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Strategic Promotion Model for ICM: A Big Success

The enactment of the Agriculture and Fishery Modernization Act (AFMA) has given the State Universities and Colleges (SUC) the opportunity to participate in the delivery of extension services. In response to this, the Strategic Promotion of Integrated Crop Management (ICM) for Hybrid and Inbred Rice Varieties is being carried out by the Aklan State University through its Extension and Community Services (ASU-ECS) funded by the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) and Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 6 in collaboration with the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center VI (ATI-RTC VI), Farmers’ Training Center (FTC) in Capiz, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAg) of Aklan and Capiz, Local Government Units (LGU’s),and Radio Mindanao Network (RMN).
The strategic promotion project was implemented in accordance with other government rice programs which aimed to ensure rice self-sufficiency, improve productivity and income of farmers, generate employment in rural areas, and make the rice industry competitive to the world market. Knowing all too well, that this cannot be easily accomplished, the ASU through its Extension and Community Services with the collaborating agencies, initiated this project which aimed to create awareness and to promote adoption of integrated crop management (ICM) for both the inbred and hybrid rice varieties using radio broadcast complemented with techno-demo and "teknoklinik" thus increasing rice yield by one (1) ton per hectare per cropping and raising farmers’ income by 10 percent.
Integrated Crop Management (ICM) refers to the integration of all the available technologies and best practices on crop management. It included all the aspects of rice production, starting from seed selection to post harvest activities. It is dedicated on assisting farmers through teaching them the best method and guiding them in decision making and problem solving with regards to their crop management.
The organizers used three strategies to achieve these objectives. The first strategy is through the Farmers’ School on the Air (FSA). This one-hour weekly program popularly known as "PatRole sa Panguma" produced by ASU-DYMT then aired simultaneously at DYMT 100.9FM and RMN-DYKR 1161AM was in Filipino language with Hiligaynon and Aklanon languages to enhance effective communication with the local farmers. English language was mainly used for technical terms to emphasize clarity and accuracy of meaning. It has three major segments; (1) PatRole Balita, (2) PatRole Teknolohiya, and (3) PatRole question and answer.
The PatRole Balita segment relayed news items about the agro-fishery and developmental activities of various stakeholders such as the DA and its attached agencies, LGUs, SUCs, and activities of farmers group like the irrigators association, seed growers, cooperatives, and industry assisted associations. The PatRole Teknolohiya featured basic rice science, developed technologies and improved farming practices that comprise the ICM. Detailed discussions were sometimes presented with invited farmer-cooperator or specialist. Occasionally, sub-segments were introduced like (a) F1 Cultivation (Teknolohiyang Mestizo), (b) rainfed rice farming (Teknolohiyang Sahod-Ulan), and (c) Direct Seeding (Teknolohiyang Sabog Tanim). At present, the segment PatRole question and answer gives time to answer questions sent by the listeners. Sometimes, invited resource persons provided answers and insights on the problems and issues presented by the listeners and FSA participants.
The said program hosted by the Project Leader, Paterno I. Rebuelta and Salvacion Villasis received the PAJ 2003 Binhi Award as the Agricultural Radio Program of the Year As evaluated, it serves as an effective tool of information dissemination since it reaches more listener-farmers all over Aklan, thus increasing their awareness on new methodologies which could help them increase their crop production.
The second strategy used is the On-Farm Demonstration or the Participatory Technology Demonstration (PTD). The demonstration sites were selected properly to represent a broad rice-based farming community in selected municipalities of the province. The components of ICM practices and technologies featured in techno-demo or FFS-ICM participatory techno-demonstrations were; (a) appropriate variety and quality seeds, (b) proper land preparation and proper water management, (c) the integrated nutrient management (INM), and (d) integrated pests management (IPM).
The demonstration for the said practices and technologies were presented by: ASU Staff Paterno I. Rebuelta, Prof. Evelyn Vedasto, Ma. Rema Lauron and Arthur Jismundo; and ATI representative, Mavillo Villorente. Other resource persons were from; LGU-Banga Peter Recio, Helvin Relimbo and Elmar Estanislao; LGU-Makato Jimmy Abello; LGU-Malinao Alili Ibea and Lucila Ibunes, and LGU-Washington Marietta Remaneses.
A Field Day or "Teknoklinik" was organized by the assigned Agricultural Technologists. This showcased the performance of the component technologies utilized on the farm demonstration. Teknoklinik included activities such as farmers’ meeting, farm visits, dialogue and consultation regarding the technologies being promoted. The Teknoklinik started with a visit to the hybrid demo farm where issues and discussions evolved. The LGU Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) organized the "teknoklinik" in coordination with the project team.
After the two (2) season-long application of the strategic promotion model for ICM in the selected barangays in different municipalities, there are several visible results. On the farmers’ awareness level, the improved management practices and technologies increased to 28.66 percent at irrigated area and 34.83 percent in the rained ecosystem. On the other hand, the farmers’ adoption level of improved management practices increased by 44.08 percent in the irrigated and 40 percent in the rained ecosystems. In means of production, the irrigated ecosystem increased to 0.49 ton per hectare after participation.
A noticeable increase of 1.1 tons per hectare was observed in Guinbaliwan, New Washington where five (5) out of 12 farmers used hybrid seeds. In the rainfed ecosystem, an increase yield of 0.32 ton per hectare after participation was obtained by farmers. However, in Tambuan, Malinao a decrease of 0.27 ton per hectare resulted due to inadequate rainfall during the cropping. The Janlud farmers in Libacao had also yielded lower by 0.02 ton per hectare due to the occurrence of pests. Based on these productions, the net income of farmers in irrigated areas also increased by 37.57 percent, while the farmers in rainfed barangays have gained an increase of 71.07 percent. A drop in farmers’ income in Barangay Tambuan, Malinao was observed due to the lower yield.
With the use of these strategies, the technology promotion model had increased the farmers’ awareness and adoption level of improved management practices which consequently increased production and income. Thus, it is recommended for further validation and possible adoption./MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Increase Price To Make Seaweeds Production Viable

Mr. Jocelyn "Joc Joc" Bolante, former undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture (DA) in the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administration maybe removed as member of a Rotary Club where he is a member. In its regular weekly meeting held recently at Manila Hotel, the Rotary Club of Manila approved a resolution requesting the Rotary Club where Mr. Bolante is a member to delete his name from its list of members. This is my answer to the e-mails which reached Madyaas Pen asking if Mr. Bolante is still a member of a Rotary Club.
Mr. Bolante was not only a member of a Rotary Club, but he is a Past District Governor, a Director of Rotary International and Past President of his club among others.
As undersecretary of DA, Mr. Bolante is alleged to have been the brain of about P800 million liquid fertilizer fund scam done during the election of 2004.
Membership in Rotary is by invitation only. One does not need to apply to be a member. Every year, members of a Rotary Club conduct what is called classification survey. Once there are vacancies in the classification, any member of a Rotary Club may invite probable members to fill up the vacant classifications.
Some examples of classifications in Rotary are local publishing, rice trading, automotive repairs and legal practice among others. Each member represents a business or a profession. A Rotary Club is formed to advance business or profession whatever it is. Any nominee for membership in the club must get unanimous votes of all members before his induction as member. Any dissenting note is enough to stop the induction.
All Rotary Club members are obliged to maintain a high standard of morality and integrity in his community. Once his integrity is questioned, it will be highly probable that his expulsion is forthcoming.
Because of that alleged fertilizer fund scam, the morality and integrity of Mr. Bolante were questioned by his fellow members that may lead to his membership expulsion in the Rotary Club.
Until today, Mr. Bolante has not responded positively to the invitation of the Senate Committee on Agriculture inquiry presided by Sen. Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. Mr. Bolante is now detained in a detention center in Chicago, Illinois. He has applied for asylum in the United States.
Last Thursday afternoon, August 17, I was invited to attend the regular meeting of the Provincial Seaweeds Development Council (PSDC) presided by Ms. Ermelinda Pollentes of DTI as chairperson.
I found attendance to that said meeting was highly instructive. I found during the said meeting that as discussed, seaweeds growing is highly risky. It will be profitable if the product is given fair and reasonable market price.
Among others, big waves, ripples produced when a boat passes near the plantation, the level of salinity of the water and the extent of pollution in the plant area deter growth. Moreover, the fisherfolk must pay regular visits to his seaweeds project to produce the desired quantity and quality. The way I understand it, it is labor intensive and risky to the producer like a fisherman whose livelihood is in the shallow blue sea.
According to Mr. Mae Guangco, BFAR Provincial Director, Aklan, seaweed is in demand. Buyers in Cebu City buy seaweed at P25 per kilogram provided the seaweed is 98 percent pure and contains just 40 percent moisture. Below that standard, the buying price is lower than P25 per kilogram.
What is the percentage of drying recovery? Mr. Guangco informed the meeting: it is 10 percent. For every 100 kilograms of fresh seaweeds, only 10 kilograms will be left after drying it at 40 percent moisture content.
The method of dehydration is by sun drying. The fisherfolk may haul the fresh seaweeds from the shallow blue sea to the beach. Sun dry it by hanging along pieces of strings tied between and among posts. How long will he dry it? The extent of drying is dependent upon the weather daily. Once dried, the fisherfolk may bring it to the market.
Will they be happy to sell their seaweeds at P25.00 per kilogram on a dry basis? P250.00 is a hunger income. These 100 kilograms of seaweeds after drying will just weight 10 kilograms. If sold at the buyer’s bodega means P250.00, a real fisherfolk exploitation. It is not enough to compensate for their labor. I hope we can find higher price for the seaweeds of our fisherfolk. Let us encourage production and pay the encouraging price.
One of the topics recently discussed in the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo was the trip of some Ati Atihan tribes in Tagbilaran City to attend the Sandugo Festival 2006. The issue came about after Hon. Mark Vega Quimpo presented a resolution to the SB Kalibo for approval thanking their host for spending for their trip, giving them comfortable accommodation and nice reception.
While the resolution of thanks was approved, some SB members requested a copy of the Financial Statement of the KAMB and the list of municipal employees who went with the entourage to Bohol.
In his answer, Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo requested those who wish a copy of the KAMB Financial Statement "if you could spend time in this office for us to deliberate details of the expenses incurred as I would like to raise some clarification whether which funding support is being queried…"
According to Mayor Rebaldo, 10 municipal officials went to Bohol. They are:

