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EDITORIAL - March 25 - 31 Issue

Father and Son To The Philippine Senate

Article II, Section 26 of the Philippine Constitution, states that "the state shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as maybe defined by law." This is one basic and principal provision in the constitution that the Philippines top government officials in both legislative and executive departments are mocking. They are joking themselves and the Filipino people.
This provision on political dynasty is provided in the 1987 constitution, but after 20 years and until today, no law is passed that will define what animal political dynasty is. Senator Pimentel has stayed long in the senate and the senate president Manuel Villar never bothered to file a bill on political dynasty. And worst for they didn’t mind any bill that has been filed in the legislature on the matter.
Now, Pimentel’s son is a candidate for senator and if his son wins, there will be father and son among the 24 member Philippine Senate beginning July 2007. Pia Cayetano is now a senator. Her brother is a candidate for senator. If his brother won, there will be sister and brother in the Philippine Senate beginning July 2007. However, before Pia, their late father, Compañero Cayetano was a senator for two terms. Among the batch of candidates for the May 14, 2007 elections are auntie and nephew. If both of them won in the election, there will be auntie and nephew in the Philippine Senate effective July 2007. This will make the Philippines Senate "Senado Ng Mga Kamag Anak." This is a loud and clear violation of Article II, Section 26 of the Philippine Constitution. Worst for this act deprives other Filipinos access to opportunities for public service.
Are these few the only families which possess talents, brilliance and skills in governance while other Filipinos do not have and therefore just stay by the roadside and watch Pimentel, Cayetano, Aquino, Villar and Angara deprive Filipinos to serve their people? Angara’s wife is Governor of Aurora, while Villar’s wife is congresswoman of his district. Sen. Ralph Recto also fields his wife, Vilma Governor and his brother Ricky Congressman both in Batangas.
Look at Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She won in a presidential election via the "Hello Garci" tape, therefore she is now in Malacañang. Her son is a congressman of Pampanga. In addition, she exported another son to Camarines Sur and now a candidate for congressman of that province. Moreover, her brother in law, Iggy Arroyo, who has an estranged wife, is now a congressman of Negros Occidental and seeking reelection. This is political dynasty in the lowest common term understandable to the Filipino people. What a shame!
This is greed of power which deprives other Filipinos of and with equal if not superior leadership capabilities to serve the people.
Political Dynasty is not confined to other places. Aklan has its own and it could even be said to be advanced and in style political dynasty.
Let us visit the beautiful town of Ibajay. Today, two brothers are elective officials and they both will seek reelection: one for Mayor and the other for Sangguniang Panlalawigan member. This May 14, 2007 election, the wife is a candidate for Governor of Aklan. Should all of them won in the election, there will be four of them in the top Aklan elected officials that will include their uncle who is also seeking reelection for congressman.
One remedy to give equal chance to others to provide access to public service is the provision in the constitution limiting the terms of local officials for three terms, each term of which is for three years.
But the mayors are stylist and innovative. After some mayors completed their nine years, they have fielded their respective wives. You can find this style in the towns of Batan, Altavas, Numancia, and Buruanga. With this style, the mayorship of a municipality becomes a conjugal property with the consent of the voters. Should the spouses won, the family retains the power.
Voters, will you be instruments so that government elective positions in all levels of the government are transformed into conjugal properties?
Mayor Edmund Peralta of New Washington will properly turn over the Office of the Mayor to the duly elected mayor of New Washington after the end of his term on June 30, 2007. He deserves our salute even though he also fielded his brother as heir apparent to the position of mayor. He is also a candidate for SP member, Eastern Aklan.
Atty. Allen S. Quimpo is the man to be congratulated for after his full three terms as congressman of Aklan, he sincerely supported congressman Joeben T. Miraflores for the position. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo did not exhibit any indication to support his nearest kin for congressman. Furthermore, he refused all offers for nomination to any office he may choose. Instead, he went back to business though he accepted to be the Executive Director of the Aklan Rivers System Development project.
Will you allow political dynasty to prevail so that the equally deserving Filipinos are deprived access to public service? /MP

Aklan Police Press Corps Elects Officers,

Vows Stronger Ties With PNP, Army

The founding members of the newly organized Aklan Police and Defense Press Corps (APDPC) during the election of officers. Left picture above shows Sr. Supt. Benigno ‘Bong’ Durana Jr., receiving plaque of commendation from Boy Ryan Zabal. (JUN VILLORENTE PHOTO)

Fundamentals of Parliamentary Procedures

(The article on parliamentary procedures by Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino is designed to make easy the understanding of an intricate subject. Atty. Tolentino had lectured on this subject in the academes, student councils, government and leadership seminars, youth organizations. His lecture had been used by other student and youth organizations.)

It is a common observation that so many people attend meetings; yet, it is a common experience to find that so few knows what to do or to say during these meetings. Meeting, it is said, is an art. And presiding and attending successful meetings is something that cannot be done by sheer bravado, nay, display of ignorance over parliamentary rules. Hence, there is a compelling necessity for organization members to have a study, understanding and proper application of the rules of parliamentary law.
Parliamentary law was first developed by the English Parliament. Hence, the name Parliamentary Law. The rationale behind the adoption of rules of order was to make men of different ideas and opinions gather in one body and discuss matters or business in an orderly manner. Parliamentary law works in accordance with justice and equality. Majority rules but minority is always given time to ventilate their views and stand on any issue. Each proposition presented is entitled to a full and free debate. The spirit of free inquiry is observed in a parliamentary body. Merger of individual opinions into a singular resolution are evident in parliamentary bodies. Accordingly, matters, or if you will, business, can be discussed in a courteous and democratic way.
Agenda and Quorum. It is paramount importance to keep in mind that in parliamentary law only one thing must be done at a time. Likewise, in any meeting, any given organization must have a well prepared order of business or agenda. A simplified agenda usually includes, among others, the call to order, reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, the reports, and the unfinished business. In order that a parliamentary assembly may transact business legally, a quorum must be had. In most cases, unless an organization has its own way of determining a quorum, the quorum normally is the majority of the enrolled membership. In certain cases, the quorum is some other fraction of the total number of members as fixed by the organization’s by-laws and constitution.
Matters are acted in an assembly or organizations through the deliberation of a motion. By definition, a motion is a form of procedures required for the transaction of business in an assembly. A motion filed is usually formal and intended to generate action. Parliamentary law classifies motions into four types, the main, subsidiary, privileged, and incidental motion. Each type of motion has its own purpose. A main motion brings a question before the assembly for consideration. On the other hand, subsidiary motion has for its purpose the modification or disposal of the main motion under consideration. A privilege motion has no connection with the main motion. The importance of privilege motion is that it demands immediate attention and reply. An incidental motion is a miscellaneous motion.
Several points have to be considered in gauging whether or not a motion may be correctly utilized. Accordingly, a member should know whether he may interrupt a speaker or if not, he intends to present a motion. He should know whether his motion requires a second or not; whether it is debatable, debatable for a limited time or not debatable. It is important that the member should know what vote is required to carry his motion, what other motions may be applied to it, a knowledge of the motion’s rank or precedence or what are its chances of being proposed again if lost.
In a parliamentary assembly, the proper presentation of a motion requires several steps: First, obtaining the floor. The member rises and addresses the presiding officer with his official title. Second, proposing the motion. After recognition by the presiding officer, the member formally makes a proposal in the form of a motion. The main motion is the principal matter of business in hand. On this aspect, no other member can present another main motion on the floor. Third, seconding the motion. With exceptions, all motions need be seconded. The seconding member needs to rise.
It is an obligation on the part of the presiding officer, after a motion has been moved and seconded, to state the motion before the assembly. The question is then placed before the assembly for consideration and action. Disposition of motions are done through several steps. First, the body debates and discusses the motion. It is a principle in parliamentary law that members must always address the presiding officer, must confine themselves to the question in consideration and must avoid personalities. Ideas or opinions over an issue may result into intellectual clashes and conflicts of views but it should not touch the borders of personalities inclining on name-calling, hurling of ugly invectives and epithets. During the debate, one or two speakers may speak for the motion and another one or two against. Justice and equality demand that pros and cons be heard least it would result into tyranny of one-sided ideas. Second, the body presents a secondary motion if there is any. To reiterate, subsidiary motions are raised in order to facilitate the disposal of the motion. For the time being, any subsidiary motion takes precedence over the original motion. While this is being considered, questions incidental to the business may be raised. These are called incidental motions. Emphasis is made herein that any of these motions interrupts the business and becomes the pending question. The privileged motions, however, takes precedence over the other secondary motions since it is of greater importance and since it needs more immediate attention. Third, the body takes a vote on the motion. After the debate, the presiding officer in parliamentary procedures the chair-asks, "Are you ready for the question?" The chair states the motion and then the assembly makes its decision either through viva voce (shouting Ayes and Nays) vote, by the raising of the hands, through standing or by secret balloting. Unless specified by the by-law, no motion or objection may be carried by a plurality vote.
By and large, a majority vote is necessary. When two-thirds votes is required, two-thirds of the votes cast must be in favor in order that the motion be passed. The interpretation of this from standpoint of parliamentary procedure is that twice as many are for the motion as those who are contra. Fourth, the chair announces the result of the vote.
Should there be a need to change the motion as presented either by addition, substitution or elimination, a member rises to amend the motion. This amendment may further be changed by an amendment to the amendment. The first is termed the primary amendment and the second, the secondary amendment. Only these two may be raised on the floor.
There are times that the agenda is not closely followed. By deviation or deflection of discussions, the agenda may not be strictly followed. In this connection, to place the agenda in its proper sphere, these secondary motions may be raised. Orders of the Day. When the member thinks that the assembly is not following the order of business, he calls the attention of the chair by calling for the orders of the day. This is a privileged motion, thus, it can interrupt a speaker. No second is required. This motion is not debatable.
Point of Order. If violation of parliamentary procedures is made in the course of business, a member rises to a point of order. If, however, the member is yet in doubt on this possible breach of rules, he may stand and rise to a parliamentary inquiry. Those two motions are incidental motions, not debatable and need no second. The member may interrupt the speaker. Appeal from the decision of the chair. A parliamentary assembly has always within such body men with variegated ideas and divergent views. The chair in a parliamentary body may be questioned on the ruling it has made. If a member disagrees with the chair about a decision, he rises and appeals at the time the ruling was made. If he is seconded, the chair reinstates the question and proceed to a vote on whether to sustain or overrule the decision of the chair.
To limit, or extend debate. There are times when the assembly is beset by seemingly endless and inutile debate. Or there are times when there are lengthy debates over issues that tax the time of the assembly. In effect, in order to discuss the question thoroughly, a motion to limit the debate is raised on the case and a motion to extend debate is presented if the sides have not been fully discussed. These motions are subsidiary. If the question has been adequately considered and discussed, a member may rise to call for the previous question. This motion is not debatable, requires 2/3 votes and is a subsidiary motion. This paves the way for a vote on the main motion on the floor.
There are several motions in parliamentary procedures which may be used to defer action on a motion under consideration and sometimes used to block or kill main motions.
Among the motions to defer action on a motion, the following are commonly used: To lay the question on the table. This is to postpone consideration of a motion. This means that the body should stop its discussion on the matter and move up to the next business. The motion may be taken from the table in order to resume deliberations. The action to lay the motion on the table is a subsidiary motion and calls for a limited debate.
To postpone indefinitely. A strategy to kill the motion without opening a vote. These are resorted to by those who are opposed to the main motion when they think that they will not have a majority vote. A subsidiary motion. Limited debate, Object to consideration. This incidental motion should be raised before the progress of a debate in order to stop the reconsideration of the motion. It requires 2/3 negative votes because it sets aside the fundamental rights of members to consideration to motion which they are introduced.
When a motion cannot be passed without violating the rules of the assembly, a motion to suspend the rules is raised. It should be borne in mind by the proponent though that the motion should not come at variance or conflict with the constitution, by-laws, or with the observed fundamental principles of parliamentary procedures. It cannot interrupt a speaker and requires no debate. 2/3 votes. It should be observed that no rule can be suspended when the negative vote is as large as the majority protected by the rule.
Like the daily class schedule, an assembly may have an intermission during a meeting. This is called a recess. A motion to take a recess is a privilege motion, undebatable and requires a majority vote. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro

