Monday, June 26, 2006


"Building On The Foundation" – Miraflores
By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Aklan Cong. Florencio Miraflores has devoted his first year in Congress to establish and strengthen ties and linkages with national government officials to advance the development agenda of the province of Aklan.
Miraflores, vice chairman of the Tourism Sub-Committee on Development and a member of the Committee on Appropriations, admitted that "much has to be done for Aklan and to build the foundation, it needs the shared effort of every Aklanons for a better, more peaceful and progressive province."
"I purposely became a member of the Committee on Appropriations to know the frontline agencies, budget and personally lobby with their department heads for Aklan’s development needs. Our efforts - in getting the projects and programs including airport development and national roads improvement - are bearing fruits," he said.
Recognizing the tourism thrusts of Aklan, Miraflores represented the House of Representatives in the "Internationale Tourismos Borse," an international tourism fair in Berlin, Germany and International Tourism Mission in Moscow, Russia along with Tourism Secretary Joseph Ace Durano and Tourism Planning and Promotions Assistant Secretary Eduardo Jarque, Jr. last March.
He said a bilateral agreement on tourism was signed by Durano and Russian counterpart Vladimir Strzhalkovsky to strengthen the tourism cooperation between the Philippines and Russia on areas of tourism investments and services, national legislation and promotion of organized group and individual tourism.
Miraflores also lobbied with the DepEd officials for additional classrooms and teacher-items, established linkage with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST)-SEI to include public schools in priority programs on info-technology.
"I have supported the scholarships of some of our less privileged young people whose families could hardly support them through college – a big number of them are enrolled in Aklan State University," the solon stressed.
Miraflores also said House Bill No. 5130 on the establishment of the Timbaban Hydropower Development Project within the Aklan River Watershed Forest Reserve in Brgy. Maria Cristina in the town of Madalag was approved by the Committee on Natural Resources and is now slated for second reading.
"With the renewed national interest on bio-fuels and renewable energy resources, I believe we are getting closer to our collective dream of energy-sufficiency not only for Aklan but also for our neighboring provinces in Panay Island," he added.
He also revealed that Aklanons abroad are helping the province as tourism ambassadors during his visits to Aklanon communities in the United States, particularly in the Aklan Eastern USA Association and the Ibajaynons, USA.
"We have a shared vision – a peaceful and progressive province of Aklan – and to achieve this vision, it requires a collective endeavor from us," Miraflores pointed out. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Aklan SP Expresses Displeasure On
Proposal To Test Run STL

Do you know how heavy and important is the legislative work of the members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan? Just to have a feel of it, I will tell you what they did during their 22nd Regular Session for Calendar Year 2006. The session was held at the Session Hall, Capitol Bldg., Kalibo on June 21, 2006.
The agenda consisted of six (6) pages, computerized, double space on long bond papers. The session started with the "call to order" by the Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino who is the presiding officer. This was followed by the singing of the national anthem, invocation and roll call and determination of quorum. Since there was quorum, the session started its deliberation of some 44 items in the agenda. Remember – 44 items and these were all acted upon until noon of June 21.
The members of the SP approved first the minutes of the 19th Regular Session held on May 24, 2006. During that 22nd Regular Session, the SP approved the following:
1. Request of Governor Carlito S. Marquez for authority to negotiate loan with the Land Bank of the Philippines as standby credit for the procurement of hospital equipment for DRSTMH;
2. Approved the P31,326.00 for payment of the back salaries of Provincial Guard II, Ben R. Diangco as the result of the CSC order reducing the suspension from six to three months;
3. Ordinance of Malay to increase garbage fee rate in Boracay and new rates of fees of laboratory services rendered by the Municipal Health Office of LGU Malay;
4. Resolution seeking financial assistance from Presidential Adviser Gabriel S. Claudio for the construction of Tagas bridge, Tangalan and Angas – Napti bridge in Batan;
5. The new application for the extraction of sand and gravel by Rosemary A. Adorna of Cupang, Banga;
6. A resolution to avail Livelihood Loan with the LBP, the enactment of Batan;
7. The enactments of Lezo for funding disease control and prevention and application amending Resolution No. 3, Series of 2006 on sand and gravel extraction;
8. Resolution authorizing Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo to enter into a MOA with the Provincial Government of Aklan and with the DPWH for the construction of a multi purpose building;
9. Ordinance declaring Barangay Sambiray as Fish Landing Area in Malay; and
10. The resolution recognizing and commending Mira T. Mirano of Jumarap, Banga for bagging the National Chess Championship award.
The SP strongly expressed its displeasure and objection on the request for endorsement to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan of the application of Aklan Marketing Corporation with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office to test run the Small Town Lottery (STL) in the Province of Aklan.
All other matters in the agenda was acted either differed or assigned to appropriate and concerned committees. None was disapproved except the resolution requesting the PCSO to test run STL in the province of Aklan. /MP

NFA Awards Committed, Loyal, Dedicated Employees

By: Judith T. Tindog

For their firm commitment, loyalty, and dedicated service for the past 30 years, nine (9) employees of the National Food Authority in Aklan were recently honored by its management. The awardees who have rendered very satisfactory service in various capacities since then received each with pride the personalized gold plated wristwatches as token and recognition for their hard work. NFA Aklan provincial manager Pablito G. Gemarino who is also one of the awardees handed the awards.
The awardees are shown from left to right:: Cashier II – Rosario C. Flores, Information Officer II – Judith T. Tindog, Account Analyst – Estela M. Malbas, Sr. Grains Operations Officer (Quality Assurance) – Engr. Jerson s. Candari, Accountant II – Tessie R. Villariza, Economist III – Agnes C. Agustin, Administrative Officer III – Ella E. Leyson, Provincial Manager Pablito G. Gemarino and Mechanic III – Presigono Z. Navarra, Jr. /MP

Intruders Ransack Numancia Municipal Hall

An unidentified person or some unidentified persons got inside the ground floor of the Municipal Hall of Numancia sometime on Wednesday night, June 21 or nearly dawn of Thursday, June 22. He or they stayed inside the building ransacking official documents before they exited.
What could be the motive of his or their entry? The suspect or suspects could be an insider or insiders as all the doors he or they passed thru appeared to have been normally opened. There is no indication of any forcible entry. All the doors where he or they passed thru are all in good condition, no damage done whatsoever of all the entrances and exits.
Upon verification, the intruders passed by the back door of the building. There is no damage of that door. According to Mayor Ernesto I. Templonuevo, he holds the key of that door. The other is held by his security. While inside the Mayor’s office, the intruders ransacked all the Mayor’s files, opened his drawers and scattered the sofdrinks bottles. Some coins in a can were left untouched.
From the Mayor’s room, the intruder(s) went to the table of Mr. Josue Maravilla, the Mayor’s secretary. Likewise the intruder(s) opened the table drawers, ransacked his files. From the table of Mr. Maravilla, the intruder(s) entered the Community Livelihood office thru the door. The door was locked but it was nicely opened, no damage found. The table drawers were opened, the files ransacked. Finally, the intruder(s) entered the office of the Municipal Treasurer by nicely opening the door. Nothing was done among the clerk’s tables. The intruder(s) removed one piece of the jealousies of the indoor window, reached for the inside door knob, opened the door and got inside and opened Ms. Solanoy’s table. Like what they did in the other rooms, the intruder(s) opened the table drawers, browsed the office files as if looking for some valuable documents. One of the safety deposit boxes was opened but the second lock remained closed. How did the intruder(s) know the number combination of that safety deposit box?
The motive of the offices intrusions is not yet established. The authorities are in the process of investigation. /MP

PAFC Aklan Elects New Officers

On the basis of Executive Order No. 116, Rule 113.1 of the Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization Law of 1997, the Agricultural and Fishery Council (AFC) must be organized in the regional, provincial, city, municipal and barangay levels.
This is organized to encourage people participation and empowerment of agricultural and fishery development through sectoral representation in agricultural policy making bodies so that its policies, plans and programs are formulated/executed to satisfy the needs of its clientele. It is also being done to use the bottom – up, self reliant farm systems approach to promote social justice, equity, productivity and sustainability in the use of agriculture and fishery resources.
The AFC is composed of representatives from the private sector especially organizations of stakeholders in agriculture and fisheries. As much as possible, the cross section of the population in the community, representatives of government concerned with fisheries and agriculture are members as well.
Since the term of office of the present officers of the Provincial Agricultural and Fishery Council is only until June 30, 2006, election was held on June 19, 2006 in the Conference Hall, ASU, Banga, Aklan. The election was jointly presided by Mr. Herminigildo Villanueva and Mr. Alfredo Feliciano. It was participated by the newly elected Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Council (MAFC) chairmen from the 17 towns of Aklan, the Municipal Agricultural Officers, the sectoral representatives and other accredited voters.
After the canvassing of votes, the following are duly certified elected by the election board.
Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente – chairman; Mr. Jose Iligan – Vice Chairman; Mr. Delano Tefora – Vice Chairman (Govt. Sector); Ms. Mary Jane Allanza – Secretariat Coordinator; Ms. Hara R. Escalona – Treasurer; Mr. Keith Manares – Auditor; and Mr. Bethel Tumbukon – Public Relations Officer.
In order that the most suited sectoral chairmen will be elected, their election is differed until the next PAFC meeting. The Sectoral chairmen to be elected are for 1. food crops, 2. commercial crops, 3. agricultural mechanization, 4. fishery, 5. poultry and swine, and 6. rural women.
These new officers will serve a two year term: July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2008.
The PAFC is mandated to come out with resolutions and position papers on matters affecting development of agriculture and fishery. PAFC must also prepare the "Work and Financial Plan" for the activities every year. /MP

