Thursday, September 03, 2015

Reason and Concern by Ronquillo C. Tolentino

Political Preparations Evident

Political preparations for the 2016 elections are evident in practically all provinces in the country. And you cannot say that the political preparations are too early as it would seem that the days grow shorter as the May 2016 political exercise approaches.

Gauged from the acts of political analysts, the conduct of political surveys, the appearances and views of political drum beaters, media propagandists, political spin doctors inclusive of self-appointed political soothsayers, the political campaigns are now on-going albeit not officially as the start of the official campaign period has yet to start in consonance with our election laws. But then, October 2015 is too near when the filing of certificates of candidacies shall begin. Remember that ditty which has a lyric line " and the days grow shorter when you reach September ?"

Mar Roxas may not have lead in the early political surveys. But political survey results are not the be-all end-all to political victory. Senator Grace Poe although leading in the political surveys has now realized probably that she has political detractors. Leaders have to contend with critics and detractors. Vice president Binay is too aggressive in his presidential bid as shown by the manner he reacts to the several political issues against him.

The Liberal Party, measured from their favorable support to Mar are doing  their best they can to ensure a Roxas presidential victory. Most certainly, the Mar Roxas sentimental journey to the Philippine presidency after sacrificing  his bid earlier in favor of the incumbent president did not go lightly. To the Liberal Party, the Mar Roxas sacrificial act should now be requited with gratitude and full support to the Roxas presidential candidacy.

In Aklan, while all of the 17 municipalities have already the names of the mayoralty candidates, no name has as yet surfaced or being mentioned to oppose incumbent Aklan Governor Florencio ' Joeben' T. Miraflores gubernatorial re-election bid.

Really, Governor Joeben Miraflores' political life and achievements are rare one for the books. He started as municipal mayor of Ibajay. Ibajay has then been considered as Aklan's capital town at the western side considering then its bigness. Unique history, historical personalities, culture and different dialect.

The municipality of Nabas used to be part of  Ibajay until its creation in l854. Joeben served Aklan for three terms as Aklan governor and then as a three termer congressman of Aklan. He is presently on his fourth term as Aklan provincial governor.

Governor Joeben stands in truth and in fact as politically formidable.

This early, it is hoped that the Commission on Elections should formulate the rules of the presidential debates and the proposed debate propositions.

The presidential debates should be most welcomed.

Of course, there are four types of debates. These are the commonly used debates: the Lincoln-Douglas debate ,the Rebuttal debate, the One Rebuttal type of  debate and the Oregon-Oxford type which is also known as the cross-question debate.

Popularity and leadership in Philippine politics beget critics, nay, libelous and personally destructive issues and statements.

That's the way it has been. Hopefully, this shall no longer be part of our politics.

The Bangsamoro Basic Law bill draft which has been hurriedly done in the interest of peace in Mindanao has to be thoroughly examined and debated by Congress. Now, it has to fully study and scrutinize the Sen. Marcos substitute bill.

While most of the Philippine citizenry longs for peace in Mindanao after more than four decades of peace and order problem, it has also to consider that peace have to be thoroughly studied. /MP

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