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Appear Pretty,
Work With Integrity
When President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III delivered his first ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday afternoon, July 26, the Session Hall in the House of Representatives, Batasan Hills, Quezon City became a huge stage of a fashion show where spouses of key government officials displayed their best and highly expensive attire. For lovers of arts and culture, it was a beautiful scenery to enjoy. However, to the below the poverty level or to the four (4) million who do not eat three (3) meals a day, it was a sight to envy.

Why do they have those expensive dresses with matching jewelries that adorned from head to foot? Is it enough for most depressed Filipinos to wear clothes bought from "ukay ukay"?

A famous author wrote: "A thing of beauty is a joy forever". However, beauty may not be expensive. It is in the eyes of the beholder. A dress may cost lesser but prettier than the other which cost higher.

One radio commentator remarked, "President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address is the biggest annual fashion show event in the Philippines. "What is the reason for this wearing of expensive attire? All of them wish to grab the spotlight".

The spouse of Samar Cong. Raul Daza made efforts to explain to some members of the media her dress is of Puez Quiñones" a fashion designer from Samar. She even showed her finger nails painted with black and yellow.

Lucy Torres Gomez who represents Ormoc City as Congresswoman was described as a pro "when parading the terno on the red carpet". She wore a hydrangea blue terno with callado top and sunburst of embroidered roses and vines on the skirt and bodice. Her looks was complemented with a pair of blue cameo earrings and brooch.
In the case of Ms. Assunta de Rossi Ledesma, wife of Rep. Jules Ledesma of Negros Occidental, she wore a canary yellow terno accented with artificial flowers which cascaded on her chest. Assunta attended the SONA even if her husband congressman was absent.

Boxing As Road To Fame

Manny Pacquiao did not only box on his way to fame. He also joins politics to improve more his popularity and to help his people in Sarangani province.

He said, "his priority is to establish hospital to take care of the health of his people." He will endeavor to establish livelihood projects to improve the economic life of his people in Saranggani.

Pacquiao does not only box and win votes, he has also that kin appreciation of beauty.

When Pacquiao and his beloved wife Jinky entered to walk the red carpet in the Batasan, Jinky became the hot subject of photographers, broadcast journalists and congress employees who posted themselves to get a better look at the couple. Jinky appeared radiant in a pale pink ruched terno.

Rep. Teddy A. Casiño of Bayan Muna showed up wearing his symbolic Barong Filipino specially tailored to convey a message. His Barong was embroidered with a fallen man with the words inscribed "Stop The Killings In The Philippines". The background is airbrushed with red paint.

The former first lady Imelda R. Marcos, now Representative of Ilocos Norte came to the SONA wearing a dress adorned with necklaces. Her daughter, Imee Marcos, now Governor of Ilocos Norte came in a fuchsia coat with terno inspired sleeves paired with black pants.

They came back after 24 years since February 1986, the Marcoses returned to power except for the late Ferdinand Marcos who is now with his Creator.

Imelda, the mother is congresswoman, Bongbong Marcos, the son is a Senator, and Imee Marcos is Governor of Ilocos Norte. They are recycled leaders who never get contented of more power, more wealth, more honors.

The Arroyos is sticking like leech in power. Gloria, the mother, Datu, and Mikey the sons are in the House of Representatives. Hon. Iggy Arroyo the brother-in-law and uncle is a congressman too.

But Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the former president was absent in the P-noy SONA. That time, she didn’t grab the limelight.

Dress up, spent excess money and entertain the people with your looks coupled with actions of honesty and integrity. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Numancia Mayor May Inform
There are some interesting things allegedly going on in the Municipal Hall of Numancia, Aklan. However, it should not be revealed yet at this point until EF has taken the side of the concerned officials. Better still if Mayor Adolfo Iligan will answer about the four things brought to the editorial office of Madyaas Pen. This will be revealed as soon as clarification is obtained.

EF tried to contact the concerned officials of LGU Numancia, but they were not available to provide us the information on these matters.

Over Buying

According to P-noy in his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 26, National food Authority (NFA) purchased 900,000 metric tons of rice which was seven times more than the 117 metric tons shortage in 2004. In 2007, it bought again 1.827 metric tons, three times more than the shortage of 589,000 metric tons.

These purchases were done abroad, from Vietnam, Thailand and even China. These over importations resulted to: 1. waste as rice just got mold and rotted in NFA warehouses in many parts of the country; 2. NFA incurred debt of P177 billions not to mention tax exemptions given; and 3. discouraged the Filipino farmers to invest and apply scientific palay production in their farms.

Extravagant Payroll

While the Commission on Audit (COA) has ordered Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) Management to refund the P3 million paid to its officers and employees in 2003, Pinoy called the P211.5 million paid annually to the Metropolitan Water Works and Sewerage System (MWSS) "extravagant payroll". Like the MWSS, is NKWD extravagant?

This P3 million could be the amount disallowed earlier but the MKWD management did not implement the refund. No refund yet. Hence, the refund orders. This could be one of the reasons why the Board of Directors, MKWD lost confidence on Engr. Billy Domingo which led to his removal as manager of KWD.

But in spite of water crisis in Metro Manila, the MWSS Board of Trustees received a monthly fee of P98,000 or P14,000 per meeting attended. They also received P80,000 annual grocery allowance.

MWSS also allegedly received midyear bonus, productivity bonus, anniversary bonus, yearend bonus, financial assistance, Christmas bonus, and package worth P80,000. On the whole, each member receives P2.5 million a year. Not only that, each also enjoy exclusive car service, technical assistance and loans.

Motor Vehicle Tax Use

All motor vehicle owners pay road user’s tax. How did the government disburse the tax on motor vehicles owners including tricycles and motorcycles paid?

According to P-noy, the DPWH identified at first 46 priority projects estimated to cost P425 million. But only 28 projects were funded. Others were replaced with 70 projects. The original P425 million was increased to P480 million spent for projects of favored few.

"These projects make no sense as they were unstudied, and unprepared for, sprouting like mushrooms."

Value Added Tax

It is gratifying to enjoy from not paying VAT or Sr. Citizen. Drugstores like Mercury and fast food stores like Jollibee do not anymore collect VAT from sales to Sr. Citizens. However, other business establishments like gasoline stations are still collecting VAT. The Office of Sr. Citizens Affairs must do something to compel other businesses comply with the law on Sr. Citizens. /MP

Rotary Club of Kalibo Holds Induction

PP Dodoy Suerte is shown administering the oath of membeship to the new members of the Rotary Club of Kalibo and Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo who are Ronald Exmundo and Nelson Bartolome and a new member of RC Metro Kalibo.

The Rotary Club of Kalibo held its 44th Induction and Turn-over Ceremonies in a joint program with the Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo on Saturday evening, July 24.

The program was held in Gov. Corazon L. Cabagnot Livelihood and Tourism Center, Old Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan.

Among others, the program included the message of RI District 3850 Governor James "McGyver" Makasiar. He was introduced by Asst. District Gov. (Zone 4) VICTOR "Pip" ACEPCION.

Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez was not able to make it. He was represented by PP Lino Diapo who reads Marquez’s speech.

The induction of officers for Club Year 2010 – 2011 was presided by RI District Governor McGyver. Those inducted are Pepito M. Ruiz – president, Joseph Villanueva – vice president, Morris Morier – secretary, Leny Alcedo – treasurer, Niovady Marin – club adviser, Efren Abayon – protocol officer, Epifanio Rebuelta – Director, Club Membership, Lucas Francisco – Director, Club Service, Ambrosio R. Villorente – Director, Public Relations, Victor Santamaria – Director, Club Administration, Joel Mercurio – Director Ex-Officio, and Methuselah Santamaria – president elect.

PP Dodoy Suerte also inducted two new members to RC Kalibo. They are Rtn. Ronald Exmundo, and Rtn. Nelson Bartolome. The two new members are both presiding judges of the Regional Trial Courts, Kalibo.

PP Dodoy Suerte is a colonel in the army who is now assigned in Davao. He used to be member of RC Kalibo and protocol officer in club year 2001-2002 with PP Botoy Villorente as president.