Decision of Lachica Election Protest Maybe Out In September

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

The electoral protest for the position of Mayor of Kalibo by Mr. William Lachica against Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo maybe decided sometime in August or September, 2006.
On April 5, 2006, Atty. Rhea I. Vidal – Ibarreta submitted the results of the Revision of Ballots conducted by the Revision Team organized for Election Case No. 131. Atty. Ibarreta is the Head Revisor/Branch Clerk of Court, Branch 8, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo where the election protest is being heard. The revision of ballots was conducted "from June 17, 2004 to July 9, 2004 and March 10, 2006 to April 3, 2006.
According to the results of the revision, Lachica obtained 4,326 ballots, Rebaldo obtained 3,774 ballots and 227 stray ballots. These ballots came from seventy (70) ballot boxes Mr. William Lachica has protested.
This report shows that Lachica obtained 525 ballots more than what Mayor Rebaldo obtained from the 70 ballot boxes which result Lachica protested. In the overall counts, who won the May 10, 2004 election for Mayor of Kalibo? Your computation will give you the probable answer who is the duly elected mayor of Kalibo.
However, the decision is estimated to be out sometime in August or September 2006 based on the following:
1. The lawyer of Lachica, the protestant submitted its Memorandum on the case on May 19, 2006;
2. On May 26, Atty Immanuel Sodusta, lawyer of Mayor Rebaldo requested for machine copies of exhibits marked during the hearing of the case which was granted;
3. Lachica requested for 15 days from May 26 to submit supplemental memorandum. The court granted the request with June 13 as the deadline. However, the protestant Lachica did not submit his supplemental memorandum as his lawyers believed what they submitted is sufficient. Instead, Lachica submitted exhibits produced per joint agreement of both protestant and protestee. and
4. On June 13, the court ordered Mayor Rebaldo to submit his memorandum within 30 days from June 13 or on or before July 13, 2006 copy furnished the protestant, William Lachica who is also given 10 days to submit his rebuttal memorandum.
Should Mayor Rebaldo wait for 30 days to submit his memorandum on July 13 and Mr. Lachica will also wait for 10 days to submit his rebuttal memorandum on July 23, 2006, then the case is deemed submitted for decision on that said date. The promulgation will follow in August, September or October 2006 depending upon the presiding judge Hon. Eustaquio G. Terencio. /MP



Kon tiempo it tingo-ean, may mga bagyo, naga kilat ag nagadaeog-dog. Kon buean ngani it Hunyo hasta Disyembre, raya rong buean nga ma inoeanon ag mabagyuhon. Mabaskog ro uean, naga baha. Sige man nga pinangilat.
Isaeang ka tawo si Mente nga makilibuton sa kilat. Akig imaw kon magkilat. Sa anang pang idaron nga kinse anyos, guinaayat nana sa pakusog rayang kilat.
Isaeang kahapunanon, maea-in rong tiempo. Nagapungko imaw sa andang balkonahe. Golpeng kumilat it mataeom ag guinsundan it daeogdog. Nahueog si Mente sa bangko sa kakibot. Dali-dali imaw nga tumindog ag dumaeagan sa tunga it eati ag guin ayat nana it pakusog rong kilat. Guin sundan imaw ko anang lolo agod pauli-on. Nag hambae sanda ni Lolo nana.
Ro anang Lolo hay akig man sa kilat ogaling imaw hay mata-eaw.
"Para mapierde mo imaw, ro kilat, imo nga tuslukon ro anang pusod," hambae ag sugo ko anang lolo.
Nahadluk si Lolo nana, ngani kada magpangilat, naga panago imaw. Naghambae si Mente nga owa imaw nahadluk. Haum imaw nga atubangon rong kilat. Ogaling siin rong pusod it kilat?
Ko isaeang gabi-i ngaron, nagdamgo si Mente nga sa ikapitong bukid naga estar rong kilat. Anang guin adtonan ro pusod it kilat. Sa anang pagpanaw, nakasubeang imaw it magueang, hermitanio. Nag sugid si Mente kun siin imaw ga adto ag kon ano ro anang katuyo an. Guin taw-an imaw ko magueang it isaeang ka baston. "Raya ro isagang mo sa kilat. Pagkilat it pangatlo, ituslok mo ra sa puno it kilat. Dayon naduea rong magueang ag golpe imaw nga habugtaw.
Hakita nana ro isaeang ka kurting baston sa anang kilid. Guinsugid nana sa anang Lolo ro anang damgo.
Pagka agahon ngaron, guinpabaeonan imaw it pagkaon ag ilimnon ko anang lolo. Nag panaw imaw. Guin umpisahan nana rong pagsaka sa ika-pitong bukid. Hapon eon ka’t maabot nana rong baeay it kilat. Golpe nga nag dueom rong kaeangitan. Naghuyop rong hangin. Guinpalis ro hangin ko anang baston. Sumunod rong primerong kilat. Guinpalis man nana ag pag – abot sa pangatlo, guin tuslok nana rong kilat. Golpe nga nageoya rong kilat ag nabatian rong daeogdog. Naga kurog rong daeogdog. Matsa naga ogayong nga nasakitan.
Halin kato, kon magdaeogdog pagkatapos it kilat, mabatian rong pagkurog sa kahadluk kong daeogdog. Nalipay si Mente nga natuman ro anang handum nga maatubang ag mapierde nana rong kilat. /MP


Can GAB Assist Us?

By Alex P. Vidal

The Games and Amusement Board (GAB) successfully staged the first GAB boxing convention in Manila last April 19-22. During the occasion, GAB awarded plaques of recognition to 33 Filipino former world champions. However, it ignored the boxing trainers and coaches who have made big contributions as well to the professional boxing in the country.
Because of the seemingly honoring the chosen few, Mr. Alfredo "Pidong" Amistoso, Sr., 70 lamented. Amistoso is a former national flyweight contender who now trains professional boxers in a makeshift gym in Arevalo district, Iloilo City.
Amistoso, who reportedly clinched the national flyweight championship in 1958 on points from Ric Diaz in Zamboanga City, said in the national gathering of boxing personalities such as the recent convention, GAB should also recognize the role of boxing trainers since they are the "producers" of Filipino world champions.
"Without us trainers, there would be no Filipino world champions. There would be no (Roland) Navarette and (people’s champion) Manny Pacquiao," Amistoso stressed.
Amistoso listed 1988 Seoul Olympics bronze medallist (48 kg) Leopoldo Serrantes, former Philippine Boxing Federation (PBF) junior lightweight champion Felix Tuble, and former World Boxing Federation (WBF) welterweight king William Magahin as among his wards in the YMCA gym on Iznart St., Iloilo City Proper in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
As a professional boxer, Amistoso said he was under the tutelage of Mario Lumacad, Sr., also Navarette’s former trainer. Lumacad acts as chief trainer today of boxers under the Johnny Elorde Stable in Paranaque City, Metro Manila.
"Mario is older than me by a few years but we had chemistry when I was under him. Has the GAB recognized him?" Amistoso asked.
Amistoso credited trainers and coaches like him for the growth of professional boxing in the countryside.
"We produce future champions without the knowledge of people in Metro Manila," he stressed. "Because of our love for boxing, we continue to be active until today even if we don’t get a single centavo from the government. We don’t even have any insurance. If we get sick, our family will suffer."
The highest share he received in his 30 years as boxing trainer was P10,000, he said, when his ward, Shoji Sadava, failed in a bid to seize the vacant WFB inter-continental flyweight diadem against Dobrak Artir in Surabaya, Indonesia in 1997.
To eke out a living, Amistoso said he relies only on the "generosity" of public attorney office (PAO) Regional Director Roberto Liberiaga, a boxing enthusiast. Liberiaga sponsors a monthly amateur boxing card in Molo district where Amistoso acts as the "tournament director" on a P500-per tournament basis.
Amistoso envies other trainers in established boxing stables in Metro Manila and Cebu who are luckier because their meals are assured three times a day.
He sobbed: "Sa amon ya, kon wala boksing wala man pagkaon eh (In our case, we don’t have anything to eat if there is no boxing."
The last time Amistoso secured his GAB license as trainer in professional boxing was in 1998. That was when his boy Nandy Cagayan of Bo. Obrero district lost by technical knockout (TKO) to Gary Ordonez of Malabon City in the "Blow-By-Blow" program in Mandaluyong City, the same promotion that discovered and built the career of Manny Pacquiao. /MP


MIAMI HEAT won the championship of the 2006 NBA finals after six games of play in the best of seven series.
Dallas Mavericks won the first two games played in their home court. However, MIAMI Heat won the third, fourth and fifth games played in their home court in Miami too. The Heat won the fifth game in overtime with the score – 101 – 100.
From there, Dallas Mavericks never recovered. The sixth game was played in Dallas where the Mavericks led most of the way but were not able to sustain the play as it succumbed to the Heat in the final buzzer in the score of 95 – 92. This is the first ever championship games Miami Heat won in NBA history. Payne Wade was declared MVP after scoring 35 points and 10 rebounds in the final game. /MP

Rebaldo : Am Still Kalibo Mayor

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Kalibo Mayor Raymar Rebaldo denied reports that William Lachica will assume as the new mayor of Kalibo. The electoral protest is not yet over," Rebaldo declared.
"There is no truth to the reports that the electoral protest is over. In fact, my lawyer informed me last week that both camps were photocopying the ballots contested and a decision has not been reached by the court," Rebaldo said over DYRU Super Radyo, Kalibo.
Rebaldo, who got 14,098 votes against Lachica’s 14,014 – or a margin of 84 votes after the count, debunked claims that his opponent Lachica won the revision of ballot.
"To ease tension in the court, I refrained from attending right from the start the revision of ballots. I fully trust my lawyers to handle the protest. At all times, we respect the law to find out and determine the will of the electorate," Rebaldo said.
Rebaldo, now in his second term as mayor, also said he will seek reelection next year if his barangay leaders ask him. Regional Trial Court Judge Eustaquio Terencio of Branch 8 resumed early this year the revision of ballots after the Commission on Election (Comelec) En Banc affirmed the First Division resolution reversing his Order dated August 23, 2004.
Rebaldo, who ran under the ruling local party Tibyog it Akean, was declared by Comelec as winner with 14,101 votes compared to Lachica’s 14,020 or a slim margin of 81 votes on May 10, 2004 local elections. /MP
Two weeks later, Lachica filed an election protest. On May 31, 2004, Rebaldo filed his counter-protest and motion to dismiss Lachica’s protest.
On June 6, 2004, Terencio denied Lachica’s Motion for Leave of Court to Amend Answer to Counter Protest. In the course of the revision of ballots, Lachica filed a motion to withdraw his protest citing his lack of finances to continue the recounting.
Terencio granted his motion in its Order dated July 9, 2004. Three days later, the presiding judge granted Lachica’s motion to withdraw his deposit.
But on July 23, 2004, Lachica filed a motion to lift the order of dismissal of protest. Rebaldo, arguing that the motion was filed out of time, opposed Lachica’s motion. Terencio denied the motion of Lachica on August 23, 2004, saying, the court lost jurisdiction to entertain the motion and his electoral protest against Rebaldo.
Lachica then asked the Comelec to reverse the assailed Order of the trial court, which the First Division in its resolution dated February 11, 2005 ordered Terencio to resume proceedings and resolve the election protest on the merits with dispatch.
Comelec said the contested July 9, 2004 Order was issued without hearing, adding that the trial court should realize that the case involves public interest and thus goes beyond the personal interests of the contending parties. /MP

