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The Aklan State University is going to bestow the Doctor of Humanities (HonorisCausa) to ALLEN S. QUIMPO, on the occasion of her 14th Commencement Exercises on March 31, 2015, at the ASU Ampi Theatre,  Banga, Aklan.

Atty. Quimpo is  currently the NVC President,, Chairman of the Kalibo Save the Mangroves Association (KASAMA), Board Member of the Protected Area Management Board, Executive Director of the Aklan Rivers Development Council, and just recently admitted as a Climate Reality Leader under the project of former US Vice President Al Gore.

Quimpo graduated his Bachelor of  Arts and Bachelor of Laws at the University of the Philippines, and  his Master’s in Management, Public Management at the University of the Philippines in the Visayas.

He is credited as the main advocate of forest management adopting an innovative strategy of making the community feel as if it is the owner and taking responsibility for the forest sustainability and development.   The conceptual  model is the Kalibo Mangrove Forest which is  man  made, community managed, integrating both environmental as well as economic and livelihood programs.  This  project won the GalingPook Award (1998),  the UN FAO Award for Exemplary Forest Management in the whole of Asia and the Pacific (2005).

Having served as Kalibo Mayor (1990) and Congressman (1992-2001), Quimpo was co-founder of a local party, TIBYOG which emphasized service as the best work of life, through the strategy of united and responsible  leadership, counterparting of all stakehoders in project implementation,  transparency, accountability and democracy.

As an educator, Quimpo was elected Chairman of the powerful house committee on Basic Education and authored the reorganization  of the Department of Education (Basic Educ. Law 2001), with  focus on  decentralizing the operation of DepEd,  institutionalizing planning for efficient and effective management, and separated the functions of sports and culture to a specialized agency.  He also authored the creation of the Aklan State University. 

Working full time as President of the Northwestern Visayan Colleges, Quimpo is working for the accreditation of schools, improving quality and global competitiveness and retooling the structure to adjust to the challenges of global competitiveness and ASEAN Integration.

With his acceptance and training as a Climate Reality Leadership Corps under UN Nobel Laureate Al Gore, Quimpo believes in the saying “Think Globally, Act Locally”, committing to come up with at least 10 projects within one year that impacts on climate change. Quimpo believes the future of forest sustainability rest in the community based forest management (CBFM).  He is currently the President of the Aklan Federation of CBFMs, the President of the Regional Federation of CBFMs and the legal adviser of the National Federation of CBFMs.  Quimpo believes the Philippines, while she is the 3rd most vulnerable country in disaster risk has the best potential and opportunities by shifting into renewable energies considering that the Phlippines is in the map of solar, wind, hydro and natural gas resources. /MP

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