Friday, April 10, 2015

Metrobank Outstanding Teacher Is Pallada

Metrobank Outstanding 
Teacher Is Pallada
by Marivic Tulio Botilo

Congratulations! Mr. Mel T. Pallada, Master Teacher II of Kalibo Pilot Elementary School for being awarded – Metrobank Outstanding Teacher this year. The Province of Aklan is proud of your achievements! Mabuhay Metrobank Foundation, Inc.

Metrobank Outstanding Teachers have dedicated their lives teaching our young learners and empowering the communities in which they serve. They represent the best during the worst of time – not only during the extra ordinary moments but in the daily engagement with pupils.

A total of 312 teachers were nominated to this year’s Search. They were trimmed down to 146 provincial finalists who underwent interviews and teaching demonstrations. Some 20 of the regional finalists were then selected to become the national finalists and from 20, it was reduced to eight (8). Luckily, Mr. Mel T. Pallada from Kalibo Pilot Elementary School was one among the chosen eight (8).

Mr. Pallada never gave up the quest in the field of teaching despite of tremendous challenges he encountered in his life. He is a Master Teacher II and had a straight 22 years of selfless service to his fellow mentors, pupils and fellowmen. His teaching competence is incontestable. He has served as demonstration teacher in the school, the district, division, region up to the national level.

He has produced winners in Mathematics Super Quiz Bee and in Step contests. His skills in making artistic crafts are being down handed to his students turning garbage to usable things. He is without doubt a holistically talented person. What is good to note about his multi-intelligence is that, he unselfishly shares them with others. He is a person his family can truly be proud of. His exemplary leadership radiates cooperation and brings commitment and accountability. His passion and unifying energy transform dreams into reality.

Furthermore, the Department of Education (DepEd) lauded the exemplary service and commitment to deliver quality education to Filipino learners 2014 Metrobank Foundations, Search for Outstanding Teachers awardees. /MP

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