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Organized Crimes Threat To National
Security and Economy

Organized criminal activities are threats to the economy and national security. It must be dealt with a clear, well-defined and integrated policy, Executive Sec. Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. believes.

In an interview with Strictly Politics on ANC, Ochoa disclosed the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) recently reorganized by President Benigno Aquino III under Executive Order No. 46 is envisioned to combine the resources and expertise of various law enforcement agencies designed to craft solid policies and guidelines against organized crimes.

"The seriousness and magnitude of our problems involving organized crimes would need strong and resolute actions," Ochoa who now chairs the PAOCC stressed.

To illustrate the magnitude and economics of criminal activities by organized syndicates, Ochoa revealed the illegal drug trade alone has been estimated to be worth over P300 billion a year, or three times the size of the entire Philippine pharmaceutical industry which is worth around P100 billion.  

This crime, taken together with carnapping, illegal gambling, kidnap-for-ransom, human trafficking and smuggling endanger peace and national security, Ochoa pointed out.

"Organized crime has a huge economic, social, cultural and political impact," cited Ochoa who heads the Cabinet cluster on security, peace and justice. "Organized crime also thrives in part because of the corruption of our political system and society. And it feeds this corruption to perpetuate itself, he added"

The Executive Secretary said eliminating these threats require strong policies that are clear and coherent to ensure that the "room for errors in implementing programs and in enforcing the laws become smaller."

"If law enforcement agencies follow these polices, guidelines and targets, they will know how to act accordingly," he explained.

Ochoa outlined the following proposed programs the PAOCC will prioritize:

• Rationalize the anti-crime programs of law enforcement agencies to eliminate redundancy and maximize government resources;

• Establish central base crime index to consolidate data on crime and to better assess resources to be allocated;

• Strengthen existing laws like the Anti Money Laundering Act to enable prosecution of organized crime elements;

• Link up, coordinate and share resources with the Anti-Terrorism Council and the Philippine Center on Transnational Crime (PCTC), which are under the supervision of the Office of the Executive Secretary;

• Improve prosecution rates;

• Direct the special envoy on transnational crime to step up liaison work and information sharing with other countries;

• Strengthen the Witness Protection program;

• Address the killings of journalists and political activists; 

• Enhance police training on exercises and proper legal procedures and increase per-formance standards; and

• Link Metro Manila CCTV systems.  

The secretaries of the Departments of Justice, the Interior and Local Govern-ment, National Defense and Foreign Affairs composed the PAOCC. The national security adviser, chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, director general of the Philippine National Police, director general of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, director of the National Bureau of Investigation, and the executive director of the PCTC are also members. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Mystery of Numancia’s 2011 Budget

"It is patently false that I advised our department heads to skip attendance in SB budget hearings or not to cooperate with them to pass the budget". This above quoted statement came from Mayor Adolfo M. Iligan of Numancia, Aklan. He said this during the "Kapehan" program on Saturday morning, July 2, 2011 held in Smokehaus Resto and Bar, Poblacion, Kalibo.

Numancia, Aklan until today, July 29 is operating on a 2010 budget. Due to the differences of opinion and failure of communication between the Sangguniang Bayan of Numancia and the executive offices Mayor Iligan heads, Numancia’s budget for 2011 is returned to the executive office for the inabilities of the department heads to provide appropriate responses to some questions of some SB members.

According to Atty. Filemon C. Fernandez who represents the League of Brgy. Captains, sessions were regularly held every Tuesday of the week to pass the 2011 Budget.

"However, on February 22, things went awry. No Local Finance Committee member attended (our session) despite our request", revealed Fernandez.

Who Tells Lie?

"So our session was suspended. The main reason is the office Memo of Mayor Iligan Advising them (local finance committee members) to boycott SB sessions", said Atty. Fernandez.

This Fernandez allegation was vehemently denied by Mayor Iligan on the July 2, Kapehan. But what he said was the opposite of what he wrote.

In a paragraph of his better to Numancia Vice Mayor. Evangeline M. Ibabao, Mayor Iligan wrote: "The Local Chief Executive has therefore enjoined the persons invited not to appear in today’s and in any future hearings for the Annual Executive Budget 2011…" The said letter is dated May 3, 2011 which is herewith reprinted.

May 3, 2011

The Honorable
Sangguniang Bayan Members
Numancia, Aklan

Thru: Hon. Evangeline M. Ibabao
Vice Mayor/Presiding Officer

Dear Madam/Sirs:

This is in response to an invitation of that body requesting the appearance of Mrs. Elisa C. Solanoy (Municipal Treasurer), Mrs. Jaimma V. Maribojo (Municipal Budget Officer), Mrs. Soledad U. Mateo (Municipal Accountant), and Mr. Rosendo M. Briones (MPDC), to appear as resource persons in today’s regular session – where the Sanggunian will continue to deliberate on the 2011 Annual Executive Budget and the Annual Investment Plan.

Be it recalled that the Annual Executive Budget for 2011 was submitted to that body for deliberation on November 25, 2010, and in several scheduled regular sessions/special meetings, they have appeared and explained to the Sanggunian relevant concerns of said body.

Up to this time, the body has not come up with its decision. Our office has even suggested that the SB prepare(s) in advance the questions that they intend to ask from the resource persons, but this was not done.

If the purpose of the Sanggunian is to elicit information in aid of legislation, the same could not be done because there is no pending ordinance where information on the budget is necessary. This has been made clear in the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court, copy of which was furnished that office on March 7, 2011, wherein it was ruled, in the case of NEGROS ORIENTAL II ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC., PATERIO TORRES and ARTURO UMBAC, petitioners, vs. SANGGUNIANG PANGLUNGSOD OF DUMAGUETE, THE AD HOC COMMITTEE OF THE SANGGUNIANG PANGLUNGSOD OF DUMAGUETE, AND ANTONIO S. RAMAS UYPICHING, respondents, that the legislative bodies of local government units may invite resource persons who are willing to supply information which may be relevant to a pending proposed ordinance of the Sangguniang Bayan.

However, if the purpose is merely to elicit facts and information on matters relative to the budget which they could not understand, then they should be diligent enough to gather by themselves such facts and information from the different department heads concerned without necessarily asking for their appearance.

It would appear that the Sanggunian is delaying the approval of the budget without any plausible reason. According to some resource persons who appeared in one of their regular sessions, Hon. Bayani M. Cordova manifested that the Annual Executive Budget for 2011 will not be approved if their demand for the creation of three (3) positions in the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan is not granted.

It has been explained to them that their demand cannot be met at this time because creating three (3) positions in the Sanggunian will exceed our PS Cap.

By the delay, the 20% Development Fund which amounts to about P8 million, could not be utilized by the municipality for its social, economic, and environmental services.
The Local Chief Executive has therefore enjoined the persons invited not to appear in today’s and in any future hearings for the Annual Executive Budget 2011 and the Annual Investment Plan 2011, the same being a mere exercise in futility.

It is requested that the Sanggunian now approves the 2011 Annual Executive Budget, and if majority are objecting thereto, the names of those who object to its approval should be entered into the records.

Let copies of this response be furnished all Punong Barangays, this municipality, for their information.

Very truly yours,
Municipal Mayor

P-Noy Gives Second SONA

President Noynoy Aquino delivered his SONA 2011 on Monday, July 25 with Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr.

The president made his speech at the Session Hall of the House of Representatives, Batasan Pambansa Complex, Quezon City, in Filipino language.

Top local politicians including former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos and Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada, Vice President Jejomar Binay, senators and congressmen attended his SONA.

On the start of his speech, PNoy mentioned his previous vow during his inauguration, "Walang wang-wang sa ating administrasyon." (There is no "wang-wang" in our administration).

Pres.Aquino refers "wang-wang" as graft and corruption, abuse of power, and other illegal activities of some government officials and even from the private sector.

Later in his speech, P-Noy announced the plans of his government to improve the country’s economy, job allocation, and to stop corruption, and later mentioned some of the achievements of his administration.

He also announced the appointment of former Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales as the new Ombudsman, where he received the loudest applaud from the audience.

As President Noynoy Aquino noted, Morales will serve as a watchdog of the government to stop "wang-wang", which word was mentioned about 20 times in his speech.

On the latter part, the president thanked the Catholic Church and his cabinet members for all the support he received. He also suggested his countrymen to be thankful to their fellow Filipinos. /MP

Red Cross Aklan Pleads For Blood


Members of the Aklan Blood Coordinating Council led by Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino - Chairman, PRC Aklan Chapter (3rd from right) discussing the Human Blood Requirement of Aklan during the Kapihan on Saturday, July 23.

