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Building A City In Kalibo
Kapehan forum on January 22, 2011 featured "The First Six Months Accomplishment Report of Mayor William S. Lachica and Vice Mayor Madeline A. Regalado of Kalibo. The Kapehan is held every Saturday at 8 to 10 am at Smokehauz Resto & Bar.

To recall, Mayor Lachica has reported his major accomplishment for the period July 1 to October 8, 2010. While there were remarkable delivery of basic services, revenue generation and cost cutting measures, the tri-media is keen on tracking new improve-ments of the 2010 – 2013 set of LGU Kalibo officials. The premiere town of Aklan is traditionally the leader of participative governance and whatever success in its endeavor to improve the quality of life of its people could be replicated in other areas.
An opening statement of Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente gave lavish praise and admiration to the leadership of Mayor Lachica over the handling of Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival 2011. There was a record arrival of guests and devotees despite unfavorable weather. Tribal participants and revelers showed off their true colors to the frenzied beating of drums, devotion to the Sto. Niño and unity of believers. No untoward incidents were reported and traffic was smooth for all transport vehicles. The Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Foundation, Inc. (KASAFI) headed by Mr. Albert Meñez proved capable to the task despite meager budget.

Hon. Regalado mentioned that she is more comfortable in her current position as Presiding Officer of the SB unlike her previous stint as humble legislator for her last two terms. There is harmonious working relationship between the Executive and Legislative body today. She plans to hold regular EIA sessions every Friday of the month to fast tract vital legislative measures. This is the first time in Kalibo in few decades when elected Mayor and Vice Mayor belong to the same political party.

Mayor Lachica has lined up infra projects for 2011 that include:
a) Auxiliary market at Bagsakan Terminal (Oyo Torong) costing P12.5 million. Meanwhile, documents on land ownership required by Land Bank of the Philippines for the loan is being processed. Project contract was awarded by the previous Administration. Further delay in implementation may lead to revision of budget due to the rising cost of construction materials. It appears that lease contract covering portion of the site is due to expire in mid 2016 which requires renegotiation;

b) Rehabilitation of Drainage System – While there are initial accomplishment in deccloging drainage canals in six major thoroughfares in the Poblacion, there is a need of a Master Drainage Plan. Mayor Lachica has confirmed its existence. He now awaits for the budgets’ release;

c) Rehabilitation of Slaughterhouse – Expenditure of P391,855 was undertaken recently but ultimate goal is to qualify for Triple A status. Upgrading will be on further improvement of physical facilities. A total of 125 heads of livestock is slaughtered per day with income of P27,000 to P30,000;

d) Asphalting and or asphalt overlay – this target secondary streets inside downtown area that have deteriorated over time and constant use;

e) Road Widening and Extension – Due to worsening traffic jam, critical road sections will be widened and or lengthened.

f) Rehabilitation of Dumping site – While a sanitary landfill site in Feliciano, Balete is in the process of acquisition, the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Bakhao Sur channels its biodegradable waste for vermicomposting. Kalibo LGU received three vermicomposting equipment from DA-Bureau of Post Harvest and Research. Kool Earth, an NGO is coordinating with 16 barangays of Kalibo to have a functional MRF in their respective areas to reduce, re-use, and recycle solid wastes; and

f) Installation of Closed Circuit TV Cameras (CCTV) – due to be implemented in 2012. The identified areas are Golden Salakot marker, Pastrana Park, Municipal Hall, Kalibo – Numancia Bridge, and Roxas Avenue.

Assisted Projects

a) Street Lighting from Kalibo International Airport to Poblacion, Kalibo, a tourist – oriented project of Governor Carlito S. Marquez; and

b) Spillway Connecting Brgys. Bakhao Norte and Sur funded at P10 million by DPWH Region 6.

Undoubtedly, there is resounding success of the recent Ati-Atihan festival. Private sector cooperation was prominent.

Moreover, there are institutions with purple hearts which are Garcia College of Technology, St. Gabriel College of Nursing and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They initiated to rid Pastrana Park and its streets of littered garbage after the Kalibo Ati-Atihan festival.

If the Administration opts to develop the Bagsakan terminal as an auxiliary market, it is necessary to widen and decongest the access road at Oyo Torong St. which during rush hours, street traffic is jammed with vehicles, people and baggage. A perennial problem here is the non functional drainage system that is both health hazard and sanitary problem. Commuters are assailed of fetid water and residual garbage.

Obviously the proposed P10 million spillway project funded by DPWH is grossly inadequate since it traverses the Aklan river. More than 10 years ago, a bridge construction was started to connect two sister barangays. Unfortunately, it was aborted and the fund was transferred to Tinigao-Mobo. With this sad experience residents of the area are apprehensive of another shattered dream.

Rehabilitation of slaughterhouse to conform to Triple A standard is long overdue.It is the bread and butter of Kalibo and source of people’s daily meat supply that necessarily be of standard quality and hygiene. Government plan to raise slaughterhouse fee must be thoroughly studied because undue price adjustment could drastically affect consumer buying capacity.

Wiring installation of Akelco, Pantelco, Cruztelco, Kalibo Cable and Aklan Cable must be installed high enough to allow smooth traffic flow. Potential accidents of electric shock, fire, and being snagged can be eliminated. Also six electric posts along Roxas Avenue are traffic hazards since they posted inside the main road. They must be relocated to the pedestrian lane and raise higher.

It is gratifying to note that our leaders in Kalibo are exerting their best efforts to re-invent image of public service. That enduring government and people participation are based on mutual trust and respect. Evidently, this is gaining momentum with big time investors flocking to the provincial capital. Cityhood is within reach as long as we remain united and focused in the struggle. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
MKWD Suspends Water Rate Increase
The Board of Directors and Management of the Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) has suspended the imple-mentation of the water rate per cubic meter increase. The increase should have been effective in January 2011 or in the water bills in February for the Kalibo water consumers.

In an announcement over radio station RGMA DYRU Kalibo, Atty. Edmund Peralta, BOD – MKWD chairman announced the indefinite suspension of water rate increase. They will wait for the right time to implement the said increase.

According to Atty. Peralta, there are several negative comments they received on the water rate increase. He did not mention what are those negative remarks against the rate increase.
It is assumed that Atty. Peralta believes MKWD has been gaining huge annual income and therefore rate increase is not needed. Atty. Peralta may also believed that the officials and employees of MKWD are among the best paid in terms of salaries and other fringe benefits while the water consumers are hard up earning money to pay their bills.

But above all, Atty. Peralta exhibited his love to his fellowmen. He understands the difficulties our people are experiencing in their economic life.

Why extract some more blood from those who have less and are many for transfusion to a few who have more?

Mot & Academic

The Civil Action No. 9051 for Certiorari With Status Quo or Temporary Restraining Order With Preliminary Injunction filed against MKWD became mot and academic with the suspension of the water rate increase. The petitioners are Atty. Niovady M. Marin and Augusto G. Solmirano. It was raffled to Branch 2, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo.

NW Fishery Code

One very important local legislation is the "Revised Municipal Fishery Code of the Municipality of New Washington". This is New Washington (NW) Ordinance No. 2010 – 01 enacted by SB New Washington on Dec. 14, 2010 during its 42nd Regular Session presided by Vice Mayor Jean T. Velarde. The said ordinance was approved with the presence of all SB members therefore of unanimous approval.

SB Secretary Mars C. Regalado signed and "certified correct" the said NW Fishery Code, Vice Mayor Jean T. Velarde signed "noted" and Mayor Edgar R. Peralta approved it.

The ordinance is now pending action with the Aklan SP. It was referred to some committees such as on Laws, and Environment which met on January 10, 2011. They gave "no action taken" on the code due to the absence of Quorum.

Going over the said New Washington Municipal Fishery Code, several negative con-clusions can be drawn. I believe legislations are pro-people, but it is unfortunate that this NW Fishery Code if approved and implemented will work against the people for whom it is intended.

I believe the intension is noble but the result is retrogression. It will work against the people. The ultimate victims will be the food consumers, all the people in the community. It will increase cost of pro-duction, reduce products quality, interfere business transactions characterized by retrogressive taxation. Our analysis of some provisions of this Fishery Code will come out next issue. /MP

KASAFI Renders Financial Report In 10 Days

Ten days after the January 10 – 16, 2011 Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival celebration, the Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Foundation, Inc. (KASAFI) came out with its financial report.

In a cocktail meeting & press conference held on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 26 at the Capt. Mijares Memorial Bldg., the financial report was presented. Mr. Rufino C. Leyson, KASAFI treasurer discussed the three page report.

It consisted of income and expenses, breakdown of expenses, and accounts receivables. There is no account payable. The financial report was duly signed by Mr. Leyson, Mila R. Balleza – KASAFI Secretary, and Albert A. Meñez – KASAFI chairman.

According to Leyson, the books of account are open to any interested persons anytime he wishes to check.

Machine copies of the financial report were provided to all present in the meeting which shows a total income of P4,189,166.25 duly receipted in 283 receipts. However, the total expenses were P4,167,717.62, the breakdown of which is printed in a separate paper. The total income is P1,257,366.57. Should the accounts receivable of P583,000 is collected and added, the total income is P1,835,366.57.