Monday, June 19, 2006

EDITORIAL - June 17, 2006

Life After Marriage: A Confession

By: Megs S. Lunn

Some people and friends are curious about life after eleven years of togetherness. I just shrugged it off and smiled.
Do I ever wonder how I got over it? That’s what they thought, but, not yet. Not too soon. "Time heals," as they said.
I didn’t know what I would have done without my wonderful hubby, the first thing that came to mind when I learned the inevitable. What upset me was the thought of not having him around, to ask me first hour in the morning, "did you sleep good, love?" followed by his usual cheerful reminder of, "where’s my coffee?" and giggled.
Now, I am thinking, he just magically disappeared. I remember lying in bed one night and woke up the next day, he was truly gone. How much longer until I feel good again? The holidays and special occasions can be difficult with the loss of a loved one.
The event of loosing someone would have triggered me nervous–breakdown. But, NO. I had to tell myself several times, I will be alright. My daughter and I will be fine. I have to calm down and go on with my life.
Patience is a virtue that I have inherited from my beloved husband. His devotion to our togetherness and fighting for our relationship was the most cherished memoirs of him.
Going back 12 years ago, getting into a commitment of a lifetime relationship right after College was no regret. Knowing what lies ahead of me and facing the truth of a beautiful life together are far, beyond comparison. Nothing can compare the life he, our daughter and I had together and the bonding of love is the best gift he left us.
Yet, now, it is exciting to note the life after marriage. There is more challenge to it. There is more life after marriage. Friends overflowing, they are now my greatest blessings from above.
Responsibility is probably the biggest thing for me to bear today. Looking after a "baby who is now a lady" will be a big challenge for me while getting back on track. Especially that she grew up with more bonding with her Dad than with me. Fortunately, she grew up to be a respectable, thoughtful, kind, smart and lovely Unica Hija that I have prayed for.
But just like any other loved one who have gone and said his statement, "please be happy for me and go on with your life," is what I am doing now. Like he always used to tell me, "After all the star of many who has potential to excel shouldn’t be wasted."
I am slowly getting back on tract at the moment. To use all the energy and resources to stretch my hand to make other people happy. I guess, this is what my purpose in life. In order for me to be happy and enjoy life after marriage, I have to make other people happy first. To serve beyond call of duty and service can’t be exchanged with any monetary compensation. The happiness that I feel now is a journey and not a destination. This is the truth. Our life will always be filled with many challenges.
All people go through the stages of letting go. I am aware of it. For serious relationships, experts agree it takes half as long as the relationship lasted to fully recover. Therefore, if I were married ten years, anticipate five years of recovery. Recovered means I think occasionally of the person, but he no longer remains an influential factor on my emotions, decisions or life. I will no longer avoid events because it reminds me of him. I no longer dread running into someone once closer to him. I will no longer talk about him to dates unless specifically asked. I experienced the loss and I learned to appreciate the good, while moving on with my life.
But this doesn’t mean I am miserable and a basket case for five years. Now, I can say that I have recovered from the trauma of loosing a beloved, after almost 9 months. Occasionally, I talk about him like his skills in cooking, his good food, his jokes and his crazy experience in the Army. His influence upon my life helped mold the person I am today. Yet, pain is a part of life and like anything negative, there is always a better positive in the end.
Here is what I did. Are you familiar with the FOUR STAGES OF GRIEF by Laura Dawn Lewis? This book is focused on the grief caused by relationship break-ups, separation or divorce. The steps are the same for any loss because I applied it to myself who had lost a beloved.
DENIAL. Getting through denial can be the most difficult part of dealing with grief. Experiencing the loss and learning to appreciate the good, while moving on with your life. Until you can overcome the denial, you will never be able to experience a true color of life. It is in your best interest to be as honest and forthright with yourself as possible. Your friends are your allies, listen to what they say, but most importantly, listen to your own gut instincts.
DEPRESSION. Okay, you admit it. It’s over and you know he isn’t coming back, never. The depression phase is about extreme. Suddenly, life feels like it’s over. In women, depression is generally more obvious as it can turn the most competent and confident woman into a needy and insecure bundle of self-doubt. Whatever the method is by which you internalize or deal with depression, it’s important to realize what is happening. Recognizing what is happening is the first step in beating it. The depression phase can last for months and in some cases even years, but if you’re lucky, less than a week. Yes it can be done,
ANGER. This is the final stage that takes some work getting through but it also means that soon you’ll be back to your old self again. Self-loathing can be caused when a woman blames herself of not telling him to "Stop Smoking." But I did, many times. He tried his best, but to no avail. Angry with trials and challenges that will lead you to get angry with people around you even if they did not do any harm to you. You just feel like getting angry to something or anything or to someone that has no reason at all.

ACCEPTANCE. You’ll know you have reached acceptance when:

* You enjoy being around with people and could care less whatever they say about you;
* You realize that you do not need a partner in order to live your life and enjoy it;
* You rarely speak about him;
* You no longer cry over your favorite song together, it simply just another song;
* You look forward to meeting new friends; (eligible men, please?)
* And when alone, you no longer want to have conversations about his memory.

I believe, everything in life has a purpose. All that is happening in our life, God has a purpose. For whatever it will be, let HIS WILL BE DONE. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Is Basic Education Really Free?

Basic education refers to studies done in Kindergarten up to Grade X or fourth year high school. In the public schools, pupils studying in the elementary and high schools are absolutely free of whatever charges, the Department of Education (DepEd) always announces this matter at the time of enrollment. DepEd also answers "basic education" is free whenever and wherever the question of school fees is asked. This free elementary and secondary education is mandated by the basic education act.
However, is basic education in the Philippines actually free? Yes and No. No, because just during the recent enrollment for the School Year 2006-2007, complaints were received and aired over the airlanes against public school staff who refused to enroll pupils and students who cannot pay the admission fee.
This admission fee consist of authorized voluntary contributions, such as, for the Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Red Cross, Anti–TB, Sustaining Membership (for what association?), school paper among others. There are also the security guard fee, electricity and donation. A child is asked to pay partially before he is enrolled in a class.
Still NO because, public schools has inadequate facilities for learning thereby producing functional illiterates (9.2 million). There are congested classrooms and inadequate textbooks. Teachers ask students to buy books or xerox it in the pretension of a project. In some public schools, graduates are of low quality because of inferior teaching facilities.
In the private schools, parents and students pay for the quality of education that school provides. In cases where tuition fees and other charges are not equal for what is paid for, parents can transfer their children to other schools of their choice. But how many percent of the Filipino families can afford private basic education?
For one thing, there are some reports where schools, public or private, compel the pupils and students to pay for school paper when no paper was ever published. Boy Scout or Girl Scout contribution when there is neither boy scout nor girl scout in school.
Moreover, the number of school days in a school year is diminished by the following activities: 1. barangay and town fiestas, 2. athletic meets, 3. official public holidays, 4. declared public holidays, 5. typhoons, 6. teachers’ meeting and official travels, and 7. other causes like sick leave.
Actually, there is no free basic education and DepEd must accept this. In order to erase the false belief of the parents of free basic education, DepEd must inform the people what it can provide like books, classroom and teachers. Tell the parents to provide other needs in the teaching learning process. This will enable the community to recognize and thank who provides what.
Observations were given that some schools do not render report regarding the school contributions. Are the contributions just enough? Is there any surplus for the incoming school year? If inadequate, who paid for the shortage?
Those responsible personnel for the collections of contributions of parents and other benefactors must religiously account for all the collections. At the end of the school year, a brief but comprehensive report must be given where did the contributions go. This matter of accounting will encourage more donations, foster trust and confidence, and proper acknowledgement and recognition can be given to all concerned. /MP

Brownman Revival Reggaes Food Fest

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Get on your feet and feel the heat as the local reggae underground band Brownman Revival conquers Kalibo on June 23.
The show is part of the Kalibo Food Festival Year 11 organized by the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Tourism Council (KATC), the local government of Kalibo and a beer corporation to coincide with the celebration of the feast of St. John the Baptist.
The food festival runs from June 19 to June 23 at S. Martelino Street fronting the Kalibo Pastrana Park. The event will showcase the best Aklanon cuisine and specialties from member-KATC restaurants.
The band has received nominations in the 2005 SOP Music Awards and NU Rock Awards for Song of the Year and Album of the Year for their hit single "Maling Akala" from Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Their debut CD ‘Steady Lang" also features reggae remakes of Binibini of the Rainmakers and Ikaw Lang ang Aking Mahal by VST and Co.
Voted as the Best Reggae Artist of the Year in the 2nd Annual Philippine R & B and Hip-Hop Awards, the group is composed of Victor Saplala on guitar, Paul Tadeo on sax, Mike Cruz on keyboard, Robert Martinez on bass, Ambet Abundo on trumpet, Dennis Concepcion on drums, Vince Chacon on percussion, Dino Concepcion on vocals and Jayson Cuevas on trombone.
The band, founded in 1995, is an active member of the Musicians for Peace advocating peace in Mindanao and whose reggae music is influenced by UB40 and Big Mountain.