Hon. Mark V. Quimpo Hon. Ariel O. Fernandez
Mr. Edgardo M. Gerardo Ms. Editha I. De Lemos
Mr. Randy Anthony A. Rebaldo Mr. Terence June T. Toriano
Ms. Rhea Rose M. Ebesate Mr. Leenard M. Cristobal
Ms. Aina T. Belarmino Ms. Lyn S. Irodistan

According to Mr. Randy A. Rebaldo, Secretary to Mayor Rebaldo, there were 129 members of the Ati Atihan group who belonged to the top three awarded tribes in Aklan, including the band who went to Bohol. Of course, their group from Aklan was highly applauded and appreciated while in Bohol especially in Tagbilaran City. No doubt about that.
In my telephone interview, Mr. Rebaldo revealed that their trip was subsidized if not fully paid for out of the P200,000 given by the Tagbilaran City local government and the P30,000 each financial assistance from Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Congressman Joeben T. Miraflores for a total of P260,000.00. Since that money was not enough, the expenses of the Kalibo municipal employees were paid out of the Municipal fund.
But some Kalibo SB members were not aware of the P200,000 from Tagbilaran City and the P60,000 from Governor Marquez and Congressman Miraflores, therefore the query.
The media advisory just also talked on the trip to Tagbilaran City to promote the Kalibo Ati Atihan Festival and did not reveal the P260,000. Madyaas Pen thought Ati Atihan tribes went to Bohol at the expense of KAMB. If the Ati Atihan tribes went to Bohol at their own expenses, why send a resolution of thanks?, said an SB member.
It is just proper and in line with the Filipino customs and tradition to send thank you letter after a guest or guests were invited with all expenses paid and stayed comfortably with the host.
According to Mr. Rebaldo, those Municipal Officials who went to Bohol managed the trip and provided the needed assistance of the tribes during their travel.
Are the 10 officials just enough? That may not be enough. Their number maybe increased provided everybody is informed. If excessive, that is the prerogative of the Mayor or his responsibility.
The SB members deserve to know why the SB will extend "Thank you". It is the function of the KAMB to inform the SB members and the public as mandated in the 1987 constitution. /MP

AMS Launches Aerobics At The Park

Aerobics at the Park was launched on Saturday, August 19 at 5:00 A.M. This weekly activity at the Pastrana Park, Kalibo, Aklan was announced by Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, President of Aklan Medical Society (AMS).
In order to develop that good habit of exercise plus more information on healthful lifestyle, free laboratories screening, everybody is invited to join this Aerobic at the Park every Saturday at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, announced Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz. This will promote good health and our community in terms of lesser morbidity.
The participants will start converging at 5:00 in the morning at Pastrana Park, Kalibo. The exercise will start at 5:30 A.M. to the tune of recorded music until 6:30 A.M.
According to Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, there will be free screening on BP, weight, abdominal girth measurement, free laboratories prioritizing indigents – ECG, cholesterol and FBS.
To serve as rallying point in Aerobic at the Park, the AMS has approved to adopt a slogan. However, it wanted to involve more participation of the youth so they decided to hold the "Aerobics at the Park Slogan Contest".
The contest is open to all students/youth, 18 years old or younger. The slogan must be short, not more than 10 words, written either in Aklanon or in English language. A contestant may submit three entries maximum, which is catchy and will answer
the question
"Why exercise and eat healthy food?"
Entries must be submitted to Aklan Medical Society C/o Dr. Zelda Tolentino, MMG, Roxas Ave., Kalibo, Aklan on or before the deadline at 4:00 P.M., September 6, 2006. Each participant may submit a maximum of three (3) entries.
The winner will be announced during the Aerobics at the Park on September 9, 2006 at 6:30 A.M. at Pastrana Park, Kalibo, Aklan. The award will be P1,000.00 cash.
The winning slogan becomes the property of AMS which will be used in the activity billboard and other advertisement. /MP

Cops Nab Ex-capitol Employee For ‘Estafa’

By Boy Ryan Zabal

A former ranking government employee at the Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) Kalibo, Aklan was arrested by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) for estafa.
Late Tuesday afternoon, SPO4 Reynaldo Francisco arrested Receille Beltran-Toriano, 49, of Laguinbanua West, Numancia, Aklan. Toriano was celebrating the barangay fiesta at their house, about two kilometers from this capital town when she was arrested.
PNP-CIDG operatives had a warrant for her arrest issued by Judge Paz Esperanza Martelino-Cortes of the Kalibo Municipal Trial Court dated February 28, 2006.Toriano was immediately detained at the Kalibo PNP lock-up cell. She refused to be interviewed.
The arresting operatives of the CIDG were led by Francisco, PO2 Isidro Jay Teofilo and PO1 Jose Revesencio.
Toriano, a former Local Treasury Operations Officer (LTOO) IV, was also implicated by the Commission on Audit (COA) in the P4-milllion unremitted collections to the provincial government of Aklan last year.
"I was surprised that she was arrested. Toriano’s case (estafa) has nothing to do with COA’s recommendation," said Provincial Treasurer Evan Timtiman, her former immediate superior. Timtiman said, "it is up to the concerned government agencies to file charges against Toriano now."
Toriano reportedly went into hiding after State Auditor IV Alice Oquendo, COA’s Team Leader-Provincial Accounts, recommended to Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez last January 12, 2005 for Toriano’s immediate relief.
In her preliminary report, Oquendo said, the unrecorded collections in the cashbook amounted to P2,810,471.14 from August 12, 2002 to May 5, 2004. The cash and accounts of Toriano in 2004 were also examined.
On January 18, 2005, Timtiman ordered the reassignment of Toriano after Marquez endorsed to him the January 12, 2005 COA’s preliminary report.
Timtiman clarified that Toriano was given the assignment "to assist and to monitor the condonation of penalties and arrearage charges for late payments on real property taxes in the municipalities of Aklan as part of PTO’s internal control measures."
The "relief" was meant to prevent Toriano from receiving collections remitted by Aklan’s Revenue Collecting Officers.
It was gathered that some P2 million collections from May 2004 to January 2005 are still unaccounted.
The shortage represents taxes collected by the province, the bulk of which came from real property taxes. /MP

‘All-out War A Desperate Strategy’

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Militants in Kalibo, Aklan added their voice of dissent to the millions who are against the all-out war policy of the Arroyo government. Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan-Aklan) chairperson George Calaor said the policy is "a desperate strategy to silence the ever growing movement of people to oust President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo." At least 790 political killings have been recorded under the Arroyo administration, he said."The all-out war policy is not a solution to the intensifying economic and political turmoil in the country," Calaor said, and blamed Arroyo for her "militarist, barbaric and terrorist way of avoiding the crimes she committed against the Constitution and the citizenry – the Garci tapes and the fertilizer scam."
Arroyo recently ordered the release of P1 billion to fund the government’s anti insurgency drive. She also gave the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) a 10-week deadline to hunt the killers of slain leftists and journalists. "Her all-out war policy is her ultimate strategy to silence critics," Calaor said./MP

SMEs To Showcase The Best Of Aklan At SM City Iloilo

Some 25 Aklan SMEs will showcase the best of their wares and the best of Aklan during the Aklan Product Showcase Year 4 in SM City. This marketing event will be held at the lower ground level, SM City Activity Center, Mandurriao, Iloilo City on 11-17 September 2006.
This year’s showcase will highlight some unique woven fashion accessories, home décor, furniture & furnishings, and ornamental plants. Aklan delicacies and meat products will also be displayed in the exhibit area. Selected beneficiaries of the KALAHI-Agrarian Reform Zone will also join and participate.
According to DTI-Aklan Provincial Director Ermelinda P. Pollentes, target sales for this year is P1.65M, This is 10 percent over last year’s sales of P1.5M.
The Department of Trade & Industry-Aklan organizes this activity, in coordination with the Provincial Government of Aklan and Hugod Aklanon Producers Association, Inc. /MP

Museo It Akean to Complete List of Outstanding Aklanons

The Museo It Akean aims to complete its listing of outstanding Aklanons awarded by the Aklan provincial government. Sumra C. Dela Cruz, museum curator of Museo It Akean, announced recently.
Notwithstanding the initiatives of Museo It Akean to complete the list and the earnest call from certain organizations and persons to submit their listings, Museo It Akean had still incomplete list, Rojo revealed. So far, Museo It Akean has the following names in its list:

1979 Awardees

· Archbishop Gabriel M. Reyes - For Religion
· Cardinal Jaime Sin - For Religion
· Pastor Martelino (1896-1945) - For Heroic Military Service
· Roman A. Dela Cruz - For Literature
· Beverly Mijares - For Performing Arts
· Leonora Q. Mabasa - For Cottage Industry
· Godofredo P. Ramos (1911-1977)- For Government Service
· Simeon Mobo Reyes (1873-1951)- For Government Service
· Jose Ma. Hontiveros (1889-1954) - For Government Service
· Victorino Mapa (1855-1927) - For Government Service
· Ciriaco H. Tirol - For Government Service
· Redentor P. Motus - For Government Service
· Romualdo C. Quimpo (1899-1978)- For Government & Public Service
· Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon (1894-1970)- For Government & Public Service
· Caridad Mijares Concepcion (1870-1957)- For Government & Public Service
· Alejandro S. Melchor (1900-1947)- For Government & Public Service
· Bartolome L. Venus, Jr. - For Government & Public Service
· Florencio M. Garcia - For Government & Public Service

2005 Awardees

· Atty. Allen Salas Quimpo - For Government Service
· Atty. Ronquillo Cunanan Tolentino - For Journalism
· Susima Dela Cruz - For Traditional Crafts
· Bishop Jose Corazon Tumbagahan Talaoc - For Religion
· Atty. Corazon Legaspi-Cabagnot - For Foreign Service
· Lt. General Emmanuel Teodosio - For Soldiery
· Col. Nemesio Patron Neron - For Soldiery/LawEnforcement/ Government Service
· Manolita Q. Acevedo - For Public Service
· Mayor Herodutos Abayon Ramos - For Invention/Business/Industry
· Brenda Lorenzo Dimayuga - For Business and Industry

