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Press Clubs Federation Celebrates 50th Anniversary On Dec. 5-7

The Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Phil, Inc. (FPPCP), a confederation of provincial media organizations, will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary in Aklan, a province in the Western Visayas, famous for its Ati-atihan and Boracay Island from December 5-7, 2013.

The Ati-atihan, acclaimed as the mother of all Philippine festivals for its uniqueness and significance, and Boracay, the world–famous resort for its white-sand beaches, will be among the attractions to some 200 press clubs presidents, officers, broadcasters, publishers, editors, columnists, commentators, tourism writers, book authors, including campus writers, advisers, social media communicators and digital media practitioners who will attend.

Strengthening the provincial press and the strategic role of community journalism will be the central theme of the golden year observance while constituting itself as the First Countryside Press Congress (FCPC) to dwell on various raging issues confronting the nation.

Aklan State University (ASU) and Boracay Foundation Inc. (BFI) are the main institutional partners of the three day event.

On Dec. 5 and 6, Aklan State University (ASU) will be the venue of the golden anniversary. The delegates will later (Dec. 7-8) converge in Boracay Island.

The Aklan Press Club (APC) and Boracay Global Press Corps, Inc. (BGPCI) will be the principal media partners of the FPPCP’s 50th commemorative celebration.

Conferment of Recognition and Service Awards will be among the highlights of the 3-day affair.

The Journalism Department of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges (NVC), headed by Atty. Allen Salas Quimpo, will serve as the secretariat during the convention, with the support of the NVC Journalism students.

To recall, sometime in 1963, a group of Philippine press fraternity leaders, spearheaded by Teodoro F. Valencia, Macario T. Vicencio, Jose D. Aspiras, Ernesto O. Granada, Nereo C. Andalong, all former presidents of the National Press Clubs (NPC) and other NPC stalwarts like Blas F. Ople, Mao Chanco, Pacifico de Guzman, Vic Tagle, Dejaresco, Jr. initiated the formation of FPPCP as an adjunct of the NPC. Juan P. Dayang of the Philippine News Service (PNS), being the youngest elected NPC director and board secretary, and chairman of the NPC provincial affairs committee, was commissioned to set up the FPPCP. Since then, FPPCP has existed as the main fraternity of the provincial press.

Those interested to participate in this historic event are invited to register now. Working secretariat can be contacted at Suite 511, Marbella Building 2, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. Telephone no. (02) 313-5302. Mobile Nos. 0949-1294777/Joseph-0908306026 /MP 

Breakfast With Frank Chavez

by Alex P. Vidal

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” ALBERT PIKE

Sometime during the 2007 legislative and local elections, former Solicitor General Frank Chavez invited me to a breakfast at Hotel del Rio, Iloilo City where he explained why he did not run anymore for the senate after a hearth-breaking setback in the 2004 senatorial elections.

“As long as (former First Lady) Imelda Marcos is alive, I can never win in the national elections,” he volunteered.

Atty. Chavez said Mrs. Marcos hated him so much that she was willing to purchase a round trip ticket for Chavez’s journey to hell. He accused the wife of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos of orchestrating a move to sabotage his candidacy by “sponsoring” a “nuisance” candidate by the name of Melchor Chavez.

Although they have different first names, Atty. Chavez said the other Chavez created confusion in the ballot and “swallowed” his votes during the actual canvassing.


Mrs. Marcos has refused to comment on Atty. Chavez’s accusation but the other Chavez, who ran as independent, swore he was a serious aspirant for the Philippine senate.  Melchor Chavez, who ran and lost again in the 2007 senatorial contest under KBL party of Marcos garnered 843,702 votes nationwide, even dared Atty. Chavez to a debate which the latter rejected.

As one of the founders of the Brotherhood of Nationalistic, Involved and Free Attorneys to Combat Injustice and Oppression (BONIFACIO), Atty. Chavez fought the Marcos dictatorship, thus he became closer to the Aquino family who lost Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino during the final years of the hated regime.
He left a lucrative law practice as founding partner of the Chavez Laureta & Associates law office after being appointed as solicitor general in 1987, a year after Mrs. Corazon Aquino was swept into power via EDSA Revolution.


It was not hard to converse with Atty. Chavez because we spoke the same dialect. He was born in Brgy. Bateria, Sagay, Negros Occidental and was fluent in Hiligaynon.
Before he left the Office of Solicitor General in 1992, I first met Atty. Chavez at the office of the late Ilonggo human rights lawyer, Atty. J.T. Barrera, who was already rooting for Atty. Chavez to run for the senate.

He was fire-spewing and always reminded people “not to forget” the dark episode of our history during the Martial Law which he witnessed as a young lawyer.

When President Marcos declared Martial Law in 1971, Chavez has finished his Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the Philippines as cum laude. He was admitted to the Philippine Bar the following year.


In the middle of our conversation, Atty. Chavez stopped talking upon seeing former Justice Secretary Raul M. Gonzalez who passed by the hotel’s dinning area.
His remarks were not good to the ears of Gonzalez’s supporters who were in the hearing distance. He disliked Gonzalez as a cabinet official under President and now Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, but held the former justice secretary in high esteem as a colleague in law profession.
According to reports written after he died of stroke at age 66 Wednesday night, last month, Atty. Chavez was the youngest bar examiner at age 38 when he served as examiner in remedial law during the 1985 Bar examinations. He was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the country for his achievements in his chosen field of law and human rights in 1986.

He was cremated.
Congratulations to the new officers of the Iloilo Press Club (IPC) headed by Daily Guardian editor-in-chief Francis Allan Angelo who were inducted at Hotel Del Rio last month. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Batong Buhi

May kabuhi baea ro bato? Idto sa barangay malanday, sakop it Bohol, may isaeang ka bato nga guina patihan nga buhi. Saksi si Mang Pendong ko bato ngaron tongod maisot pa imaw hay isaeang ka maisot eamang rondayang bato ogaling sa pagtaliwan it dinag-on, nangin higante eon ro kabahoe it bato. Guina bawaean ko mga guinikanan ro andang mga unga nga mag eapit sa bato ngaron ay basi higupon sanda.

Isaeang adlaw, naga pamasyar si Enrico sa eanas maeapit sa bato, tag nag abot imaw halin sa syudad. Wiling wili guid imaw sa pagpinamasyar sa maeapad nga eanas ko anang lolo. Ko olihi, guina-oy imaw it tinikang. Busa, nagpungko agod mahuway. May nakita imaw nga mingko mabahoe nga bato. Busa, sumaka imaw sa bato ag idto nagpahuway-huway. Owa ngani mag init ro anang buli, may nabatyagan imaw nga parang naghumok ro anang guina pungkuan ag ko ulihi hay matsa may naga higop kana paidaeom. Nadueaan imaw it pangalibutan. Sa anang pagbugtaw idto eot-a imaw sa kahari-an it mga puting tinuga nga naga suksok man it mga puti.

Guin abi-abi imaw it pinaka Reyna it kahari-an. Guin pamasyar man imaw sa bilog nga palibot. Guina sinunod imaw it mga unga nga mapuea-puea it buhok ag puro naka biste it puti nga manipis. Guin taw-an imaw it pagkaon, ogaling nadumdoman nana ro andang leksyon sa eskwelahan, “Never accept food from strangers”. Nagpamalibad imaw ag nag pasaeamat sa mayad nga pag abi-abi kana.

Abo nga mga kabueakan ro anang nakita. Nadumdoman nana ro mga tanum ko anang lola. Nakabatyag imaw it kahidlaw sa anang lola busa nag ea-ong imaw nga mag uli.

Nagpasugot man ro Reyna. Haum man imaw nga batunon kon ano man nga oras imaw magbalik ag kon siin imaw maagi. Bilang regalo, guin taw-an imaw it pilang bilog nga batong diyamante. Sa anang pagbugtaw, idto imaw nagtunga sa bato nga mabahoe. Nag uli imaw. Owa man imaw magsugid maski kanyo kon siin imaw maghalin. Ro pag eaum ko anang lolo ag lola hay una eamang imaw nagpamasyar sa libot-libot.