Melgarejo To Boarding Houses Owners: Comply Building and Fire Safety Code
"Most boarding houses we inspected violated the Fire Code of the Philippines. Some owners tried to cover up their violations and went as far as claiming that the students renting their rooms are their relatives," Melgarejo declared.
Under the law, BFP could recommend the closure of any establishment or boarding house violating the law on fire safety.
SFO4 Darius Melgarejo of the Bureau of Fire Protection’s (BFP-Aklan) appealed to boarding house owners to comply with the building and fire code, or face closure.
Of particular concern to the task force are boarding houses located in densely populated areas.
A task force on fire safety vowed to intensify its inspection activities to assess the compliance of boarding houses in Kalibo on fire safety standards.
Among the common violations of boarding houses, the task force observed, are substandard electrical wirings, cramped rented rooms, inadequate bathrooms and water facilities, revealed Melgarejo.
He said, BFP-Aklan led by Chief Insp. Dennis Daymon regularly checks boarding houses and student occupants especially on C. Laserna area, at the back of Gaisano Mall Kalibo and Brgy. Estancia; and those in the vicinity of colleges and high schools.
"We can prevent disasters from happening in boarding houses with no adequate fire exits and safety devices. Student boarders just have to report to us the violations of the owners of their boarding houses," Melgarejo stressed.
For his part, Mayor Raymar Rebaldo also ordered an inter-agency task force composed of the Municipal Health Office, Municipal Planning and Development Office, Municipal Engineers Office, BFP and the Kalibo PNP to conduct massive inspections on establishments and boarding houses in Kalibo to determine compliance to existing municipal regulations. /MP

Numancia MAFC Elects Officers

In order to encourage people participation and empowerment in agriculture and fishery development, a National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC) is organized. This is replicated in the regions as Regional Agricultural and Fishery Council, in the provinces as Provincial Agricultural and Fishery Council and in the municipalities as Municipal Agricultural and Fishery Council (MAFC).
These councils in the national, provincial and municipal levels aim to: 1. Provide for a consultative and continuing discussions within the agriculture and fishery sectors of the economy; 2. Act as an integrative and coordinating bodies for agriculture and fisheries modernization; 3. Serve as advisory, monitoring and evaluating body; 4. Link the Department of Agriculture (DA) and its attached agencies with the LGUs, business sectors and civil society; and 5. Help ensure the success of the programs and activities of DA and its attached agencies.
During its meeting held at the Numancia Municipal Hall, Numancia on June 14, MAFC Numancia elected the following officers: Chairman – Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente; Vice Chairman (private sector) – Racel I. Gomez; Vice Chairman (gov’t. sector) – Brenda G. Marte; Secretary – Mutya P. Hechanova; Treasurer – Teresa Mutya R. Buyoc; Auditor – Anthony Cordova; and Public Relations Officer – Wilfredo Armenio. The term of office of the newly elected officers will start on July 1, 2006 until June 30, 2008, or a term of two years. During the said meeting, sectoral chairman for food crops, commercial crops, agricultural mechanization and poultry and swine were also elected,
The incumbent officers whose term of office is until June 30, 2006 are Herminigildo T. Villanueva – Chairman; Celedonio U. Fajardo and Brenda G. Marte – Vice chairmen, Teresa Mutya R. Buyoc – Treasurer; Mutya P. Hechanova – Secretary; Pedro R. Bustamante – Auditor and Dr. Florencia F. Villorente – Public Relations Officer. /MP



Six Aklan Kalahi Farmer Center-Technical Working Group (KFC-TWG) members were honored due for their various contributions in sustaining the importance of the Center and for convergence towards rural development mainly on productivity and increase income of its beneficiaries during the KFC Annual Assessment in Baguio City last May 29-June 1, 2006.
The members who received the awards are Lourdes Dea Pelayo (DAR), Danilo Hing (LGU-Makato), Godofredo Isedenia (PPDO), Evangelista Peruel (DA-6), Gely Maypa (LGU-Banga) and Roy Cichon (LBP). The honorees were chosen in their respective area of contributions for the successful operation of the Center and its implementation to target beneficiaries. They were also selected on the basis of their active participation and support in project proposal appraisal and formulation, demonstrated capacity in counter parting, resource mobilization, networking and coordination, support and participation in project implementation, monitoring and problem solving analysis.
In the said activity, Makato Mayor Ramon Legaspi, Jr. was also recognized for his invaluable support and financial assistance to the programs and projects of the Center which saw the intervention brought in the Agbalogo Expansion ARC.
Two Center operations executives were also honored during the rites for their continuous display of effective and efficient operation of the Center. Dr. Ana Mae Relingo of ASU Banga, Aklan and PARO I Numeriano Cordova, Jr. of DAR-Aklan received recognition from the awards body. /MP


Members of the Aklan KFC-Technical Working Group (KFC-TWG) attended a three day Kalahi Farmers Center annual assessment on May 30 to June 1, 2006 at Martin’s Apartelle, Baguio City. They presented status and accomplishments of the Center during the annual assessment.
The three day assessment aimed to determine the status of the implementation of the KFC Provincial Strategic Development Plans and Projects (SDP) supported by KFC partner agencies as basis for examining the gains, concerns and raising recommendations; present the insights and reflections on effective and sustainable partnership by outstanding KFC members; draw an action plan based on the concerns and recommendations from the assessment of SDP’s status and other projects provided; supply opportunities for participants to interact with various field stakeholders involved in enterprise development and sustainability and confer recognition to outstanding KFC members.
Another activity highlighted was an on-site visit and interaction of an Agrarian Reform Community (ARC) with proven track record on sustainability of on-farm project. A study visit at Benguet State University to familiarize the role of state universities in enterprise development for income and employment generation was also done.
PARO I Numeriano Cordova presented the Aklan KFC accomplishments, projects and programs based on SDP’s; Dr. Ana Mae Relingo, Center Manager, shared the strategies for sustenance and the lessons learned and experiences for Center operation. TWG members Danilo Hing and Evangelista Peruel shared impressions and reflections on effective and sustainable partnership to fellow participants who came from the provinces of Agusan del Sur, Misamis Occidental, Surigao del Norte, Bohol and Samar.
Panelists to the assessment were Programme Director Edgar Guardian, National Experts Luz Ani, Alberto Aduna and Vic Jurlano. DAR Regional Director Alexis Arsenal also attended the national assessment.
The assessment was facilitated by the Philippine-Australia Technical Support to Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (PATSARRD), one of the foreign assistance projects of DAR. /MP

Ro Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Isla Del Mar

Maila – on magbasa it komiks nga pantasya si Marly. Malipayon guid imaw pagkatapos it pagbasa. Guina paino ino abi nana nga imaw rong bida nga prinsesa, o bidang babaye tuead ni Darna, Wonder Woman, Volta o mga babayeng bida sa pantasyang komiks. Maskin indi imaw makabakae it pamahaw sa anang baeon basta may ibakae eamang it komiks.
Isaeang hapon it Sabado, samtang nagasandig imaw sa samad nga baroto sa may baybayon nga naga – atubang sa isaeang maeayo nga isla, nahakatoeogan imaw tongod sa maeamig nga huyop it hangin.
Naga amat-amat eon nga naga katunod rong adlaw ogaling ro kahayag sa Isla Del Mar, owa nagabalhin guihapon. Matsa isaeang ka gwapahon nga ada nga naga enganyo sa mga naga aging sakayang – dagat agod maghapit. Maangan-angan, matsa guinhakwat imaw ag idto imaw guindaea sa baybayon it isaeang ka isla. May nagsueang – sueang kana. Mga kababayenhan nga sari – saring kolor ro andang biste. May mabahoe nga payong ag isaeang guinpunihan nga pueongkuan ro nagahueat kana kun siin sumakay imaw paagi sa paghakwat it ap-at ka tawo kana. Ro mga tawo sa binit it daeanon hay naga hugyaw sa anang pag-agui ag ro andang guin abutan.
"Mayad-ayad nga pag-abot sa "Isla Delmar", singgit it mga tawo. May isaeang ka onga nga babaye rong nagpaeapit kay Marly nga may daeang butong it niyog, bilang pag-abi-abi. May iba man nga nag haead it kulentas nga bueak.
Nagtikang imaw pasueod it palasyo. Puro bueak ro anang guina tapakan. Naga kinang rong tanan nga mga kubyertos, siya ag lamesa. Pagkatapos nanda it kaon, guinpasyar imaw sa palibot it palasyo. Hakita nana nga bugana rong isla, malimpyo ag malipayon ro mga pomoeoyo ag mahugod tanan nga nagatrabaho ro kada isaea.
Sa owa magbuhay, maangan-angan hay may nagdungka nga isaeang ka barko. Nanaog ro mga tripulante nga daea ro andang mga kargamento. Sari-saring makinarya rong guin papanaog. Nagpaugdok it isaeang ka mabahoe nga pabrika sa isla.
Kada adlaw, iba-ibang tawo ro naga inabot. Hasta nag-abo eon rong nagastos sa Isla.
Tongod guinadayo rong isla, amat – amat nga guinatamaran rong mga tawo nga mag-adto sa eawod agud mangisda. Bukon eamang it maeagko nga baeay ro guinapatindog kundi mga baeay bakasyonan ag mga sari-saring baealigya-an it pagkaon.
Rong isla, suno sa mga dumaan nga mga tumandok hay naga tungtong eamang sa isaeang ka bato. Guina hambae man nga maabot rong tiempo nga kon magbug-at rong isla, maduea raya sa mapa. Owa magpati ro mga tawo. Sige sige ro andang pagbinaligya it eogta sa isla. Tanan eon rong mga eogta hay dumaeayo eon rong nagapanag-iya. Sanda ro nagamando kon pila rong presyo it mga baeakeonon ag pagpasueod sa Isla. Napilitan man nga mag pa-olipon ro dating may tag-ana it eogta bangod ubos eon it baligya ro andang mga eogta sa mga estranghero. Agud mabuhi, naga pasueogo-on lang sanda.
Umabot rong tiempo nga nagbug-at it abu rong Isla. May nagtuhaw nga mabaskog nga linog. Nagkagiltak ro mga bukid ag datag. Naglikya rong Isla paglinog ag tongod sa kabug-at, owa eon makabalik sa dating posisyon. Sumeod rong tubi sa mga kabaeayan. Sinue–ob pati ro mga maeagkong baeay-bakasyunan. Inanod ro mga maintok nga baeay paadto sa dagat. Sa pagdaeom it tubi, nabatyagan ni Marly nga imaw man hay inanod. Pagbugtaw nana, madaeom eon ro ta-ob sa anang guinasandigan nga samad nga baroto. Dali – dali imaw it tindog. Sa anang pagtan-aw sa dagat, una pa rong Isla, ro guinahandum nana nga Isla Del Mar nga bu ot adtonan. Nagakangay nga anang bisitahan agod tukibon rong misteryo nga nakaputos kara. /MP

