Monday, November 16, 2015


Tower No. 13 of Agus 2 – Kibawe 138kV line 2 was bombed around 9:00 PM of Nov. 6. This is the 10th tower bombed by lawless elements in 2015.

Just eight days after three NGCP towers in Patani, Marawi City were bombed, another tower in the same area was targeted in the evening of November 6. Tower No. 13 along Agus 2 - Kibawe 138-kilovolt (kV) line 2 in Guimba, Marawi City was bombed by unidentified perpetrators, making it the 10th tower bombed in 2015. 
While the explosion did not topple the tower, the damage it sustained caused it to lean, putting the transmission facility in a more critical condition.
 On October 29, three towers along the same transmission line were bombed. Of the three, two structures, towers No. 19 and No. 20, were toppled. The third tower, No. 21 sustained damage, but was not toppled.
At 1:50 PM of November 9, NGCP was able to fully restore the Agus 2 – Kibawe 138kV line 2 after implementing temporary measures to transmit electricity produced by Agus 1 and 2 hydropower plants to the rest of the Mindanao grid.
The PNP and AFP are leading in the investigation and exerting all efforts to catch the perpetrator/s.
“This is the 10th tower bombed by lawless elements in 2015 alone, with 5 towers bombed within the month of October. We are very concerned that this situation seems to be escalating, with each incident happening progressively closely to each other,” the company stressed. “With the help of the local authorities, several other bombs were found see page 3 
on our facilities, but these did not detonate and were safely disposed of,” said NGCP.
“NGCP is appeal 
ing to the public to help monitor the safety of the towers so that transmission services remain uninterrupted,” NGCP said. “If anyone sees anything suspicious at or around our towers and facilities, please inform us immediately. You may text us your tips and other information at 09178791077.”
NGCP is fully cooperating with law the enforcement agencies as they investigate the incident. Restoration efforts began as soon as the area was declared safe.
Restoration of transmission services to affected areas were likewise hampered by uncooperative landowners who are preventing NGCP from conducting much needed vegetation clearing activities. Elements of the Philippine Armed Forces are currently assisting NGCP in entering the properties of the uncooperative landowners to expedite restoration.
NGCP has repeatedly appealed to the government and the Philippine Army to assist resolve the escalating security and right-of-way issues in Mindanao./MP

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