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Editorial - July 29, 2006

Catalyst of Change Through Volunteerism

By Maranatha B. Estrada

At first I cannot verbalize and clearly see what really is my purpose in life. But something intervened and slowly made me realized. . .my purpose!
It was summer 2003, our Barangay Captain asked me to attend a seminar about Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH). At first, I wasn’t interested. My only concern at that time was to spend my summer vacation and enjoy every day of it. That seminar opened my eyes to what really is happening in our country and to my fellow adolescents. I was shocked to know all those numbers. It was like a divine intervention that made me think to help my peers, not just to look on those data and cry.
It was the time that I joined and volunteered in the Reproductive Health program of Makato. We named our organization as Cayangwan-Aglucay Adolescent Reproductive Health Organization (CARHO). The members are teenagers ranging from 10 – 19 years old, both in and out of school youth. I was elected Chairperson which gave me the opportunity to make a difference, to educate our community especially young people and lessen if not eliminate all those rape cases, people with AIDS, abortion and teenage pregnancies.
The organization aims to provide education and services among adolescents and to help them decide and live a healthy self-concept of themselves. We envisioned a society where its youth have access to information and services, empowered to make good and sound decisions.
As the chairperson for two years and several months now, we meet once a month to tackle and address the different problems in our community, even though I’m studying in Iloilo City now, which takes 4 hours to travel from Aklan. I strongly believe that though I’m just a teenager, I could do something. I initiated different activities such that we could answer these problems, especially when it involves young people. With my leadership skills I’ve developed during my high school days as the Supreme Student Government President of our school, I was able to influence and motivate my members to volunteer and commit to the ARH program.
With the help of my active, dedicated, committed members and advisers and the undying support of my parents, I was able to accomplish the following projects with flying colors:
a. Formulated our own by-laws, the only ARH organization in Aklan with Constitution and by-Laws.
b. Trained 15 adolescents in our community in answer to the illiteracy problem of our peers about their Reproductive Health including their Reproductive Health Rights. Because of the late successful impact to our community, another batch of training was conducted on Reproductive Health with 30 participants who became members of our organization.
After the series of trainings we conducted, wherein we served as the speakers and facilitators, and with the guidance of our Barangay Captain and Municipal Health Physician as our Advisers, we have noted that the substance abuse cases in our rural community greatly lessened. After the training we saw group of young people smoking in the plaza and drinking alcoholic beverages unlike before. The number of young people going to our Health Center to avail its services increased. They became well informed of the services available provided for them, such as medical consultations and medicine.
c. The theater presentation about Reproductive Health, specifically about Violence Against Women and Children, Managing Complications of Abortion, Teenage Pregnancy, Substance Abuse, STD, HIV/AIDS, and Maternal Health Care and Nutrition. This was conducted during our Inter-sitio Presentation, entitled "PAGPABUGTAW" or enlightenment. It was like a street theater. The only difference was that we need to cross rivers and rice paddies and even walked for hours in order to reach the places where we performed. We believed that those people are the ones needing our services as they were deprived of information and services.
d. Conducted parent counseling – we saw how deprived they were from information especially about certain infections and illness such as STD, HIV/AIDS. We saw how poor they are and how difficult their lives are, especially that they have so many children. According to them, they are not aware that there is Family Planning. Some did not even know that sexual harassment could be reported and there are laws about these things. Even in Maternal Health Care and Nutrition, some of the mothers did not even know that they should undergo prenatal check-ups during pregnancy. Some did not even know what precaution to take when they are pregnant. On the other hand, the young people were stunned about what they’ve heard about the negative effects of substance abuse, especially with the information we have shared with them.
That was a success, even though I have sacrificed a lot of my time for my studies but then I am honored and happy having served my fellow sons and daughters of God.
e. The publication of the 1st Community Newsletter of ARH in the province of Aklan, the "KAHAYAG" which means "Light", I am the Associate Editor, and Lay – out artist for the first two issues. It wasn’t difficult for me to come up with the publication because of my background in journalism as Editor In Chief of our own high school paper. We were writing about our programs and projects, not to mention we were also addressing the different issues concerning young people in our articles.
g. As resource speaker & trainer in regional, division, district and school levels ARH trainings. Because of my background in ARH, different schools and organizations always invited me to talk on Reproductive Health and on other topics about the adolescents aside from my speaking engagement on leadership & journalism.
h. Conducted peer counseling – I also do counseling to my peers that needed advice, especially those who were abused by their fathers and teens who want to undergo abortion. I offer them correct referral services and educate them with the possible effects of their decision.
i. Formulated Action Plan – at the beginning of very year, I spearheaded the group in formulating Plan of Actions for the whole year for us to address and pinpoint the needs and problems which needs immediate action.
k. Conducted RH Training for teachers & 4th Year students in my alma mater where I took the initiative in conducting an RH Orientation for all the students & teachers.
l. Constructed the Youth Teen Center in our school – solicited from UNPFA 1 complete set of computer & printer, 21 inch television set, 1 globe, 1 thesaurus & different sports & musical equipments, now housed in that Ten Center for the use of my schoolmates at the Regional Science High School, Kalibo.
My involvement in this community service greatly influenced me in taking up Nursing as my course now, not because I want to go abroad but to help the needy especially those who are not capable to finance their health problems.
It seems difficult at a certain point to become a catalyst of change, I even would say I shouldn’t continue, but hearing those cries and helpless voices, I couldn’t imagine taking them for granted, that’s why I always tell myself – you are working for them – you are doing this for the next generations – with these, you are serving the Lord. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Cuadra Is Guilty

He is "guilty beyond reasonable doubt". That is the decision of the Regional Trial Court, Branch I, Kalibo, Aklan presided by Hon. Niovady M. Marin. The promulgation of judgment was made in the morning, July 25, 2006.
Mr. Jose Kim Alias Boy Cuadra was found guilty of violating Section 5 of Republic Act 9165 or the Illgeal Drug Act as charged. In a 31 pages decision based upon the information and evidences presented, the testimonies of both parties, the court said, "the prosecution is more credible than the defense." The decision was read alternately by two clerks of court, the despositive portion of which read, "the accused . . . is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt". Mr. Jose Kim is meted a life imprisonment and to pay a P500,000.00 fine.
Judge Niovady M. Marin advised the accused and his legal counsel, Atty. Edgar Peralta that they have 15 days to file any legal action. Judge Marin wished them "good luck" and left the court room. Atty. Edgar Peralta held a very brief private conversation with his client and left. Mr. Jose Kim, Alias Boy Cuadra, as he passed by the table of the judge said, "thank you judge".
From the Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan, Mr. Jose Kim was brought by his guards straight to the Kalibo Airport, boarded the PR Flight No. 233 for Manila. Mr. Jose Kim was immediately remitted to the National Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila in the afternoon.
The life imprisonment meted out by the court to Mr. Jose Kim is a triumph over evil. This will serve as warnings to those evil doers that the pillars of justice system is working.
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her sixth State of the Nation Address (SONA), projected that the Philippines will be a "Nation in heaven" at the end of her term in 2010 if she lasted. Ms. Arroyo devoted her SONA to unveil her massive program which requires massive money spending.
Ms. Arroyo started her SONA by extending her congratulations to the new Senate President, Senator Manuel Villar and with: "I am not here to talk about politics, I am here to talk about what people want’. Indeed, the SONA was a big drama! Ms. Arroyo was the star supported by Gen. Palparan who is alleged to have been committing several human rights violations.
She made a roll call of Manny Pacquiao – the people’s champion, mountain climbers Romeo Garduce, Leo Oracion and Erwin Emata, some members of the Philippine Team who won the championship in the Southeast Asian Games, Ms. Tourism International Justine Gabionza; the father and son from Ifugao who got their land title and other supporting casts.
Who refuses progress? All of us will be happy if that "wish list" is accomplished by the end of 2010 or sooner. They say, "If to dream will keep you happy, why stop dreaming?’ Ms. Macapagal Arroyo was happy as she entered the Batasan Session Hall. She even went to the rostrum to deliver her address before her time to speak. But she went back to her seat for the invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. She was happy delivering her SONA and left the Batasan happier still.
Before she ended her speech, she asked "for those who wish to pick up the old fight, we’re game." Fighting is a waste of time, it is bad to fight. it is much better to do our share in nation building. I pray, the construction of "super regions" in the Philippines is realized as soon as possible. /MP

‘Saguiben ni Joeben’ Promotes Bayanihan Spirit

By Boy Ryan Zabal

The Aklan Congressional District Office (CDO) of Cong. Florencio Miraflores mulls to make into a weekly activity a program addressing the immediate needs of barangay folks. His project is called "Saguiben ni Joeben".
The solon’s CDO recently started the project for two days (from July 1-2, 2006) coinciding with the 55th birthday of Miraflores.
"Saguiben ni Joeben" promotes the "bayanihan" spirit. Miraflores said, "it calls for the collaboration among barangay leaders and the private sector in addressing the needs of the community."
Ten subdivisions – Capitol, Villa Trinidad, Greenfield, Martelino, Villa Salvador, Villa Emilia, Esterville, Garcia, Villa Ester and Aklan Subdivision – located in Brgys. Estancia, Andagao and New Buswang, Kalibo were the initial beneficiaries of "Saguiben ni Joeben".
"We recommend that the ‘Saguiben ni Joeben’ be made into a weekly undertaking with the support of government agencies," CDO chief of staff Efren Trinidad said.
Initially, the project facilitated the road grading and gravelling of the provincial road from Andagao Baybay to Lambingan and from Brgy. New Buswang Baybay Road to Camp Pastor Martelino and Bakhawan.
According to Trinidad, there was a positive response from local leaders and the residents themselves.
"The project left an impressive standing in the community and with this, we received a series of requests coming from the different barangays," he added.
The Provincial Engineering Office (PEO), Gaver General Merchandise, G.F. Rovero General Merchandise, E.I. Templonuevo and Associates, Pastrana Construction, Clifford Construction, Solid General Merchandise and the local government of Kalibo through Mayor Raymar Rebaldo joined with the Department of Public works and Highways in the implementation of the project recently.

