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Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Fight For Vietnam’s

The French started her conquest of French Indochina in 1859 and completed it in 1883. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos composed French-indochina, among which Vietnam was the most populated and important.

Before the coming of French, Vietnam was independent from China for the last 900 years but China has strong cultural influence. Similar to China, Vietnam has an emperor. Mandarin officials selected those who passed the examinations to serve as emperor.

In the 18th century, the farmer’s main crop was rice planted in two main rice areas. One is in the Red River Valley irrigated canals and dikes, and in the South, the Mekong River Delta considered Vietnam’s bread basket.

For administrative purpose, the French divided Vietnam into three zones. Hanoi served as the capital of the North, Hue in the center, and Saigon in the South.

In the irrigated villages, a small number of landlord families owned much land a bigger number owned enough land to get by, but majority of the families rented the land to live.

Due to the uneven land distribution, there were peasant revolts. To stop the problem, the emperor and the landlords instituted the program "Village Land" where parts of the land were owned by the village as a whole. The village council rented these fields to poorer families at reasonable rates. But still the rich became richer and the poor poorer.

The French colonial government did not differ much in the management of agricultural land. Moreover, the French introduced the capitalist system in the economy. The government took the land and gave it to French businessmen for mining and plantation farming. It increased the tax to 20 percent of the produce to finance a modern state. However, peasants refused to work for the low wages business and industry offered to pay. In view of these, the French increased the tax to 100 percent and compelled to be paid in cash. Some of the peasants’ sons and daughters went to work for low wages in business and industry to earn cash to pay tax. The French forced them to pay taxes enough even during bad harvest due to calamities.

The French also increased the power of the landlords in the villages that gave political and economic powers to the colonial government. This policy made the landlords strong both in economic and political powers. More agricultural products went to the cities and less and less were left to the peasants. There were inequalities.

But as business and industry grew, resistance as well developed and became strong and stronger. This resistance came about because of the concentration of economic and political powers in the hands of the landlords. A good example is "My Thuy Phong" village where in 1940, five (5) families controlled 40 percent of the land and the 90 percent of the poorest families controlled 35 percent of the land. Others rented land from the landlord or found jobs at low wage. Those unable to pay taxes were arrested. Behind the police were the colonial courts which always ruled in favor of the landlords.

Before the year 1940 ended, only 6,200 landlords owned 45 percent of the land in Vietnam.

In 1935, five men agreed to meet regularly to formulate ways and means to stop the French colonialists from transforming the old class of feudal landlords and imperial officials into a new class of capitalists.

One of the 5 owned a small village shop; another was a low – level clerk, owned a bicycle, a small wooden house on a small piece of land. The third man was poor but educated and rich of ideas. He was a peasant at 40 years old, can’t read and write but possessed strong sense of humor and inquiring mind. The 4th man was a poor peasant who maintained village shrines and pagoda. And the 5th man was Ho Chin Minh, the son of a big landlord.

Ho Chi Minh’s father was well off and expected his son to be subservient to him and be loyal to the large landholding class. However, Ho Chi Minh always thought of how can he liberate his country from foreign domination and improve the living condition of his people.

In 1939, after regular and continuous meetings, they looked outside of Vietnam for ideas, new ideas. Ho Chi Minh founded the Vietnamese Communist Party. He went to china and Russia but returned to Vietnam in 1941 with a plan to build a mass organization to fight for independence. He enlisted everybody – workers, capitalists, landlords and peasants. They organized themselves into Viet Minh League to fight colonialism. They denied they were communist.

Ho, in his fight for Vietnam’s independence used the words of the American Declaration of Independence. He requested support of the United States for their cause. He never got the support.

On September 2, 1945, Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnamese independence in front of 500,000 people in Hanoi. But British Troops landed in Saigon. Later, French Japanese and Nepali troops under British command occupied Saigon. The French Army replaced the British.

In the election in January 1946, the Viet Minh won, but they had no arms to fight the French troops which landed in Hanoi and drove the Viet Minh. There were guerrilla wars in the Villages until 1954 where the French was defeated in the battle of Dien Bien Phu. The French left Vietnam in 1954. Nevertheless, the United States occupied Vietnam.

The next issues in this column will be the division of Vietnam into the "North and the South"

Why the United States involved herself in Vietnam and how the Vietnamese gained victory against the superpower, the Unites States of America. /MP

Diether Ocampo, K.I.D.S Foundation, Inc. In Madalag

by Hernando R. Rollo

Television actor and ABS-CBN talent Diether Ocampo chairman and co-founder of "Kabataan ang Inyong Dapat Tulungan" K.I.D.S. Foundation, Inc. visited Brgy. Galicia, Madalag, Aklan on Saturday, November 12, 2011 for his medical and dental mission through Roxanne T. Oquendo, an Aklanon member of the foundation with their 48 volunteers of doctors, pharmacists and members. Their team was accommodated at the Galicia Primary School, Madalag, Aklan.

The municipal government of Madalag lead by Madalag Mayor Rex T. Gubatina offered foods, drinking waters, and transportation during their stay in Madalag. The Municipal Health Workers of Don Leovigildo N. Diapo, Sr. Municipal Hospital headed by Dr. Mary Grace G. Tumaca, Medical officer V and Madalag Rural Health Unit lead by Dr. Josephine P. Ricamonte, Rural Health Physician assisted the volunteers to fast track the delivery of health services. Police Insp. Belshazzar T. Villanoche, Chief of Police and members were deployed in Galicia to secure the visitors.

The mission covered are the children 0 to 17 years old of barangay, Bacyang, Mercedes, Ma. Cristina, and Galicia. There were about 700 children they served of free medical and dental consultation with multivitamins, medicines, and school supplies.

After the whole day activities, the team enjoyed swimming in a crystal clear water of Timbaban River. At night after dinner, the School Officer-in-Charge presented the program that showcased the various talents of the children in the barangay in terms of folk and pop songs, dances and stage play regarding how Brgy. Galicia got its name. /MP

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Study Agriculture Alcala Urges Aklanons

DA Sec. Alcala (center) poses with Aklan tri-media, and DA Aklan staff.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala urged officials of the Department of Agriculture (DA) around the country and Aklanon stakeholders during the Farmer’s Forum on Nov. 23, 2011, held in Hernani’s Mix and Match Restaurant, Kalibo, Aklan, to strongly coordinate with local government officials to harmonize and hasten the implementation of agricultural and fishery infrastructure, livelihood projects, through a counter parting scheme including the construction and repair of irrigation system, farm-to-market roads, provision of production, technical, postharvest and marketing services and assistance to small farmers and fisherfolks.

On November 17, 2011, the Senate office through Senator Drilon defended the proposed 2012 budget of DA totalling to 61.73 billion. The 2012 DA budget which is 60 percent more than this year’s allocation of P38.5 B. will fund major interventions in irrigation, farm mechanization and postharvest facilities, production support, research, development, and extension – geared to further increase rice, corn, other food crops production, basic commodities, and to improve the income of farmers and fisher folks.

According to Sec. Alcala, the budget will also lay the groundwork towards attaining self-sufficiency in rice and major staples by end of 2013. He stressed that about P300 million more than the current P900-M budget will be spent to promote organic farming practices and technologies, and increase production and consumption of organic, fishery, and livestock products. Alcala is one of the main authors of RA 10068 during his second term as congressman of the 2nd District of Quezon. As provided under the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 (RA 10068), at least two percent of the annual budget of the DA must be spent to implement national organic agriculture program which means the DA will spend at least P1.2 billion starting 2012.

Sec. Alcala encourages the farmers to take pride for being a farmer, be hard working so they can put more food on his table, and make a happy family. Likewise, he requests schools and colleges in Aklan to motivate students to study agricultural course, the only course that will make the Philippines richer agricultural country. Filipinos need not leave the country to work abroad as we have enough jobs to keep our people occupied.

He appreciated how Aklanons received him and his team warmly with genuine smiles. /MP

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Helps Knock Out Polio

In addition to fighting his opponents in the ring, boxing legend and Sarangani congressman Manny Pacquiao has set his sights on a far more dangerous opponent: polio.

