Thursday, June 25, 2015




by Megs S. Lunn
In my in and out of the Kalibo International Airport (KIA), I couldn’t help but notice the smell and positively comment as part of our unsolicited constructive observations on how our airport is designed considering it is now an international airport.

Let us not go too far. Look at the newly constructed Bacolod Domestic Airport. The name itself “domestic”, I would expect a small strip and poorly designed structure, but alas! I am impressed by it. I will not elaborate too much on Iloilo Domestic Airport. With five (5) Congressmen representing, 5 Districts, They obviously have the capacity to build one like it.

They have the means, the capacity and the guts to go for it. Even if they don’t have an international flight. Unfair? Yes, it is! However, I have to accept the fact, that the initiators of the project in that city are using its resources and funds well. They tried their best to push to have international flights, but to no avail, who knows, just maybe for now.

Moreover, some Senators are from Iloilo? How many Cabinet members? Are they strong? Is Aklan weak? No! “a man can terrorize a city.” Going back to our own KIA. I hope that the people in charge of this structure will do their best to logically arrange the interior of the departure area. What happened to our best Architects and Designers in town? Guests and tourists would like to see what can they bring for pasalubong. Therefore, it would be best that the souvenir stores of our best Aklan products should be in the frontline as passengers check in.

They reasoned that for security purposes, those who depart for domestic flights can’t even see the display on the 2nd floor if there is an international flight. So what is the logic of security x-ray process as one checks in? Why be afraid of security when passengers are already inside the departure area? Precisely, after passing the x-ray machine, passengers inside it are assumed secured. /MP

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