These figures do not include the income from Magsaysay Park. According to Vice Mayor Madeline A. Regalado, the three nights gate receipts from Magsaysay Park is P932,200.00. This money is turned over to the muni-cipal treasurer of Kalibo.

Adding the Magsaysay Park income to the P1,835,366.57, the total is P2,767,566.57.
In that cocktail meeting, Mr. Meñez thanked sincerely several people and organizations who wholeheartedly cooperated for the successful 2011 Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival celebration.

Certificates of appreciation were given them which were signed by Kalibo Mayor William S. Lachica, KASAFI chairman Albert A. Meñez and Kasafi Vice Chairman Lilibeth Tansinco Goboy. /MP

RC Kalibo Turns Over Project C.U.R.E Health Equipment

Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment (CURE) is an arm of Benevolent Healthcare Foundation in Denver, Colorado, USA. It aims to deliver Health and Hope to the world.

Ms. Donna Bandiola La Vigne with her husband Jay facilitated the donation consisting health supplies and equipment valued more or less P40 million. Donna who is from Malay, Aklan and her American husband were vacationing in Aklan after typhoon Frank devastated the province. Because of what they saw, they thought of facilitating donations for health supplies and equipment.

Gov. Marquez was contacted. After the dialogue, they forged an agreement to secure the needed health facilities through donation. After two years, two 40 square feet container vans filled with health supplies and equipments valued at P40 million were shipped to Aklan. Gov. Marquez paid the freight from the United States to Kalibo.
To make the donation process simple, a partnership among Rotary Club of Kalibo RI District 3850 and the Rotary Club of Boulder, Colorado, USA RI District 5450 with the help of Dr. Rod Tuenge was made that resulted to a matching grant #71347.

One of the equipment is one (1) unit Blood Bank Refrigerator capable to store 250 units of human blood will be turned over to the Philippine Red Cross, Aklan Chapter on February 9, 2011. This is a part of Project CURE donation. It is hoped this will improve blood supply and services in Aklan. /MP

Husband-Coach of Half-Filipina Olympics Legend Remembers Malacañang visit


LOS ANGELES, California — If there is one unforgettable occasion that has continued to linger in his memory over the last 60 years, Lyle Draves recalls, it was when he and his late wife, Victoria "Vicki" Manalo-Draves, visited the Philippines sometime in July 1949 where they were given a red carpet welcome and feted in Malacañang Palace by President Elpidio Quirino.

"We hardly had any sleep then," mused Lyle, 96, the first pure diving coach in history who produced three Olympic gold medalists: Vicki Manalo-Draves (1948 London Olympics), Pat McCormick (1952 Helsinki Olympics and 1956 Melbourne Olympics), Sue Gossick (1968 Mexico Olympics).

"We were herded from one party to another like real celebrities and almost everybody recog-nized us, especially Vicki Manalo, I can’t forget that moment."

Husband and wife visited the Philippines a year after Vicki Manalo-Draves made history: she became the first woman in history to win the Platform and Springboard gold medals in the 1948 London Olympics.

"I was her coach and Vicki narrowly beat (fellow American) Zoe Ann Olsen for the gold in her last Springboard dive," volunteered Lyle, who was permanently enshrined in the International Swimming Hall of Fame at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 12, 1989. "I replaced the regular coach, Fred Cady, who got sick and could not make it to the Olympics that year."

Lyle said Vicki had been elected in the same highest sports pedestal in 1969.

On October 27, 2006, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom signed a proclamation naming a two-acre park as Victoria Manalo Draves Park in her honor on Folsom and Sherman streets in San Francisco where she was born.

Vicky Manalo-Draves was half Filipina, half English. Her father was a Filipino musician from Orani, Bataan who migrated to San Francisco, California while her mother was British Gertrude Taylor also migrant in the same state.

Lyle and Vicki have four sons – David, Jeffrey, Dale and Kim – all divers. They have eight grandchildren.

Prior to competing in the 1948 Olympics, Draves won five United States diving championships. Draves turned professional after the Olympics, joining Larry Crosby’s "Rhapsody in Swimtime" aquatic show at Soldier Field in Chicago in 1948.

When Vicki died at age 85 on April 11, 2010 from complications of pancreatic cancer at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, California, Lyle relocated to a plush retirement village at the Rushmore Towers in Laguna Woods, California where he has been living alone.

"I missed Vicki so much. But every night I talked to her," sighed Lyle, who is now partly deaf.

Lyle coached female divers to 12 Olympic medals and 35 National Championships. His Olympic silver medalists include Paula Jean Myers and Zoe Ann Olsen, each of whom took a bronze. His divers Olympic medal count reads 7 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze.
Lyle has been described as America’s first great diving coach beginning an era when diving coaches could specialize in divers and not coach swimmers too, or vice versa.

He was a Hollywood film editor and his show biz background has helped his coaching or again, vice versa since Lyle was diving in and then producing, top rated diving water shows before he became a film editor.

An Iowa farm boy, Lyle met Fred Cady at a swimming meet in Iowa. Fred invited him to California where Lyle began coaching divers at the Lido Club at the famed Ambassador Hotel and at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

One of his first pupils was a 12 year old girl named Zoe Ann Olsen. Next, they both moved to the Athens Athletic Club in Oakland where he met Vicki Manalo. He later married Vicki, who was given away by 1948 and 1952 platform winner, Sammy Lee.

After the Olympics, Vicki and Lyle toured the United States and Europe with Buster Crabbe and Dick Smith.

He described the tours as "our great opportunity to travel as husband and wife since we have been traveling a lot together as coach and diver."

Lyle returned to his coaching, first at tennis champion Jack Kramer’s Athletic Club and then at UCLA.

The Draves boys are Acapulco and World Champion high divers who have followed the showbiz side of their father’s heritage doing high and trick dives in such places as Magic Mountain, Sea World and Marineland.

Lyle describes Fred Cady as "the most brilliant man" he ever met.

"He was the team coach during the 1936 (Berlin) Olympics and he was truly a great diving coach," Lyle said.

The secret to success in coaching diving, Lyle emphasized, is "to follow Sir Isaac Newton and his 3rd law of motion."

He said, "Divers should know how to utilize the muscles inside their bodies by following the third law of motion." /MP

Cocaine Ecstacy Shabu May Enter Boracay

Chief Supt. Cipriano Querol Jr. has ordered a thorough security check on tourists entering Boracay Island.

According to the director of the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6), he received intelligence reports that drug traffickers will be making Boracay as transshipment point of illegal drugs.

The security checks may include frisking of tourists and thorough inspection of their baggage.

There are currently 70 policemen stationed in Boracay, said Querol.

"We have to protect our tourist spot," he stressed.

Querol directed the Aklan Police Provincial Office to augment the Boracay police force.

Intelligence reports reaching Querol mentioned cocaine, ecstacy and shabu as the most likely illegal drugs that drug traffickers may bring to Boracay.

It is not remote that illegal drugs enter in Boracay because the targets by the drug pushers are foreigners. We need to be watchful," said Querol.

He ordered Aklan Police Director Supt. Samuel Nacion to monitor known drugs pushers in the province and the island. (BY RUBY P. SILUBRICO /MP

Marquez Renders Report To Aklanons

Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez will render his State of the Province Address (SOPA) during the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) session. This will be held during the SP session on Wednesday, Feb. 2 in Kalibo, Aklan.

It is expected he will present his major accomplishments in year 2010 in his twin program: agriculture and tourism. This will include his performance in health, infrastructure, employment, and peace and order among others.

On the other hand, Gov. Marquez is also expected to announce his program, projects, activities, and governance for this year 2011. /MP

Reason & Concern

by Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Double Jeopardy
The Supreme Court denied the motion for reconsideration of Lauro Vizconde seeking a reversal of the acquittal of Hubert Webb, and others. Through the high tribunal’s spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez, he stressed that the junking of the motion for reconsideration were due to lack of merit and in consonance with the double jeopardy principle.

When the motion for reconsideration was filed by Vizconde’s lawyers, the first impression of lawyers and even law students would be that the high tribunal shall eventually deny the motion con-sidering double jeopardy.

While I no longer teach law subjects after obtaining an exemption from the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) as required for members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) under Bar Matter No. 850 under Rule 7 (Exemption) of incumbent deans, bar reviewers and professors of law who have teaching experience for at least 10 years in accredited law schools, I still manage to accept invitations to deliver lectures in some academic communities in Aklan.

I remember that the Northwestern Visayan Colleges through its Political Science Club conducted a Political Science Seminar on September 17, 2010 at the NVC Alumni Hall. I was requested to deliver a lecture on the Constitution of the Philippines’ Declaration of Principles and State Policies (Art. II) and the Bill of Rights (Art. III). I had occasion to briefly emphasize Sec. 21, Art. III of the Constitution on double jeopardy.