Pacquiao, a member of the Rotary Club of Manila 101, Metro Manila, has joined a growing roster of celebrities participating in Rotary’s "This Close" public awareness campaign to help end polio.

He won a closely contested fight against longtime rival Juan Manuel Marquez on 12 November in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. During his prefight workouts in Los Angeles, Pacquiao wore a T-shirt bearing his "This Close" photo, says Liza Elorde, president of the Manila 101 club. Sharp-eyed viewers of HBO’s 24/7 prefight series may have seen it.

"I brought the shirt from Manila and asked him to wear it during his training, and he said yes without hesitation," Elorde says. She was in Las Vegas for the fight because her son, who is also a professional boxer, had fought earlier in the week — wearing the Rotary emblem on his trunks.

"The ‘This Close’ campaign is so dear to my heart," says Elorde, who has family members who are polio survivors. "I’m doing all I can in my own little way to help eradicate polio."

Rotary began its pioneering work in polio prevention in 1979 — the year after Pacquiao was born — with a major project that administered the oral vaccine to millions of children in the Philippines. (by Wayne Hearn & Ryan Hyland) /MP

Sangguniang Kabataan Leads New Leadership Trends

by Ernesto T. Solidum

Kapihan guests are (l to r) Hon. Christina I. Daguno (Malay), Hon. Michael Angelo R. Melgarijo (Kalibo), Host -SP Sec. Odon Bandiola, SK Regional Coordinator Mr. Gervin Acedre and Hon. Teri Del Rosario (Batan). Photo by MSL).

On December 10–17, 2011 the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Aklan will celebrate for the first time the National Youth Day or "Linggo Ng Kabataan". The theme is "Aklanon Youth Going Forward, Promoting Rights for a Better Tomorrow". Guests to the Kapihan forum on November 19, 2011 at Smokehauz Resto & Bar are key officers of the Federation who are Mr. Jervin Alegre, Regional Program Coordinator and Info Officer, Municipal Federation Presidents – Ms. Cristina R. Daguno, Malay, Teri S. Del Rosario, Batan, and Mr. Michael Angelo Melgarejo, Kalibo.

Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino mentioned that the youth celebration is an offshoot of the CBCP’s project to nurture Christian values and become role models in society. Rizal’s "La Juventud Filipina" is a tribute to youths’ struggle for change and the need for their voices to be heard.

For his part, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo says that youth has a favorable spot in his heart because there is hope. Approximately 60 percent of our population belongs to 15-25 age brackets and this is a tremendous resource. He cautions however that for any project to be considered by the young due consultation must be made with the elders since they have the wisdom of experience and know-how.

Mr. Alegre said that the celebration aims to reach out to youth from all walks of life to answer the call for unity and solidarity in leadership. RA 7160 or Local Government Code, Book III, Chapter 10 specifically provides guidelines for youth leaders to become Boys and Girls officials as Governor and Mayors for a week after screening and interviews. These opportunities to first hand info and experience on public administration though ceremonial could have far reaching impact on young leaders.

Events and program schedule are: Day one (Dec. 10) – Torch parade and bonfire ceremony at Pastrana Park. Day two – Fun Run from Pook Airport to Magsaysay Park. Registration is P120.00. Day three – Boys and Girls Official week – Screening, interview and induction. Day eight – culmination program.

Ms. Del Rosario said that her SK Federation has undertaken positive measures on solid waste management, tree planting and beautification of historical sites. On-going is Search for Lakambini of Batan for their December 8 municipal fiesta celebration.

On the other hand, Ms. Daguno has also similar activities except exerting greater emphasis on Material Recovery Facility in Boracay.

Mr. Melgarejo likewise has undertaken tree planting in their barangay and teamed up with Kool Earth, an NGO advocating slogan on re-use, reduce, and recycle. He sponsored a resolution at the SB of Kalibo for proper placement of price tags of goods especially souvenir items in specialty stores.

Based on prepared program of week long activities, training and empowerment long sought after by youth although filled with enabling rhetoric appear hollow and inconclusive. Event organizers failed to include more of mental development that is basic to empowerment. They could organize any of these seminar workshops on leadership and human relation, communication skills, parliamentary procedure, preparation of project proposal, livelihood especially food processing and handicraft. They can have essay writing, spot painting and slogan contests based on the current theme. Youth could behave young in their ways but mature in their outlook of life.

Dr. Gabriel Delfin, Dean Institute of Policy Studies, NVC said that the SK provides a training ground for youth to become future leaders. It is necessary that they be allowed freedom to express themselves in a way that stimulates them to positive action.

Atty. Buenaflor, Regional Director, Civil Service Commission, Reg. 12 mentioned in a speech that hiring employees in the government service is like looking for the best, most competent driver for the most luxurious car in the world – Rolls Royce. The luxury car is the government machinery manned by more or less 1.3 million public servants today.

By legislative fiat, SK Federation Presidents can be appointed members of the SB or SP. While serving their non-career positions they are entitled to premium salaries and fringe benefits as elected members enjoy. Yet they are on "training" and by reason that 90 percent are actively in school, one cannot possibly justify the huge salaries and privileges our SK leaders take to themselves aside from the benefit of formal schooling.

Leadership by example means that you are in control or in touch with the group you are serving. Otherwise you cannot be an effective leader and may voice only your own ideas during Council deliberations. It could be constructive and sound alternative plan that training of young leaders be wholly done at school level. Such ideas jibe with previous House resolution to scrap the SK on efforts of Congressmen to trim and balance the national budget. We cannot afford to cuddle nebulous ideas or triple matters in crafting our laws.

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo cited pertinent survey that Aklan youth is second in the whole region to have highest teenage marriages (15-20 years old) and at the same time without gainful employment. This corroborates earlier NSCB data that 48 percent of live births in Aklan are illegitimate. Plausible explanation is that with massive poverty of 38.1 percent, families could no longer afford to foot the bill for civil or church wedding and reception. Obviously there could be more adherents to the Kasalan ng Bayan.

Linggo ng Kabataan 2011 ought to be a time for reflection and an assessment of the goals reached by the organization for the past 38 years. This is the time to draft new plans and re-set the vision to a higher plane. Let us give the change to Hon. Bob Augusto F. Legaspi, SK Federation President to prove his worth as a leader and innovator. Our best wishes for the 1st Provincial SK celebration. /MP

Glutton Santa May Have Suffered From Diabetes

by ALEX P. Vidal

HOLLYWOOD, California — We are only in November but Christmas season is already being felt in every nook and cranny here in the United States. Malls have displayed Christmas decors, toys and other items for Yuletide season. FM stations are playing 99% Christmas songs. Everywhere you can bump into Santa Claus — men and women civilian "Santa Clauses." No need to elaborate.

There were recent studies made that Santa Claus may have a defect in a particular gene. Because a gene is disrupted by a "spelling error" in his DNA, "Santa has a propensity to pile on his pounds," observes Roger Highfield, science editor of The Daily Telegraph. Indeed, there is strong evidence that he also may have suffered from diabetes.

Highfield observes in his book, The Physics of Christmas, that "despite our image-conscious society, Santa’s huge stomach is one trait that amazingly gets little attention."

"Generations of children have asked how he manage to squeeze down chimneys. But few if any have asked the more obvious question: why is Santa so fat? After all, if he lost a few pounds, surely his job would be that much easier," stresses Highfield.

According to him, a thinned-down Santa also would provide a role model for moderation and self-control during the holidays.


Highfield writes further: "Perhaps Christmas card artists pay homage to seasonal excesses and Santa’s overwhelming cheerfulness by equating rolls of flesh with peals of laughter. Perhaps his girth is the result of eating the millions of cookies and mince pies left out for him on Christmas Eve."

In fact, Santa is not alone. Obesity is now the most common nutritional disorder in the Western world. In America, for example, the epidemic is well under way. an estimated one-third of American adults are overweight, and the incidence of obesity is rising particularly fast in children. Since 1976 the prevalence of pediatric obseity has increased by more than 50 percent. Eight out of 10 obese adolescents grow up to be obese adults, it was learned.

