Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sto. Niño de Kalibo Festival Celebration


From January 10-19, 2014, Kalibo was literally swamped with guests and participants for the traditional religious-cultural celebration of the Sto. Niño de Kalibo festival. The object of adoration requires child-like worship aptly executed by frenzied body movements, chants of “Viva Kay Sr. Sto. Niño” and simple prayers. Devotees draw spiritual strength and inspiration attending holy masses, novenas and undergoing the “paeapak”.

In the beginning, the festival was a simple indigenous celebration but for the last five decades authorities saw the potential of attracting local and foreign tourists. The issue is why concentrate only on the religious aspect when we can promote our culture, and tradition, tourism and revenues. Indeed the bandwagon effect was started by the late Mayor Federico O. Icamina in the early 1960’s. It took the municipal, provincial, regional and national leaderships by storm. The Mother of all Philippine festivals is born.

Unlike other Sto. Niño festivals in Aklan such as in Ibajay and Makato where garb of revealers are made mostly of indigenous materials, faces and bodies painted with black soot, Kalibo Ati-atihan is markedly different. People wear outlandish costumes, multi-colored painted faces while dancing and prancing in the streets to the beat of drums. No wonder early Kalibo celebrations were called mardi grass after that of Rio de Janeiro festival in Brazil. 
Over the years, devotion to the Sto. Niño image has never waned despite calamitous events like typhoons Frank and Yolanda. Devotees believed the wrath of God can only be appeased with more acts of devotion and piety. 

Addressing the need for relevance in modern society, LGU Kalibo headed by Mayor William S. Lachica partnered with Kalibo Sto. Niño Ati-atihan Foundation, Inc. (Kasafi) to uplift the sagging performance of the previous Sto. Niño festivals. It’s officers and members headed by Mr. Albert A. Meñez are volunteers yet perform herculean tasks. 

Kasafi reforms are on financial transparency and accountability, adopted Balik Ati along with modern tribal groups, identified parade routes to less busy streets, holding of Mutya ag Lakan, increased prizes to winners and partnership with GMA Kapuso Network, Inc. 

Crowd drawers sponsored by famed television company was “Mutya Ag Lakan” grand coronation night by kapuso stars Alden Richards, Max Collins, Mikael Daez and Bettina Carlos on January 10. Kapuso Night stars were Dingdong Dantes, Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Yasmin Kurdi and Mark Anthony Fernandez on January 14, Pagdayaw Kay Sr. Sto. Niño – Sinaot Sa Calle Float Parade – JC Tiuseco, Jeric Gonzales, Pancho Magno, Andrea Torres, Isabel Daza and Thea Tolentino and Kapuso Hala Bira Dance Showdown by Julian Trono on Jan. 15. The programs at the park were open to the public and broadcast nationwide and abroad thus reaching millions of televiewers.

The schedules of activities are: Parade of Aklan Festival Showdown on Jan. 13, Parade of Students and Teachers from five (5) ASU Campuses on Jan. 14, “Pagdayaw kay Sr. Sto. Niño, Parade of DepEd Students and Teachers on Jan. 15, Sadsad Pana-ad kay Sr. Sto. Niño on Jan. 17, Tribal, Balik-ati and Modern Group Contest on Jan. 18 and Mus-eon Ga Ati-ati Kita (Jan. 19).

“Kaean-an sa Plaza” at Magsaysay Park was enlivened by nightly performance of Manila Band, Acoustic Band, Trafic Jam and Car Show, Daybreak, Siakol, Smoke ‘n Coffee, Itchyworms, Fresh Band and Broadband sponsored by San Miguel, Globe, Coca-cola and Smart. 

Those interested in buying souvenir or gift items were welcomed to the Kalibo Ati-atihan Trade Fair at Pastrana Park and Ati-atihan Bazaar at Veterans Avenue. 

The celebration culminated in a religious procession where devotees, patrons, and guests united in prayer and thanksgiving to the Sto. Niño. Once more, a remarkable, unique and colorful milestone ended but the personal vow of commitment continues.

