Monday, October 12, 2015

IREAP-6 Updates PPMIUs, PLGUs & PGs On OM and SLP Implementation

IREAP-6 Updates PPMIUs, PLGUs & PGs On OM and SLP Implementation
by: James Earl E. Ogatis

“I knew the reasons why I am now involved in the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) and understand the complementation of all project components through this briefing on IREAP Operations Manual (OM) Process and Updates and the 2015 small livelihood projects (SLP) implementation.” Quipped Ms. Joana Ledesma, Project Development Assistant from PPMIU Negros Occidental.

As stated in the OM, the IREAP component will engage broad sections of the sector in the production of marketable surplus through investments in strategic segments of priority commodity value chains prioritized under the Regional Agriculture and Fishery Modernization Plan (RAFMP) and of the Provincial Commodity Investment Plans (PCIPs).

The IREAP component also utilizes the Value Chain Analysis (VCA), the Bureau of Soil and Water Management’s (BSWM) Vulnerability and Suitability Assessment (VSA) methodology and the Participatory Resource Assessment (PRA) as bases for incorporating climate resiliency strategies in the identification of subprojects.

Dr. Joyce S. Wendam, RPCO 6 Project Head said that the OM seeks to provide a comprehensive and step-by-step guide for the implementation of I-REAP activities – from the selection of enterprise proponents, enterprise planning and implementation, to the monitoring of the enterprises’ progress and the evaluation of the immediate and final impacts of the enterprises.

Wendam stressed that it also clarifies roles and relationships among implementers and prescribes measures to control the quality of outputs and to ensure optimum use of project resources.

 May Ann B. Grajo, RPCO 6 IREAP Component Head said that eight subprojects are waiting for issuance of No Objection Letter for 2014 SLPs and one subproject for final revision of business plan for endorsement to PSO for final review. For 2015 SLPs, seven subprojects are for PG validation, preparation/revision/finalization of business plan. Plans and design are already submitted to IBUILD component. 

Among the issues raised during the briefing are the simplified requirement for IREAP subprojects, establishment and hiring of additional staff among PPMIUs and stipulating that there should be organizational structure and flow of activities chart in all PPMIU offices.

The briefing was attended by 80 participants from the provincial project management implementing units, proponent groups, local government units, representatives from other PRDP component such as IBUILD, InfoACE, ISUPPORT, IPLAN, SES, GGU, Procurement and M&E. /MP

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