Joel Mercurio turned over the gavel and medallion to president Pete Ruiz – current president as symbol of authority. Mercurio then delivered his valedictory address as outgoing president. He was followed by Pres. Pete Ruiz with his inaugural speech.

Nestor Bartolome also turned over the gavel and medallion as outgoing president of RC Metro Kalibo to the incoming president Ely Villanueva. Bartolome also gave his valedictory address and Villanueva his inaugural speech of RC Metro Kalibo.
PP Vady Marin administered the oath of office to the officers of RCK Club Spouses led by Georgyn Ruiz – president. Other officers are Cora Macahilig – vice president, Rebecca Morier – secretary, Audrey Salvador – treasurer, Marlin Buyoc – Asst. Sec. Treas., Gracelyn Diapo – auditor, Nikki Tayco – business manager, and Jezebel Rebuelta – PRO. The Board of Directors are Nilda Marin, Heidi Carpio, Aida Abayon, Gloria Solmirano, Florencia Villorente, and Sheila Mercurio.

Vic Reyes, Mona Magayanes, and Rodecindo Solidum served as masters of ceremonies. /MP

Whole Year Disaster Preparedness Need


Mr. Pepito Ruiz, Chief Aklan Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council discussing the disaster preparedness of Aklan while Engr. Percy Malonesio, manager, Kalibo International Airport listens during the Kapehan.

Disaster preparedness and the status of Kalibo International Airport (KIA) are the topics discussed at the weekly Kapehan on June 24, 2010 at Smokehauz Resto & Bar. The guests are Mr. Pete Ruiz, Chief Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council and Engr. Percy Malonesio, manager, KIA.

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo reminded the public to prepare for impending contingencies because of typhoons and floods that can be destructive. Earlier at dawn (July 24), Aklan was hit by intensity 2 earth-quake. "The Philippines can not be spared by strong tremblers since geographically we are located at the Pacific rim of fire," Quimpo stressed.

Responding to calamity, Provincial Disaster Coordinating Council (PDCC) and Philippines National Red Cross (PNRC) gave assistance to 4,187 farmers from towns of Balete, Libacao, Madalag, and Buruanga, all hard hit by El Niño, revealed Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino as chairman of PNRC. Beneficiaries were given one sack of rice from an appropriation of P1.2 million from the provincial government.

Mr. Pepito Ruiz said, "July is Disaster Consciousness month. There is a need to upgrade disaster preparedness. The activities include conducting seminar-workshops and routine drills. Level of training is done at barangay, municipal, and provincial headquarters. Recent development is the establishment of per-manent evacuation and relief centers identified as accessible and spacious. To this end, Aklan Press Club, Inc. donated three sacks of used clothing to PDCC.

Engr. Malonesio informed Aklanons that KIA has a growing number of international flights and tourists for Boracay. Leading ones are Zest Air–four times a week, Spirit of Manila, Mandarin Airlines, and China Airbus–two times a week each, PAL– three times a month, Southern Airlines–two times a week, and Shanghai Airlines–two times a week.

The on going physical improvement of KIA is on a) new terminal building temporarily used for international and domestic departure area, b) old terminal building refurbished as arrival area, and c) expansion of parking area to accommodate seven aircrafts at a time.

According to Malonesio, the present budget of P15 million for funding the Instrument Landing and Takeoff is insufficient since the identified six residential buildings in the proposed site cost about P4 million each. In a related development, a taxiway will be opened in Nalook connected to KIA runway for rapid landing and takeoff. Moreover, the direction of runway expansion will be towards the Pook shoreline as originally planned. With futuristic expansion of three kilometers runway length and 300 meters wide, this could be a mega infra project destined to be one of the busiest airports in the country.

The PDCC will be upgraded as Public Safety and Emergency Office patterned after the Albay Public Safety and Management Office. It aims for zero casualty in the event of provincial disasters/emergencies. This would be a place directly under the Office of the Governor.

It should be noted that PD 1506 signed by Pres. Marcos on June 11, 1978 otherwise known as Strengthening the Philippines Preparedness, Capability, and Establishing Disaster Preparedness is neither fully implemented nor funded by LGU’s. The five percent calamity fund allocation in the annual budget is inadequate to meet contingencies. Considering the unpredictable extent of damage, the budget must be flexible as needs for more funds arise.

Although Mr. Ruiz says calamity fund of Aklan remains intact with few withdrawals due to drought, PDCC is straddled with minimal resources like competent personnel, transport vehicle, rubber/fiberglass boat and internet access. Ruiz discussed future plans to include the holding of seminar workshops to be supported with adequate money.

On the issue of new KIA terminal recently inaugurated costing some P667.5 million, its soundness is seriously questioned. Its roof is leaking, pre-departure area congested and hot and audio/communication equipment transmission at the lobby battered beyond disbelief.

Resolution of Caticlan Transport MPC requesting KIA for space in the new terminal building for its passenger vans is turned down because of over crowding. Pook Transport MPC is also eyeing for the same privilege. /MP

SP Approves Malay/Malinao/Batan Budgets

Upon the recommendation of the Provincial Local Finance Committee and after the thorough review and evaluation by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) committee on finance, budget, appropriations, and ways and means, the SP Aklan approved the municipal budgets of Malay, Malinao, and Batan for the year 2010. The approval came during Second SP Regular Session held on July 7.

Already a first class municipality, Malay has an annual general fund budget of P198.3 million for 2010. The provincial local finance committee concluded Malay budget complied with all the laws, rules, and regulations.

On the other hand, the Aklan SP found the town of Malinao’s 2010 annual budget has exceeded by P3.8 million or 16.88 percent of the authorized Personal Services limitation.

Malinao’s 2010 annual general fund budget totaled P51.579 million. Malinao is a fourth class town.

The Aklan SP however approved the Malinao 2010 general fund budget with part of it rendered inoperative. Disallowed is the appropriation for Salary Standardization as it is not in accordance with Budget Circular No. 2009-72 according to the Aklan SP.

The Provincial Local Finance Committee is headed by Ms. Suzette F. Pioquid, provincial treasurer, with Ms. Mary Grace P. Macahilas – provincial budget officer, and Ms. Ma. Victoria Salido – provincial accountant.

Hon. Selwyn C. Ibarreta chairs the Appropriations, Budget, Finance, and Ways and Means Committee. His members are Hon. Rodson F. Mayor, and Hon. Phoebe Clarisse L. Cabagnot.

Batan town 2010 general fund annual budget is P46,974,777.42. It was approved as the Aklan SP found it complied with and observed all existing laws, rules, and regulations in its preparation.

The 2010 annual general fund budget of Numancia at a total appropriation of P44,215,230.00 is referred to the committee on appropriation, finance and ways and means for review and evaluation. /MP

Defensor Sees Solution to Frequent Brownouts

Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor, Sr. predicts power consumers in Iloilo province can expect fewer and shorter power interruptions in the coming days.

Following his initial talks with officials of Salcon Island Power Corp. (SIPC), operator of the Panay Diesel Power Plant in Dingle, Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr. assured the Ilonggos solution to frequent brownouts is on hand.

Defensor expects an agreement between SIPC and Greencore Power Corporation based in Negros Occidental would partially solve the power problem in Iloilo province and the entire Panay Island.

However, he refused to give details about the agreement in order not to preempt the transaction.

"We will disclose the details as soon as the agreement is perfected," Defensor said, adding "but definitely once the agreement is realized it will solve the recurrent and rotating brownouts in the city and province of Iloilo."

Meanwhile, an official of the National Power Corporation (NPC) on Thursday apprised the Iloilo Governor of the power situation in the entire Visayas region.

NPC marketing and commercial relations manager Salvador Sarmiento, Jr. said the power shortage problem on Panay Island is caused by the constraint affecting the submarine cable.

He said the submarine cable, which brings power to the Panay-Guimaras area, has already reached its maximum load of 80 megawatts.

"Even if there is excess power from the grid, it could no longer be funneled to Panay since the submarine cable could no longer carry it," he said.