Contest Winners In The 2014 Kalibo
Ati-atihan Festival Sponsored 
By Kasafi And LGU Kalibo

Individual Category
1. Dyosanegra-P5,000
2. Styra Banks-P5,000
3. Mary Margareth Alagos-P5,000
4. Magnificent Bird-P5,000
5. Yolanda Mystica-P5,000
Balik-Ati Category
1. Tribu Mayanhon-P50,000
2.Lilo-Anong Ati Ag Ro Tatlong
3. Malipayong Ati-P15,000
4. Apo Ni Inday-P5,000
5. Anono-o Group-P5,000
    Tribal Small 
1. Tribu Alibang-bang-P60,000
2. Tribu Responde-P40,000
3. Tribu Niñolitos-P30,000
4. Morongga Tribe-P8,000
5. Lezo Tribe-P8,000
    Modern Tribal
1. Scorpio 11-19-P50,000
2. Aeang-Aeang Group-P25,000
3. Emperor-P15,000
4. Pilgrimage-P5,000
5. Bae-ot-Bae-ot Group-P5,000
     Tribal Big Group
1. Black beauty Boys-P150,000
2. Kabog-P80,000
3. Vikings-P50,000
4. Tribu Bukid Tigayon-P10,000
5. Maharlika-P10,000
Winners In The Aklan Provincial sponsored contest. 
Higante Parade
1st LGU Malinao-P40,000
2nd LGU Balete-P35,000
3rd LGU Nabas-P30,000
4th LGU Tangalan-P25,000
5th LGU Libacao-P20,000
Ground Presentation 
1st LGU Malay-P15,000
2nd Manggan National High School, 
3rd LGU Malinao-P7,000
Street Dancing 
1st LGU Malay-P10,000
2nd LGU Buruanga-P7,000
3rd LGU Nabas-P5,000

Love, Obsession & Betrayal In 2014 GMA Network’s First Drama Offering: “The Borrowed Wife”

This is the attention-grabbing premise of The Borrowed Wife; the first GMA drama offering for 2014 about love and obsession, and how a betrayal can change one’s life.

This highly-dramatic and intriguing soap opera is topbilled by Camille Prats and Rafael Rosell with TJ Trinidad and Pauleen Luna.

The Borrowed Wife revolves around the intertwined lives of Maricar (Camille), Rico (Rafael), Earl (TJ) and Tessa (Pauleen) and how one secret sets their destinies in a shared trajectory towards love and redemption.

In the series, Maricar is a kind-hearted and simple woman who works at the spa and wellness business owned by her best friend, Tessa. She always follows what Tessa says thus, becoming a second fiddle to her bossy best friend. However, Maricar inadvertently out values Tessa when Rico courts and eventually marries her, because Tessa covets Rico for herself.

Maricar chose to be a full time wife to Rico and mother to their child, Joana. But everything changed when Tessa came back with a vengeance. Tessa seduced Rico and Maricar eventually found out about the betrayal of her husband and her former best friend. It was already too late when Rico realized what he did to his wife because Maricar suddenly disappeared, a void which Tessa took advantage of to endear herself to Rico.

Maricar met Earl in a secluded beach resort where an accident ensued. When she woke up after the accident, she was disoriented, confused and could not remember anything. Earl made her believe she is Sofia, his girlfriend. Little did she know, Earl, a plastic surgeon changed her face and her personality. She becomes subservient to Earl. Until one day, Earl introduced her to Rico and Tessa. This unravels a series of events that constantly intertwined Maricar/Sofia’s life with that of Rico (her own husband).

Will Maricar regain her memory? What will Earl do if he finds out that the woman he claimed as his own, is actually Rico’s wife? What will Tessa do if she finds out that Maricar is still alive and Sophia and Maricar are one and the same person? Will Rico still be able to take back his wife who he thought was dead?

Completing the cast are Yayo Aguila as Elda, Rico’s doting mother who came home from the States when her son’s life drastically changed when Maricar dispappeared; Sherilyn Reyes as Mimi, Maricar’s older sister who vowed to take care of her sister no matter what; Kevin Santos as Jorrel, Rico’s playboy best friend who is the latter’s confidante; Diego Castro as Carlo, Earl’s doctor best friend; Lou Sison as Jenny, Tessa’s lawyer and best friend; Jojit Lorenzo as Biboy, Earl’s loyal driver; Rhed Bustamante as Joanna, Rico and Maricar’s adorable daughter; Zarah Mae Deligero as Denden, Mimi’s inquisitive daughter; and Ms. Caridad Sanchez as Manang Celing, the woman whose life mission is to take care of Earl.

Directed by Gil Tejada, Jr., find out how the story of The Borrowed Wife will answer your own question, “May sapat bang dahilan para ang iyong asawa ay iyong ipahiram?”, beginning January 20 after Villa Quintana and Magkano Ba Ang Pag-ibig on GMA Afternoon Prime. /MP

Victims of the Haiyan Typhoon In The Philippines

It has already been two months since the powerful Haiyan typhoon swapped the Philippines. Yet, I was heartbroken when I saw the news on TV that the remains left from the catastrophe are still lying there. 

From that same news, I saw Korean soldiers doing a volunteer work to reconstruct schools and help the injured people. 

