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Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Aritos Ni Aringking

Si Aringking hay isaeang ka dalagita nga Ati o Baluga. Sa tribu it mga Ati, ro mga kadaeagahan hay guina kabitan it aritos pag abot sa hamtang eon nga pagkadaeaga. Rondaya ro guina paabot ko tanan nga dalagitang kababayen-an nga Ati.

Kon may naga kabit nga aritos sa mga kadaeagahan, naga kahueogan nga daeaga eon sanda ag sarang eon pangasaw-on. Ro mga unga it pinuno hay saway o bueawan ro guinakabit sa andang doeonggan. Sa mga pobre hay mga human sa oway o kundi nito nga aritos. 

Pag abot ko kaadlawan ni Aringking, guin kangay nana ro tanan nga barkada. Bu-ot nana nga andang masaksihan ro pagkabit kana it aritos. Bugana ro pahaum ko anang ama nga imaw ro pinaka puno ko andang tribu. May guina sunod nga protocol ro mga Ati sa pagkabit it aritos. 

Sa oras it pagkabit it aritos kay Aringking, hakita ko tanan nga nahuman sa saway ro aritos ni Aringking. Rondayang aritos hay guin tao kana ko anang ina nga namana man sa anang ina. Kon mag asawa abi ro isaeang ka daeagang Ati hay guina hukas nanda ro aritos ag tagu-on tongod naga trabaho sanda. Malipayon guid ko mga oras ngaron si Aringking.

Pagkaaga, nagsaeampitan nga maligos ro anang mga kaibahan sa suba. Nagmunot man si Aringking. Sa sige nana nga pagpinaligos, owa nana napan-uhi nga sang lingit eon lang gali ro anang aritos. Ro anang barkada pa ro naka pan-o nga sang lingit eon lang ro anang aritos. Guin usoy ko anang kaibahan ro aritos ogaling owa guid nanda hakita. Nagtinangis si Aringking nga nag uli. Pag abot sa baeay, abo guid ro kaakig ko anang ama ag ina. 

Nagpabando ro anang ama nga kon sin-o ro makakita ko aritos hay imaw ro mangin asawa ni Aringking, ogaling owa guid it nakakita sa aritos. Nagpabilin nga sang lingit ro guina suksok nga aritos ni Aringking. Naggueang imaw nga owa guid nakaasawa, ogaling isaeang ka leksyon ro anang natun-an nga dapat tatapon ag hipigan ro mga mahayga nga butang. /MP  

Billions Pesos GSIS, Pag-ibig Contributions Unremitted

About P2.15 billion worth of payments for contributions and loan amortizations are still not remitted to Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and Pag-ibig Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) in Mindanao, a senator revealed.

Sen. Franklin Drilon disclosed that the past government of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) failed to pay GSIS members’ contribution since 1997, noting that P907 million of the total amount corresponds unpaid shares in GSIS and Pag-ibig Fund premium and loan amortizations.

“The bigger portion of P1.24 billion refers to interests that accrued over the years due to the non-and late payments... This is a ghost of the past that continues to haunt us,” Drilon told senators in a committee hearing of ARMM budget in the Senate last week.

Drilon explained the future budgets to be allocated for ARMM would be used to pay for the interest rates alone should the government fail to address the matter as soon as possible.

Citing documents from ARMM acting governor Mujiv Hataman, Drilon said ARMM incurred P877.25-million unremitted payments to GSIS in 1997 to 2003 and another P213.13 in 2004.

He noted the figures are on top of P877.24 million that corresponds to unremitted GSIS loan deductions for 17 months from 2001 to 2004 and another P243.83-million for the unremitted Pag-ibig Fund contributions and loan amortizations.
“The situation merits an investigation. It has to be settled before a similar case blows up in our face,” Drilon said.

The Senate Committee on Finance chair added this has been “a source of disappointment and burden for teachers and retired personnel of the Department of Education in the ARMM.”

ARMM could not avail of their GSIS and Pag-IBIG benefits like housing and salary loans due to the discrepancies in the premiums,” stressed Drilon.

“This sorry scenario continues to frustrate our teachers in the ARMM because they could not avail of their GSIS and Pag-IBIG benefits like housing and salary loans due to the discrepancies in the premiums,” Drilon said Jamar Kulayan, regional head of Department of Education (DepEd) in ARMM, told Drilon, retired teachers receive an amount that is less than their pension due to reductions in creditable service in a letter.

Kulayan revealed DepEd in ARMM owes the Philippine Public School Teachers Association (PPSTA) the amount of P31.93 million which corresponds to the unremitted loan payments for the period of April 2003 to September 2005.

In 2006, Congress appropriated P250 million for the payment of unpaid contributions.   But Drilon noted, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) released P127 million only as payments.


In Aklan, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is also looking at the contributions of the Aklan LGU provincial employees to the GSIS. Their records are still being reconciliated.  /MP

Aklan Pays Tribute To Departed Leader Eriberto “Berting” Venus


A Holy Mass and Necrological services was held on Thursday afternoon, September 27 for the eternal repose of the soul of the late Dr. Eriberto Laurente Venus. He was Municipal Mayor of New Washington, Aklan for 34 years and Sangguniang Panlalawigan member of Aklan. On Venus’ honor, the mass and necrological service were held at Gov. Augusto B. Legaspi Memorial Sports and Cultural Center.

Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores, Governor Carlito S. Marquez, Atty. Ronquillo “Kel” Conanan Tolentino, Atty. Santiago R. Regalado, Atty. Plaridel M. Morania, and Hon. Jean O. Rodriguez took turns in paying tribute to their departed friend and colleague in politics and in local legislation. 

Most Rev. Jose Corazon T. Talaoc, D.D., Bishop of Kalibo officiated the Memorial Mass.

Meanwhile, the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan, during its 32nd Regular Session passed a resolution, expressing their profound and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of the late Dr. Eriberto Laurente Venus.

Venus joined our creator on September 18, 2012 in a Metro Manila hospital. His remains was airlifted to Aklan on Sunday, September 23 at 9:55 in the morning. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan members headed by Vice Governor Gabrielle Venus Calizo-Quimpo and Sangguniang Panlalawigan Staff headed by SP Secretary Odon S. Bandiola met the remains of Venus at the Kalibo International Airport, Pook, Kalibo.

From the airport, Venus’ remains was brought to his family residence, New Washington. /MP

TESDA Works From The Grassroots Up


Tough and challenging times are ahead of us. Considering the high cost of college education, poverty incidence and unemployed Filipinos despite their being college graduates, it is logical that today’s youth actively pursue technical vocational courses, said Atty. Teodoro C. Pascua, TESDA Dep. Director General for Field Operations.

In a presscon at Café Latte, Andagao, Kalibo on September 18, 2012, he proudly stated that TESDA graduates of 1 to 2 years course is 61 percent fully employed in their various chosen fields of expertise. This is less than 20 percent compared with the 4 year college course graduates. Whether in Caraga region, Pangasinan, Catanduanes and elsewhere, the average earning per day of professional massage therapist is P520. This is more than double the daily minimum wage. TESDA is now ISO certified as of February 2012 said Pascua.

Some 40 tech voc school administrators and Aklan Press Club members attended the presscon. It was a welcome opportunity to know the 2011 accomplishments of the TESDA prepared under the supervision of Mr. Edwin S. Villanueva, Provincial Director that showed remarkable accomplishments compared to last year. 

The delivery of services is categorized into: 1. training; 2. scholarship program; 3. assessment and certification; 4. employment of graduates; 5. program registration; and 6. accreditation of assessors.

The training program is undertaken among the 23 technical vocational schools with the total enrolment of 3,751 and graduates of 2,429. Modalities are school-based, training center, community-based and enterprise-based training. Depending on facilities and administrative orientation, enrolment choices are on tourism, housekeeping, food and beverage, cooking, caregiving, automotive servicing, therapeutic and relaxing massage, baking, and fish processing.

There are 689 scholarship slots under Tech Voc program classified into Private Educational Student Financial Assistance (PEFA) and Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP). PESFA’s current budget is P2.4 million while TWSP is P1.9 million. 

As of 2011, competency assessment was given to 2,378 graduates. Of this number 1,956 or 82 percent passed and were given Certificates of Competency (COC). High employability is shown with 984 passers mostly employed in tourism business establishments in Boracay. Others are in health and community services, building and motor servicing shops. Due to heightened assurance and diligence, some have gone into entrepreneurship and a few working overseas. 

The report cited 7 new programs registered and 20 assessors accredited to screen and certify graduates and industry workers.

Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores contributed P625,000 and Kasangga Partylist Rep. Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. contributed P250,000 for market driven training program and equipment. Obviously, they need to do more since TESDA is operating on a shoe string budget and unable to meet strong clientele demand.

It is with deep regret that Mr. Edwin S. Villanueva is under preventive suspension for 90 days. Ms. Perla C. Guanco is concurrently Officer In-Charge of TESDA Aklan. This was confirmed by Atty. Pascua who was in Aklan to conduct investigation. Meanwhile, the Ombudsman has no decision yet. Mr. Villanueva is deemed innocent of the charge until proven guilty. /MP    

APC Holds Palaro 2012

The Aklan Polytechnic College (APC) Palaro 2012 revolved around the team “Building Team Spirit and Skills Among Individuals Through The Prowess of Culture and Sports”.

To realize its theme, APC held the activities as follows: Sept. 24 – Fun Run from Tambak, New Washington, Aklan to APC Quadrangle, Kalibo. The opening program followed. Afterwhich, ball games started. In the evening, Search for Mr. & Ms. APC 2012 was done. 

Badminton, Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw, Basketball, Chess and Volleyball were played starting Sept. 24 to 26.

Cultural contest consisted of Oration, Extemporaneous Speech, Talumpati, Dagli-ang Pagtatalakay and Binalaybay. Vocal Solo for both classical and OPM, Vocal Duet and Folk Dance were held on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Dance Sports followed in the evening.

The five day activity ended with the Award Ceremony on Friday evening, Sept. 28, 2012 held at APC Quadrangle, Pob., Kalibo. /MP

Aklan Product Expo 2012 Highlights Innovative Fashion Wearables and Housewares

Some innovative and enhanced housewares and furnishings exhibited in last year’s Aklan Product Expo.

The Department of Trade and Industry, Hugod Aklanon Producers Association, Inc., and the Provincial Government of Aklan in partnership with Philexport-Aklan Chapter will mount the AKLAN PRODUCT EXPO 2012 at the Event Center, SM City-Iloilo on 22-28 October 2012.  