To adequately provide the blood requirement of Aklan province, some 5,000 blood units must be collected yearly. This is equivalent to one (1) percent of the total population of Aklan which is 500,000 plus. Last year, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) Aklan chapter was able to collect 3,000 bags.

From January to June 2011, the PRC Aklan chapter collected 1,769 units of blood from the municipalities, organizations and walk in volunteer donors. They responded to our call for a mass blood donation. More blood donors are needed to augment this year’s remaining shortage of 3,231 blood units based on our population.

The municipalities which conducted mass blood donations this year are Kalibo– 25 units, Ibajay – 70 units, Lezo – 39 units, Buruanga–10 units and Malay–36 units. Other municipalities are scheduled in the coming months.

With the inadequate supply of blood recently, the Aklan Blood Coordinating Council and PRC Aklan chapter plead to Aklanons, to our government officials especially our municipal mayors to help campaign and organize blood donation in their respective localities.

The buffer blood supply of Red Cross Aklan was depleted by borrowers who did not come back to replenish the blood borrowed. Therefore, on emergency cases, most of the time, Red Cross staff members are blamed for not giving them blood as they demanded. They are required to bring donors to be able to get the blood they need.

According to Mrs. Arcely Pelayo, administrator of PRC Aklan chapter, there are more or less 865 total of ID’s of those who borrowed blood without a donor. They promised to return with donor. These unclaimed IDs are now deposited with their promissory notes and were not claimed since 2007 at the Red Cross office, Kalibo.

"This means there are many who borrowed blood and depleted the supply. They did not make any effort to replenish the blood they borrowed, did not claim their IDs, and did not honor their promissory notes. If people will just consume blood and fail to replenish the blood supplied them, there will be a continuous shortage of blood supply in Aklan. The physicians are worried by this system that resulted to limited blood supply. This is rainy season and also Dengue season," said Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz, president of Aklan Blood Coordinating Council.

Dr. Dela Cruz is appealing to those who got blood to pay back what is borrowed. "ABCC and Red Cross do not own the blood. Blood belongs to the voluntary donors’ who are issued donors card during blood extraction. This means the donors should have easy access to blood in case they or their family members need it. We like to inform everybody that the amount of P1,500 given for every blood bag taken is for the examinations of blood from any disease (HEP B. HIV, Malaria, Syphylis). The money is also paid for the processing and chemical supplies to determine blood is safe for transfusion. The BLOOD IS FREE. It is donated by certain donors to be lent to people in need. This needs to be returned so that the donor can use it in case he needs it.

To resolve the concerns for lack of blood supply, Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PRC Aklan recommended that the borrowers sign Affidavit of Undertaking, of which the borrower will have responsibility to come back on a certain designated time to replenish the blood borrowed, otherwise, Red Cross has the right to call his/her attention before the Barangay Council and be announced on local radio stations and news papers that they failed to honor their commitments.

More blood donations would meet the supply of blood. It makes one feel good about himself, and the PRC Aklan chapter will have adequate supply of blood for emergency cases. An average person’s body has 5 to 6 liters of blood. Only 450+ml of blood is collected from a qualified donor. /MP

ASU Conducts R&D In-house Review

by Dr. Lelisa J. Teodosio & Sally R. Villasis

To mainstream the various programs of Aklan State University (ASU) towards agriculture and fishery, researchers gathered together on July 14-15, 2011 at the ASU Review Center, Banga, Aklan for the annual research and development in-house review.

Researchers from five (5) campuses of ASU presented a total of 45 research papers. Of these, five (5) are on-going, 24 are proposed while 16 were completed.

The best papers for agri-fishery and eco-tourism were awarded. They are "Inventory and Bioprospecting of Natural Dye-Yielding Plants in the Province of Aklan" presented by Prof. Arlene Dela Cruz; "Yield Performance of Pummelo var. Helmar as Affected by Pruning and Different Sources of Fertilizer" presented by Prof. Michael T. Ibisate; and "Resource Assessment of Brackish Rivers of New Washington, Aklan presented by Prof. Zaida A. Ochavo

For the education, socio-economics and related fields, the best papers are "Perception and Acceptance of Fingerprint Biometric Technology Among Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel of the ASU: Basis for Policy Recommendation" presented by Dr. Alfonsa Fanie A. Radislao; "Learning Strategies of BSEd 3 Students in English Language Proficiency as a Second Language" presented by Prof. Librada F. Rebustes; "Leadership Dimension Among Deans and Directors of Aklan State University: Its Implication to Public Administration" presented by Prof. Nicolas

"We believe that what makes a university is its research. Thus, to sustain further improvement of the quality of researches in ASU, the activity was conducted", said Dr. Anna Mae Relingo, Officer-In-Charge of the Office of the Vice Pres. of Research and Extension and Western Visayas Agriculture Resources Research and Development Consortium Regional Techno Gabay Coordinator.

Recognizing the expertise of the ASU’s partner institutions, panel evaluators were invited to assist in achieving the goal of enhancing the research and development initiatives of ASU.

For Category A, the panelists were Dr. Lily Ann D. Lando, Director for Applied Communication Division, Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD); Mr. Rolando V. Labios, Chief Agriculturist and Coordinator for Research Office of the Director, Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Agricultural Research; Dr. Ulysses M. Montojo, Senior Aquaculturist and In-Charge of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division of DA-National Fisheries Research and Development Institute; WESVARRDEC Director Joseph Edward O. Idemne was represented by Dr. Geronimo L. Gregorio, Vice President for Research, Development and Extension of Capiz State University; Chair of PASUC VI Research Management Council and Coordinator of WESVARRDEC R&D Group; and Dr. Jonic Natividad, Regional Veteri-nary Quarantine Officer, DA-Regional Field Office 6.

For Category B, the evaluators were Dr. Evelyn L. Gregorio, Professor VI and faculty of CapSU Graduate School and Social Science Researcher; Ms. Andrea Panilla, Senior Science Research Specialist, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) 6; and Dr. Ersyl T. Biray, Vice President for Academic Affairs, ASU.

President Danilo E. Abayon said, we can do something after several years of inculcating the need to conduct researches by the faculty. It will also be welcome to the stakeholders that the University is getting mature in terms of the conduct of these researches.

He emphasized that the researchers should publish in ISI Journals, as they have already gone through national and international presentations.

Likewise, Abayon cited that the researchers must revive many centers in ASU such as the Center for Productive Use of Renewable Energy, operate the Biodiesel Plant, establish partnership with DOST for the Natural Dye Technology Resource Center, and sustain many other projects that are geared towards the improvement of the University’s R&D and extension programs.

During the closing ceremonies, Dr. Lando expressed her appreciation to the ASU for braving the very important event. She learned that the qualities of researches they have evaluated are much better than two or three years earlier. She inspired the researchers to continue conducting researches as ASU has big responsibility being a Regional University. ASU must lead the way not only for the ASU community but also for their colleagues in the other universities in the region. /MP

Syngenta and ASU Save Bright Student From Leaving

by Richell R. Recoter

"Mark Joseph de los Santos, a 3rd year B. S. Agriculture student of the Aklan State University, Banga was not seen by his professors attending classes during this first semester of 2011. It was noted he has not enrolled. He is in the dean’s list student of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Sciences", said CAFES Dean, Dr. Marilyn E. Romaquin.

The Aklan State University (ASU) officials and faculty were very concerned of his absence. To understand the absence of de los Santos, ASU did a remarkable and humanitarian gesture. A search operation for Mark Joseph in his hometown of Altavas, Aklan with the help of the town’s authorities was done. It yielded positive result.

According to Professor Eva Orlina, Mark’s adviser, "he is a gem for the college, an UPCAT passer, but poverty hindered him to enroll at UPLB." Even in ASU, the professors and dean signed as guarantors of his financial obligations so that he can continue his studies.

His father, a farmer died recently. So he decided to leave college because his mother’s income, a subsistence vendor, is not sufficient to pursue his dream of earning a college degree.

Syngenta, world’s leading agri-business multinational company based in Basel, Switzerland forged and signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Aklan State University recently to provide a full scholarship grant to the poor but deserving students of Agriculture. Mark Joseph was highly recommended by ASU officials.

Richell Recoter, CSR Senior Coordinator of the Syngenta Foundation, Inc. formally interviewed Mark Joseph de los Santos in ASU on July 11, 2011. He found "Mark Joseph is highly qualified and meets the standard requirements that Syngenta is looking for a scholar.

