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Farm Product Market For Marginalized Farmers

On February 16, 2012, the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Kalibo, Aklan approved Ordinance No. 2012 – 002 during its 7th SB Regular Session held at the SB Session Hall presided by Vice Mayor Madeline A. Regalado with nine (9) members who voted yes. Hon. Nilda B. Tambong was on Filial leave when the above stated ordinance was approved.

The SB members who were present during its approval were Hon. E. Soviet R. A. Dela Cruz, Hon. Ariel O. Fernandez, Hon. Arnaldo M. Tejada, Hon Mark Mitchell C. Sy, Hon. George L. Quimpo, Hon. Rodillo L. Policarpio, Hon. Peter Jene N. Lao, Hon. Ananias V. Solina, and Hon. Michael Angelo R. Melgarejo who is representing the SK.
Ordinance No. 2012 – 002 is “An Ordinance Granting Certain Privileges to the Marginalized Farmers of Kalibo Who Are Securing Mayors and Business Permit(s) and Amending Certain Provisions of Municipal Ordinance No. 95 – 0024 Otherwise Known As The Local Revenue Code of Kalibo”.


Going over or reading the said ordinance, the ordinance aims “to give marginalized farmers of Kalibo the opportunity to sell their agricultural products and livestock directly to the buying public at a better price”, and to extend assistance “through the adoption of policies and programs and enactment of ordinances that will improve and uplift their (marginalized farmers’) well being”.

These marginalized farmers will be allowed by LGU Kalibo to sell their farm products during market day, Sunday along Toting Reyes Street from Corner of XIX Martyrs Street to Corner of Roxas Avenue Extension.

To avail of the privileges to be granted by the said ordinance, first the farmer must be marginalized; second – resident of the municipality of Kalibo, and third – member in good standing of the Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council of Kalibo.

He must have paid P50 Health Permit Fee; P50 Health Card Fee; P30 Garbage Fee; and P60 Mayor’s Permit Fee.

As defined in the Ordinance, marginal farmer or fisherman refers to an individual engaged in subsistence farming or fishing which shall be limited to the sale, barter or exchange of agricultural or marine products produced by himself and immediate family (members) and whose annual net income from such farming or fishing does not exceed fifty thousand pesos or the poverty line established by NEDA for the particular region or locality”.

The author defined “farmer or fisherman” as one. How can a farmer be the same to fisherman when farmer deals with plants and animals while fisherman deals with fishes?

The term “marginalized” neither exist in Webster’s dictionary nor in the five (5) languages dictionary authored by the late Mr. Roman A. Dela Cruz. There is the word “marginal” however in Webster’s which means “marginal” in economics as “on the border between being profitable or non profitable. With this definition, is marginalized farmer just non-profitable?

What documents will the supposed marginalized farmer present that will show he is marginalized? What does the author mean regarding the require-ment that to qualify as marginalized, a farmer must not have an annual net income from farming and or fishing more than P50,000?

There is no denying that the honorable members of the SB of Kalibo especially the principal author of the ordinance had a genuine concern to uplift the economic status of the farmers and their families whom the ordinance is designed and approved.

However, the Ordinance can be improved further such as:

1. Change the adjective “marginalized” to “qualified”. Marginalized denotes class and therefore avoid the branding “class legislation” approved to benefit a certain selected class. One must first be marginalized with a net annual income lower than 50,000. It adds more insult to injury being poor. It is also the degrading adjective. “Marginalized farmer” will prompt the children from engaging in either farming or fishing. They would rather choose any vocation except farming or fishing to prevent themselves from being marginalized.

2. Add another objective in the ordinance which will benefit the buyers or consumers of farm and marine products by allowing qualified farmers to sell their products on market days.

3. The Mayor’s and Business Permits be issued to the farm family and or fisherfolk family as farming is a family enterprise. Any member of the family be allowed the marketing of their farm products.

The above stated ordinance is already approved as of Feb. 16, 2012. It was certified correct by SB Secretary Ms. Diana V. Torre – Fegarido, attested by Vice Mayor Madeline A. Regalado and approved by Mayor William S. Lachica. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Caticlan Jetty Port Breaths Bad

The Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan holds its Regular Session every Wednesday of the week. It held its 7th Regular Session last Wednesday, Feb. 22 at the SP Session Hall, Capitol, Estancia, Kalibo.

The Order of Business was as follows:
I. Call to Order
II. Opening Prayer
III. National Anthem
IV. Aklan Hymn
V. Roll Call and Determination of Quorum, and
VI. Proposed Provincial Enactments

The first five parts did not consume so much time. It lasted for about five minutes.
However, Part VI, Proposed Provincial Enactments consumed almost all the time.
Part VI consisted of

A. Unfinished Business;
B. New Business, and
C. Municipal Enactments
At 11:00 o’clock on last Wednesday’s session, the SP presided by Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo – Quimpo was still discussing the No. 5 agenda under the Unfinished Business.

What is this VI. 5 Agenda?

This is the transmittal “letter from Mr. Niven M. Maquirang, Jetty Port Administrator relative to the incident that transpired last December 26, 2011 at the Caticlan Jetty Port and Passengers Terminal at around 10:00 o’clock in the evening where there were around two hundred (200) tourist passengers stranded at the terminal because there was no banca from CBTMPC or fast craft from Montenegro Lines to transfer them to Boracay Island”.

The said report was furnished the Committee on Tourism, Committee on Laws, and others which met on February 20, 2012 to study; discussed and submit report on it. These committees recommended that it be noted with serious concern as Marina has assured this body that it is pursuing Marine Investigation on the incident (Committee Report No. 2012 – 050)”.

Disturbing Report

The Committee Report No. 2012 – 050 is highly disturbing. It merely recommended that it “be noted with serious concern as Marina has assured….it is pursuing Marine Investigation”

That incident at Caticlan Jetty Port is very alarming and highly abnormal. Who is the host of those 200 stranded passengers? It is not Marina but Aklan. Marina did not invite them to visit Malay. It is Aklan which extend a continuing invitation to visit Aklan through its Tourism Program. This must be investigated by a committee to be formed by the Office of the Provincial Governor. The investigating committee must be empowered to submit its findings, analysis and recommendations to the provincial governor after its investigation.

Listening to the discussion on the matter during the SP session, it was revealed, the report was prepared by a security guard. Has the Governor assigned the management of the Caticlan Jetty Port to the security guard? Where are the officers duly assigned to manage the jetty port?

The absence of the officer who was duly tasked to manage the jetty port when the incident happened deserves a certain appropriate sanction for reneging his/her duties and responsibilities.

While authority maybe delegated to a junior officer, responsibility can never be delegated.

In his State of the Province Address, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez reported the arrival of some 908,875 tourists last year of whom 39.6 percent were foreigners while 548,853 or 60.4 percent were Filipinos.