DSWD Urges Malay Officials
To Protect Children
"Local officials should address the trafficking and prostitution of children in this island resort of Boracay" stressed the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).
"The progress of the world-class tourist destination and its social impacts should be balanced through massive information and protection of children from trafficking, pornography and drugs," stressed Undersecretary Celia Yangco.
DSWD encourages the three barangays of Boracay – Balabag, Yapak and Manoc-Manoc – to conduct a survey and closely monitor the activities of children in Boracay.
Some of these kids are not even natives of the island but are from nearby provinces, said Yangco.
DSWD supports the one-entry, one-exit policy of the provincial government; Yangco said this policy makes it easy for the DSWD personnel to check the children entering and leaving Boracay.
Yangco, head of the DSWD Operations and Capacity Building Group, cautioned Aklan Gov. Carlito S. Marquez on the possible proliferation of child prostitution and sex tourism in the island.
"Under Republic Act 9344, DSWD has an important role in the anti-child trafficking campaign. We have been conducting re-training of our social workers to upgrade their skills in protecting children," said Yangco. /MP

Court Finds Boy Cuadra Guilty

For possessing some few grams of shabu, Mr. Jose Kim alias Boy Cuadra was found guilty, as accused, for violating some provisions of Republic Act 9165 or the Illegal Drug Act.
The case started on April 22, 2003 in the Caticlan Airport, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan. Boy Cuadra was about to board his chartered plane bound for Bacolod City. However, the late P01 Jonathan Moreño found in his possession during the usual security check a bottle said to contain illegal drugs which led to his apprehension and remittance to jail.
Boy Cuadra was arraigned on February 14, 2005, Valentines Day in Branch I, RTC, Kalibo, Aklan. Cuadra was so quiet while being arraigned. He just sat leisurely on the bench dressed in maong pant with matching signature T-shirt in moccasin shoes and dark eyeglasses. Cuadra remained seated on the witness bench while the information regarding his case was being read. After the clerk of court finished reading, Mr. Boy Cuadra remained sitting, refused to say anything. Therefore, Hon. Marietta Homena Valencia entered a plea of "not guilty" in his behalf.
Judge Valencia was temporarily reassigned to another sala. Judge Niovady M. Marin was assigned to continue hearing the Boy Cuadra case. After one year, five months and 12 days, the case ended with a conviction. Mr. Jose Kim alias Boy Cuadra was found "guilty beyond reasonable doubt."
Judge Niovady M. Marin, in a 37 pages verdict, meted Boy Cuadra the penalty of "life imprisonment" and to pay P500,000.00 fine.
Mr. Boy Cuadra was so calm during the promulgation of judgment on July 25, 2006. Before he went out of the session hall of RTC Branch I, Cuadra faced the empty chair of the presiding judge and said, "thank you judge". /MP


Maranatha Estrada
Outstanding Aklanon Youth

By Christy Ann Navarra

"We can make our own choice…and through our own choices we can build our own voice!" – Maranatha

It is indeed inspiring and heartening to note that a young Aklanon is making remarkable achievements and serving well as role model for the Aklanon youth and exemplary citizen of the society.
MARANATHA BRAGADO ESTRADA of Cayangwan, Makato, Aklan was 2005 Soroptimist International (SI) Violet Richardson Awardee For Young Women Volunteer on July 19 – 22 at Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. The 2005 SI Violet Richardson Award For Volunteer Action is an international writing and speech competition contest that aimed to establish an empowered youth as a catalyst for change. Youth who can make good and sound decisions through volunteer actions.


A true blooded Aklanon, Maranatha is a seventeen year old sophomore college student studying Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in West Visayas State University, Iloilo City. She is the eldest daughter of Mr. Ariel T. Estrada, a farmer. Her mother, Mrs. Ruby Agnes R. Bragado-Estrada is a secondary school teacher of Regional Science High School for Region VI. Maranatha studied pre-school at Christ The King Kindergarten in Makato, Aklan. She finished her primary education at Kalibo Pilot Elementary School in Kalibo. She belonged to SPED Class and graduated first honorable mention. She completed high school at Regional Science High School for Region VI, Kalibo, Aklan.


At her young age, she received various major, special and individual awards as: Outstanding Youth Volunteer; Outstanding Campus Journalists of the Philippines, Chief Girl
Scout of the Philippines Medalist;
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Award for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism and Student Leadership; IWAG Award for Excellent Performance in Development Communication sponsored by PIA; HEART Leadership Award, sponsored by W-CARP; RSHS Principal Leadership Award, Plaque of Recognition for Exemplary Leadership & Invaluable Support & Commitment as Provincial Vice-Chairperson of the Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme; Best Performing Artist Award given by the Kalibo Municipal Government for Culture & Arts; Five times qualifier in the National Schools Press Conference in editorial/feature writing and copy reading. She is a consistent honor student (top ten) from pre-school to high school.


Young but impressive leader, an adolescent, yet so enthusiastic to lead different organizations as follows: Cayangwan-Aglucay Adolescent Reproductive Health Organization (CARHO) – chairperson & peer counselor; Vice-chairperson – Provincial Adolescent Reproductive Health Core Group; Board of Director – Asia Pacific Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health Organization; President – Regional Secondary Editors Guild; Board of Director – Regional Federation of Supreme Student Government Officers; President – Division Federation of Supreme Student Government Officers of Aklan; President – Division Secondary Editors Guild of Aklan; Production Staff in Kalibo Council for Culture and Arts and headed the Supreme Student Government of Regional Science High School for Region VI from 1st to 4th year.
Unlike any other adolescent who keep themselves busy to those crazy-close-to nothing things like hanging out on gimmicks, Maranatha keeps herself busy engaging as a youth volunteer in the Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Programme in her municipality. She attends the various trainings/seminars in international, national, regional and provincial levels whenever invited.


According to Maranatha, it’s her confidence and positive dispositions that give her the strength to do and conquer what she wants to be. She stands and speaks for the interests of the youth, as she knows well what her peers need. She is very much willing to help them survive the very crucial stage of growing up. She’s extremely happy for she never expects that through her chosen actions, it led her to complete success.

She believes that the genuine happiness, fulfillment and success only come from having a sincere desire to help other people to the best one can. She lacks words to express the joy, meaning, purpose, peace and direction God has brought to her life. At her early age, Maranatha will go a long way. /MP

In Vitro Culture Produces More Dendrobium

Plantlets and Shortens Maturity

The Dendrobium UH 800 is one of the orchids flowers most in demand in the flower market today. But the supply is not enough for the demand because of the natural production of this variety that takes several years. It takes quite long for the investors to recover their investments. Due to this, several researches were conducted to improve the production rate and reduce the length of maturity of dendrobium.
Today, orchid laboratories in the Philippines use standard formulation for the embryo culture of dendrobium which takes only one year to produce plantlets. A continuing study is conducted to produce more plantlets even shorter than one year by using ovules with inorganic supplements in the culture media.
Prof. Michael T. Ibesate of the Aklan State University, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Science (ASU-CAFES), and a member of the Crop Science Society of the Philippines (CSSP), conducted a study on Inorganic Substance as Nutrient Supplements in the In Vitro Culture of Dendrobium (UH 800) Ovules. In vitro are Latin terms which mean "inside the bottle", thus it refers to the dendrobium ovules cultured "inside the bottle or inside any glass container."
Prof. Ibesate has devised a way on how to produce more plantlets for this variety in a shorter period of time. He is now studying to find means for mass propagation of dendrobium. According to Prof. Ibesate," using cultured plantlets can also produce hybrid, different variety and dwarfs. With cultured plants, a flower grower cannot expect regularity because it often produces variation."
The study involves the use of Culture Media Combinations consisting of Nutrient Medium of Knudson-C. This is composed of inorganic minerals or minerals salts and organic supplements composed of tomato puree, banana homogenate and coconut water. The ovules taken from the capsule of UH 800 is sown in the fresh solid media. There are four (4) solid media used in this study. The first, labeled as KCO-A is composed of Knudson – C, organic supplements and 19-19-19 of NPK as a complete fertilizer that contains 19% of nitrogen, 19% of phosphorous, and 19% of potassium. The second is the KCO-B containing Knudson – C, organic supplements, and 21-0-0 of N (ammonium sulfate). The third is the KCO-C made up of Knudson – C and organic supplements. The last is the KCA, Knudson – C alone.
By Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) using Least Significant Difference (LSD), the laboratory experiment showed that ovules of dendrobium sown in medium of Knudson-C added with organic supplements and 19-19-19 of NPK (KCO-A) germinated earlier, almost twenty one (21) days and obtained 96.03% germination at eighty (80) days of culture. It also gained the tallest plant height (2.40 cm per plantlet), highest fresh biomass (18.05 mg per plantlet), and greatest number of roots developed (7.30 per plantlet). Among the culture media combinations tested, all the in vitro growth vigor of dendrobium (UH 800) was significantly highest in Knudson-C incorporated with organic and inorganic supplements of 19-19-19 NPK.
The study proved that the use of inorganic substance in the In Vitro cultured dendrobium ovules is effective. However, the use of ovules for the in vitro culture rather than the usual embryo, the additional supplement provided by organic substance, and the methods used in preparing it must be considered. Although using ovules instead of embryo is more complicated and arduous since it requires human intervention and proper timing for the dendrobium to produce capsule containing ovules, the result of the study is well worth it.
The use of inorganic substance is proven effective not only in producing plantlets in a shorter period of time, but also in producing better plantlets and the possibility of more flowers and varied colors it may produce.
They found out that the Dendrobium UH 800 it does not only yield a higher number of plantlets in a shorter period of time for mass production, but the growth of the said plantlets can be controlled based on the needs and demand for it. According to Prof. Ibisate, since the development of the plantlets depends on the cultured media which nourished them, its growth rate can be restricted based on the amount of medium applied to it. It is possible for man to both preserve this variety, and to cultivate diversity. /MP

Community Billboard

I. The Kalantiao Toastmasters Club announces the holding of the "Speech Contest". This will be held on August 31, 2006 at the Capt. Gil Mijares Memorial Bldg., XIX Martyrs Street, Kalibo, Aklan.
This is opened to all high schools and college students in Aklan. For the high school contestants, it will be impromptu speech. The topic will be given during the contest. For college contestants, it will be a prepared speech that revolves around the theme: "Honoring Heroes". The contest is co-sponsored by the Local Government of Kalibo with Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo and the Rotary Club of Kalibo with its President Gus Solmirano.
The top three contestants for both high school and college will receive prizes like modest amount in cash. free one year subscription to Madyaas Pen, one scholarship for caregiver at San Lorenzo College, and certificates to all participants.
For application form, please contact Madyaas Pen, 168 Dr. Gonzales Street, Kalibo, Aklan with Tel. No. 268-6238. You may also contact Ms. Megs S. Lunn – CP # +639195521862 or Dr. Mona S. Magayanes – CP # +639189376126.
II. Alay Lakad 2006 will be held on Friday dawn, September 8, 2006. Several contests will be held during the walk. The prizes will be awarded during the program that follows after the walk at the Godofredo P. Ramos Park, Estancia, Kalibo.
The details of the program is being finalized and will be released soon. The chair of the 2006 Alay Lakad is the Rotary Club of Kalibo headed by President Gus Solmirano. /MP


2 Top TOTAL Execs Grace Opening of Tagbac Station

By Alex P. Vidal

Two top officials of the TOTAL (Philippines) Corporation came to Iloilo City for the launching on July 26 of the TOTAL Gas station in Brgy. Tagbac, Jaro, Iloilo City.
Chairman Gary Jones and President & Managing Director Anna Whitehouse joined the local executives and representatives from the Department of Energy (DoE) and the French Embassy during the occasion which is the company’s first retail venture outside of Luzon.
Jones, who is also TOTAL Refining and Marketing Director for Asia, delivered the opening remarks followed by messages from French Ambassador Gerad Chesnel and DoE Assistant Secretary Matanog Mapandi.


