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Are Pilipinos Real Whipping Boys
In Sports?
As far as Summer Olympic games are concerned, the Philippines is still limbering from "El Niño". It suffered medal drought in the last three Olympic games, one in Athens, Greece and the latest was in Beijing, China.
The Pilipinos are consoled though for having won four medals in Wushu, not included in Olympic medal tally being a special event. Willy Wang got gold, Mary Jane Estimar – silver, and Benjie Rivera and Marian Mariano – bronze.
All the Pilipino athletes were eliminated, wiped out of the playing fields. In shooting, Eric Ang was 33rd in the final placing. In swimming, James Walsh was 29th among the 44 men’s 200-meter butterfly. Miguel Molina was 46th in the field of 52 in 200 meters breaststroke and 37th in the field of 54 in men’s 200 IM. Christel Simons placed 42nd in a field of 49 in 100 M freestyle and 47th among 90 swimmers in 50 m. freestyle. Ryan Arabejo was 28th among the 30 swimmers in 150 m freestyle. Ryan Roxel Fabriga placed 28th among 30 swimmers in men’s 10-meter platform.
Daniel Coakley was 40th place in a field of 97 in 50 m. freestyle. Shiela Mae Perez was 23rd in a field of 30 in the women’s 3-meter springboard.
The lone entry in weightlifting Hidelyn Diaz was 11th place in snatch clean and jerk.
In athletics, Henry Dagmil placed 34th among the 38 athletes in the men’s long jump. Likewise, Marestella Torres was 34th in a group of 41 in women’s long jump.
In Taekwondo, Tshomlee Go was eliminated in the preliminary fight; Mary Antoinette Rivero was also eliminated in the preliminary fight in women’s 67 kg.
In boxing, Harry Tañamor who was the high hope of the Pilipinos to win a medal was eliminated in a round of 32 by Mangyo Plange of Ghana in 6-2 score. Tañamor was a great disappointment.
Going over the medal tally after the conclusion of the Beijing Olympic games, the records show the Americans were badly beaten by the Chinese. While the Chinese won 51 gold medals, the Americans had only 36. China has shown the Americans the way in sports.
Among the ASEAN countries, Thailand obtained four medals, two gold and two silver. It ranks number 31 in the list of 85 countries which won medals. Indonesia got five medals: one gold, one silver, three bronze and number 42 in the list. Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam had one silver medal each. They occupy identical rank No. 71. On the whole, five ASEAN member countries won medals which are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.
In spite of the Philippines’ 89 million people, she has miserably failed in her medal quest for the last three summer Olympic games. In the national game of basketball, the Philippines was a disappointment even in the qualifying rounds. Some 20 years ago, the Philippines was the team to beat in basketball in Asia. What is the secret of Singapore which won one silver medal? Compared to the Philippines’ large population of 89 million and vast area of land, Singapore has only about four million people living on a city state smaller than the area of Aklan. What is the secret of Vietnam with smaller number of population than the Philippines? What is the secret of Malaysia? What is the difference between the Philippines which got zero medal and Thailand with two gold and two silver medals?
It is very lamentable that our leaders in sports are talking much and quarreling more while our athletes were eliminated even in the preliminary rounds.
Where will the Philippines excel? Of course in corruption where majority of the Filipinos agree the Philippines will win gold . But corruption is not sports, it is globally prohibited for it is evil.
For one thing, the Filipinos deserve to get medals in the field of overseas contract workers, in care giving. The Filipinos, observers note, are highly competitive abroad. They are law abiding people when living in other countries.
With this Olympic debacle, it is hoped our leaders not only in sports, but in governance to be honest, sincere and dedicated in their respective positions. They must follow the approved standard of conduct of real leaders both in public and private offices.
The Filipinos possess the talents, the capabilities and the potentials if they are fully motivated, assisted and developed. They must not be the whipping boys . /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Correcting Facts
An old acquaintance contacted me just this week. He told me about the tape recorded radio announcement of former Aklan provincial treasurer, Mr. Evan Timtiman about the condonation of penalties of real estate taxes which have stayed unpaid since 1985. He confided to this writer thus: he appreciates two things of the announcement which are 1. that the penalties of unpaid real estate taxes are condoned. This will convince real property owners to pay their tax obligations; 2. that he likes Mr. Ivan Timtiman to stay as provincial treasurer of Aklan. However, he has retired from his job as age has overtaken him.
My friend recommended that the tape recorded radio announcement be in accordance with the facts. He said, Mr. Timtiman may continue as radio talent but he must tell the radio audience he has retired as provincial treasurer of Aklan. This will give fairness to the incumbent provincial treasurer. Moreover, correct information must be given to the public especially to the school children.
Fertilizer Coupon
The Department of Agriculture (DA) is giving P500 fertilizer subsidy per hectare to the farmers. This subsidy is effective until October 2008.
In Aklan, DA Region VI has released 32,500 pieces of coupons. Each coupon is worth P250.00. A farmer with one hectare paddy field included in the master list will be entitled to two coupons worth P500 or P250 subsidy for every bag of fertilizer purchased and applied to his rice crop.
This 32,500 pieces of coupons are good for 16,250 hectares. As of Aug. 26, according to Dir. Larry Nacionales, of DA Region IV, he has received and paid P33,750 for the 135 pieces of coupons from Aklan. According to Ms. Salome David, Asst. Provincial Agriculturist of Aklan, she has also received 350 pieces of coupons as of August 28. She will forward it to DA Region VI, Iloilo City for payment to the fertilizer dealers.
The use of coupons to provide subsidy in the application of fertilizer seems slow because fertilizer cost has tremendously increased and the farmers can hardly afford to purchase it even with the P500 subsidy per hectare. The effect of fertilizer to increase production is insignificant if other production requirements are not provided such as water. Some fertilizer dealers increase fertilizer prices for farmers with coupons due to the delay in payment of P250 per bag subsidy and the additional expenses in recording farmers’ purchases, and collecting payments.
During the meeting of the Regional Agriculture and Fishery Council held in DA Conference Room, Iloilo City on August 26, the fertilizer subsidy matter was discussed. In view of the regionwide problems experienced, a resolution was approved to request the secretary of the DA to hold policy review on fertilizer subsidy as soon as possible with the recommendation to make it mutually beneficial between the dealers on one hand and the farmers on the other.
New Washington Artificial Reef
On Friday, September 5, the LGU New Washington, Aklan will hold a program in connection with the "Blessing and Deployment of Artificial Reef" in Rizal St., Poblacion, New Washington. This is a joint project of the Samahan Ng Mga Mangingisda Ng Poblacion, New Washington, BFAR, LGU New Washington and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist of Aklan. The project will be implemented with the leadership of Mr. Edwin M. Rome, municipal agriculturist of New Washington and Mayor Edgar Peralta. /MP

Cordova Assumes MAFC Chair

MAFC Chairman Antonio Cordova (second from left standing) of Numancia is shown with (l to r) Ronilo Romulo, Gabriel Briones, Wilfredo Armenio, and Ernesto Tambong. Sitting are Ms. Brenda Marte - MAO Numancia and Dr. Ambrosio Villorente.

Mr. Antonio Cordova assumed as chairman of the Numancia Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council (MAFC) after his election as vice chairman and after the position of the chairman was vacated. Other officers elected with Cordova are the following: Nida Abello – vice chairman (private sector); - Brenda Marte – vice chairman (government); Mutya Hechanova – secretary, Theresa Mutya Buyoc – treasurer; Florencia F. Villorente – PRO; Racel Gomez – auditor; and sectoral representatives who are: Gabriel Briones – livestock, poultry and feed crops, Wilfredo Armenio – food crops, Ernesto Tambong – farm mechanization, Ronilo Romulo – fisheries and aquaculture, and Ma. Hara Escalona – rural women.
Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente and Antonio Cordova were elected chairman and vice chairman respectively. But when Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente was elected chairman of the Aklan Provincial Agriculture and Fishery Council (PAFC), Cordova automatically became the Numancia MAFC chairman.
In Iloilo City, the Regional Agriculture and Fishery Council (RAFC) held its monthly meeting, DA Conference Room on August 26, 2008. One of the highlights of the meeting is the induction of RAFC officers for the year 2008 – 2010. The election was held during the July 18, 2008 meeting.
The inducting officer was DA Reginal Executive Director Larry Nacionales. Those who took their Oath of Office are: Ricardo Provido, Jr. – chairman; Felicito R. Tidon – vice chairman; Lily Ong – treasurer; Romeo D. Villanueva – Auditor; and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente – PRO. The sectoral representatives are Dr. Rosendo Gamba – livestock, poultry and feed crops; Edna Viterbo – commercial crops; Dawn Rhoda Jamandre – agricultural mechanization; Teddy Matulac – fisheries and aquaculture; Jocelyn Palacpac – rural women; Imelda Fernandez – fruits; Hipolito Tolentino – vegetables; and Dr. Pablo Subong – grains.
The RAFC VI is composed of PAFC chairmen from Aklan, Antique, Guimaras, Iloilo, Capiz and Negros Occidental; chairmen of the city agriculture and fishery council of Iloilo City, Bacolod City and Roxas City. The other members come from government agencies which functions are relevant to agriculture and fishery development, production, utilization and marketing.
Another highlight of the meeting is the approval of a resolution requesting the Department of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap to review the policy in the provision of fertilizer subsidy. The rationale of the resolution was based upon the reports of Mr. Hipolito N. Tolentino of Antique and Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente of Aklan which show the use of coupons has negative effects to the farmers.
According to Dir. Larry Nacionales of DA Region VI, Aklan was given 32,500 pieces of coupons good for 32,500 bags, but as of August 25, only 135 coupons has been presented to his office for payment of P250 per coupon.
The MAFC in the municipal level, PAFC in the provincial level and RAFC in the regional level are organized which functions are to monitor and provide feedbacks on the implementation of programs, projects and activities in the municipal, provincial and regional levels. It also provides policy recommendations, and advocates relevant matters for adaptation to hasten agriculture and fishery development, production, utilization and marketing. /MP

Unappreciated Project

Picture shows some posts of what Banga Mayor Antonio Maming called Improvement of Banga Municipal Plaza. The construction was stopped because it has no building permit. The Sangguniang Bayan of Banga is against it and some people of Banga is also against it. According to SB member Hon. Vicente Seraspi, the project has no approved appropriation.
Some Banganhons prepare that their town plaza be left open without any obstruction. If construction is pushed through, it will occupy one fourth of the entire town plaza.