Makaron, una pa guihapon ro bato. Ogaling guin tubu-an eon it mga eomot ag mga kahoy ro palibot. Owa eon man it mga unga nga naga hinampang tongod guina salipdan sa mata it tawo ro bato. Kon may una pa man nga naga estar nga ibang tinuga, paniempo eamang ro nakasayod. /MP 

Aklan Barangay Elections Are Peaceful

Except for the minor trouble in Sigcay, Banga, Aklan which involved former Banga Mayor Antonio Maming and a teacher who was the chairman of the board of canvassers, the intensified all security measures had deterred and prevented violence as the campaign period for local candidates ended last Monday, October 28.

Officer-in-Charge of Aklan Police Provincial Office, Supt. Jomil John Trio declared the entire police force in heightened alert in adherence to the directive of PNP Headquarters.

“With the help of our campaign in gun ban, there was more reason to push our police personnel to be more vigilant to ensure the October 28 elections orderly, peaceful and credible,” Trio said.

He also reminded the public to be vigilant and to report any sightings of violations of the Comelec rules and regulations regarding the electoral processes which prevented possible violent confrontation among candidates and their supporters. /MP

Chiz Mulls Comprehensive National Building Safety Test

With the country going through major weather disturbances bearing geologic hazards, Senator Chiz Escudero said a comprehensive inspection of buildings nationwide must be done to check its structural safety and integrity.

Senate Bill No. (SBN) 420 proposes a mandatory nationwide inspection of residential and commercial buildings by a composite team from different government agencies. The bill stipulates that the department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), in coordination with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) and all leagues of local government units, shall initiate and conduct the inspection

Escudero, chairman of the Senate committee on finance, said that the country has been hit left and right with natural disasters like the recent Central Visayas earthquake which devastated old and new infrastructures alike.

“We are now coming face to face with the realities of landslides, flash floods, earthquakes and we witness how structures and constructions in the country did not respond well to its natural impacts. We need a comprehensive review of the National Building Code to ensure that our infrastructures are safe for use.”

The bill seeks to tighten the existing regulations and laws contained in the Presidential Decree (PD) No. 1096 or the National Building Code. The result of the comprehensive inspection will determine the issuance by building officials concerned the certificate of inspections and clearance.

 The senator said the bill also put in place a mechanism to impose stiffer penalties against building officials who violate pertinent provisions of the national building code.

“There are anecdotal evidence suggesting that there is a serious concern with false issuance of building permits, clearances and certifications to some building contractors by errant building officials. This malevolent practice exposes the public to injuries, damages or worse, death. We want to prevent this from happening and punish those who will commit such.”

Building officials who will commit fraud, misrepresentation and deceit in the inspection of buildings and issuance of permits or certificates pursuant to PD 1096 face the penalty of reclusion perpetua, perpetual disqualification to hold office and permanent revocation of professional license. /MP

Monday, October 21, 2013



DENR Approves ECC of Metallica Marine Shipyard

A bitter controversy between Engr. Jonathan R. Salvador, Head of Metallica Marine Consultancy Fabrication and Services and New Washington Mayor Edgar Peralta finally ended with the release of approved Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) by DENR. The ECC is dated October 14, 2013 signed by Atty. Jonathan P. Bulos, OIC Regional Director, DENR. 

In a presscon held in Poblacion, Kalibo on October 16, 2013, Engr. Salvador cited the chronology of events from the time he filed his ECC application with DENR on April 15, 2013 to this date. He recalled the red tape encountered while securing his Mayor’s Permit, Business Permit, and Zoning Clearance. from LGU New Washington. Salvador provided copies of documents to the Aklan media members he submitted in support to his ECC application. These are: Transfer Certificate of Title, Site Development Plan, Survey Plan, Tax Declaration, Contract of Lease, Deed of Absolute Sale of portion of land that will constitute the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as required by DAO 2003-30 and MC 2007-02.

On June 7, 2013, the ECC was approved by DENR but held in abeyance pending payment by the proponent in violation of PD 1586 because of late registration. New Washington Mayor Edgar Peralta on June 25, 2013 filed a formal complaint with DENR against the Metallica Marine Shipyard project in Polo, New Washington alleging that it has no Mayor’s Permit, Business Permit and ECC. Other charges Peralta cited are the lack of barangay clearance and its being pollutive/hazardous nature of enterprise that would exacerbate the already precarious situation of Lagatik river ecosystem.

This was vehemently denied by the respondent, Salvador in a presscon held on July 9, 2013 at “The Yard”, Polo, New Washington where photocopies of legal documents like the Mayor’s permit, and Business Permit. Fully operational is the stabilization pond for solid and liquid wastes.

Mr. Levi Rogando, former New Washington SB member decried the glaring inconsistencies in filing complaints against Metallica Marine Shipyard. For instance, report of river pollution, declining fish catch by Pinamuk-an Fisherfolks Assn. must be supported by tangible and verifiable evidence secured from authorities like DENR, DOH, DA-BFAR. Local aldermen is in no position to conduct these investigations by themselves. Otherwise, complaints could be plain hearsy or harassment. One cannot overlook the fact that a fish cage is currently operating downstream of the project site, yet no fish kill of any sort or human poisoning has occurred since January 2013 until today. A big time fishing operator, Ms. Editha Sazon has a sizeable fishpond nearby and yet there is no pollution–related incident.

The concern on river pollution stems with the use of polyester resin and fiberglass materials in its shipbuilding and repair work. The result of ambient water quality tests conducted by Negros Prawn Producers Cooperative Analytical and Diagnostic Laboratory on August 30, 2013 shows no water pollution whatsoever. The standard Ph is not more than 8.5; Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is 12 or slightly higher than the standard of 10mg/li but considered normal since the area is a major navigable waterway. The total suspended solids is way below the 30.0 mg/li standard norm.

On the other hand, laboratory analysis conducted by DENR on three sites which are the (mouth of Malogo Creek, Upstream and Downstream Lagatik river) in August and October 2013 show similar findings. These strongly prove that the operation and management of the light industrial facility at Polo, New Washington are above board like the compliance of existing laws and mitigating adverse environmental problems right at the very start of the project.

The Chief Executive (Mayor Peralta) must be aware and cognizant of basic facts in this case since he could not be complainant and judge at the same time. The final arbiter is the DENR who has sole power either to approve or disapprove the ECC application. Rational thinking is distorted if political bias holds sway.

Engr. Salvador points out that New Washington has high levels of air and water pollution because of non-enforcement of environmental laws like Solid Waste Management and the Clean Air Act. Its abattoir rakes up an estimated 590 kgms. of solid wastes per week However, these are never disposed off properly as to convert it into fertilizer. Dumping site does not follow international standards as to construction of sanitary landfill. Garbage is not re-used, reduced or recycled because there is no Material Recovery Facility (MRF) operated by LGU New Washington.

The huge Lagatik river basin serves as convenient sinkhole of garbage by many households living closed to the waterway thus significantly reducing its fishery potentials. These concerns should rather be addressed by the Mayor of New Washington instead of stifling legitimate rights of small businessmen.

The target capacity of the shipbuilding and repair facility is a maximum production of four modest inter island vessels per year. Hence, the management provides full time employment and training to 24 laborers. Engr. Salvador said more jobless persons may be employed in the near future. It also provides additional income to New Washington. Based on local BIR taxpayer listing Metallica Marine Shipyard now ranks second to Sampaguita Gardens in terms of annual remittance.

Engr. Salvador believes that it pays to stand up for what one believes although it cost enormous money and damage reputation. He credits his success to God, immediate family members, friends and investors in the Metallica Marine Fabrication and Dumaguit – Batan Ferries Corp. and the tri-media.

The release of ECC was effected after Engr. Salvador paid the P25,000 fine and penalties for late registration. DENR underscores that the compliance to the environmental aspect of ECC will continue during the project operation and even until the abandonment of the project. /MP    

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

In Sympathy With Aklanons Living Below Normal Life

The Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) has just transferred to its new three storey building located in Barangay Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan.

The building took some 15 months to construct which cost P40 million. The land cost P7 million or a total cost of P47 million for the land and building.

