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Editorial - October 27 Issue

Labor Execs Stick To Skills
As OFW Protector

THE light-brown beef stew simmering on a pot in a makeshift kitchen in Mandaluyong City may save Jennifer Dul-loog’s life as a household service worker in Spain. So the 29-year-old prospective overseas Filipino worker and government officials hope.
Dul-loog, who would leave for work abroad for the first time, is one of thousands of applicants for domestic work overseas. She underwent training on housekeeping and must prove to government overseas employment workers she has acquired the required skills.
According to Philippine Overseas Employment Administration head Rosalinda Baldoz, possession of such skills by Filipino workers abroad is their best protection from any abuse or maltreatment.
“That’s the direction [where] we are now going, even [for] the low-skilled workers. We’re making them skilled (workers) so that there will be no more distinction,” Baldoz said.
Dul-loog is among the first batch of prospective OFWs who underwent this process that is part of the so-called “Reform Package for HSWs” new program that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) began implementing last year. The program was applied to newly-hired household service workers beginning December 2006 and for returning domestic workers in March this year.
As the program required, prospective foreign domestic workers –now called HSWs– like Dul-loog had to undergo housekeeping training in a center accredited by the government’s Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.
Graduates of these centers are awarded a National Certificate for HSWs after passing a two-day review and examination administered by POEA employees.
Labor Secretary Arturo Brion said they crafted the program to uplift the status of Filipino domestic helpers, some of whom became victims of maltreatment and abuse.
Securing the NCII is an added protection to the interest and welfare of the workers, Brion explained, as this would attest to their skills qualification, in addition to a country specific language and culture orientation course.
The program, however, also adds to the OFW’s spending. Prospective domestic worker must pay at least P1,600 (roughly US$35) to the accredited training center for the review and actual demonstration of what are learned in the training.
As such, the additional cost was cited as one reason for the declining number of domestic workers deployed overseas.


WITH THE implementation of the new policy for the HSWs, data from the POEA showed a significant decline in the number of household and related workers. The POEA is the state-run agency that processes Filipinos for work abroad.
While domestic helpers remained as the top occupational group being deployed abroad, the number of new hires from January to May this year dropped by 62.9 percent to 16,957 as against 45,714 deployed in the same period last year.
Other occupational groups whose deployment declined were factory and related workers: 17,635 from January to May last year to 15,775 during the first five months of this year. Caregivers and caretakers also posted declines, from 6,809 to 2,878, as well as building caretakers and related workers (6,063 to 3,188); dressmakers, tailors and related workers (3,625 to 1,753); and overseas performing artists (3,400 to 1,455).
Meanwhile, occupational groups whose deployment abroad for new-hires rose from January to May included construction workers, from 10,332 to 16,915 (63.7 percent increase). Deployment abroad of the hotel and restaurant related workers also increased from 4,046 to 5,876; and medical and related workers, from 4,477 in the first five months of last year to 4,698 in the same period this year.
As a whole, the deployment of newly-hired OFWs plunged by 33.1 percent to 86,978 from January to May this year from 130,019 during the same period last year.
Traditional labor markets for OFWs, particularly domestic workers, also recorded falling numbers in migrant workers from the Philippines.
Deployment in Saudi Arabia, the number one destination for OFWS, decreased by 9.5 percent to 32,057 from 35,421; United Arab Emirates, from 16,067 to 12,761; Qatar, from 10,847 to 8,587; Taiwan, from 14,729 to 7,405; Kuwait, from 12,351 to 5,631; Hong Kong, from 9,094 to 4,744; South Korea, from 6,077 to 1,516; Bahrain, from 2,125 to 1,500; and Japan, from 3,311 to 1,371.
Of these top country-destinations of newly hired land-based OFWs, only Canada posted a surge by 40.4 percent to 1,445 from January to May this year from 1,029 during the same period a year ago.


BALDOZ said the decline in the deployment of OFWs was expected. “[The package of reforms involving the HSWs is] one of the major reasons.”
Still, Baldoz said another factor contributing to the drop is the government ban on deployment to some countries like Nigeria and Lebanon. The number of the HSWs would continue to decline as this type of workers is expected to acquire more skills. According to Baldoz, the previous ratio of skilled and unskilled OFWs was 60 to 40. Today, it is 73 to 27 in favor of the skilled workers. The POEA hopes to further increase the ratio in favor of the skilled, she added.
“It will be the trend. Slowly they will move to non-household works.” Some of them could be employed to hotels and restaurants doing practically the same work, Baldoz added.
Another factor for the decline is the deployed household workers’ low monthly salary, which remained at US$200 for the past two decades. This minimum wage rate only amounts to less than P9,000, noted Brion. The DOLE has increased the entry-level minimum monthly salary of the entire household workers deployed overseas to US$400.
Despite the decline in the number of newly-hired land-based workers, Baldoz noted that preliminary data of the POEA showed that for the first half of 2007, the deployment of OFWs, both rehires and new hires land- and sea-based, has already surpassed the DOLE’s target for the period.
POEA data showed that from January to June, there were 546,212 workers deployed abroad, down by 5.1 percent from 575,388 recorded during the same period last year.
Despite the decline, the deployment of the OFWs during the first semester was already 54.6 percent of the one million-target deployment for the whole year. While the training could upgrade the skills of the Filipino workers, Grace Javier, 44, who was bound for Italy suggested changes on Tesda’s lesson, citing she’s being taught to cook only beef stew when there are other dishes she needs to know.
“Do you think my employers would ask me to cook beef stew?” said the second-timer OFW.
“And I don’t think the machines I will be using in Italy are the same as the ones we used during the training,” Javier added.
Baldoz agreed Tesda should look into such complaint. “Maybe we can bring that up to the attention of Tesda. The training should be market specific or market-tailored fit,” she said. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Ambrosio R. Villorente

First Knock Down
Hon. Virgilio Luna Paman, presiding judge of Branch 7, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan epitomizes the man with beautiful outlook in life. He showed his positive view in his decision on Spl. Civil Action No. 8170, Injunction With Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction which involved Hon. Selwyn C. Ibarreta, petitioner and Hon. Gabrielle V. Calizo and Hon. Nemesio P. Neron, respondents.
Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo went on leave of absence in view of her travel to Manila, Dubai and Egypt for the period October 14 – 23, 2007. However, before she left for those places, Vice Governor Calizo issued an Office Order designating Hon. Nemesio P. Neron as OIC Vice Governor/Office of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan during her absence.
This designation was strongly contested by Hon. Selwyn C. Ibarreta. He filed Special Civil Action No. 8170 on the strength of the Comelec Certification that he is the Senior Member of the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan of Aklan having garnered the highest percentage of votes in the number of voters in the Western District of Aklan compared to Hon. Neron’s percentage of votes garnered in the Eastern district.
Neron was restrained from assuming the designation by virtue of the TRO issued by Hon. Marietta J. Homena – Valencia. After the raffle conducted, the case went to Branch 7, RTC, Sala of Judge Paman. The oral argument of both parties was heard on October 16. Judge Paman released his decision dated October 16 on the following day, October 17 which believed more the argument of Hon. Ibarreta. Hon. Neron was knocked down.

Beautiful Outlook

While decision favored Hon. Ibarreta as Judge Paman declared the said Office Order “Null and Void” and ordered respondent SP Nemesio P. Neron to cease and desist from assuming the office as Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the Sangguniang Panlala-wigan, the decision also declared Hon. Selwyn Ibarreta Acting Vice Governor/Officer-in-Charge of the SP Aklan until the return of Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo. Judge Paman saw the beauty of the case as it was brought to his sala. He said in his opening statement. “The good fortune of the Province of Aklan is in having many willing, available and competent public officers vying to perform government functions in the absence of others.” These are words of admiration of an admirable officer of the court.
“The beauty of this case is that the counsels and parties readily acknowledged and admitted…” These words are by itself attributes of the quality of lawyers practicing in Aklan of a highly admirable officer of the bench, Judge Virgilio Luna Paman.

Neron Appeals

But like any human being, Hon. Neron was not contented of the decision dated October 16, 2007 on the case. Hon. Neron filed a “Motion For Reconsideration” which prayed that the decision of October 16 be reconsidered and set aside, and a new one be issued dismissing the petition and to grant other relief and remedies just and equitable…”

Swift Action

The motion for reconsideration was filed on October 19, 2007. The decision was very swift as the decision was also dated on the same day, October 19 printed on two and one half (2½) pages long bond paper. The dispositive portion of which states: “Wherefore, finding the Motion For Reconsideration a mere rehash and rewording of the arguments raised during the hearing and already addressed in the decision and little else, the motion is denied.”
Moreover, Judge Paman wondered why the Motion for Reconsideration “was still filed in court when it is public knowledge in print and media that the Decision of the court were not honored and in fact lambasted as illegal, null and void and without effect by the better minds from the movant’s side.” The profuse honorifics and addresses like “with all due respect to this Honorable Court, most respectfully state, and most respectfully pray for this Honorable Court” are just “wasted ink”, Judge Paman stressed.