In another develop-ment, Defensor urged Sarmiento to delay the privatization of the Unified Leyte Power Plant as it would worsen the power problem in Iloilo and Panay Island.

Defensor said the mayors of Iloilo province are preparing a petition to oppose the NPC’s plan to privatize the power plant. (PNA)/MP

Numancia Three Year Accomplishment

"A Bounty Harvest" is an "Accomplishment Report" of former Numancia Town Mayor Elvirita T. Templonuevo. The report covers the period July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2010.
The report, in a magazine format, is prepared "so that the people may know" said former Mayor Elvirita T. Templonuevo.

She wrote, "to all those who, through the seasons of life have been inspired by the beauty and joy of serving our people by working for the advancement of their best interest; and to those whose trust and confidence to their public servants, had helped them work collectively with integrity and honestly, this report is for you."

The report covers the plans, projects, and activities accomplished in agriculture, finance, engineering, social welfare, data recording like marriages, births, and deaths, peace and order, and general municipal administration.

All the projects undertaken and accomplished for the last three years are listed in detail.

The Municipal Treasurer, Ms. Elisa C. Solanoy has reported the sum of P112,288,251.48 income for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009. She also reported the individual projects where that money was spent.

Like Ms. Solanoy, the Municipal Accountant, Ms. Soledad Mateo also reported the statement of Income and Expenses for January 2010 to May 2010 which totaled P16,055,698.24.

Unless contrary fact is reported and proven true, this Templonuevo report remains correct and credible.

On the whole, the accomplishment report of Numancia, under the watch of former Mayor Elvirita T. Templonuevo is worthy of respect and emulation. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Ro Bueak Nga Malvarosa
Solo nga onga ko datu si Rosa. Daeaga pa imaw, guin panamkon imaw sa isaeang ka bueak, busa mamuea-muea ro anang uyahon ag maputi ro anang pamanit. Abo nga naga dayaw sa kagwapa ko prinsesa. Abu ro mga sulterong naga handum kana. Owa guid imaw it nailaan.

May isaeang ka mangangahoy ro hakilaea ni Rosa. Rondaya hay si Malvar nga una man ngani naga estar sa liwan it palasyo. Permi si Rosa nga guina daehan it prutas ag bueak sa palasyo busa nahueog ro anang bu-ot sa binata. Pagtaliwan it pilang buean, hasayran ko datu ro relasyon it daywa. Owa naila ro datu sa binata tongod bukon it naghalin sa hari-anon nga pamilya. Agud boe-an it gana ro binata, guin taw-an nana ro mga naga pangasawa it malisod nga oeobrahon, ro pagdaea it puti nga rosas nga may pagtak nga puea sa datu.

Eagi-eagi guin libot ko mga binata ro sueod ag liwan it kaharian. Owa guid sanda it hakita nga bueak nga puting may pagtak nga puea. Sa kagaoy ni Malvar, nag pungko imaw idto sa paborito nga hardin it prinsesa. Bulahan guid imaw ay may hakita imaw nga puting rosas nga may pagtak nga puea.

Dali-dali nana nga guin kotoe ro bueak ag guin daea sa datu. Hakibot ro datu. Ana nga guin patawag ro prinsesa. Idto naga eobog ro prinsesa nga masyadong maeospad. Ro ana galing dugo hay imaw ro anang guina dilig sa mga puting bueak agod maga pagtak it puea.

Duro guid ro kasubo it datu. Na atas ro dugo it prinsesa. Parabil nabugto ro guinhawa it prinsesa, naghinyo imaw nga idto imaw e-eobong sa anang paboritong hardin. Tumaliwan ro daywang adlaw, hakita man ro patay nga eawas ni Malvar. Guin eobong man imaw sa kilid ko prinsesa. Tumaliwan ro pilang dominggo, may tumubo sa hardin nga tanum ag nagbueak it puting rosas nga may pagtak nga puea.
Halin kato, guin tawag nanda nga Malvarosa ro bueak simbolo ko putli ag hantup nga paghigugma ko daywang ka tinuga nga si Malvar ag Rosa. /MP

Albasan Elementary School Pupils Receive Bags

Hon. Julian G. Rome (center) handing the bag to Mar Rey, Kinder pupil, with Ms. Michelle Y. Arevalo, Ms. Mary Ann U. Alcedo-AES principal, Ms. Freida V. Cawaling & Ms. Catherine F. Rome.
In their desire to help pupils of Albasan Elementary School, Mr. Rafael F. Gomez and Mrs. Aida Cruz Cleope Gomez donated 250 school bags last month.

The Gomez family was represented by Brgy. Kagawad Julian G. Rome, Mr. Antonino G. Rome and Ms. Catherine F. Rome, sons and daughter-in-law of the late Roberto Rome and Sofia Gomez-Rome. The bags were turned over to the principal, Ms. Mary Ann U. Alcedo.

Paeng and Aida Gomez are residents of Ceretos, California USA.

Some 250 pupils from Kindergarten to Grade VI and Day Care pupils of Barangay Albasan, Numancia, Aklan were provided with bags. /MP

Aklan Has Enough Rice

The province of Aklan has enough rice until the next harvest period in October, according to the National Food Authority (NFA), Kalibo, Aklan.

NFA-Aklan Provincial Manager Marianito Bejemino reported that as of July 20, Aklan has a total of 271,000 bags of rice stored in households, warehouses of private traders, millers and at the NFA warehouse in Linabuan Sur, Banga, Aklan.

With this current rice inventory, Bejemino said Aklan will have rice supply good for 56 days. He also said that commercial rice daily enters Aklan from Mindoro, Antique, Capiz and Iloilo to add to the supply of the private sector in Aklan involved in rice trading.

On the part of NFA-Aklan, an inflow of 20,000 bags of rice a month is sent from Iloilo City to augment the supply of the food agency. Last year, NFA-Aklan’s monthly inflow was only 10,000 a month.

"There is no danger of a rice shortage in the province. Our neighboring provinces are supplying us with rice through commercial/private traders, and the NFA is focusing on rice concerns here. Aklan is prepared for the lean months", Bejemino assured the Aklanons.

Presently, the NFA is regularly conducting "Palengke Watch", which involves monitoring of supply and price of rice in markets to give appropriate actions should there be abnormalities found in the supply and price of rice sold.

The NFA is also currently deploying rolling stores to far-flung municipalities and barangays in Aklan for easy accessibility of the staple food to residents.

NFA rice is presently sold at P25.00 per kilo in markets and at Bigasan Sa Barangay Outlets (BBO). (Venus G. Villanueva) /MP

RCBC Opens Caticlan Branch

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) opens its branch in Caticlan Jetty Port this week, July 28.

The opening of the RCBC branch indicates that Bgy. Caticlan, Malay, Aklan is becoming the center of development in the province nowadays.

Niven Maquirang, Caticlan Jetty Port administrator, said that they expect more banking institutions and other investments to arrive in the area as the port opens to new opportunities. The Mercury Drug Store, one of the leading institutions in the country, has recently opened its branch in Caticlan.

Already, almost all major banking institutions have opened its respective branches in the nearby Boracay Island.

For several years, Bgy. Caticlan has been known as the primary gateway of both foreign and local tourists coming in and out of this resort island.

The San Miguel Corporation has partnered with Chinese-Filipino investor George Yang for a P2-billion development project of the Caticlan Airport. The Aklan provincial government also is building a P260-million reclamation project in the said village.

"It could not be denied that Caticlan has become the center of development in Aklan," Maquirang said.

Meanwhile, Kokoy Soquilon, Aklan provincial assessor expects real estate property tax rates will continue to rise in Caticlan because of its continued development.
DepEd Centers Nutrition Month On Public
Elementary Schools Students
The Department of Education (DepEd), Iloilo City will focus on the health of students in all public elementary schools as part of the July Nutrition Month celebration.

Iloilo City schools division superintendent Dr. Erlinda Gencaya, in an interview, said that the DepEd is concerned with the weight of most students in the elementary school level.

Although this year’s Nutrition Month event centers on providing proper food and weight of babies, Dr. Gencaya said that the weight of students should also be monitored. She emphasized that most underweight students are underfed and undernourished when they were babies.