2006 Awardees

· Velizarus Ilarina Dela Cruz - For Literacy and Visual Arts
· Lesley Simple Mobo - For fine Arts (Fashion Design)
· Francisco Flores Rovero - For Fine Arts (Painting)
· Dr. Emmet Legaspi Custodio - For Medicine
· Augusto Conanan Tolentino - For Broadcast Journalism
· Atty. Alonzo Reyes Tinagan - For Foreign Service
· Atty. Plaridel Masagnay Morania - For Government Career
· Juan Punzalan Dayang - For National Journalism
· Dr. Ambrosio Romano Villorente - For Community Journalism
· Judge Tomas Retorico Romaquin - For Law
· Col. Efren Ricaforte Zaide - For Business Industry
· Carmen Salas Quimpo - For Education
· Assemblyman Jose Timtiman Tumbokon- For Public Service
· Dr. Kenneth Eulalio Yerro III - For Information Technology

Records of the Museo It Akean also show the following outstanding Aklanons:

· Gov. Carlito S. Marquez - For Science and Technology
· Dr. Reynalda I. Magdaluyo - For Education
· Capt. Gil M. Mijares - For Heroic Military Service
· Gregorio I. Pastrana - For Public Service
· Emiliano B. Acevedo (1875-1936) - For Public Service
· Jesus M. Jizmundo (1908-1945) - For Soldiery
· Beato A. Dela Cruz - For Education
· Leopoldo A. Dela Cruz - For Literature
· India Dela Cruz-Legaspi - For Fine Arts

Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Aklan vice-governor and chair of the Museo it Aklan’s historical committee, said that "the listing should be completed soonest as tourists, researchers and students have seen it convenient to look at Aklan’s rich historical and cultural heritage through the Museo It Akean".
Museo It Akean curator Sumra Dela Cruz Rojo said that the public is earnestly requested to supply the museum – a project of the Arch. Gabriel M. Reyes Memorial Foundation – with the names of outstanding Aklanons awardees in addition to the awardees the Museo It Akean had received and confirmed as mentioned above. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Isla Verde
"Ako si Alim", ro anang pakilaea. "Taga Isla Verde ako, iya ako nagbahoe. Suno sa mga katigueangan, paraiso kuno ro among isla," pahayag ni Alim.
Bugana sa tunang manggad ro among isla. Malimpyo rong hangin nga amon nga guina guinhawa. Kon agahon nagapamueot kami it mga itlog it pawikan ag mga pueos-anon para sa pamahaw. Bugana rong prutas, mga tinoean-on ag pilang mga hayop ag manok.
Kon gabi-I ag mahayag rong buean, rong mga kabinataan ag kadaeagahan hay nagapamasyar sa baybayon. Paborito nga hampang it mga onga rong pagkarera sa mga eumba-eumba o kundi magsakay sa likod it mga mahugop nga hayop sa dagat.
Isaeang adlaw, hakibot kaming mga taga isla kat may dumungka nga isaeang ka mabahoe nga barko. Sakay rong mga maputi it panit ag mataas nga mga tawo. Nakipag amigo sanda. Guin taw-an nanda it mga aeak, sigarilyo ag mga de lata ro among mga kaeaeakihan. Mga alahas, pahumot ag panapton para man sa mga kababayenhan. Guin taw-an man nanda kami it kendi ag tsokolate.
Maghalin kato, perming may kasadyahan sa among isla. Owa eon nagaadto sa trabaho rong mga kaeaeakihan tongod perming hilong sanda. Amat-amat mang nauubos rong mga perlas, manlot ag mga korales sa among dagat. Nagkuli rong mga isda ag mga pawikan bangud perming guina dakop ag i-sumsuman.
Sa mabuhay nga pagtener kong barko sa baybayon, abo man nga basura rong nagkalhit sa dagat. Ag kat owa eon it mabaylo rong mga taga barko o na ubos eon ro andang baeon, nagpanaw eon lang sanda ag inaywan ro among isla. Tag dating masadya, nag masubo, ag ma mingaw.
Naka maeasmas rong mga taga isla. Guintipon kami ko among pinaka puno. Nagumpisa it pagpanglimpyo ro mga kaeaeakihan. Nagbulig man rong mga kababayenhan sa pageaha it pagkaon sa mga naga trabaho. Nagbulig man kaming mga kabataan sa paghakot ko mga basura.
Nagtaliwan ro mga binuean. Napan-uhan namon nga amat-amat eon nga nagbalik ro mga isda ag mga pawikan. Nagbalik man sa kada trabaho ro mga kaeaeakihan. Nagbalik rong kalinong ag kasadya. Buhi eon man rong Isla Verde. /MP

My Book

By Angeles "Gel" Sodusta

"DO NOT JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER". This saying has stood the test of time. This means that you cannot judge a person by his/her outside appearance for appearance is deceiving. You can only tell that the book is good if you read the same. For me, every book is the masterpiece of the author.
Each of us is writing a book, the book of our lives. Everyday is a page of accomplishments, challenges, laughters and tears. Every account of this book has been prepared, planned according to the desires of the Supreme Being but every event is subjected to the free will of the main character.
I also have my own book. It was conceived through the efforts of Joaquin and Ana Geraldino in the little village of Tigbauan, Iloilo. The names of this couple are very familiar because Joaquin and Anna are the parents of Virgin Mary.
But they did not name their fifth child as Mary but Angeles. Friends, families and acquaintances are calling her Angel, Gel, Angie but she prefers to be called Gel, the most beautiful among the three sisters for she is the only married girl among the three. She has also three brothers making them six children in the family.
The first chapter of this book is about her childhood. She was raised in the farmland, doing chores as a farm girl. Her elementary and secondary educations were also in the village’s school and during her college, she enrolled at Central Philippine University, taking up Bachelor of Arts major in Political Science. It was her choice, as she wanted to become a lawyer. One of the significant persons she met during her college days was her classmate named Immanuel "Nolly" Sodusta, an intelligent man but not her crush though she was his.
To get a job was her ultimate goal after graduation in 1983 in order for her to pursue her studies in law. Her first employment was in government service. She was the secretary to the mayor in 1983 to 1986. Her salary was enough to finance her studies in the University of Iloilo where she was enrolled in the college of law.
The Romance chapter of this book started in 1984, Valentines Day, when Immanuel Nolly Sodusta sent her a special card. She was elated to receive the same for her theme song at that time was "I Need To Be In Love". That was the preliminary of the continuous sparkle of love between the two hearts. Marriage is ordained by God so God commissioned Immanuel – meaning "God with us" to marry Angeles – means angels, not just one but two (or more) so in December 1989 in the little church of Glad Tidings Fellowship, Kalibo, Aklan, a marriage was performed. There was no miracle of turning the water into wine but a miracle took place when the two persons became one. I cannot explain this phenomenon but for sure married persons present here this evening, understand. You know when Nolly read my draft, he was so insistent to put the phrase (that the miracle took place later that night, the miracle of breaking the walls of Jericho).
Miracles after miracles but in 1991 the manifestation of these miracles was seen when she delivered her daughter named Hannah Joy. She is now 14 years old and will graduate from high school this year. Hannah belongs to the Special Science Class of Central Philippine University, Iloilo City. An awesome event likewise happened on April 24, 2005, when a couple called her to give their present, a baby boy named Gamaliel, our soon to be legally adopted son.
As you are reading this book, you can turn to the pages of references. Her major reference is the book of Immanuel to whom she has been thankful to God for having him. She loved this book very much for there is that mutual feelings between the two. As the saying goes "love begets love". So the book of Immanuel is part of Angeles’ and vice versa.
The pages of this book were unveiled since August 2, 1961, 45 years tonight, but still young and half way to be done.
As written in the chapters of her work experiences, she was employed in several agencies but never out of government service. Not until on January 1, 2006, when she became a retiree. Another chapter was ended but only for the work experiences in the government service. But who knows?
For now she engages in business which is very challenging, a travel and tour venture but so much to study, so much to discover but the book of life is an unending chapters of learning.
Nobody can make entries in your own book except you and you alone. This could be aided or inspired by somebody close to you but still the ultimate decision to make this interesting and beautiful book is yours. You have heard the finished chapters of my book and every new day means fresh page. Fresh page means new entries, an opportunity to be thankful to God, the Creator and the Finisher of our Books. /MP

DTI Accreditation of Refrigeration

And Conditioning Service And Repair Shops

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is calling the attention of all refrigeration and air conditioning service and repair shops. Starting July 1, 2006, the Department Administration Order No. 3, Series of 2006 (DAO 3:2006) entitled "Further Amending Certain Provisions of Ministry Order No. 32, Series of 1985, as amended, Particularly Providing for Standard Classification for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service and Repair Enterprises" will implement the new law which will govern accreditation of such service and repair shops.
According to Regional Director Dominic P. Abad, the move is DTI’s commitment to the National chlorofluorocarbon Phase-Out Plan (NCPP) spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Chlorofluorocarbon, which is used as refrigerant or cooling agent in the manufacture and repair of refrigerators and air conditioners, is found to be an ozone depleting substance when released in the air. The ozone layer protects the earth from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, thus, ozone depletion is damaging to humans, animals, plants and the environment.
With the DAO3:2006, the requirements of national ozone depleting substances (ODS) phase-out embodied in the NPCC, is incorporated. The salient features of DAO 3:2006 include:
1. Category C which is the standard of classification for air conditioning and refrigeration service and repair shops is expanded to cover: a) Type A for Window Type air conditioning/domestic refrigeration requirements; b) Type B for Package Type Air Conditioning (PACU)/Commercial Refrigeration (CRE) which include split type and all stationary refrigeration and air conditioning not included in Category A requirements; and c) Type C for Transport Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Requirements;
2. Tools upgrading and inclusion of recovery and recycling equipment which can be availed of by DTI accredited repair and service shops through DENR’s Voucher System. The Voucher System is a financial assistance wherein a grant of up to P100,000.00 intended to purchase tools and equipment for proper servicing, is extended to accredited repair and service shops that have completed the requirements of the DENR. These shops should have registered with either the DTI, SEC, LGU and/or CDA before July 1, 2004 and have at least one full time technician. A total of 3,030 vouchers will be issued nationwide, 50 vouchers of which are earmarked for Region – 6 on a first-come, first-serve basis;
3. Technicians employed by the repair and service shops must secure appropriate TESDA National Certificate;
4. Increase in Insurance Policy of repair shops between P50,000 to P100,000 depending on their star rating; and
5. Inclusion of Performance Bond of not less than P50,000 to guarantee the faithful performance of the job by the service or repair shops.
DAO 3:2006 was signed on March 29, 2006 by DTI Secretary Peter B. Favila. (Ruby M. Melliza/DTI-6) /MP