PPP Photo Exhibit Opens

Text and photos by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Upper photo shows Dean Erlinda Quimpo Fernandez Wilson and Aklan SP member Nemesio P. Neron with Brad Haresh Tanodra cutting the ribbon to formally open the exhibit.

Photo shows Brad Haresh in his Mud Inner "Expression" while Mye entertains the public.

Dubbed "Frank ‘n Storm", the Press Photographers of the Philippines (PPP) Aklan – Boracay chapter opened its photo exhibit on Saturday afternoon, August 23, 2008 at Royal Supermart, Roxas Avenue, Kalibo. This is a one-week exhibition open to the general public for free viewing until August 30.
The photos on exhibits captured the photographers eyes after Typhoon Frank destroyed lives and properties of Aklanons and the leftover mud deep water brought from the highlands to Kalibo and Numancia, Aklan.
This is the first ever photo exhibits of Aklan photo journalists which documented the pains and resiliency of the people to succeed in times of adversity.
In the opening program, Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo, through SP member Nemesio P. Neron lauded the PPP for its job well done to capture and portray the outcome, devastation, and destruction through pictures of typhoon Frank that setback the development of Aklan.
The public which witnessed the opening program at Royal Supermart lobby (standing room only) was mesmerized by "Mud Inner Expression" of Brad Haresh Tanodra, vice president of PPP, an international photographer. PPP president George Cawaling was not able to attend the opening program.
The viewers can only say "Oh! Wow! Ok!" viewing the photo exhibits. The public enjoyed listening to the ballad," Kalibo" composed and sung by Dan, Myl and Armar. Mr. Mario Balandra gave the welcome and rationale of the photo exhibit. Hon. Nemesio Neron and NVC executive dean Erlinda Quimpo Fernandez Wilson with Tanodra cut the ceremonial ribbon to formally open the exhibit. /MP

Fugitive Sex Offender Returns To U.S.A From Philippines

by Alex P. Vidal
The Bureau of Diplomatic Security in Washington D.C. has announced the arrest and return to the United States of a fugitive sex offender from Ohio who fled to the Philippines last year.
Robert Downen of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Affairs released the report just recently that late last July 24, a U.S. State Department special agent coor-dinated the return from the Philippines of Timothy Leonard Lantz, an Ohio resident with three outstanding warrants (of arrest) for child pornography and other related charges.
The Ohio fugitive had taken refuge in the Philippines after fleeing the United States last year, Downen said.
Registered sex offender Lantz is reportedly wanted on multiple child porno-graphy charges by the FBI in Cincinnati, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in Columbus, and the United States Marshals Service. Two of the charges Lantz faces are transportation of child pornography and advertising visual depictions.
Report said a search warrant of Lantz’s apartment in Columbus in January 2007 uncovered multiple computers, hard drives, and other media containing child pornography. He fled the country soon afterward, traveling first to Amsterdam and Spain before arriving in the Philippines.
A U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) agent stationed at the American Embassy in Manila worked with officials from the U.S. Department of Justice and the Philippine immigration and law enforcement agencies to facilitate Lantz’s capture and arranged for his return to the United States to face justice, Downen reported.
Lantz was arrested on June 20 at a residence in Kolambogan, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines, by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration and the Philippine National Police. He was escorted back to the United States by the U.S. Marshals Service.
Gregory B. Starr, director of the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), stated, "It’s this type of worldwide law enforcement cooperation that gives Diplomatic Security unparalleled ability to return fugitives like Lantz. His return highlights the critical role DSS plays in bringing suspects and fugitives to justice, regardless of where they may hide."
Because the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security is the most widely represented law enforcement organization in the world, DS’s capability to track and capture fugitives who have fled U.S. jurisdiction to avoid prosecution is unmatched. In 2007, DSS assisted in the resolution of 113 international fugitive cases from over 30 different countries, it was reported.
The Bureau of Diplomatic Security is the U.S. Department of State’s law enforcement and security arm. The special agents, engineers, and security professionals of the Bureau are responsible for the security of 285 U.S. diplomatic missions around the world. In the United States, Diplomatic Security personnel protect the U.S. Secretary of State and high-ranking foreign digni-taries and officials visiting the United States, investigate passport and visa fraud, and conduct personnel security investigations. /MP

Siringan: It Is Not Bakhawan

by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Executive Director, Aklan Rivers Systems Development Council presenting background information to the causes and effects of flood and mud on June 21. Others (l to r) in the picture are Dr. Fernando Siringan, Dr. Jugene Primavera, and Mr. Raul Lorilla.

"No, it is not Bakhawan", declared Dr. Fernando Siringan that caused heavy flood in Kalibo, Aklan on June 21. Dr. Siringan is a noted Pilipino geological scientist. Dr. Siringan revealed his findings during a luncheon briefing followed by presscon held on August 28 at Bakhawan Eco Park, Buswang Old, Kalibo.
Through a multi media presentation, Dr. Siringan explained what were the causes of deep flood and mud in Kalibo and Numancia, Aklan. He showed that the flood and mud were caused by too much rainwater of 354 mm. on June 21. That quantity of water was more than 50 percent of the average rainfall of every month of June since 1998. That quantity of water has loosened the soil in the mountain which enhanced trees to collapse and landslides, hence soil erosion.
Another cause are the sand bars which impeded the flow of water in Aklan and Sooc rivers. According to Siringan, Aklan river is a braided river which has more than one water passages. These water passages change as soil, sand and silt are deposited as sandbars every time there is rain.
Moreover, the high tide of 1.8 meters on June 21 blocked the flow of water, hence deep flood as Kalibo is only two meters above sea level.
Dr. Siringan concluded, "Bakhawan mangrove in Kalibo has nothing to do with the mud and flood in Kalibo of June 21."
Dr. Siringan recommended for the dredging of Aklan river for flood control. He also suggested to conduct another geological survey to determine the elevation of Aklan for the future proper flood management. /MP

SMART Engineers Train Mindanao Teachers In Cagayan De Oro

After a 10-day immersion program with engineers from the telco industry, Lory Liza Bulay-og is all set to further upgrade her classes at Xavier University’s College of Engineering.
"Now, I can better explain and even draw the setup of a cellular system," says Bulay-og, who teaches communication systems analysis and design in the Cagayan De Oro-based university.
The exposure has given her more confidence. "When my students ask about practical examples like why a mobile phone call doesn’t get through, I can answer with authority and explain if it’s a fault of the system or of the cell phone itself."
Last summer, 37 teachers were deployed as temporary engineers in facilities of Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) across the country. Bulay-og and two other teachers made up the very first group to be trained at the Switching Center in Cagayan de Oro City.
The faculty immersion program is a component of Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP). SWEEP is a first-of-its-kind industry-academe partnership that seeks to improve the level of technology and engineering education in the country, particularly in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE).
Fully sponsored by SMART, the faculty immersion program has been running since 2006. The teachers, who receive an allowance that covers living expenses including transportation, participate in office-based activities and fieldwork. Each group of teachers is managed by an engineer-in-charge who familiarizes them with equipment and procedures through lectures and hands-on activities.
"Our objectives include helping them learn the details of GSM implementation so that they can better explain this in the classroom," says Alvin Tio of SMART’s Network Services Division.
Unlike Bulay-og who is based in Cagayan, Constantino Tadea, Jr. and Enrique Uniana had to travel from Zamboanga. Tadea teaches in Ateneo De Zamboanga University while Uniana comes from Universidad de Zamboanga.
"We spent seven days in Cagayan where SMART has the complete network," relates Tadea. Then, they traveled back to Zamboanga and spent the last three days in a local facility.
"We learned a lot under Engineer Tio, who familiarized us with the hardware including the core elements of the mobile switching center, which controls text messages and voice calls," Tadea shares. " We learned about the different call scenarios for prepaid and post-paid accounts. We also found out how the system checks the balance of a prepaid number before it allows a text message or call to get through."
Their activities included performing test call procedures. "This is how the engineers check if the lines are still working. It took us newcomers about three hours to do it." Tadea says they also learned about cross-mapping connections. "Say a cell site in one place can’t send the calls, the engineers can cross-connect to a different site so that the calls can still go through."
Tio adds that aside from the regular 8:30 am to 5:30 pm schedule, his trainees also experienced the 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm shift. "They experienced the realities of the job, including corrective maintenance during a critical situation."
After returning to Zamboanga, Tadea relates they were exposed to the transmission medium and the physical components of the cell sites. "We also went to the downtown area to check out ultra sites along the roads, some of which are attached to electric posts. Ultra sites facilitate the calls made from areas that may be too low for cell sites, which are located at a high point."
Tadea says he really values the exposure. "It’s a worthwhile experience. Going through the day-to-day tasks of the SMART engineers was a lot of help. Sometimes, when we felt we were in danger of information overload, we’d ask for a coffee break. But even breaks were opportunities to explain the concepts better. Even when we were in the hotel, we’d exchange ideas and share our experiences in school." /MP