She said that students who are not properly fed and are underweight tend to underperform in their subjects. They find it hard to concentrate in classes. The same tendency is also noticed among obese students.

"It is important that parents monitor the food of their children and give them healthy vegetables. She also reminded parents to stop giving students junk foods, especially during break times," Gencaya suggested.

Dr. Gencaya said the DepEd is keen on promoting this year’s July nutrition month celebration theme: "Sa Pagkaing Tama at Sapat, Wastong Timbang ni Baby ang Katapat." All the city schools are requested to fully support the celebration and include it in their subjects especially on health.

On the other hand, Ms. Nona Tad-y, nutrition program coordinator, National Nutrition Council said that her office is coordinating with the DepEd to fully promote the values of nutrition among students.

There are more than 50 public elementary schools in Iloilo with over 45,000 students. This number does not include students from the private schools. (PNA) /MP

Farmers Produce Organic Fertilizer

Numancia farmers display their organic farm produce above.

Farmers are now producing their own organic fertilizer with the distribution of 160 units of community-based composting facility in the whole region by the Department of Agriculture.

According to DA Director Larry P. Nacionales, the farmers can reduce their cost of production with the use of organic fertilizer considering that commercial fertilizer is very expensive. Moreover, organic fertilizer increases the fertility level of soil and is not harmful to the environment, added Nacionales.

The director said that producing vermicompost is economical because it makes use of waste materials such as rice stalk or straw, twigs and leaves, fruit and vegetable peelings and sugarcane tops. Vermicomposting helps solve garbage disposal problems.

To hasten organic fertilizer production, the DA distributes vermi worms and portable shredder machines to the local government units so that they can produce their own vermicompost. These community-based composting facilities are managed by the farmers organizations. The beneficiaries undergo trainings on its operation and maintenance being conducted by the DA and the Bureau of Soils and Water Management.

Recently, there were 77 beneficiaries of these community-based composting facilities who attended the technology briefing on organic fertilizer production, operation and maintenance of portable shredder machines. The beneficiaries are farmers in organized rice cluster farms in Western Visayas. The briefing aimed to strengthen the institutional capacity of the farmers organizations in producing organic fertilizer and assist them to become commercial organic fertilizer producers.  

The community-based composting facilities were distributed in the provinces as follows: Aklan – 29; Antique – 34; Capiz – 25; Guimaras – 5; Iloilo – 50; and Negros Occidental – 17.# (TAGerafil/DA 6) /MP  

Farmers Must Control Rice Pest & Disease

Bantay Peste Volunteer Brigade. Rene B. Famoso of DA 6 – Regional Crop Protection Center shows to farmers the proper way to monitor and collect pests and diseases on ricefield during the conduct of BPVB training at barangay Capoyuan, Barbaza, Antique recently. Sixty farmers participated in the two-day training and on-farm workshop which aimed to familiarize harmful and friendly insects and identify diseases symptoms among rice plants. (Photo: James Earl E. Ogatis/RAFID 6)

The Regional Crop Protection Center (RCPC) 6 urges farmers to be vigilant and intensify their pests and diseases monitoring activities in their respective rice cluster areas.

With the onset of the wet cropping season RCPC 6 formed the Bantay Peste Volunteer Brigade (BPVB) to prevent any rice pests outbreak.

BPVB is a community-based pest monitoring and management team wherein farmers themselves are the pests and diseases scouts in the fields.

The team will also make decisions on how to manage pests and diseases affecting their production cluster areas.

Members of the brigade comprise rice cluster farmers who have undergone training on integrated pests management farmers field school (IPM-FFS) and hands-on training on pests monitoring and diseases identification.

To date, RCPC has organized six (6) BPVB teams situated in the municipalities of Barotac Nuevo, Dingle and Sta. Barbara in Iloilo; Barbaza and Culasi in Antique; Ibajay, Numancia, and Kalibo in Aklan. These groups constantly update data on pest surveillance through the established communication network. (JEEO/RAFID 6) /MP

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Importance of Irrigation
In Productivity
To raise Aklan’s current rice production level to meet population demand through the use of hybrid and inbred lines may not be sufficient to wither climate aberration and pest/disease outbreak. The target area for hybrid rice in Aklan province is 1,500 hectares. While inbred is 5,000 hectares according to Mr. William Castillo, OIC Provincial Agriculturist of Aklan.

Based on the 2007 Gintong Masaganang Ani (GMA) Updated rice physical area, only 39.2 percent of Aklan’s rice land of 17,120 hectares is irrigated. Rainfed areas abound in Batan – 98.4 percent of total area planted, Libacao – 92.9 percent and Altavas – 92.2 percent. As expected farm productivity and income of farmers are depressed over the years caused by the absence of controlled water. Current surplus rice production is estimated at 217,821.6 cavans or 21.4 percent of the on production and population demand.

Obviously, there is very significant difference on farm productivity and income between irrigated and rainfed farms. While irrigated farms average 4.5 metric tons harvest per hectare, rainfed gets only 3.5 metric tons per hectare. Moreover, depending on resources of the farmer, he can engage in second or third cropping with the use of direct seeding and low cost farm machines. Sadly however, this kind of opportunity does not exist in rainfed farms. The shortage of cash to spend for farm inputs during the dry season coupled with marginal harvest are realities in the farms hard to ignore.

It is notable that Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Exec. Director of Aklan Rivers Development Council is actively batting for developing full potential of our 17 existing rivers. This is on renewable energy, irrigation, potable water, recreation and inland fisheries. Of course, the job of expanding irrigation system falls squarely on National Irrigation Administration and the Bureau of Soils and Water Management.

However, Local Government Units could exert its initiative to petition responsible agencies to allocate more funds for irrigation development, operation, and maintenance. A challenge could be expanding the current 138 hectares. Small Water Impounding Project area since this does not involve the use of costly machines and fossil fuel.

The strategy of using improved rice varieties to increase production has its own merit but provided with the optimum environment for sustainability. The leading rice exporters in Asia like Vietnam and Thailand have effectively placed 70-80 percent of their rice land under irrigation. Surplus rice production is indeed attainable only if priority thrust on agriculture is better managed.

Our 2.5 million metric tons of rice importation this year need not happen again. Bureaucrats who thaught it is cheaper to import rice rather than produce them should have their heads examined.

The scenario of 2008 where world rice production fell to critical levels could be an eye opener where food deficit nations like the Philippines could starve and die. It is immensely important that we must be proactive and focus on our capabilities and resources before it is too late. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Amnesty To Trillanes?
Sen. Gregorio Honasan has proposed to give Amnesty to the Navy Officer Antonio Trillanes IV who is charged of staging a military take over of the government. He led a military rebel takeover of the Oakwood Apartments, Makati City in July 2003.

Since then, Trillanes is put in jail. However, in the 2007 national election, he ran and won as Senator of the Philippines. But he is continuously detained in jail and has never attended any Senate session and committee hearings.

In October 2009, Sen. Chiz Escudero proposed for the granting of amnesty to the Magdalo leader, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

Amnesty is a general pardon for political offenses against the government.

Will Escudero remain true to his words he issued in October 2009? He said, "the government should grant amnesty to all those soldiers and officers…allegedly involved in a coup attempt against Arroyo". This includes Trillanes.

Last week, PNoy ordered Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to review the coup d’etat charges against Trillanes.


In a meeting of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (Aklan). Banga Mayor Antonio T. Maming left early. Perhaps, he was disappointed or embarrassed because almost all his remarks in the meeting was strongly refuted. He left the venue early without eating lunch at Café Latte, Andagao, Kalibo. It’s a pity for the Banganhons.


In a vote of 4–2–1, Mr. Mikey M. Arroyo becomes congressman. He will be representing the "district" of tricycle drivers and security guards in the House of Representatives. His organization is called "Ang Galing Pinoy" party-list group composed of tricycle drivers and security guards, the most marginalized and depressed Filipino citizens.