According to Mr. Edgar Isada, MKWD general manager, the money used in the land acquisition and the cost of labor and materials in constructing the building all came from the accumulated savings from the MKWD operations.

This MKWD managerial operations is highly commendable worthy of respect and emulation. Several years ago, MKWD was placed in the hot seat and in the limelight not because of outstanding accomplishment but due to some questionable purchases like the controversial PVC pipes. Due to it, two general managers were relieved.

The 20,968 concessionaires are having great trust and confidence on the duo: General Manager Edgar Isada and chairman of the Board of Directors, Atty. Edmund Peralta. To many Aklanons, Atty. Edmund Peralta is known as the man who constructs durable buildings out of savings.

One cited example is the construction of the two storey New Washington Town Hall constructed out of the P12 million savings of the municipality while Atty. Edmund Peralta was the Mayor of that town.

On the other hand, in LGU Aklan, there is now a proposal in the 2014 Provincial Budget to borrow from the bank to finance the construction of a legislative building.

This is the opposite to what the MKWD board and management did in the acquisition of land and construction of the new building.

Maybe, the honorable members of the Aklan SP can re-study the loan proposal to loan for building construction with the view to differ the legislative building construction to later years.

In December this year, the Provincial Treasurer of Aklan will auction real estate properties which owners failed to pay their respective real estate taxes. This failure to pay is a real indication of economic hardship.

This year, 2013, the sum of P81,565,192.18 or 11 percent of the provincial budget is appropriated for “Debt Servicing”. With the P45 million additional loan, annual loan repayment will greatly increased.
According to the National Statistics Office, for every 10 houses in Aklan, seven (7) needed repairs. These houses had floor areas ranging from 9.5 to 19 square meters inhabited by an average of four (4.3) Aklanons per house. What a miserable place to live! In a crowded space!
Consider also that all the 17 towns in Aklan are enrolled in 4Ps. The main qualification to get enroll in 4Ps is poverty.

Can our provincial legislators postpone the construction of a legislative building to sympathize with the Aklanons experiencing difficulties and living below normal life?

More Fruits

For those who are fond of eating lanzones and rambutan, I hope you have eaten enough of those fruits this year.

The season of these two tropical fruits is past. What are left of lanzones and rambutan are those from late bearing trees.

It is accepted that rambutan and lanzones fruited more this year. Hence, we expect less harvest of those fruits next year. /MP  

Rice Self Sufficiency


The Philippines is a thriving nation of 7,107 islands blessed with vast natural resources. Her people are hardworking, living off these enviable gifts, half of whom belongs to the vital and extensive agriculture sector. The farmers and fisherfolks, the main contributors to the growth of the multi-billion peso agriculture industry, however are not given the attention and assistance they deserve for producing different kinds of food on tables not just in this country but in other nations as well.

Aside from the perennial problems of credit and access to the latest agricultural technologies, farmers and fisherfolks are faced with equally daunting challenges, such as changing weather patterns, conversion of farmlands, fluctuating prices, global economics meltdown, and worst, diversion of assistance that belong to the farmers and fisherfolks.

Our government leaders have been deaf and blind to the plight of the farmers and fisherfolks and allied sectors to agriculture. There are thousands of families that depend solely on agriculture which are not liberated from misery to prosperity; from failure to success. The 4Ps programs means 35 percent of Filipinos are not capable to support themselves.

Rice self sufficiency is the path why the Philippines must ensure that rice is accessible and affordable to Filipinos as their staple commodity. The key to this goal is to enhance provincial self sufficiency as Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) records show from 2003 to 2008 years, the annual average provincial growth of 3.68 percent was attained with all times high of 7 percent in 2004. In 2007 to 2009, the Philippines has a production performance of 5.96 percent growth. These achievements were attributed to in placed government interventions and investments through Rice Program with Hybrid Rice Commercialization program. However, such increase cannot match rice demand, owing to the high annual increase of population at 2.04 percent according to the National Statistics and Coordination Board (NSCB). Rice per capita consumption has also increased from 92.53 kgs per year to 120 kgs per year in 2010.

The present PDAF and DAP scams are clear diversion of funds and that the investment in the rice program of government are not enough to achieve self sufficiency sooner or later. The Department of Agriculture before has a Corporate Plan for Rice Self Sufficiency envisioned a 100 percent sufficient rice economy through improved rice productivity and increased income of rice farmers. It aims to increase total palay production from 16.2M MT in 2007; 17.3M MT in 2008; 17.8M MT in 2009; 18.7M MT in 2010; 19.6M MT in 2011; 20.6M MT in 2012 and 21.5M MT in 2013 leveling to reduce if not eliminate rice importation from 2010 to 2014. The targeted volumes of production are attainable in a normal condition with adequate government support to the program.

The said corresponding national government support will be matched with counterpart resources from the local government units to enhance a sense of responsibility and ownership of the rice self sufficiency plans.

The implementation of this Plan requires Php71 billion budget for the stated period including budget for the rehabilitation of irrigation systems and continuing rice Researches and Developments. Investments are needed in Research and Development to generate technologies that will further sustain increases in rice productivity and help expand the current production frontier in other rainfed and marshy areas. The role of the Researches and Developments is crucial in Agro economic systems effort to effectively manage and coordinate research matters only in agriculture and fishery and the stakeholders.

Fortunately, no one has given facts, figures and valid argument that categorically say if it can be achieved through “SA TUWID NA LANDAS”, that this elusive dream of rice self sufficiency for Filipinos can be realized. Our government must intensify the promotion of crop propagation management and production as food, feed, fuel, and fertilizer. It is true that many farmers are interested in planting, cultivating, and producing crops for food to survive and to help address the country’s food security.

Our prayers and great HOPE that our government officials both elected or appointed will change its image and spirit of character. /MP

BUB Project Assures P15M Per Aklan Town


Who cares whether the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of Senators and Congressmen are scrapped or not?

Under the novel and brand new planning and budgeting strategy called the bottoms-up budgeting of the national government, local government units at the municipal level can now assess their needs and potentials. They can come up with projects suited to their needs and be assured of national government appropriations without seeking the blessings of their congressman in Congress.

Bottom’s-up budgeting (BUB) is planning and budgeting thru the active and genuine involvement of grassroots organizations and communities.

This year, 11 towns in Aklan are included among the 41 LGUs (8 cities and 33 municipalities) as identified Focus-LGUs by the National Anti-Poverty Commission. They are assured of appropriations from participating national government agencies for their respective projects.

These are Altavas with P8 million worth of projects; Balete with P10.17 million; Banga with P9.1 million; Batan - P9.5 million; Buruanga - P8 million; Ibajay – P12.4 million; Libacao – P12.7 million; Madalag – P8.7 million; Malinao – P8.6 million; Nabas – P12.578 million; and New Washington – P10.7 million.

The criteria used in the selection of LGUs are the magnitude and incidence of poverty, high economic potentials and vulnerability to geo-hazards such as floods and landslides.

BUB eligible projects for submission to the participating national government agencies must contribute to the following: 1) Provision for basic social services and attainment of the Millenium Development Goals, including poverty reduction; 2) Hunger mitigation and elimination; 3) Job generation and inclusive local development; and 4) Climate change adaptation/mitigation and preparedness.

The government agencies involved in the BUB are DA, DAR, DENR, DOE, DepEd, DOH, DSWD, PhilHealth, NEA, DOE, DILG, and DOLE. These agencies are mandated to earmark at least 10 percent of their annual budget for BUB projects.

By 2015, each town in Aklan is assured of P15 million for their eligible BUB projects. /MP

Month of Celebrations: October

October is a Rosary Month. It is National Statistics Month, World Teacher’s Month and Cooperative Month among others.

Rosary is a prayer rich in history. It started at a time when heresy was leading many people into errors. Our Lady gave prayer to St. Dominic as weapon effective against heresy and evil.

Rosary has four elements. These are 1. Contemplation – the series of mysteries of salvation, 2. The Lord’s Prayer, the basis of Christian prayer, 3. The Litany, like the succession of Hail Mary’s, and 4. The Doxology, Glory Be To The Father In Conformity with an orientation common to Christian piety.