Whitehouse, the first woman oil company president in the Philippines, gave the closing remarks.
Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Treñas, Iloilo Governor Niel D. Tupas, Sr., DoE Visayas Field Office Director Antonio Labios, and TOTAL Philippines Vice President for Consumer Sales Dexter Flores also graced the launching program.
TOTAL’s other stations in the Visayas are in Rizal St., Ilawod, Cabatuan, Iloilo and in San Jose, Antique.
The world’s fourth largest oil company has poured an investment of US$80 million in the Philippines since 1997 with 84 service stations in the country. It employs 177 employees.
Both Mayor Treñas and Gov. Tupas hailed TOTAL for investing in Iloilo anew saying the putting up of oil station in Tagbac "will further boost investment opportunities in the city and province."


The TOTAL (Philippines) Corporation has also invested P22 million for conversion of six service stations in the country.
Its other businesses in the Visayas are consumer sales (industrial accounts), lubricants (distributorship), and Superkalan LPG (2.7 kg cylinders which is number one in local small cylinder business).
Meanwhile, TOTAL’s lubricant’s partner Elf is the 2005 Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso of Renault and World Rally champion Sebastian Loeb of Citroen.
TOTAL will also introduce a "Pick-a-Prize Promo" with guaranteed prizes of t-shirts, P400 GC’s, caps, and others.
Established in the Philippines in August 1997, TOTAL Philippines’ oil depot and international terminal facility are located in Alas-Asin, Mariveles, Bataan (capacity: 58 million liters). It’s Manila fuel depot is located at the Manila Harbor Center, Tondo. It started its commercial operations last May 26, 2003 (capacity: 9 million liters expandable to 28 million liters)
TOTAL Philippines shares an LPG terminal located at Tabangao, Batangas (capacity: 45,000 metric tons). /MP

40th Rotary Club of Kalibo

By PP Botoy Villorente

The Rotary Year 2006 – 2007 officers of the Rotary Club of Kalibo and the Rotary Spouses of the Rotary Club of Kalibo were inducted into office during the 40th Induction Ceremonies. The induction program was held at Lyca Café and Restaurant, Tambak, New Washington, Aklan in the evening of July 22, 2006 with "Hawaiian Punch".
Those officers inducted were led by Augusto "Gus" Solmirano – president of the Rotary Club of Kalibo. They were sworn to office by District Governor Ramon "Toto" Cua Locsin of R.I District 3850. RTC Judge Virgilio "Vir" Paman sworn to office the Rotary Spouses of the Rotary Club of Kalibo led by their president Gloria "Glo" Solmirano.

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Katapusan Nga Datu
(The Last Emperor)

Bago mag-abot rong mga Espanyol iya sa Pilipinas, guinadumaeahan ro Panay it iba ibang mga nagapamuno sa kada comunidad nga guinatawag nga Datu. Bilang nagapamuno it comunidad, sanda ro gina tahod, rong pinaka maisog, pinakamanggaranon, ag pinaka abo it sakup.
Kon magtaliwan rong datu, rong kamagueangan nga onga nga eaeaki rong maga iridar, magaboeos ag magapadayon sa pagpamuno it comunidad.
Sa parte it Mindanao, may isaeang ka datu nga owa it onga nga eaeaki. Ro anang onga hay puro mga babaye. Isaea sa mga asawa it datu nga si Zorayda, nag – paino ino tongod owa it eaeaki nga maga panubli sa pagka datu. Anang guinpresentar ro anang gumankon nga si Alim agud mangin iridero it trono. Indi magsugot ro ibang asawa, busa guin paagi sa mga "magueang". Guin kasugtanan nga maghiwat it paindis-indis para sa tanan nga kaeaeakihan. Kon sin-o rong makadaea it pinaka mabahoe nga perlas halin sa kadagatan imaw rong pagahimuon nga bag-ong datu. Tanan rong mga kabinataan hay nagpahaum sa rayang paindis-indis.
Parabil mag-abot rong mga kabinataan sa palasyo, naga – agi sanda sa pinaka-mayor nga daean paadto sa palasyo. May isaeang ka magueang nga naga pungko sa daean nga nagapabulig. Ro ana nga onga hay pagadaehon sa "Babaylan". Indi nana masarangan nga maghakwat ag maeayo pa ro baeay it babaylan. Owa it nag sapak kana, tanan nagadali ro mga kabinataan. Naga hangad nga maka-abot sa guintaeana nga oras sa pag pili it mangin datu. Guintaliwanan nanda rong nagapakit-looy nga magueang.
Pag – agi ni Alim, hakita nana rong magueang nga nagahinyo kana nga buligan imaw. Tongod mahumok it tagipusu-on si Alim, guin daea nana rong onga sa babaylan. Nag-usoy pa imaw it mga dahon ag panit it kahoy para ibueong sa onga. Nagmayad rong onga. Sa abo nga pasaeamat, nagtoeo ro eoha it magueang sa kalipay. Ratong eoha sa anang sabak hay sige nga binahoe mientras sige man rong toeo it eoha.
Nangin perlas ratong eoha it magueang. Pagkahapon, puro gaoy rong mga kabinataan. Tanan ro andang nakita nga perlas hay guinpresentar sa mga "magueang" agod pili-on ro pinakamabahoe. Owa pa gid it hapili an. Ro olihi nga omabot hay si Alim. Daea man nana ratong perlas halin sa eoha it magueang. Anang guin presentar. Nakibot si Alim. Pinakamabahoe sa tanan ro anang perlas pagkatapos nga sukaton.
Nagpakita ratong "magueang" nga guin buligan. Imaw gali rong datu nga nagpakuno-kuno nga magueang. Owa nakapasar tanan rong kaeaeakihan, si Alim eang. Naghambae rong datu nga rong pagpili sa pagiging datu hay bukon eamang sa manggad, kaisog, ka-aeam ag sumueonod. Eabaw sa tanan dapat ro tawo hay may bueawanon nga tagipusu-on sa pagbulig sa anang mga sumueonod.
Parabil mamatay rong datu, guinhalin kay Alim rong Kris ag Kampilan. Nakita kong dating datu kon ma uno magpamuno si Alim. Bugana rong mga tawo sa pagkaon, mahugod rong tanan. Malinong ag matawhay nga nagapangabuhi rong anang mga tawohan sa comunidad.
Rong perlas ni Alim rong pinaka mahaygang manggad. Andang guin butang sa isaeang ka pedestal agod madumduman ko mga tawo rong simbolo it paghili-ugyon ag pagboeoligan ko mga tawo.
Sa pag abot it mga Espanyol, guinsugid nga ratong perlas hay naduea bangod sayod sanda ko hayga ag bili it perlas. Sa pagkamatay ni Alim, owa eon it nagpadayon sa pagiging datu, tongod iba eon rong pag dumaea ko mga domo eo-ong. Rong nabilin lang hay mga mahayga nga bilin ag kaaeam sa pagpamuno ni Datu Alim. Raya hay eabaw pa sa perlas bangod nakaukit sa tagipusu-on it kada isaea. /MP

Purefoods Is 2006 PBA All Filipino Champion

The Purefoods Chunkee Giants proved to be the best PBA Basketball team in the 2006 Gran Matador Brandy All Filipino Conference. The Chunkee Giants put away for good their opponents, Red Bull Barako in six games of the finals good for seven games.
The Purefoods won the championship in six games (4-2), the last of which was played in the Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City on Wednesday night, July 19 at a score: 90–83. Purefoods won the first two games, lost the third, won again the fourth (99–81) and lost the fifth. It finally won the championship in game sixth (90–83).
The PBA All Filipino Conference 2006 produced several players with outstanding performances. Those recognized are: Mr. Energy – Topex Robinson – Red Bull; Sportsmanship – Anthony Dela Cruz – Alaska; All Defensive Team Players are: Marc Pingris – Purefoods; Nic Belasco – Alaska; Wynnie Arboleda – Air 21; Topex Robinson – Red Bull; and Dorian Peña – San Miguel Corporation. The Most Improved Player is Marc Pingris – Purefoods; Rockie of the Year – Larry Fonacier – Red Bull.
There are two mythical teams. The second mythical team is composed of Mike Cortez – Alaska; Mark Cagiwa – Barangay Ginebra; Dany Seagle – San Miguel; Marc Pingris – Purefoods; and Dorian Peña – San Miguel.
The first mythical team is composed of Roger Yap, James Yap, Kerby Raymundo – Purefoods; Lordy Tugade and Enrico Villanueva – Red Bull.
James Yap of Purefoods bagged the MVP award while Mark Pingris the Finals MVP. /MP

Saturday, July 22, 2006

EDITORIAL -- 2007 AIP and ARDC Master Plan

Happy Birthday Governor Marquez!