Happy Ending

But the OIC controversy ended in a sound note. During the special session of the Aklan SP held on Monday, October 22, 2007, Hon. Nemesio P. Neron arrived late, long after the session has started. Hon. Rodson Mayor initiated the move for Hon. Selwyn Ibarreta to preside the said special SP session.
The case is settled. Hon. Ibarreta is the Aklan Senior Board member on the basis Art. 83 (6) (5) of the IRR of the Local Government Code of 1991 and on the basis of the RTC decision on Spl. Civil Case No. 8170.
For the future absence of more than three (3) days of the Vice Governor due to travel or any reason that will hinder Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo from discharging her duties as Vice Governor, Hon. Ibarreta will take over her functions. /MP

Aklanons Protest VS Akelco High Rate

by Ambrosio R. Villorente

All the 17 town mayors of Aklan led by Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores held a mass rally in protest against the implementation of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the Global Business Power Corporation and AKELCO. The protest rally was held in the afternoon of Monday, October 22 at Pastrana Park, Kalibo, Aklan.
According to New Washington Mayor Edgar R. Peralta, the approval of such PPA was made through systematic deception. In 2003, Akelco and Mirant Philippines agreed and signed a contract whereby Global Mirant will supply electric power at a cost of as high if not lower than what Akelco pays to the National Power Corporation (NAPO-COR). Moreover, the contract did not include any exclusivity clause. That contract was signed by then Congresswoman Gabrielle V. Calizo and then Governor Florencio T. Miraflores as witnesses. Before the two officials signed the contract, the proponents assured them as well as the Sangguniang Pan-lalawigan members of Aklan that the cost per kilowatt hour is just equal if not lower than what NAPOCOR charges Akelco.
However, in 2004, Akelco and Global Mirant signed an amended contract which is highly disadvantageous to the consumer-members.
Specifically removed from the original contract was the costing that it will not exceed the rate NAPOCOR charges the Akelco. That provision on costing was changed to a formula as the basis of costing the electricity GBPC provides Akelco. This formula has tremendously increased the Akelco power rate.
Moreover, the amended contract now includes the exclusivity clause that mandates Akelco to source its power only from Global Business Power Corporation even if there are other sources of electricity much cheaper than that of GBPC.
The amended contract is approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission through what Mayor Edgar Peralta said, by systematic deception.
Cong. Florencio T. Miraflores and Hon. Rodson Mayor were able to obtain Temporary Restraining Order from the Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan which restrained Akelco from implementing the amended contract. However, after one month, Akelco has obtained another restraining order from the Court of Appeals, Cebu City. /MP


Numancia gets it! Yes, Numancia is number one of Category B in Gawad Pangulo sa kapaligiran in the assessment record of the Aklan Provincial Team. Malay is first in Castegory A.
Numancia got a 98.028 points score in Aklan Provincial “Kalinisan at Kapaligirang Luntian”. Second is Malinao with 97.875 points score followed by Banga on third with 94.964 points score.
The Cleanest and Greenest Inland Body of Water is Timbaban River, Madalag. Best In Ecological Solid Waste Management – Malay and Numancia, Cleanest and Greenest Public Plaza – Malay and Malinao, Model Slaughterhouse – Ibajay and Banga, Model Public Restrooms – Malay and Altavas, and Model Public Market – Ibajay and Malinao. /MP

They Are Fading Away

Of the 16 municipal mayors of Aklan who signed the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) Aklan Chapter Resolution Requesting the Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to Conduct Test Run in the Operation of Small Town Lottery (STL) in Aklan, some are fading away one after the other.
The first to fade is New Washington Mayor Edgar R. Peralta. He did not attend the public hearing conducted by SP two weeks ago. According to Mayor Peralta, Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, President of LMP Aklan requested him to represent the league in the STL hearing. However, he purposely refrained from attending the public hearing upon the request of important persons he listens to.
In Altavas, Mayor Kathryne B. Refol has “back off” from STL test run. She approved Resolution No. 29, Series of 2007, which opposes “Test Run and/or Approval of Operation of STL Project in the Municipality of Altavas, Aklan.” The said resolution was sponsored by Hon. Jun-Jun A. Basea. The majority members voted for with Hon. Jonathan Villas who voted against it.
The resolution was approved during the 15th Regular Session of SB Altavas, Aklan held on October 22, 2007.
According to the resolution, the revival of STL in Altavas alarmed various sectors of the municipality. Altavasnons believed all forms of gambling promotes indolence and total dependence on pure luck. Life of Altavasnons can be better by instilling values of work and persistence.
The Municipal Resolution was certified correct, attested, and duly approved.
In SP Aklan, Hon. Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy filed a SP “Resolution Affirming and Reaffirming Sang-guniang Panlalawigan Resolutions No. 06 – 266; No. 06-406 and No. 06-489 all approved in 2006 “which in effect opposed, disapproved, and rejected any application for the operation of STL in the Province of Aklan.”
Nine (9) of the 13 members of the SP Aklan has signed the resolution which affirms and reaffirms the three SP resolutions.
Hon. Igoy said, “we are rushing approval of the above stated resolution to catch up with the consideration of the PCSO of the LMP resolution requesting to conduct STL test run in Aklan that was directly submitted last month. /MP

Kalibo Airport Capable of Night Landing

By Venus G. Villanueva

Airplanes coming from South Korea and China now land at Kalibo Airport even at night.
According to Airport Manager Engr. Percy Malonesio of the Air Transportation Office (ATO), Kalibo, Aklan. Airplanes can now land until 9:00 p.m. at Kalibo Airport. His office has given notice to concerned airlines and other agencies of this recent development. Night landing is now possible with the installation of the instrument landing system and runway lights.
“There is also a proposal to make Kalibo Airport an international gateway with airplanes flying directly to Kalibo from other countries. However, there is a need to extend the length of the runway to allow bigger planes to land at the same time.
The Kalibo airport will also have a new passenger terminal for the convenience of the passengers brought to Aklan. Presently, the terminal, besides catering to outgoing and incoming passengers, also hosts display areas of Aklan’s food products and other services. It is highly congested.
Engr. Malonesio, however, appreciates that Aklan products are displayed in the area to give tourists a chance to sample the goods of Aklan, especially loom-woven products, which he said enjoy brisk sales in the area.
Once the new terminal is in place, staff from the Bureau of Immigration, the Bureaus of Customs and Quarantine will also be assigned permanently in the airport. According to Malonesio, booths or shops could also be accommodated for the benefit of passengers.
“The ATO is also keen in keeping terrorists or terror acts away by installing a perimeter fence in front of the airport to prevent untoward incidents. The X-Ray machine to detect deadly weapons and other prohibited items is being used, and the Aviation Security Group is always on alert,” Malonesio stressed.
Presently, the ATO is encouraging Aklanons to apply for its 35th Air Navigation Systems Specialists and 13th Basic Air Traffic Service courses.
Engr. Malonesio said this is a chance for Aklanons as he is sure that some of those qualified could be assigned in Aklan, given that many improvements will be implemented at the Kalibo Airport with budgets already available and the 2008 National Budget next year. /MP

Sa Kilid It Suba It Akean

Ni Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Ro Kamatayon It Tawo

Sin duda, indi malikawan ko tawo ro kamatayon. Sa pagcelebrar naton it fiesta it minatay sa Noviembre 1, una ro pagpadumdum man katon nga kita man sa ulihi hay mamatay. Ag kon ro aton nga mga guinhigugma hay tumaliwan, sanda umuna eamang.
Dagaya ro gina-hambae parte sa kamatayon it tawo. May una nga ginahambae sa latin it mawraya. “Tempus fugit, memento mori.” Sa inakeanon, ro bu-ot nga hambaeon karon hay nagataliwan ro tiyempo, tanda-i nga ikaw mamatay. O sa hinambae ngani sa biblia nga ginapadumdum man sa tawo kada tiyempo it pag umpisa it kwarisma pa-agi sa pagbadlis it mawraya. Memento homo, quia pulvis est, et in pulverem reverteris. Tanda-i mana nga ikaw tawo, nga sa eapok naghalin, sa eapok ka man magabalik.
Sa atong nasyong Pilipinas, una ro atong pagdumdum it mayad ko atong mga guinhigugma nga mga nagtaealiwan. Una man ro atong pagdumdum it mayad ko atong mga guinhi-gugma nga mga nagta-ealiwan. Una man ro aton kanda nga pagta-o it madaeom nga respeto, paghaead it bueak ag mga kandila, pagpangadi ko anda nga mga kaeag. Isaea eon gui-ato ro banwang Pilipinas nga may mabahoe nga pag-tanda ag paghigugma sa mga nagtaliwan sa kalibutan. Ag ro isaea sa rason karon hay ro aton nga maeapit nga solidaridad ag unidad sa familya.
Kon maghambae kita it pista it minatay, dayon man naton nga ginapaino-ino nga sa mga maragtas it mga naciones ag sa anda nga relihiyon, una ro pagpati nga may kabuhi sa pihak nga kalibutan pagkatapos naton nga aywanan ro eogta nga aton nga guinpuyu-an.
Kon matanda-an naton ag ginahigugma ro aton nga mga nag-taliwan, may isaea anay ka peota nga ro ana nga hinyo hay taw-an imaw it bueak, pakita-an imaw it higugma, pa athagan imaw it mayad nga hambae samtang imaw buhi pa. Ginapangayo nana ro kamayad it tawo, ro hiyum-hiyum it tawo samtang imaw gakabuhi sa kalibutan sa mawraya nana nga sinueat sa English. /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Tatlong Ka Daeaga

May tatlong ka magmaeanghod nga puro babaye. Ro andang kagwapa ag pamatasan hay kaangid gid it adlaw, buean ag bitoon. Parabil mamatay ro andang ina, raya ro guin bilin kanda agod gamiton sa pagpangabuhi. Sa tatlo, ro magueang hay mainiton it oeo, stricto pareho it adlaw. Ro pangaywa, hay maea-mig it oeo, o owa imaw nahakat sa anang palibot, mahipos kapareho it buean. Ro kamanghuran hay malulo, matinahuron ag kaantiguhan magtiis kapareho it bitoon.
Isaeang adlaw, nag eaong ro kada isaea kanda nga magpasimpaead sa ibang lugar. Nagpanaw si Suntaya ag si Luna samtang nagpabilin si Estrellita, ro kamang-huran agod bantayan ro andang pamaeay.
Sa ibang lugar napadpad si Suntaya. Bangud sa mainiton ro anang oeo, permi eang imaw napa impon sa gulo. Ro malisod pa kana hay owa nagapamati sa rason it iba.
Si Luna mat-a, hay naka abot man sa ibanglugar. May hakilaea imaw nga amiga ogaling masyadong mahipos ag owa naila mag impon sa grupo. Bu-ot nana hay imaw eang permi ro taw-an it bagay ogaling owa man nagapasaeamat kon taw-an it pagkaon. Guina baton na eang.
Sa andang baeay, guin atipan ni Estrellita ro andang pamaeay. Guin tamnan nana it hardin ro palibot, nag alila imaw it hayop. Kutob ko naga kinahangean nga tawo, ana nga guina taw-an. May mga tawo nga naila sa anang pamatasan, ngani guina regaluhan man imaw. Abo man nga naga pangasawa kana ogaling owa imaw it napili-an. Nadumduman nana ro anang daywang ka magueang.
Sa sangkurot nga tiyempo, guin usoy nana ro daywang ka magueang nga igmanghud. Idto sa isaeang ka taberna hakita nana ro kamagueangan. Magueang eon ro anang itsura. Imaw ro naga bantay sa mga trabahador sa taberna. Guina kahadlukan imaw kon maakig ngani guin bo-oe nga taga bantay. Nagpakilaea imaw ag nagkilaea sanda nga magmanghod.
Indi pagsugtan ko tag-ana nga maghalin si Suntaya ngani, guin bakae ni Estrellita ro anang kahilwayan agud maka-halin. Guin usoy nanda si Luna. Idto nanda makita si Luna sa lugar it mga masakiton. Maniwang eon ag maeuya. Guin eaong nanda nga daehon si Luna agod ipabueong.
Nag-uli ro tatlo sa andang baeay. Sa anda, bugana sa prutas ag presko ro hangin. Bangud sa kahugod ag kaatag ni Estrellita, owa guina takawa ro andang mga tanum.
Nag pangabuhi ro tatlo nga malipayon. Kon may naga pakalimos ngani, si Luna ro manog ta-o. Kon may naga gulo sa andang lugar, si Suntaya ro guina tawag. Ag kon may naga pangayo it bulig, si Estrellita ro naga atubang. Tongod sa kada isaeang abilidad ag pamatasan, guin simpon nandang tatlo agud mapuslan nga makabulig sa tawo.
Raya ro bilin ko andang ina nga gamiton ro regalo nga guinta-o kanda sa kamaeay-ran ag ro kahinaan it isaea hay paga pun-an it kada isa-ea. /MP