Innovative and enhanced fashion wearables like piña and abaca blouses, tops, and scarves and macramé table tops and tote bags will be highlighted during the one-week product exposition.  Nito and bamboo housewares and furnishings and processed foods such as meat and bakery products will also be available as well as tourism-oriented products and services.  
The Aklan Product Exposition will bring together 28 Aklan SMEs at the Event Center, SM City-Iloilo, majority of which are Philexport members.  This  is one of the marketing events that paves the way for better product promotion and gaining potential clients in Iloilo and other areas in the region, according to Engr. Diosdado P. Cadena, Jr., DTI – Aklan provincial director. /MP

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Need To Sleep


Sleep is something we take so much for granted. It seems bizarre that we sleep but do not fully understand why we sleep. What is sleep for? It is not just human beings who cannot do without a daily shut down; all mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, some fishes and invertebrates and even microbes appear to need a period of almost total inactivity at least once a day.

There is no doubt that whatever it is for, sleep is as necessary for life as food and water. Indeed, one of the most effective methods of torture known is sleep-deprivation; whilst some people can withstand seemingly infinite levels of pain without “cracking’, seven days of enforced wakefulness leaves almost everyone a gibbering wreck and there is no evidence of anyone surviving more than 11 days in this state.

So why do we sleep? The obvious answer: the body needs to rest after an arduous day, does not really add up. While we will certainly feel more tired after a very active day than one spent on the sofa, our absolute need for sleep does not change depending on how much energy we are burning.

The body is perfectly capable of maintaining itself “on the run” and other popular explanations-that we sleep at night to keep out of the reach of predators or because at night there is little an animal with poor night vision can do, does not fully answer the question either. Nocturnal hunters such as lions, sleep mostly in the day. While they may be more effective predators at night, they are capable of killing when  it is light.

Although nearly all organisms experience a “circadian rhythm”, dictated by the twenty four hour cycle of night  and day, true sleep is the preserve of animals with brains. And most experts believe that it is mental processes rather than tired muscles that are the key to understanding this most mysterious phenomenon.

One idea is that sleep acts as a kind of reset button, allowing our brains and nervous systems to recalibrate in peace. People with severe sleep disorders are more likely to suffer from irregular heartbeats, for instance.

Sleep may, it has been suggested, be a way for our memories to be consolidated and laid down. Dreams may act as a sort of screensaver for the mind, creating a distracting series of entertainments for a mind that is, in what amounts to an altered state of consciousness while memories and thoughts are processed.

Dreams, a key feature of human sleep (and probably all other mammals too) are as mysterious as sleep itself. For decades, the idea that dreams “mean” anything was dismissed by mainstream psychologists. But now the role of dreams is being taken seriously, not only as a method of organizing the memory but also as a way to improve mental health.

In 2009, Austrian scientists found that “lucid dreamers”, people who were able to take some conscious control of their dreams while asleep, reported significantly fewer psychiatric problems than non-lucid dreamers, and numerous studies have shown that dreaming can be an effective way of improving and honing cognitive skills and dealing with stress.

All animals sleep, but it is notable that creatures who live in large social groups, such as human, dogs and baboons, seem to need more sleep than most. It may be the case that we need to take time out from the tribe as a form of enforced social isolation in order for our brains to carry out the vital unconscious tasks of working out  their place in the social pecking order.

Did you know? A) Time slows down when you dream. Studies of lucid dreamers indicate that dreamed task take longer when asleep than when awake. This contradicts the popular notion that a whole lifetime’s worth of activity can be packed in to a few minutes of sleep.

B) That playing a musical instrument is one of the best ways of developing the ability to control your dreams.

C) Microbes sleep, or at least exhibit a distinct circadian-rhythm a daily cycle of activity and inactivity. Sleep is thus as old as life on Earth itself-more than three billion years.

D) Some animals can be literally half awake; dolphins are able to sleep one half of their brains at a time, a useful skill for a marine mammal that must return   to the surface to breathe. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Aklan Celebrates Tourism Week

In partnership with Aklan Provincial Tourism Office, Aklan Tourism Officers Association will celebrate Tourism Week on September 24-29, 2012. This weeklong tourism celebration is geared to showcase and promote the tourism attractions of Aklan and to create better understanding of the benefits of tourism.

According to Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Roselle Q. Ruiz – Aklan Provincial Tourism Officer, the weeklong activities are the following:

September 24 – Caravan starting simultaneously at Buruanga, Altavas, Libacao, Malinao, and New Washington. They will converge in Kalibo at 11 in the morning for the motorcade.

Motorcade over, Tourism Forum and exhibits follow, the targets of which are students, tourism related establishments and organizations and the social media. There will be Quiz Bee in the afternoon among students taking up tourism related courses.

On Sept. 25 – 27, familiarization tour for 50 tourism officers, social media and photo journalists in all 17 municipalities will take place.

On Sept. 28 – 29, two days,, selling mission to be conducted by 17 municipal tourism officers. This will be done in Boracay Island. 

Among the beauty spots to be visited in Aklan are Piña Village, Kalibo; New Washington tour; Kalantiaw Shrine, Batan; Veterans Shrine, Altavas; Basura Garden, Balete; Chateau de Gloria, Banga; Libacao Wild River; Bridge, Church, Municipal Hall, Madalag; Abaca Weaving, Malinao; Bayangan Village and Dragon Fruit Plantation, Lezo; Century Old Acacia Trees, Numancia; Seafoods Presentation, Makato; Jawili Falls, Tangalan; Bariw Weaving Demo, Nabas; and Boracay Island. 