PNP – Aklan Needs More Police Vehicles

By Boy Ryan Zabal

There will be additional patrol service vehicles to hasten the mobility of the local police, a top official of the Aklan Provincial Police Office (APPO) said.
Supt. William Macavinta said new 17 police vehicles allocated for the province, to include Toyota Revo and Altis, would be turned over to various police stations this year.
"The new police vehicles will further boost the morale of the police force in responding to the needs of the community. The 17 police patrol cars are intended to increase effective police responsiveness to crimes," he said.
At least 354 new patrol vehicles were bought by the Philippine National Police (PNP) recently. These would be distributed to the regional offices and police stations in the provinces this year.
The patrol vehicles were presented during the turn over of command of incoming PNP chief, Director General Oscar Calderon.
Macavinta said the present number of police vehicles in the town of Kalibo is not enough for patrol uses.
A request for additional vehicles from New Washington town mayor Edmund Peralta was recently endorsed to the PNP higher headquarters to augment the local police’s recycled existing patrol vehicle.
"We are in need of patrol vehicles for these police stations for an all-out campaign against criminality," Macavinta said. "The brand new vehicles would be used first for the Association of South East Asian Nations summit scheduled in Cebu City in December 2006 before its distribution to the recipient police stations nationwide, he added.
The town of Kalibo, he said, definitely needs an additional patrol car for the conduct of aggressive patrol operations in time for the 2007 Kalibo Señor Sto. Niño Ati-Atihan festival.
Macavinta said the PNP is pushing for the modernization of police facilities, including equipments and service vehicles in police stations across the country./MP

Banga’s White Carabao

Banga’s White Carabao - "Bagsakan Center" for the products of the farmers, fisherfolks, food processors and other producers. According to report, the land is owned by the Aklan State University while the building was erected with the use of P3 million from former Congresswoman Billie V. Calizo’s Countryside Development Fund.
The project is almost finished except for additional furnishings needed if put into operation. However, until today, about two years after its completion, the "Bagsakan" is still idle.
It is fast becoming a white carabao or Albino. Albino is white because it is devoid of skin coloring. Unless made functional it will continue to be "white carabao".
This Albino will become operational, useful and productive if its management and operation will be entrusted to a competent and reliable, which are many in Aklan, non-government organization.
Of course it is not for free. ASU may lease it to an NGO at a mutually agreeable and beneficial terms and conditions. For LGU Banga, it may serve as alternative market. Banga will derive income from it, out of permits and licenses it will issue to the stallholders and businessmen. Banga will also get more income from large animals and hogs that will be slaughtered in its abattoir. /MP

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Once A Teacher, Always A Teacher

By Evelyn M. Kimpo

Looking back through the years since I have been a teacher, I feel a deep sense of self – satisfaction and fulfillment that on some points in their lives I have touched the minds and hearts of countless individuals and contributed something worthwhile to their well being and development. Since I have decided to become a teacher, my love for the profession has developed through the years and in spite of tempting offers of promotion as a school administrator, I chose to remain a classroom teacher.
While the title of head teacher or principal carries with it prestige and recognition, I still love to teach even if it means long hours of talking and explaining, of writing lesson plans and recording tests results, of making visual aids and bulletin boards, of constructing test items and other evaluation materials. I believe that to be an effective and successful teacher, one must work closely with her pupils. I feel I can help my pupils more when I have direct contact with them as compared to the limited ways I can do for them if I were a school head. I also feel that there is still so much more that I can offer and accomplish for them, which I wouldn’t be able to if I became an administrator. There are the challenges I met and the compensations I got for teaching for me is varied and enjoyable. It is enough gratification that my pupils benefited something from me that will help them in their future endeavors. But most of all is the simple reason that I really love to teach.
With my experience in the field of teaching, I have so many things to be thankful for. The profession has afforded me to discover and utilize my capabilities and potentials to carry out my job and develop my well being and sense of commitment. It has enabled me to overcome my weaknesses and brought out the best in me by focusing on my strengths and used them for my personal improvement. It has helped broaden my outlook and attitudes and put into perspective the varied roles I play and the responsibilities attached to them. Above all, it gave me the opportunity to serve and share my God-given gifts with others – my pupils as well as fellow teachers.
As a District English Coordinator, I am very well aware of these duties and responsibilities, so I take time to share what expertise I have with other English teachers within and outside of my own district, especially in lesson planning, demonstration teachings and in constructing test items like formative test, pre-assessment and year-end achievement tests. The greatest reward I got is when they keep coming back for assistance and advice. I feel that what I shared with them have helped them in their time of need. As English Coordinator, I get tapped as Emcee in school and community celebrations, organizer, lecturer, speaker and facilitator during in-service trainings and echo-seminars.
Of my 39 years in the teaching service, 32 of these have been spent in teaching English in the intermediate grades, particularly in Grade Six, I can honestly say that I can almost master the lessons for the grade. In the course of my lessons, certain situations give rise to incidental teaching that may be in the form of correct pronunciation, word meanings, correct usage, spelling and background information on certain topics. My knowledge of the subject matter comes in handy to enable me to make my pupils understand the lessons better.
In the course of my teaching, I learned to make instructions comprehensible through the simple basic language suited to the level of my pupils, devised strategies to make learning easy for them, and learned to introduce short cuts, clues, and patterns by which to master or remember the lessons. To make my lessons more meaningful, vivid and interesting, I make it a point to use varied instructional devices like games and puzzles for spelling, contests and group activities for other lessons. Through cooperative activities, my pupils learn to communicate freely and overcome their shyness. Even in the construction of bulletin boards and display areas, I always created a natural setting for my lessons to attract their attention and stir their imaginations.
Classroom management plays a vital role in the teaching-learning process. Pupils learn better and more when they are well-managed. At the start of the school year, my pupils and I agree on standards of behavior to be observed in class, what they and I expect from each other so discipline and management will not be a problem during class hours. Assigning group activities with each one in the group playing a role contributes to a well-managed classroom because each group is responsible for the performance of its members. Children perform well when they understand what they should do and the benefits they may gain from the activity.
Aside from the regular unit, summative and periodical tests given to the children, I always administer a diagnostic test at the beginning of the year to find out where to start the lessons, what objectives need to be enriched and which ones need focus and attention. Pre-test, mid-year and year-end tests are also administered within the school year. Besides these, I administer Speed and Comprehension tests in reading once a month to gauge the progress of the pupils’ reading ability. A pre-test in Informal Reading Inventory (IRI) is given in the month of August and a post-test is conducted in March to find out the reading level of individual pupils. The daily formative test is given to evaluate how well the pupils have mastered the day’s lesson.
Teaching English as a second language is not so much a problem when various tools are utilized to communicate ideas to the children. A good command of English enables me to switch from one synonym to another to make my meaning clear. Extensive use of visual aids like pictures, illustrations, real objects, graphs and the like help much to make the lessons interesting and enjoyable. Expressive gestures and facial expressions are also effective means of conveying ideas to pupils. I find it enjoyable and satisfying when through the art of questioning, my pupils are able to express their ideas on a certain point.
To successfully deal with other people and establish good relationship with them, one must experience peace and harmony within oneself. My experience as a Catechist and a member of spiritual organizations enabled me to broaden my outlook in life, changed my attitudes for the better and made allowances for other’s weaknesses and inadequacies. When things get out of hand, I take time to ponder over them, assess the situation and ask myself where the problem lies or where I went wrong. This enables me to correct myself and work to rectify my mistakes and move on from there. The best recourse I always take is to offer everything to the Lord and ask for guidance and assistance. These things always enable me to find peace and serenity within myself.
I am glad that I have established good relationship with my fellow teachers, superiors, friends and acquaintances. I have never figured in any kind of dispute or altercation, be it related to my work or to people outside my professions. I have learned to put myself in other people’s shoes and somehow I have maintained honest and agreeable camaraderie with them. To give others a chance to speak his mind, I listen earnestly, give encouragement and suggestions, offer help when they solicit assistance made me a friend to everyone I had the chance to associate with. The best proof of acceptance I can mention is my always having a position in any organization I am involved with both in school and the community.
After 39 fruitful years in service, I believe that I have helped a lot of children, fellow teachers. I enjoy good rapport and working relationships with colleagues and superiors. I feel fulfilled that I have given something beneficial to their lives and helped shaped their future. I am now 60 and I am grateful. God-willing, I still have five more years to serve the Filipino children, help fellow teachers, work side by side with fellow coordinators and immediate superiors. I hope I can still be of service even after I retire for I believe in every essence that "once a teacher, always a teacher". /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Never Give Personal Information To Unknown Callers

