Thursday, June 18, 2015

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Think Of These

I received two text messages from Atty. Ronquillo C. Tolentino which I love to let you read:

1. “Human beings get rich as they grow old: Silver in hair; Gold in teeth; Sugar in blood; Precious stones in kidney; and never ending supply of gas!”

2. “A man was cornered by a lion, so he prayed: Lord, make this lion a Christian! The lion suddenly knelt down and prayed: Bless this food which I am about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.”

What do you think about the above messages?

Philippine Education

Are the Philippine education curricula crafted to produce Filipinos who are loyal and loving to their country and people? Are they patriotic? Maybe, some graduates stay in the Philippines through thick and thin. But after graduation from school the majority of them wants to go abroad in search for a good life.

They argued that life in the Philippines is difficult. Jobs are scarse and pay is comparatively low. Simply said, they backbite the Philippines and the Pilipinos. How come that after they are educated, they wish to take the first flight abroad? They don’t want to live in the Philippines. They forgot the Philippines National Hymn and their pledge “Panatang Makabayan.” It is in the educational system which develops that attitude among our people to seek employment local and abroad, and be slave. They seldom become businessmen, a self driven fellow who is the master to himself, independent worker. What he earns he keeps it. Unlike an employee who is paid at a fixed rate regardless of his quality and quantity of either goods or services produced.

The aim of education: “For economic development” does not augur well for the Philippines and the Pilipino. The best and the brightest Pilipino dessert the Philippines for economic reason. They don’t care separating from their respective families, which separation becomes permanent to some families.

Unless a review of the Philippine Education System with the view to gear education to produce loving and loyal to the Philippines is done, the Philippines will stay poor and be servants of foreigners.

Business will remain in the hands of the foreigners and the Pilipinos their buyers. Just observe Kalibo and Malay, Aklan. Almost all businesses are owned and managed by foreigners.


Correct. There is the new curriculum K-12. But look at what it provides. It teaches Pilipinos to become servants. It encourages students in the Senior High School to pursue a certain career path and “get earn while you learn” opportunities before college. This is for the best interest of foreign companies seeking cheap labor.

This will not develop Filipino scientists and industries, but it is designed to export people abroad. It will retard Philippine progress.

It must be remembered that there are six factors of production which are: man, money, machine, materials, method and moment (time). Among the six factors, Man is the most important. All the five factors will only be wasted if man is incompetent. And who are left in the Philippines? Generally, the best and the brightest leave for foreign land.

But how can we get the best and the brightest if education and training to develop man to work abroad? After spending much money for education and training, our manpower resources are encouraged to work abroad.

The Philippines is rich with God given natural resources. This must be developed by man. Pilipinos do not need to go out of our country. They can earn more money in the Philippines, our only country. 

The Need For Education

Education is the road to greatness. It leads one who possesses education to greatness and happiness. Education leads one to produce goods and services useful to the people and community thereby enables a person to save and accumulate wealth in terms of resources, power, friends and honor. 

An educated person is a person who behaves correctly in any given situation. He can live with a stable and happy life at all times and in any place.

Education is an equalizer. It gives equal opportunity regardless of social class, and gender as it does away with existing difference between socio/economic classes and gender.

Since an educated person has more chances to organize, operate and manage a business, he can earn more money than one who lacks education. He can get easily high paying job.

An educated person is self reliant. He depends upon himself in almost all life activities. He has excellent decision of several matters that comfront him.

Finally, since educated person knows more of various knowledge in the arts and science, he can act on matters brought before him with self confidence. His broad knowledge of things around him, enables him to decide matters smoothly and with self confidence. /MP

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