In Britain one-third of all people carry too much fat, and about 5 percent of the population is obese—that is, they are 20 percent or more above their maximum desirable body weight, it was learned further.


The incidence of obesity has doubled in the past decade, and much worse is to come, warns Highfield. A recent reported predicted that one-quarter of British women and almost one-fifth of men will be obese.

In much of Europe, obesity affects 15 to 20 percent of the middle-aged population, he adds. This picture is better for Scandinavia and the Netherlands, where the figure is around 10 percent, but worse for eastern Europe, where it can soar to 50 percent among women. The United Kingdom, France, and Germany each reportedly has between five million and 10 million inhabitants who are obese.

Highfield warns that the possible consequences of adult obesity include diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea (a life-threatening problem in which breathing stops), gallbladder disease, chronic heartburn, arthritis, certain cancers, and depression.

Socially, fat people can be as successful as anyone else—think of Santa, for example—but their shape can undermine their self-esteem, particularly in western societies, where thin is fashionable, he adds.


Doctors have declared war on obesity. Nowhere is the battle of the bulge waged more seriously than in the United States, where obesity causes an estimated 300,000 deaths each year and accounts for at least $69 billion in health care costs, lost workdays, and disability.

It was learned further that Americans spend another $33 billion each year on weight-reduction products and programs, offered by a largely ineffective slimming industry. 

"The lack of progress in addressing this problem has provided a powerful spur for efforts to find out why we are getting so fat—in the process shedding new light on Santa’s stomach," concludes Highfield. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Baston Ni Moses

Isaeang ka propeta sa dumaan nga tipan si Moses. May guina huptan imaw nga baston nga guin taw-an it gahum ko Diyos agod magamit sa pagdumaea sa mga Israelitas samtang naga paeagiw halin sa Ehipto. Indi mabaton ko Paraon nga maghalin ro mga Israelitas sa anang lugar tongod naduea-an imaw it abo nga mga olipon nga naga serbisyo kana.

Samtang naga binaktas ro mga Israelitas sa disyerto, duro guid ro andang kauhaw. Naubos eon ro andang baeon nga tubi ag pagkaon. Sige man ro andang reklamo ag pagbasoe kay Moses. Hasayran ni Moses ro andang baeatyagon. Nag usoy imaw it bato sa kilid it daean ag anang guin tuslok ro bato pagkatapos it pangamuyo.

Bumusawak ro matin-aw ag maeamig nga tubi. Naghugyaw sa kalipay ro tanan. Pagtunod it adlaw, owa eon man sanda it maka-on. Nangamuyo eon man si Moses ag nag uean it mana halin sa ibabaw. Nangin humay nanda ro mana. Pagkaaga, abo man nga nagdapo nga pugo sa andang lugar, busa may guin suea ro mga Israelitas. Nakaabot sanda idto sa baybayon it Pueang Dagat. May habatian nga singgit si Moses. Una eon ro mga soldados it Paraon nga naga eagas kanda. Indi eon sanda makabalik ag owa eon it malikawan.

Inalsa ni Moses ro anang baston ag nangamuyo. Golpeng nagpihak ro dagat. Nagtabok ro mga Israelitas hasta nakaabot sa pihak nga pangpang. Husto guid lang nga naga tabok man ro mga soldados ag bumalik ro tubi. Nag- kaeonod tanan ro mga soldados ag nakalibre tanan ro mga Israelitas. Makaron, padayon sanda sa pagpaabo sa lugar nga guin promesa kanda it Diyos. /MP

Reason & Concern

by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Humor On Billboards

of Churches

A week back, I tried to determine where I can be of help in the preparation of the 16th National Press Congress on December 8-10, 2011 at Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan together with the Media Global Forum sponsored by the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) and the Boracay Global Press Corps (BGPC). 

Although, I had earlier meet with PAPI president Johnny P. Dayang, former congressman and BGPC adviser, Atty. Allen Salas Quimpo, Madyaas Pen publisher-editor Ambrosio R. Villorente and some officers of the Aklan Press Club, I had manifested that the Philippine Red Cross biennial convention at the Manila Hotel also falls on the same date as the National Press Congress and Media Global Forum and I had already communicated of my attendance as chapter president of the Aklan Red Cross.

An email from my cousin,book author Girlie (Rashmi) Tolentino Singh about humor on churches billboards in certain United States counties came. The church billboards signs inclusive of new churches signs are funny.  I am herewith reproducing some which I selected and have it reproduced for humor’s and laughter’s sake. No offense meant though.

Our Savior’s Church – "You may party in hell but you will be the barbeque!

First Reformed Church of Bethlehem – "Keep using my name in vain.  I’ll make rush hour longer – God."

Claude Prebyterian church – "There are some questions that can’t be answered by Google."

Ray of Hope Community Church – "Thou shall not steal the cooper from the AC unit.  Please call 227-4110."

Christian Fellowship Church – "Church parking. Trespassers will be baptized."

First Baptist Church – "Worship 10 a.m.  Who’s your Daddy?

South End Baptist Church – "Whoever is praying for snow, please stop."

The First Church Awesome Works – "How do we make Holy Water? We boil the hell out of it!."

River Falls Baptist Church – "Adam blamed Eve. Eve blamed the snake and the snake didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Church of God of Prophecy – "Every day above ground is a good one."

And these new church signs : "The best vitamin for a Christian is B1."

"Try our Sundays. They are better than Bankin – Robbins."

"You are not too bad to come in. You are not too good to stay out." "Can’t sleep? Try counting your blessings."

"Try Jesus. If you don’t like Him, the devil will always take you back."

"Life is Hard. After life is Harder!"

"Aspire to inspire. Before you expire."

"Under the same management For over 2,000 years." /MP

Capiz Installs 3 Priests As ‘Monsignor’

Roxas City – Three priests from the archdiocese of Capiz had been given by the Pope the title of "Monsignor" as part of a Papal honor recognizing the priests’ service to the church.

This was revealed by Most Rev. Onesimo C. Gordoncillo, D.D., arch-bishop of Capiz, in a meeting with members of the parish pastoral council of this city recently. He said the three priests are Very Rev. Fr. Victor Bendico, SLD, Rector/Dean of Studies for Theology, 1999; Member, Presbyteral Council; Censor Librorom; Chair-man, Commission on Sacred Liturgy; and chairman, Commission on Doctrine of Faith;Very Rev. Msgr. Job S. Bolivar, P.C.,Rector, Immaculate Concepcion Metropoltan Cathedral, Roxas City; former Rector, St. Pius X Seminary, Roxas City; Member, Presbyteral Council; and Rev. Fr. Regie Pamposa, Rector, Sancta Maria Mater et Regina Seminarium, Cagay, Roxas City;former priest on loan to St. Joseph Regional Seminary, Iloilo City.

Gordoncillo said they will be installed on December 15 this year at the  Roxas City Cathedral.

As a backgrounder on the Papal Honor bearing the title "Monsignor", by Benedict T.Nguyen, M.T.S./J.C.L., Chancellor,Diocese of La Crosse.

The title of "Monsignor" is a title of distinction given by the Pope to certain priests in the Roman Catholic Church as part of a Papal Honor recognizing the priests’ service to the church. The diocesan bishop nominates candidates for the honor and submits the names, biographies, etc., to the Holy See. The Holy Father then, if he wishes, confers the honor onto the priest. Once decided by the Pope, the Vatican Secretariat of State issues a diploma designating the new title and rank and recognizing the newly-made monsignor’s service to the church (by Bienvenidop P. Cortes) /MP

Binay Assures Government Support To Banana Growers

Vice Pres. Jejomar C. Binay assured members of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) of the Aquino administration’s support in developing and maintaining a globally competitive banana export industry.

He even promised to relay to President Benigno Aquino III the various concerns and issues that PBGEA raised during their meeting.

"Coming from an agricultural center, he (President Aquino) is sensitive to the importance of our crops and the contributions of our farmers to our nation’s welfare," Binay said in a speech during the induction of the officers of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) in Davao.

"I am here to listen and more importantly, to bring your voice to the necessary channels in Manila," he added.

