in the world.
            At this time of severe crisis, we are reminded by the treatise of Thomas Paine entitled, “The Crisis”. Thomas Paine is considered as the father of the American Revolution in 1776 where many Americans were on side of colonial master, England. “These are the times that try men’s soul. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman…”
We have seen and witnessed the honors and recognition of casualties of our soldiers, police, government forces, civilians and families right in Marawi City at Independence Day on June 12, 2017. Words cannot express our sentiments and admiration of their heroism. That was a very significant occasion and a sad celebration of our independence. They are the real heroes and heroines on the ground; compared to some of our officials and disoriented citizens who are not appreciative of the situation. It is difficult to distinguish a traitor-villain from a patriot, because a villain can use the power of rhetoric to make evil deeds appear glorious and beautiful. Indeed, a demagogue is an agent of a devil and spoke person of international terrorism. And who is a great citizen and patriot? The bible has spoken; the person who lays his/her life to save a soul indeed is the greatest. Sour Marawi heroes and heroines are the greatest, and deserve the love of every God believing mortal man and woman. This is how in simple deed we can honor our great heroes, men and women of the Philippines’ founding forefathers./MP

          The effect is felt in the demilitarization of our former constabulary that was the national police since the turn of the 20th century established by the Americans in 1990. In a developing country where poverty is the major cause of destabilization, the police force must be at all times be integrated with armed forces. A developed country where poverty is no longer the main problem and the people are politically matured and economically stable, then a purely civilian policing system is applicable. A model of the South American countries like Brazil, Chile and Argentina, the police is associated with the armed forces, although the police is a separate public safety force.
             The national security structure is composed of the army, air force and navy. The public safety force consists of the police, coast guard, jail and fire bureaus. The jail and fire bureaus are the auxiliary public safety forces. It is an established doctrine that the main national security forces are the armed forces and the police. The police (PNP) is the territorial force in the country. Hence, the police and the military must be governed by a uniformed service law. A uniformed service law is applicable to government personnel who are authorized to carry arms and weapons in performing their duties. The president is the commander-in-chief of all armed forces. To assure complete control and direction of all uniformed components of the government to avoid rivalry, stiff competition and wastage of limited resources.
            The military and the police forces are the twin organizations that must plan, act, and fight together. The armed forces are the primary national security component that oversees all other government forces. We cannot afford to stubbornly repeat costly blunders like the unfortunate “Mamasapano” encounter in Maguindanao in January 2016 where there was completely no coordination between the military and the police.
            It was not alone a law enforcement or police problem but a serious war against terrorism where the joint forces of the government especially the military and police must have joined forces. The untimely death of the 44 PNP troopers was a very costly blunder because of ignorance and stupidity of our commanders and decision makers. Many principles of war had been blatantly violated. One most important doctrine of warfare to take order from a hostage or non-existing commander is a criminal offense.
            The abolition of the PC had met a very strong resistance and in fact, considered a major victory of the rebels, NDF/NPA to emasculate the AFP in the war against insurgency./MP        