As soon as I heard about the typhoon that hit the Philippines, I knew that I needed to do something immediately. I gathered several enthusiastic friends and started a charity program to help the victims. Many students in our school participated willingly. Some friends save their pocket money that was originally for their snacks. One friend even gave his whole one month allowance. Soon, many teachers participated in the program as well. 

I suggested to my friends that it would be a good idea for us to send cards to wish the Philippines’ people a good luck. Even though we don’t know them personally, I strongly believed that our warm hearts will be heard and they will be able to overcome their difficulties. My friends also thought that it was a good idea and started preparing the letters. 

I was fortunate to meet Jasmine Lee, the current member of the National Assembly in Korea who is from the Philippines. She is the ‘first multicultural member of the National Assembly in Korea’ and is working very hard to organize aids to help the victims of Haiyan typhoon. Last year, Ms. Lee announced a resolution regarding commemoration to the casualties of Haiyan typhoon and reconstruction of the destructed cities. 

Even though she had a very tight schedule, Ms. Lee welcomed me warmly and suggested ways that I can do to help the Philippines’ people. She thanked many Koreans’ eagerness to help and hope that they will continue to do so.

Currently, it is estimated that there is approximately 8,700 Philippines workers in Korea. Many Philippines’ women come to Korea to get married with Korean men. Although there is still some underlying bias towards multicultural families, it is certain that they are a part of Korean society. When Korea war broke out in 1950, 7400 Philippine soldiers were sent to fight for us. The Philippines has been a friend to Korea. I believe that this friendship will continue.

Our dear friend, the Philippines, I hope to see all the students put aside nightmares from the typhoon and happily go to schools. 

Good luck, the Philippines! /MP 

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Tatlong Ka Mag Amigong Hayop

Mabuhay eon nga nag serbisyo si King Kabayo sa anang amo. Imaw ro hari it karera ag abo nga kwarta ro guin duhoe nana sa pagdinaog sa karera. Ka’t imaw hay magueang eon, guina dapat pa guihapon imaw nga mag pas-an it mga dinaea. Ka’t indi eon imaw makatakod magpas-an, guin akigan imaw ko anang amo, busa nag ea-as imaw. Nag panaw nga owa nakasayod kon siin imaw makakita it pagkaon. Sa anang pagpinanaw, may nakita imaw nga ayam nga masubo ra hitsura nga naga eoko sa kilid it karsada.

Guin paea-as man dayon ko anang amo tongod nasangagan sa pag linahay kon gabi-e. Indi hikatoeogan ro anang amo tongod sa pag linahay nana. Busa, guin tabog imaw. Naeo-oy ro kabayo sa ayam ngani anang guin sampit agod mag-usoy sanda it makaon. Nagsunod ro ayam. Sa indi kaeayuan, may naagyan man sanda nga kuring nga sige nga inukay it basura agod may makaon. Ro kuring hay nagsunggod man sa anang amo bangod umpisa nga may guin uli nga pispis sa hawla hay owa eon imaw guina inatwa. Guin hun-an pa ngani imaw nga patyon kon anang kan-on ro pispis. 

Nagpanaw ro kuring sa kahadlok sa anang amo. Makaron hay naga inukay imaw it basura. Sang adlaw eon abi nga owa imaw maka kaon. Nagmunot imaw sa daywa. Nag abot ro kahapunanon. Pareho guid sanda nga gutom. Sa unahan, may nakita sanda nga baeay nga mahayag ag masadyahon nga naga kinanta ro mga tawo sa sueod. Bu-ot nanda nga masayuran kon may ano nga kasadyahan sa baeay ngaron. Tongod mata-as ro baeay, tumongtong ro ayam sa kabayo, tumongtong man dayon ro kuring sa ayam. Nakita ko kuring nga mga manakaw gali ro naga ilinom ag naga kinanta sa isaeang ka lamesa nga puno it pagkaon.

Nagplano ro tatlo kon ano ro obrahon agod maka kaon. Nag porma sanda it isaeang ka banda. Dueongan sanda nga magsinggit samtang naga pundag ro kabayo. Ro ayam hay nagpatik sa dingding ag ro kuring naga kaeos sa haligi. Nakibot ag hinadlukan ro mga mananakaw. Gumuwa ro sambilog sa pwertahan ogaling inangkit imaw ko ayam nga naga bantay. Ro sambilog hay umagi sa bintana pero sinipa imaw it kabayo. Ro sambilog man hay kinoeba-an ag idto nanago sa may dapog. 