On August 8, 2006 , a former bank manager was found guilty of Estafa by Branch 5, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan. This week a former Municipal Treasurer of Ibajay, Aklan and a section chief in the provincial treasurer’s office who went absent without leave was arrested for Estafa. She posted bail bond for her temporary liberty. Of course there is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
Ms. Toriano is said to have a shortage of about P4 million in the Office of the Provincial Treasurer, Kalibo, Aklan. Since last year, Ms. Toriano’s whereabout is unknown. According to the provincial treasurer, Mr. Evan Timtiman, all communications from his office to Ms. Toriano was returned. Until today, the fate of the P4 million is unknown too.
If the said P4 million is missing, can the provincial treasurer relocate it?
A private person whom Ms. Toriano allegedly issued the check that bounced valued at a few hundred thousand pesos was so quick to secure warrant of arrest to Ms. Toriano.
Yesterday, the EF received a telephone call from a person who introduced himself as Mr. Marlon Gempisao. He claimed he is a service provider of an international bank. He offered the EF to obtain a loan with the use of his credit card. The offer was to get a loan at 0.75 percent interest at his bank payable from 12 to 36 monthly installments. EF declined the offer as he needed no loan.
Gempisao continuously persuaded EF who continuously refused. Gempisao used several tricks to convinced EF of his offer. He offered three supplementary credit cards if EF just borrowed money. EF related to Gempisao the series of fraudulent transactions in Aklan such as the Budol Budol Gang and the Cellphone racket. The telephone conversation took about 30 minutes. He just stopped talking after EF informed him that in another line "my secretary is now checking your identity with Citibank, Makati."
After the conversation, EF e-mailed Citibank inquiring the identity of Marlon Gempisao. Here is the answer to the inquiry:
"Dr. Ambrosio Villorente,
Thank you for your message regarding Mr. Marlon Gempisao. Please note that Mr. Gempisao is not an employee of Citibank.
If you have further questions, please send a message or call My Citi Online Customer Service at 1-800-374-9700. Representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Thank you for using My Citi. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.
My Citi Online Customer Service."
In case you will receive similar telephone call, do not give any personal information. Better stop politely the conversation. That person at the other end maybe planning to commit fraud.
Last month, the DepEd controversy was in the eastern side of Aklan, specifically Fr. Julian Rago Memorial High School, Feleciano, Balete, Aklan. It was between the principal and some teachers of that school on one hand and the descendants of the lot donor on the other.
The controversy has badly affected the studies of the students studying there.
The case just came about because of some things attached to the lot donated for the school site. Those unwritten provisions provide infinite rights and benefits to the descendants of the donor. This benefits become impediment to the implementation of school rules, laws and regulations. For future donations, it will be to the best and mutual interest of the donor and donee to donate or accept donations devoid of any strings attached.
This week, the controversy shifted to the western side of Aklan. It is between two principals of the Numancia Integrated School (NIS), Numancia, Aklan. The problem came about between Ms. Amor Magdaluyo and Mr. Michael Rapiz. Ms. Magdaluyo is much senior in the position being in the NIS since its organization. Mr. Rapiz is assigned in NIS on August 1, 2006.
In less than one month, Mr. Rapiz went his way without informing Ms. Magdaluyo. Mr. Rapiz went on travel without the knowledge of Ms. Magdaluyo, made cash advances for travel and did some supervision teaching without having been properly introduced.
According to their agreement, with Dr. Victorina Laroza, Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Rapiz will do supervisory function while Ms. Magdaluyo the administrative function.
What is the difference between supervisory and administrative functions? These terms are hard to distinguish from each other. Where administrative function is, there is supervisory function too.
Moreover, perhaps the upper management forgot to apply the principle of "one boss, one personnel". The assignment of Mr. Rapiz in NIS has created two chiefs in NIS. Who will prevail? This will enhance jealousy between the two. It will be also difficult for the subordinates whom to follow: Ms. Magdaluyo or Mr. Rapiz? In an office, there must only be one chief of office. This is also in line with the public administration principle: "Unity of Command". With Ms. Magdaluyo and Mr. Rapiz as commanders in NIS, two commanders will issue two confusing orders to their subordinates. Whom to follow?
To stop the NIS controversy, let one of the two principals be a subordinate to the chief or principal. Better still if one of them is given assignment in another school. /MP

Evelyn M. Kimpo, Outstanding Teacher 2006

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

"My being the chief bread winner did not in any way affect my job as a teacher", said Ms. Evelyn Meren Kimpo. She is one of the three Outstanding Teachers of the Philippines, Elementary level in the 2006 Metrobank Foundation Search For Outstanding Teachers.
Ms. Kimpo did not waste any time after graduation from her BSEED course at Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) in 1967. Her application for classroom teacher was given due course. She was assigned in Agmailig, Libacao, Aklan in 1967 where she taught until 1977. it took her 10 years to transfer from Agmailig to Torralba Elemenatry School, Banga.
Libacao is about 26 kilometers away from her resident at Tigayon, Kalibo. Moreover, Barangay Agmailig is about six kilometers away from Poblacion, Libacao by way of dirty, bumpy, and winding road. Torralba, Banga is just 12, kilometers away from her resident in Tigayon. Her transfer was a sort of a promotion in terms of distance to travel and working condition in Torralba.
After four years, Ms. Kimpo was again transferred to Banga Elementary School, Banga in 2001. Presently, she is a Master Teacher II and designated District English Coordinator, District of Banga, DepEd.
Ms. Kimpo is like any other regular students during her student’s days in Tigayon Elementary School where she finished Elementary and in NVC where she completed secondary and college courses.
Inspite of her very busy and heavy schedules both at home and in the school, Ms. Kimpo has found time to join some professional organizations. At present, she is the vice president of the Division Association of English Coordinators and Reading Scholars and Secretary of the National Organization of Professional Teachers, Banga Chapter.
She is the adviser of the Banga Elementary School paper, the "BES Flame". She is also the adviser of the English club. She serves as lecturer or facilitator in the school division trainings.
Ms. Kimpo is a habitual awardee. Before she got the "Outstanding Teacher Award" of the Metrobank Foundation, she was finalist in MBFI in 2003 and 2004. She was also awarded by the NSPC 2006. in the regional level. She received "Excellence Award in Campus Journalism (Elem).
Being an English Teacher, Ms. Kimpo is highly skillful in scriptwriting, poem and essay writing, letter printing and drawing.
She has three beautiful and loving children with her ever loving husband, Mr. Isidro Layson Kimpo. Their children, Kevin Mark, 26 and Fahttie May, 23 are now college graduates, while Kyle Mitchell, 17 is still studying.
Ms. Kimpo was so depressed after her husband got sick and was advised to just relax. She was able to manage well her family without affecting the quality of her work in school.
At 60 years old and with 39 years service for her country, Ms. Kimpo looks forward to be happy with her family. She feels really fulfilled. What can prolong her services to her people is her will to share her knowledge and skills particularly in communication arts.
As "Outstanding Teacher", Ms. Kimpo will receive P200,000.00 cash prize, medal and a trophy. Banga Elementary School where she teaches will receive a plaque of recognition to be awarded by the Metrobank Foundation, Inc.
Together with her principal, Ms. Lydia I. Fernandez, she will receive her prize on September 1,2006 in a fitting program to be held in the Metrobank Foundation, Inc. Headquarters in Makati City.
Congratulations and wish you and your family more lucks now and in the future. /MP

ASU Turns Out New Professionals

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) of the Aklan State University (ASU), ranked fourth in the top performing schools in this year’s Veterinarian Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on August 1-3, 2006.
Based on the PRC’s standard, the top performing schools should have 10 or more examinees with at least 50 percent passing percentage. Ten out of 20 ASU graduates of Doctor in Veterinary Medicine who took the licensure examination passed.

The new veterinarians are as follows:
1. Abella, Leah Navalles 6. Paderes, Benedict Suante
2. Calumpita, Rosela Cabarles 7. Petuco, Rogette Sumande
3. Catinan, Rommel Padernilla 8. Salido, Maybelle Selidio
4. Legayada, Marianne Leal 9. Tabuada, Darel Becodo
5. Loresco, Mary Joy Armiza 10. Villaranda Chuck Villanueva
Meanwhile, in the three-day Licensure Examination for Agriculturists given by the PRC last month, the ASU College of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) produced ten (10) new Agriculturists. They are:
1. Caturan Rochelo C. 6. Lauren, Jeramie G.
2. Elijay, Julie D. 7. Navotas, Andrew Z.
3. Estanislao, Liezl A. 8. Rebustes, Wilenor A.
4. Ibao, Debralyn V. 9. Solidum, Romel A.
5. Inosantos, Jecel N. 10. Villanueva, Yul D.
Also, in the Licensure Examination for Foresters given by the PRC in June 2006, an ASU-CAFES graduate of BS Forestry passed the said examination. She is Forester Mary Lucille Cuzon Peralta. /ACRelingo & MSAcoritay, ASU-ECS /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Sincero Nga Pispis

Si Julian hay esaeang ka mangangahoy. Tongod sa anang kahugod, naga tinanum imaw it sari sari busa abo ro anang mga tanum nga prutas ag tinoean-on. Bugana rong bunga ko anang kakahuyan. Dahil kara, abo ro mga pispis nga naga dapo sa anang hardin ag kakahuyan.
Isaeang adlaw, samtang naghalin eon imaw sa anang katam-nan, may nakita imaw nga pispis sa daean nga naga eokso-eokso. Nabali-an gali it pakpak. Indi maka – eopad rong pispis. Anang guin daea sa andang baeay ro pispis ag guin boeong. Kada agahon, guina saburan nana it pagkaon. Sa owa magbuhay, nagmayad rong pispis. Kada agahon, naga hinuni it matsa mayad-ayad nga kanta. Bangod sa kanta, si Julian hay habubugtaw kada agahon. Imaw eot-a rong tagapukaw kay Julian paagi sa matam is nga huni.
Sa andang barangay, si Jasmin ro pinaka gwapang daeaga. Abo nga naga pangasawa. Ogaling owa guid imaw it naila-an. Bangud sa kaabo-abo ko mga naga paeangasawa kana, indi eon makapahuway ro daeaga sa pag atubang sa mga nagabisita kana.
Para mapapundo ag matun an ro sultero nga may minatuod nga paghigugma, guin taw-an nana it pagsubok ro tanan nga kabinataan nga naila kana. Nangayo imaw it rosas kanda nga puti nga may pagtak nga puea. Owa guid it naka daea it rayang klase it rosas kay Jasmin hasta it pilang dominggong nagtaliwan.
Isaea si Julian nga naila it duro sa daeaga. Masubo imaw bangud owa guid imaw it makitang rosas nga puti nga may pagtak nga puea. Guin libot nana ro bilog nga kagueangan kutob sa anang naabot, ogaling owa guid imaw it makita.
Habatyagan kong alagang pispis ro kasubo it anang amigo. Isaeang adlaw nag-eopad ro pispis sa ibang lugar agud mag usoy it rosas nga may pagtak nga puea. Owa guid imaw it nakita. Duro man nga puti nga rosas ro anang hakita, ogaling owa’t pagtak nga puea.
Sa owa it suko-suko, eompad ro pispis it paibabaw ag guin bunggo na ro anang dughan sa mataeawis nga bato. Nag-tueo rong dugo ag guinpato-eo na sa mga rosas nga puti. Nagpagtak it puea ro mga puting rosas. Dali-dali nana nga guin daea kay Julian rong bueak. Mabakas man nga guindaea ni Julian rong rosas sa daeaga. Hakibot it duro ro daeaga. Golpi nga nagbalik si Julian sa anda agod pasaeamatan rong pispis. Naabtan nana nga naga tingha rong pispis bangud sa ka-abo nga dugo nga na-atas kana. Guin eobong nana ratong pispis. Makataliwan rong pilang dominggo, may nagtubo nga tanum nga may tunok, may bueak nga puti ag pagtak nga puea.
Halin kato, guin paabo ni Julian ratong rosas agod indi nana malipatan rong sakripisyo it isaeang ka sincero nga pispis.
Owa masayori kon nag-asawa si Julian ag Jasmin. Rong kamatuoran, nagpabilin nga daeaga pa guihapon si Jasmin./MP

