Tuesday, June 09, 2015

PRDP Signals The Construction Of P182M FMR In Negros Occidental

PRDP Signals The Construction 
Of P182M FMR In Negros Occidental
by James Earl E. Ogatis

Ms.Liezel Dalin, School Head of Vergara Elementary School is appreciating and thanking for the concreting of 4.2 kilometers farm to market road from Sitio Magtu-od to Sitio Vergara, Brgy. Bug-ang, Toboso, Negros Occidental.

The Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) together with the local government unit of Negros Occidental jointly led the ground breaking ceremony for the rehabilitation of Farm to Market Roads (FMRs) connecting Sitio Magtu-od and Sitio Vergara, Toboso and Barangay Caduhaan to Sitio Aluyan in Cadiz City last May 27, 2015.

Under Secretary Emerson U. Palad said that the two FMRs are the first subprojects to be implemented by PRDP Visayas cluster worth P181,995,000.00 which will benefit a total of 2,992 households with a total population of 15,151 agricultural stakeholders.

Palad stressed that the construction of the FMR will have a multiplier effects among the farmer-beneficiaries around the service area. 

Top Officials of the DA-PRDP National Program Coordinating Office (NPCO) and local government of Negros Occidental posing on the signage of subproject which is the concreting of barangay Caduhaan to Sitio Aluyan farm to market road with a length of 12.46 kilometers, thickness of 11 inches and with of five meters. From Left: Provincial Agriculturist Engr. IgmedioTabianan, PRDP Dir. Arnel de Mesa, DA 6 OIC Dir. Engr. Roy M. Abaya, Governor Alfredo G. Marañon, Jr. and D.A. Under Secretary Emerson U. Palad. (Remegio Soqueño photo)
He said that various business opportunities will come along the way with the construction of PRDP FMR project with thickness of 11 inches (280 mm) and width of four meters and length of 4.2 kilo-meters for the Toboso FMR and five meters width and length of 12.46 kilometers in Cadiz City.

Palad said that farmer beneficiaries should feel a sense of ownership and cooperate to maintain and take good care of the project. 

“I am appealing to the local officials especially to the barangay to pass an ordinance requiring load limits in the utilization of these FMRs in order to preserve and maximize its utilization.” Palad added.

Meanwhile, Governor Alfredo G. Marañon, Jr. of Negros Occidental was very thankful to the Aquino administration of the many projects allotted for the province especially for the farmers.

He encouraged the farmers to plant various commodities, diversify their respective areas and not only rely on sugarcane production. “You can plant cacao and other high value crops which are really suited in our soil,” Marañon added.

Governor Marañon told the youth to finish their high school curriculum and develop their skills through TESDA courses because of many opportunities from the neighboring countries. 
School Children of Aluyan Elementary School, Cadiz City happily walking through the DA-PRDP propose subproject which is the concreting of 12.46 kilometers farm to market road from barangay Caduhaan to SitioAluyan, Cadiz City, Negros Ocidental.(Remegio Soqueño photo)

Testimonies and Expectations

Ms.Liezel Dalin School Head of Sitio Vergara Elementary School confirmed that teaching in the far-flung elementary school tested her dedication and passion to mold the next generation. She said that managing a school with a population of 218 pupils comprising from kinder to grade six has been a challenge everyday. 

At times, she and her fellow teachers were grateful if they can hitch-ride on six-wheeler trucks used to haul sugarcane in going to their classes. She is optimistic that with the construction of Sitio Magtu-od and Sitio Vergara FMR, travel time will be shortened from one and a half hours to 40 minutes from the town proper. She added that absences of the pupils will be managed and lessen the risk on lives of pupils during rainy season because they are also traversing two creeks on their way home. 

Dalin was happy that eventually they can get rid of sticky and slippery muds, bads roads and dust that for years had invaded their way of life as mentors of the younger generation. Lastly, Ms.Dalin said that the FMR will boost the tourism industry because of the Vergara Falls which is one of the tourist attractions of the municipality of Toboso.

Mr. Leonardo Santiana, farmer representative from Sitio Aluyan, Cadiz City likewise expressed gratefulness for the FMR because this project will pave the way for easy transport of their farm products. He said that in 2012 two pupils of Aluyan Elementary School aged nine (9) and 14 years old were drowned at Sigaba Monte River as they headed home. He was happy that with the concreting of the barangay road, pupils will now have safe and accessible road to walk on after classes. The FMR will also reduce their travel time and transportation cost of the produce. “We can now easily load our products on our motorcycles and sell them to the terminal markets nearby.” Said Mr. Santiana. /MP

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