A Joint Meeting of the Aklan Provincial Development Council and Aklan Rivers Development Council was held this Thursday afternoon, July 20. Among others, the agenda included the review and approval of the minutes of the previous meeting and some business arising from the said minutes.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez, being the chairman of the Provincial Development Council (PDC) presided the meeting. All the Municipal Mayors of Aklan are members of the PDC. Some mayors were present, some sent their respective representatives. Other members of the PDC are accredited NGO’s including the chairman of the Provincial Agricultural and Fishery Council.
A representative of the Department of Public Work and Highways reported its accomplishment for the year 2006. He reported the present status of the various projects founded out of the P20 million projects of Rep. Joeben T. Miraflores; The P1 million project of Partylist Rep. Teddy Casiño and projects funded by some Senators.
Engr. Victory Fernandez, Provincial Engineer of Aklan reported the projects of the Provincial Engineering Office which are: 1. The completion of the DRSTMH, second floor of which was blessed on July 20 and is now ready for occupancy. It has 50 rooms with 86 beds and one ICU. 2. The progress of the P10 M. farm to market road projects in Barangays Union and Rizal in Nabas, 3. The P1 M. drainage project in Toting Reyes St., Kalibo is ready for bidding; and 4. The various routivary repairs of provincial roads due to continues uses.
Engineer Roger Esto of the Provincial Planning and Development Office presented to the meeting the 2007 Annual Investment Plan (AIP). The Development Plan envisions to finance various projects costing P332,423,500.00. Of this amount, 32.5 percent will go to General Services; 62.21 percent to Economic Services; 5.22 percent to Social Services; and 0.07 percent to other services.
The 2007 AIP is unanimously approved as presented.
Atty. Allen S. Quimpo presented the Master Plan on Aklan Rivers System. Atty. Quimpo is the Executive Director of the Aklan Rivers Development Council created by virtue of Provincial Ordinance No. 05-026 of Aklan.
The report covers the background of the project; rationale; vision and mission; objectives; courage; land use; classification, use and resources. It also covers demography; issues and concerns; opportunities; and recommendations.
According to Atty. Quimpo, the report is not complete and it can be improved further. Actually the ARDC has done a very good job for the people and province of Aklan and even for the whole country. For the first time, Aklan has come out with a valuable document very useful in the sustainable development and utilization of Aklan rivers. Like any other plan, the Master Plan may demand annual adjustment. New data maybe had and opportunities may come in.
The Master Plan was unanimously approved. The first project presented and approved is the conduct of survey of the Aklan river geared for project planning to minimize the damage due to flood and for other economic projects by the river bank.
With the approval of the 2007 AIP and the Aklan River System Master Plan, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and staff deserve congratulations and encouragement to continue the good work. It deserves public support in the implementation.

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Albasan Public Library Is Temporarily Useless
BY Ambrosio R. Villorente

In the Barangay Plaza in Albasan, Numancia stands an imposing building though small. Its floor area is estimated to be 50 square meters. It faces the Albasan Elementary School and about two blocks away from the Numancia National School of Fisheries. The building is beautifully constructed, made of strong and durable materials.
This building is called “Albasan Public Library”, as the sign in front says. Therefore, inside it are books, a depository of knowledge and information. However, this library appears useless as it is always closed. Every time I pass in front of that library, it is always closed. Hence, temporarily useless library. One can neither deposit nor withdraw information from it. It is closed all the time. It just occupies space in that barangay plaza. This conclusion is confirmed by the people around whom I asked if the said library is opened to the public. “That room is filled up of books, but we can not read it. The room is always closed”, they revealed.
While pupils and students of Albasan have limited copies of books, that library by their barangay is always closed, therefore temporarily inutile.
Some 200 bottles of liquid fertilizer were distributed to the farmers from all the barangays of Kalibo. Each bottle contains one liter foliar fertilizer. Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo personally handed the fertilizer to the farmers who were gathered in Capt. Gil Mijares Memorial Building, Poblacion, Kalibo last Friday, July 14.
The fertilizer is highly recommended for hybrid rice, corn, vegetables and fruits.
It is highly effective if properly applied with the use of a sprayer after diluting it with water following the recommended quantity per crop. Proper timing of application must be observed to maximize its effectiveness.
The assistance of the agricultural technologist is highly needed by the farmer especially during the first application of this liquid fertilizer.
This column sincerely congratulates Dr. Maria Magpusao. She was just sworn (July 20, 2006) in as President of the Aklan Blood Coordinating Council in a simple rites held in the PNRC Compound, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan. The council is composed of volunteer workers whose interest is for the production of adequate healthy blood for transfusion to patients who need additional blood.
That patient maybe our friends, our relatives and or ourselves
In Navitas, Numancia, Aklan, a port is being planned for construction. Mayor Ernesto I. Templonuevo, leads the concerned local officials in the preparation of plan for the construction.
Last Tuesday, July 18 the Sangguniang Bayan of Numancia presided by Vice Mayor Adolfo Iligan held its session in Barangay Navitas with only one agenda: public hearing regarding the port construction. All the Barangay Captains of Numancia, Barangay officials and residents of Navitas and concerned officials were invited to the said public hearing.
Since the start of the public hearing until its adjournment, no person present opposed the port project. All indorsed the proposal in fact “start immediately”. But before the project commences, approval must pass a process. It will start from Barangay Navitas itself with an approval of resolution of the Sangguniang Barangay. This is not yet started, but that public hearing may serve as basis for the barangay resolution approving the pier construction. These local government units’ resolutions are necessary to get approval of the required Environmental Certificate of Compliance. Project feasibility study is yet to be presented. Concerned planners had yet to prepare engineering plan. Money for its initial construction is not yet released. The project is not yet bidded.
In short, ground and paper works of the project are yet to be prepared. But people are eager to start the project. Can it be started before the end of 2006? /MP

CHED Releases P1.94 M. Support Fund to ASU

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) released the amount of one million nine hundred seventy four thousand two hundred eighty pesos (P1,974,280.00) to the Aklan State University as Tuition Fee Support Fund for the School Year 2006-2007.
The said allotment of fund took effect after the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) last June 6, 2006, between the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), represented by its Chairman, Dr. Carlito S. Puno and the Aklan State University represented by its President, Dr. Benny A. Palma.
The CHED, recognizes the need to provide additional financial support to the ASU Banga to compensate for the non-increase in tuition and other fees for the present School year. Part of the amount will also be used for the University to upgrade its institutional capability as well as sustain the development efforts towards meeting the challenges of producing the required manpower resources needed for accelerated national development.
CHED is mandated to promote affordable, quality and relevant higher education that is accessible to all, to ensure academic freedom and promote its exercise and observance for the continuing intellectual growth, advancement of learning and research, development of responsible and effective leadership, education of high and middle level professionals and the enrichment of our historical and cultural heritage in the Philippines.
According to Dr. Benny Palma, the said fund will help ensure that the ASU can continuously offer affordable education to deserving students without sacrificing quality. /MP

Filipinos In Lebanon

Despite Israeli attacks in Lebanon specially in Beirut and other parts of the country that have left more than 300 people dead, Filipino overseas contract workers are adamant to leave that country. There are some 30,000 Filipinos in Lebanon. As of July 20, some 198 had been evacuated. Those who opt to stay believed that this problem would come and go and they want to be in place when peace is restored. Some Filipinos at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal which serves as their temporary shelter./MP

DENR To Settle Kalibo-Numancia Dispute – Rebaldo

By Boy Ryan Zabal

Kalibo mayor Raymar Rebaldo wants the National Mapping and Resources Information Authority (NAMRIA) to decide on the dispute on territorial waters with the town of Numancia to avoid conflicts by warring families of the two municipalities. But after the meeting on July 14, it was mutually agreed, DENR will do it.
This, he stressed after a shooting and hacking incident transpired on June 24, the feast of St. John the Baptist, at Sitio Liboton, Bakhaw Norte, Kalibo, that claimed the lives of two fishermen and a tricycle driver allegedly on boundary disputes.
The two victims were identified as Remy Ranigo, 48, fisherman and Lito Arcenio, 33, tricycle driver, who were declared dead on arrival on June 24 at Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial Hospital, Kalibo. The third victim, John Ranigo, 23, fisherman, died on June 28 at Aklan Cooperative Mission Hospital, Kalibo.
NAMRIA is the lead agency mandated to delineate the municipal waters in the country under Republic Act 8850 or the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998.
Rebaldo said they requested NAMRIA to delimit/delineate the boundaries of opposing municipalities and to provide technical assistance and advice the local officials in the course of their negotiations.
“In fact, NAMRIA representatives and the local government units of Numancia and Kalibo would discuss the common municipal water boundaries as part of our negotiated settlement on July 14,” he added.
Rebaldo said he wants to resolve the territorial dispute amicably and to manage and enforce the laws once NAMRIA determines the municipal water boundaries of Kalibo and Numancia.
Section 118 of the Local Government Code provides that the legislative councils of local government units may carry out a joint session in solving boundary disputes, but Rebaldo opted to discuss with NAMRIA its municipal water jurisdiction with Numancia town mayor Ernesto I. Templonuevo. During their July 14 negotiation, representatives of Numancia and Kalibo agreed to give a free hand to the DENR to identify the territorial boundary between Numancia and Kalibo. The two contending parties will sign a Memorandum of Agreement that they will both respect the decision to be presented by the DENR. /MP

Ro NFA Maga Libud It Bugas

Ginapahisayud ko National Food Authority, Aklan nga ro NFA Rolling Store hay padayon nga naga serbisyo agud ro barato ag may maayad-ayad it kalidad nga bugas ko gobyerno hay maging ‘available’ ag ‘accessible’ para sa mga konsumidor.
Ro NFA Aklan Rolling Store hay nagabaligya it bugas sa presyo nga masarangan it pumueoyo sa tig P18.00/kilogram. Ro NFA rolling store may skedyul nga mga masunod:

Numancia Area
–Brgy. Badio/Badio Pavement ag Brgy. Albasan/Albasan Pavement;
Makato Area –Brgy. Baybay kon siin ro RS hay magabaligya sa mga daeanon it Brgy. Baybay;
Tangalan Area –Brgy. Pudiot/Pudiot Talipapa
BATAN AREA –Brgy. Napti/Napti Baybay; Brgy. Mambuquiao/Mambuquiao MPC
MALINAO AREA –Brgy. Sipac kon siin ro NFA RS hay magabaligya sa mga daeanon kong Brgy. Sipac;
NEW WASHINGTON AREA – Brgy. Poblacion (kilid it pier paagto it Pinamok-an)
– Brgy. Ochando, Fatima ag Dumaguit – ro NFA RS hay magabaligya sa daeanon.
MALAY AREA – Brgy. Caticlan/Caticlan Public Market
BURUANGA AREA – Brgy. Habana, Mayapay ag Alegria kon siin ro NFA RS hay magabaligya sa waiting shed Kamangahan crossing.