Syngenta approved and will provide the PhP10,000.00 support to Mark Joseph’s schooling each semester. This amount will be spent for his full tuition and miscellaneous fees. The excess of the PhP10,000.00 must be for his other school needs and allowances. He will also be given a thesis support of PhP5,000.

Mark Joseph will also enjoy the privilege of being integrated in Syngenta’s CSR and technical activities in Panay to enhance his personality and knowledge.

The Syngenta Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement was signed by ASU President, Dr. Danilo E. Abayon and Napoleon T. Saavedra, Syngenta Vice President for External Affairs and OIC Head, CSR. /MP

Reason & Concern

by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Notes On Tourism

Expect President Aquino’s Sona shall be graded this whole week. We are a nation with a fondness for grading others. Let us look at it as part of our democratic state although those who make the grades would not wish that they should be graded.

Executive Order No. 29 which opened the country albeit partially to foreign carriers had been considered by the Makati Business Club to boost the country’s tourism potentials as well as an attraction as investment destination.

The open skies policy, notwithstanding earlier criticism on the absence of air rights reciprocity had been projected to attract six million tourists and generate $18.5 billion in tourism revenues. Too, it is expected that the open skies policy would  consequently create three million new tourism-related jobs by 2016.

The Department of Tourism under Secretary Alberto Lim appears not to be in good terms with the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) and the Tourism Congress. The MAP had considered Secretary Lim’s DOT leadership as the weakest link.

Tourism Congress appears to be at odds with Secretary Lim. It asked Lim to recognize the present composition of the Tourism Congress.

The Tourism Act of 2009 gave birth to the creation of the Tourism Congress. Tourism Congress notes that the partnership between the public and private sector had not been considered by the DOT.

Electricity Rate Increases

A September 2011 round of electricity rates increase is expected. This had been announced by the Energy Regulatory Commission. The Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM) had allegedly petitioned the Energy Regulatory Commission to recover stranded debts and contract cost estimated at P139 billion.

The Electric Power Industry Reform Act (Epira) had been criticized by a watchdog group as a "massive failure". People in the province of Aklan are keeping watch on electric rates increase as this week, another increase had been noted.

I remember the June 4, 2011 Kapihan sa Aklan where I made the preliminary statement on the causes and factors of poverty. I ended with a question as to whether the high electric and water rates in Aklan contribute to the penury of some people in the province. The answer of those present was in the affirmative. /MP

Bible vs Black Propagandist

by ALEX P. Vidal

By the time this article comes out, the next Ombudsman may have been named by President P-Noy. Will it be PCGG Commissioner Gerard Mosquera or retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales? Who will the fountain bless? Youth or experience? (Conchita Carpio-Morales is the new Ombudsman. Her appointment was announced by P-Noy in his State of the Nation Address on Monday afternoon, July 25.)

The next Ombudsman should be like Caesar’s wife — above suspicion. He or she should not tangle in mudslinging with any politician or journalist especially on issues that concern public interest. 

Take the case of former Ombudsman Aniano Desierto, the most controversial character to ever occupy that hot seat. A week after Paranaque Rep. Roilo Golez sent me a personal letter on July 24, 1996 to disclose that he filed impeachment complaint against Desierto, Golez made a follow up letter to "appeal for your assistance" in dealing with black propaganda artists reportedly marshaled by his detractors.


We are not saying that the source of black propaganda or the sponsor was Desierto. But the timing was suspect.

Golez, whose first name is a combination of "Romblon" and "Iloilo," wrote: "Dear Mr. Vidal, There is a group going around, in an apparent black propaganda campaign against me and my family, using fabricated documents, stating the big lie that my son is engaged in government contracting as well as besmirched my wife’s honor and reputation.

"I have only one son; he just turned 25 years old, fresh from college, and now taking up MBA at De La Salle University. My wife is the Managing Director of a U.S.-based company and my son helps as the Administrative and Stocks Manager. No member of the family — not even distant relatives by consanguinity or affinity — is involved in contracting work."


"My wife, though married to a politican, is virtually invisible in the political and government circles, because that is how we have preferred it to be since my Post Office days. She is one of the sweetest and gentlest persons on this earth — a woman truly worth dying for — and that is why we have remained happily married for more than 25 years.

"That a PR group, notorious in the PR circles for its foul and diabolical methods, is allegedly behind this vilification campaign paid for by persons threatened by my unrelenting position on certain national issues."  

In a parting paragraph, Golez added, "I say unto them: JEREMIAH (20:10-13) But the Lord is with me, like a mighty champion: my prosecutors will stumble, they will not triumph. In their failure they will be put to utter shame, to lasting, unforgettable confusion. O Lord of hosts, you who test the just, who probe mind and heart, let me witness the vengeance you take on them, for to you I have entrusted my cause.


 "May I therefore appeal for your assistance in dealing with these black propaganda artists. Thank you and warmest regards. Very truly yours, Roilo Golez (sgd)"

Desierto had every reason to run after Golez, who had accused Desierto of committing very scandalous offenses during his stint in government service.

In filing the impeachment case together with former Senator Rene Saguisag and the late former Comelec Commissioner Haydee Yorac, Golez called Desierto as "falsifier, perjurer and bribe taker."

By the way, the impeachment rap did not prosper and Desierto managed to wiggle himself out from the mess he was in for several months. When the battle ended, both camps had been badly damaged, like the Berlin City razed down by Allied Forces in World War II. This should not happen again. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Ro Bolang Kaeayo

Magueang eon ro planetang X-ur. Mas magueang pa gid ra ko sa atong Planetang Eogta. Sa huyap it mga sayentista ko royong planeta hay pilang adlaw eon lang ro habilin ag mag eapok rondayang planeta. Nag pahaum ro hari para sa anang bag-ong tawo nga prinsipe. Guin pa obrahan nana it kapsula agod idto isakay ro eapsag ag kon siin man imaw nga planeta itugpa.

Umabot ro adlaw it pag paeopad sa prinsipe. Masubo ro tanan eabi guid ro hari ag reyna. Kompleto imaw sa igdaeapat. Guin patoeog anay imaw parabil paeoparon ro anang kapsula. Mga pilang adlaw nga naka eopad ro kapsula ag eompok ro bilog nga planetang X-ur. Owa guid it kabuhi nga habilin.

Samtang naga eayag sa kahanginan ro kapsula it prinsipe, owa pa gid it planeta nga maeapit sa kapsula agod maghigop para may matugpa-an. Sa kabuhayon, amat-amat nga naga eapit ro kapsula sa atong Planetang Eogta. Hasta nga hakita eon imaw ko mga tawo sa atong planeta nga naga bantay sa isaeang ka bolang kaeayo. Guin kabaeak-an ko mga tawo kon ano rondayang bolang kaeayo nga golping nag tuga eamang sa kaeangitan. Sa mabuhay eon, umabot man ro oras nga nagtugpa rondayang bolang kaeayo sa isaeang ka maeapad nga katamnan.

Pagtahaw ko nasambit nga bola, hakita ko mga tawo ro isaeang ka kapsula nga may sueod nga eapsag nga naga katueog. Kompleto sa pagkaon ag igdaeapat ro eapsag. May nakasueat nga Xurex ro anang lampin, busa guin hingaeanan nanda kay Xurex ro unga.

Nagbahoe si Xurex nga maaeam. Mas eabaw pa imaw ko sa ibang mga onga. Pag abot nana sa pagiging hamtong nga binata, guin obra imaw nga pinuno sa andang lugar. Sa anang kahugod ag kaaeam, guin himo nana nga progresibo ro andang lugar. Sayod si Xurex ko anang guin halinan tongod naka tanum eot-a ra sa anang paino-ino. Sayod imaw nga owa eon ro anang planeta, busa guin bilang nana ro eogta nga pangaywang kalibutan. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Chiz Bill Strips PCSO Board of Discretionary Power Over Charity Funds

In the light of the revelations in connection with the misuse in the past of the multibillion funds of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Senator Chiz Escudero has moved to contain the discretionary powers of its board over disbursement of charity funds.

Escudero filed Senate Bill No. 2892 in order to institutionalize a just and equitable distribution of the PCSO charity funds.

"We are amending Section 6 of the PCSO’s charter as it has sanctioned the promotion of patronage politics and has also become a source of injustice and inequality with the way all these hearings have shown as to how the charity fund has been disbursed with bias for or against those who are in power," Escudero explained.

This particular provision of the PCSO charter divides its net receipts to 55 percent-45 percent distribution. The former is earmarked to winnings and prizes, and the latter to charity fund and operating expenses and capital expenditure.