The Supreme Court in a very early case of Julia vs. Sotto (2 Phil. 247) succinctly stated that "without the safeguard this article establishes in favor of the accused, his fortune, safety, and peace of mind would be entirely at the mercy of the complaining witness, who might repeat his accusation as often as dismissed by the Court of whenever he might see fit, subject to no other limitation or restriction than his own will and pleasure. The accused would never be free from the cruel and constant menace of the never ending charge, which the malice of the complaining witness might hold indefinitely suspended over his head, were it not that the judiciary is exclusively empowered to authorize, by an express order to that effect, the repetition of a complaint or information once dismissed in the cases in which the law requires that this be done. Such is, in our opinion, the fundamental reason of the article of the law to which we refer."

Law students may still remember the legal maxim "nemo debet bis vexari pro eadem causa" (no man shall be twice vexed for one and the some cause).

Sec. 21, Art. III of the Constitution of the Philippines states that "no person shall be twice put in jeopardy of punishment for the same offense."

Double jeopardy, of course, applies and is addressed exclusively to criminal offenses.  As explained in a note which I had taken from a constitutional law expert whose name has now escaped my memory. Double jeopardy "is a right available to avoid a second party involving the same offense."It must be noticed that the protection of the constitutional inhibition is against a second jeopardy for the same offense, the only exception being, that "if an act is punished by a law and an ordinance, conviction or acquittal under either shall constitute a bar to another prosecution for same act."  The phrase same offense is construed to mean, not only that the second offense charged is exactly the same as the one alleged in the first information, but also that the first and second offense are identical. There is identity between the two offenses when the evidence to support a victim for one offense would be sufficient to warrant a conviction for the other. This is called the "same evidence test." Under the Rules of Court, there is identity between the two offenses, not only when the second offense is exactly the same as the first, but also when the second offense is an attempt to commit the first, or a frustration thereof, or when it necessarily includes in the offense charged in the first information."

Notes : ‘Strange weather’ – Pagasa -Philippine Daily Inquirer January 18, 2011 headline. In a world of climate change, it’s nothing new really! Last October 2010, a friend sent me a text message, thus " Melbourne had the hottest night in 108 years. In Texas,hills crumble burying 70 homes to 15 feet deep crevices. Peru, Spain and Portugal had worst flooding in 50 years. Iceland volcanic eruption grounding 12,500 international flights. 30 meters deep sinkhole sucked a whole building in Guatemala City. All in 2010 alone. Scientists claim that we have only a decade left. Al Gore said : "Clear manifestation of global warming." /MP

Fond Memories

Living On The Front Line
As a free lance journalist I am neither constrained by nor am I answerable to any employer. Likewise I am not inhibited by the need to earn money to provide for my own support. It being my own choice to work without pay.

The motivation for my work as a free lance journalist stems primarily from my desire to serve my country together with the people of Aklan. Towards this end. I am committed to promote social justice, to expose corruption and corrupt practice in all forms, and to assist in bringing about the social changes which are now so long overdue.

The only position I can claim to occupy is a moral position, and my guide is my conscience and also my heart. Like a moth to a flame I am compelled to remain true to this cause. This much I owe to myself and to the people that I endeavour to serve.

There are several other journalists who are similarly motivated by such a passion, others in whom an inner fire burns too. As journalists, we are a rare breed, and there are times when we must endure intimidation, or even put ourselves in harms way in order to uncover the truth.

For too long now, the soil of our beloved country has been stained by the blood of the innocent. For too long now our progress as a nation has been impeded by those who seek only to pursue their own vested interest, at any cost, and by any means.

It is men such as these who have caused our country to be branded the most corrupt country in South East Asia. It is men such as these who have brought shame upon us as a nation, a shame which the good and the righteous amongst us have until now had little option other than to endure.

It is we, as journalists, who have both the ability and the courage to speak out in order to address our people’s concerns; who serve as the conscience of our society, and as such we have a valuable role to play.

The wind of change is blowing across our land, and the days are numbered for all those who seek to profit at the expense of others, and for those who seek to divert public funds in order to satisfy their own insatiable greed, and for all those who endeavour to maintain their positions through bribery, intimidation and threats.

I am not alone in expressing these senti-ments. The numerous text messages I have received in response to my recent articles are testimonies that many of our people feel the same way and that changes to our social structure are long overdue. I am reassured that there are many in our midst who not only have good hearts, but who also thirst for a fairer and more just society.

To all who feels this way, I will say this: "the destiny of our country is in your hands. I know that the night has been long, but the darkness of night cannot and will not endure forever. Evil may possess a power of its own, but it is no match for the power of good.

There was a time when light and darkness met. Darkness mocked the light claiming to be more powerful by far. Darkness then challenged light to a duel in order to prove who is the most powerful .A time was duly arranged for them to meet, but when the appointed time arrived, light showed up whilst darkness was nowhere to be found.

What is darkness but the absence of light? What is evil other than ignorance and the absence of those values that so many of us hold so dear? What is weakness other than the absence of strength? And what is fear other than a lack of courage?

It will take courage to change our society, and it will require from us a sincere desire to embrace such a change. No political system or change of government can bring about such radical change, because for change to be real it must come from within the society itself. As such this change begins with you and me.

It is our own perception and attitude which must herald in this change. Our hearts must be our reference and truth our banner. The courage needed to bring about such change resides within us all, but we need to dig deep to discover it.

I believe in the power of good. I believe too that there are many Filipinos of high moral value in our midst, many of whom I have had the good fortune to meet and now count as personal friends.

As individuals we may at times feel helpless and that our efforts are ineffective, but although the problems that confront us may at times seem insurmountable, together, and through our coordinated action, there is big that we can achieve.

The time has come for us to act. The time has come to shrug off our lethargy to stand up and be awaken from our sleep. The time has come for us to stand up and be counted. The time has come for our voices to be heard.

Together we can shape the future. Together we can create a fairer and more just society to live in. Together, we can bring about the much needed change that our society craves.

As a free lance journalist I will do all that I can to herald in this change. I will continue to stand in the face of adversity. I will always remain committed to living on the front line. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Prinsipe Valiente
Ko mabuhay eon nga mga dinag-on nga nagtaliwan, ro kaharian it Bersalya hay guina pamunuan it isaeang ka maisog nga hari. Imaw ra hay si Haring Alpeus. Abong kaharian ro anang guin eopig ag nadag-an nga giyera. Busa, abo man nga hari ro naakig kana.

Kon ano kaisog si Haring Alpeus, imaw man ka bu-ot ro anang asawang reyna. Nagmana kana ro anang onga nga si Prinsipe Valiente. Naga bahoe nga matinahuron ag maeo-eoy-on sa mga pobre si prinsipe Valiente. Guin hanas imaw ko anang ama sa naga kaeain-eain nga pakikipag away. Guin tun-an man imaw it iba-ibang klase it hinangiban agod proteksyon sa anang kaugalingon.

Tongod sa abo nga mga kaharian ro naakig sa hari, guin bayaran nanda ro isaea sa mga opisyal it palasyo agod hilu-an ro hari. Nagmasakit ro hari. Guin patawag ro mga duktor, medico ag mangin aeamon agod tugmahon ro anang masakit. Apang owa guid it nakatugma.

May iseang ka magueang ro naghambae nga isaeang ka prutas ro maka boeong sa hari. Rayang prutas hay nagatubo sa pinaka mataas nga bukid. Dugang pa hay guin bantayan it isaeang ka serpyente nga may pitong ka oeo.

Abo nga mga soldado ro nagpasimpaead agod mag ani it prutas ngato. Ogaling owa eon nakabalik sanda. Ko ulihi, owa eon it naga presenter ngani hapilitan si Prinsipe Valiente agod magpanaw man. Sakay sa anang kabayo, nakaagi imaw sa isaeang ka baryo nga abo ro guina gutom. Anang guin pana-o ro anang baeong mga pagkaon sa mga tawo. Sa masunod nga baryo hay may namatyan. Indi ika paeobong do patay ay kueang do andang kwarta para ibakae it kabaong ag sa pag eobong.

Guin buligan man sanda ko prinsipe. Ro pangatlo nga lugar hay madaeum ro baha nga umagi kanda busa, ana man guin buligan. Gaoy nga gaoy eon ro prinsipe hasta hakatoeogan. May magueang kana nga nagpakita sa anang damgo. Guin dayaw imaw ko anang guin obra. Guin taw-an imaw it isaeang ka baston nga pagagamiton pag abot sa guina adtonang bukid. Sa anang pag bugtaw, nagpadayon imaw sa anang panaw hasta nakaabot sa puno it kahoy nga anang guina tuyo ro bunga.

Nagtunga dayon ro serpyente pagka hugom nga may tawo nga naga abot. Pag eapit kana, guin gamit nana ro baston agod ibunae sa serpyente. Namatay ro sawa. Ana dayon guin ipo ro prutas. Nagbalika dayon imaw sa palasyo. Pag abot sa palasyo, tanan ro mga tawo hay naga taeangis. Madasig nga guin pihak nana ro prutas ag ipuga sa baba ko anang ama.

Nabuhi ro hari nga matsa damgo eamang ro hanabo. Nag hugyaw ro bilog nga palasyo. Naghiwat ro hari it kasadyahan bilang pasaeamat.