Is Mikey M. Arroyo among the ranks of the most marginalized and depressed Filipino? His net worth in year 2008 was P99 million. This amount increased to P101.3 million at the end of 2009. He was congressman of the 2nd District of Pampanga until June 30, 2010. He is the son of the First Family for the years 2001 to 2010, nine years. He is the son of the former secretary of DTI, Senator and Vice President of the Philippines. Is Mikey Arroyo of the economic level of security guards and tricycle drivers?


But in the words of COMELEC chair Jose Melo, the body’s ruling on the "Ang Galing Pinoy" is "contradictory" to that of another party-list group "Ang Kasangga".

Election Commissioners Nicodemo Ferrer, Lucenito Tagle, Elias Yusoph, and Armando Velasco approved Arroyo’s assumption of office as nominee of "Ang Galing Pinoy".

Com. Gregorio Larrazabal and Rene Sarmiento dissented. To them, "yes" vote is a betrayal of the party-list law. Com. Jose Melo did not vote, hence 4-2-1.

To Larrazabal and Sarmiento, Com. Ferrer, Yusoph Tagle, and Velasco betrayed the party-list law.


Ferrer, Tagle, and Velasco voted to disqualify Teodorico T. Haresco as nominee of "Kasangga", a party-list group composed small businessmen.

According to the four commissioners, Haresco does not belong to the underrepresented sector of micro entrepreneurs.

These four Comelec commissioners have double standard who do not deserve public trust.

These two contradictory decisions of the same commissioners are great insult to the entire Filipino nation. What a shame!

The Ang Galing Pinoy decision is an abomination that totally contradicts the spirit and letter of the party-list law. This is a knock out punch and a betrayal to the Filipino nation. /MP

Aklan SP Endorses Quimpo To P-Noy’s Cabinet

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan has endorsed former lawmaker Allen Salas Quimpo to be member of the cabinet of President Benigno C. Aquino III.

The SP, in its Resolution No. 2010-006, asked for inclusion of Quimpo in the cabinet undersecretary post of either the Department of Interior and Local Government or the Department of Education (DepEd).

"The possible appointment of Atty. Quimpo to the position with cabinet rank under the Aquino administration can do more good for the Filipino people because of his rich experience in local and national governance, aside from being the Aklan provincial chairman of the Liberal Party," the SP resolution said.

For several years, Quimpo is known in Aklan as advocate of local government autonomy and its empowerment. He currently manages their Northwestern Visayas Colleges and a rural bank.

Quimpo also chairs the Aklan River Development Council. He was vice mayor and later mayor of Kalibo before he was elected congressman in 1992. He was reelected in 1995 and 1998.

As mayor of Kalibo, he started the Bakhawan Eco Park project, Buswang New, Kalibo with 50 hectares reclamation. Today, it is around 200 hectares of full grown trees serving as breeding ground of prawn, crabs, and other marine products thereby serving as source of livelihood of the community people. The mangrove is also the host of several kinds of birds. (PNA) /MP

Police, NBI Identify Culprit of Baldomero Murder

Ranking officials of the Aklan Philippine National Police (PNP) and investigators of the National Bureau of Investigation in Region VI were summoned by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan last Monday, July 19. They briefed the members of the provincial legislative body on the status of the investigation on the slaying of the late Hon. Fernando Baldomero, SB member of Lezo who was gunned down in the morning of July 5, 2010 in front of his family residence in barangay Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan.

Police Senior Supt. Epifanio A. Bragais, Jr., Aklan Police Provincial Director, Police Supt. Georgy C. Manuel, Provincial Chief of the PNP Crime Laboratory, and NBI Special Investigator Rojun V. Hosillos briefed the members of the Aklan SP on the development of the Baldomero death.

According to Bragais, the gunman was already identified by witnesses, one of whom is the 12-year old son of the victim. He witnessed the slaying of his father. Baldomero’s son positively identified the suspect through the pictures shown to him by police and NBI investigators.

Bragais identified the suspect as a certain Dindo Lovon Ancero, 35 years old of barangay Malingin, Bogo, Cebu. He said that the task force handling the case is preparing the charges against Ancero, who is wanted for several criminal cases like murder, bank robbery, and drug trafficking.

Bragais also assured the committee on peace and order that they are exerting extra efforts to prove to Aklanon that they are not resting just to capture the suspects in the killing of Baldomero as soon as possible.

NBI Special Investigator Rojun V. Hosillos suggested to the Aklan SP members to enact an ordinance disallowing the wearing of helmets by motorcycle riders when they reach or enter the Poblacion to easily identify the motorcycle passenger or driver. It is extremely hard to identify motorcycle riders wearing helmets.

As to the mastermind of Baldomero’s case, the NBI said they are concentrating their efforts in filing the case against the gunman. In most cases like this, the gun man and mastermind know each other.

The invitation to the police and NBI officials on the Baldomero case is a result of the resolution of SP member Phoebe Clarice L. Cabagnot directing SP Committee on Peace and Order to help in the expedient solution of the Baldomero murder case. /MP

Aklan Police Celebrates PCR Month

Aklan Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores receiving the Plaque of Recognition from PCSUPT. ISAGANI RIFE CUEVAS, Regional Director, PRO 6 during the 19th PNP Anniversary and Inauguration of Aklan PPO Annex Building & Grandstand held recently at Camp Pastor Martelino, New Buswang, Kalibo, Aklan.

The Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) observes the month-long Police Community Relations (PCR) celebration through various socio-civic activities and by giving awards of recognition to its outstanding partners.

According to APPO director, S/Supt. Epifanio A. Bragais, Jr., they already awarded the religious sector for support it has extended on the police’s spiritual enhancement development program.

PNP Aklan will also award Aklan Electric Cooperative (Akelco) which provided free transformer for the electrical needs of the PNP provincial office.

There is also an ongoing search for the "Community-Friendly Police Station in Aklan," added Bragais. /MP

Sister RC Makati Paseo de Roxas

The RC Kalibo and RC Makati Paseo de Roxas became sisters after the signing of the Sisterhood Agreement between the two clubs on July 9, 2010. Signing the agreement (l to r) are IPP Josephine K. H. See-Yap and Pres. Marivic Del Pilar of RC Makati Paseo de Roxas, and Pres. Pepito "Pete" Ruiz and Sec. Morris "More" Morier of the Rotary Club of Kalibo.

The Rotary Club of Makati Paseo de Roxas and the Rotary Club of Kalibo became sister clubs after the signing of Sisterhood Agreement between the two clubs held in the evening of Friday, July 9 at the Rotary Livelihood and Training Center, Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan.

As sister club, they will plan and implement joint projects like the seminar among drivers and pedestrians on traffic rules and regulations. They will also provide traffic signages in coordination with LGU’s, LTO, DPWH and other concerned agencies. They will hold exchange visits and rotary information like the exchange of Club Bulletins. They will also sponsor club and project visits to promote camaraderie and mutual understanding. /MP


A Manifesto Opposing The Appointment of Mr. Alberto Lim
As Secretary of the Department of Tourism

WHEREAS, We, the undersigned members of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, Aklan Chapter, with our respective municipalities, hereby state in the strongest possible terms our vehement objection to the statements of Secretary Alberto Lim on Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan;

WHEREAS, the statement of the newly appointed Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim published in the July 10, 2010 issue, page A4 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer which, in turn, was also shown in which has international exposure and repercussion on the issue of "over commercialization and over development in the island resort of Boracay," the world renown tourists destination in the Philippines, is not only irresponsible but equally malicious statement that should not have come from the alter ego of the President who is in charge of the protection and promotion of national patrimony and the tourism industry of the country;

WHEREAS, such reckless and spiteful imputation on the unfounded state or grim condition falsely painted in the national and international psyche about the island of Boracay does not only reflect of the mediocrity of a national official who is supposed to manage and oversee the tourism industry of the country but it likewise speaks of a person with vested interest in promoting his other favored tourist destinations at the expense of destroying the good image of Boracay Island in the eyes of the world;

WHEREAS, if the newly appointed Tourism Secretary is really and seriously concerned of his task in making saleable our tourism industry in the country, he should stop issuing statements that could spell havoc to the tourism business in Boracay for whether he accepts it or not, the fact remains that the island of Boracay is the only show window of the tourism industry in the Philippines; instead, Sec. Lim should come to Boracay to see for himself and know what are the causes that make Boracay what it is today;

WHEREAS, Sec. Alberto Lim does not comprehend the impact of his irresponsible and malicious statement to the whole economic well-being of Boracay Island in particular and also of the entire province of Aklan in general thus, such shallow person should not be given a primary position as Secretary of Tourism in the officialdom of the present administration of President Aquino;

WHEREFORE, premises considered, we, the undersigned members of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, Aklan Chapter, comprised of 17 mayors of the seventeen (17) municipalities in the province of Aklan, hereby interpose strong objection and opposition to the appointment of Mr. Alberto Lim as Secretary of Tourism;

THEREFORE, it is most respectfully prayed to His Excellency President (Benigno C.) Aquino to immediately recall the appointment of Secretary Alberto Lim.