The PCSO board of directors is empowered to make payment and grant from the charity fund, which is set at a minimum of 30 percent of net receipts. To top that authority, it is also authorized to earmark a minimum of 15 percent of net receipts for operating expenses and capital expenditures.

In the 2009 Commission on Audit (COA) report, the PCSO’s disbursement from its charity fund amounted to a whooping P6.2 billion. The disbursement included the highly questionable intelligence funds maintained by the PCSO.

"I am proposing that the board’s discretionary powers be removed and that the charity fund be specifically earmarked based on the policies and mandate of PCSO," Escudero said.

He also sought the expressed approval of the Office of the President in cases when the board needs to allocate over 15 percent of the charity institution’s funds.

"The PCSO fund mess controversy has shown how the charity fund was mishandled and misused. This bill is a move to ensure that the government’s money will be distributed in accordance with specific and real needs grounded on justice and equity," Escudero stressed.

"The proposed measure, once passed into law, will eradicate the lack of institutionalized criteria and standard in the disposition of fund.

"Arbitrariness has always led to abuse. We want transparency. As I have always espoused, remove discretion, you can lessen, if not totally remove corruption," Escudero added. /MP

Villar Pushes For Pet Bill During CSR Expo 

Sen. Manny Villar presented before the gathering of the Philippines’ largest corporations last Tuesday, July 20 the bill that will institutionalize corporate social res-ponsibility (CSR) among wealthy corporations.

Villar, chairman of the Committee on Trade and Commerce and author of Senate Bill 1239 or the Corporate Social Res-ponsibility Act, is one of the speakers during the League of Corporate Foundation’s (LCF) 10th annual CSR Expo and Conference at the SMX Convention Center.

A staunch advocate of CSR and chairman of the Villar Foundation, Villar is proposing to make mandatory for "large taxpayers" as defined by the National Internal Revenue Code and as identified by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, to allocate a reasonable percentage of their net income to CSR or projects that complement government’s goals.

The bill, which passed the committee level in the Senate, seeks to provide incentives to business organizations embracing projects that give back to communities by supporting community development programs, environment protection initiatives, social welfare and assistance. The incentive could be in the form of a full deduction from its gross income of all expenses incurred.

"The initiative of some business organizations operating in the Philippines’ to care for the environment or provide help to the less fortunate sector of society should be encouraged. The evolving times tell us that social services should not be a monopoly of the government, especially because we don’t have enough public funds to immediately solve the many problems affecting the country," Villar pointed out.

The Villar Foundation is behind initiatives such as the Las Pinas-Zapote River Rehabilitation Program, the Sagip-OFW Helpline and the construc-tion of churches in different parts of the country.

The CSR on July 20 and 21 provided a platform where the corporate sector and other stakeholders shared best practices, discussed new ideas and trends, addressed current issues and challenges and showcased success stories in CSR.

Over a thousand representatives from the business community, civil society, government, media, and the academe attended the conference and visited the exhibit. /MP           

Balete Celebrates 150th Rizal’s Birth Anniversary

by Dr. Dobie P. Parohinog

In Balete, the 150th birth anniversary celebration of Dr. Jose P. Rizal on June 19, 2011 was an inspiration and a major activity of DepEd pursuant to DepEd Memorandum No. 90, Series of 2011. His notable contributions in framing desirable virtues and developing the culture of knowledge with the use of his pen as a strong weapon that awaken his people to stop colonialism and abuses against the Filipinos are worthy of emulation.

The celebration started with a National Fun Run for Education geared on a theme: "Every Runner A Finisher, Ever Finisher, A Winner". This was undertaken simultaneously nationwide. It started at exactly 6:30 in the morning in the four assembly places as in Group A (Dodoemon Junction), Group B (front of Jemera’s Residence), Group C (Field’s View), and Group D (Front of St. Jude Chapel-Archangel). Balete DepEd Officials, teachers, students, parents, and local community officials participated and enjoyed.

The local government of Balete strongly supported by DepEd, "Daya hay mabueawanon gid nga programa sa pagta-o it kadungganan sa atong baganihan nga si Dr. Jose Rizal", enunciated by SB member Crispino Beltran, Jr. as PTA Federated President.

"It is indeed noteworthy to give high credit to DepEd Officials, teachers and students of the District of Balete for spearheading the celebration of the birth anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal, a strong advocate of true education, a farmer, a scientist, a physician, and artist," stressed by SK Federated President representing the Municipal Mayor of Balete.

A program was held in Rizal’s monument. It was highlighted with the reading of the minutes of material donations, copies of which were distributed to the student participants and the coordinators of the Community Learning Centers for ALS students. /MP

Friday, July 22, 2011

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente


Congratulations to Dr. Mildred L. Garay, CESO III – DepEd Regional Director; Dr. Victorina S. Laroza, CESO V – Aklan Schools Division Supt.; Atty. Selwyn C. Ibarreta, Mr, Disederio S. Mortalla – retired DepEd district supervisor. Dr. Erenita T. Labor – principal, Inter Faith Academy and Mr. Romeo S. Tumaob – retired DepEd district supervisor. They received merits and awards from the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.
Dr. Garay was presented Gold Medal of Merit award, Dr. Laroza – Silver Medal of Merit, Atty. Ibarreta – Bronze Medal of Merit, Mr. Mortalla – Gold Service award, Dr. Labor – Silver Service Award, and Mr. Tumaob – Bronze Service award.

Atty. Ibarreta chairs the BSP Aklan Council Board of Directors, while Mr. Tumaob and Mr. Mortalla are members.

Forest Land Use

The Municipality of Altavas and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for-malized their partnership in the implementation of the program "Forest Land Use Plan" after the signing of a Memorandum of Agree-ment on Thursday, July 21 held in Altavas Social Hall, Altavas, Aklan. Forest Land Use Plan is a 5–year project to: 1. protect and improve Tinagong Dagat as important fishing ground; 2. create more resource – based livelihood opportunities for the people of Altavas; 3. to re-green Altavas; and 4. improve social response for the mitigation of impacts of climate change.

Altavas Mayor Denny D. Refol look forward in 5 years that they will have: 1. rehabilitated and developed 200 hectares of upland and 200 hectares mangrove, 2. rehabilitated and planted with trees along the 5-kilometer degraded easements; 3. constructed and maintained 53 kilometers farm to market roads, 4. convinced two fishpond owners to subscribe to aqua – silviculture, 5. organized four peoples organization for upland and mangrove care, and production, and 6. full operation of nature – based tourism in mangrove and Tinagong Dagat.

Altavas is a 4th class municipality south of Kalibo, the capital town of Aklan. It is adjacent to Sapian, Capiz.

Altavas is only 146 kilometers away from Iloilo City, 48 kilometers from Roxas City and 38 kilometers from Kalibo. It has a total land area of 10,017 hectares, 900 hectares of which are upland and mangrove.

The municipality is slightly rolling to hilly with mount Pulilan and Baguio – Dohoe as the highest with 285 meters and 292 meters above sea level respectively.

Altavas, being a coastal town, produces fish and other marine products and agricultural crops.

According to Mayor Refol, Altavas serves as the center of trade and industry of Central Panay Economic Unification, the gateway of Aklan to Capiz, Iloilo, and Cebu.
As of 2010, there were 14 barangays where 25,186 persons live. Barangays Poblacion, Man-up, and Odiong are highly populated ranging from 6.31 persons per hectare in Man-up to 6.9 per hectare in Odiong.

Soft Drinks

Dr. Cynthia Dela Cruz defined distinctly the role of physicians, parents, and school administrators in order to minimize if not stop the negative effects of drinking soft drinks.

She suggested to physicians "to ask parents about soft drink con-sumption, include education on soft drink as part of their anticipatory guidance".

Parents should cease consuming soft drinks, stock their homes with healthy foods, beverages, and milk, and never make soft drinks available at home. School administrators must prohibit soft drinks sale in school, make drinking water available to students, offer nutritious and affordable beverages and stop soliciting assistance from soft drink company. /MP

My Image, My World

Atty. Diego M. Luces who represented Gov. Marquez cuts the ribbon assisted by Vice Gov. Billie Quimpo with the artist Ms. Wilson, her husband David, and brother Atty. Allen S. Quimpo.

"My Image, My World", is a one man art exhibit. It was a 3-day exhibits of Ms. Ma. Erlinda Quimpo Fernandez Wilson, Executive Dean of Northwestern Visayas College, Kalibo, Aklan.