Pagkamatay it hari, guin saylo ro korona kay Valiente. Minatu-od guid man ro anang pangaean tongod bukon eamang imaw it maisog nga makig away, kundi man ro anang baeatyagon sa pagbulig sa mga tawo. /MP

Mini Ambulance Donation From Australia

Photo shows (l to r) Mr. Josiah Clay, Pastors Ulyses T. Castro, and John G. Alcedo during the turn over and dedication of mini ambulance on January 23, 2011 at Bulwang, Numancia.

The Aklan Baptist Church (ABC) at Bulwang, Numancia, Aklan received a mini ambulance from the Willow Carys Gray Memorial Clinic Fund of Victoria, Australia. The donor is Tom Carra family and sponsored by Faith, Hope, and Love Children foundation Australia, Inc.

The donation, according to Pastor Bob Gray, is in response to the critical need of extending emergency/relief services to ABC church members and the people of Aklan. Bob Gray visited Aklan province in the wake of devastation of Typhoon Frank in June 2008. He witnessed untold miseries and hardships especially of the poor.

The ambulance unit is equipped with stretcher, oxygen tank, dextrose dispenser, and medicine kit. This will be complemented by a paramedic team to extend free service to those who could not afford the high cost of hiring an ambulance. The minimum charge of a government hospital ambulance to bring patients to Iloilo City is P4,000 per travel, while private contractors could be a hefty P6,000. Indeed for victims timely aid could be unnecessary loss of life.

It should be recalled that at the height of Dengue disease outbreak last year several patients failed to be transported to well equipped hospitals in Iloilo City because of the shortage of ambulance units. The treatment of the disease is transfusion of blood plasma and hospitals in Aklan do not have this capability.

Formal turnover and dedication of the vehicle was made on January 23, 2011 by Mr. Josiah Clay who represented the donor. Pastor Ulyses T. Castor, in his response, called it a treasured gift that could impact the lives of our people in need of emergency services. The church also acknowledged gift of three units sewing machine donated by the couple Claude and Christine Jones.

Pastor Bob Gray of Carmel Welsh Presbyterian Church in Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia is commended for facilitating the generous donation. In October 2009, a service bus costing P800,000 was turned over to ABC for its Project Compassion program. A total of 280 school children mostly indigents are given free Christian-centered education, supplementary feeding and health care at the ABC Student Center. Sponsors of Project Compassion PH 872 are based in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and South Korea who regularly send money and gifts to 60,000 kids all over the Philippines. Those involved are 320 church partners imbued with the mission to provide well rounded education of children from despondent families.

The Faith, Hope and Love Children Foundation has also delivered similar unit to a Christian church in Guihulngan, Negros Occidental. Pastor Bob Gray together with wife Heather is passionate about building a clinic in each project that they are involved with. This is in memory of their grand daughter Willow Carys who died at a tender age of eight months in 2007. (by ERNESTO T. SOLIDUM) /MP

Higante Winners

In response to questions from some of our readers, here is Higante Contest winners held on January 20 in Kalibo.

1st Prize: Nabas – P40,000
(Ibong Adarna)

2nd Prize: Buruanga – P35,000
(Kataw: Dyosa It Karagatan)

3rd Prize: Libacao – P30,000
(Peter Pan)

Individual Category
1st Prize: Tangalan – P10,000
2nd Prize: Balete – P7,000
3rd Prize: Malinao – P5,000

Special Award
Best Festival Presentation
1st Prize: LGU Nabas – P10,000
2nd Prize: LGU Ibajay – P7,000
3rd Prize: LGU Numancia – P5,000

DA Urges Farmers: Plant Weather-resistant Crops

The Department of Agriculture (DA) is urging farmers to plant weather-resistant crops as alternative farming output. For assistance, see or coordinate with the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) regularly of your municipality.

Juvy S. Gaton, DA Information Officer encourages farmers to plant crops resistant to sudden changes in weather patterns, like heavy rains or dry spell, that are not easily affected by erratic weather.

DA officials observe that some farmers are finding it hard to start producing quality rice and corn crops since the varieties they are using are not weather-resistant.

Gaton stressed, "It is important for farmers to know what agricultural produce they should cultivate at anytime of the year. They should regularly work with their MAO for new technologies and varieties that are appropriate for their farms."

"Most farmers are not seeking technical help from their local MAO and end up planting the poor variety of crops at the wrong planting season. This adds up to their agricultural lost for the cropping season. This practice must be stopped", Gaton stressed.

DA regional director Larry Nacionales is preparing seedlings and crop varieties that withstand extreme weather changes to be introduced to farmers.

The DA also recommends the raising livestock, poultry and ponds to cushion agricultural losses significantly. (PNA) /MP

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Daily Critiques Help Ensure
Peaceful Ati-Atihan Celebration
APPO Officer In-charge Police Supt. Samuel C. Nacion concluded: Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival is peaceful and orderly celebration.

Although there were some minimal incidents reported such as pick pocketing, snatching and commotions, these did not affect peace and order of the festivity.

Nacion said, "the critiques conducted every day at Aklan PPO conference room together with the Police Assistance Center commanders (PACs) helped correct and improve a better security measures that ensured a successful annual festival celebration."

The three (3) major concerns given emphasis were: full blast deployment of 830 strong security forces on the festivities; simultaneous mobile and beat patrols at major activity areas; and traffic control management especially in the afternoon during the traditional procession that started at 3 pm and ended at 10 pm.

The checkpoints were manned by police, Philippine army and volunteers deployed for the procession.

Traffic re-routing of vehicles going to Caticlan and the eastern towns of Aklan was implemented to decongest heavy traffic.

Police Regional Office (PRO-6) Director Chief Superintendent Cipriano E Querol, Jr. observed "the security coverage and strengthened police visibility for the weeklong celebration is excellent!"

"The mobile and beat patrol, manning and establishment of strategic checkpoints, traffic management units, the maximum deployment of force multipliers and BPATs were in place where they are needed and worked aptly that ensured the successful outcome. of the celebration", Querol added.

He congratulated the OPLAN Atifest 2010 Task Force Commander led by APPO OIC PSUPT Samuel Nacion and the operating units for the job well done when Querol attended the Ati-Atihan festival last Sunday.

The security coverage was personally manned by no less than the deputy regional director for operation 6 PSSUPT Antonio Viernes and Outgoing Aklan PPO provincial director PSSUPT Epifanio Bragais Jr.

Starting on January 14, the Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) conducted massive deployment of 830-strong security forces from the Regional Public Safety Battalion, Capiz, Iloilo and Antique Police, Aklan PNP, Philippine Army, Philippine National Red Cross, reservists, BPATs, volunteers, and Kalibo Auxiliary Police that ensured the peaceful and orderly celebration.

Kalibo celebrated its yearly Ati-Atihan festival from January 10 to 16 highlighted by religious procession and spiritual street dancing of Balik-Ati tribes and tourists.

Nacion said the policemen implemented the ‘Oplan Sita and Operation Kapkap’ to all motorists, vehicles, buses, tricycles and suspicious-looking individuals passing through the checkpoints and the nine PACs.

"We sent the signal that the police and other augmentation forces were alert at all times during the festival. The police have tightened the security measures as the annual festival is expected to attract thousands of visitors," Nacion said.

Nacion also directed the policemen assigned in the checkpoints to apprehend motorists without helmets and to maximize police visibility around festival venues in Kalibo’s Magsaysay Park, Goding Ramos Park, and Kalibo Pastrana Park

"The nine Police Assistance Centers (PACs) stationed in different strategic areas in Barangay Poblacion were on duty round the clock. Checkpoints in three municipalities leading to Kalibo were set up with the Philippine Army 12th Infantry Battalion personnel," Nacion said.

The 24-hour Compacs have police investigators and a medical team assigned in two shifts daily to enforce security, emergency and traffic assistance, he added. The public was warned against carrying deadly weapons during the Sto. Niño de Kalibo Festival celebration.

Internal checkpoints were established in Numancia, Banga and Kalibo while external checkpoints were established in Altavas, Crossing Nabas/Pandan, Antique and Caticlan, Malay composed of the Philippine Army and PNP. Checkpoint on illegal possession of firearms, carrying of deadly weapons and No Helmet, No Travel Policy were strictly implemented.

Can the police sustain day to day peace and order in Aklan especially Kalibo? /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Limang Porsiyento Kay Sr.
Nakabaton it daywang ka pahisayod do Entrepreneurial Farmer halin sa Aklan Electric Cooperative. Ro una nga pahisayod hay ro pag ta-o it limang (5) porsiyento nga diskwento sa kada buean baeayran sa kuryente.

Rayang diskwento hay mayad ko sa owa gid. Ogaling ro laye nga gina sandigan agod mataw-an it diskwento ro "Senior Citizen" nga naga bakae it kuryente hay beinte (20) it ana, bukon it lima naga hambae baea ro laye nga lima (5)? o napueo, (10)? Ro sugo tana hay 20 porsiyento ro diskwento.

Pila baea makaron ro mga Senior Citizen (60 years old plus) nga naka pangaean kanda ro andang electric concession?

Ro pang taw-an it diskwento hay ro naga usar eang it 100 kilowatt hour panaba. Kon sobra sa sanggatos (100) hay owa it discount.