Alay Lakad Schedules Walk on September 8

"Sa Bawat Hakbang, Kabuhayan Para Sa Kabataan". This is the theme of this year’s Alay Lakad in Aklan. The walk will be held on the early morning of Friday, September 8, 2006.
This years’ chairman of the Alay Lakad Aklan is the Rotary Club of Kalibo headed by its president Gus Solmirano. The co-chair is the Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo headed by its President Rose Rustch.
During the last meeting held at the Girl’s Scouts Headquarters in Kalibo, the Alay Lakad, Aklan committee agreed on the following highlights of the walk:
1. The walk will be in three groups. One group will start in Tigayon Elementary School, one in Pook Airport Crossing and one in Camp Pastor Martelino, Buswang New. The assembly point is 4:30 dawn and the walk will start simultaneously at exactly 5:00 A.M. All the three groups will converge at the Goding Ramos Park, Capitol, Estancia, Kalibo for a short program. All the officials and employees of the national, provincial, municipal and barangay, civic clubs, non-government organizations, civil society, foundations and business firms are expected to participate in this annual event.
2. Biggest participating group of national, provincial, municipal offices, private organization, civic clubs and business/professional organizations, students groups will receive awards. Most Disciplined, Best in Uniform and Groups With Highest Donation will be awarded.
3. Raffle will be held which tickets modestly cost P5.00 each but the first prize will receive P5,000.00; second P3,000.00 and third P2,000.00. Several valuable consolation prizes will also be given.
Congressman Joeben T. Miraflores, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo as a tradition, will lead this Alay Lakad 2006.
The various committees are now fast finalizing their respective jobs for the affair. /MP

CHED Sets Call Center Project At ASU

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) chose the Aklan State University (ASU) as one of its recipients in building up call centers in selected state colleges and universities all over the Philippines.
CHED expects its project to be fully operational within a year. It will be a very profitable business proposition. They also believed that ASU is an ideal setup for a call center where they can regularly get fresh supply of graduates.
CHED sent its Technical Working Group (TWG) on the establishment of call centers in ASU last July 14, 2006. The team was composed of four personnel from CHED, namely; Engineers Fernandita Calimlim, Luisito Unicruz, Jose Escolo and Geraldine Y. Pocani. The construction of infrastructure facilities in ASU, which has at least twenty five (25) seating capacity, is now going on.
ASU, on the other hand, will train its faculty members for English Proficiency and Personality Development in partnership with the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Center Foundation. The trained faculty will then train prospective call center agents.
According to Dr. Roberto L. Saladar, ASU Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Director, the putting up of a call center in the university will provide opportunity and employment for the Akeanons in general. He added that this set up will not only benefit the people but the company as well, since call center agents usually stay with one company for at least four months and then move on to look for better job opportunities. The ASU’s plan to continuously train call center agents will amply supply the demand for the said job./ACRelingo & MSAcoritay, ASU-ECS /MP

Refrain Eating Barracuda: Advises BFAR

The public is advised to refrain from eating barracuda from Cuyo Pass in view of the growing information and concerns about reported ciguatera fish poisoning. This advice came from Director Malcolm L. Sarmiento, Jr. of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).
According to the BFAR findings in its ciguatoxin monitoring activities, the BARRACUDA (belonging to family Sphyraenedae) fished from Cuyo Pass and landed in Barangay Butuan, Anini-y, Antique was found to be positive for ciguatoxin. This fish is teruc in Aklanon.
Ciguatoxin is produced by benthic microscopic dinoflagellates most popularly known Gambierdiscus toxicus. Ciguatera toxins are colorless, odorless, tasteless, and are unaffected by heating or freezing. This toxin is highly concentrated in the internal organs of fishes such as the livers and roe. Toxins concentrate in the head and viscera is more than in the flesh of the fish.
Ciguatera fish poisoning may occur within hours of eating an affected fish. Symptoms may include vomiting, diarrhea, body and muscle aches, headaches, numbness and tingling sensation around the mouth, hands and feet, temperature-sensory reversal, acute sensitivity to temperature-extremes and muscular weakness./MP

DYMT Bags 3rd Place In RDC VI

The DYMT Community Radio, owned and operated by the Aklan State University (ASU) won 3rd place in the First Regional Development Council (RDC VI) Best Public Sector Project for the Year 2005-2006 under the State Universities and Colleges (SUC) Category with the theme; "Excellence in Governance".
The award consists of Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000.00) cash prize and a Plaque of Recognition received by Dr. Benny A. Palma, ASU President and Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo, Director for Extension and Community Services and Station Manager of DYMT in a formal ceremony held recently at Sarabia Manor Hotel, Iloilo City. Hon. Michael Defensor, Presidential Chief of Staff graced the award ceremony. This project was sponsored by the National Economic Development Authority - Regional Development Council (NEDA-RDC) and the German Technical Cooperation-Decentralization Program (GTZ-DP).
The criteria considered in the competition are; 1. effectiveness of the project (20%), 2. demand-driven participation (35%), 3. replicability/sustainability (20%), 4. process-orientation (15%) and 5. originality (10%). There were three hundred considered and short listed into 45. The judges narrowed the entries down to 25 projects finalists and then to 18 winners in the three categories.
The DYMT Community Radio Programs (1) Eskuylahan sa Kahanginan, (2) PatRole sa Panguma, (3) NFA sa Kahanginan (4) Ikaw ag Ro Philhealth, (5) Police Report (6) Farm Watch, (7) Live Sunday Mass, (8) Religious Programs and (9) Musical Programs catapulted the University into third place. The said project was created to address the inadequate knowledge on farming techniques and community awareness. The radio program provided venue for information dissemination of new farming technologies and community affairs that enhance income and community participation.
DYMT is a community radio station that carries the people’s voice, ideas, dreams and aspirations on FM airwaves, 100.9 MHz. It is based at ASU with its studio located at the Extension and Community Services (ECS) Office, and its transmitter atop the historic Mount Manduyog. This station was established through UNESCO, DANIDA and the Philippine Government through Tinig ng Aming Munting Bayan Upang Umunlad and mga Lalong Maliliit (TAMBULI). The Community Media Council (CMC) composed of representatives of the different sectors of the community draws up the policies governing the station, which is managed by the ASU-ECS Unit.
The radio station is on air from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday and 6:00 am to 12:00 noon on Saturdays. DYMT received the Philippine Agricultural Journalists, Inc. (PAJ) Awards for its program "PatRole sa Panguma Farmers’ School on the Air" as the Agricultural Radio Program of the Year. The station’s Volunteer Broadcaster, Mrs. Gelly R. Maypa in her program "Farm Watch", received the Professional Media Award under the Broadcast Category (Year 2003), Best Non-Commercial Radio Station in the Country during the 11th KBP Golden Dove Awards (2001), First Place in the Professional Media Award under Broadcast Category in recognition of Dr. Porferio G. Bullo’s "From the Station Manager’s Desk" (2000), Best in Environmental Campaign in Radio Award (1997), UNESCO Rural Communication Award (January 26, 1996) and the Agricultural Radio Program of the Year by the PAJ in the same year.
In addition to this, the 3rd Place Award granted this year from the First RDC Best Public Sector Project adds prestige to the award-winning ASU community radio station. According to Dr. Relingo, the cash prize will be utilized to further enhance the existing facilities of DYMT. In her project presentation during the awarding ceremonies, she expressed her sincerest appreciation to the continuing support of the Community Media Council chaired by Dr. Mercedes Imperial, the volunteer broadcasters, the management staff, the ASU community, and most especially to the listeners and stakeholders of the station./M.S. Acoritay, ASU-ECS /MP


Greening of Philippine Highways
Covers Caticlan to Altavas

The Green Philippine Highway Project will be the 1st and the most massive civic action project that will involve the different national line agencies, LGU’s, schools and civil society organizations. This is set for August 25, 2006 as envisioned by DENR Secretary, Angelo Reyes, and spearheaded by the DENR. For the province of Aklan, it will start from Brgy. Caticlan, Malay to Brgy. Cabangila, Altavas with a human chain of green volunteers.
As Aklan is the pilot area for the whole of Panay Island, volunteers are expected to create the first human chain in history simultaneous with the national launching of the same project. The planting will be documented by video via helicopter surveying the whole province.
Kalibo, the capital town of Aklan, is the focal point where government officials, representatives, students and volunteers led by Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, will participate a Thanksgiving Mass at 7:30 AM. After which, a simultaneous ringing of bells will follow from churches and schools, sirens from patrol cars, and whistles from DENR Coordinators, brgy. officials and tanods, and countdown of radio stations, Terence Toriano of the Kalibo Mayor’s office reported.