This number will fast and greatly diminish if we continue the way such as how we received the tourists in the evening of Monday, Dec. 26, 2011. The way they were received was “Bad breath”, only in Caticlan Jetty Port.

Perhaps, Gov. Marquez may prepare a training program designed to enhance excellent management in handlimg tourists for our tourist management officials. Better still if a one week observation studies in Singapore or Vietnam is held. /MP

Rotary Club of Kalibo Guests Defensor

PS Supt. Cornelio Defensor declared: “Aklan PNP is dedicated, committed and focused on its responsibilities as servants of the people and vanguard of peace.
It is in our mandate to serve and protect the
community at all cost.

PS Supt. Cornelio Defensor was the guest of honor and speaker of the Rotary Club of Kalibo during their 22nd Regular Weekly Meeting held in the Rotary Livelihood and Training Center, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan.

In his speech, Defensor declared, “I found the Province of Aklan a very peaceful place for it is resided by religious people.

He found crime rate in the Province of Aklan is on its downward trend. He disclosed the security and safety measures the Aklan Provincial Police Office follows to sustain stability and internal security.

Defensor’s Speech

Defensor’s speech follows:

“When I was designated as the Provincial Director of Aklan Police Provincial Office, I felt humbled to have been entrusted with the honor to lead the entire police force in this province and consider this assignment as a new challenge and I am very thankful to the Lord for giving me this opportunity to be of service to Akeanons.

In a democratic country like the Philippines which is founded on the bedrock of rule of law, maintenance of peace and order assumes paramount importance to which the police play the major role as the principal law enforcement agency to preserve public order. As I assumed the post, I immediately looked into all aspects of public disorder, noting its causes, its early detection and timely intervention.

Anti-criminality campaign is our priority. We see to it that every anti-criminal response is done actively and efficiently so as to record every complaint accurately. We are also conducting surprise checkpoints in strategic places where criminality is rampant. Intensified police visibility in business centers particularly in Kalibo and in Boracay is likewise done regularly.

I found the province of Aklan as a very peaceful place for it is resided by religious people like you. As Provincial Director, I can really say that peace and order situation in this province is manageable.

The total crime volume is decreasing and the crime solution efficiency has been on an upward trend as well. During the year 2011, Aklan PPO recorded 970 cases which showed a 52 percent decrease in the total crime volume compared to the 2,026 cases recorded in 2010. Crime solution efficiency posted an increase of 39 percent on the same year and the average monthly crime rate reduced to 53 percent.
The popularity of the CPP-NPA-NDF weakened because of government’s persistent efforts to put an end to the insurgency problem in the light of an improving economy. As a matter of fact, Aklan was declared as an insurgency – free province by virtue of SP resolution No. 001, Series of 2011.

However, the potential for the dissident – terrorists to disrupt the province’s tranquility has not been disregarded. Aklan Police Provincial Office is still conducting counter-insurgency operations to sustain stability and internal security in support to the AFP in our desire to win the peace in this province.

From January to December 2011, some 24 persons were arrested for various drug-related offenses and an estimated P534,550 worth of illegal drugs were confiscated. During the same period, 16 persons were also arrested for various forms of gambling offenses and an estimated P11,966.75 worth of bet money was confiscated.

Intensified campaigns in the enforcement of laws and the implementation of OPLAN PAGLA-LANSAG were also conducted to control loose firearms which are the instrument of the criminals that forever threatens the lives and properties of our people wherein we have arrested 56 persons and confiscated a total of 80 assorted firearms.

Aklan Prolice Provincial Office has been relentless in its campaign against wanted persons and criminal groups with a total of 174 wanted persons accounted and four (4) crime groups neutralized, respectively. Illegal logging, illegal fishing, and carnapping were likewise addressed.

The Barangay Peace Keeping Action Teams (BPATs) now on its 3rd year, were established so that crime prevention can already be managed at the barangay level. Special programs were also implemented in coordination with other agencies like DSWD, i.e. Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC).

The office has also conducted a 45-Day Criminal Investigation Course (CIC) participated in by various investigators of the different municipal police stations in Aklan. The CIC will not only enhance the knowledge of local investigators in handling cases, this will also improve flexibility and equip them with additional skills in dealing with today’s crime trend.

We will continue working with you. Transparency is on top of our policies and we shall leave no stone unturned in our continuing effort to bring a highly capable police force and truly responsive to the needs of the Akeanons.
The Aklan PNP is dedicated, committed and focused on its responsi-bilities as servants of the people and vanguard of peace. It is in our mandate to serve and protect the community at all cost.

May we continue working together to improve the delivery of police service in the province of Aklan for us to attain lasting peace, sustain economic and social progress under the rule of law in the years ahead.
In closing, permit

me to share a line of our CPNP General Nicanor Bartolome during his assumption of office to quote, “Nais kong samahan ninyo ako at magkatuwang nating ialay sa sambayanan ang serbisyong tapat at marangal. Pulis ako, Pulis Nyo Po”, unquote”. /MP

Numancia Hosts Technology Upgrading On Vermicast ProductionNumancia Hosts Technology


“My passion and dream... to take care our Mother Nature.”

This has motivated Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) Racel Gomez to engage in vermiculture and vermicomposting.

Some 40 participants composed of farmers, entrepreneurs, cooperative and peoples’ organization members and students attended the Technology Upgrading on Vermicast Fertilizer Production on February 6, 2012 at the Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center in Numancia, Aklan.

MS Gomez extended the technology to enhance the knowledge and skills of the participants in producing their own vermicast fertilizer; utilize indigenous materials and farm wastes or by-products into organic fertilizer; and promote environment-friendly practices in agricultural development.

MS Gomez shared her expertise on vermicompost production, from site selection, preparation of materials to harvesting, packaging and marketing. The participants learned the technology on proper utilization of vermicompost, such as organic fertilizer and plant growth media.

Vermicompost is the focused commodity of the FITS Center and the One-Town-One-Product of LGU Numancia.

Numancia Municipal Mayor Adolfo M. Iligan expressed his full support and appreciation to the projects and activities led by Numancia FITS Center.

The activity was conducted in partnership with the Western Visayas Agriculture and Resources Research and Develop-ment Consortium, Aklan State University and LGU-Numancia, Aklan through its FITS Center and Office of the Municipal Agriculture. /MP

Aklanon To The Bb. Pilipinas

Marie Virginia Cecile Molo Peter

Hi! My name is Marie Molo Peter, 21 years old and I am of Filipina, Norwegian and German decent. My mother is pure Filipina originally from Tangalan, Aklan. Whereas my father is half Norwegian and half German. I was born in Kalibo, Aklan where I was enrolled in Aklan Learning Center for Kindergarten and Prep. School before we moved to Norway at the age of 7.

I´ve lived in Fredrikstad, Norway for 14 years before I, in 2010 moved to Munich, Germany for a study-year.