Allen S. Quimpo For Kalibo Mayor

It is now official. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo has declared he is a candidate for Mayor of the Ati-atihan Town of Kalibo for the forthcoming May 2013 local election. 

According to Quimpo, he arrived at the said decision after a very careful and thorough tests and evaluation of all his options. He revealed he has consulted with his brothers and sisters on the matter, Quimpo revealed. He has also met with the faculty and staff members of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges. He assured them, “I will be your president at the NVC until June 30, 2013”. 

Quimpo disclosed “he visited almost all the barangays of Kalibo to consult his leaders and voters as regards the possibility of becoming the Mayor of Kalibo in 2013-2016.

On the basis of all his thorough, rigid consultations and evaluation, the answer is highly positive to becoming the town mayor of Kalibo in 2013. Quimpo also announced to the members of the social media in a presscon held in his residence on Sunday, September 15, 2012. 

Aching To KO Pacquiao

Claiming that he won all three fights unofficially, Juan Manuel Marquez has vowed to put a closure to the never-ending debate on Dec. 8 when he meets Manny Pacquiao for the fourth time at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“I want to win the fight officially,” Marquez said who will rely mainly on his “intelligence and counter-punching” to finally score a win over his fearsome Filipino foe.

“I will try to knock him out because if I don’t, you know what will happen if it’s a decision,” Marquez said.

Marquez battled P acquiao to a split draw the first time they met in May 2004. He was heartbroken after dropping a split decision in the rematch in March 2008. In their grudge match in November 2011, Pacquiao escaped with a majority decision.

Marquez, who turned 39 last month, begged for a fourth fight. He was delighted that Pacquiao chose him over a second meeting with Tim Bradley, who defeated Pacquiao on a hotly-contested split verdict last June.

The two fighters will size each other up on Monday (Tuesday in Manila) when they kick off a three-city promotional tour at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, followed by a stop at Times Square in New York, and finally in Mexico City. 

The Pacquiao-Marquez IV won’t have any major title at stake but will be fought at the welterweight maximum of 147 lbs, according to Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, who will be the master of ceremonies in the duration of the tour.

Arum said Pacquiao is guaranteed $23 million, an amount he won’t get had he decided to do a rematch with Bradley.

Bradley got $5 million when he beat Pacquiao last June and was guaranteed $10 million in the event of a rematch.

Bradley lashed out at Pacquiao for the snub, saying Pacquiao chickened out for fear of being humiliated although 99 percent of those who saw their fight thought Bradley was more than fortunate to get the judges’ nod. /MP

NVC Holds Ecological Solid Waste Management Program

Ms. Adorada Reynaldo discussing Ecological Solid Waste Management Program of Kalibo 

  Reynaldo receiving Certificate of Appreciation for her comprehensive presentation from Ms. Lorna Sison and Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo. 

The NVC Environmental Club holds a one day Orientation Program on Ecological Solid Waste Management. It was held on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at the NVC Alumni Hall, RSQ Bldg., Estancia, Kalibo.

Ms. Adorada T. Reynaldo, Solid Waste Management expert of LGU Kalibo was the main speaker. Reynaldo discussed the Ecological Solid Waste Management of Kalibo. which she explained fully well, its strength, weaknesses and problems.
But she declared, “it is the main responsibility of the people to maintain their community at a most sanitary, most clean, and most green state”.

Vanessa Gervacio and Niño Shari Balontong presented the School Based Solid Waste Management Program. Ms. Chita Dela Cruz Heap of Kool Earth discussed the production of compost fertilizer by Proper Composting.

The NVC Environmental Club is being advised by Ms. Lorna T. Sison, Ms. Hazel I. Rentillo, and Mr. Jovie M. Ote. The officers are Vanessa Gervacio – president; Niño Shari Balontong – vice president; Teresita Naelga – secretary; Leobe Grace Apostol – treasurer; Gescher Dela Cruz – auditor, and Jemmar Arandilla, Jomer Zonio, Ian Dave Mabasa, Josefat Erodias, Jean Rose Aller, Davelyn Zubiaga, and Jade Magbanua – board members. /MP

ASU Holds Extension Program In-House Review

by Sally R. Villasis

Aklan State University (ASU) held In-House Review to determine the effectiveness of the extension programs and projects of different academic units, through its Extension and Community Services (ECS). The University Extension Program In-House Review was held on September 11-12, 2012 at the ASU Review Center, Banga, Aklan.

Dr. Anna Mae C. Relingo, Vice President for Academic Affairs represented ASU President, Dr. Danilo E. Abayon.  She highlighted the recognitions in extension ASU gained.

“We are not to rest on our laurels in the Extension and Community Services, but we must be challenged to enhance our knowledge exchange,” Relingo stressed.

“For extension, being the Center of Development for Agriculture Education, we have the responsibility to help our fellow SUCs in the Region in capability building not only in instruction and research but also in extension. Not only to share but to enhance more our capability,” she added.

Prof. Alexander I. Ramos, ECS Director noted on House Bill 2085, A Proposed Magna Carta for Extension Workers, which stipulates that “Extension work is by all means a task not for the faint-hearted.  It is an undertaking which can only be given justice by those who are strong-willed yet yielding to those who are most in need.” 