PA, Regional Directors Hold Executive Briefing In Aklan

Aklan was the host of the second in a series of executive briefings initiated by the Office of the Presidential Assistant (PA) for Panay and Guimaras.
The executive briefing was held in Aklan on October 23, 2007. It was spearheaded by Assistant Secretary Raul N. Banias, the newly-appointed Presidential Assistant for Panay and Guimaras, in coordination with the Philippine Information Agency and the Regional Association of National Government Executives (RANGE).
PA Banias informed Aklan Governor, Carlito S. Marquez the series of executive briefings will involve a presentation by the Governors of their respective provincial programs of action.
“Through these, it is hoped that the Provincial Governments and the line agencies could identify areas of mutual concern and how best they can work together to achieve their common objectives,” PA Banias said.
The briefing is also seen as an opportunity for governors, new and re-elected, together with their provincial board members and mayors to meet the new Presidential Assistant and the Regional Directors.
The association of regional directors is now headed by Dr. Ma. Janet C. Mesa who is the Assistant Director–General of PIA for the Visayas and at the same time PIA 6 Regional Director.
The briefing in Aklan was the second one held in Panay, the first briefing having been conducted in Capiz on October 16.
After Aklan, briefings will also be held in Iloilo, Guimaras and Antique, scheduled at their convenience from October to November of this year. /MP

NFA Increases Palay Price

The National Food Authority (NFA) in Banga, Aklan headed by Provincial Manager Pablito G. Gemarino has announced the increase in the buying price of palay from Aklan farmers from P10.00 to P11.00 per kilogram with additional incentives.
The increase in price of 10 percent was approved by Malacañang on the recommendation of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap.
The new price in Aklan will be applied in buying clean palay with 14 percent and lower moisture content.
According to the NFA in Banga, an individual farmer who sells his palay to Aklan Grains Center will get P11.25 per kilogram maximum, while a farmer’s organization or cooperative will get P11.50 per kilogram maximum.
NFA Information Officer Judith Tindog also said the food agency’s mobile procurement team continues to go around the province to buy palay from farmers.
“For farmers who need ‘drying assistance’, the NFA Provincial Office has available mechanical drying service for very minimal fees. They could bring their palay for drying directly to the NFA,” Tindog said.
Meanwhile, following the instruction of Agriculture Secretary Arthur C. Yap, the NFA will intensify the monitoring and distribution of government rice nationwide. He specifically ordered the food agency to keep close watch of the price of the staple in the markets all over the country.
The move is the government’s pro-active effort to combat the possible increase in the consumption of rice that may result from the shift from bread consumption following the increasing trend of wheat prices in the world market.
According to NFA administrator Jessup P. Navarro, the food agency will sustain the continuous distribution of rice through its accredited retailers – Bigasan ni Gloria sa Palengke, Tindahan Natin outlets and rolling stores. NFA rice is being sold by these outlets at P18 per kilogram. ( By VENUS G. VILLANUEVA)/ MP

Death of Outstanding Libacaonon

Atty. Napoleon S. Arieta, at 82 years old happily left his hometown, Libacao, Aklan and joined his beloved Creator on September 26 this year. He is one of Libacao’s illustrious and honorable son. Arieta died in the arms of his loving wife, Elpha in his residence in Poblacion after a long fight against his lingering illness, “Parkin-son’s disease”.
He is survived by his wife, the former Elpha Rodrigazo, a son Agapito and daughters Euphemia and Karen May.
Among his friends, and relatives, he was fondly called Tay Poling. A lawyer by profession, Tay Poling got employed with the Government Service Insurance System where he retired as Personnel Manager. He was one time proclaimed the highest individual taxpayer of Aklan.
In 1986 during the Cory Aquino government, Tay Poling was appointed and served as OIC Municipal Mayor of Libacao. He was perceived “as a man of peace”, principled with high moral values. He was consistent in all his dealings among his people. He did not assume things with simple lifestyle as he treated people in the GSIS office and Office of the Mayor in Libacao “fair and square”.
Tay Poling, in his lifetime, spoke his mind without hesitation whoever got happy or hurt. He was generous to everyone and provided wise counsel to whom so ever asked.
Tay Poling is a man of humble beginning. He dreamed and attained his dreams, a decent education, distinguished career and a model family. He graduated valedictorian in the elementary school and salutatorian in the high school. He completed his pre-law course in Far Eastern University, Manila. He studied law at FEU, Siliman U. MLQU and finished it in the Philippine Law School. He took and passed the bar in 1953. To expand his knowledge and skills, Tay Poling studied Master in Management at FEATI University. He completed a training course in the Philippine Executive Academy, UP concerning personnel administration, labor relations, executive leadership and management.
Tay Poling is the youngest among six children of the late spouses Catalino Zorca Arieta and Honorata Nobleza Zulueta. All of them were professionals. His late brother Abundio was a judge of the Court of First Instance, Bukidnon and Artemio was the Provincial Fiscal of Aklan.
Indeed, Atty. Napoleon N. Arieta is an Outstanding Libacaonon. (By Ambrosio R. Villorente) /MP

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Editorial - October 20 Issue

Juez De Cuchillo At Batan

When there is war, just or unjust, between and among nations, soldiers die, innocent civilians get killed, government and private properties damaged or destroyed. People underwent untold sufferings and miseries.
The following story as we revisit October 18 and 19, 1942, 65 years ago, describes the ruthless mass murder of the 74 Batangnons in the cruel hands of the foreign invaders, the Japanese. This is the story of the cruelties and ruthlessness of human beings to their fellow beings; the inhumanity to humanity, motivated by greed of power and imperialism of a strong nation over a weak one, the Philippines.
It was a tranquil and sunny afternoon of October 18, 1942. Although it was wartime, the people of Batan, particularly in the Poblacion, were on their routine daily tasks of wartime living enjoying the unusually peaceful day. The children were in the streets playing while the older ones grouped themselves in street corners chatting. Nobody expected any enemy invasion or any event that would cost human blood and human lives. But all at a sudden, news from Barangay Mandong reached the Poblacion saying that a Japanese ship was sighted about a kilometer off-shore of Mandong. The ship was raising a white flag as it moved to the direction of Batan Bay. The residents of the Poblacion were not alarmed by the coming Japanese ship. Perhaps, the residents understood the message of the white flag to mean peace. Nobody understood that the white flag would mean that the people should prepare for a surrender.
While the ship was nearing the delta of the Batan Bay, it raised a red flag. This time, the residents got fearfully alarmed. The message was clear that something bloody would happen. Quickly, the people of the Poblacion bundled out things they could carry in a pace half-running and left the Poblacion to seek safe hiding places. Some crossed the Sugod River for the mangroves, others hide in thick bushes far from the road side, still others submerged themselves with their heads above water at river banks sheltered with thick branches.
However, some braver residents waited for some while and observed the movements of the ship and at what direction the Japanese soldiers would land. The ship was nearing the shore of the Poblacion while a black flag was raised. The message was massacre or “Juez de Cuchillo,” some local story tellers put it.
At this time, the last minute-observers left the Poblacion running. They were in panic looking for places to hide. At this time, any hiding place far from the road side was safe enough because the Japanese soldiers captured the civilians they met on the way.
It was about 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon of October 18, 1942 when the Japanese soldiers touched the shore of the Poblacion. Upon landing, the soldiers formed into three groups. One group went to the direction of Ambolong, the second group towards Mandong and the third group passed through the trail to sitio Batuan of Mandong. For about two hours, all civilians the Japanese met were captured.
They brought their captives to the Poblacion. The reason perhaps was if the soldiers prolong their search, they would be caught by the dark and it would be difficult to manage their captives. The estimated number of soldiers were about 25.
The captives were brought to the Poblacion, Batan just about sunset, before the dust ensued. At the Poblacion, there was a big residential building owned by Pedro Salazar where at the ground floor were three vacant commercial stores. The captured civilians were imprisoned inside this house. Presently, the location of the said building owned by Pedro Salazar stands the residential building of Eduard Delfin.
For about ten agonizing hours, the captured civilians were held captives not exactly sure of what the soldiers would do. But during these ten agonizing hours of captivity, the victims prepared for their impending death. From the testimonies of a survivor, Ana L. Bautista, she heard moaning from the prisoners at the other rooms. Some able-bodied male prisoners were badly beaten by the soldiers. At about 2:00 o’clock A.M. of October 19, 1942, the two catholic priests, Rev. Father Francisco Bolivar and Rev. Father Bartholome Conanan exhorted the prisoners of their impending execution.
The prisoners were told to pray the act of contrition and the two priests administered the general absolution. At this point before deaths, what is important is eternity. The prisoners in many similar ways had the deaths of martyrs who offered their sufferings before death to Almighty God. Contrition and absolution before death were the graces the victims received.
At about 4:00 o’clock in the morning of October 19, 1942, the prisoners were told to stand. Starting from the first prison room, the prisoners were told to form a single line. Then the prisoners walked to the execution room across the street at the ground floor of the building owned by Sixto Laurente, presently the site of the Batan Rural Bank. The prisoners, calm and resigned to the will of God were beheaded. When the Japanese soldiers left at about 5:00 o’clock that morning, Dikoy Bautista crawled out from the file of dead bodies. He survived the beheading. There were five other survivors who escaped through the back door few minutes before the execution. They were Ana L. Bautista, Marcelina Pañer and her small son, Benjamin and Meñang Cortes with her small daughter.
The dead bodies were buried at the execution site by civilian volunteers right that day when the Japanese soldiers left. The remains of the victims of Juez de Cuchillo were transferred to the Municipal Cemetery after the war.
From Batan on October 19, 1942, the Japanese soldiers went to Kalibo through Altavas, Balete and Banga. At sitio Bangkerohan, Linayasan, Altavas, the soldiers killed a number of civilians. Then at Balete, civilians were also killed and thrown to Balete river. At Poblacion, Banga October 21, 1942, civilians, mostly males gathered to welcome the Japanese soldiers at the crossing of Banga–Balete–Libacao–Kalibo in front of the public market. But they were unlucky.
They were massacred, machine gunned and bayoneted. Without any warning, hundreds of civilians were fired by machine gun. At the Banga town plaza stands a monument, a marker erected in honor of the memory of the victims of the Japanese atrocities.
It was 65 years ago and Batanganons’ hearts still ache when they remember the Juez de Cuchillo in Batan. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