P1- M As Pot Money For The Pacman of Panay

By Alex P. Vidal

If plans come true, Panay Island which is composed of the provinces of Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, and Antique in Western Visayas could be the first island in the Visayas to produce the next "Manny Pacman" or Manny Pacquiao outside Metro Manila next year.
This became apparent after a group identified with the Johnny Elorde Management International has proposed to hold the first "Manny Pacman of Panay" boxing promotion tentatively in the third quarter this year here in Iloilo City.
Mario "Marlon" Lumacad, Jr., son of professional boxing trainer Mario, Sr. and manager of the Elorde Boxing at the Skyline Fitness Center, Iloilo City, said the promotion will be patterned after the "The Contender", a professional boxing TV show in the United States hosted by former world champion Sugar Ray Leonard and actor Silvestre Stallone.
According to Lumacad, all the 42 municipalities of Iloilo province and Passi City will be asked to field a "contender" to participate in the tournament which will last for several weeks.
The champion will collect the P1 million pot money which the promoter plans to solicit from Pacquiao himself aside from the P1 million from the private sponsors.
"Since the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) will open an extension office in Iloilo, we might as well take advantage of the presence of the office where our local trainers, timekeepers, referees and judges can directly apply for licenses. There will be no need for them to go to Cebu or Manila," explained the 50-year-old Lumacad.
He said the project will be finalized after his meeting this week with Iloilo Governor Niel D. Tupas, Sr.
Meanwhile, Elorde, son of the legendary former world champion Gabriel "Flash", has put up a boxing gym at the back of the Jaro Cathedral in Jaro district in tandem with The Winner’s Gym owned by bodybuilding superstar Erwin Tiongson.
The facility, Lumacad said, is complete with boxing equipment such as cylindrical bags, teardrop punching bags, padded wall, double end balls, speedballs, and official boxing ring. He said Elorde hired three local trainers—Ruben Grecia, Jenniper Quintao, and Moises Junio to attend to the aspiring professional boxers. His father Mario, Sr. will upgrade the training once in a while.
"Johnny (Elorde) has spent more or less P200,000 for the boxing facility which he initially thought of opening for the public for physical fitness, and not for competition," Lumacad said. /MP


Philippine Independence Day
Celebration in Kalibo, "Peaceful"

Despite the political turmoil gripping in Metro Manila, a successful and peaceful celebration of the 108th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Philippine Independence was held last Monday, June 12, 2006, at the Kalibo Pastrana Park. Kalibo Mayor Raymar R. Rebaldo, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Provincial Administrator Atty. Diego M. Luces led in the celebration. Government employees, heads of offices and divisions of the Municipality of Kalibo, personnel of the Kalibo Police Station, Bureau of Fire Protection, DepEd Kalibo, and service organizations like the Philippine Air Force Reservists Association Aklan, Chapter and the Kalibo veterans organization attended the celebration.
One of the landmark events during the celebration was the very first bloodletting activity done by LGU-Kalibo’s Rural Health Unit. Dr. Jocelyn Garcia in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross Aklan Chapter supervised the bloodletting.
The celebration of 108th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Philippine Independence in the Municipality of Kalibo is considered as one of the most important activities lined up for the busy month of June. /MP
Former Kalibo Police Chief, Receives Due Honor
Police Retired Captain, Rodrigo Cipriano, Sr. was honored and recognized through a fitting necrological service held at the 2nd Floor of the Capt. Gil Mijares Building on 14 June 2006. His former peers and colleagues, family friends and the elected officials and heads of offices and divisions of the Municipality of Kalibo led by Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo attended the necro.
Retired Captain Rodrigo Cipriano, Sr. had served as a Detective Lieutenant from 1960 to 1975, a Police Lieutenant from 1976 to 1980 and the Chief of Police of Kalibo from 1980 to 1983. He graduated with the degree Bachelor of Law in 1985. He served as Elementary School teacher before he entered into Law Enforcement.
He died at the age of 83 leaving behind him his wife Vionela Cipriano and two sons Edwin Cipriano and Rodrigo Cipriano, Jr., and daughters Elenita Cipriano – Francisco and Myrna Cipriano – Equina.
The necrological service was highlighted with eulogies from Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, retired PC-INP Colonel Ernesto Hilario, retired PC-INP Major Paquito Saratiosa, Police Chief Inspector Arnold P. Ardiente, and Police Inspector Dioscoro Tolentino. The ceremony was made solemn with the music of St. Paul Music Ministry. /MP


Dallas Mavericks Leads NBA Final

After three games, Dallas Mavericks leads 2 – 1 after Miami Heat buried the Mavericks on the third game, 98 - 96 in Miami on June 14. Nowitzki could have equalized the score to 97 all but he missed his final free throw.
The Heat was fouled with 1.7 seconds remaining of regulation time. Miami split the two free throws at 98 – 96. Dallas sued for time out with only 1 second remaining. But it failed to score in the final buzzer.
The first two games were played in Dallas, Texas where the Mavericks toppled Miami Heat to scores 90 – 80 in the first game and 102 – 94 in the second game.
Maverick was a Texas rancher who did not brand his cattle. It also refers to an unbranded animal, especially a strayed calf. /MP

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

EDITORIAL - June 10, 2006

GMA does not refer to Global Media Arts. It pertains to Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo who has tantrums. According to the dictionary, tantrum is a violent, willful outburst of annoyance, rage and others. Tantrum is a childish fit of bad temper.

GMA’s latest tantrum was two weeks ago when she cut short Ms. Fe Hidalgo while giving her report during a cabinet meeting in Malacañang. Ms. Hidalgo is the Undersecretary and OIC of the Department of Education. She was reporting about the state of the DepEd school buildings in the Philippines. GMA did not believe that there is a shortage of school rooms in the country. Ms. Arroyo cut her short in the presence of the cabinet members and the media. She claimed "there is no school room shortages" for at the rate of 100 pupils per room for two shifts a day the ratio will be 50 pupils per one room".
Ms. Fe Hidalgo suffered public humiliation after the tantrum of GMA. But did GMA earned public credibility and respect by her manipulation of schools statistics?
Another tantrum is the stand of Malacañang to remain unrepentant even if the Supreme Court of the Philippines has ruled and "denied with finality" a motion for reconsideration a "ruling declaring as unconstitutional the arrest of protesters, the forcible breakup of rallies and the raid on a newspaper offices carried out by the security forces in line with GMA’s declaration of a state of national emergency" in February 2006. According to Secretary Ignacio Bunye, "we respect the decision of the Supreme Court, but maintain that the action taken at that time were warranted." This statement just tends to show Malacañang believes it thinks right while the Supreme Court thinks otherwise.
The Supreme Court ruled that Presidential Proclamation No. 1017 is in order. It also ruled that the implementation of the said order was unconstitutional. The motion for reconsideration was filed by Solicitor General Antonio Nachura which according to the Supreme Court "has no substantial arguments presented to warrant the reversal of the questioned decision".
Another tantrum was the "Hello Garci" tape. GMA said, "I am sorry" but did not reveal what and with whom she is sorry.
GMA’s desire to abolish the death penalty law maybe interpreted as pro life and pro culprits but anti - victims. In her presidency since January 2001, nobody was hang despite of thousands lined in the death row. Last month, she signed an urgent bill to abolish the death penalty law. Her proposal was approved in record time for at 3:00 in the afternoon, June 6, it was approved in the Senate.
In the House of Representative, 119 voted yes, 20 voted no and one abstained during the voting on Tuesday evening of June 6, 2006. /MP

The Exodus To Tibyog

Where Will Brothers Fuentes Go?

Will there be an election? According to the 1987 Philippines Constitution, there must be a senatorial and local elections in May 2007. However, if the Philippines Constitution is amended, the said election may either be postponed or cancelled.
Nevertheless, local politicians are realigning themselves with local political party that had the highest probability to win in the forthcoming election in 2007. It is like "osmosis" which is the tendency of a solvent to pass through a semi permeable membrane, as the wall of a living cell from a less concentrated solution to a higher concentration. And hence, the exodus to Tibyog. Perhaps, Tibyog is the strongest "political solution" in Aklan today.
According to Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino, one of Tibyog top guns, former Libacao Mayor Gerardito A. Villorente with incumbent members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Banga: Hon. Vicente Seraspi, Hon. Noel Redison and Hon. Jose Rata were accepted as members of Tibyog. Their memberships were confirmed last week by Tibyog group headed by Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores, Atty Maria C. Zaldivar, Ms. Jean Rodriguez, Hon. Jose Yap and Hon. Pedro Garcia and Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino.
Earlier, Mayor Edmund Peralta was re-admitted to Tibyog as member. Mayor Peralta was re- elected Mayor of New Washington in the 2004 election with KUSOG. In the case of Hon. Redison and Hon. Rata of Banga, they were with mayoralty candidate Piere Teodosio.
Banga politics is one of the puzzling cases. Where will Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes and his brother SP member Hon. Stevens N. Fuentes go? Base upon the talks in Banga, Governor Carlito S. Marquez has already formed his mayoralty team with seven probable candidates for SB members. The 8th member is reserved. This mayoralty slate is just waiting of the blessing of Tibyog leadership once the May 2007 election is pushed through.
And here is the composition of the mayoralty team with the blessing of Governor Marquez, as per good report.
For Mayor – Teddy Tupas, for Vice Mayor – Wilfredo Besana; and for SB members are Noel Redison, Jose Rata, Vicente Seraspi, Rodulfo Sta. Maria,Carena Lao, Danilo Abayon and Catalina Andrade.
Should Mayor Jeremy N. Fuentes ran for re-election in 2007, who will be his Vice Mayor? Who will be the members of his team for SB members? Hon. Arturo R. Teodosio has fully served his three (3) successive terms and therefore not qualified for reelection.
Those successful members of his team for SB in 2004 and those who were not had already joined the Tupas-Besana team.
Of course Banga has thousands of bright people from where the Fuentes brothers can select from to join their cause. But where will Hon. Stevens N. Fuentes go? It is a common knowledge that he is the big leader of the Liberal Party in Aklan. Will the Liberals opt to continue the coalition with Tibyog? If yes, will he run for re-election as SP member? However, report says Fuentes and Marquez have different political perspective. Will they forget their differences and campaign together for common victory?
In line with the preparation of the 23rd Council Jamborette and the Golden Anniversary of Boy Scouting in Aklan, the Camp Development Committee members chaired by Engr. Victory M. Fernandez went to Altavas last Tuesday , June 6 to meet with the municipal committee and visit the campsite. This Jamborette will be held in the Altavas National High School on the last week of October 2006 with LGU Altavas as host. The meeting was jointly presided by Mayor Denny Refol and Engr. Victory M. Fernandez. With Engr. Fernandez from Kalibo were Engr. Edwin Tumbokon of DPWH, Mr. Ernesto Melgarejo, Ms. Leila Pamatian and Jolly Cabangon of the BSP, Aklan Council. I was present too.
The agenda discussed were the responsibilities of LGU – Altavas and BSP Aklan Council during the celebration, Camp development, building and ground facilities, security and utilities like water, light and programs among others. The preparations being made are provisions well enough for some 1,200 scouts and scouters for 5-7 days jamborette. While potable water has been a problem in Altavas for years, Mayor Refol assured, "Altavas will have sufficient sanitary water before the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Aklan BSP."
According to Mayor Refol, a water purifier will arrive Altavas from Australia in one to two months time. This will yield potable water enough for the needs of the boy scouts. Refol also revealed his P40 million loan for water system development project in Altavas. The money will come from the National Poverty Alleviation Council. Another P30 million from the same source will be used to fund the water system projects of Libacao and Madalag. /MP

