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A T.E.A.C.H.E.R. by Merlinda Nadal Flores Master Teacher I, Banga Elem. School

A  T.E.A.C.H.E.R. 
by Merlinda Nadal Flores Master Teacher I, Banga Elem. School

Ms. Merlinda Nadal Flores, Master Teacher I, in the bneautiful flower garden, Banga Elementary School, Banga, Aklan. 
A TEACHER is terrific, energetic, able, cheerful, hardworking, enthusiastic, and remarkable.
You are a terrific Teacher if you truly care for your students. As the saying goes, “the best Teacher is a Teacher who teaches from the heart.” As a terrific Teacher, you need to be genuine and show interest in the students. When you are real, it radiates from within to your aura. Students can see if you fake them or if you truly care for them.  A terrific Teacher thinks about his/her students welfare and wellbeing. 

How do you show that a terrific Teacher cares? He/She ask if the students truly learn from their lessons and he/she ask for evaluation, then a follow up. The learning is also structured according to the need of the students. A teacher needs to show them support. If he/she has high standard, he/she needs to check on them if they can come up with what is expected from them or else, if not, a teacher doesn’t need to adjust his/her standard, but rather, challenged them in a good way that reaching that standard would mean a good future for them. Help the students understand what effective studying is so they will appreciate the topic and learning at the end of the day.

Teaching with enthusiasm requires heaps of motivation from within.  Teaching is a noble profession. Therefore, those who teach should embrace this noble characteristic to be an energetic Teacher. Once the teacher steps inside the classroom, the students expect their teacher to be an inspiring Teacher. Being enthusiastic is one of the many qualities of an effective Teacher.  

Engaging students and showing spark in the activities of the day would surely inspire them to be participative and attentive.  Teacher energy shows so that they will also show their energy back, too. The more motivated a student, the more a teacher gains respect from them and he/she will significantly and truly have a great day. An energetic Teacher is someone that shows joy, mastery of the subject and good influence to the students.  On the other hand, a boring Teacher will also expect the same from students. It is behavioral because energy is emotion. It is one’s willingness to teach and to stimulate to share ideas with the student. Always remember, energy is infectious!

To be a Teacher is someone who is able to know what is right and wrong. An able Teacher is someone who truly understands his/her profession and can carry it accordingly. For one, a Teacher should be digitally challenged. He/she knows how to connect with his/her students. He/She knows what his/her students want and need and able to cope up with those. A teacher is able to learn how to adjust and be flexible, update with what is the need of the industry, as well.  One very good quotation states, “The greatest sign of success for a Teacher is to be able to say, the children are now working as if I did not exist.”

There is hundreds of reasons why a Teacher should be cheerful. For one, seeing the children is a blessing from above. They are our second children away from home. Teachers are blessed to be called their ‘second parent’ once a teacher steps on that gate and in the comfort of the classroom. 
Smile is always contagious. It is a virtue that a teacher carries as a person of authority. Teacher should enjoy teaching and seeing the children play, creative, and attentive. Teach them to view the world as a happy and better place to live in. Teach those good manners and right conduct, to be like you so that you can create another you. What a beautiful feeling of creating another model person like you, isn’t it? “Smile and so the world will smile with you.” 

“Motivation comes from the heart. Ideas come from the brain. Achievement and success come from hard working person.” Indeed, a Teacher is expected to deliver the task with a full knowledge of the subject with a wholehearted effort.  It is hard work because a teacher painstakingly prepared for it. 

A hardworking Teacher is one that gives more beyond what are called for, information, knowledge and skills. Consider teaching profession as a gift from the Lord. Otherwise, you will not be where you are standing now – A Teacher. Be an empowered Teacher by being hard working.

A Teacher shares one special quality – “They all loved what they are doing.” 

“Teacher enthusiasm plays a central role in holding students’ attention, generating students’ interest, and developing students’ positive attitudes toward learning. Highly enthusiastic teachers are highly expressive in vocal delivery, gestures, body movement, and overall energy level. All of these are crucial ingredients that, in turn contribute to greater student achievement.” (Tauber and Mester 1995, p11)

An enthusiastic Teacher constantly develops his/herself and who continuously learns and develops by studying more and attending more updates on teaching.  Discovering more of you is showing interest in what you are called for.

What makes a remarkable Teacher? A student who feels they are warmly welcomed in their classes, a student feels the leadership of a Teacher in class, students are comfortable with the Teacher’s presence. A Teacher is articulate and knows how to get his/her message across to them and more. But most importantly, “You must be very skilled, very knowledgeable, and exquisitely well trained, because neither the teacher nor the surgeon can say, ‘Everybody sits still until I figure out what in the heck we’re gonna do next.” (Goldberg, 1990, p. 43). /MP

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