FURTHERMORE, the Commission on Appointments is hereby implored to deny the Confirmation of his appointment as Tourism Secretary.

New Washington, Aklan

Altavas, Aklan

Batan, Aklan

Lezo, Aklan

Madalag, Aklan

Malay, Aklan

Nabas, Aklan

Numancia, Aklan
Ibajay, Aklan

Balete, Aklan

Buruanga, Aklan

Libacao, Aklan

Makato, Aklan

Tangalan, Aklan

Kalibo, Aklan

Banga, Aklan

Reason & Concern

by Ronquillo C. Tolentino
Sec. Lim’s Lamentable Comment On Boracay
Shortly after Alberto Lim joined President Aquino’s cabinet as tourism secretary on June 30, 2010, he made a gaffe. The new tourism secretary recommended other tourist destinations with equally beautiful beaches to be visited than Boracay citing Boracay to be dense and commercialized similar to Phuket. Not satisfied with his initial observations and comparing Boracay a generation ago, Lim took potshots at the algae and sewage, adding that environmental and zoning regulations were not being enforced.

I made other readings of Lim’s deplorable comment on Boracay thinking that I may find constructive proposals on Boracay coming from Lim’s end.I did not find any.

Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores reacted to the Secretary Lim comment on Boracay.From the joint letter sent by the Aklan governor and congressman, Secretary Alberto Lim owes the provincial officials and people of Aklan an explanation, nay, an apology.

I remember DENR Regional Executive Director Raoul Geollegue who was criticized and condemned by Aklanons for saying that Boracay Islands water is unsafe for bathing published on June 12, 1997 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  Geollegue denied the statement and passed the buck to the reporter claiming that he was taken out of context.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources then headed by Secretary Victor Ramos made inconclusive report on the Boracay coliform microorganism issue.   Indignant Aklanons and tourists condemned then Secretary Victor Ramos.

Boracay had survived and immediately bounced back from the coliform damaging reports. Certainly, it shall bounce back from Secretary Lim’s lamentable comment.
Bar Matter No. 2012

In addition to my July 5, 2010 column titled "Looking back at Bar Matter No. 2012, "lawyers are consulted by the national IBP on their views and opinions through written or text messages. When the Rule on Mandatory Legal Aid Service was being considered and upon knowing of lawyers being exempted for the Rule such as, but not limited to government employees and incumbent elective officials, lawyers who are not allowed to appear in court, supervising lawyers of students enrolled in law practice, lawyers of non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and peoples’ organization like the Free Legal Assistance Group who by the nature of their work already render free legal aid to indigent and pauper litigants or those who are employed in private sector but do not appear  for in  behalf  of  parties  in  court  of law and quasi-judicial agencies, I submitted my own proposal for exemption since Rule 7 of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) or Bar Matter No. 850 has eleven (11) exemptions. Although, as past Aklan IBP president, my proposal was not given serious thought by IBP National, I proposed that lawyers who have been at private law practice for 30 consecutive years or who have reached 65 years old should be exempted. To use the words of Atty. Tranquil Gervacio S. Salvador III, president of IBP Quezon City chapter, a private practitioner is already neck-deep with work. "Unlike government lawyers who work on 8-5 basis, the working hours of private practitioners are up to unholy hours. Unlike the government lawyers who work within the permanent office, the work of a private lawyer goes beyond every known geographical barrier." May I hasten to add that lawyers who are in practice for 30 years of active private law practice deserve a degree of relaxation, nay, avoidance of other burdensome work. It is not debatable that physical ailments oftentimes accompany old age.

The IBP JBL Reyes Hall public forum on Mandatory Legal Aid Service on August 28, 2009 comments and recommendations, together with the inputs of the resource speakers were made the basis in formulating the draft implementing regulations which the IBP submitted to the Supreme Court for consideration and approval  I still retain the question of the IBP Cotabato chapter, thus :  "Is it constitutional to compel lawyers to render free legal aid service under pain of deprivation of their license to practice?"

I attended the Aklanons for Justice and Peace-Justice for Baldomero Movement  formal launching on July 13, 2010 at the St. Francis Hall of Aklan Catholic College. Before the meeting started, somebody jokingly said that of President Noynoy’s cabinet members catching the media’s attention recently. Three family names start with letter "L" – DepEd Sec. Armin Luistro, presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda and tourism secretary Alberto Lim.  Another cabinet member with "Alberto" as first name – Foreign  Secretary Alberto G. Romulo – appeared a little peeved at  journalist Ellen Tordecillas querry on his (Romulo’s) judgment about over-staying ambassadors. That makes two Albertos – Romulo and Lim. /MP

Why Resist Change?

Do people make efforts to change? How do we break the vicious cycle?

It has been repeated and heard it many times that "change is the only permanent word in the world." Likewise, people hear it all the time, at work place, in their daily lives and in their whole lifetime of being.

But do people break that vicious cycle when they are there…almost there? Do they right away change the course of their journey or do they need to think twice first in order to keep moving?

In politics, there is always this dream to serve. Yet, they don’t change. They change only when they are pressured and they are there right in the field. Never in their minds did they ever think of change when they were still contemplating to serve. How is that? Why is that so?

After the election, we heard many clamors from each political party. We hear a simple statement like; "there is no paper left, no computer password, no files," and so on. We hear some politicians who don’t speak well but promise to work well. There are neophyte politicians who don’t know how to deal with the proceedings and don’t have skill to preside the meetings, not to mention how to raise a motion, how to speak off the cuff during interviews and many other observations. What is even funnier is to just make an unsolicited scene in a session in order to be recognized.

In the real sense, why on earth dream to become a politician when they have not prepared for it? Worse for they are unfit. Now it’s like, easier said than done, huh?!

Moreover, we hear politicians who have not taken their oath of office yet, but already looking for opponents for the 2013 election, so arrogant. Some already dream of a higher position. Even preparing for the next term ahead? How can these people be? Impossible?

Right now, in the first one hundred days of the newly elected and re-elected government servant leaders, we are still hearing of too much indifferences between and among them. Instead of focusing on what they have prepared for (if they are prepared), or focusing on learning how to process things and fast track their goals to accomplish matters for their constituents this is a serious matter that we need to face as now duly elected public servant.

Change, they thought is that easy to implement. It requires courage and commitment of mind and heart to do so. These people who are now seating and trying so hard to fulfill their functions should lead their people to focus on things that need to be done, pronto. We can’t afford to keep clamoring over things that can be solved within our scope. We can make things happen among us.

At times, we fail to appreciate each other’s difference, we fail to acknowledge the diversity among us. If we fail to appreciate that, then we create a society of dis-truction and hate. Most often than this, the source of conflict is the differences in the personalities of each member in the organization.

Now that they are public officials, did it come into their minds that they are also public property? People are watching them, what they will do next and in the future. The constituents have spoken in May 10, 2010. Now, it’s their turn to give back what is expected of them. We, the citizens who voted them that position, look forward to fruitful years of work and a better life under their leadership. They are the leaders that people look up to.

To a child viewing his parent, "ang nakikita sa matatanda, tama sa mata ng mga bata." What your people see of you, is what your people believe on you. Therefore, the only thing that can be your guiding principle is to become a role model of the community that you serve. Surely, everything will follow smoothly. People will be behind you once you do things right. Once you are on the right track, you’ll get ample support.