20th Century Fox To Shut Down Film Research Library After 85 Years

Bad news to film researchers and histo-rians. There has been an angry uproar from Hollywood, California since it was reported that 20th Century Fox is "very quietly" shutting its film research after 85 years, reported Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood.
Finke said it is the second-to-last such facility at a Hollywood studio that makes available books, drawing, photo-graphs, scrapbooks, samples and other non-of-a-kind materials.
"Most of the other studio libraries have been closed or sold off, except for the Samuel Goldwyn Research Library, owned and managed by Lilian Michelson and housed on the DreamWorks Animation lot, and Warner’s Library Studio," Finke explained.
Quoting an insider, Finke added: "This film history used and recycled every day, and also Los Angeles history. Once it goes, it’s gone."
Finke said she was "especially surprised by this decision because Fox Filmed Entertain-ment chairman Tom Rothman considers himself a film historian (he’s known for those wooden historical monologues on the show Fox Legacy, which airs on the Fox Movie Channel)."
Finke added "the result is a lot of angry library users calling the studio bigwigs ‘soul-less cretins’ and faithless slime".
She said Fox issued a "whiney" statement to her on July 2 saying "Contrary to implications, we are passionate about film history and about our Fox history in particular. That’s why we maintain one of the best and mostly costly photo archive departments in the business and keep comprehensive prop, art and film-item archives from our films. That, however, is not what the research library is.
"Rather, it contains a number of general reference, broad-interest books and periodicals, like a public library. That collection will be donated to a proper, curated library at a university or a guild, etc, where the public will have even greater access than they do now.
"The material will be taken care of in a first-class manner. As to the nostalgia that people feel for the days when studios were in many such non-movie-specific businesses, we share it, too, and wish the world is still that way, but it’s a muddling of points to lump this change into laments about lost film history, as it’s not what it is."
Meanwhile, it reportedly costs between $75,000 and $1 million a year to keep the library open. But what the film community loses is priceless access to archive material by art directors, costume designers and others, lamented Finke.
"I cannot tell you how serious this is to the below-the-line people and creative around town," said a source on the Fox who uses the library. "I guess Fox has to tighten its belt or is it a noose?"
Finke said: "So let’s get creative. Rothman’s show Fox Legacy could embrace the library, and maybe even shoot the show there to help underwrite it." She calls it a "win-win" situation. /MP

Monthly Remittance Data Shows Downward Spikes


MANILA–MONTH-ON-MONTH remittance data reflecting downward spikes may reveal the impact of world oil and commodities prices adjustment to economies like the Philippines that are dependent on cash flow from abroad, economist Alvin Ang said.
"While it is too early to see the effect, we should be on guard of the monthly growth rates of remittance inflows and understand the ‘Philippine cycle’ of these flows," the University of Santo Tomas economics professor said.
The OFW Journalism Consortium spoke to Ang before the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) revealed on August 15 a record high remittance in June of $1.5 billion.
Ang admitted that total cash remittance volumes increased, both on a year-on-year level and on a cumulative cash remittance growth rate.
However, these growth rates should take into account the start of the US credit crunch, the surge in world oil and food prices, and domestic inflation, Ang pointed out.
Monitoring cash remittance growth rates in this context is important to determine the level of migrant workers’ propensity to remit back home, Ang added.
He explained month-on-month cumulative remittance data could also help identify the intensity of the impact of world price changes on overseas Filipino workers’ (OFW) money flow.
For example, the BSP cash remittance data between January 2004 to May 2008 that January, February, April, July, September, and November are low-growth months for cash remittance inflows.
Cash remittances’ growth rates usually rebound during the months of March (for graduation), May, August, October (due to tuition and other fees payments by students of OFWs), and December (for Christmas).
But when the food crisis peaked in March, remittances growth rate was pegged at 13.44 percent, the lowest March figure over a five-year period.
And when Philippine inflation reached 9.5 percent last May, that month’s remittance growth rate was 1.39 percent.
Ang added, the Philippine monetary officials should worry if there will be more negative month-on-month cash remittances growth rates this year despite continued increases of total remittance volumes.
The Philippines had seven months of negative month-on-month cash remittance growth rates for both 2006 and 2007, compared to six months of negative growth rates in the years 2005 and 2004.
Three of the first five months of the year saw negative month-on-month growth rates for remittances.
Last year, groups of OFWs circulated electronic mails citing that a strong peso has prompted many of their colleagues to send additional money to maintain the purchasing power of their families in the Philippines.
Money from an estimated 8.7 million Filipinos working or living temporarily or permanently in 193 countries have been credited as keeping consumer spending high or, at best, constant.
However, Ang said that a high-inflation environment and weak dollar cast doubts on the "physical sus-tainability" of OFWs to send money to the Philippines. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Abo nga mga tinuga iya sa ibabaw it kalibutan nga indi matungkad it syensya. Sa pagtuga it kalibutan, may una man nga mga tinuga nga eain katon ag sanda ra rong mga espiritu nga owa mag apin sa Dios kundi natipeang nga mag-sunod sa engganyo ni Lucifer. Sa makaron, kon my una pa kita nga habatian o nasayuran, mabudlay eon mapa-tihan it tawo bangud naga tiner eon kita sa moderno nga kalibutan.
Ogaling, idto sa mga lugar nga owa pa masakop it moder-nisasyon, nagatuhaw pa guid guihapon ro mga pagpati it mga tawo nga may unang nagatuhaw nga makangawa–ngawa nga indi mapatihan.
Sangka pumueoyo si Pekto, may asawa, isaeang ka mananggete. Parabil mag-oli sa andang baeay, naga inom-inom anay sanda it tuba, beer o lambanog kaibahan ro mga amigo. Ro lambanog hay sangka aeak halin sa niyog nga guina ubrang aeak idto sa Laguna ag Batangas. Sa anang pag-oli ko gabi-i ngato, nag-agi imaw sa mabahoe nga kahoy nga mangga. Tag naga pahilangop imaw sa kahoy, hakita nana sa maeayo ro isaeang ka kaeayo sa ibabaw it kahoy. Pag-eapit nana, hakita pa guid nana ro isaeang ka kapre nga naga abano.
Maskin naga pirot-pirot eon ro anang mata, hakita pa guid nana ro madamoe nga baeahibo ag mahaba nga buhok it kapri. Ro kapre hay naga sandig sa sanga it mangga nga naga abano. Golpe nga guin tunton ko kapre ro anang daywang ka siki, busa kinahangean guid nga mag-agi si Pekto sa tunga ko anang daywang ka siki. Naga kurog nga owa maka hueag si Pekto. Hadumduman nana ro suguilanon ko anang lolo hanungod sa kapre. Indi ka magbalikid. Indi ka magpakita it kahadluk. Ro handumanan nga sugo ko anang lolo. Piniyong nana ro anang mata ag dumiretso. Pag-eampas nana, binalikid nana ro kapri. Owa eon ro kaeayo. Owa eon man ro kapre.
Kon amat, ro atong kahadluk ro aton man nga kaaway. Napierde ni Pekto ro kapri bangud sa anang kaisog. Dumaeagan imaw ag umuli sa andang baeay. Pag-abot sa anda, naduea-an imaw it pangalibutan. /MP

Biggest MP Card In West Coast 4 Pinoy Pugs To See Action

Four Filipino boxers will be featured in the biggest promotion of the MP Promotion in the West Coast on September 27 this year, revealed fight manager and agent Michael Koncz.
Koncz identified them as Bernabe Concepion, Dennis Laurente, Aaron Melgarejo, and Michael Farenas.
Koncz said, Con-cepcion will be the main event while the rest will fill up the undercards.
"Everything, in as far as their opponents are concerned, is still under negotiation but Melgarejo arrived on Tuesday (July 29)," Koncz revealed.
A protégé of Rex "Wakee" Salud, Melgarejo (11-3, 6 KOs), a super featherweight who lost to Manuel Perez in his debut in the United States at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas on June 26, must win this time so he can fight again in the United States, said Koncz, who has collaborated with WBC lightweight champion Manny Pacquiao in signing up Filipino boxers in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Laurente (29-3, 15 KOs), of Johnny Elorde Stable, Paranaque City, Philippines, stopped Steve Quinones in his first US debut in the undercard of the Manny Pacquiao versus David Diaz WBC lightweight rumble on June 26 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.
A victory in San Diego will bring Laurente nearer to world title crack, as promised by Pacquiao to Elorde.
Farenas (21-2, 18 KOs), managed by World Boxing Organization (WBO) bantamweight king Gerry Penalosa and Kosuke Washio, was booked to face in a non-title fight Boonmee Sithsrivinitwitthayakom in Pinamungajan, Cebu on July 30 and against Hussein Pazzi for interim WBO interim Oriental featherweight title in Mindanao Civic Center, Tubod, Lanao del Norte, Philippines on Sept. 20.
Concepcion, on the other hand, will top bill the card to be held in a casino hotel in San Diego, California where a large Filipino community is expected to attend.
Koncz said they planned to hold the promotion in San Francisco earlier but decided to transfer it to San Diego. Also seeing action is Japanese-American lightweight Chika Nakamura, one of the women boxers trained by Hall of Famer coach Freddie Roach.
Koncz said Fiipino fighters given the chance to display their talents in the American ring must show that they are deserving of the opportunity given them by the promoter "otherwise, they can’t fight here again." (Alex P. Vidal) /MP