Now I am back in the Philippines competing for one of the 2012 Binibining Pilipinas crowns. I am representing the Province of Aklan in the pageant, and I am rooting for the support of my fellow Aklanons - sa suporta ag pagsalig ninyo kakon, naduduea ro akong kagauy. Para da sa inyo tanan.

Marie Virginia Cecile Molo Peter is representing the Province of Aklan to the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 screenees during the 1st Callback who formed part of Jonas Gaffud’s Aces & Queens. This half-Norwegian, half-Filipina is initially bashed in different pageant sites, with harsh comments being undeservingly hurled at her. She was able to read the bad remarks. But not someone who will cry and sulk in one corner. She simply posted this brief message in her: “To all my haters, you are my motivators.”

In fairness to Marie, she looks so much more beautiful in person. Some of her photos do not give justice to how she gives impact in the flesh. I believe that she is qualified to become an Official Candidate for 2012, and can even work wonders during the preliminaries en route to surprising us all.

Bb. Pilipinas 2012: Official Number Assignments Posted on February 13, 2012 of the 30 Bb. Pilipinas 2012 candidates are: #1 Karen Gallman, #2 Roxane De Castro, #3 Nicole Marable, #4 Jaine Hidalgo, #5 Rose Ann Aguilar, #6 Maria Alicia Elena Ariosa, #7 Patricia Lae Ejercitado, #8 Nicole Schmitz, #9 Mary Jean Lastimosa, #10 Jillean Camille Orbina, #11 Marie Virginia Cecile Peter, #12 Mika Maxine Medina, #13 Katrina Jayne Dimaranan, #14 Gina Joy Howell, #15 Elaine Kay Moll, #16 Liezl Alcantara, #17 Anna Czarina Buenviaje, #18 Janine Tugonon, #19 Roxane Joy Jesalva, #20 Roxanne Tadique, #21 Giselle Angelica Munoz, #22 Meiji Cruz, #23 Goldy Baroa, #24 Fer Mary Baliquig, #25 Chloe Zanardi,#26 Angelee Delos Reyes, #27 Golda Soller, #28 Marie Irisha Arcenas, #29 Annalie Forbes, and #30 Sherlyn Gonzales. (Bb. Pilipinas official blog) /MP

Poverty Reduction Is Community Driven


The guests in the Kapihan on February 18 are Ms. Elizabeth Ferraris – Community Development Specialist, Mr. Manuel N. Reyes III – Regional Finance Analyst, Ms. Mary Grace Centino – Area Coordinator, and Ms. Maricar M. Calubiran – Social Marketing Officer. They are shown in the above picture with Mr. Ernesto T. Solidum of Madyaas Pen extreme left.

Mr. Rey Solano, NVC Supreme Student Council President
with his committee members.

Kapihan session on February 18, 2012 tackled two different topics namely: “Poverty Reduction Strategy of KALAHI–CIDSS under DSWD and 64th Foundation Anniversary of Northwestern Visayan Colleges” (NVC) held in Smokehauz Resto & Bar. Guests are Ms. Elizabeth Ferraris – Community Development Specialist, Mr. Manuel N. Reyes III – Regional Finance Analyst, Ms. Mary Grace Centino – Area Coordinator, and Ms. Maricar M. Calubiran – Social Marketing Officer.

Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino mentioned that Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services (KALAHI–CIDSS) implemented by DSWD has reached 4,583 barangays in 200 municipalities of the 42 poorest provinces from 2003 to 2011. This year, additional six provinces will be covered. Criteria for inclusion of target areas are those where poverty incidence reported by NSCB is more than 41 percent.

In 2011, Libacao and Madalag were first recipients. This year, it will expand to five municipalities which are: Ibajay, Makato, New Washington, Batan, and Tangalan. It aims to achieve convergence of other social services like Sea-K, Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and Food for Work program of DSWD said Atty. Tolentino.

Ms. Ferraris underscored, “KALAHI–CIDSS is community – driven designed to improve infra and social services for the poor. Training component of 6 months on leadership, teamwork and management skills allow target families to take stock of their present resources and identify felt needs. Training is part of capacity building process in their aspiration to lift themselves out of poverty. In short people empowerment”.

Mr. Reyes III said that KALAHI–CIDSS is funded with $120 million grant by Millenium Challenge Corp. In 2011, Madalag received P11.25 million with 30 percent of the fund channeled into infra projects like farm to market roads (FMR), Brgy. Health Station and concrete foot bridge. A total of P750,000 went to training or capacity building.
Ms. Centino, Area Coordinator for Madalag noted that the high poverty incidence is traced to acute shortage of infra like FMR, Health Station and irrigation, all basic necessities for survival. Out of 25 barangays, 14 is covered by KALAHI–CIDSS. NSCB studies found farmers have low purchasing power, poorly educated and malnourished.

A 30 minute video presentation on program implementation in Concepcion, Iloilo and Jamindan, Capiz followed the discussion. These areas are earlier recipients of the program, and showed remarkable success and favorable comments from local chief executives.

KALAHI–CIDSS is holistic in providing vital services like social development, engineering, monitoring, and evaluation, administration and finance. Unlike other government projects, it is grounded on people participation and commitment. A minimum fund of P150,000 per year is allotted per barangay for adopting any of approved projects. Janiuay, Iloilo is a role model which graduated from the grip of poverty and want. DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman aptly calls this exit strategy.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, Dean of Mass Communication, NVC stated the theme of the 64th NVC Foundation Day celebration this year is “Sustainable Environment through Education, Culture and Arts.” Activities have started Feb. 14 and will formally end on March 2, 2012.

Mr. Rey Solano, President, Supreme Student Council together with his three committee chair-persons discussed important events like Journalism Seminar, Launching of Kid Center, Annual College Symposium, Seminar on Climate Change, Civic Parade, Coronation Night of King and Queen of Hearts, Music Festival and Cultural Contest.

Among the important guests are Dr. Cesar Chavez, News Editor of DZRH – Manila Broadcasting Corp. He will discuss Journalism. Resource Speaker from DENR will deal on Climate Change.

Local Government Code

The Decentralization Act or Local Government Code of 1991 was passed by Congress to empower LGU’s to finance and manage their resources for stability and prosperity. IRA fund comprises 67 percent of total annual budget of which 20 percent is for economic development. RA 7160 is meant to foster people empowerment and local autonomy.

It is ironic that two decades later, people empowerment is still a dream. Secretary Jesse Robredo, DILG once stated that 80 percent of IRA funds is misspent by LGU officials. Thus, the untenable infra condition of our communities especially in remote places is very common. Libacao and Madalag for instance has 70 percent poverty incidence but thanks to KALAHI–CIDSS, many of these once decrepit barangays are able to see the light of hope.

“When people are involved in active planning, project implementation and evaluation, there is sense and spirit of ownership” said Ferraris. This is bottom up planning approach in management. The result is efficiency, effectivity and sustainability.