Sa pihak nga parte, ro ‘Direct Selling’ kong NFA hay padayon man nga gina implementar kong lokal nga upisina. Suno kay manedyer Pablito G. Gemarino ro konsumidor hay sarang makabakae it sangka sako nga bugas sa sueod it sangbuean. Raya hay pambaeay nga konsomo eamang ag mabuoe direkta sa NFA Office, Linabuan Sur, Banga, Aklan sa presyo nga P900.00/BAG/50 kilogram.
Eowas sa NFA Rolling Store ro iba pa nga mga ‘authorized outlet’ kong gobyerno hay ro Accredited Rice Retailers, Tindahan ni Gloria Labandera (TGL Store) Bigasan Ni Gloria Sa Palengke (BGP) ag Tindahan Natin.
Ro ‘Palengke Watch’ hay padayon nga ginahiwat ko NFA Aklan para sa ikamayad ko mga negosyante ag konsumidor it eamigas iya sa Aklan. Ro mga negosyante it eamigas hay mayad nga sanda hay kompleto sa facility requirements (prescribed signboard, prescribed price tag, calibrated weighing scale, rice box painted white), nagatuman sa standard packaging and labeling, sanda hay may NFA nga lisensya sa pag negosyo.
Ginataw-an man it nagakaigo nga penalidad ag disiplina ro naga ’over price’ it NFA Rice. Ro naga haeogay ag ro nagabaligya bilang ‘commercial stock’. Ro minimum nga penalidad hay sang libo (P1,000) sa mga hidakpan nga naga eapas sa kasuguan ag sueondan kong NFA. Suno kay manedyer Gemarino, ro pagtuman sa NFA Rules and Regulations ag sa Philippine Grains Standardization Program hay magatao it kahusayan ag pagtubo kong industriya it eamigas sa Aklan.
Sa dugang nga kaaeaman, mangutana eang kay Pablito G. Gemarino, Provincial Manager o kay Judith T. Tindog, Information Officer II. Magbisita sa upisina kong NFA sa Linabuan Sur, Banga, Aklan. /MP

The Need To Cha-Cha

By Napoleon G. Rama

(Speech before the Publishers Association of the Philippines held on June 24, 2006 in the Makati Sports Club, Makati City.)

It’s good of you to invite me for the third time in your yearly conventions. What’s not so nice about the present invitation is the requirement that I speak on the topic of not of my buy but your choice. This is the Charter Change.
For one thing, every Pedro, Pablo and Juan has already had his say about this topic. This is one of the reasons why there’s now a lot of confusion about Cha-Cha. You need a little more knowledge even beyond just being a lawyer to be credible, let alone be an expert in constitutional law. In our present case, whether there’s a need to change the Constitution, if so, what changes to be made, and how to amend or revise the Constitution?
To tackle the first questions, perhaps, we have to ask ourselves: Are we really satisfied with the present systems?
If we honestly believe that the present system is quite satisfactory, something we can live with, then we can stop the debate here. But the large fact is that a great number of people are not happy under the present political system. For one, the system has produced one of the world’s largest populations of unhappy poor people.
The standard argument of those who are against charter change, including the brightest among them, is that there’s nothing wrong with the system. It’s the people or leaders running the system. This solution is not changing the Constitution. We must change the men running it, they argue.
This is on surface, a compelling argument. But it’s more a romantic argument, so detached from the reality on the ground.
In the first place, it’s the present system that provides the mechanics of electing or producing the men in the government. I contend that the present presidential system of election is tailored-made to produce less than qualified presidential, vice presidential and senatorial officials, the highest in the land.
The reason for this is that the positions call for nationwide election, meaning all the 43 million voters in the country in all the barrios, 1.500 towns, 117 cities and 79 provinces all over the country are called upon to vote for them. These candidates have to travel all over the country to stand for election.
A nationwide election is a very expensive election where you have to deal and wheel with every governor, congressman, mayor and barrio captain all over the country.
Thus those running for these top positions of the country are vulnerable to the opportunings of a great number of people and become beholden to the big business interests, who normally have the money to help fund a nationwide election. No surprise, most of our elected presidents and senators become indebted to the business interests, the big money guys, the jueteng lords, even before they get to sit in public office.
The bigtime graft and corruption cases, the records will show, are the result of an election system, that compels the candidates to campaign nationwide, spend beyond their means and beg from the vested interest for campaign funds.
Apart from all this, the present system places a premium on popularity, disregarding candidates’ qualifications.
We don’t have to go far to see the evidence of evil attending the nationwide elections. Thanks to these very expensive elections, you can see now a Senate which is a joke compared to the Senates in other countries. More and more movie and tv actors and comedians have declared their intentions to run for the Senate, the presidency or vice presidency, to make a total farce of our democracy and make life miserable for those now sincerely convinced that there’s nothing wrong with our system, except for the men running it.
We forget too soon. It’s this system that permitted President Estrada to win the presidential elections with about the greatest majority in our history. It’s hard to imagine any country voting into the presidency a person with his qualifications or disqualifications. The presidential system precisely ignores qualifications and rewards those who have had the widest exposure in the movies and television, the most powerful media. Or have the biggest campaign funds. Thus, even Fernando Poe, Jr. who had never run or held public office, whose qualifications to head the country as president were not clear, almost made it in the last presidential elections, principally on the basis of his popularity as a movie actor. Come to think of it: Even the leaders of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo admit that the winning gimmick of the President during that election against movie actor Poe, Jr. was to appear as a Nora Aunor look-alike in her election posters. Under the present presidential system of election, the future belongs to the more popular movie actors, tv personalities, even the comedians.
What enlarges the defect of the nationwide election under our present system is the well-known fact that the people are not well-educated. In fact, the present Constitution is burdened by another defect: the provision that allows the illiterates to vote. The ignorant and the illiterates know little of the election issues or the national interest involved. Their heroes and heroines are those they see all the time in the movies or on tv.
So, it’s good to recall here that even Thomas Jefferson, who founded the American system of government by and for the people, later qualified his definition of that government. He said it should be a government for and by the people “with certain degree of instruction.” In other words, a government for, by and for the people will not work if the people themselves were ignorant.
I recall that in the 1986 Constitutional Commission that crafted the present Constitution I fought the provision allowing the illiterates to vote. I was opposed even by my friends in that Commission some of them have told me now that I was right and deplore the results of the decisions of the illiterates during elections. That’s another defect in the Constitution that needs correction. /

Ro Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro


Mailaun magkolekta it bonsai ag driftwood si Elsa. Ro anang hardin ag sueod it baeay hay puno it mga “driftwood”. Sa kabuhayon nanda nga pag-asawa ni Karlo nagdaea si Elsa ag nag-onga pero indi mabaton ni Karlo, tongod puro bukoe ag gamut ro anang eawas. Guinpangaeanan nanda kay Roots. Westernized abi ro mag-asawa, busa Roots ro ngaean ko unga.
Nagbahoe si Roots nga maeaw-ay. Pati ro andang mga sueogo-on hay nagakahadluk kon magdaea it pagkaon para sa unga. Pati ro mga alila nga hayop, mga kuring ag mga manok hay naga paeayo kay Roots. Nabatian ko mga nagapaguwa it karnabal rayang natabo. Sarang nanda nga makwartahan si Roots. Ko gabii ngaron, golpeng may nagsueod nga mga tawo sa andang baeay agod takawon si Roots. Nakibot ro mga ayam. Naglinahay hasta nahabugtaw rong tanan. Nadakpan rong mga tawong nagsueod sa baeay ag guinpanggapos sanda agod daehon sa peresohan.
Para malikaw sa pagsura it mga tawo, nagpanaw ro mag-ina sa Japan. Idto sanda nagdayon sa naga-alila man it bonsai ag nagakolekta it driftwood.
Abong mga driftwood ro andang nakita nga paris man kay Roots. Nagpungko si Roots sa binit. May isaeang ka Mahistrado it Japan nga nagsueod sa anang guina estaran. Pagkakita it Hapon, nailaan nana rong porma sa binit nga naga pungko. Gustong bakeon maskin pila. Pagkasayod nga tawong buhi gali, nagka enteres nga kangayon si Roots ag anang ina idto sa andang mansyon. Gin baton ni Elsa ag ni Roots ro invitasyon.
Pag-abot sa mansion, abo nga koleksyon rong mag-asawang Hapon. Mabuhay eon nga owa sanda it onga. Sa owa mag buhay, naila si Roots sa mag-asawa haeos indi eon mag-uli sa Pilipinas si Roots. Baton man imaw it mga sueo-goon it Hapon. Kon ona si Roots, naga bloom rong mga bonsai. Kutob sa anang mabuytan, naga saut rong mga sanga ag dahon. Naga hibayag rong mga kabueakan sa palibot. Nangin mahayga si Roots sa hardin it Mahistrado. Ko olihi, nag-onga rong mahistrado ag anang asawa.
Isaeang adlaw, nagbisita rong Emperador ag anang asawa sa andang amigong Mahistrado. Sa andang nakitang kahugod ni Roots, buot nanda nga kangayon man si Roots sa andang baeay.
Owa mabuhayi, nagimbita man ro Emperador sa mag ina sa andang baeay. Malipay guid ro guinikanan ni Roots.
Ogaling gusto eon nga mag oli rong ina ni Roots. Parabil mag oli, nagpangutana rong hari kon ano ro anang gusto. Handum guid ko anang nanay nga maging normal nga tawo si Roots. Guin tipon rong mga seruhano, mga madyekero ag mga pantas. Guin operahan si Roots. Guintam-nan it panit ag guinputoe ro mga ugat. Pagkatapos it operasyon, nagbaylo ro anang dagway ag nangin gwapo. Nalipay guid ro anang ina. Ko olihi, ma-uli eon sanda sa Pilipinas. Ogaling, naga kasubo guid rong Mahistrado. Napamahae eon kanda si Roots. Nagdaea it swerte kanda nga abo si Roots. Naintindihan nanda rong baeatyagon ko anang ina, busa gin sugtan sanda umoli.
Guinpabaeonan sanda it mabahoe nga kantidad ko Emperador. Guinpaeskwela si Roots ko anang ina hasta nakatapos sa kolehiyo. Nagbisita imaw sa baeay it Mahistrado sa Japan. Nakibot imaw nga rong onga nga daeaga ko Mahistrado hay kapares anay ni Roots. Nagdaea kanda it mabahoe nga suerte rong dalagita.
Nag asawa sanda ni Roots ag sanda rong nag padayon ko mga negosyo kong Mahistrado Bangud sa kahugod ag kabuot kong dalagita sa anang isigkatawo, naga-amat-amat it panas rong mga bukoe sa anang eawas. Hasta nga omabot rong tyempo nga nangin normal ro anang itsura. /MP


‘Despite World Cup, RP Soccer Will Hardly Improve’

By Alex P. Vidal

Filipinos, especially Ilonggos in football-crazed town of Barotac Nuevo, also passionately watched the recently concluded FIFA World Cup in Germany like the rest of the world. But their excitement and madness can never propel Philippine football to greater heights; not at this time when the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) is wracked by politics and internal squabble.
This was the assessment made recently by Luis “Tuing” Perez, former manager of RP Team (Under 17), as the entire planet watched the nerve-wrenching July 9 championship match between France and Italy. (Italy grabbed the championship).
“We have to call spade a spade and that is Philippine football which has no future at this time,” said the 53-year-old younger brother of the late Iloilo Football Association (IFA) president Carlos “Titus” Perez, Jr.