Vice President Binay then pushed for the establishment of a research institute specific to banana growing and stressed the need to harness technology in order to promote growth in the industry.

"We cannot lag behind in the digital age, but it is now that we should learn to explore and apply new technologies to our agriculture in order to enhance our food security and increase the value of our exports," he said.

"We all have to employ our greatest powers in order to protect this industry which contributes around $720 million in export earnings yearly," Binay added.

The Vice President also warned against the threats of the Fusarium wilt disease which has already infected about 1,200 hectares of banana plantations. He said that if the disease is left unchecked, the plague could wipe-out the banana industry and deny planters of much needed revenue. 

"As the country’s fifth largest export industry, and a major source of livelihood for the people of Mindanao, we must address this problem quickly," he said.

"Over 300,000 families stand to be affected and I am certain that your association will work tirelessly with local and national government units to end this threat," Binay added. /MP

Aklanon Men Sustain The Fight To End Violence Against Women and Children

The Men Opposed to End VAW, Inc. Aklan chapter in partnership with the Aklan Gender and Development Commission (AGADC) will spearhead the observance of the 18 Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women in the province with the theme UNITE: End VAW Now! Since its formation in 2007, MOVE Aklan is in the forefront in its campaign to eliminate gender based violence and this year, series of activities are lined up to mark the event (November 25-December 12). The kick-off activity is the MOVE Orientation for the Municipality of Kalibo on November 25, Media Guesting at Kapihan sa Kalibo on November 26, Tree Planting to End VAW in Aklan on November 27, the 3rd MOVE Provincial Congress on November 28 followed by Dugo Para sa Kababayen-an ag mga inunga (Annual Blood Letting of MOVE members). The campaign will culminate on December 12 with the Forum for Youth on Anti-Human Trafficking.

Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, Honorary Chair of MOVE Aklan declares that there remains a case of alarm for all Aklanons as to date, the PNP-Aklan WCPD documented a total of 411 cases of abuses committed against women and children from January to 12November of this year. Recorded are 172 violence committed against children and 239 against women. "We have to be aggressive in our campaign to fight VAW", he enthuses. The town of Kalibo and the island of Boracay are among the areas with high incidence of VAWC.

At the national level, January to August 2011 data from PNPWCPD recorded 8,687 VAW cases, while in 2010, the highest VAWC cases reached 15,104. Out of the said cases, 9,974 were on RA 9262 (Anti-VAWC Law), 2,018 were on physical injuries (non RA9262) and 1,061 were on rape. The data is not conclusive of the total number and trend of increase or decrease of VAW incidence in the country because they are based only on what is reported to the PNP.

MOVE Aklan Chapter President Franklin Quimpo maintains that while they continue to reach out to the men and other Local Government Units and communities, the fight to eliminate VAW should be upheld by all sectors since VAW is a human rights issue and affects the personhood of the victims. He likewise recognizes the commitment of the Provincial Government in supporting this campaign for a truly VAW-free province of Aklan. /MP

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pacquiao Wins, Statistics Show

The three referees in the Pacquiao-Marquez boxing trilogy held on Sunday, November 13, MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada decided the game for Manny Pacquiao. A referee scored it 114 - 114, the second had it 114 – 115, and the third got it 113 -116 for the Filipino champion, Manny Pacquiao.

However, it was a questionable decision and several boxing experts said, "Either it is Marquez or a draw."

According to Recah Trinidad, "Marquez won, I don’t care if they get angry with me."
Chris Mannix, a Sports Illustrated staff writer on boxing and basketball, said, "It was a highway robbery." He scored the fight 116 - 112 for Marquez. Mannix gave six rounds to Marquez, four to Pacquiao, and the rest, even.

Kevin Lole who writes boxing for Yahoo believes the fight was a draw, and ESPN boxing writer and sports commentator, Dan Rafael, agreed with Kevin. Another ESPN sports writer Chris Brousard believed it was a great fight but he judged it a draw or a stand-off for Marquez.

But those who went against the verdict are not the judges who were the nearest men to the ring and professional people of the game. Those who were against the judgement are mere spectators, lovers of boxing who believed themselves, who thought they were better than anybody else to judge the winner or loser of a boxing bout.

But statistics do not lie. The stats and records affirm Pacquiao won over Marquez. Are they similar to some Filipino politicians who after each election day feel cheated after their defeat?

In their first two encounters, Pacquiao has a one point edge over Marquez (679 - 678), in the scores of six judges. In their first fight, it was a draw according to the three judges who were: (1) Burt Clements – 113-113; (2) Guy Jutras – 115-110 for Marquez; and (3) John Stewart- 115-110 for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao won in their second fight. Here are the scores: (1) Tom Miller scored 114-113 for Pacquiao; (2) Duane Ford – 115-112 for Pacquiao; and (3) Jerry Roth – 115-112 for Marquez.

In their November 13 last and third fight, Marquez lost by seven points. Here are the score cards: (1) Dave Moretti - 115 -113 for Pacquiao; (2) Glenn Trowbridge -116-112 for Pacquiao; and (3) Robert Hoyule -114 all.

For both Marquez and Pacquiao fans who doubt the judgement of the judges, another statistics as recorded by the computers, will show Pacquiao won over Marquez.

The computer stats show Pacquiao threw 578 punches, 176 of which landed on several parts of Marquez’s body. Compared to 436 punches Marquez threw, 138 of which hit Pacquiao. On the average, Pacquiao hit Marquez 14 times per round to Marquez’s 11.

These above statistics are enough data to base the conclusion that Pacquiao is the winner of the fight and Marquez must gracefully accept his defeat.

He was not robbed of his victory. Can a person or group of persons steal something that did not exist?

According to Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer, the last two rounds saved Manny Pacquiao from what could have been the biggest defeat in Pacquiao’s career. "Roach believed Pacquiao won the eleventh and twelfth rounds, the last two. If not, it could have meant defeat." If Pacquiao failed in the 11th and 12th rounds, it could have been a draw or even Pacquiao’s defeat.

Buboy Fernandez, Pacquiao’s second trainer, believed cramps and stress limited Pacquiao’s movement. He was not in his usual self. Fernandez with Jinkee, Pacquiao’s beloved wife, do not favour a fourth encounter with Marquez even if promoter Bob Arum announced after the fight the fourth between Pacquiao and Marquez might take place in May 2012. Moreover, his trainer, Freddie Roach, favours Pacquiao fights again Juan Manuel Marquez before facing Floyd Mayweather. Roach believed Marquez has given them problems, that he deserves a rematch which will be the fourth fight. "The last fight did nothing to halt Marquez’s claims of being the better fighter than Pacquiao," Roach pointed out.

The Twitter postings which Roach believes came from Twitter bulls with Spanish surnames agreed with Marquez that he have been "robbed" of victory.

Do you believe Pacquiao stole Marquez’s victory? What can one steal if the thing supposed to have been stolen did not exist? To fight Marquez for the fourth time is to agree Marquez was really robbed of his victory. Pacquiao must not face Marquez again as his victory is clearly supported by statistics and the judges’ decision which is final./MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Cu Chi Tunnel

As one of the members of a tour group of 23 persons, we visited Cu Chi Tunnel for six hours. Cu Chi Tunnel is a 250 kilometers winding deep in three levels, a labyrinth of intricate ways the Viet Minh started constructing in 1940 against the French colonialists. It is located about 70 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City.

To the Vietnamese, Cu Chi Tunnels of underground dugouts, multi-levels, served as meeting places, living, fighting, hospital, and defence areas, among others. It represents the firm will, the intelligence, and the Vietnamese pride. It symbolizes the heroism of the people of Vietnam who conferred the honorable name: Cu Chi Tunnels, "the steely land and the bronze citadel."

In Banga, Aklan, under the leadership of Mayor Antonio Mameng, "Pagaeaw aeaw" is celebrated in October 2010 and in 2011. This is a celebration where 400 male "Banganhons" were massacred by the Japanese Imperial army on October 21, 1943.

Every March 23 of every year, Aklanons celebrate 19 martyrs. This is a celebration how the Spaniards killed the 19 Aklanon patriots as portrayed in the re-enactment.