New NEDA Chairman

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administering the oath taking of the newly appointed NEDA Chairman Ralph Recto at the Malacañang Palace Guest House, Manila. Also in the picture is Governor Vilma Santos, Ryann Recto, Luis Manzano. (CHARLIE OLILA /PCPO/ PNS)

Use SMART Subs Load To Donate To Red Cross

Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Chairman Senator Richard Gordon leads SMART and PNRC officials in a ceremonial pose to dramatize a call for SMART subscribers to start dona-ting to Red Cross using their airtime load. Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) has partnered with PNRC to enable its subscribers to convert their airtime load into a donation via SMS.
For as low as 25 centavos per day, or a subscription of PhP5.00 for every 20 days, a SMART subscriber may support PNRC. They can also choose to donate on a one-time basis, amounts ranging from PhP10 to PhP100. Their donation will come from their airtime load, providing them a more personal, hassle-free way to support the institution of their choice. To support the Red Cross, SMART subscribers simply need to send RED to GIVE143 (4483143). /MP


Banks’ Past Abuses Haunt
Migrant Savings Pool – ILO Study

MIGRANT workers are yet to be convinced errant banking processes are things of the past before they see the veracity of pooled savings for investment in development projects, a study by the International Labor Organization revealed.
The study titled "The Contribution of Migrant Organizations to Income-Generating Activities in their Countries of Origin" focused on the experience of the Philippines in developing money from overseas Filipino workers as pooled investments.
The study placed under a microscope the experience of the nonprofit Economic Resource Center for Overseas Filipinos (ERCOF) in promoting time deposits in microfinance rural banks in the Philippines.
"The possibility to save at an MFI [microfinance institutions] is still limitedly known among Filipino migrants," the study said citing the ERCOF experience. Attracting migrant workers to put money in time deposit scheme in Philippine banks have been a bumpy ride since they began such move four years ago.
One culprit, according to ERCOF executive Ildefonso Bagasao, came from the Frankenstein Philippine banks crafted themselves.
"Another reason why until today no new savings have been sent collectively for micro-finance activities in the Philippines is reservation against rural banks among Filipino migrant workers due to past abuses and closures," Bagasao said.
Since its formation a decade ago in Geneva, Switzerland, ERCOF has been trying to establish a migrant bank to capture remittances and use it for local economic development in the Philippines.
Having a significant share in gross domestic product, remittances fuel the Philippine economy as it enlarges the purse of families.
If remittances as pooled investment are used for community development, feeder roads, rural dispensaries, fire engines and primary schools, then public resources can be redirected to other uses, the ILO study said.
But the money sent on a collective basis, "accounts for only a small fraction of total remittances".
In an electronic mail, Bagasao said that linking rural banks or MFIs and migrant remittances remains a challenging area for advocacy.
"This is mainly because of little public awareness including OFWs on microfinance and rural bank products."
MFIs also fail to reach out to OFWs, one of several problems plaguing the sector, Bagasao added.
For example, the Rural Bank Association of the Philippines (RBAP) was embroiled in a lengthy leadership crisis that began almost immediately after ERCOF tapped it as a partner in 2006.
According to Bagasao, they moved to partner with the RBAP after successfully convincing two groups of five and 16 overseas Filipinos in Luxembourg and the Netherlands to open time deposits in two microfinance banks in Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental.
The groups sent the money collectively in order to save on cost. An overall amount of 6,900 Euro (P0.55 million at that time) were locked in for five years, exempt from interest, income tax and slapped with an annual interest rate of 8.5 percent.
As MFIs are charged about 12 percent annually for credits from commercial banks, time deposits are cheaper sources for them to obtain funds.
The MFIs can then re-lend the money to micro-entrepreneurs.
ERCOF in 2005, wrote that the migrants’ deposits helped to create at least 100 enterprises per year (at P5,000 capital per micro-entrepreneur) in the areas where the two banks are operating.
Term deposits are also a stable source of funding for the MFIs because the funds are available for a set period of time they facilitate liquidity and gap management, the ILO study noted.
However, Bagasao said a certain volume of time deposits is necessary to obtain a significant impact, hence their attempt to partner with RBAP.
THE success to ERCOF’s and other advocates’ initiatives rests mainly on government action –or inaction, according to the ILO study.
Governments can set incentives to attract migrants to pool remittances or help MFIs with development projects capture a significant portion of the money, the study said.
"Some governments need first and foremost to build trust or even overcome hostility with their diaspora."
Remittances reflect migrant workers’ "continuing attachment to the country of origin, and possibly a disposition to eventually return home".
"Governments in countries of origin can lead different policies to keep their diaspora attached to the country of origin."
But the ILO study noted governments can only do this if it gain support from migrant organizations and other non-state related stakeholders.
"When promoting all types of migrant organizations’ projects, governments also need to take care of the poorer areas with less migration and therefore less remittances and help through migrant organizations."
ERCOF, however, said rural banks’ moves to promote self-governance, bench marking, transparency and prudent community banking practices still "remains to be seen if this will convince Filipino migrants".
Expanding the network of MFIs partnering with migrant groups; professionalism; and safety of deposits is added action.
"Professionalism is a key to make saving deposits in MFIs attractive to migrants while the safety of deposits is primordial."
"It is …very important that migrants can trust the MFI for its remittances transfer offer to be successful." /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

Cawaling Is Generous of Power
On May 9, 2008, Mayor Ceciron S. Cawaling of Malay, Aklan drafted, finalized and issued Executive Order No. 186, Series of 2008. The Executive Order delegated some "of the inherit powers, functions and duties of the local chief executive of the Municipality of Malay. . . to the Executive Assistant V".
Mayor Cawaling specifically mentioned in the Executive Order 23 functions he delegated to his Executive Assistant V on the basis of the pertinent provisions of RA No. 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991.
Mayor Cawaling for instance authorized his Executive Assistant V, Mr. Edgardo R. Sancho to represent the LGU Malay in all its business transactions, allocates and assigns office spaces to municipal officials and employee; authorize official trips outside of the town of Malay, authorize payment for medical care, transportation, hospital or medical fees of town officials and employees, issue licenses and permits and other functions Mayor Cawaling discharges.
According to Mayor Cawaling, as stated in his Executive Order No. 186, there is a need to delegate some of the inherent powers, functions and duties because of the magnitude of the functions and duties of the Municipal Mayor like him, which need appropriate action to, and matters that require urgent and quick responses, hence the delegation.
It is noted that nowhere in the Executive Order No. 186 is written that Mayor Cawaling is also delegating responsibilities. Therefore, while Cawaling delegated power, functions and authority, he did not delegate any responsibility. This means, any success Mr. Sancho achieves, Mayor Cawaling is responsible. On the other hand, any mistake Mr. Sancho commits, Mayor Cawaling is responsible and the man to blame.
Mayor Cawaling’s issuance of Executive Order No. 186 and his action to delegate his functions, powers and duties proved Cawaling is not hungry of power. He believes "two heads are better than one". He believes in power sharing to facilitate the provision of solution to problems.
By delegating his power, functions and authority to another official is a great assurance that the Office of the Mayor of Malay, Aklan will carry on the normal functions of the Municipal Mayor even during his absence as another man is legally entrusted to act on matters brought to the Office of the Mayor.
Mayor Ciceron Cawaling of Malay has started the practice of delegation of authority. May other mayors and other chiefs of offices can delegate power to his most trusted official to improve productivity, hasten progress and enhance problem solving.

Arbitrary Increase Rate

Akelco, because of its whim-wham, increased its rate by P0.59 for June-July 2008 billing and another P0.69 per kilowatt hour in its July – Aug. 2008 billing.
For the interest of the Aklanon consumers, Hon. Ramon Gelito (Kusog – Western Aklan) filed resolution in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan "Requesting the Energy Regulatory Commission to Conduct an Investigation and Determine The Propriety of Rate Increases Implemented By The Aklan Electric Cooperative for the Month of July – August 2008."
Hon. Plaridel Morania (Tibyog – Eastern Side) objected for its immediate approval. He wished to wait for the information the Akelco will furnish the Aklan SP relative to the rate increase. Why wait for Akelco? Wait for eternity? Akelco must have informed its consumer – members its intention and rationale to increase rate before collecting the increase. Hon. Morania who is a very know-ledgeable scholar must have known that Akelco is a public utility distributor which is mandated to consult its clients before effecting and collecting any increase in cost of electricity.
What Akelco did to effect its rate increase was a guerrilla tactic. "Badidon kag baydan". In 1942–1944 when the members of the guerrilla unit in Banga needed food they just shot chicken and pigs. After catching it, they looked for the owners and paid the amount the guerrilla wished to pay. In this case, Akelco just increased its rate arbitrarily, then explain if there is any question regarding the increase rate.
And here is an honorable man, SP member, Hon. Morania procrastinating approval of a proposal to demand explanation why Akelco has increased its rate without getting the consumers’ consent and who are compelled to pay or if not, they will have black out." /MP

PGMA Launches National Seed Program

GMA LEADS LAUNCHING OF THE NATIONAL SEED RPOGRAM IN BARANGAY BAGUTONG, FLORA, APAYAO — President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo applauds as she witnesses a chubby lady recipient trying to carry for herself a sack of certified palay seeds after it was presented to her during the launching cereemony of the government’s National Seed Program at Barangay Bagutong in Flora, Apayao. A total of 20 sacks (40 kilos per sack) of certified palay seeds are distributed by GMA to 20 farmer-beneficiaries belonging to the Apayao farmer group. Each sack of certified palay seed can provide rice seedlings for a hectare of farm land. With the President in photo are (from right) Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, Apayao Governor Elias Bulut, Sr. and other local officials. ROLANDO MAILO/OPS/ PNS