Paghigugma It Lion

Isaeang ka Lion rong may abo nga kaila sa isaeang ka dalagita. Busa, ko isaeang adlaw nagpaabot imaw ko anang katuyuan sa ginikanan it daeaga. Owa pa kato it mga cellphone. Indi kaantiguhan ro mga ginikanan kon ano ro andang obrahon agud indi masakitan ro baeatyagun ko Lion. Owa man sanda naila nga paasawahon ro andang onga nga daeaga sa isaeang ka sapat.
Ko ulihi, naghambae rong ama sa Lion, "Mabahoe nga kadungganan rong mangin kaparte ka sa among pamilya, ogaling kasayod ka man nga ro among onga hay bata pa ag mahumok ro anang kaeawasan. Nahadluk kami nga sa sobra mong kaila kana hay basi pa masaktan mo imaw. Mahimo baea nga pution mo anay ro imong mga kamaeos? gabuton ro imong mga bangkil? Amon nga tun-an it oman ro imong katuyu-an," hambae ko ama sa Lion.
Tongod sa sobrang paghigugma kong Lion, nagpaputoe imaw it mga kamaeos ag nagpagabot ko anang mga bangkil. Ogaling, pagbalik nana sa baeay it daeaga, naghinibayag sanda sa itsura kong Lion. Ro leksyon nga mapueot naton kara hay, "Rong paghigugma hay makapaeogpay it bu-ot maskin sa pinaka mabagsik o pinaka mapintas nga hayop."/MP


Republic of the Philippines
Regional Trial Court
Sixth Judicial Region
Branch 2
Kalibo, Aklan

Re: petition for change of
Petitioner’s sex from male to spcl. Proc. No. 7988
Female in the birth records of
Cherry marie morales esmeralda,
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x


CHERRY MARIE MORALES – ESMERALDA, Filipino, of legal age, single, a resident of Poblacion, New Washington, Aklan, in a verified petition prays that the entry appearing in her Certificate of Live Birth particularly the entry as to her sex be changed from "MALE" to "FEMALE", in order to avoid confusion and to put in order the entry in her Certificate of Live Birth.
It appearing that the petition is sufficient in form and substance, the Court hereby sets its hearing on April 23, 2007 at 9:30 in the morning, at which time, all interested parties may appear and show cause why this petition should not be granted.
Let copy of this Order be published once a week for three consecutive weeks in Madyaas Pen, a newspaper of general circulation published in the Province of Aklan, and notice of this Order, together with the petition be furnished the Honorable Solicitor General, the Provincial Prosecutor of Aklan, the Municipal Civil Registrar of New Washington, Aklan, the Civil Registrar General, the petitioner and her counsel, Atty. Romualdo Q. Fernandez.

Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
February 12, 2007

Presiding Judge

Republic of the Philippines
Sixth Judicial region
Kalibo, Aklan

-versus- SPL. PROC. NO. 7976
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x
SEEKING to rectify an erroneous entry in her certificate of live birth relative to her date of birth registered therein as May 26, 1952 instead of May 26, 1948, petitioner filed the instant petition on January 11, 2007, praying that after due notice and hearing, the respondent Municipal Civil Registrar of Banga, Aklan be ordered to effect the correction of petitioner’s date of birth in her certificate of live birth from May 26, 1952 to May 26, 1948.
Finding the petition sufficient in form and substance, set the INITIAL HEARING thereof on April 20, 2007 at 9:30 in the morning at the Session Hall of this court, Branch 6, Kalibo, Aklan, on which date and time, any interested person may appear and show cause why the instant petition should not be granted.
A copy of this Order shall be published in the Madyaas Pen, a newspaper of general circulation in the Province of Aklan once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks at the expense of the petitioner.
Send copies of this Order, together with the petition and its annexes, to the Honorable Solicitor General, 134 Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City; the Municipal Civil Registrar, Banga, Aklan; and the Officer of the Provincial Prosecutor, Kalibo, Aklan. Copies of this Order shall also be sent to the petitioner and her counsel.
Kalibo, Aklan.
February 20, 2007.


Republic of the Philippines
6th Judicial Region
Branch 13
Culasi, Antique

Mortgagee. UNDER ACT 3135 AS
- versus - EJF-2007-02
x- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -x


WHEREAS, by virtue of a Real Estate Mortgage executed on December 21, 2004 duly recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Antique on December 16, 2004, Nita X. Alviar did mortgage in favor of the Rural Bank of Tibiao (Antique) Inc., mortgagee, for the purpose of securing the payment of a principal obligation in the sum of FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED FIFTY SIX PESOS AND NINETY CENTAVOS (Php. 428,256.90), Philippine currency, including principal, past due interest, penalty, attorneys fee and litigation expenses as of February 28, 2007, the sheriff of Culasi, Antique, through the undersigned OIC, Branch Clerk of Court, will Sale at Public Auction on April 19, 2007 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning or soon thereafter at his Office at the Regional Trial Court, Branch 13, Culasi, Antique, to the highest bidder for cash and in Philippine currency the following parcel of land, to wit:


"A parcel of un-registered residential land, Lot No. 4098 pt., situated at Fe, Culasi, Antique, Philippines, together with all improvements thereon, containing an area of ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED SIXTY NINE (1,169) square meters, more or less; bounded on the North by Lot No. 4098 pt.; East by National Road; South by Lot No. 4092; and on the West by Lot No. 4093; declared in the name of NITA X. ALVIAR, under Tax Declaration Number 020-0222 for the year 2004, with an assessed value of P21,040.00."
That should the auction sale scheduled on April 19, 2007 be postponed on account of the failure to secure at least two (2) bidders as mandated by the Supreme Court Resolution No. A.M. 99-10-05-0, the auction sale will be held again on April 26, 2007 at 9:00 o’clock in the morning before the Office of the Clerk of Court, Regional Trial Court, Culasi, Antique.
Let this Notice of Sale be published and posted in accordance with the provisions of law.
Prospective bidders and/or buyers are hereby enjoined to investigate for themselves the title of the above-described property and the encumbrances existing thereon, if any there be.
Culasi, Antique, Philippines, March 14, 2007.