There must be some amendments in the contents of our celebration by portraying more triumphs than defeats. This way, we will generate more admiration to our forefathers rather than pity.

Can you believe the Vietnamese were able to drive out two super powers? The French in 1954 after a century of colonization which started in 1853 and the Americans in 1975 after 20 years of bombardments since 1955.

Today, Vietnam is showing the way among the Southeast Asian countries. She is now producing surplus rice for export, people are peaceful, happy, and contented. In the current SEA Games, Vietnam is running second after Indonesia while the Philippines is in the sixth place following Malaysia. The Vietnamese has three times more medals than the Philippines.

When can the Philippines catch up and recover her lost glory in economics, peace and order, governance, and her biosphere?

The Philippines can only catch up with other countries after her people becomes honest, industrious, thrifty, peaceful, and when the members of the bureaucracy act with integrity, accountability, and transparency.

Mekong Delta

Mekong river is the third longest in Asia. It spans in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. The Vietnamese is profiting more out of Mekong river for agriculture, tourism, transportation, and industries. For a day tour, I visited My Tho, Mekong Delta, known as the rice bowl of Vietnam. This is about 80 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City. The Vietnamese produces an average of 100 bags of palay per hectare per harvest. This is 15 bags over the average production of the Filipino farmer.

I asked what are the practices they follow in farming. Their answers are effective irrigation system, positive work ethics of the Vietnamese farmers, and the application of the recommended farm technologies. And these are true to vegetables and trees, livestock, and poultry.

From the mainland Vietnam, we rode in motorboat and upon reaching the islets, we transferred to the rowboat paddled by two women with four of us passengers. We visited Turtle, Dragon, and Phoenix islets. In Turtle, we witnessed the demonstrations processing of various coconut products like candies. In Dragon, honey bee culture was shown, and in Phoenix, there were cultural presentations in songs and dances. Local food preparations like vegetables and fruits from their farms were shown and served to us.

I did not see any Bakhawan tree but all Nipa plants along the river banks. How to eat Nipa fruits was demonstrated to us. Phoenix cultures honey bee, processes honey and sells it.

In all our travel tour, we were brought to ceramic factories. We visited three factories where the production processes were explained. At the end of the briefing, marketing was done.

Yes, I discovered that no natural shell is being used in the manufacture of ceramics. They are all using eggshells that appear like pearls or sea shells in ceramics products like flower vases, trees, and wall decors.

The next column will concern about the 125 years struggle of the Vietnamese for independence (1854-1954) against the French, and 20 years (1955-1975) struggle against the United States of America.

Understanding what the Vietnamese did to liberate themselves from super powers dominations will serve good lessons and provide bright ideas to liberate poor Filipinos from the bondage of poverty.

The next issue will be how the Americans involved themselves in the Vietnam War. /MP

Aklanons Are Resilient of Heart


Filipinos have these finer qualities and skills that we have for rallying hope and faith during the darkest moments. We cope up quickly while others stumble down into despair. If we are faced with problems, we are also good in finding the benefits in the situation. This is being RESILIENT. In times of despair, we can still manage to smile and wave. And Aklanons are not spared of this character.

Last November 15, 2011, Aklan was caught by surprised by a flood while PAG-ASA only reported low pressure weather earlier this day. During Typhoon Frank, we were only at home and we only felt shocked while we were working like Robots. We didn’t feel anything like this if you have not experience seeing the scary water at the bridge except that we wanted to clean up and help. Nobody talked to each other, for we also couldn’t believe it happened. It was not until the next day we asked who needs help, etc.

This time, though surprised, you see the different faces of people who were stranded along Kalibo - Numancia bridge national highway where their instinct was, no matter, what they had to go home and hopefully be safe.

During this kind of adversity, you can still see people who are just looking around and being nosy but absolutely unaware of the dangers the brazing water can bring about in a matter of hours or minutes even. Rather, they stood there watching over the chaotic road and not even moving or thinking of helping out. Others had to go down their car/jeepney and help push cars for the traffic to move quickly. Foreigners enjoyed the water while holding on to a bamboo trying to survive despite the strong current. Some were crying while walking through the waters yet others smiled in excitement because they were caught in pictures taken.

The volume of water that day was huge and not just from normal rain. We were soaking wet, trembling but praying.

It is also innate with us that we get stronger if we see others show up for support. Gov. Marquez was there checking and seeing the situation transpired. His mere presence alone to those who recognized him was able to boost our moral and made us feel like we will be safer. The Phil. National Police of Numancia and Kalibo were there to help ease the traffic and give the people warning if roads were passable or not. Unfortunately, we didn’t see our leaders of Numancia. We didn’t see rescuers, while others perhaps are concentrated inside Kalibo and or neighboring towns, they didn’t know it was getting worse at where we were. We also saw one PEO dump truck that was able to cross the scary water, while others small dump truck did their best to rescue and cross, but to no avail.

But above all these, there is a sublime peace in accepting the sufficiency of God’s grace by allowing Him to be strong in us when we are weak. Resilience is an attitude/character that makes us proud that all these will pass. /MP

Mother Nature Is In Trouble

For All We Care? It Starts Within…


"Man makes war on the peaceful forests and each day, the shadows on the mountains retreat. Nothing will remain for us of the mystic refuges where we could garner thought and love" – Victor de la Prade

We feel the wrath of nature. Global warming, climate change, pollution, typhoons, and flash floods are some of the very common environmental issues that the world has been facing all these years. Several efforts had been made in order to prevent these environmental chaos especially its terrible effects. Devastation of typhoons, flood washing out almost everything, trees, houses and the worst, lives lost, debris blocking the roads and passages, thick mud feasting all over the place. These were dramatic scenarios we are getting used to.

For all we know, after the darkness dominates, a new dawn awaits. Soon as the sun shines, another life was given to all creations of God. It symbolizes glimmering hope and another life to those who almost feel weary and restless. Everything was back to normal. We find ourselves performing our tasks as we are destined each day.

Our nature is a precious gift from God; those flowers that blooms beautifully, trees bushing its green leaves, the scent of morning fresh air, the sweet humming of birds and bees and the rustling waves by the seas. Enjoying the scenic beauty of our rich environment is a paradise to enjoy big time! Our mother nature gives us much. It is abundant of blessings. It is our paradise!

Isn’t it nice to live in a place like a paradise without the fear at the back of our minds? We can’t say "oops, wait a minute" when the typhoon and flash flood is on. We all knew that no one is exempted when nature strikes back. It can happen to anyone, in any time and place and at any circumstances.

The task is enormous. It is not just a challenge but a dare for us to make a difference. Let’s be guided, inspired and empowered. We should be awake, alert, alive, and always ready to take a big step in conserving our environment and must be committed to preserve Mother Nature for life. /MP

Landslides In Balete

Landslides occurred in three portions of Brgy. Fulgencio and Sitio Hagimit, Brgy. Feliciano, Balete, Aklan according to the monitoring report of DILG Aklan on the effects of low pressure area, November 15, 2011.

Flooded areas are Brgy. Aranas, Calizo, Feliciano, Morales, Arcangel, Cortes and Poblacion, Balete. Several residential and commercial establishments were destroyed by flood. An estimated P2 million worth of fishponds and rice fields properties were heavily affected.

Reported landslide casualty was identified as Herminia Gregorio Cuales, 62 years old, of Sitio Hagimit, Feliciano, Balete. Her husband, Efren Concepcion Cuales, 57, was injured and was brought to Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital in Kalibo.

Affected families were evacuated in the Municipal Evacuation Center, Balete Elementary School while some families opted to stay in private residences. Relief goods were distributed to affected families in the evacuation center. MDRRMC members facilitated the relief operations.

Balete PNP officials, barangay tanods and LGUs worked hand in hand in monitoring the disaster situation. Rescue volunteers were mobilized and activated in the area as reported by Ma. Jonalyn S. Dela Cruz, MLGOO and Hon. Roman R. Villaruel, Vice Mayor. /MP

Sports Development As Unifying Force

by Ernesto T. Solidum

Definitely the unifying force of the nation especially during times of crisis is through sports because in training it subjects the mind and body toward a specific goal. Kapihan forum on November 12, 2011 at Smokehauz Resto & Bar takes a good look at sports development in Aklan. Guests are Hon. Basilides Tabernilla, SB member of Makato and sports analyst, Ms. Mary Ann Lopez, DepEd, Provincial Sports Coordinator and Mr. Fred Neri, Provincial Sports Coordinator.