The exhibit was a 3-day run held at Saylo Cuisine, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan on July 19 - 22, 2011. It was opened in the afternoon of Tuesday, with a simple program and ribbon cutting hosted by Ms. Cecille De Lemos-Ledford. It started with a prayer led by Ms. Lorna T. Sison, adviser - NVC Environmental Club.

Mr. David E. Wilson welcomed the guests. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, NVC President, Aklan Vice Gov. Gabrielle C. Quimpo, and Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, gave their respective messages which deal with importance of arts and culture. The artist, Ms. Wilson related how she began her paintings. /MP

Poverty Reduction Through KALAHI-CIDSS Projects


DSWD, KC-CIDSS MCC team, and LGU Aklan representatives signing the Memorandum of Agreement. They are (l to r) sitting first row Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa , Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, and DSWD Regional Director Minda Brigoli, CEO VI. Standing are Mr. Tommy Cabuenos - Dep Project Mgr MCC, Ms. Elsa Malbas - DWSD Aklan, Ms. Marivic Anonuevo - Managing Director MCC, Mr. John Polk - Resident Country Director, MCC Mr. Andres Moll - Dir KALAHI-CIDSS MCC, and DSWD Asst. Regional Director.

AKLAN. DSWD Regional Director – Minda Brigoli, CEO VI, Aklan Provincial Gov. Carlito S. Marquez, with LGU Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa and LGU Madalag Mayor Rex Gubatina, inked a Memorandum of Agreement for the project implementation of the KALAHI-CIDSS Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), during the MOA Signing between DSWD, KALAHI CIDSS and the Provincial Government, last July 19, 2011 at the Gov. Roberto Q. Garcia Building, Aklan Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan.

The towns of Libacao and Madalag were considered this year’s ‘guaranteed municipalities’ for the P450K grant per cycle per year of the Kapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan (KALAHI) - Compre-hensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services (CIDSS) by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

These municipalities in the province of Aklan are among the 21 target municipalities in the country for this year’s MCC’s project implementation. Libacao is a 3rd class municipality and is located at the southern tip of Aklan, while Madalag is a 4th class municipality and the second largest municipality of the province.

Mayor Gubatina and Mayor Navarosa expressed their utmost gratification to MCC and to Governor Marquez for this welcome opportunity of development in the towns of Madalag and Libacao, respectively. Gov. Marquez in his welcome remarks said, "this project is project security as to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. The grant is the nation’s strategy on poverty reduction as Libacao and Madalag had high poverty incidence rate in the province."

Governor Marquez described the project as "a blessing and a thanks-giving" for Aklanons. The provincial government is supporting the project, join forces with DSWD and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

Ms. Marivic E. Anonuevo, Managing Director of MCC Philippines said, "This project is project of the people, for they are to identify, implement, monitor and evaluate the project itself. It is people power in action. The uniqueness of the project is people empowerment." Mr. Andres K. Moll, Director of KALAHI-CIDSS MCC affirmed this statement by saying, "KC is about building community. It is making a difference in the lives of others. As public servant, they are the people we ought to serve."

KALAHI-CIDSS will bring positive approaches and new perspectives to combat poverty in the county. Both the mayors of two municipalities expressed their excitement that at a long period of time, they can finally improve road from farm to markets, and then the rest of the development follows. "The project is the principle of participation, transparency, and accountability," added DSWD Regional Director Minda Brigoli.

Gov. Marquez further stated that, "this project will bring stronger partnership between the local government units, national agencies, and the community as a whole." Last May 2011, the team visited the province during the evaluation process of KALAHI-CIDSS MCC Philippines. The MOA Signing was also followed by the installation of the new members of the KALAHI-CIDSS MCC and Aklan team.

The Philippines is a recipient of $434 million Philippine Compact for Economic Development from the Millennium Challenge Corporation. MCC is an independent foreign aid agency created by the US Congress that forges partnerships with developing countries. MCC provides eligible countries with large scale, five year grants or compacts for projects geared towards sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. /MP

4 Aklan Towns Receive Good Housekeeping Seal


The Municipalities of Balete, Malinao, Tangalan and Lezo, Aklan received the Seal of Good Housekeeping from Sec. Jess Robredo of the Department of Interior and Local Government. The four municipalities are among the 42 cities and municipalities which were conferred the Certificate of Eligibility. These LGUs are qualified to avail of the PCFund. The distribution took place during the recent Local Governance Forum CHANGING GEARS TOWARDS GREATER PRODUCTIVITY with DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo in Iloilo City last July 5, 2011.

The Seal of Good Housekeeping for LGUs is in line with the DILG’s commitment to scale up interventions to promote and institutionalize the practice of governance that values transparency, accountability, participation and performance.

It aims to recognize LGUs with good performance in internal housekeeping focusing in four areas which are: (1) Good Planning; (2) Sound Fiscal Management; (3) Transparency and Accountability; and (4) Valuing of Performance Information.

LGU with the Seal of Good Housekeeping is entitled to the Performance Challenge Fund for LGUs. It is open only to LGUs belonging to 4th-6th class municipalities like Malinao. Lezo, Tangalan and Balete among the 17 municipalities in Aklan.

The Philippine Challenge Fund is worth P1 million each to finance projects aligned to the Millennium development Goals (MDGs).

The Performance Challenge Fund for Local Government Units is an incentive fund to LGUs funded by the 20 percent Development Fund. It rationalizes national govern-ment inter-governmental transfers to LGUs, and encourages alignment of local development initiatives with national government development agenda and priorities. /MP

Brawl At Iloilo Governor’s Office

by ALEX P. Vidal

When two top officials of the old Iloilo provincial capitol trans-formed the governor’s office into a boxing arena, I did not only witness the bloody encounter, the event became my baptism of fire as boxing referee.

The brawl between then deputy governor Ruben Bermudo and provincial toursim chief Manny Benedicto at around 11 o’clock in the morning on July 3, 1990 exploded while DYRI Radyo Agong reporter Arsenio "Kamlon" Ang and I were doing interview with vice governor Robert "Bob" Maroma, who was then the acting governor.

There were only five of us in the governor’s office present— Maroma, Bermudo, Benedicto, Ang and I who had just won his labor case in the Supreme Court against the defunct DYRP "Radyo Tagring."


Even before the start of interview, we noticed Messrs. Benedicto and Bermudo, then in their mid 50’s, giving dagger looks against each other. At one moment, Bermudo removed his eyeglasses ala Eddie Garcia to plant a sharp stare at Benedicto, who recip-rocated with his own ala Pacquito Diaz look. 

Some five minutes while Maroma was answering our questions, the two disappeared—they entered the conference room located about four meters away from us. Then we heard a commotion inside. The noise didn’t stop Maroma from talking but our eyes — Maroma’s, Ang’s, mine — were exchanging tacit signals alternately like actors in a silent movie.

When the conference room’s divider started to shake violently and two angry voices dishing out unprintables, Maroma stood from his seat and rushed to the scene. I grabbed my camera and followed suit. Kamlon stayed and was scrambling to prepare his radio tape recorder.


Inside, we saw two gladiators literally holding at each other’s throats on one hand and throwing rabbit punches on the other hand. Blows went raining from all angles— a choatic scene! Maroma tried to separate the two but was in awkward position and could receive one of the flying fists flat on the face if he forced the issue.  

So determined were the two Capitol bigwigs to maim each other that they refused to let go of their grips — Benedicto’s shaking fingers came closed to drilling holes on Bermudo’s neck; Bermudo locking Benedicto’s jaw with a tight Steven Segal grip. Both were gasping for their breath like sprinters in the 100-meter dash, their false teeth threatening to jump from their mouths. Maroma lost his balance on his second attempt to act as third man in the ring.


Instead of taking photos, I grabbed Benedicto’s hand to prevent his fingers from committing cannibalism. Having lost much energy, he obliged. Bermudo, also fighting for air in his lungs, let go of Benedicto’s jaw but not after leaving some scratches on his newly shaved skin.

"Tama na ina!" (That’s enough)," Maroma, who was himself losing some energy — and patience, shouted while scratching his head in disgust.

When the smoke had cleared, the protagonists could manage to release Mona Lisa-like smiles as if King Kong did not vandalize their mangled faces. Either the pain from their violent physical activity did not yet take its toll on their system or they were ashamed for acting worst than their grandsons and tried to suppress it.

No arrest was made even as Maroma hinted of slapping the misbehaving officials with administrative cases. Kamlon, who hit a jackpot with his tape recorded eye-witness account, had a field day repeatedly playing the violent episode to friends and politicians, including Bermudo and Benedicto, who just grinned to hide their embarrassment.    


