Thursday, December 17, 2015


      Pasig Rep. Roman Romulo last week expressed confidence that, Sen. Grace Poe would be able to run for the presidency in the May 2016 elections.
      “We remain undaunted and we are hopeful that Sen. Grace will ultimately be vindicated. The law is clearly on her side and we expect a fair and impartial decision on these cases should it reached the Supreme Court,” he said.
       In the cases before the Comelec, Romulo said there is no specific provision which discusses citizenship of a foundling.
       However, he pointed out it was the grandfather of Sec. Mar Roxas himself, former President Manuel Roxas, who explained that “under international law, children born of unknown parents are citizens of the country where they are born.” 
         Roxas then said there was no need for an express provision under the law (The 1935 Constitution) because it’s superfluous as it is already stated under international law.
       Romulo also noted that the 1987 constitution “adopts the generally accepted principles of international law as part of the law of the land.”
       Therefore, he stressed, Sen. Grace, like all foundlings in the country, is considered as a natural born citizen of the Philippines.
       Romulo, who was among those who attended the ceremonies commemorating the 11th death anniversary of Fernando Poe, Jr., said the Galing at Puso team is intact and determined to continue the fight./MP

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