By: Ernesto T. Solidum

            Dr. Ernesto F. Servillon, Jr., Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, DepEd Aklan has released the School Year 2016-2017 benchmark report of nutritional status of school children enrolled in kindergarten to Grade VI. Of the 78.082 total enrollment, 2,317 or 2.96 percent were classified during Operation Timbang as severely wasted while 7,226 or 9.25 percent were wasted. The report did not include kids who are stunted and obese but could be very significant.
            DepEd has 286 elementary, primary, and integrated schools established in all the 17 municipalities of Aklan. The data of food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) show that 3.8 million or 33.5 percent of our children less than 5 years old have stunted growth. An additional 7.1 percent or nearly a million are wasted. Their average body weight is substantially below medium weight for their height. Because of their serious under nutrition problem, kids often skip classes or become listless or in-attentive during class hours.
            Based on the report of school principals and head teachers in different municipalities children with top severely wasted cases are New Washington with 5.34 percent, Ibajay East District-4.82 percent and Makato-4.27 percent.  On the other hand, high incidence of wasted cases are in Malinao with 13.33 percent, Ibajay West District-12.85 percent and Altavas-12.47 percent. It is noted that Nabas has zero report of children severely wasted and only 7 wasted or 0.64 percent.
            Many people believed that having balanced meals of dietary amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals is dependent on higher expenditure in food. On the contrary it is the wise selection and consumption of locally produced vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs that are cheaper and produced from our farms and gardens.
            The Philippine Statistics Authority has reported that 21.0 percent of our households in the country are living below the poverty line. Aklan has managed to reduce its poverty incidence to 14.9 percent in 2015 from 25.0 percent in 2012. The strategy implemented by DepEd is a school feeding program that offers one dish meal good for 120 days. A budget of Php.18.00/child/day is allocated broken down into Php.16.00 for the meal and Php.2.00 for miscellaneous expenses. July is declared as Nutrition Month as per Executive Order signed by former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos.
            More than a dozen local menu prepared by Nutritionists of the DepEd could be chosen. Among which are veggie mix, malunggay fish balls with sweet and sour sauce, pork pochero ala morinaga, malu pinakbet and ukoy makalhip. Usually, two people handle the marketing, cooking and serving under the closed supervision of the teacher-in-charge. There are schools that have intensive vegetable garden like New Washington and Makato which do not need to buy their supply of veggies from the local market. The school feeding program have solid support and endorsement from members of parents teachers association and other non-government organizations.
            Ms. May Jean D. Arcenio, Health and Nutrition Coordinator said that the impact of the feeding program runs deep in the hearts of recipients and their families. This is reflected in the improvement of school attendance, classroom participation, extra-curricular activities and restored health.  In addition, table setting, table manners, prayer before meal and hand washing are incorporated as part of values education. It is expected that the subsidized feeding program will continue to sustain our families whose children need to be educated are beset by poor health and poverty, Ms. Arcenio concluded./MP