Sheriff IV
OIC, Branch Clerk of Court

Republic of the Philippines
Sixth Judicial Region
Kalibo, Aklan


x — — — — x


A verified petition dated December 27, 2006 was filed by the petitioner, through counsel praying that after due notice, publication and hearing, an order be issued declaring the presumptive death of her husband, Donnie B. Panadero.
Petitioner averred that she and Donnie Panadero contracted marriage on January 5, 1985 at Altavas Catholic Church, Altavas, Aklan. After their marriage, she and her husband lived at the house of the latter’s parents and stayed there for a period of twelve (12) years, more or less. Sometime in 1998, Donnie B. Panadero left their conjugal dwelling without telling the petitioner where to go. Petitioner thought that he only went to his relatives but after days, weeks and months, he never came home anymore. Petitioner exerted efforts to locate where her husband was, she made some queries from her parents-in-law and her husband’s other relatives and nearest kin but the result was negative up to the present. She instructed her parents-in-law that in case they have news regarding Donnie Panadero, they will inform her at once. However, as of this date, no news were heard as to the presence and whereabouts of Donnie Panadero. Everytime when petitioner met any of the relatives or friends of her husband she asked them as to the whereabouts of Donnie and they were also surprised regarding the latter’s predicament for they don’t have any knowledge as to his whereabouts and they even promised the petitioner to call and inform her in case they have any news regarding him. Not contented as to the absence of her spouse, petitioner exerted extra effort in asking her parents-in-law about his other relatives in the different parts of the Philippines and their contact numbers. Petitioner called through cellular phone the relatives of Donnie and asked regarding his whereabouts but up to the present no news were heard about him. It is not only the petitioner that longs for the presence of her husband but also their children, so petitioner sought the help of the media to disseminate the news as to the absence of Donnie Panadero and any information about him shall immediately be reported but the same was also in vain. During the early stage of their marriage, whenever petitioner and Donnie Panadero had any marital disagreement, it is the practice of the latter to leave the conjugal dwelling but he always return three (3) to five (5) days the most. Ever since Donnie Panadero is absent in the conjugal dwelling, he dutifully inform petitioner as to his destination and he periodically inform the latter as to his whereabouts unlike the present situation that for more than eight (8) years, Donnie Panadero never informed petitioner as to his whereabouts either by letter, telegram, phone calls or any other means of communication. All concerted efforts of the petitioner, her family, her in-laws and their relatives and friends in locating the whereabouts of Donnie Panadero were in vain for no news were heard about him. Since 1998 up to the present, petitioner had no information whatsoever as to the whereabouts of her husband Donnie Panadero. Petitioner’s marriage to Donnie Panadero bore four (4) children, namely: Dale Jasper Quimpo Panadero, Daphne Joie Quimpo Panadero, Denise Jan Quimpo Panadero, Dane Jared Quimpo Panadero. Petitioner’s husband was absent for almost eight (8) years without having been known whether he still lives and petitioner had a well-founded belief that her husband was already dead. She and Donnie Panadero have not established any conjugal property. Petitioner filed this petition for all purposes and intents of law.
It appearing that the petition is sufficient in form and substance, the Court hereby sets the initial hearing of the aforesaid petition on APRIL 17, 2007, at 9:30 o’clock in the morning, and directs that a copy of this Order be published immediately at the expense of the petitioner in Madyaas Pen, a newspaper published, edited and with general circulation in the Province of Aklan once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks.
Let copies of this Order together with copies of the petition be served upon the Solicitor General, the Provincial Prosecutor of Aklan, the petitioner and her counsel.
Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
March 7, 2007.



This Deed of Absolute Sale is made and executed by and between –
Otelia s. sacapaño, Jacqueline s. abello, Rowena s. malayas, yolito s. sacapaño, sally s. sacapaño, Beverly s. venus, ernina s. sacapaño, merla s. lacorte, Jocelyn s. sualog, amparo s. glori and Arturo sacapaño, Filipinos, of legal ages, and residents of Barangay Island, Malay, Aklan herein after called the VENDORS.
- and -
TATAI KAI, INC., a domestic corporation organized and existing by virtue of Philippine laws and represented here by JULIA LERVIK, of legal age, married and with address at Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, herein after referred to as the VENDEE.
The VENDORS are the heirs of the late FRANCISCO sacapaño and absolute co-owners of a parcel of land located at Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, more particularly bounded and described in ARP/TD No. 93-003-0204 and PIN 038-12-003-021, identified as Lot No. 643-pt. (a copy of which is attached for easy reference) issued by the provincial Assessor for the Province of Aklan, with a total area of TEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED TWENTY (10,420) SQUARE METERS, more less.
FOR AND CONSIDERATION of the sum of THREE MILLION PESOS (P3,000,000.00), Philippine currency, the VENDORS hereby SELL, TRANSFER and CONVEY in a manner absolute and irrevocable in favor on the VENDEE, its, successors-in-interests and assigns a portion of the land above-described, consisting of THREE THOUSAND (3,000) SQUARE METERS, more or less as shown in the attached Sketch Plan, subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter stated.
1. The VENDEE shall pay and deliver to the VENDORS the amount of THREE Million PESOS (P3,000,000.00) in cash, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged from the VENDEE upon the execution of this instrument.
2. The VENDORS shall submit and surrender to the VENDEE the original copies of the latest Declaration of Real Property on the lot subject of this Deed of Absolute Sale, Real Property Tax Receipt, and such other documents that shall be necessary to effect the transfer of the property from the VENDORS to the VENDEE.
3. The VENDEE shall pay the documentary tax, capital gains tax, transfer tax, registration fee, surveyor’s fee and such other expenses necessary to effect the transfer of title on the said parcel of land in its name. Any estate taxes that may be due shall be paid by VENDORS.
4. The VENDORS shall give the VENDEE the right of first refusal in the event that the former shall sell the remaining portion of the parcel of land covered and described in ARP/TD No. 93-003-0204 and PIN 038-12-003-03-021; at the same price as what was paid for by the VENDEE on the lot subject of this instrument. The VENDEE shall have one (1) month from written notice from the VENDORS of their intentions to sell the remaining portion to exercise its right of first refusal.
5. The VENDORS shall have access to any right of way and the use of any infrastructure that will be introduced by the VENDEE provided that the latter shall incur no additional cost for such access and use. In the event that additional costs shall be incurred in the use of the infrastructure or right of way introduced by the VENDEE, the VENDORS, their heirs, assigns, and successors-in-interest shall pay for the costs thereof.
6. The VENDORS do hereby declare that the land above described is free from all liens and encumbrances. They declare that they have the perfect title and right to convey the same and warrant the same unto the VENDEE, its successors-in-interests and assigns, against any claim of a third party whomsoever. They guarantee the title and the right of the VENDEE, its, successors-in-interests and assigns to possess the property subject hereof and shall defend it against all judicial and administrative actions for eviction at their own expense. They further represent that the property is not covered by the agrarian reform program or any other program of the government affecting their capability to transfer the same on the basis of what has been agreed upon.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have affixed their signatures on

(Sgd.) Otelia s. sacapaño (Sgd.) Jacqueline s. abello
Vendor Vendor
(Sgd.) Rowena s. malayas (Sgd.) yolito s. sacapaño
Vendor Vendor
(Sgd.) sally s. sacapaño (Sgd.) Beverly s. venus
Vendor Vendor
(Sgd.) ernina s. sacapaño (Sgd.) merla s. lacorte
Vendor Vendor
(Sgd.) Jocelyn s. sualog (Sgd.) amparo s. glori
Vendor Vendor
(Sgd.) Arturo sacapaño
Signed in the presence of: 1. Not readable 2. Not readable
) S.S.
BEFORE ME, this 2nd day of August 2006 personally appeared the above-mentioned persons with their Community Tax Certificate/Passport No’s:
Name CTC/Passport No Date & Place of Issue
Otelia s. sacapaño cc12005-21033589 03/22/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
Jacqueline s. abello CC12005-21042397 06/30/06 – Caano, Kalibo, Aklan
Rowena s. malayas CC12005-03714722 01/25/06 – Alegria, Buruanga, Aklan
yolito s. sacapaño CC12005-2102493 03/14/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
sally s. sacapaño CC12005-03684431 01/04/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
Beverly s. venus CC12005-03688001 01/18/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
ernina s. sacapaño CC12005-21033590 03/22/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
merla s. lacorte CC12005-21035091 04/27/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
Jocelyn s. sualog CC12005-03724225 01/21/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
amparo s. glori CC12005-21039188 05/25/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
Arturo sacapaño CC12005-21023217 03/01/06 – Balabag, Malay, Aklan
JULIA LERVIK- Swedish Passport 09245140 06/04/99 – Swedish Embassy Manila
Known to me and to me known to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to me the same is their own free and voluntary act and deed.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto fix my hand and seal on the date and place above first written.
Notary Public
Until December 31, 2007
Barangay Motag, Malay, Aklan 5608
PTR No. 9176153, 1-2-06, Las Piñas
IBP No. 640270, 1-2-06, Pasay City
Attorney’s Roll No. 35286
Doc. No. 8
Page No. 2
Book No. 1
Series of 2006.


Republic of the Philippines
Local Civil Registry Office
Province: AKLAN
City/Municipality: MAKATO


In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. Act No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that MELBA QUIRINO MARABE has filed with this Office a petition for change of first
name from CELIA to MELBA in the birth certificate of
CELIA TERRE QUIRINO who was born on 15 July 1970at Makato, Aklan
and whose parents are MONTANO QUIRINO and TRINIDAD TERRE.
Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this Office not later than 30 March 2007.

(Sgd.) DINAH MYRA V. TEJADA Municipal Civil Registrar
Madyaas Pen: March 24 and 31, 2007


This is to serve notice that the BUYOC FISHFARM INC., a corporation duly recognized and existing under the Republic of the Philippines with principal address at Tambak, New Washington, Aklan, Philippines, shall hold a corporate meeting of the officers and directors on April 24, 2007 at 8:00 o’clock in the morning at the corporate office at Tambak, New Washington, Aklan to consider the dissolution of the corporation.