Bu-ot nana nga magsigarilyo ogaling halipatan nana ro anang lighter sa lamesa. May nakita imaw nga baga sa dapog. Sa anang pagsindi, bukon gali it baga ro naga siga kundi mata it kuring nga nagsiga sa madueom. Kinaeos imaw sa mata ag nagtiyabaw nga dumaeagan sa likod it baeay. Sumueod ro tatlo ag magpaayaw-ayaw sa pagkaon. Dayon sanda nga nagkatoeog tongod sa kaga-oy. Halin kato, sanda eon ro nangin tag-ana it baeay. /MP

FPA 6 Stops Move Sale & Use of Submerged Fertilizer

The Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) 6 will issue stop move, stop sell and stop use to damaged fertilizer on board the ill-fated MV Sportivo lines on the Iloilo - Guimaras Strait last January 19, 2014 once it is recovered. 

Dir. Rone Sangatanan FPA 6 said that fertilizer on board will not be totally diluted on sea water because it was tightly sealed with thick plastic liner. 

“We cannot deny that some bags were damaged through improper handling and these are the ones which are vulnerable for contamination and eventually, dissolved on sea,” said Sangatanan.

He added that the recovered fertilizers will be subjected to laboratory analysis to determine its actual nutrients and price value. 

Sangatanan stressed that the recovered fertilizer will not be sold for commercial purposes but can only be sold directly to end-users who will use it immediately in their farms. 

Likewise, it can also be sold to fertilizer processing company capable of reprocessing it again to cope with the standards for commercial fertilizers. 

MV Sportivo from Iloilo City bound for Puerto Princesa City carried on board a total of 28,000 kg of fertilizer of which 12,000 kg. Urea, 12,000 kg. 15-15-15, 1,000 kg. ammonium sulphate, 2,000 kg. 16-20-0 and 1,000 kg. potash. (by James Earl E. Ogatis) /MP

Bombo Radyo Ang Boses At Puso Ng Pilipino


Coming out of a disaster filled 2013, Bombo Radyo Philippines, the Number One Radio Network in the country schedules a week long strategic planning sessions from January 6 to 10, 2014 in Iloilo City for its yearly Top Level Management Conference 2014 to reinforce its status as the top choice of radio listeners all over the country.

This year’s conference theme BOMBO RADYO…BOSES AT PUSO NG PILIPINO places squarely the responsibility and commitment of the Network as it continues to impact the lives of the Filipino.

The week long Top Level Management Conference 2014 identified the Network’s best practices obtained through years of interaction with listeners as well as various creative innovations that will map out and ensure further enhancement of the services the Network is bringing to its listeners.

Lead by media mogul and multi-business leader Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, Bombo Radyo Philippines has continued to dominate ratings, remains as the radio of choice for Filipinos from all walks of life here and abroad thus making it the top of mind choice for advertisers and politicians alike who aspire to bring their product and their advocacies into the consciousness of people whom they want to reach out to.

Dr. Florete continues to enhance the stature of the Network with his hands on brand of leadership that he is passing on to his children, Executive Vice President Rogelio C. Florete, Jr. and Senior Vice President Margaret Ruth C. Florete and in turn to the Network’s officers and rank and file. 

Moreover, his infectious commitment to better the quality of life of the Filipino (as clearly shown in his various business ventures meant to uplift and better the lives of the common man) has clearly made the difference in these times when media is challenged to better bring to the consciousness of our countrymen the effects of climate change and to harness responses to disaster, be they natural or man-made.  

BOMBO RADYO PHILIPPINES…BOSES AT PUSO NG PILIPINO a simple statement of truth that the Network has remained anchored in its mission to speak for the Filipino, to bring their concerns to those who are in authority and make sure they are responded to. 

It is also an assertion of the fact that for every Pinoy, wherever he might be, Bombo Radyo Philippines remains his grounding to what is happening in his country. With Bombo Radyo Philippines, the heartbeat of the Pinoy pulsates, and will remain so as the innovations of the Network that makes world class products worthy of the numerous awards it has been cited for, will ensure that he will be in the loop of what is happening in this country and in the world 24/7. 

So be it news, information and entertainment, Bombo Radyo leads the way, crystallizing public opinion, furthering the democratic process and helping in nation building. Bombo Radyo Philippines’ brand of corporate social responsibility in Bombo Medico, Dugong Bombo and Oplan Kabalaka that reach out to the poorest of the poor has also enabled the Filipino wherever he might be helped to his needy “kababayan” and marshalling resources from even foreign groups to help. 

The Networks numerous promos has not just created many millionaires or launched unknown products to the consciousness of the consumers but also enabled even the most ordinary listeners get a glimmer of hope to improve and better their lives. 