by Ambrosio R. Villorente

50-50 Fertilizer Scheme For Farmers

The Department of Agriculture (DA) has approved the provision of a 50-50 scheme of fertilizer subsidy in irrigated areas in Aklan. The approval came after the Aklan Provincial and Agricultural and Fishery Council (PAFC) filed its Resolution No. 01-07 with the Secretary of DA.
This approval means the certified seed requirement of our farmers in irrigated areas will be subsidized by 50 percent. For instance, a farmer requires two (2) cavans of certified seeds, he will only pay for one cavan. The DA pays the other cavan.
Mr. Delano Tefora, provincial agriculturist with Ms. Salome David, assistant provincial agriculturist is now working for the target areas in Aklan under the 50-50 fertilizer scheme subsidy.

Regulate RORO Docking

Hon. Rodson F. Mayor has filed a proposed ordinance in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan “Regulating the Docking of RORO Vessels In Caticlan, Malay, Aklan For Not More Than Five Vessels A Day and Re-route Other Vessels to the Port of New Washington, Aklan.”
In Batan, Aklan, Mayor Delfina Ramos has also requested Malacañang, Manila to include the Municipal Sea Port of Batan in the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH).
These are welcome proposals. It will lead to the prevention of any disaster that might befall in Caticlan due to numerous vessels now docking daily. It will save Boracay from any accident that might happen anytime.
Moreover, some of the vessels which dock in Caticlan load all kinds of land vehicles which had continuing travel to Roxas and Iloilo cities and even beyond. Should this RORO vessels which have no load destined for Caticlan and Kalibo will directly proceed to either Batan or New Washington port it will have added pluses.
First, boats which proceed to Batan will have added revenues because of its additional travel to Batan or New Washington.
Second, it will decongest traffic in the Caticlan Jetty Port. These cargo trucks especially the 10 wheeler trucks had worsen traffic and made travel on that highway highly dangerous to both motorists, properties, and pedestrians. A few months ago, a 10 wheeler truck fully loaded with cattle fell off the highway in Nabas, Aklan killing some of its load.
Third, the rapid deterioration of the highway due to heavy load will be minimized if not stopped. /MP

Everybody Is Bullish On Philippine Economy: Miraflores

By Venus G. Villanueva

“Everybody is bullish about the Philippine economy”, said Aklan Rep. Florencio T. Miraflores.
He issued this statement over the radio in Kalibo, Aklan as he tried to assess the economic progress the country is reaping right now.
“Investors are coming in. This is good for the country. They view the Philippine economy as very bright. This would create more jobs and more food for the people. There are new businesses coming in, there are many call centers and infrastructure projects. There is infrastructure boom in the country, many buildings are being built in Manila and even in Boracay,” the Aklan solon said.
“These spell positive things for our country with many investors wanting to do business here, despite the political noise”, Miraflores pointed out. “Overall, our economy is getting better. There are long term investments and we can feel that in the next three to five years, there will be job opportunities for our children. That’s why we must move forward and leave the political noise to the politicians,” Miraflores said.
As Aklan’s representative to Congress, Miraflores is keen on bringing infrastructure projects to the province for further enhancement of its agriculture and tourist thrusts.
The Philippine eco-nomy is currently further buoyed by strong inflows of portfolio investments and remittances from Filipinos working overseas which continue to support the peso’s climb to a seven-year high of P44.15 to the dollar. The Philippines peso, which is now considered one of the best performing Southeast Asian currencies, had risen about 11 percent this year. It is expected to continue getting stronger until the end of the year due to increasing remittances by overseas-based Filipinos for Christmas holiday spending and capital inflows.
Due to the appreciation of the peso against the US dollar, the government’s outstanding debt decreased by 0.5 percent in July from June. Domestic debt fell by 0.2 percent in July from June and the value of the foreign debt decreased by 0.8 percent which took out all the equivalent of P30 billion from the government’s debt.
The improving business sentiment due to the impressive performance of the economy and the improvement in its economic policies has encouraged an increasing inflow of foreign direct investments. /MP

Aklan Scouts Contingent To National Jamboree

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Members of the Boy Scout during a provincial jamborette in their light moment.

Some 1000 scouts and scouters of Aklan will converge in Aklan State University, Ibajay Campus on a five (5) day 24th Council Jamborette. This was announced by Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, chairman of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), Aklan Council.
According to Ms. Leila L. Pamati-an, several scouting activities are lined up for the five day affairs leading to leadership development, character building and skills training for Aklanon youth.
Meanwhile, some 79 boy and senior scouts from the BSP Aklan Council will go to Los Baños, Laguna to attend the 14th National Jamboree. This will be held for one week on October 22-28, 2007 in the Philippine Scouting Center for Asia-Pacific Region, Mount Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna. The Aklanon contingent will be led by Ms. Leila L. Pamati-an, Provincial Scout Executive, Aklan.
BSP in the Philippines is being organized by virtue of Commonwealth Act No. III as amended by PD 460 and RA 7278. BSP is geared to imbue the Filipino young boys and young adults with love of God, country and fellow beings. The members aspire to become responsible citizens and leaders.
The Philippine Scouting Center in Mount Makiling is being developed to become the most appropriate venue of the Asian Pacific Jamboree slated in the year 2009. It is the same venue of the 10th World jamboree held in 1959. The 1st Asia Pacific and BSP Golden Jubilee Jamboree in 1973; the 9th BSP Jamboree in 1991; and the 1st Asian Jamboree in 1993.

Council Chair Report

In a progress report for the year 2007 of Council Chairman, Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino, BSP Aklan as of October 5, 2007 has registered a total of 11,386 scouts, 6,620 of whom have advanced.
The District of Malay registered the highest number of scouts representing 53.5 percent of its scout potentials. District of Tangalan is second with 50.07 percent; Numancia is third with 50.03 percent; Makato – fourth with 36.46 percent and Kalibo I – fifth with 34.34 percent.
Among the high schools, Regional Science High School, Kalibo is topped at 137.9 percent of its boy potential. Second is Makato Integrated School with 131.25 percent of its boy potential; Ibajay National High School is third with 129.63 percent; fourth is Calimbajan – Tina National High School – 124.78 percent and fifth is Santander National High School – 115-15 percent.
According to the same report, there are nine (9) public high schools which reported “no scouts registered”. These schools are Numancia Integrated School; Cabangila NHS; Boracay NHS; Candelaria NHS; Alaminos NHS; Naile NHS; Unidos NHS; Salido NHS; and Kinalangay Viejo Integrated School.
The following activities held as of October 6, 2007 are PLTC; POW–WOW; Area IV Alay Lakad 2007; Ocular Inspection Jambosite; Area III LAW; Altavas District Camporal; Yapak ES School Camp; and Kawan Leaders POW–WOW. /MP

Include Batan In The SRNH

Ramos Requests

By Ambrosio R. Villorente
Batan Mayor Delfina R. Ramos has requested President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to include the Municipal Sea Port of Batan to the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH).
The letter request was submitted to Malacañang, Manila last month according to Vice Mayor Jayner L. Demeterio of Batan, Aklan. According to the request, the inclusion of Batan Sea Port in the SRNH “will perk-up the economic growth of Central Panay, shorten the distance of land travel to Iloilo City and Roxas City.
The letter request was accompanied with Resolution No. 2007-36, of the Sangguniang Bayan of Batan requesting PGMA to “include the Municipal Sea Port of Batan to the Strong Republic Nautical Highway.” The resolution was approved unanimously on August 15, 2007.
According to the resolution, Batan Municipal Sea Port has been servicing various kinds of ocean going vessels. It is located right at the center of the northeast coast of Panay, easily accessible to other provinces of Panay and the Sea Port of Batan being enclosed by Batan Bay is an ideal all weather port.
Governor Carlito S. Marquez, Aklan’s lone district Rep. Florencio T. Miraflores, Philippines Port Authority General Manager and the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication were furnished copy each of the request.
Compared in term of road distance with Caticlan Port, Batan Municipal Sea Port is 124 kilometers away to Iloilo City while Caticlan is 224 kilometers away from Iloilo City or Batan is 100 kilometers nearer. Batan Municipal Sea Port is only 47 kilometers away from Roxas City while Caticlan Port is 152 kilometers, three times farther.