Madyaas Pen: March, 10, 17, 24 & 31 and April 7 & 14, 2007 ISSUE

“Dugo Ko, Kabuhi Mo”

saving lives through voluntary blood donation

Southwestern Aklan Interlocal Health Zone personnel with Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Aklan during the bloodletting activity recently at the ABL Sports Complex, Makato, Aklan, Picture at left.

While health is indeed an individual right of a person, still people from developing countries like the Philippines, especially those coming from the poor and underprivileged sector oftentimes consider it a luxury to submit to regular medical evaluation of their physical conditions due to economic or financial constraint. Because of this, they are eventually deprived of the medical attention they directly need when medical problems prevail.
Relative to this, the government conducted assessment of the conditions affecting the lives of the people to be able to develop programs aptly perceived to be most effective for various medical problems usually confronting them.
In Aklan, observations of actual life situations indicated that one of the most prevalent problems confronted by patients when they come to the hospital for treatment of cases where the need for blood transfusion is necessary is the gnawing fact that there is indeed insufficient supply of the life saving fluid to prolong the lives of their loved ones.
It is in this light that the Interlocal Health Zone I-B has conceptualized the "Dugo Ko, Kabuhi Mo" project which aims to find the best solution to the aforementioned problem.
On February 27, 2007, people from the towns of Numancia, Makato, Lezo, Malinao and Madalag came to the Augusto B. Legaspi, Sr. Sports Complex in Makato, Aklan to voluntarily donate blood in support of this noble project. Logistics and technical assistance were provided by a team from the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC), Aklan Chapter, while other needed resources were given by the member municipalities as part of their annual health development plan. Blood donors were given priority cards from the PNRC so they can avail of maximum services from the agency in case they need it in the future. Collected blood units are stored for safekeeping in the PNRC office laboratory, Kalibo for the benefit not only for the people of the participating towns but for all parts of Aklan as well.
The primary objective of the "Dugo Ko, Kabuhi Mo" project is not only to sustain the availability of blood supply in the PNRC Blood Bank, but also to ensure that complications like Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and other life threatening conditions usually brought about by blood transfusions from unknown and or infected sources are likewise prevented.
This project is carried out in compliance with the memorandum issued by Regional director Lydia Depra–Ramos of the Center of Health Development Western Visayas wherein all chiefs of private, district and provincial hospitals are directed to uphold the validity of R.A. 7719 otherwise known as the "National Blood Service Act of 1994" and the lifting of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for Commercial Blood Banks. The memorandum also reiterated the order prohibiting all concerned health officials to accept blood units from Commercial Blood Banks.
The positive outcome of the project signifies an effective advocacy program on the part of the organizers in awakening their constituents to the importance of the project to the community in general. /MP

Makato PNP Supports Makato OTOP, Organic Rice

Some Makato Policemen headed by PInsp. Maximo Sumeg-ang, Jr. learned to produce mushroom and organic fertilizer. Some participants are shown in the above pictures preparing beds for mushroom production with the use of dried banana leaves and rice straw. After those materials are completely decomposed, it will be used as fertilizer.

In support to One Town One Product (OTOP) which is organic rice product of this town, the personnel of the Makato Police Station headed by earth friendly PInsp. Maximo C. Sumeg-ang, Jr. actively participated to produce organic fertilizer needed for a sustainable organic rice production. This is through a livelihood project on mushroom production utilizing dried leaves of banana/rice straw. Their vermin casting project uses biodegradable materials gathered from the vicinity of the Municipal Hall Building.
PInsp. Sumeg-ang emphasized to his men that the by–product from mushroom production and vermicasting is organic fertilizer needed for a sustainable organic rice production, priority program of the national administration pushing OTOP through the Dept of Trade and Industry. The Makato PNP men are going to use their organic fertilizer for vegetable production, in line with the Clean and Green Project.
NFS Training
The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist based in Kalibo, Aklan conducted on site Natural Farming System (NFS) For Clean and Green Productivity training. It was held at the Makato Police Station just recently where 50 officers and men of Makato Police Station attended including some barangay tanods.
The NFS training was in response to the request of OIC of Makato Police Station PInsp. Maximo C. Sumeg-ang, Jr. who has deep concern to keep a healthy and peaceful community with satisfied constituents. They need a technical assistance as they had started a livelihood project on mushroom and vermi production as organic fertilizer for backyard vegetable garden. These activities are in line with the Clean and Green Project, and the One Town One Product (OTOP) of the national government.
The training was a combination of lecture and hands on demonstration where the participants actively discussed with resource person Ms. Marlyn R. Cañete on the preparation, formulation and application of NFS inputs. After the training, the participants appreciated more the importance of NFS, its concepts, principles and benefits.
Municipal Agri-Fishery Council (MAFC) Chairman Keith Tirol Manares believed that by practicing NFS technology with the guidance and model of Makato PNP can lead Makaton-ons to return to the organic farming which products are poison free. Manares is familiar with NFS as learned from Municipal NFS Coordinator, LGU–Makato Mrs. Arglou B. Tagala. /MP

L E G A L Notice

Notice is hereby given that the estate of the late Norma M. Arboleda who died intestate which consists of a parcel of land situated in Brgy. Andagao, Kalibo, Aklan is the subject of a "Deed of Adjudication With Sale" by her surviving heirs. The deed was executed before Notary Public Porferio T. Taplac, Kalibo, Aklan on March 14, 2007 as per Doc. No. 2849; Page No. 50; Book No. VIII; Series of 2007.

Madyaas Pen: March 24 & 31 and April 7, 2007 ISSUE

Thursday, March 22, 2007

EDITORIAL - March 18 - 24 Issue

Is DepEd Responsive To The Needs of the Students?

Some 1.3 million senior high school students took the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) on January 17 this year from both private and public schools all over the Philippines.
As announced by DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus, some 711,522 or 54.5 percent had high aptitude for technical vocational programs while 468.901 or 35.9 percent had moderate aptitude for the same subtest.
However, 49,066 students had high aptitude for college said Lapus. With this figure, those students whose aptitude for college represent only 3.75 percent. Of this 3.75 percent, some 22,267 students or about one half (1/2) of those with aptitude for college belong to the low income families.
But take note that the top five (5) of the NCAE came from private schools except for one (1). Mary Kristine Cate C. Quicho is from Jose Rizal Institute in Orion, Bataan; Francis Ramon B. Torres – Theresian School of Cavite, Bacoor, Cavite; Renz M. Jader – Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City; and Chryljoy C. Navarez – San Nicolas Academy – Mainit, surigao del Norte all are from private schools. Hermilina N. Florida – Digos City National High School, Digos City belongs to the top five.
According to Sec. Jesli Lapus, NCAE is "by far the best tool over which young graduates can use to properly assess their own skills and inclinations . . . which will enable them to make more effective decisions" in choosing their careers.
Is this 3.75 percent who possess aptitude for college reasonable? Are the instruments used to gauge the aptitudes of fourth year high school students valid? Sec. Lapus has the duty to inform the Filipinos the process followed in the determination of aptitudes of those 1.3 million young students.
The 3.75 percent who possess aptitude for college is quite low. Just pose for a moment and think, only three to four out of 100 had the aptitude for college. This is a dismal failure of the Philippine education system. Is it true that the secondary school curriculum is so tailored for students who will pursue academic courses in college?
Reading the report, one may conclude "what a hell of a performance DepEd has for out of 100 Filipino high school graduates only 3–4 possess the aptitude for college. This dismal performance of our Filipino youth in basic education is to the credit and responsibility of the Philippine society, the family, the community, the church and the government.
The Gene And Its Biosphere
Following the Mendel’s Law of heredity, a child inherits 50 percent each the character traits of his father and mother. The child, whether he likes it or not, will resemble the looks of his parents, the talents, the intelligence and other traits will be transferred to him. However, these intelligence, talents, virtues and philosophy need development. So that the development of a child is also influenced by his biosphere: the family, the church, the community. The life style in a community where the child lives influences his own life style.
The Family and School
On the basis of the Mendel’s Law of heredity, the family has the most influence upon a child. And considering the functions of the school, the development of a child is highly influenced by the school. A child whose parents are of high intelligence and virtues, it is the school that highly shapes the form and career path of the child. However, the school must be equipped with facilities in the proper development of the intelligence, talents and values of the child.
The government speaks loudly of its free basic education in the public school. But are our schools provided with the minimum requirements to properly respond to what are expected of it? Take note that out of the top 5 in the NCAE, only one came from the public school.
Just ask: Is there adequate classrooms? Are there enough learning facilities like books, laboratory equipment? Are the teachers paid on time and adequate to attract competent mentors? Are the schools properly managed so that teaching-learning processes are highly pleasant and conducive?
If your answers are "nos" then let the government improve the basic education system. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

ByAmbrosio R. Villorente

Corruption Causes Poverty

Madyaas Pen editorial on the March 12 issue was devoted to the discussion of "Wealthy and poverty". It was pointed out that a person, especially in the Philippines which is ranked No. 1 corrupt country in Asia, increases his resources by corruption or by stealing government resources. That this corruption and stealing make the Philippines and his people very poor.
The latest alleged corruption is the purchase of lamplights installed in Lapu-Lapu City and Mandaue City involving about P300 million. In the words of Juan L. Mercado of the Tacloban Star, the purchases "were overpriced by 14 times where 37 out of 100 students are ill fed, anemic and stunted?"
"In Mandaue, 34 out of every 100 pre-schoolers are scrawny listless underweights…poverty forces 33 out of every 100 who enroll in Grade I to drop out before reaching Grade VI. Three out of 10 are iodine deficient, 51 – percent are short of Vitamin A", Mercado added.
In Aklan, the MKWD paid P25 million for PVC pipes and other materials at the price of gauge 150 when what were actually delivered was gauge 100 PVC pipes. Notwithstanding the questionable P25 million transaction, the MKWD board and management continue their quest to increase water rates, water meter rental and maintenance. The MKWD water concessionaires are yet to hear the faith of the P25 million purchases in question MKWD gains more, concessionaires suffer.