He also stressed that the University had proven to be at the helm in this undertaking.  More are yet to be done to become better and best in the continued delivery of our extension service interventions.  It has to be relevant and responsive to the needs of the communities in the light of the realities that the country is now experiencing and will face in the future.

“Our research and extension work to be efficient and effective must be merged in tandem with the efforts in science and technology, industry, agriculture, energy and other sectors,” Ramos pointed out.

Awarded as the Best Paper, Completed Category is “Integrated Extension Development Programs for Katunggan it Ibajay (KII) as Century Old Mangrove Eco-Park,” authored by Dr. Villorente, RL Saladar, PR Israel, CU Navarra,  LM Macoy, RAS Inocencio, MA Gaviola, A Saturnino, BEM Roquero, CM Tumaca and HC Ruzgal.

For the On-going Category, the Best Paper is “Empowering Community People towards Gaining Responsibility of Their Own Health: A Comprehensive Community-based Health Program,” authored by CJ Palma-Remaneses, G Lapuz, S Zabala, D Lariosa, J Villanueva, AM Sacamay, J Ang, J Casemero and S Pimentel.

Awarded as Best Paper, Proposed Category is “Blooming Muguing: Livelihood  and Nutrition Intervention  for  Social Transformation,” authored by EP Vedasto, AM Relingo, LJ Teodosio, MM Teodosio, JR Pajo, ER Orlina, N Santiago, WR Leyson, G Masigon, CI Navarra, AI Irader, H MSaladar,  PR Flores, GG Bullo, E Flores, YP Ruiz and M Calizo.

Recognizing the expertise of the ASU’s partner institutions, panel evaluators were invited to assist in achieving the goal of enhancing the research and development initiatives of ASU.  

The panelists were Dr. Alicia L. Lustica, Regional Technical Director for Ecosystem, Research and Development Service of Department of Environment and Natural Resources Regional Office 6; Dr. Greta G. Gabinete, Research Director of West Visayas State University and Chairman, PASUC VI – Extension Managers Council, Inc.; Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, Member, ASU Board of Regents and Dr. Benny A. Palma, Professor VI and former University President. 

ASU Bags Awards In PASUC VI

Two extension programs of the ASU won top prizes during the 3rd Regional Extension Symposium led by the Philippine Association State Universities and Colleges VI – Extension Managers’ Council, Inc. (PASUC-EMC, Inc.) on August 30, 2012 at Madrangca, San Jose, Antique.

The “Eco-Health  Agenda”  Program:Through the Eyes of Partner-Beneficiaries won First Place in the Health Category. The program was a joint effort of Carol Joy Palma-Remaneses, Generlyn Lapuz, Dahlia Lariosa, and Salbie Zabala.  

On the other hand, the Mangrove Tree Nursery Development Towards Enhanced Reforestation of Wetlands: The ASU Initiative by Fred P. Mejia and Ronnie J. Dela Cruz won 1st Runner-up in the Environment Category. 

According to Dr. Greta G. Gabinete, PASUC VI-EMC, Inc. Chairman, the symposium aimed to provide a venue for interactive sharing of experiences and best practices in extension, create collaboration among extensionists in Region 6, identify and analyze constraints and opportunities in extension, and also aimed to strengthen the capability of PASUC 6 extensionists.

“This year’s symposium has a total of 26 papers, with five categories.  These papers are very good harvest for the PASUC Extension Managers Council as well as to the respective State Universities and Colleges (SUCs),” Gabinete added.

Dr. Victor Navarra, University of Antique President stressed that for SUC to flourish, extension programs are indeed essential, because through linkages and coordination with people in the community, it fulfills our vision, mission and goals.

Dr. Navarra highlighted the pains and joys of extension work, sustaining the enthusiasm may be difficult but the joy is immeasurable when the clients are adopting the technologies and knowledge being shared with them.  /MP

Floods In Kalibo

The 40 minutes rain on Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 18 submerged some roads in Poblacion, Kalibo. Above photo is Veterans Ave. with the 6 inches deep rain water. While picture below is Archbishop Reyes St. with 6 inches deep flood. This is an attraction to tourists visiting Aklan. How about that Mayor Lachica? (ARV photo)

Fil-Am Designer Dresses Hollywood Star Tia Barr In Emmy’s Award


Los Angeles California – Another Filipino-American artist is making waves in the United States. This time, Sheryl “Shey” Nacpil-Plata, a 27-year-old resident of Aliso Viejo, California, has made heads turn in the world of fashion design.

Shey, who arrived in the US in 2007 from Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga, has been tapped to dress Hollywodd actress and TV host Tia Barr in the 2012 Emmy Awards in Beverly Hills. The show will be televised “live” during the 64th Primetime Emmy’s hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on September 23.

A Spokes model and known for her diverse abilities, Barr has appeared in film, television and stage. She has produced roles in everything from playing the character Annie Chapman in Alfred Hitchcock’s murder mystery remake The Lodger to Comedy Central’s Last Laugh acting in comedy skits with Dave Attell.

She can currently be seen on the hit drama “Sons of Anarchy” on the FX network and many other films and TV shows.
“It’s an honor to be part of the show and to be assigned to dress one of the most prominent models in the United States today,” quipped Shey, a mother of two--Raan, 6; and Andre, 5.