Sa concessionaires, maisot ro diskwento. P5.00 kada P100.

Ogaling mabahoe ra sa Akelco. Sa kada P100 million nandang kolektahon, ro limang (5) porsiyento hay P5 million man, maadto sa concessionaires bilang diskwento. Kon sa kilowatt hour, sa 100 million, owa it bayad ro 5 million tongod diskwento.

Rayang pag ta-o it diskwento sa Senior Citizen hay maka engganyo sa mga pamilya nga ro andang "electric meter" hay ipangaean sa senior citizen. Basi abu karong isaylo ro electric meter sa Senior Citizen? Raya man ro baeos sa mga may edad eon.
Ro ikaywang pahisayod hay ro pagtaas it "re-connection fee" halin sa P50 hasta sa P100. Nagtaas it 100 porsiyento.

Rayang pagtaas it sukot sa reconnection fee hay pabor ako. Una, maga turo ra katon nga kinahangean gid nga bayaran ro atong utang o mga bagay nga atong hapadiposlan pareho it kuryente. Dapat gid sukton sanda sa andang atrasado o pag pabongoe-bongoe nga bayaran ro utang.

Kon indi, ano ro paghingaean kanda? "BALASUBAS?" Ikaywa, raya ro pag patuman it guina tawag nga "equity and fairness", pare-pareho ro pagtatap sa kada isaea, sin-o man sanda.

Ham-an ga bayad ro kaabo-an pag abot sa oras? Ag ro iba hay ga bayad it atrasado?


Ro akong guin sueat hanungod sa sueok, hangoe, ag hakog hay naka buo-oe it reaksiyon sa pilang batong mga naka basa.

Sambato, taga Malay nga indi ko eon pag hingadlan da ngaean sa pag respeto ko anang hinyo hay nagtawag paagi sa telepono agod mag tao sa anang reaksiyon hanungod sa "greedy".

Hayra ra among pag baylo-baylo it hambae sa telepono. Hambae ni Ising: "Kueang pa ro sueok, hangoe, ag hakog".

Ano makon do kueang? Ra anang sabat: "halipatan nimo ro hambae nga "maakop". Ano ro maakop? Anang sabat: "Bu-ot nanang mamahan tanan o angkunon tanan ro manggad, poder, dungog ag iba pa. Congressman eon do eaki, mayor do asawa, konsehal do onga Congressman man do igkampod. Sa masunod nga eleksiyon, may switching eoman kuno. Bu-ot mamahan tanan. Poder, manggad, dungog. /MP

To Establish Care Center At DRSTMH

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed today, Tuesday, January 18 that permits the establishment of West Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) Satellite Treatment Hub at the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital, Kalibo.

Gov. Carlito S. Marquez in behalf of Aklan Province signed the MOA while Dr. Ariel Valencia Director of DOH, Region VI signed in behalf of the Department of Health (DOH). The MOA signing took place at the Roberto Q. Garcia Memorial Bldg., Provincial Capitol, Kalibo in the presence of Medical officials of DOH and the DRSTMH.

The WVMC Satellite Treatment Hub, Marquez pointed out, "is established to make treatment, care, and support accessible to People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLHIV) in Aklan".

"The PLHIV is established in Kalibo not to condemn but to provide refuge to the people infected with HIV/AIDS", pointed out Dir. Valencia of DOH.

The DOH also donated eight (8) sets of microscope valued about P1 million for the early detection of HIV/AIDS.

The microscopes are distributed one each for the Rural Health Units in Lezo, Ibajay, Batan, New Washington, Makato, Madalag, Altavas, and Libacao. /MP

The Big Ati-atihan Winners

Kataw: Dyosa It Kadagatan of Buruanga, picture above, bags 2nd prize, P35,000 in Higante Contest while Ibong Adarna of Nabas got first, P40,000, and Libacao’s "Peter Pan" is third. P30,000.

In the tribal contest, P415,000 were distributed as prizes to the winners which are: Black Beauty Boys, first prize in Tribal Category (big group) worth P70,000 and Tribu Bukid Tigayon (small group) P40,000. Scorpio 11-19 got first prize of P30,000 as modern group and P30,000 for Lilo-anong Ati Ag Si Datu Marikudo in Balik Ati category. For other winners, see page 4. /MP

50 Events Will Spice Up Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival

The country’s best tourism event is getting bigger each year with close to 50 events now in the list of activities of the 2011 Dinagyang Festival, according to city tourism and development officer (CTDO) Benito Jimena.

The 43rd year of the festival marked another paradigm shift as it moves to become a vehicle in the promotion of environ-mental protection.

Jimena, who was the guest during the recent presentation of the Little Miss Dinagyang candidates in their newspaper gowns, emphasized that this year’s celebration strikes on the need to protect the environment in line with the thrust of the city to become a livable community.

The use of recycled materials, such as with the case of newspaper gowns, is one manifestation of Dinagyang becoming a "green" festival.

Making an impact to the festival is the launching of e-jeepneys on Jan 23. Ten e-jeepneys will usher the start of the Ati competition starting off with a parade from the San Jose Parish church towards the Iloilo Freedom Grandstand carrying the city government’s important festival guests.

Other events that have already kicked off are the dressing up Dagoy, which is the official mascot of the Dinagyang, Model Ati Warrior, Dance Showdown and preliminaries of the Miss Dinagyang search.

Other events slated to take off are Golf Tournament, Ilonggo Arts Festival, Photo Exhibits and Contest, Airsoft Competition, Moto Cross and Moto Circuit, Luces in the Sky, Food Festival, Tambor Trumpa, Martsa, Musika, Sto Nino Fluvial Procession, Sponsors Mardi Gras, Kasadyahan and Ati Competitions, daily masses for tribes, Swimfest, Religious Sadsad, medical and dental mission, feeding program, International Dinagyang 5K and 30K Duathlon, among others.

The festival has consistently been adjudged as the Best Tourism Event of the Philippines now in the Hall of Fame by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) leading to this year’s tagline of ‘Iloilo’s Finest, Nation’s Best.’

This year’s theme is "Senor Sto Nino: Source of Our Unity, Bond of Our Family."

Tight Security Measures

The Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) has drawn up tight security measures for this year’s Dinagyang Festival, especially during the three-day highlights slated Jan 21-23.

C/Inspt. Uldarico Garbanzos of the ICPO’s operation section presented before Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog that close to 5,000 security personnel to include organic members of the Philippine National Police, from the ICPO; augmentation from the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO) and the Police Regional Office 6, Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC), National Service Training Program, barangay peace keeping action teams, among others will be deployed during the festivity.

They will be assigned in nine sectors that will cover the four judging areas, SM City, Riverside Boardwalk likewise in perimeter areas where several events are also being held.

They will also establish tourist assistance and medical evacuation areas in time of emergencies. They will also be complemented by K-9 dogs from the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Air Force. (PNA) /MP

LGU Malay Creates Boracay Ati-atihan Tourism Council

The local government of Malay plans to create an Ati-atihan council to promote the Boracay version of the festivity every year.

Malay Councilor Jupiter Gallenero said the council has already passed a resolution creating the council and is studying on how the Ati-atihan of Boracay could be further promoted.

"However, the council should put emphasis on the religious side of the revelry which is to give reverence to the Sto. Nino or Child Jesus," Gallenero said.

Last week, thousands of tourists saw the improvements of the Boracay Ati-atihan version with activities that included fluvial parade, beach dancing to the beating of the tribal drums, among others.

One of the highlights of the festivity was the participation of foreign and local tourists in the beach dancing which was culturally open to everyone as part of their devotion.

"The council should also see to it that the Ati-atihan festival is a way from the commercialization as we promote the Ati-atihan culture of Aklan," Gallenero added.

For several years, Boracay has been celebrating its own version of Ati-atihan in cooperation with the Parish of Boracay. (PNA)

Eat Root Crops: DA Urges People

The Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Unit 6 (DA-RFU 6), Iloilo City is encouraging the public to consider eating root crops as an alternative to rice.
According to DA regional information chief Juvy S. Gaton, the DA is urging the public to eat root crops such as camote, cassava, taro, potatoes and yam. This is aside from banana and corn which are used as staple food in some provinces.

Gaton stressed, “root crops are good alternative food to rice. Promoting root crops is DA’s way to make sure that everyone has enough to eat in times when rice may not be readily available”.

DA regional executive director Larry Nacionales stressed that root crops are easy to produce even in areas where there are less irrigated water. Likewise, some agribusiness companies usually use them as sources for their starch and carbohydrates raw materials.

Researchers on nutrition found that root crops are rich in beta carotene, inolin, minerals and micronutrients.

For those interested, the DA is giving free technical assistance to farmers and communities that are keen on planting root crops.

Moreover, DA Sec. Proceso Alcala suggested that Filipinos should diversify their diet to include more vegetables, tubers, and root crops to ease the pressure on rice.

However, for those farmers planting rice, the DA is prompting farmers to plant rice using certified seeds (CS) to lessen costs and increase production as the CS has been proven to be of good quality seeds.It would ease the importation of rice from other countries in the long run.
Plant Certified Seeds
Using certified seeds among farming villages will boost the region’s rice yield this year.

