Thursday, April 09, 2015


by Megs S. Lunn

Megs S. Lunn
I had a great week this week as I gave myself time to read more of the books of my favorite author who did Parenting Talk around. I was moved and touched by the stories she shared from real experience. I thought it is an inspiration to share this to you so we all learn together. Whether you are a parent, a future parent or a student, perhaps there are two learning opportunities here that you can have. As author John Dewey once said, “We need to learn, unlearn and re-learn, in order to be called literate.” We are not to pretend that we know everything, for life is a learning laboratory, it is unending.

Let me share this thought from author Tita Carrie Bernardo-Reyes, “Fathering and mothering are noble tasks and a great challenge. The family, as the best setting for excellence, will fail if the best channel, the parents, are not united and are worst, if they are not available. They will surely lose their children by default. As they failed to give time, give hope, give love, and give peace. The family, best made up of a father, a mother and children of varying ages, is society’s main channel of transmitting excellence to the next generation: the values and patterns of behavior that lead to success.”

Another researcher pointed out that, “Without strong families, school is reduced to trying to load vessels that are not yet formed.”

In today’s society, it is tragic to learn children learning values easily from mass media. According to Tita Carrie, parents have to safeguard and uphold what the family stands for in the midst of today’s confusion. 

The Youth For Christ (YFC) motto: “Being and bringing Jesus to the community”, is what we need to do. Bring Christ in the center of our family and learn how to live with Christ and for Christ. It is easier said than done, but, it can be done. 

I may be bias to share that I really appreciate the Infant Jesus Academy’s Core Value: Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence and Disciplined (IRED). For this is what we really need in today’s society. As I go around, I see the reality of the world in the faces of the children that we serve, especially the handicapped kids. Let us believe in each other’s capacity to form each other and our children to do good in the world. Keep the love in you! 

“Family, hold on together, no matter what happen and you will never be defeated. Bear each other’s fault and burden and be loyal, then this nation will truly be great again!” /MP

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