Due to the present circumstances, there is urgent need to evaluate RA 7160 implementation as high poverty incidence and hunger could have been averted by 50 percent of our population had the law been fully implemented to its spirit and intent.

Entry into Force (EIF) under Millennium Challenge Corp. funded by US government is worth $434 million to fight poverty. The Philippine government appropriates P39.5 billion for CCT. This is considered highly controversial. This is a huge financial burden given that our GDP growth appears phlegmatic or feeble. Standard Chartered Bank forecast for 2011 was 3.8 percent, 3.2 percent in 2012, 5.3 percent in 2013 and 5.0 percent in 2014. A 3.0 percent figure is in the state of recession.

It appears that what really matter in this concerted war against poverty is basically to instill in the minds of Filipinos the virtue of industry, thrift, frugality, and honesty says Dr. Villorente. Nothing could be further from the truth. /MP

Reason and Concern

By Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Slow Pace of Impeachment Trial

Impeachment lead prosecutor Rep. Niel Tupaz, Jr. boldly announced that the impeachment trial shall probably be finished on March 23, 2012.

Tupas made a conjectural timeline prediction and estimate of the impeachment trial finale.

Viewing that the prosecution had concluded Article II of the grounds for impeachment, the prosecution has to present evidence to the remaining six articles of impeachment.
It had been a month since January 16, 2012 when the impeachment trial started.

The Impeachment Court had a rule of procedure, all its own. While the Rules of Court is suppletory, the Impeachment Court did not consider having a pre-trial. Of course, the Impeachment Court is aware of the nature and purpose of pre-trial. In the courts of law, pre-trial is mandatory. Pre-trial, is provided in Sec. 2, Rule 18 of the 1997 Rules of Court to consider: a) The possibility of an amicable settlement or of a submission to alternative modes of dispute resolution; b) The simplification of the issues;

c) The necessity or desirability of amendments to the pleadings; d) The possibility of obtaining stipulations or admissions of facts and of documents to avoid unnecessary proof; e) The limitation of the number of witnesses; f) The advisability of a preliminary reference of issues to a commissioner; g) The propriety of rendering judgment on the pleadings, or summary of judgment, or of dismissing the action should a valid ground therefor be found to exist; h) The advisability or necessity of suspending the proceedings; and i) Such other matters as may aid in the prompt disposition of the action.

The rather snail pace of the Impeachment trial had made President Aquino to call for public support on his campaign to oust Chief Justice Corona. He even called for “People Power”. Apparent is the President’s irritation on the slowness of the trial. But then, respect for the Impeachment Court is due.

Evidently, whether Corona shall come out acquitted or convicted of the impeachment, he shall emerge, as termed by political analysts, critics and columnists and stated for the umpteenth time as “ damaged goods”

The early hustings shall be part of the activities in practically all provinces in the country. Antique, for instance, had surfaced with a coalition of the Zaldivar-Pacificador political forces. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Singsing Ag Mansanas

Magueang eon ro hari ag bu-ot nana nga maaywan ro anang unga nga prinsesa sa mayad ayad ag bagay nga asawa. Ogaling, masyadong mapili ro prinsesa.

May isaeang ka binata nga nag pangarisgar ag nagpasimpaead agod usoyon man ro anang kamaeayran. Si Gorying ro anang hayo. Guin taw-an imaw ko anang ama it isaeang ka kabayo agod masakyan. Tongod karon, anang guin pasaeamatan ro anang ama. Nagpanaw dayon imaw. Pag abot nana sa may sapa, hakita nana ro tatlong ka isda nga namaehan sa eonang sa binit. Guin panaogan nana ag guin halin sa madaeum nga tubi agod maka eangoy ag mabuhi pa sanda.

Nagpasaeamat ro tatlong ka isda kay Gorying ay nabuhi pa sanda. nagpadayon si Gorying sa anang panaw hasta nakaabot imaw sa kagueangan. May hakita imaw nga mga tutugnon it pispis nga guin haboy sa liwan it pugad tongod owa eon it ipakaon ro andang ina. Sa anang kaeo-oy, guin patay nana ro anang kabayo agod ipakaon sa mga pispis. Padayon si Gorying sa pagpanaw. Nagbinaktas imaw hasta nakaabot sa palasyo. Habasahan nana ro sangka pahisayod sa plasa. “Ro hari hay bu-ot ipaasawa ro anang prinsesa sa sin-o mang maka himo it malisod nga oeobrahon.”

Pagkakita ni Gorying sa hitsura it prinsesa sa ritrato, naduea ro anang kahadlok nga basi imaw hay paga su-ungon. Busa, nag agto imaw sa palasyo ag nag presentar nga bu-ot nanang maangkon ro pag higugma it prinsesa.

Guin daea imaw sa baybayon. Hakita nana ro isaeang ka baroto nga sakay ro hari. Guin itsa ro singsing sa may eawod. Guin sugo si Gorying nga usuyon nana ag ibalik ro singsing. Kon indi nana maibalik ro singsing hay paga pugutan imaw it ueo.

Samtang naga paino-ino si Gorying kon ano ro anang himuon agod hikita ro singsing, may nagtunga nga tatlong ka isda. May guina tus-on nga singsing ro sambato. Sanda gali ro mga isda nga anang guin buligan sa daeanon kato. Nalipay si Gorying. Guin daea ro singsing sa hari. Ogaling owa nagpasugot eagi ro prinsesa nga mag pakasae. May sambilog pa nga himuon ro binata. Kinahangean nana ro mansanas nga halin sa kahoy it kabuhi. Nagpanaw si Gorying nga owa it direksyon. sa anang kaga-oy, nagpundo imaw, hakatoeogan sa puno it kahoy. Maangan-angan, habugtaw si Gorying. May habatian imaw nga huni it pispis. Dayon, may nahueog nga bueawan nga mansanas. Naghapon sa ubos ro mga pispis ag naghuni nga raya ro kahueogan.

“Kami ratong mga pispis nga guin pakaon nimo. Nag eopad kami idto sa punta it kalibutan agod boe-on ro prutas. Nagbayad man lang kami ko kamaeayran nga guin tao nimo kamon”, hambae paagi sa huni it mga pispis. Guin daea ko binata ratong mansanas sa prinsesa.

Guin kaon nandang daywa ro prutas ag parehong nagbatyag it owa it katupong nga paghigugma ro kada isaea. Nagpakasae ag nagkabuhi sanda it malipayon nga uwa it katapusan. /MP

Filipino Community Earns Great Respect


RICHMOND, British Columbia — No public official in British Columbia, or in the entire Canada for that matter, has placed a home phone number in a calling card except William “Bill” McNulty, this city’s longest serving councilor and next mayor.

“For others (public officials), it’s a no-no; but for me, I am available to serve 24 hours a day,” McNulty told this writer in an exclusive interview at Kumare Restaurant and Bakery last month.