We must have the will to change. Will to proceed, will to understand each other, will to consult, to complement each other, and to heal organizational wounds.

The best example is to do things right: in the community. It is as simple as: "stay on the line and wait for your turn, no dumping, no smoking, no parking, no swerving, no loading and unloading, no red tape", among others. These are the things we need to remember to make change happens.

According to what we heard, "some people knows how to read, but don’t know how to understand." Well, we wish that when you read this, you understand it well, too. /MP

DSWD Stockpiles NFA Rice Worth P2.5 M

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Regional Office 6 has bought P2.5 million worth of rice from the National Food Authority (NFA) for stockpiling in anticipation of the worse effect of the La Niña phenomenon.

DSWD head for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Julian Ledesma said that of the amount, they have now more than 2,000 sacks of rice on stockpile at the NFA warehouse which they could draw anytime there is a need.

Pagasa (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) head Rafael Tapales, during the Western Visayas Regional Disaster Coordinating Council (RDCC) council meeting last week said that the weather condition now is on a transition towards La Niña phenomenon and its onset is expected within the next two months. (PNA) /MP

Practice Correct Complimentary Feeding Babies, NNC Urges Mothers

The National Nutrition Council (NNC), Iloilo City is urging mothers to practice correct complimentary feeding for babies.

Nona Tad-y, NNC nutrition program coordinator laments that some mothers resort to complimentary feeding without consulting their nutritionist and health workers.

She said that some mothers stop breast-feeding their babies once they have started feeding them with soft foods. This wrong feeding practice should be stopped, she said.

Complimentary feeding includes giving additional food and liquids to babies aside from breast milk and recommended only for babies that are six to 24 months old, she said.

Suggested complimentary foods include shredded meat, fish flakes, beans and vegetables as well as fruits, she said. This will counter the prevalence of underweight and undernourished babies in the region, she added.

The NNC said Tad-y is also coordinating with various local government units (LGUs) in the region to educate mothers, especially the first-timers of correct complimentary feeding.

The LGUs also help disseminate this program through their municipal and barangay health workers, as well as the city health offices.

July is nutrition month celebration which NNC aims to create awareness to the insufficient feeding of babies, particularly breastfeeding as well as the need to monitor the weight of babies.
Nutrition Month Culminates With Healthiest Baby Award

The celebration of the Nutrition Month in Iloilo City will culminate with the awarding of the healthiest baby and a poster-making contest, according to City Health Office (CHO) head Dr. Urminico Baronda.

Baronda said the contest will start with the search for the "well-baby" per district thereafter the winners will compete during the culmination at the end of July.

The contest is open to children nine months and above will be judged according to their immunization and appearance.

The mechanics for the poster-making contest is still being finalized.

Baronda could not disclose what are the prizes for the said contest. Those will be undertaken in partnership with the World Vision.

Badjaos Shelter Problem

Like Kalibo, Aklan, Iloilo City has Badjaos problem.

Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said "Badjaos is a perennial problem". They are "not welcome" in the city.

Badjaos are being accosted and returned to their places of origin but still they keep on coming back.

"We will pass this to the City Social Welfare and Development Office and the Sangguniang Panlungsod for them to determine what should be done to this group. But we discourage them from coming here because they are eyesores to the city of Iloilo," said Mabilog.

Nonetheless, he also entertains the idea of having them trained to become domestic helpers because of the high demand of such kind of workers. (PNA)/MP

Planting Tree Before Wedding Date

Planting Tree Before Wedding Date

Plant a tree and get married at city hall. This is the message Iloilo City mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog to the marrying couples. He advised them to first plant a tree before he may officiate a civil wedding rite for them starting July.

As proof of compliance, the marrying couple may secure a barangay certificate duly signed by a barangay official showing that they have planted a tree before their wedding date.

Mabilog confirmed that he has revived the old practice of requiring couples to plant a tree before marriage. He will also require a barangay certificate of tree planting soon before a mayor’s permit is issued at city hall.

Mayor Mabilog said, he wanted the community to have a stake in greening the environment and their commitment to help mitigate climate change.

In Switzerland, planting a tree before getting married is an old custom and tradition.

Iloilo Provincial Agriculture Trains Farmers
Army Worm Control

The Iloilo Provincial Agriculture Office , Iloilo City said that farmers in the province are ready for army worm attack as they are trained for it, provincial agriculturist, Dr. Ildefonso Toledo said. Iloilo farmers are ready for these agricultural pests and have been armed with proper trainings to deal with these moth larvae.

The provincial agriculture and Department of Agriculture (DA) have been training farmers in Iloilo of integrated pest management for years. Iloilo farmers are fully aware of how these army worms propagate, Toledo added.

The farmers are also taught of how to defend their crops against these army worms, he added.

Moreover, the DA has been encouraging farmers to practice organic farming and avoid using chemicals. The farmers are also urged to raise ducks and poultry which are natural enemies of pests like the army worms. (PNA)/MP

ASU and Seoul National University on Vet Med mission

The Aklan State University through its School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) and the Extension and Community Services Unit will conduct a Veterinary Medical Mission in six municipalities of Aklan including Boracay Island from July 19 to 27, 2010.

Three Veterinary Professors and 20 Veterinary Clinicians from Seoul National University–College of Veterinary Medicine in Seoul, South Korea together with the Dean of SVM, Dr. Cecilia T. Reyes and faculty members will compose the medical mission.

The medical mission will consist of surgical procedures such as spaying /castration, deworming, vaccination and treatment of clinical cases of carabaos, cattle, goat and dogs.

Pet owners can avail of the free services on the following schedule: July 19 – Libacao; July 20 – Balete; July 21 – Altavas; July 22 – Batan; July 23 – Kalibo; July 24 – Malay; July 26-27 – Boracay Island.

Information, Education and Communication materials on responsible pet ownership will be distri-buted during the veterinary medical mission. (S. R. Villasis, ASU-ECS) /MP

ASU Hosts Normative Funding & Income Management In SUCs Workshop

A two-day Training-Workshop on Normative Funding and Financial Management on the Utilization of Income in State Universities and Colleges opened last week at the ASU Review Center, Banga, Aklan.

The Training highlighted the message of Hon. Hadja Luningning Misuarez-Umar, com-missioner, Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Resource Persons from CHED and Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges VI were invited and talked on related topics such as Normative Funding, Policy on the Use of Internally Generated Income, and Budgeting and Financial Reporting of Income.

Around 150 participants attended the workshop comprised of presidents, vice presidents for administration, human resource management officers, budget officers and registrars from the different state universities and colleges in Regions 8, 10, 11 and CARAGA.
Region VI SUCs Governing Boards Convene At ASU
The Second Quarter Regular Board of Trustees/Regents Meeting for Region VI is hosted by the Aklan State University (ASU) last week at the ASU Conference Hall, Banga, Aklan.

Hon. Hadja Luningning Misuarez-Umar, commissioner, Commission on Higher Education and Chair-Designate for State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Region VI presided the meeting.

The 10 SUCs presidents from Guimaras State College; Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College; Negros State College of Agriculture; University of Antique; Western Visayas College of Science and Technology; Capiz State University; Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology; Iloilo State College of Fisheries; Carlos Hilado Memorial State College; and ASU attended the meeting as vice chairs of the Boards. Likewise, the respective representatives of federation of supreme student councils, federation of faculty associations and federation of alumni associations also attended.

Common to all BOT/BOR are the representatives of Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, Regional Directors of National Economic Development Authority, Department of Agriculture and Department of Science and Technology. (SR. Villasis)/MP

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Boracay Under Threat
From Tourism Secretary
by Ambrosio R. Villorente
"Boracay Under Threat" is the article published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer issued on Saturday, July 10. The article is the offshoot of the Agence France Presse interview with Tourism Sec. Alberto Lim.

With this interview, Sec. Lim is now fit for dismissal from the Pres. Benigno C. Aquino cabinet. His responses to the questions revealed his ignorance of the Philippines and lack of love of country; it is anti Filipino.