Rebaldo Gives Emergency Assistance
To Typhoon Victims

Some 16 families affected by Typhoons Quedan and Caloy living along the banks of Aklan River at C. Quimpo and C. Laserna areas just received financial assistance. Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo handed the cash ranging from P500.00 to P1,000.00 to each family held at his office on Monday, August 14, 2006.
These affected residents along the Aklan River approached both Barangay Poblacion and LGU-Kalibo officials for financial assistance as they lost their homes and livelihoods. The Municipal Social Welfare Development Office conducted a thorough evaluation in the affected areas.
Aside from the financial assistance from MSWDO’s Emergency Assistance, Mayor Rebaldo urged the recipients to register with the PhilHealth program to get better medical care for the members of their families.
Mayor Rebaldo also reminded them of the prohibition of building structures and residences near the banks of the Aklan River for their safety and security especially during typhoons or disasters, Terence Toriano of the Kalibo Mayor’s office reported. /MP

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The Effect of CRBA To The Rural Bank System

On August 8, 2006, Mr. Raul D. Balandra wrote a letter to the Madyaas Pen. Mr. Balandra is the president, Aklan Federation of Rural Banks and Confederation of Western Visayas Rural Banks. This is regionwide organization which aims, I surmise, is to develop and maintain the rural banks in Western Visayas as potent, progressive and effective instrument in economic development of the Philippines.
Mr. Balandra started his letter with "what happened to Cooperative Rural Bank of Aklan (CRBA) continues to grab our attention and has, in fact, became a major story of our broadcast and print media whose job raised the level of consciousness of the public on the case" Of course Madyaas Pen has never published any item concerning CRBA this year.
"The CRBA case also spawned other valid issues that nag the mind of our people such as how stable and trustworthy rural banks are as depository of "depositors" money. As a consequence, a member of our member banks have to contend with restless and jittery depositors who would, more often generalize and misjudge that all rural banks are in the same straits as CRB, thus face the specter of heavy withdrawal by depositors whose precipitate reaction is triggered more by the backlash of the CRB case than by normal need for cash," Balandra pointed out.
With this situation and scenario, it is normal for any bank depositor to worry of his deposit, observe what is happening to his depository bank. For any doubt, he is induced to withdraw whatever meager amount he has deposited in that bank. In Aklan, experience have taught lessons to bank depositors such as those of Libacao Rural Bank, ADB and Kalibo Rural Bank to mention some which collapsed. Kalibo Rural Bank was an institution in rural banking, history tells, but it collapsed too.
Mr. Balandra in behalf of the Aklan Federation of Rural Banks seeks the assistance of the members of the Aklan tri-media "that any complaint or information received from any individual or source regarding the "problem rural banks"…be first referred to the rural bank concerned or to Mr. Balandra in order to give bank management concerned to address the problem before the same is aired or published in the newspaper.
This request can easily be done, as it is being done now. However, information on any matter, especially if it concerns public interest can hardly be suppressed. What can a broadcast journalist or newspaper reporter do, if such management, rural bank for that matter, continued to do its way and defy public request? Lately, there is one "problem rural bank" in Aklan. Caution was given the management, why the bank cannot do instant withdrawal, but "just wait?" It did not even, give schedule of payment for the depositors’ money and for those who wished to withdraw. Members of the Aklan Tri-media neither brought this on air nor put it on print.
But depositors in Boracay Island resort themselves invited the media and informed them of their problem of withdrawing their money from that rural bank weeks after requests to withdraw money have been filed. Members of the Aklan Tri-media are responsible members of our community. They are aware of the consequences of negative publicity more especially of the rural banking system. Members of the press and all members of or society cannot over emphasize the importance of banking in our everyday life. Media is partner in progress and development. They are here and there to build and not to destroy.
The banks security officers, the information desk and bank tellers are the best information officers. They are the faces of a bank which reflects its culture. The manner of dressing, acting and talking with bank clients will develop, foster, and maintain trust and confidence of the clients toward the bank.
Trust and confidence cannot be earned and sustained by withholding any information from the clientele that concerns them. It is better to reveal the truth to sustain mutual understanding. It will be to the best interest of the bank should it released some information of particular importance to its depositors. Perhaps, the release of your bank statement is one of the information the depositors will like to read. The disclosure of asset and liabilities will further assure depositors the sturdiness of a bank.
It is heartening to note that you are considering the establishment of a "liquidity pool" to help bank in distress. This will further assure the bank depositors of the security of their money in the bank. That they deposited it at their own free will, so they may withdraw it in time of urgent needs.
On the part of Madyaas Pen, let it be conveyed that utmost care, diligence and understanding will be given in the treatment of information regarding bank operations. /MP

All and Sundry

By Odon S. Bandiola

A Proud Moment For All He Mentors *

* A Testimonial speech for the Honorable Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino during the testimonial dinner in his honor held at the Centerpoint Building, Arch. G. Reyes Street, Kalibo, Aklan in the evening, June 16, 2006 on the occasion of the Golden Anniversary Celebration of the Aklan Press Club.

It is a great pleasure and pride to be invited and allowed to speak a few pieces in tribute and in honor of the man whom I consider to have played a great role in shaping my person, family, and career in government service, and most importantly, a career in the field of journalism.
Ronquillo "Kel" Conanan Tolentino, is a lawyer, public servant, a civic and political leader, parliamentarian and an outstanding Aklanon in the field of community journalism, now our honorable Vice Governor after having served Aklan as municipal councilor of the capital town of Kalibo and as Provincial Board Member of Aklan.
Such is the stature of a man being bestowed a rare honor tonight by his colleagues in the Aklan media, many of them went under his tutelage like me.
Many may ask how and when this great honoree this evening touched my life and helped shaped my career?
Kel Tolentino’s guiding intellect started to shape my career when I was yet in my college days during the late sixties and the early seventies. He was my mentor in religion, political science and news writing. That was the time when our honoree tonight started to play as my role model and to many other college students who passed under his tutelage.
He exemplified the best in campus leadership which transformed us to become campus leaders ourselves. I particularly, had been the president of the Liberal Arts Department and the ROTC corps commander during my senior year in college.
When he was the adviser of the Aklan College campus publication, the Aklan Collegian, he tried his best to sway us into writing. I did not become a staff member of his Aklan Collegian but his efforts in nurturing us to be a journalist bore results later in my life when writing became one of my family’s source of income.
Our honoree was once the charter president of the Aklan government appointed and designated information officer in the Local Government Units and various national and provincial government offices. When this organization went reorganization, I succeeded to become president, a position vacated by the honoree. When he relinquished the presidency of the Aklan Press and Radio Club, he anointed me to be his successor which was confirmed by the members themselves in an election held for the purpose with me unopposed to be the next President of this prestigious club.
While in government service, it was there where the honoree has further honed my journalistic skills. I went on to write for regional and national newspapers, as correspondent of the Philippine News Agency and later to become one of the correspondents of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for Aklan and Boracay. His stinging and stirring columns also inspired me to try writing columns, editorial pieces and feature stories. All the time, it was the honoree who pushed and inspired me to follow his journalistic footsteps.
Recognizing that a full-time career in writing may not be compensating particularly for locally-based journalists, and when the position of the secretary to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan was vacated due to the death of the incumbent, I became the first choice of the honorable Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino to fill the vacancy and that position I now owe for the lifetime from one of our great honorees tonight.
As role model, I may have failed to emulate many of what has been achieved by Vice Governor Kel Tolentino. He is a lawyer, I am not but I am his secretary to the Sanggunian which he now presides. He is a parliamentarian, be it in the streets or in the session halls. I am half a parliamentarian, sometimes in the streets during our younger days, but never in the session hall. Our honoree is an outstanding journalist, am still a budding journalist. Kel sought public positions and won. I sought public positions four times in the past and all the time, I lost.
However, tonight, is not only a proud moment for our honoree, for his wife Ellen, and daughters. This is also a proud moment for everyone he has mentored like me. Congratulations sir.
Good evening. /MP

Pray For Peace *

* Speech of Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Vice Governor of Aklan and Chairman, Philippine National Red Cross, Aklan Chapter on the occasion of the International Humanitarian Law Day, August 8, 2006, PNRC Headquarters, Kalibo, Aklan).

By virtue of Executive Order (EO) 134 in 1999, August 12 had been declared International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Day. The date is designed to commemorate the signing of the 1949 Geneva Conventions.
The Philippine National Red Cross took a step forward and further by declaring the whole month of August as International Humanitarian Law (IHL) month.
This year, the adopted slogan of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is: "Per Himanitatem Pacerri" which means "From Humanity to Peace."
The Red Cross saw the need to intensify our humanitarian advocacy efforts to promote peace in our country. In intensified armed conflicts, we can always see the "unavoidable collateral damage" to civilians who will be caught in the crossfire.
In this worst-case scenario, there should at least be all-out respect for human rights (HR) and international humanitarian law (IHL), that is, the law on armed conflict (LOAC) which protects civilians and which limits the means and methods of warfare. Even war has limits – not only for the sake of non-combatants but also for the sake of combatants. It has been said that IHL helps pave the road to peace by promoting humanity in time of war (Inter Armas Caritas). By respecting the basic rights and dignity of all, the fighting forces help build mutual trust that enhances the chances for a peaceful settlement.
Let us always hope and pray for peace, not only for our time but for our children and the generations yet to come. /MP

Ro Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Lawang Itom

Parabil mag-abot ro mga Kastila sa Pilipinas, guina patihan nga rong lawang itom rong lugar nga guinatapukan it mga tawong naga-kasaea, mga nag eapas it kasuguan, kapares it pagpanakaw, pagpatay it isig ka tawo, pag-abuso it mga kababayenhan, mga onga, pag-interes sa mga asawa it datu ag ko anang pamilya, o pagtakaw ko anang mga manggad ag manggad it iba.
Guinapatihan man nga bukon it tanan nga guina tapuk sa lawang itom hay nagkasaea. Guina-eo-ad it lawa rong mga inosente agod osoyon rong tunay nga nagkasaea.
Kon ano kadasig rong pag-eapas sa kasuguan, imaw man rosng kabakas it pagtinapok sa lawang itom. May guina baton ag may guina eo-ad.
Si Abener, isaeang ka mabuot, mahugod ag malimpyo it tagipusu-on nga eaeaki. Ogaling guina kahikawan imaw it ibang kabinataan. Nag dugang pa guid ro pagkahikaw kana tag imaw rong naila-an ni Aliena sa tanan nga nagapangasawa kana.
Sa pihak nga bahin, may isaea pang binata nga naila kay Aliena. Imaw ra hay si Rigor. Lipod sa daywang magkahagugma, nagabantay ag naga usoy it paagi si Rigor kon paano malamangan nana si Abener.
Isaeang adlaw, agahon pa samtang nagapaligos sa isaeang ka busay si Aliena, guintakaw ni Rigor ro mga ilislan ni Aliena ag guindaea idto sa baeay ni Abener. Pagkatapos ag tongod sa pagkaduea it ilislan, nagkagubot sa baeay it datu. Guin sugid ni Rigor nga idto ro mga eambong sa baeay ni Abener. Guin paadtonan it datu ro baeay ni Abener ag matuod, idto nakita ro eambong ni Aliena. Tongod sa natabo naakig it duro si Aliena. Kaeapastanganan ro guin obra ni Abener, sono kay Aliena.
Para mataw-an it hustisya, guinpatawag rong mga "mangin aeamon" agud consultahon sa natabo. Guinpatawag man si Abener. Guin pangutana imaw kon siin imaw ko mga oras nga nagapaligos rong daeaga. Guinsabat nana nga naga sabod imaw sa anang manok ag bebe sa anang kurae. Guinpatawag man si Rigor ag guin pangutana kon siin man imaw ko oras nga naduea ro ilislan ni Aliena. Guinsugid nana nga idto imaw sa anang katam-nan, naga ipu it prutas. Sa kamatu-oran idto sa anang baeay ro mga prutas. Sa pag usisa, abo ro mga alaga nga hayop ni Abener, pero owa it katamnan nga nagabunga sanday Rigor. Isaea pa, imaw hay isaea ka matamad nga binata. Ro mga prutas nga anang guinasugid hay guin bakae nana sa tindahan.
Katapusan nga paghusga hay ro pagpilak sa lawang itom agod masayran kon sin-o ro naga sugid it kamatuoran. Tongod sa kataeaw ni Rigor, naghinyo imaw nga indi igtapok, ag anang guin ako nga imaw rong nag bo-oe ko eambong it daeaga. Bangud sa anang kaila sa daeaga, nahimo nana nga magpinuril. Nag ako lang si Rigor it kamatuoran ag naton an man guihapon.
Nangayo it pasaylo si Aliena kay Abener. Napamatud-an nga owa it kasae-anan ro binata ag owa mabuhayi, guin pakasae sanda nga daywa. /MP


