Thursday, November 06, 2014

Editorial by Ernesto t. Solidum

Visual Arts: Journey 
Begins  With A Single Step

“The Role of Visual Arts in Tourism” is the topic of the weekly Kapihan on October 25, 2014 held at NVC Carmen Hotel. Guests are Ms. Erlinda Quimpo-Wilson, Visual Artist and Mr. Ricky Molo, Pres. Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo.

Born in Kalibo, Ms. Wilson is the daughter of former Judge Rustico Quimpo and Carmen Salas. Early in her teens, she dabbled in painting still life and lush greenery that elicited praises from her peers, teachers and parents. Naturally gifted with ability to mix different colors and etching them on canvass gave way to greater interest and involvement.

However, her father wanted her to study Education course in order to prepare for better security and exciting career in life. As a dutiful child she took up BSEEd at UP Diliman, Quezon City, but all the time her burning ambition was to study architecture.

Eventually opportunity came when Erlinda was recipient of American Field Service scholarship to the United States. For three years, the young Kalibon-hon studied art classes in two schools namely: Mt. San Jacinto College and Hemet Valley Arts Association. The latter emphasized Plein Air Impressionist or “on location” painting sessions.

Madam Wilson has participated in 10 joint exhibitions in the US and made three solo performances in Kalibo. Her impressionists paintings done in oil show delicate use of colors to draw contracts in her subjects making rich tapestry of bucolic life, majestic waterfalls and vibrant gardens.

Samples of her art works are on display during the Kapihan while bulk of her prized collections done in the United States and in Aklan whetted the appetite of viewers during the power point presentation. Actually, some of her art pieces are on display at the GSIS Museum in Manila together with other contemporary art works which runs on October 1-31, 2014.

Mr. Johny Dayang former member of National Commission on Culture and the Arts commented that as a nation, we have not matured in our cultural identity particularly in appreciating and treasuring various visual art forms. Artists have a mystical talent of capturing on canvass scenic landscapes, the fine wrinkles on a man’s face and uninhabited laughter of a child.

Development of visual arts into our way of life could be started with 33,000 out-of-school youth as suggested by Dr. Ambrosio R. Villorente. Kids could be provided with non-formal training on basic art like coloring black and white pictures, clay or plaster moulds, and others.

Mr. Ricky Molo is currently holding art classes at NVC focusing on disabled youth especially deaf mutes. We are successful in our series of exhibitions here in Kalibo that we want to show our finished works in Manila. Hopefully, this will be realized this coming October 30. This will afford kids especially Lester Lumio, an outstanding PWD to further enrich his knowledge and skills.

Hon. Lilian Q. Tirol confirmed that the Provincial government of Aklan is now finalizing draft proposal to create the Provincial Council on Culture and the Arts. Objective is to conserve and enrich our cultural history in language, music, dance, visual arts, religion, political, architecture and agriculture. Centerpiece of this collections will be Museo it Akean said Hon. Tirol.

Vietnam which was colonized by the French for four (4) centuries has emerged the bustling capital of art works in this part of the globe. Time magazine in its report 14 years ago revealed myriad display of live colors and designs posted on concrete fences, sidewalks and graphic artists who ply their trade in downtown Hanoi. For small fee, any visitor could have his picture etched on canvass using either charcoal or water color. Her art shops and antique stores are crammed with a passion for art and burden of life has diminished with the beauty around them. No wonder more tourists flock to this socialist country than the Philippines.

Paris is world’s top tourist destination attracting 32.2 million visitors per year. This is because of its enduring icon “Eiffel Tower”, baroque churches, treasure trove of reknowned art masterpieces from 18th to 20th century. Modern transport of fast trains, planes and ships are marvels of modern engineering. The French also excels in education and supported political slogan of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” during the French revolution. The slogan remains to the present.

When can the Philippines achieve maturity and appreciation for the arts?

Surprisingly, we have inspirational models. Juan Luna’s “Parisian Life” created in 1892 was prized at $1 million and Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s “Nose Flute” - $649,000. Francisco V. Coching, now delared National Artist has ancestral roots in Brgy. Aquino, Ibajay, Aklan.

It is welcome news that Dr. Jesse M. Gomez, Aklan Schools Div. Superintendent plans to train teachers in visual arts. Local art exhibit will be held in Boracay early January 2015 confided Ms. Wilson.

Confucious once said, “The mile long journey starts with a single step.” May it be a reality soon./MP

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