Mr. Odon S. Bandiola, said that Aklan has contributed prominent athletes to the national level in recent years such as PBA players Wyne Arboleda and Egay Billones, Neri Brothers and siblings, Mira Mirano – Chess, Anthony Agusquiza and Marjorie Macahilig – Boxing and Jose "Oting" Ijalo – Dragon Boat. Funding for sports development program spearheaded by DepEd comes from the Office of the Provincial Governor.

Mr. Neri remarked that there is a silver lining in sports particularly those who have it and excel. Actually it starts at the barangay and inching up the ladder of success Sports promotion and training could be coordinated by SK reaching out to talented youths who may be poor and out of school. Rationale is to break the cycle of everyday life such as accomplishments of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao who conquered life’s; deprivations, Mr. Neri underscored.

November is opening season of sports com-petition where provincial athletes are screened at Unit and District meets, said Ms. Lopez. There is special program for sports that provide scholarship and continuous training in all primary and secondary schools. PAGCOR grants P60,000 subsidy scholar-ship to each athlete per semester, a generous incentive to stay on focus since school expense in the provincial are minimal compared to Metro Manila.

Mr. Tabernilla believes that Aklanons have the natural interest in sports like individual events – boxing, chess, table/lawn tennis, taekwondo and all others. However, the program is weighed down by problems like inadequate funding for facilities and sports equipment. DepEd has no funds for regular training sessions especially those coming from distant towns. Shortage of PE teachers exacerbates the problem and coaches need further training.

In his interaction, Dr. Gabriel Delfin, former athlete in his student days underscored the need for comprehensive development program on sports in order to address problems on finance, training, and facilities. We suggest a practical, inexpensive and conscious effort to mould athletes using LGU resources as training ground. In these hard economic times we must be creative and resourceful if we want to succeed in training youths for life.

Sports used to be included in the curriculum of education being called DECS. Subsequently the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) was organized to absorb previous role of DECS. It is incredible that after 20 years, the now streamlined DepEd still handles sports development program but lacks the financial and technical expertise to deliver. In short, we are simply bungling the whole problem with ineffective solutions.

Ms. Lopez justifies the usurpation account of the physical education program but teaching basics of PE and sports development are two different worlds. They are like parallel lines that never meet.

Most likely Congress has failed in this respect by its omission to strengthen the PSC through adequate funding and organization from national to municipal level. It is very unfortunate that DepEd officials frequently beg for sponsors of athletic delegations to other provinces and cities. Big businesses in Aklan shy away from controversial donations unlike in Iloilo and Negros Occidental. This is an offshoot of bad image and self respect.

Hon. Tabernilla echoes a concern of his town mates especially kids who are deprived of their classroom every time there is inter-provincial event at the Aklan Sports Center in Calangcang, Makato. It is quite normal that nearby school buildings are used as temporary billeting quarters of coaches and players but when overdone, then this is another thing. Pity the pupils and parents who bear the burden of strained access to quality education. Moreover, basketball is classified as indoor game hence the facility at Aklan Sports Center is simply outdated. Problems are hereby addressed to Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, Cong. Joeben T. Miraflores, and Partylist Representative Teodorico Haresco for their reference and positive action.

Unifying force can only be complete once Congress acts with decisiveness to have a systematic, coordinated and responsive program on sports. This is the reason why other developing countries of Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia have beaten us in most sporting events. It is time to meet the challenge with resoluteness. /MP

2nd Global Business Conference In Aklan


The Association of Training Institutions for Foreign Trade in Asia and the Pacific will host the 2nd Global Business Conference with the theme "Doing Business in the Global Economy" on Dec. 2, 2011 at the Gov. Corazon Cabagnot Tourism and Training Center, Old Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan.

According to Ms. Sharon Quimpo, Coordinator of GBC 2011 based at the Western Visayas State University Language Center, Iloilo City, "The GBC is an annual event held in Manila, Philippines, but this time, on its 2nd time in the province of Aklan. We will again bring it closer to the Aklanons and its neighboring provinces in Panay Island."

The conference is an annual assembly of bureaucrats, business practitioners, researchers, educators and students from international and local institutions. It offers presentations of best cases and trends in the industry, and this time, they will offer it to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME’s) business men and women of Panay participants.

The participants will expect the following speakers and topics: 1. The Language of Successful Business in the Global Economy by Maria Cecile Tamura. Ms. Tamura has been successful in managing two global businesses. She will share the strategies that she has used to manage these businesses. 2. The Language of Pop Culture in Advertising by Dr. Luz S. Jeong. Dr. Jeong has combined theory and practice in her academic career and entrepreneurial pursuits and is the 1998 Agora Awardee for Outstanding Achievement in Marketing Education, and; 3. The Language of New Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) by Professor Eric Soriano III. Prof. Soriano is the Founder and President of Asia America International Advisory. He teaches Global Marketing and Services at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

Dr. Jeong believes that export market researches are crucial to business success. She is inviting those interested to register and know what is happening globally.

Registration fee is at P350/participant. For those interested, you may keep in touch with Ms. Sharon Quimpo at mobile number 09187859353 or the author. /MP

‘I don’t want to hear any fuss about the Pacquiao-Marquez III Fight Result’

by ALEX P. Vidal

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — "Tonight, boxing was rewarded. Two great fighters gave boxing something to be proud of. That’s why I don’t want to hear any fuss about the result (of the Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez trilogy)," Top Rank CEO Bob Arum declared during a post-fight press conference at the Media Center in the MGM Grand.

Arum, 79, angrily reacted to accusations the majority decision victory of Pacquiao had been rigged. "As I walked from the ring going to this room (Media Center), I passed into a mob of angry Mexicans ready to lynch me," he bewailed. "They ranted that I stole the fight from them as if I have something to do with the judges’ decision."

Arum admitted the fight was "very closed" saying "there were rounds that could have gone either way." Arum said, "I had Pacquiao winning by seven rounds. HBO saw Pacquiao winner by eight rounds. There were those who scored six rounds for Pacquiao and six rounds for Marquez. But those were the scores that are very acceptable."

"I know that I won. There is no doubt about it," said Pacquiao, who was out shuttled in the first five rounds by Marquez’s dizzying counterpunches.

"I don’t know what else I would do to change the minds of the judges. Honestly, I am very happy with my performance. What I will do for the meantime is to sit down with my family and contemplate whether to go on fighting or retire," Marquez said. "Yes, we won like what the people were singing in the arena."

"I think I won this fight very clearly. I don’t know what happened. Everybody knows what happened. I’m very frustrated right now. The best judges are the audience."

Marquez (52-6-1, 39 KOs) said his decision to contemplate on retiring was influenced heavily by the result of this third fight against Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs).

Compubox showed Pacquiao connected 176 of 578 punches thrown after 12 rounds. Marquez connected 138 of the 436 punches thrown.

Pacquiao connected 59 of the 304 jabs thrown as against Marquez’s 38 of the 182 thrown. Pacquiao connected 117 of the 274 power punches thrown as against Marquez’s 100 of the 254.

Pacquiao had an average of 49 punches thrown and connected 14 per round as against Marquez’s 36 punches thrown with 11 connected per round. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Si Entong Ag Ro Nakapresong Prinsesa

Abong alilang hayop si Entong ogaling mga pispis ro anang pinaka paborito. Ko gabi-e ngaron, may nagtugpa nga isaeang ka pispis nga may higot nga nakasueat sa anang siki. May nakasueat sa tela nga "Tabangi ako…nakapreso ako sa ikapitong bukid". Naka sueat pinaagi sa duro ro sueat. Bu-ot nga buligan ni Entong ro naga pabulig, ogaling siin imaw masakay.

