Thursday, December 17, 2015


  THE GOOD LIFE       By: Megs S. Lunn

    I recall, I had the privilege to watch closely and personally thrilled by the comedy and drama of “CORY IT EDSA” in Marikina City Theater. It is said that the theatre is a perfect tool for social transformation. It brought me good memories of my college days in Manila. 
     Anyway, my expectation of the show is all about politics. But I was wrong. The story depicted the life of a true Filipino. Though the title implies “Cory”, the Mother of Democracy, most of what the character portrayed during the show are what reality bites me in my everyday living. Whether I like it or not, the late president Cory has inspired me to live a life of sacrifice. Do you share this feeling with me?
     I can relate most of the time, as one character was played by Peter, a neophyte reporter who saw the unassuming nature of the widow when the body of the late Ninoy arrived at their residence at Times Street, Quezon City. From the start of the musical play, Peter gave the thrill, made me laugh and made me cry, too.
      Peter in the play is Atty. Vincent M. Tanada, the writer and director of “Cory It Edsa”. He is an artist by heart and soul, a lawyer and professor by profession. The young Tanada gave it all in the play. When I spoke to him at the backstage after the show, his eyes showed redness because just in the almost last part of the play, he shed tears. He moved the audience of his perfect character.
       All the characters in the play were regular artists and homegrown talents of the Philippine Stagers Foundation in Manila and almost all of them are either award winners and or finalists for Best Actor/Actress, Best in Choreography, Best Performer, Best Productions/Designed, and others of Aliw Awards and Awit Awards, to name a few.
       From the set design, costume designs, light and sound were rare opportunity to pay homage to the cinematic treatment of the play. It was almost close to being perfect. With the play, the artists hoped that we learn something from EDSA and that we could make a difference.  /MP

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