October is the 24th National Statistics Month which theme is “Statistics that matter to every Filipino”. The LGU Aklan, and the Aklan Rivers System Development Council are jointly celebrating the Statistics Month. They had conducted two Statistical Research and Utilization Fora where four researches completed were presented and discussed.

October is also World Teacher’s Month which theme is “My Teacher, My Hero”.

The English Club of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Kalibo held a Teacher’s Day program in honor of the members of the faculty on Friday afternoon. October 4. Some 71 faculty members led by Dr. Reinalda I. Magdaluyo were proclaimed Teacher’s of the year.

Likewise, the 2013 Cooperative Month celebration is spearheaded by LGU Aklan, Provincial Cooperative Development Council of Aklan and Cooperative Development Authority.

According to Ms. Lilian R. Rey, the celebration is anchored on the theme: “Cooperative Paves The Way For Inclusive Growth”.

The month long celebration will cover orientation on the organization of cooperatives to LGU officials from 17 towns of Aklan, the conduct of Provincial Cooperative Whiz 2013 for students category and members category, seminar on Aklan Credit Surety Fund Strategic Planning, Cooperative Management and Governance, and Aklan CSF Business Forum/Planning/Workshop. /MP  

The Rosary*


*Excerpt from the pamphlet “Rosary, the Gospel Prayer” by Sr. Evangeline Canag, D.S.P. and a reprint from the souvenir program on the Solemn Dedication of the Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, New Washington, Aklan, August 16-17, 1984. 

The Rosary as a prayer is rich in history. It is a prayer that started at a time when heresy was leading many into error.

Given to St. Dominic by Our Lady, as an effective weapon against heresy and evil, during an apparition of the Blessed Virgin in 1206, it was the main reason why St. Dominic was successful in leading many people back to the church.

We are aware of the historical account on how the Mohammedan tide was repulsed 400 years ago in the battle of Lepanto, on October 7, 1571. One month before the great battle, Pope Pius V urged all Christians to pray the Rosary for the triumph of Christian forces. The same was true when the Spanish naval forces won the battle of Manila Bay against the Dutch in 1646. The Christians in Luzon were also urged to pray the Holy Rosary for the triumph of the Christian forces.

We are also aware of Our Lady’s apparitions at Lourdes and at Fatima. She asked, St. Bernadette to pray the Rosary and told the three young peasants at Fatima to do the same for the conversion of Russia. In both cases, Our Blessed Mother asked to pray the Rosary for a purpose.

But what is the Rosary? Pope Pius XVII, in his letter to the Archbishop of Manila in 1946, described this as a “compendium of the entire Gospel as it contains the substance of the essential elements of the Gospel”. Pope Paul VI said that the “Rosary draws from the Gospel the presentation of the mysteries and its main formula.

The prayer is an orderly and gradual unfolding of the word of God which mercifully enter into human affairs and brought about the redemption. The Rosary considers the harmonious succession of the principal salvific events accomplished in Christ from His virginal conception and the mystery of His birth to the culminating moments of the Passover – and to effects of this on the infant Christ; on the day of the Pentecost, and on the Virgin Mary when at the end of her earthly life, she was assumed body and soul, into her heavenly home.

When we pray the Rosary, we should contemplate the life of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospel, and according to tradition, through the mysteries. The main objective of prayer and praise is God who did great things in Mary through her collaboration. Mary is not the goal of our prayer. It is Jesus Christ. So, even if the Rosary is often called “Mary’s Rosary”, in substance, its praise is directed to Jesus Christ.

“As a Gospel prayer centered on the mystery of the redemptive incarnation, the Rosary is a prayer with a clearly Christological orientation. Its most characteristic element, the litany-like succession of Hail Mary’s become in itself an unceasing praise of Christ, which is the ultimate object both of the angel’s announcement and of the greeting of the Mother of John the Baptist,” Blessed is the fruit of your womb (Lk. 1:42).” We would go further and say that the succession of Hail Marys constitutes the warp on which is woven the contemplation of the mysteries. The Jesus that each Hail Mary recalls is the same Jesus whom the succession of the mysteries proposes to us – the Son of God, the Son of the Virgin – at his birth in a stable at Bethlehem, at his presentation by his Mother in the Temple, as a youth full of zeal for the Father’s affairs, as the Redeemer in agony in the garden, carrying the cross and dying on Calvary; risen from the dead and ascended to the glory of the Father to send forth the gift of the Spirit. (to be continued next issue) /MP

If Todorov Outpointed Floyd, Pacquiao Can Win By KO

by Alex P. Vidal

“Boxing is what pays my bills.” Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez reminded me of Serafim Todorov, the lankly Bulgarian featherweight terror who beat Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. in the semi-finals of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Todorov, who lost the gold medal to Thailand’s Somluck Kamsing, 5-8, did not allow Mayweather to intimidate him after Mayweather earned the reputation as the first American boxer to beat a Cuban, Lorenzo Aragon, 12-11, in 20 years in a thrilling quarterfinals bout.

Coming off a rousing 14-6 triumph over Germany’s  Falk Huste in another quarterfinal duel, Todorov, a World Cup champion, was underdog when he collided against Mayweather, who had earlier eliminated Bakhtiyar Tileganov of Kazakhstan, RSCI 2; and Artur Gevorgyan of Armenia, 16–3.

Had Mayweather rolled past Todorov, experts believed he would have easily defeated Kamsing for the gold.

Fans could not accept Mayweather’s bronze medal in the Atlanta Olympics and fans described the loss to Todorov as “bum” decision.


“Everybody knows Floyd Mayweather is the gold-medal favorite at 57 kilograms,” Mayweather said after the loss to Todorov. “In America, it’s known as 125 pounds. You know and I know I wasn’t getting hit. They say he’s the world champion. Now you all know who the real world champion is.”
Claiming the judges were intimidated by Bulgaria’s Emil Jetchev, who was head of the boxing officials, into favoring the Todorov, the U.S. team filed a protest. Three of Jetchev’s countrymen were in gold medal bouts. Bill Waeckerle, one of the four U.S judges working the games for the International Amateur Boxing Federation (AIBA), resigned as Olympic Games and federation judge after Mayweather lost the decision, which was loudly booed by the crowd at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. “I refuse to be part of an organisation that continues to conduct its officiating in this manner,” Waeckerle wrote in his letter of resignation to AIBA president Anwar Chowdhry.

Alvarez (41-1-1, 30 KOs) fought like Todorov; he tore at Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs) and cutting the ring to land effectively. Alvarez, however, was fighting for 12 rounds for WBC/WBA super welterweight belts, not for Olympic gold, which is only for five rounds. He fought Mayweather in professional boxing, not in amateur. His style could not match Mayweather’s ring savvy. He was a sucker to all of Mayweather’s right and left combinations, and there was no way he could beat the arrogant ex-convict under the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

In the second round for instance, Mayweather squeezed in a right to the body. Backing away, he left Canelo to punch at air after hitting Mayweather with a jab to the face. There was exchange of jabs and Canelo landed a good right to the body. Mayweather responded with a good left to the face, and jabbed to the body and backed up. Canelo missed a hard left and Mayweather rushed to the body.


It’s very difficult to beat Mayweather in professional boxing. Even Manny Pacquiao can’t withstand his rapid punches and slick-moving style.  Pacquiao, however, can demolish Mayweather with a solid punch if he makes a mistake of engaging the Filipino bomber in a slugfest. But Mayweather won’t do that -- in the event he will face Pacquiao next.

Mayweather hasn’t forgotten the fundamentals that brought him glory as an amateur fighter. Compiling an amateur record of 84–6 and winning the national Golden Gloves championships in 1993 (at 106 lb), 1994 (at 114 lb) and 1996 (at 125 lb), Mayweather was nicknamed “Pretty Boy” by his amateur teammates because he had relatively few scars, a result of the defensive techniques that his father and uncle, Roger Mayweather (also a former world champion) had taught him.