Here are what he said in the interview: "If you go to Boracay you’d love the beach, you’d love the night life and the good restaurants. But it’s so dense, it’s so dense." He continued, "It is now you know, too commercial. The 10.3 square kilometer island was a different place a generation ago. The sprawl that followed the tourist’s dollars caused the seawater off the four-kilometer white sand beachfront to sprout algae, which was fed by sewage from the hotels and restaurant. Thirty years ago, they tried to set the rules but they were not successful. The local government did not cooperate so people started overbuilding."

No Filipino will tell these negative words against his own country, more particularly the Secretary of Tourism. Alberto Lim has betrayed his own country.

Not contented of destroying Boracay, Lim added: "Of course, bad sewage – that’s why algae at certain times of the year. It’s green. It’s the result of the sewage seeping out. The algae there is not yucky, its moss. Maybe fish eat it. But it’s an indication that there’s a problem below the surface."

Lim has pictured a bad image of Boracay to the foreigners even if he is expected to promote favorable image to the tourism destinations in the Philippines. What can the Filipinos expect from Lim as Secretary of Tourism? Destruction. He is not fit as member of the presidential cabinet. He must yield his position to a man highly qualified person.

Lim Exhibits Ignorance

Asked if the problems in 1990 are solved, Lim exhibited his ignorance when he answered: "I’m not sure. I don’t think so, that’s why at certain time of the year, the algae forms."

Not contented, Lim said the worst of Boracay. He asked tourists to go to other destinations. He said, "But there are other places that have better quality sand, tourists may just have to look elsewhere".

Lim’s interview was not only published in the PDI. It was placed in the internet and read all over the world thereby damaging the Philippines tourists industry. He should resign.

He is doing a disservice to his country.
In reaction to the bad publicity and negative effects of the Lim interview, Gov. Carlito S. Marquez and Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores wrote Pres. Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III about the exaggerated comments of his Tourism Secretary "on the sewage problems and overdevelopment and undisguised advice to tourists to look elsewhere". Sec. Lim is "too happy to let go of Boracay", said Marquez and Miraflores.

On July 13, Mr. Lim wrote Gov. Marquez whom he told: "that is farthest from the truth". Who is telling the truth? Agence France Presse, or Mr. Lim?

In its 1st Special Session on July 13, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan unanimously approved a Resolution No. 2010 – 007 "Strongly Protesting the Pronouncements of Sec. Alberto Lim of the Department of Tourism Against Boracay Island as a Tourist Destination Which Was Widely Disseminated In a National Paper and Various Websites over the Internet, thereby Destroying the Reputation of Boracay Island and Damaging the Province’s As Well As The Country’s Tourism Industry, and Requesting The Hon. Secretary to Clarify and Rectify His Statements".
The resolution signed by Odon S. Bandiola, Vice Gov. Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo, and Gov. Carlito S. Marquez was furnished His Excellency, President Benigno C. Aquino III.

Recall Appointment, Deny Confirmation

But the 17 mayors of the 17 municipalities of Aklan approved a "Manifesto Opposing the Appointment of Mr. Alberto Lim as Secretary of the Department of Tourism".
The manifesto was sent to his Excellency, President Benigno C. Aquino III and the Commission on Appointments.

Among others, the manifesto pointed out to the "reckless and spiteful imputation on the unfounded state or grim condition of Boracay, and Sec. Alberto Lim does not comprehend the impact of his irresponsible statement to the whole economic well being of Boracay Island and the whole Province of Aklan.

Mr. Alberto Lim must resign from his post as secretary of tourism, if not, fire him. He has damaged the tourism industry even after a few days on his post. His further stay may increase the damage not only in tourism business but to the whole Philippine economy. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Mayor’s Plate Number

At about 11:30 o’clock in the morning, Thursday, July 15, EF saw a dirty white color car which plate number is "MAYOR". I met the car in Osmeña Avenue in front of Aklan Inter Faith School, Estancia, Kalibo.
In the same day, shortly before 12 noon, I also saw a van in Numancia which plate number is also MAYOR. I did not recognize who are the passengers inside the two cars. The two cars have tinted window glasses and were in motion.

On June 30, President Noynoy Aquino in his inaugural speech informed the Filipino people. "There is no wang-wang, there is no more counter flow and plate numbers which portray the class of the passengers".

Did the two mayors who own that vehicles hear the speech of the president? Did they understand? Will they obey?

Congratulations Basil!

Hon. Basilides T. Tabernilla is now the ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan. He will be representing the Philippine Councilor’s League (PCL) Aklan in the SP.

Hon. Tabernilla’s membership was recog-nized by the SP in its 3rd regular session on Wed. July 14 when he appeared for the first time in SP.

Tabernilla is the Interim PCL president of Aklan. He was appointed by the PCL during their PCL National Board Meeting held on June 24, 2010 in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. He is authorized to assume the PCL Provincial Federation president and as such shall represent the PCL to the Aklan SP until such time that a new set of Federation Officers shall have been elected and proclaimed.

Tabernilla is on his second term as Sangguniang Bayan member of Makato, Aklan. He is also the secretary general of PCL Aklan. The Aklan PCL was represented by then SB member of Malinao Atty. Ariel I. Igoy (2007-2010). Igoy is elected Mayor of Malinao, Aklan on the May 10, 2010 local elections.

Army To Wipe Out Insurgency Earlier?

The Philippine Army’s 301st Infantry Brigade Commander, B/Gen. Gerardo Layug expressed optimism that insurgents will be wiped even before the three-year extension of the deadline set by Armed Forces of the Philippines chief of staff, M/Gen. Ricardo David.

Layug said that as far as Panay and Guimaras are concerned, they are able to reduce the strength, firearms and areas of influence of the New People’s Army (NPA).
He disclosed that almost the whole of Aklan and Antique are now insurgency-free likewise more than one half of Capiz and Iloilo.

Guimaras was declared insurgency-free more than a year ago, he added.

"We will continue with our drive to dismay the NPAs in these areas. There is a new deadline but our target is even earlier than that," he said.

A study has been undertaken regarding the new deadline such that he is very confident of its positive results in the next three years. The Social Integration Program (SIP) is another effective tool of the government in encoura-ging the rebel forces to go back to the fold of law, the PNA reported.

Under the SIP, rebel returnees can avail of livelihood support and payment for the firearm that they will also give up to the government. /MP

Aklan SP Strongly Protests DOT Statement Against Boracay

The Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan under the leadership of Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo-Quimpo has strongly protested the statements made by Secretary Alberto Lim of the Department of Tourism to the national and international media considered damaging to Boracay Island in particular and the tourism industry of Aklan in general.

In Aklan SP Resolution No. 2010 – 007, the provincial legislative body stressed that Lim has not assessed the negative impact and implication of his statement to the press which will adversely affect the tourism industry in the country particularly of Aklan and Boracay Island, the statement having come from the highest tourism official of the land. It might be interpreted as gospel truth by the media and spread to the world’s tourism market.

On Friday, July 9, Lim discouraged tourists from coming to Boracay Island telling local and international media, "it was time tourists visited equally beautiful beaches in the country other than Boracay. "If you go to Boracay, you’d love the beach, you’d love the night life and good restaurants, but it’s so dense, it’s so dense, it is now you know, too commercial", he was quoted.

Lim was further quoted by the press that the island of Boracay was a different place a generation ago, the sprawl that followed the tourist dollar caused the seawater off the four-kilometer white sand beachfront to sprout algae which was fed by seepage for sewage of hotels and restaurants.

The DOT secretary also talked of over-development in the resort island of Boracay and the environmental degradation therein brought about by unabated violations of local zoning rules and regulations.

The Aklan SP lectured on Lim saying that had Lim consulted the stakeholders in the island and the residents thereat, he should have known that algae growth in the seawaters of the beachfront is a natural phenomenon even before Boracay became popular as a tourist destination.

The Aklan SP advised the DOT Secretary to channel and rally the resources of his office and all stakeholders in the tourism industry to protect and conserve Boracay, like all other destinations of the country, as the resort island has been continuously raking in dollar receipts for the country. /MP