Give Kalibo Traffic Code A Chance Appeals Kalibo Traffic Head

By Boy Ryan Zabal

The Head of the Transport and Traffic Management Unit (TTMU) is appealing to commuters and tricycle drivers to give the controversial Municipal Traffic Code a chance ‘to prove its worth’.
TTMU head Mary Gay Quimpo stressed, "her group is reaching out to tricycle drivers and operators to address their complaints on the traffic re-routing scheme and ‘out of line’ scheme as embodied in Municipal Ordinance No. 2005-044."
"Let’s give this Traffic Code a chance because we are definitely putting a better system of traffic control and management to decongest traffic in Kalibo and provide convenience to the riding public," she said.
TTMU, which is responsible for the planning, monitoring and enforcement of traffic laws and regulations, suspended the implementation of the re-routing scheme last May after tricycle drivers complained of a decrease in the driver’s earnings due to limited access to major municipal streets in the town of Kalibo.
Quimpo said, they are keen to enforce the ‘out of line’ scheme by assigning more traffic enforcers through SPO1 Ruel Matorres and the Municipal Auxiliary Police (MAP) near the boundary of Kalibo to monitor tricycle drivers from neighboring towns of Banga and New Washington entering this town to unload and load passengers.
Tricycle drivers violating the "out of line" scheme will be fined P1,000. The public utility vehicles like buses, jeepneys, Filcab vans and multicabs, which are not covered by the scheme since they have franchises granted by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board VI.
Quimpo further clarified the TTMU is allowing tricycle operators and drivers to enter the streets of Kalibo on emergency basis and during the transport of perishable agricultural crops from other towns.
"We are considering this scenario to allow tricycle operators from other towns to unload their family members going to work or to school," Quimpo added.
Local officials of Banga and New Washington also mulled to pursue plans for a joint session with the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo to discuss the municipal ordinance and find ways to allow their tricycles to park in designated terminals inside Kalibo.
May 2 was the scheduled full implementation of the ordinance, but this was temporarily shelved to allow the tricycle associations to comply with the color scheme specified in the ordinance.
The Office of the Mayor, Kalibo started the rerouting "dry run" of tricycles on April 1, 2006 despite the inconvenience of the re-routing scheme to tricycle drivers from 16 barangays who were allowed to enter only in designated routes.
Caticlan Port To Boost Local Tourism
The construction of the Caticlan Port in Caticlan, Malay, Aklan by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) will provide the much-needed boost to local tourism and economic development in the island of Panay, according to Governor Carlito S. Marquez.
The P59M port, an ideal jump-off point to Boracay Island, seeks to offer the much-needed impetus to economic development through the promotion of tourism and support to tourism-related industries.
According to Aklan Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the PPA and Aklan to manage the port operations for at least five years would benefit the tourism stakeholders in the island of Boracay and its neighboring towns.
"The newly constructed port adjacent to the existing Caticlan jetty port and terminal, one of the major economic enterprises of the province, would enhance port services and facilities to world class standards and would allow a cheaper alternative to entrepreneurs for inter-island travel," Tolentino added.
The construction involves a reinforced concrete pier, a permanent RORO ramp, reclamation work with stair landings, construction of breasting dolphins and the provision of lighting system aside from improvements such as construction of a temporary Roll-on/Roll-off facility for the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. /MP

2 Iloilo Teeners Seek to Terrorize ‘Middle’ Class

By Alex P. Vidal

The farthest that a Filipino boxer can reach in the professional weight category in the Philippines today is only superwelterweight or junior middleweight (Rey Pelonia is the reigning champion), but two wet-behind-the-ear professional boxing aspirants from Leganes, Iloilo are determined to compel the Games and Amusement Board (GAB) boxing ratings office to install a regular middleweight division when they get their licenses to trade mitts for a living soon.
Goldween Japitana, 17, of Brgy. Guinubatan, Leganes, and Carl Anthony Sotillo, 18, of Brgy. Camangay, Leganes, both handled by local Muai Thai impresario Arnold Tinagan, have expressed willingness to fight as prizefighters. They are only waiting for the GAB extension office in Iloilo to open so they can apply for professional license.
Japitana, standing 5 feet and 11 inches, and Sotillo, 5’9", both weighing 71 kg or junior middleweight (also lightmiddleweight), have already appeared in more than a dozen local amateur fights." "They are already 100 percent fit and ready to invade the professional rank," declared Tinagan, a former kickboxing champion, who owns a martial arts club in the second floor of the Robinsons Mall, Iloilo City.
Tinagan, whose protégés include SEA Games gold medalist and 2004 World Cup wushu gold medalist Rene Catalan, predicted that Japitana, son of poor parents, will go far in his professional boxing career.
"Japitana has the attitude and probably the power of (former Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation welterweight champion) Rev Santillan," said Tinagan who vowed to become an active boxing manager if his wards will show some signs of being world class potentials.
He described Sotillo as "the smaller version of (former heavyweight champion) Sony Liston" because of his muscles and knockout power.
"Both of them are unbeatable in the amateur ranks. They told me they are now willing to follow the footsteps of Manny Pacquiao," he said.
Japitana and Sotilla said even if they have not yet entered the professional rank, they have already made it a habit to jog every morning from Leganes to Iloilo City (distance of 11 kilometers) and in the afternoon when they go home.
Tinagan said the two young pugilists may even breach their present weight category as they are still young and growing up.
He cited the case of Pacquiao who started as a flyweight when he turned professional in 1995 as a 16-year-old simonpure. The vendor-turned-millionaire "people’s champion" from General Santos City ballooned to featherweight and is now a junior lightweight at 27.
If Japitana and Sotilla will pass their acid test as six rounders, Tinagan said he will open a big stable of professional boxing in Iloilo City.
But they have to hurdle first their "biggest" test: to look for sponsors for their medical examinations, including their CT scan (to cost from P3,000 to P5,000 each), which are requirements to have GAB professional license. /MP

Practice Profession Outside Office Hours A Motivation To Stay

The physicians will be allowed to practice their profession outside after rendering their daily 8-hour duty at the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital (DRSTMH). This is one of the privileges the provincial government under Gov. Carlito S. Marquez will offer to doctors who opt to stay and work at the provincial hospital.
Gov. Marquez revealed this in response to a question posed during his monthly press conference. The press con was held in the guest house last week.
Marquez admitted the hospital lacks physicians and equipment. The emergency room and the laboratory room are yet to be completed. He has given the contractor until June 11 to fully finish the hospital project. "If they cannot finish the project on that date, sanction will be imposed," Marquez stressed.
"The hospital needs around 9 doctors more, 25 nurses and additional pharmacists," said Gov. Marquez.
Asked if he would heed the "Buy Filipino" provision in the 2006 budget in the purchase of equipment and supplies for the hospital, he said the necessary equipment, like CT scans, are not yet manufactured by local producers. However, he assured that the province will get the equipment and supplies from a local suppliers in the country.
Other matters taken up by the governor during his interaction with the Aklan media included the One Entry-One Exit scheme and the collection of environmental fee in Boracay Island, the status of the water system in Boracay island, issues concerning the management and operation of the Aklan Rehabilitation Center, current operation of the DRSTMH, the operation of the Aklan Comprehensive Center for Women (ACCW) and the continuous scouting of the province for a provincial landfill to solve Aklan’s garbage problem.
For all these, Gov. Marquez emphasized that "the success of any venture depends on the cooperation of everyone who must contribute to a cooperative effort." (PIA/vgvillanueva)

Clear Out and Have The Ramps for Disabled Persons

Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, in his effort of empowering Kalibonhons who considered as People With Disabilities (PWDs) and by the authority under Republic Act 7277 or the Magna Carta for People With Disabilities have called on all business establishments and offices both of the government and private enterprises to clear out and have the ramps specifically made for the disabled available at all times. Rebaldo also asked that all privileges and rights the people with disabilities rightly have must be given them.
With 8 million persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines, the Local Government of Kalibo recognized their rights. The continued support of the local government is seen as a critical factor to bring normalcy into the lives of our physically challenged constituents.
The Municipality of Kalibo is currently in partnership with the Breaking Barriers for Children (BBC) and the Katipunan ng May Kapansanan sa Pilipinas Incorporated (KAMPI) in the operation and maintenance of the Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) for children with disabilities in the attempt of empowering them and getting them ready to venture into the real world fully capable and proud as a person and not as a physically challenged individual. /MP

Aparicio ARB Aklan’s Coop Most Progressive Organization In Reg. VI

On the occasion of the 18th year anniversary of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program, this month of June, the Department of Agrarian Reform in Region VI conferred the "Most Progressive Agrarian Reform Beneficiary (ARB) Organization to the Aparicio ARB Multipurpose Cooperative" of Ibajay, Aklan. The award ceremony was held last June 4, 2006 at the Grand Hotel in Iloilo City.
The Regional Screening Committee announced that of the three provincial nominees, the Aparicio ARB Multipurpose Cooperative bested the rest thus it was recognized for its role as a driving force in the transformation of its members from farmers to entrepreneurs and leaders that are responsive to the needs of the community.
Hon. Eligene E. Tayco, BOD chairperson and Barangay Chairperson accepted the award for his coop. He underscored the contributions made by DAR-Aklan led by Atty. Daniel Y. Martelino in assisting the cooperative in its transformation and empowerment.
The Aparicio ARB MPC was organized in 1997. It has a total of 206 members with a capital build up of P240,342.00 and savings mobilization of P53,967.00. The cooperative is currently engaged in micro finance operation, consumer store, lending, copra trading and rice trading. In an evaluation conducted by DAR-Aklan among its assisted cooperatives the Aparicio ARB MPC scored an organizational maturity rating of 95.63. It scored 100 percent for resource management and 100 percent for social enterprise operations. /MP