“I have great respect for Filipino community in British Columbia and I am actively involved in raising funds to help calamity victims in the Philippines and other countries,” he added.

A long-time Richmond resident who worked as a counsellor in a Vancouver secondary school, McNulty has been city councilor since 1993. His efforts to donate funds for recent victims of typhoons in the Philippines were “through my own personal initiatives,” he said.


“I am consistent and I go out on my own and do something with or without the election to help people here and abroad,” he stressed, explaining that they were able to raise $127,000 for children victims of “tsunami” in Onagawa, Japan last year.

Better known as “Richmond’s Man in Motion”, McNulty is active as a community volunteer in Richmond for many years, especially in sports-related activities. He has served on Sport B.C. for six years, was a member of the committee which organized Richmond’s bid for the 1994 Commonwealth Games, and is extensively involved in local community television broadcasting.

McNulty, raised as a Catholic, wants to work with newly landed immigrants to achieve a better quality of life saying “Canada is a better place to live and I want them to enjoy the quality of life here.”
As a public servant, he describes himself as “hard working, very honest, very trustworthy, and most caring councilor.”


“I don’t do things for personal gains. If I consider you as friend, you are my friend for life and not just during the elections,” he quipped.

“I know many people in the (Filipino) community have dug deep in their pockets to help (calamity victims in the Philippines). We are all part of the community and our small efforts become big efforts.”

McNulty has been involved in track and field for six decades and is a life member of Richmond’s Sports Council and the Richmond Lawn Bowling Association. He has been President of both B.C. Athletics and the Canadian Track & Field Association. For many years he was a B Director of the Canadian Olympic Association.

He has been a coach, manager, administrative leader and Chef-de-Mission of many Canadian Games teams and touring Canadian track and field teams around the world. McNulty is also a long time serving Rotarian.


“I believe in sharing cultures,” McNulty mused. “It is important we understand each other from music to arts to family values. Regardless of religion, race, culture, we all have the same goals and objectives.”

A past president of the U.B.C. Alumni Association, McNulty is currently serving his eighth three-year term on the Senate of the University of British Columbia. He served on Richmond’s Advisory Planning Commission for six years from 1986-1992, five of them as Chairman.

He currently represents Richmond as the first alternate to the first Director on the Metro Vancouver Board. He is also a director on the Board of E-Comm (911) and is Richmond’s representative.


McNulty is director of the Metro Vancouver Housing Committee and a director of the Metro Vancouver Housing Board of directors for the past six years.

He is chairman of Richmond’s Planning Committee and a member of the following Standing Committees of Council: Finance; General Purposes; Community Safety and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services.

He is also the City Council representative to the following advisory committees, organizations and community associa-tions: the Richmond Sports Council; the Richmond Arenas Association; the Richmond Chamber of Commerce; Thompson Community Centre; Richmond Committee on Disability; and Tourism Richmond. /MP

NSO Aklan Celebrates NSO Aklan Celebrates Civil Registration Month

In keeping with one of its mandates to enforce the Civil Registry Law, the National Statistics Office, Aklan Provincial Office is currently celebrating this year’s Civil Registration Month with the theme: “Tamang Rehistro, Pananagutan ng bawat Pilipino”.

The annual observance of this activity is anchored on Presidential Proclamation No. 682 “Declaring the Month of February of every year as Civil Registration Month”.

According to Mr. Blas M. Solidum, Provincial Statistics Officer, the celebration aims to promote the importance of civil registration to the public as well as to develop awareness on the value of civil registry documents in legal, administrative, and statistical fields.

“By registering all facts concerning birth, marriage and death information including subsequent modifications in the civil registry books, we can generate vital statistics data that will serve as a basis for formulation of health programs, population projection and policy – making activities of the government for social and economic growth”, PSO solidum said.

The celebration kicked off with the hanging of streamer at the façade of NSO – Aklan provincial office which was simultaneously done in different municipalities in the province. This was followed by symposia on civil registration to different college/university institutions in the province to inform college students on the current laws and regulations aimed to address several problems on their civil registry documents, especially birth certificate.

To highlight this year’s activity, a first ever civil registration quiz and mass wedding program at the Municipality of Ibajay are slated before the close of this month long celebration. Likewise, the NSO Provincial Office will issue free birth or marriage certificates on a “first come, first serve” basis to senior citizens requesting for their own NSO copy of civil registry documents.

PSO Solidum urged the public to support this activity and instill the importance of civil registration for an effective civil registry system in Aklan and country in general. /MP

May Kalibo Municipal Legal Officer Eon

Atty. Buenas Aires Dela Cruz – Rivera

Kumpirmado eon ro appointment papers ni Atty. Buenas Aires Celi C. Dela Cruz – Rivera bilang Municipal Legal Officer it munisipalidad it Kalibo. Nag-atubang ag nag pakilaea si Atty. Dela Cruz ku anang kaugalingon sa mga katapu it Sangguniang Bayan it Kalibo. Guin paabot nana ro anang kaha-uman nga magbulig sa banwa it Kalibo sa aspetong legal. Si Atty. Celi hay nag panerbisyo anay sa Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo nga sangka Legal Officer it daywang dag-on.

Imaw hay nagtapos sa pag eskwela sa pagka abogado ag nakapasa sa Bar Exam ku 2006. Nag-praktis man imaw ku anang propesyon sa Iloilo ag Kalibo. Nag obra man imaw sa National Telecommunications Commission nga sangka Hearing Officer sa sueod it sang dag-on ag tunga.

Ginasaligan ag guina pasaeamatan gid it Sangguniang Bayan it Kalibo ro pagbaton ni Mayor William Lachica sa appointment ni Atty. Celi. May magabulig eon sa pag-asikaso sa mga bueohaton ku munisipyo nga naga-kinahangean it abogado. (by Doniel B. Aguirre. /MP

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Are You Happy With Akelco Services?

The Aklan Electric Cooperative filed an “Application for Approval of Capital Expenditure Program for the years 2011 – 2014 With Prayer For Provisional Authority”. This is docketed as ERC Case No. 2011 – 153 RC.

A public hearing was held on the case on Tuesday morning, Feb. 7, 2012 at Gov. Corazon L. Cabagnot Training Center, Buswang Old, Kalibo, Aklan.

While the subject matter of the hearing was of province wide concern and importance, very few came to participate in the public hearing. Moreover, of those who attended, majority of whom was Akelco personnel.

During the public hearing, Akelco presented via the power point, the Akelco projects for financing and the financial feasibility of the proposed projects.

ERC Commissioner, Hon. Reyes presided the public hearing.

After the presentation, Atty. Niovady M. Marin, a retired RTC judge asked if Aklan Electric Cooperative, Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The answer was “NO”. Is this a misrepresentation? INC must be removed. Atty. Marin pointed out to some of the “capital projects applied for are not really capital projects, but are expenses for the operation and maintenance of the distribution system”. Hon. Reyes easily agreed on the observation.