We found out their conflict emanated from the province’s preparations for the arrival of the Miss Philippines-Guam in Iloilo that year. As tourism boss, Benedicto begrudged Bermudo’s decision to bypass his authority and disapprove some items in the budget, among other reasons.

If there was one person so terribly upset and mournful that morning, it was neither Benedicto nor Bermudo; it was Maroma, whose interview with us had been cut off unceremoniously; thus, he failed to deliver an important message to people as acting governor as news the following day was dominated by his warring subalterns’ ignominy. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Pekeng Paraiso

Gamhanan ag mang-garanon si Don Jose Valiente. Imaw ro tag ana it hacienda Valiente nga nahamtang sa mabahoe nga isla sa Visayas. Ana haeos ro kabilugan ko rondayang baryo. Abo imaw it mga tawohan sa rondayang banwa.

Malipayon nga naga kabuhi ro mga tawo. Bugana ro lugar it mga tunang manggad. Guina pasugtan sanda it Don kon ano ro andang itanom Tongod sa andang kahugod, nag progreso ro andang lugar. Guina kabig nanda nga paraiso ro andang lugar tongod sa kalinong ag bugana sa pagkaon.

Sa maeawig nga tiyempo nga nagtaliwan, nabaeo si Don Jose. Pagkamatay ko anang asawang si Donya Inez, nag asawa imaw it uman. Isaeang ka bata pa ag maluho nga babaye. Sunod ni Don Jose tanan ro kapritso ko anang ikaywang asawa. Kada adlaw, iba-ibang bisita ro naga abot sa andang lugar. May mga kasadyahan nga guina hiwat una sa hacienda ag kangay man ro mga tawo.

Kada adlaw, eain-eaing kalingaw-lingawan ro hakikita ko mga tawo. May una man nga naga baligya it mga sari-saring alahas, pagkaon, ag ilimnon nga owa nasamite ko mga tawo. Tongod sa bag-o sa andang panueok ag panlasa, guina usoy-usoy ko mga tawo ro ilimnanon hasta owa eon sanda naga obra tongod hanangda eon sanda sa mga panandalian nga kasadyahan.

Ka’t owa eon it kwarta ro mga tawo nga ibakae it ilimnon, ag manamit nga mga pagkaon, guin patanum sanda it isaeang ka tanum nga owa nanda makilaea. Ko olihi, hatun-an gidman nanda kon nano. Mariwana gali ro guina patanum kanda. Guin bakae kanda ro mga dahon sa manaba nga kantidad.

Pagtaliwan it pilang dag-on, nag iba ro pagpangabuhi ko mga tawo. Bugana ngani ogaling nangin matamad ag masingkae man ro andang batasan. Nagtuhaw ro pagka hikaw sa kada isaea. Ro mga kabataan hay mas nangin madahas ag haeanggaw sa kasadyahan.

Umabot ro tiyempo nga naka tagumpa-aw ro tanan. Guin usoy-usoy nanda ro dating kalinong ag pagka mahigugma-on. Nadumduman nanda ro bilin ko isaeang ka magueang nga ro paraiso hay makita man sa sueod it tagipusuon bukon it sa pang kalibutanon nga puno it pag pakuno-kuno. Ro paraiso nga andang guina tapakan makaron hay isaeang ka peke nga paraiso. Naka pabusog ko andang panueok ogaling bukon it bukae halin sa tagipusuon. Kon katon pa, Pekeng Paraiso. /MP

The Need For Remedial Reading

by Felmarie I. Taunan

"Reading is the magic key to the world of enlightenment. It is the basic tool for learning in all subject areas".

The Division of Aklan through Mr. Michael T. Rapiz, EPS – I in English initiated a 3 – day Division Training of District Trainers in Remedial Reading for both Elementary and Secondary Teachers and Supervisors on July 11–13, 2011. It was held at Kalibo Pilot Elem. School, Makabayan Center for Excellence. The training is envisioned to train our teachers on how to help our non – readers, frustration readers, and pupils who have no love for reading in an easy and interesting way.

Remedial Reading is defined as a teaching reading skills that have been taught but are not learned or teaching the reading skills for the first time. Evidence shows that remedial reading produces desirable results. But why we should diagnose reading difficulties of the child?

Diagnosis studies the child’s instructional needs based on the expectations of his chronological age, mental age, and grade placement. It seeks to discover why the child reds successfully or unsuccessfully, it gives information of the child’s problems in reading and, if so, what are they and their causes? These serve as a blueprint from which remediation is structured.

There are Eight Principles of Diagnosis’ 1) It is always directed toward formulating methods of improvement; 2) involves more than appraisal of reading skills and abilities; 3) must be efficient – going as far as and no farther than is necessary; 4) Only pertinent information should be collected by the most efficient means; 5) whenever possible, standardized test procedure should be used; 6) informal procedures may be required when it is necessary to expand the diagnosis.; 7) should be continuous and efficient; and 8) interweaving the parents about the child’s physical condition and nutritional status can be a great help.

Levels of performance are: instructional level – also free from observable signs of difficulty along with observable evidence of ability to profit from instruction frustration level – point at which the child becomes completely unable to handle the material.

Who are considered Poor Readers? 1) Slow Learner has the ability level with an IQ below 90; seldom reads on ability level, reads below grade level; the instruction needs to be adopted to his limited ability and the pace of instruction and teacher expectations must be realistic. 2) Reluctant Reader can read but will not; the root of the reading difficulties is the mental attitude of the pupil; solution of the reading problem begins with a change of attitude. 3) Disadvantaged Reader – potential often far exceeds performance; can learn and wants to learn; lacks adequate oral language because of inadequate experience; does not look upon reading as life-related; often feels alienated from the larger social structure; often deficient in auditory attention and needs to learn how to learn. 4) Retarded Reader is usually of average or above average intelligence, although a retarded reader could also be a slow learner, does not read on ability level, may or may not be reading below grade level and may show blocks to learning, especially emotional or neurological, which keep him from learning to read.

What makes reading interesting? How will a teacher entice a reluctant child to read? Is the availability of remedial reading a big problem? These are some of the queries of many of the teachers today. One suggestion discussed in that training is on how to improve the learners to love and to make it easier for them to read is thru our Local Reading Materials. It has an objective of inspiring our teachers to make reading materials; realize that Filipino children are most interested about things that they can relate with a good source of reading text such as: stories and situations about their lives, graphics, and visuals like cartoons and comic strips that can enhance their reading ability.

Why are pictures/illustrations are important? As Sam Glover said, "Humans tend to remember pictures, not data. 72 hours after listening to information, most people retain only 10 percent 72 hours after seeing information, most people retain 65 percent. In other words, if you want your students to remember what you tell them, show it with pictures". And being a teacher, I myself do believe in this. Teachers must give situations that are local or actual to the learners such as a mother and a girl washing clothes, a father and a boy cutting firewood and children gathering it, children helping their parents on their household chores or the family that prays the Angelus.

These are situations they can easily relate with. Conceptualized the materials that will be used. Know the child’s level, the nature and its background. Make sure that the materials that are being used are attractive to them. Since reading can be one of man’s deepest pleasures, it extends his experiences, giving him a glimpse of the world’s excitement, pleasure and wisdom. With these, we’re truly sure that every child is a reader.

"Dare to touch the heart of the weak, unwilling, uninspired, ashamed children. Teachers are Angels and Servants of the Greatest educator who will make an accounting about how patient we were in CHANGING LIVES." /MP

Tibiao, Antique Gears For 2012 ‘Int’l Kayaking Cup’

All roads will lead to the town of Tibiao, Antique, a fourth class municipality next year. Tibiao gears to gather kayaking enthusiasts worldwide for the staging of the 2012 International Kayaking Cup.

Flord Nicson J. Calawag, one of the founders of the Katahum Tours that will handle the marketing of the event, said the white water of Tibiao is a unique selling point of the municipality.

"Tibiao River is one of the best white water rivers in the Philippines perfect for kayaking. We are preparing for the second ‘International Kayaking Cup,’ to be held in Tibiao, Antique, the first was in 1997. This is a big event that will further boost the tourism industry in Tibiao," he explained.

Each station of the river has varieties like a one-meter drop and boulders that will allow maneuvering for various courses.

Kayaking has five grades namely, basic kayaking or Grade 1; Grade 2 is a higher level where the participants must counter flow with the water; Grade 3 has boulders and drops while Grades 4 and 5 are for professionals as they have drops and maneuvers.