Samtang naga eaha it ihapon si Entong, nag- paeapit ro pispis ag maangan-angan, nagbahoe ro eawas it pispis ag nag buk-ead ro mabahoe nga pak-pak. Owa mag uyang it tiyempo si Entong. Sumakay imaw sa likod it pispis ag eompad ro pispis paadto sa ikapitong bukid.

Parabil sanda maka-abot sa ikapitong bukid, nag eopok ro bulkan ag naga buga it lava. Nagbuga it mga bato nga naga baga, ogaling maabtik man ro pispis sa paglinikaw. Nakaabot sanda sa ikapitong bukid ag guin tuka ko pispis ro higot it pwertahan. Naka sakay eon ro prinsesa ag si Entong sa likod it pispis, ogaling nabugtaw ro higante ag guin eagas sanda it higante. Madali eon lang sanda maabotan it higante. Pumaibabaw ro pispis sa likod it mga gae-um, busa nag uean it mabaskog ag nagbaha. Mabaskog ro sueog ag nadanlog ro higante sa mga bato. Natumba imaw ag tumama ro anang oeo sa bato ag namatay. Nakaabot sa kaharian ro prinsesa.

Nag eain ro dagway it pispis nga isaeang ka prinsipe. Guin taw-an imaw it panyo ko magueang nga naga pakalimos agod mabuligan ro prinsesa nga anang igmanghod nga guin preso it higante. Bilang pasaeamat, guin pakasae si Entong sa prinsesa. Nagbisita imaw sa anda ag nangin malipayon ro anang pamilya. /MP

KIA – First and Last Impression of Aklan

In my in and out of the Kalibo International Airport, you wouldn’t help but notice the smell and positively comment as part of our unsolicited and constructive observations on how our airport has been designed considering it is now an international airport.

Let us not go too far. Look at the newly constructed Bacolod Domestic Airport. The name itself "domestic", you would expect a small strip and poorly designed structure, but, alas! You will be impressed by it. We will not elaborate too much on Iloilo Domestic Airport. With 5 Congressmen representing 5 Districts, they obviously have the capacity to build one like it. They have the means, the capacity and the guts to go for it, even they don’t have an international flight. Unfair? Yes, it is! However, we have to accept the fact, that the initiators of the project in that city are using its resources and funds well. They tried their best to push to have international flights, but to no avail, who knows, just maybe for now.

Going back to our own KIA. I hope that the people in charge of this structure would do their best to logically arrange the inside of the departure area. What happened to our best Architects and Designers in town? Guests and tourists would like to see what can they bring for pasalubong, therefore, it would be best that the souvenir stores of our best Aklan products should be in the frontline as you check in. They reasoned that for security purposes, those who depart for domestic flights can’t even see the display on the 2nd floor if there is an international flight. So what is the logic of security and x-ray process as you checked in? Why still afraid of security when you are already inside the departure area? Precisely, the point of passing the x-ray machine, one should be already secured inside, isn’t it?

The massage parlor should also be improved and will make sure that guests will have its privacy, too. The curtain is not enough to keep the guest’s from the scrutiny of immorality when it is alright to see them half-naked? Not to offend the owner, but is sure, he or she should know what’s best for their clients.

How about sanitary concerns? Food section should not be literally - 5 feet away from the comfort rooms. The smell of the cooked noodles, hotdog and who knows what else, you can smell just when you checked in and pass by the x-ray machine. Who among you did not notice this? Or am I just exaggerating? Surely am not. I myself frequent the place.

I can’t help but do some comparison when you go places. You would also want to make the best of your place, as you consider it your own. You wish it because we know that our government can afford to do more. The island of Boracay gives more than we expect to the economic development of not just our province, but in the whole Philippines. It is a disgrace to note that we have KIA of no international standard at all. These are comments we get from our closest guests in town. I am sometimes embarrassed and do not know what else to say and reason out.

Likewise, it is so disappointing to say that these people sometimes are contented with "mediocre" results. They know that the answers to resolve the concerns of KIA are just in front of their two eyes, but they unfortunately and deniably tolerate the surroundings. Is it better to leave a legacy rather than be concerned of you resume’?

Whoever is behind the strategic plan of the Kalibo International Airport, they surely should know better. We wish to see more positive development of this place, where the visitors has their first and last impression of the - beautiful Aklan. (by MEGS S. LUNN) /MP

Boracay Global Summit Highlights Changing Face of Asian Media

An international media summit to be held in Boracay Island, from December 8 to 10 is highlighting "The Changing Face of Asian Media" as its centerpiece theme.

The three-day world-wide media event will be attended by some 500 publishers, broadcasters, photojournalists, authors, writers, lifestyle and travel editors, book publishers from different parts of the world.

The biggest media event in Asia is under the auspices of the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI) and Boracay Global Press Corps (BGPC).

It is dubbed as "Boracay Island Global Media Convention". 

Invited participants include local and foreign media executives, pub-lishers, broadcasters, editors, writers, photo journalists,  book authors, campus writers, editors and advisers, journalists from the academe including those engaged in advertising, marketing, corporate communication, online publishing, infor-mation technology, IT educators, public information officers, printing technologists and other allied professionals.

Juan P. Dayang, president of PAPI and BGPC said, considered to be relevant and timely issues are topics such as: 1) Formulating policies supporting media industry when market and government fail;  2) Restriction on press freedom: its impact on global news industry; 3) World press trends; 4) Strategies to engage the youth in media; 5) Pushing products of modern information technology; 6) Global report on innovations in newspapers; 7) Leadership in media; 8) New issues confronting global media;  9) The changing face of Asian journalism in post-internet era;  10) What content should print media  focus on in order to survive and thrive;

11) Taking publishing to the next level; 12) Drawing the line on profit, public interest, ethics; 13) News agencies and networking; 14) Sus-tainability; 15) Opportu-nities in publishing; 16) New business and revenues in digital; 17) Branding; 18) News agencies and networking; 19)  Digital platforms and revenues, finance and investments; 20 ) Visual journalism revolution is starting now; and, 21) The role of media in armed conflict. 

For further information, contact the conference secretariat at Unit 103, Intramuros Corporate Plaza (beside Manila Bulletin), Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.   /MP 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Philippines’ Exceptional
Public Servants

Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. commended on Wednesday 81 civil servants who were cited for their extraordinary contributions to good governance under the Honor Awards Program of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

In simple ceremonies for the 2011 Outstanding Public Officials and Employees held at the Rizal Hall of MalacaƱang, Ochoa noted the com-petence and dedication of the awardees to uplift public service and their commitment to set an example for the entire bureaucracy. 

Ochoa also echoed President Benigno S. Aquino III’s message to the awardees, urging the recipients of the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award, Dangal ng Bayan Award, and Pag-asa Award to continue to serve as inspirations for the Filipino people. He expressed hope that other civil servants will emulate them.

"To the served as models and inspiration not only to our government officials and employees but to all the Filipino people.

Accompannying the honors bestowed on you are challenges to you in order to stand as worthy awardees. May this award serves as instruments for you to serve more for the country. I hope that your dedication to public service will not end today. I urge you to form a society that will serve push good programs in other places of our nation", stated the message of Pres. Aquino.

The 81 officials and employees of government were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior in public service.

Each individual or group received either a gold-gilded medallion expertly crafted by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or a trophy designed by National Artist for Sculpture Napoleon Abueva, a plaque, and a cash prize.

The CSC administers the annual nationwide Honor Awards Program to promote morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness and courtesy in the civil service. The program seeks to recognize and reward state officials and employees for their outstanding contributions and achieve-ments in the delivery of public service.

The 2011 Outstanding Public Officials and Employees include Laguna Gov. Jeorge E.R. Ejercito Estregan; Sta. Rosa, Laguna Mayor Arlene Arcillas; Misamis Occidental Public Employment Service Office Manager Lucia BuaquiƱa; Philippine Air Force-Clark Air Base (Pampanga) Technical Sergeant Jesus Fabian; Special Science Teacher III Janeth Fuentes (Leyte); Philippine Army (General Santos City) Col. Joselito Kakilala; Negros Occidental Solid Waste Management Team.