Tuing Perez, admitted that “football is money and money is football.”
“Without money, football is nothing,” quipped Perez who blames the feud between the PFF headed by Johnny Romualdez and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) headed by Butch Ramirez to money and politics.
The PSC, created during the term of Pres. Corazon Aquino in 1990 to finance national sports associations (NSAs), has warned several NSAs, including the PFF, of severe sanctions if they failed to liquidate the expenses incurred in international competitions.
Perez further observed that even some World Cup players have discarded their patriotism in exchange for money; their tendency to promote themselves individually in the field while the spirit of team play has only become second fiddle.
This was shown, he stressed, when Brazil did not show any sign of deep determination as a team in its match versus France as individual players focused on how to shine so that they would earn fat contracts with big commercial ball clubs in Europe after the World Cup.


Barotacnons, Perez said, are enamored to the World Cup and to football in general as “the game unites the people in Barotac Nuevo unlike in Sta. Barbara (another Iloilo town) where football triggered a war among (their) sports leaders.” He did not elaborate.
“But even if we improved our efforts by one thousand percent, we will not excel. That’s the hard truth; the sad reality,” explained Perez, who converted his house in Barotac Nuevo into a mini-theater to accommodate football fans hooked to the live coverage on cable television.
“We watch World Cup matches live like crazy until the wee hours in the morning and the hearts of Barotacnons broke when Brazil lost to France in the semi-final,” said Perez, who managed the RP Team during the Asian Football Confederation Under 17 Group II on Oct. 11-15, 2003 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, a year after he was sworn in by Iloilo Governor Niel D. Tupas, Sr. as councilor of Barotac Nuevo.


At present, only two Barotacnons are active members of the national team that competed in the last Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. They are Ian Araneta and Chepe Caligdong.
The IFA is now headed by Mariano “Nonong” Araneta, Jr., a former national booter himself who is now a businessman.
“We used to have fifty percent of the members of the RP Team. But now, we only have something like twenty five percent,” he pointed out.
Perez said the French, led by Zinedine Zidane, will beat Italy because they are taller “and nobody can stop Zidane.” (Perez was proven wrong as Italy won over France, 5 – 3 after the game.)
Italy or popularly known as Azzurri, anchored by Italy vs Germany semi-final heroes Fabio Grosso and Alessandro del Piero, erased the stigma of defeat inflicted by Brazil, 3-2, when it last landed in the finals 12 years ago in Los Angeles. /MP

Kalibo News

KAMB Sends Kalibo Ati Atihan Contingent
To Sandugo Festival

The Kalibo Ati-Atihan Management Board (KAMB) chaired by Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo is set to participate in the 2006 Sandugo Festival in Tagbilaran City, Bohol on July 23, 2006. The Kalibo Ati-Atihan delegation left Kalibo at noon yesterday, July 21, 2006, for Iloilo City. They rode on the boat for Cebu City and then transferred to a supercat heading for Tagbilaran City.
The Ati-Atihan contingent had their costumes refitted and newly painted, drums and lyres tuned and with the preparation made, the delegation organizers beam with pride and confidence. The delegation consists of 129 Kalibo Ati-Atihan members.
This trip is the second time to Bohol that the Kalibo Ati-Atihan is having. They have been invited and went to perform in Tagbilaran City last year. This time, KAMB has added something special to impress the Boholanos. It tells the story of the origin of the Kalibo Ati-Atihan by staging the full-regalia re-enactment of the Barter of Panay.
The Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival delegation is expected to wow the crowds and encourage the Boholanos and tourists to attend the fast approaching Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival on the 3rd week of January 2007.

Mayor Rebaldo Is Semi-Finalist
In The PAGASA Award

Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo is again nominated after he met the criteria to qualify as one of the Semi-Finalists in the prestigious 2006 Search for Outstanding Public Officials and Employees PAGASA Award. The award is held nationwide. Another Aklanon along with Mayor Rebaldo has also qualified. She is Local Gov’t Operations Officer Emmie M. Cawaling from the Aklan Provincial Office of the DILG.
Mayor Rebaldo is a multi-awardee chief executive. He is garnering praises for his achievements from the development of tourism to the implementation of the Traffic Code fit for an urbanizing municipality.
Mayor Rebaldo has always been working to bring the Municipality of Kalibo forward to progress and development to keep up with the looming urbanization of a small town with limited local government resources. /MP

Friday, July 14, 2006


Construct Cockpit Arena To Show Progress

Hon. Arnaldo M. Tejada, Sangguniang Bayan member of Kalibo has filed a resolution with the Sangguniang Bayan "Urging Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo to Advice The Aklan Sportsman Enterprises, Inc. (ASEI) To Relocate Its Cockpit Arena at Barangay Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan Pursuant To Law or Municipal Ordinance No. 20, S – 1974, Otherwise Cancel/Revoke The License To Operate If One Was Not Validly Used, After Due Process."
The said resolution is referred to some appropriate committees of the Kalibo SB for studies and recommendation.
The ASEI is represented by its President, Dr. Restituto M. Robillo. According to Hon. Tejada, Kalibo is the capital town of Aklan, the center of trade and industry, the center of the world famous Ati Atihan festival and the gateway to Boracay. Being such, Tejada pointed out, "Kalibo is in urgent need of a modern cockpit arena, located in an appropriate area. Kalibo needs a cockpit arena which can magnetize, attract and encourage more cockfighting enthusiasts, balikbayans and foreign tourists to participate and witness cock derbies and pintakasis. Cockfighting is one of the highlights of the annual Sto. Niño Ati Atihan festival and it generates substantial revenues to the government and provides employment and income to the people.
Notwithstanding its importance to tourism, employment generation and income, the present cockpit arena of the ASEI incurs several violations. First, according to Hon. Tejada, the cockpit is presently located in a zone where cockpit arena is not allowed to exist, second, the present cockpit arena shows several violations of the Building Code and the Fire Code, third there is no parking area and hence traffic hazard, and fourth, the arena is unsanitary.
According to the report of the Municipal Engineer’s Office, Kalibo, "the cockpit building is almost 30 years old and hence, structurally not safe to life and property. The unsanitary condition of the cockpit area is apparent, that food and drinks are served and eaten under the wooden planks of the bleachers and stairs of the building." Moreover, there is no parking space as required in Municipal Ordinance No. 20, S-1974.
Presidential Decree No. 449 of May 1974 was promulgated to govern the establishment, operation, maintenance and ownership of cockpits for development and promotion of wholesome recreation, relaxation and entertainment for cockfighting enthusiasts. Cockfighting is allowed as a vehicle for the preservation of Philippine cultural heritage to enhance national dignity. The law is designed to prevent the exploitation of cockfighting as object of commercialism or business enterprise and prevent gambling.
On the basis of PD 449, the Municipal Council of Kalibo approved "An Ordinance Prescribing Regulations For The Establishment, Operation, Maintenance and Ownership of Cockpits". This Municipal Ordinance No. 20, S – 1974 details the procedure to establish, own, manage and operate cockpits in the town of Kalibo. Among others, it provides that "no cockpit shall be established within 50 meters from school buildings, existing residential areas, commercial areas, hospitals and provides 20 percent of its total area as parking space. Those cockpits located in the above stated areas are given three (3) years to relocate itself from the effectivity of PD 449 to meet the requirements.
As per records found in the Municipal Assessor’s Office of Kalibo and that in the Register of Deeds, Kalibo, ASEI represented by its president, Dr. Restituto M. Robillo constructed, owned and manages until today the Cockpit Arena in Estancia, Kalibo, Aklan. The Cockpit Arena is constructed in 1976 on Block 13 with a combined area of 1,400 square meters. Actually, the area consisted of four (4) lots earmarked as residential lots by the Aklan Capitol Subdivision.
In his draft resolution, Hon. Tejada concluded that inspite of "the mandatory requirement of PD 449 and the Municipal Ordinance No. 20, S-1974 of Kalibo to relocate the existing cockpit located in prohibited area within a period of three years from May 19, 1974, the existing cockpit of ASEI has never been relocated to a site appropriate for it. "It is still in Barangay Estancia operating in defiance of the law and municipal ordinance above-mentioned. The law and ordinance impose penal and other sanctions like cancellation of license, forfeiture of right to renew and disqualification under the prior operator rule protection in the establishment of cockpit as provided for in the Local Government Code, Tejada pointed out.
In summary, according to Hon. Tejada, the cockpit arena of ASEI is violating the Building Code, Fire Code, provision on parking space, sanitation and it is situated in a residential and commercial areas and near school building.
Tejada, in his resolution, urges Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo to apply the laws and ordinance on cockfighting by urging the owners and operators of cockpit arena in Estancia to transfer that cockpit arena to a most suitable site allowed by law, construct a cockpit arena to showcase progress and put matters of public concern in an orderly fashion and legal perspective. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

The Arrogance of Mr. Albar

Mr. Renato Albar, General Manager of the Metro Kalibo Water District (MKWD) displayed his style of arrogance last week unworthy of a public official to do and to emulate. He demonstrated his arrogance, Albar style, before the members of the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo during its regular session presided by Vice Mayor Nilda B. Tambong. The session was held in the afternoon, Thursday, July 6 in SB Session Hall, Kalibo, Aklan.
Mr. Albar attended that regular session in response to the request of SB Kalibo to inform its members regarding the continuing water rate increases obtaining in MKWD.
In the course of his explanation, Mr. Albar informed the presiding officer and the honorable members of the SB Kalibo, that those questions are matters of "political harassment".
This imputation is not a teaser. The substance, the manner of delivery and the body language of Mr. Albar of his allegation of "political harassment" is a first degree arrogance of a public official.
Where do people go in case of a question or complaint regarding a public utility like the MKWD which bulldozed its way, proceeded to its destination and disregarded the request of the water consumers to stop the water rate increase? MKWD has been raking millions of pesos net profit annually. Why then increase the water rates and squeeze some hard earned money of the depressed consumers via the water rate increase?
Mr. Albar does not feel the pain of water consumers because even his allowance from MKWD reach several hundred thousand pesos annually. He dines his visitors in high class eateries and gifted them with lechon, prawns and crabs among others. Mr. Albar must implant in his brain that politicians are there to articulate the problems, and aspirations of their constituents.
Mr. Albar, before he finished his briefing, invited any member of the SB Kalibo to visit his office for any information they wish to know. This is another arrogance, Albar style.
If Mr. Albar is sincere in his desire to promote mutual understanding between the MKWD and the water concessionaires, he must readily release periodic accomplishment report to the public. He can do it thru the SB members, the Municipal Mayor, Vice Mayor of the towns where MKWD operates. He can release the information via the Aklan media. But he did not.
But it is lamentable, Mr. Albar is not only adamant but impedes the release of information to the public. A very good example where he impeded the release of information is the P25 million questionable pipes and other materials purchases. He does not even want to release to the public the annual financial report which is of public concern.
According to Mr. Albar, the MKWD expansion project justifies the rate increase. Where are the expansion projects? Are these within the jurisdiction of MKWD? If not, Mr. Albar might wish to review the provisions of PD 198, the Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973, as amended under Chapter VII – Powers of Districts. If Mr. Albar justified the rate increase because of project expansion, then it is not possible because Section 30 (b) will only be made if it "will not adversely affect or impair the fiscal position and operations" of MKWD. /MP