            The Weekly Kapihan held at NVC MassCom Studio, Capitol Site Kalibo, Aklan last week discussed the topic “Roadmap to Federalism, Universal Access to Tertiary Education and Postponement of SK and Brgy. Elections. The “lone guest is Rep.Karlo Nograles, 1st District of Davao City.
            Federalism as exemplified by USA, Canada and Malaysia is a political entity characterized by a union of partially self governing states or regions under a central government. The reason why federalism must be pushed through is that this was one of the political agenda of then Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte in the 2016 elections and our people are eager to have realized for good, said the House Committee Chairman on Appropriations Nograles.
            We do not know exactly how the Constitutional Commission to be composed of 25 members and the constituent assembly (293 House members and 24 Senators) will come up with the final draft of the constitution since issues are dicey and controversial. The proposed charter change is from Unitary Presidential (80 years experience) to Federal Parliamentary form of government. Under the new system most likely the senate and partylist law makers will be dissolved. The president may be voted directly by the people and tasked to take care of national defense, foreign affairs. The paramount reason of cha-cha is to insure attractiveness to foreign direct investments by addressing economic restrictions in the Constitution.
            On a universal access to quality tertiary education R.A 10931 the government will provide free tuition and cost of living of students enrolled in state colleges and universities (SUC’s) and those under TESDA. There are 112 SUC’s and 1.9 million students enrolled nationwide. It is a common problem that 3 out of 5 students experience school financing problems. Hence, the law will address this basic need. The only hitch is that the Php.3.7 trillion budget for 2018 at already been approved so we at the House Appropriations Committee has to scramble for the needed funds. So far the Committee has secured Php.16 billion from unexpended budget of DOST, DENR, DA and TESDA.
            The House Committee On Electoral Reforms has decided with finality to postpone SK and Barangay Elections scheduled this October to May 2018. This is to coincide with the ratification of proposed Constitution and savings in public funds. Since barangay post is apolitical, incunbent officials will be on holdover capacity.
            Christopher Ryan Maboloc,Ph.D in an article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer said that federalism is a state centric approach anchored on two basic principles of self rule and shared rule. Self rule is giving to regions some forms of autonomy. It is also related to subsidiary which is the power to take responsible action and be accountable for the course of action. Fiscal federalism will allow local governments to propose line items in their respective budgets which will deal directly with the need of hiring personnel for health care and education. Thus, addressing whatever deficit there is in these sectors with a sense of immediacy.
            Well on the subject of autonomy, we have three notable examples namely: ARMM, CARAGA, and CAR that have been operational for nearly three decades. With all the special attention and generous funding by the national government, poverty incidence is still 40 percent while the rest of the country has declined to 21 percent.
            Corrupt politicians and officials have strengthened their private armies and amassed fortunes. Andal Ampatuan and wife of ARMM are indicted for graft amounting to Php.54.9 million. Nur Misuari has ill gotten wealth of Php.115 million. The 2009 massacre involving 58 people killed including 32 journalists are gruesome and occurred during the incumbency of Gov. Andal Ampatuan. Pres. Pinoy two years ago declared ARMM as failed governance.
             Giving financial assistance is anti poor since tuition fee comprised only one-third of college education costs. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that most students in SUC’s are not poor. In fact, rich households are the ones most likely to profit from a free tuition law. PSA likewise indicated that students from poor households had a lower chance to getting in SUC’s because of competitions and limited slots. Budget Sec. Benjamin Diokno estimated that Php.100 billion is needed to finance the implementation of R.A 10931. But we do not have funds to implement the law. It is ironic that the Commission On Higher Education Chairman Patricia Licuanan said that the cost would be only Php.20 billion. Yet the Commission On Audit in its reports showed that CHED failed to disburse Php.1.2 billion in college scholarships in 2014.
            According to Harry Li Yusingco, practicing lawyer and author, there are three fundamental features of federal framework in order to succeed. First is to streamline allocation of responsibilities between the central and state governments. Second, state government structure that reflects a collective approach to governance, and third, mechanism that fosters cooperation and collaboration among the state governments in addressing national concerns.  There should be among the people both a shared understanding of what has been created and a shared commitment to making the new system work.
            Above is a tough and tricky challenge to crack. Majority of our people are immature in public governance. Among pertinent provisions of R.A 6713 or Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Government Officials require commitment to public interest, political integrity, nationalism and patriotism, democratic ideals and simple living. Department Of Finance reported that of the 286 first class municipalities 116 remain chained to the begging bowl of Internal Revenue Allotment. Federalism in this country cannot succeed if people are passive and complacent./MP 
at must plan, act, and fight together. The armed forces are the primary national security component that oversees all other government forces. We cannot afford to stubbornly repeat costly blunders like the unfortunate “Mamasapano” encounter in Maguindanao in January 2016 where there was completely no coordination between the military and the police.

            It was not alone a law enforcement or police problem but a serious war against terrorism where the joint forces of the government especially the military and police must have joined forces. The untimely death of the 44 PNP troopers was a very costly blunder because of ignorance and stupidity of our commanders and decision makers. Many principles of war had been blatantly violated. One most important doctrine of warfare to take order from a hostage or non-existing commander is a criminal offense.
            The abolition of the PC had met a very strong resistance and in fact, considered a major victory of the rebels, NDF/NPA to emasculate the AFP in the war against insurgency./MP        