If he knows that his opponent packs wallops in both fists like Pacquiao, Mayweather knows how to dance away from trouble and eke out a points victory. He is not a risk taker. He fights to win -- on points.  Pacquiao, on the other hand, always tried his best to score a stoppage win; he didn’t want to take fans for a ride. He wants to satisfy and entertain them with a knockout victory, a risky move that has cost him a brutal KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

(But last Sunday’s fight, Oct. 12, Mayweather won over Juan Manuel Marquez in a 12 rounds split decision in Las Vegas, Nevada.) /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Modernong Romeo & Juliet

Sayod kita ko istorya ni Romeo and Juliet. Ro paghigugmaanan nga owa pagtaw-i it kahigayunan iya sa eogta, ogaling nag ueonongan sanda maskin sa kamatayon agod padayunon idto sa pihak nga kinabuhi.
Si Robert ag Alice hay guina kabig nga modernong Romeo and Juliet. Bata pa ro daywa, hay saksi sanda ko owa it pagkaeasugot ko andang mga guinikanan. Nag umpisa pa rondaya sa andang mga ka lolohan ag nagpadayon hasta sa oras nanday Robert ag Alice.

Nalisdan ro mga inunga ko daywang ka pamilya tongod guina pinahan sanda kon masayran nga naga kasugot sanda sa kada myembro it pihak nga pamilya. Ogaling, indi mapunggan ro paghiguga. Sarang mo mapapundo ro pag ilig it tubi ogaling ro paghigugma hay indi mapunggan ag maga usoy guid it paagi para eamang matuman ro dikta it tagipusuon.

Ro baeay nanday Robert ag Alice hay may mata-as nga pader ro naga separar. Ro guina obra ni Robert, amat-amat it pagtuhob it gabot sa pader agod idto nana guina sutsot ro anang sueat para kay Alice. Una man sa tuhob guina paagi ni Alice ro anang baeos. Iya man nana guina butang ro sabat kay Robert.
Owa guid makasayod ro andang mga guinikanan sa guina obra ko daywa. Ko olihi, nagkasugot sanda nga magtanan (ea-as). Nag pahaum sanda ag nagtipon it kantidad. Ko gabi-e ngaron, nagpanaw sanda. Nagsuksok sanda it biste it manog pakalimos hasta nakaabot sa pantalan. Pag abot sa siyudad, nag usoy sanda it maisot nga baeay agod maestahan. Nag umpisa sanda it pagtukod it maisot nga tindahan ag maisot nga karinderya.

Tongod sa andang kahugod, amat-amat nga nag umwad ro daywa. Pila eon nga bilog ro andang karinderya ag nakapatindog man it baeay. Duro ro kaakig ko andang mga guinikanan. Guin taw-an kuno sanda it kahuy-anan ko daywa, busa guin sumpa sanda ko andang mga guinikanan.

Owa sanda maka eskwela. Owa man it natapos ro andang mga magueang tongod guina bug-atan sanda ko pag inaway ko andang pamilya. Naubos man ro andang mga eogta sa pagpaboeong ko ama ni Alice samtang naka patay ro igmanghod ni Robert. Nasayran nanda ro natabo kat sekreto nga nag uli si Robert idto sa andang lugar.

Nag usoy it kilaeang doctor si Alice ag guin paadtunan ro anang ama. Pagmayad ko anang ama, hakibot sanda nga owa sanda pagsukta it doctor ay bayad eon kuno ro pasyente. Imaw man ro guin obra ni Robert, guin lakad nana nga maka guwa ro anang igmanghod sa presohan. Ka’t matawhay eon ro tanan, may nagpundo nga saeakyan sa atubang it daywang ka baeay ag nagpapanaog it mga gamit ag pagkaon. Pagpanaog ko daywa, hakibot ro andang pamilya kat may daywang ka onga ro nagdaeagan paadto sa tatay ni Alice. Duro ro kalipay ko tatay ni Alice. Imaw man ro tatay ni Robert kat nagbisa man ro daywang ka onga kana.

Owa it pinaka malipayon sa tanan kundi ro pamilya ni Robert ag Alice. Guin wasak nanda ro pader ag guin obrahan it maeapad nga “lawn” sa tunga. Malipayon man ro mga tawo nga nakasaksi tongod owa eon sanda naga pamatyag kon ano ro obrahon kanda kon masayran nga magpakitungo sanda sa kada pihak nga pamilya. Saeamat sa kaisog ag determinasyon nanday Robert ag Alice, ro Pilipino ag modernong Romeo and Juliet. /MP

New Washington’s (Aklan) Ugly Faces

MEGS S. LUNN photos

LGU NEW WASHINGTON Slaughterhouse demonstrates the unscientific solid waste handling. The LGU New Washington constructed it on a creek, a swampy area with stagnant water. Cats, dogs, and chicken feed on livestock hair, blood, and intestine. Dirty water coming from it drains to the river.

This slaughter house is serving as host and place to breed for insect pests like mosquito, fly, and cockroach. What a dirty place!

Drainage is clogged. To drain excess water, a detour is made so that water drains under the pier.

This picture shows the  portion of the public market which speaks a thousand words with meanings among the people.


Software Freedom Day “Click It To Win It” Photo Contest sponsored by the 8 Layer Technologies, PCCI-Aklan, DTI-Aklan, DepEd Aklan and Aklan Press Club, Inc. was held recently. Shown at right is winner of a computer printer Dexter Dela Cruz, from Mobo, Kalibo, a  Bachelor of Science in Computer student of Northwestern  Visayas Colleges, Kalibo with Ms. Megs Lunn. /MP

BTAC Nabs Drug Pusher Suspect In Boracay

by PO3 Nida L. Gregas

The joint PNP elements of Boracay Tourist Assistance Center (BTAC), Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) operatives led by Insp. Wilfredo Hofilena, Aklan Provincial Public Safety Company (APSC) and Regional Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group (RAIDSOTG) in coordination with PDEA6 arrested a suspected drug pusher at Sitio Cagban, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Saturday, October 12.

The said arrested person was identified as Michael Sola alias “Mike”, 31 years old, married, native of Railway St., Poblacion, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

Operatives recovered from Sola the following items: 1 piece small heated-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance of suspected shabu marked as “MSS” (recovered from police poseur buyer); 1 piece small heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing white crystalline substance of suspected shabu marked as “MSS-1”; 6 pieces of PHP 1,000.00 cash buy bust money consisting of 1 piece 100 peso bill with (marked money); 

1 piece PHP 500.00 bill; 4 pieces PHP 100.00 bills (unmarked money); 1 piece light gray small box with marking “Jhopai” containing suspected assorted illegal drug paraphernalia consisting of 2 pieces small strips of aluminum foil; 2 pieces of small aluminum foil (rolled into small tubes improvised tooter); 1 piece stainless razor blade; 1 piece bamboo stick improvised sealer and 2 pieces disposable lighters (green and yellow); 2 pieces black and white Nokia cell phones, model 105 and 112 containing text messages of suspected illegal drugs transactions.

Sola was immediately arrested after being informed of his violations and his constitutional rights. He is currently in BTAC office for proper disposition. Spot inventory and preparation of receipt of the said recovered and confiscated items were made in the presence of the suspect inside his boarding house, witnessed and signed by Mr. Mabert S. Dalida, Radio Broadcaster-Yes FM Boracay, Hon. Lloyd B. Maming, Brgy. Kagawad, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc, Boracay and Atty. Flosemer Chris I. Gonzales, Prosecutor I - DOJ Representative.

An inquest case was readied and filed against said suspect at the Aklan Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, Kalibo, Aklan.
Gun Ban Violators

The Aklan province police force will not lie low in its operations against those who will defy the Comelec gun ban. 

Aklan Police Provincial Office director, Police Senior Superintendent Pedrito Escarilla, said more checkpoint/chokepoint operations and intelligence monitoring activities will be conducted to arrest the violators.

“We have to prevent violence and other threats to peace and order as we come close to the October 28, 2013 barangay election,” Escarilla said. “The police will be strict against carrying of other deadly weapons”, he added.

APPO Operations and Plans Branch reported that, aside from seven firearms, three bladed weapons were among the confiscated items from arrested gun ban violators to date.

Escarilla reveal that 14 persons are already arrested for violation of the gun ban, eight of whom are filed in court, two are still under investigation.