Forging A Lasting Peace In Region 6

"In pursuit of Just and Lasting Peace: Regional Forum on the Comprehensive Peace Process, is a fitting theme of a forum attended by over a hundred participants from the local government units, national government agencies, service organizations and religious sectors. The forum was sponsored by the Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process (OPAPP) held at the 5th Floor of the New Capitol Building of the Province of Iloilo on May 29, 2006. The Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Sec. Jesus Dureza, and the Presidential Adviser for Western Visayas, Sec. Rafael Coscolluela presided over the event.
The regional forum was OPAPP’s effort to revitalize the stalled peace negotiations with the CPP-NPA-NDFP so that the grass roots the very stake holders and empowered communities will give the local governments capability to respond and initiate peace negotiations in the local level.
The forum also served as an information bed for OPAPP to bring relevant news and information of the activities of the agency like the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRHL) and the status of the comprehensive peace process with the different groups like the Rebolusyonaryong Partidong Manggagawa ng Pilipinas – Revolutionary Proletarian Army-Alex Boncayao Brigade (RPM-RPA-ABB), the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the Rebolusyonaryong Partidong Manggagawa ng Mindanao (RPMM), and the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front Party (CPP-NPA-NDFP). /MP

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

EDITORIAL - June 3, 2006

The Absentee Congressman

Absentism is one of the problems of both public and private offices. Personnel go to work for certain motivation. Therefore, government bureaucracy and private firms search for what motivation to offer to officers and employees so that maximum production will be attained.
In his hierarchy of needs, Maslou pointed to the proper motivation as one that will respond to the person’s needs. Maslou illustrated man’s hierarchy of needs in the form of a pyramid, the first of which is basic like food, clothing, shelter and even sex. Once the basic needs are attained, the next hierarchy is security like tenure of employment and security of income. So government personnel strive to pass civil service tests to have a permanent appointment, insurance with the GSIS. In case of private office, with the S.S.S. and Philhealth. Some even purchase private insurance policies and pre-need plans.
After the security need is fulfilled, follows the acceptance need. So the man seeks memberships to some organizations. After which, recognition follows such as outstanding graduate of a college, outstanding employees. The top of the pyramid is fulfillment. Once a man reaches that stage, then he is fulfilled. He can die as a fulfilled person.
This week, the leadership of the House of Representatives complained of miserable performance in their chamber because of rampant absentism of the members in the halls of congress. For the period July 26, 2004 to July 7, 2005, records of absences of the members released were led by the top five who are:
Rep Carlos Cojuangco – Negros Occidental – 39 absences
Rep. Carlos Imperial – Albay – 38 absences
Rep. Gilbert Teodoro – Tarlac – 31 absences
Rep. Eleuterio Violago – Nueva Ecija – 28 absences
Rep. Nereus Acosta – Bukidnon – 24 absences
In view of this absentism, several proposals were made to compel members to attend the session regularly. Majority Leader Prospero Nograles came out with “No Work, No Pay and Pork.” The proposed penalties for absenting from the session ranges from P3,000 to P10,000 per session and the reduction of pork barrel allocations.
“But cash penalties” according to Congressman Butch Aquino “is nothing especially to the super rich members of the house”. “You have sought this position of Congressman, and there is job description of being a congressman. You were elected by your people to be a congressman and you better work like a congressman”, Nograles told those absentee congressmen. . .
The best motivation for the leadership of congress to do to compel all members to attend sessions regularly is to report to their respective constituency the attendance of each member of congress at the end of every month. This can be done through the media. The media will in turn report it to the people.
Following Maslou’s theory of motivation, that absentee congressman maybe rejected in the next election by the electorate for his failure to ably represent his people in congress.
Reduction of pork barrel is not only penalizing the absentee representative but also the people whom the congressman failed to represent in congress. This is double jeopardy. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Rebaldo Traffic Implementations Deserves Your Cooperation

A five (5) year old innocent child was raped in Barangay Union, Nabas, Aklan at near midnight, May 29. After the raped, the young child was seen crying and profoundly bleeding heavily.
As parents, the tendency is to save the child and they brought her to a hospital in Barangay Caticlan, Malay. An old motorcycle was used to transport them to Caticlan as regular transportation has already stopped its journey.
The child was given first aide and treated in the Baptist hospital. Meanwhile, the mother called up the Nabas PNP to report the incident and to request for police assistance. “Please wait for us until tomorrow” was the answer received. Not contented, the parent called up again the Nabas PNP demanded for police assistance especially to apprehend the perpetrator of the crime. And the Nabas PNP acceded to the request. A police assistance will be given them that evening.
But the promised police assistance never come until the following morning. What a police assistance! It came eight hours late at the crime scene. This is a grand denial of the joke of the late Senator Robert Barbers. Asked how long will it take for a Filipino policeman to arrive at a crime scene after being notified? Senator Barber responded: “The Philippine police is already in the crime scene even before a crime happens.”
Nevertheless, PNP Provincial Director William Macavinta led a team which caught up and apprehended the suspect the following day, May 31. Filamer Oczon was positively identified by Mrs. Pigura as the man who attempted to rape her. Oczon was also positively pointed as the alleged rapist when he was presented to his child victim.
Maybe heinous crimes are now rampant because Malacañang does not implement the death penalty.
Antique politics is interesting and entertaining watching. On April 25, PGMA was the most important guest during the “Tugbong Festival” in Pandan, Antique. During that visit, Governor Salvacion Zaldivar Perez banned Congressman Exequiel B. Javier from attending the said occasion.
Perhaps, Governor Perez wanted to return back the douse of his own medicine. Governor Perez was observed to have offered Cong. Javier reconciliation for the last two years, but Cong. Javier just continued his fire fights against Governor Perez.
According to some Antiqueños, Cong. Javier held his own commemorative program for the death of his brother, Governor Emilio Javier despite the invitation of Gov. Perez that they hold a joint program. The construction of Solong Bridge by Gov. Perez was highly criticized by Cong. Javier as “black hole” as it dissipates provincial fund. Cong. Javier also calls the construction of a Presidential Bridge as a “milking cow”. According to Cong. Javier, the construction of the P12 million rubberized track oval has no approved budget from the Antique SP and the swimming pool collects entrance fee without issuing any receipt as per information received.
EF heartily congratulates Recto I. Vidal and George Q. Cawaling for coming out with a monthly magazine called “I Travel”. Cawaling is the publisher while Recto is the Editor-In-Chief. I Travel magazine just came off the press in May 2006. The readers cannot ask for more as its writing is perfect, papers used is of the highest quality and printed in colors. The magazine is repleted with interesting pictures.
Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo highly deserves the cooperation of the municipal mayors of the towns around Kalibo in the implementation of the Kalibo Traffic Code. For the last few days, the implementation of the Traffic Code is giving good result not only in Kalibo but all places in Aklan.
Incidents of vehicular accidents appear to have been minimized. Traffic in Kalibo is diminishing. It will be to the best interest of everybody especially to the commuters if tricycles will serve the routes from barangays to the poblaciones and barangays to the highway. The national highway will be just good if only 4 – wheel vehicles are allowed to travel. This will reduce gas consumption, reduce pollution, traffic accidents, and traffic congestions among others. /MP

Resolution No. 2006 – 01

Government Retirees of Libacao
Libacao, Aklan

Excerpt from the minutes of the 1st quarterly meeting of the Government Retirees of Libacao (GROL), Libacao, Aklan Held in the Residence of Mrs. Azucena Zambrona, Libacao, Aklan on February 25, 2006.

Resolution No. 2006 – 01

A Resolution Appealing to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) not to implement the “No E–Card No Pension” Policy and continue paying the pensioners by checks sent through the PhilPost.

WHEREAS, the pensioners have spent the best years of their lives in the government working faithfully, honestly, loyally and with utmost dedication;

WHEREAS, since the first day of their services with the government, a good amount from their monthly salaries was judiciously collected and remitted to the GSIS for their own welfare in the future;

WHEREAS, the GSIS pensioners are already in their advance ages with impaired eyesight, quivering hands, and wobbling knees, therefore highly handicapped;

WHEREAS, the GSIS has its “NO E–Card No Pension “policy which will put all pensioners in jeopardy as they are physically handicapped not only to travel to the banks but more so to transact business with the bank;

WHEREAS, except for rural banks, all banks are located in Kalibo, the Capitol town of Aklan;

WHEREAS, the GSIS depository bank, the Union Bank is situated in Iloilo City and transacting with other banks will incur additional expenses on the part of the pensioners which is a diminution of the small amount of pension the pensioners receive even inadequate for their maintenance medicine;

NOW THEREFORE, on motion and duly seconded, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved to appeal to the GSIS management not to implement its “No E–Card No Pension” policy and continue paying the pensioners by checks sent through the PhilPost.

Resolved further, that copies of this resolution be furnished the President, GSIS Manila; Regional Manager, GSIS, Iloilo City; Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino all of Kalibo, Aklan; all Municipal Mayors of all municipalities of Aklan; all senators and congressmen of the Republic of the Philippines.

Approved: February 25, 2006

I hereby certify to the correctness of the above stated resolution.





Homesickness Wears Down
ex-OPBF Champ Santillan

By Alex P. Vidal

“Kasubo man gyud di kaayo. Gina agwanta ko lang. (I feel so sad here but I’m trying to overcome my homesickness).”
This was the terse remark in mixed Cebuano and Ilonggo of former Oriental boxing champion Rev “Gentle Giant” Santillan in a long distance call to this writer at around 7:30 in the evening, May 25 from his apartment in Osaka, Japan. He now works as “Panchinko” slot machine cash collector in hotels and casinos.
“I missed the punching bag and jogging every morning,” averred the 28-year-old southpaw from Tacas, Jaro, Iloilo City, “I’m still in the period of adjustment and I share a room with a male Filipino worker who handles the room master key.”
Santillan admitted his new task and environment have slightly affected his conditioning as a boxer even as he insisted he has not yet retired from the ring.
Santillan (22-3-1, 16 KOs), vowed to resume his training for a possible rematch with his conqueror, Hiroshi Yamaguchi who will tackle his first defense before facing the Cebu-trained boxer in a rubber match before the year ends.
Manager Rex “Wakee” Salud said he approved of Santillan’s stay in Osaka to work “so he can earn for a living while we are contemplating his future as a prizefighter.”
After Santillan’s controversial split decision defeat to the 27-year old Yamaguchi in an OPBF title defense in Tokyo last April 20, Salud, 53, hinted of convincing Santillan to retire “in order to protect his eyes” which have been blinking fast and bothering him in his last four fights.
Santillan left the country last May 16 to sign up a “renewable” six-month contract with a company arranged by his 56-year-old millionaire admirer Toshiaki Kobayashi.
Before he left, his spiritual adviser Jack Hall, a retired US contractor now living in Cebu, exhorted him to “work for the Lord, not for men.”
His salary is a whooping 260,000 Japanese yen or an equivalent of more or less P93,000 a month. This excludes his over time and extra pays, twice higher than the salary of a bank executive in the Philippines.
Under the term with his employer, Santillan, a bachelor, will remit P40,000 a month to his mother in the Philippines while the employer will retain the remaining amount until the contract is completed.
This is to make sure that he brings a lump sum when he comes back to the Philippines, said Kobayashi’s Filipino wife, Linda of Leyte.
Santillan doesn’t speak and understand the Japanese language but he is entrusted to carry large sums of Japanese yen that run to millions he regularly collects from slot machines.
Kobayashi, who had promised to give the boxer a brand new Toyota car if he toppled Yamaguchi in their recent duel, said Santillan was supposed to work in a manufacturing factory but decided to assign him a “safer” task “to protect his arms and fists.”
“Nalooy gyud si Kobayashi nia (Kobayashi pitied him),” said Salud who traced Santillan’s eye ailment to have started on January 26, 2001, the day he wrested the OPBF belt from a durable Korean champion in a bloody, tension-filled 12-round split decision in Cebu City. /MP