Regulate RORO Docking

Meanwhile, Hon. Rodson F. Mayor, a member of the SP Aklan has filed a proposed ordinance to regulate docking of the Roll On Roll Off vessels in Caticlan, Malay, Aklan.
The proposal is referred to the Committee On Laws, Rules and Ordinances, Committee On Transportation and Committee On Environment. A public hearing is scheduled to be held in the SP Session Hall, Kalibo at 9:00 o’clock in the morning, Monday, November 5, 2007. /MP

Nemesio P. Neron:The Former Future Vice Gov

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

“The subject Office Order is hereby declared null and void being not in accordance with the law. The respondent SP Nemesio Neron is ordered to cease and desist from assuming the office as Officer-In-Charge of the Office of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. The petitioner is hereby declared as the Acting Vice Governor/Officer-In-Charge of the Sangguniang Panla-lawigan of Aklan being the highest ranking Sang-guniang Panlalawigan Member until such time respondent incumbent Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo would have reported back to office.”
This is the decision of Hon. Virgilio Luna Paman, presiding judge, Branch 7, Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan on Spl. Civil Action No. 8170 for Injunction With Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction involving Hon. Selwyn C. Ibarreta, petitioner, versus Hon. Gabrielle V. Calizo, . . .Vice Governor of the Province of Aklan and Hon. Nemesio P. Neron.
Hon. Selwyn C. Ibarreta, member, Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Aklan petitioned the Regional Trial Court, Kalibo, Aklan to declare him as “the acting vice governor of Aklan/officer in charge of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Aklan.
Vice Executive Judge Marietta J. Homena-Valencia issued an Ex-Parte Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for 72 hours. Upon raffle and receipt of the case, Judge Paman set the TRO for hearing with notices to the parties. Both counsels and parties of the case readily acknowledged and admitted the undisputed facts, that the lone issue is the validity of the office order dated October 10, 2007 and that in view of the urgency and the shortness of the time before the issue will be mooted by the return of the elected vice governor, the resolution of the motion for TRO shall include the application for preliminary injunction and the principal action for injunction.
Ibarreta filed a special proceeding for “Injunction With Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction” against Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo of Aklan and Aklan SP member Nemesio P. Neron. The decision is issued in the afternoon of Wednesday, October 17, 2007
The complaint arose after Vice Governor Calizo designated Hon. Neron as Acting Vice Governor–in charge of the Sangguniang Panla-lawigan of Aklan effective October 14-23, 2007. Vice Governor Calizo is now on personal travel abroad specifically in Manila, Dubai and Egypt.
According to Hon. Ibarreta, the act of Vice Governor Calizo in issuing such office order designating Hon. Nemesio P. Neron as Officer In-Charge of the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan during the period of her travel abroad is “without legal basis, a gross abuse of discretion which tantamounts to lack or excess of jurisdiction because…Hon. Nemesio P. Neron is not the highest ranking SP member of the Province of Aklan”.
Among the 10 duly elected SP members of Aklan, composed of five SP members from the Western District and five SP members from the Eastern District, Ibarreta was ranked number I SP member in accordance with Art. 83 (f) 5 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Local Government Code of 1991.
Moreover, Ibaretta claimed that on June 8, 2007, the Commission on Elections has ranked him as the Senior Sangguniang Panlalawigan member of Aklan for having obtained the highest proportion of votes obtained by each winning candidates to the total number of registered voters in each district during the May 14, 2007 elections.
The ranking was based in accordance with the provisions of Section 44 of the Local Government Code. Ibarreta also pointed to the Supreme Court Decision in the case of Juan D. Victoria versus Comelec and Jesus James Calisin.
Ibarreta petitioned the court to enjoin or restrain Hon. Nemesio P. Neron from exercising the functions of the OIC of the office of the SP Aklan in the absence of Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo because “his designation was invalid and unlawful and in defiance of the will of the voters of Aklan.
Hon. Nemesio P. Neron thru counsel argued that the case of Albay does not apply to the instant case of Aklan and Neron’s case is not covered by the ranking in the SP members ranking issued by acting provincial election supervisor Lorena B. Tumbagahan.
In view of the petition, a TRO was issued on Monday, October 15 restraining Hon. Neron from performing the functions as stated in his designation as OIC Vice Governor. The TRO expired on October 18. Both the petitioner and the respondent gave their oral arguments on the case on Tuesday, October 16. Hon. Nemesio P. Neron was represented by his lawyer Atty. Yen Yen M. Ibadlit while Hon. Ibarreta was represented by Atty. Saykeme Molino–Martelino. The court through Judge Paman declared on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 the designation of Hon. Neron null and void. Hence, Hon. Neron: the future former OIC Vice Governor. /MP


Iloilo Bets Collect 2 Golds
In World Special Olympics

Two athletes from Iloilo SPED-Integrated School for Exceptional Children amassed gold medals in powerlifting and gymnastics in the 2007 Special Olympics world Summer Games in Shanghai, China held recently.
Powerlifter Louies John Decolongon clinched the gold medal in bench press while the country’s lone entry in gymnastics Christine Joy Galura gave the Filipinos their second gold medal in the nine-day hostilities with a theme “I know I can.”
Coach Edwin Cabrera said other Iloilo SPED students in the 80-athelets RP contingent who shined in the Olympiad for mentally challenged youths were swimmers Carmella Rose Villaruel, Julius Granada, Tanya Denamarca, Nelson Magahum, Julius Granada. They copped four silvers in the 4x50 meters freestyle and bronze medal in 50-meter backstroke.
The tandem of Nemia Yao and Joby John Pama also gave the country silver medal in table tennis mixed doubles.
Brilliant fireworks, colorful costumes, stirring performances and banners that read “Thank you, Shanghai” were the joyous scenes at the closing ceremony of the games.
The Flame of Hope, ignited in Shanghai Stadium on October 2, burnt out as athletes of different races and nations hugged each other at Jiangwan Stadium that, marked the conclusion of the event held for the first time in an Asian city.


After five years of preparation, Shanghai presented the world what many said was the greatest Special Olympics and provided people with intellectual disabilities an arena to display their abilities and talents.
Accompanied by Chinese Special Olympian Zhao Zengzeng, Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng handed over Special Olympics flags to the hosts of the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games - Athens, Greece - and co-chairs of 2009 winter games to be hosted in Idaho, US.
Tim Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, however, preferred to call the closing ceremony a “reopening”.
“We are opening, here at the ceremony, the commitment to growing Special Olympics throughout China under the leadership of Special Olympics China and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation in partnership with our global community and supporters,” he said at a media briefing prior to the ceremony.
China committed to recruit as many as 1 million intellectually disabled athletes for its Special Olympics program by 2010, almost double the current figure.
Shriver thanked Shanghai and China during the 80-minute closing ceremony, which was divided into three chapters - “Connection of Hearts”, “Happy You and Me”, and “Linger in Eternity” as well as a closing part called “Sunshine Family”.


Exhibiting a combination of Chinese and foreign cultures and civilizations, the ceremony was performed by performers with and without disabilities to form a colossal logo of the Special Olympics.
The achievements of mentally disadvantaged individuals were highlighted as hundreds of children stunned the audience with skilled performances in roller skating, gymnastics and hula basic acrobatics.
The climax was when Gao Qingyu, a disabled girl, descended on the stage to fulfill her dream of flying, representing a shared dream of all underprivileged people.
The ceremony also witnessed a host of celebrities including Jose Carreras of Spain, Marria Lucia of Italy, Michael Learns to Rock of Denmark, and Kenny G of the United States. (With reports from China Daily) /MP

Sugilanon Ni Tita Linda

Ni Tita Linda Belayro

Olihi Nga Pagno-oe

Owa’t pangita si Hanz, busa nag presentar maskin anong trabaho ro una nga matakuran nana. Guin baton imaw bilang manog alila ko mga baboy it palasyo. Abu it abilidad rayang si Hanz. Sa owa magbuhay, naka embento imaw it kawa, isaeang ka eaha-an nga kon magbukae ro guina ea-ha hay naga hugom ro manami nga putahe ag naga tunog ro maintok nga lengganay kon tamaan it aso.
Isaeang adlaw, habati-an it prinsesa ro sadya-an nga tunog it mga lengganay. Nanaog imaw. Sa anang pag guwa, nahumgan nana ro sadyaan nga guina eahang putahe. Nangoryoso ro prinsesa. Bu-ot nana nga bak-eon ro eaha-an. Indi igbaligya ni Hanz sa cash. Kon bu-ot guid nana bakeon, ibaligya ni Hanz ka baylo it sang gatos ka haro. Naakig ro prinsesa. Tongod sa naila-an guid nana, ko olihi, nagpasugot lang imaw. Guin libutan imaw ko anang mga dama agod owa it makakita nga guina haruan imaw it isaeang ka manog-alila it baboy. Nakabati ro hari sa paghinuyap ko mga dama sa kada haro. Nag pamintana ro hari agud makita ro naga katabo sa guwa.
Hangawa ro hari, ham-an masangag? Na-naog imaw. Tama man nga madali eon lang matapos ro sanggatos nga haro. Bangud sa kaakig it hari, guin pa ea-as nana si Hanz ag guin padaea kana ro prinsesa. Nagdayon sanda sa isaeang ka maisot nga baeay nga owa it mga igdaeapat. Nagmino-eo moeo ro prinsesa. Indi imaw magkatoeog bangud bukon kuno it mahumok ro katre. Indi imaw magkaon bangud bukon it manami ag indi imaw mag-hikut it pagkaon ay indi man imaw ka antiguhan.
Guindaea imaw ni Hanz sa isaeang ka suba. Sa tabok kara hay sangka kaharian man. May nagahueat nga baroto nga andang guin sakayan. Sa pihak nga pangpang, abu nga tawo nga nagdapit kanda. Guin saluduhan si Hanz ko mga tawo. Isaea gali ka prinsipe si Hanz ko royong kaharian. Sa sobra nanang kaila sa prinsesa hay nagpakuno-kuno imaw sa palasyo, ogaling ka’t hatukiban nana ro owa it sayod nga pamatasan ko prinsesa, naduea ro anang gana. Guin aywan nana ro prinsesa ag nagpanaw sa ibang lugar. Nag uli sa andang palasyo ro prinsesa. Sobra ro anang pagno-oe bangud ulihi eon. Nag bag-o baea ro prinsesa sa anang ugali? Owa ako makasayod. Tukiba. /MP