SP Aklan Requests ERC To Investigate Akelco

by Ambrosio R. Villorente

It is mutual. During the Regular Session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan held in the morning of Thursday, August 21, 2008, it approved a "Resolution Requesting The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) To Conduct An Investigation and Determine The Propriety of Rate Increases Implemented By The Aklan Electric Cooperative for The Months of July and August 2008."
The said resolution was approved by a majority votes, as all SP members present voted for its approval except Hon. Plaridel M. Morania who abstained with reservation. According to Morania, he is not against the said resolution but he wanted to wait for the information materials Akelco will furnish the SP through Engr. Ilito of Akelco." I want to foster better relation with Akelco", Morania added.
According to Hon. Gelito, Akelco has arbitrarily increased its power cost by P0.59 per kwh in its June-July billing and P0.69 per Kwh in its July-Aug. billing. For the enlightenment of the Akelco consumer – members, Hon. Gelito decided to file his resolution which got a bipartisan approval in the Aklan SP.
Assuming that Akelco sold 10 million Kwhs to its consumer – members in June – July and another 10 million Kwhs in July – August, Akelco must have collected P5.9 million additional income in July and P6.9 million in August or a total of P12.8 million via whim-wham.
SB Kalibo
In the following afternoon of Thursday, August 21, the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Kalibo also discussed a similar resolution during its regular session. Atty. Immanuel Sodusta, a member of the Board of Directors, Akelco who was invited to provide information to the honorable members of the SB Kalibo, as to Akelco increased rates, was not able to make it. Atty. Sodusta represents Kalibo and Numancia to the Akelco board of Directors. Nevertheless, SB Kalibo approved its resolution requesting also the Energy Regulatory Commission to conduct investigation why the electric rate in Akelco continue increasing even the price of crude oil is decreasing in the world market. Moreover, the rate increases in July and August were not subjected to public hearing, Hon. Lilian Q. Tirol pointed out.
Altavas Water
In the same session, SP Aklan also approved a resolution to forward a copy of the privilege speech of Hon. Rodson F. Mayor delivered during the 22nd Regular Session of the SP held on June 19, 2008, SP Session Hall, Provincial Capitol, Kalibo, Aklan.
The privilege speech is about the P11.086 million appropriated to finance the construction of water projects in the five barangays of Cabangila, Cabugao, Odiong, Man-up and Linayasan. The water supply construction is under the Priority Program on Water of the government.
According to Hon. Mayor, the funds for the said water projects are almost fully released as evidenced by the Status Report of the Projects. However, Hon. Mayor stressed, "it saddened me to state without fear of contradiction that except for some pipes installed in these barangays, not a drop of water (is) coming from the faucet of residents of these barangays to be obtained."
The SP Aklan organized themselves into a committee as a whole to get deeper on the alleged irregularities in Altavas, Aklan.
A committee hearing was scheduled on the matter. The committee invited those who were adversely affected by the substance of the Mayor Privilege speech. Those who were invited failed to attend the committee hearing, however.
The resolution was again discussed on the SP Regular session on Thursday, August 21 and was approved by the majority members. A copy of the Mayor privilege speech will be furnished the Ombudsman, Cebu with the request for the conduct of investigation. /MP

Aklan Road Security

Aklan Road Security was the main topic discussed this Saturday, August 23, 2008 during the Kapehan Sa Aklan held in Kusina Sa Kalibo, Kalibo, Aklan. The invited guests are shown in the above picture who are (l to r) Mr. Jimmy Palmani, Mrs. Ruth Palmani, Mr. Valtimor Cunanan, SPO1 Renie Armenio and Mr. Danilo Nalangan, Jr. Mr & Mrs. Jimmy Palmani are in vacation from Australia. They shared their experience about road security in Australia. Mr. Cunanan who is the officer in charge, Land Transportation Office in Aklan explained the DOTC Administrative Order which governs the proper way of driving motorcycle. SPO1 Armenio is the Chief of the traffic law enforcement division of the PNP. He explained how PNP directs traffic in Kalibo and traffic law enforcement. Mr. Nalangan is the president of the Kalibo Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association. He explained how his members comply with the traffic laws, rules and regulations in Kalibo and nearby towns. /MP

Chimney InThe Paddy

Picture above was taken at 1:00 o’clock P.M., Friday, August 22, 2008. It shows a burning newly harvested rice paddy in Numancia, Aklan. This is a demonstration how soil fertility is destroyed. Inspite of the Provincial Ordinance banning the burning of rice straw, the farmers still insist to burn their rice straw and destroy plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosporous, potassium and organic matter.
The Aglucay Sangguniang Barangay, Makato, Aklan approved a Barangay Ordinance banning rice straw burning. Anybody who burns rice straw in Aglucay will be fined P500.

Life Inside Pacquiao’s Apartment In La Brea

When double crown world champion Manny Pacquiao is in the Philippines, some of his most trusted men are left behind to man the port in his luxurious apartment at the Palazzo in Park La Brea located on 3rd Street, Los Angeles, California.
They are his chief public relations specialist Winchell Campos, driver and factotum Jovi Chan-Halog, brother-in-law Russel Jamora, cook Danny Halibas, boxers Diosdado "The Prince" Gabi and Vernie "The Tornado" Torres and a Chihuahua dog named Pacman.
Except for Campos, a veteran sports writer and publicist, all are from Davao, Philippines.
For two months now, the additional occupant in the modest household, secured in the pristine art deco towers with breathtaking views to lush garden courtyards, has been Bernabe "Kamaong Llave" Concepcion, the reigning North American Boxing Federation (NABF) super bantamweight champion, who tangled with Adam Carrera in a 10-round non-title tiff in Las Vegas, Nevada last July 26.
"This is our second home, our second family. We treat each other as family members. We jog together, eat the same food and sleep in the same quarter," said the 33-year-old Halog, who is a former World Boxing Council (WBC) inter-national bantamweight titleholder.
Jamora is the elder brother of Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee and is in charge of housekeeping. He also sometimes substitutes as cook and nutritionist for Halibas, who is also starting to learn the ropes as trainer. "I encouraged him (Salibas) to also dabble in training of boxers because he has what it takes to be like Buboy Fernandez in the future," Torres, the most senior among the boxers based in Los Angeles, said in Visayan dialect.
Salibas, an arnis champion who rep-resented the Philippines in Sikaran Arnis tournament held in Canada in 2000, was a former postal employee at Santa Clarita Processing and Distribution Center in the United States Postal Service.
Salibas said he plans to go home to Iligan city to promote boxing in the future.
Every morning starting at 6 o’clock, Halog drives the team that romps off to Griffith Park for jogging and to the Wild card gym in Hollywood for regular workout.
Halog (18-19, 11 KOs) won the WBC international crown with a spectacular one-round knockout win over Theo Modise in Saint Juery, France on Nov. 27, 1999 while fighting under the tutelage of Paranaque-based Gabriel "Bebot" Elorde, Jr. He lost it to compatriot Ricky Gayamo by 6th round technical knockout (TKO) in Baguio City on January 13, 2001. He has been staying in the United States since 2001.
Boxing manager and promoter Aljoe Jaro, who stays in Los Angeles if he is not billeted at Vagabond Inn, said the occupants of the apartment have deve-loped some kind of rapport and camaraderie similar to what the boxers experience when they are housed in one quarter.
He plans to bring Torres (27-11, 15 KOs) back to his past glory. "For sure, Vernie Torres will shock the world when he stages a comeback soon," said Jaro
Pacquiao’s apartment, located in the penthouse floor acquired some two years ago, is located in one of the more than 4,000 freshly upgraded residences, and Park La Brea’s 160+ park-like acres offer a tranquil retreat at the center of Los Angeles, with the city’s best shopping and dining activities.
Park La Brea is originally designed in the early 1940’s. Architects Gordon Kaufman and J.E. Stanton together created Park La Brea, to this day, a modern marvel of architectural design and planning. Inspired by the innovative housing of Le Corbusier in Paris, the architectural team set out to create multifamily housing in a new way. The world-renowned result is truly a monument to light and space.
Garden Town-homes followed an innovative plan that placed blocks around common green space, in a way that gives the impression of a spacious back yard.
A revolutionary "X" structure and unique placement make the Landmark Towers icons of the Los Angeles skyline. The ingenious plan insures that every unit enjoys expansive views - from enormous windows that give residents a feeling of floating in the sky.
For quality materials, solid construction and spectacular scale - Park La Brea is reportedly built to last from solid concrete and steel. "It’s a marriage of craftsmanship, spaciousness, luxury and location that could never be duplicated today," said the slogan in it sales center.
It was learned further that under the current owners, Park La Brea Management, the entire 160+ acre complex was meticu-lously renovated to surpass even its original glory. The apartment is also equipped with broad-band cable television, telephone and Internet connections, gourmet kitchens with granite countertops, and beautifully restored interiors available.
The sales center also boasts of a "spectacular gardens, a junior Olympic pool, state-of-the-art fitness center and a premiere location make Park La Brea the best place to live in Los Angeles." /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Nakakita It Katapat
Siga si Asyong sa andang barangay. Owa it adlaw nga indi imaw madaeahig sa gulo. Kon may panakawan, may naga kaeaduea nga manok, guina bueang man o guina alila-an agud tumambok pang-suea, sigurado nga kaibahan Si Asyong. Sakit guid imaw it mga oeo runa sa barangay ag nabubungoe eon ro andang Punong Barangay sa mga reklamo it mga tawo. Kon sa andang baeay, bakog guid sa tutunlan imaw ko anang ama ag ina. Malipayon guid ro anang ina kon owa sa andang baeay si Asyong.
Ko isaeng gabi-i ngato, nag sininggit ro mga tawo nga may manakaw kuno sa ibabaw it sangka baeay. Sa paino-ino nanda, sigurado nga si Asyong eon man, ogaling idto gali naga hinueagok si Asyong sa baraka ni Aling Piling bangud sa kahilungon. Bukon mat-at si Asyong rato.
Pagkaaga, guin report kay Kapitan ro natabo. Abo nga mga binuead ag mga cellphone ro guin takaw. Guin patawag si Asyong ag guin pangutana kon imaw ro nag bu-oe ko mga naduea. Nag-pamalibad imaw. Indi kana magpati ro mga tawo.
Owa magbuhay, umabot si Aling Piling. Imaw nagtestigo nga si Asyong hay idtot-a naga katoeog sa anang tindahan ko oras nga may hakitang tawo sa bubungan it baeay.
Halin kato, una kay Aling Piling naga binulig si Asyong. Imaw ro naga hakot it baligya ag naga bantay sa baraka.
Pag-abot it Disyembre 25, paskwa, may regalo nga relo si Asyong halin kay Aling Piling. Hangawa ro anang ina kon ham-an it may bag-ong relo si Asyong. Siin maghalin? Pag-kasayod nga guinta-o ni Aling Piling, napahuya ro anang ina. Kapin pa nga guin suguid ni Aling Piling nga guina saligan nana si Asyong.
Suno kay Aling Piling, mayad guid man nga tawo si Asyong. Kinahangean eang nana ro pag intindi it anang isig katawo. Indi dapat husgahan eagi ro sangka tawo bangud naka himo imaw it maeain. Dapat nga gamiton ro pagiging mayad nga pomoeoyo ni Asyong agod mapuslan. Indi man dapat nga husgahan eagi-eagi. Parabil ro tanan, usisaon guid anay it mayad agud indi mapahamak naton ro atong isig katawo.
Halin kato, nagbag-o eon si Asyong. Nakakita it katapat si Aling Piling. /MP