In 2004, some P1 billion appropriated to purchase fertilizer to modernize agriculture and increase agricultural productivity was spent in the presidential election. The farmers were taken for a ride. Despite the pressure exerted to bring the culprit to justice, the government authorities remain deaf and blind. It sees no evil, hears no evil, smells no evil and touches nobody.


The road railings along the Banga–Libacao road are gone. Who got it? Nobody knows. I happen to see those road railings gone while on my way to Libacao, Aklan on Tuesday, March 20. Nobody cares who got it. The steel railings installed to mitigate accidents along that road were gone. Installed in two strands and at 1.5 kilometers long, the thief may have raised a sizable amount of money after selling such junk. There are patches of railings left, those that are near residential houses.
To the motorists, be very careful in passing that portion of road for any mistake, one may fall by the bank of the Aklan river.


According to some Libacaonons, Governor Carlito S. Marquez has not made good his pledge to extend the cemented portion of the Banga-Libacao road. Some friends in Libacao just told me in whisper that Governor Marquez is sure to break his promise to cement a portion of the Banga – Libacao road as the May 14, 2007 election is fast approaching. I just told them to wait until after the election for the road cementing. Another pledge is forthcoming.
Meanwhile, just revive the promise during the campaign period. Just make the pledge as fresh as possible.


Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo of Kalibo removed his billboard erected at the corner of Regalado and Acevedo Streets, Poblacion, Kalibo, Aklan. The billboard portrayed the message regarding the asphalt overlay done on Regalado Street.
But who is that vandal? He sprayed the word "Supot" on the billboard and connected it with an arrow to the face of Mayor Rebaldo. /MP

Villorente Golden Wedding

The couple Kano and Toto during their 50th wedding anniversary.

One who wishes happy wedding anniversary to Kano and Toto are the members of the Government Retirees Organization of Libacao (GROL) as shown in the above picture. They also held their quarterly meeting . Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente - president, presided the meeting.

Picture above shows a group of guests during Kano and Toto’s 50th wedding anniversary party in their house.
Picture (below) are the members of the Government Retirees Organization of Libacao (GROL).

Text and Photos by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Former Vice Mayor Teodoro A. Villorente of Libacao and Mrs. Serafina Navarosa Villorente celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last Tuesday, March 20, 2007. With their children, relatives, friends and guests, they attended the holy mass at St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, Libacao, Aklan which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Zaldy Zarandin in the morning.
Popularly called as "Kano" and "Toto", Teodoro and Serafina by their relatives and friends respectively they have six children who are now all married and well established. They are Argemira, Methelyn, Teodoro, Jr., Zenas, Dennis and Serafin. Serafin the youngest is an entrepreneurial farmer; Dennis is a businessman in Libacao; Zenas is a teacher; Teodoro, Jr. is a member of the Libacao PNP; while Methelyn is a nurse in New Jersey, USA.
Kano and Toto after 50 years of successful marriage had now 14 grandchildren of whom two graduated this March from college finishing nautical and nursing degrees. /MP

Vice Governor Tolentino Welcomes Tourism Act

Sunset in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan. (ARVillorente photo)
By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Aklan Vice Gov. Ronquillo Tolentino said, "The Tourism Act of 2007 would immensely support the tourism industry and generates more jobs and investments," as his reaction.
The law ensures government agencies to work together in building the physical and legal infrastructure for global tourism by empowering the public and private sectors, he added.
"We are about to pass the Aklan Tourism Code that would spur further investments in the tourism industry. The need for a Tourism Act had been answered appropriately with its timely passage," the vice governor said.
The Tourism Act of 2007 Sen. Richard Gordon authored aims to uplift the standards of tourism services, to aggressively promote our tourism industry’s strong points and to develop existing and new tourism destinations in the Philippines.
Every foreign tourist spends 50,000 pesos in shopping, eating, touring and staying at resorts. On an average year, 2.6 million foreign tourists give the Philippine economy P130 billion, Gordon said.
With the approval of the Tourism Act, Tolentino stressed, the island of Boracay could benefit with the tourism promotion and development efforts to generate more revenues to finance infrastructure projects.
"This would strengthen the tourism industry, attract more investments in Aklan and encourage the public and private sectors to support tourism development," Gordon added.
The Tourism Act also seeks to encourage investments in new hotels, resorts and other tourism enterprises through tax breaks and fast, friendly and efficient governance to truly create world-class establishments in the country with the creation of Tourism Philippines Corporation./MP

SP Ordinance No. 05-009 Is Void, Inocencio

Atty. Romeo P. Inocencio, a former member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan and now a practicing lawyer has registered his strong protest against the increases of real estate taxes beginning the year 2006 in Aklan.
Atty. Inocencio, in his letter to the Provincial Treasurer, Evan Timtiman of Aklan, pointed out that the "taxes in 2006 and 2007 are higher compared to 2005 due to the revised base market values of real properties pursuant to Provincial Ordinance No. 05 – 009. This is "an ordinance that fixes and approves the schedule of base market values of lands and natural improvements, building classification and schedule of base unit construction cost for buildings, machineries and other improvements".
"The revised assessment and the collection of higher realty taxes arising from the aforecited Provincial Ordinance is not only erroneous, but virtually bereft of legal basis", Inocencio pointed out. The Provincial Ordinance No. 05–009 which fixes and approves the base market values is patently invalid for having been enacted without complying with article 276 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code", Inocencio pointed out.
According to Inocencio, ten days after the filing of any proposed tax ordinance or revenue measure, the same must first be published in a newspapers of local circulation or shall be posted simultaneously in at least four (4) conspicuous public places within the territorial jurisdiction of the LGU concerned.
Requirement on public hearing was not complied with, Inocencio added
"The public hearing conducted was not by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan but by the office of the Provincial Assessor without complying with the aforementioned requirements of notice and publication of the proposed ordinance", Inocencio pointed out.
The "ordinance fixing the new base market value of real properties in the entire province is clearly and undoubtedly void ab initio therefore has no valid and binding effect on us, taxpayers", he concluded.
Inocencio believes that the increase of from 300 to 700 percent in the real property taxes on the basis of Provincial Ordinance No. 05–009 is in violation of the fundamental principles of taxation that "taxes shall not be unjust, excessive, oppressive or confiscatory" as enshrined in Section 130 of the Local Government Code.
Moreover, there is also no provincial ordinance fixing and prescribing the assessment levels to be applied to the new fair market value in order to determine the new assessed value of the real property subject to realty tax as required by Section 218 of the Local Government Code, pointed out Inocencio. According to him, the Provincial Assessor of Aklan or her deputies have no basis whatsoever to revise or compute the new assessed value of the property pursuant to or in connection with Provincial Ordinance No. 05–009. In view of this, the Provincial Treasurer of Aklan and his deputies have no legal justification or authority to collect the amount of realty taxes in excess of what has been collected in 2005. Inocencio concluded.
According to him, the SP of Aklan has not enacted any ordinance that will set in motion the implementation of Provincial Ordinance No. 05–009.
Atty. Inocencio paid the realty tax of his land for only P308 in 2005. When he paid it last week, he was asked to pay and he paid P1,760.00 for the years 2006 and 2007. There was an increased of P732.00 in the year 2006 and P420.00 in the 2007 payments.
Since Atty. Inocencio believes the Provincial Treasurer has no basis of collecting as far as the increase is concerned, he has requested the Provincial Treasurer, Mr. Evan Timtiman to refund the said (P1,152.00) the amount, Inocencio believes, represents excess payment.
Madyaas Pen tried to contact Mr. Timtiman regarding this matter brought to his office by Atty. Inocencio but Mr. Timtiman was on official travel. MP hopes to get his or the Provincial Assessor’s reply to Atty. Inocencio’s request soon. /MP

Decorative Grasping Lamplights At Mandaue

Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas N. Gutierrez last week issued a "cease and desist" order preventing the Dept. of Budget and Management (DBM) from releasing more than P3 million to the contractors of the controversial decorative lamp posts used during the recent ASEAN summit in Cebu City.
In a two-page order, Ombudsman Gutierrez directed the DBM "to cease and desist from releasing any amount relative to the above mentioned projects to Fabmik Construction and Equipment Co., and Gampik Construction and Development, Inc. and any other company or person, while this issue of alleged overpricing of the decorative lamp posts and street lightings is still under investigation."
The Office of the Ombudsman – Visayas is conducting a fact-finding investigation into the alleged overpricing of the decorative lamp posts and street lightings that were set up along the ceremonial route of the ASEAN Summit in Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City on January 10-15, 2007.
Ombudsman Gutierrez had ordered Officer-in-Charge Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas Virginia Santiago to fly to Manila to report to her the progress of the fact-finding investigation.
OIC-DO Santiago said they had been conducting marathon conferences on the complaint and had gathered documents with the Bureau of Customs (BOC), DPWH, and the DBM.
On the other hand, in their meeting with DBM officials, they stated that they will soon release the remaining amount of P3,141,388.37 representing the Retention Money for the first phase of the project to the two contractors.
OIC-DO Santiago said, "We are now evaluating the evidence to finally determine if indeed there is probable cause to proceed with a preliminary investigation on the complaint."
However, to protect the interest of the government, Ombudsman Gutierrez immediately issued a cease and desist order to prevent the DBM from releasing the said amount while the office of the Ombudsman is conducting an investigation into the complaint.
Juan L. Mercado, in his "The grasping Lamplights" published in the Tacloban Star on March 17, 2007 issue, Ombudsman Visayas froze payment for P120 million worth of ASEAN Summit decorative street lamps. Fabmik Construction and Equipment Corp. and Gampik Construction dunned Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-lapu from P94,000 to P224,000 for a lamp.
In Naga Town, the same lamp cost P16,000. But it was Mayor Tomas Osmeña who triggered the probe saying: Cebu could get those lamps for P30,000 each.
According to Mercado, "Whatever you feed greed is never enough." Mandaue didn’t heed the 2003 a Commission on Audit reprimand for "excessive and extravagant" purchase of 105 street lamps for P110,000 each.
This time, Mandaue outdid itself. It snapped up 124 at P224,000 each. "That’s plunder", Osmeña muttered. /MP