Joemar Rondario, 21-year-old, was arrested on Saturday evening, October 12 at Navitas, Malinao, Aklan. Rondario was caught carrying a knife with scabbard measuring more or less 9.5 inches long from tip to handle.

Escarilla reiterated the call to the public to heed and observe the election laws and other legal orders especially this election period. “Let’s make this election peaceful in our history as a province,” according to PO1 C. Lagatic. /MP

Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Institutionalizing EAS To Save Lives In Kalibo

A one-day seminar on Emergency Alert System (EAS) sponsored by Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC) of Kalibo was held on September 27. The objective is to institutionalize EAS among the resident population as proactive defense against natural disasters brought by climate change.
RA 10121 or the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010 mandates a unified system of communication and early warning from DOST–PAGASA down to Provincial and Municipal levels. The Philippines is identified by the United Nations as the 3rd most natural disaster-prone country in the world.
Based on Provincial data, 9 out of 17 towns in Aklan are vulnerable to heavy flooding during moonson season. The affected areas are traversed by the massive Aklan river namely: Libacao, Madalag, Banga, Malinao, Lezo, Kalibo, and Numancia. Other places like Ibajay and Tangalan maybe slightly affected. At 20 cms. precipitation in just 24 hours may result to flush floods and disasters simply because riverbeds are heavily silted and forest land is getting smaller each year. Heavily flooded are river deltas of Kalibo and Numancia where most population, commerce and industry are located. Actually, 50 percent of Kalibo’s prime land is flood prone but confined to coastal and riverine barangays. Typhoon Frank on June 21, 2008 and Quinta on December 26, 2012 are some of the few grim reminders of flooding that hit Kalibo. 
It is for this reason that Kalibo under the leadership of Mayor William S. Lachica that EAS is being implemented targeting the vulnerable sector of society. The first training on Basic Search and Rescue was held on November 22 – 24, 2010 at Corazon Legaspi Cabagnot Provincial Training Center. This was re-echoed to all 16 barangays at the same time recruiting citizen volunteers. Presently, it has 35 full time Emergency Medical Technicians on 24/7 alert and backed up by two ambulances and two service vehicles.
The concept of EAS according to Terence June Toriano, Head of MDRRMC involves 4 components namely: Risk Knowledge, b) Monitoring and Warning, c) Communication and Dissemination, and d) Response Capability. 
Risk knowledge includes household survey in flood prone areas, number of persons at risk especially children, senior citizens and pregnant mothers. The monitoring and warning data may not be sufficient since compilation of data on flood level and precipitation began only 3 years ago. Communication and dissemination are done via on-line satellite from automatic rain gauge and sensors placed strategically on bridges in Libacao (Pampango) and Madalag (Guadalupe). This equipment has a built-in generator, highly reliable and costs P160,000 each. Electronic data is further corroborated by flood level marking on bridges in Guadalupe, Madalag, and Mobo, Kalibo. 
The communication and dissemination focus on the Aklan Local Flood Early Warning System (ALFEWS) that mobilize all members of tri-media and netizens to inform, disseminate info in concise, practical and ingenious ways to warn residents of impending disaster. There are 3 codes namely: a) Red – all MDRRMC personnel on standby call. Necessary life-saving equipments are ready for pick up. Residents fill back up bags with 3 day food ration, medical kit, flashlight, legal documents, condom (to waterproof cellphone), b) Yellow – MDRRMC inform public on flood situation, pick up points of evacuees and evacuation center using megaphone, siren of fire truck, church bell, bamboo tubes, drums, etc. to sound alarm and c) Green is go or force evacuation to safety or higher ground.  
Mr. Toriano revealed that Kalibo may be one of 3 municipalities in the country to institutionalized EAS. His present priority is to educate the public on ALFEWS’ color code by posting appropriate signages on street corners and acquiring civil defense siren by next year. The siren has an effective range of 1.5 miles and costs P1.5 million. 
“Being forewarned is better forearmed” is a good old adage. This jibes well with NDRRMC whose ultimate goal is zero casualty in any disaster. Certainly, we cannot avoid it but man can mitigate its impact. EAS means life depending on the measure of how well can you appropriate it. /MP  

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Akelco’s Financial State

Is Aklan Electric Cooperative (AKELCO) in a sound financial state?

Going over the “Independent Auditors’ Report” for the year 2012 operations, made by Balicas, Lamboso & Co, Certified Public Accountants, the following figures are noticed. 

1. In 2012, Akelco generated a total revenue of P1,935,486,682. However, it spent P1,944, 233,406. Subtracting the total expenses from the total revenue, it is minus P8,746,724. This 2012 operations loss is seven times smaller than the 2011 operation loss of P62,584,807.

2. In 2012, Akelco’s total current assets is P971,567,239. It is balanced as its total current liabilities is also P971,567,239.

3. However, its accumulated losses are huge P760,431,675 as of 2012. Did ever Akelco reported a net surplus? Never. What an incompetent management! 

It must be stated that Akelco has a monopoly as it has exclusive franchise in electricity distribution and sales in Aklan and two municipalities of Antique. Yet it is losing annually in its operation.

Electrical Bill

It is hard to believe why Akelco losses in its operation when in its monthly electric bill, Akelco charges for 25 sub items in seven major items which are: 1. Generation and Transmission, 2. Distributions, 3. Supply Charges, 4. Metering charges, 5. Universal Charges, 6. Expanded Value Added Tax, and 7. Other Charges.

The Akelco members pay EVAT for generation, transmission, distribution, and systems loss. Not only that, the consumers pay P0.80 per KWH systems loss. Here, the consumer pay Akelco for its incompetence in management. Akelco losses its product and charge the consumers of what they lost including the EVAT. For the monthly meter reading, consumers pay Akelco P0.43 per KWH. 

What is the difference between “Transmission System charge and Distribution System Charge?” This appears to be one and the same. 

Moreover, Akelco compels the consumers to pay the Senior Citizen discount at the rate of P0.70 per KWH.

Nevertheless, there is one good thing in Akelco. It’s management and staff appear progressive while the consumer members pay one of the highest prices of electricity in the Philippines, experience darkness once in a while, pay the Sr. Citizen Discount and Systems losses brought about by Akelco’s inability to prevent it. 

With this financial situation, is Akelco financially sound?

PAG-IBIG Gives P32M Calamity Aid

The Pag-IBIG Fund has approved P32 million in calamity loans in Zamboanga as of September 30.

It has also approved loans of some 1,732 members affected by the conflict in Zamboanga, with 4,000 applications under processed.

With Zamboanga placed under a state of calamity, the Fund is also offering a 3-month moratorium on housing loan payments to borrowers whose properties mortgaged with Pag-IBIG have been damaged in the armed conflict or whose primary source of income has been impaired as a result of the crisis.

“We have five areas of concern in Zamboanga: Rio Hondo, Sta. Catalina, Sta. Barbara, Kasanyangan and Mariki. We have identified 95 properties worth P76 million that are located in these areas. We hope to come up with the actual number of units affected as soon as our appraisers are allowed to enter the still-restricted areas and conduct ocular inspection,” said Pag-IBIG CEO Atty. Darlene Marie Berberabe.

Housing loan borrowers may apply for the 3-month moratorium so long as their loan account is updated as of the month prior to the declaration of the calamity. They may file their applications at the Pag-IBIG Zamboanga office located at the Pag-IBIG Fund Building, San Jose Road, Baliwasan, Zamboanga City.

Earlier, the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation also implemented a 6-month moratorium on the amortization of payments for borrowers affected by the Zamboanga conflict.

The NHMFC moratorium will start from November 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014. Borrowers should file their application for moratorium not later than October 31, 2013. /MP

Developing Strength

Aklan Provincial Police office conducted training among security guards in the proper handling of fire arms and its actual firing. The training was held last month in the Aklan PPO firing range. 

Photo above shows actual Arnis training. (PO3 Nida L. Gregas photo)

Aklan Credit Surety Fund For Coops & MSMEs


Some 26 cooperatives and organizations of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Aklan have joined the Aklan Credit Surety Fund (ACSF) which is spearheaded by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Congressman Teodorico T. Haresco, Jr. and the provincial government of Aklan under Governor Florencio T. Miraflores.