            As a result of demilitarizing the police due to the constitutional provision of having a national police that is civilian in character and national in scope as provided for in Republic Act 6975, the training of the police, fire and jail personnel or the uniformed personnel of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) has been assigned to a civilian agency known as the Philippine Public Safety college (PPSC). Where can you find a police force being trained by a civilian? Can we expect a good basketball team to be trained by non-basketball coach?
            What authority has a civilian over uniformed personnel? The chief PNP has been very vocal of taking over the training of police personnel. This can be done without amending the law be revising the implementing rules and regulations of the DILG pertaining to the return of training to the respective bureaus of the police, fire and jail. The PPSC shall continue to have overall supervision to handle academic, professorial chairs, research, travels and educational linkages with schools on public safety education. The PPSC shall handle the education level like graduate programs in public safety, and the officer’s senior executive course similar to the AFP command and general staff course as a requirement to the promotion to senior superintendent equivalent to colonel in the military. The PPSC board of trustees is headed by the Secretary of the DILG. The former police constitutive units like the Police Academy (PNPA) created by a special la, the regional PNP training centers must be absorbed and returned to the PNP. The same set up will apply to the fire and jail bureaus. This will simplify matters and the corresponding responsibility of the bureau chiefs on training of organic personnel will clearly be established and accounted for. In the organization chart, the PPSC authority over the constitutive units shall only be a dotted line.
            The idea of reviving the Philippine Constabulary (PC) came into being about a year ago when the war on illegal drugs launched by Pres. Duterte was noted to have been successful due of involvement of many police personnel                in the crime. Policemen are involved and easily influenced by the lucrative monetary gains by being protectors and agents of the drugs dealers. It is very difficult to convict a police personnel involved in the crime. A long and tedious legal process must be observed in the court of law where a police after putting a required bail is set free, and hence go back to the trade of being illegal drugs dealers of supplier. To impose discipline and correct behavior to an earring police is more difficult compare to military personnel covered by a military justice system and the article of war. The police who have the power and carry a gun can easily abuse the vested power as law enforcer. Does the treatment or punishment of abusive, corrupt and guilty law enforcer is the same as an ordinary citizen?
            Pres. Duterte has advanced the idea of restoring the PC as an effective force against illegal drugs. This a grandiose set up especially when the country is moving forward federalism. The PC must be placed under the Department of National Defense as a separate service of the armed forces. It is however important that the PC vested with police power must act as the legal armed forces, to be trained in law enforcement aside from being a military. The PC must have the primary functions and duties to deal with terrorism, transnational crimes, cyber space crimes, and other serious crimes of higher magnitude that cannot be handled by the police and other agencies. Drug related crimes and those that transcend national boundaries must be addressed by the PC. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) crated by law to deal with illegal drugs problem cannot be more effective with its limited manpower and equipage. The PDEA has about 2,300 plantilla positions. The PC can be an effective associate of the PDEA to deal with the enormous drug related crimes.
                 The future Philippines Federal Constabulary (PFC) must be lean, compact and highly mobile with adequate equipment. The level of operational responsibility must be limited to the provincial or metropolitan districts so as not to duplicate the job of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the station or city/municipal level. A better model set us is like the Australian Federal Police (AUFP) that is only about 5% of the federalized (regionalized) state police forces across the continent of Australia. The AUFP represent the Australian police forces. The PFC could have no more than 20% of the PNP force of 170,000 personnel. It must undergo a rigid selection process and special training in law enforcement, surveillance and investigation techniques and hence can avail of allied countries exchange program. Because of its dual personality, the PFC can avail of both the military and police training abroad like the association of international chiefs of police, US Federal Bureau of Investigation, Australian Federal Police of and military-police schools of the countries. The PFC being a part of the armed forces must be placed under the direct supervision of the president which may be delegated to the secretary of national defense. The PFC is versatile and effective that can penetrate all forms of terrain, and ground conditions because it can have the military armaments and weapons which cannot be acquired by the police. The police armaments are limited like those being used by the SWAT (Special weapon and tactics) team of the Special Action Force. Hence, the creation of the Philippine Federal Constabulary (PFC) is justified that can be effective in achieving a peaceful and orderly society for our country’s national survival./MP
            The coastguard in an archipelagic country like the Philippines must be associated with the navy to make it more responsive and effective in dealing with coastal security, problems and calamities. Naval and coast guard equipage and armaments are related and common so as to maximize the use of limited resources and manpower. It is a good and practical set up to place the police and coastguard under a uniformed service law with features of a military justice system. At present, the Philippine Coast Guard remains a separate force placed under the Department of Transportation and covered by a civil service law. They however wear the uniform and carry the ranks of military and navy. Who approve the promotion of uniformed coast guard personnel? In the AFP and PNP, it is the president of the country.
            A civil service law is applicable to government civilian personnel covered by the Civil Service career program where an eight hour labor law is among the provisions. Military, policing and public safety are a 24 hour jobs and do not discriminate the kind of condition, weather, place or time. Police, fire and jail personnel have a compulsory age retirement of 56 years old, contrary to civil service servant with 65 years old compulsory retirement. There are existing conflicts and contradictions in the law. Some quarters have entertained the idea of contesting the 56 years old age retirement of the DILG uninformed personnel to 65 years old; being under the Civil Service.
The survival of the state is a matter of life and death that must be the primary concern of the leaders according to the great warrior and Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, the author of the book “The Art of War” which is the mother doctrine of all human conflicts and war.
Some Fundamental Principles of National Security and Survival
We must remove in our constitution the provision of renouncing war as an instrument of national policy. It is much better and flexible in our actions to remain silent. We must have the political will to be strong.
“He is fit to live who lives with honor. A person who has no concept of honor, who does not know that honor is above life must never wear the uniform of a soldier”. -Manuel L. Quezon, 1935
“Death is bigger than life without honor”. –Angelo T. Reyes, 2013
“To be prepared for war is to preserve peace”. – George Washington, 1776
“To take orders from a hostage or non-existing commander is a serious criminal offense”. –Sun Tzu, 300 B.C.
“The survival of the nation is a matter of life and death that must be the primary concern of the leaders”. – Sun Tzu, 300 B.C.
“These are the times that try men’s soul. The summer soldier and sunshine patriots will, in  this crisis shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. –Thomas Paine (Father of the American revolution), 1776
“To adhere to peace but to remain weak is a self-treason”. –Chris R. Francisco, 2002
“The armed forces and police are twin organizations that must act together, fight together and plan together. They constitute the main security of the country and must be governed by a uniformed service law”.-Chris R. Francisco, 2017
“Training is a mandatory command responsibility that must not be delegated to an outside agency”. –Chris R. Francisco, 2017
“Law and order are the fundamental anchors of national security”. –Chris R. Francisco, 2017
“No Government can long exist as a viable entity amidst lawless chaos conducive to creation of anarchy”. – Chris R. Francisco, 1976
“It is better to die in the flower of youth than to live like a sheep living, dying and unknown. (Mabuti pang mamatay sa kagitingan ng kabataan kaysa mabuhay na kagaya ng isang tupa, duwag, ina-api at walang pakinabang ang bansa)”. – Chris R. Francisco, 1996./MP

