Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Entrepreneurial Farmer by Ambrosio R. Villorente

Referendum On AKELCO

Section 25-A of the Implementing Rules and Regulation of R.A. 10531-National Electrification Administration Reform Act of 2013 and Section 57 of Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) mandate that all remaining Electric Cooperatives which are non-stock to conduct referendum to convert them to either one of the three: 1. Remain as non stock, non-profit, under National Electric Administration; 2. Convert into stock cooperative under the Cooperative Development Authority; and 3. Convert into stock corporation under the Securities and Exchange Commission.

What is your choice? For me, and if I reveal my choice, it will be No.3. Stock Corporation under Security and Exchange Commission.

Ever since AKELCO is established, what is your evaluation? Is the cost of power comparable with other electric companies?

Akelco, Aklan Electric Cooperative, a non stock, non profit cooperative under the NEA ha blurred public image. Do you remember the multi-million pesos purchase of PVC pipes? Akelco requisitioned gauge 150 PVC pipes. The winning bidder delivered gauge 100. Akelco paid the price of gauge 150. Where did the price difference go? Which pockets did the money filled? Akelco at first denied the anomally but accepted the truth of the anomally later. Members of the media in Aklan was promised the price difference will be refunded.

 My choice is to convert Akelco into a stock corporation under the SEC. MERALCO is one of the business firms which has been existing even before World War II. It has been rendering more and highly efficient services to its customers in Luzon especially in Metro Manila.

The cost of electricity in Meralco is cheaper than that of Akelco. As a small stockholder of Meralco, I receive dividends annually.

I choose to convert Akelco into stock corporation under the Security and Exchange Commision to improve its services to its clients, prevent graft and corporation, and pay whatever taxes due to the government.

To “initially introduce the issue on conversion of electric cooperatives in preparation for the mandated referendum”, Akelco management will hold a press conference at 10:00 o’clock in the morning on Monday, September 28, 2015. It will be held at the Engr. Job Y. Besana Hall, Akelco compound, Poblacion, Lezo, Aklan.

Unfinished Bridges

In Numancia, Aklan, there are two bridges being widened. One is the Marianos Bridge which budget is P13.4 million. The construction is projected to be completed in 100 calendar days. It was started on June 23, 2014. Until today, September 19, 2015, after 1 year, and three months, Marianos bridge widening project is very far from completed. Where did the 2014 budget of the bridge go?

A similar situation is the widening of Bulwang bridge. It has a budget of P13.4 million. Construction was projected to be completed in 100 Calendar days. It was started on June 23, 2014. Like the Marianos bridge, Bulwang bridge is unfinished after one year and three months. Where did they spend the 2014 budget for those two bridges Engineer DPWH, Region 6?

These two bridges widening projects in Numancia are opposed to the motto “TODO ASENS”. It contradicts. If it supports TODO ASENS, then that two bridges widening projects must be completed as soon as possible.

At the moment construction is stopped in both bridges. Meanwhile, the construction sites make the highway very ugly and dangerous for motorists. It must be best for the engineer incharge to remove all the debris in the construction sites until the job in widening the bridges is resumed./MP

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