Asked if relocation of electric posts which are believed ugly and impeding road widening and improvement are included in the Capital Expenditure, the answer is “NO”, neither the rebonding of the black spaghetti wire on electric posts which are “no fun to see”. Hon. Reyes and Akelco Manager Chito Peralta pointed to the DPWH to do the job.

Atty. Romeo Inocencio was the last to give comments. He asked questions on the proposal and the responses given to most questions were not only of Akelco but of Hon. Reyes, ERC Commissioner. Is Reyes partial to Akelco?

Atty. Inocencio manifested and informed the ERC of the “intention of the People Opposing Warrantless and Excessive Electricity Rates to file a formal intervention” on the ERC Case No. 2011 – 153 RC. The intention was instantly approved.

According to Inocencio, if this application is approved, capital contribution of members will increase from P0.2904 to P0.52 per kwh per member consumer or about 40 percent increase for the next 4 years. With this additional cost, Akelco has not shown clearly how additional capital expenditure program will benefit the consumer members”, Inocencio pointed out.

On the basis of Akelco presentation, additional capital is not needed in the next 4 years to bring about increase in revenue with present MCC rate.

In 2008, in ERC Case No. 2008 – 013 RC, Akelco was granted P160.8 million as total Annual Revenue Requirement. Looking at the audited 2010 financial statements, Akelco has a total P215,702,089 revenue, net of power cost. With these figures, Akelco has P54,891,38 over collection or surplus. In 2009, Akelco’s total revenue was P180,141,192, net of power cost. If the total revenue requirement of P160,810,151 is deducted from it, there is P19,331,041 over collection or surplus. With these figures, Akelco has an aggregate over collection of P74,222,979 for 2009 and 2010.

According to Atty. Inocencio, the application for authority to collect additional members contribution for Capital Expenditure is a grave violation of Section 5.4, Article 5 of the Rules for Setting the Electric Cooperative’s Wheeling Rates. Furthermore, “there was no public hearing or consultation conducted to secure the consent of the member – consumers…before the filing of the instant application”.

Hence, Atty. Inocencio respectfully prayed for the disapproval of this application for Capital Expenditure Program.

But Akelco general manager Chito Peralta asked, “are you happy with Akelco services?” /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Marquez: Aklan Is Makusog, Matimsog,
Hilway, ag Maumwad

Governor Carlito S. Marquez, in his State of the Province Address (SOPA), made on Wednesday morning, February 8, 2012 before the members of the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan, local and national government officials, and the members of the tri-media described the Province of Aklan as “Makusog, Matimsog, Hilway, ag Maumwad” (Strong, Robust, Free, and Progressive). The SOPA was broadcast live by RGMA–DYRU and televised via KCTV and ACTV.

What does “state” mean? The dictionary gives several meanings for state. But I selected one definition I believe fits well as used in the SOPA. It states: “a set of circumstances or attributes characterizing a person, a place or thing at a given time”.
Strong, like state, has several meanings. However, as used in the SOPA, Gov. Marquez perhaps means strong as “broadest in scope…implying power that can be exerted actively as well as power that resists destruction”.

Robust means strong and healthy, full of vigor, hardy. Free on the other hand means, “not under the control of some other person or some arbitrary power, able to act or think without compulsion or arbitrary restriction”. Progressive means, “moving forward or onward”.

Aklan as described by Gov. Marquez is strong, robust, free, and progressive, a strong province that has the power to resist destruction as it is healthy, full of vigor and hardy. The province is free. Therefore, not under the control of some persons or some arbitrary power, can, think and act without compulsion and restriction. Hence, Aklan is continuously moving forward toward progress.

While I listened to Gov. Marquez delivering his SOPA and reading a copy of what he presented, I came to a conclusion his provincial management deserves high commendation, respect and emulation. The department heads and employees in each department deserve public appreciation. May they continue doing outstanding performance.

On the other hand, can we maintain and sustain the state of Aklan today? Can we improve the present state of Aklan?

How about the Aklanons? Are we all strong, robust, free, and progressive?

How many municipalities are covered by the 4Ps program? Of the 17 towns, 14 are being served. The beneficiaries of the 4Ps program are not strong, are not robust, are not free and are not progressive. They badly need assistance to enable them to be on an excellent state. They must be helped, be self sufficient on the basic needs and be empowered. How many percent of the Aklanons are in the state of poverty?

The Temporary Restraining Order the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued stopped the provincial reclamation project in Caticlan, Malay. It is impeding Aklan development and progress. The Supreme Court by issuing that TRO prevented Aklan to move forward.

The continuing soil erosion in Tambak, New Washington, and along the Aklan River banks specifically in barangays Polo and Taba-ao, Banga must be totally curtailed. This erosion is a long lingering problem that is weakening the Province of Aklan.

Gov. Marquez ended his SOPA with pledge to move on this year 2012 by constructing more buildings, cement 15 kilometers road, fund more school board teachers, generate more power supply and further improve the health and social services.

Since Agriculture and Tourism are the twin programs of the Marquez provincial government, by way of suggestion, let the Aklanons participate actively and more in the program. Encourage the Aklanon youth to engage in the production of food like vegetables and fruits, flowers, fishes, chicken meat and eggs, beef and pork. They can even raise flowers. They can be provided with free skills training, starting capital, and marketing assistance.

Human engineering is investment to develop manpower with positive attitude toward a community, knowledge, and skills to produce goods and services for the community and people. Human resource development designed to export manpower is the least the state must do for among the factors of production, the most important and key to success is man. How can a nation compete with other countries if the best and the brightest human resources are exported to foreign countries? Any manpower importing country will always import the best and the brightest.

Let Aklan invest in education and training to produce the most excellent and competent human resources, motivate them with ample assistance to produce adequate goods and services to support agriculture and tourist industry. The values of loyalty and love to Aklan and the Aklanons be inculcated.

Local production of goods and services, will provide more employment and income and stop the outflow of money from Aklan. Today, we import chicken meat and eggs, flowers, and fruits. Some fishes are being imported from Antique, Capiz, and even from Luzon. Even Mindoro rice is being marketed in Aklan. /MP

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Proposed Ati Village Can Be Another White Elephant

Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-atihan Festival is always fun said Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino when he spoke as consultant of KASAFI. Kapihan guests on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012 are Augusto C. Tolentino, Chairman Committee on Peace and Order & Security, Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, and Mr. Albert A. Meñez – chairman, Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-atihan Foundation Inc. (KASAFI). The topic is Performance Report 2012 and Plans for Ati-atihan 2013.”