BY: James Earl E. Ogatis

            With the recent outbreak of Avian Influenza (AI) or Bird Flu in the town of San Luis, Pampanga, the Department of Agriculture (DA) 6 activated the Regional Avian Influenza Task Force to ensure Western Visayas as AI-Free region.

            Director Remelyn R. Recoter stressed that West Visayas has a vital role to play, being the entry point from Luzon via the Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) vessel through the Caticlan port.

            Recoter encouraged members of the Regional Advisory Council for Animal Disease Control and Emergency (RA-ADCE) to actively involved in monitoring, surveillance and reporting any unusual poultry mortalities, sighting of migratory birds apart from identified landing area and suspected poultry products from other area.

            Considering that the region has two international airports with routes to and from previously Bird flu affected countries, Recoter instructed animals quarantine personnel to strictly enforce quarantine laws 24/7.

            The task force is composed of five teams namely: Surveillance, Animal Control Movement, Laboratory Diagnosis, Public Information Database/GIS and Vaccination. The identified teams immediately crafted their action plans and strategies to mobilize their respective personnel in line with their mandate.

            The region has a total population of 3,106,753 heads of broiler, 934,967 layer and 7,855,082 native chicken. It has an average monthly requirement of 50,000 dressed chicken and 3.3 million table eggs.