DepEd Participates
To Mitigate Global Climate Change

By ATBaylon

Mrs. Lucy D. Gomez, school district supervisor, DepEd is leading her faculty and staff to mitigate global climate change by their never ending War on Waste (WOW) and School Inside a Garden (SIGA). They keep school children aware of their role in taking care of the environment to save the dwindling biodiversity and to prevent destruction of natural ecosystem.
As part of DepEd’s WOW, Teacher II Eriberto T. Castillo, district elementary agriculture coordinator, extends his services to reach the uninformed rice farmers through civic-minded/opinion leaders to practice environment-friendly technologies. Desert-turning plains of lowland rice farmers due to continuous usage of chemical inputs are recommended to crop rotate/green manure with legumes. This will enrich the soil with organic matters/conserve soil fertility due to free nitrogen fixing bacteria from the air. Farmers will save their money from buying costly artificial inputs that degrade environment. Castillo promotes versatile mungo as green manure/rotation crop for rice farms.
Castillo advises the farmers to “burn nothing from the farm except at the stove. Decompose biodegradable materials like cut/mowed grasses and leaves as organic fertilizer full of beneficial organism that manufacture plant nutrients for food production projects in homes and community. These biodegradable materials must be decomposed to save its organic matter content.” DepEd Makato district allowed some junior and senior students of Calimbajan-Tina National High School under the guidance of their instructor, Mr. Vilmen I. Villanueva to participate in mass tree planting of the Green Philippines Program Trees for Life: to plant parts of the 20 million seedlings. They joined planting the activities with LGU-Makato officials and employees, Brgy. council officials and members, SK officers with some members, Brgy. Tanods and some civic/religious organizations of barangays Dumga, Agbalogo, Calimbajan, Castillo and Tina. Under the supervision of DENR together with Philippine Endemic Species and Conservation Project & Aklan State University, CTNHC students planted 2,143 seedlings of Molave and Ughayan at Agpalale/Balinsasayaw watershed forest reserve in brgy. Castillo, Makato, Aklan last September. /MP


A 75-Year-Old Lawyer Advises Pacquiao
‘Don’t Cross The River, Manny’


A well-known lawyer and philosopher in Iloilo City has warned WBC international boxing champion Manny Pacquiao “not to cross the river of no return” and to “follow the dictate of mother nature” when it comes to deciding whether or not to invade the higher division – lightweight (135 lbs).
Speaking in the “Paniudtalk” noon show on IBC TV-12, Iloilo City, Thursday, Atty. Ernesto J. Dayot, 75, said Pacquiao should study his physical barrier saying “there is a danger zone when one crosses over when the current is strong and the river is shallow.”
He was referring to the “danger” that might befall the 28-year-old pound-for-pound ring icon once he will be pitted against legitimate lightweight fighters when he is still comfortable in his current “fighting weight” which is the super-featherweight or junior lightweight (130 lbs).
Dayot’s opinion came after it was bruited that Pacquiao is eyeing WBC lightweight champion David Diaz as his next possible foe in February 2008. Diaz is the same boxer who defeated Erik Morales recently.
Dayot, also a sports and philosophy columnist, said he prefers WBC superfeatherweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez or WBA super-featherweight king Edwin Valero to be the Gen. Santos City buzzsaw’s next opponent because “they are the last men standing (in the division).”
Meanwhile, the lawyer from Dingle, Iloilo suggested to Pacquiao “to give space to your body and obey the nature’s law of compensation.”
He said although Pacquiao appears to be showing some proof that he was indeed born to absorb punishments in the ring like James Bond and would always “come out bloody but unvowed”, all boxers, he said, “become physically handicapped when glory fades away.”
“He should know when to retire if it’s time to retire or somebody will retire him,” Dayot said. “Don’t be the richest man in the cemetery.”
Dayot, who describes Pacquiao as “the fastest gun alive”, said Pacquiao should know how to handle his finances well. “His money belongs to him and it does not mean that he will become instant Santa Claus.” /MP


DOH Orientation Kontra Paputok Activities

By Cecille dela Rosa de Lemos

In order to reduce the incidence of firecracker-related injuries during the Holiday Season and in consonance with its present strategy, the Department of Health embarks on the project FOURMULA KONTRA PAPUTOK ACTIVITIES. An orientation meeting was held on October 5, 2007 at DOH-CHD Conference Room, Man-durriao, Iloilo City where the triumvirate of program managers attended: DOH – Aklan representatives Filipina B. Mabasa and Eva A. Taytayon; Nuelia P. Zaldivar, HEPO II, PHO-Aklan.
The agenda of the meeting included information regarding Department Order No. 0160, Republic Act 7183, role clarification, presentation and filing of report forms facilitated by the regional staff.
Department Order No. 0160 refers to the Implementing Guidelines and Mobilization of All Centers for Health Development, DOH Hospitals and Medical Centers for the Fourmula Kontra Paputok Activities. In connection with this guideline, all Center of Health Development Directors and DOH Chiefs of Hospitals are directed to mobilize their respective offices and hospitals to undertake the following activities: Public Information Campaign, Emergency Room Preparedness and Responsiveness, Nationwide Registry Injuries, Tetanus Surveillance, Networking with Other Government Agencies, and Firecrackers Ban on all DOH Facilities.
The orientation meeting aimed to strengthen public information campaign and other advocacy activities especially against the use of watusi and illegal firecrackers, which is prohibited under Republic Act 7183 otherwise known as the Firecracker Law, an Act Regulating the Sale, Manufacture, Distribution and Use of Firecrackers and Other Pyrotechnic Devices. Some examples of illegal firecrackers are pla-pla, super lolo, og, lolo thunder, atomic big triangulo, and watusi. As per Memorandum of the Firearms and Explosives Division-Philippine National Police dated January 17, 2002, watusi is banned from the market.
The surveillance period for fireworks-related injuries, stray bullets, and watusi ingestion victims starts at 6:00 A.M. of December 21, 2007 and ends at 5:59 A.M. of January 5, 2008.
For fireworks-related tetanus victims, the surveillance period starts on December 21, 2007 and ends on January 21, 2008. Fireworks-related tetanus cases hospitalized even after the surveillance period must be reported. /MP


City Mayor Carries Pacquiao’s Belt
Earns Boos, Praises from Constituents


The man who volunteered to carry and raise the WBC “international” belt of Manny Pacquiao during the flag ceremony of the “Will to Win” rumble in Las Vegas last Oct. 7 earned both praises and criticism from his constituents in Bacolod City.
He was Evelio “Bing” Leonardia, mayor of Bacolod City which is celebrating a month-long Masskara Festival that will culminate on Oct. 21.
Leonardia, who was criticized by an Ilonggo congressman and some sports leaders and journalists in Manila for “taking away” the “job” previously held by Lito Mondejar and Moi Lainez, both veteran boxing promoters and backers of Pacquiao, was applauded by a group of boxing fans in a pub house on Burgos-Lacson Sts., Bacolod City when a TV camera caught him raising Pacquaio’s belt while Filipina singer Kyla was singing the Philippine national anthem at the Mandalay Bay and Casino Hotel.
“Yehey! Meyor namon na. Baw ka guapo kay mayor ba! (He is our mayor and he looks handsome),” chorused a group composed of businessmen and young sports enthusiasts watching the “live” showdown in a giant screen.
“Buenas si Pacquiao kay si Mayor Bing naman ang nag bitbit sang paha ya (It’s a lucky day for Pacquiao because Mayor Bing is the one carrying his belt),” commented Emilio Guanzon who watched the fight together with his family inside the jampacked pub house.
“Ay, kalaw ay a. Meyor ka ma bitbit ka paha. Iya ina ya role sang mga trainer kag alalay sang boksidor ya. Nano man ni si Bing ya man? (He should not carry that belt because he is a mayor. That job is for trainers and assistants)” rued a male spectator who left the place without waiting for the final score of the three judges.
Bacolod Rep. Monico Puentevella earlier expressed displeasure about the gesture of his one-time political ally saying, “Leonardia should have joined his fellow mayors in the ringside instead of climbing up the ring holding the belt.”
This was the same suggestion given by some of Leonardia’s political critics when he also assumed the same role during Pacquiao’s fight with Oscar Larios at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City two years ago.
Leonardia defended his presence saying he was “requested” for the job by Pacquiao who is the adopted son of Bacolod City. /MP

Brgy Polls Lure Aklan Radiomen

By Boy Ryan B. Zabal

Three noted media practitioners in Aklan set their sights on becoming an elected public servant come the synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections on October 29.
Veteran broadcaster Conrado Sarabia Indelible and field reporter Mark Mitchell Celiz Sy of Rainbow Global Media Arts (RGMA) DyRU Super Radyo Kalibo and Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) DyKR Kalibo station manager Jerome Timtiman Vega announced their intention to run for public office a little more than two weeks before the scheduled elections.
DyRU’s public affairs director Indelible, who hosts “Parke de Libertad,” is eyeing a council seat in Brgy. Andagao, one of the biggest barangays of the capital town.
He joined the media industry in 1981 with DyKR Radyo Agong ng Kalibo before he was known as “Kaibahang Conrad” in RGMA DyRU in 1998.
Vega, the youngest station manager of DyKR and the current vice chairman of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Aklan chapter, will give government service a try as he is being pushed to run by their community leaders in Camanci Sur, Numancia, Aklan.
Sy, better known as “Kaibahang Mark” of Brgy. Poblacion, Kalibo, started in 1998 as field reporter for DyKR. He later joined RGMA Super Radyo Kalibo in 2002.
All the three candidates assured they will undergo the mandatory drug test in accredited and authorized drug testing centers as stated in Comelec Resolution No. 8302.
The drug certificates of all candidates should be filed with the Office of the Election Officer not later than October 18. /MP

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Editorial October 7 – 13 issue

Malipay Baea Kita?

By Ambrosio R. Villorente

Malipay baea kita nga ro capitalistang Akeanon hay magmanggaranon ag ro pobre hay mag pobre pa guid paagi sa STL?