Indeed the Philippines’ radio listeners can be assured that with the sound of the drum, Bombo Radyo Philippines remains to be their voice and continue to beat in their hearts … Basta Radyo…Bombo!

Bombo Radyo is under the Florete Group which has investments in media, banking, water, property development, real estate, agri-business, pawnshops and jewelry. /MP

FPPCP Awards Lawyer-Journalist

A lawyer-journalist, Ronquillo C. Tolentino,  was awarded the Golden Horse Exemplary Service Award on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Federation of Provincial Press Club of the Philippines (FPPCP).

Tolentino, a former director of the FPPCP director and president of the Aklan Press Club, Inc. was given the service award in recognition of his pioneering initiatives and effort to consolidate and strengthen the countryside media, serving eminently as lawyer, journalist and public servant thereby in those capacities defended the welfare of his fellow media members, and continued to work for the development and promotion of an enlightened Filipino citizenry and a stronger Filipino Nation.

The award was given at Boracay Island on January 17,2014. /MP

Pacquiao Challenges Mayweather To Fight For Charity

To prove he doesn’t want a fight against Floyd Mayweather for the money, Manny Pacquiao has offered a fight with proceeds going to charity. In an interview with Aquiles Zonio of, Pacquiao opened up about the verbal jabs being thrown his way.

“I’m not desperate to fight him just for the sake of money or material things. I’m not the one seeking this fight; rather it’s the boxing fans all over the world,” Pacquiao said in the interview.

“I am ready to submit myself to any kind of stringent drug testing. Above all, I challenge him to include in our fight contract that both of us will not receive anything out of this fight,” Pacquiao challenged. “We will donate all the proceeds from the fight—guaranteed prize, should there be any, gate receipts, pay-per-view and endorsements—to charities around the world.”

Pacquiao added that he is not desperate for a fight as what Mayweather is suggesting. He said he is comfortable about how his career holds up in boxing history. “There’s no reason why I should be desperate to fight him. But since boxing fans worldwide are seeking and demanding a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, I don’t want to disappoint them,” he added.

“As to my tax problem, my lawyers are fixing it already,” Pacquiao told Zonio. “I’m paying my taxes religiously. It is just a matter of reconciling our records with the tax agencies both here and abroad. Should there be any discrepancy, rest assured, I will settle it. I’m a lawmaker and I’m a law-abiding citizen.”

Reacting to Mayweather’s announcement that he will be retiring from boxing in September next year, Pacquiao shot back at Mayweather. “The public clamor for a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout is getting stronger. The only way he can avoid facing me in the ring is to retire from boxing,” Pacquiao said.

“Floyd, if you’re a real man, fight me,” Pacquiao closed. “Let’s do it for the love of boxing and for the fans. Let’s do it not for the sake of money. Let’s make the boxing fans happy.”/MP 

Drilon: Decrease Smoking Deaths, OK Anti-smoking Bill


Senate President Franklin M. Drilon renewed his call for an intensified campaign to reduce smoking incidence in the country. He appealed to his colleagues for a speedy passage of the bill that requires tobacco companies to display graphic labels on their products depicting the health consequences of smoking.

Various bills including Senate Bill No. 499, or the “Picture-Based Health Warning Act of 2013”, authored by Drilon, were filed in the Senate in 2013 aiming at “increasing the awareness of the cigarette consumers on the harmful effects of smoking.

Under the bill, tobacco products have to display picture-based health warnings with accompanying text warnings that will be printed on at least 60 percent of the principal display surfaces for any tobacco package.

The proposed act “is necessary in order to strengthen the government’s efforts to discourage smoking,” said Drilon, who is a resolute anti-smoking advocate.

“I therefore assure the respective committee that is hearing the proposed measure and the public of our support for the immediate passage of this bill in order to advance our effort to discourage the millions of youth from trying to smoke,” he stressed.

Drilon has been active in furthering anti-smoking policies in the country, foremost among which is the passage of the Sin Tax Reform Act in 2012.

Despite such advances, Drilon has reiterated the bill’s importance after voicing alarm over the fact that the Philippines still registers as having one of the highest smoking incidence in the Western Pacific Region.

Drilon stated that the bill’s urgent approval will be a welcome and effective step in making the public aware of the real effects of smoking to one’s health.    

“It has been proven that a graphic-based warning is more effective than a text-based warning. By strategically placing meaningful graphic images along with text warnings to cigarette cartons and other tobacco products, we hope to effectively deter smoking in the same way that other countries where this system have been set in place are able to reduce the incidence of smoking in their respective jurisdictions,” explained Drilon. /MP