Wednesday, September 09, 2015

MTRCB Pushes For Intelligent Viewership

MTRCB Pushes For Intelligent Viewership

Above photo shows (from left to right) Rev. Fr. Paulo B. Barandon, CEO of the Diocesan Multi-Media Services, Inc., Rev. Fr. Francis Lucas, CEO of the Catholic Media Network, and Chair Toto recognizing the significance of their unique public-private partnership towards age-appropriate and audience-sensitive media and entertainment.

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has found another ally in the Philippine Federation of Catholic Broadcasters-Catholic Media Network (PFCB-CMN) for its nationwide “Matalinong Panonood para sa Pamilya at Lipunan nina Juan at Juana” campaign.

Speaking before the delegates during PFCB-CMN’s 85th Bi-Annual General Assembly at the Concourse Convention Center in Legazpi City, Albay on August 27, MTRCB Chairperson Atty. Eugenio “Toto” Villlareal stressed the importance of promoting the dignity of the human person in television and film viewership.

 “The MTRCB believes that it is important to be engaged—to have the look and smell, as it were, of its stakeholders: both audience and industry players. That is why we visit as many places as we can and I am encouraging more and more of our people to work hand in hand with us in this meaningful endeavour,” Chair Toto said in his speech.

Noting the audience as the most important element of the film and TV industries and family as the most vital component of the audience, Atty. Villareal added: “We strongly believe that we should all help in its development and empowerment, towards audience-sensitive and, if you will, Filipino-sensitive content.”

In the last few years, the MTRCB has been collaborating with faith-based entities and associations like PFCB-CMN for the promotion of its initiatives and advocacies./MP

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