PAL Adds Dumaguete; PAL Express, 4 Points

Philippine Airlines undergoes a modest expansion of its domestic network on August 15 when it commenced regular jet service to Dumaguete and added a third daily frequency to Zamboanga.
On the same day, the flag carrier’s low-fares brand PAL Express started turbo-propeller service from Manila to three points in northern Luzon – Tuguegarao (Cagayan), Cauayan (Isabela) and San Fernando (La Union) – as well as to Ormoc (Leyte) in eastern Visayas.
Dumaguete, a pioneer PAL destination that the airline first served in February 1946, rejoined the network after a decade’s absence. PAL last flew to the Negros Oriental capital in June 1998, when operational difficulties forced a suspension of the service.
This time, PAL will field two flights daily, with convenient morning and afternoon departures. The first service, PR 291, departs Manila at 7:00 a.m. and arrives in Dumaguete at 8:20 a.m. The return flight, PR 292, leaves Dumaguete at 9:00 a.m. and lands in Manila at 10:20 a.m.
The afternoon service, PR 293, departs Manila at 3:20 p.m. and touches down in Dumaguete at 4:40 p.m. It returns as PR 294, leaving Dumaguete at 5:20 p.m. and arriving back in Manila at 6:40 p.m.
Airbus A319 aircraft, which features the only business-class service in the Manila–Dumaguete sector, will be deployed on the route. The state-of-the-art jet seats 126 passengers in Fiesta (Economy) Class and eight in Mabuhay (Business) Class.
Meanwhile, PAL added a mid-morning flight to Zamboanga on August 15, raising total frequency to three flights daily, in response to rising demand.
The new service, PR 127, departs Manila at 10:00 a.m. and arrives in Zamboanga at 11:45. The return flight, PR 128, leaves Zamboanga at 12:25 p.m. and lands in Manila at 2:10 p.m. Airbus A319 jets will operate the frequency.
On the other hand, PAL Express goes through its third major expansion in two months. The turbo-prop unit added five routes to its main Cebu hub last July 1, followed by four routes to its Manila hub on July 15 (plus an extra route to Manila on August 1). The launch of four more services on August 15 boosts the PAL Express network to 22 routes nationwide – 11 apiece from Cebu and Manila.
Overall, from August 15, the PAL domestic network will count 18 jet and 22 turbo-prop routes. The new Dumaguete service and the additional Zam-boanga flight will operate from PAL’s regular jet hub at Manila’s NAIA Centennial Terminal 2, while all PAL Express services operate from the newly opened NAIA Terminal 3./MP

RC Kalibo and RC Forbes Park Are Matched Clubs

Picture shows RC Kalibo President Megs S. Lunn and RC Forbes Park President Eduardo C. Escaño signing the agreement on Matched Club Relation.

The Rotary Club (RC) of Kalibo, Aklan and RC Forbes Park, Makati City agreed to have Matched Club Relations. The agreement was signed in Makati City on August 14, 2008.

RC Kalibo president Melrose S. Lunn signed the agreement for RC Kalibo, while president Eduardo C. Escaño signed for RC Forbes Park.

The agreement aims to foster and promote better and closer friendship and fellowship between the two Rotary Clubs and among their members for mutual growth and development towards the attainment of the objects of Rotary.

Further, the two clubs agreed to have mutual exchange of weekly club bulletins, membership lists, souvenir programs and other club publications for the fulfillment of the objectives of the agreement.

Both clubs pledged to extend assistance to each other in relation to their respective activities like joint projects; to encourage sister club visits between and among its members, visits of students, interactors, rotaractors and members of families of Rotarians; and celebrate commemorative activities of the Rotary Club of Kalibo and Rotary Club of Forbes Park.

RC Forbes Park belongs to RI District 3830 while RC Kalibo belongs to RI District 3850. /MP

SMART Is Top Taxpayer

Leading wireless services provider Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) was given a Special Award by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) recently for remitting the highest total tax payments in 2007 under the Large Taxpayers Service-Regular category. Parent firm Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) was likewise awarded as one of the top five large taxpayers in terms of growth in tax payments. More than 600 big companies belong to the Large Taxpayers Service-Regular category, and account for more than 50 percent of BIR’s total tax collections.
SMART has been a consistent Top Taxpayer awardee in the last several years. Top taxpayers are companies that declared and paid the correct taxes to the government; have no outstanding delinquent accounts for any taxable year, except if the delinquent account involves industry issues; and have no pending criminal case, especially those covered by the Run After Tax Evaders program. /MP

Roxas Wants Stiffer Penalties For Toxic Wastes Illegal Disposal

Sen. Mar Roxas inspects different stalls of participants of the recent 3rd Sari-Sari Store Festival, held at the Cebu International Convention Center, together with Roberto Go, President of Prince Warehouse Club. Roxas, who authored the newly enacted Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), gave a speech stressing the importance of "never giving up the long term" and to "act by design, not by default," as a means to personal success and national development.

Senator Mar Roxas last week pushed for stiffer penalties against the entry of toxic and hazardous wastes from other countries.
Roxas filed Senate Bill No. 2519 amending Republic Act No. 6969, the Toxic Substance and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990 to assure full compliance with the ban on export of toxic and hazardous waste into the Philippines from Japan under the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).
Roxas, co-chair of the Senate JPEPA panel, said while the JPEPA treaty in no way allowed Japan to ship to or dispose of its industrial and other wastes in the Philippines, there was still a need for adding teeth to the present law, as a deterrent to any unscrupulous locals or foreigners.
"Our law, RA 6969, as well as the Basel Ban Convention, clearly prohibits the bringing in of toxic wastes into the country. The JPEPA doesn’t change this in any way. What we can do is raise the penalties against violators, to show that we mean business, and that our people’s safety comes first," he said.
"The penalties and fines provided for under the present RA 6969 are not commensurate to the gravity and seriousness of the dangers that toxic substances and hazardous and nuclear wastes bring to health and environment. It is, therefore, imperative that RA 6969 be amended to impose stricter and stiffer penalties and fines in order to give more teeth to the said law," Roxas said.
At present, the penalties for violation of Sec. 13 (a) to (c) of RA 6969 are imprisonment of six months to six years, and a fine of only P600 to P4,000. The bill will increase the penalties to imprisonment of six to twelve years, and a fine of P250,000 to P500,000. Offenses covered here include: knowingly using a chemical substance banned by RA 6969; the failure or refusal to submit necessary documents upon inspection by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources; and failure or refusal to comply with the pre-manufacture and pre-importation requirements as stated in the law.
The violation of Sec. 13 (d), on the bringing in of the prohibited substances, will now be punishable by imprisonment of 20 to 40 years, and a fine of P5 million to P10 million. At present, the penalty is imprisonment of 12 to 20 years. For corporations, an additional penalty of P20 million is imposed, up from the present P500,000 penalty.
In addition, violators of the law would be required to pay three times the value of the damage caused to the environment or to persons, and this amount will be collected in a special fund for reparation of such damage. The administrative fine is also raised to P100,000 from the present P50,000, and will be raised by 10 percent every three years from the effectivity of the proposed amendment. /MP