Supervising Science Research Specialist Lucille Abad (PNRI-QC); State Auditor Helen Cailing; Bohol Governor Edgardo Chatto, Postman Jelyn Duting; Administrative Aide Joey Fernandez; Medical Officer Eleanor Javonillo; Master Teacher Edgar Madlaing; Forestry Technician Elpidio Malinao (Posthumous); Maguindanao Vice Mayor Ramon Piang Sr.; Teacher 1 Lorna Ibban Pulalon (Posthumous).

Administrative Aide Bayle Baguioan, Electronics and Communciation Equipment Technician Dionisio Cagampang; Social Welfare Officer Aileen Cuevas; District Jail Warden Ma. Annie Espinosa; Philippine Navy Commander Jose Renan Suarez (Service Force, Philippine Fleet-Cavite City); Aerobic Rice Research, Development and Extension Program (Bulacan Agricultural State College); Dumalag Rural Health Unit (Capiz); Northern Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center (Cagayan De Oro City); Philippine Textile Research Institute (Taguig City); and Provincial Health Office Dental Team (Bangued, Abra). /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Vietnamese Love of Country
Wins The War

After a brief rest and breakfast, I asked the An Tam Hotel information desk for information about Ho Chi Minh City. With that question, Ms. Cu Taw, the information officer instantly reached out for some brochure, gave it to me and explained each tour.
After a brief study, I selected three tours, one for each day. For all the three tours, I paid US$80.00 and nothing more. A tourist bus picked me at my hotel and conducted me to my hotel at the end of each tour.

The Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) tour is one half day from 1:00 o’clock to 6:00 o’clock in the afternoon. It cost US$23 per person which included a mini van, English speaking guide, mineral water, and wet tissue.

The tour brought me with Dr. Jayme and other visitors to architectural landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City like the Notre Dame Cathedral. Saigon Post Office. Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, and Thien Haw Pagoda in Cho Lon – China Town.

Before the coming of the French in 1854, some 1000 Chinese arrived in Vietnam who tried to propagate Budhism, hence the Chinese Pagoda and China Town.

In 1854, the French came and occupied Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia which until the end of World War II were called Indo China.

The French, being Roman Catholics also tried to propagate Christianity in Vietnam. They built churches such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and other churches.

Vietnam being the colony of France, the French constructed a three storey building which housed the set of government. This is a building designed by the first Vietnamese architect who graduated architecture course in France. The building was completed in 1859 and used by the French colonial govern-ment. Since 1975, after the Americans left Vietnam, the building is renamed Reunification Palace and converted into a museum.

The palace consists of 95 rooms but with time allotted for the visit, I only saw 25 rooms.

Based on the records, and guest books, the Reunification Palace has an average of 3,000 daily visitors, 50 percent of whom are foreigners.

The War Remnants Museum was opened to visitors on Sept. 24, 1975. The museum specializes in research, collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the remnants proofs of Vietnam War crimes and their consequences. This is visited annually by 500,000 Vietnamese and foreigners.

Outside the museum grounds are war machines and equipment used against the Vietnamese by the American warriors. Inside are pictures depicting the hardships the Vietnamese experienced during the American occupation and pictures portraying the effects of war especially the use of chemicals.

Indeed, viewing the exhibits, the difficulties the Vietnamese experienced with the US military might in 1955 to 1975, any person is puzzled and will hardly believe why the United States left Vietnam in 1975 after killing people of both gender, of any age and raping women regardless of their looks. They levelled off Vietnamese forest, destroyed their houses and families.

I believe in the Vietnamese tenacity, patience, endurance, love of country, persistence and in their other virtues. They could not have driven the French and the Americans.

How did the Vietnamese got their peace? their freedom? their independence? Vietnam was a French colony in 1875 – 1954. The United States took over from 1955 – 1957. Their love of country won the wars.

I will answer the above questions in my column in the next issue. Let us visit Cu Chi Tunnels which total 250 kilometers long. /MP

BSP Aklan Camps At Candido Iban

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Aklan Council held its 28th BSP Council Invitational Jamborette at Camp Candido Iban, Malinao Elem. School grounds, Malinao, Aklan on November 10 – 13.

The BSP camp is named after Candido Iban, a Malinaonon. He was a pearl diver in Australia where he won a considerable amount of money in a lottery. While in Australia, he found a friend Francisco Castillo. On their way home to the Philippines, Iban and Castillo bought a printing press they donated to the Katipunan organization.

Iban and Castillo befriended Procopio, brother of Andres Bonifacio who introduced them to the ideals of the Katipunan. They readily accepted the cause which led them to go to Aklan to organize the Katipunan, the only one outside of Luzon.

With his brother Benito and Nemesio Yonsal, they organized the El Levantamiento de los 82 de Lilo-an".

Iban was captured in Lezo on his way to Kalibo to join Gen. Castillo.

The Jamborette started on Thursday morning, November 10 with a Thanksgiving Mass at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Poblacion, Malinao followed with a Foot Parade around the Poblacion to Camp Candido Iban.

The opening program was long but it was finished at high noon. The ceremonies included Doxology, Pambansang Awit Ng Pilipinas, Raising of the Philippine Flag, Aklan Hymn, Raising of Colors, and Banners and Rededication to the Scout Oath and Law.

Ms. Roselyn I. Dugcal, DepEd Malinao and Hon. Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy, Mayor of Malinao welcomed the delegates, guests, and visitors in behalf of DepEd Malinao, and the Municipality of Malinao respectively.

The delegations which came from all over Aklan were presented by Ms. Leila L. Pamati-an BSP Aklan Council Executive.

Atty. Selwyn C. Ibarreta – Council Chairman presided in the investiture of Engr. Jesse M. Gomez as Scouting Commissioner. Ibarreta also installed Malinao Mayor Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy as Camp Chief. He also declared the 28th BSP Aklan Council Invitational Jamborette open.

Hon. Carlito S. Marquez, governor of Aklan recalled his Boy Scout days while he was in the grade school. He recited the activities they did and expound on the ideals of the scouting movement. He revealed how he saved a drowning friend while they were bathing in Aklan river.

In addition to their studies, Marquez urged the Aklanon Boy Scouts to enjoy but be serious in their quest to learn the how and why’s of leadership.

Marquez challenged the Boy Scout delegates to prepare themselves and be ready to assume leadership in business, in the profession, and in government.

Before he ended his speech, Marquez pledged to provide P500,000 to the next municipality which will host the next Jamborette. /MP

Aklan Honors Its Father

Aklan enjoyed a two-day holiday on November 7 - 8 to commemorate the centennial birthday of Godofredo P. Ramos, dubbed the Father of Aklan. Ramos authored Republic Act No. 1414 signed by Pres. Ramon Magsaysay which separated Aklan as a province from Capiz in 1956. Ramos served the three branches of the government: the legislative as Congressman of the third district of Capiz; the executive as governor of Aklan; and the judiciary as justice of the Court of Appeals.

The celebration started with Goding Ramos Memorial Lecture on Monday afternoon, November 7. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, and Atty. Plaridel M. Morania spoke on the life and works of Goding Ramos.

On his birthday, Tuesday, Nov. 8, the celebration started with a Holy Mass held in St. John The Baptist Cathedral, Kalibo. The mass over, one hour civic parade led by Aklan national officials, LGU officials, non-government organizations, and students participated. The parade started at Pastrana Park and ended in front of the Aklan Provincial Capitol, Goding Ramos Park.

The commemorative program was held in the Capitol ground, the highlight of which were the messages of Sen. Chiz Escudero, Congressmen Florencio T. Miraflores and Ted T. Haresco, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, the unveiling of the statue of Goding Ramos, floral offerings by Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, Congressmen Florencio T. Miraflores and Ted T. Haresco and other local officials of Aklan.

Mrs. Vicky Ramos Antonino gave the responses in behalf of the Ramos family. All the Ramos children and children in laws, grand children, and other relatives were present during the celebration.

On Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 8, there were exhibits about the life and works of Goding Ramos, a cocktail party, and cultural presentation held in Museo It Akean, Kalibo sponsored by the provincial government of Aklan, Aklan Historical and Cultural Society, and the Provincial Tourism Council. /MP