Mr. Gus Tolentino, regional KBP chairman lauded the invaluable contribution of PNP, DepEd, PHO, DOH, PNRC and local media toward the successful and peaceful celebration of the “Mother of Philippine Festivals”. Special mentioned was Provincial Director Cornelio Defensor and Sr. Supt. Aden Lagradante of the Kalibo PNP. Through efficient strategic planning and implementation, they deployed 17 mobile police units, and organized 13 substations backed up by 900 law enforcers from the PNP, PA, and KAP. The result is zero crime despite the massive number of guests who came and participated in the week-long festival.

KASAFI is still learning the ropes of the trade so to speak said Mr. Meñez. We are only two years old in handling the festival. Practically, it’s a miracle that we survived the most crucial formative year since we assumed the cudgels from Kalibo Municipal Tourism Council. Fortunately, we were able to overcome financial difficulties. Thanks to the officials and members who shared their expertise and resources pro bono. This is a humbling experience.

“We allotted P1.8 million for prizes and subsidies effectively raising it from P70,000 to P150,000 per group participant. Actually, Balik Ati theme was suggested by Atty. Diego Luces, former Kalibo Mayor. Now it appears it has gained special appeal from both young and old generations of religious enthusiasts because it is more creative and symbolic in venerating the Sto. Niño”, explained the energetic chairman.

On the claim of Cebu’s Sinulog as the “Festival of Festivals” or the “Mother of Festivals”, Meñez commented, “well anybody could make wild assertion. Surely we could not rival them because of obvious disparity in allocation of resources. Just recently the Cebu Provincial government donated P6 million for the Sinulog festival. In our case we have not received a single centavo. KASAFI being foundation registered with the SEC is not authorized by law to accept funds or donation from government agencies” disclosed Mr. Meñez. (Foundation duly registered with SEC can accept donation from any authorized source except if prohibition is stated in its By-Laws – Editor).

Atty. Tolentino credited Mr. Albert Meñez and his staff for their selfless dedication to the recently concluded annual event. In view of the tourism promotion, logical move must be to equal if not exceed this year’s achievement. It is ironic that an official tourist arrival at Iloilo International Airport appears to be very much higher than in Aklan when their airport handles a maximum of five planes daily. By comparison, Aklan has the third busiest airport in the country, after NAIA and Mactan, Cebu. KIA serves direct flights from South Korea and China. Above infra program, KIA has boasted our edge in tourism revenues generating P14.3 billion in 2011.

According to Mr. Meñez there is no sense in inviting more guests to the Kalibo Ati-atihan festival because we have inadequate hotels to accommodate them. There are no hotels based on standard definition. Rather we have inns, hostels, and motels.

To address the problem, he bats for the creation of an Ati village near the KIA where buildings and support facilities are provided. In principle this will integrate other tourism projects like piña weaving, handicraft/pottery products display and sale, tourist info center, and others. Before the Ati village is realized, it would be futile to even think of it. The idea is very much absurd.

A practical solution successfully implemented in Bali, Indonesia where six (6) million tourists flock each year is to have in-house accommodation by locals. The only requirement is a prior accreditation by the local tourism board. In this way, LGU’s will not be in a quandary to finance a multi-million peso project that maybe later classified as white elephant. The forerunners are stalled projects of the provincial government such as the Nursing building, Calangcang Sports Center and Caticlan Jetty Port Reclamation.

Zero vendors in and around the vicinity of Pastrana Park does not hold water since LGU Kalibo has prior jurisdiction over the basketball court inside the park. Food court belongs to giant conglomerates like Purefood and San Miguel Corp. which paid hefty fee of P50.000 each to MEEDO. The same holds true for the nearby business establishments which claim preferential selling rights. There seems to be spirited quest for financial gain by some folks at every door of economic opportunity even if this proves inconvenient to the public.

Peace and order is not an abstract theme but a reality to be actively waged by all concerned. It is never static but a dynamic process reaching toward perfection. For now, we hope and pray for the best in KASAFI’s active management of the 2013 Kalibo Ati-atihan Festival. /MP

‘Ayaw Kong Magka Watak -Watak Tayo’


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — For Tomas “Tatay Tom” Avendano, president and CEO of the Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS) here, designating specific places for ethnic groups in Canada “is tantamount to creating an atmosphere of division.”

This is Avendano’s reaction to a proposal to create a “Pinoy Town” located on a stretch of Fraser Street between Kingsway and 33rd Avenue.

“Ayaw kong magka watak watak tayo (I don’t want our group to scatter). As Filipino-Canadians, we have already assimilated with other ethnic communities and we are all Canadians,” Avendano told this writer.

Avendano’s stand was echoed by Nemecio “Mang Nemy” Cepeda, the longest serving president of the Filipino Zodiac Circle of British Columbia.

“We have already started so many projects and most of them have not been completed yet,” Cepeda, 68, sobbed. “We should focus on one project first so that we can maximize our resources before undertaking another project.”


Cepeda lamented that past and present Fil-Can community leaders “have failed to erect the Filipino Community Center which should have been given priority to serve as the bastion of Filipino-Canadians’ solidarity and identity.”

“We always have the temerity to start something and not finishing them,” bemoaned Cepeda . “It seems that some of our leaders have mental dishonesty and ulterior motives, the reason why we can’t complete one major project except the MHHS.”

MMHS was built “to help newcomers succeed in Canada...moving Canada forward, one immigrant at a time.”

Cepeda suggested that in order to finish one project, members of the Filipino-Canadian community “must do it ala Bayanihan style and set aside personal interest.”


“Let’s work together, focus our attention on one project so that our resources will not be divided and wasted,” he suggested.

The proposed “Pinoy Town” rekindled the debate after 24 Hours, one of Canada’s biggest daily tabloids with circulation in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver, devoted a spreadsheet feature story about the project on January 4.

“Petitions for a city-designated Pinoy Town — located on a stretch of Fraser Street between Kingsway and 33rd Avenue — have been circulating since October. The movement came after city council passed a motion last fall designating Kingsway area between Fraser and Nanaimo Streets as ‘Little Saigon’ neighborhood,” 24 Hours reported.

“But Little Saigon supporters made the misstep of not consulting with the entire community before submitting a 3,000-signature petition to city council, said RJ Aquino, a COPE candidate in the last municipal elections who declared in favour of Pinoy Town. That omission angered many locals.

“City-funded public consultation on the Vietnamese neighborhood is scheduled for the start of 2012. Councilor Kerry Jang, who put forward the Little Saigon motion, said he supports efforts to celebrate Vancouver’s diversity, but adds it’s important for organizers to talk to both businesses and residents before approaching the city.”

The report also quoted 83-year-old Avendano as saying, “I think while we are here, we shouldn’t live as separate Filipino or Vietnamese (communities). This is Canada; therefore we should strive to be integrated and assimilated to Canadian culture.”