The 26 cooperatives and MSMEs groups have pledged a total of 2.8 million pesos contribution to the ACSF.
The Office of Congressman Haresco will contribute 5 million pesos to the fund while the provincial government of Aklan has pledged 5 million pesos.

Through Resolution No. 091 – S., 2013, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan, during its 12th Regular Session, has authorized the Provincial Governor to release 5 million pesos to the fund and further authorized Gov. Miraflores to enter into and sign Memorandum of Agreement with the BSP and participating cooperatives and MSMEs groups for the formation of the ACSF.

The MOA signing was held on September 27 at the Sampaguita Gardens, New Washington, Aklan.

The CSF program is a credit enhancement scheme developed by the BSP which aims to increase the credit worthiness of MSMEs that are experiencing difficulty in obtaining loans from banks due to lack of acceptable collaterals, credit knowledge and credit track records.

CSF shall serve as security for loans of MSMEs from lending banks by providing a security cover in lieu of acceptable collaterals.  MSMEs normally find difficulty in putting up collaterals.

Loan applications of individual members of each participating MSMEs groups and cooperatives composing the CSF must be endorsed by their respective MSMEs organization or cooperative.

The Philippine National Bank and Development Bank of the Philippines are the lending banks to the ACSF.

The following MSMEs organizations and cooperatives which joined the ACSF are as follows:

Aklan Seed Growers MPC, Kalibo; Numancia Agricultural and Fisheries Producer’s Cooperative, Joyao-Joyao, Numancia; Boracay Island Hopping MPC, Manoc-Manoc, Boracay, Island, Malay; CBCP Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Camanci Norte, Numancia; Malay Port Services Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Jetty Port, Caticlan, Malay; Aparicio Agrarian Reform Cooperative, Aparicio, Ibajay; Sandona Development Cooperative, Guinbaliwan, New Washington; 

Aklan Food Processors Development Cooperative, Airport Terminal Bldg., Pook, Kalibo; Kalibo Teachers MPC, Kalibo Pilot Elementary School, Kalibo; Medical Mission Group Hospitals & Health Services; Cooperative of Aklan, Tajolosa Bldg., Roxas Ave., Kalibo; Metro Kalibo Water District Employees MPC (MKWDEMPC), Mabini St., Kalibo; Panay Health Care Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Estancia, Kalibo; Nulgea Development Cooperative, Poblacion, Numancia; Hugod Aklanon Producers Association, Inc., G/F ABL Sports Complex, Capitol Site, Kalibo; 

Boracay Land Transport MPC, Boracay, Caticlan, Malay; Caticlan Boracay Transport MPC, Caticlan, Malay; Lezo Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Poblacion, Lezo; Aklan Cooperative Alliance, 2/F Kalibo Public Market, Kalibo; Integrated Barangay of Numancia Development;

Pusiw, Numancia; Altavas District Teachers and Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative, DLRC Bldg., Poblacion, Altavas; Twenty-Five Peso MPC, Aklan State University, Banga; Libacao Development Cooperative, Poblacion, Libacao; Madalag Development Cooperative, Municipal Hall, Madalag; Handicraft of Aklan MPC, Buswang Old, Kalibo; LBP Aklan Multi-Purpose Cooperative; and Provincial Government Employees Development Cooperative. /MP

NSO Surveys Overseas Filipinos In 16 Aklan Brgys.

The National Statistics Office Aklan is currently conducting Survey on Overseas Filipinos (SOF) in 16 barangays to gather information on Filipino citizens who left for abroad during the last five years.

These barangays are Brgy. Poblacion in Altavas, Brgy. Morales in Balete, Brgy. Dingle in Banga, Brgys. Bay-ang, Magpag-ong, Mambuquiao, and Mandong in Batan, Brgy. Tigayon in Kalibo, Brgy. Poblacion in Madalag, Brgy. Magallanes and Nagustan in Nabas, Brgy. Fatima in New Washington, Brgys. Albasan and Badio in Numancia, and Brgys. Afga and Jawili in Tangalan.

According to Provincial Statistics Officer Blas M. Solidum, the survey, specifically, aims to obtain national estimates on the number of overseas Filipinos including overseas workers and their socio-economic characteristics. It also aims to and provide estimates on the amount of cash remittances including the mode of transfer to their families in the Philippines. 

Information such as the place of destination, length of stay abroad, type of work abroad, date of departure and return are also included.

The SOF is a rider survey to October 2013 round of the Labor Force Survey (LFS).

Mr. Solidum assured the respondents that all information furnished to NSO will be held “strictly confidential” as provided for by law.
Consumer Expectation Survey

On the other hand, some 36 sample households in Aklan are covered in the 4th quarter Consumer Expectation Survey (CES) the National Statistics Office is conducting which started on October 1, 2013.

These households are located in Brgy Dumaguit, New Washington and Brgy. Bay-ang and Magpag-ong, Batan.
The CES aims to provide quick and regular assessments of consumer perceptions and expenditure plans as a tool for evaluating the consumer’s own financial situation, key economic indicators and the economy’s condition over a reference period. 

“The results of the CES will guide planners in forecasting the direction of change of the economy as well as the behavior of inflation rate, interest rate and exchange rates,” according to Provincial Statistics Officer Blas M. Solidum.

The core questions in the CES cover three basic areas of consumer sentiment: personal finances, business conditions, buying conditions, and savings outlook of the family.

Mr. Solidum urges respondents to give truthful and correct data to researchers. He assured them their responses will be treated with strict confidentiality and cannot be used for taxation, investigation or law enforcement purposes.
This survey is a joint undertaking of the NSO and the BSP, with the latter as the funding agency. /MP

Aklan PNP Is Ready For 2013 Brgy Election

The Aklan Police Provincial Office (PPDO) in close coordination with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is now ready for the upcoming Brgy elections comes October 28, 2013.

Aklan PPO Provincial Director, senior superintendent Pedrito M Escarilla said, the Aklan PNP is now in place with the security preparations specifically on the deployment of PNP personnel in the polling precincts identified in each municipality.

The joint forces of AFP and PNP will intensify the continues conduct of checkpoints especially during the period of delivery of Official Ballots, Ballot Boxes and other election paraphernalia to different municipalities by securing the area and routes of the delivery vehicles, Escarilla added.

“I am assured that this election will be successful and peaceful for we are ready, security is in place and even our election officers are closely coordinated with their respective chiefs of police in Aklan”, Provincial Election Supervisor Atty. Ian Lee Ananoria stressed.

The Philippine Army is also set for this election. It is waiting for the actual deployment of augmentation to PNP’s security preparation in order to ensure a Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE) 2013, said 12IB, 3ID Battalion commander Lt. Col Eduardo Gubat.

The Aklan province is expected to be provided with additional PNP augmentations from the Police Regional Office 6 to re-enforce the needed personnel of every police station.

The 45-day nationwide gunban period took effect on September 28 and effective until November 12, 2013. The liqour ban will be strictly enforced one day before the election, October 27, 2013 until October 28 on the d-day of the elections. (by PO3 Nida L Gregas) /MP

Paul Ledesma’s ‘Return’ As Region’s Anti-Drugs Czar

by Alex P. Vidal

“A drug is not bad. A drug is a chemical compound. The problem comes in when people who take drugs treat them like a license to behave like an asshole.”  FRAN ZAPPA

There are people not happy with reports that former Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA-6) Regional Director Paul Ledesma will soon regain his post.

Some of them are drug traffickers and their protectors who fear that Ledesma will again disrupt their illegal trade; drug dealers whose activities reportedly “went smoothly and uninterrupted” during Ledesma’s absence.

Ledesma’s resurrection will definitely send shivers down the spine even of the “untouchables” who have managed to elude police dragnets in the past because of their connections with police hoodlums who tipped them off during raids and serving of warrants of arrest.

As an Ilonggo, Ledesma is familiar with the operations of local drug dealers; he knows the terrain and how to deal with recalcitrant characters in the trade. Unlike his predecessors who come from other regions, and were virtually total strangers in Western Visayas, Ledesma needs no tour guide to locate the lairs of drug dealers all over Panay Island and Guimaras. He has both the resources and authority to flush drug traffickers out from their cocoon if he wants to flex his muscles and implement the full force of the law.