Shey maintains a website  she uses to market her products which has attracted Prada model Kristen Rae Myers.

Appearing as guest on FilmOn.TV LA “live,” Beverly Hills top television morning show, on September 4, Myers, an HD Reality TV actress and model, admitted she was attracted to Shey’s products after visitng her website.

“I Googled her (Shey) name and contacted her,” revealed Myers, who is based in Los Angeles.

Shey told FilmOn.TV LA 90210 host Marianna Hewitt and co-host Alicia Blanco her favorite models are German Heidi Klum and the Kardashian sisters. She likes Klum, a model of Vogue and Elle, for being “classy she doesn’t have to lift her fingers.”
Shey loves the Kardashins sisters’ “styles and everything.”


Shey, who finished biology at the Angeles City University in Pampanga, Philippines in 2007, chooses to dabble in fashion design instead of pursuing a career in medicine “because I feel like everything is possible here (fashion design in the US).”

In her website, Shey acts as model for her own products which consist of Urban Chiq Dress, Cross Back Body Suit in Black, Victoria Laced Dress, Angel Laced Mint Romper, Leather Trim Strap, Beverly Maxi in Tan, Soho Mini Skirt, Parisian Draped Sweater, Teal Cropped Top, among other styles of all her 164 products.

“Eventually, I would like to have a boutique; I got a lot of suggestions from friends in Orange County,” sighed Shey, eldest daughter of Angelo Nacpil and Ely Concepcion-Nacpil. She is married to banker Joseph Plata and has a younger brother, Michael Dean Nacpil, 22. 

Shey said she wants to also dress Filipino showbiz personalities, TV talk show hosts, among other models. “If I did it to Hollywood personalities, I can also do it to my fellow Filipinos; I would be very proud to serve my fellow Filipinos,” she quipped. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Saeampati Ni Mukong

May mga hayopang manok si Mukong. Samtang naga sabod si Mukong it mga manok ko agahon ngaron, may isaeang ka saeampating puti ro tumugpa. Nakituka imaw it mga paeay, sabod. May nakahigot nga sueat sa anang siki: “tatapa ako, saeamat” X. Rondaya ro nakasueat sa papel nga habasa ni Mukong. 

Guintatap ni Mukong ro pispis ag guin obrahan it baeay-baeay agod indi maangkit it mga hayop. Kada agahon, may itlog nga guina ta-o ro saeampati ag may sueat pirming, kon basahon: “saeamat X”.

Isaeang adlaw, nagmasakit it trangkaso si Mukong. Una sa anang eoyo naga bantay ro saeampati. Nag eopad ro saeampati. Uwa man magbuhay ag nagbalik. Sa anang pagbalik, may mga dahon nga daea ro pispis. May sueat man kon ano ro obrahon sa mga dahon. Nagmayad si Mukong. Nagbalik sa pag alila ko anang mga hayop. Ko isaeang agahon, hapan-ohan ni Mukong nga owa it saeampati nga nagtugpa agod magtuka it mga sabod. Guin usoy ni Mukong ro pispis, hasta nagdueom. Owa guid mag abot ro pispis. Owa man nana makita. 

Tumaliwan ro pilang adlaw, umabot ro saeampati, ogaling dugo-an ag may nina ro anang abaga. Guin boeong ni Mukong ro pispis ag guin bantayan sa pagkatoeog. Tongod sa sunod-sunod nga pagpueaw abo gid ro anang kadueoygon sa pilang adlaw nga pagtinatap sa pispis, hakatoeogan si Mukong.

Sa anang pagkatoeog habugtawan man nana ro isaeang ka babaye nga nakaputi ro tumambad kana. Guin usoy nana ro pispis. Uwa nana hikita. Guin pakita ko babaye ro mga sueat nga may mga markang “saeamat X”. Imaw gali ratong saeampati. Guin baylo imaw nga saeampati ko maimon nga duwende nga naila kana. Owa naila imaw sa duwende busa, guin baylo imaw nga pispis. Mabalik eamang imaw sa dating dagway kon may eaeaki nga magabulig kana. 

Ro saeampati hay sangka prinsesa gali. Sa pagbalik sa normal nga dagway ni Prinsesa Andaya, nagpasaeamat imaw kay Mukong. Masubo gid si Mukong ogaling nabaylohan it kalipay ay imaw hay nakabulig man sa prinsesa. 

Tumaliwan ro pilang buean, may nagpundo nga itom nga awto sa ogsaran ko baeay ni Mukong. May mga bantay nga nagpanaog sa saeakyan. Sumunod gumuwa man dayon ro prinsesa. Guindaea it prinsesa si Mukong idto sa kaharian. Guin pa aywan kana ro anang baeay ag kasapatan sa anang kahilapit nga baeay. Pag abot nanda maiwat eon ro hari. Owa mabuhayi, namatay ro hari. Nangin hari si Mukong. Malipayon sandang nagkabuhi ag kon amat guina bisitahan nana ro anang katamnan ag kahayupan. /MP  


Bucket List For 2013 Elections


Two Saturdays ago, Sept. 8, Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño announced his senatorial bid through the Kapihan Sa Aklan, a weekly media forum of the Aklan Press Club, Inc. Thereafter, he launched his candidacy at the Acevedo Farms, Buswang New, Kalibo, Aklan in the afternoon where he was endorsed by Aklan’s political leaders.