“Guin hungod ko nga owa ako mag adto sa public hearing hanongod sa STL ko Lunes, October 8, 2007.” Raya ro pahayag ni Mayor Edgar R. Peralta it New Washington sa Madyaas Pen ko Martes, October 9, 2007.
Ham-an owa ka mag adto ay ikaw ro spokesperson it League of Municipalities and Provinces (LMP) it Akean? “Ko unang committee hearing, gin hinyo ako ni Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo nga ako ro mag representa sa committee it SP ay may anang guin adtonan sa oras ag adlaw ngato. Busa nag adto ako. Tag idto eon ako, gin singhanan ako nga ro Aklan SP hay owa’t jurisdiction sa rayang butang ay ro resolution hay naka himonta sa Philippines Charity Sweepstake Office.”
Ro kopyang guin padaea sa SP Aklan hay para eang sa andang kaaeaman. “Ngani nag panaw ako. Ogaling ham an it sa akong pag talikod hay guin hambaean mat a nanda ag umabot eon sa ratong public hearing?” sugid ni Mayor Peralta.
Hay ham an owa ka maka pamati sa ratong public hearing? “Guin hinyo ako nga indi eon rito mag adto. Pa-ano ako mag adto ay ro naga hinyo kakon hay ro akong guina pangalabahan adlaw-adlaw?” Sabat ni Mayor Peralta. “ Iya ako, ogaling guin hungod ko nga owa ako mag adto,” dugang pa nana.
Parabil magtapos ro public hearing sa STL ko Lunes, October 8, nag ayo si Hon. Plaridel M. Morania nga kon mahimo hay ro pabor sa “test run” sa STL hay mag alsa it to-ong alima sa mga tawo sa Sesion Hall it SP. Mga 30 segundos ro nagtaliwan owa man it nag alsa’t alima. Puro sa ubos ro alima. Buhi pa baea ro resolution ni Hon. Nemesio Neron ag Hon. Rodson Mayor nga maghimo it STL test run sa Akean? Sa 16 ka Municipal Mayors it Akean nga nag pirma sa resolution agud maghiwat it STL test run sa Aklan hay daywa man lang ro nag attender: si Mayor Antonio T. Maming it Banga ag Mayor Charito Navarosa it Libacao.
Si Mayor Navarosa hay nag pamati sa guin hambaean. Owa man it guin togda. Si Mayor Maming ro nag paabot mat-a ko anang baeat-yagon sa STL test run. Suno kay Mayor Maming, anang guina apinan ro pag test run it STL agud makatipon imaw it kwarta para sa mga maga adto sa opisina it Mayor sa Banga para maka pangayo it kwarta agud may igasto sa andang mga kina-hangeanon.
“Tingoha-on ninyong mag Mayor man kamo agud hiton-an ninyo. Makaron basi may 20 eon nga mga tawo sa akong opisina nga naga panagayo it bulig,” suno kay Mayor Maming.
“Limusi ro tawo agud imaw maka ilabas. Ton-i ro tawo sa pag usoy it ilabson agud may anang pagka-on hasta sa anang kamatayon.”
Ano baea kitang mga Banganhon, ro aton eon lang nga haton an hay mag pangayo agud maka-kaon? Ro STL baea ro sulong paagi agud maka tibawas kita sa kapobrehan? Ro STL ngani ro maga dugang it dum-ok agud mag pobre pa guid kita. Ro STL ag iba pang sugae ro maga daea sa mga tawo sa pagpangayo (mendicancy). Owa it ibang pa–agi kundi matuod-tuod nga paghugod, pag pursigi, pagtiis ag pag amlig agud maka tibawas sa pagka imoe.
Maeapad ro eogta sa Banga, may abong tuna nga manggad. Abu man ro hibaeo ni Mayor Mameng ag anang mga alyados sa pag guiya sa mga Banganhon sa pagpabunga it mga tanum, sa pag hayupan. Ro bunga it hugod it Banganhon hay e-process para hidugangan ro kantidad, ma ugan ro paghakut paadto sa tindahan agud ikabaligya nga may naga ka-igo nga ginansya ag ro maga bakae hay makasamit man it mataas nga kalidad nga produkto.
Una sa Banga ro Aklan State University nga bantog sa patag it pag panguma ag sa mga naga kaeain-eain nga sanga it pag-uma. Una sa Banga hay may bagsakan man nga kon si-in ro naga kaeain-eain nga produkto hay paga daehon agud ibaligya. Albino eon ngani ron ay owa pa man hi gamit.
Ro sugae hay guina tawag nga “game of chance”, ag sangkurot ro tsansa ko sa risgo. Ro sugae hay guina basihan ro “law of probability”. Pareho abi sa paya, ro hampang nga may daywang guina patiyog nga kwarta, dayon takeo-ban it kaeo. Daywang grupo ro manog taya: ro sa hari o ro sa korona. Kon sa pagbukas hay puro hari, pues, hari nag daog; kon puro korona, korona ro nag daog; kon ro tiyogan nga sambato hay hari ag ro sambato hay korona, royon ro wati, busa patas ro hampang. Ro probability nga mag hari ro ga daog hay 1:2 busa 50:50 chance. Imaw man ra ro sa tumbo, 50:50 chance man. Ngani owa it bangka sa rayang hampang.
Sa rayang STL ag Lotto, ro law of probability kara hay masyadong maeapad. Sa guina singhang “number games” pareho it STL ag Lotto, ro tsansa nga maga daug ro manog taya hay matsa naga tabuk imaw sa suba’t Akean nga ro anang guina eatayan hay sangka “fiber” nga abaca; owa pa imaw maka eak-dang hay nabugto eon. Sa STL o Lotto, linibo ro numero, busa kon ro numero hay 01–1000, ro atong kadaeag-an hay 1:1000.
May draw pa nga owa’t naga da-og ay owa hi taya-e ro numerong gumwa, ngani may capitalista o bangka. Sa 1000 nga nagtaya, sambato ro maga daug, 999 ro perdi. Malipayon ro sulong nag daug, gin mingaw ro 999 perdi. Naila baea kara kita?
Ro ganansya it bangka, anang guina hakot. Suno kay Mayor Mameng it Banga, kada adlaw P3 million ro gina hakot it lotto, P90 million kada buean ag P1.08 billion kada dag-on sa Akean. Pila ro nag daug nga Akeanon ag nalipay? Siin ro P1.08 billion nga guin hakot it financer?
Sa pagpahayag ni Governor Carlito S. Marquez sa radio interview kay SM Butz Maquinto, “kon una ro safeguards, owa it cobrador, ag ro capitalista hay Akeanon, akon nga pirmahan ro test run.”
Si Atty. Allen S. Quimpo hay Mayor eon it Kalibo, 20 anyos parabil mag Mayor si Hon. Antonio T. Mameng sa Banga busa haton-an na man ro guina tawag nga STL. Suno kay Atty. Quimpo, ro test run it STL ko 1989, ro financer hay naghakot sa guwa it Akean it P275,000 adlaw-adlaw ag P100.38 million sa sang dag-on. Busa, ro Kalibo hay nag papundo ko STL. Tongod sa pagpapundo, guin paeag imaw ag ro anang Chief of Police Vicente Seraspi.
Okay, Akeanon ro capitalista, malipay baea kita nga ro anang manggad hay maga umwad pa guid halin sa duga it STL? Malipay baea kita nga ro tawong dapat mag umwad pa agui sa “sipag at tiyaga” hay kapin nga nag pobre pa guid tongod hanangda sa sugae? Malipay baea kita nga ro capitalista nga datng manggaranon hay ha dugangan pa guid ro anang manggad?
Malipay kita it abu kon ro mga kueabus hay atong mabuligan paagi sa pag gamit it cuarta’t manggaranon sa pro-ductado nga paagi.
There is no easy way out of poverty but through consistent honesty, hard work, resiliency and frugality. /MP

Entrepreneurial Farmer

Mapeso: I Do Not Eat Dinuguan In Aklan

Most Aklanons were shocked in the revelation of Dr. Modesto Mapeso regarding the deplorable sanitary condition of the slaughter house of the Municipality of Kalibo. The disclosure of Dr. Mapeso was made during the recent session of the Kalibo Sangguniang Bayan (SB).
Dr. Mapeso is a practicing Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, the first Provincial Veterinarian of the Province of Aklan. He served in that capacity for almost half a century. He retired as Regional Director of the National Meet Inspection Service, Region VI.
According to Dr. Mapeso, the process of meat handling from slaughtering up to transporting meat to the market is most antiquated and worst for it is unsanitary in Kalibo.
For one thing, Mapeso pointed out, there is no stockyard. The animals are being butchered right where the livestocks are stocked. The animals are butchered on the floor which has mudded water, as drainage is poor if there is any. “I never eat ‘dinuguan’ in Aklan as I remember meat handling in the slaughter house of Kalibo,” Mapeso added.
During the said SB session, nobody denied the deplorable condition in the abattoir of Kalibo located in Barangay Tinigao. One reason advanced as cause of poor meat slaughtering and handling of livestocks and meat products in the abattoir of Kalibo is lack of fund.
Learning of the present resources available in support for food production in the municipality, particularly to follow protocol on the recommended method of meat handling will not demand more resources. What is needed is a qualified personnel to guide if not impose compliance to proper sanitation.
According to Ms. Eleanor Isada, Human Resource Manager of LGU Kalibo, it is not possible to hire a qualified Dr. of Veterinarian for assignment in the abattoir. But upon inquiry, the Office of the Municipal Agricultural Officer has 18 personnel, two (2) of whom are graduates of Dr. of veterinary medicine. Even if the 14 barangays are assigned one agricultural technologist each, there are four without assignment. If two technologists are assigned in the Kalibo Municipal Office, the two Dr. of veterinary graduates can be assigned to the abattoir; their positions maybe re-classified into appropriate title for assignment in the slaughter house. When fund is available their salary grade can be upgraded.
Around the slaughter house, there are available land area which can be used as stockyard. If it is a private land, it can be rented, payment of rental fee will come out of the income from the abattoir.
Meanwhile, if money is not available for facilities acquisition, used lumber maybe constructed as tables or stands for butchering animals so that its meat may not touch the ground and be free of any contamination.
In the transport of meat from the abattoir to the market, it is loaded in tricycles which are opened to dust and other contaminants. More often, meat touches the ground. If LGU Kalibo cannot provide appropriate vehicle to transport meat, it may negotiate with private sector or individual who maybe contracted to haul the meat like pork and beef from the slaughter house to the markets. Kalibo does not need much money to improve the quality of products from its abattoir considering its present resources. It only needs recognition of the problem, proper solution to the problem, and the will to do it.