In more than two years that Ledesma was PDEA-6 chief until his relief on June 12, 2011, I have heard so many nasty stories thrown at him especially when he engaged a female teacher-journalist in a heated spat over a parking space in a Diversion Road night spot two years ago; but I also heard a lot of positive feedback in as far as his being the region’s anti-drugs czar is concerned.

There was also a three-series Youtube video that pictured him as villain and abusive person in authority. Some critics questioned his credentials and qualifications to head the powerful office. But they were nothing compared to the black propaganda launched against him by drug dealers angered by his guts and performance. Ledesma was unfazed and dispensed his job without fear and favor. Despite the furor that attended some of the blistering raids his agency had conducted on hideouts of drug traffickers and the high profile arrest of some notorious personalities, no one has accused Ledesma of irregularity or corruption.


He actually doesn’t need a government position to eat three square meals a day since he comes from a prominent and wealthy family. Any attempt to bribe Ledesma will surely end up frustrated if the culprit will learn about his background. 

A gun enthusiast and active member of gun clubs in Western Visayas, Ledesma was first recruited in the anti-illegal drugs agency by his godfather, retired police general and then PDEA chief Dionesio Santiago, in 2009.

Despite attempts in the past to discredit Ledesma (some even called him names), he always hogged headlines because he was always present in almost all the major raids conducted by his agency, something his predecessors -- Yogi Filemon Ruiz, Edgar, Layese, and Atty. Ronnie Delicana -- have failed to duplicate. Even in number of arrest and raids, the accomplishments of the trio might pale in comparison to Ledesma’s.

No less than PDEA Assistant Secretary Rene Orbe had noticed Ledesma’s worth in the agency when he declared on June 14, 2011 during the office’s change of command ceremony at Camp Martin Delgado in Iloilo City which “Ledesma has carved his mark in Region 6 well. His accomplishments are noteworthy.”

I’m not writing this article to praise Ledesma here. The man doesn’t know me from Adam. I’m just stating the facts objectively, and I know how to give credit where credit is due, in the same manner that I know how to criticize constructively any public official, including Ledesma, commits malfeasance or acts detrimental to the public interest. /MP

Reason & Concern

Ronquillo C. Tolentino

The Essence of War Is Violence

When I was in the grades, I chanced to read a German proverb which states, thus : “A great war leaves a country with three armies- an army of cripples, an army of mourners and an army of thieves.”

The Zamboanga conflict is in itself a war. The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is a stranger. Knowing the consequences of war, I adhere to Cicero’s declaration of preference to the most unfair  peace  to the most righteous war.

Martin Luther said that war is the greatest plaque that can afflict humanity. War destroys religion and  family. Any scourge is preferable to it, Luther asserts. I well remember Shakespeare in Henry VI, Act V, Sc. 2 when he declares: “ O war ! Thou son of Hell.”

In our time, we still hope and pray for the statement of Isaiah 11:4 of  beating swords into plowshares and spears into pruninghooks. Also, that the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid. (Isaiah XI,6).

Machiavelli has this to say about war:” War is a profession by which a man cannot live honorably; an employment by which the soldier, if he would reap any profit, is obliged to be false, rapacious, and cruel.

As I had repeatedly said, the Philippine government should exhaust all peaceful means to end the conflict in Mindanao. It should be a settlement that should not be open-ended.
As I write this, my mind raced back to a Philippine Daily Inquirer September 30, 2013 headline regarding the protest of writers and scholars on the alleged downgrading by the Department of Education of literature curriculum.

It would appear that certain DepED functionaries are behind the downscaling  of literature in the “K to 12” program. Simply put, the subject of protest is the downgrading of two core subjects in Grades 11 and 12 by combining the 21st Century Regional Literature and World Literature into one.

It is alleged that the functionaries made the decision sans consultation with literature and humanities teachers and scholars, inclusive of  education planners. It is even stated that the memorandum of Education Secretary Armin Luistro has been overruled by the education functionaries.

We need not belabor the importance of literature in the “K to 12” program.

High school students before and now probably would remember that quotation of literature being an expression in words of life, truth and  beauty. As succinctly stated by the British scholar and novelist, C.S. Lewis “Literature adds to reality, it does simply described. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.” /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Yabe It Pagbag-o

Agahon pa hay naga bugtaw eon si Jelah kada Sabado. Sa pagtoeod nana ko anang maisot nga karito, naga singgit imaw kon sin-o ro may mga basurang plastic, saesaeon, bote ag lata. Ana nga guina bakae, dayon ibaligya man sa “junk shop” sa andang lugar.

Isaeang adlaw nga Sabado, samtang naga inusoy imaw it basura, hakita imaw ko anang daywang ka kaklase sa eskwelahan.
“Jelah, basura ka baea?” supae nga pangutana ni Luna. “Ham-an?”, madahan nga sabat ni Jelah. “Tongod ka baho-baho kimo. Bu-ot ka nakon ipilak sa basurahan…ha! ha! ha!”

Sumabat man si Jelah, “Luna, uling ka baea?” “Ham-an ay?” Hangawa nga pangutana ni Luna. 

“Tongod maitom eon ro imong panit, maitom pa ro imong tagipusu-on. Angay kimo ihaboy ag obrahong panggatong sa impyerno. Daeha lang man ro imong kaklase, baluga!”

“Aba, maisog man gali rong reyna it mga basura. Dungan it paghaboy it bote it mineral water kay Jelah.

“Kaeain guid ro inyong batasan. Ham-an it indi eon lang kamo magtuead kakon? Makabulig pa kamo it paglimpyo sa atong palibot ag malikawan pa ro pagkalhit it mga masakit”, pahayag ni Jelah. 

“Yak! owa ngani kami naga limpyo sa among dogalingon, iya pa? Hayron hu, magpa gusto ka it pueot it basura, angay man kimo ro mangin basurera”. May hakita nga yabe sa basura si Jelah. Guin pakita nana ro yabe sa daywa ogaling nagpaeagiw sanda ay basi may mga kagaw ro yabe ag matapnan pa sanda. Golpe nga humayag ro yabe. Tinamaan sanda it kahayag ag nagtiyog ro andang pamatyag. Naduea-an sanda it alinto. Pagbugtaw nanda, una sanda sa tinumpok nga basura. Kabaho-baho ro lugar ag abo nga mga eangaw, kuratsa, namok ag mga eanggam nga naga kalhit ag naga saka sa andang mga siki. 

Nakabati sanda it may naga huni sa binit. Sa andang paglingot, may hakita sanda nga sawa. Dali-dali nga dumaeagan ro tatlo. Basang basa sa ihi si Luna tongod sa kahadlok. Nagpangamuyo sanda sa Diyos nga librehon sanda ag ha-um eon sanda nga mag bag-o. 

Naghayag it uman ro yabe. Naduea-an eon man sanda it alinto. Sa andang pagbugtaw, idto sanda nahueog sa atubang it karinderya. Naga kaea-on ro mga tawo samtang naga pamati it balita. Suno sa balita, naga eapta ro sakit nga Dengue dueot it namok. Mga onse eon ro patay ag abo pa una sa sueod it hospital nga guina boeong. 

“Aba Luna, moda gali ro masakit nga Dengue? Ham-an it mingko naga eoya kamo ag maeopsi pa? Mataas pa ro inyong eagnat? Dali, daehon ko eon lang kamo sa hospital, may pagkabaeaka nga hambae ni Jelah”. 

Duro guid ro pagpasaeamat nanday Luna. Nangayo sanda it patawad kay Jelah ag haum eon nga magbag-o paagi sa paglimpyo it palibot. 

“Hay saeamat ag nagbag-o man kamo. Basura man lang gali ro yabe sa inyong pagbag-o”, pasaeamat ni Jelah. 

“Ikaw, ikaw, ikaw, hueaton pa baea nimo nga magmasakit kamo tongod sa basura? Kon imaw ron, magbag-o eon kita. Isalbar naton sa basura ro atong kalibutan. Ro atong kahugod ro yabe it pagbag-o ko kada isaea padueong sa malimpyo ag malinong nga palibot”. /MP