I would like to share with you my wish list for the May 2013 as follows:

1. For political aspirants not to view elective offices in the poverty-prone provinces as opportunities for the elite to shore up and consolidate their economic fortunes.

In many parts of the Philippines that are removed from metropolitan centers of power elective and political offices are sure tickets to economic and self-aggrandizement.

2. For Imperial Manila to stop perpetuating such an arrangement so as to make the provinces dependent on the center, on its budget releases and on its whims and caprices.

No wonder, there are hardly big industries in the provinces and if there are, like minerals, energy and agriculture, its fruits are first channeled to Manila that distributes them to the rest of the country, with the provinces in the end paying twice for the resources that in fact came from them. 

3. For law enforcers to maintain public safety and order before, during and after elections. Loose firearms increase potential for political violence and crimes of passion. We don’t want to watch a situation go from bad to worse, a scenario that could blow up on everybody’s faces.

4. For candidates to stop putting down their rivals to build up oneself. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth more so if the problems also afflict the aggressor. Truth be told, the voter is not stupid not to know the difference. Question is: Are they trying to cover up for their own inadequacies?

5. Although their right are recognize to make fools of themselves, candidates must stop acting like clowns by the way of their lousy songs and dances dished out during the campaign sorties. Their performances are plain torture to watch and are far from entertaining. This is somehow akin to prostitution, with their slips showing and with their fly’s unzipped. It is best to have decency and sense of propriety while wooing the “masa” votes.

6. For the inept and ineffective candidates to stop nursing their delusions of grandeur. Some aspirants like to play it dumb. Others are confused while some candidates choose to pretend that they are qualified to seek an elective post. Because of arrogance and ego tripping, they seek and accept various elective posts far beyond their competence. I still go by the philosophy that you can still better serve the public even without entering the rough and tumble world of politics. 

7. I fervently pray and wish that more progressive candidates like Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño, who will run for the Senate, will usher the best and the brightest of servant leaders who can inspire, influence and move us forward.

8. For the poor-spirited voters to banish the impression that they are blissfully wallowing in shallowness and glorifying traditional politicians by having the willpower to rise above the bowels of poverty. When will they ever learn and come to their senses?

9. To the re-electionist legislators who have nothing to claim, “I wrote and sponsored this Republic Acts or conceptualize and implement projects to completion” better step down.

10. To those elective officials whose family members are all in elective public offices, please limit yourselves to only ONE member of the family. Help distribute to as many citizens public offices to allow as many people participate in public governance to give true meaning to democracy. Avoid being greedy. 

In the end, my point is, we should all be the best we can be. We owe it to ourselves and to everyone around us.

It’s time for us to start acting at our best. Let’s rise to meet that challenge and heed the call of the times. Let’s make change of our lives. To say that courage is empowering and liberating is an understatement.

Only we can make things possible. Not the government. Certainly, not the politicians. /MP

Strengthening Rural Based Organization, Casiño Solicits Support for His Senatorial Bid


Part I of the weekly Kapihan is titled, “Trend of Rural Based Organizations” held at Carmen Hotel, NVC on September 8, 2011. Guests are Ms. Alice Rebuelta, Agricultural Technologist–Kalibo, Ms. Margeline dela Rosa, Pres.–Pambansang Magsasaka ng Pilipinas (Manalon, Magbabaul, Mag-uuma, Magsasaka) FA/P 4MP and Kag. Amelya Fernandez, Pres.–Federation of Rural Improvement Club.

Ms. Rebuelta said that the Municipal Agricultural Office of LGU Kalibo is mandated to render technical assistance and develop capability building of farmers, fisherfolks, homemakers and youths to increase farm productivity and income. Due to the specific needs and interests, the LGU Kalibo Office organizes clienteles into Farmers’ Association (FA), Rural Improvement Club (RIC), 4-H Club (youth 15-30 years old), Municipal Agriculture and Fisheries Council (MAFC) and Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Council (FARMC). Fourteen Agriculture Technologists (AT’s) handle the technology transfer such as season long training (120 days) on rice, corn and vegetables. Regular meetings are held in every barangay as a way to disseminate improved farming practices. The total of 21 P 4MP’s have been organized in Kalibo.

There are 10 barangays in Kalibo which have RIC’s reported Ms. Fernandez. They are now a municipal federation which celebrated its first anniversary last September 2. Skills training are on meat processing (longanisa), food delicacies (puto squash, pulvoron topped with malunggay) and supplemental feeding for pre-schoolers. The agricultural technologists had traditionally implemented programs on crops, livestock and fisheries production by working through rural organizations. It actively supports breastfeeding and backyard vegetable production especially easy to grow but nutritious crops like malunggay, balagay or winged bean, gabi and papaya.

Ms. de la Rosa disclosed that they have conducted two (2) season long trainings on rice to reduce production input. Under the scheme, farmers are encouraged to adopt hybrid rice seeds subsidized at P1,600 per bag by the Provincial government, apply organic fertilizer (vermicast, rice straw and barnyard manure, and botanical pesticides (hot pepper, makabuhay, neem extract, tubli, jatropha, lemon grass). Field school is rigorous and comprehensive that farmer participants become knowledgeable not only on theory but actual farm practice. 