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Construct Irrigation
To Increase Rice Yield
From P7.5 billion worth of tax subsidy, the National Food Authority (NFA) will be given P32 billion this year. This increase is 426.6 percent over last year.
This increase is approved to insure NFA will have enough financial capability to import rice and to meet the demand until December.
Every year, the national government allocates a budget for the tax expenditure fund (TEF) from which tax subsidies to selected state-owned firms are taken.
The TEF is used to help state owned and managed firms settle duties and taxes to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). This tax subsidies given to state owned firms are usually deducted from its budget for the following year for those firms are not exempted from paying taxes and import duties. But for the NFA, the government is very lenient.
Through undersec-retary Jeremias Paul, Jr., the Dept. of Finance agreed to exempt temporarily the NFA from paying tax subsidies given by the national government which does not come in the form of cash. The Dept. of Budget and Management issues a document to a government agency in need of assistance to meet its tax and duty obligations, in this case the NFA. The NFA uses this document to settle its tax and duty obligations to the BIR and BOC.
This amount of tax subsidy given to NFA is booked as expenditures by NFA and is recorded as revenue collection by the BIR and BOC.
According to the NFA officials, the firm has been suffering from losses from its trading operations by importing rice abroad at high prices and sells it to the consumers at very low prices than its imported cost. Without tax subsidy, NFA will be buried in debt.
According to the BOC, imported rice is subjected to 50 percent tariff. For example, rice imported from Vietnam at US$1000 per metric will be taxed 50 percent or US$500 or a landed cost of US$1,500 per metric ton. Added to it will be the cost of handling, transportation, distribution and damages. Hence, it is expected that NFA would probably post losses from P29.5 billion to P43.1 billion in 2008.
Any Filipino is capable to imagine how far the P43 billion tax subsidy to NFA can go if invested in the construction of irrigation system. The Philippines does not need to import any rice from abroad if it can repair the present existing irrigation systems and construct new irrigation systems to irrigate the now rainfed rice field. The Philippines may produce surplus rice if it can fully irrigate a total of 2.5 million hectares rice paddies.
In Aklan, seven years ago, the sum of P200 million was appropriated to repair the existing Aklan River Irrigation System but it was only until ground breaking. After it, the money did not arrive. No irrigation development. The quality of irrigation service to the farmers has further deteriorated.
According to DA Sec. Arthur Yap, around 59 percent of rice trading will be handled by the NFA. Where will the NFA get its rice to sell? From importation? This is subsidizing foreign farmers vis-à-vis the Vietnamese and the Thais. The NFA imports rice from them, sells it to the Filipino consumers at so much lower retail cost than its imported cost.
This P40 billion tax subsidy to the NFA be better used to construct irrigation systems all over the Philippine, procurement for good seed subsidy, acquisition of farm equipment and post harvest facilities, provision of farm extension workers to advise farmers the use of recommended farm technology. These will motivate farmers especially the young farmers to go back to the farm and produce the food needs of the Filipinos. Cultivate the abandoned farms and improve the present yield per unit area.
Providing tax subsidies to the NFA is not sustainable. All the ingredients to obtain high yield of rice is available in the Philippines. It is the government and assistance that serve as the de-motivation among farmers to devote more time, effort and investment in farm production. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente
Pilipinos Are Still Searching
For Medal In Beijing Olympics
As of August 18, some 59 countries participating in the Beijing Olympics. China had won medals. China tops the list with 56 medals broken down as gold – 31, silver – 13 and bronze – 12. The United States has 63 medals consisting of 19 gold, 20 silver and 24 bronze. If these will serve as gauge, China is more superior than the United States in sports with 31 gold to the Americans’ 19.
Among Southeast Asian Nations, Indonesia has four (4) medals, of which one is gold and three bronze. Thailand has one gold. The Philippines’ search for medal is still fruitless. Her strong hope on the lone boxing entry in the person of Harry Tañamor from Zamboanga was a great disappointment.
Even if Tañamor is a silver medallist in World Boxing Championship in Chicago, USA, he lost to a neophyte boxer from Ghana 6-3 in four rounds. And Tañamor kissed goodbye for his medal hope.
Perhaps, if corruption is a kind of sports played in the Olympics, the Filipinos will probably win the gold.
Flood Rehab In Kalibo, Aklan
Last week, the sectoral committees for the rehabilitation of Kalibo reported their output to rehabilitate Kalibo of the damages typhoon Frank inflicted.
Hon. Emmanuel Soviet Russia Dela Cruz reported for Agri-tourism committee, Engr. Rex Bautista for infrastructure and Engr. Marlon Villanueva for drainage improvement.
Engr. Villanueva explained what will his committee do, the process to be followed like topographic survey, until finally the Drainage System Master Plan for Kalibo is prepared. Once completed, his committee will recommend it for approval to the Sangguniang Bayan of Kalibo for enactment into a Municipal Ordinance for implementation.
The master plan is estimated to be finished next October.
Engr. Bautista submitted a list of school buildings and presented its respective cost estimate for repair.
It took one hour for Hon. Dela Cruz to present the proposal on Agri-tourism. In agriculture he recommended for the immediate production of vegetables, the purchase of power tillers, procurement of seeds and livestock dispersal especially the ready to breed swine to accelerate swine dispersal.
Hon. Dela Cruz suggested the rehabilitation of Pastrana Park, Museo it Akean, Bakhawan Eco Park, Piña Village and to celebrate the 3rd Founding Anniversary of Kalibo. He suggested other projects to cajole tourists to visit Kalibo.
I was waiting for him to recommend measures to make Kalibo, Poblacion particularly, more conducive to walk around and stay in. I was waiting his recommendation to make walking on the streets of Kalibo more enjoyable, safe, and secure. What will he do with the vulcanizing shops along Roxas Avenue? The plants that obstruct the side walks? Any plant growing on a wrong place is weed. What will he do with the shops at the back of the Kalibo Cathedral and by the side of Aklan Catholic College? Are these tourist attractions or illegal structures tolerated to operate even if unsanitary and serving as eyesores?
Human Machine
Michael Phelps who won 8 gold medals, all in swimming, is a human machine. He broke the record of a Russian gymnast Nikolai Andrianov with 7 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze. /MP

Aklan’s SSS Needs P.5 Billion For Rehab

by Venus G. Villanueva

The Social Services Sector (SSS) in Aklan needs a total of P425 million to do its part in the rehabilitation of Aklan after Typhoon Frank’s destruction which rendered many Aklanons homeless.
The amount came out after the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office in Kalibo, Aklan together with Municipal Health Officers, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officers, Municipal Engineers, Rural Health Physicians and representatives from public utilities sector like the Aklan Electric Cooperative and Metro Kalibo Water District planned together in a rehabilitation workshop. They talked about programs and projects to help victims recover after Typhoon Frank.
For those whose houses were totally damaged, projects identified by the sector include CORE shelter, Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) and Cash for Work. For CORE shelter for the town of Kalibo, a budget of P2.2 million is needed. The identified source of fund is the DSWD, while the implementing agencies are the MSWDO, MPDC, MHO, AKELCO, MKWD and Municipal Engineer. Requirements of the project include relocation site, certification from Mines and Geosciences Bureau, project proposal and certificate of eligibility and list of beneficiaries.
On the other hand, Emergency Shelter Assistance will benefit 16 municipalities which needs P112.1 million to be implemented from August to December 2008. The fund will come from the DSWD. The Cash for Work Program will also benefit 16 municipalities which needs a budget of P13.1 million.
For partially damaged houses, projects identified include Emergency Shelter Assistance, Cash for Work, SEA-K, DCC Instructional materials, supplemental feeding and procurement of medicines.
For Aklan’s 16 municipalities badly hit by Typhoon Frank, P215.3 million is needed for ESA targeted for implementation from August to December 2008. Cash for work, on the other hand will need fund of P50.4 million to be implemented with the same time frame, while SEA K, with 75-100 groups will need P12 million within one year implementation. Day Care Center instructional materials and Supplemental Feeding Program for 40 days need P5 million each while the provincewide procurement of medicines needs P10 million.
Based on the plan, major funding source identified is the DSWD. The DOH is identified as the fund source of medicines while non-government organizations like Plan International and World Vision will also be providing fund assistance.
The sector targets to have the medicines before the end of this year as these are badly needed by the people for illness prevention after the typhoon.
The rehabilitation plan for the social services sector was prepared by Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Elma Malbas and approved by Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez. /MP

Roxas: Palace Bungles GRP-MILF MOA, Puts Nat’l. Security In Jeopardy

Senator Mar Roxas last week blamed Malacañang for bungling the political process relative to the signing of the GRP-MILF Memo-randum of Agreement, which he said has placed our national security in jeopardy at a time when the people are already beset with severe socioe-conomic pressures.
"This enormous fiasco has deranged our political institutions by placing the executive, the judiciary and congress in an unneeded controversy, caused diplomatic embarrassment, stoked the insecurity of outlying communities in Mindanao and raised the signals of renewed hostilities," he said.
"All the seeds of this disaster were spawned by the Palace culture of secrecy, callousness and insensitivity to the sentiments of the people," he added.
Roxas specifically asked what the MOA had in store for the people. "What did we get, what did we give up, and how will this affect the lives of those in Mindanao?"
He expressed hope that all sides will exercise "supreme constraint at this precarious time" and allow the Supreme Court to settle the issue in a manner that would be best for public safety and national security.
"We are beleaguered by an inflation rate of 12 percent and the peace process is now in jeopardy; hunger stalks our urban poor areas and now, fear stalks the countryside in Mindanao," he said.
Earlier, Roxas called on the government to refrain from forcing through a peace agreement that is not clearly understood or appreciated by the public since this will only compound socio-economic pressures with political tensions that feed on more conflict rather than engender stability.
"Mindanao is also our food basket and hostilities will only drive food prices through the roof," he added. /MP