            With this, Dir. Recoter directed REC-ADCE members to identify possible sources of chicken meats and eggs in cases of prolonged restriction of poultry and poultry products from Luzon.

            Meanwhile, Mr. Jesse E. Pareja, the PAC-ADCE president assured the group of the sufficient supply of eggs which can be sourced out from the province of Negros Occidental, and the current situation of the poultry industry, quarantine measures and strategies to prevent the AI virus.

            The deputized quarantine officer at Caticlan Port through RoRo has apprehended and shipped back to Batangas about 6,000 pieces of ballot since the issuance of Bureau of Animal Industry Memorandum Circular on the Temporary Ban of Movement of Live Domestic and Wild Birds and their products./MP

            Defecation in Roxas City is illegal. Anybody who defecates in the open space will be penalized with Php.600 fine, the given warning and renders two hours community service for the first offence. In the second offence, the guilty person will be fined another Php.600, and renders two hours community service. A Php.1000 fine and eight hours community service will be meted for the third offence. Any child (minor) violating the ordinance the penalties shall be meted to the parent or guardian.
            This prohibition is mandated in Ordinance No. 047-2017, “An Ordinance Declaring as Illegal the Practice of Defecation In Open Spaces Within Roxas City, Providing Penalties Thereto.”
            The ordinance is authored by Hon. Cesar S. Yap, Jr. and approved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod of the City of Roxas during its session held on July 26, 2017 by Hon. Angel Allan B. Celino, City Mayor.
            According to the said ordinance, Roxas City Health data show that the city is short of the required number of household toilet bowls against the Department of Health declared Zero Open Defecation scores.
            The ordinance further stated that there is urgent need to control the “defecation anywhere” culture among the people in Roxas City especially along the shoreline and river bank barangays to save lives and promote economic stability of the place dubbed “the sea food capital of the country”.   
            Further, the ordinance stated that “death and disease, albeit preventable, from micro organisms food and drinks occur habitually in Roxas City. The fecal materials, laden with deadly micro organisms spread and infect humans in the community. The unsanitary practices as defecation in open spaces due to lack of toilet bowls and covered toilets serve as effective means to create havoc to the public. /MP

By: Hazel Joy L. Rabe
            AkLATCon (Aklan Literature and Arts Teachers Convention) is an initiative of the Department of Education (DepEd), Division of Aklan headed by its OIC-SDS, Dr. Ernesto F. Servillon, Jr., MNSA under the Learning Resource Management and Development System (LRMDS) headed by its Education Program Supervisor, Mr. Jose Niro R. Nillasca and the Curriculum Implementation Division Chief, Dr. Dobie P. Parohinog.
            The AkLATCon was held at Aklan State University, Banga Training Center on August 12, 2017. Mr. Melchor F. Cichon known as the “The Father of Aklanon Literature”, and decorated poet too, Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan, a Palanca Hall of Famer and the author of some Children’s Book such as Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok and Sandosenang Sapatos, and Sir Noel G. De Leon, a Publisher and also a Film Maker graced the affair.
            This one day event featured quality assured learning resources created by DepEd Aklan teachers where the 19 districts in Aklan participated. The activity aims to  develop the ingenuity and creativity of Aklanon teachers in resources development for Aklanon learners. Print and Non-print Best Learning Resources for Teacher and Student Category and Best Booth Display Contests were the highlights of this activity.
Among the 19 school districts, all entries from the District of Kalibo II won the awards.
AkLATCon 2017 Competition Results
Print LRs Teacher Category: 5th place-Madalag and Nabas; 4th place-Kalibo II; 3rd place-Lezo; 2nd place-Makato and 1st place-Numancia. Print LRs Student Category: 1st-Kalibo II, 2nd-Malinao, 3rd-Lezo,4th- Libacao, 5th-Malay; Non-Print LRs Teacher Category: 1st-Kalibo II, 2nd-Libacao,3rd-Malay, 4th-Makato,5th-Malinao; Non-Print LRs Student Category: 1st-Altavas, 2nd-Kalibo II, 3rd-Nabas,4th-Batan, 5th Altavas, and Best Booth: 1st-District of Malinao, 2nd- District of Nabas, and 3rd-District of Kalibo II./MP
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            With this, Dir. Recoter directed REC-ADCE members to identify possible sources of chicken meats and eggs in cases of prolonged restriction of poultry and poultry products from Luzon.