ABS-CBN Anchor, et al Face Libel Suit

By Alex P. Vidal

An Ilonggo audio expert on Friday filed libel case against several Manila-based reporters led by popular ABS-CBN anchorman Julius Babao over allegations that he tried to bribe State Prosecutor Emmanuel Velasco and a certain Prosecutor Solidum to go lenient on former Batangas Governor Antonio Leviste who is in jail and facing murder case for killing his former aide.
Jonathan Tiongco, son of prominent Iloilo lawyer Jose B. Tiongco, said he will also charge Velasco and Solidum "for causing undue injury" to his person at the Office of the Ombudsman and disbarment at the Supreme Court "in the proper time, if so warrants."
In his complaint affidavit received by the Office of the Iloilo City Prosecutor dated March 16, Tiongco, who rose to fame last year when he handled the "Hello Garci" tape examination for then Presidential Chief of Staff Michael Defensor, narrated that Velasco "pronounced that I tried to bribe him the day before the hearing" of Leviste’s case at the Makati RTC Branch 150 on March 14.
Charged together with Babao, John Doe and Jane Doe all of ABS-CBN were Manila Times reporter James Konstantin Galvez and his unnamed publisher and editor, Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) reporter DY Yap and his editor and publisher, PDI Tech Torres Yap and his editor and publisher.
Tiongco, 36, a resident of Molo, Iloilo City, said the libel stemmed from two sources: 1. Solidum’s allegation that a person he did not know proposed to bribe him P50,000 to go lenient on Leviste; and 2. an unverified SMS text message allegedly sent by him to Velasco.
"That due to the incident, the libels were published and broadcast by the respondents without even bothering to get the side of the complainant, in order to verify the slanderous pronouncement in open court," said Tiongco in his affidavit.
He added that in Galvez’s report published in the Manila Times print and internet web page on March 15, 2007, he "did not only write of the slanders, but he even insulted and belittled the complainant’s credentials by calling me a self-proclaimed audio expert."
"That it behooves my mind to think that after having spent more than 16 years as a professional sound engineer, record producer, and international remixer, the respondent would insult me and published such insults in their papers in order to besmirch my professional reputation," explained Tiongco’s affidavit.
"The respondent should know that in 1991, the Ilonggo rap song Dandansuy ‘Indi ka man bala’ which I composed, produced and recorded was a No. 1 hit, not only in Iloilo, but all over the world where Ilonggos resided."
Tiongco narrated that in 1993, he was the first and only Filipino DJ Remixer recruited by the International DJ Remix service (DISCOTECH) based in Virginia , USA .
"In fact, my competence in digital Audio Mixing was utilized by superstar Gary Valenciano way back in 1998 in his album ‘Everybody Gets Down’. I took expert training and secured certification in Singapore, Germany, and London as Audio Forensic expert. Clearly, by calling me a self-proclaimed audio expert, respondent Galviz did so with malice," he added.
He explained that on March 15, " Yap supplemented his report with similar libels by stating that I once tried to discredit the ‘Hello Garci’ tapes."
"That clearly, malice was likewise displayed in respondent’s report because the ‘Hello Garci’ tape was not even an issue in the subject. To allege that I once tried to discredit the ‘Hello Garci’ tapes is certainly malicious," he said in his affidavit.
Tiongco said he never tried to discredit the ‘Hello Garci’ tapes. "In my capacity as a professional audio engineer, I was only hired by fellow Ilonggo, former Presidential Chief of Staff Michael Defensor to analyze illegal wiretaps purporting to contain ‘authentic’ recordings of the President’s voice suggesting that she cheated with Garci in 2004 elections," he stressed.
"As a professional audio engineer, I accepted the assignment, and to say that I tried to discredit illegal wiretaps, would be like saying that the tapes were indeed credible."
"Secondly, I don’t have to discredit the incredible. To say that the entire ‘Hello Garci’ recordings are authentic is the height of stupidity."
Torres, Tiongco said, distorted the issue. "This time, in his report dated March 16, 2007, Torres wrote that I gave State Pros. Emmanuel Velasco a P50,000 peso bribe."
On the other hand, Tiongco said Babao "and his cabal at ABS-CBN broadcast several reports on the court incident involving Pros. Velasco’s pronouncement alleging that I offered to bribe Prosecutors to go lenient on accused Leviste."
He called the reports "one sided since Babao and other persons responsible at ABS-CBN never took my side of the story."
Tiongco said all respondents "committed libel as defined under Art. 357 of the Revised Penal Code. In principle, responsible journalism requires that verifiable safeguards be implemented and that fairness in reporting shall be exercised at all times. Otherwise, those responsible for publication of slanderous deeds shall be criminally liable for libel."
He is asking P1 million in damages "in unison with the filing of this criminal action in court."
Tiongco said he filed the case because he suspected that "there is something bigger behind the move to discredit me and that is the Garci tape."
He said there are rumors that elements of the Lakas competing with KAMPI "now will coalesce with opposition forces to support the impeachment against Pres. Arroyo."
This became possible, he said, because "the President failed to deliver her promise of charter change in 2006." /MP

A Tribute To Women On Women’s Month 2007

By Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Permit me to start this article with some quotes about women, as follows:
"Women are the poetry of the world in the same sense as the stars are the poetry of heaven. – Clear, light-giving, harmonious, they are the terrestrial planets that rule the destinies of mankind." - Hardgrave
"Women!" With that word, life’s dearest hopes and memories come. Truth, beauty, love, in her adored, and earth’s lost paradise restored, in the green bower of home". – Halleck
"Next to God, we are indebted to women, first for life itself, and then for making it worth having". –Bovee
"Christianity has lifted woman to a new place in the world. And just in proportion as Christianity has sway will she rise to a higher dignity in human life. What she has now, and all she have of privileges and true honor, she owes it to the gospel which took those qualities which had been counted weak and unworthy, and gave them a divine glory in Christ."– Herrick Johnson
I had attended some lectures on women when I was chair of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan committee on women and family, the first chairman as the committee is mandated by the Local Government Code. My position, as such made me an "Honorary Woman". Although I am the council chairman of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines since 2000, I am also a member of the executive council of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Aklan Council. Too, I attended various UNICEF seminars on women and children two years back.
I have always adhered to the principles that every woman had worth and dignity, has capacity to change. I believe that every woman has the capacity for self-determination and problem-solving and should have equal access to opportunities in society. I also consider that women are capable of exercising social consciousness and responsibility toward themselves, their families and their community. Women can achieve personal growth and development if provided with an environment that is both supportive and challenging.
Section 13 of Executive Order No. 123 reorganizing the Ministry of Social Services and Development into a Department of Social Welfare and Development provides for the creation of the Bureau of Women’s Welfare. The Bureau is mandated "to promote women’s welfare with specific attention to the prevention or eradication of exploitation of women in any form such as but not limited to prostitution and illegal recruitment as well as the promotion of skills of women for employment and self-actualization".
Article II, Section 11 of the Philippine Constitution provides "The State values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights."
The constitution also provides that the "State recognizes the role of women in nation building and shall ensure the fundamental equality before the law of men and women."
The ratified U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women-internationally accepted principles of international law and must therefore hasten to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.
The Province of Aklan, in its Gender and Development Code, following the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women and other international conventions to which the Philippines is a signatory, and in the Philippine Constitution, provide the following protection and rights of women, as follows:
The right to good and quality education;
The right to comprehensive health services;
The right to access loans and other forms of financial credit;
The right to join leisure, sports and cultural activities;
The right to decide on the number of children and on the number of years between pregnancies, in accordance with the Constitution;
The right to share in parenting activities;
The right to have equal access to jobs, benefits and social security;
The right to be paid equally based on the job they do;
The right to be free from all forms of physical, sexual, emotional, mental and economic violence;
The right to be free from all forms of slavery and prostitution;
The right to vote, run for election and hold public office;
The right to represent the country internationally; and
The right to acquire change or retain nationality and citizenship.
Modesty aside, I was acting presiding officer when the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan deliberated and passed provincial ordinance No. 03-027 adopting the Gender and Development Code in its fourth regular session for calendar year 2003 on December 19, 2003.
Permit me in passing to enumerate other laws relevant to the protection of women.
The present Revised Penal Code defines it as a crime of physical injuries "the infliction of physical injuries by anyone upon the person of another, including a wife by her husband."
The Family Code of the Philippines – Executive Order No. 209, as amended by Executive Order No. 227 title III – Rights and Obligations between husband and wife Article 72 – "when one of the spouses neglects his or her duties to the conjugal union or commits acts which tend to bring danger, dishonor or injury to the other or the family, the aggrieved party may apply to the court for relief."
R.A. 7192 – An act promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation building for other purposes or otherwise known as "Women in Development and Nation Building Act."
R.A. 9262 – Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Tita Linda Belayro
Ro Ermitanyo

