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Elmar M. Gomez said...


Many Banganhons outside of Banga, either in other areas in the Philippines or abroad, are one in expressing our support to preserve the bandstand of the Banga Town Plaza and not to alter or demolish such structure.

Through the power of Internet and text messaging, we have exchanges messages regarding our common stand that our town mayor should focus on preserving cultural heritages than modifying or destroying them. I have copies of some of these exchanges if somebody is interested to read.

Because of their economic support to residents in Banga, the power of the Overseas Banganhons (either as OFW or overseas residents or residents in other towns or cities in the Philippines) should not be underestimated. Our local government executives should seriously consider the inputs of these Overseas Banganhons. Otherwise with Internet, mobile phones and together with the economic power, they can effectively organize and mobilize to achieve results that may have political repercussions.

Elmar M. Gomez

Elmar M. Gomez said...


Allow me to let you think of the following:

1. In each barangay in Banga, how many families have at least an OFW helping them?

2. Estimate how much every month is sent by each OFW to their family in Banga?

3. Total that amount sent and compare it to your estimate of how much was spent by the mayoral candidates in Banga last election.

Do you think the amount remitted is more than the amount spent int he election? While the effects to election may not be comparable, think if those amount remitted is harnessed to influence election, what will be the results of the election? Will the candidate supported by the OFW win? Will the candidate that the OFW opposes, loss?

This strategy has not been tested yet. But come 2010 somebody might. In fact on the national level, the power of the OFW has been recogmized by national candidates. In fact Senator Villar and Senator Lacson campaigned in Hong Kong last election. Will it work in a local setting? How can it be used effectively in a local campaign?

There are more than 10,000 accounts in Friendster who disclosed that they are from Aklan. More than 1,000 said, they are from Banga. In the last election, the difference in votes gained by Mayor Maming and the combined total of his opponents is less than 1,000. In a one on one contest even with the rumored huge campaign chest of Mayor Maming can be easily neutralized if he alienates the OFW given the later's economic power. In addition, the power of the Internet to spread the news and influence people can not be denied.

Elmar M. Gomez

Chief Mike aka:Mike Kouklis said...

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Chief Mike aka:Mike Kouklis said...

More background Info IRT

OLPC @ Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center's
"Cyber Education Project"
"It's not about providing Laptops
it's about a entirely new way of educating young (6-12 years old) children"

One Laptop Per Child Project; Description from Wikipedia

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