"All of those are perfectly suitable at Tibiao River which is actually a seven to nine - kilometer stretch," Calawag explained.

The Tribal Adventures will provide for the venue and equipment. The head of the group travels to Australia this July to look for partner kayaking associations to build more facilities for the international event.

They are also going on site visits to establish different courses and identify stations for those who would like to try.

The LGU of Tibiao, on one hand,is focusing and prioritizing on infrastructure projects, especially on the construction of a farm-to-market road to Brgy.Tono, the venue of the event.

The LGU Tibiao is also working on its tourism, environmental and investment codes to at least regulate tourism-related activities.

Tibiao Mayor Walden Lim affirmed they are gearing to become the ‘Kayaking Capital of the Philippines’ specifically for white water kayaking, starting off with this event.

The international event is expected to gather enthusiasts from 12 countries which will be held in September or October 2012. (PNA) /MP

Tala-oc Is New Bishop of Diocese of Kalibo

After almost two years of waiting, Diocese of Kalibo got a new Bishop.

Most Rev. Jose Corazon Tumbagahan Tala-oc, D.D. was installed the new bishop of the Diocese of Kalibo, by his Most Rev. Fr. Onesimo C. Gordoncillo, D.D of the Diocese of Capiz, on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 at the St. John De Baptist Church, Kalibo, Aklan.

Bishop Cor was born in Tagas, Tangalan, Aklan on June 16, 1950, on the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, hence, the name "Corazon". "Msgr. Cor" or "Bishop Cor" is dear to him. He took up his Pre-College and Philosophy at St. Pius X Seminary, Roxas City, and his Theology at Central Seminary, University of Sto. Tomas, Manila. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 1975 and Bachelor of Sacred Theology in 1979.

He was first appointed as the 4th Bishop of the Diocese of Romblon by His Holiness Pope John Paul II on June 11, 2003, ordained as Bishop on July 30, 2003 at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Kalibo, Aklan, and installed as Bishop of Romblon on Sept. 2, 2003.

On May 25, 2011, Most Rev. Tala-oc was appointed as the 4th Bishop of the Diocese of Kalibo by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, and finally, installed as Bishop of Kalibo on July 20, 2011.
Since its inception in 1976, Bishop Cor Tala-oc is the first member of the clergy of the Diocese of Kalibo and who was elevated to the Catholic Hierarchy. He is the 6th Aklanon to become a Bishop. He joins the ranks of the late Gabriel M. Reyes, D.D., Archbishop of Cebu and later of Manila; the late Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, D.D., Archbishop of Manila; the late Ciceron Tumbocon, D.D., Bishop of Cabanatuan; Gabriel V. Reyes, D.D., former auxiliary Bishop of Manila, then Bishop of Kalibo, and the Bishop of Antipolo; Raul Q. Martirez, D.D., Bishop Emeritus of San Jose De Buenavista, Antique, and Julius S. Tonel, D.D., Bishop of Ipil.

Bishop Tala-oc with Rev. Fr. Ulysses I. Dalida, the Diocesan Administrator of the Diocese of Kalibo, led the processions to the altar, also with the Diocesan Board of Consultors, some of the members are from the Religious Congregations and the Laity where they all gathered from the main doors of the St. John The Baptist Cathedral.

Fr. Dalida, after a brief welcome remark for Bishop Cor at the Cathedral, then officiated the solemn mass in honor of his installation. The clergy of the Diocese of Kalibo, the clergy of the Diocese of Romblon, The clergy of the Archdiocese of Capiz, and other concelebrating clergies of the Arch/dioceses of the Philippines, Diocesan Council of the Laity, and Tala-oc and Tumbagahan families, joined the very historical occasion.

Rev. Fr. Mark Randy G. Beluso, is the master of Liturgical Ceremonies assisted by the Santo Nino Seminary Liturgical Altar Servers, Santo Nino Seminary Choir, St. Blaise Choir-Kalibo, Diocesan Liturgical Ministry, Diocesan Cathechetical Ministry, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, St. John The Baptist and St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, Campus Ministry and Religious Education Faculty –Aklan Catholic College and the Diocese of Kalibo parishioners in putting all together a very solemn, successful and historical event in the province of Aklan.

Government officials, priests, seminarians, different schools representatives through their liturgical committee, students, and other parishioners from the province of Romblon, Capiz, Antique and Aklan were also present to witness the occasion.

The well-loved Bishop Cor, accepted the challenge with joy, excitement and commitment of heart as he embarks on his new pastoral ministry. The newly installed Bishop configures his life to Jesus Christ, the Eternal High Priest and the Good Shepherd and takes on the challenge and mandate of the Lord. In his words, "I will be looking forward to serve as the servant of God to the whole Diocese of Kalibo. It will be an exciting and smooth journey for everyone. I love you all." by Megs S. Lunn /MP

Friday, July 15, 2011


Givers of PCSO Fund Must Bear Heavy Penalty,

Not Recipients

Sen. Chiz Escudero has urged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to take cognizance of the pieces of information revealed at the Senate inquiries into the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) fund mess.

The second Senate hearing last week unearthed damaging information that implicated former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo after former PCSO general manager Rosario Uriarte admitted that she was able to draw additional funds for intelligence operations of the agency, which were later found, at the course of the inquiry, to have been misappropriated and used for questionable or non-existent projects.

Uriarte told the Senate panel that portions of the agency’s intelligence fund were diverted to relief operations and "blood money" donations to Filipino workers facing death sentences in the Middle East.

All the disbursements, Uriarte admitted, were approved by Arroyo.

Escudero, chairman of the Senate committee on justice and human rights, said the DOJ should seriously look into Uriarte’s testimonies considering that her statements were given under oath and now a matter of public record.

"I leave it with the DOJ to decide on the matter but I hope they will consider the merits and the weight of the testimonies. The PCSO has been used as a promoter of patronage politics by the past administration and as such it has become a source of injustice and inequality in the use and distribution of its charity fund," Escudero pointed out.

The senator said under the Revised Penal Code both Arroyo and Uriarte may be liable for malversation of public funds.

"At the very least, they could be charged with malversation of public funds given that they used government money for a purpose, however noble, other than what the fund was intended for," the senator argued.

He stressed "personal gain" was neither shown nor proven during the hearing to make the liability plunder, the staggering amounts of the said intelligence funds exceeded P50 million notwithstanding. With these revelations, the PCSO charter must be revisited and made true to its purpose and mandate by amending certain provisions that have been abused in the past.

The PCSO should ensure a more equitable distribution of its allotment after issues relating to fund misuse and unfair allocation were discovered in the agency.

Escudero during the Senate inquiry into the PCSO fund mess that centers on the vehicles and cash allegedly given to Catholic bishops allegedly close to the previous administration recommended the country’s premiere charity institution should come up with strict and clear guidelines on how funding will be equitably and judiciously distributed among areas where assistance is actually needed.

"Based on these discoveries mostly culled from Commission on Audit (COA) reports, the PCSO is used as a pork barrel by the past sitting president, favored only a selected few. The PCSO is meant to service health programs, medical services and charities of national character, totally inclusive of all Filipinos in need of assistance and not only exclusive to those who fall on the good side of the sitting president," Escudero pointed out.

The new PCSO administration is pushing to clean the house. This upstart should be coupled with a strong dynamics of equitable distribution of funds utilizing existing system. Escudero asked the PCSO to provide the guidelines on how decisions on medical assistance and grants are made.

"We can use the census and our labor force survey to identify the extent and magnitude of poor families by areas. The PCSO can use this to target and to reach the most number of people in the provinces too and extend its services," the senator said.

At the course of the hearing, Escudero asked PCSO officials the manner and equity of their fund distribution. The PCSO officials admitted that out of the 79 provinces in the country, it only has 29 offices located nationwide.

"This should not be the case anymore as it is again a reminder of the "Imperial Manila" syndrome where most of the services and grants are accessible only to the people in the metropolis," reminded Escudero.

"The poor and sick people are not concentrated only in certain parts of the country. We have them all over the country. I believe that the 29 offices of PCSO nationwide have pre-identified the poorest areas where fund allocation and disburse-ment are most needed, like the ARMM and majority of Mindanao," Escudero explained.

A dynamic system is partly a matter of being able to allocate to the right areas and performing post, and checking if assistance was indeed distributed. "The PCSO must rely on a matching system for it to be able to prioritize or have a notion of where charity must be distributed," said Escudero. The PCSO officials whose function is fund allocation must bear penalty and not the receivers who cannot choose like the bishops. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Sweet Death

Before midnight of Monday, July 11, a professor from Rizal Technological College, Tanay, Rizal died of Cardiovascular disease (CVD). He was 41 years old and was a delegate of his college to the Philippines Association of State Universities and Colleges conference being held at the Aklan State University in Banga.