Rural youth, majority are out of school, are given hands on training on livelihood projects through the 4-H club. They are federated under the Presidency of Cendrix Masangya. Three 4-H Clubs received financial assistance for their projects from DA-ATI-RTC 6 namely: Estancia 4-H Club (swine fattening and egg machine – P100,00), Pook 4-H Club (Swine fattening – P50,000) and Andagao 4-H Club – swine breeding – P50,000). 

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo noted that despite our agriculture based economy, the Philippine budget for agriculture is less than 2.0 percent of GDP. (UNDP recommendation is 7.0 percent). Our annual rice importation of 1.3 million metric tons is lamentable. More disturbing is that 80 percent of our rural population is in poverty.

In his travel to South Korea, Quimpo is surprised as famers there although producing rice once a year are very progressive, wealthy and powerful. “The farmers’ cooperatives actively formulate agricultural policies like no rice importation from Japan”, said the former Solon. He speaks with authority since Atty. Quimpo has a master’s degree in Rural Development. 

CasiÑo’s Senatorial Bid

Part II of Kapihan is guesting of an Aklanon Patylist Representative, Bayan Muna – Hon. Teddy Acevedo Casiño. He was born in Davao City but spent his boyhood days in Kalibo, Aklan where he stayed with his grandparents – Emily Icamina Acevedo and Dr. Salvador Acevedo, a Dentist. 

He attended Grade I and II classes at Kalibo Pilot Elem. School where his teachers noted his exceptional talent and leadership.
Cong. Casiño, 44 has authored several laws like tax exemption for minimum wage earners, rent control, anti-torture act and strengthening the Public Attorney’s Office. He began his congressional career in 1993 and got re-elected for 3 terms. Concurrently, he is Chairman, House Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development.

His fervent desire is to continue his advocacy as spokesperson of the marginalized sector of society – the farmers, fisherfolks, disabled and laborers, this time in the Senate. Fortunately, he got the favorable endorsement of his Makabayan Coalition, an umbrella arm of Bayan Muna. To win pastylist representative you must amass 160,000 votes, but for the Senate seat it must be at least 16 million. 

Some bills in Congress which he fully supports are Freedom of Information, Whistleblower Protection, Zero Vat for Oil and Power, Downstream Oil Regulation, School Fees Regulation and Free Hospitalization for Senior Citizens. 

Running as an independent candidate for the Senate could be the defining moment in the political career of the son of Aklan. He admitted, he is the 3rd poorest congressman in the present Congress based on SALN records. However, with traditional policies even with gifted mortals like Plato and Aristotle could not pass the grade because you basically need well oiled party machinery.

This early, pressure must be mounted that Cong. Casiño be included in the LP senatorial ticket for next year’s elections since he is aligned with the Administration. In addition, he needs to do more public relations job since many Aklanons neither know him nor his accomplishments. 

At the Acevedo Farm where relatives and friends gathered in a reunion, Baby Quimpo Acevedo called for unity and cooperation to the candidacy of Teddy Casiño. Joining her are Cong. Joeben Miraflores, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Vice Gov. Billie Calizo Quimpo, Prov’l Administration Diego Luces, Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Malinao Mayor Wilberto Igoy,  Banga Mayor Antonio Mameng and SP Member Raymar A. Rebaldo. /MP    

Chiz Backs A Department of Fisheries

Senator Chiz Escudero said he is supporting calls for the creation of a Department of Fisheries.

“Every department should have a field of expertise. Fishing is one of our main sources of income that can compete with the exports of other countries. We should focus on this instead of just focusing on imports,” Escudero said during a recent visit to General Santos City for the 14th Tuna Festival.

The fisheries subsector accounted for 18.81 percent of the country’s total agricultural output. Production reached 5.15 million metric tons in 2010 valued at P221.05 billion.

The Soccsksargen Federation of Fishing and Allied Industries Inc. in Southern Mindanao wants the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources upgraded into a separate department.

BFAR is an agency under the Department of Agriculture.

But Escudero said, “any move to create a new department will have to wait since the Aquino administration is undertaking a rationalization program to streamline the government bureaucracy.”

“The creation of a Department of Fisheries is currently being pushed in Congress but the current thrust of President Aquino’s administration is to minimize the bureaucracy and red tape, and the only department the President has agreed to be created is the Department of Housing,” Escudero said.

“We have been spending a lot in various government agencies that sometimes do not really function at all. Maybe after we have rationalized all government agencies,” he added.

The proposed bill for the creation of a Department of Fisheries is still pending with the House of Representatives, and the Senate has yet to tackle the issue. But Escudero vowed to support the department’s creation if the proposed measure reaches the Senate.

According to the DA’s Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, the country’s fisheries subsector continues to register a decline in production.  

Downtrends in production were observed for marine and inland fisheries as well as aquaculture. Gross receipts for fisheries amounted to P117.4 billion at current prices. This represented an increase of 3.07 percent from last year’s level.
At the same time, Escudero reiterated his support for the country’s tuna industry.

“As chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, the tuna industry is one of our priorities. I want to ensure that the country’s tuna industry gets full support and at the same time ensure that production is sustainable,” the senator said.

Tuna was the country’s top fisheries export in 2010, earning P15.12 billion.

Escudero pledged continued support for the tuna industry, as well as the fisheries subsector of the country’s agricultural sector.

“My late father (Rep. Salvador Escudero) was a former Agriculture secretary under two presidents. Agriculture is near and dear to me,” the senator added. /MP