Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Good Life By Megs Lunn


"When all is said and done, relationships are all that really matter. It doesn't matter how much money we have, where we live, or how many beautiful stuff (shoes, bags, cars, toys, phones, and others) we've collected. None of these can comfort us, console us, cry with us, or love us. Our investment in the people we care about is the only legacy that has the power to endure beyond our lifetime."

When a man makes people feel welcomed, it feels good. Customer service is one for people who are at the front line. I saw so much of a very effective and efficient customer service while I travel. The feeling is overwhelming and humbling. What makes it amazing is that I see a lot of people with disabilities who are working on the front line. They make themselves useful. They make the world a better place to live in. How much more to the normal people? We expect them to behave and be a peace-loving people. The government of other countries like the United States is a very good example of how they take good care of them. It is always so touching to see others care for them. Why I am sharing this? Because they greet you like an angel and there is no better feeling than being greeted by an angel, right?

People must learn how to be consistently courteous, caring, and loving others, no matter what race, religion and color they belong. People need to love others who need to be loved, the way God loves us. We must be a peace-loving people in the first place.

I met this Filipino guy who is like a ‘Mother Teresa’ on the streets. He is working thru shelters for the homeless, feeds them, loves them, and makes them feel others love them. There is also a couple who met her hubby on the street. I asked the hubby how they met. He said, “she hugged me the first time she saw me on the street. That is all that I needed.” The rest is history. The couple now heads an NGO which cares for the people.

In my travel, people around welcome me. They are courteous and respectful. I did not feel any 'air' in them when they deal with me and other customers/client. The smile and treatment  extended are so genuine.

Thinking back home, how I wish our students will learn the same in school. Not when they are already at work. The hall way in schools (anywhere in town) have bunch of innocent students who do not care to greet their teachers. Worst, they clog the hall way and do not give way for others to pass. The building stairs are blocked with not just the innocent ones but the ignorant, too. Sad to say, this is normal and is even tolerated everywhere in town.

I wish that adults can teach them well when they see them like this. No offense when they are critically pointed out, but to accept the fact that we care for them and that we are sincerely helping them to be a better person. In the academe, we must always foster good manners in our students. However, good manners are best started and taught at home in the first place. Then we hope that the same good manners and right conduct will guide them at school and in dealing with other people in the work place.

Call it pathetic, but what best practices we observe in other places are also best to share with the hope that others learn from it and be inspired to inspire others.

The future has much possibilities for those who are willing to learn more. The resources are abundant. Hence, develop it and make use of it to make you a better person and inspire others to be the best. It pays so much to be courteous and loving. Life is better and the whole world can be better as well.

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