Earlier that evening, he attended with his fellow delegates a fellowship dinner. After which, he with his room mate in the ASU guest house returned to their room. They rested, conversed but after a while he felt dizzy. His room mate called for help.

The victim was immediately brought to the DRSTMH, Kalibo.

But the victim died on the way. The physician on duty at DRSTMH pronounced him dead on arrival.

"All that live must die passing through nature to eternity", according to Shakespeare. That professor died in line of duty. He has a sweet and easy way of dying.


Who said Aklan is "drug free"? Shabu estimated to cost some P1 million was confiscated at Caticlan Airport upon its arrival. The PNP arrested two persons named Jonajim Lima and Alexander Mildred of Pasay City. They are charged before the Provincial Prosecutors Office, Kalibo, Aklan for violating the Com-prehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. This apprehen-sion is said to be the biggest in Boracay, Malay, Aklan.


President Benigno Simeon Aquino III seemed to fear the Aklanons during his visit. When he visited Caticlan, Malay about two weeks ago, he brought several hundreds of PSG. Some came days before his arrival.

During his arrival, thousand of soldiers and policemen with long arms were deployed to secure him. There were armored vehicles.

Similar happened last Tuesday, July 12 in Kalibo. While he was inside the ABL sports complex, a helicopter flew shortly before his arrival until his departure.

From the Kalibo International Airport, P-Noy motored directly to ABL in Estancia, Kalibo via the shortest route. Unlike other presidents before him, there was no motorcade to allow the people along the routes to view P-Noy. His last two visits in Aklan were very short of low quality visit.


Mayor Sarah Duterte of Davao City is now called the "boxing lady mayor" of the Philippines.

Boxing lady Mayor Sara Duterte requested the Sheriff to stay for two hours the houses demolition until her arrival. But Sheriff Abe Andres started the demolition even before she arrived. On her arrival, she boxed the Sheriff for four times resulting to a black left eye. The Provincial Sheriff Abe Andres was implementing Court Order to demolish houses constructed on a private real property in Davao City.

Asked if he will file court case against Mayor Duterte, Sheriff Andres said, "No". But the Sheriffs’ Association will do the filing of the case against the boxing lady mayor.


Aklan is an excellent democratic haven. Ukay-ukays are being displayed along the sidewalks, tricycle repair/vulcanizing shops are allowed to do business by the roadsides. These shops block the way, pollute the air with noise, smoke and oil spills that make the road slippery.

In front of the ABL Sports Complex, vendors enjoy spreading their things for sale even occupying one fourth (1/4) portion of the highway. Where is order of things? N-O-N-E!
But beware for a wayward vehicle might hit them. Where are the road safety enforcers? They are there present but highly tolerant. /MP

P-Noy Visits Aklan

An estimated crowd of 4,000 trooped to the ABL Sportscomplex to welcome P-Noy on Tuesday morning, July 11, 2011 in Kalibo, Aklan.

Aklan Governor, Hon. Carlito S. Marquez, Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores and Kalibo Mayor William S. Lachica received His Excellency, Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III. The short program of his visit was held at Augusto B. Legaspi Gymnasium, Capitol Site, Kalibo, Aklan where P-Noy distributed some cash for social services to the poor.

The program included project briefings on: a. Philhealth Cards, b. Supplementary Feeding Program, c. Social Pension for Indigent Senior Citizens, and d. 4P’s by Hon. Corazon Juliano – Soliman (DSWD Secretary). P-Noy distributed Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA) through Hon. Anthony Parungao (DAR USEC); and e. financial support to agricultural projects in Aklan by Dir. Larry Nacionales.

The Supplementary Feeding Program checks were received by the Municipal Mayors with their respective municipal social workers, treasurer and day care officers. The Philhealth Cards were received by rep-resentatives of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, one of whom was Mr. Prosperino I. Necodemus, 66 years old, a farmer from Malinao.

A total of 2.1 million pesos was released for the 5,798 pre-schoolers in seven municipalities of Aklan which are: Balete – P221, 760 for 616 pre-schoolers, Banga – P251,640 for 699 pre-schoolers, Ibajay – P507,960 for 1,411 pre-schoolers, Kalibo – P446,040 for 1,239 pre-schoolers, Lezo – P95,040 for 264 pre-schoolers, Libacao – P509,400 for 1,415 pre-schoolers, and Tangalan – P120,240 for 334 pre-schoolers.

The supplementary feeding program is the provision of food in addition to the regular meals to currently enrolled day care center children. This will be in the form of hot meals as recommended by Food and Nutrition Research Institute to be served during break time to children in day care centers. The beneficiaries of the program are the three-year old and four-year-old children; and those five-year-old children not catered in DepEd but enrolled in day care. This is aimed to augment support for children in day care centers and to improve knowledge, attitude and practices of children enrolled in day care centers, parents and caregivers through intensified nutrition and health education.

There are three municipalities participating in the program which are Kalibo, Makato, and Numancia. They received Social Pension of P280,500 intended for 187 elderly persons. Social pension is the monthly stipend at P500 each to augment the daily subsistence and other medical needs of indigent senior citizens to fulfill the obligation of the government to protect the most vulnerable sector through social protection mandated by Republic Act 9994. For the 1st quarter 2011, the 16 LGU’s in Aklan received the social pension fund. For this quarter, seven LGU documents are being processed.

On Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, a total of P24,000 was released to 14 beneficiaries. Libacao has eight household beneficiaries with a total grant of P12,500 while Madalag has six with a total grant of P11,500. The 4 P’s is the national government’s flagship program for poverty alleviation for the poorest families with children 0-14 years old. It provides conditional cash grants to poor families amounting to P500 a month per household for one year, and P300 a month per child for health and nutrition for a maximum of three (3) children, for 10 months.

In Western Visayas, Pantawid Pamilya is implemented in Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras, Iloilo and Negros Occidental. It covers 75 municipalities, 11 cities and 173,723 households. The program covers 14 municipalities in Aklan with P105,029,200 released for the 23, 322 households. /MP

NVC and Rotary Clubs Unveil Rotary Land Marker

Officers of the Rotary Club of Tokyo Jonan posing for a souvenir picture in front of the Rotary Land Marker situated on the portion of Bakhawan Eco-Park. (ARV Photo)


Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC) and the Rotary Club of Kalibo, welcomed the arrival of Rotary Clubs of Tokyo Jonan and Makati South at the Kalibo International Airport (KIA) on Monday morning, July 11, 2011. NVC community was led by its president, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo and the Rotary Club of Kalibo by its president, Bing Santamaria in welcoming the visitors from Tokyo Japan and Makati City.

From the KIA, the group proceeded to the Bakhawan Eco Park, New Buswang, Kalibo for the unveiling ceremonies of the Rotary Land Marker. The marker weighs 200 kilograms made of steel and erected on the portion, now called Rotary Land, of the Bakhawan Eco Park.

Mrs. Lorna T. Sison, NVC Environmental Club adviser disclosed that this marker demonstrates the continuing commitment of the Rotarians of Tokyo Jonan and Makati South in environmental con-servation and protection.

Last year, the Rotary Club of Tokyo Jonan funded the Bakhawan Planting project of 30,000 bakhaw propagules covering a 10 hectare area at a total cost of Php100, 000.00.

"Among those tapped to plant was the NVC Environmental Club. While they planted, they are also caring it", Mrs. Sison said. The Rotary Club of Kalibo was also on hand to support different projects and groundwork concerning the Bakhawan Eco-Park.

Mr. Kuni Minomoto of the Rotary Club of Tokyo Jonan said, "the environment conservation and protection are essential not just only here in the Philippines but also all over the world and I believe that trees are the verve and safe haven of all living things.

With pleasure, Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, NVC president thanked the NVC Environmental Club for actively participating in different advocacies to preserve the environment. Along with the projects of the NVC Environmental Club is the adoption of a school based solid waste management, seminar workshops, lectures, Beach Clean Up, Art and Essay Writing Contests concerning man and his biosphere. It also joins the Most Eco-Friendly School Contest sponsored by the DepEd and DENR.

After the unveiling ceremonies, the group ate lunch at Hernanis Kalibo, held a dialogue with the officers and members of RC Kalibo about matters of common concern. The group returned to Manila at 5 o’clock in the afternoon of the same day, Monday. /MP