Manuel O. Olanday, the DA’s regional Agri-Pinoy Rice program coordinator, assured certified seeds have been proven to increase rice yields of farmers. To hasten the production and use of CS, the DA is training some 187 rice cluster areas in the region to serve as initial sites for the propagation of certified seeds. It is helping farmers in Western Visayas to grow and produce high quality seeds for their own use. This is necessary so these farming communities will stop relying for certified seeds coming from the DA.

Currently, there are around 40 cluster sites in Aklan, 15 in Antique, 25 in Capiz, 14 in Guimaras, 60 in Iloilo and 33 in Negros Occidental.

Illegal Fishing Summit
Iloilo province holds Anti-Illegal Fishing Summit on Jan. 20 at the Siete Recados, Dumangas, some 42 kilometers away from the city. The summit will be attended by the different stakeholders such as the mayors of Iloilo Province, heads of government agencies concerned in coastal resource manage-ment, and the law enforcers. They tackle the problems of illegal fishing and fast depletion of the coastal resources. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Paha Ni Hudas
Suno sa owa ikasueat nga estorya, paha kuno ni Hudas ro anang guin gamit sa pagpanghugot. Ro anang paha ro guin higot sa anang le-og ag guin higot sa kahoy nga bubog. Abo nga mga tawo ro nagka interes sa ratong paha.

Kon ham-an sanda man lang ro nakasayod? Ro paha hay guin baligya sa mata-as nga haega bilang koleksiyon. Nag saylo-saylo sa eain-eain nga tag-ana ro paha. Ko olihi, owa it nakasayod kon sin-o guid ro naga panag-iya.

Agud maboeong ro kaibog sa ratong paha, nag obra ro mga tawo it eain-eain nga disenyo it paha. Rondaya ro guina suksok it mga onga ag guina tawag nga paha ni Hudas. May nag-obra man it rebentador nga paha ni Hudas nga kon sindihan hay mga tunga sa oras ro sige-sigeng pag linupok.

Ogaling, pag abot it kwarisma, indi naton malipatan kon paano guin baligya ni Hudas ro atong Ginuo. Sa kantidad nga 30 bilog nga pilak anang guin kanulo ro anang maestro. Pagkabaton nana ko pilak, guin sukot imaw ko anang konsensiya ag kat indi eon nana matakuran, nag adto imaw sa puno it bubog ag idto mag panghugot paagi sa pagbitay gamit ro anang paha.

May naga hambae nga ro paha ni Hudas hay may sumpa. Naga pakita eang rondaya sa eain-eain nga mga tawo sa eain-eain man nga henerasyon. Kapareho ko natabo sa isaeang ka tawong paeahilong ag sugaroe. Tag owa eon imaw it cuartang ibakae it guina inom ag guina taya sa sugae, hadumduman nana do sangka paha. Anang hakita ag guin buoe, dayon ana nga guin bali-og ogaling, habatyagan nana nga guina eo-ok imaw hasta namatay. Nagpanaw eon man ro paha ag hapueot it manog bote.

Guin poeot man nana ro paha ag daehon sa anda. Guin limpyohan ro paha agod ibaligya. Abu ro kabak-eanan.

Ko gabi-i ngaron, sinaka imaw it manakaw agod takawon ro anang kwarta. Pagsueod it mga manakaw, hakita nanda ro paha nga may mga nag idlap nga bato. Andang pinoeot, ogaling nagbaga ro paha ag guin poeopotan sanda hasta namatay.

Siguro, maskin sa anong bagay nga guina gamit sa kaeainan hay may sumpa. Ogaling kon sa kamaeayran ro paggamit, dueot hay kapahuwayan. /MP

2011 Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival Contest Results

Tribal Category – Big Group Participating Group Prize
First Prize Black Beauty Boys P70,000.00
Second Prize Kabog 40,000.00
Third Prize Libtong Boys 30,000.00
Consolation Prize Tribu Tiis-Tiis 10,000.00
Consolation Prize Maharlika Tribe 10,000.00
Consolation Prize Lord Eagles 10,000.00
TOTAL P170,000.00

Tribal Category – Small Group
First Prize Tribu Bukid Tigayon P40,000.00
Second Prize Morongga Tribe 25,000.00
Third Prize Tribu Alibang-bang 20,000.00
Consolation Prize Tribu Osman-ian Copradiro 7,000.00
Consolation Prize Tribu Hampakan "King of Spider 7,000.00
Consolation Prize Tribu Responde 7,000.00
TOTAL P106,000.00

Modern Category
First Prize Scorpio P30,000.00
Second Prize Aeang-Aeang Group 15,000.00
Third Prize Adlaw Gabii Ni John 10,000.00
Consolation Prize En Chanting 3,000.00
Consolation Prize Kababaihan It Kalibo 3,000.00
TOTAL P61,000.00

Balik-Ati Category
First Prize Lili Anong Ati Ag Si Datu Marikudo P30,000.00
Second Prize Malipayong Ati 15,000.00
Third Prize Kinantuing Group 10,000.00
Consolation Prize Tribu Ilayanhon 3,000.00
Consolation Prize Tribu Isalacan 3,000.00
Consolation Prize Maninikop Group 3,000.00
TOTAL P64,000.00

Individual Category
Most Comical Absurungsong P 2,000.00
Most Symbolic Jungle Tribe& Golden Sarok 4,000.00
Most Original Authentic Customized Ati 2,000.00
Most Modern Frankelyn Abelarde & 4,000.00
Recycled Queen
Most Fantastic Fantastica 2,000.00
Total 10,000.00

Grand Total P415,000.00

Religious ‘Sadsad’ For Miracle Believers In Iloilo’s Dinagyang

Iloilo’s 2011 Dinagyang Festival looked forward to heighten people’s devotion to Sr. Sto Niño with its ‘religious sadsad’ which according to several testimonies had already granted devotees’ petitions.

The activity slated Jan 22 will boost the second day of the three-day highlights of the annual Dinagyang Festival.

"This is one-hour non-stop dance offering to Señor Santo Niño", Dominador ‘Jun’ Rivera, chairman of the festival’s Liturgical Committee said.

It will start at exactly 7:00 p.m. in front of San Jose Parish Church just adjacent the historic Plaza Libertad.

The devotees may create their own steps during the ‘sadsad’ which they can use for the religious dance simultaneous with their offering of personal prayers, wishes and petitions", said Rivera.

"We have been receiving some letters here and even abroad informing us that their petitions were granted to them after joining the activity in previous years", he claimed.
Rivera said, "this religious dance has been a longtime practice but it was not given focus for several years. This time, the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival organizer wants this religious event be given emphasis even as it encourages the public to be part of the activity."

Aside from the ‘religious sadsad’ the religious component of the festival also includes blessings of children, pregnant mothers and Santo Niño images and feeding of children, among others.

The religious activity will be highlighted by the fluvial procession in the afternoon of Jan 22.

The Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation, one of the triumvirate organizing the 2011 Dinagyang Festival will showcase Dinagyang souvenirs like shirts, Señor Santo Niño icons, mascaras and key chains among others.

Int’l Race In Iloilo Dinagyang

A race that will gather some 1,200 participants coming from different local government units and other places around the world will happen in Iloilo City on January 26.

This, after Mayor Jed Patrick E. Mabilog signed an executive order forming the Technical Working Group for the 1st Iloilo Dinagyang International 5K Run and 30K Duathlon.

For the event, the duathlon will consist of a 5K run, followed by a 20K cycling leg and finally another 5K run, in a format of a little similar to triathlon.

Organizing the duathlon is also part of the sports campaign for the city, Mabilog pointed out.

Rommel Castro of the Iloilo City Sports Commission is designated race director, with Moises Salomon Jr. as assistant race director.

The event is open to both local and international participants. It is included in the official schedule of activities of the Dinagyang 2011 celebration this month. (PNA) /MP

Rotary Club To Distribute Water Pumps

The Rotary Club of Jaro Centraline (RCJC), Iloilo City will distribute 50 water pumps to poor communities in Panay Island within the first quarter of 2011.

RCJC president Freddie Salvania said the jetmatic pumps are sourced through the help of Rotary International assistant governor for District 3850 Winston Santos to help poor communities in the three provinces in Panay Island.

They will identify the beneficiary communities which will receive the free jetmatic pumps. They will start delivering the free jetmatic pumps as soon as they identify which communities will be most benefited by their project, Rotary International District 3850 has around 1,200 members in 51 Rotary Clubs in Iloilo City, Bacolod City, and in the provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo, and Negros Occidental, Zamboanga provinces, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-tawi and Occidental Misamis. (PNA) /MP

DAP Schedules Training In Kalibo

The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) will conduct a four-day training workshop in Kalibo on January 24 – 27, 2011. This will be held at the Gov. Corazon L. Cabagnot Memorial Tourism and Training Center, Buswang Old, Kalibo.

The workshop is geared to update the participants of the Revenue Code of the Province of Aklan. It is also designed to provide adequate understanding of good fiscal management and its relevance to effective local government unit revenue generation and resource mobilization strategies, and to formulate a re-entry plan outlining major activities and strategies to improve LGU revenue generation and measure its impacts.