LIBTONG – MOBO BRIDGE is the newest bridge in Aklan. It is inaugurated on Saturday, May 27 with the presence of Tibiog stalwarts like Former Congressman Allen S. Quimpo, Congressman Joeben T. Miraflores, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo among others. The bridge is deemed completed after Phase XVI worth P5.750 millions. The initial construction was started by former Congressman Allen S. Quimpo, continued by Cong. Billie V. Calizo and finally by Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores. /MP mailto: mailto:

EPG Will Oversee Boracay Sustainable Development

By: Boy Ryan B. Zabal

The Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) now prioritizes its projects to sustain the competitiveness of the Boracay island resort as an emerging tourist destination.
This prioritization followed after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo issued Memorandum Order No. 214 that directs the PTA officials to take control and administer the island of Boracay.
Among its stalled project is the P179 million storm drainage project. This is the center of controversy project between the Department of Tourism (DOT) and PTA officials.
Low-lying areas in the island, particularly near the Boracay Island Emergency Hospital in Brgy. Balabag, are flooded during the rainy season due to inadequate sewerage and rainwater drainage system. To solve the flooding, the PTA, through the approved Corporate Budget for 2006, has allocated P179,990,487.28 to the Boracay Environmental Infrastructure Project (BEIP)-Drainage Component. This project is expected to be completed in 365 calendar days after the project started.
The project involves the construction of storm drainage canals including drainage outfall structures, sediment traps; demolition and rehabilitation of existing drainage canals and general site improvement that involves installation of concrete pavers.
The drainage component includes the site development works, construction of three (3) pumping station structures including piping, electrical and mechanical works, installation and commissioning of pumps and power supply.


Through the PTA’s help, the island received P800-million Boracay Environmental Infrastructure Project (BEIP) under the Boracay Water and Sewerage System (BWSS) inaugurated in October 2001.
The BWSS has a sewerage system that requires concessionaires to connect to its central sewerage system and all septic tanks in Boracay decommissioned.
Earlier, Proclamation No. 1801, Series of 1978 signed by the late President Ferdinand Marcos, declared Boracay as a tourist zone and marine reserve. It was placed under the administration and control of PTA, an entity attached to the Department of Tourism. PTA serves as the implementing arm of the policies and programs pertaining to tourism development projects in the country.
The scenic island resort, to emerge as a prime tourist destination with equal potential and paramount impact to the country’s tourism efforts, necessary financial and infrastructure support must be provided by the government to respond to the growing needs, the order said.
MO 214, the PTA's supervision would be made through the Eminent Persons Group (EPG), which was created under Executive Order No. 377 on October 22, 2004.
EPG is tasked to oversee the sustainable development of Boracay as a priority tourist destination and a special tourism zone. Inigo Zobel heads the EPG. /MP

Iloilo Governor Gives Go Signal

for GAB, Liga to Sign MOA

By Alex P. Vidal

Everything but the signing of the memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the Makati-based Games and Amusement Board (GAB) and the Liga ng mga Barangay (league of villages) Iloilo Chapter as far as the putting up of the GAB extension office in Iloilo City, part of Western Visayas, is concerned.
This became known after Iloilo Gov. Niel D. Tupas, Sr., GAB Commissioner Alex Paglumotan, and Liga President and Iloilo Board Member Angel Briones emerged from a conference at the Capitol Office, Iloilo City last May 29. They discussed the mechanism of the proposed office that will issue license and regulate professional sports in Panay and Guimaras islands.


During the meeting, Tupas, a tennis buff, also talked briefly with GAB Chairman Eric Buhain in a long distance call. Governor Tupas assured the GAB chief that Iloilo has the complete facilities to accommodate the GAB extension office and other sports offices.
“I’m very thankful (that you have chosen Iloilo for the extension office). We have to facilitate (the preparation of pertinent papers)”, Tupas, 73, told Buhain.
Tupas gave Briones and Paglumotan the go signal to iron out some kinks and enter into a MOA signing soon “in order to define the parameters and responsibilities of the Iloilo provincial government and GAB.”
They also agreed that the MOA, to be drafted by the GAB, will be reviewed and fine-tuned by the Iloilo provincial legal office and to be signed between Buhain and the league board of directors led by Briones.
“Once the MOA has been signed, we will immediately schedule the inauguration tentatively in the third week of June. Chairman Buhain will come over for the ceremony,” Paglumotan said.


The proposed GAB extension office is located in Brgy. Magsaysay, La Paz district, Iloilo City at the back of the Iloilo Sports Complex.
It will be housed in the P2-million Liga building erected using the countrywide development fund (CDF) of Ilonggo Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago who grew up in La Paz.
Briones said he spent additional P200,000 for the filling materials around the building which stands near a small river and located a stone throw away from the Iloilo mini-purpose gymnasium, the venue of the 1997 1st LGUlympics boxing tournament.
This will be the second GAB sub-office in Region 6. In 2001, the GAB then under Chairman Eduardo Villanueva put up its first extension office in Bacolod City.
GAB, has other local offices in Cebu City and Cagayan de Oro City. /MP

One – Stop Mobile Passport Service Schedules Aklan

The Provincial Government of Aklan in coordination with the Regional Consular Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs announces the conduct of a “One-Stop Mobile Passport Service”. This will be held on June 30 to July 1, 2006 at the ABL Sports Complex. This announcement also came from the Office of Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, Kalibo.
The deadline of applications and issuance of numbers is on June 27. All those who want to get a passport, may please see the Public Employment Service Office in the Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan.
The requirements for those passport applicants are 1. the original copy and one photocopy of your birth certificate from the Local Civil Registrar and authenticated by the National Statistics Office or in an NSO Security Paper copy; 2. the original copy and one photocopy of your Marriage Contract (if married) from the Local Civil Registrar and authenticated by the National Statistics Office or in an NSO Security Paper copy; 3. one photocopy each from two of any of the following documents or ID e.g. Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Pag-Ibig ID, SSS ID or E-1 Form, PhilHealth, PRC Card, BIR ID, TIN, Alumni ID, school ID; 4. three copies of new passport size ID photo measuring 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm in color with plain white background facing front ; 5. personal appearance is a must; PhP100 PTO Service Fee and a PhP 750 Peso DFA passport Processing Fee. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ako Hay Onga Nga Malimpyo

Agahon pa hay naga bugtaw eon ro mga guinikanan nanday Carol ag Rommel. Raya mat-a ro andang batasan. Owa ga bueaw.
“Carol, Rommel, bangon eon kamo agod mamahaw. Makapanaw eon kami sa opisina pagkapamahaw. Ayaw kamo mag guwa sa baeay agud indi kamo masaktan”. “Huo nanay, huo tatay,” Namahaw sanda. Pagkatapos eang it ka-on, nag panaw eon ro mag asawa. “Goodbye Tatay, goodbye nanay”, nag pa goodbye pa ro mga onga.
Sa owa magbuhay, sinum-oe rong magmanghod sa sueod it baeay busa. . ., “Dali Carol, maadto kita sa guwa. Maiba kita rito sa ibang mga onga”. “O sige, Rommel, matsa masadya ngani sanda,” sabat ni Carol ag sumunod ro magmanghod sa mga onga agud maghampang.
Owa mabuhayi, “Rommel, makatoe ro akong eawas,” hambae ni Carol. “Oy, kaabo abo ro imong galis”, sabat ni Rommel. “Ikaw man Rommel, ka baho kat imo,” sabat man ni Carol.
Umuli ro magmanghod, ogaling bangud sa kaga-oy, nakatueogan sanda. Golping may umabot! “Ha,ha,ha! Swerte ko guid. Tueog hamook sanday Carol Galis ag Rommel Mabaho. Owa eon man sanda maglimpyo ko andang eawas, sudlan ko sanda!” hambae ni Miguel Mikrobyo. Dayon sumueod imaw sa eawas ni Carol Galis. Gin donisan si Carol nga “galis” ag si Rommel nga “mabaho” ni Miguel mikrobyo.
“Agoy - - -, agoy - - -, masakit ro akong tiyan”, hambae ni Carol Galis. Golping habugtaw si Rommel Mabaho. “Carol, anong natabo kimo?” pangutana ni Rommel Mabaho. Naghinibayag si Miguel Mikrobyo.
Nabatian sanda ni Kapitan Uean. “Aba, ro mga owa it huyang Miguel Mikrobyo. Anang guina distorbo eon man sanday Carol Galis ag Rommel Mabaho.” Nag eapit si Kapitan Uean para tabangan si Carol ag si Rommel. “Indi, Indi!” nahadluk nga singgit ni Miguel Mikrobyo. ”Mahalin eon ako sa eawas ni Carol Galis. Ayaw ako pag uea-it tubi”. “O hala sige, halin eon bago ako maakig kimo”. Hambae ni Kapitan Uean.” Ag gulping humalin si Mike Mikrobyo.
“Saeamat kimo, Kapitan Uean,” dungan nga hambae nanday Carol Galis ag Rommel Mabaho. “Umpisa makaron, Carol Galis ag Rommel Mabaho mag permi kamong magpanglimyo ko inyong eawas agod indi kamo pagestaran ni Miguel Mikrobyo. “Goodbye Carol Galis, ag Rommel Mabaho”, sinay Kapitan Uean. “Goodbye kimo Kapitan Uean”, dungan nga pasaeamat ni Carol ag Rommel
Ika lima eon it hapon maangan – angan hay umabot ro andang guinikanan. Nalipay sanda kat pagkakita nga bag-ong paligos ag malimpyo ro magmanghod. Halin kato, si Carol Galis hay nangin Carol Malimpyo ag si Rommel Mabaho hay nangin si Rommel Mahumot. /MP