Aklan Gov’t Mulls Bora Unified Ticketing System

By Boy Ryan Zabal

The provincial government of Aklan is pushing for the implementation of the Unified Ticketing System to ease the travel of visiting tourists entering via the Caticlan Jetty Port to the famous resort island of Boracay.
Aklan Governor Carlito Marquez revealed that the system to be initiated by the province came after a thorough study of the present collection system. At present, collection fees consist of environmental fee, boat fare and terminal fee which are paid before a tourist can board a motorized pump boat. This fees are collected separately.
"We are fully aware of this hassle to tourists both local and foreign," Marquez told reporters in a press conference recently.
A non-Aklanon tourist pays P50 environmental fee collected by the local government of Malay aside from the P19.50 boat fare charged by the Caticlan Boracay Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative (CBTMPC) and the P20 terminal fee charged by the provincial government of Aklan.
Marquez said the Unified Ticketing System would guarantee a systematic, computerized and hassle-free collection of fees in the Caticlan and Cagban Jetty Ports – all major economic enterprises of the province.
"The collection system from the jetty ports to incoming passengers or tourists will be synchronized with the computerization of the provincial hospital this year," he further said.
Caticlan Jetty Port is a major component of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway of the national government which collections reached P15-million for the first six months of the year 2006.
Meanwhile, Governor Marquez also revealed that he would put the multi cabs into operation once the Boracay Land Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative accepts the proposal of the province under a rent-operate-own scheme.
Otherwise, the provincial government would decide to give the multi cabs to a transport group in the town of Banga for a similar scheme, he said.
Bora Transport Coop Warns Erring Boatmen
In another development, the Caticlan Boracay Transport Multi-purpose Cooperative (CBTMPC) urged its employees and boatmen to practice the highest standard of service to tourists visiting the famous resort island of Boracay.
CBTMPC chairman Godofredo Sadiasa said the need to improve the transport services should be prioritized by the cooperative with unquestioned customers services to passengers who ride on their motorized pump boats.
"We are serious in disciplining our boatmen and employees after observing due process. We afford them the right to be informed of the complaints and evaluates the sanctions to be imposed," Sadiasa said.
Though the one-entry one-exit policy of the provincial government is held in abeyance, the boat cooperative is strongly supporting its implementation to protect and secure the tourists and the residents in the island.
The one-entry one-exit scheme also aims to clean up the beachfront of motorized pump boats and to strengthen the security of the island from unwanted elements.
The appeal was part of the ongoing efforts of the boat cooperative to police the ranks of erring boatmen and employees. CBTMPC, established in 1996 has 90 pump boats owned by members and some 300 boatmen.
Boat dispatchers are deputized to maintain order in Cagban and Caticlan Jetty Ports. The boatmen of motorized pump boats were trained by the cooperative on how to handle and secure the baggage of incoming guests to the resort island including customer service, Sadiasa added. /MP

RC Kalibo Donates Shoes

The Rotary Club of Kalibo donated some 36 pairs of shoes to the deserving students of the Dela Cruz Institute of Business and Industry (DIBI), Kalibo, Aklan this week. The donation is in line with the thrust of Rotary International on education. /MP



Julius Caesar Would Have Been Proud of the Italians

By Alex P. Vidal

We made a random survey among friends and colleagues in the media several hours before the start Monday morning (July 10), (Iloilo time) of the battle for FIFA 2006 World Cup final between Italy and France held in Berlin, Germany. (It is history, Italy was the 2006 World Cup Champion.)
Survey revealed, only a handful picked Italy to win the championship while a great majority professed innocence claiming they didn’t have any idea of what football is all about and they had no inkling about the World Cup. Even Pompey, Marcus and Brutus would have joined Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony in the Coliseum to cheer for Francesco Totti and Fabio Grosso if soccer was invented before the "Ides of March" in 44 B.C.
There is no doubt one of the most exciting sports in the world is soccer. The World Cup demonstrates football madness to the hilt, according to Minyong Ordoñez, a lover of "The Beautiful Game".
In Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, soccer generates passion, patriotism, and racial pride unmatched by any stereotyped sports event.
The Filipinos in general are illiterate when it comes to soccer. The sports IQ are low and limited to basketball. Compared to soccer, basketball is inferior. Soccer fans are more analytical and sophisticated than basketball fans who are simple-minded, preferring boring and repetitive plays as instant gratifications.
Here are super soccer thrills, according to Ordoñez, that people all over the world experience in watching a world-class soccer games.
The playing field is as huge as a track oval. The grass field is about four times bigger than a basketball court. Ten players (warriors is a better word) on each team totaling twenty can be viewed from the stand beautifully executing offensive in defensive executions.
In a display of the highest capability of the male physique, football players run like antelopes, slither like snakes and attack like leopards. At other times they pirouette like ballet dancers.
On the huge open field one sees play patterns evolve to succeed or fail—depending on the instinct and precision of individual acts.
In a World Cup soccer team, everyone is an artist whether he is a striker, a pass maker, a defender, or a goal keeper.
Every single move counts. To a soccer watcher, the details are beautiful. In a huge soccer field fans see a goal made in sequences of brilliant moves orchestrated by midfielders and strikers. The open skies and huge open field give the picture of a real battlefield. The atmosphere of a battlefield is visualized. The art of war is palpable. The battle goes on in spite of sun, rain and mud.
Soccer warriors have specialized skills that contribute to the precious winning goal. Strikers (goal makers) are deadly in the penalty area. Their killer instincts are hone in, their legs are pumping irons, their speed belongs to a 100-meter dash champ. Their feet dribble the ball with lightning-fast agility, kick a goal score in several styles of kick effects.
Midfielders are superb ball catchers and handlers. Their precision passes are marvelous at any distance, any speed. They initiate attack patterns and elude their guards.
Defenders are a special breed. They are strategic in winning a game by blunting and stopping attackers within fifty yards and penalty front area.
Defenders artfully execute some of the most cat quick reflex actions in stealing a ball from attackers. Games are won by the superior performance of defenders.
Hearts beat fast when a forward surges towards a goal guarded like a leech by a defender. The simultaneous struggle being displayed by the attacker surging towards the goal and the defender in stopping the attacker at all cost is simply heart-stopping.
In football, every player is key. The post-game analysis is total—a team effort. The whole game is creatively and passionately played by all. No superstars. Team play rules.
Perhaps, the biggest thrill in soccer is the dexterity of the human feet. Foot work. Foot dribbling. Foot ball handling. It’s amazing that in soccer, the foot is as good if not better than the hands in holding, dribbling and shooting the ball. These skills are part genius and part discipline. It comes with practice, practice, practice. But marvelous footwork is just half of the story. The other wonder is legwork. Leg power. Leg agility. Leg endurance. A running leg. Leg excellence involves the foot, ankle, knee, the whole leg as one perfect instrument to play artistic football. The foot and leg excellence is simply an exceptional quality of world-class soccer player. Unique to watch. An object of admiration.
The use of the head is another source of constant fascination. The player’s head seems stone-hard. It is used to catch or block aerial balls, or for butting short passes. More spectacularly, it can head the ball to the goal either through a body dive or a jumping head shot. Simply astounding!
Perhaps the superiority of soccer lies in the inherent virtues of a world-class soccer player. The audience senses this. An excellent player embodies the virtues of self-discipline, bravery, endurance, and the will to win.
The low score in football means victory is hard earned. It means that great things come at the right moment, patience is key to endure the long struggle. In spite of the two-hour battle, football fans enjoy every moment of the game. The display of individual skills from the players, the teamwork and play patterns keep viewers’ interest sustained throughout the game.
A team can lose and still be admired for having played magnificently. In football, excellence is in the details. And it takes struggle and discipline for a player to achieve perfection. This is obvious in the way he plays. The excellence in little details displayed by players is a source of endless enjoyment from the crowd. That’s why kids, glamour girls, yuppies, husbands, wives, farmers, construction workers, taxi drivers, food vendors, prime ministers, presidents, queens, kings, and emperors cheer lustily for their team during a World Cup series. Passion is so high, football even creates extremists called hooligans.
"We Filipinos should elevate our sports IQ from basketball to soccer," counseled Ordoñez. "In soccer there is no oversized Shaquille O’Neal who can bully a victory in a basketball game. In soccer you only have normal height players like Ronaldo and Rivaldo of Brazil, Kluse and Ballack of Germany whose unique and unexpected kick for that precious single goal is more exciting than the boring repetitions in a 50-point score of a surfeit and predictable Kobe Bryant."
He added: "Let’s stop being basketball bores. Let’s be more sophisticated and discover the unexpected and mental pleasures of soccer." /MP

Makato Celebrates World Population Day 2006

By: Hazel T. Dalida

Makato, Aklan held its annual celebration of the World Population Day for the third consecutive year in the afternoon of July 14, 2006 at the Augusto B. Legaspi Sports Complex in Poblacion, Makato as part of its local population program.
The high optimism among members of the Makato IEC-Advocacy Team (MIAT) for the positive outcome of the activity is attributed to the unfaltering support of national, regional and provincial allies for similar undertakings in the recent years.
Moreover, the attendance of Cavite Representative Gilbert Remulla who graced the occasion as keynote speaker served as catalyst for other leaders to embrace the population program in a broader perspective and effectively address and design better interventions to strengthen its implementation in their respective localities.
This year’s celebration theme is "Pinoy youth empowerment for health and development". The highlight of the celebration focused on the participation of the youth sector as represented by adolescent students from the various local secondary and tertiary academic institutions.
In the municipality of Makato, the involvement of the youth sector in governance has long been recognized and given importance. There is the youth representation in MIAT which is the frontline organization in the implementation of Reproductive Health (RH) and population related activities and programs. Through this intervention, young people are made integral planners to shape up their future and provide them with better chances of achieving more rewarding lives.
The celebration was given priority by the local MIAT chaired by Hon. Ramon S. Legaspi, Jr. Although several IEC strategies were adopted in the past, it is deemed important to continuously provide every Makaton-on with updated population data and information to help them prepare and adjust to the challenges posed by the rapid pace of population change and its effect to our lives in terms of health, economy and social development. /MP