Sa isaeang ka mataas nga bukid, maeayo pa sa kabihasnan hay may unang naga estar nga isaeang ka ermitanyo. Kada ngani magpanaog imaw sa datag hay naga-abot dayon ro kalamidad. Busa, indi guid malipatan it mga tawo nga kada panaog kong ermitanyo, segurado guid nga may maabot nga bagyo ag bahâ.
Sa kamatu-uran, nagapanaog ro ermitanyo agod paandaman ag pa preparahon pa ro mga tawo sa paea-abuton nga kalamidad. Oeayhon man nga naga panindahan imaw ko anang mga kinahangeanon. Ogaling imbis nga magpasaeamat kana ro mga tawo, guin kontra pa imaw ag guinahaboy pa it bato tongod saeot kuno imaw nga nagadaea it dimalas. Owa guid imaw naga baeos bisan ano kana ro pagtamuylaw. Para makalikaw sa kaakig it mga tawo, naga dali-dali permi imaw nga naga panaw. Idto imaw naga panago sa isaeang ka baeay it baeo nga babaye kun mag agto sa datag.
Naeo-oy kana ro babaye tag nag adto imaw. Ngani guinpa kaon imaw it saging nga habilin nanda sa pamahaw. Naghambae kana ro ermitanyo nga mag adto sa mataas nga lugar ag indi anay magbalik sa datag it mga daywang adlaw.
Guin sugo sanda nga magdaea it mga gamit ag pagkaon para sa sueod it daywang adlaw, magdaea man it maskin nano nga makatabon kanda sa uean. Guin bilinan pa imaw nga patun-on man ro ibang kasimaryo.
Nag preparar rong babaye. Nagsugid man imaw sa iba ogaling owa pag patihi imaw. Umabot rong adlaw nga umuean. Dali-dali nga naghalin rong mag-ina ag mag-adto sa mata-as nga lugar. Amat-amat nga nagdaeom rong tubi. Bumahâ it madaeum sa andang lugar hasta guin eapawan ro ibang manaba nga pamaeay. Puro singgit it tabang ro mabatian sa palibot. Masueog rong tubi ngani abô nga baeay rong inanod.
Sa sueod it daywang adlaw ag daywang gabi-i, abong ginutom ag abô man nga naeomos. Nadumduman nanda rong ermitanyo. Kon namati eamang sanda hay naka preparar kunta sanda.
Samtang ro mag-ina hay mayad mat-a ro andang kahimtangan idto sa ibabaw it bukid. Pagkataliwan it ikatlong adlaw, owa eon it hangin ag bahâ. Nanaog sanda. Hangawa sanda nga owa guid it samad ro andang baeay, maskin ro andang mga igdaeapat. Nagpasaeamat sanda sa Diyos nga paagi sa ermitanyo nga Diyosnanon, guin salbar sanda sa kalamidad. /MP

MOVE Launches First Men’s Movement In Western Visayas Oppose to VAW In Aklan On Women’s Day

By Venus G. Villanueva

The first-ever movement in Western Visayas composed of men opposing Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) was launched in Kalibo, Aklan during the province’ March 8 celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s Month.
Called the Aklan MOVE (Men Opposed to Violence Against Women and Children Everywhere), the organization will be the core group of gender-sensitive men who are anti-VAW advocates from both the public and private sectors.
The group will take on the challenge to lead other men and women in the advocacy to end VAWC.
It is seen that involving men in the advocacy is a crucial response to end VAWC as studies show that men are mostly the perpetrators of violence and abuses against women and children.
Installed by Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez as one of the highlights of the celebration of Women’s Month of the province, Aklan MOVE’s AD HOC Committee is chaired by Hon. Franklin Quimpo, Aklan SP member and president of the Aklan League of Philippine Councilors (PCL), with Engr. Lucio Sta. Maria from the Provincial Health Office (PHO) as Co-Chairman.
Members who also made their commitment to Aklan MOVE include Aklan SP members Ananias Solina, Ramon S. Gelito and Santiago Regalado; Aklan Police Provincial Office (APPO) Provincial Director Benigno Durana, Jr. and heads and representatives of government agencies, non-government organizations, student leaders and the academe.
With Governor Marquez who installed them were top Aklan officials like Congressman Florencio T. Miraflores and Guest Speaker, Judge Marietta Homena Valencia of the Regional Trial Court, local government officials, members of the Aklan Gender and Development Commission (AGADC) and women’s groups from various municipalities, the Aklan MOVE officers and members committed themselves to speak out against VAWC, encourage other men not to commit or condone VAWC and never to be silent on VAWC, encourage other men to join the advocacy against VAWC and establish a resource network on it.
In leading Aklan MOVE, SP member Franklin Quimpo said they hope that their united voice in Aklan is more than enough to stop VAWC.
"We will work with all men of all ages to stop VAWC," Quimpo vowed. /MP

ASU Holds Forum and Strategic Planning

The Associate in Health Science Education (AHSE) students of the Aklan State University – School of Arts and Sciences Banga, Aklan in cooperation with the Aklan Provincial Government conducted a whole day dissemination forum and strategic planning last week at Barangay Venturanza, Banga, Aklan.
In the opening program, Provincial Administrator, Atty. Diego M. Luces delivered an inspiring message in behalf of Hon. Carlito S. Marquez. He acknowledged the leadership of the ASU for initiating meaningful activities in the community. He also recognized the contributions of ASU in the Aklan Provincial Government’s (APG) development efforts particularly in the field of education.
The results of the baseline study on the state of health of the Barangay Venturanza residents conducted by the second year AHSE students were disseminated to the participants during the forum.
The activity aimed to uplift the current health and economic status of the Barangay Venturanza residents by providing them with venue for dialogues among the residents, Barangay officials, community leaders and heads of government agencies in the Municipality of Banga.
The identified community health problems such as family planning, maternal and child health, violence against women, teenage pregnancy and environmental sanitation were tackled during the dissemination forum. This was followed by strategic planning designed to determine appropriate interventions to the identified problems.
The representatives of the Rural Health Unit (RHU), Provincial Health Office, and Soroptimists International also joined the forum. by: ACRelingo & MSAcoritay, ASU-ECS /MP

Thursday, March 15, 2007

EDITORIAL March 11 - 17 Issue

Fighting Poverty

Wealthy is a word, which means rich, prosperous, affluent. It is an adjective which describes a man possessing huge amount of economic resources. He has everything of economic value measurable in price. He lives in abundance.
A wealthy person lives in durable house, provided with cars, has enough food, can afford to buy expensive clothes, has money to buy medicine and pay hospital bills. He can entertain guests in expensive restaurant or at home can send his children to top rated schools and moves freely or travel to other places of interest.
Poverty, on the other hand, is the opposite of wealthy. Poverty means poor, indigent. It implies lack of resources for reasonable and comfortable living. A poor person lacks food and shelter. He/she is deficient of necessary and desirable properties.
How many percent of the Filipinos are poor? How many percent are wealthy? Where do we belong on the basis of the definitions of the terms poverty and wealthy?
There are people who were born with the "silver spoon on their mouths", meaning they are children of wealthy parents. But later, because they failed to manage their abundant resources, they are reduced to poor. But most wealthy family are ably maintaining their wealth.
On the other hand, there are those who were born poor and are liberated from the bondage of poverty. There are those who are remaining poor and there are those who fought and conquered poverty. The poor people may just remain poor as they have no space to go below. For those who are determined, industrious and patient, there are more space up to go and stay wealthy.
Psychologists would advice, "you are what you are if you think you are." This means your thought of what you are will come true. A person who thinks he can rise to the level of the wealthy can be wealthy if he did something to raise his level of the wealthy.
Wealth is not won by depending upon others to fight poverty. Poverty is defeated by any person who persistently educate himself and be literate, he exercises his muscles and brain to perform his job, save something out of his job for the future.
Politicians and public officials cannot liberate a poor man from poverty. They can only show the way and the direction to solve poverty. Poverty is conquered by the man himself.
Poverty is neither erased by planting Pichay in the Senate nor by a politician whose dreams are also for the fulfillment of your dreams.
The Philippines is a very rich country but more of her people are poor because they have chosen to remain poor. The Philippine oceans are abundant of fish and other marine products. There are mountains, plateau, valleys and lowland so fertile to grow crops of livestock and plants.
However, Filipinos have not realized sufficient products from it to defeat poverty.
Filipino farmers produce less than their counterparts in other countries due to inadequate support provided them. They have failed to put in place public officials sympathetic to agriculture. Fertilizer intended to raise production was applied to produce more votes during election. Water in the rivers continuously flow to the ocean rather than diverted to produce electricity and irrigate rice paddies and other crops to reduce cost of production while increasing yield per unit area.
Trees for mountain cover are illegally cut to earn instant cash while it hasten soil erosion and floods which destroy both lives and properties. These make Filipinos fight to knockout poverty very hard.
In the Philippines, when one borrowed money from the bank the interest rate is quite high as 36 percent per year and maybe subtracted immediately from the loan proceeds. The banks money maybe doubled in two years. On the other hand, when one deposited money in the bank, the interest earned ranges from one (1) to 10 percent only per year depending upon the kind of deposit. And still whatever interest earned is subjected to 20 percent withholding tax. On top of it, once the deposit is below the maintaining balance, a depositor is compelled to pay service charge monthly until the whole amount deposited is exhausted as applied to the monthly service charge.
This Philippine banking system practice makes some people who have savings to shy away from the banks and keep their small savings in the aparadors.
These anti poor practices can be avoided if the people are literate, well informed and have enough data to base their decision. Poverty thrives best and rapid where ignorance pervades.
To liberate oneself of poverty, he must think he can win in the fight. He must be educated and industrious, persistent and thrifty. Select also public officials who are honest, industrious, compassionate and who can empathize with the poor. Let us begin selecting the right, fit and qualified officials this may 14, 2007 elections./MP

PAPI Holds Induction Program

Picture above shows (l to r) Press Sec. Ignacio Bunye, PAPI Pres. Juan P. Dayang, Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Reynato S. Puno. Photo taken at Mabuhay Hall, Manila Hotel during the PAPI Officers Induction Program on Wednesday evening, March 14.