“Giving neighborhoods official ethnic designations could hamper integration of new immigrants and wouldn’t necessarily boost cultural recognition or improve business,” Avendano stressed. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Sampid Ka Eang

Si Belen hay dating kusinera nanday Don Jose ag Donya Salud. May unga imaw nga si Rosita. Namatay ro anang ina nga si Belen, busa guin kabig nga unga nanda si Rosita. Pagkataliwan it abong dinag-on, nagmasakit si Don Jose. Si Rosita ro naga atipan. Maugan ro dugo ni Don Jose kay Rosita.

Isaeang adlaw, samtang guina pakaon ni Rosita si Don Jose, napan-uhan ko Don ro kulentas sa li-og ni Rosita nga may palawit nga laket. Guin hueam nana ro kulentas ag guin buksan ro laket. Pagbukas, nakabutang gali ro ritrato sa laket nga may bisaea nga si Rosita hay unga ni Don Jose kay Belen. Tongod sa laket, guin suguid nana ro tanan kay Rosita. Guin pabag-o nana ro anang testamento sa abogado.

Uwa mabuhayi, tongod sa masakit, namatay ro Don. Guin basa ro testamento sa pamilya. Indi sanda makapati nga guin pamanahan gali it Don si Rosita. Sampid eamang imaw. Guin paea-as ko mga so-od nga igbata si Rosita.

Nagpadayon it pagtuon sa kolehiyo si Rosita. Ro kwartang guin hukip kana ni Don Jose ro guin gasto agod matapos ro degree sa commerce.

Pagkatapos nana ko anang kurso, guindaea nana ro mga papeles nga may pirma ni Don Jose sa abogado. Guin ibhan si Rosita sa pagbisita sa mga negosyo nga naka pangaean kana pati ko mga apartment sa Bulacan. Nagpatindog pa imaw it mga bangko sa sari-saring lugar.

Maeapit eon lang ro paskwa. Samtang naga-bisita imaw sa isaeang bangko, nakilaea nana ro asawa ko sangka unga man ni Don Jose. Mahugod sa trabaho si Alice, ogaling sugaroe ag paeahilong ro anang asawang si Bobby. Madali guidlang ro andang paghambae ni Alice. Nagkasugot sandang kangayon ro tanan nanda nga igmanghod sa sangka hinun-anon nga idto pagahiwaton sa isaeang ka hotel.

Nagkilita sanda tanan pati ro asawa ni Don Jose nga si Doña Salud nga magueang eon man. Parabil sanda nagbueo-eag, nangayo sanda it patawad sa kada isaea kay Rosita. Tongod manggarunon eon si Rosita, guin buligan nana tanan ro anang mga igmanghod nga mga pigado.

Halin kato, naga tilipon-tipon eon sanda sa mabahoe ag alinyado nga baeay kada paskwa. Makaron, malipayon guid si Rosita. Halipatan eon ko anang mga igmanghod ro pagsambit it “sampid ka lang”. /MP


The picture above was taken at the door of the Madyaas Pen Editorial office at 9:30 in the morning, February 10. The sleeping boy is about 9 or 10 years old. He refused to wake up even his position is so ugly to see as it is in front of Roxas Avenue where many people both Aklanons and non-Aklanons pass by.
The Kalibo PNP was notified of it but no policeman came. DSWD provincial office was informed of it but nobody came. It is more fun to sleep!

It is more fun to play by the roadside as demonstrated by these children along the Martelino St., Poblacion, Kalibo.

THE STATE OF THE AKLAN RIVER BANK, TABA-AO, BANGA PORTION - picture showing the house of Mrs. Macahilig about to collapse as sandy loam soil is fast being eroded. The toilet has already collapsed.

Anytime, the house will collapse. Unless something is done to immediately stop the erosion, the provincial road will also be eroded as water is just about 8 meters away from the road. These pictures are taken on Wednesday afternoon, February 1.

THE STATE OF THE Tambak Seawall, new washington. Note the strength of nature as shown in these pictures above and below. These are the enormous damages that required enormous funding.

Strong Robust Free Progressive Aklan

Gov. Carlito S. Marquez delivering his State of the Province Address held on Wednesday morning, February 8, 2012 at the SP session hall during the 5th Regular Session.

Russia Donates P13M Worth of Relief Goods To Disaster Survivors

Russia has sent an estimated P13 million worth of humanitarian aid for survivors of the recent natural calamities in the Philippines, said Vice President Jejomar C. Binay.
The first batch of the 60-ton relief goods was flown to Manila Saturday morning, Feb. 11. The second batch is scheduled to arrive on February 15 via IL76 flight SUM9707.
“The Philippine government is grateful to the Russian Federation for its generosity. We are glad to receive this donation and I am sure this will be of great help to our kababayans in hard-hit areas,” Binay said.

Russia sent 16,200 cans of preserved meat, 7,200 cans of preserved fish, 5,000 kilograms of sugar, 80 pieces of tent and 1,500 pieces of blanket, which cost around 9.13 million rubles or P12.9 million.

The Russian government, through Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev, requested the Office of the Vice President (OVP) to assist in facilitating the delivery of the relief goods to affected areas.

Meanwhile, Binay called on the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DWSD) to assist in the distribution of the goods to Negros Oriental and other areas affected by recent disasters.

“The DSWD knows the needs of the hard-hit areas. I leave it to them to decide where to send the relief goods,” the
Vice President said.
OVP Chief of Staff Benjamin Martinez, DSWD Usec. Parisya Taradji and Kudashev witnessed the turn-over of the cargo at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1. /MP

WV Produces 310,328 Metric Tons of Corn In 2011


Iloilo City – Farmers produced a total of 310, 328 metric tons (mt) of yellow and white corn in Western Visayas last 2011.

According to Mr. Ricardo B. Saltin, Agri-Pinoy regional corn coordinator, the province of Iloilo produced the highest being 164,733 mt followed by Negros Occidental - 90,126 mt, Capiz - 47,150 mt, Antique - 4,752 mt, Aklan - 2,850 mt and Guimaras - 717 mt.

A total of 242,627 mt of yellow corn was produced last year mainly used as feeds for poultry and livestock, while 67,701 mt of white corn was recorded and used as alternative staple food of humans, Saltin added.

As to the total area harvested, the province of Negros Occidental has the largest area with 59,810 hectares (ha) followed by Iloilo - 43,984 ha., Capiz – 14,823 ha., Antique - 1,899 ha., Aklan - 1,082 ha., and Guimaras – 662 ha. This comprised a total of 122,240 ha. area harvested for Region VI.

Saltin encouraged corn farmers to continue planting corn as early as possible this first quarter for PAGASA forecasted that there will be a mild La Niña for the first semester of this year. This weather condition is favorable to corn production.

“With this early planting, we can raise our sufficiency level this year considering our low sufficiency level of 26 percent last year. It must be noted that poultry and livestock sector in Western Visayas has a total demand of 660,273.9 mt,” Mr. Saltin pointed out. /MP