            Meanwhile, Mr. Jesse E. Pareja, the PAC-ADCE president assured the group of the sufficient supply of eggs which can be sourced out from the province of Negros Occidental, and the current situation of the poultry industry, quarantine measures and strategies to prevent the AI virus.

            The deputized quarantine officer at Caticlan Port through RoRo has apprehended and shipped back to Batangas about 6,000 pieces of ballot since the issuance of Bureau of Animal Industry Memorandum Circular on the Temporary Ban of Movement of Live Domestic and Wild Birds and their products./MP

By: Hazel Joy L. Rabe

            Melky Arboleda, 22 years old, a resident of Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan and a Focal Person of Boy Scouts in the Division of Aklan will once again represent the Philippines to the ASEAN Plus 3 Song Contest 2017. The contest will start on August 18-20 at FLC resort Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. He will be competing against other performers who come from other ASEAN countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam.
          Arboleda once brough pride to our country after winning the silver medal in the Senior Vocal Broadway  and gold medal in the Senior Vocal Opera last 2016 World Championship of Performing Arts at Long Beach, California in July 2016.
          The main purpose of the said contest is to make a strong ties among the countries through music and to embrace musical artistry among youth.
          Arboleda hopes to make it to the final round which will be covered live at the Voice of Vietnam  radio and TV channel on August 20, 2017./MP

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


By: Megs S. Lunn

     “Everybody needs to forgive somebody.  Our willingness to give and forgive often reveals the depth, or limitations of our Christianity.” – Matthew Kelly
     I am sure anyone of you will agree that it is the most radical love ever, that God died for our sins.  The cross is the greatest manifestation of that radical love.
     When Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 18:21, “How many times shall I forgive 
someone who has sinned against me? Not seven times, but seventy times seven times.”
Now, that is too radical for us to fathom. There have been so many stories about generosity and forgiveness.  You and I have experienced it.  Either it benefited us or the other.  How does it feel to forgive someone that wronged you?  I tell you, even before they commit to that wrong doing, it is a  radical love already to forgive that person.  “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44)
Do you believe in good karma?  I had this “Good Karma” column before, but good karma keeps coming, thanks God for keeping me on the ground!  Just a few weeks ago, I was just tempted to face someone who just did me wrong.  However, I consoled myself to stay calm and uttered the words, “Lord, forgive me for being impatient and control my temper not to get angry to this person.”  For days, I keep thinking about that person, not that I hated him for doing it behind my back, I don’t care about his presumptions of me because I do believed that everyone is entitled to his own opinion. 
   But I am the kind of person who can confront someone for the sake of peace.  Surprisingly, I got a call from the person just recently and he came up to me for help.  To cut the story short, he was served with what he needed and I have never confronted him.  He was forgiven before he even said a thing, I just so wish he knew what he did and the kindness extended to him, he can pay it forward.  To forgive and be generous is a radical love, you do not expect something in return
  Radical?  Yes.  But truly it can be done.  Nobody’s perfect, I know.  We still are learning to put in action the commandment of God, “Love your enemies.”  The hardest part is that, God is asking us, “When was the last time we prayed for our enemies?” Absurd?  Ha ha, don’t worry, you are not alone.  But again, yes, it can be done, too.  Try it.  Practice it.  For there can be no peace without forgiveness.
     As the Bible Scholars would say, “When we choose not to forgive and be generous, we turn our backs from God.”  The soul of the gospel is forgiveness and generosity.  “If you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you.” (Matthew 6:14)
     Let us pray.  Teach us, Jesus, to be generous with our forgiveness. Amen./MP