Canada’s Olympic Gold Prospect In Boxing and TV Screens

Now that the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has instituted reforms in world amateur boxing such as the installation of spy cameras over the scoring tables to keep an eye on the judges and the putting up of TV screens in the ongoing Beijing World Summer Olympics, Canada is also hoping to crash in the medal round in boxing like the Philippines which has only one entry in the person of Harry Tanamor.
As part of a series of moves aimed at erasing the stain of scandal in Olympic boxing, oversized video monitors are placed around the ring so that fans and the media can monitor the judging as the bout progresses.
Smaller monitors are placed in each corner so trainers can keep score as well, it was learned.
Alison Korn of the Canadian Olympic Committee reported that "one of Canada’s top boxers, Andrew Singh Kooner, proudly enters the ring wearing Canadian red and white. Boasting a win-loss record of 93-18, Kooner also sports an additional allegiance - a small, laminated photo of the Sikh god, Guru, tucked in his sock before every fight."
"I take pride in representing not only Canada, but also my community, Sikhs in Canada," Korn quoted Kooner, who speaks Punjabi and prays every night and before every contest, as saying. "When you get to go to other countries, you tend to look back at your situation back home, and you tend to not take things for granted. I’m really thankful for the things Canada has provided me."
Kooner, 24, was born in Britain and came to Canada with his parents when he was three. The family lives in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada where he trains at the Windsor Amateur Boxing Club. Fighting in the 54-kilogram class, Kooner (five-foot-five, 119 pounds) can qualify for the 2012 Olympics if he wins a gold or silver medal at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo. Kooner has already been to one Olympics -Sydney 2000 - where he lost in the second round to the eventual champion from Thailand. At the 2002 Commonwealth Games, he won the silver after an extremely close fight for the gold.
Coach Charlie Stewart remembers when Kooner first entered his gym as a small 13-year-old. Kooner’s dad had brought him in to try the sport, and the teenager was reluctant. But he was hooked after the first day, and Stewart could tell Kooner had the big heart of a champ.
"I knew that just by the fact that he used to get beat up by guys in the gym," Stewart says as quoted by Korn. "The thing about Andy, he came back every day, he didn’t quit, even after he had the bloody nose and sore lip. He was tough."
Korn said, once Kooner started fighting guys in his own weight category, he didn’t get beat up anymore. He won his first national title at age 14 with only seven fights under his belt. Kooner’s first international success came in 1996, when he won silver at the junior world championships in Cuba.
He lost a controversial final to a Cuban fighter before a patriotic home crowd. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro
Kabayo Nga Bueawan
Bag-o eamang nga nagtaliwan ro bagyo ag baha riya sa Aklan. Grabe ro kasamaran it Kalibo ag Numancia. Ro baha nga may daeang eapok ro guin konsumisyonan it abo ko mga tawo. Siin maghalin rondayang eapok ag ham-an it maeopong sa tuhod paghubas it baha?
Abo nga haka-haka ro guin paeapna-ag. Isaea eon ro pagkinot-kot nga kuno hay may bueawan runa sa bukid nga guin gastusan it mga may una-una. May una man nga kuno hay may kabayo nga bueawan nga kon imo nga kut-kuton ro anang guin tagu-an hay masaylo eon man idto sa pihak.
Hadumduman ko ro una ko nga suguilanon hanungod sa sarok nga bueawan. Raya ro sarok nga guin baylo ni Datu Puti bilang bayad sa eogta nga guin baligya ni Datu Marikudo. Sa kabuhayon nga tiyempo, nag gueang eon si Datu Marikudo ag suno sa historya, pag-abot it mga Kastila, habatian nanda ro hanungod sa bueawan. Guin paadtunan nanda ro lugar ni Datu Marikudo. Paagi man sa bantay ag mga tawuhan ni Datu Marikudo, hasayran nanda ro tuyo it mga Kastila. Guin tipon nana ro anang mga tawuhan, guin eobong ro sarok ag guin sunog ro andang mga baeay ag mag-padueong sa kagu-eangan. Pag-abot it mga Kastila, puro abo ro andang hakita ngani nag baealik eon lang sanda.
Nagpadayon ro pagpangabuhi nanday Datu Marikudo. Pagkamatay ni Datu Marikudo, halipatan eon ratong sarok nga bueawan. Tumaliwan ro mga ginatos nga dag-on ag sa mga ulihing tubo, sa banwa it Libacao, may isaeang ka bukid nga tumubo nga korteng sarok. Kon gabii, may makikita nga naga banaag kon tamaan it kahayag it buean. Pagkaaga kon imo nga adtunan hay owa man it mga nasunog.
Suno sa mga magueang nga hasta makaron hay buhi pa, basi kuno raya ro sarok nga bueawan ni Datu Marikudo. Guin pakita sa mga olihing tubo ro historya nga naga putos ko kasaysayan it pagbaligya ko Panay (Aklan) sa mga taga Borneo. Agud indi eon pag-usoyon ratong sarok nga bueawan, guin paagi eon lang sa bukid nga korte sarok. Ro bueawan abi hay mitsa ko imong kabuhi. Abo nga naga handum ko imong kabuhi kon may bueawan ka. Ogaling ro tawo hay bukon it kontento. Bu-ot guid nga osoyon ro bueawan, busa naga kinut-kot sanda maskin siin. Resulta, rong madaeom nga eapok nga daea it baha ag mga puno it kahoy nga nag-kaeasamad bangud sa land slide o pagkatiphag it bukid bangud man sa illegal logging. Hasta hin-uno kita magmuk-eat? Hasta hin-uno matapos ro kahakug it tawo? Imbis nga bueawan ro bili ko mga kakahuyan ag tunang manggad nga tao it Diyos, hangin, eapok, baha ag landslide ro atong naagum. /MP

SMART Bro Provides Medical Mission Free Internet Access

Health professionals participating in a weeklong medical mission in Alabel, Sarangani are enjoying free Internet connectivity via Smart Bro, a wireless broadband service of SMART subsidiary Smart Broadband, Inc.
"Internet access is very useful to us. I thank Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART) for supporting our medical mission and for helping us help the poor," said Jean Pierre Dickes, president of the Association Catholique des Infirmieres et des Medecins et des professional de Sante or Catholic Association of Doctors, Nurses and Health Professionals in Asia (ACIM-ASIA).
ACIM-ASIA, in partnership with the Sarangani Province, is conducting the Rosa Mystica Health Mission from August 11 to 15.
"SMART is happy to support noble endeavors like the medical mission in Sarangani, especially since in this instance, we are able to show how our technology can help those who help others," said Atty. Maria Jane C. Paredes, Public Affairs VisMin Manager.
General Santos City-based ACIM-ASIA Secretary Yolly Aileen Gamutan said that the free Internet connectivity provided by SMART allows them to email updates on the medical mission to sponsors abroad.
"Thanks to SMART for providing us this free service and for connecting us to the world. I am writing a personal blog in my website about this health mission," said French nurse Clotilde Bur.
Aside from making contributions, ACIM-ASIA members also get friends to donate supplies for the patients.
Through the health mission, French, Polish, Singaporean doctors and nurses who are members of ACIM-ASIA and volunteer nurses from General Santos City aim to serve 2,000 patients from Alabel.
SMART, through its wholly-owned subsidiary SBI, is enabling more and more people and organizations to enjoy the benefits of the Internet with Smart Bro, a revolutionary high-speed broadband Internet service that uses the nationwide network of SMART to wirelessly connect computers to the World Wide Web. /MP

Aklan Flood Rehab Program

Aklan Flood Rehab Program is the main topic discussed during last Saturdays Kapehan Sa Aklan, August 16, 2008.
Atty. Allen S. Quimpo, Chairman of "Bangon Akean" presented the proposed Flood Rehabilitation Program of Aklan. According to him, Bangon Aklan is composed of persons representing all members of the Aklanon community. Quimpo calls it the Multi Sectoral Body which crafted the Rehab Plan. Quimpo agreed the plan is less than perfect and called for some comments and recommendation. Anything left out will be included.
According to Quimpo, the Aklan Rehab Plan has several components which are the following:
1. Infrastructure which is the dredging of rivers, repairs of roads which needs P3 billion budget;
2. Economic Sector which calls for the inventory of fallen trees, topographic survey of Aklan river and banks stabilization by planting trees like bamboo. This needs P500,00 budget;
3. Social Sector which concerns education, health and other social services; and
4. Administrative Management – This will enhance LGU’s managerial capabilities and the provision of the necessary technical services in project administration and management.
Mr. Raul Lorilla, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer of Aklan was represented by Ms. Merlene Aborka and Mr. Perlito Rico. They told the Kapehan the DENR roles in the Flood Rehab.
Atty. Florencio Gonzales who claims as environment expert spoke of his analysis of the causes of destruction of Typhoon Frank of August 21. According to Gonzales, the Bakhawan growing in Brgy. Buswang and the sand bars at Sooc river blocked the flow of water which hastened its depth and length of stay thereby destroying lives and property.
After he was finished of his presentation, Atty. Gonzales begged off to leave for another appointment. The members of the media were unable to ask Atty. Gonzales any question.
Atty. Allen S. Quimpo with the assistance of Mr. Philip Sage held a power point presentation which informed the Kapehan of the status of the Aklan and Sooc rivers, the magnitude of typhoon Frank, its wind velocity, volume of rain and the condition in the highland of Libacao that brought heavy damages to property, deaths and missing persons.
Quimpo proved the Bakhawan is not the actual culprit of flooding. Hon. Rodson Mayor who visited the Sooc River and the Bakhawan with other members of the SP supported Quimpo’s opinion. /MP