Hon. Reynato S. Puno, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presided in the induction program of the officers, board members and regional chairpersons of the Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PAPI). Puno was also the guest speaker in the induction program held in the historic Manila Hotel, Manila in the evening of Wednesday, March 14.
Those installed were led by Mr. Juan P. Dayang, a veteran journalist, Philippine Graphic–The Leader as president.
Press Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye also gave his message.
Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ate lunch with the officers and members of PAPI during lunch time in Heroes Hall, Malacañang, Manila before the induction program on March 14.
Those inducted with Dayang are: Lelia Rosario Chua-Sy, Northern Times, executive vice president; Deo Alvarez, Atlas Group of Publications, vice president for Luzon; Danny Fajardo, Panay News Group, vice president for Visayas; Oscar Aznar, Mindanao Express Group, vice president for Mindanao; Fred G. Gabot, Manila Bulletin, board secretary; Estrella Z. Gallardo, Bataan Headline, treasurer; D.Y. Caparas, Diplomatic Post, assistant – secretary – treasurer; Phil. Caracas, Pangasinan News, auditor.
Directors representing the country’s main regions are Mar Romero, The Island Observer, and Johnny C. Nuñez, Newsbusters, for Luzon; Atty. Jay Dejaresco, Bohol Chronicle and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente, Madyaas Pen, for Visayas; Vic Arevalo, Daily Zamboanga Times, and Ms. Maureen B. Jones, Tawi-Tawi Times, for Mindanao.
Regional chairpersons include Atty. Jose Gonzales, Norluzonian Courier, Region I; Frankie Taguinod, City Star, Region II; Abel Pablo, Central Luzon Post, Region III; Bayani Malaluan, Batangas Post, Region IV; Ben Fabar, Bikol Reporter, Region V; Primo Esleyer, Daily Star, Region VI; Andy Manatad, Advantage Magazine, Region VII.
Nestor Abrematea, Tacloban Star, Region VIII; Pede Lu, Pagadian Times, Region IX; Ms. Pilar T. Banaag, Region X; Ben Diansay, Mindanao Daily Gazette, Region XI; Bert Gorgonio, Surigao Times Group of Publications CARAGA; Marina Lao, Cotabato Ngayon, ARMM; Fred Dizon, Northern Philippine Times, CAR; and Teddy Borres, Daily Record, NCR. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Wearing Helmet Is Not Enough
By Ambrosio R. Villorente

PNP Aklan under the direction of Senior Supt. Benigno Durana, Jr. told the motorcycle riders to wear helmets. "Even the back riders must wear helmet," Durana advised. And they are now complying.
This wearing of helmets by motorcycle riders must be complied with and be fully supported. Helmets protect and mitigate the damage to the riders in case of any accident.
But wearing of helmets in the case of motorcycle riders is too far from enough. The police must engage in a comprehensive traffic law enforcements that will cover all motor vehicles. The traffic police must also be along the road, both to educate motorists and to enforce the law. It is not only in the day that traffic violations happen. More tragic accidents and destructions of properties occur in the evening.
In the evening, drunken driving, overspeeding and driving with light at high beam are highly hazardous to other motorists. These will be drastically minimized if not totally stopped with traffic police visibility at night. Driving at high beam light will blind the other drivers of incoming vehicles that may result to collision.
The flying squad of the LTO Regional Office has been "on and off" in the enforcement of the wearing of seat belt, therefore compliance to it is also on and off. It is highly desirable if the PNP will enforce the wearing of seat belt while driving.
All this enforcement of traffic laws, rules and regulation must be a provincewide matter carefully synchronized and not only in Kalibo.
Last month, Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Aklan Congressman Joeben T. Miraflores chorused in their announcement that by next month, March, there will be direct flights from Inchon, South Korea to Kalibo Airport, Kalibo and back to Inchon, south Korea. These planes will be fully loaded with foreign visitors particularly Koreans who will bring much money to be spent in Aklan, hence more income to Aklan. But as of this writing (March 15) plane from South Korea has yet to land in Kalibo Airport. What happen?
IRA for Aklan has increased according to Ulysses Espartero of the Office of the Provincial Governor of Aklan. The national government increased the IRA of Aklan by P58 million. In year 2005, the IRA was only P309 million. Today, it is P367.6 million.
According to Vice Governor Ronquillo C. Tolentino who chairs the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Aklan’s budget for 2007 is P664,224,699. Out of this amount, P420,259,032 will be General Fund budget and P243,985,667 for Economic Enterprise Development Department (EEDD). This appropriation is approved in Provincial Ordinance No. 06-007.
The Provincial capitol, Kalibo, Aklan also announced its full support to the Blood Program of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Aklan Chapter.
In 2006, record regarding blood consumption revealed that 5,475 units of blood were used of which 670 units or only 12.23 percent were produced in Aklan while the 88 percent came from private blood bank. Beginning this year, it is no longer possible to source blood from private blood banks as the government has closed those blood banks.
With this development, administrator Arcely P. Pelayo, PNRC Aklan chapter is alarmed as this may lead to a shortage of

District 3850 Holds Convention

Picture above is PP Raphy Tayco exhibiting his plaque with RC Kalibo members, all in immaculate white during the awards night.

Mr. Johnny Litton spoke on "Enhancing Rotary’s Public Image" who declared "Rotary has already a beautiful image".But he really enhanced rotary’s public image
with his inspiring and humurous speech.

Ann Gel Sodusta (center) is the latest Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Club of Kalibo.
She is shown (center) in photo above receiving her certificate, pin and medallion
from DG Ramon "Toto" CUA LOCSIN and RI Pres. Representative
PDG Jason "Archie" HSU who is from Taiwan.

RC Kalibo received 10 club and individual awards. Shown in the above pictures are recepients of awards. In the lower picture is Pres. Gus Solmirano and Sec. Megs Lunn (upper photo) who are awarded Outstanding Club President and Most Outstanding Club Secretary respectively.

Pres. Gus Solmirano (right) receives the Club award from DG Ramon "Toto" CUA LOCSIN.

The Rotary Club of Kalibo walked away with several awards during the District Convention (DISCON) of Rotary International, District 3850. The Discon was held in Boracay Regency Beach Resort Hotel, Malay, Aklan on March 1 – 3, 2007.
Some 584 participants actively attended and participated in the Discon. They are members of 55 Rotary clubs from Sulu, Tawi Tawi, Basilan, Zamboanga del Norte and Del Sur, Misamis Occidental, Negros Occidental, Guimaras, Iloilo, Capiz, Antique and Aklan. Rotary International President’s Representative PDG Jason "Archie" Hsu and spouse Betty from Taiwan, District 3500 and some PDGs graced the Discon 2007.
Important topics discussed during the three-day affair are "Overcoming Poverty Through Literacy Programs" which PDG Alexander Y. Huang of Rotary Club of Manila Metro discussed.
Mr. Johnny Litton, a columnist of Philippine Star talked about "Enhancing Rotary’s Public Image". His presentation was highly applauded as it was simply presented filled with humor and instances which touched the lives of Rotary family. Mr. Litton received two speaking offers from Bacolod City and Oroquita City in the course of his discussion.
PDG Daniel Yu of Rotary Club of Bagumbayan Manila discussed "Our Giving To Rotary Foundation". The former undersecretary of DTI and column writer in The Bulletin Today, PDG Militon Salazar of Rotary Club of Diliman, Quezon City talked about "Water For All". Mr. Salazar, in his talk gave all what he knows about water, benefits of water to man and his universe and the effect of its absence.
The 10th International Rotary Matched Clubs Invitational Golf Classic was held at Fairways & Bluewater Resort Golf & Country Club, Boracay Island. The major prizes of the tournament were won by members of Rotary clubs from Zamboanga City and Bacolod City.
Kalibo’s lone entry to the golf tournament, PP Nolli Sodusta, got second place in Class C.
The District Convention was highlighted with several club and individual awards. Lead by this year’s President Augusto Solmirano, the Rotary Club of Kalibo was recoganized with the awards as follows: 1. Outstanding Rotary Club President – Augusto Solmirano, 2. Most Outstanding Club Secretary – Melrose S. Lunn, 3. Outstanding Rotary Club - Rotary Club of Kalibo, 4. Plaque of Appreciation for hosting the Sectional District Rotary Academy, 5. Outstanding Avenue of Community Service Award, 6. Distinguished Service Award/Fellowship Chair) to Melrose S. Lunn, 7. Distinguished Service Award (Rotary Com. Corps Chair) and Rotary Foundation District Service Award to PP Raphy Tayco, and 8. Rotary Foundation District Service Award to PP Raphy Tayco. /MP