Diocese of Kalibo Opposes STL and CHA-CHA

In its pastoral statement, the Diocese of Kalibo opposes the conduct of Small Town Lottery (STL) in Aklan and Charter Change. The said pastoral statement is dated June 23, 2006. The full text of it was read in place of a homily last Sunday, June 25 during all the masses in all towns and barangays as recommended by Most Rev. Jose Romeo O. Lazo, D.D., Bishop of Kalibo.
The pastoral statement opposing the conduct of STL in Aklan and the holding of CHA CHA was signed by 55 priests of Aklan including Most Rev. Jose Romeo O. Lazo, D.D. The full text of the "Pastoral Statement of Opposition to Small Town Lottery and Charter Change Now" reads:
The Philippine Bishops have declared the Year 2006 as "Year of Social Concerns", thus, making us more aware of our social environment and the issues that affect our life as Christian people. We cannot just be sinfully silent about what we see and judge to be morally questionable activities of government, namely: the plan to institutionalize and in a greater way expand the operation of Small Town Lottery (STL) and the deceptive design to change the fundamental law of the land. We judge these moves to be morally questionable needing more urgent attention and concerted response. "As we render account for every idle word, so we must for our idle silence," St. Ambrose of Milan reminds us. It is sinful to be silent when a stand has to be made.
In their most recent pronouncement the CBCP reiterates their stand against systematic, organized, and widespread gambling whether legal or illegal for it reinforces "the culture of gambling that is seriously eroding the moral values of our people" (23 January 2005, CBCP Statement On Gambling). The government must curb and stop the culture of gambling instead of promoting and reinforcing it.
The eradication of all forms of gambling would give credence to the program of the government to eradicate corruption. However, failure to solve this menace would reflect on the credibility and seriousness of the government to concretely address the social and moral ills in our country. The government must create programs that are not only lasting but also value promoting. They must directly and concretely respond to the plight of the marginalized and less privileged members of society and must not resort to quick solutions that promote viciousness in the lives of our people. The government must therefore provide decent and productive lifestyle that is in keeping with the moral and spiritual values of the people. The government has the moral duty of vigorously carrying out these programs or else it would be another placating and empty political propaganda.
In its Pastoral Statement, CBCP has expressed "deep concern over the attempt of certain sectors to make hasty and substantial changes to our constitution, supposedly through the "People’s Initiative’ provision in our present charter" (CBCP Pastoral Statement on the Alleged "People’s Initiative" To Change the Constitution, 7 April 2006). We saw that the signature campaign was done with considerable haste, leaving the wider sector of our society uninformed of the issues at hand. The manner by which signatures were gathered to legitimize what would seem to appear, as "People’s Initiative" is an insult to our sovereignty. Considering the importance of the matter since it involves fundamental changes in structures of governance, together with our Bishops we see the importance for "widespread participation, total transparency, and relative serenity that allows for national discussion and debate" (Renewing Our Public Life Through Moral Values, 29 January 2006). These have not been done! Hence, we vehemently oppose such action as malicious and deceitful!
As members of the Aklan Clergy, together with our Bishop, Most Rev. Jose Romeo O. Lazo, D.D., in solidarity with the Archdiocese of Jaro, Archdiocese of Capiz and the Diocese of San Jose Antique, we declare that:
1. We vehemently oppose the institutionalization and the eventual promotion of Small Town Lottery (STL) in every town of our province in Aklan and in any part of the country.
2. We maintain our stand against any form of gambling, illegal or otherwise proposed or now endorsed by the government.
3. We uphold the sovereign right of the people to self – determination even in deciding on the form of government we should take. We believe that real "People’s Initiative" should have the people dictating the manner by which they should be taken as basis for major changes in the governance of the land.
4. We call on those that wield power to be truly respecting of the will of their constituents and not just serve the self-serving interest of their political patrons.
5. As Church, we call on everyone to be vigilant and pro-active. And when prompted by faith, to come out in open manifestation. It is only when we put our acts together that we see ourselves strong and have our voices heard.
With Mary, we seek her intercession as dedicated this "Year of Social Concerns" to her motherly care. /MP

Ro Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni: Tita Linda Belayro

Blusang Puea

Si Dukesa Mira hay maila-un sa kolor nga puea. Ro anang kwarto ag mga kagamitan hay puro puea. Masinadyahon guid si Dukesa Mira kon makakita imaw it maski anong pueang bagay. Sa anang ka gwapa hay kapin nga nagaeotaw kon magsuksok imaw it pueang blusa. Ogaling may nahikaw kana, rong onga it bruha nga si Sabrina. Maskin maeaw-ay imaw, bu-ot gid nana nga madiparahan imaw it mga kaeaeakihan.
Ko isaeang agahon, guinbantayan nana si Mira sa pagpaligos. Samtang si Mira hay naga paligos, may pispis nga nagdagit ko singsing ag kulintas ni Mira nga kon siin dikato rong sekreto ko anang ka gwapa. Guinbutangan it itom nga mahika ag guinbalik ko pispis sa anang guin boe-an.
Pagkatapos it pagpaligos ni Dukesa Mira, anang guinsuksuk rong sing-sing ag kulintas. Nag- gueang rong dagway ni Dukesa Mira. Guinkahadlukan imaw it tanan. Sa anang pagtan-aw sa espiho, nakita nana ro anang dagway nga maeaw-ay.
Samtang, sa owa magbuhay, may nag-abot nga daeaga nga ka gwapa gwapa sa banwa ngaron. Abong mga kaeaeakihan ro nabighani. Rayang daeaga maila-on man it puea nga kolor. Ogaling mapintas imaw. Owa naila imaw nga may iba pang mag eambong it puea, kundi imaw eang.
May sangka babaying nagsamit nga mag-eambong it puea. Pagkasuksuk na, golping nasunog imaw ko anang eambong nga puea. Halin kato, guinbawae ag guinlikawan rong pag eambong it puea sa andang lugar.
Nag-paino ino si Dukesa Mira kon siin nag-bo-oe it kina-adman rayang si Sabrina. Hadumduman na ro asupre. Anang guin eogum sa asupre ro anang singsing ag kulintas. Nagbaga rong singsing ag kulintas. Indi himayang si Sabrina. Ro anang singsing ag kulintas nga guinsuksok hay naga baga-baga! Pati ro anang eambong nga puea hay naga kaeayo man. Tongod kato, nagbalik ro anang dagway nga bruha. Guinkahadlukan imaw kong tanan sa andang lugar.
Samtang sa baeay ni Dukesa Mira, nag balik ro anang pagka bata ag pagka gwapa. Owa eon nagpakita halin kato rong Bruha.
Sa pagguwa ni Dukesa Mira, nag-eaum ro mga tawo nga imaw, kampon ni Sabrina. Ngani, naghiwat imaw it isaeang ka pagtipon-tipon. Guinkangay nana rong mga igbata, mga amigo ag mga amiga. Nagpasaeamat imaw ag nagpangayo it pasensya sa halit nga dueot kong blusang puea.
Umpisa man kato, guintugutan rong tanan maskin sin-o nga sarang eon makasuksok it kolor nga puea. Ro iba nga owa naila sa kolor hay nag obra it ibang "shade" kapares it old rose, pink rose, salmon pink ag kon ano pang halin sa kolor nga puea. /MP

ASU Launches College of Teacher Education

The Aklan State University headed by its President, Dr. Benny A. Palma, with guests of honor, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores, formally launched the College of Teacher Education (CTE) recently at the ASU Amphitheater, Banga, Aklan with the theme "Relevant Education, Key to Development."
The University Officials, faculty members, non-teaching personnel and students from the five campuses of the University attended the launching.
Hon. Carlito S. Marquez, Provincial Governor, in his message congratulated the University for continually expanding its curricular and non-curricular offerings, which aim to further widen its scope in the service of the people without sacrificing the quality of education. "Even without the formal establishment of the College of Teacher Education, within the umbrella of the University, the public is aware that this prestigious institution, for the past several years had been sending out from its campuses quality teachers now being employed by the public and private school systems. The formal launching of CTE in all the ASU campuses in the Province of Aklan is a strong indication that the University does not rest on its accomplishments and laurels but determined to continue to innovate and introduce major additions to its already wide offerings depending on the need of time and attuned to the development needs of the Province." Marquez stressed.
Congressman Miraflores, who served as the keynote speaker, congratulated the University for holding on to its vision of being a center of excellence and refocusing of its curriculum to address issues of relevance, quality and competitiveness. He believes that the University, in establishing the College of Teacher Education, is aware of and has this concern as priority. As the foremost higher education institution in Aklan, he believes that ASU vigorously pursues its mandate of among others, educating Aklanon youth for the development and public service roles as the University pursues its functions of instruction.
The CTE stands on its philosophy for the development of the rational mind of the person imbued with virtues, ideals, wisdom and craft necessary to promote the desired citizenry of a democratic state.
It envisions to promote leaders in teachers education for universal human development.
Its mission is to develop globally competent and quality educators imbued with the virtues, ideals, wisdom and skills education for life long learning.
Its goal is to produce well rounded, highly competent, technically prepared and morally upright educators who will be the prime movers of development.
Its objectives are to:1) provide knowledge and technical skills through quality relevant instructions in the various discipline; 2) develop the student’s critical thinking, analytical decisions and technical abilities to become effective educators; 3) develop research, extension and production competence among students, faculty members and stakeholders; and 4) develop desirable values among students for the enhancement of leadership and professional skills in education.
The CTE, headed by Dean Edna I. Gonzales, offers the following degree programs: Doctor of Philosophy major in Educational Management (PhD); Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management (MAEd); Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd) major in Mathematics, Biological Science, Social Studies, English, Physical Education, Filipino, Technology & Livelihood Education; Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED); and Bachelor in Fishery Education (BFE) (ACRelingo and SRVillasis, ASU-ECS). /MP