As outlined the workshop includes: 1. The Overview of Local Fiscal Governance and Administration; 2. Traditional and Non-traditional Sources of Local Revenues; 3. Key Strategies for Effective Local Revenue Generation and Resource Mobilization; and 4. Enhancing Local Revenue Generation Potentials Through The Local Revenue Code.
The participants to the workshop are Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo, all members of the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP), SP Secretariat headed by Mr. Odon Bandiola, Aklan provincial heads of offices like Atty. Diego M. Luces, Assessor Kokoy Soguilon, Budget Officer Grace B. Macahilas, Provincial Accountant Maria Victoria Salido, PPDO Coordinator Roger M. Esto, Provincial Treasurer Suzette Pioquid, Provincial Tourism Officer Roselle Q. Ruiz, DRSTMH Chief Dr. Paul L. Macahilas, Port Terminal Administrator Niven M. Maquirang, Provincial Engr. Victory M. Fernandez, General Services Officer Medelia A. Solanoy, Atty. Lee T. Manares, EEDD Asst. Head Rex Victor B. Consemino, Cooperative Officer Lilian R. Rey, Provincial Veterinarian Gervase B. Radislao, Social Welfare Development Officer Elma S. Malbas, Human Resource Mgt. Officer Ellen Tolentino, and Provincial Agriculturist William B. Castillo. /MP

W. Visayas To Become RP’s Bio Fuel Energy Forerunner

Frequent brownouts will soon be a thing of the past for the people of Western Visayas with the pouring in of renewable and bio-energy projects in the region.

According to Gil Altura, chief of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Project Development Investment Programming and Budgeting Division, the Department of Energy (DOE) has declared Region VI as laboratory for bio energy and renewable fuels.

In the next 10 years Western Visayas is projected to be "the country’s front runner in bio fuels and renewable energy mix," Altura reported.

The NEDA in its Regional Development Agenda (RDA) has enumerated several com-pleted and on-going projects relative to the thrust.

Four hydropower projects already completed are the 40-kilowatt (kw) Canauilan-Barasalon Micro in Janiauy, Iloilo; 32 kw Balea Micro Hydro in Calatrava, 32-kw Vergra-Magtuod Micro Hydro and the 21-kw Baclao Micro Hydro in Cauayan all in Negros Occidental.

These completed micro hydro projects are assisted by the Central Philippine University- Affiliated Non-conventional Energy Center/Japan International Cooperation Agency (CPU-ANEC/JICA), Preferred Energy Inc and Japan Fund Poverty Reduction.

A 15-kw project also by the said group is now on-going in Sebaste, Antique.

On the other hand, the 8-megawatt Villasiga Hydro in Bugasong and 2.1 mw Guiamon-San Ramon Hydro in Laua-an all in Antique are being undertaken by the Sunwest Water and Electric Company (SUWECO).

A second level scooping was completed for the Jalaur-River Multi-Purpose Project proposed by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA). It is expected to generate some 14-mw.

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) for hydro power exploration was also inked between the Conal Holdings/Alto Power Management Corporation and the local government units of Kabankalan, Negros Occidental for the proposed 40-mw Bago River Power Plant.

The 21-mw biomass plant of the First Farmers Holding Corporation Co-Gen Power Plant was already commissioned. While waiting for the approval of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on the supply agreement between the generator and the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (CENECO) the FFHC exports its power to Cebu.

Also operational is the 15 –mw Passi Co-Gen Power Plant by the Central Azucarera de San Antonio.

Still on the biomass power there is an on-going site preparation for the 15-mw Cabalabaguan Biomass in Mina, Iloilo and 17-mw Biomass Plant embedded at the Capiz Electric Cooperative (CAPELCO) in Capiz by the Green Power Panay Philippines, Inc.

The Asea One Power Corporation has already acquired a site for its 12-mw Agbanawan Biomass Plant in Banga, Aklan. The acquisition is still on-going for the 30-mw plant to be situated in Ajuy, Iloilo.

For the wind power, Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corporation has an on-going 54-mw San Lorenzo Wind Farm project in San Lorenzo, Guimaras.

The San Carlos Bioenergy, which is the country’s first sugarcane based ethanol by the Bronzeoak, is now operating in San Carlos, Negros Occidental while another bio-ethanol plant by the Roxol Bioenergy Corp. based in La Carlota also in Negros Occidental is expected to be operational soon.

The Energy Develop-ment Corporation (EDC) also re-commissioned its 10-mw Northern Negros Geothermal Project in Bago City and Murcia while it also has an on-going 30-mw Northern Negros Steam Augmentation Project at the buffer zone of the Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park.

During a previous interview, NEDA director Ro-Ann Bacal said that there will be some changes in the priorities of the region and one of which is to ensure not only a stable but cheaper power supply to attract more investments in Western Visayas. (PNA) /MP

20 Year Imprisonment For Erring Public Transport Drivers

Senator Chiz Escudero is seeking to increase the criminal liability of negligent drivers of public trans-portation under the Revised Penal Code in light of a string of road tragedies around the country.

In Senate Bill No. 365 Escudero filed in the Senate, the legislator wanted Article 365 of the penal code amended to bring to 20 years the maximum jail term of erring public transport drivers.

Escudero said the penalties provided under Article 365 may no longer work with the way public transports, especially buses, have lightly treated their obligation under existing laws.

From the existing penalty of arrest mayor to prision correcional in its medium period, or from one month to four years and two months, Escudero is pushing for tighter penalties against offenders.

SBN 2095 proposes to penalize criminal negligence by common carriers with imprisonment ranging from four months and one day to six months to 12 years in case of injury and depending on the extent.

In case of death, Escudero said penalty should range from 12 years to 20 years jail term.

"Recent road tragedies show how drivers have become reckless and irresponsible in the conduct of their duties. They seem to disregard the statutory policy to bring their passengers safely as far as human care and foresight can provide, using utmost diligence and caution," Escudero said.

According to Escudero, the bill seeks to provide a preventive policy to address recklessness of drivers, which has been one of the leading causes of deaths among Filipinos. /MP

Banks Must Stop Using Transparent Glass Walls

City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog discourages banks from using transparent glass walls in covering the bank premises.

Mabilog said transparent glass walls expose what is happening inside the bank, making it easy for the culprits to do their planning even at a distance.

He cited the office of EastWest bank which is very exposed since its front wall is made of transparent glass.

Mabilog advised managers to cover the exposed portion of the bank to deter robbery. He said he will tap the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) to advise the 113 banks operating in this city.

"We have to pre-empt this incident or else more banks will be victimized", he said.
Mabilog also ordered police personnel from the ICPO to check those existing close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras being installed in some banks, as well as their alarm system connection in Iloilo City.

The executive said that he received information that receptions of some CCTV cameras are not good. Instead of helping the fast investigation, it turned futile.
"CCTV cameras are being installed purposely to monitor the entry and exit of bank clients and its personnel, at the same time to identify the robbers. However, if it would not serve its purpose, the effort will just turn to nothing", he stressed.

Mabilog also said the alarm system of the banks should be connected directly to the nearest police station for fast response.

In the case of EastWest bank, its alarm system is being connected to their main office in Manila.

Mabilog hopes all banks will comply with the basic requirements before the renewal of their business permits. (PNA) /MP

Sunday, January 16, 2011


RP Promotes Pro-vitamin A Rice
To test the adaptability and performance of rice varieties containing beneficial amount of beta-carotene, the country will conduct field trials on these varieties come dry season 2011.

Atty. Ronilo A. Beronio, PhilRice executive director, said the country’s progress in pro-vitamin A rich research will help reduce incidences on vitamin A deficiency. Statistics from Food and Nutrition Research Institute revealed that around four of 10 children aged six months to five years old and three of 10 school children suffer from the deficiency. One of five pregnant and lactating Filipino women also lacks vitamin A.

Using conventional method in breeding, plant breeders had introduced the gene for beta-carotene production into a local popular cultivar from a donor variety. To be transferred to farmers by 2013. The beta-carotene-laden rice can be grown organically and will be sold in a price comparable with the regular polished rice.

"The first approval of this type of rice will likely be given to our country as plant breeders have successfully crossed the donor plant with PSB Rc82. PhilRice will test the variety’s adaptability and performance after signing a material transfer agreement," Beronio said after attending the recent 15th board meeting of the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board held in Singapore.

With the introgression of the beta carotene gene to PSB Rc82, Beronio said deficiency in Vitamin A is expected to decrease as a study published in the June 2009 issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that a cup of beta-carotene rice could supply half of the vitamin A needed every day. When consumed by the body, beta-carotene produces vitamin A.

Vitamin A deficiency results in poor eyesight and night blindness. The deficiency also damages the immune system increasing risk to common bacterial and viral infections and rate of mortality especially among children.

Beronio, who experienced night blindness while growing up in a fishing village in Palawan, said the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board is confident of the Philippines’ capability to develop beta-carotene rich owing to the country’s well-established regulatory frameworks on safety evaluation.