STL Money For Mendicants

Mayor Antonio T. Mameng of Banga – the beautiful is pushing for the approval of a resolution requesting the PCSO to conduct Test Run for Small Town Lottery (STL) in Aklan. During the public hearing on the resolution, Mayor Mameng urged the Aklan Sangguniang Panlalawigan to approve it so the municipal mayors will have a sure source of money to give as alms for the mendicants. According to him, there are several mendicants visiting his office daily to seek alms. “There are about 20 of them now in my office,” Mameng stressed. He also challenged those presents to “tinguha ninyo nga mag mayor agud hitun-an ninyo.”
Banga claims to be the center of culture in Aklan. Is this the culture, the culture of begging. Aklanons wish to emulate from Banga? What a shame!
I am very sure several Banganhons triumphed over poverty through honesty, hard work, patience, perseverance and frugality. How many conquered poverty in Banga by gambling? This is a very good study for students and professors in the fields of social, economics and culture.
Who are the most depressed families in the 1950’s of Banga who have conquered poverty and now living in a life of dignity? What did they do and how did they do it in the conquest of poverty?
On the other hand, a question maybe also asked, who are the Banganhons who lived the lives of plenty in the 1950’s but now they are living in scarcity? ASU can conduct this study.
I expect Mayor Mameng to lead a life of honesty, hard work, and frugality. I expect Mayor Mameng to lead in the reinstatement of Banga as the beautiful. I expect him to lead a life of morality and maintain Banga as the center of culture in the Province of Aklan.

Computer At P240,000 Each

According to a very reliable informant, some 48 units of computers were distributed to the different public schools in Aklan. Each school or district received 1–2 units. In the memorandum receipt the recipients signed, each computer cost P240,000. Wow! Ha?
Window shopping in the computer shops in Kalibo tells that kind of computer distributed cost between P20,000–P25,000 each, add P5,000 for transportation and handling; it makes P30,000 or at a total cost of P1,440.000. However, the value in the memorandum receipt is P240,000 each or a total of P11.52 million for the 48 units distributed in Aklan. Subtracting P1.44 million from P11.52 million gives P10.08.
Ahay - -a! This is the P10.08 million price difference in Aklan alone. How about those distributed in other provinces and cities of Western Visayas?…of the whole Philippines?This is worst than the National Broadband Network deal. This computer deal, by all means, must be investigated and the culprit be given penalties she/he/they deserve. /MP

Do You Favor To Conduct STL Test Run?

Text & Photo by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Most Rev. Jose Romeo O. Lazo, D.D. giving his comment on the proposal to conduct STL Test Run

Banga Mayor Antonio T. Mameng (right) advocating to conduct STL Test Run so that the mayors can raise money to be given to the mendicants.

Hon. Morania speaking against the proposal to conduct STL Test Run

A portion of the cause oriented group which conducted protest rally against the conduct of the STL Test Run in Aklan just by the side of the Capitol building while the public hearing was going on inside the SP session hall.

Picture above is Mr. Candido Padios, 88, single from Pob., Batan, Aklan. He said, he went to Kalibo to participate on the Public Hearing on STL. He strongly opposes gambling, he said.

A public hearing on the proposal of Hon. Rodson Mayor and Hon. Nemesio Neron was heard in the morning last Monday, October 8, 2007. It was held at the Session Hall, Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP), Kalibo, Aklan. The proposal is to approve a resolution requesting the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) to conduct a test run on the Small Town Lottery (STL) in the Province of Aklan.
All the members of the SP Aklan constituted themselves into a single committee to discuss the said resolution either to recommend or not recommend its approval. Several resource persons were invited to give their views regarding the proposal to conduct test run in Aklan. They represented the religious group, civic clubs, business group, non government organizations, and the academe. The PCSO was also invited to attend and brief the participants in the public hearing regarding the STL operations. The League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP) representative was also invited.
However, the PCSO begged off that it cannot send any representative during the pubic hearing because the official concerned was abroad. The LMP was not able to have its designated representative. In view of it, Mnsgr. Adolfo Depra called the meeting defective. Hence, another public hearing is scheduled on October 26, 2007.
Vice Governor Gabrielle V. Calizo presided the public hearing. Hon. Rodson Mayor and Hon. Nemesio Neron were given 5 minutes each to explain their resolution. Hon. Plaridel M. Morania and Hon. Wilbert Ariel I. Igoy who oppose the resolution were given 5 minutes each to explain why they oppose. On the part of the Diocese of Kalibo, Most Rev. Jose Romeo O. Lazo spoke for 5 minutes to explain his view on the matter. PSSUPT Benigno B. Durana, Jr. was also given 5 minutes to give the side of the police. Mr. Virgilio Bautista spoke in behalf of the civic clubs. Atty. Allen S. Quimpo enlightened the public hearing of his experience about the test run on the STL in Kalibo in 1989 while he was the mayor of Kalibo. Ms. Didi Quimpo representing women and NGO gave the views of her organization.
After the meeting which lasted for 3 hours, no decision was made. Another meeting on the matter is scheduled on October 26. Before the meeting adjourned, Hon. Morania requested those people inside the session hall who are in favor of the proposal to hold STL test run to raise their right hands. People remained silent for about 30 seconds. Nobody raised his right hand. /MP

PREGINET: DOST’s Existing Broadband Network

The controversial National Broadband Network (NBN) project with the Chinese firm ZTE has been hogging the headlines, what with exposés of anomaly and corruption allegedly involving some Cabinet and other ranking government officials, and the President’s husband (FG Mike Arroyo).
But behind the din of Senate investigation on the issue that has became a high-rating teledrama is an existing government broadband project that failed to catch similar big public’s attention—except for its beneficiaries—in the past seven years that it has been existing.
PREGINET, or Philippine Research Education and Government Information Network, is a nationwide broadband network that interconnects academic institutions, government offices, and research and development (R&D) offices in the country.
It is currently serving 76 institutions: 14 universities, 28 research institutions, 33 government offices and one non government organization. (Aklan State University in Banga, Aklan is one of the institutions.)

Humble Beginnings

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) started in 1994 the vision that was to become PREGINET when it provided seed money to a university consortium to set up, operate, and maintain a domestic wide-area network called the Phnet.
For the first time, university-consortium members and the country became connected to the Internet. Commercial Internet service providers (ISPs) came in afterwards, spurred by the introduction of the technology. It has since became the fertile training ground for the country’s Internet engineers.
The DOST, with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) as implementer, moved a step closer to its research and development (R&D) vision by spearheading the development of the country’s next-generation Internet.
Through the Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives (AI3) project it was initially funded with P5.5 million and provided connectivity to global-research and education networks.
In June 2000, DOST cashed in P24 million for the first year to what was termed “high-performance research and education network”—the PREGINET.
“Currently, the concept of a research and education network is relatively new in the Philippines. Its potential to contribute to innovation research collaborations is a target that ASTI-PREGINET hopes to meet,” ASTI director Denis F. Villorente told PSciJourn News Service.

Functions and Purpose

According to ASTI, one of the objectives of PREGINET is the establishment of exchange points for research, education and government institutions. It facilitates interchange of research information, research and training, collaboration, and access to international databases.
It is also a venue to demonstrate novel applications in the areas of e-commerce, agriculture, telemedicine, distance education, digital libraries, information dissemination, hazards and disaster monitoring, prediction, warning and mitigation, delivery of government services and information to citizens and business.
The originally five-year project is on its third expansion period. With a total cost of P79 million, it is implemented in partnership with the Commission on Information and Communications Technology Telecommunications Office (CICT-Telof).


PREGINET’s backbone currently consists of three exchange points located in Quezon City, Cebu City and Cagayan de Oro City. Links are then provided from the backbone to at least one access point per region.
It uses the Visayas-Mindanao Telecommunications Office Network of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) to interconnect institutions in Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan, Iligan, Cotabato and Davao.
Private-sector support is also maximized through its partnership with private telecommunications companies. The Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) is one international organization that supports PREGINET.
The project also provides value to the academic, research and government institutions in four areas: connectivity, communication, content and community. ASTI, in cooperation with the DOST regional offices and DOTC-Telof, manages the network. ASTI also establishes, monitors and maintains the PREGINET national backbone up to the regional access points, and maintains central database of all ongoing projects.

Philippine Open Internet Exchange

The Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PhOpenIX), a component of PREGINET, is an open-to-all, carrier-neutral Ipv4 and Ipv6 multilateral-peering exchange and a nonprofit membership-based exchange. It is managed and operated by ASTI.
The I-Root server is now operational and answering DNS Top Level Domain queries on the exchange. This is made possible through the partnership with Packet Clearing House (PCH), APNIC and Auto-nomica/Netnod.
With partnership with operators, the exchange will have an instance of the I-Root server directly available at the IX core switch. The I-Root server incorporates IP any cast technology. It uses routing topology to send Internet traffic to the nearest or best destination.
This leads to better distribution of services and improves response times for end users which means faster resolution of fully qualified domain names to IP addresses for the Philippines.
Besides DOST-ASTI, the PhOpenIX is supported by the CICT, Philippine Network Operators Group, Innove Communications, Inc., Cisco and PCH.

Cost recovery and Sustainability

Although funding for PREGINET is ending on December 31, 2007, ASTI has formulated a plan that would continue and support its activities with minimal funding support from the DOST.
The PhOpenIX will carry on with its operations and expand its community. According to the PhOpenIX website, ASTI will continue to host an instance of the I-Root server ( in Manila. The installation was assisted by operators from PCH and APNIC.
Among the enhancements they would carry include network sustai-nability, grid computing facility, IPv6 inter-network test bed and more collaboration with local universities.
Institutions connected to the system would form part of the cost-recovery scheme and sustainability of the project. (PSciJourn News Service) /MP