Photojournalism Seminar

The 1st Regional Photojournalism Seminar for Tourism was held in Iloilo Grand Hotel, Iloilo City on August 2 – 4, 2006. Some 20 tourism information officers from Western Visayas including that of LGU, Kalibo, Aklan attended it.
The seminar was sponsored by the Campus Press Photographers of the Philippines (CPPP), Inc. to promote year round tourism destinations in the region. Photojournalism, code of conduct and ethics for media practitioners were discussed. These included technical writing for news reports for print media.
Successful Reuters/AFP photojournalists, Leo Sulinap, Philippine Daily Inquirer correspondent, Diosa Leviste, and Panay News Editor, Hazel Villa served as lecturers. The participants underwent technical lectures using photojournalism as a tool to promote eco-tourism ventures through tasteful eye-capturing images. The CPPP Executive President, Harthwell Capistrano hosted the seminar.

Mayor Rebaldo And His Programs

Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo will be heard in his regular radio program every second and fourth Saturday of every month. Starting on Saturday, August 12, we can listen to him from 5:30 to 7:00 in the morning at CBIS Ati Atihan 98.5 Hot FM. His program, "Kabaeaka It Ka Tribu" is designed to provide information about programs and projects LGU – Kalibo is pursuing, according to Terence June Toriano.

Pulong Pulong Sa Kalibo

The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) held a "Pulong Pulong" last week to promote understanding. The Pulong Pulong discussed intermarriages, migration, illegal recruitment, documentation, fraud and human trafficking commonly happening today.
It was held in the Conference Hall, Municipal Building, Kalibo, Aklan. The pulong pulong was held in Kalibo because this is one of the towns where OFW’s come from such as the seamen, nurses, physical therapists, domestic helpers and care givers. In view of these, it will be difficult for the Mayor like Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo to provide the right information about the culture and traditions of other countries and peoples.
Some municipal and barangay officials of Kalibo and other interested persons attended the Pulong Pulong./MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Defraudation Upon Augustus Gonzales

Mr. Sylvano F. Sarabia was found guilty of eight (8) Estafa cases filed against him by Mr. Augustus Gonzales. Specifically, the eight are criminal cases No. 6320, No. 6321, No. 6322, No. 6323, No. 6324, No. 6326, No. 6327, and No. 6328.
The record of the cases revealed that the accused, assisted by his legal counsel, Atty. Florencio D. Gonzales, was arraigned on October 24, 2002 on the above stated cases. He pleaded "Not Guilty" of the crimes charged.
In the pre-trial held on February 20, 2003, the plaintiff, Mr. Augustus Gonzales and the accused, Mr. Sylvano F. Sarabia agreed on the following stipulations of facts which are: 1. accused is the owner of the checking account from the respective drawee – banks as appearing on the checks; 2. The signature of the accused appearing on the eight checks are genuine and valid; and 3. The existence of several demand letters made by the private complainant upon the accused to pay his just and lawful obligation.
The prosecution presented thru witnesses to prove the existence of the crime of Estafa. Juanito Custodio, manager of the PNB who testified about the services PNB provides to its clients. He brought with him the checking account number of Mr. Sylvano F. Sarabia. This checking account number reveals all the transactions the depositor made with the bank, Custodio testified. Mr. Ismael A. Baconoc testified, he is the bank manager of Allied Bank, Kalibo Branch; he knows Mr. Sylvano F. Sarabia who has a current account with his bank which is synonymous to checking account and therefore deposits can be withdrawn in the form of checks. Mr. Sarabia has also savings account with Allied Bank, Baconoc said. When Mr. Sarabia deposited money to the Allied Bank, it is credited to his savings account. However, when he issued check, the funds were transferred from his savings account to his checking account, according to Baconoc.
Mr. Augustus Gonzales testified that he is the private complainant of the eight criminal cases. He knew Mr. Sarabia since 1994. Being a businessman, he became close with Mr. Sarabia whom he knew as manager of the Aklan Development Bank. In the course of their friendship, Mr. Sarabia borrowed from him cash of P750,000.00 in several occasions. The borrowings were done from July to October 1997. Every time Mr. Sarabia borrowed money, he issued post dated check as loan guarantee.
However, time came that those checks bounced due to "closed account" when it were presented for encashment, hence the accusation. Mr. Gonzales, among others, presented eight checks which bounced as exhibits to the court.
In his defense, Mr. Sarabia argued that what he did, did not constitute Estafa. According to him, the act of postdating or issuing a check in payment of an obligation must be the efficient cause of the defraudation; that the offender must be able to obtain money or property from the offended party because of the issuance of check. It must be shown that the person to whom the check was delivered would not have parted with his money or property were it not for the issuance of check by the other party.
But the Court concluded that the prosecution has well established the essential requirements of Estafa under Article 315, par 2 (d) of Republic Act No. 4885, for which the accused is charged. The court record shows that checks were drawn in payment of an obligation contracted at the time the checks were issued; that there were no funds sufficient to cover payment for the check; and the payee sustained damages.
This eight criminal cases of Estafa is a stern warning to persons whose transactions will involve the use of bank checks. This use of bank checks has victimized not only hundreds but thousands of people. Several culprits have succeeded of their act of defraudation because of lack of interest of the victims, lack of resources to go to court, or by mere ignorance of the law.
A better course is: if in doubt, do not accept whatever bank check. These cases reduced the trust and confidence on a negotiable instrument like bank check./MP

Southwestern Aklan Launches ILHZ Pharmacy

By Frank T. Ituriaga

The Southwestern Aklan Inter-Local Health Zone I–B Pharmacy was launched in an appropriate ceremonies last August 9, 2006 in Numancia, Aklan. Said Inter-Local Health Zone is composed of the municipalities of Lezo, Madalag, Makato, Malinao and Numancia.
The launching event started with the blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremonies of the southwestern Aklan ILHZ I–B Pharmacy at the Municipal Health Center, with Dr. Lydia S. Depra – Ramos, Regional Director of the Center for Health Development – Western Visayas (CHDWV), and Gov. Carlito S. Marquez doing the honors.
In the program that followed the blessing and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, Mrs. Garcia B. Ureta, a DOH representative, led the opening prayer. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem, led by Mrs. Filipina Mabasa, another DOH representative. Makato Mayor Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr., Chairman of the Southwestern Aklan ILHZ, then gave the welcome address. Miss Aubrey Tolentino, a student of Madyaas Institute, sang a song number for an intermission.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez gave a fitting message, and so did Dr. Lydia S. Depra-Ramos, the Regional Director of the Center for Health Development – Western Visayas (CHDWV), She came all the way from Iloilo City for the occasion.
Each of the town mayors of the five municipalities – Mayor Fred Arcenio of Lezo, Mayor Rex Gubatina of Madalag, Mayor Dominador Ilio, Jr. of Malinao, Mayor Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr. of Makato, and Mayor Ernesto I. Templonuevo of Numancia – gave words of commitment. Each pledged, in the name of their respective towns and townsfolk, their all-out cooperation to the success of ILHZ Pharmacy project.
Mr. Josue T. Maravilla, Secretary to the Mayor of Numancia, and of the Southwestern Aklan ILHZ, was master of ceremonies.
Among other things, in his speech, Gov. Marquez said, "the launching of the Southwestern Aklan ILHZ Pharmacy marks a major milestone in the Provincial Government’s efforts to ease our people’s problems in the availment of basic medicines. With the cooperation and support," he emphasized, "of the Center for Health Development – Western Visayas (CHDWV) headed by Regional Director Lydia S. Depra-Ramos."
"Medicines that will be bought from this ILHZ Pharmacy," the Governor stressed, "and in the Botika Sa Baryo that will be put up in the barangays of the five municipalities composing Southwestern Aklan Inter-Local Health Zone I–B, will be priced at about 50 percent lower than the prices for these medicines in the standard commercial drugstores."
Initially, the Governor revealed, the Southwestern Aklan ILHZ Pharmacy will be stocked with some P50,000 worth of various medicines. And he challenged the people in-charge of this project to make the undertaking viable. To make sure that the succeeding stocks of medicines will already be procured using the resources generated from the operations of this pharmacy project.
Dr. Lydia S. Depara-Ramos, Regional Director of CHDWV, who traveled all the way from Iloilo City (with some stocks of medicines) to attend this special occasion, said that there are four Inter-Local Health Zones in Aklan. And this Southwestern Aklan ILHZ I–B Pharmacy is the first one to be launched – not only in the province but in the whole region as well. She commended the Aklan Government under the leadership of Gov. Marquez, and the rest of the LGU executives in the province for having facilitated the realization of this laudable project which she said will go a long way towards complementing, and enhancing, the government’s program on health service delivery.
The ILHZ Pharmacy launching program was also attended by some officials and health workers of the five towns composing the Southwestern Aklan ILHZ I–B. Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo was also present, as a special guest and observer.
With the ultimate establishment of the Botika Sa Baryo in these five towns, as provided for in the concept of the ILHZ project, both Dr. Ramos and Gov. Marquez expressed optimism that the need for cheaper medicines of the people of Aklan, especially the poor and marginal families, could be served better. /MP