"The country’s National Committee on Biosafety under the Department of Science and Technology provides regulatory oversight on contained research, while the Bureau of Plant Industry strictly monitors field trials. We also have Administrative Order No. 8, Series of 2002 stipulating the rules and regulations on the importation and releases of plant and plant products derived from the use of modern biotechnology," Beronio explained.

Other than the scheduled field testing of pro-vitamin A rice, PhilRice is currently increasing the rice’s resistance to bacterial leaf blight and tungro. Dr. Antonio A. Alfonsio, Acting director of the Department of Agriculture-Biotechnology Center, leads the project.

Meanwhile, two acceptability studies conducted by PhilRice and International Research Institute on 2004-2005 and Strive Foundation in 2005-2006 revealed that 69 percent of the respondents accept biofortified rice produced through biotechnology while 58 percent of farmers and rural consumers are willing to plant, buy and sell rice similar to the varieties PhilRice will test.

Rice Conservation

Not only to promote Vitamin A rice, PhilRice also advocates rice conservation. PhilRice booth at World Trade Center highlighted the Save Rice, Save Lives pledge to encourage rice consumers to commit themselves to conserve rice.

"We hope that we could influence more people, especially in the urban areas, not to waste rice as their share in the country’s bid to rice-self sufficiency in 2013," Beronio wished.

Each Filipino wastes 3 tablespoons of cooked rice everyday. This wastage, on the aggregate scale, translates into 480,000 tons of raw rice a year.

"If rice is not wasted, import savings can reach up to P10 billion annually and can feed 4.3 million hungry Filipinos in a year," Beronio pointed out.

The Save Rice, Save Lives Movement urges households to cook rice enough for the family and to wash rice twice to cut wastage and avoid loss of nutrients. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Ko isaeang Martes nga nagtaliwan, Enero 11, idto ako sa Malacañang Palace, Manila. Nag iba ako sa among onga, kay Denis. Sa anang tatlong bagay nga nahuman sa anang pagpamuno it "Advanced Science and Technology Institute" hay hapili-an ratong tatlong anang binuhatan. Gin kilaea nga pinasahi nga binuhatan busa, gin pa dunggan it "Career Executive Service Board" it atong gobiyerno.

Tag naga hueat kami kay Pangueong Noynoy Aquino nga maga panupod it plaque, may naka kilaea kakon nga sangka Aklanon man. Ana akong guin eapitan. Nag kamustahan kami.

Owa kapilahi, ana akong gin pangutana kon ano ro kahueogan it "SUEOK". Hakibot ako, ham-an ha-adto kami sa rikato? Ogaling, akon mat-a imaw gin sabat. "Ano makon, greedy?" Tumango imaw, "huo".


Ro sueok makon sa English hay "greedy", excessively desirous of wealth, power, honor, profit, and others. May mabaskog nga handum nga mangin "hyper" mang-garanon, taga li-og nga ginansiya, ana tanan ro dungog ag taga eomopong nga poder o poderoso.

"Bukon mana ro sueok hay hambae nga bagay sa tawong gutom? Owa ka pamahaw ag kailabas?" anang pangutana.

"Taw-i abi mana ako it instansiya nga ro sangka tawo hay sueok", anang padoeogya.
Kon owa ka makon ka pamahaw, kailabas hay nagutom ka, nasueokan ka. Tongod na sueokan, abo ro imong kaunon, sobra sa regular. Busa, ro naga kaon it sobra, maskin busog eon ag sige pang kina-on, mawron do SUEOK. Hay ano mana ro epekto kon sueok ro tawo? Maakop imaw. Budli eon sige pang kaon maskin ro iba hay gina gutom pa.

Ano ro iba pang hambae nga sueok man ro kahueogan? Sueok, maakop, hangoe, hakug. "Hay kon hangoe ako it dungog, owa’t sayod?" Mayad kon hangoe ro tawo it dungog tungod ro anda karon nga handum hay maghimo it kamaeayran para sa tawo ag banwa. Ogaling kon hakug ro tawo sa poder hay "catastrophe", imaw man ro tawong maakup it manggad. Duro eon do anda, hingabuton pa ro ana it iba nga sangkuruti manlang.

Ro MKWD, nag ginansiya it sobrang P17 million ko 2007, nag ta-o it Christmas gift sa mga empleyado it balor P8 million ko paskwa 2010. Makaron, nagpataas pa it pagsukot sa andang pagpatubod it tubi. Ro andang concessionaires hay gina pigos pa gid. Hakug sa ginansiya, hakog sa manggad.

"Mahimo baeang mag ehemplo man naton kon ano ro tawong sueok sa poder?"
Duro! Sa tanan nga lebel it gobiyerno. Abong hangoe it poder.

May sangka babaye. Imaw hay nag Undersecretary it DTI eon, senador ag pangaywang pangueo it Pilipinas. Eabi gid sa tanan, pangueo it Pilipinas it siyam nga dag-on. Ogaling, gutom pa it poder, nasueokan pa it poder, hangoe. Busa, si Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo hay congresswoman eon man.

May sueok man it poder nga mga Aklanons?

Ikaw eang magsabat ko imong pangutana ngaron. Mayad nga mag bakasyon ka sa Aklan agud masabat mo ring pangutana.

Hay basi hakug man sanda sa dungog? Umuli ka man agod makita mo man do andang inobrahan.

Umabot eon si Pangueong PNoy – 1:30 it hapon. Viva Kay Senior Sto. Niño! Viva! /MP

Kalibo All Set For 2011 Ati-atihan Festival

Kalibo Sr. Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival, observed on the third week of January every year, is considered as the mother of all Philippine festivals and fiestas.

Its 2011 edition is all set to present a weeklong spectacular show this week until its culmination on January 16.

Kalibo Mayor William S. Lachica has announced that preparations are all set for the spectacular Kalibo Ati-atihan 2011.

Mayor Lachica said the success of this year’s Ati-atihan has been assured with the active cooperation of various organizations, particularly the KASAFI, cultural and civic organizations, the business sector, Sto. Nino religious groups and the municipal and barangay officials.

"It is heartening to note that the whole capital town’s people are enthusiastically setting up preparations to welcome guests and tourists," the Kalibo mayor said.

Kalibo Vice Mayor Madeline Ang Regalado disclosed that officials and members of the Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan are mobilizing all efforts to insure the success of the 2011 Kalibo Ati-atihan.

Among those expected to attend the weeklong festivities are members and officers of the different Aklan associations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and other countries; diplomat and cultural attaches of embassies, consulates and delegations from the different countries; journalists from various parts of the country and special guests of some Aklanons.

Dedicated to the Sto Nino (Infant Jesus), who is known to generously bless his devotees with good health and prosperity, the 2011 Kalibo Ati-atihan will feature parade of different tribal contingents with amazing colorful costumes.

Organized groups participating in the Ati-atihan receive substantial awards of recognition and cash prizes for winning its contest.

Ms. Juliet T. Melgarejo, acting head of the Municipal Economic Enterprises and Development Office, under which the local tourism operates, said Kalibo is leaving no stone unturned to insure the success of the Ati-atihan which will redound to the economic, social and cultural enhancement of Kalibo in particular and Aklan and its people as well.

Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, for his part, has been mobilizing the resources of his office and the provincial government. He has initiated the installation of lighting facilities and other needed modern amenities in this capital town to ensure the success of its 2011 Ati-atihan.

Tight Security

Some 250 police personnel from the regional headquarters of the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be deployed for this year’s Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival.
Aklan provincial police director Senior Superintendent Epifanio Bragais, Jr. has requested the Police Regional Office (PRO-6) for additional police force to implement the operation plan for tight security during the festival.

Bragais said the APPO will establish nine community police assistance centers (compacts) in the capital town of Kalibo to ensure the safety and security of tourists, devotees and revelers and keep the traffic flow smooth throughout the main streets of this town.

APPO will also put up additional checkpoints and chokepoints to maintain police visibility during the weeklong Ati-Atihan festival.

Bragais stressed that the augmentation force from the PRO-6 and the Philippine Army, and the 200-strong APPO personnel deployed will be on alert to guard thousands of visitors, both foreign and local, expected to join the renowned Sr. Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan Festival in honor of Senor Sto. Nino.

Also, the Kalibo police auxiliary, volunteers, reservists and com-munication groups will serve as force multipliers for the anti-criminality and peace and order campaign of the PNP.

The festival on January 10 to 16, features the traditional Ati-Atihan contest, paeapak or pahilot, search for Mutya it Kalibo Ati-Atihan, Hala Bira Ati-Atihan nights, Day of the Drums, religious procession, nine days novena, pilgrims’ mass, product showcase and exhibits, blessing of children and dawn penitential procession, Higante and Aklan Festivals Parade and Kaean-an sa Plaza.
Security Plans
The APPO is ready to implement the security plan for the famous Kalibo Ati-Atihan festival on January 10 – 16, 2011. The security plan was presented at the Police Regional Office (PRO-6) this week.

In the past Ati-Atihan festivals, the police set-up checkpoints and community police assistance centers to provide tight security for thousands of revelers and guests. Bragais said the security preparations are now in place since the APPO through the Kalibo police station have already met with the festival peace and order committee for the security, traffic and peace and order plans. /MP